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Tea Time with T. Kid
Hosted by Abdullah Saeed [A.K.A. "T. Kid"], Tea Time brings together notable weed enthusiasts to discuss herbs, herb, and all things green.
Anatomy of Living
By Ashton Szabo: Yogi | Teacher | Storyteller
On this show, we will explore ideas, stories, traditions and practices that help us cultivate more health and happiness while living more skillfully in the world. We'll learn from ancient practices like yoga and shamanism as well as talk with modern revolutionaries who are changing the world through their work. To find out more, visit us at
Expect Miracles Podcast
By Dr. Kevin Pecca
This podcast highlights unique people that bring something positive to the world, have a passion for living, healing, and doing what they love to do. People with the most incredible and inspiring life stories, that have hit rock bottom, lost hope, and made their lives beautiful again even when they were told it was impossible. Because there is a passion inside of these people that made them keep trying and keep pushing for a better life, through all the hardships, and broken dreams, and they prevailed to make their lives into something beautiful. I am here to expose these qualities in people, because they are beautiful traits to have, are all to rare, and the world needs to hear about these miracles. These guests have been specially hand picked, because when you hear their stories it changes something inside of you. This is the Expect Miracles Podcast.
Mind Your Body
By Orit Greenberger
How can we use "body knowledge" into patterns of behaving, thinking, and feeling? Can we facilitate harmony within each individual and with society as a whole? Mind Your Body is a podcast that aims to inform listeners about the inner-workings of the human body as a vehicle for improved consciousness of thoughts and actions using principles and concepts from dance/movement therapy, the psychotherapeutic use of movement that furthers the emotional, physical, and intellectual integration of an individual. We will explore popular social, emotional, behavioral, and political topics from this perspective. Tune in and find out as your host, Orit Greenberger, shares her interviews with dance/movement therapists and other experts who have a unique perspective on the subject.
By Deborah Vidal RS Hom (NA), CCH - Professional Athlete, Homeopath, Nutritionist, & Wellness Coach
This is a podcast on health & healthy living practices that includes using homeopathy, plant powered or vegan diet, detoxing & many other alternative methods to heal and feel your best. Be healthy! Be Free! LIVE LIFE!
McKay and the Doctor
By Chris McKay
McKay and the Doctor explore and answer your questions to improve your health and longevity.
The Energy Blueprint Podcast
By The Energy Blueprint
The go-to source for the latest cutting-edge science on overcoming fatigue and increasing your energy. The Energy Blueprint podcast brings together the world's leading researchers, doctors, and nutrition and lifestyle experts on the subject of fatigue and energy to help you get your energy back.
Pinnacle of Praise Show
By Pinnacle of Praise Show
We are the voice of empowerment, providing a platform for empowerment opportunities, transference of skills on developing emotional and spiritual stability; based on Biblical teachings and life experiences.
Beyond Pain Relief Podcast
By Dr. Emil Tompkins
Listen Weekly while Dr. Emil Tompkins talks to healthcare providers across Southern Arizona and across the globe about becoming pain free and achieving true health.
Podcasts – HaloTalks
By Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner, Integrity Square
Entrepreneurs in the Health, Active Lifestyle and Outdoor sector sharing their stories
The Unlock Wellness Podcast
By Dr. Kasey Johnson
The Unlock Wellness Podcast is hosted by Dr. Kasey, a family wellness chiropractor with a true passion of helping as many families as possible reach their highest health potential. Join us weekly as we have great conversations with experts in the health field and leaders in the community that are changing lives and inspiring people to live at their highest potential. Email questions, topic requests, or collaboration requests at [email protected]
Dr. Richard Cutting's Health & Wellness Podcast
By Dr. Richard Cutting
Listen to expert health and wellness interviews from Dr. Cutting and the team at Cutting Edge Chiropractic so you can empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to live the healthiest and happiest life possible!
This Vibrant L.I.F.E.
By Dr. April Morford
Are you Living Inspired, Free and Energized? Join us for bite-size insights and wisdom into ways to create your Vibrant L.I.F.E. There are six elements to living vibrantly: nutrition, movement, rest, breath, thinking and feeling. Join Dr. April each week as she shares wisdom and expertise with you to inspire and empower your Vibrant L.I.F.E.
Pso Over It
Follow me as I try different diets, exercises and medications to heal my psoriasis from the inside out.
Chiropractors' Association of Australia Podcast
Hosted by Dr Anthony Coxon (chiropractor), the CAA Podcast will explore the science, art, philosophy and politics of chiropractic in Australia and internationally. The podcasts will also be reviewing the latest chiropractic research and discussing other ways chiropractors can strive for excellence in practice.
