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Stell dir vor du würdest erkennen wenn du träumst, du hättest die volle Kontrolle. Du könntest Fliegen, Fremde Welten bereisen, gegen Voldemort kämpfen, Alpträume und Ängste besiegen und dir sogar vorstellen, dass Triluzid den Upload-plan einhält, all das ist möglich, im Klartraum. In diesem Podcast reden wir über unsere Klartraumerfahrungen, verschiedene Techniken und beantworten eure Fragen zum Thema.

Qwerty Rotten Scoundrels - Typewriter Podcast

By Randy Porter
In a world of ever-changing technological advances, Randy has a weird obsession with old, broken typewriters. Unlike his other obsessions, bad movies and comic books, he found it was tough going when searching for a typewriter podcast -- so he decided to make his own. What he lacks in actual knowledge he hopes to make up with sheer enthusiasm. Also, he's committed to bringing on guests who actually know what they're talking about. What can possibly go wrong?

アニメ!アニメ! News

By 株式会社イード

Side Scopes's Podcast

By Side Scopes

Machinery Pete

By AgriTalk
Machinery Pete joins AgriTalk each week to talk about the latest in used farm equipment trends and prices.


By なみ×しじみ
永遠に14歳!な腐女子二人が毎回色んなテーマを元にBL雑談をするポッドキャストです。世間様とは無関係です。何かありましたらTwitter(@fujoxfujo)もしくはメール([email protected])までお願いします。

Cyber Shock: A Discussion Podcast About All Things Cyberpunk

By Fraser Simons, Kira Magrann, Hamish Cameron, Banana Chan, & Phil Vecchione
5 cyberpunk, analog game designers get together to discuss the sub-genre. New contributions, old ones, and things we'd love to see more of.


By ききかじり!~アニメ・漫画・映画の感想Podcast~
ライカ・笹だんご・パッちゃんが織りなすゆったりサブカル系 podcast

RWBY Dark Genesis RPG

By Marcus Henson
5 Friends and fans of the Rooster Teeth show, RWBY, invite you to join them as they experience an RPG adventure in weekly podcasts/vlogcasts within the RWBY world of Remnant.Set 25 years before the events of RWBY Volume 1 Episode 1, Marcus as GM narrates and guides an amazing cast of players: Alex, Alexander, Matt and Ron, through their characters, Aurata, Zure, Cyan and Johnny on a journey of adventure, discovery, laughter and action!If you're a fan of Geek and Sundry's Critical Role, Yogcas...

Dinner and a Game Present's:

By Dinner and a Game
We are a live action role play podcast trying to bring attention to games systems that do not get as much mainstream light! We love D&D and Pathfinder but there is a lot more out there and folks deserve to get a taste of the whole menu! We are also going to be doing a topic round table style talk show about the table top gaming hobby! Please enjoy the ride as we take this journey togehter!

Sunshine FM 104.9 The Garden Show with the Garden Guru Glen Jeavons

By Steven Centofanti
Garden show with Cam Young & Glen Jeavons

Suddenly, Tabletop

Suddenly, Tabletop is a pop-up RPG podcast. We bring tabletop out into the world to run adventures with new and experienced gamers alike, then release the adventure on our podcast so we can share it with you!

Board Game Impact

By Bruce Brown - Board Game Impact Host
A podcast about the impact of gaming experiences.

Knights: A Marvel Podcast

By Ethan Ainsworth
Home of Knights: A Marvel Podcast. Knights deals with street-level heroes and underrated stories with the occasional focus on bigger heroes and absurd stories from Marvel's past. (Released weekly or bi-weekly on Sundays)

The Time of Reckoning Actual Play Podcast

By The Time of Reckoning Actual Play Podcast
The Time of Reckoning, an Actual Play Podcast that started as D20 Modern but then quickly moved over to Fate Accelerated. Modern Day group of Legacy members, fighting the rising darkness in the world.

