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By Vail Hilbert, Diane Clement
Diane Clement and Vail Hilbert make a magical team, bringing you a 30 min freestyle podcast. They explore topics that support growth in movement and nourishment. Find Your Rhythm, Fuel Right.
By Jessica Espinoza
The Vibrant Health Podcast is hosted by Lydia Shatney of Divine Health from the Inside Out and Jessica Espinoza of Delicious Obsessions. Together, they explore all aspects of health and wellness with a good dose of humor and lightheartedness mixed in. The show is geared towards anyone who is tired of hearing the same old party line and is ready to start living a vibrant life!
By The World of Muscle
You'll delve deep into the world of muscle and everything that has to do with it. You'll hear current and historical topics on bodybuilding, nutrition and training. What gets you bigger, stronger or leaner fastest. From Eugen Sandow, through Steve Reeves, Vince Gironda, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman to Phil Heath. All episodes available at
By Adam Holcroft
The Dojo Of Powerful Ageing Podcast - speaking to people about how we can successfully age and also provide good care to people who need it.
By Tom Wunk.
A podcast dedicated to the beautiful world of Floating!
By Andrew Perlot
If you're not thriving at your highest level, The Renaissance Humans Podcast can help. We're all about scientifically-supported methods of overcoming chronic disease, reaching new levels of vitality, becoming happier and more efficient, and ratcheting up your athletic performance. We talk about plant-based diets and lifestyle and mental performance improvements proven to make a big difference in the lives of those who put them into effect.
By David Conneely
iFloat is a state-of-the-art center in Westport, CT, with four sensory deprivation floatation rooms. iFloat Radio explores how people can slow down, reduce stress, and find solutions to challenges in their life beyond mere relaxation.
By The American Academy of Orthokeratology And Myopia Control
This podcast features panel discussions and interviews about orthokeratology from the perspective of the practitioners and proffesionals who use it. Topics include Current trends, new technologies, practice management, events and meetings in the industry. Sponsored by the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control.
By Ky Lives
Discussions with people about how to navigate life and the circumstances we find ourselves in.
By Jim Alberry
The functional performance podcast is a place where we will blend the worlds of rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, coaching and much more.
By Sindhu Satish
I am a life coach and travel blogger, and I present to you 'quick bytes' on how to make your day better. Whether it's that little shot of gratefulness or that generous helping of motivation, I am here to provide it all! To know more, log on to my website, And my glass is always half full :)
By Sam Belyea
This podcast is for the international Reflexology and Foot Reading community to learn and grow through interviews with respected and interesting guests, therein helping the listener take their practice to the next level.
By Ian Jacklin
If you are interested in learning about alternative medicine in regards to healing from cancer this is the pod cast for you.
By Konrad Yuki Hutter
途中で眠っちゃってもOK。いつやめてもOK。隙間時間にやって下さい。寝っ転がれない時は,想像の中でやってみて下さい(結構いいよ!)。レッスンでは,正しく動けてるかどうかはあまり気にせずお気楽に。ご自分のペースで気長に続けてね。ぜひクラスにも遊びにきてね。 (「ハーモニー体操」で検索を)
By Christopher Pomeroy
A weekly discussion with teachers and experts about meditation, wellness, creating your own happiness and improving your creative thinking power. Christopher will also share tips on how to start meditation or take your practice further if you are already meditating.
By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
صحتك بين يديك في اللقاء الذي تتضمنه مجلة صحتك بين يديك يجيب أحد الأطباء المتخصصين على الأسئلة المتعلقة بالطب أو الطب البديل والتغذية والرعاية الصحية. مجلة "صحتك بين يديك" اسبوعيا على شاشة DW-TV
By Devin Gage
We interview REAL people in West Chester, PA to learn what they are doing to see amazing fitness transformations! Learn practical tips to lose weight, get stronger and improve their health!
By WTF?! Yoga Podcast
Missing some deets from yoga teacher training? We got you covered.
By Saved to Serve
Health Radio Show from Saved to Serve
By Your Adrenal Fix With Dr Joel Rosen
Your Adrenal Fix is all about exposing myths in health care. The program is dedicated to how the term "stress" is multi-factorial. Our special guests will be experts in their respective healthcare field. However, we will take a different spin, and how their speciality relates to stress, and how stress impacts the body, from the adrenals themselves, and right down to the cellular level. We are dedicated to exposing the fatal medical errors that doctors make that end up crippling your energy le...
