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By itmeJP
Dropped Frames is a weekly podcast featuring hosts itmeJP, Ezekiel_III and CohhCarnage where they discuss the on goings of being a full-time streamer.
By MemoryCard
Videojuegos y Cine. Dos micros, dos locos y muchas ganas de procrastinar jugando o viendo pelis. Te apuntas?
By Techzal Podcast
Techzal Podcast es en donde hablaremos sobre las noticias y notas de la semana con nuestra opinión personal, ideas y hechos. Es un programa de temas reales y opiniones graciosas. Formamos vínculos con América Latina y el mundo en temas de tecnología, videojuegos y cultura geek.
By Ryan Herrin
A father teaches his daughter about geeky things from the past, and she teaches him things about geeky things from today.
By Daan Koopman
The eShop Action Committee discusses the latest digital Nintendo releases and talks to developers on a regular basis as well.
By Martyn French
Freeloaders is a regular look at what is or has been free to download from the Playstation Network. We download the games to give them a playtest and see if they are worth the download bandwidth and time.
By Em Marko
Novel Not New is a visual novel game club with a queer focus and a casual bent. Every month, join Jen Unkle, Colin Detmar, and Em Marko for a critical and fun conversation about a new visual novel game. Our favorites will be dated, murders will be solved, lives will be lived, and all bad ends will be expunged from memory as we read our way through this most literary of video game genres. Novel is right in the name!
By Maze Productions Podcast
From Video Games to tech to life advice, the Maze Productions Podcast is your go to guide. Write in anytime at [email protected] We need your feedback!
By Skip the Tutorial
Friends, games, beer, whiskey...once a week, taking over one world at a time.
By Beemoses
Have a seat and stay for a while Tired of the typical gaming Podcast where flamboyant ‘gamers’ talk nonstop, spewing memes and screaming into the mics like little kids? No…us neither, how about a bunch of old guys drinking, making fun of each other…and gaming, in that order? TehClen is a group of friends spread across the east coast looking to relax and enjoy some gaming on a Thursday evening. We don’t talk sports or politics, we get online to shoot things or do some racing. Give it a try, it...
By christopher volkart
Your daily dish of Star Wars. Discussing all things Star Wars.
By LosReyesdelMando
Podcast sobre cine, series, videojuegos y técnologia de Los Reyes del Mando.
By Thomas Midena
On a more or less weekly basis Jack Macmillan, Felix Baker and Sean Guy sit down and discuss random topics about movies, TV shows, games and everything nerd culture. Sometimes there's a kitty cat.
By DriveByDogs
5 Minute Geek is a weekly collection of our favorite geek based stories/topics summarized into 5 minute segments. Ian, Corbin, and Fritz all bring two topics to the table all the while our lord and savior/Time Master Morgan adds or subtracts time based on unreasonable variables. Learn more at
By Tyler Frericks
The Armchair Adventurers Club got together to bring our personalities to your ear holes. We play a variety of games as well as talk a little bit about nerdy pop-culture. That's's one of those podcasts! Ewwwww! Sit down with us and let us wash over you as we go through different RPG's, tabletop, improv, and more!
By The Brotherhood Without Manners
The Brotherhood Without Manners is a comedic podcast about games, hobbies, and everything nerdy. If we could only remember to keep that in mind while we're recording.
By Ben & Aza
Des nouvelles sorties aux classiques, Ben et Aza décryptent pour vous les arcanes de l'industrie du jeu vidéo, en vous proposant des dossiers de fond, des rétrospectives, mais aussi de découvrir ensemble l'actualité, les nouveautés, et rejouer aux classiques. Tombé tout petit dans la marmite du jeu video, une manette entre les dents, Ben n'en est jamais vraiment ressorti. Il entraîne dans son vice sa compagne Aza, geekette accomplie et apprentie gameuse, et tous deux vous proposent de les sui...
By Quest 4 Pixels
Two guys, some games, and a great conversation. Tony and Sheldon are bringing back that playground game chat, on a new level!