Links & Libations Podcast

By Excited Minds Media
Hosts Randy Weckerly and Tim Bona introduce the new Links & Libations Podcast, the companion audio experience of Links & Libations Magazine.

Dogs Out

By Dogs Out
My dream is to learn about dogs, and share what I learn in hopes of educating others. I'll be launching a podcast & Youtube channel where I'll share what I learn in hopes of adding value to others. Mi sueño es aprender sobre perros y compartir lo que aprenda con la esperanza de educar a otros. Anunciaré mi podcast y canal de Youtube donde compartiré lo que aprendo. Mi esperanza es que pueda ser algo que ayude a enriquecer la vida de otras personas.

Concentration Check

By Higley Media
Join in the discovery and tense moments which face the party in the world of Theia as DM Matt leads a group of friends through a tense world on the brink of war. Concentration check is a D&D 5th edition actual play audio podcast.

Queens of Adventure

By Queens of Adventure
Dungeons & Dragons & Drag Queens come together in a comedy adventure podcast!


By いしかわごうの「人生はかけあわせでうまくいく」
サッカーと将棋に関する著者は10冊以上!サッカーライター、将棋観戦記者、そしてマルティプライド戦略プロデューサーの顔を持つ、いしかわごうによるポッドキャスト番組。トップアスリートや一流棋士を間近で取材してきた経験から学んだ成功哲学や自己管理力とは何なのか?近年では日本将棋連盟公認の将棋×フットサルコラボグッズを企画したいしかわごうが、ナンバーワンを作り出すポジショニングや、自分の武器とブランドを作り出す掛け合わせ戦略を伝えていきます。 公式[email protected]: @lhs7135s Mail:[email protected] 番組のご感想・ご質問などは、[email protected]やMailまでお送りください


By Fm立四
立于四维 听见不同世界的声音

Range Minded Podcast

By Independence Indoor Shooting
Conversation about anything and everything firearms from Ricky Casner, Steve Zimmerman, and Mark Long

The Blitzed Book Club

By Karri Allen
Welcome to The Blitzed Book Club! We are a group of friends who love books, booze, and chatting the night away. We read a new book every month and answer discussion questions about it....while progressively getting drunk AF! We will feature a drink each episode based on the book we are discussing and provide you with the recipe so you can try it at home! Come join our club!


Elgin City podcast - completely unofficial, but 110% dedicated to all things Black and White. Find us on Twitter @ECFCpodcast

Угол обзора

By Sonar.1
Дружеские беседы о фотографии и искусстве. Возможно, без академической подготовки, но всегда с желанием разобраться.

Striyver Nation

By Michael Davidson
From Photoshop to Photography and everything in between!

Boleta Russa – Zona E |

Olá amigos da Rede Glob… Não, espera! Olá amigos ouvintes do mais novo podcast sobre a Copa do Mundo 2018 na Rússia: o Boleta Russa!!! Esse é um simples programa piloto para explicar como vai funcionar o projeto e como será nossa cobertura diária, isso mesmo que você ouviu! COBERTURA DIÁRIA!!! Sobre os jogos da Copa. E é claro, com destaque para os jogos do Brasil-sil-sil!!! A cada edição nosso host Roberto Segundo se juntará a Thiago Almeida e Denis Augusto para comentar os jogos, placares...

娱乐逗翻天 | 逗瓣

By 逗瓣

A Dubbed Guide To Anime

By Josh McAtee
The Anime Podcast that cant take its self serious. Were all about Community and trying to bring more people into the anime fold while fighting against anime stereotypes. Anime is an art form that has something for everyone. Personally we have learned more from fictional characters than from actual people. The perfect blend of reviews, odds & ends, comedy, and life stories for your Otaku brain! Come join our community at

A Goofy Movie Minute

By Triceratumblebee Media
This podcast is dedicated to 1995's A Goofy Movie. A movie you may remember, perhaps hazily. It's a weird movie. It's got lots of strange stuff in it. Join Brianne and Nathan as we go through a Goofy Movie one minute at time and point out all the stuff.

