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By The Intellivisionaries
A dedicated Intellivision podcast by and for Intellivision collectors and fans of the system, its games, its history, and its thriving home-brew development scene.
By Flight Sim Community Podcast - Four friends talk all things aviation and flight sim
The Flightsim Community Podcast is a collaboration between four friends with years of real world and flight simulation experience. The show primarily consist of real world aviation and flight simulation discussion, but other extremely important topics such as BBQ will also be occasionally be discussed. Episodes range from discussions on a particular airplane to interviews with various developers within the industry.
By CJK Productions
Nerd news, #FanboyFeud, comedy, drama, action, excitement, all the fix-ins and none of the calories, The CJK Workshop has it all! Each episode Chris, Joey and Adam welcome guests from all over the cultural melting pot of Los Angeles to get the inside on their latest and greatest and join in on the mayhem that could only be found in a true, independent, nerd workshop. You don't wanna miss a moment with these guys, listen and subscribe today!
By Ashes of Community
Ashes of Community, is a community effort brought on by the Moderation Team at Ashes of Creation, an upcoming MMORPG developed by Intrepid Studios. This is an unofficial channel with no ties to Intrepid Studios, other than its community and pride in the love we give to this wonderful game.
By Ola, Theo and Phil
Meet Ola, Theo and Phil. Three friends who work and play in the film industry trying desperately to stay "almost single".Join them as they delve into the deeper (and superficial) side of games, film and pop culture. From their unique and different viewpoints they will talk about the larger questions; whether that be technical, artistic or simply who they want to bang!So please come out to the coast with us, we'll get together and have a few laughs! Do you really want to live forever?Questions...
By Rex & Jacket
Wir sind ein neu gestarteter Podcast rund um PUBG - von und für Gamer.
By The 1st 10 Minutes / Tony Parmenter
Downloadable Context is a monthly podcast, hosted by Tony Parmenter, and featuring interviews with video game developers. Video game development is a complex undertaking, but behind all the products and processes are the people, whose thoughts, experiences, and perspectives inform the work that they do, and how they do it. This podcast aims to delve into what makes individual developers tick. The show is brought to you by The 1st 10 Minutes.
By The First Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Podcast
A fan podcast for the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game series. News about Krome Studios, gameplay discussion and speculation.
By Trevor Jones
Welcome to Games to Beet. Each week, I meet with a different gamer to get their perspective on the latest games and gaming news. We cover what's in their console, what's in their backlog, and what's on their radar for games to come. This is a spin-off podcast of the Fresh Beets Podcast. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Google Play to keep up with the latest content. Thanks for listening.
By Four Worlds
A writing podcast designed for writers who have writers block or a lack of motivation. Episodes posted every other week on Sundays.
By Zelda TP Social Board
A podcast about gaming in general from the people at the zelda forum
By Tilted Pod
Weekly recap for the busy grinder/ turning hobby (Mtg) into something more
By Planeplausch
In unserem Podcast reden wir zwei Mal im Monat über das, was wir gespielt haben, über das, was wir noch spielen wollen und natürlich über das, was auf unserer Seite passiert ist. Ihr habt Fragen, Ideen oder Anregungen? Wir freuen uns unter [email protected] auf eure Nachrichten. Oder folgt uns auf Twitter unter @planeplausch!
By Ernie Garcia, Raul Gonzalez, Angel Martinez, and Mike Templeton
A podcast about the nostalgic things you love, and so we do we! Sit with us as we talk about the nostalgic things that changed our lives and yours as well. We will be having conversations on Video Games, TV Shows, Cartoons, Movies and much more!
By WhatIsHip.TV
A Dota 2 podcast by WhatIsHip.TV. We'll talk about anything and everything related to Dota 2 and its community!
By Lou Canelli and Adam Fuller
Pure dialogue. We are exploring ideas in a spirit of free play, open to wherever the conversation takes us. In a single episode, you might hear us wander from cartoons to literature, physics to video games, news stories to music, historical movements to cultural trends. Our whims know no bounds.