When S**T Hits the Fan
By Deborah Sutter
If you find your face pushed into dirt, unable to breathe - what now? How do you ever get back up? Sometimes you can't just keep going. It seems, you won't ever get up again. You just can’t. And decide, from no on, you won’t take no more bulls**t. And then? How do you get back up? How can you start breathing again? How do you live a conscious life without avoiding uncomfortable stuff? Without bypassing it with some lame general statement as „everything happens for a reason“? How do you ever gain trust in life again? And what happens with your worldview, your beliefsystem? Your understanding of God, the Universe? Where does f***ing Karma enter the stage?
Heartbreak Podcast
Heartbreak Podcast is a series of audio episodes made specifically for anyone dealing with the pain of heartbreak from a broken relationship.
Get Healthy Lose Weight Podcast
By Deanna Lyn Health Coach
I have been a skin care professional and beauty advisor for over 30 years. After suffering with food allergies and a stressful career for years, then being laid off from my corporate job, I went back to school. My love of health and fitness has definitely influenced my career path. I have figured out that whole healthy foods nourish and heal my body. After seeing how small changes made such a big difference in my own health, I knew I wanted a career helping others live healthier and happier lives. I decided to pursue my passion for nutrition and nutritional healing in order to help others. I want to work with women who feel the pounds piling on, who have no energy, who have leaky gut symptoms, who have taken care of others for years and now need to care for themselves. I want to help my client find the whole foods nourishment that work for their body, exercise that they enjoy, and to reset their metabolism, regain their youthful energy and feel fantastic!
One Love Heroes
By Kim Bauman
When I meet amazing people doing big things, I want the world to know. I am honored to bring you One Love Heroes, a show about ordinary people with extraordinary stories. We’ll bring you true stories of love, hope, and courage from around the world - some from people you already know; others from people you’ll want to know. We’ll journey far and wide to unearth stories that will transport you home – to your own heart. Come along with us as we set out to discover the hero in all of us. Please go to ( to sign up for our newsletter and receive our FREE podcasts! Thank you Yoga Digest for producing this very meaningful addition for The One Love Movement.
Yoga Digest Now
By Jenn Bodnar
Yoga Digest is your resource for good health and well-being. Each episode of the Now Podcast features interviews with passionate experts in the wellness community providing everyday tips for happiness, liberation and simple living. We feature real people and real stories that inspire, educate and connect. Find out more at
Inside the LAB
By Matt Johnson & Ryan Esdohr
Inside the LAB is a podcast with Matt Johnson and Ryan Esdohr recorded on location at their studio, Superhuman Lab. Each week they discuss topics related to human performance, injury rehabilitation, and current news in sports medicine.
Mind over Matters
By Dr. Jason Gregg
G'day, I’m Jason Gregg, Director of Research for Dreamwater, the makers of the amazing Dreampod floatation tank. Having said though, this podcast is definitely not about pushing float tanks, or merely about floating, far from it. I'll cover a wide range of mind altering topics including diet, supplements, exercise, lifestyle choices, hypnosis, meditation, colors and sounds, and I'll show you how to use these as powerful tools for self-change. You’ll definitely get some self-opinionated commentary, I’ll toss in some unique ways you can change things without pills or professionals and I’ll throw in some life-changing tips I've gained from over 50 years of tracking down ways to use the human mind for self-improvement. Mostly though, I’ll be exploring some really unique ways to amp up your brain power, and put some control back into your life through the simple use of your imagination.
By Jason Horton
Learning and applying knowledge to become unbreakable in body, mind and spirit.
The doTERRA Impact
By Lynn Mendelsohn
Want to live a healthy life? Then you've come to the right place...Big aspirations to be the East Coast Power Couple for DoTERRA, Because Healthy EQUALS Happy!
Life On Earth Podcast
By Nathalie Croix
Life On Earth Podcast, The Peace Project with Nathalie Croix: aims for global and intergalactic equality through celebrating diversity one Earthling at a time. Join Nathalie Croix as she teaches how to connect with the divine and transform darkness to light through topics such as yoga, meditation, optimal living, creativity, sun and moon rituals, philosophy, diverse cultural dynamics, nature, sacred movements, the healing arts and—ultimately—love. We are one; spread the love; join the movement!
AskDrSal Podcast
By Lyme Disease Recovery
Chronic Lyme Disease. I made a promise that when I recover, I'm going to help other people recover and this is what i am doing now. The podcasts in this channel focuses on the amazing benefits of Prodovite and other supplements made by Victory Nutrition International. You can listen to the testimonials shared by people who have tried using these products. They achieved good results and, indeed, these supplements changed their lives! Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. Always consult a trusted healthcare provider for medical issues that concern you and make an informed decision. The information here is not approved by the FDA or any medical society.
Sund Attitude
By Nadia Zarling
Sund Attitude er personlige og nede på jorden samtaler om sundhed, krop og sind.
