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YAP - Yet Another Podcast is a Video Game podcast hosted by GHAMVs (Antonio) and Panda Reviews (Andy) where we talk anything video games along with maybe Pro Wrestling.... maybe anime... who knows?
By PlayStation LifeStyle
Join Jeremy Bibaud, Jeffrey Gordon, and Brandon H…
By The Nostalgia Boys
Did you grow up playing video games? staying up late with siblings, friends or even by yourself? Always trying to get that high score, beat that next level or boss? Travel back in time with us as we discuss the games that shaped our childhoods! Instagram @TheNostalgiaBoys Twitter @Boys_Nostalgia Thanks for listening and if you like the show please subscribe!
By Fangamer LLC
The best and brightest of Fangamer sit down every week to talk about what they're playing and answer your questions, all with an oldschool flair!
By The Hungry Gamers
Three Australian guys talking about the world of video games with a dash of pop culture, fried foods and the day to day life. Each episode sees them pick apart the weeks big news headlines, while also covering all the upcoming new releases titles and geek friendly events taking place across Australia.
By Beau Schwartz, Crofton Steers
The Exclamation Mark is a podcast about gaming. Join Beau Schwartz and Crofton Steers as they discuss news, their gaming experiences, big discussion topics that concern gamers, and perform classic moments in gaming during out Mastergame Theatre segment! Check us out on EXMPODCAST.COM and if you like the show don't forget to leave us a review!
By The Boondoggle
A dark slice of life podcast by lifelong friends Dimitri and Alex. Listen to new episodes every Friday night! Part of the Poop Culture Extended Universe!
By The Legion of Renob, a 5E Dungeons and Dragons tabletop group
A group of misfits and weirdos, go out and explore the continent of Renob, running into kobolds, medusas, and the occasional deity. The Legion of Renob, a tabletop gaming podcast revolving around Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, is a comical and confusing romp into the homebrew world of Renob. Dragonface, Mizetto, Lenny Swifthands and High King Seebo meet and recruit a cast of crazy characters to aid them on their quest. If you like Tabletop Gaming, RPG, Role Playing, Kuo-Toa, Pirates, Ni...
By Jacob Snyder
Lifelong friends Collin Goode and Jacob Snyder talk about all things movies, television, entertainment, and plenty other things. It's a real fun time, strap in.
By Rob Wade
The E14 Gamecast is a show all about games. Initially recorded as a short chat about the Titanfall beta, the crew has talked about all sorts of subjects ranging from Eurogamer Expo, the previous console generations and general comments about what they're playing at the time.
By Willie! and Scott Schreiber
Covering the the revolutionary console of its time created by the industry pioneer Jerry Lawson and Designed by Nick Talesfore!
By The Retro League
A podcast celebrating video games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
By Loot Box Podcast
The Loot Box Podcast by A podcast about all things nerdy and techie by what we like to call ourselves, The Original Gaming Generation. We talk about video games, TV shows and movies, tech we are fascinated with and share a weekly Loot of the Week (something we think is really cool for the week). Subscribe and give us a review, please. Boop!
Hosts Craven Knyte and Sean Iredale talk about the creative world and the things that inspire them to be creative. Craven is a maker of many things; wrestling Gear, props, and wood working (Break Knyte Creative) Sean founder and artist for his comic book company Amber Lance Studios. They discuss current projects as well as the mediums that inspire them like movies, Pro wrestling, comic books, toys and collectibles and much more in the nerd culture. They look at everything through a creativ...
By The HorrorBull Podcast
Bryan, Tyler, Drew and Lona share their opinions and some laughs about horror films (and everything else).
By William Culver
Welcome to The ColecoVision's Podcast where the hosts Gamester81, Brett Weiss and Willie! cover all things Coleco. With special emphasis on the Colecovision game system! From Telstar to Starcomm, if you have fond memories of classic Coleco toys and games, then this is the podcast for you. Sprinkled throughout will be trivia and other interesting content. The podcast also will feature a webpage and a forum to discuss all things Coleco! as well as a video element for some podcasts.
