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Let's Talk Flying Podcast

By Kevin Strieter
Welcome to the Let’s Talk Flying Podcast a show that will continue to teach not only the aviators of today but will educate and influence the aviators of tomorrow. We talk about Flight Instruction, Aviation Safety, Aviation Education and the Aviation industry as a whole. We will have guest co-host from different walks a life in the industry, Everywhere from a flight school to an airline ramp agent all the way up to an airline pilot and more. We will always try to keep you up on the industry, ...

An American on the Western Front

By An American on the Western Front
An American on the Western Front allows us a fresh glimpse of the United States’ story in World War I. A narrative history of America’s war, it is woven around the story and letters of the American serviceman Arthur Clifford Kimber. Kimber carried the First Flag of the United States to France in spring 1917 and served as an ambulancier and pilot with both French & American forces. Visit our website here ( and our Twitter can be found here (https://...

The Broad Conspiracy

By Ash Ingenito
The Broad Conspiracy

An Ocean Away

By Ollie McGrath, Lydia George
This is a podcast all about long distance relationships. Lyds is off to America for 2 months, leaving Ollie back in the UK. This podcast will follow their journey warts and all. Can their relationship last? Will Lyds get arrested? Will Ollie take up a new hobby, Stamp collecting maybe? Find out below A podcast brought to you by Lydia George and Ollie McGrath

Ground Effect Aviation Podcast

By Parimal Satyal
Ground Effect is a podcast about the thrill of learning to fly. We discuss all things general aviation: what inspired pilots to first take up flying, the challenges of flight training, pilot stories, visual flying in Europe (and elsewhere), safety, light aircraft and life as a licensed pilot. Along the way, I'll be sharing my own progress as a student pilot in Paris, France.

Guard by Aviator Zone

By Felipe Santiago / Anchor
Welcome to Guard presented by Aviator Zone where we share everything about aviation!

AviaDev Insight Europe

By Jon Howell
AviaDev Insight Europe is the only podcast dedicated to the regional European aviation industry. We bring prominent industry voices to the table to gain an insight into the inner working of all parts of the industry. The podcast was created by Jon Howell, Founder and Managing Director of AviaDev Europe, an event dedicated to developing regional air connectivity.

Aviation Business Podcast

By Tim Bonnell
The podcast that equips aviation businesses to achieve a higher altitude.

Austin and Max are Friends

By Bad Boyz
A weekly podcast from Max Fine and Austin Chardac about the REAL New York.

Patrick The Pilot

By Patrick The Pilot
My journey to becoming a professional pilot!

MND Real Estate Practice

By Ian / Anchor
This is my podcast!


By Project GON

Aviation Fundamentals with Dr. Suzanne Kearns

By Suzanne Kearns / Anchor
This is Aviation Fundamentals with Dr. Suzanne Kearns, a podcast where we chat with aviation professionals from around the world and learn more about the opportunities and challenges they face and link conversations to various elements in the 'Fundamentals of International Aviation' textbook.

Inside The Loop; The Breaking Defense Podcast

By Colin Clark
Breaking Defense’s editor, Colin Clark, did international radio for six years covering East Africa. He’ll bring his dulcet tones and sharp wit to bear doing 15-minute interviews of top lawmakers and Pentagon officials. To add some spice, Colin will also take his mic along to weapons tests, production lines and military bases to give listeners a first-hand taste of the realities of what it takes to design, build and use the weapons we buy. He’ll also cover the major defense shows — AUSA, AFA’...


By IVAO Brasil
O podcast da IVAO BRASIL. Novidades e informacoes sobre aviacao online. Seja voando ou controlando a IVAO fornece o ambiente online pra voce.

AviaDev Insight Africa

By Jon Howell: African aviation fanatic and podcaster
AviaDev Insight is the first podcast dedicated to the African aviation industry. We bring prominent industry voices to the table to establish the "ground truth" in an informal and candid fashion. The podcast was created by Jon Howell, Founder and Managing Director of AviaDev Africa, Africa's premier event dedicated to developing air connectivity to, from and within the African continent

Jon Melby Fear Boss

By Jon Melby Fear Boss
Pilot - Author - Mentor - Coach

Airpower Podcast

By Scott Yoak
The inside and out of the Aviation Industry!

