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The EVRYMAN Podcast
By Dan Doty
Working to address a cultural black hole around what it actually means to be a man today, THE EVRYMAN PODCAST is a long form conversational podcast that challenges men to open up and get real.
Tea Time with T. Kid
Hosted by Abdullah Saeed [A.K.A. "T. Kid"], Tea Time brings together notable weed enthusiasts to discuss herbs, herb, and all things green.
The Active Life Podcast
By Dr. Sean Pastuch
Active Life
The Intermittent Fasting Podcast
By Melanie Avalon, Gin Stephens
Burn fat, gain energy, and enhance health by changing WHEN you eat, not WHAT you eat! Explore the intermittent fasting (IF) lifestyle, with Melanie Avalon (author of "The What When Wine Diet: Paleo And Intermittent Fasting For Health And Weight Loss") and Gin Stephens (author of "Delay, Don't Deny: Living An Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle.") Visit IFpodcast.com for more information!
Be Bold
By Beth Whitman
Beth Whitman
Anatomy of Living
By Ashton Szabo: Yogi | Teacher | Storyteller
On this show, we will explore ideas, stories, traditions and practices that help us cultivate more health and happiness while living more skillfully in the world. We'll learn from ancient practices like yoga and shamanism as well as talk with modern revolutionaries who are changing the world through their work. To find out more, visit us at www.anatomyofliving.com
The Mike Nowak Show Podcasts
By Mike Nowak
Mike Nowak, co-host Peggy Malecki and members of the show's green team discuss important gardening and environment topics with authorities in the field.
The Little Book of Contentment | Leo Babauta - Zen Habits - Audiobook and Podcast Recording - A Guid...
By Leo Babauta
This is a full audio recording of Leo Babauta's epic book: The Little Book of Contentment. All 23 Chapters have been recorded and read for you in high definition audio. Take this amazing book on the go, listen in the car. Contentment is something we can find, but it takes practice. Use this audiobook as your guide. You can learn more or download the Mp3 audio recording at www.bookofcontentment.com
Optimal Living Daily: Relationships - Dating | Marriage | Parenting | Advice
By Joc Marie with Optimal Living Daily Narrates Relationship Blogs
I read you the best content on relationships, including dating, marriage, parenting, and more, with author permission. Think of Optimal Living Daily: Relationships as an audioblog or blogcast. :) Optimal Living Daily is a podcast created for those looking to improve their life one step at a time: lifelong learners, life hackers, and life optimizers. Joc Marie brings you the best content from blogs and other resources and reads it to you, so that you don't have to waste your time finding and reading blogs yourself--listen during your commute, workout, regular routines, or during your down time 7 days a week and improve your life one step at a time. Each episode brings you a reading from a popular blog post or resource--practical and actionable information that has been proven to be worthy of large audiences. Current sites and authors include: ZenHabits.net - Leo Babauta MarcAndAngel.com - Marc & Angel Chernoff MarkManson.net - Mark Manson StevePavlina.com - Steve Pavlina FamilyOptimized.com GoodLifeZen.com - Mary Jaksch and more being added! Subscribe now--your optimal life awaits! *Optimal Living Daily has received permission from the original authors to read content on this show.
No Title
By Lara Catone
Each week, somatic sex educator Lara Catone, and her expert guests, bring you insights, inquiries and observations on the latest in sex, love, and relating.
The Cut Game Radio Show
By groomcity
The Cut Game Radio Show is a podcast focused on sharing tips, and secrets on the barber industry, product reviews, celebrity interviews, legendary barber interviews, motivartion, and inspiration.
The Masculine Intent Podcast
By Chris Bale
Masculine Intent is an evolved training resource for men teaching the fundamentals of meeting, connecting with, and naturally attracting women, in an effortless way, as it should be. Chris Bale is the Founder and Head Coach at Masculine Intent. His purpose is bringing realness to 21st century masculinity and sexuality, by cutting through the social conditioning, and how it has caused a profound disconnect in men from their masculine energy and purpose. We are a species of man-boys. Masculinity has become strangled. This weekly podcast will feature an array of guests. more info at www.masculineintent.com
The Art Of Adventure | World Travel | Digital Nomads | Lifestyle Design | Entrepreneurship | Adventu...
