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The Slash/2 Podcast
By [email protected]
A 'talk radio' style podcast, created by 3 friends who have been gaming together for years. Often dubbed a impromptu podcast, the show is centered around anything GEEK, with wild tangents and crazy moments. The show also places a heavy focus on fan interaction with live recordings and fan interviews.
The Co-op Podcast
By The Koalition
The co-op podcast features discussion of everything games as well as a few choice words on various other subjects.
City Smashers
By Blurry Eel
RUUUUUUN!!! IT'S.....the City Smashers podcast! Jerson David Ambion and Matt Howell talk about all your favorite giant monster movies & tv shows. Civil engineers beware!
Last Life
Die Talks von LastLife, als Feed auf die Ohren! Meinungen und Kommentare zu Gaming, TV-Serien und einiges mehr, mit Jan (gearhadez), Tobi (Obi-Twice) und Sven (PhanZero).
Podcast – Two Honest Guys
By Podcast – Two Honest Guys
Two Honest Guys is an entertainment podcast brought to you by James and Ryan. Join the guys for their completely original podcast idea, where they chat about all the latest TV, movie and gaming news.
ToonZone News
By ToonZone News
Source of Animation News, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Video Games News, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 3DS News and Forums
BloodShot Eyes & Sore Thumbs - A Gaming Podcast
By Edgy Stances
BloodShot Eyes & Sore Thumbs (B.E.S.T.) Podcast! Every week, Jacob (BestJacobAlive2), Scott (BestEagleAlive), and Brent (MisterDooDooMan) talk about gaming, digital culture, and all other reasons to stay up! Regular squares with jobs and responsibles share opinions and thoughts on modern gaming as a hobby. Low-Tech convos, everybody welcome!
You Gotta Love It
By Kohji Nagata & Andrew Patterson
The show where you tell us, and the rest of the world the things you love that we might have missed. The show where you can come to discover the best things you never new existed. And most importantly the show where you can force us to sit through the worst "entertainment" you can find and say "Well... you gotta love it." For content submissions please go to or email us at [email protected] also hit us up on twitter and instagram @loveitpod
Easy Operations
By Easy Operations
Weekly Gaming and TV/Film Podcast with Ron, James, and Mondo. We live life on easy mode.
Die Welt Zockt
By Die Welt Zockt
Die Welt Zockt ist ein freies Netzwerk aus Twitch-Streamern.
Dollar Dorks
By Derek E
A podcast about using your game collecting hobby to pay for your game collection.
Break the Glass Podcast
By mak gutz and the dean
3 people want to interact with the world.. this is a non PC podcast and remember all the music you hear is someone playing music on spotify in the background we have no control or no know how on how to stop it
Blurry Eel Podcast – Blurry Eel
By Blurry Eel
Welcome to the Blurry Eel podcast where we talk about, er, everything Blurry Eel such as films, documentaries, shorts, lets plays, and more!
Nerf This!
By Abby Erickson
We talk all things Overwatch on this podcast! Join us twice a month as we sit down with our host Abby Erickson and four special guests to talk about the latest updates to the game as well as some of our own favorite aspects of Overwatch.
By 2-Bit Podcasters
Join Tom and Brian as they talk about Videogames, Comics, Anime, Toys, LOST and all thing Geek; and how it worked throughout their journey in life. Bringing back the old podcast from the website 2-Bit Gamers.
VR Cast: Virtual Recollection
By Janessa Olson
Stories about video games and the people who play them.
By The Jaded Gamer
The Jaded Gamer has opinions and believes ignorance should be exposed to sunlight. In an effort to rid himself of his own ignorance, he airs it out every week in the effort to help positive discourse.
By MRVN & Dreven
Ein Podcast über die wichtigen Dinge im Leben: Whiskey. Dazu schnacken wir noch über dies und jenes und alles dazwischen. Schnallt euch an, los geht's! Mit MRVN & Dreven
By FauxPop Culture
SELECT START! Reuben Elliott-Fisher quests to bring balance to the people of FauxPop with FauxPlay. Join him and the many guest heroes as they fight to just chill and enjoy some social battles to the death. Here you can find Video Games, Board Games, Role Playing Games, Miniature Tabletop War Gaming, and even daily ‘Let’s Play’ episodes. Fauxplay hopes to help you delve into the tactful minds of Fauxpop as they roll dice, laugh, and ragequit some of their favourite games.