V1: The Podcast

By Nick Herring
An all-new aviation podcast diving into the world of aviation where we explore careers, aviation in social media, education, the future, and more! NEW EPISODES EVERY WEEK!

The Jet Set

By The Jet Set
The Jet Set is a fresh new talk show designed to reinvent travel talk and keep pace with the professional, leisure and aspiring traveler by experiencing the sights, sounds and scenery of destinations around the world or here at home, along with you! As the first hybrid talk and travel show, ‘The Jet Set’ is anchored from its ‘jet’ set complete with an airplane wing desk and actual set pieces built from a decommissioned Boeing 747. Alternatively, like other travel shows, ‘The Jet Set’ hits th...

The Air Show

By Steve Verrall
The Air Show publishes stories about the great aeroplanes of the world, as well as the people and events surrounding with them.

The ArisTravels Show

Ari spent most of his travel life crossing the ocean in economy class and hating the experience. Armed with the knowledge gained through flying many different airlines and trying many different reward programs, he’s now able to spend his travel time exploring the world in business and first class while staying at luxury resorts using frequent flyer miles and credit card points. ArisTravels wants to help others maximize travel reward programs and credit card points. Anyone can enjoy the luxuri...

Plane Tales

By Capt Nick
Aviation Podcasts


By Multirotor Professionals, Educators and Pilots
The DroneVibes Podcast will deliver the latest information in the world of multirotors, quadcopters, hexcopters, octocopters, tricopters. We cover events in the media that have to do with drones. We review and provide tips and tricks on multirotor setup, flying, aerial video and photography and post flight editing. Each episode we will answer your questions and comments. Our focus is on everyone that has an interest in flying multirotors for fun, hobby, or professional. You can visit our sh...

AOPA's Pilot Information Center

By Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Providing aviation information direct to your ears from AOPA's Pilot Information Center - Contact us at [email protected]

Time in Flight

By Hunter Bevis
Time-in-Flight peels back the layer of mystery that can surround aviation flight training. By interviewing current flight instructors, students and professional pilots who have gone through the flight training experience, Time-in-Flight hopes to provide insight and excitement for those aspiring and currently undertraining the flight training adventure, as aviation students.


By ON APPROACH - Flight Sim & Aviation Enthusiast Podcast
✈ On Approach is a weekly flight sim & aviation enthusiast podcast covering user submitted topics and news on


By Jordan Purvis / Anchor
This podcast sheds some light into the world of virtual reality and its use in the aviation industry. It discusses where virtual reality is currently being used, for pilot training and things of that nature, and where it is headed. Becoming a pilot and getting to experience with aviation can be a difficult thing to dive into. Virtual reality is working to solve that. My goal is to excite people about the future of virtual reality and hopefully develop an interest for aviation that they didn't...

Drone Photography Podcast

By Drone Photography Podcast
Weekly Show about Drone Photography - Podcast, Videos, Blog

PC Flight Podcast

By Thomas Haynes
A weekly podcast providing a round-up of the weeks Flight Simulator News and also featuring special guests each week.

Gyroplane Flying

By Gyroplane Flying
Flying gyroplanes is fun and exciting with a perfect bird's-eye view. We discuss everything gyros about this amazing rotorcraft, to include: kit building and maintenance, flight instruction, safety, regulations and much more.

Learning to fly

By Kpinzou / Anchor
I'm a general aviation enthusiast who longed to learn to fly. My passion started long before I can remember. Most of my free time was spent, dreaming about flying, reading about flying, watching videos about flying, building wooden planes, drawing aircraft, flying in various flight simulators, joining other pilot communities in order to learn even more, etc.... This year, I'm taking the leap. That's right! I'm going to learn to fly and earn my private pilot license. This podcast is to documen...

Flight Simulator X Podcast

By Gage Watkins / Anchor
New Content, New planes on the market, and etc.

Pista de Aterrizaje

By Andrea Soaafi
Pista de Aterrizaje es el podcast sobre viajes que alimenta tus ganas de viajar. Aquí conocerás las últimas tendencias y curiosidades del mundo del turismo y aprenderás los trucos que necesitas para viajar como un profesional.

