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Los ñoños comunes
By Los ñoños comunes
El podcast de dos amigos ñoños que llevan una vida normal. No tienen amigos influencers, no estan casados con twitstars, no trabajan en revistas de videojuegos ni son periodistas, son simplemente: los ñoños comunes. Hablamos de Comics, Videojuegos, Películas, Series, Música, Anime y CulturaGeek.
Dota Is Life
By Dota is Life
Join our hosts Space and Sole as they discuss strategies, happenings, patches, and much more! Aimed at players of all skill levels, this podcast stays entertaining, lighthearted, and fun.
Detrás del Pixel
By Mario Carballo Zama
**Detrás del Pixel** es un podcast en español conducido por Mario Carballo @afk_mcz en el cual se habla de historias y experiencias detrás del desarrollo de videojuegos. Diseño por @eljovenpaul Música por @brianroke Producido en Visita la página principal:
Warlock School: Self Rez
By Ninja Pancake
Your new home for Destiny, Warlocks, Tacos & More!
Turbo Button Podcast
By Christopher De León & Zachary Hart
Join Christopher De León and Zachary Hart as they discuss current events within the video game industry! The hosts are: Christopher De León - Game industry blogger Website: Zachary Hart - UCI Computer Game Science Graduate Twitter: @TheZaxxonator
Video Game Prime Podcast
By Josh Hagler
This is a podcast about video games and more. I will talk about everything that is exciting in the gaming world and complain profusely about everything that isn't. You never know who'll drop by for a special message to open the show. Join the VGP podcast now and find out!
I'm Not an Expert But...
A video game retrospective podcast where we emphasize on discussing and learning about games that are either cult hits, underappreciated contemporary games, or older games that deserve a modern recontextualization. Despite having academic and literary pretensions this show aims to remain grounded in the humor and comradery between gamers, and focus delivering good analysis with the level of enthusiasm of a drunk grad student running a discussion section. If this still sounds cool to you then congrats you are in main intersection of our weird Venn diagram and we invite you to listen and play or replay these games along with us.
2Chat » Comedy
By Ben and Lew
The first ever 2Chat podcast was recorded in June 10th 2017. It’s unpolished. The sound quality has definite room for improvement and we may have had too much gin to calm our nerves. Basically things can only get better from here on out, but we are proud of our first podcast. If you like Jeremy Corbyn, hate Theresa May and have a mistrust of the flaccid penis, then give it a listen.
Nintendo 1P Podcast
By ZappDCed
Welcome to the 1p podcast. A podcast on one man's journey to discover there is more handheld gaming to be done away from the ps vita. Joining the ranks of Nintendo and playing the 2DS. Throughout the podcast we will have snap history from the 3/2DS. First impressions of games, news and reviews. We also will do comparison from vita to 2/3DS in the games and more.
Industry Outsiders Gaming
By Industry Outsiders
Gaming news and reviews from gaming Industry Outsiders! @IndustryOG @MatthewRLowery [email protected]
Equally Opposite
By Equally Opposite
This podcast is for gamers, geeks and everyone in between. Your hosts, George and Nick, get together weekly and talk about....well, a little bit of everything.
Oddity Gaming
By Oddity Gaming
Gaming news and content!
By Rob Eldridge
@UnshvnCaucasian and the NLDT team get together weekly to discuss the current state of the video game industry, discuss hot topics, new releases, and everything else. Tune in weekly.
Opinionerded Podcast
By Talking Hidef
Un posdcast en español sobre gaming. Miranos en vivo todos los Domingos a las 8pm (hora Este) por y se parte de cada episodio junto a Hidef, Kenneth, Razor, y Optimus para discutir las ultimas noticias sobre juegos. Haremos cobertura sobre juegos en especifico, desarrolladores, estudios, y publicadores. Tendremos rifas, eventos, y entrevistas con personas que son parte de la industria de gaming. Te esperamos!
Owen's Bad Guy Hotel
By Ryan Herrin
Seven year old Owen shares his favorite bad guys with his dorky dad every week!