Wilson Family Chiropractic Living
By Dr. Cliff Wilson, DC
A podcast with tips and interviews to inspire healthy living
Lyme Disease Recovery's Podcast
By Lyme Disease Recovery
All you need to know about how to recover from Lyme Disease and other Chronic Illnesses are right here in my Podcast. I'm Dr. Sally, and I have gone through this devastating disease myself and have now fully recovered. It is my calling to share with you what I have learned to overcome this disease. Recovery is in your reach!
Green Heart Effect: A Modern Guide To Sustainable Living
By Mary and Pamela Rockhill
Pamela and Mary help you make sustainable choices in our modern world by providing you with information, tips and personal experiences.
Doctor WHO - Sweet Melodies 94.3 FM
By [email protected] (Sweet Melodies FM)
Radio health show
Holistic, Happy & Healthy Podcast
By Deanna Deacon
You're a conscious human being seeking balance in your food, fitness, fun and relationships. Here you will learn from wellness experts, lifestyle gurus and amazing entrepreneurs to guide you along this journey to live a lifestyle that is Holistic, Happy and Healthy every single day.
British Orthopaedic Association
Orthopodcasts are a series of podcasts available on a variety of trauma and orthopaedic (T&O) topics to both educate and entertain. Each Orthopodcast is a short conversation with an expert (10-15 minutes), around current topics. They are not repetition of a book chapter or research paper, but dialogue that will be easy to listen to and digest whilst still being educational. They are downloadable to listen to at your leisure: at home, in the car or on a run. Orthopodcasts are intended to promote discussion and share best practice, and are are underpinned by the views of participants, rather than any rigid guidelines. If you have any feedback or ideas for future topics please email [email protected]
Intentional Living Project
By Alana Fournet
Working on the summary.
Ryan Hummel Element Wellness Center
By Ryan Hummel
Learn all the tips, tricks and more from Ryan Hummel
Stories of Self-Healing with Nurse Kristin
By Nurse Kristin
Stories of Self-Healing is a bi-weekly podcast featuring Nurse Kristin's interviews with courageous men and women who have conquered serious health challenges and even reversed chronic disease such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis after making diet and lifestyle changes. Many of these men and women have gone on to be influential in helping others make similar changes in their own life. Whether you want to help others learn about alternative natural ways to improve their health, or you are simply seeking inspiration for making changes in your own life, these Stories of Self-Healing of self-healing are sure to inspire and guide you!
By Serenecast
An ASMR podcast to help you drift off to sleep, or simply help you combat stress. Hosted by Youtuber Queen of Serene, and features relaxation scripts, sounds, and so much more. New episodes weekly.
You Are U Symposium
By Tambra Harck
Your host, Tambra Harck is a beloved spiritual teacher, author and visionary. You're invited into intimate, expansive and practical conversations with her and her guests... master healers, teachers, change agents, magic-makers. Share their passion and depth for living life in ways that evolve beyond the old-world stories of cause and effect as we delve into quantum healing, modalities for self-knowing, practices in spirituality and beyond!
Radio iRemedy
By Tony Paquin
Always interesting, sometime controversial, talks with healthcare CEO’s, physicians and other important healthcare industry leaders on the development and impact of new medical products and technologies.
Series in Complexity
By Ross Upshur
In these podcasts we try to introduce health care challenges, especially the ones dealing with the care of patients living with complex chronic conditions. Moreover, we try to discuss the policies we need to adopt to make patient care experience more realistic.
Powerful Questions with Jenner
By Jenner Linden
Hi I’m Jenner and I help people get what they want out of life. For the past 11 years, I have been pursuing my passion for personal transformational. Training with the world's top leaders and healers. Now that I'm a life coach I get to share the most powerful transformational tools with you. And I have a knack for asking the perfect question. This is the Powerful Questions podcast where each week I offer a question to shift your mindset and allow your light to shine through. The questions will provide clarity and lead you down a path where transformation is not only possible, it’s inevitable. To learn more about my work visit me a
Online Yoga Meditation Podcast - Relax & Unwind
By Nicola Reilly
Welcome to the Online Yoga Meditation Podcast, by Nicola Reilly of These guided yoga meditation tracks will allow you to relax and unwind, to clear your mind of thoughts, and sink into a deep relaxing meditation. Let Nicola guide you through this meditation one breath at a time. Each track has a different theme with feel and music. Just push play and let your mind, body and soul melt into the moment. For more beautiful yoga, see
By Tine Worén, Annika Malm
Detta är en podcast som tar upp allt som påverkar våra hormoner, det vill säga allt vi gör; hela tiden, varje dag. Annika Malm och Tine Worén tar upp ämnen som naturlig kost och rörelse, fertilitet, stress, sömn, giftminimering i vardagen, och så precis allt däremellan.
All Forked Up
By All Forked Up
Welcome to the All Forked Up podcast. Your hosts are the Baroness of Barbeque, Mercy Baron and some dude with a pen named Michael Gardiner. They'll guide you through the uncommon corner of the lower left coast food world.
