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MindShift Meditations
By MindShift Meditations: Chel Hamilton and Josie Ong
Are you looking to make a MindShift? Staying on track to become the best you that you can be? Whether you want to meditate to be more present or to be more patient, to get more done or to get more spiritual, if it's to sleep more or to smile more...you'll find all the meditations you need right here! Join Chel Hamilton and Josie Ong as they take turns introducing you to guest experts who will help you feel better fast and be calm clear now. Experience coaches, teachers, and experts share their knowledge in an eyes closed, experiential way through guided meditations, affirmations and visualizations. Subscribe today and make the MindShifts for the life of your dreams!
The Assignment Bureau Podcast
By The Assignment Bureau
Can creative assignments help solve people's problems? These true stories follow people who test out unusual methods to face challenges that have to do with love, dreams, or trying to make the world a more hospitable place. (Independent podcast.)
"I'm In Your Corner"
By Mark R Fitness / Anchor
"I'm In Your Corner" the Mark R Fitness podcast. Tips and views on fitness, weightloss amd health
The Mark Gungor Show Video
By Mark Gungor
Watch the Mark Gungor Show every weekday starting at 10am central time. Join Mark and co-hosts Diane Brierley and Phil Gungor as they discuss any and all issues concerning life, love and marriage. This is your opportunity to hear Mark answer your questions. Mark is the creator of the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar, and one of the most sought-after speakers in the country on marriage and family.
Ladies Night Podcast
By Shavonne
Ladies Night Podcast empowers women through candid conversations about faith, beauty, wellness, and more. Grab your friends and tune in each weekend! Whether it's ladies night in or ladies night out, this is what you're talking about!
Exploring My Strange Bible
By Tim Mackie | Pastor, Professor, Lead Theologian and Co-founder of The Bible Project
Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Exploring My Strange Bible by Tim Mackie, Pastor, Professor, Lead Theologian and Co-founder of The Bible Project, for free.
Expand To Experience
By TahKole / Anchor
Thoughtful, Strategic Personal Alignment ll Expand Your Experience Of You ll Speaking Your Own Body's Language ll Micro Meditations ll Mantras
Equinety Products Radio Show
By Equinety Products Radio Show
Tune in as we discuss Equinety and how it's benefiting SO many horses. Whether it's a Performance Horse, Pasture ornaments, Rescue, Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Barrel Racing, Driving, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Trail Riding, Endurance, Racing Horses or just a hobby... Equinety can HELP your horse in so many ways! We have special guests that talk about their journey and how Equinety has changed the way they do things with their horse!
Here Are The Results
By Drew Pinon / Anchor
Results tell all.
Confident Courage begins
By Juliana Pauline / Anchor
Welcome to the beginning of our Anchor, bringing strength &confidence to the weary heart & the persevering friend who needs a fresh cup of vitality, joy, courage and hope. As we live, recognize, release, build, grow and become more, we detox fearful living & take on the life we were created for.
Growing Old Dis-Gracefully
By The Free Radicals / Anchor
Looking at life through the lense of growing old Dis-Gracefully barefoot,plant powered,debt free, minimalist. Conscious consumerism is a choice and deliberate deviation from marketing messages delivered by the unseen controllers. Take control of your health, strength and happiness
Diabetes Canada Podcast
By Diabetes Canada
This podcast is a 360° look at diabetes, from those affected by the disease to those working to find better treatments and ultimately a cure.
Millennial Married Life Podcast
By Matt & Angela Benford
We join millennial married couples as they journey along in their relationships. Sharing lessons learned and practical tips, Matt and Angela discuss a range of topics that Millennial married couples face--communication, sex, finances, careers, parenting and everything in between. Grab your spouse and come with us as we embark on this married life adventure!
Officina Podcast
By Cláudia Fonseca
Um podcast para nos inspirarmos a viver de uma forma mais simples, feliz e consciente.
Plantlife Podcast
By Plantlife Podcast
Learn all about Aromatherapy, Plantlife and why ingredients matter. Plantlife Natural Body Care products are the perfect blend of science and nature, using "old world" formulas combined with the timeless sciences of herbology and aromatherapy. Plantlife's mission is to consistently create all-natural body care products that are good for you, using the purest ingredients such as fresh herbs and 100% pure essential oils. Each of our therapeutic blends and aromatherapy creations is prepared with the intent of enriching our lives as well as our environment!
