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By Ari Matti Podcast.
Podcast stand-upist, tussisöömisest ja muust elulisest. Saatejuhtideks koomikud Ari Matti Mustonen ning Mikael Meema. Liitu meiega @ Kirjuta saatele: [email protected]
By Brandon Carmody
Radio Host, LGBTQ Activist, Actor, Piano Man and Musical Artist. I share my life, stories, news, politics, opinions, LGBTQ issues and thoughts.
By Blair Cowen
Whats making news in the world of LGBTQ community this week?
By Jordan Rockwell
Check us out at:
By Eli Ungar-Sargon
Quality programming on the subject of male circumcision.
Slide into ‘The Hole’, a hysterical podcast featuring uncensored dissections of life's lunacies. From celebrity interviews to ridiculous stunts, impromptu parodies to answering Cosmo letters, the cast of The Hole has no problem finding the line and crossing it with gusto. The Hole brings a fresh, hilarious, no boundaries style of entertainment as a rare alternative to a politically correct world. So start listening and start laughing. The Glory Hole...Can you handle what comes out?
By Albin Nilsson
Heteropodden - Sveriges enda podd enbart för heterosexuella män. Här snackar vi om allt från kärlek och sex till öl och nätpoker, från Kim-Kay och Kanye till Mayweather versus McGregor. Hostas av alfabögen Steffy Pop, hetero-Albin och GAIS-Lisa. Tune in!
By 佩孚
微信:lipeifu001 新浪微博:佩孚丶射手座男生 公众号:sszboy3000 射手座男生 有你相伴,那便是最好的时光。我走你走过的路,听你听过的歌,尝试你曾经做过的一切,并不是想证明我有多爱你,只是想离你更近一点。
By 男朋友频道
By Miss_Tree小树
嘿,亲爱的你,展信佳。 关注微信公众号: howdoiloveu 这里每周一有你的信哦!
By 灵儿、小讴
By Fun太医
80后协和医大博士Fun太医,调严谨的医学数据作支撑,讲接地气的人话入您耳,用谦恭真诚地姿态服务准爸妈。说真话,道破试管婴儿与卵子冷冻的秘密;凭诚信,助娘娘主公得偿所愿。欢迎关注娘娘喜脉wechat official account:nnximai ,查看我们的科普文案与视频(Fun太医真人上镜)。 更有微信群“喜脉娘娘帮”,仅限有真实试管婴儿需求的准爸妈加入,与过来人讨论交流不为人知的试管经验。定期邀请试管界知名医生入群,与大家线上或线下分享。
By Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster
Hang out with Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster, the lesbians you'd want at your potluck! Covering topics on lesbian experiences, representation, culture, life, love, etc. for some sapphic socialization!
By Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley
Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping men, women, and couples experience good health, loving relationships and joyful spirituality that Jesus came to bring.
By 千基百佬汇
一档属于基佬自己的吐槽脱口秀节目,每周五更新! 新浪微博@千基百佬汇 微信公众号:千基百佬汇 主播微信:大米(hohaitzgy1)、Jason(jason_nju)
By 褚连杰
每一座城市都有属于他的声音,每个声音都有属于它的故事,城市音乐日记,聆听音乐,感悟人生。 主播:(依旧言语犀利的)褚连杰 微信号和QQ:736757015 新浪微博:城市音乐日记
A compilation of existential thoughts, product reviews and female sexuality. Subjects of interest to women (and men) with a hint of comedy
By Frank @ 熱血時報
By Mike Benatar Network
Injected Weekly with your host Michael Benatar, Heather Csontos and Erica Anderson bring you the latest and greatest news, sex tips, and much much much more!!!
By Queerly Represent Me
Queerly Represent Me: 'BOOK' Club is a monthly podcast hosted by Jess and Saf, who chat with special guests about our queer game of the month.
By Sleep with Anne
Can't sleep? Listen to Anne's remedies for Relationship Rigor Mortis. Make more love and get more sleep when you listen to this adult podcast for couples.
By Rebecca Lemke
The Scarlet Virgins podcast takes an in-depth look at the topics addressed in Rebecca's book, "The Scarlet Virgins," including purity culture, modesty, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, legalism, and the various ramifications of spiritual abuse.
By Jason George
Our mission is to guide, encourage, and equip you to live the manly life that God is calling you to live (see 1 Corinthians 16:13-14). We always keep it raw, real, and relevant! This podcast contains Mature Content and is not suitable for children. Copyright 2017: Narrowtrail Ministries Inc. -
By Loyal Books
This is the first of five volumes. – Giacomo Casanova (1725 in Venice – 1798 in Dux, Bohemia, now Duchcov, Czech Republic) was a famous Venetian adventurer, writer, and womanizer. He used charm, guile, threats, intimidation, and aggression, when necessary, to conquer women, sometimes leaving behind children or debt. In his autobiography Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century,...