By The Freshcoast Podcast
Two Los Angeles natives, Daniel and Mark, get together to talk about life in general, topical news stories, video games, sports, and give advice!
By Breek Ammit
an in depth analysis of the elder scrolls by the nerds who know it best
By Quemando Cartuchos
Podcast sobre videojuegos dirigido por Rubén Redfield y con el mejor equipo de amigos, Eike Saeba, Rygar, Kike, Feniyetor y Jocs. En el trataremos desde juegos clásicos pasando por temas de actualidad, todo ello con mucho humor, buen rollo y sobretodo, amor por los videojuegos. También nos desligamos a veces y hablamos de cine, series, anime... ¡Mil gracias por escucharnos!
By Matt Saraceni, Siobhan McGinnity, Michael Burke
Matt, Siobhan and Michael talk about Pokemon Go for about half an hour. Ways to talk to us outside the Podcast:
By Roberta Sparrow
This intent of this short book is to be used as a simple and direct guide in a time of great danger.... -- Roberta Sparrow, 1938 --
By 英雄互娱
By 英雄互娱
By 英雄互娱
By Endless Backlog
Join the Endless Backlog Podcast as a group of friends discuss video games.
By Nerdoholics Anonymous
a weekly podcast about comics, video games, movies and life over some drinks.
By Michael McCarthy
If you are a geek about video games, movies, comics and everything in between then please join us in our weekly rants about any and all of the above. Your hosts Mike and Warren are life long geeks that have way too much stupid knowledge to not share with everyone.
By Adam Schifani
The podcast where we talk about the nerdy news in Memphis, TN and beyond.
By Kevin Caldwell, Frankie Stefano
All things nerdy
By J.R. Cox
Voice over actor J.R. Cox hosts alongside his Tokyo English teacher best friend, Justin Smith. Together they tackle the burning questions in pop culture ranging from Star Wars and Pokemon to Ernest Hemingway and Hot-N-Ready pizza all while keeping it family friendly for the young at heart. Also listen for guest interviews from experts from industry leading companies like Capcom and Loot Crate. With Brains and Talent you always get the best.
By Tyler Braddy
Thoughtful conversation about the media at-large, using movies, music, and video games to discuss broader philosophical topics.
By Space Ward
Space Ward is an epic neo-noir audio drama about survivors of a massive space attack... in therapy - like a cross between Mass Effect and In Treatment.
By One Giant Pixel
A gaming opinioncast/fancast of sorts.
By Between Two Pixels
Between Two Pixels is here to bring you the background history of video games, their creators and the things they had to go through to get their games out to the world.
By InvictusOW
Welcome to Fantasy Watch the pod casts that is here to help develop, discuss, and promote Fantasy Sports in the Overwatch League as well as talk about league happenings and current events in the game of Overwatch.
By Mitchell Drake
Live Action Replay takes on the events in eSports from the week, giving a reflection on the week past, and the week to come.
By Joeri Wagner, Niels van Rijn
Twee mediatechnologie studenten met een passie voor technologie geven een kijk op onder andere, games, politiek, filosofie en een kader van andere onderwerpen. Soms als duo, soms met gasten.
By Jonathan
Welcome to our table! We've saved a seat for you. If you are like me, you love board games and video games! Maybe you also have a family or a gaming group of friends that you like to play with. Gaming can be a great way to build relationships with friends and your children or teens! On this channel, we will be presenting reviews and overviews of board games and video games, with a particular interest in board games for families. Facebook:
By Toy Talk Guys
Toy Talk Guys is a podcast and blog from two best friends who have spent their lives curating their toy collections. Subscribe for a weekly digest of the latest news in the world of toys.
By Brandon Benzi
Feast your ears on a podcast that will contain a wide range of interesting topics regarding Geek Culture, Film/TV, Society, etc.
By Sébastien Bauer
Secret d'Esport vous livre toutes les 2 semaines une émission riche en conseils pour vous professionnaliser dans l'Esport. Retrouvez Absy, Sagura, Pumpkinman, Uppsala et Grif.
