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By Jackson Davis
Fortnite a fun video game where you can experereince wars in safety, save the world, and challenge yourself whilst having fun. (This was written by a fourth grader)

Hire Us as Your Writers

By Hire Us as Your Writers
Hire Us as Your Writers takes you inside the writer's room of Evan and Riley, your hosts/writers and pitchmen. Every week, they reboot and spin-off your favorite books, movies, TV shows, and games. With a dream in their hearts and a tumbler of whiskey in their hands, let these bumbling buds feel your ears with jokes, jives and ideas you can steal to enrich yourselves, all to fulfill their goal to save Pop Culture, one hour a week.

Latest In Tech News

By TechNewsGadget
Tune in for the latest trending news in tech, gadgets and gaming. We search the web for only the newest and coolest news to share with you, even if you’re on the go!

Spoiler Alert

By Phoenix Radio
I'm Charles, and I'm Brandon, welcome to Spoiler Alert. If you don't like knowing what's going to happen in movie you haven't seen, then you're gonna hate us, but you'll always want to hear what we have to say. We enjoy movies for their passion and reflection of life. Join us as we poke fun, get serious, and get interesting with your favorite films! From time to time we'll have guests and giveaways! Thank you to Phoenix Radio for believing in our brains to bring you our voice every week...

Tinfoil Tea Party

By Jackdaw
The Tinfoil Tea Party podcast is here to stay, in case you hadn't heard, Jackdaw and his crazy, 'memequisitor' best friend - Saria started a little podcast in which they both wear tinfoil hats, drink green tea and share crazy, out of this world theories and concepts all surrounding Dragon Age! The idea of the show is to keep it: fun, simple and also a little bit crazy! I mean, you just need to look at Saria's channel and watch one of my vids to see that we're both all about good ol' banter, b...

Warp Pipe

By Mike Worby/Mitch Stewart
Hello and welcome to Goomba Stomp's Warp Pipe, your bi-weekly deep dive into one lucky game.

King of the Black Nerds

By Geno Richardson
KoNN is a podcast featuring Geno Richardson, an outspoken black nerd and negrollenial, and his perspective of race, politics and social issues that affect the black community.

Toasters In Tubs

By Colton W. Gabe H.
Toasters in Tubs is a podcast hosted by two fellas, Colton & Gabe, and our goal is to make people laugh with a wide variety of topics ranging from films & sports all the way to dark humor. We recommend that our listeners be 18+ as we will be discussing many inappropriate and controversial topics, except politics...we will keep that to a minimum. This will not be a podcast that all will enjoy. If you find yourself easily offended or don't like racy and dark jokes, than this is not a po...

Knights of Lore

By Unknown
Each week the hosts of the show take a deep dive into the Lore of some of your favorite video games. They discuss the development, history, and some characters that really stand out to them. Join us as we discover some of the most incredible stories ever told.

Side Scopes's Podcast

By Side Scopes

Gaming on Ten Minutes a Week

By Don Walton and Nicholas Baldridge
Two friends discuss video games they've been playing or enjoying recently, a dash of industry news, and one new topic each week.


A Podcast about live streaming and video game culture. Join Mudcat as he discusses the latest trends and topics impacting streamers on popular sites like Twitch and Mixer.

Red Tooth Gamescast

By Red Tooth Games
Neil sits down with a variety of guests to discuss the latest happenings and all the biggest news in the video game world!


By MundoGamers
Bienvenidos a una nueva forma de entender los videojuegos. MG Podcast es el podcast oficial de la revista videojuegos especializada Noticias, juegos de actualidad, debates y nuestros desvaríos habituales se dan cita en más de dos horas repletas de información y crítica sobre el mundo de los videojuegos. Os presentamos el primer programa de MG Podcast, en el que comenzamos con las secciones que conformarán la estructura habitual de este nuevo programa sobre videojuegos de act...

Cultura Fan

By CulturaFan
Cultura fan es un programa que analiza la cultura pop desde un punto de vista diverso y peleón.