By Beta2Podcast
Programa profesional acreditado por la Real Academia del Master of Podcaster
BitByBit's Podcast
By BitByBit
Bit By Bit is a youtube channel run by gamers Jess Reed and Janet Garcia. Their largest and longest running series, Coffee Break, also exists as a podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, hosted on Podomatic. They tackle a different topic in gaming each week, offering their unique perspectives for viewers and listeners.
Le BonStock Podcast
Trois gars dans un sous-sol ont des discussions à propos de la musique qu'ils écoutent des jeux qu'ils jouent et de la tv qu'ils regardent. Ce n'est pas le concept le plus inédit de l'histoire des podcasts mais les p'tits gars ont du coeur. Deux fois bravo.
I Dunno Mate
By I Dunno Mate
I Dunno Mate is essentially two idiots blundering their way through a show for 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes with guests, sometimes not and even sometimes without one of the hosts! Gaming, YouTube, Streaming are just some of the topics that we stray away from while going on a tangent. Basically we don't know what we're doing, but it's fun doing it.
TA Playlist Podcast
By TrueAchievements
TA Playlist is a monthly gaming club where the TrueAchievements community picks a game to play together. During the month we'll discuss the game's many elements like story and gameplay, chase achievements, compare stats, and wrap it all up with a podcast hosted by some of the TA staff.
Video Game Grooves
By Video Game Grooves
Jeremy LaMont, Paul Watson, and Anthony Agnello keep you entertained and informed about the latest on video game soundtrack releases on vinyl record. Featured soundtracks every episode, with discussions of the music and the games we love. Join us, and visit us at
High Scores Podcast
By Matt Anderson
A pinball comedy podcast w/ casual conversations among comedians and guests. Join Matt Anderson (@mandersoncomedy) and Joseph Roberts (@bongripsthebook) for new episodes every Wednesday 7AM EST.
Video Game World News Tonight
By audioblivious productions
a parody newscast in a world where all video game characters exist in the same reality
Notenbremse - SPIELGEFUEHL
By Notenbremse - SPIELGEFUEHL
Menschen verbinden Medien oft mit besonderen Momenten. Der erste Kuss im Kino. Ein bewegendes Buch in schweren Stunden. Oder der Soundtrack zu einer unvergesslichen Nacht. Auch Videospiele begleiten uns durch das Leben und hinterlassen prägende Eindrücke in der Geschichte jedes einzelnen. Doch ihre Kraft, uns in ferne Welten zu entführen, kann auch zu einem kleinen Problem werden. Beispielsweise in der Schule, bei der Abfrage der Hausaufgaben oder im Beruf, während eines wichtigen Meetings. Wie unsere Gäste von Spielen im Alltag ausgebremst wurden, erzählen sie in der dritten Staffel des Podcasts mit dem Thema „Notenbremse“!
Aldrig AFK
By RadioPlay
Vi er gamere der snakker gaming. Værten er Niels Forsberg.
General Chatter
By RT Austin
The RT Austin Community Productions podcast where we talk about our productions, internet and nerd culture, butts, and dicks.
Gosh Podcast
GOSH (Go On, Speak Hypothetically) is a weekly podcast where we come up with strange questions, and even stranger answers. With a little help from the internet, Gary, Nick, and Jordan will discuss and speak about things...hypothetically of course.
Graveyard Duck
By Graveyard Duck
A podcast dedicated to the best in retro gaming. NES, SNES, Genesis, Turbografx, Neo-geo - Wes and Scott take a nostalgic look back at the 8-16 bit days.
Fan Theory World
By Fan Theory World
FTW explores the fan theories of a wide a variety of fandoms. Co-hosts Erik and James dive into their favorite theories, the prominent theories circulating the internet and even the weird ones.
Ladies of Leet
Join Nicole, Stephanie & Kim as they discuss video games from all areas; Hardcore to Casual, PC to Console and Expensive to Affordable. This podcast is fun conversation with some great tips & news for any gamer regardless of gender. And yes we are back!
