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By Diceonauts
//Start der Aufzeichnung//Raumstandardzeit 2017.03.30, an Bord der Raumstation "Endless Sight".Ich hätte mir nicht träumen lassen, dass unsere Vision Wirklichkeit wird. Nun, wir sind hier oben. Vor uns tausende Welten. Jede mit ihrer eigenen Geschichte, mit ihren eigenen Bewohnern, Konflikten und Problemen. Und wir: mitten drin. Diese Welten zu entdecken, gemeinsam zu bereisen, Konflikte zu ändern, dafür sind wir hier.//Ende der Aufzeichnung//Herzlich Willkommen beim Podcast der Diceonauts- hier sprechen wir über Tabletops, Miniaturenspiele, Brettspiele, Rollenspiele, Spielen im Allgemeinen und das eine oder andere nerdige Thema! Viel Spaß!
By こりんご
Mays the Force Be With You
By Brian Mays
The Mays family's Star Wars adventures. Watching movies, collecting toys, reading books, playing games, and more! Come along as 8 year old Calvin and 4 year old Tegan share what they love about Star Wars with their parents and you! It's family friendly Star Wars fun in bite sized chunks.
Magic City Gamescast
By Magic City Take
Magic City Gamescast is a Podcast with me James from @miamiletsplay and Danny Z from @streamingbundles. Together we have created a video games podcast to share our views here in Miami, Florida. I hope that you will grow with us as we continue improve. Catch you on the podcast and Game On!
Man Dolly Variety Show
By The Man Dolly Cast
A lighthearted show on miniature war-gaming and hobby topics. We cover a variety of game systems and topics.
Outdoor Adventures
By Outdoor Adventures
Fish, Camp and Hike is a podcast to hear other outdoor men and women share their stories and experience's with you, the listener. Music Credits:
Movie Church
By Isaac Irvine
Did you grow up on the classic movies of the 80's and 90's? Shawn Pfunder and Isaac Irvine talk about these classic movies and how they impacted who we are today as adults. These movies shaped how we looked at the world and who we are as adults.
Two Hyp Chicks Podcast
By sleepingirl and cckitten
A hypnokink podcast: Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some hot trance? Of course you do! Join us for our podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! This content is 18+ and NSFW! Updates every other FRIDAY.
Tyyliniekan sisäpiiri
By Matti Airaksinen
Miksi suomalainen mies lankeaa tyylin pauloihin ja millainen on tyypillisen tyyliharrastajan taudinkuva? Näihin kysymyksiin tarjoavat vastauksia Tyyliniekan sisäpiirin Matti ja Antti, jotka ovat mainettaan säästelemättä kokeilleet lähes kaiken punaisista chinoista kenkien kiillottamiseen peuranluulla.
By Rodge
SAGA THORSDAY is your weekly source for Saga miniatures game content. Each week Rodge (aka the Wisco Horndog) and a friend will discuss various aspects of the Saga game including Battle Boards, tactics, events, painting tips, and more! We cover all the Saga Dark Age Skirmish supplements, Crescent and Cross, and Aetius and Arthur so tune in every week for Saga goodness!
Naturally Curious
By Naturally Curious
Each episode, we discuss one nonfiction comic book, normally of graphic novel length. We then explore themes and topics related to the book and wrap up with some fun random discoveries.
All Metal Mode's show
By All Metal Mode
Join us as we discuss metal detecting. Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time we do a live show with a guest discussing methods, history and anything metal detecting. We also do shows discussing specific metal detectors and equipment.
Comm Talk by Geek Devotions
By [email protected] (Geek Devotions)
Comm Talk an extension of the YouTube channel Geek Devotions which is a show by a couple of devoted geeks devoted to letting people know that they are loved. Comm Talk is a series of podcasts where geeks gather to share their passion for different geeky things freely.
By Admission Only
By PopCulture Addicts
As “geek culture” makes it’s way into mainstream pop culture, one of the first areas to get taken over is cinema. Marvel has undoubtedly created one of the biggest franchises in history with their cinematic universe. With new movies and superheroes on the horizon, we chronicle the first two phases of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.”
Beer Fueled Fantasy
By Beer Fueled Media
An alcohol podcast with a football problem
Behind the Hops
By Caleb Tipton
Behind the Hops tells the stories of the people and events that bring us one of the greatest things in the world: BEER!
