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En Tiempos de Carga

By En Tiempos de Carga
Podcast de la Editorial GameReport en colaboración con la revista Terebi Magazine.

Retro Odyssey

By Adam Miller, Matthew Hudson, Ryan McTaggart Hester, Steven Llambias
Join Adam, Matt, Ryan and Steven on their odyssey through retro gaming

Darkintent & Airoll's Retrospective

By Ethan Laymance / Anchor
What I and my brother want to do is to show the passion that we have for video games. And I plan to talk about Sports as well. I am a gamer and a sports guy so I will appeal to both hopefully:)


By ON APPROACH - Flight Sim & Aviation Enthusiast Podcast
✈ On Approach is a weekly flight sim & aviation enthusiast podcast covering user submitted topics and news on


By Kayden / Anchor
my favorite things and videos that I might put on youtube or mixer

LMC Cast

What 16-bit titles would you like to see remade? Which are undeserving of their place on the pedestal? Which never got the chance? The Last Minute Continue crew talk about the things they're most passionate about - video games - in this new occasional podcast from all corners of the LMC staff.

Reckless Engamerment

By Reckless Engamerment
Bringing over 70 years of gaming experience to you in the form of educated opinions on games and game related topics.

ARKeologist's Podcast

By Sean D Knight / Anchor
The ARKeologist's Podcast is a weekly show in which the crew is made up of players from Official PvP Servers on the PC platform. We cover the latest patch notes, threads, and tweets to keep you up-to-date on what is happening and how it effects the Official PvP Server scene.

Fetch Quest Radio

By Fetch Quest Radio
Your weekly/bi-weekly/whenever gaming podcast featuring a group of friends that think they know everything about games. You should totally listen to us!

WYDG - Gaming Radio

By Joshua Needham
We are a gaming network producing podcasts about gaming, movies, anime, and all things geeky!

Webby Vs. Nostalgia

By Jeremy Webb
Welcome to Webby Vs. Nostalgia: a video gaming podcast where I, Jeremy Webb (your host) have a guest each episode to discuss some of the video games we loved growing up, and I have a look at some I've never played to see how they hold up, without any rose coloured glasses to protect them. Join us for this 7 week season (2 episodes per week) to look back at what we loved and why we loved doing it.

Talk Devy To Me

By Kimberly De Winne / Anchor
The podcast that provides an inside look into the life of a Game Developer!

Podcasts – Road To Insomnia

By Stuart Armour
Meet the 1st Football Manager World eSports Championship Players


The Official podcast site, for geeks by geeks. #WeAreGoingMassive

Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

By StevenJamesDanniel / Anchor
We talk about lots of Gaming and Technology.

Sufficiently Afflicted: A Battlefield Game Podcast

By BOD Community
Three gamers discuss Dice's massive multiplayer game, Battlefield 1. Tips. Challenges. Shenanigans.

Let's Do A Gaming!

By Steve From Go 8 Bit
In which Steve McNeil from TV videogaming/comedy show "Go 8 Bit" bangs on about games. Sometimes with guests.

Gamers Who Hate Other Gamers Podcast

By Jason, Eric, Abraham, Humberto
If you love the Hatin' you love the gamin'

Esports Central

By Esports Central
By esports fans, for esports fans!

Nerdgasm Talk

By Spaces Productions
After a week of build up nerd aggression come join the Nerd Coalition's Mr. A&E and Swaggonzero as we talk about the latest in movies, comics, events, anime, pop culture and so much more! Just two nerds who want to talk your ear off and feed you the knowledge you been waiting for! So sit back and feel the NERDGASM!

Dr Strangelove Retrogaming: PODCASTS

By Dr Strangelove Retrogaming
Debates e historia de los sistemas retro; desde Atari a Playstation, no se nos resiste nada (incluso Virtual Boy ;))

Dr Strangelove Retrogaming: FLASHPODCASTS

By Dr Strangelove Retrogaming
Podcasts de 1h aproximadamente donde tratamos temas relacionados con consolas y videojuegos retro e incluso actuales.


By Samuel Crisóstomo
Esse podcast é apenas o teste de um tutorial.

Squad Up!

By Eduardo and Peach3z
Join your hosts Eduardo and Peach3z as they discuss all things video games!