By HorussTv
Programa de comentario enfocado principalmente al Esport en varios juegos en el mundo y américa latina.
Slackin' Off
By Slackin' Off
Join Luke, Christian, Ben, and John as they talk about video games, the internet, and whatever else happens to them
ODG - Opiniones de un Gamer
By emilioj
Opiniones personales sobre temas actuales (o no tan actuales). Análisis de juegos y cuando tenemos oportunidad, debate con amigos! Podcast
By Podcast discusses the latest video game news and new releases, hardware and programs, and try not to burn the internet down. Morning Minute
By Morning Minute
Notsoleet Morning Minute for all the gaming news you need to know today, in one minute.
DustCast - Einer geht immer!
By DustVoice
DustCast ist ein Podcast, indem ungezwungen, locker, leicht verdaulich und unterhaltsam über alles mögliche, was gerade interessant ist, geredet wird. Das Spektrum der Themen reicht von aktuellem Klatsch und Tratsch über, Kultur und Politik bis hinzu technischem Kram. Der Fokus liegt aber eindeutig auf der Technologie!
By NC帝國ラジオ
By BuxCast
Three friends get together to talk the news of the day, ranging from video games and movies to new snacks and hobbies. Join us weekly for a conversation about whatever is on our radar.
The Level
The Level is a podcast for people who love video games. It's a weekly roundtable hosted by friends and industry outsiders Kole Ross, Ben Merkel, Dennis Furia, David Moneysmith, and Jala Prendes. Every Friday, we discuss video game news, the games we've been playing, and listener mail.
The Upper Memory Block
By Joe Mastroianni
The Upper Memory Block podcast is all about DOS and pre-Windows XP gaming. Every two weeks we talk in-depth about a game, game series, company and/or technology from this era. Enjoy!
Stiff Joystick Podcast
By Stiff Joystick Podcast
Join Josh and his friends as they talk about all things Video Games!
Divided by Werewolves
By Divided by Werewolves Podcast Team
The official podcast of the Divided by Werewolves show!
Enlightened Gamer
By Enlightened Gamer
Enlightened Gamer is an informal, usually comedic or attempted comedic video-game podcast that discusses video games both in respect to specific titles and series as well as generally as a concept for which many people have an affection. The hosts, Matt, Joel, and John are hardly professionals but like many millenials, have extensive video game histories.
Retro Rangers
By Martin Fornleitner & Clemens Smitka
Retro Rangers befasst sich mit allen Medien der 70er-, 80er-, 90er- und 2000er-Jahre. Egal ob Gaming, TV, Filme, usw. - Wir zeigen Euch die Unterhaltung von Gestern!
By Aviv Manoach, Itamar Rauch, Yehuda Halfon
שורפים משחקים, הפודקאסט לגיימר העצלן, העוסק בכל המשחקים כולם. אנחנו מדברים על משחקי מחשב, תפקידים, לוח ושולחן, עוסקים במשחקים החדשים בהם שחקנו, בחדשות מהתעשייה, אירועים מעניינים ועוד.
Nole, Chris, and Terrence sit around a few mics and have conversations about games. Mostly jRPGs
3-bit Gamer Show
By Broadway Media
3 best pals take on the world of gaming - debating and bickering about gaming news and culture.
¿Qué Puede Fallar?
By ¿Qué Puede Fallar?
Bienvenidos a Qué puede fallar, un podcast diferente en el que podréis acercaros al mundo friki desde el punto de vista de 4 chicas con aficiones muy diversas. ¡Podéis seguirnos en @quepuedefallar tanto en Facebook como en Twitter!
By Functionally Psychotic Studios
My solo podcast about geeks, things geeks say and do, things geeks create, and things geeks play. I also develop games so I may talk about that too. Basically I like to talk about games and technology, but I may talk about whatever comes to mind.