Bird Podcast
By Shoba Narayan
Welcome to the Bird Podcast — hosted by Shoba Narayan. This podcast will focus largely on birds, specifically on Indian birds with occasional global forays. India is home to some 1200 bird species, amongst the highest in the world. This podcast showcases and highlights our feathered friends We will talk to naturalists and birders about common and special birds such as the Greater Coucal, Himalayan Quail, Nilgiri Flycatcher, the Malabar Trogon, the Great Indian Bustard, and other amazing species. We will highlight issues both old and new. About India’s vanishing forests and wetlands and how it impacts birds. About breeding areas of migratory birds and how they are hunted en route. We will speak to the men and women who successfully saved the Amur Falcon from being massacred in Nagaland. And we will do individual podcasts on bird species of India. Welcome to the Bird Podcast. Come fly away with us.
Just Mash Radio
By Just Mash Radio
Welcome to Just Mash Radio! Super excited your here to check us out! We drop weekly podcasts on just about everything! Expect Reviews, Latest on FGC tournaments, Live streams, tournament schedules, Comic and movie discussion and just a whole lot of laughs!
Danissl's Dwarven Dwelling
By Brandon (Danissl)
Welcome to Danissl's Dwarven Dwelling! A MMORPG/RPG podcast about new (and sometimes old) MMO's or RPG's! I hope you enjoy!
Hundcoachen Fredrik Steen
Fredrik Steens intresse för hundar väcktes tidigt och han har inte levt en enda dag av sitt liv utan två eller flera hundar. Fredrik med gäster diskuterar och tipsar i olika ämnen som rör hundar, mer hundar och åter igen hundar. En podd för, och av hundälskare! I samarbete med Agria Djurförsäkring.
Interview with a Comic Book Nerd
By Richard Cardenas
Hosted by comic book newbie Richard Cardenas, this show dives deep into the history of your favorite comic book characters through interviews with their biggest, nerdiest fans. Interview with a Comic Book Nerd is a show for beginners and experts alike.
No Stupid Questing
Listen to idiots try to tell a story with dice.
Miniatures Monthly at The Crate and Crowbar
By The Crate and Crowbar
Chris and Tom from The Crate and Crowbar discuss their month in miniatures and hobby gaming.
Mascotas Urbanas Academia Canina
By mascotasurbanas
Podcast dedicado a los perros, el mundo canino, su vida, cuidados, educación adiestramiento, noticias y novedades caninas.
Whitetail Instinct Podcast
By Chance Vorderstrasse
Improving your "whitetail instinct" 7 minutes at a time! The Whitetail Instinct Podcast is for hunters with a short attention span who want to learn about public land whitetail hunting and whitetail habitat management. One week it is a public land whitetail tip and the next we will be talking habitat management.
We Slay Dragons Age of Sigmar
We Slay Dragons is a Southern California based Age of Sigmar gaming club. This is our podcast! We talk news, product reviews, hobby hacks, tournament stuff and just...all around stuff. Hosted by Frank DeLoach & Ryan Ariola
We Suck at Everything
By We Suck at Everything
A Podcast where a degenerate Scotsman and his lazy lackluster co-host discuss and perform and discuss crafts, hobbies, tell stories, and others. Laugh along with or at us!
(ch.rp4) 'ALL OF THE ROCK!' 락키드들의 락생락사 토크라디오!! (:: 사연 및 참여는 [email protected] 받고 있습니다)
RPG: Relax Panic Game
By Eli Roberson
Relax Panic Game is a podcast where our Friday night role-playing group records our adventures for you to listen to. Come join our cast of heroes as they search for powerful lost artifacts capable of warping time itself in order to save the future of an ancient child. Side quests and one shots may show up along the way. New episodes are uploaded Sundays.
Beer with Pleasant Strangers
By Joel Manahan
Beer with Pleasant Strangers is a show that focuses on the craft beer scene within the geography of Southern California, the United States, and Internationally as well. Expect the unexpected! Interviews with people who like beer! Interviews with people who make beer! Tasting notes, reviews, and reports from festivals and events.
Comics To The Maxx
Comic Bastards presents a new comic book podcast in which hosts Kevin and Dustin give their story ideas for comic book characters.
By ChimaeraCast
A Dungeon World podcast where Chimaera regulars roll hella dice, explore a shared mythical world, and create stories of savage swords & strange sorceries. We also drink good beers (occasionally they are not so good), insult our friends who aren't there, and name-drop professional wrestlers.