Gluten Free BrewPod

By Brian Rycyna
A show trying to talk to anyone involved in gluten free brewing.

Pens on the Go

By Albert Hernandez
Talking about pens on the way to work

The Final Boys

By The Final Boys
We are The Final Boys, two dudes who love everything Horror.

Justuff League

By RI Free Radio
Our weekly podcast will take you through the changing land of collectibles – antiques, toys, comic books, memorabilia, and fine art – what’s hot and what’s not – and how you can keep informed on the changing trends to make you successful. Whether this is your career or a passionate hobby, you’ll want to follow us as we take you through what you need to know to create your path to success. Join us – the Justuff League: -Travis Landry, Director of Pop Culture for Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers...

Just Keep Spinning

By Just Keep Spinning
A weekly podcast located in Arizona focusing on music and record culture. The hosts are two regular collectors who love to dig and want to highlight others in their community.

The Firm - Another Guild Ball Podcast

By The Firm
Welcome to The Firm, yet another Guild Ball podcast - go on, give it a go. We're two Guild Ballers who chat after every game and every tournament. Unfortunately for you we've decided to start recording these chats. Join us for a Guild Ball audio adventure. Opening and closing music: Twisted Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


By きゃなめる

Richtung: Jetzt!

By Jannis und Max
Jannis, Max - Podcast. 2 Freunde reden. Über was? Über alles. Fühl dich eingeladen 2 jungen Männern von nebenan zuzuhören, die vielleicht die gleichen Probleme, Freuden, Sorgen und Gaudis erleben wie Du...oder auch nicht. Sei ein Teil davon. Unter [email protected] erreichst Du uns. Lass alles da, was Du da lassen möchtest. Viel Spaß!

Beer Entrepreneur

By Mike Campbell / Anchor
The Beer Entrepreneur podcast will interview beer makers and enthusiasts and share stories about how they scaled their businesses.

Aribos Podcast

By Aribos Podcast
Gunpla | Airsoft | Gaming

Catarsis Vandálica

By Lucas Boltrino / Anchor
Lo primero que me salga, con un poco de edición.

L'amour de Maiki pour...

By Café Gaming
Maiki a de l'amour à revendre. Il vous parle de ces passions dans ce podcast court (5 mn) : jeux vidéo, films, séries...


By ぱんちどらんか~・スリルゼル

turtle talk time

By Avery Miller
turtle talk time. were all about turtles!! we will teach you how to care for your turtle/tortoise. This Podcast was created using


By Wingwindy
作者:武志红 出版社:世界图书出版公司 副标题:揭示家庭中的心理真相 出版年:2007-5-1 页数:312 定价:27.00元 ISBN:9787506286725 本书精选“健康·心理”专栏32篇阐述家庭教育与个人成长的文章,包括父母溺爱、高考压力、青少年网络成瘾等方方面面的家庭问题。所取案例真实,分析透彻入理。专业的心理学原理与概念在作者笔下变得生动鲜活,足以被所有普通人理解、接受,进而促进为人父母者的成长,不让家庭伤人的悲剧再次重演。


By 클래식음악
클래식음악을 어렵다 여기셨나요? 이제 저의 수다와 함께 조금씩 클래식음악을 알아보시면 어떨까요? 재밌게 해드릴께요~^^

The Earth Friendly Gardener

By Linda Kelso
A podcast that will help you design, create, and maintain a beautiful, vibrant, sustainable garden.

Vírgula Dobrada Podcast

Tirando você do cotidiano para um conteúdo saudável e aconchegante. — Toda segunda sim e outra não

Vuelo 616: Comic Airlines – La tecnologería

By La Tecnologería
Un viaje para conocer los entresijos del mundo del cómic, en especial del universo Marvel

The Pipe Professor

Season 1, Episode 1 of the Pipe Professor Podcast. Join Jake Lee and Dr. Kyle Andrew as they discuss some difficult choices and Christmas topics all while enjoying our pipes and tobaccos.