NeuroNews | Articles
By Ramon David / Anchor
Ramon David | Podcast
Stronger than you think
By Patrick William Moore
Stronger than you think podcast with Patrick William Moore
St. Mary’s Health Connections Podcast
By St. Mary’s Health Connections
The latest in orthopedic care from St. Mary's Medical Center.
Schönheit von innen und aussen
By Dr. med. Shirin Mansouri
Dr. med. Shirin Mansouri ist Plastische-, Ästhetische und Handchirurgin, Mentalcoach und Hypnotherapeutin. Sie ist ordentliches Mitglied der Deutschen Gesellschaft der Plastischen Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen ( DGPRÄC), ihre international anerkannte Coachingausbildung und Ausbildung zur Tiefenentspannung absolvierte Sie in Deutschland und den USA sowie in Singapur. „ Schönheit und Wohlbefinden gehören zusammen, genauso wie der Körper und der Verstand zusammenwirken.“ Mit diesem ganzheitlichen, medizinischen Ansatz unterstützt Sie Frau Dr. Mansouri. Mit ihrem medizinischem Fachwissen und weiteren Techniken z. B. aus der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und dem Businessdevelopment, stärkt sie Sie mental und unterstützt Sie bei der Erreichung Ihrer Ziele z. B, Ihr Traumgewicht zu erreichen oder auch rauchfrei zu sein. Sie wollen Ihre Ziele erreichen und haben das Gefühl etwas blockiert Sie? Das Mentale Mentoring wird Sie mit neuen Lösungsansätzen und ohne Zeitdruck und Hektik, Ihr Ziel schneller und leichter erreichen lassen.“
Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy, and Motivated
By Kristen Harper
There is a difference in Health and Wellness programs. There can be mainstream programs and then there is something extra. That something extra is called Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy, and Motivated, with your host Kristen Harper. If you want to hear some behind the scenes talk radio when it comes to health and wellness, the why as well as the how, be sure to tune in each week!brbr This show inspires you to be healthy and happy for life, as well as become the best version of yourself! Kristen Harper is here to give you those extra tips that you don’t always get from other health and wellness programs. She has all the bases covered, and just a bit more.brbr Join in as we explore what it takes to Keep Healthy, Happy, and Motivated, which is live every Tuesday at 3PM Pacific Time and 6PM Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.
Mohawkmomma Soul 🦋
By Mohawkmomma / Anchor
Together, let's pause and decelerate and put on the oxygen mask of soul care and self-care through prayers, poetry, ponderings and practical tips.
Mental Health & Ability Chats
By Chou (Grace&Hope Consulting) / Anchor
Helping people achieve emotional wellness, reach their full potential, and live fulfilling lives.
Yogi Yanz
By Yana Pasternak / Anchor
Yoga. Health. Nutrition. Positive thinking.
Varför Jag Dricker
By David och Linus
En podcast som rättfärdigar vårt drickande.
Health From Within
By Health From Within
Dr. Serrano and Dr. Foley are passionate about teaching people the truths about health and healing. No one wants to be sick, suffering, in pain and taking medications. Why do so many of us end up there? We believe it is because we are never taught the principles of health and healing, and more importantly, we are not taught how to apply these principles to our lives. There are two approaches to health: you can wait until disease happens and fight the symptoms, or you can stop fighting disease and begin building health. Ultimately this is what we all want, to build health so you can reverse disease or better yet, never develop disease in the first place. Listen in as we tackle some of the most prevalent topics in health and interview top health professionals on how to build health by unlocking the great physician within. Connect with us at: HealthFromWithinRadio.com DrSerrano.me (Dr. Raul Serrano) SeagateChiropractic.com (Dr. Suzanne Foley)
Selling Real Estate
By JW Festini / Anchor
I had a vision. Only it was not sight. I heard a sound not with my ears. I felt a presence but I was alone. It was the universe. I captured it and it got away. Some called it enlightenment, then it was holy, then bliss and now #Flowstate. I have been chasing it with a pen and paper ever since.
Kimberley Wilson's Food and Psych Podcast
By Kimberley Wilson
Welcome to the Food and Psych Podcast where I'll be bringing you the latest in Functional Psychology, Nutritional Neuroscience, the psychology of food and our relationship with it, and everything in between. Food isn't just fuel; it shapes our minds, culture and the world around us.
