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Up/Lifted Podcast
By Arin Gragossian
Why do we love the things we love? Personal histories. Pivotal moments. Lifting massive amounts of weights. A podcast built to connect with people's personal histories and how its shaped their current ideas, projects, and careers.
Sana alimentazione, ricette sane, movimento | Casa Di Vita
By Casa Di Vita
La missione di Casa Di Vita e Di Vita magazine è aiutarti a muovere i migliori passi verso il cambiamento, per una vita lunga, piena di cose buone e di tracce positive. È grazie a te, al tuo consenso, che troviamo sempre quelle energie per continuare il nostro costante impegno per proporti contenuti che tu possa trovare davvero interessanti e utili per la tua vita quotidiana.
Ali Fitness Podcast
By Ali Watts
Achieve the fastest results with the most effective and up to date health and fitness strategies from our interviews with leading experts. Ali is a Primal Health and Fitness Coach in Asia. Ali Fitness brings you interviews aimed at bring health back into fitness.
Heartseed Health Podcast
By Noah K. Goldstein, L.Ac. MSOM
Together we'll learn to cultivate deep health of body, mind, and spirit. We explore medicine rooted in spirit and grounded in science and strive to help healthy individuals create healthier communities. In this podcast We explore topics from mental-emotional health and relationships to diet, lifestyle, and exercise always seeking to include multiple perspectives. We'll talk about integrative and holistic health practices and philosophies and leave you with tangible and useful takeways. Ultimately, as we will cultivate health and promote more connectivity and awareness about beautiful health-inspiring events, people, projects, and organizations.
Sigma Powerlifting Podcast
By Danny Lennon -
In-depth interviews with the greatest powerlifting coaches and lifters on the planet. Discussing programming, research, training methodology, sports psychology and their own experiences in powerlifting.
Spinal Hygiene Podcast
By Dr. Tabor Smith, Chiropractor, Speaker, Spinal Hygienist
Welcome to the Spinal Hygiene Movement! We are a group of Chiropractors, Physicians, health care professionals of all kinds, and people who are trying to bring spinal health to light in a world of damaging posture, and sedentary lifestyles! To learn more visit or
Superfood Secrets
By Iris Huebler
Are you passionate about healthy, fresh food for you and your family? Do you like the idea of saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on your grocery bills every year? Superfood Secrets is your solution to a more balanced and healthy life. Iris Huebler has experimented with super healthy foods in her garden and raw food diets in her kitchen for more than 20 years in addition to formal studies and participation in national research projects. In 1994 she and her husband left behind successful city careers in Germany to build an environmentally friendly home and sustainable farm on a nine-hectare lifestyle block in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Superfood Secrets is a culmination of Iris’ best work. And is now available to health conscious women all across the globe. Tune-in weekly only if you want to learn the secrets of superfoods and how they can improve your health with organic gardening, biological growing, delicious food and much more.
By Produsert av Kvaal & Jansen AS
Livsstils podcast med trøkk og humor! Av ekte folk, for ekte folk. Vi trener, tester og leverer fakta for at du skal få tips som kan øke livskvaliteten.
» The Way You Are Project
By Erica Ormanovich
Join activist, Erica Ormanovich on a journey to accepting yourself just the way you are. Explore topics such as feminism, fat acceptance, body positivity, and even parenting to help you cultivate, and live a more authentic life.
A Well Run Life
By Peter M Deeley Jr.
Come in. Sit down Take a second You get enough advice This is about nothing And everything And all of it in-between That’s enough for now It’s not a sprint Travel to A Well Run Tell us how you are
Endlich schlank - Der clevere Ernährungspodcast
By Abid Mares
Hier steht die Beschreibung
The David Madow Lifestyle Show - Health - Weight Loss - Exercise - Self Help
By Dr. David Madow
Want to look and feel younger than ever? The David Madow Lifestyle Show offers easy, fun and practical advice about exercise, eating, happiness, stress, lifestyle and more. Please tune in as this is one of the best programs out there for living your healthiest life possible. Please be sure to hang out with us between episodes at and You are NEVER alone on this journey!
Forum Vascular
By Forum Vascular
Forum de discussões de Cirurgia Vascular e Endovascular para especialistas médicos.
Kraft Performance Podcast
By Ernst Matre
Leter du etter en magisk pille som inneholder svaret på alle drømmene dine? Denne pillen finnes ikke, men hva som finnes er mange gode metoder for å nærme seg målene du setter deg i livet. Jeg vil snakke med mennesker som tør og drømme og som jobber hardt for å realisere drømmene sine.
