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By TG Squared
Two guys having those same conversations you have with your friends when you stay up all night raving about the latest video games you're playing and experiences with them. Everything from reviews to game of the year talk to making fun of how much Jeff sucks at Heat Signature. Feel like part of the conversation and entertain yourself with us when you would otherwise be on long boring drives or doing that exercise thing that people do.
By Dillon Sage
The Chill Factor was designed to be a source of information for and about the Fighting Game Community (FGC) and its followers, CF has since grown into a communication platform that all parties can be involved with if interested. We touch base on wide array of subjects and no subjects are taboo, Topics ranging from Love & Relationships to Sex, Politics, Religion,Video Games, Sports, Community growth etc-etc We encourage all forms of feedback, as long as it serves a purpose. Call this one o...
By Justin, Terry, and Travis
Who Cares What We Think? is a review and discussion podcast. Each week, the guys will present one item to discuss and review. This item could be a movie, video game, piece of tech, movie theater candy, etc. There are no limits.
By Level 5 Radio
Hosted by long-time Pokémon fans Jowy and Adell, Level 5 Radio is a Pokémon Go podcast with a focus on the New York City area.
From the hosts of Amigos: Everything Amiga, the other side of retro gaming. Focused on obscure consoles and games. If you know what the Acorn Archimedes and Odyssey^2 are, you're in the right place.
By Daniel Voth
Conversations with people from the game development community in Winnipeg and Beyond.
By Ecos de Runaterra
Programa sobre League of Legends competitivo en el que repasaremos las noticias mas relevantes, los resultados y lo mas destacado de la scene competitiva del MOBA por excelencia.
By WarpZone
Volte aos anos 80 e 90 com o WarpCast, o podcast da WarpZone.
By Caleb Hardin & Zach Goscha
Join us as we cover the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its impact on comics, movies and pop culture. Learn how these films came to be and hear interesting facts about their production and release. What impact have they had and is it significant? Find out today!
By GFMcast
Un podcast de Geek Fandom desde Mexico
By Nick Guaglione
Hello and welcome to Please Laugh! A comedy* podcast hosted by Nick "That Sexy Nerd" and his two co-hosts Zach & Matt. Each week, we discuss a variety of different topics including (but not limited to) Movies, Music, Video Games, Interesting News and our own depressingly funny lives. So sit back, relax and space out while we take you on a journey. *Your comedic experience may vary
By HOTDROP Podcast
Premier PUBG analysis. Smoking hot drops. HOTDROP is a weekly podcast devoted to the video game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). New episodes every Tuesday! Join us for live streams every Sunday and Wednesday from 8-11PM Eastern at Season 1 of HOTDROP available on our YouTube channel:
By Marius Holstad
On Human Design is a podcast focused on figuring out how we humans really work. It’s about how we can design our experiences to live a better life. It’s often about science, our biology and our brains. All with the wonderful focus on video games! Visit the website for full transcripts of all episodes, including resources and further reading. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any updates! – Marius Holstad
Kristian on Air Mirco´s Kosmos und Onkel Weidemann von schroff gezockt in Action
By Luke & Ryan
Unfiltered and unnecessary. Join us in our discussion of the latest movies, the newest games, and everything else that is pointless.
By Petteri Ahlberg, Joni Vaittinen
Podcasti kaikille. Jos olet koskaan katsonut elokuvia, tv-sarjoja, tai kenties pelannut videopelejä, niin saat juonesta heti kiinni. Tervetuloa kuuntelemaan kahden ystävän lämminhenkistä keskustelua kaikesta mahdollisesta.
By Emerson Oliveira
Safepoint é um podcast sobre games e todos os assuntos que orbitam.
By LiteralSoup
Join Renu and Soup as they talk about anime, games, and all of those adjacent topics (but mostly anime).
By webvyc
Un programa reservado para los especiales puntuales que hagamos. Fuera de la línea temporal de nuestro programa semanal, como un What if, pero más guay.
By Audioboom
The Vexoid team talk about everything nerdy in a brand new weekly podcast. Subscribe to hear about the best new releases and the latest news every Friday.
By Chris
Braeden and Chris discuss games at Episcopal Academy.
By Anthony Mancuso, Jim Freiburger
The Mythic Pod is an authentic video game podcast that covers the world of video games and everything involved in the industry. From game reviews to headlines & original content, the Mythic Pod is your stop for an authentic take on the industry, every week. Mythic Music is an original podcast that dives into the music industry, spanning across rock and roll to metal, new rock, alternative, and hip hop.