By Lethal Gear
Welcome to The Lethal Gear Podcast! A podcast created by 2 small game reviewers: Sonickick and DMFND. We are big RPG, Adventure, and Fighting game fans that like giving our opinions on video games, so this is more thoughts on Video Game news! Join us and our friends as we talk about current topics in the gaming media, what we have been playing, and also interview other people in the industry!
By Lindsey Briggs
Join Chad Belmont as he transforms from an underachieving, Sega Genesis obsessed high schooler to Captain S, the legendary hero of lore sent to save Video Land from the evil clutches of NES and the Game Genie. Fighting along side him are his two best friends: Becky, a nerdy gamer with a secret crush, and Lunk, a jock with a voracious appetite. The show is an homage to Saturday morning programming from years past, re-calling the cheesy charm of such shows as Saved by the Bell and Superhuman S...
By Andrea Maderna
Videogiochi su tutto, ma anche consigli per gli acquisti, film, serie tv, fumetti e una spruzzata di nostalgia che male non fa. Benvenuti nel regno del Tentacolo Viola.
By Ball Pit Elevator
Ball Pit Elevator is a weekly podcast about video games and media entertainment. Listen in as we crack jokes and debate the latest wild gaming events. No topic is safe from our wandering chatter.
By Harmonix Music Systems
The Official podcast from Harmonix Music Systems, masters of the gaming universe. All the Rock Band and Dance Central news you can take. Interviews with awesome people. DLC Roundtables. Employee profiles. Goofs and spoofs!
By The Crit Crew
People like to say that video games are art but you never hear people reviewing them like it. Why do you think that is? Well it's probably because it's unnecessary and difficult to do but you better believe that won't stop us from trying.
Covering the latest in video gaming news from the past week.
By Jim cogan
A podcast dedicated to developers using Yoyo Games' GameMaker Studio. Regular news, interviews and features.
By Full Effect Cast
fun easy comedy podcast with all kinds of twist and turns
By Say No To Rage
The official weekly podcast of Say No To Rage where we interview a Twitch streamer, discuss Destiny, and talk about relevant game reviews and news.
By GameCola
A podcast about videogames that most other sites don't talk about—all the indie games, foreign games, weird games, and forgotten classics you've been missing.
By Paul Conrad
A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai
By Twenty Wontons
Join the TW Crew as they gather around a mic and share their thoughts and stories, discuss current events, and and try to find the Fun Angle in this podcast. Expect lots of video games and pop culture references.Find more
By The Optional Podcast
The Optional is a fresh new take on the world of video game criticism. We represent everyone who loves and respects the artform alongside all other aspects of culture who don’t fit the typical cliche of a “gamer”. This is video game commentary for the rest of us.
By David & Davis
Hey. We're David and Davis. Two buddies in Chicago and Chattanooga with a few states (and a giant pile of games) between us. This podcast is us declaring war on our ridiculously long backlog of things we've always wanted to check out. We trade off picking games, spend two weeks playing them, then convene to talk about what we thought. Usually we stay on topic.Follow us on the Twitters @CybercastOnline. Sometimes we tweet about games.
By Deck Talk Podcast Network
Discussions and Analysis of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, decks, and strategies from a duelist who has been away from the game for over a decade. Join Doug Dimmaduel while he shakes off the rust, and learns all about the new card game dynamics.
The PlayStation Show, it's supposed to be about video games.
Now presenting semi-coherent discussion of topics such as film, gaming, literature, and more, all with the possibility of entertainment should we ever untangle our knot of production woes. This panel of unqualified oafish open books lays it all out for you to enjoy.
By Giant Bomb
Ben Pack and Jeff Gerstmann unite after the Giant Bombcast to further expound on the day's events and take your calls and questions, live!
By Motor City Gaming LLC
Join Grim, Jazze and Chops as they journey through a world of imagination with the help of Craig W.K. What weekly adventures wait for them in the magical world of Geisel? Find out as they play Dungeons & Dragons together.