Grit and Dirt - Inspirational Stories of Grit and the Dirt on How to Change Your Life
By Bethany Rutledge and Kathryn Taylor
Have you ever felt stuck in your life and wondered how to make lasting change stick? Or perhaps you're trying to find more meaning and satisfaction in the things you're already doing? We've wondered those things, too, and recognize that changing your life is hard. Over the years, we've seen that people who get involved in endurance sport, whether a 5k or an Ironman, often discover a secret to life change along the way. Join us as we share stories of people who have changed their lives (grit) and the steps you can take to do it for yourself (dirt).
Blueprint Genetics Podcast
By Blueprint Genetics
Blueprint Genetics is a genetic diagnostics company providing comprehensive genetic testing services for clinicians worldwide. With help from our advisors and partners, Blueprint Genetics shares deep conversations and insight into the trending topics of genetic diagnostics.
Journey Principles Radio: Video Podcast
By The Journey Principles Institute
Journey Principles Radio show is about life TRANSFORMATION. Master Life Strategist Stephen Scoggins is an author, professional speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Journey Principles Institute – an organization built to help others overcome obstacles, ignite their passions and live the life they were designed to lead. Every week Stephen and host, Josh Bledsoe, get real with guests such as John Lee Dumas and J.V. Crum III or have real life strategy sessions with Stephen himself. It’s Journey Principles Radio Show’s mission to empower each of the listeners to become the hero of their own story. Real People. Real Experiences. Real Transformation. #JPNation #JPRadio
Life, and Jiu Jitsu
By Gibran Maciel
Conversations with prominent Jiu Jitsu players as well as everyday practitioners, talking about the art, the journey and the lifestyle.
Running For Sandwiches
By Phil Gramlich: Marathon Runner, Run Disney Race Participant, Podcaster, & Running Blogger
A show about running, training, and a bit of life. Running For Sandwiches is for all runners and race participants, regardless of age, size, or speed. If you run or want to become a runner, this is the show for you. Set a goal now that seems impossible and we'll work together to reach that goal!
Abort Now!
By Ebone M. Farley
Podcast by Ebone M. Farley
CosmoPublic Podcast
By Gordon Eisenach, junger Unternehmer, Kampfsportler, Cosmopolitan
CosmoPublic Podcast ist ein Podcast in Form einer längeren Konversation mit Jungunternehmer, vollblut Kampfsportler und Cosmopolitan Gordon Eisenach als Host der Sendung. Gordon interviewed und unterhält sich mit Gästen welche sich zu Sportlern, Influencern, Künstlern, YouTubern, Unternehmern und Autoren zählen. In CosmoPublicPodcast wird tief in die Materie zu Mindset, Sport, Wissenschaft, Unterhaltung und Kontroverse eingegangen. Folge #1 „What the hell ist CosmoPublic“ ist die kurze Erklärung zu CPP’s Prinzip. Zu jeder Folge besteht auf den Medienkanälen Facebook und YouTube eine sog. Snippet-Version – ein 3 Minuten Zusammenschnitt der Folge zum reinhören und testen.
American Sex
By Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg
We are a nation obsessed with sex. We want to know how to have it, when to have it, and with whom. We want to know how freaky is acceptable and what’s too taboo? We wonder if we’re normal. That all depends on who you ask. Join Sunny Megatron, Ken Melvoin-Berg and their guests as they dive into American Sex. ABOUT THE HOSTS: Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg are sexuality educators and edutainers. They specialize in kink, alt-sexuality, and facilitating authentic communication between partners. The pair created, produced, and Sunny hosted the groundbreaking sex positive TV show Sex With Sunny Megatron on Showtime. They have been featured in Cosmo, Playboy, Jezebel, Buzzfeed, CNN, Refinery29, Playgirl Magazine, and more. On a more personal note, this dynamic duo are married, parents, occasionally ethically non-monogamous, and lifestyle BDSM enthusiasts. Most importantly, Ken and Sunny make taking about awkward topics easy-- they are approachable, real, and hilarious. WHERE TO FIND SUNNY AND KEN: SunnyMegatron.com, AmericanSexPodcast.com, on most social media platforms as @sunnymegatron and @psychicken
L'Engagement du Canada en Afghanistan - CamérAf
By www.afghanistan.gc.ca
Bienvenue à CaméraAf. Ces balados provenant de l'équipe de reconstruction à Kandahar soulignent l'engagement du Canada en Afghanistan.