By Region Free Gamers
Join the Region Free Gamers: Masa from Finland, Paul from Canada, Arnie from Puerto Rico and Ozzy from Cuba, as they discuss video games both old and new!
O Two For Play é um podcast que tenta falar informalmente sobre vários assuntos, como o mundo do cinema, vídeo-games, animes, series, e outras mais mídias. Apresentado de maneira desastrosa pelo Jack Buffalo Head e pela Capitain Thallred que são dois veteranos nas mesas de RPG, velhos lobos do mar na internet e potencialmente insanos. Prepare suas armas e se junte ao papo quinzenal da dupla.
By Noord Games
Papo das Lendas é o Podcast da Noord Games sobre League of legends.
By Pyro Gaming
Aquí entran en lista todos los podcasts del año 2018.
By Robert Wrench
A podcast where the Dragon and the Panda talk about video games, anime, and even some movies.
By Comunidade Mega Drive
Podcast quinzenal da Comunidade Mega Drive, falando sobre games, cultura geek e muito mais!
By TF4 Podcast
Table For Four Podcast is a podcast of, you guessed it, four friends having discussions on every topic they can think of.
By Marcus Stewart
This is the home for podcasts for video game website Marcus Writes About Games. Carving Gaming Rushmores, The Cliche Audio Log, and any other type of audio content can be found here.
By Max Patten
A podcast that explores the games industry by interviewing the ambitious dreamers and creators who are shaping its future, one polygon at a time.
By Bonus Stage Team
Hírek, sztorik, érdekességek és visszatekintők a videójátékok világából
By Lewis Denby
In 2004, someone releases a weird video game... then disappears. Over the years the game will spawn a passionate fan base, inspire a new genre, and change lives. For more than a decade, fans will search to no avail for its enigmatic creator. Until the start of 2018, when something happens...
By Runtime Radio
Il primo programma in Italia interamente dedicato ai videogiochi a realtà aumentata
By Jason Wessling
Baltic Avenue Productions' Jason Wessling talks all things Overwatch. This Biweekly show will feature a rotating guest both from Baltic's cast of character and the hardcore Overwatch community. Expect silly games, news updates on our favorite game, and numerous requests to get on the payload.
By JaianMusic, GoProKyo & Hotshot Ginger
Cloud 9 is a podcast featuring JaianMusic, GoProKyo and Hotshot Ginger where they discuss nerd and geek culture topics on a monthly basis. Come aboard and listen to their crazy tangents and ridiculously entertaining conversations.
By Epilogue Gaming
Video Games as Art, Literature and a Storytelling Medium. Ben and the various staff of Epilogue Gaming get together to chronicle the latest in gaming news and announcements.
By CryMor
Biased & Honest Video Game Critics! Hi! We are CryMor: Critics, Reviewers, & Streamers! Let Real Gamers help you choose: Pick up that game now? Or, refund it! We are your Digital Connoisseurs, and our only goal is to help you decide if you should spend your money or not! 
By OWLBreakdown
Excited for the Overwatch League’s first season? So are we! Both Riggs and Kavo cover the matches each week as well as predictions, favorite plays, and other potential savage moments that happen each week. Make your predictions along with us by sending us feedback at [email protected] and follow both of us on Twitter @OneEyedWilly82 and @Kavo350
By Rhymes With Asia
Games in Time takes ten minutes to speed through the most important video game industry news stories, to make sure enthusiasts are all caught up with what is happening. Listeners can also contribute text or audio questions to the show via social media @gamesintimepod or at gameintimepodcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com.
By Adam Stewart
Discussions about PSVR including weekly game releases, reviews, upcoming games and everything PSVR!
By David Rupert
A video games podcast for people too busy to play video games
By John Fitch AKA ShakkaPanda
Mixer streamer ShakkaPanda along with his co-host SuperMachen interview streamers, content creators and game industry professionals. Take a look behind the green screen as we discuss video games, gaming culture, live-streaming and content creation!
By Myriad Truths
Codex Radio is a podcast from the Myriad Truths network about Endless Odyssey's two great loves: video games and literature. Every week, a chapter or selection from a video game-related text is read, audiobook style.
By Marcus M Larson
Sup Creeps? Looking for a Podcast about horror that doesn't take itself too seriously? You just found it. Horror fan Ashley Vance and funny-as-hell Eryca Latham collaborate on this topical Podcast, covering anything from favorite horror villains to elements of horror in music and books, and even featuring guest input from friends and fans. Released every Friday, start your weekend off right with some good old-fashioned, potty-mouthed Podcasting.
