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It's what you get all the time, our unsolicited opinions!
Você ama games assim como a gente? E você ama ainda mais quando o game é cooperativo? Então você está no podcast certo! O Joincast é o podcast simples e direto sobre o universo dos games!
Welcome to Kanto Cast, your gaming podcast covering all things Nintendo!
Overwatch Recall connects you to other podcasts covering everything in the world of Overwatch, Overwatch League, and Path to Pro.
Welcome to the podcast where Klutch Kitten goes in-depth on the good and bad of recent indie games!
Gaming is a real profession and it’s possible to make a living doing it. We dissect Esports competitors, Twitch streamers, Youtube content creators, video game developers, and other video game professionals about what they do and how they do it. h...
Join Jake as he talks with the best video game composers in the industry! From Indie to AAA, get to know the people behind your favourite video game soundtracks in this bi-weekly show!
Der WoW Loretalk mit Barlow und Craft
The Clucked Chickens: A Realm Royale Podcast
Our story takes place in Naristal, where a dark force has been spreading throughout the land, infecting people's hearts and minds. In secret, an organization has been formed with the sole purpose of hunting the cause of this darkness and bringing ...
Campfire is a community of like minded adults coming together to chat, hangout, and discuss our favorite things. Join us @
O DropFrame nasceu da junção de 4 amigos que tem a paixão pelo mundo dos games em comum. As publicações são semanais, sempre na quarta-feira, com eventuais episódios extras.
Game Drawl is a show about the ridiculous world of video game lore. Scott, Brian, Stu, and Tink break down the stories and characters we all love/hate in your favorite video games from the NES and Master System all the way to the latest hip PlaySt...
This is NewYorkMadeTV ran by Mikay. We just do and talk about what we love here with different friends and family members coming. Topics about life, soccer, video games, wrestling, and music. Each podcast will be a surprise what will you find here =]
This is the Nintendo Jump Podcast, a weekly Nintendo-based podcast created for Nintendo gamers, by Nintendo gamers.
Bi-weekly update on what's new and what's interesting in gaming, entertainment, biohacking, Operation Birddog, IQ stuff, homelessness, books and Hollywood.
Tom Clancys The Division
Welcome to Confessions of an Arcade Addict, a podcast about classic video gaming told from a more personal point of view. Join your host Brian, as he meanders through the years of classic arcade gaming through his own memories, insights, and perso...
SUPERB OWL : Here we look to tell the human side. We tell the human stories.
Notícias do mundo dos games com os maiores inimigos num podcast cheio de fanatismo, console war e babação de ovo com os piores fanboys da internet! Vem curtir, se inteirar e participar conosco. Cuidado com o chicote!
A podcast that includes presentations, discussions and interviews surrounding the development of virtual and augmented reality (VR) throughout different vertical sectors and its impact on society.
The Nerds of Destiny Podcast dives deep into every part of your gaming addiction
Join Aj and Brian as they talk about mostly movies. Not just movies but everything nerdy. Comic books, movies, tv shows and more. Every 2 there will be a new episode released.
Two guys who talk about entertainment, Film, Sports and Gaming.
Join me (The Educated Gamer) as we talk about the latest gaming, movie and all around geeky news, as well as weird theories I have.

Full Tech | Twitch, Windows, Computers, Gaming, Streaming, Fortnite, Quake Champions, Discord, Retro Gaming, Community and More!

