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Co-Optimal Podcast

By Cody Fye & Juan Benavides
Lackluster podcast where Cody & Juan talk about video games, movies, general entertainment things, and whatever else they feel like.


By ASidCast / Anchor
Udit Singh and some other nerds talk nerd stuff.

Gaming N Living

By Eastliky
Game news life news and overall geeky coolness with a young black man trying to make it in the world but also trying to keep up with all the games that come out


By Whatevo
Channel your inner nerd through gaming, comics, movies, and podcast news, their creators, and the communities that support them. Let the nerd flow through you.

TheGeekCentre Podcast

By Podmage
TheGeekCentre Podcast is all about dissecting and diving deep into games from today and long ago. Olivia Carass hosts with her duo of friends RJ & Tom.


By Bifurcast
Подкаст о играх, технологиях и обществе.

The Broman Podcast

By The Broman Podcast / Anchor
The best podcast for any content creator. Listen in for advice, inspiration and real conversations about what you can do to grow in your space.

The Paradox Podcast

By Paradox Interactive
A podcast about the business of video games, by Daniel Goldberg and Shams Jorjani of Paradox Interactive.

TheToneofAzeroth podcast

Short teaser with launch date


Bruce and Dave bring you a podcast about the Sports on Esports. In studio and on location we bring you the latest news about the Sports on Esports. This hilarious podcast will keep you listening as we discuss the NBA 2K League, EA's Madden esports league, the NHL Gaming World Championship, FIFA Esports, eMLS Esports and the F1 Esports series.

HalfWit: After Hours

By The HalfWit Podstillery
This is an irreverent, ridiculous bonus podcast. Anything we couldn't fit into our Nothing Useful Podcast goes here. Things get weird and the hosts just talk about the most random things you can imagine.


By ColdBow
Friends and family members discuss movies, music, video games and other pop culture topics. Join the ColdBow guys for laughs and insight on these and more.


Lifelong friends Jake Baldino and Andrew Gebbia discuss life, video games, movies, and more.

That Pixel Life

By That Pixel Life
That Pixel Life is a new gaming podcast by veteran podcasters that give a fun look at video games, the industry and the culture surrounding it all. Join Josh Faulkner, Zach Anderson, Shannon Moore and Alaina Grimm each week as they dive deep into the video game landscape.

Pod Drop

By Mark Staniusz
Not your typical podcast. Digging into the lesser known stories that tie together the worlds of sport, film, and gaming. Released in "seasons", we explore the big picture ideas that seep into the different segments of pop culture. Listen to one, or listen to them all. These evergreen 30-minute episodes tell a story that can be appreciated by everyone.

Gameboys of Color

By Geeks of Color
Welcome to the latest addition to the Geeks of Color Podcast Network! Each week Amber, Jordan, Okon, and a fourth rotating seat will gather around to talk about what they've been playing, shine a spotlight on indie titles in their Collective Gaming Club and discuss the latest in gaming news.

Lvl Grind

By Daniel Gilbert; Mark Morton
Welcome to Lvl Grind! We are two friends that love to discuss games, movies, TV, etc. and their effects on us and culture.

La Fortaleza de LeChuck

By La Fortaleza de LeChuck
Podcast de videojuegos quincenal donde comentamos las últimas noticias y analizamos los juegos del momento y retro, además de tratar diferentes temas sobre el mundillo.

A que Juegas?

By A que Juegas?
Programa de videojuegos. Porque los juegos también se escuchan!

The Clock: A Hearthstone Podcast

By The Clock HS
A Lifestyle Podcast about the Game of Hearthstone. For Casual & Hardcore Fans Alike! Our four hosts range in experience from fairly new to card games to long-time Magic veterans. Some of us are Innkeepers, some of us are Legend players, but what we all share is a love for the game and a passion for discussing in it a positive, constructive way!

El Semanal De El Rincon Legacy

By El Rincón Legacy
Podcast semanal sobre juegos de mesa en el que tres amigos del club mecatol rex de madrid comentan la actualidad lúdica. De forma distendida y coloquial, cada semana traeremos a un invitado especial. Con Jorge, Alberto Almera y Javi Legacy.