By David Cole
The Year 200X's weekly podcast. Subject matter changes from season to season. Season 1 is all about video game developers living in the unlikely Lexington, Kentucky.
By Two Guys and A Game
We're two guys (Hodder & Caz) talking games! From what we're playing, news, top tens, reviews, and more! We've got something for every gamer!
By Grog and Games Cast
Two guys have a couple of drinks and talk about video games.
By Drink a Beer and Play a Game
Drinking Beers and Playing Games. Brian and Jim discuss the latest in video gaming and the world of beer.
By The Optimism Club
The Optimism Club is a comedy podcast and a pop culture news show. Steve and Andy discuss all the latest news in comics, movies, TV & more while going wherever the conversation takes them.
By John Roesch: foley artist and film expert Sarah Roesch: writer, podcaster and film lover
The Right Scuff podcast features legendary foley artist John Roesch, who has created sound effects for over 500 films! He is a 37 time nominated and 9 time MPSE winner for big titles such as Inception, The Matrix, and The Dark Knight. We interview people in production and post production who have achieved their dreams, and we want to help YOU find your dream job in the film industry! We also discuss foley, the art of creating live sound effects in sync with the film.
By BiggNate
What is on your Playlist. Join Bigg Nate as he interviews the best of the best in the newest and veteran bands around. If you like what you hear then put it on
By J.A. Laraque
Where the gaming world comes to talk about subjects important to them and to you. We love to hear from our community and will continue to bring you interviews and discussions that are entertaining, intelligent and informative.
By Michael Nisbet
The official ZBrush podcast hosted by the Pixologic team.
By The Team
The latest news, as seen by the team at
By The Dungeon Crawler Network
Master feed for all of The Dungeon Crawler Network's podcasts! No need to subscribe to every feed if you do not wish! You can subscribe to this one feed and get every show that we do! Podcast List: Chocobo Raiders: A Realm Recast - A Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Podcast From The Ashes: An Ashes of Creation Podcast The Dungeon Crawlers: MMORPG News & Discussion Podcast Tales of Tamriel: An Elder Scrolls Online Podcast Tavern Talk: A Saga of Lucimia Podcast
By William Donahoe
Billy and Erik are nerds, like big time. And they've got encyclopedias in their heads just waiting to spill out. They're tackling movies, TV shows, and comics. It's the Nerd Dash Podcast with Billy and Erik!
By Christopher Coleman
The podcast where composers share thoughts and stories about their original scores.
By Grady Pruitt
Blender is a great program for learning how to do 3D art, but it can be intimidating to learn. The Blender Canvas podcast is for those wanting to learn more about Blender. These are not tutorials, but discussions and interviews that touch on various topics on creating 3D art for stills, games, videos, and 3D printing.
By Mello
A Podcast dedicated to all MOBAs on the mobile platform! Vain Glory, Mobile Legends, Strike of Kings, anything else?
By xtctechnews
An up to date summary of the latest Console and PC gaming and hardware news and recent film and movie release information told by the younger generation.
By QueueTimes
Gaming news and discussion mixed with a heated debate-style game show!
By Grant Brunner
Discussion of every angle of the Mass Effect universe.
By The Dialogue Wheel
Welcome to The Dialogue Wheel, a podcast network produced by Loudly Spoken Entertainment. Our 'casters talk Dragon Age, Mass Effect, studies in geek culture, and more! For episodes of our show prior to #18, please visit our YouTube channel!
By Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
A series of in-depth conversations between video game makers on the business and craft of interactive entertainment, exploring the core tenants of D.I.C.E. (Design. Innovate. Communicate. Entertain.) Hosted by Ted Price from Insomniac Games.
By Xbox World 360
The UK's favourite Xbox 360 magazine's official podcast.
By The Lost Signals
Discussions on narrative in movies, television, literature and video games
Give Me A Jobcast is a videogame job interview in 100 small parts with friends. AKA a London based, half cut, videogame opinion and news show featuring three mates who love all things videogames.