By Founder and Host Smango goes old school vs. new school against Sgt. Risner the New Co-Host of Full Tech bringing 2 generations together.
Smango from loves talking about the latest Modern Games. Retro gaming is also a passion, The KN Steam curator and writing reviews on the website! Windows, Networking, Tech, Technology and Computer issues that arise during the dail...
Welcome to Blue Views podcast! We talk about tv shows, movies,video games,books,comics,and anything fiction. New episodes every Friday. Follow us on Instagram and follow our Podcast!
Welcome to the Podcast where every week get into some trouble discussing current entertainment topics such as Anime, Movies, TV Shows/ Series, trending social media topics, music and even sports. Mako is an up and coming musician with his current...
Nothing but Nostalgia is a retro and modern video game podcast where we do reviews and play retro games and give the feeling of nostalgia back to it's listeners // My name is Richard Hurtado and I'll be your host as well as my co-host Nick Jones a...
A podcast where we talk about different techniques and aspects related to the game Pump it Up Prime 2
Muscle Memories focuses on conversations with video game players. We discuss the effort that goes into becoming a recognized player in a game. We also take frequent looks at the various ways players can do more for their community. From speedrunne...
This is 'Building Bill'. This is a podcast documenting our journey to create a cheap, effective, and fun game development studio: Bill's Balloon Studios.
We are middle age gamers...covering news, events, reviews and all things gaming.
Join us each week here on Tilted: A Gaming Podcast where we talk about the games of our childhood or new games just around the corner. We aren't industry pros or people with inside knowledge, we're just a couple of guys who love video games. Welco...
Dieser Podcast beschäftigt sich in erster Linie mit meinem Leben. Weiterhin erscheinen hier spannende Berichte, Talks mit Gästen und Spielevorstellungen. Ich bin fast Blind, daher wird es hier vorwiegend Blindenspezifische Themen geben.
Bringing you the lastest and most accurate Fortnite News. Also, babbling on about what people want to hear.
Three friends talk about nerdy stuff. If it's not nerdy it will be by the time we're done with it.
Gaming, Heroes, and Life

Controller Freak

By Julia Blauvelt, Aaron Matteson & Owen Scott
Video game neophyte Julia is starting her mission to become a real gamer, and SHE NEEDS TO TALK ABOUT IT. With the help of two avowed nerds (Owen and Aaron) -- and you, dear listener -- she'll do just that.
This is the official podcast for The Darkness II, which provides an in-depth look at the sequel to The Darkness. Team members from 2K Games and Digital Extremes go behind the scenes to discuss and explore the development of this upcoming action ga...