Still Bitter

By Easton Bendsneyder
A weekly comedy podcast hosted by Easton Bendsneyder. During each 30 minute episode, Easton rambles about his past and recent experiences, current events, Television, Movies, and Video Games.


By Gayme Over
Queremos ajudar na desconstrução de tabus e disseminar informação. Estimular os leitores para que possam perceber que o videogame pode oferecer experiências que vão além do puro entretenimento.

Bullet Hell-o Shmupcast | A Gaming Podcast

A Shoot 'em Up (Shmup/STG) Gaming Podcast. We cover everything from Danmaku, Bullet Hell, Arcade, New, Retro, Top Down, Twin-Stick, Some Run n Gun, Fixed, Gallery, Rail, Arena... Rogue-lite Hybrids (cause that's a thing)... maybe a light gun game or two... basically anything that's shmup, considered a shmup, or shmup related. We do the news, reviews, retrospectives, deep dives, and any other hot item clickbait words that raises the SEO! Hosted by Sensei Pong. Lick and Scrubside!

DFC Podcast

By DFC Podcast
Come hang out with us as we talk about all kinds of random stuff!

D20 Strength Podcast

By Jarrett Sleeper
D20 Strength is a company started by three brothers (and their friends) to support video gamers who want to feel better in their IRL bodies. We make supplements and apparel at and this is a spot where we can discuss living and thriving in the strange Venn diagram of folks who workout and also play video games! Also: we're brothers and the vibe gets... brotherly. It's fun. That's a good thing. Like, I used to play lacrosse and he used to play football and sometimes we'd put our...

The Game Boys

By Go Left Gaming
The Game Boys is the official podcast of Go Left Gaming. Hosts Max Roberts, Mitchell Morgan, Alex Wray, and Rocky. Every other week on Monday we bring you a gnarly little show about the fantastic news and happenings in the world dubbed “Video Games.” The podcast is in both audio and video format, so you can enjoy our show however you would like. You can find us here on iTunes or on YouTube.

Mick Grimes Gaming Podcast

By Mick Grimes Gaming Podcast
Weekly gaming podcast covering a variety of topics, and games from old to new

Cross-Play Podcast

By GameRevolution / PlayStation Lifestyle
GameRevolution and PlayStation LifeStyle present the Cross-Play podcast, a show from two of the internet's longest-running gaming outlets dedicated to bringing you the latest in gaming news, reviews, and burning hot takes.

Pauper View

By Pauper View
Podcast Brasileiro de Magic the Gathering MTG - Podcast dedicado ao formato Pauper

The Dedede S Cast

By The Nintendo 3DS fan podcast
A friendly crew of deluded Nintendo devotees deliver the latest on the 3DS. Their coverage of the shiny new hand-held is passionately baised without the stereotypical fanboy arrogance... most of the time.

The Pretenders Guild

By Chris Mosher, Dylan Michael
A conversational and storytelling podcast that aims to explore the world of the Elder Scrolls and creatively retell experiences and events from the games.

The Cabinet Podcast

By Tim Gibson
A podcast experience about the creepy and weird experiences found in video games from the days of the arcade to modern game consoles. New episodes updated twice a month on Wednesdays starting from March 14, 2018.


By Alvin
刑侦故事,随着近代科学发展的突飞猛进,刑侦学在高科技的加持下也取得了长足的进步,越来越多的刑侦手段被科学家及执法人员应用到了实际案件当中去,通过科学的手段还原出了一个个的真相,使罪犯无所遁形。 更多黑水怪谈最新内容,关注我们的微信订阅号:黑水公园

Year Of Shame Challenge 6

By Lapsed Gamer Radio, Codec Moments & Film Guff
Welcome to the Year Of Shame Challenge 6 where 4 hapless individuals, after taking a blood oath, swear never to hit the buy button or open their wallet for a game for a whole 365 days. Will any of them break? What methods will they use? Tune in to find out...


By 套瓷FM


By 半ドン!だ話!