By BrickBuildr
Community, Pictures, & LEGO - A podcast focused on the Fan of LEGO community
Plantrama with Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari
By Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari
A podcast about plants: be they in your garden, the wild or on your dinner plate. Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari help you to understand natural processes, grow plants successfully, and discover the amazing world of plant life. From foraging to flowers and beyond, we cover three different plant topics in each episode and answer email questions from listeners.
A podcast about stationery and so much more!
Hiking Treks
By Steve Wilson
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These Ain't Your Daddys Comics
Welcome to: These Ain't Your Daddys Comics! We are a podcast about great comics and all things nerd culture. We cover topics from apocalyptic scenarios, video games, board games and daily life. Most importantly these comics we cover are most definitely not stereotypical comics. Are you tired of the marvel and DC universe? Do you find those stories and characters played out, predictable and just plain vanilla? Well so do we. Check us out as we cover Image, Dark Horse, After Shock, Boom Studios, Dynamite, and many more. If you're ready for an issue by issue analysis of some of the darkest, emotional, suspensful and at times hilarious comics out there; then follow us on this podcast journey.
Auntie Danie Knits
By [email protected] (Danielle Lanois)
A podcast about knitting (and other crafting) for my nieces and myself
Critical Thinking
By Final Show Films
Three writers, gamers, and film / tv buffs take the time to re-watch and discuss the critically acclaimed internet Dungeons & Dragons show Critical Role.
GastroINFORMACIÓN by Tito Ruiz
By TITO Gastroinformación
Escucha este podcast y muchos más en o en las apps de iVoox para iOS, Android o Windows Phone.
Podcast – AnimeCrazies
By AnimeCrazies
O anicrazies é um site e podcast focado em animes e cultura japonesa, aqui todo conteúdo se torna diversão
Podcast Gatomia
By Podcast Gatomia
A anatomia do gato!
By The Commercial Appeal
The intersection of music, movies and pop culture. Hosted by The Commercial Appeal's Chris Herrington with Bob Mehr and John Beifuss.
Spin Control Podcast
By aJoyfulGirl
A podcast about knitting, spinning, sewing and a bit about me.
Atualidade DX
By RAE Argentina al Mundo
Bem-vindos a Atualidade, o programa de dexismo, radiodifusão, meios de comunicação e novas tecnologias que sai ao ar através de RAE-Argentina ao Mundo. Edição de texto: Arnaldo Slaem Tradução e locução: Mirta Cánepa.
Turn 3 Raceworks Podcast
By Turn 3 Raceworks
Bill, Alex, and Jeff met at the race track in Portland, Oregon during a motorcycle track day and became fast friends, and then decided to talk about stuff on the internet.
Double Blanks
By Jay
This is a podcast all about Star Wars Destiny, from the state of the game to theory crafting; pretty much just every Star Wars Destiny! We have just started so and can't wait to see where it goes!
Road-Grime Podcast
By Anne Cole
The (mis)Adventure Podcast of a Motorcycle Ridin, Baseball Lovin, Hard Rockin, Whiskey Drinkin, Michigan Biker Chick
Two Left Hands
By Jeff and Zack
This podcast, you will hear two guys tell a different story every week. These stories will be randomly selected and be accompanied by a drink chosen at random as well. This is for entertainment and is going to be a good good time.
Always Be Creating
By Tracey Kazimir-Cree
The Always Be Creating podcast is a semi-regular production where Tracey Kazimir-Cree talks about art, creation, workshops and general "getting makey" stuff, including info about Northern Colorado creative outlets. There is a monthly meetup, held in Fort Collins, CO, every third Saturday of the month at the Community Creative Center.