Home Before Dark Podcast Network
By Home Before Dark Podcast Network
The Home Before Dark Podcast Network currently offers the main Home Before Dark show as well as an Atlanta United FC Weekly podcast, both hosted by Kevin Bradley and Tim Herb. With more shows in the pipeline, the Home Before Dark Podcast Network is bringing you all the best Atlanta-based podcast content available today, covering a vast variety of content - video games, movies, television, pop culture, trivia, sports, the arts, and general lifestyle. Home Before Dark hearkens back to a time when you and your friends in the neighborhood were forced inside. Where you discovered a level of brotherhood/sisterhood that could only be forged through playing video games, watching movies, television and discussing the finer things in life over an Orange Lavaburst Hi-C and Bagel Bites. We take the time out to talk about the current games we're playing, movies we've seen recently(new or old) and all the things in between. It’s almost that time. The streetlights just came on and you had better leave soon to be Home Before Dark.
Busting Bricks
By Lunch Table
Busting Bricks is our attempt to reconnect with the retro video games we loved and the systems we played them on. A revolving crew of Lunch Table members, Ryan, Ferg, Shaun, Mike, and Wes, talk about certain styles of games, genres we loved, or to just deep-dive into one amazing game. If it came in a plastic cartridge, it's fair game, but the less bits, the better.
Behind the Pixel
By Model Citizens Media
Behind the Pixel is an interview series hosted by Max Roberts and people from the games industry. Whether it's a journalist or developer, Max will go in depth with each guest as they tell their alluring stories.
Chengdu Gaming Federation
By Chengdu Gaming Federation
Indie and retro game discussion from Chengdu, China! (that's the capital of Sichuan Province)
By Ciutat17
Escucha este podcast y muchos más en o en las apps de iVoox para iOS, Android o Windows Phone.
Wadub es una idea plasmada en un proyecto que quiere cubrir todas las noticias, reportajes, reseñas, consejos, guías, artículos y videos de los mejores juegos de mesa desde un punto de vista diferente, imparcial y personal. Wadub es una publicación independiente que nace de un proyecto familiar, haciendo un trabajo divertido, constante, con creatividad, y para mantener un contacto directo con la comunidad desde las diferentes redes sociales que nos ofrece hoy internet, como son Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Esperamos y deseamos que sea a partir de hoy tu punto de referencia para tus juegos de mesa y que con tu participación y opinión disfrutemos todos del apasionante mundo de los juegos de mesa. Si quieres sentir la pasión de la diversión de los juegos de mesa, ponte cómodo y disfruta junto a nosotros Esperamos que aquí encuentres lo que buscas, y seamos un aporte más dentro de este apasionante mundo lúdico de los juegos de mesa. Bienvenidos.
By Matto Godoy
Un podcast grabado por frikis para frikis. Somos un grupo de informáticos y amantes de la tecnología que desde siempre mantenemos conversaciones interesantes. Un día se nos ocurrió grabarlas y aquí estamos.
By Jan-Michael
Bei GAMES DIALOG wird im Podcast über Videospiele und Spielekonsolen gesprochen.
Crystal Keep Podcast
By Andrew Kocurek, Brian Murphy, Austin Denson
Stay a while and listen to us talk about Gaming, Movies, TV, and anything else nerdish!
Aquellos Maravillosos d20s
By Aquellos Maravillosos d20s
Aquellos Maravillosos d20s es un experimento antropológico en el que prestamos a una manada de babuínos un manual de rol, y un tiempo después los ponemos delante de unos micrófonos a gritar sin sentido y marcar su territorio. Podrás escuchar el primer resultado de laboratorio de dicho experimento el próximo 1 de Abril de 2017 en: - IVOOX (enlaces a partir del 1 de Abril) - SPREAKER Puedes seguirnos en nuestra web O en redes sociales: - Facebook - Twitter - Google+
Jogatina Certa
By Jogatina Certa
Sobre o mundo dos video-games e o que ele representa!
Do you want to keep playing?
By Ben and Jono
Join Ben and Jono every week as they play the first 30 minutes of a game and then ask the question “Do you want to Keep Playing?”.