She is Fierce and Fabulous Podcast
By Sommer Louise
Are your kids a little older now and you're thinking..."What's left for me? Who am I now anyway?"...You're wanting to start looking after your body, your health, your purpose...or at what that is for you now. If that's're in the right place!
Positiv Denken Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Gestalte dein Leben, übernimm Verantwortung für dein Denken, Handeln und Fühlen. Weg von der Opferrolle und Passivität. Hin zu Selbstverantwortung, Selbstwirksamkeit und Lebensfreude. Positiv Denken wird hier nicht verstanden als rosarote Brille oder als oberflächliche Suggestionen. Positiv Denken basiert auf tiefer Lebenseinstellung, auf freudevollen Gefühlen - und resultiert in aktiver Gestaltung deines Lebens und Einsatz für eine bessere Welt. Dieser Podcast ist eine Zusammenstellung aus anderen Podcasts von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
Progressive Medical Hour of Power -
By Progressive Medical Hour of Power
Progressive Medical Hour of Power
Dealing with a loss of a loved one can be overwhelming, often we are challenged with the day to day tasks and time sensitive paperwork that needs to be completed after a passing of a loved one. The grief process is a long journey of healing and acceptance. Dragonfly Advisory Services is here to assist.
Perpetually Pensive
By Perpetually Pensive
Eamon and Paul share a passion for Personal Growth, Healthy Lifestyle and Learning. We come together weekly and host our Podcast even though we are in different countries we feel Podcasting provides a great platform for us to catch up and share our passion with the world.
Mordantly Comorbid: MoCo
By Daniel and Bethany Brown
Brother and sister duo explore having multiple diagnoses, both physical and mental. Discussion revolving around mood disorders, physical health and personal responsibility.
Newcastle Health Collective
By Newcastle Health Collective
Lucy Ellis the owner and founder of Newcastle Health Collective interviews an array of highly specialised practitioners to showcase the health services that we have in our area. There are so many people that can help you with your health, and Lucy is passionate about bringing them to you. Whether it be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual there is a practitioner in your area that has the goods for you.
Inspodden - En Inspirationspodcast
By Inspodden
Idag finns det flera olika poddar som talar om framgång på olika sätt men det finns ingen podd som faktiskt tar upp att framgång och lycka börjar hos oss själva. Det talas alldeles för lite om hur viktigt det är att vi jobbar med personlig utveckling. Oftast målas det upp som en svaghet att inte vara en komplett människa som har fattat allt vad livet innebär, vad det gäller framgång och lycka redan vid 20 års ålder. Det absolut vanligaste man möter bland människor idag är en touch av missnöje och vi har insett att det finns en flaskhals som bromsar potential hos många som inte vågar ta steget ut, att riskera för att vinna stort. Vi vill skaka om alla som sitter bekvämt i tryggheten och smyghatar på andra. Vi vill att våra lyssnare ska komma ut på andra sidan , frälsta, som om de hade deltagit på ett Tony Robbins event. Vi vill ge våra lyssnare modet att göra slut med det som grämer dom för att bli ett med Universum. Att verkligen gå långt in i sig själva för att nå frihet. Vi kommer att vara extremt tuffa i vårt snack och vi tar upp sådant som ingen annan gör. Sådant som står i vägen för framgång, så som bristen på ärlighet, gentemot andra och oss själva, skitsnack om andra, dömande mentalitet, ytlighet. Det kommer inte alltid att vara lätt att lyssna på de grejer som man inte vill inse med sig själv, men det är därför vi gör det. För det är ingen annan som gör det och alla dessa egenskaper besitter vi alla, men i det samhället vi lever i, låtsas alla som att ”jag fiser aldrig”. Avundsjuka, Svartsjuka, Girighet, Osäkerhet. ALLT detta kommer vi ta upp och även ta upp böcker, Gurus, olika övningar som har hjälpt oss många andra att komma över det och nå personlig framgång och lycka.
Once Upon A Time There Was a Hero
By Nancy Falconi
Join best selling Author, Artist and founder of the Creative Heart system Nancy Falconi, as she empowers those ready to cross the threshold and begin their Heroes Journey - the path to discovering their completely unique gifts & talents - transforming themselves - changing the world. The episodes feature conversations between Nancy and every day individuals, living every days lives, on a quest to discover their true self. Their lives do not resemble the characters of Star Wars and you won’t find them at Hogwarts. These Heroes work full time jobs, raise their families, you see them at the grocery store and carpooling their kids. What sets them apart and classifies them as Creative Heart Heroes is their willingness to embark on the unknown elements of their unique path, despite many distractions. Nancy orchestrates an array of topics with one unifying thread - Doing what you love by following and listening to your heart, is the single most healing thing you can do for yourself and contribute to all living beings. Each episode demonstrates that The deeper you go into Your True Self the more personal you make your life, the more Universal it becomes. There is a journey you are meant to take in this life, a story only you can tell. Once upon a time there was a hero..... To get started on your Heroes Journey go to to claim your complimentary copy of the Flow Optimization Program.