Tiertraining TALK - Podcast für Zwei- und Vierbeiner
By Tiertraining.TV Talk Podcast
Wir freuen uns total auf dieses Podcast-Projekt. Ihr werdet hier wöchentlich gedanklichen Input zu ganz unterschiedlichen Themen von den besten Tiertrainern der deutschsprachigen Länder erhalten. Verpasst auf keinen Fall die neuen Trends im Bereich Hundesport & Tier-Equipment, Infos zur Gesundheit, neue Trainingstools und vieles mehr! Die Moderatorin Pia Gröning leitet im Kreis Recklinghausen (NRW) die Pfotenakademie Ruhrgebiet. Hier hat sie einerseits etliche Experten zu Gast und andererseits ist sie in den deutschsprachigen Ländern als Dozentin unterwegs und verfügt über unzählige Kontakte und Einblicke in die Tier-Trainingswelt. Dieser Podcast ist ein gemeinsames Projekt von und Impressum: Kontakt: [email protected]
Pint 'O Comics
By John Amenta, Jon Johnson
A show about all the fun stuff life has to distract us with. Comics, films, beer, food and so much more.
The Disney Diet
By Aaron Fairbanks & Amy Ratcliffe, Disney Enthusiasts and Park Hoppers
The Disney Diet is a monthly show dedicated to serving up a hearty helping of Disney fandom! Whether we're talking about films and tv shows or parks and products, our goal is to create an inclusive and positive discussion. We believe Disney magic can be enjoyed by anyone! Join the conversation on Twitter @TheDisneyDiet
패션으로 힐링하려면
By 최유리
4/17부터 50일간 다음 스토리펀딩 <박사논문 엎고 스타일링 도와드려요> 진행합니다.
Let's Argue About Plants
By Steve Aitken and Danielle Sherry
The podcast for people who love plants—but not always the same ones Brought to you by the editors of Fine Gardening, this fun, informative podcast tackles all things topical in gardening. You’ll listen to the insights (and arguments) of Editor-in-Chief Steve Aitken and Senior Editor Danielle Sherry as they discuss various horticultural subjects on a deeper level. You will also hear from today’s leading horticultural minds who will offer their wisdom and opinions about what you might want to grow in your garden. We guarantee you’ll be entertained and feel like a better gardener.
The CypherCast Chronicles
Welcome to the CypherCast Chronicles a Roleplaying podcast that features the Actual Play sessions of Homemade Cypher System Games. Using Monte Cook Games, Cypher System Rule Set. Enjoy
Flippin' Orbs - An Old School MtG Podcast
Interviews, Deck Techs, Trivia, Card Discussions, Collecting and more about Old School Magic the Gathering. Hosted by Gordon Andersson and Grant Casleton. More info on
The Rub
By The Commercial Appeal
From the backyard to competition cooking, The Rub is a show about barbecue - grilling, recipes and more. Hosted by Jimmy Shotwell and Forrest Goodman, produced by The Commercial Appeal.
Combined Arms Podcast
By Combined Arms Podcast
Our show aims to take a positive look at miniatures wargaming and the larger hobby of tabletop gaming in general. We hope to highlight games, products, and experiences that you may never have otherwise heard of before.
Board Games with Panda
By Amanda and Brad Scaggs
A board game podcast where we talk about the games that we love and the community around them.
Cripple Talks Comics' Podcast
By Cripple Talks Comics
The Cripple and Aladrius dive into the multiverse to take an analytical point of view of Volumes, Issues and more
New Ashkelon Radio
By New Ashkelon Radio
A Dark Age Podcast
Midseason Drop-Ins
By Midseason Drop-Ins
Join Matthew and Sanja each week as they embark on a dangerous quest that may upset many fandoms. Their goal? To guess where a T.V. show arc is going by watching one episode halfway through the first season of the show. This is Midseason Drop-Ins, enjoy.
JTR Podcast
By JestaThaRogue
My view on Board and Card Games
VR Cast: Virtual Recollection
By Janessa Olson
Stories about video games and the people who play them.
The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy
By The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy
Welcome to the Beginner's Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure -- big or small. When I began gardening in 2013, I scoured books and Internet resources to find all the information I could. Although good information was abundant, I had trouble understanding all the gardening lingo and sifting through the information to figure out what would work for me. In this podcast, my aim is to provide helpful information while explaining the gardening lingo as we go. I want to equip YOU to have the best start ever this gardening season!
Planeta Fotográfico
By Carlos Mesa
Podcast dedicado a los trucos y consejos fotográficos. Conducido y dirigido por Carlos Mesa, presidente de la Asociación Fotográfica Planeta Insólito (
TheIDEKS On The Go
By Mathieu Sherburne
Podcast that goes with my youtube channel. Like and Subscribe.
Attic Aficionados
By Tom Barbalet and Brandon DiCamillo
Exploring the artifacts and culture of the magnificant morsels found in their attics, Brandon DiCamillo and Tom Barbalet are mundane missionaries. Sometimes they talk about movies and food too.