Everything Geek from movies, video games, comics and all!
By Average Joe Gamer
Discussing My Love for Everything Video Games Related
By JustSomeGuardians
Mainly Destiny Podcast from a more casual perspective with bi-weekly all out nerd talks. Come on by and hang out!
By Moritz Schütter Thomas Krause
Aller Anfang ist schwer, zwei geile Typen versuchen sich in der grossen Welt des Podcast. Themen wie Weltuntergang Videospiele soziale Strukturen in Kindergärten und Nahrungsaufnahme zu ungünstigen Bedingungen werden hier mit gefährlichen Halbwissen kombiniert.
We review indie flicks so you don't have to!
By ChuBoi
Yo, playboys! I'm Chu, the former FIFA Community …
By Nick Farrell
Brothers Nick and Jack love FIFA 18. Improve your game on FIFA Ultimate Team through their advice on gameplay, investing, market strategies and more.
By Marc Ronick
The Gaming Marathon is your ONE source for all the news and insight in the video game industry. Adam Sharrock and Asad Syed bring a comical and straight-forward approach to gaming news, media and reviews. They believe in no B.S. and telling it like it is. Each week they will bring a review of what they've played and any news that is breaking or relevant with it comes to gaming. Whether you're a PC only gamer, fan of the classic Nintendo franchises, or interested in the PS4 or Xbox One, we got...
By The Average Geniuses
We're just two guys who love video games. Join us in our discussions and random shenanigans.
By Bryce Dumond
Join us as we explore the TurboGrafx-16 library game by game!
By gamers3ra
gaming podcast
By Marco Lühn
Zwei Typen aus 2 Generationen versuchen sich die immer wieder auftauchenden Fragen (Frequently Asked Questions) des Lebens zu beantworten. Was sind Internettrolle für Wesen und warum gibt es davon so viele? Geht die Kommentarkultur im Netz immer mehr in Richtung offene Kriegserklärung? Hat man jemals schon mal was bei Kleinanzeigenportalen verkaufen können ohne auf merkwürdige, skurille oder unverschämte Leute zu treffen? Aber auch: Was taugt der neue Star Wars? Wer schaut Adam & Eva? Wi...
By RadioKawa
Flux d'archive de l'émission. Gautoz et Pipomantis retroussent leurs manches et fouillent dans leurs malles à bandes-son pour en sortir les pépites jeux vidéo chères à leurs coeurs. Nul besoin d'être connoisseur, alors chaussez votre bon vieux casque et c'est ti-par. Il s'agit ici des archives des 4 ans produits sur RadioKawa. Les nouveaux épisodes de l'émission sont publiés chez
By @MiguelMirC @Podcastpanico
Un humano y dos trolls, una mesa de mezclas, unos micros de mierda y pocas ganas de hablar o no. Desde 1634.
Fortnite Community Podcast focused on the Epic Studios video game Fortnite. Bringing together TwoLoudtx, Nolxero, and special community guest every week to tell you everything there is to know about whats going on within the community of Fortnite.
By Cory and Eric Mahler
Cory and Eric Mahler are brothers who love video games and love to talk about them. Listen as they talk about what they're playing, gaming news, and other related junk.
By Out of Lives
From the ashes of Out of the XFire, Playstation Forecast is a new podcast discussing all the news, and giving our opinion from a UK perspective on the world of PlayStation.
By Mark Fechner
Mit diesem Blog hoffen wir eine Lücke zu füllen die unserer Meinung nach natürlich unbedingt auch gefüllt gehört: Ein Blog über Gaming auf Systemen die wir quasi immer dabei haben und das auch noch deutschsprachig. Heutzutage spielt ja geradezu jeder auf seinem Smartphone oder Tablet. Viele gönnen sich einen kleinen Happen (oder Bissen) einfach zwischendurch in einer Pause und/oder auf dem „Örtchen“. Unter anderem genau deswegen ist die Flut an Spielen und Neuerscheinungen wirklich unübersch...