High Rollers DnD

By The Yogscast
Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore the world of Aerois on Europe's biggest RPG stream! Watch live every Sunday at 5pm UK Time on or catch up on missed episodes on!

Streamlabs Live!

By Cave Goblin Network
Doug Vandelay interviews streamers and video game industry professionals about their careers and the streaming industry. Recorded live every week on

Fanboi with Harley Morenstein

By Castbox/Studio71
Harley Morenstein, founder of the global hit Epic Meal Time, has always lived the true fanboy life. Always drawn to gaming and comic books, Harley and his Epic friends team up to bring their wealth of nerdy knowledge and excitement to this fresh new weekly series! Tune in weekly to learn the quirkiest facts about movies, videos games, comic books and other fun topics. Did we mention Star Wars, Star Trek, anime and wrestling?!

Cyber Shock: A Discussion Podcast About All Things Cyberpunk

By Fraser Simons, Kira Magrann, Hamish Cameron, Banana Chan, & Phil Vecchione
5 cyberpunk, analog game designers get together to discuss the sub-genre. New contributions, old ones, and things we'd love to see more of.


By Grahm Baker
Welcome to PORB! A podcast where I talk about everything from geek culture, music, health, fitness, depression and being a single parent! SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW on iTUNES! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE & COMMENT on YOUTUBE!

Shirt Untucked

By Shirt Untucked
Sacramento 9to5'ers offering their perspective on life, and beyond.

Голоса из журнала "Страна Игр"

By Страна Игр
Редакция журнала "Страна Игр" и приглашенные гости обсуждают игры. Спокойно, вежливо, с любовью к играм и со знанием дела.

The Corner Flag

By Amogh Ranadive and Aakarsh Chandan
A Manchester United fan and an Everton fan from India team up to create a football discussion show that is filled with in depth analysis (lol), accurate statistics (SURE!) and opinions that make a difference (to nobody)!

Traverse Town Times

By Traverse Town Times
A podcast dedicated to demystifying the lore of Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts, News, Reviews, and More to Come. Traverse Town Times; Your news source thats only there when you need it.

Push My Buttons Podcast

This is a monthly gaming podcast where Luke and Sarah bring you the latest video game news as well as some current games they are playing and enjoying! Please find us on YouTube and Twitch to see our streams between podcasts!!


By Suyuan_粟源

Podcast 426

By Bryce Carlile and Josh Ames
Join us as we review movies, old movies, new movies, and shitty movies. Hold onto your butts, we are going on an elevator ride to Hell, going down.

The Play It LOUDcast

By Revenge of the Fans / Brett Thomas Miro
The Play It LOUDcast - The Official Gaming Podcast of 'Revenge of the Fans'

#devinfocus is about refining the 'art of making games' over time. Both Indie & Commercially.

Nindie Nation

Nindie Nation is a podcast dedicated to all things Nindie for Nintendo Switch and 3DS! Join hosts Jeff and Josh as they discuss the newest and greatest Nindie titles, release dates, news, and sales. The best place for all your Nindie needs!

Legends Of The Painty Men

By John Roy and Andrew DeWitt
Comedians John Roy (Star Search, Multiple Late Night Appearances) and Andrew DeWitt (Sundance, Showtime, TV Land and Jimmy Kimmel) nerd out about what drew them into Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop modeling and their philosophies on gaming. Listen to two comedians banter about the state of their favorite game, the kinds of games they like to play, the people they like to play with and the models they love. NSFW language so wear headphones if your boss is around. 

Shadow Factory Chats - Discuss VR, AR, Tech news and trends

By Shadow Factory
Dive deep and have fun as the team at Shadow Factory as well as special guests talk about trends in virtual reality, augmented reality, and all sorts of fun tech news

Boyfriends Play

By Christopher and Evan
Two boyfriends who podcast about video games, RPGs, and more!