Not Without Merit Podcast
By Not Without Merit
Each Thursday, we gather to talk the games we’ve been playing, the latest gaming news, and our Top 5 of the week! Follow us on Twitter at @NWMPod!
By Anthem Universe (DZR)
This is a podcast built around Bioware's Anthem due for release in Fall 2018
By Neokaido
The podcast that lets you call shotgun.
Fringe Game History Podcast
By Jeremy Penner
A podcast dedicated to finding out where outsider games come from.
Hot Couch Potato
By booowhop & anewperfectday
bros talking about video games and the irrepressible passage of time.
It’s Dangerous! Podcast
By Anthony Pena
In this podcast I will speak to game designers and game academics to see what makes them tick. I'd like to explore new thoughts and ideas when it comes to how we approach games. As creators and consumers. I hope to achieve this through a series of interviews with these professionals. I hope you learn something and enjoy yourself along the way. Thanks. - Anthony
Tiny Disc Podcast
By Tiny Disc
Welcome to TDP, the Tiny Disc Podcast, a show about games and life. We take a weekly look at the gaming industry and adjacent nerdy media.
Dawn Of Nonsense
By Matt Daimon
Just two nerds who love anime and manga, all kinds of movies, comics and more. Sharing our opinions, reviews and recommendations of new and old nerdy entertainment.
Multiple Nerdgasm
By Multiple Nerdgasm
A team of nerds from around the world discuss news, movies, TV, games, comics and whatever else captures our attention every week. An opinionated, irreverent and hopefully amusing look at all the things we love.
Myelin Games
Podcast dedicated to Destiny Lore, including piecing together the grimoire cards (RIP Destiny 2) and fan fiction.
Never Miss Lethal
By Never Miss Lethal
A podcast about The Elder Scrolls Legends card game. Bringing news and thoughts from the top players.
Millennial Mind Games
By Millennial Mind Games
Debating Culture, Video Games, Politics and More, Two Millennials Give Their Perspectives on the World.
H4NS Podcast
In meinen Podcasts geht es immer um Spiele und deren Hardware. Vorzugsweise um Konsolen! Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X Twitch: YouTube: Webseite:
By LivePiratesPodcast
Dieser eine Podcast. Oder doch „Potcast“? Mal mit, mal ohne sinnesverändernde Substanzen quatschen wir vier hier über Games, Filme, Serien und die allgegenwärtige jüdisch-reptiloide Verschwörung zur Eroberung der Welt und des Kosmos. Klingt interessant für Euch unterbelichtete „Sheeple“? Dann hört jetzt in die Folgen rein und abonniert uns über iTunes und Co.
Devs Talk Games Podcast
By Jeff Lake and Seth Shain
Veteran game developers Jeff Lake and Seth Shain talk about games from a professional and critical perspective. If you're interested not just in what a game is, but how and why it is that way, listen up as we break it down.
Haunted Heavy Podcast
By Haunted Heavy Industries
A neon nastycast from the encourageable masters of Haunted Heavy Industries.
Eclectic Empire
By Joseph Gonzalez
Welcome to Eclectic Empire your one stop shop for all things pop and nerd colture! Where we talk video games, tv,  movies, comics, and all things awesome!
Retro Muse
By Becca Maurer
I want to take you on a journey though out the ages of video game history. I'm working hard to tell our stories, memories, and experiences of our favorite retro video games.
By Ryan Hamann and Ryan Quintal
Play;Write is a podcast about creating and sharing new ways to play. Each week, the hosts hold a creative workshop where they, and the community share ideas for new video game experiences to bring to life. Visit or email [email protected] to share your idea today!
Freelancer Codex's Podcast
By Freelancer Codex
A podcast about BioWare's newest IP Anthem. Hosts Steve, Mike and Devon are your guide to surviving the Shaper Storm.
Bounty Board
Bounty Board is a podcast about entertainment, most times centered on videogames. We go in-depth on topics, share some news, and then wrap it up with our suggestions for what you should be doing with your free time. Critically minded consumers and players, sharing their opinions honestly.