By Lord Derek R. Loudermilk, Esq: Curious Explorer, Digital Nomad, Business Coach, Author, and Speaker
The Art of Adventure Podcast with Derek Loudermilk is the show that looks at how to do something that has never been done before in Global Exploration, Human Performance, and Entrepreneurship. Guests include Derek Sivers, Rick Hanson, Chris McDougall, Bruce Kasanoff, Michael Port, Sir John Hargrave, Jason Zook, Erin Blaskie, Judy Robinett, Vanessa Van Edwards, Nicole Lapin, Omar Zenhom, Jon Levy, and many more! Host Derek Loudermilk has become know for his in-depth interviews and ability to extract exciting stories and actionable, step-by-step processes from his guests. With Derek's quirky sense of humor and conversational style, you will feel like you are right there at the interview! Adventure can be defined as an exciting or remarkable experience, and something that is remarkable means there is a good story to be told. We explore the elements of adventure such as risk, getting outside of your comfort zone, and how the adventure changes a person for the better. The five pillars of the Art of Adventure Podcast are: Learning, Love, Teaching, Movement, and People. Whether you are trying to build a business, advance in your career, share your art with the world, or push your body to perform, the Art of Adventure brings you the insights you need from world-class performers who are pushing the boundaries of their field!
By 阿弥陀佛身金色
来源及版权:华藏净宗弘化网 www.hwadzan.com。
Expect Miracles Podcast
By Dr. Kevin Pecca
This podcast highlights unique people that bring something positive to the world, have a passion for living, healing, and doing what they love to do. People with the most incredible and inspiring life stories, that have hit rock bottom, lost hope, and made their lives beautiful again even when they were told it was impossible. Because there is a passion inside of these people that made them keep trying and keep pushing for a better life, through all the hardships, and broken dreams, and they prevailed to make their lives into something beautiful. I am here to expose these qualities in people, because they are beautiful traits to have, are all to rare, and the world needs to hear about these miracles. These guests have been specially hand picked, because when you hear their stories it changes something inside of you. This is the Expect Miracles Podcast.
The Alan Mead Experience
By Alan Mead
Alan Mead is a dentist with too much time on his hands and too much recording equipment in his basement! Each week he brings you entertaining and informative content featuring interesting dental people and the stories behind them. You'll hear "Dental School Horror stories," take a ride in the "Single Use Time Machine" and hear his co-hosts give you the "90 Second Perfect Pitch." It's all good fun for dentists and the people that love them!
Wolf It Down with Tyler Florence
By Tyler Florence
Tyler Florence is on the hunt for the best stories, recipes, and people in the food world.
Mind Your Body
By Orit Greenberger
How can we use "body knowledge" into patterns of behaving, thinking, and feeling? Can we facilitate harmony within each individual and with society as a whole? Mind Your Body is a podcast that aims to inform listeners about the inner-workings of the human body as a vehicle for improved consciousness of thoughts and actions using principles and concepts from dance/movement therapy, the psychotherapeutic use of movement that furthers the emotional, physical, and intellectual integration of an individual. We will explore popular social, emotional, behavioral, and political topics from this perspective. Tune in and find out as your host, Orit Greenberger, shares her interviews with dance/movement therapists and other experts who have a unique perspective on the subject.
By Deborah Vidal RS Hom (NA), CCH - Professional Athlete, Homeopath, Nutritionist, & Wellness Coach
This is a podcast on health & healthy living practices that includes using homeopathy, plant powered or vegan diet, detoxing & many other alternative methods to heal and feel your best. Be healthy! Be Free! LIVE LIFE!
The Firefighter Podcast - Informing, Inspiring, and Educating the Modern Firefighter
By Bob Metcalfe
Welcome to the weekly podcast by firefighters, for firefighters. Whether you are fresh out of the academy or a seasoned vet, volunteer or career, there is tons of great information for all types and skill levels on The Firefighter Podcast. We help the modern firefighter become the best they can be through a wide variety of guests and topics. Looking to improve your skills, leadership, health and fitness, personal relationships, or just trying to stay up-to-date with this constantly evolving field? The Firefighter Podcast has you covered! Interviews with guests like Shawn Bloemker from Max Fire Box, John Dixon and his discussion of Normalization of Deviance, and Lori Mercer of 24/7 Commitment will expose you to some truly inspiring individuals making an impact on the fire service. Welcome to The Firefighter Podcast - All Things Firefighting!