Revolution Health Center
By Devon Coughlin
Restoring Health, Maintaining Health
Getting Into Nursing School Podcast by NRSNG
By Jon Haws RN CCRN Nursing School Mentor
Finally, everything you need to know to get into nursing school. With admission rates dropping and waitlists growing we decided it was time to create a resource to help prospective nursing student navigate the stressful time with ease. We've even created a free webinar to that provides a step by step process for applying to and getting into nursing school. Sign up for free at
Create A Depression-Free Life Show
By Marie O'Neil : Author | Life Coach - Specialising in Depression + Anxiety
Feeling depressed? Join Life Coach + Author of How To Create A Depression-Free Life - Marie O’Neil, as she reveals time-tested, self-help strategies for depression, bringing light and solutions to the darkness of depression. In this show, you’ll uncover how to overcome depression with highly-effective, tips, tools and techniques. You’ll also discover innovative ways on how to rapidly get through depression and when you subscribe to the Create A Depression-Free Life Show, you’ll always have regular depression help available, at your convenience. Show notes for each episode, featured links, access to a Free Sample of the book: How To Create A Depression-Free Life and various other resources can be found at: If you’ve always wanted to discover how to deal with depression and finally create a depression-free future for yourself, then this show is for you! DISCLAIMER: The information contained in the Create A Depression-Free Life Show is for general purposes only. The information contained in this show is not intended to provide specific physical, psychological, emotional, relational or mental health advice, or any other advice whatsoever, for any individual and should not be relied upon in that regard. The shows content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional, psychological, psychiatric, medical care and/or diagnosis.
Kundalini Yoga Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Kundalini Yoga ist der Yoga der Energie. Erfahre viel über dein Energiesystem mit Prana, Nadis und Chakras. Lerne einfache und komplexere Praktiken, um deine Chakren zu harmonisieren, deine Energien zu aktivieren, höhere Bewusstseinsebenen zu erlangen. Sukadev Bretz, Autor und Sprecher dieses Podcasts, praktiziert Kundalini Yoga in der Sivananda Tradition seit 1980 und hat zahlreiche Yogalehrer/innen zur Weitergabe dieser Techniken ausgebildet. Dieser Podcast ist eine Zusammenstellung von Folgen aus anderen Podcastreihen.
BIRDCAST.NYC » Uncategorized
By Diane Lowy
Recordings of bird songs in New York City only 10 -20 seconds long. It's the perfect amount of time for any busy New Yorker to reconnect with the jungle part of the concrete jungle.
Eat. Move. Be Healthy.
By Rochelle Butler
Discussing natural health (fitness and nutrition) and lifestyle topics. Looking at techniques and tips on ways to implement and incorporate a more wholesome way of living into your everyday modern life.
Summit For Wellness Podcast
By Bryan Carroll
Welcome to the Summit For Wellness Podcast with your host Bryan Carroll, where I help you to climb to the peak of your health. I interview top health experts to stay with the current research, and also answer questions that are asked from listeners. Tune in weekly to stay up-to-date with latest health information to improve your own health. Make sure to head over to to subscribe to receive free health updates.
Healing Business Podcast ~ Inspiring Business Podcast for Healers by Healers
By Tina Deane Coddington ~ Massage Therapist ~ Owner Massage Works Los Gatos ~ Founder Natural Healers Network ~ Health Coach; In the spirit of John Lee Dumas, Amanda Cook & Lewis Howes,
Interviews with successful holistic practitioners on the habits, mindset and stories of their thriving businesses. A variety of natural health practitioners who work with clients are guests on the show such as Chiropractors, Body Workers, Fitness Trainers, Naturopaths, Yoga Instructors, Nutritionists, Transformational Coaches, Acupuncturists, Energetic Healers, Shamans, Therapists and more.
17 Positive Affirmation Recordings for Your Health (mp3)
By Dr Harry Henshaw
17 Positive Affirmation recordings for your Health and Well Being! Positive Affirmation recordings for prosperity, improving confidence, enhancing self esteem, sleep, relaxation, relationships, positive future, good health, forgiveness, spirituality, hypertension, smoking cessation, recovery surgery and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. All Positive Affirmations have been created by Dr. Harry Henshaw and utilize therapeutic relaxation music to enhance and strengthen the power of the positive affirmations. Each recording is only $1.95 and comes with a full money back guarantee! Click on the Website LINK on this Podcast to listen to, buy and download all 17 positive affirmation recordings.
