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Cognitive Gamer
By Stephen Blessing
I examine how cognitive psychology can help explain and inform how we play games. Each episode looks at how a particular cognitive phenomenon affects game playing. All types of games are considered, from board games to video games to games of chance. Check out for more information.
By Hobbyquerschnitt
Ich bin mit knapp 50 Jahren durch eine vermutlich unsaubere Spritze im Rollstuhl gelandet. Hier erzähle ich ein bisschen aus meinem Leben als Hobbyquerschnitt...
Five Hole Fantasy Hockey
By TJ Branson, Zac Vogel
Two Dudes discuss fantasy hockey in its entirety. Pickups, Drops, Tips and Tricks coming at ya from the Almighty internet.
En Hundpodcast med Hannah & Annika
80% hund, 20% annat. En podcast om hundar livet, hälsa och ohälsa. Allvar blandat med trams. Högt och lågt. Stort och smått. Och allt där emellan.
Writer Improv
By Writinginthelab
Writer Improv, where you take a randomly generated plot and see what you can do with it until time runs out.
Ride Home Review Podcast
By Paul Schmidt
My name is Paul and I love movies. I still love the thought of going to the theater to see them. When it's over, I love to go over my initial reaction and talk about it. I decided to turn my phone camera on and record it while driving home. These reviews are the result to how I feel about a movie as soon as I've seen it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy doing them! Also, follow along with me here: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
TCbH Reviews
By The Cardboard Herald
We give you audio versions of our Tabletop Game Reviews, then talk about our creative processes and additional thoughts on the game.
Darkliy Lit Podcast
By Kaela Berry & Jesse Reyes
Each month we delve into a different example of horror literature. Encouraging listeners to read and send in their own comments and questions to discuss on the podcast.
Die Photologen
By Falk G. Frassa & Thomas B. Jones
Herzlich Willkommen in der Sprechstunde der Photologie! Wir, die Photologen, sind zwei Fotografen aus Leidenschaft, die auf gleicher Welle fotografieren und neuerdings auch podcasten und bloggen. Charmant und sympathisch unangepasst rocken wir die Welt der Fotografie, tanzen (mit der Kamera in der Hand) auf mehreren Hochzeiten und genießen jede Inspiration, die wir nur finden können. Wir geben Dir hier einen unterhaltsamen Einblick in unsere Leidenschaft. Damit wollen wir Dich weder belehren noch verwässern, sondern mit Dir gemeinsam immer wieder Schritte nach vorne machen. Herzliche Grüße! Eure Photologen, Thomas B. Jones & Falk Gustav Frassa
Podcast Launchpad: The podcast to help plan, build, and improve your show
By Pat Krane
Join Pat Krane as he helps you plan, build and improve your own podcast with his tips and tricks, answering listener questions, and giving the tools you need to start and grow your show. Plus, Pat talks to established podcast producers about their personal journeys to give you some insight how others have found success.
Adventurer's Log Podcast
By Dorin Adam
RPG podcast focused on storytelling and exploring different RPG storytelling tropes.
Beauté, bien-être France Bleu RCFM
By France Bleu
Conseils pour être belle, zen et naturelle. - Ein Podcast über Foto, Film und Audio
By Siegfried Fock
Der Foto- und Filmemacher-Podcast. Alles was es über Foto Film und Audio zu berichten gibt.