The Hello Mornings Podcast
By Kat Lee
The Hello Mornings podcast with Kat Lee and Heather MacFadyen features interviews with Bible Study, planning and fitness experts to help you build a simple, yet powerful morning routine. We also discuss the latest habit building research and share stories from women our HelloMornings.org community.
The Catherine Newton Show with Catherine Newton
By Catherine Newton
Do you often wonder how other's have reached such successful heights in their lives? Do you believe that through the wisdom of others comes learnings for you? Are you ready to be inspired and motivated to create change in your life?
김프로쇼 REboot
새로운 형식으로 다시 돌아옵니다!
The Creative Giant Show with Charlie Gilkey
By Charlie Gilkey
The Creative Giant Show reveals a behind-the-scenes peek at creative success so you can start to understand what really separates those who are successful in their careers, businesses, and professional endeavors. (Hint: it's not what you think.) Join Charlie Gilkey from Productive Flourishing as he hosts authentic, transparent, and illuminating conversations with a wide range of Creative Giants, from the well-knowns like Seth Godin, Jonathan Fields, and Pam Slim, to up-and-comers deep in the throes of surfacing their body of work.
McKay and the Doctor
By Chris McKay
McKay and the Doctor explore and answer your questions to improve your health and longevity.
MADSLibs - Call In Sex Show
By SFD Radio Network
MADSLibs is an interactive call-in based sex show starring Mads, a co-host on the SFD Radio Network. Call in to discuss your sex life!
Mindfulness in Voce
By Mindfulness Bergamo
I migliori articoli di Medium.com sulla Mindfulness in formato audio
Mental health tools with Tom Alfry
By Mind tools to help yourself
I'm interested in people and what makes them tick. I am interested in what makes them successful, how they manage their mental health and how we can all benefit from their knowledge. I've done a lot of different jobs in my life, but none as satisfying as being a cleaner. I also talk a good game.
By MentalMusic
Welcome to the MentalMusic Podcast, a music-based podcast for teens, by teens, focusing on teenage mental health related issues.
EtMoiEtMoiEtMoi by OpenYour
By OpenYour
Les relations dans leurs multiples aspects et les questions existentielles sont abordées dans ces émissions de façon transversale par le biais de divers outils de réflexion empruntant les chemins de la psychologie, de la sociologie, de la philosophie, du droit. Le tout colle aux problématiques dans l’air du temps et accueille volontiers des notes d’humour !
The Ironman Executive
By Daniel Stickler, M.D.
Dr. Daniel Stickler, MD brings you weekly episodes of The Ironman Executive. We explore the world of enhancing human function and performance through advances in science, medicine, and technology. Upgrade your human operating system to Human 2.0 and live the epic life you desire.
The Energy Blueprint Podcast
By The Energy Blueprint
The go-to source for the latest cutting-edge science on overcoming fatigue and increasing your energy. The Energy Blueprint podcast brings together the world's leading researchers, doctors, and nutrition and lifestyle experts on the subject of fatigue and energy to help you get your energy back.
The Experience 50 Podcast for Midlife
By Mary Rogers
Here's the thing, you are a grown up at 50. No more excuses for a life that didn't turn out the way you thought it would. In these episodes, you are going to learn the stuff you should know by now. You will also hear stories of midlifers making pivots, reinventing themselves because they just don't care what other people think anymore. Woo Hoo!
Level Up: Human Capital
By Nick Slegel & Co.
href="http://twitter.com/NickSlegel">Nick Slegel and company share unconventional knowledge and helpful how-to's to help you level up your own human capital, and increase your personal knowledge and skill set.
Confessions of the Brave & Brokenhearted
By Confessions of the Brave & Brokenhearted
Inspire your healing by listening to stories of how others have risen above their breakups and come out on the bright side.
Packing for Crazy Town
By Sarah Allen
In Packing for Crazy Town, we're building a submarine as we're submerging it out of mindsets, rituals, and protocols from fresh WOKE-CULTURE-ADEPTS to help us stay balanced, conscious, and positive in the clown car pile-up era of American history. We've got this.
Pinnacle of Praise Show
By Pinnacle of Praise Show
We are the voice of empowerment, providing a platform for empowerment opportunities, transference of skills on developing emotional and spiritual stability; based on Biblical teachings and life experiences.
Grateful Leadership
By Judith W. Umlas
This podcast will inspire you to become a grateful leader and bring out the best in your people by dramatically increasing levels of engagement, productivity, and willingness to take initiative. Create a culture of appreciation in your organization. Tap into the power of your personal commitment to acknowledging people and expressing your gratitude to them in an authentic, heartfelt manner.