Miles to Go - Travel Tips, News & Reviews You Can't Afford to Miss!

By Ed Pizza
Hosted by road warrior and travel expert Ed Pizza, the Miles to Go podcast serves up travel tips, news and reviews you can't afford to miss! Whether you're a points and miles newbie looking to book a dream vacation or you log 100k + miles a year and want the low down on new properties routes and planes, we're bringing you the world's top travel experts and bloggers to share their knowledge and insights with you.


By koptercast
Der einzig #gude Podcast zum Thema Kopter und andere mehr oder weniger autonome Fluggeräte. RSS

Pilot Episodes

Welcome to Pilot Episodes, the podcast all about flying. Every episode Godders Parky and Dunc share their experiences about flying above the clouds.The boys between them have over 16,000 hours of fast jet experience with the RAF, Dutch Air Force and US Air Force.Talk about their experiences flying Harriers, Tornadoes, F-16s, Hawks, Red Arrows, Spitfires and in fact anything you can think of. If they haven’t flown it they know somebody who has.

Plane Talk with Matt and Rob

By Matt Juszczak & Rob Dumovic
Find out what happens when you cross a talk-show format with in-flight pilot training and a hefty dose of irreverence for practically everything, including gravitational forces. That’s Plane Talk with Matt and Rob.

Ready for Departure Podcast

By Steve Middleton
Listen to episodes of the Ready for Departure Podcast here with your host Steve Middleton

VR Flight World Podcast

By Dan - Flight Sim Enthusiast
The home of virtual reality flight simulation

Jon Melby's Danger Zone Life

By Jon Melby
Jon Melby's Danger Zone Life is a podcast series hosted by professional airshow pilot Jon Melby. This unique and engaging podcast series explores the bridge between your dreams in life and overcoming fear to accomplish those dreams. Jon has an diverse life background that includes extreme sports, Air Force Special Operations flying, and his life as an extreme airshow pilot. Each episode is either on location in his car, hangar, at an airshow, or in the studio. Included are are interview...

Exploration Medicine

By Dana Levin
From mountain tops to ocean bottoms, Earth orbit to the surface of Mars. Join us on an exploration of aerospace, wilderness, and hyperbaric medicine through monthly interview, videos, and science snippits. Welcome aboard...

AvTalk - Aviation Podcast

By Flightradar24
An aviation podcast by aviation geeks for anyone who looks up when they hear an airplane fly overhead. Listen in as Ian Petchenik and Jason Rabinowitz bring you aviation news, views, and special guests for a half hour every other week. If you're a new avgeek or just can't get enough aviation in your life, get your avgeek fix with us.

Full Pitch RC Heli Podcast

By Jimmy Jones
A podcast dedicated to the RC Helicopter Hobby

The Motor Madhouse

By Mike Paul
The Internal Combustion Engine is our drug of choice. Whether your addiction is Muscle Cars, Super Cars, Rat Rods, 4x4s, or anything else with a crankshaft & pistons, we have your fix. There are no 12 step programs or support groups for people like us, but at least we have each other. Here, all junkies are welcome!

Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

By Air Traffic Talk
Two rated pilots and air traffic controllers discuss air traffic stories, news, and real interactions with the aviation community. Learn about our pilot experiences and how they relate to our daily work as air traffic controllers. WE DO NOT REPRESENT OUR EMPLOYER. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS SITE AND THE PODCAST ARE OUR OWN. THIS SITE AND THE PODCAST ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED OFFICIAL GUIDANCE OR A REPLACEMENT FOR APPLICABLE LAWS, RULES, AND REGULA...

The Fighter Pilot Podcast

By Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello, Retired US Navy Fighter Pilot
The Fighter Pilot Podcast explores the fascinating world of air combat: the aircraft, the weapons systems, and most importantly--the people. Each episode features a guest who helps explain the topic at hand such as how ejection seats work or what it's like to fly on and off nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Strap in and hang on for this incredible show! If you love the roar of a high-speed flyby or are enamored by the poise and confidence of the brave men and women who pilot these aircraft...