By 卯时某刻
您好!感谢您关注卯时某刻,每天与您一起知识分享! 如果您是一个音乐爱好者,您会在这看到许多有趣的东西跟着我们每天积累,会让您发现音乐中更多的美好,让您更好的欣赏音乐! 如果您是一个音乐自学者(尤其是学乐器的,通常学习乐理占的比例不大),在这里您会理清一条学习的思路,我们会把教材里的漏点补齐、难点简单化、错点正确化。还有大量的资料收集和实战总结。每天与我们坚持积累,搞定您的乐理,让您的音乐素养得到一个很好的强化! 如果您是一个音乐专业的学生或是从业者,每个人对音乐的理解不同,或许您可以在这看到不同的东西和总结。 我们的音乐专栏分为3个部分:每日音符、和弦应用、乐理积累。 《每日音符》:音符是音乐的基础,用耳朵分辨出每个音,并落实到纸或乐器上是个必备的技能,每天与您一起积累一个乐曲小段,从简到繁,一步一步帮您建立对音符的感知。 《和弦积累》:和声可以改变旋律的走向、烘托乐曲的氛围,每周与您一起分析2个和弦的用法,一步一步帮您建立对和弦的感知。 《乐理积累》:乐理是音乐的理论基础,每周一期的乐理讲解,一步一步帮您理解音乐的系统。 这一系列的音乐学习栏目都是从0基础开始的,所以6月1号开始每天更新《每日音符》,从简单的选段开始,让您先对音符有所熟悉后,6月18日开始每周日更新《乐理基础》,用4期节目了解一些乐理最基础的东西后,7月11日开始每周二、周五更新《和弦积累》。 如果您有一定的基础,可根据自身情况自由选择内容进行观看! 卯时某刻不是课堂,而是您的私人助理,帮您制定学习计划、帮您解决难点、帮您收集和总结。繁琐的活儿交给我们,轻松的学习留给您自己。期待大家的关注和留言,卯时某刻—每天与您一起知识积累!
Unlucky Traveller
By Ira Yake
Worldbuilding ideas and inspiration for universe creation
Школа молодых отцов
Новый проект утреннего шоу "Шоу Утром". В эфир приходят гости и рассказывают о тех проблемах, с которыми могут столкнуться молодые родители. Куда отвезти ребенка поиграть, что предложить ему почитать, какие музеи могут быть интересны, какими средствами лечить заболевания?
Cuppa Haters
By Marco Lühn
Cuppa Haters - Der Podcast Wrestling-Podcast mit Schwerpunkt WWE. Besprechen und analysieren der wöchentlichen Sendungen und der PPV's, sowie Specials zu vergangenen Äras, Superstars und Storylines. Sowie Games, andere Sportarten, Wrestler in Hollywood usw
Commander Time!
By Nate Burgess, Dean Gootee, Patrick Sippola
Wherein three EDHREC writers ramble on about their process of building Commander decks and playing them. Games! Cats and dogs! A goofy song! [email protected] @commandtime @grubfellow @misterplorg @detectiveyarmas
Pros of Cons
By Janeczko, Levy, Gerardo
A weekly podcast discussing in detail the ins-and-outs of cosplay, conventions, and cosplay photography while trying to give insightful opinions on some of the more polarizing issues.
Aubrey's SlimeCast
By Tucker Punch Productions
Aubrey and friends explore the wonderful, wide world of slime.
Couch Crunchers
By CouchCrunchers
3 fanboys who want to ensure Superheroes, Sci-Fi & Fantasy stay relevant in mainstream culture by declaring our battle-cry "Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...Unite!!!"
By mazyar
bento z. tt vice hatten kein Interesse, deswegen landet alles in einem Podcast
김효상의 플레이투스테이지 (Play to Stage)
By 김효상
[마포FM]공연을 소개하고 공연을 이야기하고 공연을 만나보는 공연전문방송 플레이투스테이지
Crunchy Queer
By Bec Savage
It's like those crunchy mom blogs, but queerer, and the kids are cats.
Dark Spell: An Original RPG Adventure
By Trinity Force Network
Join host and DM Motgnarom as he leads his party through the world of Eard: a land brimming with ancient magics. Dark Spell is a rules-light custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign that focuses on fun storytelling, interesting characters, and solid audio production. Tune in every Friday for new episodes!
Falando a Real
By Maggoo
Falando a real é um podcast sobre MultiMídia, CrossMídia e TransMídia, Com Maggoo (@realMaggoo).