Konscious Conversations
By Brother Ra
Wholeness, Balance, and Love! Welcome to Koncious Conversations, the place to be to to wise up, so we can rise up to a whole new level of awareness! Join Brotha Ra, along with other conscious souls throughout the community, as they dive into an array of topics ranging from metaphysics, health and nutrition, esoteric knowledge, yoga, finding balance in corporate life, relationships, and so much more. This podcast is guaranteed to help raise the consciousness and inner standing of all those listening. Join us on this journey of awakening - every Thursday.
By Lundbeck
Podcast by Lundbeck
Test symbolic
By Testing
This is a test
By Andy O'Bryan
These are classic interviews with some of the biggest names in personal and professional development. Pardon the sound quality of some of these sessions, since many were done before the age of webinar and teleseminar technology.
Beyond Pain Relief Podcast
By Dr. Emil Tompkins
Listen Weekly while Dr. Emil Tompkins talks to healthcare providers across Southern Arizona and across the globe about becoming pain free and achieving true health.
Samtaler fra Herrens Mark
By Kamilla Maria Jakobsen
"Samtaler fra Herrens mark", en podcast til dig, der længes efter at finde mening og svar.
Robby D'Angelo's Podcast
By Robby D'Angelo
Still the fat kid podcast is bringing you insights and strategies to help you overcome your personal demons that are holding you back to live a more fulfilled and happy life.
Seducing Aliveness
By Seducing Aliveness
Jen and Tamara talk about Aliveness, Seduction, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Intimacy, Honor, Essence, Allowance, Presence and More as their lives are created in communion with Seducing Aliveness.
Moms 101 Podcast
By Moms 101 Podcast
Podcast by Moms 101 Podcast
Mentalistas Estadão
By Estadão
Em um bate-papo inteligente e didático com os entrevistados, a jornalista e psicóloga Camila Tuchlinski apresenta o programa Mentalistas, que reúne especialistas renomados para discutir as principais questões comportamentais da atualidade.
Podcasts – HaloTalks
By Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner, Integrity Square
Entrepreneurs in the Health, Active Lifestyle and Outdoor sector sharing their stories
Face Forward
By Face Forward
Build a life you love. Face Forward show host Michele Howe Clarke shares her experience and insight with a series of interviews and meditations. Learn how to thrive. Listen and let your mind wonder as you expand your heart and open up to new you. www.faceforwardyou.com
We Are The Light
By We Are The Light
In a world that is forever changing and full of distractions, it's becoming harder and harder to discover who we are within all the madness. We Are The Light is a breath of fresh air for anyone out there on the journey of life looking for enlightening yet entertaining conversation.
Women Warriors
By Shelley Wiart/Metis/Feminist/Podcaster
The Women Warriors podcast holds space for honesty, healing and hope. Your host, Shelley Wiart real talks with a variety of Indigenous women - academics, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more - as they share their failures, successes, barriers, and stories of healing so we can learn from each other and build a healthy and vibrant community. My vision is to use this community to propel each other to success so that we have more Women Warriors in positions of power - in boardrooms, business, banking, universities, and politics. For more information and show notes please visit http://www.womenwarriors.club/podcast/
Swain Sinus Show
By Dr. Ron Swain, Jr,
A physician and patient discussion on how to better manage and treat mild to serious sinus issues and conditions with diagnosis, treatment, home remedies, and surgery. Host, Stacy Wellborn, and Dr. Ron Swain, Jr., talk about improving your quality of life, breathing easier, and feeling better. Let's take control over our sinuses and allergies, so they don't control us.
Ohrinsel - Tipps und Gedanken für ein von der Sonne geküsstes Leben
By Alan Fields
"Mach's dir bequem und fühl dich ganz wie zu Hause" - Autor, Sprecher und Coach Alan Fields versorgt Dich auf seiner Ohrinsel mit Tipps und Gedanken für ein gesundes und von der Sonne geküsstes Leben. Mit dem "Oh(r) des Tages" bekommst Du außerdem täglich um 07:00 ein inspirierendes Zitat, das Dir einen sonnigen Impuls für die nächsten 24 Stunden geben soll. Bei "Alan's Sonnenküsse" werden jeden Donnerstag ganz entspannt Themen wie Erfolg, Gesundheit, Glück und Liebe betrachtet. ► Mehr auch auf http://www.ohrinsel.net
Global Health Checkup
By Project HOPE
Global Health Checkup is a new podcast series from Project HOPE highlighting the news, issues, events and trends in international development and relief work. The series will address some of the most complex issues in global health, which affect millions of people around the globe.