Fs Flight World Podcast

By Frank Betts: Flight Simmer and Podcaster
We talk about anything involving general aviation in Flight Simming. Nothing to heavy!

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Últimos podcast publicados


By Rotor Riot
UNRESTRICTED presented by Rotor Riot is a new podcast for FPV mini quad pilots and anyone interested in the exciting world of FPV flight. UNRESTRICTED will explore a variety of topics pertaining to the drone industry and community. Come along for the ride!

The SimpliFlying Podcast

By Daniel Stanculescu
Straight-shooting, honest perspectives on airline marketing, entrepreneurship, and work culture. Your host is Shashank Nigam, CEO of SimpliFlying.

Australian Aviation

By Australian Aviation
Australia's leading aviation news website

Dan News Travel

By Dan Lake
Dan Lake (or Dan News as he's better known) takes you on a journey on-board, on land, on the sea, or wherever there's something exciting happening in the world of travel.

The FlyWithTom.Com Aviation Podcast

By Troy DeVol
The FlyWithTom.Com Aviation Podcast.


Att flyga är säkert. Så säkert att du måste flyga 1,5 miljon gånger innan du kanske är med om något som kan betecknas som en nödsituation. Men ibland händer det otänkbara. Det här är Flygkatastrofer.

Parlons Aviation

By Antoine
Parlons aviation est un podcast qui a pour objectif de parler tout ce qui s'approche de près ou de loin de l'aviation. Lors de chaque épisode, nous regarderons l'actualité des semaines passées avant de proposer une rubrique thématique puis nous conclurons sur la vidéo de la semaine. Les sujets traités iront du sujet technique aux sujets moins techniques en passant par des interviews de passionnés d'aviation et des récits de voyage en avion


By フジテレビ
結婚15年目を迎えた、ある夫婦の選択。それは、「離婚」だった。 妻の最後の願いは、“2人で旅行に行く”こと。 訪れたのは韓国・ソウル。久しぶりの2人だけで過ごす時間。 観光や食、宿泊先の「シェラトン・グランデ・ウォーカーヒル」に併設されているカジノなどで旅行を楽しむ2人だったが、すれ違いは隠しきれず。そして、2人につきまとうある女の影―。 時を過ごすうち、夫の心中にわき起こる悔恨の念。 彼は帰国後の選択を、カジノのルーレットに託す。 ソウルでの「ラスト・ハネムーン」の最終日。2人を待ち受ける運命は。そして、驚愕の展開とは?

올리비아Air #승무원 영어면접

By 올리비아
힝공사 합격! 승무원 영어면접/기내영어 쉽게 공부하기

ZorkCast powered by TravelZork

By Michael Mason Trager
GOT 9 minutes? - A chat about casinos, luxury travel, Las Vegas, and gambling with a focus on experiences. #PaxEx (Passenger Experience) and #CasinoEx (Casino Experience) are major areas of conversation and exploration. Get your daily dose.

The JetSetter Show Blogcast

By Jason Hartman
Exploring Lifestyle-Friendly Destinations Worldwide


By The Rocket Blasters
Boom. Ka-Pow. Rumble! We all use different sounds, but our obsessions with rockets is the same. Tune in with other amateur rocket enthusiats as we discuss how to build your own rocket. We have you covered here at RocketBlast!

Drone Stuff This Week

By sUAS News
Weekly show on Drone & Sundry's YouTube channel where sUAS News Editor Gary Mortimer chats with industry experts and insiders on drone world happenings. The live show on YouTube happens on Tuesdays at 21H00 GMT and the podcast goes up every Wednesday at 07H00 GMT. Occasionally we also host DSTW special episodes covering big news and new drone tech. You can catch us on Youtube by visiting

AOPA Live This Week

By Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Weekly update of general aviation news from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Aunty Monkey - The Balloon Podcast

By Aunty Monkey
Aunty Monkey is a podcast for ballooning enthusiasts. In each episode we discuss different aspects of the sport of ballooning.