Geek Doublespeak
By Geek Doublespeak
Two guys talk everything geek and nerd. Comic books, video games, movies, TV and technology. Twitter: @geekdoublespeak Email: [email protected]
Destiny Street Podcast
By Destiny Street Podcast
The Destiny Street Podcast where you'll "Learn You Some Destiny"! Every first and third week of the month we will be releasing an episode of the podcast, which will have a word of the day, topic of the day, and tips from the crew on the podcast, all while swearing for charity and organizations that help the community. Listen in every first and third week of the month starting in July. Take part of the conversation on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Host and Director - SNETPhoenix (Phoenix) PvP Specialist - DelayedLeek PvE Analyst - Oi8oi (Oiboy) Content Guru - Maple Gale Casual Consultant - SoulStealer
Jump Crouch
By Jump Crouch
Jump Crouch is a weekly podcast focusing on games, culture and what ever else is on our minds. Hosted by Aaron McNair, Kevin McNair, and Kevin Johnson. Each week we look at games new and old and discuss our thoughts on them, as well as examining their place in the broader culture.
3 Minute Gamer
By Darren Kerwin & Renan Greca
Welcome to Three Minute Gamer! The show where guests discuss their favourite game in no more than three minutes! Hosted by @darrenkerwin and @RenanGreca
Blog -
By The Damn Woods
Jake & Oz talk about things they've played or heard for your amusement.
Dark Spell: An Original RPG Adventure
By Trinity Force Network
Join host and DM Motgnarom as he leads his party through the world of Eard: a land brimming with ancient magics. Dark Spell is a rules-light custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign that focuses on fun storytelling, interesting characters, and solid audio production. Tune in every Friday for new episodes!
Forget Being Cool
By Dacespace Studios
Jon and Dave are back with a new show. Talking about life, video Games, Music, movies and more. So join us 3 days a week for the Dacespace morning show.
By Sky_Stryker
A video game news and opinion podcast
Jam Cast
By Manoel Siqueira, Henry Takimoto Jasa e Ailton Bueno
O passado, presente e futuro dos games semanalmente em um só lugar. Tudo isso e muito mais, você só encontra aqui no JamCAST!
By - Ich Sagte Es Doch -
Pop-Kultur trifft auf faszinierende Themen rund um Filme, Serien, Games, Musik und "melancholische Gespräche".
Indie Gaming Podcast
By Aden Jones
The podcast that focuses on Indie games and Steam Early Access Games, with the occasional AAA title thrown in for good measure!
Keepin Up With The GeekBros
By We Be Geeks
Juancho and ViBE are the "GEEK BROS"! Providing their special brand of social commentary on all geek-tasic entertainment news, events, TV shows, movies and so much more!
Painel de Controle
By Skypper67
Podcast onde Skypper e seus companions comentam sobre vários joguinhos.
5G Cinco Ge
By 5 Gordos
Somos cinco personitas que le gustan los juegos de nacimiento. La salida de la Switch desato suficiente energia para liberar un universo alternativo donde estos cinco ya no tan jovenes heroes enfrentaran a las fuerzas del mal cada 15 dias.
Stage of the Game
We take the term theater geek to a whole new level. A bunch of friends who work in theatre realized they all shared a love of gaming. Of course the only logical thing to do would be to start our own podcast.
Press A To Kiss
By Press A To Kiss
Join hosts John Paul and Simon Cross as they look for love in literally the wrongest place: Japanese Anime Dating Sims. Don’t know what a dating simulation is? How beautiful and pure you are. In Press A To Kiss, we discuss, laugh, and cringe at the often poorly produced and morally ambiguous video games that focus on love, dating, relationships, and sex.
Press F to Discuss
By Press F to Discuss
A podcast where we play games and talk about them for way too long.
No FAQs Zone
By No FAQs Zone
Join your friendly neighborhood podcasters Web and George as they talk about everything to do with pop culture while being extremely wrong most of the time.
2 Dudes Podcast
By 2 Dudes Podcast w/ Toner Low Network, LLC
When 2 dudes get together and talk nothing that interest their wives... They talk everything you want to know about sports, games, and movies.