The Calm Living Blueprint: Social Anxiety | Anxiety | Stress | Mindfulness | Inner Peace
By Candice Esposito: Social Anxiety Mentor, Naturopathic Doctor and Freedomer
Social Anxiety Mentor, Candice Esposito, shares her personal story of overcoming social anxiety... and the step-by-step system she created from her own experiences which has allowed her to help others suffering from anxiety, stress and depression, do the same. Candice believes it's only when we stop struggling against our fearfulness, against our anxiety, that we begin to find lasting freedom from it to live the lives we want to live. That is what this podcast is about. Helping you be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live, free from the prison of fear and anxiety. Because the more people there are, like you, doing what they love, truly being themselves... well, the world can't help but be a better place when that happens. Welcome to the Calm Living community.
Autogenes Training - Gekonnt entspannen und auftanken
By Sukadev Bretz
Das Autogene Training ist eine der bewährtesten Entspannungsverfahren. Lass dich durch Autogenes Training Anleitungen in tiefe Entspannung führen. Anleitungen von Sukadev Bretz von
Cor Domum: Purified
By Katie Trudeau
Cor Domum means "heart of the home"; we believe that the family is the heart of every home, and we want to become a resource for families who want to discover the joy of family life. Your host, Katie Trudeau, navigates families on a path to purify their minds and bodies through good health and natural living. What is our revolution? We are taking a look at what we put into and on our bodies and what products we use around the house.Good health is everything from the types of food we eat to the types of lotions we use on our skin. It also means paying attention to the types of cleaners we use around the house. Beyond the physical, we can also focus on purifying our mental and emotional centers to find peace. Following a holistic path is not always easy - especially when it's not something we are taught. But freeing yourself from toxins can increase your physical, emotional, and mental health. Healthy Mind - Body - Spirit Welcome to the journey! Pax.
Dreams to Reality
By Jackie Frith
Come along and listen to Jackie Frith interview some Amazing Entrepreneurs on how they turned their Dreams into Reality. They will be sharing their tips around Law of Attraction, Manifesting, what it takes to become a successful business person. I will also be talking a lot around Mindset and how this has a massive impact on your life. We will also chat about Health & Wellbeing and how this too plays a major part of your life. Would love for you to join me Jackie xx
Doc Renée
By Renee Stephens, PhD
The top Weigh Loss Podcast on iTunes for almost a decade, Inside Out Weight Loss will guide you to release your desire to overeat and stop the yo-yo diet-regain-diet cycle once and for all. Tune in to let Renee's soothing voice, practical steps and surprising humor ease your journey to slim.
Don't Freak Out! Podcast with Allison Micco
By Don't Freak Out Podcast with Allison Micco
Don't freak out, but you've just found the best anxiety podcast for learning all of the most powerful tools for healing your stress and anxiety. From nutrition, biohacking, mindfulness and more you'll learn how to stop freaking out and start loving life.
Fortgeschrittene Yogastunden und Pranayama
By [email protected] (Sukadev Bretz)
Ein Yoga-Audio-Kanal für Insider: Die Mitglieder des Berufsverbands der Yoga Vidya Lehrer/innen finden hier fortgeschrittene Yogastunden und Pranayamas. Diese Audios sind NICHT geeignet für Yoga Laien. Sie enthalten Übungen, die man von einem Yogalehrer persönlich gelernt haben muss.
Foreign and Domestic
By We Are Libertarians
Cannabis. Weed. Dab. Concentrate. Shatter. Wax. If you've never experienced the pot culture of Colorado, get ready. Miah Akston, Dan Peffers, and Chris Peffers share their life in Denver.
What people don’t know is killing them
By Campbell Young
Health-YOUR health is one of the most talked about subjects on line and on TV today. Why-simple really one reason which leads to many illnesses is Obesity which is costing the NHS billions, Diabetes in the Young is spiraling out of control on both sides of the Atlantic and Heart Disease is still the number one killer on this planet. Many people don’t make the link to strokes and heart disease and what people don’t know is killing them.
Chakra Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Aktiviere die Kraft der Chakras - für mehr Power, größere Harmonie, tiefere Erfahrungen. Lass dich in Chakra Meditationen führen. Nutze Chakra Arbeit, Chakra Yoga und Chakra Healing zur vollen Entfaltung deines Potentials - und spirituelle Entwicklung. Von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
By Sukadev Bretz
Achtsamkeit ist eine Einstellung - aber auch eine tägliche Praxis. Lass dich anleiten zur Achtsamkeitsmeditation, Bewusstseinsübungen, achtsamen Atem und achtsame Yogastunden. Für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
Eye on Health on Dubai Today
By Dubai Eye 103.8
Bringing you people, places and personal stories from the heart of the city.
Relaxation Music for Stress Relief (mp3)
By Dr Harry Henshaw
Relaxation Music of Harmony by Dr. Harry Henshaw for deep relaxation and stress relief. Listen to the music samples and notice how relaxed you feel. Listening to Harmony will help you improve your health, both physically and emotionally. Music of Harmony has also been mixed with the powerful sounds of nature. Harmony is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. Harmony has a full money back guarantee. Click on the WEBSITE LINK on this Podcast to Buy Now and Download Immediately.