Your Life with Nettie Jones
By Nettie Jones
Living Your L.I.F.E. Fabulously Everyday
Podcasts – The Socially Impaired Podcast
By Jamie S
I’m getting old, I’m single, I have a cat and the majority of people annoy me. For some reason I think I am funny but do have a “unique” perspective on life and living it
No Bad Pars
By Lam Nguyen
Golf sucks. More accurately, golf is maddening. It has a way of making very reasonable people absolutely insane. Are you the guy smacking a hundreds balls in an hour at the driving range? Have you ever in your life played a round of golf while being shot at? That's about the equivalent of hitting that many balls that quickly at the range and pretty much just as useful. That's a great example of how smart people leave their smarts at the door when it comes to golf. Doing something wrong 1000 times just makes you much better at doing that wrong thing. This podcast is the culmination of hundreds of conversations with golfers of every possible skill level from 25 handicappers to tour pros, weekend warriors to seasoned coaches. What I'm trying to do is hack through the thousands of hours of youtube videos, tens of thousands of articles and literally millions of tips that you've read or been told in order to give you an actual path to improving your game. This podcast will focus on brain training, the least worked on and most important tool you have at your disposal. I'll try to keep the subjects concise, focused and, most of all, useful.
Choose Amazing
By Stuart Hite
This is all about choices we make daily in every area of life. Why do we choose the way we do? How can we make amazing choices to have amazing life? There are so many topics about real life that are just not covered in traditional education. This is about thinking differently and doing things differently so you can get different results! Practical solutions for real issues in 5-10 minute fun segments. Every day you are going to choose to do something average, or something amazing. I say, Choose AMAZING!
Autism Possible: Be your own special education advocate, use tech to simplify and empower your life.
By Dr. Teresa Vasquez
AUTISM POSSIBLE will help you Embrace Your Mission to support your autistic superhero and get passionate about life! Join us with a cup of your favorite beverage to get a little honesty, a pinch of humor, and a whole lot of spice. Each week, your host Dr. Teresa Vasquez tackles topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, special education advocacy, tech integration and home domotics, and the empowerment of families. She also offers tech tips you can put to use today. A good life with Autism? Possible! Some popular show topics include iPad/iOS devices; IDEA, 2004; and simplified life with tech. Visit drteresavasquez.com to learn more.
BounceBack w/Br. Demeris
By Br. Demeris: DestinyLife Coach, Speaker,
After playing several years in the NFL and then being surprisingly cut, I found out first hand what it means to be devastated in life. I eventually lost everything wealth, status, dignity, friends and most tragically, I lost my identity. I no longer knew who I was and what I was going to do in life. But after losing everything, being devastated beyond measure and hitting rock bottom I bounced back, let me tell you how. BounceBack with me Br. Demeris, for the past 15 years I've inspired, motivated, instructed and empowered people how to "bounce back" from devastating and destructive circumstances.
BloodLine Podcast
By Patrick James Lynch
Stream or download the episode today by visiting www.BloodLinePod.com! BloodLine is a BloodStream Media podcast series featuring deep dives into the stories that matter most. This three-episode series focuses on von Willebrand Disease, and features stories of people affected by vWD alongside interviews with clinical experts.  The series is sponsored exclusively by Shire and is intended to reduce the marginalization of people w/ vWD, increase clinical and organizational focus on vWD, and to give a voice to the diverse experiences of patients and families affected by vWD.  For more information on living with von Willebrand Disease please visit www.BeyondTheBleed.com 
On the Run Podcast
By John Hamrick & Beth Salinger
Join us to learn about running, running a race, and everything in between.
Inventing Health
By John D. Couris
Available in a straight-to-the-point short format, Inventing Health with John Couris offers listeners front row seats to some of the most exciting conversations in health care.
Choosing Success - The Stories And Tips To Success And Happiness In The World Of Entrepreneurship
By James Williams
Choosing Success where High Performance Coach James Williams talks to successful entrepreneurs and finds out their secrets to higher levels of performance, potential and joy.