Screen Looking

By Andrew Kuhar
Tune in for focused conversations about our favorite video games, as a rotating cast of close friends look at them from the perspective of art, design and storytelling. Discover something new or revisit a classic with us, as we discuss games ranging from contemporary epics, to remakes and Indies.

Temporada 1 - No Vamos A Ravenholm

By Guiik
Videojuegos, curiosidades, análisis, eventos, un poco de todo lo que nos depara este mundo.

We Missed The Boat

By We Missed The Boat
A show covering games that we, or you, let slip by that are definitely (most of the time) worth revisiting! We talk history, development, and review great games that time forgot. Follow us on Twitter: @MissedBoat Email us with questions or game submissions: [email protected]

AMARCADE - Intrappolati nel retrogaming

By New Game Plus Italia Podcast
Un viaggio fantastico nel mondo del retrogaming. Enrico e Francesco sono rimasti intrappolati nel passato videoludico degli anni '80-'90. L'unico modo che hanno per tornare a casa e giocare videogiochi sempre più recenti. Ma Enrico forse non ha tutta questa fretta di tornare nel ventunesimo secolo. In ogni episodio un analisi approfondita di un videogioco che ha fatto storia.

NSqT Talks

By Nerds of the Square Table / Anchor
From Super Mario to Blank Panther, Game of Thrones to Pokemon, and beyond; We talk about what's the buzz around the film industry, game industry, and anything else that peak our interests. Be a part of our discussions or if you'd like us to cover a topic on our show, let us know via twitter @NerdsSq_Table

FewTrueGamers Podcast

By Jacob "BestinthRealm" Hauter and BlackBeard Bob
Join BestintheRealm, BlackBeard Bob and more as they discuss Whiny fanboys,nostalgia and of course what they're playing that week.


By RT LGBT+ Community
The RT LGBT+ community group shares their thoughts on gaming, pop culture, and current events each week, with a rotating cast of LGBT+ individuals.

Blitz and Blaster's

By Nelson Dale & Mikhail Alfon
Nelson Dale and Mikhail Alfon join forces to dissect trending topics, video games, sports, movies and whatever the hell else they want in a really weird way. New episodes whenever they feel like it.

Retrogames Brasil Podcast

By Retrogames Brasil Podcast
Criado por usuários do fórum Retrogames Brasil, o podcast fala sobre jogos clássicos e também tudo que está rolando na industria atualmente.

Kings of Things

By Haus of Hoot
Join Dan and Jae as they battle through the various geek based gubbins they've come across this week

Let's Go: The Pokemon Show

By Kyran Mountain
General excitement and hype for the world of Pokemon!

Daily XP Grind

By Daily XP Grind
Join us each week as we battle head-to-head to see who played the hardest in the Main Quest, and who goofed around the hardest in Side Quests. Then, we decide who ground... grinded... played games the best that week in our Verdict. All Verdicts are final. The winner (or guest judge) assigns new games for the following week. Get your grind on!


By CapsLock/Radio
Jump into 2D

Hammering through Eorzea

By Thor Odinson
We are 2 Freecompany members from Kitsu on Midgardsormr we are new to the game and are sharing with the greater community and new players what we are learning as we go. we will have guests as well to teach us some stuff. hopefully it will help you out as well.

Make It Sound Fiction

By Nico D., Tyler Colp
A podcast profoundly interested in picking apart pop culture media and narrative.


No sabemos nada sobre videojuegos, pero puedes escuchar nuestro podcast cada Jueves y entérate como tratamos de hablar sobre ellos!

Get a Clue Reviews

By Melissa Smith
A comprehensive and fascinating look at adventure games. Join me as I take you on a journey through point & click games of the past and present.

GHU presents Push Start Podcast

By Game Heads United
Game Heads United's own Christian and Matt discuss any and everything gamer based! What's that? Can't watch the broadcast LIVE each week? Worry not, all of the happenings in the ever-growing Facebook group can be heard with a simple PUSH of a button.