Athlete's Transition Podcast
By J Leman
Welcome to the ATP: The Athlete's Transition Program. Each week we will bring you an inspiring message, story or person that will help you transfer your athletic success into real-life significance.
Cougar Employee Wellness Program
By Cougar Employee Wellness Program
The podcast for the Cougar Employee Wellness Program
Der Muskelaufbau-Podcast für Berufstätige und Studenten | Ernährung | Fitness | Lifestyle | Traumkör...
By Luca Richter
Hi und herzlich Willkommen zum Muskelaufbau-Podcast für Berufstätige! Ich bin Luca und gemeinsam mit Dir will Ich in diesem Podcast mit allen Mythen aufräumen, die es zu den Themen Fitness und Ernährung so da draußen gibt und Dir zeigen, wie Du ohne Verzicht und Einschränkungen zu Deinem muskulösen Traumkörper gelangst. Dabei soll der Fokus dieses Podcasts gar nicht so sehr darauf liegen, Dich auf die Bodybuilding-Bühne zu bekommen oder Dir irgendwelche utopischen Ergebnisse zu versprechen, sondern vielmehr darauf, wie Du kontinuierlich, beständig und glücklich Deinen Traumkörper erreichen und alle spaßigen Dinge im Leben genießen kannst. Das heißt hier in diesem Podcast will ich Dir konkrete Handlungs- und Umsetzungsanweisungen und Tipps und Tricks mit an die Hand geben, wie Du bei einem stressigen Berufs- oder Unialltag trotzdem effizient das Maximum aus Deinem Muskelaufbau herausholen kannst ohne viel Zeit beim Training und der Ernährung zu verlieren. Mir ist wichtig, dass Du Deinen Körper auf das nächste Level bekommst ohne Dich dabei in Deinem Lifestyle einschränken zu müssen. Du findest mich auch auf meiner Homepage unter, auf der Du Dich auch zu meinem kostenlosen einstündigen Muskelaufbau-Webinar eintragen kannst, bei dem Du am Ende ein komplettes Download-Paket erhältst, um die erlernten Tipps und Tricks direkt anwenden zu können. Dazu findest Du mich auch unter wo ich mich das ein oder andere Mal auch live schalte um Deine Fragen zu beantworten. Alle Shownotes findest Du unter Dein Luca :-)
CHANGE STARTS NOW - Der Fitness-Podcast mit Deinem Figurexperten - FITNESS I ERNÄHRUNG I MENTALTRAIN...
By Poli Moutevelidis ist Dein Figurexperte, Fitnesscoach und Personal Trainer -
Poli Moutevelidis ist dreifacher Weltmeister im Figurbodybuilding und seit mittlerweile 24 Jahren ein Experte, wenn es um die Traumfigur, die Fitness, hartes Training, die richtige mentale Einstellung und zielgerichtete Ernährung geht. Über erfährst Du News und Infos zu Deinem Personal Trainer. In diesem Podcast erfährst Du alles, was Du zu effektivem Krafttraining, Deiner persönlichen Fitness und gesunder Ernährung wissen musst. Du erfährst nicht nur alles zur persönlichen Fitness-Philosophie Deines Figurexperten, sondern wirst auch viele Tipps und Tricks auf dem Weg zur Traumfigur kennenlernen. Lass Dich vom dreifachen Weltmeister in Deine persönliche Bestform bringen und lebe Deinen persönlichen Fitness-Lifestyle.
Chagrin & Tonic Podcast
By Dr. Anthony G. Jay
Dr. Jay is a husband, father, scientist, author, speaker, bare-foot runner, and hard-core outdoorsman. He has a gift for simplifying even the most difficult cutting-edge health science research to make it relevant to everyone and that’s his mission in the Chagrin and Tonic Podcast. Watch for new video episodes on YouTube every single week and Dr. Jay’s Chagrin and Tonic Podcast compilation episodes every 5th week.
Step by Step to Health ©2017
By Step by Step to Health ©2017
At Step by Step to Health, we empower people to live healthy lives by providing the knowledge, and the necessary tools. The goal is to inspire changes in habits that will ultimately become a lifestyle.
By Hasse Strandberg & Annika Sjölin
Trädgårdsexpert Annika Sjölin och Retro FM:s Hasse Strandberg svarar på lyssnarna frågor om trädgård och ger handfasta tips till Din trädgård.
That's One Sharp Podcast
By World of Wes and Joe
Thank you for choosing to listen to us! With Joe on a hiatus, Wes' wife, Heidi, has joined the show as a fill-in host. The show is going in a new direction from which it began. We will embark on our weight loss journey and have weekly weigh-ins. There will be discussions of health, wellness, fitness, and other general topics sometimes as well. If you enjoy subscribe to us!