By Dr. Harry Schick
Dr. Harry Schick, DC, has been in private practice in central New Jersey for over 35 years. He is known for his innovative approach to health and being on the cutting edge of the latest research. He has appeared on television and radio frequently and written two books: “What Else Can I Do?” relating methods for changing brain function with daily exercises and “Life Changing Care” which explains issues in the brain and learning process and how they relate to learning development and developmen...
By Lael Petersen, LCSW, RYT
Lael combines personal experience, professional expertise, and innate passion to help people lead better lives. She combines traditional mental health therapy with mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda.
By Meditation Society of Australia
A children's meditation course with a discussion topic and a variety of guided meditations for youths and the entire family. The Meditation Society of Australia ( has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.
By Meditation Society of Australia
This beginners meditation course features a variety of meditation techniques including mantra, meditating with the breath and music, concentration and meditation on a object. Each class includes a discussion topic and a guided meditation exercise. The Meditation Society of Australia ( has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.
By Dan Safavi
A creative, holistic approach to developing social intelligence. Some episodes will be more artistic (for example, exploring social issues through the eyes of fictional characters). Other episodes will be more scientific (for example, reviewing literature on a particular topic in social psychology)
By Gin Carter
An accessible journey through different meditation techniques and styles.
By jamtungee, twee
고양이들에 대한 이야기, 고양이와 함께 하는 사람들의 이야기 무엇이든 이야기해 봅니다 사연접수 : [email protected]
By Benjamin Page
Helping you live a healthy life through the wellness paradigm of spinal health, adequate movement, natural internal dialogue and eating nutrient dense food grown on fertile soil without chemicals, including in our lifestyles permaculture principles, restoration agriculture and modern survivalism to help us grow our own food and community.
By Ben Austin
Unleash your Inner Genius - the motivation podcast that puts your self Improvement on Steroids. Each episode is designed to give you a step-by-step blueprint for developing the habits of successful people, growing your skills, dealing with failure and building the courage for taking massive action in your life and making an impact through your work. Get the free personality test resource guide by subscribing to my email newsletter at and follow me on twitter and Instagra...
By Mama Yoga
Seeking to inspire healthy living, spiritual connectedness and the use of skills and practices that balance personal power, radiance and magnetism.
By Mike Good
The Alzheimer’s Podcast with Mike Good of Together in This is your #1 resource for practical tips and insights; empowering you and your family to live well with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.
By 성형위키백과
성형수술 그리고 성형수술 피해 부작용 병원 선택하는 방법.
By 숨터한의원
건강 검진상 이상은 없다. 그런데 나는 아프다. 불편하고 불안하고 걱정된다. 어디 물어보기도 애매하고 물어봐도 답을 얻지 못한 이야기들. 질병이 아닌 '미병' 관한 이야기. 측정되지 않았지만 '자각'된 불편함에 대한 이야기를 나누는 곳입니다.
By 비온뒤
비온뒤는 국내최초 동영상 의학백과사전을 꿈꾸는 의학전문채널입니다. 감기에서 암까지 다양한 주제에 대해 여에스더와 함익병, 서민, 김시완, 정우열 등 스타의사들이 생생한 동영상으로 노하우를 전달합니다. 비온뒤 땅이 굳고 무지개가 뜨듯 비온뒤에서 치유와 건강을 누리시길 바랍니다.
By 홍혜걸
안녕하세요. 의학전문기자 홍혜걸입니다. 지난 2년동안 의학채널 비온뒤 팟캐스트를 아껴주신 분들께 감사드립니다. 더욱 발전된 모습을 보여드리기 위해 "의학전문기자 홍혜걸의 비온뒤"란 이름으로 새롭게 출발합니다. 시시각각 쏟아지는 의학정보의 홍수 속에서 옥석을 가려내는 나침반이 되고자 합니다. 논평과 토크를 통해 취재경력 22년의 국내최초 의학전문기자가 펼치는 의학정보들을 마음껏 즐기시기 바랍니다.
By Ben Solomon
The Real Natural Fat Loss Show is your destination for simple, science-based nutrition, exercise, and mindset tips and strategies that will enable you to burn fat, gain health and live an energetic life, while eating more and exercising less.
Brian Cunningham asks the tough questions on life, training, health, fitness, and more importantly: WHO AM I? Find out about alternative medicine, proactive health and living life to its full potential on this ground breaking yet down to Earth approach to self-awareness and living life abundandtly!
By Amber
Amber is a healer and teacher specialising in core wound healing, sacred union sessions and sacred creativity sessions. Her work is focused on coming into alignment with our highest potential in a quick and direct way. She draws on native traditions and ancient practices as well as creative forms to assist in the healing process. These podcasts are a great introduction to her way of working and offer grounded practical advice.