The Big Ben Theory

By Lil Mario and Kappy 140 and PG-13
A Podcast about gameing

The Misfits Podcast

By Misfits
A gang of misfits band together to discuss their lives as YouTubers and provide a behind the scenes look at the crazy adventures they’ve had along the way.

The Feral Podcast

By Feral Interactive
Get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest Mac and Linux games from Feral Interactive. Submit your questions for the team at!

インサイド 最新ゲーム情報

By 株式会社イード

Does video games affect students academics?

By Ethan Malave / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Hearts & Barrels Podcast

By Brainworms Multimedia
Hearts & Barrels is a new gaming site in development that is unlike any other. Our staff will occasionally have gaming conversations and roundtable reviews as part of our game club and post them here for all to listen to!

Salty Nerd Podcast

By Alexander Almony
A look a Nerd culture from a Salty Nerd. Movie Reviews Show Reviews HBO Netflix Disney Marvel DC

Bits, Chips and Flipped Scripts

Butterfly effect in gaming! Every few weeks Cam and Bam take a video game and change one specific game-play or narrative detail, speculating on (and laughing about) how the rest of the game would differ without it becoming unrecognizable.  NEW episodes every other Friday!

Gaming World United Podcast Network

By Gaming World United
Gaming World United Podcast Network

The Nerd Culture Podcast

By Frank, Alex & AJ
Feed into your unhealthy nerdy obsessions! Listen to our podcast, and revel with us how amazing it is to be a nerd today.

That Fallout Show

By We Just Love Games
That Fallout Show is a podcast all about Fallout! We will cover lore, news, gameplay, mods and much more in this bi-weekly podcast. So join us, your true Wasteland companion guides as we walk through the Fallout together. See you in the Wasteland!

Skyrim Book Club - Arcanaeum Edition

By Skyrim Book Club
Continuing in the tradition of Skyrim Book Club, this series expands our audio book readings into the wider Elder Scrolls universe.

Tu a Yavin y yo a Corruscant

By YavinCorruscant
Moebiuss y Beni desde el club La Guarida, nos lanzan este nuevo podcast de Destiny

Dame and a Game

By Tzvi and Daniella
Through the serious discussion of video games and their constituent parts, we're giving them and their creators the royal treatment. Spoilers abound.

Slice of Everything

By Kyle Leonard
two life long friends talk and debate over movie, music, video games and current events as well as reviewing them.

Retromontag recap

By Retrokram und Pretty Old Pixel
Der Retromontalk

Games and Groceries

By A & L / Anchor
Almost every game podcast talks about Game News, but what about other gaming topics? Married & Gaming. Too old to play games? These & many more topics discussed every week!

Modelo Time Podcasts

By Jacob Z
The boys get together for a podcast to cuck and roast some topics.

Talking About Video Games

By Clive Dorrington
They say three is a crowed so let’s get crowed with me and a friend as talk about video games. Yes that’s it. Well ok there might be some laughs and tears, some fistfights (we try to make is a audible as possible for you listening pleasure). These rowdy discussion about industry trends, reviews, scandals, esports, and our hopes and dreams dashed against the rocks of disappointment all happen weekly. yay! Besides there are worse ways to spend 25 minutes.

Game Overtime

By Ben and James
Two hapless employees in a game studio are tasked by their boss to create a game based on a very vague concept every two weeks. They're given one hour to talk out different concepts, eventually deciding on something they can showcase to their boss at the end of the session.

The Champions' Cast - Zelda Dungeon Podcast

By Zelda Dungeon
Welcome to Zelda Dungeon's weekly podcast show, The Champions' Cast

Knights of the Game Table Podcast

By Knights of the Game Table Podcast
This is a show for geeks, by geeks! Our topics ranging from Batman morning the death of his would be girlfriend to the hair on Hulk's chest! You want something different to listen to, then listen to this show!

Keegan and Tristan Program

By Tristan Price / Anchor
In this podcast we talk everything about video games.