TNG Podcast

Listen to us ramble about stuff you might care about.

Enter The Iris

Enter The Iris is a Overwatch based podcast focused on improving as a player. We cover the Meta, specific area of improvement, and Women in Overwatch. We also cover Overwatch League and overall news. We record on Monday's live on twitch at 5PM MST.

Game Flow: Essays About the Culture of Video Games

By Travis Arbon
Game Flow is a collection of audio essays about the culture of video games and experiences with gaming. If you have an audio essay that you’d like to submit to the podcast, send an email to [email protected] Music for this podcast comes courtesy of Sylendanna on Soundcloud.

RVA Plays Podcast

By Wes Lockhart
RVA's (Richmond, VA) finest gather to talk retro gaming and nostalgia. This communal podcast features frequent guests from the area as we explore our favorite childhood games, memories, top 10's, and what we're playing now. Play along at home with our video game club as we revisit classic games with a new perspective.

PCFlight Podcast

By Thomas Haynes
A weekly podcast providing a round-up of the weeks Flight Simulator News and also featuring special guests each week.


Just a couple of thick boys passionate about film and also love their own voice too much.

IGN Sidequest

IGN Sidequest is a weekly gaming podcast presented by IGN and hell-bent on bringing you the latest in local and international gaming and esports news and opinion.

KaptainKoffee Gaming

By Kaptain Koffee / Anchor
The best place for quick video game community updates. KaptainKoffee is your host, filling you in on the latest Fortnite features, new game releases, and AAA title changes. Live Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 8:30pm EST


By Kalvin / Anchor
I don't know

The Thirsty Mage

Hosted by David Lloyd, a panel of guests have an in depth discussion about new and popular RPGs spanning across different platforms.


Chatting with indie game developers about their game and what they love about gaming!

Switchaboo - Nintendo Switch Podcast

By Switchaboo - Nintendo Switch Podcast
Dedicated to Nintendo Switch games news, releases, and discussions! We tell you about all the latest Nintendo stuff.

Real Talk Radio (Daniel Smith)

By Daniel Smith
Join me as I interview a guest each week to talk sports, life, faith, sports, current events, movies, and more sports!


By Andrew and Justin
They aren't experts. They aren't developers. They just kind of like games and stuff.


A weekly podcast, discussing pop culture and current events through the lens of various geek subcultures. The underlying theme is to explore everyone’s “nerd,” because everyone has that one subsection of counterculture they are deeply in to. The listeners are invited to “lean in” to the conversation, acting as a fly on the wall, listening and observing while the quartet wax at length on any topic brought before them. Comics, video games, film and more are always on the table for discussion an...

Caffeinate with Samuel Adams

By Samuel Adams / Anchor
Caffeinate gives you a morning rundown of the hottest news in gaming culture. From the biggest announcements to drama with online personalities, you can find what you need to know every weekday morning. Caffeinate is recorded live on every weekday morning at 6am EST.


This is a Podcast on the game War Robots by Pixonic!! This will be a weekly Podcast going where we will review various topics from WR gameplay, Pixonic, future releases, and other fun topics. Please support us and subscribe!! Hosts: Wargrave and Atomic Blaster (Brotherhood Clan) Thanks and please subscribe!!

Gaming in Hell

By Gaming in Hell
Gaming in Hell is a podcast about online culture hosted by two guys who hate being called "gamers" despite the term being appropriate. The internet is hell and we're all living in it - but what made it this way? Through conversations with friends about gaming culture, social media and everything else that happens online, the show hopes to unpack what makes the internet so terrible, and possibly discover a way to enjoy things without being awful.

Neokaido's Power Play

By Zac Thomas
Power Play is designed similar to a game club podcast. We will choose a game to play through, by a blog post outlining the history of the game's release, then give a schedule of the episodes following. We want to encourage inclusiveness by taking emails with opinions on the game being played. We highly encourage anyone to join in!

Love Thy Nerd Podcast Network

By Love Thy Nerd
A series of podcasts that feature open and honest conversations about games, life, and belief.