KestCast's Quest Cast

By Keirron, Caitlyn
A weekly podcast on everything gaming. Whether it be industry, coming soon, coming now or even complete failures.


The Weekly Call of Duty Zombies Podcast hosted by RADAUSTIN27, Johnj25, and QKnightZ

Bit Myths

By Skillcheck Network
A Podcast where we tell the stories, legends, and lore of your favorite video games.

Skywalker Gaming

By SkyWalker One / Anchor
Where we talk about great videogames like Call Of Duty, Fortnite etc

Forstamt Pochinki

By Sixgun Productions
A podcast of a group of friends playing PUBG and talking about life in general. All while protecting the forst.

The Nerdgasm Podcast

By Adam Matthew Ink
Nerdgasm: (noun) \ˈnərd,ga-zəm\ A beautiful moment where fandom meets extreme euphoric pleasure.

HowLongToBeat Podcast

By Michael Mincks
A gaming podcast by and for members of the HowLongToBeat community. Hosts KerfMerf, NinjaRic, and UltimateZombieToast discuss various topics related to backlog management and game completion, the website's current Game of the Month, and questions raised by members on the forums, covering all genres and eras of video games.

More Than A Pair

By Katalina Watt, Emily Inkpen
A video game podcast hosted by Katalina Watt and Emily Inkpen. Girls on games chatting well-crafted narrative design, so join us as we squee and geek-out over cross-platform retro and new games.

Splash Damage

We are a few friends that do a deep dive on an interesting or critically acclaimed video game every episode. We also start off with some chatter about what is going on with us that week.

Bujazz Studios

By Bujazz Studios
Two friends making video games.

Trick or Track

By Abysmii
Trick or Track is an infrequent podcast devoted to analyzing just what makes horror movie soundtracks scary. Join Abysmii as he delves into curated film scores and find out what is a haunting track and what is an artful trick.


By Tribecast
Tribecast es un programa semanal hecho por la web especializada en tecnología y videojuegos. Queremos traer a nuestros oyentes análisis y noticias del sector videojuego y del mundo de la tecnología de una forma amena y simpática. Los miembros fijos de este programa somos: Chema Carvajal, César Moreno y Sergio Gómez, todo redactores de la web. Los invitados, si es que los hubiera, se pondrán en la descripción de cada episodio. Pasadlo en grande y suscribíos si os gusta ;)

A-Bomb Radio | Audio Drama

By Atomic Wolf
Taking place sometime before the events of Fallout: New Vegas, follow the story of a tough-as-nails wasteland detective, and a blonde-bombshell vault girl as they solve some of postwar America’s biggest mysteries. From the harsh lands of Texas, to the war torn deserts of the Mojave, Walter & Bunny risk it all to expose sensational murders, crime syndicates, and even cold cases from over 200 years ago. All of it draped in a 1940’s detective noir blanket. Includes the full package: Trans-At...


By Anthony Wheeler
Call of Duty eSports podcast by professionals

Peanut Butter & Triggered: A Gaming Podcast

By PeanutButter&Triggered
Scott and Jay talk everything gaming.......and maybe Brittney Spears.

Start & Select

By Gronkh
"Start und Select" heißt unser Podcast über Videospiele, Filme, Essen, Verschwörungstheorien und alles, was sonst noch Spaß macht oder nervt. Kurz: Wir quatschen über das, auf das wir Lust haben oder was ihr uns vorschlagt. Wir, das sind in der Regel Gronkh und Onkel Jo. Unterstützen könnt ihr uns unter Dort findet ihr den Podcast auch immer zuerst.

8 Bit Combo's Podcast

By 8 Bit Combo
8 Bit Combo is a fun podcast where host Tim and Paul talk about retro gaming, new age of gaming, history of gaming and its games and pretty much everything in gaming.