Prosperity Kitchen Podcast with Gemma McCrae
By Gemma McCrae: Prosperity Kitchen Life Coach
Join International Life Coach and Business Coach Gemma McCrae, for a weekly dose of inspiration and motivation on all things to do with living a Prosperous Life. With celebrity interviews, expert interviews, advice segments, live coaching and "Ask Gemma" there is everything you need to keep entertained for your week ahead. Topics will range from Happiness, Health, Love, Confidence, Natural Health, Nutrition, Life Style, Life Coaching, Parenting, Cooking, Decluttering, Organisation, Creativity,Mindfulness, Business Coaching, Productivity Hacks, Business Success, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality. So much you will be spoilt for choice!
Rhema Online
By Rhema Online
Rhema - A Life Giving Ministry is the teaching ministry of the Lord's Servant, Prophet Ronnie L. Bennett.
Women Making Magic
By Natalie Ann Taggart
Real magic is believing in yourself. Join us for refreshing, honest, down to earth conversations with women overcoming fear and self-doubt to create lives and businesses that feel like magic. Key themes include confidence, entrepreneurship, intuition, leadership, spirituality, creativity, money, health + wellness, and wisdom.
Food Weirdos
By Butler Street Recordings
Two chefs, Josie & Steve, get weird about their food knowledge.
The Art of Fitness
By Steve Cirbus
Steve Cirbus hosts The Art of Fitness, a series of conversations with elite level performers from the world of functional fitness and beyond. With a particular interest in physical habit, mindset, emotions, and belief, join Steve as he attempts to lift the well conditioned vail of these exceptional humans in order to discover what internal motivations set them apart from the average in addition to their physical programs. Discover what these people are doing to push the boundaries of human performance. 
The Unlock Wellness Podcast
By Dr. Kasey Johnson
The Unlock Wellness Podcast is hosted by Dr. Kasey, a family wellness chiropractor with a true passion of helping as many families as possible reach their highest health potential. Join us weekly as we have great conversations with experts in the health field and leaders in the community that are changing lives and inspiring people to live at their highest potential. Email questions, topic requests, or collaboration requests at [email protected]
The No Sugarcoating Podcast
By Amber Romaniuk
The honest truth about what your body REALLY needs. Quality advice on emotional eating, food addiction, hormone & digestive imbalances, roadblocks with weight loss, self-care, body acceptance & more. With leading health food expert Amber Romaniuk of amberapproved.ca
Go Beyond Podcast
By Go Beyond Podcast
Discussing what it takes to live in an optimal state and achieve success in performance and life.
Get Yourself Together
By Jackson Carter
Get Yourself Together is a weekly mental health/advice podcast where your hosts Jackson Carter and Jessie the Therapist dive into an array of topics that affect everyone’s mental and emotional wellbeing. These topics are heavy, but our goal is to pick them apart in a lighthearted, balanced way to make them easier to grasp. Enjoy the show!
Ginny Rutherford
By Transformation Radio - New Mainstream in Talk Radio
New Show Coming April 10th Kambo Talk Radio with Ginny and Todd IAKP Kambo Practitioner, Ginny Rutherford, and Professional Psychic, Todd Rohlsson, have come together for a lively discussion of alternative healing medicines from the Amazon, particularly the healing medicine from the Giant Monkey Tree Frog, Kambo. Their goal is to educate, inspire and to share with humanity their personal experiences and discuss the benefits of Kambo medicina with intuitive insight and tribal knowledge that spans thousands of years.Each week they will have guests from all over the world who are leaders in this emerging medicine, they will interview those who have taken this medicine and their particular results and take calls from listeners who have questions as to their own energy systems and how kambo can be of benefit.This is an educational and informational program designed to discuss Kambo medicine with real life discussions and practical knowledge, its uses, the science behind it, its origins from the Amazonian tribes, and direct intuitive knowledge from other levels of consciousness. While discussing the new frequencies, spiritually and how kambo realigns to the true self, Ginny and Todd will bring their knowledge, experience and a lot of humor to the discussion. About Ginny Ginny Rutherford worked as an interior designer for 20 years, creating beautiful sacred space for her clients. Over time, she realized that a person's outer space was a reflection of their inner space, and she became much more fascinated with inner space and its effects in her clients' lives.One day, Ginny woke up hearing a clear voice telling her she needed to go to Peru. Her first response was, Who said that But the feeling was so insistent that she soon found herself in the jungle joining indigenous shamans in ceremonies using ayahuasca, a healing plant of the Amazon. Her research into ayahuasca led her to discover kambo, and after experiencing it she felt powerfully called to this sacred healing and cleansing medicine from the Amazonian jungle. After apprenticing with master kambo practitioner, Simon Scott, Ginny completed the International Association of Kambo Practitioners IAKP training with Karen Darke, a world leader in kambo medicine.Ginny now carries the sacred medicine of Kambo into the world to help people release their blocks and receive the clarity they need to move their life forward. She is also a certified transformational life coach and an advanced student of Gnosis Tarot, which she has studied for the past 5 years with Francis Ayley.