Rebel Matters Podcast
By Ainle Ó Cairealláin
Featuring personal stories, inspiration, and long form interviews from the streets of Cork City, and further afield! Topics of discussion include success, overcoming adversity, current affairs, health and nutrition, food, local business, and delving into the obscure from time to time. This podcast is presented by Belfast man, and owner of ACLAÍ, a Cork based personal training facility, Ainle Ó Cairealláin.
DaVita Medical Insights
By DaVita, Inc.
DaVita Medical Insights is place for conversation among physicians regarding kidney care, dialysis treatment, and delivering excellent-quality healthcare in a dignified and compassionate manner. This podcast is brought to you by DaVita, Inc.
Nutrition Made Simple: The Reliv Story Podcast
By Reliv International
In the mood for a story that warms your heart and gives you hope? Join us each month as we chat with Reliv Distributors and customers who are experiencing improved health and a better quality of life thanks to Reliv’s advanced nutritional supplements. Everyone’s story may be different, but they all remind us of one thing: Reliv is changing lives!
[Unofficial] Central IL Gold's Gym Podcast
By CI Golds
Just some thought about Gold’s Gym, Les Mills GRIT CXWORX GRIT RPM SPRINT and anything else going on in one of the two gyms
The Sonya Looney Show
By World Champion | Endurance Mountain Biker | Mindset | Plant-based Nutrition | Speaker
Pro Mountain Biker, Plant-Based Athlete, and World Endurance Champion, Sonya Looney interviews inspiring leaders about vegan & plant-based nutrition, cycling and endurance training, mountain bike tips, sports psychology, adventure travel, mindset, personal development, and entrepreneurship to help you unlock the best and healthiest version of yourself. Find out more at:
PranaON Power Plant Radio
By Billy Simmons
PranaON Power Plant Radio
Robin Wilkins Smith's Audacious Life — The Podcast
By Robin WIlkins Smith: Disruptor Guru
Audacious Life — The Podcast is badass! In each episode Robin the Disruptor Guru will teach and lead discussions about all things that help empower women to create the life they deserve and desire. Through Robin's interviews with audacious women from all walks of life and all over the globe, and through her teachings of Audacious Life Formula 1.0, you too will become an audacious badass woman living an Audacious Life.
Rückenyoga - Yogastunden und Tipps für einen starken Rücken
By Volker Bretz
Anleitungen zu Yogastunden und einfachen Yoga Übungen für einen gesunden Rücken. Richte dich auf, zeige Rückgrat. Sei mutig - aber sei auch bereit dich zu beugen. Yoga Übungen stärken die Rückenmuskeln, entspannen Körper, Geist und Seele. Yoga Übungen lassen die Energien fließen und geben neue Lebensfreude. Wenn du Anfänger bist, suche insbesondere nach Rückenyogastunden für Anfänger. Yoga Erfahrene finden auch fortgeschrittenere Yogastunden - und Tipps für rückengerechtes Üben. Ein Podcast von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
Adapt Performance Podcast
By Adapt Performance Podcast
Adapt Performance Podcast delivers weekly content covering everything innovative and effective in the health & fitness world.
Amato Podcast
By Instituto Amato
O Instituto Amato, com mais de 3 décadas atuando como grupo de médicos especializados apresenta dicas de saúde para todos.
Anchored In Muscle Radio
By Jason & Brandi Buckner
Anchored In Muscle is NOT just the 2 owner and founders Jason, aka "Captain Nasty" and Brandi Buckner, it is a movement, an ideal and a way of life.  At it’s core it is designed to help, reach, teach and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves possible with the understanding that MUSCLE is the way.  Many things can and are hotly debated in the fitness, nutrition, wellness and supplement industry.  What can not be disputed is that it is Muscle that burns calories.  Muscle itself is the key to FAT LOSS, having the body that you have always wanted, playing with your kids, athletic competition, recreational hobbies and even wellness.  Putting to use every muscle fiber you currently have and in fact building more muscle will unlock your body’s true potential.    We challenge you to ANCHOR yourself in MUSCLE, CHALLENGE yourself, CHASE your DREAMS and CRUSH your GOALS!   Secure yourself, ANCHOR yourself in the knowledge that muscle is the foundation of any weight loss, fitness and competitive Physique sports. Progressive Resistance Training in all forms is the stimulus for muscle adaptation and growth ultimately leading the way to achieving your goals.  The intent of this page is to help each other lead healthier lives, provide educational tools, a motivational support system and maybe have a little fun. We are building a positive fitness community centered around finding ways to help people for free. We are both ISSA Certified Personal Trainers, NESTA Certified Physique & Figure Training Specialists, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and 1st Phorm Nutrition Brand Ambassadors.
