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By Stefan Schütte, Daniel Otte, Johann Hawranek
Der Podcast für die Hobbywerkstatt, aus der Hobbywerkstatt. Stefan, Daniel und Johann sprechen in einigermaßen regelmäßigen Abständen über Themen aus der Maker- und Holzwerkercommunity.

Open to Discussion

By Hazel Grove Media
Join us for our discussion of current pop culture events., movie, music and much more.

Ladies Slaying Dragons

By Ladies Slaying Dragons
Ladies Slaying Dragons Podcast

Dungeon Bytes

Welcome to yet another Dungeons and Dragons podcast with just some regular nerdy a$$ friends who have no clue what they're doing in this majestic game! Join in on the fun, tweet @jakyld and get on the show!


Glückauf und herzlich willkommen bei den Ruhrpottfotografen! Wir philosophieren über Fotografie und manchmal auch über Gott und die Welt, und das tun wir in hier in unserem kleinen, aber feinen Podcast. Wir, das sind Karsten Andreas und Ludger Staudinger, 2 Fotografen mitten aus dem Ruhrgebiet! Viel Spaß beim Hören!


By Danyah Aossey & Amara Dumlao
A podcast built around the friendship of two women who couldn’t be more opposite talking TV, movies, creativity, pop culture, & the things they love. ✨💜🎙💕🎧✨

Cereal Talks

By Danny Gonzales
The show that enjoys a good bowl of cereal, and great morning conversations. Join me as I share the topics that excite me, and share with you my journey towards becoming my own boss.

Let's Talk Gardening

By Let's Talk Gardening
Join Meryl Coombs every Sunday from 9-11 am as she offers tips for Calgary green thumbs, including troubleshooting ideas for everyday gardening issues.

3/11/18 SHOOTIN THE SHIFT Podcast: The Holy [email protected]#* Geneva Motor Show Episode

By 3/11/18 SHOOTIN THE SHIFT Podcast: The Holy [email protected]#* Geneva Motor Show Episode
What's up everyone, welcome to the video version of our Shootin The Shift podcast! The show revolves around conversations between automotive enthusiasts, as we bring you the latest car news, motorsport releases, drive stats and the occasional heated (and hilarious!) debate, petrolhead vs. petrolhead. Come on...pull up a chair and shoot the shift with us. This week in our debut episode, we're recapping the 88th Geneva International Motor Show and we may or may not be willing to sell our wi...

Stitcher's Brew Podcast

By Gabby Young and Megan Valero
This podcast will be about all things crafty – there will be a LOT of chatter about mainly sewing but we want to include our other loves and things we are interested in and hope you will be too – there will be talk about knitting, crotchet, cross-stitch, quilting, embroidery and general chit chat about life, what we’re watching/listening to and of course what tea we are drinking. The guests will be many and we will be having panel discussions with amazingly inspiring creatives who have made ...

Sundowners Podcast

By Sundowners Podcast
Welcome to the Sundowners Podcast, a happy hour podcast that explores cocktails and mixology. We have zero experience in the art of bartending, only a deep appreciation, if not passion, for stocked bars and the intimate conversation from which they stem. We’re currently working through The Essential Cocktail Book by Megan Krigbaum, so join us as we explore new drinks and new adventures.


By Brendan / Anchor
This is official Brendan podcast. Find somethings interesting here. : )

KOTL Intro.

By 6 Pack Lapadat
powerlifting's best interviews

Huxiu Podcast Network



By Riky Palm, Chris Skeb und Pocho
Der Fussball Podcast für Filigrantechniker!

ATL Dirt

By Betsy Wallace
A weekly gardening podcast for Metro Atlanta gardeners


By John Braverman and Drew Polanycia
A podcast about two friends passions.


By peter stanik / Anchor
This is Trojan Podcast, the number one podcast for hide and go seek enthusiasts.

Welcome To The Terrordrome

By Cobra-LA Records
Your favorite group of nerd rap personalities from Cobra-LA Records has come together to bring you a humorous off the cuff podcast that has as much to do with music as it does with current pop culture events and hot takes on everyday life. We might collect toys and love “nerd” culture, but this definitely isn’t a children’s podcast. So put the ear muffs on the kids, throw us a like, subscribe, press play and sit back and enjoy....

Cannon Fodder

By The Glass Cannon Network
A behind the scenes look at The Glass Cannon Network and all the happenings in #GCPNation!