Neighbor Me
By Kate Kneifel
The Neighbor Me podcast is an effort to make deeper connections with those we see everyday and maybe even those we only meet one time. Neighbor Me explores the need to both belong and branch out from the communities in which we live, play and work.
I Am Chellbee Podcast
By ChellBee
Daughter of Christ | Author | Lover of Flowers + Coffee Empowering Women to Own their Faith The time to Start is Now Embrace Your FAITH
Paarweise Glücklich - DER Beziehungspodcast mit Susann Bartsch
By Inspierierende Interviews mit glücklichen Paaren und Experten liefern wertvolle Infos zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Verlustangst, Eifersucht, zum Funktionieren einer erfüllten Partnerschaft uvm.
Hallo, schön, dass du da bist. Hier in diesem Beziehungspodcast erwarten dich inspirierende Interviews von Paaren, Therapeuten, Coaches und Beratern. Sie erzählen dir von ihren Hochs und Tiefs und wie sie sie bewältigen konnten. Sie erklären, wie du Beziehungsprobleme angehen, bewältigen und deine Partnerschaft auf ein neues Level bringen kannst. Du fühlst dich unsicher hast Angst deinen Partner zu verlieren. Du bist eifersüchtig klammerst kontrollierst und/oder stellst dich und deine Bedürfnisse hinten an, um es deinem Partner recht zu machen? Hier werden dir Wege aufgezeigt, wie du aus Misstrauen Vertrauen wachsen lassen kannst. Du kannst lernen, mit deinen unerwünschten Gefühlen umzugehen und sie als Wegweiser zu nutzen. Du baust durch Umstrukturieren deiner Glaubenssätze ein neues Mindset und Selbstbewusstsein auf. Wie ticken Männer? Wie ticken Frauen? Und wie funktioniert die beiden zusammen? Wie kann man/frau erfolgreich miteinander kommunizieren? Persönliche Weiterentwicklung, um paarweise glücklich zu werden und zu bleiben. Viel Spaß beim Zuhören und alles Gute.
Grief: A Love Story - the podcast
By Tara Caffelle: Grief + Relationship Coach and Writer
Brave conversations with people from all corners of life about life, death, grief and all that lies between. Listen in on the conversations you wish you could have when you experience loss or any one of life's endings.
Legacy Café Podcast
By LegacyCafe.org
The Legacy Café Podcast is hosted by Robb Lucy, nationally acclaimed author of the book, "Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Today!"
Success | Mindset | Motivation | Freedom with The Freedom Engineer, Entrepreneur Dave Balshaw
By Dave Balshaw
Dave Balshaw, The Freedom Engineer, delivers practical tools, tips, inspiration and success principles for the entrepreneur, manager, business owner or dreamer. Learn how to build successful habits, develop a millionaire mindset, create change and engineer freedom.
Sunny Side Up with Lisa
By Lisa M. Garmoe
Sunny Side Up with Lisa is an audio series about how to love your life, even when things are less than ideal.
Life Lessons from a Total Failure
By M.J. Dougherty
Best selling, award winning author and actor M.J. Dougherty hosts this weekly podcast that shares stories of life's failures, mistakes and issues. M.J., along with weekly guests, will focus on what we learn from all that life throws at us and how these times usually are the catalysts to making us the people we are meant to be. This podcast is just the thing for those looking for some real world inspiration to help make life a little less exhausting!
Meaningful Moments | Inspiration | Motivation | Happiness With Success Coach Katie Maggio
By Katie Maggio
Life is full of moments but not all of them are meaningful. Katie Maggio helps you see that each moment is a gift. Life is not about collecting material possessions but more about collecting lasting memories. Katie Maggio will inspire you to make every moment count.
Charisma Quotient
By Kimberly Seltzer
Welcome to the Charisma Quotient hosted by dating, makeover and confidence expert, Kimberly Seltzer. Each week, learn from Kim, her friends and other experts about how to build confidence from the outside, in. She’s consulted hundreds of people to revamp their style, boost their confidence and most importantly, find love.
Living With Lyme
By Cindy Kennedy
Welcome to Living with Lyme, the podcast where we educate, advocate and collaborate about Lyme Disease. Hear from experts as they share reliable information about how to live with Lyme Disease. Your host is Cindy Kennedy, MS, FNP-BC. For more references, including blogs and links to resources, visit www.livingwithylyme.us
Sunshine with Sarah
By Sarah C Pitman
Yoga. Sunshine. Bliss.