By Joe Kopel
This is a retro podcast, I'll be talking Cartoons, games, movies and Wrestling from the good ol days
By The Zone Zone
Each week, we delve into the weird, wide world of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, including videogames, comics, cartoons, literature, and obscure novelties! We keep a positive attitude as we try to share something we love with the world.
Announcing a new web cartoon from The Donut Boys, creators of The Chalice of Silvermoon and podcasters from WoW Radio and! But we need your help to make it happen. Donate now!
By Joshua Jordan
If you love cartoons- This is the podcast for you! Let the UberNerd walk you through the decades of cartoony goodness and show you all the hidden fun inside!
By Dacespace Studios
Nintendo Talk Live is a weekly show where Bobby the Nintendo Guru sits down with other Nintendo fans and has a chat. No format no particular topics just two people who love Nintendo. Join us weekly for the LIVE show at or tune in via iTunes,, google play or where ever you can download audio podcasts!!
By Queerly Represent Me
Queerly Represent Me: 'BOOK' Club is a monthly podcast hosted by Jess and Saf, who chat with special guests about our queer game of the month.
By Andrew Brown and The Happy Hearthstone community
Hearthstone news, card impressions, and good times every week as we have fun in Blizzard's online collectible card game.
By The Game Chair
A weekly podcast bringing you the geeky news each week and we discuss various topics about video games, movies, comic books, and more!
By Michael Pierce
Welcome to The Art of Gaming podcast where we talk about the games we love and why we love them. A place where a gamer can feel at home, and probably laugh while we're at it.
By Pixel Legends Join Matt, Ethan, Andrew and Ricardo as we discuss video games and gaming news every week!
By Pixel Legends
Sometimes you beat a game and are dying to talk about the ending with someone, but you friends aren't cool enough to play it. Don't worry we played it and we are certainly not cool. As part of the Pixel Legend's website, The Spoiling Point is a podcast of in-depth discussion about your favorite games. Fair warning it's chock-full of spoilers.
By Matthew DeJesus
Infinite Rush Down is a fighting Game Focused Podcast Hosted by Carl "Perfect Legend" White and Matthew "BlackSmith" DeJesus
By Cameron and Crystal
Every two weeks, Cameron and Crystal come together to explain the lore of The Legend of Zelda series, one game at a time. Podcast Art by Torkirby
By Sam Han, Wise Papa Smurf, Adeptt, Wormlax, and Frost
The LOLA Podcast is a support group for addicted League of Legends players to learn through informative discussions and entertainment.
By Motor City Gaming
The Legend of Retro explores all things retro gaming. Join Xander and Chops on a epic tale of retro.
By Insomniac Tendencies
Welcome to the Insomniac Tendencies podcast where we have fun talking about video games across all platforms, as well as random other discussions.
By Tajaye Williams
Have some time on your hands? Then check out "The Outsiders", the first podcast brought to you by Listen in as our hosts break down the latest happenings in the world of television, comics, movies, & gaming. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.
By Megan Mackie
What if all of the Super Mario Bros games were just a conspiracy by Princess Peach to keep the war economy going in the Toadstool kingdom? What if everyone was really working for her, including Bowser? Subscribe to these parody dramatizations of what is really going on behind the scenes.
By Toukie and Cheeto and Ipodparf and Geo131313 and AndrewMartian and Vantes and Dio
a bar podcast from Toukie and Cheeto and Ipodparf and Geo131313 and AndrewMartian and Vantes and Dio
By Macron
Join Macron the irreverent British rascal as he takes you on a prank call journey around the world. Listen as he calls unsuspecting people and plays phone pranks on them. Careful, next time your phone rings... it might be Macron calling you! Join him on his various social media machines, and above all... just laugh!
By Tomorrow's Ballers
Welcome to the Ball Out Gamercast! We are just a couple of big time internet nerds who like video games and ignorant rap music. We enjoy long walks to the fridge and discussing life in the digital age - you know.. online dating, multiplayer gaming and freaky things that happen only on Craigslist. If you're interested in hearing our opinions on week old gaming industry news, you shouldn't listen - that's not us. This whole thing is much weirder than that. Hosted by Thrizzle and YuckyChucky Po...