Jagten på den Perfekte Smagsoplevelse
By KhAg - PodcastMadeBy
Historien er startet. En podcast om smag. En podcast om oplevelser. En podcast om øl. Masser af øl. De to brygmestre Lasse og Claus jagter den perfekte smagsoplevelse i øllet Episode #01 Sæson #01 Med et glimt i øjet og en stor kærlighed til øl, tage de to brygmestre et nysgerrigt kig på pilsneren og der spørges: Kan en pilsner være andet end en masseproduceret tørstslukker? [3:25] Alt om pilsner! [21:00] Hvad drikker bryggeren? Top 3: Pilsner [28:40] Skål! Der drikkes.... [52:00] Næste gang.... GIN & Øl Jagten på den Perfekte Smagsoplevelse er et branded samarbejde mellem Frederiksberg Bryghus - der elsker at brygge god øl og KhAg - der elsker at producere gode podcasts. Stil et spørgsmål -> Anmeld "Jagten på den Gode Smagsoplevelse" i iTunes og skriv dit spørgsmål i anmeldelsesfeltet. Link: www.KhAg.dkA
푸드위키 ; 식탁에서 아는 척 하기
By 마이노, 노미, 말포이
식탁에서 아는 척 할 수 있는 얕고 넓지만 정확한 지식을 공유합니다.
By 이거어때
좀 아는 언니와 좀 모르는 동생의 수다가 시작됩니다. 뷰티, 패션, 여행 등등 일상 다반사에 대한 그들의 수다!
만화야 미안해
당당한 니트족 식샤 , 이첨지 , 아홉수의 만화 이야기
That Being Said...
By AFewGoodFilms
Josh and Jordan Danque talk brickfilm animation, filmmaking, and whatevers on their minds.
Motor City Shadows
By Radio Roleplay
Motor City Shadows is a Radio Drama set in the city of Detroit within the dystopian universe of the Sixth World of Shadowrun. The main characters are Shadowrunners, outlaws of a corrupt and exploitative society from which they have either fled or been exiled. From these shadows the characters strike back at the mega corporations that have stolen control of every nation on the planet from the helpless citizens within. One day our heroes may be free from the Shadows. Until then, they will be forced to run within them.
Our Power Is Out: A Role Playing Podcast
Join a bunch of friends on a mighty quest. Currently Playing D&D 5E, Future games to come!
Neil Sperry's GARDENS
By Neil Sperry's GARDENS
Neil Sperry's name is synonymous with Texas Gardening. Since 1970 he has provided Texas gardeners with accurate, timely information through his magazine, radio programs, books, newspaper columns, annual Texas gardening calendars, and more.
FM38.1 琥珀台
By 進擊的鵬飛
《星际偶遇拉普达》伴着跳动的音符,与你在节目中放飞心情。 《动漫穿梭机》为你介绍最新最快的动漫资讯,播放精心挑选的动漫歌曲,与你畅游动漫世界 由于时间不便并不保证能经常更新,希望后续还会制作全新的节目
By Pascal Simon
In diesem Podcast hört ihr die zusammengefassten Geschichten aus einer Rollenspielgruppe, welche die fünfte Edition von Dungeons & Dragons spielt. Dazu erklärt der Dungeon Master, warum er bestimmte Entscheidungen getroffen hat, um anderen die Angst davor zu nehmen, selbst eine Gruppe zu leiten.
Virtualshoponline, el Podcast - Manualidades - DIY
Podcast de Manualidades, el podcast en el que hablamos de técnicas y materiales más novedosos y de todo aquello relacionado con este sector. Todos los miércoles por la mañana, un capítulo nuevo.
Der Gedankenwege-Podcast
By Gedankenwege
Worüber man denken kann, kann man auch reden. Wir reden über verschiedenen Themen und senden immer montags, alle zwei Wochen. Die Woche dazwischen erscheint eine Sendung aus einem unserer Themenkanäle.
Living Life with the Microphone On with Bill Jordan
By Bill Jordan
Musings from the heart and mind of radio legend Bill Jordan
3D Printer Chat Show - The 3D Printing Podcast
By Chris Garrett, Håkan Fägnell, Miles Scott
Stay up to date and keep informed about 3d printers, the 3d printing industry, and 3d printing as a hobby, with your presenters and expert guests from around the 3d printing world!
NTR Radio
By She's Lost Control Media
NTR Radio is a bi-weekly anime and otaku media podcast hosted by three anime fans with broad tastes and similar perspectives. Join Timeenforceranubis, kgods, and VZMk2 as they discuss the most pressing topics anime fans care about. This is -not- your average anime podcast!