By Suzanna Miller: Sexual Energy Mentor
More and more women are finding their way to a sexual paradigm that has been largely forgotten or suppressed. This way of expressing our sexuality shifts the emphasis from sex as something we do with our bodies to sex as an expanded state of being involving not only body, but heart, mind and soul as well. And the best part is that you can experience all this bliss all on your own because it comes from the core of you. The result of this shift in sexual consciousness is that we enjoy far more...
By Tym Byers
Show of Queer Panelists spilling the Tea on the Queer Agenda
By Dante Nero
Restoring male and female sex roles to a healthier and happier state. Continuing the movement started by Patrice O'Neal (R.I.P.), and Dante Nero of The Black Phillip Show. With the passing of the late Patrice O'Neal, Dante has revived the show with the support and request of the Black Phillip audience and has brought in co-host Harry Terjanian for relationship and comical support!
By Dr. Cie Scott
Stop struggling. Enjoy your journey. Live happily ever after. Suffering is optional. The Goddess Code is therapy and guidance for single women who want to find trust and commitment with a “keeper”; men who hope to find a goddess are also invited to listen. (Please consider our podcast all-inclusive and gender neutral.)
By Brannon Patrick, LCSW & Coby & Ashlynn Mitchell
Each week we will share our 3 different perspectives on topics dealing with relationships, recovery & addiction leaving you with HOPE for change no matter your circumstance.
By Playboy Radio
The Couch takes you behind the scenes to hear the salacious untold secrets of men and women looking to supercharge their sex lives. Get a seductive and uncensored glimpse of what happens during a sex coaching session with hot, young, sex & dating experts. For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to
By The Sex Dojo
Join sex educator Jenna for the humurous, educational and serious side of sex. Each bi-weekly episode will be filled with interviews of industry experts, the sex files of everyday people and answers to your questions! Prepare to be entertained, enlightened and titillated! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @thesexdojo for a daily dose of sex tips, articles and sex in the news.
By The Queerie Bradshaw Podcast
Queerie Bradshaw sits down with experts in the fields of sexuality, infamous bloggers, friends, colleagues and all around interesting people to discuss sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity in a fun, unique, honest, nonjudgemental way.
By coriama couture
Post sex KiKi reflection, tune in for overall themes/topics discussed.
By Jacqueline Hellyer
Sex tips, relationship advice and everything you need to know about making deeper connections and the most of your LOVE LIFE from one of the world's top sex & relationship gurus, Jacqueline Hellyer.
By Meredith Silversmith and Marina Voron | Relationship, Intimacy and Connection Experts
Meredith Silversmith and Marina Voron from Simply Great Relationships share their best tips for creating the wildly satisfying relationship of your dreams. They provide simple, actionable steps you can use right away to improve your relationship. Meredith and Marina cover love, sex, communication, dating advice, pleasure enhancement, conflict resolution, desire and intimacy, happiness, connection, and more! This is a must-listen for anyone who is dating, married, or hoping to be in the future.
By Sonologue
Life, love, lust are a roller coaster, but have no fear: Irrepressible siblings, Prem + Rogue, are here to help you navigate the winding turns of love, sex and desi dating. With their differing takes on relationships, their vast dating experience, and their wise ass comments, NO subject is taboo and nothing is off limits. Episodes come out weekly. Topics are intended for mature audiences, mostly urban desis (yes, NRI’s you, too!) but the experiences are universal so whoever you are, join us.
By The Spycey Buzz; where sex and significance meet!
Where sex and significance meet.
By CTR Network
Break from free past sexual behavior and beliefs that no longer serve you and your relationship. Heal old paradigm messaging about sex and spirituality being separate. Step into the possibility of sexual and spiritual ecstasy.
By ed c. wood & Rosa Sparks
A weekly podcast celebrating sexual positivity.
By Gary Levitt
A weekly podcast for the curious and introspective. NY funny people Gary Levitt and Matt Kaplan dive deep to discuss the things that matter most to each of their guests. We talk to psychologists, comedians, philosophers, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, anyone we think has something thoughtful and interesting to share. Email the show: [email protected]
By 浪迹情感教育
浪迹教育,中国最大男性实战恋爱培训机构 丰富的实战恋爱经验,抛开了原有的理论教学,一切从实践出发 公众号:浪迹教育 浪迹私人微信:puamap111
By The Joker and the Queen
Here ye, here ye, make way for the QUEEN… and the Joker? We discuss how the Joker started shacking up with the Queen and everything in between.