Get Blueshelled
By BTCyd
Just three friends constantly trying to fight the urge to go off topic. Nicole, Mike, and Ryan discuss their favorite hobbies & interests, ranging from intellectual discussions about Pirates of the Carribbean to why pineapple on pizza is actually amazing. Get Blueshelled normally covers gaming and nerd topics, like various Nintendo games and random movies, but sometimes a lengthy discussion on public transportation is a must.New episode posted every Monday!-----------------------------------MDK - Super Ultra the song here: Download: - A Tiny Spaceship's Final Mission provided by: Krelez -
Hex Hour
By Ali Aintrazi & Varranis
A podcast focused around the online game, "Hex Shards of Fate." Come join in and get the latest news, the best decks, thoughts on cards, and ideas on new decks. You'll get all this with fun banter in between! Hosted by Ali Aintrazi and Varranis
Overwatch Hero Show
By Overwatch Hero Show
Level up your Overwatch game with our hero breakdowns, tips and tricks.
The Tidus Chuckle
An All Final Fantasy X Comedy Show
By Christian und Michael Epp
Der BTW-Podcast - Der Podcast der Macher vom BTW-Comic. Über das, was wir so machen und andere Dinge. Jeden Monat neu!
Elixir VR
By Elixirvr
ELIXIR VR will be launching game engine based narrative experiences on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Daydream. We are also building in social, so friends can watch and experience Elixir VR content together! Follow our ups and downs along the way as we push toward completion of Foreverse: Season 1! Hear from the producers and cast about their experiences as early Virtual Reality content creators.
By Gix Gaming
Filipino gamers who just love gaming and all that good geek stuff. We're not famous... BUT WE WILL TRY!
G Musings Podcast
By Ozias Goldman
G Musings is hosted by Ozias Goldman that discusses technology, gaming, and sci-fi/fantasy fiction (in all mediums).
Beyond the Start Button – The Arcade Archives!
By Joshua Jordan
Ready to go beyond? Then welcome to the Beyond the Start Button Podcast Each month Danny the Ultra-Sonic Player and Ubernerd527 take a look at Nerd Life through what they are passionate about from TV, Movies, Comics and Manga, Anime, Pokémon, and of course video games.
By Coop-impact
Oskar und Sascha nehmen euch mit zu ihrem wöchentlichem Serien-, Film und Spielekonsum. Es wird über Super- und Kindheitshelden gequatscht. Und das mit sehr viel Liebe und gekonnt sympathischen Humor! Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein, aber viel Liebe erfordert viel rumgenerde. Habt Spaß!
We Play Switch
By Jeremy Harvey
We Play Switch is a weekly Nintendo Switch podcast that is built around community. Each week we talk about the recent news and chat with our viewers about it as well as their comments and our weekly poll.
Streamed Podcast
By Rawlabradio
Rawlab Radio Presents a new Podcast based around everything online, whether that is technology, news, movies and or gaming we will have you covered. Hosted By Big T, Grinny, Max, Full Spectrum and Post Skript and we will trying to drop fortnightly
Supchucks Presents Time Capsule
By Supchucks
Supchucks presents ‘Time Capsule’ is a weekly podcast for your entertainment. Each week, Eric, Kayla, and occasionally some friends will open various different Time Capsules from the past. We’ll open a Time Capsule from different years in four categories that include: TV, Film, Video Games, and Music. Whatever saw a release date, a premiere, or a finale this week back in the random years our computers select, we will take a look at. Our hosts will break down the history of the title, give a little review and some commentary, and try our best to entertain you. The ‘Time Capsule’ podcast is brought to you by Supchucks Media. You can reach us at [email protected] and visit our official website at for updates on the latest in Movie, TV, Games, and other news.
On the road to esport
By Tobit Esch
Johnny und Tobit erzählen vom Ursprung und Entstehung ihres Weges in den esport. Vom ersten eigenen PC und den ersten Lanpartys über die ersten Turniere und Streams, hin zur Vereinsgründung von "Let's play Games" und Auftritten bei Sport1. Der Podcast soll zum einen den steinigen, mit Umwegen geprägten Weg in den esport erzählen, aber auch dazu inspirieren und animieren selbst in den esport einzusteigen und sich in dem wachsenden Markt zu integrieren.