Comp Hammer Radio
By Comp Hammer Radio
A podcast for Competitive 40k! An all inclusive podcast where anyone can join in! If you want to be a guest or do a little content yourself just shoot us an email! Our goal is to discuss and release content that any level of competitive 40k play can use. From the new tournament player to the champions among us. The goal is that We will be releasing a by weekly show and smaller snips between that. Everyone is invited, shoot us an email! [email protected]
Complete The List
By ATQ Productions
Each episode, 3 players will attempt to name as many items as they can from lists in all categories ranging from TV, geography, movies, history, music, literature, and more! You too can play along at home to see if you can do better than our contestants!
By TV-spelspodden
En podcast om spelkulturen, mediets upplevelser och branschen i helhet.
Tyg, Svett och Tårar
By Lena Ostermann, Karin Törnquist
Karin och Lena pratar om att sy sina egna kläder. Vi samtalar om mode, stil, inspiration, sömnad, slöjd, hantverk, tyg och tråd. Ibland recenserar vi böcker och tipsar om filmer, events och annat roligt kring våra ämnen.
There Goes My Money!
By Brian Kilby
Each week Diecast reviews the official and third party Transformers products available for pre-order and tells you where you should spend your money and what you should skip!
By Bruce Pea, N9WKE is a podcast celebrating morse code, the CW operating mode and amateur radio. The show is hosted by Bruce Pea, N9WKE, and features conversations with interesting CW operators, offers useful CW operating tips, and encourages amateur radio operators at all levels to get on the air, have fun and enjoy operating CW!
DER Meerwasseraquariumpodcast mit Markus Mahl
By Meerwasseraquarium, Aquarientechnik, Korallen, Meerwasserfische, Problemlösungen und vieles mehr leicht und verständlich erklärt.
Markus Mahl' s ist ein Podcast für alle, vom Einsteiger bis zum Profi, die sich für Meerwasseraquaristik interessieren. Sein gesamtes Wissen aus über 3o Jahren Erfahrung in der Aquaristik gibt er hier Preis. Du findest hier vieles zum Thema Meerwasseraquaristik, Aquarientechnik, Aquarienwartung-und Pflege, Aquarienbau, Korallen, Meerwasserfische und Problemlösungen usw. . Abgerundet wird das Ganze durch interessante Interviewgäste aus der Aquaristikbranche. Markus Mahl ist seit seiner Kindheit begeisterter Aquarianer und hat seine Leidenschaft zum Beruf gemacht. Inzwischen hat er hunderte von Premium-Meerwasseraquarien in ganz Europa geplant und gebaut. Mit seinem Team führt er derzeit ca. 2000 professionelle Aquarienwartungen pro Jahr durch. Neben seiner Tätigkeit als Geschäftsführer der Aquarium West GmbH ist Makus Mahl ein gefragter Tester für die Aquaristikindustrie.
DSPN Presents
By Dont Split The Podcast Network
DSPN Presents is one-shot actual plays, pilots, panels, and more from the Don't Split the Podcast Network. Basically it's a grab bag of our favorite stuff that doesn't fit on another one of our podcasts. Hosted by Rudy Basso and James Introcaso. We love games and it's all about gaming!
Business of Craft
By Leanne Pressly, CEO Stitchcraft Marketing
The Business of Craft Podcast is a lively show where our host Leanne Pressly interviews business leaders and entrepreneurs of fiber arts, fabric, sewing and other creative companies so you can learn to craft a better business.
Drop Everything with Dan Holzman
By eJuggle
The official publication of the International Jugglers' Association. Podcasts about Juggling and interviews with jugglers. Juggling, juggling, juggling.
D20 Chronicles
By D20 Chronicles
A homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign using the rules of 5th Edition as a basis. This podcast will include violence, profanity and other adult themes. Listener discretion is strongly advised!
Short Stories with Capt. Kirk
By Kirk Griffin
Each week Capt. Kirk reads a different short story sometimes sci-fi sometimes fantasy but always amazing. Sit back relax and enjoy the stories
Story Works Round Table | Conversations About Craft | Before You Can Be a Successful Author, You Hav...