Woodworking Hand Tools & Techniques
By Bob Rozaieski Fine Woodworking
Join your host, Bob Rozaieski, as he answers your questions and talks shop with some of today's best traditional woodworkers.
Fan Theory World
By Fan Theory World
FTW explores the fan theories of a wide a variety of fandoms. Co-hosts Erik and James dive into their favorite theories, the prominent theories circulating the internet and even the weird ones.
Mo-Ball podcast
Missouri based Guild Ball podcast
Wikishuffle KR
By WikishuffleKR
랜덤버튼으로 떠나는 뜻 밖의 지식여행, Wikishuffle KR
Learn Guitar
By National Guitar Academy
Visit our site at The Learn Guitar podcast from the National Guitar Academy is all about music and fun. We SIMPLIFY the guitar world so you can make music and have fun as quickly as possible. That's our aim and the vision that guides our work: To help you Make Music and Have Fun. This podcast will make you a better guitarist by teaching you our best guitar tips and secrets for rapid progress. We discuss chords and chord technique, we share lead guitar secrets, we tell you how to sound more rhythmic and musical and we also teach you music theory. ‘Lead Lines’ is the part of the show when we discuss lead guitar techniques, scales, riffs, solos and secondary guitar techniques. ‘Quick Chords’ is the part of the show when we discuss chords & chord technique. ‘Tips & Advice’ is the part of the show when we answer your questions about guitar & music culture. If you’ve got a question for us please email us at [email protected] and we’ll try our best to help you out. ‘Rhythm Section’ is the part of the show when we discuss how to boost your rhythmic ability to make your guitar playing sound more musical. ‘Theory Tips’ is the part of the show when we share some bite-sized music theory tips. ‘One Last Thing’ is the part of the show when we leave you with a parting gift; something randomly cool or interesting about music or guitar culture. Bonus Packs For each podcast we create a ‘bonus pack’ that expands on what we’ve discussed in the episode. Each bonus pack includes video lessons, diagrams, chordboxes and practice materials, that build on the things we’ve discussed in the podcast. (There's only so much we can explain through audio. Sometimes it's easier to SHOW you stuff and that's when the bonus packs come in handy.)
Promoting Fiction Books - Promoting Fiction Books Made Easy
By Clarisse Jackson
Tools and tips for your promotional toolbox. A companion to the online course: Promoting Fiction Books with Clarisse Jackson
By The Sidekicks
The comic book podcast with something for everyone from noob to nerd, green to geek and everything in between.
Knife Talk
By Craig lockwood
A podcast for knife makers featuring interviews with makers from around the World.
Target Priority Podcast
By admin
A Podcast from Four Wargamers for Wargamers! We mostly cover GW stuff, but we talk about other wargaming as well and occasionally other stuff.
By 프리즘미디어
네 사람이 풀어가는 테마있는 여행과 역사 이야기!
Now Try This
By Now Try This
Two friends get together so that they can try things.
Home Before Dark Podcast Network
By Home Before Dark Podcast Network
The Home Before Dark Podcast Network currently offers the main Home Before Dark show as well as an Atlanta United FC Weekly podcast, both hosted by Kevin Bradley and Tim Herb. With more shows in the pipeline, the Home Before Dark Podcast Network is bringing you all the best Atlanta-based podcast content available today, covering a vast variety of content - video games, movies, television, pop culture, trivia, sports, the arts, and general lifestyle. Home Before Dark hearkens back to a time when you and your friends in the neighborhood were forced inside. Where you discovered a level of brotherhood/sisterhood that could only be forged through playing video games, watching movies, television and discussing the finer things in life over an Orange Lavaburst Hi-C and Bagel Bites. We take the time out to talk about the current games we're playing, movies we've seen recently(new or old) and all the things in between. It’s almost that time. The streetlights just came on and you had better leave soon to be Home Before Dark.
Gamer Leaf
By Gamer Leaf
The podcast in which one man strives to level up his geek hood while helping you do the same one battle at a time. Will include the stories of games, tabletop and app game reviews, the story of our RPGing, LitRPG novels and interviews all to HELP YOU!