Go:ver Training Podcast
By Go:ver Training - Hosted by David Gover & Matt Charlton, Personal Trainer, Comedian,fitness nerd, script writer
Listen to the weekly musings of David Gover and Matt Charlton as they discuss all things health, fitness and well being as well as the weekly goings on at the world famous Go:ver Gym England. David Gover is a renowned and highly regarded Strength and Conditioning coach as well as founder and head coach at Go:ver Gym England. Matt Charlton is a Comedian, Script writer and podcast host.
Health Hunters Radio
By Health Hunters Radio
Welcome to Health Hunters, with Dr. Daniel Pompa and Warren Phillips. Health Hunters is where individuals inspired by their personal health challenges and victories, are discovering secrets in the realms of body, mind and spirit. Our goal? To educate and empower you to achieve the highest levels of health, energy, natural beauty and vitality. |
Healthy Made Easy
By Healthy Made Easy
Dr Drew takes a hard look at the myths and mysteries of health and debunks "conventional" wisdom in the process.
By Dreamersteam
Vi har alla drömmar. I den här podden får vi träffa människor som haft en svår och brokig väg till sin dröm, som mött motgångar, kriser och sjukdomar. Dreamersteams podcast är podden som spräcker den präktiga fasaden, tar hål på bubblan, river ner murar och går på djupet.
TARA MARIE LIVE! – Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Spiritual Heath
By By Tara Marie Segundo, M.A. – Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer, and Motivational Strategist
Take charge of your health with Tara Marie Segundo—Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer, and Motivational Strategist! Join Tara Marie for expert guest interviews with cutting-edge insight into mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. TARA MARIE LIVE blends advice for a healthy body with nourishment for a sound mind to create a show that will help you change the course of your life for the better and achieve optimal wellness! To learn more, visit
Adam In Keto Podcast
By Adam T
A podcast about not only my life trying to lose 100lbs, but also many of you out there trying to lose weight as well. I will be interviewing everyday people about their weightloss journey.
Yoga Classes für Anfänger
By Sukadev Bretz
Gekonnt entspannen und aufladen - mit Yoga Übungen, Tiefenentspannung und Atemübungen. Angeleitet von Sukadev Bretz und anderen Yoga Vidya Lehrer/innen.
Yonkis del Movimiento
By yonkisdelmovimiento
Imagínate a un grupo de amigos, entrenadores, compañeros de trabajo, y sobre todos freaks del entrenamiento que quedan para tomar una cerveza. ¿Sabes de qué hablan? Pues sí, de entrenamiento. Hay que reconocer que a veces podemos llegar a ser un poco cansinos con el tema, pero realmente surgen conversaciones, debates, discusiones e incluso ideas muy interesantes. Todos estos amigos además impartimos formaciones, y en muchas de ellas compartimos estos debates que surgen de forma informal con los alumnos, y en más de una ocasión nos han dicho cosas del tipo “me encantaría poder escuchar esas conversaciones” o “la próxima vez grabarlo¡¡¡” Así que un día se nos ocurrió que podíamos hacerlo. Juntarnos, tomarnos una cerveza y poner unos micrófonos que grabaran lo que saliera de ahí, mejor o peor, aportando más o menos, con aciertos y fallos, sencillamente un grupo de entrenadores que disfruta (y mucho) con lo que hace, que quiere seguir aprendiendo y mejorando, y que le gustaría compartir sus ideas con todo aquel que quiera escucharlas. Y ahí aparecen los yonkis del movimiento, Ah¡¡ Somos Adán Martín, Raúl Gil, Lolo García, Jose Díez, Jorge Montoro y Kiko Montoro…
Let Your Journey Take You Places
By Let Your Journey Take You Places
We are Tosh and Jai with Journeys for Fitness...a fitness podcast created to add variety and excitement into our fitness routine and others. Our goal is bring together individuals that desire an active lifestyle to create a community of fitness travelers. We will be documenting our experiences as we train for a variety of fitness events new to us. We will provide weekly interviews via our podcast, highlighting tips and tricks on how to train from experienced runners, hikers, bikers, obstacle course racers, etc.
Mind Mastery Nation
By Mind Mastery Nation
One day, on a day that I stopped caring because I was too tired to worry, my life changed; my brain changed. This led me on a long journey of research in discovering how - like the switch of a switch - I was able to completely change my mind, and change my life. How, by taking advantage of daily neurogenesis can you hit the same switch, and get rid of anxiety, focus, relax, and succeed!