Gameboiz Podcast

By The Gameboiz
Two well-meaning idiot comedians, Griffin Davis and Lux get down with good buds with good brains and discuss the games that are stuck in our minds and will never get out! Enjoy! (Music by Matthew Morden: (Art by Brittany Metz)

Dusty Cartridge

By Jared Moore
Join your Quillstreak hosts Jared Moore, Jordan Oloman and James Mccoull as they attempt to flesh out video game concepts on improvisation alone. Each week the guys take it in turns to deliver the title of a made-up video game. It's the job of the other two hosts to bring that game to life. We'd give you more to go by but the contents of each episode are as much a surprise to us as they are to you.

Chip Damage Control

By Chip Damage / Anchor
Welcome to CDC Radio (Chip Damage Control) brought to you by We introduce ourselves and Winnipeg’s fighting game scene. We talk about upcoming tournaments and express thoughts on tournaments that have come to pass.


By Lars, Clutch, Panther
Team Dragons Broodcast Podcast

Start Select with Rook & Dutch

By Rook & Dutch
Just two average gamer joe's talking about video games and video game culture. If you have any ideas, questions, or you just want to follow us our twitter is @StartSelectRnD

Respawn Podcast

By Kyle Anderson
Hosts Nebs, Achilles and Overtime take you along a wondrous ride of conversation where you never know what the topic will be next. Offering you a perspective from three professional gamers, where they focus on the industry, gaming and entertainment. Bringing in guests from every facet of gaming, as well as involving the community.

RetroFungeon Podcast

By Frank (@frankiecalisto) & Victor (@inky_77) & Wil (@Willielargacha)
Your monthly dose of gaming nostalgia and modern gaming. Frank, Victor and Wil take you down memory lane back when video games didn't have 5 minute intros. We also discuss retro Pop culture, TV shows, Movies and a bit of modern gaming. We're hilarious & Irreverent . Why haven't you tried an episode yet?

Power Bomb Attack

By Imtiaz Ahmed
A podcast about video games and sometimes more.

Rat-Tail Digest

By Tom Izzo and Barry Cook
Talking about nerd culture and all that lies between.

Swede Rolls Actual Plays

By Swede Rolls
The gang of Swede Rolls get together to roleplay in everything from D&D to the Warhammer 40k universe

Phox Vox

Interested in video games and other geeky things and the culture of outrage surrounding it? In this podcast, video game columnist Jake Magee and guests dive deep on controversies consuming the nerd sphere.

Die Gebrüder Brofi

Deutschland und Hawaii verbunden durch den Youtube Broady und seinen Bruder Sebastian. Zusammen tauschen sie sich über Themen aus dem alltäglichen und popkulturellen Themen.

GamersConduit GC Audio Portal

By Derek W a.k.a BlackLink: Game News, Developer and Intel Gathering!
Get the latest News and Intel in the gaming industry with GC Audio Portal! We will be pushing audio cast on some of our news. Gaming is what we do and what we talk about. GamersConduit is the only conduit for gamers!


By Matt Bauer / Anchor
This is GamesQuest, my mission to talk about video games. I put the focus on games in general and industry trends instead of presenting news and reviews. Please join the discussion!

Se lo que hicieron el Podcast Pasado

By Tres Monos
Podcast sobre nuestras vivencias con el cine, videojuegos, música, etc.

The Blaise XPerience: A Gaming Podcast

By Derreck Blaise
The Blaise XPerience is a podcast that delves deeper into board games and video games by examining things from the players' point of view. The host (s) will break down strategy and dynamics in games included in the series by diving deeper into all aspects of the games. In addition, The Blaise XPerience seeks to interview top players from each games' community looking at their perspectives on what makes their favorite games tick and how to succeed at them.

Gold Chain Gamers

By Gold Chain Gamers
Sincere and Curtgz together as The Fresh Gamerz bring you the latest and greatest in the gaming industry and community through hilarity, informative opinions, and raw debates. Join us as we cruise through these gaming streets and enjoy the ride.

Podcast vs Player

By Podcast vs Player
Join Cal, Dan and guests as they tackle the never ending cycle of gaming, the internet, movies, or whatever else springs into the show! More content at

MLB The Show Cast

By What The Moose
Your #1 source for MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty news! Market tips, program analysis, & much more!


By matt and james lohkamp
The Lohkamp Brothers' book club approach to video games.

TheRandomLootDrop Podcast

By TheRandomLootDrop
What gamer doesn't like loot? Tune in for epic loot drops in the form of gaming news and boss battle required.