Flight Mode

By Flight Mode
Подкаст телеграм- канала "Flight Mode" об авиации и ее работниках. К нам в гости приходят летчики, стюардессы, диспетчеры и другие работники авиации и рассказывают свои истории.

ChadLee After-Hours RC Podcast

By Chad Asmus
RC Model Airplane show focusing on giant scale balsa models.

ATC Radio Podcast

By Jim/Adam/Bernie
Just three air traffic controllers having conversations about our job, aviation, and everyday life.

Aerospace Engineering Podcast

By Rainer Groh – Aerospace Engineer and Researcher
Conversations with Aerospace Pioneers

The A320 Podcast

By Matt & Andy
Its our aim to make studying for your recurrent sims or command upgrades as easy as possible. Sometimes its not that easy to make time at home to study, and lets face it, who wants to spend precious days off reading about work. With the A320 Podcast you can learn and revise in the car, at the gym or out on the run. Now you can use the wasted time on your commute to make sure you ace your next sim, and the best part is - its completely free! The only thing we ask is for you to tell all you... - Travel Smarter

Podcast for Frequent Travelers i Danmark fra Skandinaviens førende hjemmeside for alle som gerne vil rejse smartere. Lær mere om bonusprogrammer, point, rejser, kreditkort og meget mere, som hjælper dig med at rejse smartere og optimere dit rejsebudget. Podcasten udkommer hver fredag og har jævnligt interessante gæster.

Flightsim Community Podcast

The Flightsim Community Podcast is a collaboration between four friends with years of real world aviation and flight simulation experience. The show primarily consist of real world aviation and flight simulation discussion, but other extremely important topics such as BBQ will also be occasionally be discussed. Episodes range from discussions on a particular airplane to interviews with various developers within the industry. We hope that you will gain some additional knowledge from our podcas...

Люстра War Thunder

By Simfonia-Vetra


By littlenav
HI,小朋友们,我是国家天文台的苟叔叔,不是小狗的狗,是一丝不苟的苟哦 苟博士介绍丨《星际穿越》译者,中国国家天文台研究员 北京,国家天文台 苟叔叔喜欢在天文台的圆顶上,用天文望远镜观察星星们,有时能整夜整夜地看,熬出了两个大大的黑眼圈 他总觉得,星星们在对他说自己的故事,就像小时候一样,在他耳边,笑闹着 所以他知道很多星星的小秘密。 月亮会偷偷跟苟叔叔说太阳刚出生时候,一会儿胖一会儿瘦,好不容易才维持了现在的体型。 火星会和苟叔叔抱怨,两个卫星孩子太胆小了,火卫二最近又被陨石吓到了,都不敢靠近火星了。 有些星星掉在了地球上,慢慢地,地球上有植物和动物了,这些星星,就变成了我们身体的一部分,打开手心,你看到了一颗星星正在闪烁吗? 苟叔叔要把星星告诉他的故事,讲给littlenav和你听

Fear of Flying School podcast

By Tim Benjamin: Fear of Flying School founder, entrepreneur and blogger
Do you HATE flying? Discover how to beat your phobia by hearing directly from aviation experts, psychologists and former fearful fliers. The Fear of Flying School podcast is presented by ex-nervous flier, Tim Benjamin.

The Aviator by TheDesignAir

By TheDesignAir
Presenters Ted Kravitz and Jonny Clark bring you our monthly podcast 'The Aviator', covering everything in the air from departure gate to arrival hall.

The Air Traffic Podcast

By Jose & Chris
The Air Traffic podcast is an Aviation podcast that focuses on Air Traffic Control and the Aviation industry in General.


By JetStories
Detrás de cada vuelo hay una historia.

Cosmic Chat Podcast

By The Hutchinson News
A podcast about space exploration and aviation by The Hutchinson News in partnership with the Cosmosphere, a Smithsonian affiliated science education museum in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The Routes Aviation Podcast

By Routes
The Routes podcast offers insight on route development and aviation, featuring some of the most pivotal people from the global industry. We’ll explore the major issues facing airlines, airports and destinations now and into the future. This podcast is created by Routes, the world’s leading air service development conference and networking event business.

The Barnstormer Show

By Good Eatin' LLC
The Barnstormer Show brings adventure straight to your earbuds!