Beauty and Wellbeing
By Shirin Mansouri MD.
The plastic surgeon talks about the holistic concept of beauty and wellbeing. Body and Mind seen as a synergy. With this concept she supports her clients to reach their aims concerning loosing weight and in the same time eating anything. Also she raises your self-esteem, self worth and makes you feel good within yourself. The fear of aging will be history. Hear yourself and enjoy!
5 & Under Mom
By 5 and Under Mom
Share the journey of parenting young children with hosts Laura Grenmyr and Becca Kempson. Listen in as they tackle the questions that every mama faces but may be afraid to ask: from the first exhilarating, exhausting days of breastfeeding a newborn to potty-training a toddler and beyond. They will always give you their honest, and sometimes differing, opinions on what has worked or not worked for them and their little ones. Tune in weekly to their judgment-free parenting discussions! They are sisters and moms of 6 children, combined (including 4 under the age of 5). Becca is a certified lactation specialist and registered nurse and Laura owns a brand management and marketing consultancy. 5 and Under Mom is brought to you by Mommy Knows Best. You can find their products online at mommyknowsbest.com, Amazon, Jet and Walmart.com. Mommy Knows Best is the official show sponsor for 5 and Under Mom. The opinions offered on this podcast are expressly the views of the hosts and guests and do not reflect the opinions of Mommy Knows Best or any other companies involved. The opinions and statements in this podcast are accurate to the best of our knowledge although we may unintentionally have some errors, omissions or mistakes. The advice on this podcast is for informational purpose only and should not be used for medical, legal, or counseling purposes. Laura Grenmyr is not a medical or legal professional and Becca Kempson is a Certified Lactation Specialist and registered nurse; however, the opinions and advice from Becca are for informational purposes only and you should always consult your personal medical or legal professional for all advice. 5 and Under Mom reserves the rights to make edits to content at any time.
Tuesday People
By Annie and Bronny
Two, tights as friends, almost twins. Full to pussy's bow with stories, things to discuss and many questions to ask. Annie and Bronny are interested in people's stories, wherever they may take them. There may be some ripper interviews that might start with 'What did your Mum always tell you? and sometimes, podcasts will include their funniest, wet your duds, moments. Its the poddy for everyone. Join them, on Tuesdays of course...the best day of the week
Finde Dein Glück - Find Happiness - Guided Meditation-Visualisation
By Elli Lugin
Werde entspannt, glücklich und lebe deine Vision! In diesem Podcast findest du geführte Meditationen und Visualisationen. Kreiere deine Realität, lebe deine Wünsche und erreiche Deine Ziele. Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe von Elli Lugin, Yoga- & Meditationslehrerin, Körpertherapeutin, Glückscoach. Produziert von EL Productions & AGW Consulting, 2017
By Mark Tune
Even One person or moment can make a difference. Hear motivating stories about how others have made a difference in another's life or how someone reacted to a situation that made a difference.
Point by Point
By Point by Point
Point by Point is a weekly conversation between JP Camara and Steve Carroll where we consider life's questions, something something something, and spoil a movie.
Words With Oz
By Michael Puhle
Words With Oz - The Essay Question Podcast. Oz' mission is to inspire the world to be more ambitious. This podcast interviews guests with stories that will inspire you. The questions and conversation dives deep to the core of what makes each guest so successful.
By Actionesia Official
Actionesia Audio Artikel, merupakan kumpulan audio yang saya buat berdasarkan bacaan yang ada di internet. Bagi kamu yang ingin saya bacakan artikelnya silakan kirim pesan melalui halaman kontak yang ada pada blog actionesia.comSilakan Kunjungi blog saya di www.actionesia.com
Urban Curiosity
By Clare Barry
Urban Curiosity is the show that inspires you to slow down and see things differently. Each week Clare Barry talks with interesting urbanites about creativity, human connection, and how to thrive in a city addicted to speed. Wherever you live, and whatever you’re doing today, remember this: a curious life is an extraordinary life.
By Vitalogy
From FitBits to Facebook, technology goes where we do. But, its impact doesn’t end at the screen, with lasting effects on our mind and body. VitalTalk discusses how keen people can maximize their potential in a digital age.