Far Cry Podcast: Hope County Radio

By Nicholas Schilz / Anchor
This is Hope County Radio your stop for Far Cry 5 news, tips and tricks, and the always changing Far Cry Arcade! This Bi-weekly Podcast is a deep dive into the diverse landscape of Hope County Montana and Far Cry in general. Join your Host Nick (THEwiller) and Nate (Sycstix) for some seriously fun discussions. #Farcry #far cry #Farcrypodcast


By Lord of the Yard
All Madden Talk , new players, new content and NEWS on the goings on in Madden

Non Stop Misery Podcast

By Non Stop Misery
There are no stops on this train, there is only one destination, and that destination is Misery. Welcome to Non Stop Misery, a pessimistic discussion of video games, film, television and other random chat.


By Raum 1337
Games, Filme, Serien vorher und nachher! Willkommen bei PodTwist, dem Format mit der geteilten Meinung. Wir zeigen euch wie sich Meinungen und Vorurteile ändern können, viel Spaß!

Player 2 Joined Gaming Podcast

By Player 2 Joined
YouTubers SeriousCreeper and Napyet discuss the games they're playing, trending topics and other pop-culture related news.

First Ever Podcast - How It All Started

By Sith Bauer
A trip in time on how I began as a gamer to an amateur content creator on Youtube and Twitch.

Saint14project Podcast

By Avgjoe227/Sentineldad/hatchiedave/ssj5Goku28
Saint 14 Project Podcast is a fusion of Mental Health Awareness, video games news and talk with a focus in gaming communities. You Are Not Alone - saint 14 project Everyone is affected differently by mental health.

FEHology: The Study of Fire Emblem Heroes

By The FEHologist / Anchor
Welcome to the study of FEHology! This is a clean, family-friendly show where I approach Fire Emblem Heroes from an analytical perspective, to help those who are free-to-play make the best long term decisions. I talk about news, characters, guides, discussions from listeners, commonly asked questions...anything Fire Emblem! I hope to learn together with you as we discuss this amazing mobile game! Music by DJtheSdotcom

Mashing Buttons

By Mashing Buttons
We talk about video games, then we take a shot. Then we talk more about video games, and then we take another shot. Let's just say, after about an hour of this, everyone is having a great time.

Fortnite's battleBrothers

By Essdii and Xobbes
Join Essdii and Xobbes each week as we get sweaty and weird diving into anything and everything Fortnite PvP related!

Die Hexerin - Hörspiel

By Marcel, Niklas
In diesem Podcast vertonen wir eine FanFiction von der Autorin xnicklx die ihre Geschichten auf veröffentlicht.

Pulse Bomb Ready

By Pulse Bomb Ready / Anchor
Overwatch esports headlines in about a minute and half by @Sabriality! (Monday through Friday, usually.)

Intercepted Imperial Transmissions

I'm just a Star Wars Fanatic with a dollar and a dream. Stand by for my musings on Star Wars, Sci fi and living in a place called "Shaolin".

League of Cast

By Leonardo Machado
Podcast voltado ao League of Legends, analisando todas a partidas do CBLOL, além das principais notícias do mundo desse amado E-Sport com muita descontração e informação.

Resident Friends

By Jakrit Patchimanon and Julian May
"My Name is Alice." Julian and Jakrit, creators of 'Unusual Uptown', celebrate their friendship and love of barbecued zombie dogs by watching and reviewing the classic, highly regarded 2000s film series "Resident Evil", starring Mila Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, if we're lucky.

Ongaku No Sekai: Podcast de Música Japonesa

By Overdrive Media Zwei
Overdrive Media presenta su nuevo podcast de Música de Anime: Ongaku No Sekai, acompañen a Karasu y Gongo en su viaje por las rolas de anime que mas les gustan y una que otra complacencia musical.

Secret But Fun

By Evan, Scottie, and Justin
Secret But Fun is a podcast made by three guys in a basement. Evan, Scottie, and Justin talk about the latest news in technology, video games, the internet, and pretty much anything else. Be prepared to get off topic though.