Mind Set Game Podcast
By James Roberts
The Mind Set Game Podcast is about everything to do with fitness, nutrition and sports psychology. The host of the show James Roberts is a 2x time Paralympian, online training and nutrition coach and owner of James Roberts Fitness.
Wellness 101
By The Institute of Natural Health
"Cutting through the non-sense and providing common-sense, science-based strategies for a healthy life." The Institute of Natural Health is a cutting-edge center for restoring and maintaining health and wellness. The Institute utilizes a team of practitioners who have been uniquely trained to treat the whole body and are committed to finding and fixing the cause of the problem--not just covering up symptoms. Through state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and equipment, The Institute is able to provide a common-sense, science-based approach to health. The Institute offers the most innovative wellness treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and customized Intravenous Nutrition.
Own Today Podcast
By Alex Ongky: Financier and Jason Ray Schumacher: Actor
A unique take into the world of health, wealth, love and everything in between with two lifestyle entrepreneurs. Learn how to maximize your everyday with examples from the business, finance, and entertainment industries.
Sylvain se remet en forme
By Sylvain Charroy
Les digressions de Sylvain, un mec qui veut se remettre en forme (pour de bon !)
One Life Radio Podcast
By Bernadette Fiaschelli
Positive, fresh, modern and real talk radio covering health & nutrition, relationships, fitness, environmental issues, giving back and more. On One Life Radio, we cover the topics that matter today in an un-scripted, off-the-cuff, engaging format. Our guests include leading authors, doctors, sports figures, psychologists, nutritionists and scientists from around the globe. Our motto: You get one body, one mind and one life…go out and make the most of it!
Smile KC Dental
By Dr. John Gordon, DDS
...because there is a story behind every Smile.
Taco Time with Tim
By Taco Talk LLC
Reviewing every taco shop in Orlando, one podcast at a time
Coffee Time with Carlos Machado
By Carlos Machado
Doing what you love is a blessing most never get to experience due to the circumstances they create or that they have been dealt. You can succumb to the adversity or you can stand up and rise above and beyond your capabilities in a way you never dreamed could be possible! Join me every Monday-Thursday at 9am CST to hear what my 50 years in the martial arts and over 30 years in business has helped me to achieve not just physically but mentally! If I can give you just one bit of advice from all my decades of experience that you can use to improve yours then this will have all been worth it! We are ALL ONE..or ALL NONE! Let's get together to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and share our life experiences and lift one another up! - Carlos Machado #coffeetimewithcarlos #bjjforeveryone
By Pingui
Como Empezar una empresa paso a paso.
Arthur Murray
By Arthur Murray
Arthur Murray es una franquicia de escuelas de baile por todo el mundo y ahora también tiene su propio podcast donde encontraras toda la información sobre como aprender a bailar en muy poco tiempo de la mano de los mejores profesionales con el mejor servicio. Ademas de la información más actualizada de los eventos que puedes encontrar en el territorio español e internacional, de eventos relacionados con el baile en todas sus modalidades.
Yogastunden Meditativ
By Sukadev Volker Bretz
Meditative Yogastunden, die wirklich in die Tiefe gehen. Diese Yoga Sessions haben unterschiedlichste Themen: Längeres Halten der Stellungen, Affirmationen, Chakra-Konzentration, Achtsamkeit, philosophische Yogastunden mit der Frage: Wer bin ich? Asanas als Hingabe an Gott. Ein großes Repertoire an Yoga Classes! Hier findest du das, was Yoga Vidya als populärsten Yogastil in Deutschland auszeichnet: Meditatives Üben - aber mit großer Bandbreite. Yogastunden mit Sukadev Bretz und anderen Yogalehrer/innen von Du solltest mit dem Yoga Vidya Stil oder Sivananda Yoga Stil vertraut sein, um mit diesen Yogastunden üben zu kkönnen.
In 52 Weeks
By Elisabeth Courvieille
Podcaster and blogger Elisabeth has never been into sports much. Or into leading a healthy lifestyle. Also, she eats way more junkfood and chocolate than she probably should ... Thanks to a very famous fitness app she got into running a while ago, but recently lost her motivation. Now to get back into shape and to push herself further, she'll train from zero to running a marathon. She's got year ...
16 Weeks
By MouthMedia Network
What happens when a regular guy with family and busy life decides to become healthy? That’s what B.J. did when he started running. Join him as he trains for the race of his life. We’ll talk about everything runners face with fitness and nutrition experts.
1RM: 1 Running Max
By Max K-H
An Overweight, comedian/powerlifter attempts to run 50 miles.