Now You're Engaged - Wedding Podcast
By Kenny Hopkins: Filmmaker & Wedding Professional
So...now you're engaged. What next? Here we explore curated questions for inquiring couples from a variety of the wedding industries top professionals.
School of Calisthenics Podcast
By School of Calisthenics
We teach people to redefine their impossible by exploring their physical potential with bodyweight training!
Awakened Mama
By Molly Nichols
The Awakened Mama Podcast with Molly Nichols takes an honest, holistic and spiritual look at our fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. The podcast is a collection of inspirational and educational talks that speak directly to your soul.
Unlearning Podcast
By Unlearning
Join hosts Jeff Jaeckle and Béalleka for Unlearning, their podcast about dismantling harmful and misguided beliefs regarding some of the most cherished institutions and entrenched social norms, including education, race, employment, gender, religion, and sexuality. In each episode, through stories and guest interviews, they recount the complicated, often harrowing process of coming to recognize and unlearn these beliefs to make way for healthier perspectives.
Fat Man with a Plan
By ConundrumCast / Anchor
Part blog, part advice from a guy going through the journey of weight loss.
Fever Pitch
By Team Trash
A monthly podcast where three friends pitch ideas based on prompts one of them comes up with.
By Brandon Boylan
Podcast by Brandon Boylan
Finding Fertility Podcast
By Jen Antill & Heathar Shepard
A podcast to educate and guide women toward embodying healthy fertility, hormonal balance and overall, reproductive health.
Fire Up
By Members of PTEU.
The Plumbers Union weekly radio show. Presented by The Plumbing Trades Employment Union (PTEU). Alternates every second Thursday with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA).
Food Fit With Dr Nick
By Dr Nick Kimber
Nutrition, Men's Health and Fitness
Chasing Fitness with Stephen Cain
By stephencainptla.com
This podcast we talk about everything fitness related with a lot of fun guests such as pro athletes to professional fitness coaches, and the host is Stephen Cain a former pro soccer player but now he is an Elite sports Performance coach to a lot of athletes at Box'N Burn in sunny Santa Monica California.
Chau Time
By Brian Chau
Chau Time brings you seasonal experiences for your ears, curating subject matters around food from science to literature and politics to religion. The vast world of food has a lot of coverage and Chau Time aims to deliver it all on a series of plates.
By ChefMike / Anchor
Weight training and fitness
Choose Amazing Health Podcast
By Dr. Keith / Anchor
Choose Amazing Health Podcast provides information so you can live the best life you can. I will have everything from simple tips to deep conversations about health related topics. I believe most of Health is related to the choices we and and actions we take on a daily basis. Choose to be Amazing!!
Clear Your Mind
By Patrick Vaillancourt
Veteran Diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression, then hit by a car and diagnosed with all 3 again. This is my podcast where I discuss mental health topics with a new guest every time. For more content, feel free to visit my other platforms.
No Shame On U - Podcast
By No Shame On U
A discussion about mental health with professionals, educators, and advocates.
Meme and Meaning
By Steven Horkey
Meme: The evolution of ideas across culture and time. Mean-ing: the sense of a higher calling; a reason to bear life’s suffering. The Meme and Meaning podcast is about cultivating your most authentic life. What do you value and are you intentional in your approach to being? Join me, Steven Horkey, in this ever changing discussion about life, meaning, and growth to inspire real, lasting change.
Life with Imania Margria
By Imania Margria / Anchor
A station of all random topics, like life, music, love, games, sports, etc., while also spreading some inspiration for your day.
Life, Fitness and Poker
By Burnt Toast / Anchor
The podcast to end all podcast. If your a political junkie who's tired of fake news. If you want to know the real science behind health headlines and want to live a gluten free lifestyle to prevent male pattern baldness...this podcast is not for you.
Lectures OA & AA
By Membre OA / Anchor
Podcast de lectures AA & OA en français (outremangeurs ou alcooliques anonymes, gros livre, 12/12, etc.)
On the Pulse
By On the Pulse
On the Pulse is a podcast exploring community health in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Produced by students at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
Rという男 "The Man called R"
By Ryo Miyamoto
ニューヨークで暮らす坊主、Ryo Miyamotoが、時には熱く、大体ユルく、台本無しのぶっつけ本番でひたすら喋ります。ニューヨークで活動する日本人や、アメリカ人との対談もあるので、海外生活に興味のある方、リアルな英会話に興味がある方、無料配信なので、宜しくどうぞ!Rという男 "The Man called R" podcast is a long form conversation hosted by Ryo Miyamoto with his lovely friends and guests.
Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN)
By American Society of Nephrology
Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) publishes high quality research relevant to clinical nephrology. Now one of the most widely-read and referenced kidney journals, physicians read CJASN to learn about the most important advances in clinical and translational research in nephrology.
What Are We Doing?
By Kerry and Beth
Kerry and Beth are always the ones asking, “What are we doing??” Answering that question can lead to planning parties, trying new workouts, or simply coordinating a night out. Follow their conversations as they gather inspiration to plan everything from their next adventure to the next chapter in their lives.
The Nick Bare Show
Life provides opportunity to learn lessons through failures and successes. Nick highlights the insights through his military experience, business branding and physical fitness.
Failing Forward Podcast
By Anthony O'Connell, Brandon Scott Wolf
Each week New York based stand ups Brandon Scott Wolf & Anthony O'Connell talk with up-and-coming & established comedians about how they've Always Been Silly
Find a Way Daily Podcast
By David Keesee- Head Coach of The League
In this podcast, you will hear the lessons, ideas, strategies and stories that Head Coach of The League David Keesee has learned over the past 2 decades to become a professional athlete, help build multiple multi-million dollar businesses and help the members of The League to increase their personal incomes by 10 fold while living amazing lives. Listen as David coaches you on what it takes to win in business and life today.
Fitbit Nodcast
By Fitbit
Fitbit Nodcasts with Sleep Expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan Struggling to sleep at night? Did you know that your heart rate plays an important role when you’re snoozing?Tune in and learn more about techniques that will help to prepare you for sleep, from tracking your heart rate, to breathing methods that will help increase the quality of your sleep.
Friede Freude Baklava
By Diana Ahmadi
Der Podcast für den Weg zu Deiner Identität. Erfahre von großartigen und inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten, wie sie zu ihrer Identität, innerem Frieden und Erfolg gefunden haben und erhalte wertvolle Tipps und Tricks von Experten. Es erwarten Dich außerdem Geschichten und Erfahrungen aus meinem Leben rundum Themen der persönlichen Weiterentwicklung und der Identitätsfindung als Migrant sowie jede Menge Interaktivität. Wir hören uns :) Deine Diana :)
Freelance Universiteit | Train To Freedom
By Erik Train To Freedom
Freelance universiteit is een podcast voor mensen die de stap willen maken om te gaan freelancen. Deze podcast wordt gemaakt door Train To Freedom. Als je meer informatie wilt over hoe je het beste kunt gaan freelancen, ga dan naar www.traintofreedom.com
Chef Rossi
By Transformation Radio - New Mainstream in Talk Radio
Tune in Monthly for Mouthing Off Radio with Chef Rossi: Imagine Life, Love, amp GloryEach show Rossi "aka Chef Rossi" mouths off about a different subject in the pursuit of breaking down walls and opening up minds. She and Dr. Pat banter using the subject of each show as the framework for that show, adding their own unique styles as they go. More About Chef Rossi-Rossi, yes, she only has one name -ndash has been a writer for many publications, such as The Daily News, The New York Post, Time Out New York and Mcsweeney's to name a few. She has been the food writer of the "Eat Me" column for Bust magazine since 1998, hosts her own hit radio show on WOMR and WFMR in Cape Cod called "Bite This," now in its twelfth season, has been featured on "The Food Network" and "NPRrdquo and is a popular blogger for ldquoThe Huffington Post.rdquo As the owner and executive chef of "The Raging Skillet," a cutting-edge catering company known for breaking any and all rules, she has earned a reputation as the one to call when it's time to do something different. The Raging Skillet has been called "a new breed of rebel anti-caterer" by The New York Times, "the wildest thing this side of the mason Dixon line" by Zagat and has been named among The Knotrsquos Best Of Wedding Caterers for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 2015 and now 2016. Having won six years in a row, The Raging Skillet is in The Knotrsquos hall of fameOn November of 2015 Rossirsquos first memoir The Raging Skillet/The True Life Story of Chef Rossi was published from the Feminist Press to rave reviews.BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW 860-527-7838
Faith In Training Podcast
By Colton Anderson and Ian Asher
FIT (Faith in Training) is a weekly podcast where hosts Colton Anderson and Ian Asher discuss faith, fitness, and everything in between! Whether you tune in for the deadlifts or the devotions, this podcast is for YOU!