Swede Rolls Actual Plays

By Swede Rolls
The gang of Swede Rolls get together to roleplay in everything from D&D to the Warhammer 40k universe

Leaf Us Alone

By Hazel and Therin Stapp
A chill podcast for reviewing tea and books.

The Blaise XPerience: A Gaming Podcast

By Derreck Blaise
The Blaise XPerience is a podcast that delves deeper into board games and video games by examining things from the players' point of view. The host (s) will break down strategy and dynamics in games included in the series by diving deeper into all aspects of the games. In addition, The Blaise XPerience seeks to interview top players from each games' community looking at their perspectives on what makes their favorite games tick and how to succeed at them.


Programa sobre Gastronomía galega emitido durante 8 anos na Radio Galega, que se manterá vivo como mínimo nas redes. Un percorrido por todo o que ten que ver co mundo da gastronomía, do viño, productores, chefs, sen perder nunca de vista algo que nos fai o que somos, a tradición. Pero por riba de todo, as persoas que estan detras deses proxectos, que son os que fan posible as historias que contamos.

Nos gusta Coser

By diariodenaii
Bienvenidos a el podcast Nos gusta coser. Aquí hablaremos con bloggers de costura, con emprendedoras, con tiendas de telas y mercerías. Es un espacio para cotillear lo que pasa en el mundo 2.0 y también en la vida real de esta comunidad envuelta de hilos y tijeras. Este es un podcast para los amantes de la costura, de las telas y de los patrones. Tendrás una cita semanal conmigo para escuchar entrevistas con personas apasionadas y inspiradoras. Todos los episodios también los puedes escuc...

First Ever Podcast - How It All Started

By Sith Bauer
A trip in time on how I began as a gamer to an amateur content creator on Youtube and Twitch.

Tank on Fire

By Art Pennom
Learn to make YOUR aquarium beautiful with the Tank on Fire podcast. Join Art Pennom as he discusses the basics to saving money to advanced aquascaping techniques. Art is your daily guide to truly enjoying your aquarium.

Den där podden - Med Emma och Dessi

By Dessi Hietala
Den där podden, ni vet? Dessi Hietala och Emma Dehlryd Muniz pratar om allt möjligt mellan himmel och jord, ingenting är för mycket. Som att ta en kaffe med en kul vän.


By Marcos Taveira e Agnaldo Oliveira
Correcast sua dose anapolina sobre corridas de rua, falamos especialmente sobre o circuito anapolino de corrida de rua e demais corridas na cidade e adjacências.

There Goes My Hero!

By Kurt Cruz & George Christopher
Their superheroes are super dead. Trusty sidekicks, Utility Belt Boy and Froglet, host a weekly podcast from their secret hideout, The Watch Basement, in search of a new one. This is There Goes My Hero!

League of Cast

By Leonardo Machado
Podcast voltado ao League of Legends, analisando todas a partidas do CBLOL, além das principais notícias do mundo desse amado E-Sport com muita descontração e informação.

I Think We Got This

By Brandon Robinson
This is a show about movies, comics and video games that we find interesting and hopefully you do as well. A lot of laughs and us scrambling for the right words to say while we attempt help you better understand the topics we discuss by our own opinion. Hosted by Brandon Robinson and Jesse Lambeth.

Knights of the Square Table Gaming Podcast

By The Knights of the Square Table
Sam, Marc and Dan are the Knights of the Square Table! Three friends and avid board gamers, the Knights are looking to provide listeners with the strategies used to win the board games they love! They have always looked to hone their board game abilities, but it seemed difficult to find viable and proven strategies. And so they got a square table, a mic and made a podcast! While strategies will be a big part of their quest, the Knights will also tackle Side Quests, discussing board gaming cul...

Lost on the Tabletop

By Look Homeward Games
We present short campaigns of independent and lesser known tabletop role playing games for our audience followed by a short review of the game and its mechanics.

Pop Cult Net.

By James Baker
Pop Cult Net. is the only Cult of Pop Culture. This podcast is for anyone that loves conversations that start with "Have you seen?". If you love to stay up to date on the latest news in movies, tv shows, gaming, anime, comics and everything else in Pop Culture join the cult!

Buraco Negro

Buraco Negro é o podcast aonde vamos ignorar todas as suas opiniões e vamos cagar regra em tudo, ou simplesmente passar vergonha na internet!

Slingin Steele game calls podcast

We talk about everything waterfowl from gear, set ups, to habitat management. We will time to time talks about other outdoor related topics for off season entertainment.