By Danielle Eaton
Dr. Danielle Eaton and other women of chiropractic share their stories, struggles and successes to support you in creating a practice that's right for you and your family.
By Cate Stillman
The Yoga Health Coaching Podcast helps people find a coach, become a Yoga Health Coach, and become a better Yoga Health Coach. Our YHC Podcast team speaks for all levels of thrive seekers, Yoga Health Coaches, and professionals in the health and wellness industry. This show is supporting wellness professionals in evolution of their entrepreneur career. Through sharing of a personal professional experience of our Yoga Health Coaches, in this show our tribe will be empowered on their dream car...
By Mitchell B. Sheinkop, MD
Dr. Sheinkop is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and director of the joint replacement program at the Neurologic & Orthopedic Hospital of Chicago. He is a leading authority on the treatment of patients with complex hip and knee disorders, and is well known for his pioneering use of computer-assisted navigation, minimally-invasive technologies and hip resurfacing techniques. Dr. Sheinkop is a graduate of the Chicago Medical School. He interned at Cook County Hospital in Chicago and com...
By Tyler Odysseus
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke. What are the limits of our human potential and what can we become?
Natural Fertility Interviews
By Agnieszka Krok
Jeżeli w naturze występuje jakaś choroba to natura ma na nią lekarstwo.
By Linda Campbell
By Dr. Dustin Behn
The Inspired Nation is about helping people create change in their life. It’s about helping people reach their potential and exceeding their beliefs about what is possible.
By Stephen Peck
Season two of The Lichten Lifestyle with Dr. Edward Lichten and host Steve Peck, presents the latest information on health and wellness and features the latest information on Hormone Replacement Therapy as well as cutting edge, Anti-Aging information. Dr. Lichten literally wrote the book on Hormone Replacement Therapy, The Textbook of Bio-Identical Hormones. Visit for more programs and for information.
By The Chiropractic Audio Coach
All the new patients you want!
By Cedar Martyn
Learn about the power of therapeutic grade essential oils with Cedar Martyn (founder of Crystalline Healing Center) This Podcast was created using
By Monica Stone: Yoga Teacher & Mentor, Ashtanga Yogi, Blogger
All is coming is a podcast by Monica Stone - Your Virtual Yoga teacher and mentor. If you want to create clarity, find balance, and live with purpose in your life - then this podcast is for you. We are a community that believes anything is possible. We just have to be practice with total devotion, and do the work - and all is coming. Monica Stone grew up as a gymnast, and then fell in love with yoga in her early 20s. She was drawn to it because of the dynamic movements with the body, but qu...
By Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau
We're just two people trying to untangle the giant web of disability.
By Adam Heller: Developer, Zero Pain Now Process
In an Easy to Understand Way, Get the Latest News from Science, Neuroscience and Medicine on How to Permanently End Your Pain
By Aaron Zober
The Appropriate Omnivore is hosted by environmentalist and meat lover Aaron Zober. Breaking the myth that eating meat is bad for the environment, Aaron talks about how meat, as well as the other food groups, are best when they're local, organic, and sustainable. Each week, Aaron brings on a guest to share experience and wisdom about what's good to eat. Think you know what foods are good for you and the planet? What you hear may surprise you and get you on a shopping spree for a new diet. T...
By Podcast Episodes – The Beautiful Futurists – Radio Show
Diving into the minds of creators, visionaries, healers and change-makers. We find out what inspires them, what makes them tick, and how they are changing our future. Andrew JE Mackie talks to leaders and experts to get to the bottom of things: How do we live better, do more, help others, protect the kids, and design the world how we want it to be.
By Growing Freedom
By Danielle Ferguson
The Detoxing with Dani Podcast provides tips and tricks from Nutritionist Danielle Ferguson, on how to easily detox all aspects of our life encompassing Body Mind and Soul. Focusing on topics such as acne, digestion, sleep, food allergies, weight loss, fatigue and more. Dani brings you her personal experiences and provides you with the tips and tricks she discovered to overcome her health struggles. She is on a mission to help everyone achieve a state of health and wellness that allows you to...
By Richard
Podcasting recent events in the vegetable garden and allotment based in the uk this follows my fruit and vegatable growing. This podcast is my account of my hobby of growing vegetables and fruit and herbs.
By Uncommon Knowledge
Each quick episode contains a single self esteem boosting tip that you can put into use right away. Developed by Mark Tyrrell of Uncommon Knowledge, every tip is based on cutting edge psychology and designed to make a difference to how you feel, not just how you think.