By 99.9 Valencia Radio
La teua radio. 99.9 Valencia Radio (@999vlcRadio). La radio de los valencianos. 99.9 Valencia Radio. Valencia.

Last Action Podcast

By GameZilla Media
The Last Action Podcast will explore the expansive genre of action movies. Providing plenty of fun commentary, film making trivia, classic action movie reviews, special film topics, and current news on today's action flicks from the hosts LPJ and Sphinx.

Hive Mind

By Dustin Cassinelli
A podcast for Beekeepers, by a Beekeeper. Join me as I go through the history, methods, and various facts of bees and beekeeping!

By David Wilt
We do live-plays of many different Role Playing games. From Dungeon Crawl Classics to Scum and Villainy, you'll find something here you enjoy. We also do GM round table discussions and training, as well as tips and tricks for GMs and Players alike.

Rolling Doubles

By Ryan Schneider and Jacob Russell
Welcome to the Rolling Doubles Podcast! This internet radio show is about two board game enthusiasts who have never met and rolled the dice...on friendship. RD are two guys who decided to collaborate on a podcast after meeting randomly on Twitter. They decided that it would be fun as they got to know each other to share their stories about board games through a monthly(ish) podcast. Each episode will discuss games played, fun segments and questions to each other to get to know their board ...


By Thankee
Rakt in i hjärnan från Warpfuel Gasstation UÅ - Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Warhammer 40k - Övrigt Warhammer snack!

Van Chat

By vanl1fe
Listen, Comment & Join In

Les Curieux du Cosmos

By Anthony Picard
Apprenez l'astrophotographie pas à pas

Outdoor Omnivore

By Ken Roessner & Evan Siembida
Hey there and welcome! Outdoor omnivore is hopefully an entertaining channel featuring the down to earth knowledge and skills of Evan and Ken. Two Ohio fellas that love to get food the fun way. Listen in as they shout into the void about the nutritious foods that are overlooked and unknown by most. This isn't a standard white tails and walleyes podcast. things get a bit "different" in the target species. Enjoy these two muddling their way through the great outdoors.

Possum's Big Fiddle Show

By Charlie Walden
Join Charlie Walden (a.k.a The Possum) as he wrassles with the most frustrating and yet most satisfying musical instrument of all - "The Devil's Box". Charlie shares interviews, travels, recommendations, reviews and more. Let's face it, there are few better ways to waste time than playing the fiddle. Find out why and how on Possum's Big Fiddle Show!

RCA Podcast

By Sawyer Woodsmall
If you love comics, video games, star wars and all things pop culture, than this is the podcast. Join the movement! We are glad you have taken the time to check us out and we hope you enjoy the podcast! We upload weekly segments on comics and comics news. We also discuss comic book movies and have various segments through the show. Hope you enjoy!

Los chicos del podcast

By Los chicos del podcast
Primera temporada de los Chicos del Podcast en la que hablaremos sobre diversos juegos analizándolos y dando nuestra opinión sobre ellos además de dar las noticias, próximos lanzamientos y etc...todo con un toque de humor. Redes Sociales: Twitter:@chicosdelpodcast Instagram:@loschicosdelpodcast Facebook: Los chicos del podcasr

Mud & Blood

By Matt Kay & Liam Stevens
A podcast about dark & grim tabletop RPGs


By Sponge
Daily news about Coffee

Slightly Off Topic Gaming

By Slightly
A gaming podcast like no other. Sure, we have game reviews and will keep you up to date on all your relevant gaming news. The highlight of this podcast is our Streamer Spotlight, an interview style podcast that centers around video game streamers and their stories.