Wow Pre-Show

Hang out with Wemb, Temp and friends: Pre-Show style, as they discuss the happenings inside and outside World of Warcraft. A dash of news, a pinch of gossip and a drizzle of crazy work story. Toss that with some speculation about where Blizzard may head next and serve with some other forced cooking analogies and you have the entree to a podcast!


By TMI Group / Anchor
Welcome to TMI, where we talk about anything that remotely interests us.

Game All Nite! - The Audio Show

By Chris Whitpan
What happens when you mix Jimmy Fallon, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, SNL, and Board Games? We asked that very question and that was the birth of the show. We want to bring the personalities of the people in and around this hobby to forefront. The games they create, review and talk about are only part of the story. Join us as we go deeper and find out about the person behind the game, the character behind the voice, or the mind behind the artwork. Each week we will interview guests, play games ...


By しろときいろ
アロハ〜🏊‍♀️ オエ〜🍹 アマゾン・プライムビデオにて配信中の「しろときいろ」の情報や音楽を配信していきます🎶 気になる最新情報もどんどん配信‼️ お楽しみに🌊

2PENGALS Podcast

By August & Ele
An Artistic Podcast with a Twist! Every Friday Uploads!

Näh deinen Stil

By Elle Puls
Gespräche rund um das Thema Nähen und Stilfindung. Elke vom Nähblog Elle Puls spricht mit Frauen aus der Nähszene.


By Salada Cult
Aqueles minutinhos que podem salvar seu tempo ou seu dinheirinho

Top 5 with Nick

By Explosion Network
Join Nicholas Prior and two guests as they list off and explain their top 5 of many different subjects. For fans of Buzzfeed, Watchmojo and #NicksMiniReview.


By Manfred Riegler
Die Podcastreihe widmet sich dem Austesten der verschiedensten Aromen für Verdampfer. Jede Ausgabe wird mindestens ein Aroma oder Liquid vorgestellt und einem persönlichen Test unterzogen. Die Wertung erfolgt in Form eines ausführlichen Kommentars und mit dem Schulnotensystem.

Dead Liver Society

By The Wayfinder Network
Jeff and Jason chat with local brewers and distillers to bring you the stories behind the brews you love - or learn about new ones you need to check out!

Beast Coast Gaming

By Beast Coast Gaming
The Beast Coast podcast is a podcast dedicated to tournament Warhammer 40,0000. Each episode we'll talk about current tournament lists and the current meta. What we expect to see, and how each major Grand Tournament will change lists.

The Hyacinth Disaster

By David Carlson
The crew of the MRS Hyacinth rush to survey a Jovian asteroid, hoping it is worth enough to ransom the crew of their sister ship - the Corvus - before the deadline hits.

The Succulent FAQ

By Cassidy Tuttle
Learn how to keep your succulents alive and healthy! You'll learn the essentials for succulent care plus answers to commonly asked questions about succulents. We'll cover everything from buying, planting, soil, watering, design and more!

Strange In The Membrane

By Gotham Podcast Studio
We talk movies, TV, films, and comic books. What's hot and what's not! Who soars and who sinks? It will leave you..Strange In The Membrane!


By Geek Kind
Cosplayers Sinnika, WhiteFangCosplay and StrictlyCosplay are here to bring you a show made for, and by cosplayers. On Coscast we talk about past and upcoming con experiences, Cosplay knowhow as well as tips and tricks, as well as the social aspects of being a cosplayer.

We Drink and We Farm Things

By Sam Bolton and Bev Ross
Sam and Bev discuss farming, while drinking their beverage of choice.


宮城発! YAMADA & CHIMPSの職人2人によるポッドキャスト番組 『Cafe CRAFTSMAN(カフェ クラフトマン)』 喫茶店の片隅でコーヒーを飲みながら、男2人がグダグダ話しているようなイメージでお送りするトーク番組。 ものづくりや趣味、日常の出来事など、何気ない話をのんびりと放送していきます。 ◆番組へのお便りは、 「[email protected]」 に直接メールを頂くか、 twitterでハッシュタグ「#カフェクラ」をつけてつぶやいて下さい。

Side Biz Start: Start and Grow Your Side Business

By Joshua Rivers
This podcast is dedicated to helping you start and grow your side biz. Your podcast host, Joshua Rivers, will help you build your side biz by: 1. Sharing personal examples of success and failure 2. Having guests share their examples and expertise 3. Sharing tips and resources related to business and personal growth 4. Answering your questions You can check out the website for more resources:

Quarter Acre Life Podcast

Here we will talk about the adventures of homesteading on a small property and the fun, trials, achievements, project successes and failures, and much more that happens on a daily basis. We will tell our story to anyone listening in an effort to provide and receive advice, humor, and broaden communication with those of like-minded goals.