Dr. Richard Cutting's Health & Wellness Podcast
By Dr. Richard Cutting
Listen to expert health and wellness interviews from Dr. Cutting and the team at Cutting Edge Chiropractic so you can empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to live the healthiest and happiest life possible!
Davide Munaro - Psicoterapeuta
By Davide Munaro
La mia Psicoterapia si avvale di interventi brevi finalizzati al cambiamento del comportamento e delle strutture di pensiero disfunzionale.
Free Your Inner Guru
By Laura Tucker: Life and Business Coach
The goal of Free Your Inner Guru is to share big, REAL conversations and stories about personal growth, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality and the self help industry. Sometimes I'll be on my own, sharing stories and insights from my experience. Other episodes will be interviews with inspiring people I have met along the way who have their unique perspective to share. Host Laura Tucker is a life coach, a business coach and an entrepreneur who has pursued a life of personal growth and learning.
Fit To Fight Fire: Lead Yourself
By John Spera & Tom Johnson
You swore the oath. Now do the work. Fit to Fight Fire presents Lead Yourself, a podcast geared toward the growth of firefighters in the fitness and leadership realms. John Spera & Tom Johnson discuss a variety of topics and ask the listener: "Would you want you rescuing you?" Find out more at FitToFightFire.com.
Elígete a ti mismo
By ricardollamas
Elígete a ti mismo es un programa en el que hablaremos sobre elegirse a uno mismo, emprendimiento, trucos, experiencias, estrategias, retos, actitud y muchas cosas más.Un video a la semana respondiendo a las preguntas que me hagáis en cualquiera de mis redes sociales. Si quieres hacerme alguna pregunta, solo tienes que preguntar en cualquiera de mis redes sociales incluyendo el hashtag #LLAMASVLOG . Sobre mi: Emprendedor: DEPORTAE, EXPERIENCIAS DEPORTAE y ESPACIO F. Speaker en un montón de sitios. Autor del libro "Elígete a ti mismo y haz que funcione" Sígueme en: www.facebook.com/ricardollamass www.twitter.com/llamasblog www.instagram.com/ricardollamas www.ricardollamas.es
Bra and Panty Practice
By Yoga Podcast with Joy Bernstein
Practicing Yoga in your Bra and Panty is a liberation of being in your body. Many of us fear and shame ourselves for believing that this amazing temple we reside in has no value, when it reality it is the most powerful gift we were given. Acknoweldge it, own it and for goodness sake EMBRACE it.
Take 30
By Mike LeJeune and Chris Olivieri
Every Take 30 episode ends with actionable steps to improve fitness, entrepreneurship, and life.
Talk Healthy To Me
By Kristen Kacinski
Practical tips and strategies to improve your life, starting with your health! Fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and mood boosting tips; productivity, personal development, and taking control of your life so you can have your best year yet! Your weekly dose of positivity and motivation; your path to self-love, self-confidence, and a life you can't believe is yours!
The LIVESTRONG.COM podcast that questions, defines and demystifies "healthy". Each episode offers actionable tips from the true and trustworthy on simple, healthy living.
This Vibrant L.I.F.E.
By Dr. April Morford
Are you Living Inspired, Free and Energized? Join us for bite-size insights and wisdom into ways to create your Vibrant L.I.F.E. There are six elements to living vibrantly: nutrition, movement, rest, breath, thinking and feeling. Join Dr. April each week as she shares wisdom and expertise with you to inspire and empower your Vibrant L.I.F.E.
Pso Over It
Follow me as I try different diets, exercises and medications to heal my psoriasis from the inside out.