Females in Fine Fettle: from wiped out to well-thy
By Dr. Michelle + Ashlie Rose
Females in Fine Fettle is a passion project birthed from a fierce friendship. Dr. Michelle is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Chinese Herbalist. Through dynamic, quirky and occasionally irreverent discussions with her best friend of over 15 years, Ashlie Rose, they cover topics that help you find the balance you’re seeking. Once a month, catch an exclusive interview with a badass lady boss to get a glimpse of her story, learn her most valuable tips and gain insight on how to effectively manage the high demands of being a businesswoman while living a vibrant life. So, if you’re ready to reach your full potential, this podcast is for you! Get ready to learn the best ways to maintain motivation, fight fatigue, handle your hormones and boost that brain power - these females have got you covered! Be sure to tune-in every Monday.
Fit By Science
By Paul Merten
Erfahre mit Paul von Fit By Science alles zum Thema Fitness. Egal ob Du an Muskelaufbau, Abnehmen, Motivation, Ausdauertraining, Sportgeräte oder Ernährung interessiert bist. Dein Host Paul redet und diskutiert mit führenden Experten und verbindet für Dich Wissenschaft und Praxis, so dass Du dein Training auf ein neues Level heben kannst. Ohne gefährliches Halbwissen und Bla Bla.
Fit Guide Podcast
By Chasen Hill
The Fit Guide Podcast is your insight into the crazy and confusing world of health and wellness. Follow along with your host Chasen Hill, Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM), Exercise Specialist, Martial Arts Practitioner, and all around fitness connoisseur. Listen and subscribe to following along on the crazy journey.
Fit Life PDX
By Valerie Fidan, Carolynn Koznarsky
The Fit Life PDX is a podcast and a hub for all things fitness, health and wellness in Portland. With FIT LIFE we wanted to create a space to share all the things we love when it comes to living well from the best boutique fitness studios and classes to recipes and wellness advice from experts…
Fitness Feeding
By Prof. Mike
Your dose of everything sports nutrition, fitness, and health with a no nonsense take. We'll tackle head-on outlandish dietary claims and fitness gimmicks along with providing practical education that will hopefully make your quest for health a little bit simpler.
Fitness Freedom
By Michael Mahony
This show will motivate you to break out of the prison your body is currently in. A mixture of interviews and discussion, this show is all about motivation and success.
Fitness InYa
Fitness and Nutrition podcast discussing lifting, sports, diet, etc.
Foodie and the Beast
By Federal News Radio
Nycci Nellis is everyone's "go to" food journalist for insights and in depth info about everything happening across the food/wine/spirits/brews/restaurant scenes in the Mid-Atlantic and across the U.S. Her husband, David, is a beer and burgers guy. On radio since 2009, they host celebrity guest interviews with famous and up-and-coming chefs, winemakers, distillers, oystermen, farmers, marine biologists and more. Get the foodie info you need to know and won't find anywhere else; enjoy irreverent repartee; pick up great recipe tips for cooking to cocktails and ... have fun! .. with Nycci and David Nellis on the one and only, Foodie and the Beast.
By Eva Hunger
Ein Podcast für alle, die lebenshungrig und glückstrunken sind - oder es werden wollen. Mein Ziel ist es, dir dabei zu helfen ein Leben zu leben, das du liebst. In diesem Podcast teilen meine Gäste und ich Strategien und Tools für mentale Stärke, ganzheitliche Gesundheit, Glücklichsein, Erfolg, Kreativität, Produktivität und Motivation. Mit Leichtigkeit, Charme und Witz ist dieser Podcast mein Beitrag dazu, die Welt einen l(i)ebenswerteren Ort werden zu lassen. Lass dich inspirieren, erkenne deine Grenzen, wachse über sie hinaus und lebe die beste Version deiner selbst. Hast du eine Frage oder ein Thema zu dem du gerne eine Folge hören würdest? Schreib’ eine Mail an [email protected]
Living Victoriously
By Doretta Gadsden,RN, Author , speaker
Doretta Gadsden and her guests will be exploring life with chronic diagnosis and life adversities on Living Victoriously. Be inspired, motivated and transformed!