By Alida Winternheimer
Each week, co-hosts, Alida Winternheimer, author and writing coach at Word Essential, Kathryn Arnold, emerging writer, & Robert Scanlon, author of the Blood Empire series, have conversations about the craft of writing fiction. They bring diverse experiences and talents to the table from both the traditional and indie worlds. Our goal is for each episode to be a fun, lively discussion of some aspect of story craft that enlightens, as well as entertains. Sometimes we have special guests. All episodes are available in video as well. Visit for videos, show notes, and more.
형제들의 삶, 꿈, 비젼에 대해 이야기하는 방송입니다.
First Man Photography Podcast
By Adam Karnacz
Welcome to the First Man Photography Podcast. Hosted by photographer, vlogger, landscaper and water drop photography expert Adam Karnacz. The podcast includes questions and answers, stories from my travels and shoots, interviews, audio segments from the video series, landscape photography tips and tricks, gear talk and I also share a few of my thoughts and opinions from the photography world and beyond.
By [email protected] (Chance Carter & Colby Bryant)
GEEKS, ASSEMBLE!: Primarily, a conversation between two best friends, discussing various topics across fandoms and media from a Christian perspective. Whether it be tech, comics, movies, games, or you name it, we keep it brief and we strive to keep it insightful.
Binks' Stammtisch
Hier bei Binks' Stammtisch beschäftigen wir uns mit den Abenteuern des Jungen mit dem Strohhut. Neben verschiedenen Charakteren widmen wir uns natürlich allen Ereignissen neuer Kapitel oder besonderen Theorien, welche versuche Fragen in der Welt zu klären.
By Dave Clements
Looking for more geek culture to dive into? Have no fear! GEEK THIS! is the show you're looking for (hopefully). Every two weeks, Dave Clements explores a different facet in comic books and films with reviews, commentary, and discussions with occasional guests. All with minimal nerd rage.
Piratas do Espaço
By Contos Acabados
Conversas descontraídas sobre filmes e games, diversão e alegria
RPG Next: Contos Narrados
By [email protected]
Contos Narrados são áudios podcasts dramatizados contendo pequenas histórias de fantasia, ficção, aventura e até terror. Uma produção RPG Next.
1MoreGame Podcast
By 1MoreGame
1MoreGame Podcast is a weekly video game podcast hosted by a couple of Dads who love to game and love to talk about them. We provide insight and opinions to what we're playing and interview other players across the community for their take. Join us on Twitter @1MoreGaming and reach us via email at [email protected]
Magical Kingdoms - A Podcast Dedicated to Disney Parks
By Gray Houser
Your one-stop shop for all things Walt Disney World! News and reviews weekly.
The joe gardener Show - Grow Like a Pro - Organic Gardening - Vegetable Gardening - Expert Gardening...
By Joe Lamp'l
This podcast is devoted to all things gardening. National gardening television host, Joe Lamp'l, guides you through each episode with practical tips and information to help you become a better, smarter gardener, no matter where you are on your journey. This series has a strong emphasis on organic gardening and growing food, but covers a diverse range of topics from one of the country's most informed and leading gardening personalities today.
On Fire
By On Fire
On Fire é o podcasts mais errado do universo. Aqui você encontra piadolas com mendigos, detentos, imbecis e com os próprios participantes. Sem medo de se queimar, Gabriel, Ramon, Ana e Egenara brigam verbalmente com o convidado pelo título de rei da ofensa. Ouça-nos e tente manter tudo sobre controle pra não se queimar. Nós não conseguimos...
Secret Knitting
By Daniela Johannsenova
(not just) Secret Knitting - What you hear is what you knit...
Ashes of the Imperium | A new 40k podcast
By Ben Curry
Ashes of the Imperium is a Warhammer 40k 8th edition podcast. Dan, Steve and Ben are 3 gamers from the UK sharing their journey into Warhammer 40,000 from Games Workshop. Join us as we delve into the Dark Imperium. A Bad Dice Podcast show.
No Driving Gloves
By John Viviani, Will Posey, Derek Moore
3 automotive industry professionals musing over what ever they feel like. With backgrounds in restoration, conservation, street rods, and automotive history, who knows where the conversation will go.