In Search of the Story

By Chris Gravelle
In Search of the Story is a show about the experiences that we find in gaming and other related media. Chris and Olivia dive into narrative focused interactive entertainment and discuss the impact that it can have on our lives. The show may be explicit from time to time, though it is a PG-13 at most. But as the conversations continue, there is no telling where this yarn will take us. Each week we will aim to discuss a specific topic and let our natural conversation drive us. This will be a ra...

stArs Oratoria

By Senet van Rijn
stArs Oratoria is a Star Citizen podcast hosted by Senet van Rijn and recorded at an undisclosed location somewhere in the vast galaxy. With plans to release regularly every one to two weeks, we will discuss the game, the community, ideas from the community, and news as it comes from Cloud Imperium Games Corporation. As well, we will from time to time release fun, in-character features addressing in-universe news and events.


By Pixelbits
Todos los martes por la noche, hacemos un talk show con Ophelia Pastrana, en el que hablamos de noticias de videojuegos, recomendaciones y otros temas de entretenimiento y tecnología. Este programa se transmite en el canal de Twitch de Pixelbits y en el Youtube de Ophelia.

World of Twitch

By Bergerbrush
A podcast where we discuss everything about Twitch and Streaming.

Pokemon Mind & Body

By Nerdfect Strangers
Welcome Pokemon Fans! Join Sky Ertl, Bobby Fisher and DM Lucas Gates as they journey through the region of Ekos on a Pokemon Adventure. Filled with fright, mystery, intrigue, drama and maybe a few laughs!

Vacant Podcast

By Vacant Gazing
Join the folks at Vacant Gazing as they dive into some hilarious, and pretty ridiculous, video game related hypotheticals. Visit for more articles, reviews, videos, and a heap of other non-sense.

Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast

By Frost Front Games: Video Games with a Twist
Welcome to Frost Front Games! We are a podcast group made up of industry developers out of Trinidad in the Caribbean who love to talk about all the crazy and awesome things that happen with the games we play

Completely Consensual

By Chipped Tooth Gaming
What’s up players!?!? Welcome to Completely Consensual Chipped Tooth Gaming’s premiere podcast. Every Monday and sometimes Thursday Mike Doherty comes to you and talks with a guest about the latest and greatest in the gaming industry and BEYOND! That’s right Completely Consensual will cover more than gaming the philosophy is, a good conversation doesn’t have a direction. So, while Completely Consensual will have gaming and nerd culture undertones we will broch conversations about drag, contro...

GamersGrove Podcast

By GamersGrove
The Gamersgrove is a community of passionate video game players. We have a weekly podcast and website where we write reviews for new (and old) games

8 Bit Debaters

By Twisted Bard Gaming
The gaming world definitely needs more people shouting angrily for seemingly no reason and the only way to solve any issue is to have a argument about it. The 8 Bit Debaters brings you the biggest gaming debates about whatever we decide to make up at the last minute. Join a rotating crew of Paddy, Dylan, Alastair, Rob, Jordi, Jon, James & Tyler, alongside other guests as they hold their ground in the face of stupidity. Weekly Podcast available on both iTunes & YouTube, Wednesdays

The Wilderness Podcast

By The Wilderness Podcast
A podcast dedicated to Old School Runescape. Two brothers challenge each other every week to see who will become the strongest Iron man in a series of obstacles along the way. While also discussing all things Runescape.

Wow Pre-Show

Hang out with Wemb, Temp and friends: Pre-Show style, as they discuss the happenings inside and outside World of Warcraft. A dash of news, a pinch of gossip and a drizzle of crazy work story. Toss that with some speculation about where Blizzard may head next and serve with some other forced cooking analogies and you have the entree to a podcast!

Random Ramblings

By Random Ramblings Crew
Alex, Lauren, Michael, Peter, and Sam rambling about random topics.

SherbertLand Podcast

By Goodbye18000 and Age1000
Tanner and Adrian are two Canadian nerds just talking about whatever comes their way on this carousel of life. Tanner talks about the East with anime and JRPGs while Adrian covers the west with TV shows and mostly Overwatch. Come and listen to their weeks, the weekly news and one large topic each week!

Around The Payload

A fake Overwatch League game show hosted by TheBlevins. Each week Blevins brings on 4 guests from the Overwatch community to battle it out for fake points and. The guests will discuss and debate the Overwatch league topics of the week, and whoever can gain the most favor from the judge wins!