3 Best Friends

By 3 Best Friends
3 Best Friends come together to discuss our favorite games, films, music, and comics that we've been consuming for the week. New episodes every Monday at 9AM PST/12PM EST

Wicked Awesome Cast

By Something Wicked Studios
The official podcast of Something Wicked Studios

Zona Negativa

By Zona Negativa
Podcast fuertemente influenciado por musica punk, indie y rock, con un toque de humor negro y satira social con oyentes de todo el mundo que interactuan con el staff negatorio

The Gone Gaming Podcast: Video Game Addiction | Psychology of Gaming | Internet Gaming Disorder

By John Steenland
Well hello there! I'm John, the host and creator of the "Gone Gaming" podcast. I started this podcast to discuss the psychological side of gaming. Specifically in regards to video game addiction, obsession and "Internet gaming disorder". I'm an avid gamer myself who has struggled with a video game addiction for years. Once I realized that I wasn't alone in this and that there really isn't any support for those who are also in this situation I started pursuing a degree in Psychology. I've...

The Twilight Tavern

I talk about my thoughts on Video Games that i have played ether if its new or old games and also the Video Game industry.

Lace N Grace Podcast

By Lace N Grace
Sam from the Lace N Grace Twitch channel conducts interviews and discusses sports, video games, law school, and life.

Nerd Entertainment Hub Podcasts

By Josh Yutkins-Kennedy
The NEH discussion is a weekly Roundup of gaming news mixed with stories of particular interest to us, and the Alderaand table is a source for Star Wars news brought to listeners by huge fans.

Mecha Wolf Chats

By Mecha Wolf
Steve Tom Sawyer and Kyle Murphy chat about video games, life and whatever they feel like.

Weird Vibes

By SaDa Projects
Reviewing strange goodness in media and culture, from movies and comic books to artists and writers.

1UP 播客 - 每期聊一个好作品

By cbvivi
大家好,我是王晓光(@cbvivi)。 在这个播客里,我会跟朋友们聊一些作品,像是剧集、游戏、电影,可能还有些别的。 如果你也看过 / 玩过 / 听过这些作品,播客听起来会更有意思。

Heroes Prefer Crossbows

By The Real Crossbow Heroes / Anchor
Thoughtful and intelligent words and pauses about video games from a cast of relaxed outsider 30-somethings.

The Pop Loot Podcast

By The Pop Loot
Where we talk about Pops and all the good stuff

The Choking Hazard Podcast

By The Choking Hazard Podcast
The Choking Hazard Podcast is hosted by GTA Youtuber Broughy1322 together with his co-hosts Sugar_Free_Nos and RDT33. The bi-weekly show covers topics ranging from all aspects of Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar Games, to motorsport, live streaming, technology, Alabama and apple juice.

No Work and All Play

A podcast about video games and life

Behind the Screens

By Behind the Screens
Behind the Screens liefert (psychologische) Analysen, Diskussionen und Gedanken zum Thema Videospiele und Videospielkultur. Neben dem Anspruch, gute Unterhaltung(en) zu bieten, steht auch das Anliegen im Vordergrund, gemeinsam mit den Hörenden etwas Neues zu lernen und das Wissen rund um Videospiele zu erweitern.

Banshee & Skullboy

By Banshee & Skullboy
Two dungeon masters hang out and talk about games. You can find more of our rants on our blogs. Banshee >> Skullboy >>

Two More Tryhards

By Peter Zinn
Two more tryhards trying to relive their video game glory days on a grand tour de force of all that modern gaming has to offer.

The Free Play Podcast

By Love Thy Nerd
The Freeplay Podcast, a conversation between a Southern Baptist, a hippie emo father of millions, and a retired Disney princess about the Love Thy Nerd community, the games they play, and the odd interview with those who make the games they play

라브니카 탐험부 [라.탐] (MTG)

By Crom4u
Korea Magic the Gathering 플레이어들을 위한 방송

HalfGen Podcast

By HalfGen Podcast
Just a couple of friends with a website talking about games.

Game On Centre Com

By Centre Com / Anchor
Join Gerofied and MrTherm as they talk through the latest gaming and tech news! Watch live every Friday at 5:30 pm AEST

One Up Me

By OneUpMe
Two friends who loving gaming making a podcast. Follow the podcast on twitter @oneupmepodcast Find us on twitter @ryandivisions & @Aluesnoc.