Lasers, Babies and Beer!
By Deena the laser ninja, Jon the beer geek
Lasers, Babies and Beer is full of Craft beer talk, with random tangents about lasers and occasional baby noises.
Aleatório Cast
By Aleatório Cast
Podcast semanal que aborda assuntos Aleatórios, pertinentes ou não ao conhecimento dos seus apresentadores... Luiz Sousa, Fabinn Maia e marcioyg; (Novos episódios toda segunda feira! Assim esperamos...) @LSousa1908 @FabinnMaia @marcioyg
Radio Esperanto
By Aleksander Korĵenkov & Halina Gorecka
Sonprogramo en la internacia lingvo Esperanto el Kaliningrado (Ruslando)
Sleepless In Copenhagen
By Dragon Powered Studio
This is a podcast about everything, something and probably a lot of nothing. A kind of experiment where I’ll talk about things that interest me. A show to showcase all the amazing, weird, ridiculous and fantastic thoughts that goes through my mind. An audio blog where I talk, to myself, to others, and to you. A place where I share my thoughts with the world. A journey into the unknown. A place for me to explore, and for you to listen in.
Snappy Stitches Podcast
By Chrissy Graham
Adventures in knitting, hand spinning and other craftiness on the West Coast of Canada!
Traveling Stitches Podcast
By Noelle Burk
I'm a traveling knitter, crafter, and horse girl. Join me as I travel across the country and share in my knitting and fun!
Critical Role
By Geek & Sundry
Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. This is Critical Role!
Cada um no seu Canto
By Daniel Flandri
Um podcast sobre a voz humana, canto e técnica vocal
Tasty Minstrel Games Official Podcast
By Lance "UndeadViking" Myxter
This is the official podcast for Tasty Minstrel Games, hosted by Lance "UndeadViking" Myxter.
By Diceonauts
//Start der Aufzeichnung//Raumstandardzeit 2017.03.30, an Bord der Raumstation "Endless Sight".Ich hätte mir nicht träumen lassen, dass unsere Vision Wirklichkeit wird. Nun, wir sind hier oben. Vor uns tausende Welten. Jede mit ihrer eigenen Geschichte, mit ihren eigenen Bewohnern, Konflikten und Problemen. Und wir: mitten drin. Diese Welten zu entdecken, gemeinsam zu bereisen, Konflikte zu ändern, dafür sind wir hier.//Ende der Aufzeichnung//Herzlich Willkommen beim Podcast der Diceonauts- hier sprechen wir über Tabletops, Miniaturenspiele, Brettspiele, Rollenspiele, Spielen im Allgemeinen und das eine oder andere nerdige Thema! Viel Spaß!
By こりんご
Mays the Force Be With You
By Brian Mays
The Mays family's Star Wars adventures. Watching movies, collecting toys, reading books, playing games, and more! Come along as 8 year old Calvin and 4 year old Tegan share what they love about Star Wars with their parents and you! It's family friendly Star Wars fun in bite sized chunks.
Miami Let's Cast : A Video Game Podcast
By Magic City Take
Magic City Gamescast is a Podcast with me James from @miamiletsplay and Danny Z from @streamingbundles. Together we have created a video games podcast to share our views here in Miami, Florida. I hope that you will grow with us as we continue improve. Catch you on the podcast and Game On!
Man Dolly Variety Show
By The Man Dolly Cast
A lighthearted show on miniature war-gaming and hobby topics. We cover a variety of game systems and topics.
Outdoor Adventures
By Outdoor Adventures
Fish, Camp and Hike is a podcast to hear other outdoor men and women share their stories and experience's with you, the listener. Music Credits:
Movie Church
By Isaac Irvine
Did you grow up on the classic movies of the 80's and 90's? Shawn Pfunder and Isaac Irvine talk about these classic movies and how they impacted who we are today as adults. These movies shaped how we looked at the world and who we are as adults.
Two Hyp Chicks Podcast
By sleepingirl and cckitten
A hypnokink podcast: Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some hot trance? Of course you do! Join us for our podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! This content is 18+ and NSFW! Updates every other FRIDAY.