By DVR Podcast Network
The Deuce DVR about HBO's drama The Deuce. Hosted by Mike Hull and Jason Bailey. Part of The DVR Podcast Network. Email us at [email protected] Twitter @TheDeuceDVR. Check us out at
By Sophie Nikitas
Swipe right for first hand accounts of online dating -- cringeworthy, strange, and completely delightful.
By Stacey Prussman
Comedian Stacey Prussman hosts a show that will make you laugh and question everything about everything. Nothing is off limits
By Richard Padilla
Your host, Richard Padilla, sits down with his straight friends to have raw, honest conversations on how the Christian Church can practically meet the needs of those who struggle with homosexuality. Through learning about and practicing the 4 T's, Touch, Time, Transparency, and Teamwork, the church can be a place of deep friendship, love, hope and healing.
By 株式会社ALFA
By ファッカー電撃隊
By まーやん
By めがみそふと(
同人サークル「めがみそふと」がお送りするゆる~い感じのラジオです。おにゃのこ声優二人がキャッキャウフフな、かわいいラジオを目指して奮闘中…?でも第一回からいきなりTENGAで遊んでる…orz あ、下ネタOKです。
By 伏見憲明
この番組はゲイ・ミックス・バー、A Day In The LIfe が送る番組です。 パーソナリティは店のオーナーで作家の伏見憲明。お便りやコメントはこちらへ → [email protected]
By 毒舌恋愛ラジオ
By ワンラジ
By 相思相愛ラジオ
歌うほろよいへべれゲイ ねひ。 万年スランプマルチクリエイター つき 常識人な弟(生け贄) jazzy 相思相愛な三人がお送りする、圧壇だらけのそんな 「相思相愛ラジオ」
ちょっぴりエッチな体験談と、女の子にモテるための秘密のテクニックを語るトークバラエティ、「脱がせかけのRadio」のLite版です。 Lite版では、露骨な部分をカットしています。本編は「脱がせかけのRadio」で検索して、Webサイトでお聞きください。 この番組は、現役キャンギャル・モデルでキャバ嬢のナビゲーター、福原まいがお届けします。
By The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club
Oh the humanity! The BQWSC is an exciting Montreal podcast (home of the Just For Laughs comedy festival) and an all around funny, nsfw variety hour of strange things and obscene gestures. Dirty jokes abound and you'll laugh out loud as host Chris Wilding openly discusses his sex life, gets into crazy fights with callers and shares his observations on society, love and everything else in between. Look for the funniest comedians, funny clips, perverted/sexy games, political satire, wtf moments,...
By TheFWordPodcast
两个女生,一个话筒,每周探讨女权新鲜事。F is for feminism. 微信公号:the-f-word;新浪微博 @the-f-word播客;书友会
By 古人食
By 羞羞电台
两性主题播客节目精选。【注:此Podcast内容来源于喜马拉雅FM,为喜马拉雅FM官方转采的主题内容精选集,并发布到Podcast,内容版权归原播客方所有,对内容转采行为有疑义的请联系:[email protected] 我们可随时停止对该节目的二次传播行为。】
微信公众号:心动RADIO 聊天不越位,男女无疆界。 无“性”别轰炸,说你好奇的,聊你不敢说的。 他和她的谈话,被你听见了……
By 婊酱
微信公众号 婊酱FM 倡导女性独立、情欲自主,三观超"正"的谈性播客(不正无法通过审核啊)。 正或不正,见仁见智,三位主播够"正"就好啦! 我们的播客关注与女人的性和情感相关的超“婊”话题,为“婊”去污名。
都市男女情感两性交流平台 请关注新浪微博:@YOYOO周小姐 微信公共号: YOYOO的秘密花园 情感两性咨询请EMAIL:[email protected]
By 明沛妍造福开运工作室
1.解开你姓名里(感情、婚姻、事业、财运、健康)的密码 2.传播真正适合中国人取名的文化。 3.QQ407380855,空间有更多文章与案例分享。 4.打开自己运势的瓶颈,活出自己的精彩生活。 5.关注公众号mingpeiyan及时查看信息。
By Frank @ 熱血時報
By 鈴木レディースクリニック
By 硕硕和特特
没有坏女孩,哪来好妹妹! 我们已经解决异地连线的问题啦。如果你也想来跟我们唠嗑,请私信微博@坏女孩FM 主播:硕硕 特特 导播:橙子 设计:特特 策划:橙子 硕硕 特特 维维安 logo字体来自 造字工房
By Dr. David Wessner
In this podcast, students of Davidson College and I will explore the biology of HIV/AIDS, its history, and review the latest scientific advances related to this pandemic.