Ketchup with Crablegs

By Cole Lassetter and Cody Meeks
Join us in our casual lifelong friend conversations where we try to touch on thought provoking concepts, pitch fun ideas, and some lighter topics of debating silly arguments or our hardly habits session. Overall we want to inspire our audience to think of big ideas and instigate societal thoughts without plunging too far in depth and also to remember to take in the small things as a reminder to enjoy the little aspects of life that bring a small chuckle to their day.

BKF Dynasty Football Podcast

By Fantasy Football
Dynasty football theory and strategy.

Barrel Racer Land

By Sarai Angelle, Stacy Miller
Welcome to Barrel Racer Land, where dreams and s**t shows come true! A podcast for barrel racers, by barrel racers! Come chase the proverbial unicorn with Sarai and Stacy as they surf the highs and lows of one of the craziest sports on earth.

Der Führungsfrau Podcast

Der Podcast zum Blog! Work und Life und Balance - einfach über das Leben!

Players Wanted Podcast

By Players Wanted Podcast
The Players Wanted Podcast was created with the primary goal of helping the board game community grow. We believe that modern board gaming is one of the finest hobbies someone can have! We also believe that it can be a difficult hobby to adopt. It is vast, complex and sometimes difficult to share. To achieve our primary goal, we discuss ideas for sharing the hobby with others. Our secondary goal is to educate new gamers on the intricacies of the modern board gaming hobby – from understandin...

BeamSaber: A Game Of Pilots And Their Mechs

By Austin Ramsay
Beam Saber is a game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it. These are their stories.

Gearing Up

By Greg Dunn
The audio companion to everything from

Mares in Black

By Heather Malone, Jackie Rossi,
Mares in Black. A model horse podcast for hobbyists, by hobbyists.

MTG Pro Talk

By MTG Pro Talk / Anchor
An esports site covering professional Magic: The Gathering players and teams.

Drowning in Manga

A podcast where Varun (VLordGTZ) and Allison (Meowth900) discuss the endless abyss of manga! Listen as they have weekly discussions about Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine series as well as talk about other manga that are burning a hole in their backlogs!

Shining Kingdom - A D&D 5th Edition Improv Adventure

By Elstro Production
Join unlikely friends and adventurers Maluna Shadowgrimace, Aguayo the Papist, and Shaeyna Tealeaf in the world of Saddothra as their simple mission to loot an old lost mine thrusts WAY more responsibility to save the world upon them than anyone was in the mood for. This is the Dungeons & Dragons live play podcast for players and non-players alike. Whether you're a masterful minmaxer or you couldn't care less what a critical attack bonus is, you'll be anxiously awaiting to hear the outco...


By Saga Games Studio
What’s this you say? Another actual play RPG Podcast?! Why yes, yes, it is. We here at Saga Games would like to welcome you to our premier into Podcasting! Welcome to EctoCast! In this podcast you will hear the charming musings of five “good” friends delightfully, and frightfully, capturing ghosts in this Ghostbuster themed Role Playing Game, all led by Ghostmaster Matt! We are raunchy as all hell and so easily distracted to the chagrin of our GM Matt. Please join us as we discover our...


By ScarSacul
Pen-&-Paper-Rollenspiel per Voicechat


By 虾丸

Best of Three

Best of Three is board game review/competition show where three hosts duke it out to determine which game best matches the theme for the episode. Only one game can be crowned the "Best of Three!" Available on @NonPro!

Todo Dia Um Episódio

By Diego Andrade
Episódios de 7 minutos TODOS OS DIAS? Acompanhe em e apoie o projeto: Projeto idealizado por Diego Andrade.

DLF Family of Podcasts

A unified podcast feed for all of the podcasts in the DLF Family of podcasts, including - the DLF Dynasty Podcast, the Read and React IDP Podcast, the Commission Impossible Podcast, the DLF Player Rater Podcast, the Fantasy Football Engineering Podcast, the Dynasty Game Night Podcast, the Superflex Supershow Podcast, and the Dynasty Double Take Podcast. Find details and individual feeds for all of these podcasts, and a ton of dynasty fantasy football content at