Up Today Gaming

By Up Today Gaming - A video game podcast hosted by Kris Rohrbach and Jeff Taylor
The Up Today Gaming Podcast is a weekly podcast brought to you by Kris and Jeff, two guys that have been friends for awhile and love to talk about everything video games.


By OnigiriCast
Analisando a cultura pop asiática como quem saboreia um delicioso onigiri!

Forgot Our Brains

By Kozmo / Anchor
Forgot Our Brains is a Podcast talking about gaming, streaming and many other subjects.

Apaga Tu Radio Podcast

By ApagaTuRadio Podcast
Podcast sobre juegos de mesa modernos y las vicisitudes que le rodean.


By Sean O'Brien
SLOBCAST is a weekly podcast that talks about Twitch, YouTube Games and Life.

Radio 76

By EightBitBlonde
A podcast all about Bethesda’s newly announced game, Fallout 76. Join us for details, theories and factoids about everyone's favorite Wasteland.


By ハコノハナシ

The Zachtronics Podcast

By Zach Barth
On the Zachtronics podcast we go behind the scenes of how indie games are made and interview independent game developers, asking them the questions that only another independent game developer would know to ask.

The Innkeeper Podcast

By The Innkeeper Podcast
A podcast for Hearthstone Tavern Innkeepers covering Hearthstone’s Fireside Gatherings - with insight and information we hope our fellow Innkeepers find useful. Hosted by fellow Innkeepers, this show shares valuable insights from all around the Hearthstone Innkeeping Community .

The Retro Gamers Podcast

By The Retro Gamers
Anthony and Larry here to bring you our memories of a time long forgotten but slowly seeing a light of day in the world of video games. Blow off the dust from the carts. Get your wires untangled. We about to go retro!!!

Permadeath Postgame

By Permadeath / Anchor
Taking a more in-depth look at discussions within the gaming sphere than the normal Permadeath Podcast.

SSG Podcast With Chris and Mitch

By SSG Podcast
Join Chris and Mitch each week as they break down news from the gaming industry.

The Vertical Viewing Podcast

By Jared Sargent & Michael Lynd & Scott Willson | Topics ranging from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, fantasy, science fiction, to Paul Thomas Anderson, Coen Brothers, David Fincher, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino.
The latest Film & TV news and reviews. A conversational podcast. The phrase 'binge watching' has been replaced with a much more academic sounding term: vertical viewing.

Dungeon Fables

By AliandrasK
A light, fun, short World of Warcraft podcast about dungeons and the stories behind them!

Bonus Stage

By Kev Bobbitt and Emily Kardamis
A bi-weekly chill video game podcast hosted by Kev Bobbitt and Emily Kardamis, where we play a game each week and talk all the things we love about it.

Bare Metal Gaming

By Bare Metal Gaming
Gaming just got a lot more metal! Join Andrew and Tim as they discuss the past, present, and future of gaming from the perspective of two people who have seen it all from the beginning.

Geek Philosophy's Podcast

By Geek Philosophy
Welcome to the Geek Philosophy Podcast. Here we will review the highlights of Geek Culture for the Week. Journey with your host Donald Hordge and Clay McDonald as we discuss all things Geek related and deeper meaning behind them. Don't forget to find us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. And more more content check out our Youtube at

Aribos Podcast

By Aribos Podcast
Gunpla | Airsoft | Gaming

Back to the Futon

The FANTAVISION you've come to know and love but in podcast form! From random real world topics to video games, we cover it all!

Die Dritte Macht

By Raphael Schottel
Der deutsche Perry Rhodan Fanpodcast

No Title

By GamesVision
GamesVision ist ein PodCast der Inhalte von Spielen jeglicher Art vorstellt

The Deep Dive

By Pumpkinberry TV
The conversation after the game ends. A weekly descent into the depth of narrative in video games.

The Informant Podcast

By Informant News Crew
"Where Family is First"

L'amour de Maiki pour...

By Café Gaming
Maiki a de l'amour à revendre. Il vous parle de ces passions dans ce podcast court (5 mn) : jeux vidéo, films, séries...