By Julian Knab
Everyday Eternal is one of the oldest Magic podcasts focussed on competitive Legacy (and we like to claim: sometimes also Vintage.) Together with our hosts Bob Huang, Matt Pavlic, Julian Knab, and their funky guests, we're bringing you the latest news and technology from the world of Eternal Magic. God, could our iTunes BE any more generic? Can someone please rewrite this? Bob, Matt...anyone?
новости и мнения / для геймеров старой закалки / еженедельно
By Psgameplaysmode
Somos un grupo de carrozas de 30 y tantos años haciendo una tertulia desenfadada sobre videojuegos y otros aspectos vitales de nuestra existencia. Es broma, sólo hablamos de videojuegos. Comentamos nuestras partidas contra los niños rata y nos enfadamos entre nosotros. Síguenos en Twitter e Instagram en @PavoPlayers.
By Practiced Gaming
Can we Pilot This Thing?
By ListenHereNow
Juan Ibarra and Humberto Serrano talk about the things they care about and basically anything and everything that's on their mind.
By Ultimate Dokkan Gaming
Podcast hecho por Ultimate Dokkan Gaming en el cuál trataremos diversos temas del mundo de videojuegos, novedades gaming, dragon ball super y de nuestros principales juegos.
By Vinyl Man Jebb
Here I will update you folks about my channel and new videos on iTunes for my YouTube and music career.
By Dementia Studios
A Dementia Studios Production
By BeaHorror
Come and join Bea and Kai as they rant and review about everything horror related. From movies, books, games, comics, TV and random collectibles.
By Senta-te e Joga
Um podcast sobre videojogos, gravado em português e com a presença de convidados especiais do mundo dos jogos (de vez em quando). Apresentado por Rute Soares, Rui Mendes e Luís Henriques, do canal Senta-te e Joga.
By Rubi3D
Podcast, programa de radio dedicado al fantástico mundo del 3D para videojuegos. Todo lo referente a Modelado 3D, texturizado, animación, rigging, iluminación, efectos de partículas, renders, game engines y mucho más en ;)
By Neko Nomi Kun Podcast
Somos Gaby, Miriam, Ivan y Cristian y este es el Neko Nomi Kun Podcast
By P2PGamers
Falamos de jogos, filmes, seriados, quadrinhos, aleatoriedades... Informação, opiniões, reviews. Tudo com muito humor, amor e poder da amizade!
By Thats Yo Garbage
Official Podcast of where we discuss Movies, Games, Television and Tech.
By Ginja Digital
My wife and I along with occasional guests discuss our silly lives. Join us as we discuss things that get under our skin, what we've been up to each week, recent movie or television shows we've seen, and plenty more. Part of the #PodernFamily
By The Spoony Bard
Herein we perform old video games for you in the style of an audiobook or old timey radio drama. We use music and sound effects taken directly from the game itself, and all lines of dialogue are exactly as they appear in-game.
By Ross A Alexander
Having created podcasts about pop-culture and games, I wanted to focus more on one aspect of games in particular - their music. Having played games since the early nineties, I've become enraptured by the way that music is used in games; not only to tell stories, but as a major facet of games design as well. I plan to cover both the careers and works of game music's most famous composers, as well as go into more detail about how game music is used when designing a game.
By The Gentlemen Nerds
Why are they called the Gentlemen Nerds? Because they're four guys who know each other from various media endeavors, getting together in the Lobot Lounge to talk about geeky and nerdy things, mostly in the vein of entertainment...and they're gentlemen about it. No clickbait schadenfreude bile reviews, no bashing each other or the audience for having different opinions from each other. Just dwelling on things they think are cool, or delving into why one of them likes something and another does...
By the PodKast Company
We'll keep you on track with the most current news from Valve's Free2Play shooter, TF2. Entertaining and interesting stories coming from the game itself and the community that loves playing, trading, competing and wearing hats, sometimes all at once, even while they're making maps.