The Esports Podcast

By The Esports Podcast
Weekly discussions on the lastest topics in eSports with industry experts and professionals

The Secret to Great Anime

By JT Tomas
The secret to Great Anime is a Podcast everyone should experience. JT Thomas a multi talented youtube personality|Voiceover Artist|Writer shares the love you have for all thing anime through fun discussion! From Hunter x hunter, to Inuyasha, Dragonball z, naruto , one piece and more! We follow the likes of Anncast, otaku spirit and anime world order in giving you the best Anime reviews and recommendations! Daily podcast release at 12:00pm Pacific time. Podcaster contact for busines...

All the Small Games

By Andrew Levins & Jon Valenzuela
Andrew Levins and Jon Valenzuela play way too many indie games and this is a support group that they created which will enable them to play more.

Legión Gamer Podcast

By Amaury Parra Abreu
Un podcast enfocado en discutir cualquier suceso, título, y personalidad relevante a los videojuegos, con los particulares puntos de vista de cada participante, para mantener la animosidad y dinámica entre bromas y noticias, de manera semanal.

NSTS Network

By NSTS Network
Official Home of NSTS Network. Pop Culture, Gaming, Movies, True Underground Independent Entertainment.

Canadian Geekcast

By Canadian Geekcast
We're 5 Canadian's discussing all things geeky on a weekly podcast with a focus on gaming, movies, and TV shows.

D-Pad After Dark

By D-Pad After Dark
For seven years, The D-Pad has come together to talk shop on video games, movies, TV shows, comic books, music, and all things pop culture. Join Rick Desilets, John Selig, Ben Mooney, and more as they begin their podcast anew, delving deep into the world of what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite entertainment.

Game Genies Podcast

By Game Genies Podcast
Fred & Ryan duke-it-out over up to the minute Gaming News.

Game Dump Podcast

By Glen Fandango
The Way Back When of Gaming! Each episode we jump in our time machine and take a look back at a retro classic. Some you may never have heard of, some you might know very well, but each one gets the breakdown on what made it the game it is today!


By 叶吇

Two Left Thumbs - A console gaming Podcast

By Static Aus / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Wrong Pod

By Wrong Castle / Anchor
A gaming, nerd culture, punch dancing wrecking crew. Having the force of 1000 Mitsubishi X-2 fighter jets, making crime think twice about robbing fatherless toddlers. (comparable to putting your ear to the sky, closing your eyes tight and hearing Randy Savage body slam Jesus through a Slim Jim.)

Master Race Podcast

By Master Race Podcast
Podcast sobre videojuegos. Opinión, debate y análisis.

Level Story

By This is Danielle
Level Story is a show dedicated to dissecting the stories in video games just as one would study a novel. Episodes release on Mondays. View video version at OR Credit to Creaticca Ltd for icon in artwork.

Premio de Consola

By Pauta Podcast
Videojuegos y todo lo demás

Sewer Games

By Sewer Games
A gaming podcast hosted by your homeboy Sewer!

Debate This!

By Debate This!
Debate This! is a podcast where grown men argue about video games and comics like kids on a playground. Each episode, hosts Matt Cole, Kyle Harper, Andrew Henderson, and Todd Thomas will debate meaningless topics, like which of Dr Robotnik's inventions could have been a legitimate investment, or which of the Koopa Kids should be in line for the crown. In this show, no one is right, but someone is definitely wrong.

D.M. Notes: Table Top RPGs Podcast

By D.M. Notes
D.M. Notes is a table top role playing game (RPG) podcast centered around notes, thoughts, and discussions from hosts Danita and Meagan. One, an enthusiastic newbie and the other, a role-play and rules-focused old-timer. D&D, Pathfinder, & table top RPGs.

El Camino del Guerrero con Antonio Landrove

By Radio Game On
Análisis de personajes en profundidad en base a unos parámetros asentados que nos ayudan a medir sus capacidades.

YouGame Podcast

By YouGame
Jeden letzten Dienstag des Monats wird am Abend über alle Neuigkeiten in der Welt der Games, Filme, Serien und der Welt der Geeks besprochen. Jedes mal wird ein Special-Guest eingeladen.