30 Minute Runner
By 30 Minute Runner
Listen to Mike, Kaylyn, Cody, Tyler and Dr. Ed talk about running, walking, exercise, competition and life in the Deep South. We occasionally review shoes, accessories and apparel as part of our work, which we happily pass along to our listeners.
Immerse, by Underwater Audio
By Underwater Audio
Immerse is a talk podcast in which we interview some of the athletes we know that are doing cool things in their fields, in their pools, and in their communities. We hope that it will allow us to show the world the kinds of people that inspire us the most – people with goals, drive, vision, and unique perspective.
Jenn Taylor #rerouting
By Jenn Taylor
I spend a lot of time writing and speaking about my own experiences, but my podcast gives your story a place to shine! It’s not about being rich and famous or well spoken. Simply listen to someone’s story evolve, share in their journey of trials, tribulations and ultimately what makes them #triumphwithlove!!! Interviewing about struggles and the ultimate success are stories about resilience and tenacity!
Work Smoothly
By Jarrett Courtney
All the important people in my life, sharing opinions about current topics, movies, games, music, etc. I want to find the way we connect with media or experiences and how they shape or opinions and define the people we are.
Lifestyle Locker Radio
By Dr. Josh Handt, DC, Podcaster, Lifestyle Expert
Welcome to the Lifestyle Locker Radio where we dive into what makes an AWESOME LIFESTYLE. From relationships to money mindset, nutrition to fitness, emotional health to peak performance, we bring you on an amazing journey to UNLEASHING YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL…
Wear My Genes
By Kristy
Kristy of Wear My Genes chats with many people from all walks of life around what it is to be human. Mental, physical and spiritual health are explored through many avenues where the physical sciences meet the metaphysical sciences.
Mind Body Talk with Dr Jim Kantidakis
By Dr Jim Kantidakis
Mind Body Talk is where you get the opportunity to learn more about your mind and body and the surprising ways in which they interact.
By HuffPost Australia
Join us every Wednesday afternoon as we unwrap the week's best, and most practical, tips and advice to refresh your life.
Move 2 Live with Jill M Sommers
By Jill M Sommers
Jill specializes in coaching athletes to achieve in life what they have achieved in their sport. A 5-time Ironman finisher and certified professional coach, she is passionate about coaching people to be the best version of themselves both on and off the field. It's time to achieve your best in both your sport AND your life.
Think Fit
By Tim Ford & Mike Robinson
Think Fit is a podcast hosted by Tim Ford and Mike 'Robo' Robinson who have lost a combined weight of nearly 100kgs! We want to cut through the confusion and make people realise there isn't a secret to weight loss. That doesn't mean it has to be hard either. We will share stories based on our experiences. What worked, what doesn't and hopefully have some fun doing so. So if you are sick of all the confusion about losing weight and getting fit then tune in!
By SATS ELIXIA & Vrang Produksjon
Treningsinspirasjon, tips & råd fra våre dyktige ansatte.
Sexy Boss™ Slimdown Podcast with Heather Havenwood
By Sexy Boss™ Media Network | Heather Havenwood
On Heather Havenwood’s 40th birthday, she walked onto a stage in a tiny bikini, platform high heels, and asked people to judge her. It was her first NPC Bodybuilding Figure Competition. It was a truly eye-opening experience. She did not win a trophy, nor did she place, however, it started her on a journey of health, anti-aging, and being in shape as a woman over 40. Heather is now the co-founder of a non-GMO, vegan, superior detox and weight loss supplement company, Now, at the young age of 42, she is working with IFBB PRO, Master Nutritionist, and writer for Muscle and Fitness, Linda M. Stephens, to get ready for her next competition. However, this time, Heather is going to share her experiences during every step of the way with you! Every workout, every meal, her weight, feelings, joys, and failures. Join Heather and Linda on this unique behind the scenes view of what it really takes to be a woman on stage and to feel confident in the midst of judging oneself. It truly is a remarkable journey you are not going to want to miss.
By Lino Pedroza
Lino Pedroza habla de temas de nutrición, cocina, cultura y ciencia.
Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker
By Julie Potiker
Individual meditations to help ease you through the stresses of everyday life and improve your health. Set to calming music hear guided visualizations, mantra meditations and meditations that focus on breathing.
BAT-Men Radio: Building Action Taking Men
By Matt Knuppel & Hugh Robinson
With so much conflicting advice out there, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to improve your nutritional and training habits. In this show, Internationally recognised coaches Matt Knuppel and Hugh Robinson break each episode down into one easy, actionable step. The two share their stories of how they've overcome personal struggles, and helped countless clients do the same. If you tune in each day, and apply the one action step from each episode, you will create a new outlook on health very quickly.