By PaoGeekeijo
Canal voltado ao público nerd e a cultura pop, com discussoes bem-humoradas e divertidas sobre os principais temas do mundo nerd.
Slice of Pie: The Tonberry Piecast
By Tonberry Pie
Welcome to Slice of Pie: The Tonberry Piecast. This podcast is produced by the members of the Tonberry Pie Free Company on Gilgamesh. We will cover everything regarding Final Fantasy XIV and more! Hit us up on twitter using #piecastxiv
Podcast Soulmers
By Podcast Soulmers
Un programa donde intentaremos que todas las semanas hablemos un poco de videojuegos, cine, series y un poco de todo el mundo friki que tanto nos apasiona.
Painted Plastic Podcast
By Painted Plastic Podcast
A Gaming Podcast that knows video games are more than just a painted plastic box!
By Jakub "Zalej Wrzątkiem" Antoniuk
Podcast Kalendarium Rozgrywki - wspominki o grach, filmach i kulturze.
Back to Bits Podcast
By John Meadows & Danny Mattice
Back to Bits is a retro video game podcast hosted by John Meadows and “D-Pad” Danny Mattice. Each episode will be on a wide range of topics centered around retro gaming from collecting, the state of the market and more. Email us [email protected] This podcast is part of The Gamers Lounge Radio Network.
That Cast
Join That Guy and That guy as they talk about Bruce Campbell and stuff, but mostly Bruce Campbell.
Ruido en Pixeles
By Ruido en Pixeles
Programa dedicado a los videojuegos, hablado por frikis de clóset. Conducido por Raúl Gloria.
Random Mission Cast
By Random Mission Cast
Random Mission Cast is a gaming podcast that isn't really so much about the games we play as it is the gamers themselves. Each episode we try to have a new guest to sit in the third seat and shoot the breeze with us and hopefully have some laughs along the way. We keep it light and our topics vary greatly. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
Resistência Retrogamer
By Sidney Duarte
Projeto pessoal com objetivo de reunir experiências, notícias e informações sobre o universo dos videogames antigos.
Microvisions PixelCast!
By Scott and Willie!
Covering the unique handheld cartridge based system from the creator of the Vectrex! Long before the Gameboy we had MicroVision!
By Banana Locos
Intervjupodcast inom E-sport.
By Cultura VJ
Podcast sobre noticias, lanzamientos, y nuestras experiencias con los videojuegos!
Press Start Videojuegos
By Press Start Videojuegos
Un programa de opinión para los que consideramos al videojuego como el octavo arte. En este podcast se habla de los videojuegos pasados, actuales y futuros.
Out Of Character
By HoldenBman
Out of Character is a topic based podcast. The topics are mainly Video Game related but vary. We do our best to make you guys laugh.
By DocEye Digital
Nintendoklubben anmelder og snakker om ALT indenfor Nintendo. I hvert program præsenterer vi nyheder, anmeldelser og laver en aktuel top-5 liste.
Nerd Station
By Matthew
Just a podcast for fellow nerds. In this podcast i discuss everyone nerdy.
Gamer Noms
By Drunk.GG
Friends, Beer, Video Games and Drinking. It doesn't get much better than this! You're listening to Gamer Noms, brought to you by Drunk.GG featuring the monthly misadventures of 3 friends, their guests and a whole lot of drinking and gaming shenanigans. Buckle up and hang onto your fanny packs. This is Gamer Noms.
Vita Extra
Il podcast sui videogiochi che piace anche agli alieni
2Ps in a Pod
By Cameron Jones & Tyler Corbine
Two dudes talk about video games, television, and culture in an 'all sides considered' manner for this hilarious and freewheeling podcast. Join them each week for the latest and greatest analysis.
Nerds At Large Spoilercast
By Nerds At Large
This is our chance to dive in deeper to the latest movies, TV shows and games that we want to discuss with you guys. We start will a spoiler-free discussion before diving in an unpacking the gritty details and giving our opinions. Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out other Nerds At Large content!