Travel-Dealz Podcast

Error Fares, Reiseschnäppchen, Meilenprogramme und viele andere Themen rund um Reisen & Luftfahrt. Der Travel-Dealz Podcast ist Pflichtprogramm für alle Vielflieger und Meilensammler! Regelmäßig sprechen Johannes und Adrian über Themen, die Euch bewegen.

Whiskey Fox Aviation

By Laura Crenshaw
Whiskey Fox Aviation

היה מנוע?! כלי רכב - עבר, הווה, עתיד

By רפ״י - רשת פודקאסטים ישראלית
מגזין רכב ותחבורה מכל הסוגים וכל הזמנים, ניר חורש מגיש תכנית על נושאים כגון רכבים אוטונומיים, כלכלת השיתוף, מכוניות חדשות על הכביש, חלליות חדשות מנסות להגיע למאדים ומטוסים שמנסים להיות יותר חסכוניים. כל מה שנוסע, טס או מעופף בעוד פודקאסט מבית רפ״י - רשת פודקאסטים ישראלית.

Preferred Altitude Podcast: Unique and Timeless Aviation Podcast

By Preferred Altitude, LLC
Produced by - your source for great products for unique and timeless aviation brands

On The Bench

By David Goldfinch: Podcaster, Model Builder
A scale model podcast about all things to do with building scale models.

AIN's The Human Factor: Tales from the Flight Deck

By Aviation International News
Furthering aviation safety awareness by exploring first-person experiences.

Pure Speculation

By Caleb Zander
Hi, hello. You seem to have found yourself in the wrong place. This is a talk time about things we find interesting, jokes that are bad, one person getting mad at another, and a hefty helping of craigslist. God save us all.

AOPA Never Again

AOPA presents the "Never Again" series in AOPA Pilot magazine and online to allow pilots to learn from the experiences of others.

Failsafe Weekly Podcast

By Mr Steele, Konasty, Sweepwings
Sweepwings, Konasty, and Mr Steele bringing you the most gnarly of the gnarly on Failsafe Weekly. NEW podcast, taking podcasts to the next level.

X Class Podcast

By X Class Drone Racing
Every week, X Class Podcast offers tips, tricks, and information to start racing 800-1000mm drones — from how to build, how to fly, and where to race. Join us live each Wednesday at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET on Ask questions; get answers.

The Rocketry Show Podcast

By LittleBeth Media
The Rocketry Show is hosted by three rocket geeks, CG, Gheem, and Daniel The Rocket n00b. As a team, we strive to entertain as well as inform you on the topics of Model and High Power rocketry as well as STEM relates activities built around amateur rocketry. We will occasionally delve a little into the world of

GO/NO-GO Aviation

By GO/NO-GO Aviation
Welcome to the Go/No-Go podcast, the show that aims to bridge the gap between military and civilian aviation. My target audience is active duty military pilots who are looking to the civilian world for their next aviation career. This show helps flatten the learning curve experienced when trying to figure out the world of civilian aviation.

Check Your Attitude

By Jonathan Rose / Carrianne Knight
Aviation podcast aimed at education, debate, and current events providing the opportunity to enhance knowledge through the interview of aviation experts and professionals hosted by Jonathan Rose and Carrianne Knight.

No Driving Gloves

By John Viviani, Will Posey, Derek Moore
3 automotive industry professionals musing over what ever they feel like. With backgrounds in restoration, conservation, street rods, and automotive history, who knows where the conversation will go.


By Wizwooky / Kidder
SPUN is here to deliver the FPV goods from the FPV gods.

There I was...

By AOPA Air Safety Institute
"There I was…", presented by the AOPA Air Safety Institute, invites you into the cockpit with pilots across the aviation community. We fly with them as they encounter unpredictable scenarios and we learn from the knowledge and skills they utilize to fly safely out of them. This podcast honors the tradition and heritage in aviation to leverage “hangar flying” as an avenue to pass along knowledge and experience.

Inside the Airlines

By Inside the Airlines
Brought to you by Inside the Airlines gives you an in-depth look at the airlines with interviews, trending airline news stories and more!