Revive Yourself Podcast With Ryan Martin
By Revive Yourself Podcast With Ryan Martin
If you want to improve your health and ultimately your life, then the Revive Yourself Podcast with Ryan Martin is exactly what you are looking for. Join your host Ryan Martin as he dives deep into natural health, holistic healing, alternative medicine, naturopathy, biological medicine and much more all in a bid to give you the knowledge and confidence that your health really does lie in your own hands. Ryan’s aim is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving you the best and most recent information out there. Listen in as he interviews the leading specialists from around the world such as scientists, expert authors, doctors, researchers and coaches. You’ll learn why medication, surgery and conventional “health care” methods aren’t the best options the vast majority of times, and instead how diet, mindfulness, exercise and detoxification protocols are the key to vitality and life long health. Special guests include, Dr John Bergman, Dr Thomas Levy, Dr. David Kennedy, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Karen Thomas, Terry Tillaart, Dr Joel Kah and more
Real Vegan Hours
By Alex Rheault and Joe Wortell
2 dudes sitting around and discussing veganism and animal rights topics. Smash that subscribe button.
John Rankin’s Way Back
By John Rankin
John is a very passionate teacher, using these podcasts to explain the very detailed information that makes sense out of his recommendations. Having walked the talk and taught others the same principles for several years with amazing results, you will love listening to these podcasts. Learn more at
Herbalism As Activism - Stories of healing, justice, resistance and change
By garliq @ Liivng Medicine Project
Collecting and sharing stories of combining herbalism with activism
Fantasiereisen Anleitungen für Entspannung und Meditation
By Sukadev Bretz
Entspannung, spirituelle Erfahrungen und neue Erkenntnisse mit Fantasiereisen - darum geht es hier in diesem Fantasiereisen Podcast. Praktische Anleitungen für Meditation und Tiefenentspannung - und Tipps, wie du Phantasiereisen für neue Erkenntnisse nutzen kannst. Autor/Sprecher: Sukadev Bretz
FFEP003 Farleys Fitness: Dieting and Accountability
By Brent Farley Farleys Fitness
Farleys Fitness Podcast, In this episode #3 I talk about dieting and how you have to be accountable to yourself or have someone who holds you accountable. "Life of Riley" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Positive Health Podcast
By Benjamin Brown
Positive Health Podcast is an interview series for health professionals and features leading clinicians, scientists and health advocates in integrative, functional and nutritional medicine. We share what various experts are pioneering in their respective fields, and empower you the latest science and clinical insights. The podcast is hosted by Benjamin Brown, ND.
Progressive Muskelentspannung - PMR - PME
By Sukadev Bretz
Die Progressive Muskelrelaxation (PMR), auch genannt Progressive Muskelentspannung (PME) oder auch Fortschreitende Muskelentspannung (FME) ist ein sehr wirksames Entspannungsverfahren. PMR ist leicht zu erlernen, leicht zu praktizieren. Lass dich mit Entspannungsanleitungen in tiefe Entspannung führen. Autor/Sprecher: Sukadev Bretz,
Love, Life & Dharma
By Susan Vilanova
A Fun, Positive and modern outlook on Life, Relationships, Well-being and Purpose. Brought to you by Susan Vilanova - Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Energy Wellness Therapist, Herbalist & Writer
Sleep Music of Insomnia for Sound Sleeping (mp3)
By Dr Harry Henshaw
Sleep Music of Insomnia by Dr. Harry Henshaw for Sound Sleeping. Listen to each recording and notice how relaxed you feel. Listening to Insomnia will help you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Four of the recordings of Insomnia have been mixed with the powerful sounds of nature, the Ocean, a Stream, the Forest and Rain. Each recording is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. All recordings also have a full money back guarantee. Click on the Website LINK on this Podcast to Buy Now and Download Immediately!
Changing the Face of Yoga Podcast
By Stephanie Cunningham
Hosted by Stephanie Cunningham, a yoga teacher herself who is committed to sharing yoga with anyone, especially the over 50's. Stephanie created this podcast to share how yoga can be practiced by anyone with amazing benefits. Yoga teachers themselves will share their stories; discussing why they teach, who they teach, how students benefit. Every fortnight or so, we will release a new episode. We will talk with teachers about teaching children, curvy bodies, the elderly but also those that each yoga to support students with diabetes, cancer and mental health issues.
Your Life Blueprint Podcast
By Zayd Jawad
Join Zayd Jawad as he interviews the top minds in health, personal development, productivity, and leadership to learn about the core principles, values, and beliefs that make up their life blueprints and to see how those values can be used to build our own purpose-driven healthy and happy lives.