Could Be Better

By Rob Conlon & J. Dewey
Hosts Rob Conlon and J. Dewey, two friends from New York's Hudson Valley, discovered a mutual love and appreciation for Better Homes & Gardens magazine. In this podcast, they pour drinks and spill the tea about what they really think about the latest issue of the magazine. It's queer eye for the semi-straight-laced magazine, because your home and your garden can always be a little bit better than your neighbors'...and your best friend's.


By Jarrod Lombardo
Conventional Podcast interviews the event organizers behind our favorite conventions giving you a sense of who and how these shows come together.

Saturday Morning Retrospective

By Ronin24 PodCast Network / Anchor
Saturday Morning Retrospective, a podcast to reflect on the best cartoons, toy lines and memories of the 80s and 90s!

2 Scoops Radio

By Cory Howell & Ty Robinson
Real talk about bodybuilding, fitness, motivation, and supplements with Cory Howell and IFBB Pro Ty Robinson. (@darksidebodybuilding & @ifbbpromuscleratz_ty)

Matt Has Issues

I'm Matt, your host and I want to try and bring you my take on pop culture, movies, comics and sci fi. I want to get closer to Australian and international comic artists and writers and find out what makes them do what they do


By Brandon Waite & Carter McKie
A podcast about one player board and card games, hosted by Brandon Waite and Carter McKie. Join us each episode as we discuss the latest solo games news and give an in-depth review of a new solo game or variant.

Eldritch Dice Podcast

By EldritchDice
Eldritch Dice is an actual play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast, where we adventure in Dungeon Master Rob's homebrew world of Elthara. New episodes release every Tuesday!


By Stephen SPAZ Schnee
A pop culture clubhouse for those that love Power Pop and other forms of melodic Pop... and comic books... as well as movies, TV and so much more! Your host: Stephen SPAZ Schnee

Die Selbermacher - Klartext rund um DIY, Haus und Hof

By Hochsee-online Medienproduktion
Do-it-yourself ohne Filter und Fachchinesisch. Jörn und Thomas sind zwei der bekanntesten deutschen Redakteure für Haus, Garten, Werkzeug & Co. Auf ihrem Podcast reden und streiten sie über alles, was man zu Hause selber machen kann.

List Chicken

By List Chicken Podcast
At List Chicken, we take listener submitted lists, play them against each-other, and give you the report!

Reto Friki (Anchor)

By Roberto e Igor / Anchor
Dos amigos, Roberto Ruisánchez e Igor Regidor, se retan el uno al otro a descubrir un trozo recóndito de subcultura friki en cada episodio. Libros, películas, series, videojuegos... Casi cualquier cosa que te venga a la mente al pensar en la palabra "friki", actual o retro, es susceptible de convertirse en un retofriki. Y como extra: entrevistas, retos express y más...

Railroad Roll-By

By Broadway Media
A podcast for railfans and casual train enthusiasts that discusses current rail news and events, and model railroading.

Free Four All

Free Four All is an actual play podcast from PolarCap! We've got monsters, mayhem, mysteries, and horrible mistakes. Most of us are very bad at this.

» You Are All Alone Podcast

By Nick Richardson
Welcome to You Are All Alone, a narrative podcast following our main character DuPaul 1,100 years from the present 1,000 years and after the fall of man.

Realm & Ruin

By Realm & Ruin
Welcome to Realm & Ruin! We are a Warhammer 40k/Fantasy/Age of Sigmar podcast where discuss latest news and lore within the various universes.

NEXCO東日本 Presents ヤンの気ままにドライブ


Command Hand: A Star Wars Legion Podcast

By Glenmore Studios
Command Hand is your ultimate Star Wars Legion podcast, bringing you updates on Community, the Hobby, and competitive Strategy for the Star Wars Legion tabletop miniatures wargame by Fantasy Flight Games.

Possibly Peculiar

By Tiffany Theriault
On Possibly Peculiar we talk about all aspects of life . We discuss strange or unusual experiences we have encountered or heard of. Join us as we keep it weird.


Programas curtos com temas extras que podem, ou não, ser diferentes dos episódios maiores.

Countdown To Classic - A World Of Warcraft Classic Podcast

By Josh Corbett
A podcast that educates, informs and gossips about the highly anticipated World of Warcraft: Classic.