The OpTic Podcast
By The OpTic Fan
The OpTic Podcast with H3CZ as your Host discussing different topics with a wide variety of guests and members of the team
Schmucks Podcast
By Schmucks Podcast
Join local funny boy and online animator psychicpebbles (Zach Hadel) and a revolving door of guests on their venture to make you laugh and cry. Will they succeed? Probably not.
No Time For Time Travel Pod
By No Time For Time Travel Pod
NTFTT Pod is a podcast for nerds by nerds! We're some friends who just wanted to talk about some updated nerd news (video games, comic book movies) and take on a main topic submission every podcast from you guys! Follow us on Twitter @NTFTTpod Email us at [email protected] Visit our Facebook at
By Fantmx
Nodes is a podcast covering the mmorpg development with a heavy focus on Ashes of Creation.
Returning to Orbit
By Taylor Zeller and Tyler Stab
Returning to Orbit is a Destiny podcast dedicated to discussing the ins and outs of life for those bestowed with the Traveller's gift.
Tier 5: A Hearthstone Podcast
A weekly Hearthstone podcast hosted by Adam and Rod, focused on having fun with the game of Hearthstone.
By TV-spelspodden
En podcast om spelkulturen, mediets upplevelser och branschen i helhet.
Legendary Games
By Dominik Meusert
Legendary Games ist ein Podcast der eine Serie von Gesprächen über Spiele aller Art zwischen Dominik und begeisterten Spieleenthusiasten ist. In den Folgen wird es immer einen Schwerpunkt zum Thema „Spiele“ geben zu dem wir uns subjektiv miteinander unterhalten. Es gibt keine festen Regeln oder einen genauen Ablauf der Gespräche. Wir unterhalten uns einfach und hoffen ihr hört gerne zu.
Friend Request
By Scanline Media
Two friends talk about meaningful and effective character relationships in video games! Part of the Scanline Media podcast family.
Gamepad SoloCast
By Ivan Carlos
SoloCast é o podcast do Gamepad, com uma análise pontual dos bastidores do mercado de jogos eletrônicos.
Atomic Talk
By The Nuclear Crew
This podcast is full of all the random nonsense in our brains. Hosted by Cameron, Caleb, Nick, and Josh, you will never know what to expect.
Please Insert Disk Two
By Andrew Chinery, Luke Carter
Join Chinery and Luke as they revisit the games they missed along the years, and find out what it's like to experience them for the first time so much later.
PVP Bearcast
By PVP Bear Tournaments
A Destiny podcast that covers all aspects of the game with an emphasis on the Crucible and the PvP Bear League.
By Ryan Hess
Video game centric show focused weekly on news from the video game industry.
パリテキサス同化Pラジオ 飯田和敏 中村隆之 などなどゲームクリエイターたちが夜な夜な気ままに話すポッドキャストです。
Ultra Kill
By Ultra Kill: Bate-papo sobre Dota 2
O Ultra Kill, tem como principal função o entretenimento, aqui contaremos histórias sobre Dota 2, falaremos sobre os heróis, atualizações e muito mais. UltrakillCast.
By Triple A
Retrouvez ici les émissions Underscore diffusées sur Radio Mega, avec Anya, Cicile et Mmu_man !
By UnArcade
Hello Internet. We are a group of friends that have decided the world needs to hear what we have to say! Tune into Episode 1 where we introduce ourselves and what we’re all about!
UploadVR's GameCast
The official gaming podcast of
UploadVR's Presence Podcast
By Jason Evangelho & Joseph Knoop
A podcast about virtual reality, the people immersed in it, and the people creating it.
At the Coffeehouse
By Andrew Riojas, Nolan T.
Nolan (@BRB__Coffee) and Andrew (@AndrewR2780) are doing a podcast where they talk about anything on their minds! It's recorded live on on Saturday nights starting at 10 PM PST come chat with us!
Javelin Radio
By Alex Hirsch
Javelin Radio brings you the newest information, community updates, and weird opinions all about Anthem.