By radarhead
A UK based videogame podcast. Jam packed full of witty, intelligent chatter from 3 die hard veteran lifelong gamers and a cat. Subjects covered include the weeks news, imminent releases, a weekly topic based on and around the publics peception of modern day videogaming, in depth mature(somtimes) discussion on the games themselves, listener questions, and occasional hilarity.
By Matt Cundy & Nathan Irvine
Podcast stars, Matt Cundy & Nathan Irvine serve up an irreverent look at the world of gaming. Expect humour, white-hot opinion and odd innuendos in what's sure to be your new favourite show. Probably.
A daily podcast featuring various segments such as Twitch Talk, Destiny Dustup, Game Reviews, and Product Reviews.
By Jogo Véio
Podcast sobre retrogames que faz parte da Revista Jogo Véio
By LoadingReadyRun
In this podcast mini-series, James & Matt rewatch and review the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War.
By Reilly & Joseph
What's Up With You! Your go to podcast for discussions about the nerd world. Movies! Comics! Video Games!
By Vertical Slice Media
The Vertical Slice Team Goes In Depth on a Particular Game, Movie, Show, etc.
By Trey Higgins
Twin Stick Radio is a show about video games that post each Friday around 12pm CST. Each week Trey Higgins, Chris Rodriguez, and Justin Lopez jump on to discuss the games their playing, news, and the important topics being discussed throughout the community.
By Boxman
El podcast de videojuegos desde la barra de un bar. Noticias, análisis y opinión pero sin pretensiones. Dos amigos que han decidido que lo que comentan entre ellos bien vale grabarlo (o no) y que van a "freakizar", todavía más a la hija de uno de ellos, Nora, nuestra analista especializada con 6 añitos.
By Level Down Games
Revisiting the Classics is a podcast trip back to the past to play some retro games! Every Saturday morning, Bryan and Frank from Level Down Games will discuss the latest game they are playing in book club format with thoughts, opinions, and once finished, a final verdict. Join us for an audio diary down memory lane!
By Burning Barrel Podcast Network
Podcast by Burning Barrel Podcast Network
By Eldon Schmitt
This podcast is a weekly podcast covering the latest weeks news in the fields of tech, politics, and video games. Each topic will be covered for 10-15 minutes to result in a 30-45 minute podcast for you to enjoy.
By Chris Mancil
Interesting conversations with Video Game industry insiders, the people who make the business work every day. Hosted by industry veteran Chris Mancil.
Join JT every week as he breaks down all OWL matches and any news that needs to be discussed.
By Jay Gill
Discussion and play-along of Final Fantasy VI, with perspectives from both long-time fans and a brand new player.
By One Shot
A Gaming Podcast For Anyone
By Podcast HD
Hosted by the Destiny and Halo Dispatch Teams every week, we casually discuss the news of the day with a Destiny/Halo spin. Guests drop in often and the news we cover is unpredictable, but somehow or another, we always find our way back to the shores of Halo and Destiny.
Join us every Thursday for news and comedy from the world of nerds and geeks!
By George and Cemil
Meet George and Cemil. 2 lifelong gamers who have a lot to say, and even more to laugh about. Keep up to date with the latest gaming news, but also pay your respects to those older classic games. We started when PIXELS were state of the art graphics and today, we love gaming just as much. We game on consoles and PC. We talk nerd but in a user-friendly way that everyone can enjoy :)
By TrashTurkey
Two guys too cheap to play the latest and greatest talk about the games of yesteryear
By Barba Roja
¡¡Bienvenidos jugones y jugonas a Noche en el Nexo!! Vuestro podcast de Heroes of the Storm en Castellano. Noche en el Nexo es un podcast semanal/quincenal que trata todos los temas de actualidad de Heroes of the Storm, tales como noticias, parches, novedades, rumores, guias, estrategias, dudas e e-sports. Noche en el Nexo es parte del contenido que sube Barba Roja en su canal de Youtube, el cual podreis encontrar en el siguiente enlace:
By Friday Night Gaming Podcast
Two Gamers creating a Podcast.
By Press X To Podcast
Weekly round up of video games, nerd culture, and more from your friends at COGconnected.
By Here For The Gear
A weekly gaming podcast!