Our Curious World

By Kristian Lander: Filmmaker, Writer, Content creator and marketing...with a taste for the unusual. Looking to explore life's mysteries.
Exploring this curious world
A 60 Minute Talk Show from 3 cultural icons from St. Louis. Tech Supreme hails from the music world, Ben Sawyer is a published comic artist, and Hate Nate is fashion head with a lot of opinions.
Gegen das älter werden, gibt es (noch) keine Mittel. Auch als Gamer bleiben wir davor nicht verschont. Als Ü30-Gamer berichte ich aus meinem (Zocker-)Leben. Das können Erfahrungsberichte mit Spielen sein oder einfach nur ein paar Gedanken zu all...
I talk about video games, anime, and more!
Join Space and De La as they give their thoughts on all things Fallout 76.
Welcome to OP Gaming Presents. Tune in to our fun, somewhat offensive yet always enjoyable podcast! We talk about gaming news as well as upcoming games on all platforms or maybe comics are more your speed? Then you don't to miss our comic book cor...
Welcome to the Delco Nerd Network pocast feed! Every month our hosts Chris Trio, Anthony Ragucci, and Tim Appleby do three shows/podcasts with guests from the Delaware County area. One topical podcast that usually is a bit more in depth and length...
Un podcast sobre videojuegos.
Two friends ramble about current and overarching topics on the video game industry with passionate, tangent-encouraging discussion.
Videospiele-Podcast für Indies und Oldies
In Gamer 2 Gamer, host Davis Fan talks to various gamers of interest from around the internet, discussing current issues and philosophy as it relates to video games.
Three Friends, Three Topics, One Show. Providing an in-depth look at some of the biggest stories in video game news.
Start/continue a video game podcast by a Gen xer and a millennial child tune in and enjoy!
Join Stu Horvath (Vintage RPG, Unwinnable) and John McGuire (Mai-Tai Happy Hour, Ham-Fisted Productions) as they delve into their favorite tabletop roleplaying games from the past, present and future!
Você ama games assim como a gente? E você ama ainda mais quando o game é cooperativo? Então você está no podcast certo! O Joincast é o podcast simples e direto sobre o universo dos games!
Podcast de infinity the game, realizado en Español. Presentado por Ramon Perez (Sparco), con la colaboracion de Xisco (Sibelius), Juan (Thanior) y con el tecnico de sonido Miquel Angel (Miwi).
The Break Room Arcade’s variety show: The Break Down Podcast! Join Brandon, Paul, and Logan as they break down what we’ve been up to for the week! We’ll be discussing Movies and TV, Anime, and even Video Games!
A channel you should subscribe if you are excited about eSports and your life. And why eSports have a big impact and correlation with how you live your life. Contact: [email protected]
FGC Philosophy is about leveling up inside and outside the virtual arena. Learning from Fighting Games and the FGC as a whole we can grow together. As a competitive player, I strive to always improve and I want to share that knowledge with others....
A Final Fantasy podcast for people who have never played Final Fantasy
Add a description here.
talks at the HFG | Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe
The podcast about two Aussies sharing their unasked opinions and talking about all things geek-culture.
Celebrating Video Games and Video Game Music!
It's the 90's, Sam is an awkward, poor white-trash teen. Fate had him end up in a predominantly rich magnet school ‘S.K. Gayle Middle School’ an ‘all nerd school’, if you will. Sam played the Alto Sax since fourth grade, and now he was to join Adv...
The Beards tackle things like games, movies, TV, and so much more... Hold on to your face!
The Insert Coin Theater Podcast is the resurrection of a podcast-turned-livestream. Covering topics in video games from game deep-dives to industry research to light-hearted topics, the ICT Podcast is Tim bringing on his passion for games in a dig...
Talking Poop is the podcast about the movies, music, and media that we all love. And some that we hate.
Programa principalmente de videojuegos donde hablaremos de lo que le apetezca a tres colegas. Prometemos intentar gustar!!!
Building better gamers. How to get better at #dota2 gain MMR and rank up! #esports #dota #coach
Nexus Now is a Heroes of the Storm podcast focused through the lens of the Nexus Gaming Series, an amateur Heroes competitive league
Here’s The Setup is a 5 minute podcast by Kyle and Wade. Each week one of them will come up with a concept to pitch, and then they’ll spend a few minutes fleshing out the idea. Once the 5 minutes is up, that’s it: they eject the idea out into ethe...
Beaucoup de jeux vidéo et un peu d'autres choses, des débats et de la mauvaise fois, de la culture pop et des œuvres de niche, Monsieur Poutounours et ses invités : c'est tout ça, le Poutoucast !
Each month we take a topic, and discuss it using 5 games as examples of those highs and lows.
In this podcast we will talk about new predictions about the new updates that Epic Games will add to Fortnite.
We're a few punks who play way too many video games and then talk poorly about them. Our podcasts are uncensored and we don't pull punches. We're just starting out, so give us a break if things are a bit sketchy.
Mark, Jules and Maso present a weekly podcast featuring the latest entertainment news, gaming news, reviews and more.
Tank from X106.5 and Justin from 95.1 Wape are HUGE video game fans. the two get together once every week to talk about new video games, game culture, video game streams, new game reviews, and anything else that comes to mind! Hear these Weekly po...
From Duck Hunt (1987) to Fire Emblem Warriors (2017), Joe and Matt are playing one game for every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
Every week, Davis, Matt, Ben, and Will get together to discuss the week in gaming, watching the latest trailers and gameplay videos together and breaking them down for you.
An open, positive discussion about video games, anime and all things nerdy.
Einmal die Woche werde ich über die unterschiedlichsten Themen rund um Videospiele reden.

Pop Culture Mass

By History of Matt & Team Alme Productions
A spoiler-filled twice-monthly discussion of classic films and new releases, as well as music, video games, comic books, and other facets of pop-culture
The Level Up Network is a collection of podcasts on all things entertainment: from video games to movies to television to superheroes. We cover all the nerdy media that you care about.
Notícias, resenhas, podcasts, videos e tudo mais do mundo pop/nerd.
Popsicle Games is a game dev studio and we talk about the love of making and playing video games! Come and chill out with us as we discuss anything and everything about our beloved hobby!
Video game news that reflects on the latest trends and cultural impacts brought on by gaming.
The Splash Podcast is a place to get all the pop culture news. From comic books to movies and everything in between.
Xbox Achievement Hunting discussion as the hosts discuss the achievements of current games and games gone by. Informational for those new to achievement hunting, interesting for avid achievement hunters, and entertaining for all.
The Scubacast is about nerd culture at large. From movies and television to video games and literature, I try to talk about the larger topics that I am passionate about and want to discuss with my audience.
Lucky you, you found the ThumbsUpCast! Hitch a ride on a nerdy adventure alongside Jori and Rodez as they escape reality and travel to new worlds in games, pop culture, and the gaping abyss that is Rodez's mind. Contact the host - biggerthumbsup...
When we're not talking about hunks, we like to talk about, and record ourselves talking about, other things. This podcast feed is a home for all of our non Supernatural-related shows to appear on. We're starting with Silver is for Monsters, a podc...
A Podcast Hosted by Julien & Nick


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