What Not To Do On A Podcast

What not to do on a podcast, is a title I choose because it pretty much sums up my life, always doing everything the hard way. Each episode will packed full of my weekly thoughts, endeavors, and hopefully along the way I figure out what I actually can do.

Miles Lennon Talks (a lot)

By Miles Lennon / Anchor
Thoughts from Miles Lennon

Ramping with Dave

By Chris / Anchor
Ramping with Dave, featuring Murphy's weekly wisdom and tales from the front

Paperback Apparition

Supernatural Warnings stories.

Reef News Network

By Reef News Network
Reef News Network is a weekly podcast dedicated to the saltwater enthusiast and Reefkeeping hobbyist. Every week your hosts Peter and Jeremy will bring to you industry news, tips, listener calls, featured topics and special guests. This show is fun and upbeat while being educational and informative, so remember keep your eyes on your tank and your ears in the reef!

Vida K7.mp3 – Vida K7

By Vida K7.mp3 – Vida K7
Programa mensal do Vida K7 focado em música com os irmãos siczera e Vice

What Am I Rolling? Podcast

By Fiona Howat
A twice-monthly tabletop and live roleplaying podcast hosted by newcomer gamemaster Fiona. Every month (or thereabouts), Fiona will take a group of players (mostly Fiona's friends who have been conned into playing) and run them through a brand new one shot adventure, testing out a different RPG game style or system.

TapeDeck – Vida K7

By TapeDeck – Vida K7
Programa mensal do Vida K7 trazendo discussões sobre assuntos diversos com todo o conhecimento de pessoas que não sabem nada.

Tri Fate Saga StoryCast

By Tri Fate Saga
Cothein, a world in a late-medieval time piece, is on the brink of a mechanical revolution. This remote and struggling country has been in contact with two other sister worlds through portal-like phenomena know as The Rifts. The factions from these worlds have been peaceful for nearly 300 years while studying and attempting to understand why and how these connections exist. However, the first Rift event connecting all three worlds has left Cothein with a bombardment of soldiers and citizens f...

Magic: The Final Frontier

By Kevin Finkle & friends
Magic: The Gatherings newest format, Frontier! Come listen to some of the best frontier players in the online world talk about ... well ... Frontier!!!

Drops – Vida K7

By Drops – Vida K7
Programa semanal do Vida K7 comentando noticias mais importantes da cultura pop.


By FAAP On Demand
Seus MCs Rodolfo Capelas e Lucas Pinho partem de um lançamento no cenário do RAP nacional, para uma conversa ampla sobre todo o universo do RAP brasileiro, versando sobre técnicas, letras, instrumentais, biografia dos músicos e o significado das composições. Chega mais e PodFalah.

Japanese Talk

By Anibros Creative
Japanese Talk is a podcast that has Jennifer's own experience and advice for people learning Japanese. It focuses on inspiring and enabling people to learn on their own and in their own way.

Otafu Susume

By Anibros Creative
Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse – where Wes and Jenn recommend anime / manga / comics / movies etc to each other. Then discuss (and judge) each other’s suggestions.

Third-Life Crisis

By Jon Michael Gomez
Not quite a Mid-life crisis just yet, but close. Hello All! Welcome to our Third-Life Crisis podcast. Come listen to three long time friends discuss topics that range from pop culture, to tech, to sports, to lifestyles, and everything in between. Join us on our journey as we approach 30 years of age and navigate our own Third-Life Crisis. From big milestones to the mundane events of adulthood, we hope to discuss our perspectives of life and provide some entertainment along the way. Make sur...

Yes and Dragons

By David Marino
Yes and Dragons explores the exciting relationship between improvisation and RPGs. With 20 years experience on the improv stage, and 30 years on both sides of the RPG table, Director of Improv at Curry College David Marino talks with award winning authors, world class improvisers, game designers, educators and more about how to make your characters and stories come alive by following the "rules" of improv theater. Want your game to level up?  Yes And Dragons! Questions or comments? Yesanddr...

Middle Age Noobs: The M.A.N. Show

By Middle Age Noobs
During the show we will update you on what’s happening here at Middle Age Noobs Gaming Community and the community at large. Now you will be able to stay connected even off the pitch or away from Discord! So for those of you who are busy during the work week or can’t pay attention as much as you’d like can better stay in the loop with what we are up to!

c't zockt

By c't Magazin
Die etwas anderen Spieletipps - alle zwei Wochen stellt die Redaktion des Computermagazins c't originelle Indie-Spiele, neue Spielkonzepte und Freeware-Tipps vor.