You're Doing Great Mom
By Dr. MaryAnne Shiozawa
Motherhood is something that all women will think about at one point in their lives. For many, it’s not even a thought. It’s a ‘when’. For some, it’s a clear ‘not for me’. For every other woman who falls in between, there was a journey which led them and may still be leading them to the ultimate conclusion. And, as we know, the experience of motherhood always keeps flowing, changing, and growing along with our children. Almost all of us can say it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done, and it’s true when we say it takes a village. Using that analogy and today’s technology, this podcast is for women, mothers, and (sometimes) for men so they can listen and hear personal and heartfelt stories told by real, everyday women.
The Holistic Health & Human Potential Podcast with Ronnie Landis
By Ronnie Landis
This podcast show is hosted by integrative nutritionist, public speaker, author, and peak performance coach Ronnie Landis. The focus of the show is to provide cutting edge information, strategies, and unique perspectives on all areas of health and lifestyle design ranging from nutrition, exercise, mind state, spiritual balance, entrepreneurship, and creating a life you love. Ronnie has interviewed leading edge thinkers and luminaries such as David Wolfe, John Gray, Kute Blackson, Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, Drew Canole, Shawn Stevenson, Robert Cassar, and so many more!
Wake Up With Monika Zands
By Monika Zands
Wake up to your purpose! Wake up to your passion! Wake up to your greatness! In each episode of Wake Up!, Monika Zands connects with amazing people who have been willing to dive into their life's challenges in order to create incredible success, contribution and impact. These are people who have faced fears, overcome obstacles, relentlessly pursued their dreams and are now able to share their stories. Welcome to the show and get ready to wake up!
Positive Affirmations for a Positive Future (mp3)
By Dr Harry Henshaw
The positive affirmation recording for a positive future has been created by Dr. Harry Henshaw to help support you in your efforts to create a positive future for yourself The recording utilizes positive affirmations and relaxation music. The recording is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. This recording also have a full money back guarantee. Click on the WEBSITE LINK on this Podcast to Buy Now and Download Immediately!
Positive Affirmations for Prosperity and Abundance (mp3)
By Dr Harry Henshaw
The positive affirmation recording for prosperity and abundance has been created by Dr. Harry Henshaw to help support you bringing prosperity and abundance into your life. The recording is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. This recording also have a full money back guarantee. Click on the WEBSITE LINK on this Podcast to Buy Now and Download Immediately!
Positive Affirmations for Confidence (mp3)
By Dr Harry Henshaw
The positive affirmation recording for confidence has been created by Dr. Harry Henshaw to help support your desire to improve your confidence and self esteem. This recording for confidence combines positive affirmations for improving confidence with relaxation music. The recording is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. This recording also have a full money back guarantee. Click on the WEBSITE LINK on this Podcast to Buy Now and Download Immediately!
Mindset Academy
By Jan Zands & Monika Zands
While the circumstances in our lives may often seem difficult to change, our mindset about them can shift in a moment. A powerful mindset can transform upset into gratitude or anger into joy. Mindset Academy is a conversation led by Jan and Monika Zands with a live audience where they dive into the mindset behind living an extraordinary life full of happiness, impact and purpose. Each episode of Mindset Academy provides tools to create new perspectives to help you achieve the results you want and to live the life of your dreams.
Music for Healing and Deep Relaxation (mp3)
By Dr Harry Henshaw
Music for Healing and Deep Relaxation is six recordings of music designed to help you relax deeply and reduce anxiety and stress. Listen to the music and notice how relaxed you feel. All relaxation music recordings have been developed by Dr. Harry Henshaw. Each recording is 30 minutes in length and Only $1.95. All relaxation music recordings have a full money back guarantee. Click on the WEBSITE LINK on this Podcast to Buy Now and Download the six recordings Immediately.
By Supracortical
Supracortical es un programa que explora el mundo de la locura humana, con la intención de construir un camino en busca de la felicidad, descubriendo en nuestra mente, nuestras emociones y nuestra vocación quién soy y qué quiero, un camino único de realización. Construyamos juntos conversaciones sobre la locura de nuestra vida diaria y cómo salir de ella, comprendiendo la fantástica frase “aquí todos estamos locos”.
ธรรมะบ้านสบายใจ โดย ท่านจิตโต
เสียงธรรม โดย ท่านจิตโต จัดทำขึ้นเพื่อเผยแพร่พระธรรมคำสั่งสอนขององค์สมเด็จพระสัมมาสัมพุทธเจ้า ตามแนวปฏิปทาและข้อวัตรปฏิบัติของหลวงปู่ปาน โสนันโท วัดบางนมโค และพระเดชพระคุณหลวงพ่อพระราชพรหมยาน วัดท่าซุง ให้กว้างขวางในหมู่ชนผู้แสวงหาโมกขธรรม
Naturalna Strona Życia Ewa Kozioł
By Ewa Kozioł
Naturalna Strona Życia to audycja mająca pokazać ci, że prostota i życie blisko natury daje Ci wolność. Rozmawiamy o ziołach, życiu w harmonii z sobą i naturą, naturalnych terapiach, minimalizmie i wolności.