By Benny & Jesse
It's a strange world we live in. Join us each week as we discuss movies, comics, video games, and all things strange!
The MFGamers podcast is professionally recorded and slapped together by some of the members of In each show you will largely find opinions on games, game music and various other discussions.
By Ryan Moore & Andrew Kiewel
Ryan Moore & Andrew Kiewel have been best friends for over 25 years and grew up gaming. Both owned a video game store and now they get together and talk about the games they have been playing and also suggest new things to try out and talk about for the next episode
By Brian Held, Jr.
We cover topics related to geeks such as comics, video games, movies, books, and more! We've brought our listeners interviews from actors, authors, comic artists, and fan groups.
By Gutfoxx and TheTexasBoy91
Gutfoxx and TheTexasBoy91 sit down to talk though the past week in MUT. Topics are wide-ranging from in-game items to the metagame, from card reviews to Madden game strategy and news of new events.
By LoadingReadyRun
The most popular radio show on QWRP FM from scenic nsburg, Qwerpline is full of curious characters and local interests.
【DQX】DJリョーコのネカマだけど好き勝手話したい事あるので、グレンの酒場から放送するラジオ略してネカラジ! 浅い知識、適当なやり込みでアストルティアの出来事、それ以外のこと、色々話すポッドキャストです!
By Hold Up a Sec
We talk about all the nerdy, pop culture stuff that make enemies out of friends and cause you to lose sleep occasionally.
By Chris Furniss
A geek culture podcast primarily focused on video games and the games industry, but also the entire gamut of geekery. From movies and cartoons to comics and tabletop, anything we're geeking out about we talk about. Featuring Chris Furniss, Jinny Koh, Qais Fulton, Ryan G Biv and Ross Rosenberg. Updates every Monday! Listen to what some people have said: "The Weekly Geek is the only podcast on the internet that doesn't make me want to stab myself in the brain with a fondue fork!" - Frendleton P...
By Raphael Schottel
Poppschutz soll unsere kleine Spielwiese im Bereich der Popkultur sein. Ob es nun um TraktorenTranformer geht, oder darum, daß jede Star Trek-Serie besser wird, sobald sich eine der Hauptfiguren einen Bart wachsen lässt. Hier fließt Liebe, Leidenschaft und manchmal auch etwas Spucke direkt ins Mikro. Wir werden uns mit Filmen, Serien, Games auseinandersetzen, sie zerpflücken, durchmischen und neu zusammensetzen. Fehler bauen wir natürlich nur ein, damit Ihr was zum Suchen habt. Insgesamt is...
By Feral Audio
Explore the video games people love and why they love them. This mad-cap book club for video games digs into how games make you feel, how they draw you in, and how they reflect the world. Settle in for a mix of goofy quizzes, indie project spotlights, and some serious introspection as hosts Keith and Jesse chat with comedians, game developers, industry insiders, and some people you’d never guess are into video games.
By C.O.R.E. Ceza & VDog
C.O.R.E. and VDog bring you a podcast focused on hardcore gaming with a mix of ratchet and conservative conversation...Not for da average and not for da faint hearted. #GetYaGameUp
By Spielzeit
Wir von Spielzeit machen seit einigen Jahren Let's Plays und spielen leidenschaftlich gern Video Spiele. Des Weitern sind wir Betreiber der deutschen Hearthstone Fanseite und stellen Euch diesen wunderschönen Podcast. Wir wollen in dem wöchentlich erscheinenden Podcast über unsere Gaming Erfahrungen der letzten Woche reden. Blizzards Hearthstone steht im Falle neuer Erweiterungen selbstverständlich im Fokus. Unser Team setzt sich aus folgenden Mitstreitern zusammen: Sasch...
Týdení zvukové zpravodajství ze sveta her
By Joshua Hillyer
Digital Writes is a podcast focusing on the prevalent but often ignored world of digital writing. Specific areas discussed on the show include: Video game writing Blog writing Web and viral video writing Books with digital media extensions (i.e., apps) Hosted by writer and university instructor Joshua Hillyer, Digital Writes sheds some light on the creators of this important content.