Autopod Decepticast
By The A-Pod D-Cast Team
The Autopod Decepticast is a minute-by-minute breakdown of the one true Transformers movie from 1986. From the opening production logos to the final credit, each episode delivers an analysis of a single minute of movie screen time. We'll cram as many relevant facts, trivia, and inside-information as possible in the discussion of each movie minute. This is an 85-ish episode funventure, with new content being launched every Sunday.
Carolina Fiber Girls
By Carolina Fiber Girls
Awesome Yarn!
Comer a Ciegas
By Radio Intereconomía
“Tertulia gastronómica semanal presentada por el periodista y único crítico invidente en España, Jonatan Armengol. Un programa de radio itinerante, fresco y dinámico, que sale de los estudios para conocer de primera mano los mejores restaurantes, tabernas, bodegas, eventos culinarios, catas, concursos… ¡No te lo pierdas! Todos los domingos de 12:00 a 13:00 horas”.
Gato Gourmet
By Radio Intereconomía
El Gato Gourmet es un magazine semanal dedicado a mostrar en clave de actualidad los placeres de la buena vida: cultura, gastronomía y vino, presentado por Andrés Sánchez Magro. Todos los viernes de 20:00 a 22:00 horas.
Final Show Films Actual Plays
By Final Show Films
Here you can listen to the crew of Final Show Films playing various tabletop RPGs, and recording them for your pleasure! Please, enjoy.
Fixin' To
By Abram Letkeman |
If you are embarrassed of your home's curb appeal, if you have struggled with home maintenance, or if you are overwhelmed with all of the confusing jargon when it comes to repairs and insurance claims, this podcast will assist you in tackling everything that could come your way making the your home the best.
Hex Hour
By Ali Aintrazi & Varranis
A podcast focused around the online game, "Hex Shards of Fate." Come join in and get the latest news, the best decks, thoughts on cards, and ideas on new decks. You'll get all this with fun banter in between! Hosted by Ali Aintrazi and Varranis
Northern Knits Podcast
By Northern Knits Podcast
We are two unofficial sisters-in-law podcasting from the alternately frozen or boiling mosquito-ridden Canadian prairies. Between us we do knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing, and eventually weaving.
By YGOrganization
The most informed podcast on the planet!
Dungeons & Lesbians
By Audrey, Bec, Fallon, MJ, and Roy
MJ, Fallon, Roy, and Audrey have three things in common: they're lesbians, they frequently get intensely emotional about stupid fictional characters, and they just damn love tabletop RPGs. Join us as they battle the twin demons of a fictional fantasy universe, and the mere notion of recording a podcast for the first time in any of their lives, wow, they'll just let anyone do this, huh?
Tier 2 Pro
By Dale Hanson
Join Dale as he ventures further into Magic the Gathering, other card games and more
Audiologue: An Anthology Audiodrama
From the short fiction site comes Audiologue, an audiodrama podcast told through found footage-style audio logs. The first 8-episode arc follows Andrews, a researcher, after a container ship sinks and cuts off communication between the underwater research base he's in and the world topside.
Beyond the Start Button – The Arcade Archives!
By Joshua Jordan
Ready to go beyond? Then welcome to the Beyond the Start Button Podcast Each month Danny the Ultra-Sonic Player and Ubernerd527 take a look at Nerd Life through what they are passionate about from TV, Movies, Comics and Manga, Anime, Pokémon, and of course video games.
Beer Battered Pod
By Beer Battered Pod
Lets talk about things!
Over The Bars - OTB
By Jeff Crutcher
Jeff Crutcher and Mike Garrison bring you the OTB podcast- something more about life than motocross.
ROC Hangouts
By Realm Of Collectors
The audio version of the weekly Google Hangouts session the Realm Of Collectors does every Tuesday night
Hardcore Metal Detecting Radio
By Hardcore Metal Detecting Radio
Join us every Thursday and Saturday night at 8pm Eastern. Our Call-in number is 352-504-4170. Hardcore Metal Detecting Radio Show is for people who eat, sleep and breath metal detecting. Those who view metal detecting as a major substance of life or even maybe an addiction. If you consider yourself a Coin Shooter, a Relic Hunter or even a true Treasure Hunter, then this show is for you.
Sean's Allotment Garden
By Sean James Cameron
Practical down-to-earth gardening advice for the amateur gardener. Plus interviews with gardening personalities and visits to events and gardens. Presented by popular YouTube gardener Sean James Cameron,