Biohackers Lab: Health Show for How to Live Your Best Life
By Gary Kirwan
Health show that explores how to biohack your health including your mind, body and gut so you can live the best life you can, customised to how your body works. This is biohacking your own ideal life. Your host, Gary Kirwan, talks with people all around the world who are helping to improve health in interesting ways. This may includes diet, supplements, exercise, mind training & gadgets. The ideas shared are meant to be actionable so you can start creating a better you starting today. For more information about Biohackers Lab please go to the website
Bite-Sized Fitness with Sean & Pete
By sean-pete
PT, Fitness & Gym Chit Chat
Podcast – Small Primal Habits
By Small Primal Habits
Community for Primal, Paleo, Whole30, Les Mills, and More...Right here in Central IL
Fresh-Insight Podcast
By Kristina Virro
Through citing scientific research, Fresh-Insight aims to educate you about nutrition and mental health so you may make sound, informed choices about your well-being and feel empowered and in control. ​​
Friede Freude Süßkartoffel - Der Podcast über Ernährung und Yoga.
By Claudia Renner
Claudia Renner lebt seit 2011 vegan. Sie ist Mitglied im BDY (Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland e.V.) und begann 2015 ihre Reise als Yogalehrerin. *** Ab Sommer 2016 hat „Claudi“ über einen Zeitraum von 11 Monaten ca. 25 Kilo abgenommen. Sie weiß aus eigener Erfahrung, dass vegan nicht automatisch gesund bedeutet. *** Die Ernährungsberaterin, Yogalehrerin und Autorin betreibt zwei Blogs ("Claudi goes vegan" und "Claudi does Yoga"). *** „Friede Freude Süßkartoffel“ ist der Podcast über Ernährung und Yoga. Von und mit Claudia Renner. *** *** *** *** ***
Fit Fleet Podcast
By Jonathan Scott
#FitFleet is a project to help provide the gamer community the resources and knowledge necessary to get fit and live long and healthy lives. We will be presenting weekly video streams on Wednesday's at 2130 US Easter Standard Time, you can watch the show at In addition we will be creating how-to videos teaching exercises, stretching, cardio, etc as well as work out programs and other resources over time. Fit Fleet is produced by members of the EVE Online gamer community.
Baptiste Inspired Power Vinyasa Yoga with JenTechYoga
By Jennifer Huber of
These audio recordings are made by Jennifer as she progresses towards achieving her Baptiste Yoga teacher certification. They are recorded in studios she teaches in around Tampa, FL
SP&CO Podcast
By Stephen Price
Informative podcasts on all dimensions of Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness from Londons premier health and wellness company
Pursue Your Spark
By Heike Yates
You are listening to Pursue Your Spark, where you can change the way live your life inside and out. Gaining the knowledge to live a healthy, confident and balance lifestyle. Meet your host, Virtual Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach Heike Yates, who is excited to connect with you every week to clear the clutter in your life and gain the power to ignite the spark in your life.
Renegade Marketing Success
By Nina Hershberger
Conversation with Renegade Business Owners, Nina Hershberger interviews successful entrepreneurs on her radio show.
By Nick Williams
FitPro101 was created to help provide fitness professionals with the essential business and marketing skills to grow their business and escape the rat race of working every hour possible. Each podcast focuses on a new topic, which is something that can easily be implemented in your business to help you achieve your goals and have a business that doesn't purely revolve around you.
By Fitsmind
Getting in shape isn't easy- it's a constant mental battle to make the right choices, commit to exercising, stay motivated and believe that results will come with hard work and determination. So it's the mind that matters when it comes to getting fit, and feeling confident in your own skin. Tune into what two Olympic swimmers have to say about their continuous mental and physical fitness journeys.
LND - Leave no doubt: a fitness podcast
By Simon Warnos and Brock Yost
Somewhere, someone is out there training. They are training to BEAT YOU. They are training because they want to WIN. You must RESPECT this. Your only option is to LEAVE NO DOUBT that you are training harder and training smarter. LEAVE NO DOUBT that when you meet them face to face you can look them in the eye and say “I am going to DOMINATE you today”, and know with ALL of your confidence that it is the TRUTH. -coach Yost
Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show
By Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show
The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show is designed to provide the Chiropractor with Modern and Ethical marketing strategies, without the huge price tag of most resources in the industry. This show will be a mix of topic-based podcasts and some interviews with some of the industry leaders in chiropractic, marketing, and business strategy.
Losing 100 Pounds with Real diet talk from someone who defeated a lifetime of obesi...