Cron Pellucci Auditory Services
By Cron Pellucci
Podcast by Cron Pellucci
Red, White & Wrestling
By Jared Waldo
Join us each week (most of the time) as we discuss happenings from around the world of WWE. Not recaps or reviews. Just thoughts of a lifelong fan who reacts as a fan, not as someone who follows 'dirtsheets' or 'insiders'.
Trash Talk - Presented by Mindfreak
By Mindfreak
Trash Talk is an Australian Esports podcast presented by Mindfreak and hosted by Vilesyder. Discussion takes place surrounding Esports issues and events mainly surrounding Call of Duty and other premier titles.
Expecting Dad
By Expecting Dad
Expecting Dad is a podcast and other exploits of a coming of age nerd father and husband.
The History Files
By The CSICON Network
The History Files is a weekly show dedicated to history of all eras. Join historian Gordon Frye and various guests as they discuss history in the news, in the media, in literature, in politics, and just about anywhere else of interest.
Out Of Lives Presents
By Out Of Lives
A one stop shop for all things Out Of Lives: The gaming, movie and TV podcast network.
Unfiltered Contrast
By Say No To Rage and Excessive Profanity
An unfiltered discussion about all things Twitch with Say No To Rage and Excessive Profanity.
Laadscherm Voorgelezen
By Laadscherm
In Laadscherm Voorgelezen neemt redacteur Arjan Lindeboom je mee door alle artikelen op Want onze verhalen zijn er om verteld te worden.
Just One Thing Gaming
By Daniel Aaron Moore
Join the host of 'Just One Thing', Daniel Aaron Moore as he discusses video game news stories every week with his co-host, Josh Shearer. Both guys are chill, knowledgable, and open minded about all aspects of gaming, and each host brings something unique to the table for discussion and criticism.
Bite Sized Lemons
By Bite Sized Lemons
We are a nerdy podcast featuring two best friends: John and Alistair.
Net Savior Podcast
By Net Savior Podcast
A Battle Network podcast where we discuss and dissect the entirety of the series.
TiC Network
By Tic Network
Welcome to the Ultimate Destination for Gaming News, Opinions, Rumors & Debate. The Inner Circle Network where content for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Movies & TV Collide.
Playable Characters Podcast
By Playable Podcast
NYC comedians interview some of the top video game characters in history
'Dragon Ball Super' en Gambatte
By Gambatte
Estrenamos nueva sección en Gambatte, estamos aquí para comentar los episodios de 'Dragon Ball Super' emitidos en España en el canal Boing. Comentamos sus puntos negativos y positivos. Queremos que esta sección se convierta en semanal hablando de los capítulos conforme salgan. Intentaremos hacer lo que podamos. ¡Viva Dragon Ball y manos arriba para hacer la Genkidama!
Vetustos del rol
By Yimbo
Podcast para hablar de todo lo relacionado con el ocio en general, cine, televisión, literatura y también juegos de mesa y rol.
Switch London Nintendo Podcast
By Switch London
Listen to the latest Nintendo news and opinions from our super cool panel of admins. We also arrange monthly gaming events in London so feel free to come and meet up with us in person!
Otaku Cram School
By Otaku Cram School
Otaku Cram School is a podcast devoted to educating listeners on the best that otaku and Eastern pop culture has to offer... anime, manga, light novels, video games, JRPGs, music, and more! Join our teachers Chris-sensei, Ebónné-sensei, and Mike-sensei each month on a new episode / lesson! Class is in session! Benkyoushimashou!
Is Dat Rite Podcast
By Emil Starlight-Owner of Limelight Multimedia
The purpose of this program is to talk about Film, Music, Comic books, Video Games, technology, language, culture, what ever is happening in the news with current events.
The FsRideAlong Podcast
By Nicolas Jackson
Join Aviation Geek Nicolas Jackson as he talks to movers and shakers in the simulation and aviation industry and covers the latest news
MH PodFury
By Metsuke
El Olimpo de los Podcast sobre Videojuegos
Marital Games
By Adam & Cassie
Adam and Cassie are joined together in gaming matrimony. They are a married couple that consists of a life long gamer and a new-to-the-scene gamer. Join them as they discuss a different video game every episode and talk about their experience from their different perspectives. At the end of each week, they announce the next game they will discuss so you can play along at home!