By Joakim Lybeck
En svensk podcast om World of warcraft. Där WoWspelarna Joakim, Jonas och Andreas diskuterar alla aspekter av spelet i olika avsnitt. Vi kommer att ta hjälp av erfarna gäster och oss själva för att snacka om spelet vi alla älskar.
By Jon Ritter
Board games. Video games. Friends. Other stuff. Podcast created and hosted by Jon Ritter (@jonritter), cofounder of Lay Waste Games and Eleven Metal.
By Radio Scrivania
Tecnologia, VideoGame e molto altro ancora su Game In The World. In onda ogni mercoledì alle 15:00
By NerdRage
Podcast by NerdRage
By Comedy Catacombs
Irreverent comedy podcast whose only purpose is to bring humor to the masses, so listen and determine for yourself our level of success!
By Theodore Rose
Welcome to The Train Wreck. Hold on tight because we have no idea where this is going. Discussions about life, gaming, existence, philosophy, TV & Film, comic books and you name it coming down the pipe as we go off the rails with The Train Wreck!
By Joshua Kramer, William Boyer
A Weekly Halo Esports Podcast
By Daniel and Liam
Daniel (KingK) and Liam (LiamTriforce) talk about video games and other media for many hours. What you hear is what you get!
By Montscot832
video games news, reviews and esports
By Desoladies
Cooldown is a Desoladies podcast that allows Dota community figures a thoughtful way to respond to stories, controversies, and discussions in the Dota and esports scenes. While Reddit and Twitter focus on immediate reactions to the latest news, Cooldown gives guests time to collect their thoughts, then come together for productive discussion.
By Craig of Canada
The only wild hearthstone podcast out there. We discuss nothing but wild cards and wild stories. Join us for this wild ride! WILD
By Johnnie Mac, Garrett Laney, & Joshua Gerard
Fan Favorites is an excerpt show from The Super Co-op Squad podcast.  Every week we choose one theme and create 5 quick pick matchups to choose from.
By Ryan McBride
Listen to Ryan McBride and Kenny "Wishes He Was Omega But Is" Gardner discuss New Japan Pro Wrestling and the various smaller promotions across the globe. These promos are unscripted and some of the best you'll ever here.
By Unknown
Uncut, unadulterated, and unrated news and opinions on the latest in gaming.
By The Overwatch League Recap
A podcast covering the news, matches, and results for the Overwatch League. Join Andres, Juston, and Bob as they guide you through the League with summaries, analysis, and interviews!
By Night of the Living Geeks
A weekly podcast about Star Wars video games. Each week we'll bring you the latest news in all Star Wars gaming, and progress to review every single Star Wars video game ever made!
By The Saturn Junkyard
The Saturn Junkyard's TitanCast This is your one stop shop for all audio productions from the creative team at the Junkyard! From personal stories, to in depth game reviews, the Junkyard aims to deliver you a heap of Sega Saturn nostalgia. To find more Saturn love, swing by the blog or check us out on our YouTube Channel.
By Devoradores de Controles
Podcast para o público gamer... Devorem seus controles!
By The Oddbunch
The Oddcast
By 原田明弘
By Harada Akihiro
"SOULCALIBUR SUITE - THE RESONANCE OF SOULS AND SWORDS" is a suite of special music for celebrating release of video game "SOULCALIBUR Broken Destiny", provided exclusively to "NAMCO SOUNDS". The music is performed by Eminence Symphony Orchestra which is renowned as a performer of music from animation and video game, based in Sydney, Australia. The rare recording method is adopted this time, supervised at studio in Tokyo, performed, directed and recorded in Sydney simultaneously by connected ...
By Push to Talk
Your Gaming Podcast - Founded in 2016 by a couple of grizzly gaming veterans, this is Push to Talk, where we talk about games.
By Vivid Media
Video Game Radio is a show about video game news, controversy and industry topics.
By Nerd Cops
We are a podcast dedicated to talking about anything in the nerd spectrum of this universe! Like, subscribe, comment, and more importantly ENJOY :D Find us on iTunes by searching Nerd Cops! You can also find us on most podcast apps! If you want us to talk about a certain topic or us play a game together leave a comment!
By Navyboy5499
Best place for Gaming stuff
By Gamers of Arabia
By Platforms and Pitfalls Team
Game design and discussion podcast.
By British Tech Network
This is the British Tech News Network - Consumer Tech News and Fun. Home of the The News show, The Mac show, The Big show, The Photo show, The F1 show and the Dad and the Dude show