By Stephen Peck
This album consists of programs with information on how restoring your hormones to youthful, healthy levels can help your body heal itself from a variety of conditions and enhance the quality of your life. The Lichten Lifestyle with Dr. Edward Lichten and host Steve Peck, will feature the latest information on health and wellness and feature the latest information on Hormone Replacement Therapy as well as cutting edge Anti-Aging information. Dr. Lichten literally wrote the book on Hormone Re...
By Emily Campbell | Health & Fitness Expert
Get fit, lose weight and start creating daily habits that will improve your overall quality of life. In this show host Emily Campbell shares the tips and strategies she has used to transform thousands of ladies lives from all over the world. If you want to get your hands on Emilys free 7 day clean eating meal plan which has been downloaded over 450,000 times, simply visit:
By Strength Matters
The Everyday Athlete is a weekly podcast produced by Strength Matters and hosted by Josh Kennedy. Josh talks to the world's leading experts in health, fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition, mindset, and performance to share cutting edge strategies to help you train smarter, reduce injuries and achieve better results. The Everyday Athlete is someone who cares about his or her health enough to do something about it, has reached at least a very basic level of fitness and is someone who regularly pa...
By Sofie Lyddon
Founded on the belief that wellness is an ancient practice, Wild Wisdoms aims to revolutionize through the 10 wisdoms of wellness. These ten elements provide a wholistic approach to wellness making it accessible for everyone.
By iOM Radio Network - OMTimes
The Vibrant Living Network (VLN) is a team of meaningful thought leaders, innovators, contributors, and vibrant hosts who come together to connect with an audience of people who are ready to take their lives to the next level. From whole food nutrition to relational wisdom, vibrant travel, and the maverick path to publishing the VLN team is a visionary media outlet provides radio, podcast, and video experiences where audiences make a vertical leap together with their host. All vibrant hosts o...
By Tasha Arnall's Essential Oil Podcast
Tasha is passionate about essential oils and chemical free living. Follow along with her thoughts on the latest products, tips and tricks related to oils and living chemical free.
By 달빵
사랑과 섹스에 대해 자유롭게 이야기합니다. 청취자 상담 신청/피드백/리뷰 [email protected] 대나무숲의 대나무가 되어 주세요.
By 청림출판사
예비맘, 워킹맘, 육아맘들을 위한 임신출산육아 전문 팟캐스트 입니다! 청림출판사 공식 팟캐스트!
By みねいアロマ音楽メディケア(Meets Nature LLC)
【毎週木曜配信】アロマテラピー黎明期より、ジャン・バルネ博士、ロバート・ティスランドの著作や精油辞典など、30冊以上もの書籍の翻訳や執筆を手掛けた、髙山林太郎氏。 まさにアロマテラピー界の生き字引ともいえる髙山氏が、誰も言わなかったアロマテラピーの本質を歴史を通して語ります。 移りゆく時代背景や思想と合わせて植物療法的アロマテラピーを読み解く、対話型インタビュー番組です。 髙山林太郎ブログ ⇒
Boldly telling the truth in a time of universal deceit
By Judy Trinh Homeopathy Nutrition
Podcasts about holistic nutrition and homeopathy
By Patrick Blampied
Discussing issues around our food system with people at the cutting edge.
By Stephanie Heintzeler
Congratulations for taking your birth into your own hands! Birth is a unique experience and having a doula by your side means having a healthier pregnancy and feeling empowered about your birth. You will have a better chance for a non-medical birth (unless you want your epidural as soon as possible), a relaxed birth setting, a more confident partner by your side and a great start towards creating a healthy, happy family together.
By Yolande Clark
Yolande Clark on free birth, motherhood, feminism, family, spirit, nourishment, outrageousness & dissent.
By The Healthcare Insider
Behind the scenes of the health care industry
By rawhealingpatch
Health enthusiast Julie Hoffenberg brings you in - depth information about raw foods, fitness and supplements. Her best selling cookbook is available online.
By Rasta Jeff/Irie Genetics
Hosted by Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics, The Grow From Your Heart Podcast is your source for cannabis news, education and conversation. If you're a new grower or a professional grower, a new smoker or dedicated dabber, if you're a cannabis activist or someone who is just curious about the current state of cannabis, this is the podcast for you! Join us for cannabis conversations and grow lessons from some of the most experienced cannabis breeders, ganja growers, extract artists and cannabis indu...
By The Health Happens Podcast
The podcast for anyone with an interest in health, wellness and complementary medicine with Naturopathic Doctors Michael Frosina and Chris Pickrell.