By with Corinne Crabtree: 100lb Weightloss Success Story | Master Weight Loss and Life Coach | Helping Women Lose Weight Since 2007
Grab your earbuds or pull up a seat in your car. Master Weight Loss Coach, Corinne, helps you cut through your BS excuses that keep you from losing weight. What makes her an expert? She lost 100lbs after a lifetime of obesity. You'll love her straight talk and how she relates to the REAL struggles like food pushers and what it's like to walk in that gym the first time. Just saying', she has a southern potty mouth full of crazy funny s***. And, if you are done with BS diet advice...this is YOUR podcast. To learn more about the show, visit
Curious and Curiouser Podcast
By Tracey Biebel, Cayly Christensen
Curious and Curiouser is hosted by Clinical Social Worker and parenting expert, Tracey Biebel, and holistic healthcare provider and fitness enthusiast, Cayly Christensen. This podcast is a place to ask questions, contemplate the answers, and (hopefully) cultivate some contentment while living in the uncertainty of it all. We’ll talk about body image, relationships, sex, business, motherhood, anxiety, fitness, nutrition, and anything else about which we find ourselves feeling particularly curious. Come ask questions with us. It’ll be fun. We promise.
Liz's Healthy Table
By Liz Weiss, MS, RDN - former host of Meal Makeover Moms
If you’re looking for a healthy new way to feed your family without hassle or hype, you’ve come to the right place. Your host, registered dietitian nutritionist, Liz Weiss, serves up wholesome and flavorful recipes with a tasty side of science, good nutrition, and fun. Liz is a mom of two grown boys, a cookbook author, and a healthy food blogger, and on each episode, she teams up with a fellow dietitian, chef, or author to bring fresh ideas and practical mealtime advice from her table to yours.
Heartbreak Kids Podcast
By Taylor Hunt
"Heartbreak Kids" is a podcast where we explore the meaning of “why” we show up to yoga how it helps us into our lives. I believe the practice of yoga brings about huge shifts in people's lives.
FITz & Healthy Podcast
By Dr. Lauren Fitz
The FITz and Healthy podcast is a talk show that shares weekly information to help you live a FITz and healthy life. Join hosts Dr. Lauren Fitz and Cinthanie as they discuss topics ranging from fitness, health, and everything in between to help promote a better healthy lifestyle by design. The FITz and Healthy podcast offer a series of shows on the official YouTube channel and other social sites such as
The Active Life Podcast
By Dr. Sean Pastuch
Active Life
The Intermittent Fasting Podcast
By Melanie Avalon, Gin Stephens
Burn fat, gain energy, and enhance health by changing WHEN you eat, not WHAT you eat! Explore the intermittent fasting (IF) lifestyle, with Melanie Avalon (author of "The What When Wine Diet: Paleo And Intermittent Fasting For Health And Weight Loss") and Gin Stephens (author of "Delay, Don't Deny: Living An Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle.") Visit for more information!
Be Bold with Beth Whitman
By Beth Whitman
Beth Whitman
Wolf It Down with Tyler Florence
By Tyler Florence
Tyler Florence is on the hunt for the best stories, recipes, and people in the food world.
The Firefighter Podcast - Informing, Inspiring, and Educating the Modern Firefighter
By Bob Metcalfe
Welcome to the weekly podcast by firefighters, for firefighters. Whether you are fresh out of the academy or a seasoned vet, volunteer or career, there is tons of great information for all types and skill levels on The Firefighter Podcast. We help the modern firefighter become the best they can be through a wide variety of guests and topics. Looking to improve your skills, leadership, health and fitness, personal relationships, or just trying to stay up-to-date with this constantly evolving field? The Firefighter Podcast has you covered! Interviews with guests like Shawn Bloemker from Max Fire Box, John Dixon and his discussion of Normalization of Deviance, and Lori Mercer of 24/7 Commitment will expose you to some truly inspiring individuals making an impact on the fire service. Welcome to The Firefighter Podcast - All Things Firefighting!
The Hello Mornings Podcast
By Kat Lee
The Hello Mornings podcast with Kat Lee and Heather MacFadyen features interviews with Bible Study, planning and fitness experts to help you build a simple, yet powerful morning routine. We also discuss the latest habit building research and share stories from women our community.
McKay and the Doctor
By Chris McKay
McKay and the Doctor explore and answer your questions to improve your health and longevity.
Beyond Pain Relief Podcast
By Dr. Emil Tompkins
Listen Weekly while Dr. Emil Tompkins talks to healthcare providers across Southern Arizona and across the globe about becoming pain free and achieving true health.