By William and Stuart
Geeky Podcast that covers Tech & Gaming News, Reviews, and Rumors.
By YourTechReport
From the pages of, join Marc Aflalo and Mitchell Whitfield, as they keep you on top of all the latest news, product reviews, and exclusive interviews the world of technology has to offer. From the latest tablets and smartphones, to the newest software and accessories, you’ll be completely up-to-date every week – with YourTechReport.
By A Quality Podcast
Three everyday men question their everyday life, society, videogames and pop-culture.
By Todd Bolton
Hello fellow gamers, I am Todd and with my partner in game (co-host) Trenell, we bring to you A Weekly Gaming News Show. We will go over top stories of the week, provide commentary and our opinions on these stories. We will finish up with a deep dive topic for an in depth look and the issues that gamers are talking about. We are system agnostic, so we will cover your favorite console and on occasion the PC.
By John Beauchamp
A weekly podcast of friends discussing a rotating list of topics and quite often stray from the intended subject matter. Topics include video games, movies, music, and comics.
By Marcia Webb
Trying to be a parent AND a gamer is tough, we juggle so many different things that sometimes the gaming gets forgotten. We will talk about gaming, being a parent, cooking, fitness, shoes, whatever comes up because we know that when you're a Mommy you wear a million different hats, and not all of them are geeky.
By Tarragon Allen
The show about Xbox Gamerscore! Every show we talk about issues relevant to Xbox Live gaming, gamerscore and the hobby of achievement hunting. Join Tarragon (gamertag zzUrbanSpaceman), Brandon (gamertag Freamwhole) and Randy (gamertag Crandy) as we discuss the how and why of gamerscore, tips for obtaining quick gamerscore, latest news on discontinued achievements and server shutdowns, and more!
By GwenBlanketKnight and Spoony Panda
GwenBlanketKnight and Spoony Panda talk shop about topics surrounding games of all stripes, from tabletop to the latest video games.
By Björn Michalski und Kristian Reck
In diesem Podcast reden wir(Björn Michalski und Kristian Reck) mehr oder weniger regelmäßig über Computer- und Konsolenspiele, Spieletechnik und PC- und Konsolenhardware.
By Vidrata
Най-добрият български подкаст. Мисля. Не съм сигурен.
By Phillip Acevedo
We are a team of movie viewers, comic book readers, and video game players who love and appreciate everything pop culture. Check out our blog at
By Heavenly Controller
This is the podcast where I talk about Gaming, Anime, and Everything in between
By Xbox Xperience
Devoted to All Things Xbox and PC Gaming.
By Zach Brooks
Have you ever wanted to start reading comics after watching the latest superhero movie but have no idea where to start? Never fear for the Z2 Podcast is here! Where 3 friends come together each and every week to breakdown the latest in comic book news, tv shows, movies, video games and give you our recommendations on what you should be reading! Not only that but we'll interview creators to talk about their work and give some perspective on the industry. So come join us as we drive each other...
By Chuck Sipps
A podcast dedicated to the love of video games from a gamer unbound by party lines.
By Tre Wiley, Leon Farrington
Two best friends reflect on their lives, their mistakes, and most importantly, their TV.
By ROE Network
Welcome to the Residence of Evil Podcast, the show where we talk about the latest Resident Evil + Survival Horror news, interview the actors and developers behind the games and much more!
By Jester Radio Network
Everyone has it coming, an insult or a roast. Why then would we allow fantasy characters to get away with whatever they want? Simply because they bring joy to the world does not make them exempt from a proper comeuppance. Here at B.A.D Shorty we aim to insult, roast, destroy, and overall make fun of people, places and things that don't actually exist. Whether I have a problem with them or not, I will make fun of them, because that is just who I am. This podcast is meant to be a shortform roas...
By Eternal Kingdom
We're bringing you all the latest news about Eternal Kingdom!
By Optic Cast
Podcast que simplemente con un staff friki para personas que le gusta la cultura geek . Un humor absurdo pero a la misma vez divertido
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