By The ND Update
community. Although the ND in the title is short for Naturopathic Doctor, this project isn't just limited to the stories of Naturopaths. It is a place where information, ideas, and stories are shared with the goal of making everyone a more informed, connected, successful, and skillful practitioner.
By Dr. Steven Ross and Dr. James Padilla
The Integrative Medicine Hour" with Dr. Steven Ross and Dr. James Padilla beginning February 5th at 11 am, PST. Interviewing experts in the field of integrative and functional medicine on the very latest in science based integrative and functional medicine as well as ethical practice management and marketing for the practitioner.
By Jenny Suboski
Do you want to know the truth about health? You've come to the right place! In this podcast, two Holistic Practitioners from the Pacific Northwest give you the real and raw facts about health and wellness. Their authenticity and energetic nature will inspire you to take action in your own life, as well as share the good news with your friends. This edgy, yet down to earth dialogue will bring you information and resources you need to empower yourself to be the healthiest version of you. Sprea...
By Jermil Sadler
This podcast will give you the motivation to add some yoga into your life. If you've already begun your yoga journey, you'll also find the inspiration to kick it up a notch if you're ready. You will hear from other black yogis of all experience levels who have dedicated themselves to make yoga a part of their lives.
By Melanie Morton
Welcome to The Female Experience! Every Thursday, your hosts Syanna and Melanie: both holistic practitioners and friends- will get into some deep girl talk about all things female! Think hormones, periods, stress, movement, exercise, intuition, mindset, nutrition, motherhood, self-care, and more. They want to bust through the taboos about what it means to be a woman in this crazy world we live in and help you tap into that sexy, feminine feeling that we all have inside of us, because at the e...
By Harriet Morris
Irreverent, funny and challenging. This is the show for you if you are sick of being on the treadmill of binge eating and sugar addiction and none of the self-proclaimed gurus out there can help. The Eating Coach Harriet Morris brings you Stupid Idea of The Week (walking treadmill or baby food diet, anyone?) as well as real-life workable ideas from her own experience dismantling compulsive eating and sugar addiction, as well as psychology and neuroscience.
By Dr. Alan Brookstone
Official, free weekly podcast from the popular and highly acclaimed web site – CanadianEMR. Weekly enlightening discussions about Electronic Medical Records with national and international experts on topics of interest to physicians, practice managers and healthcare administrators. Hosted by Dr. Alan Brookstone, family physician and founder of CanadianEMR.
By Scott Rogers
The Mindful Lawyer podcast offers lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals mindfulness insights, tips, and exercises for achieving greater balance, clarity of mind, and effectiveness in the practice of law and life.
By Scott Rogers
The Mindful Law Student podcast offers law students mindfulness insights, tips, and exercises for achieving greater balance, clarity of mind, and effectiveness in the study of law.
By Connie Altamirano
Alternative medicine and natural health for the whole family, accomplished by iridology, herbs, alternative medicine and treatments.
By Jennifer Rachael Hudye: Conscious Hustler, Digital & Relationship Marketer, Happiness Junkie, Goal Setter
The Conscious Hustler Podcast helps you get clear of the goals you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there. The goal of The Conscious Hustler Podcast is to share the most inspiring and powerful messages and strategies from thought leaders and influencers to help you become aware and present while enthusiastically working towards your goals. Get ready to be motivated, learn health hacks, set goals, and show up as the best version of yourself.
By The Wellness Collective Radio Show
Radio personality Cecelia Ramsdale and Health Educator and Dr of Chinese Medicine Nat Kringoudis come together to slice up and serve health and wellness information like never before. When opposites collide, the episodes are explosive!
By Alison King
Reduce your toxic load by going back to nature. Essential Oils Radio will help you learn how to use essential oils in your everyday life for health and vitality.
By Tom Von Deck
This ain't your average meditation podcast. Learn to meditate your way as a unique individual and learn how to make meditation much much easier. You'll get guided meditation techniques and top notch instruction designed for busy and non-busy people from all backgrounds and paths. Hosted by Tom Von Deck, author of Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course.
“The Infectious Myth” will examine disease paradigms and the scientific or historical evidence that the simple story we are told about a virus, bacteria or gene causing a disease, is probably false.
Quantum Physiques is hosted by Jeff The Producer and Brian Cunningham!   Quantum Physiques is dedicated to health, fitness, wellness, performance and bringing you a new perspective on supplementation, exercise and spirituality.  Brian Cunningham has 30+ years of expereince as an author, contributing writer, supplement manufacturer, educator and talk show host and shares his knowledge on alternative medicine, training techniques and concepts on this unique radio show.  Jeff The Producer has 10...
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