Tyyliniekan sisäpiiri
By Matti Airaksinen
Miksi suomalainen mies lankeaa tyylin pauloihin ja millainen on tyypillisen tyyliharrastajan taudinkuva? Näihin kysymyksiin tarjoavat vastauksia Tyyliniekan sisäpiirin Matti ja Antti, jotka ovat mainettaan säästelemättä kokeilleet lähes kaiken punaisista chinoista kenkien kiillottamiseen peuranluulla.
By Rodge
SAGA THORSDAY is your weekly source for Saga miniatures game content. Each week Rodge (aka the Wisco Horndog) and a friend will discuss various aspects of the Saga game including Battle Boards, tactics, events, painting tips, and more! We cover all the Saga Dark Age Skirmish supplements, Crescent and Cross, and Aetius and Arthur so tune in every week for Saga goodness!
Naturally Curious
By Naturally Curious
Each episode, we discuss one nonfiction comic book, normally of graphic novel length. We then explore themes and topics related to the book and wrap up with some fun random discoveries.
All Metal Mode's show
By All Metal Mode
Join us as we discuss metal detecting. Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time we do a live show with a guest discussing methods, history and anything metal detecting. We also do shows discussing specific metal detectors and equipment.
Comm Talk by Geek Devotions
By [email protected] (Geek Devotions)
Comm Talk an extension of the YouTube channel Geek Devotions which is a show by a couple of devoted geeks devoted to letting people know that they are loved. Comm Talk is a series of podcasts where geeks gather to share their passion for different geeky things freely.
By Admission Only
By PopCulture Addicts
As “geek culture” makes it’s way into mainstream pop culture, one of the first areas to get taken over is cinema. Marvel has undoubtedly created one of the biggest franchises in history with their cinematic universe. With new movies and superheroes on the horizon, we chronicle the first two phases of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.”
Beer Fueled Fantasy
By Beer Fueled Media
An alcohol podcast with a football problem
Behind the Hops
By Caleb Tipton
Behind the Hops tells the stories of the people and events that bring us one of the greatest things in the world: BEER!
Bird Podcast
By Shoba Narayan
Welcome to the Bird Podcast — hosted by Shoba Narayan. This podcast will focus largely on birds, specifically on Indian birds with occasional global forays. India is home to some 1200 bird species, amongst the highest in the world. This podcast showcases and highlights our feathered friends We will talk to naturalists and birders about common and special birds such as the Greater Coucal, Himalayan Quail, Nilgiri Flycatcher, the Malabar Trogon, the Great Indian Bustard, and other amazing species. We will highlight issues both old and new. About India’s vanishing forests and wetlands and how it impacts birds. About breeding areas of migratory birds and how they are hunted en route. We will speak to the men and women who successfully saved the Amur Falcon from being massacred in Nagaland. And we will do individual podcasts on bird species of India. Welcome to the Bird Podcast. Come fly away with us.
Just Mash Radio
By Just Mash Radio
Welcome to Just Mash Radio! Super excited your here to check us out! We drop weekly podcasts on just about everything! Expect Reviews, Latest on FGC tournaments, Live streams, tournament schedules, Comic and movie discussion and just a whole lot of laughs!
Danissl's Dwarven Dwelling
By Brandon (Danissl)
Welcome to Danissl's Dwarven Dwelling! A MMORPG/RPG podcast about new (and sometimes old) MMO's or RPG's! I hope you enjoy!
Hundcoachen Fredrik Steen
Fredrik Steens intresse för hundar väcktes tidigt och han har inte levt en enda dag av sitt liv utan två eller flera hundar. Fredrik med gäster diskuterar och tipsar i olika ämnen som rör hundar, mer hundar och åter igen hundar. En podd för, och av hundälskare! I samarbete med Agria Djurförsäkring.
Interview with a Comic Book Nerd
By Richard Cardenas
Hosted by comic book newbie Richard Cardenas, this show dives deep into the history of your favorite comic book characters through interviews with their biggest, nerdiest fans. Interview with a Comic Book Nerd is a show for beginners and experts alike.
No Stupid Questing
Listen to idiots try to tell a story with dice.