By 温暖~必胜
By 台湾大叔
By Ande Strega
Crude, lewd, with major attitude, the Queens are here to talk the best and rarest of NC-17 and every gem in-between. Oh, what's that? You also needed really bad dating advice, too!? Well you've come to the right place, because these girls have lots of horrible advice to share with you at the end of each episode! Stay tuned and stay nasty.
By 安吉老师
40岁以前长什么样靠父母,40岁以后长什么样靠自己!心理专家安吉老师助你成为更好的自己。 如果你是一个女人,我想你将会在这里收获到如何成为一个女神;而如果你恰好是一个男人,你将会在这里学到如何去欣赏一个女人。
By 斑斓播客
在没有性教育的国度,我们只能自我教育。《保持冷静》是一档由郝海龙和 Erika 主持的两性类播客节目。请各位保持冷静,我们的节目马上开始。
By 就那个老王
曾经的《自由性话题》播客,我又低调的回来了。 新老朋友加我的微信:phoneeye。 或者关注新浪微博:sexfreetopic。 也可以关注微信订阅号:天堂鸟传媒 每期聊一段性话题,我是老王!
By 温柔与铁白
一个叫温柔 一个叫铁白 两个人 有故事 微博@温柔与铁白
By 节操碎一地~
新浪微博:没闹鬼 微信公众平台:没闹鬼(caonaoguile) 广告合作请联系荔枝FM声价计划 QQ:3413533775 每周更新,一般周日 从来不装逼,也不跟您聊什么狗屁小清新,就说说那些性感而不敏感的没节操三俗事儿
By 加隆巴尔
每周更新2期节目,周三周六更新 心理学解梦,得到梦的启示,与自己的内心沟通。 通过梦可以看到很多东西,主播的解梦经常会得到做梦人如下的反馈:‘准的击中内心’,‘准的令人流泪’
By F小姐_
By 和你在一起
教你做一个内外兼修的精致女人。 了解最新节目资讯,请关注官方微信公众号:qingganfm/官方微博:喜马拉雅FM情感
By 林夕的深夜频道
By 星宇频道
By 江烁
每天一句话 给你最纯净的心灵空间
By 主播大哈
By Alice挽回爱情
By 高通
By aiai夜话
By LGBTQ Community | Fertility, Family & Parenting
Two Moms is a podcast focused on two mom families, addressing topics on creating a family, trying to conceive, fertility, parenting, travel, lifestyle, culture and more geared towards the LGBTQ community, specifically LGBT Family. We (Maarit and Kris...
By CreepQueen & Mr.Kris Steel
The Double Penetration Podcast w/ Creep & Steel
By Justin and Friends
A gaggle of gays gagging on gossip, love, sex advice and your questions. Produced and recorded in New York City, this is Ask The Boy(s). Want to be on the show? Call us at "42 43 ASK ATB" (424) 327-5282.
By Podtrash
Robyn hosts a show where she takes your calls with various co-hosts to discuss topics from her personal life to sexuality and everything in between. It's a party every Saturday night on Podtrash! Bringing back the old school party phone lines from the 80s and bringing a sense of nostalgia.
By The Ups and Downs of Gay Life
In our day in age, life has it's many challenges. And now with technology, there are more challenges than ever, if you were born prior to 1980. Recent years for the LGBT community have proved to be some of the most challenging times due to technology, politics, religion, and societal normalities. In the Dear Gays podcast series, the host, Geronimo, will attempt to talk about many of the challenges happening in the LGBT community through his personal experience. The listener will smile, la...
By Relatabull
A podcast that you may find relatable or not - either way, we love you for listening!
By Dr Alice Huang
“生殖醫學Alice 黃醫生談論一些有關不育症的資訊, 幫助給您基本不育症療程的知識”
Crush Hour is a podcast about crushes, feelings, and all that emotional goop. It's like a never-ending sleepover wherever you go!
By Cómeme el podcast
Bienvenidos a cómeme el podcast, un espacio en el que nos sumergiremos en el maravilloso mundo de la sexualidad y sus variantes sin ningún tipo de tabús. Recordar que podéis suscribiros y así dejar recomendaciones y sugerencias en cualquiera de las redes sociales, por si no os dio tiempo de apuntarlas aquí abajo os las dejo. Ivoox cómeme el podcast. Twitter @comemeelpodcast Correo electrónico [email protected] Muchas gracias por vuestro tiempo y sed traviesos.
By Matt G and Tristan B
A queer-oriented (but not always queer) sex ed podcast!
By Codi Coday
Visibility, Education, and Support for bi+ people