Rafael Martínez Audio
By Rafael Martinez Mori
Archivos de Audio Educativos
Healing With Dr Daniels
By Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Podcast by Dr. Jennifer Daniels
My Body My Vision with Tamara Kellam
By Tamara Kellam
The My Body My Vision podcast is a show dedicated to the topic of health and wellness, mind, body and spirit. The host, Tamara Kellam, is a certified fitness professional who lost over 100 pounds through diet and exercise, and has maintained her transformation mindset for over 13 years.
Mind Master
By Flávio Miranda
Palestras e cursos motivacionais e inspiradores para ajudar na conquista dos mais altos níveis de sucesso em seu negócio próprio de Network Marketing da Amway.
Todd Rohlsson
By Transformation Radio - New Mainstream in Talk Radio
New Show April 10th 1pm pacific / 4pm eastern Kambo Talk Radio with Ginny and ToddIAKP Kambo Practitioner, Ginny Rutherford, and Professional Psychic, Todd Rohlsson, have come together for a lively discussion of alternative healing medicines from the Amazon, particularly the healing medicine from the Giant Monkey Tree Frog, Kambo. Their goal is to educate, inspire and to share with humanity their personal experiences and discuss the benefits of Kambo medicina with intuitive insight and tribal knowledge that spans thousands of years.Each week they will have guests from all over the world who are leaders in this emerging medicine, they will interview those who have taken this medicine and their particular results and take calls from listeners who have questions as to their own energy systems and how kambo can be of benefit.This is an educational and informational program designed to discuss Kambo medicine with real life discussions and practical knowledge, its uses, the science behind it, its origins from the Amazonian tribes, and direct intuitive knowledge from other levels of consciousness. While discussing the new frequencies, spiritually and how kambo realigns to the true self, Ginny and Todd will bring their knowledge, experience and a lot of humor to the discussion.About Todd Todd Rohlsson is a full time professional psychic who lives in the Seattle, Washington area. He has an office in Lynnwood, Wash. and does Skype readings all over the world too. For over 25 years he has expanded his abilities on inner and outer realms of consciousness. He now works fully from a hard wired and aligned Higher Self system. This is a fantastic system for a psychic. Being the center point of direct KNOWING enables him to bypass the old medium and general vibration systems that most psychics work from. The Higher Self system also enhances multi dimensional information to flow through with ease. Todd also works with your Akashic records to clear mis-aligned contracts and old paradigm systems on very high levels. This can Change, diminish, and dissolve huge issues in one's life, freeing energy from cellular body systems. Cool stuffTodd also created vibrational energy discs over seven years ago. He calls this work Living Light Alchemy Designs. These energy discs transcend space and time by funneling through the specific pattern of each design energy from higher ldquoUnifiedrdquo realms into our time. You can see them at his website - toddrohlson.com. There a four categories of discs - Earth Magic Physical Manifestation, Light Magic Higher Self empowerment, Healing designs Clearing and maintenance, and Angelic Shield discs Psychic and physical protection. Enjoy
Your Divine Life
By Katt Tozier
Conversations with spiritual women about creating power, purpose and prosperity.
For No Good Reason
By Mike and Roland
The podcast featuring Mike, Roland, and Johiah.
Self-Similar Cosmos: A Singular Discussion
By Travis Allen Brainerd
A dynamic discourse exposing the strange, personal riddle of how science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin.
Ray of Life Radio
By Ray of Life Radio
Ray of Life is a weekly radio show where we have an open discussion about life, death, grief, and bereavement, while listening to some fantastic contemporary christian music.
The Timeless Family: Discover Powerful Ways to Improve Essential Life & Family Values - Relationship...
By Ryan Glick, Charles Reeder
The Timeless Family: You have direct control over your family’s destiny. It starts with you. Take action now to ensure your family is strong and successful for generations to come. You can, and you will, secure your family’s timeless legacy. The Timeless Family is focused on discovering and sharing powerful ways to improve essential life and family values. We accomplish this through thoughtful conversations revolving around publications on key topics, such as Relationships, Parenting, Health, Finance, and Personal Growth. Join us on this journey as we discover how to live an abundant life and secure a timeless family legacy.
All In
By Ed Neidorf
Social Media Strategist, Author, Coach and overall passionate being, lets live our best life, you in? Find out more: https://c4compete.com/
Becca & James Keep Chris Awake
By James B. Knight & Becca Morgan
Two roommates, James B. Knight (comedian) & Becca Morgan (writer) try to keep their other roommate, Chris awake on his long, late night drives home from work.