By The Nintendo Dreamcast
4 men, brought together by their love of video games talk about video games, Robocop, Megayman, and other dumb stuff.
By Rampant Pirate Productions, (c) 2017
The Rampant Pirates podcast about Video Games like no other in The Loose Joystick! Here, we discuss all the games we love, the ones coming out soon, and any pertinent news
By マグ
ゲーム大好き、喋るの大好きなポッドキャストです!みなさんに楽しんでもらうためにがんばります! お便りは→[email protected] twitterハッシュタグ【#おもゲロ】で!おまちしております!
By Sami Amer
In this podcast I, and on occasion a friend, talk about CS:GO in general, whether it be game updates, professional leagues, upcoming tournament, or tips on how to get better!
By Total Misanthropy
Video games, traditional and tabletop games, anime, movies, tv shows, and all that other stuff that falls in the realms of general geek-dom and nerd culture. Some people love this stuff so much they try to call it a "lifestyle" all of its own. We don't. We're a handful of misanthropic nerds/geeks/what have you, who love these things as much as we are sick of them all. We're here to bitch, moan, rant, rave, and generally tell you why we love to hate everything you love, and have a good time do...
By Planet Zombo
Entertaining, informative, and hilarious. These three words exemplify the qualities of noise you can expect to be shoved in your earholes by the The Zombros. Brad, Dylan, Brian, Long, and Nick are video game journalists from Planet Zombo... the website. Every week we gather and discuss, what else, video games and whats going on with them this week. Of course, you can expect a fair share of goofs and derailments for good measure. Without further ado, sit back, relax, and prepare to be serenad...
By Paul Noel
Join the Order of Chaos Gamers an international group of RPG players in a live play romp through their favourite games. First up The Enemy Within Revisited. The classic RPG campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition gets a revisit as The Order of Chaos Gamers use 3rd edition rules to tackle arguably the best RPG campaign ever written. Keep up to date with all the action as well as news and reviews of this and other great RPG adventure and Video Games the team are playing by tuning in...
By the Puzzle Warriors 3
A Podcast for fans of Marvel Puzzle Quest. We discuss what's going on in the game, what's new, how we're doing, and have a weekly character review.
By ChanManV TV
Unfiltered is an eSports/gaming discussion podcast hosted by ChanManV, Destiny, and Richard Lewis each week. Production by ChanManV TV
By Weekly Awesome
A short news report every Friday by The Awesome Gnome. Frazley Sparkspan delivers the latest news about the world of Azeroth. You can hear the latest report on both this feed and rebroadcasted on FrazlCast ( If you like the show, feel free to rebroadcast in your podcast. Visit the website at ( or email us at [email protected]
By Nevar Impossible
Join hosts Giggledots, Leay, and Nevar as they deliver Azeroth news, lore, weather and zany adventures.
By Ultra Super Mega
3 Australian dudes talking about video games. Interviews, opinions and a whole lot of language.
By You Game Bro?
So you think your a gamer? Well on You Game Bro? …
By Ultra Super Mega
Pokemon GO!
By Z0mbie0 and Merovingian
Welcome to The Arcade, the community based podcas…
By John Horstmann
Overwatch League Daily is your daily source for news, scores, and more regarding Overwatch League - the world's first major global esports league featuring city-based teams. Join your host KickedTripod as he provides you with the hottest takes from Overwatch League analysts, players, and coaches. Episodes are posted 5 days a week before 11 AM PT. This project is not affiliated with Overwatch League, Overwatch, or Blizzard Entertainment.
By PhoneGame
Un podcast simple sur l'actus jeux vidéos mobiles, Android et IOS, sans prise de tête... Allez viens on est bien :)
By Kurtis Ballinger
Weekly podcast of all things nerdy!
By BehindTheMask
The Revival House Network Feed! All the newest Revival House content in one place!!