By Arkay and Willie!
A community podcast to share fans of the 5200 thoughts and memories of this short lived awesome console!
By Randall Cole Video Game Show!
By Centinel
Podcast sobre juegos de tablero de tipo wargames y estrategia
By Brian Crawford and Brent Robben
For years, FUT has been the worst and best of many gamers' lives. We try to uncover the secrets of this wretched beast, and unlock the best ways to tackle it, each and every week. The FUTcast is a podcast produced and hosted by Brian Crawford, and Brent Robben.
By Chuck, Queen Mom and Ranc1dM3at
Each week we will talk Clash of Clans. From farming to pushing and yes, sometimes even war. We look at Clash of Clans from top to bottom, looking at game play, clan politics and management, and the social aspects of the game.
By Craig Holliday
A friend filled thrill hour about video games, nerdy news, and other rants.
By Mike Papadopoulos, Jacob Plicque, Chris Stanton
Welcome to the Land of Bunnies Podcast! We're a general discussion podcast that covers a wide array of movies, TV, video gaming, and so much more. Also the home of DJ Franko Carino's Question of the Week! Enjoy, kids, and as always, keep hope alive!
By Deringer: Planetside 2 and General Gaming Podcaster
The Instant Action Podcast is a weekly show that aims to highlight the latest News and Community events in the Planetside 2 universe. From Patch Notes to Server Smashes to the Official Forums to the /r/Planetside Reddit, we strive to keep our listeners informed on the good, the bad and the overpowered aspects of Planetside 2. In addition, expect guests with unique perspectives on the game and the community in general. We also understand that Planetside 2 is not the only game that people play,...
By Behind the Pixels
The Behind the Pixels Podcast
By The Ungodly Geeks
Join Ron, Joe, and Luke as the three geeks sit down and mostly bitch about movies, video games, and plenty of other geek topics in their trademark style.
Highlander and Varyar slug it out in this one hour show that covers all the breaking news of the video game world. Catch them twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11pm Eastern time!
By Wiggles
The GRN show is a weekly round up of Eve-Online news, gaming and tech in a bitter vet way
By Rigoletto
Rigoletto goes out to the Clash community to get the best info from War Strats, War Clans, Clash News and Gossip to whatever else is going on in Clash of Clans. Player Profiles are some of the best and popular Clashers get to tell their stories about their favorite game plus whatever else comes up. Enjoy one of the longest running Clash Podcasts out there !
By Ixtyr's Gaming
The Elder Scrolls: Unplugged is the official community-run podcast of The Elder Scrolls Online Subreddit Community, hosted by long-time ESO Vet & Reddit Mod Ixtyr. New episodes are posted weekly, often multiple times a week - so stay tuned to keep up with all the wonderful happenings in Tamriel!
By Crown Podcast
The Crown is a Clash Royale podcast. Each episode we pick a topic, strategy, deck, or card and interview someone who knows it well.
By Joe Munday
r/StreetFighter week in review. We cover the posts you might have missed throughout the week, take user questions, and highlight some FGC history.
By SiD Productions
A podcast, news and more celebrating the Dark Souls universe. Get it all at
By N64Josh
The Loot Cast is a Destiny Podcast that covers all aspects of the game and interviews people for the community.
By PolarCap
Join members of the team at PolarCap every week as they discuss video games and gaming related topics.
By hellyeah! networks
better living through best practices
By Giuseppe Saso
L’Occhio del Beholder è un podcast che si occupa esclusivamente dei GDR/RPG (Giochi Di Ruolo/Role-Playing Game) digitali per computer e console. Fratello di Calavera Café, cugino di primo grado di Videoludica, pronipote di Archeologia Videoludica e Dietrologia Videoludica (entrambi chiusi), siamo sempre lo stesso manipolo di “brutta gente” della grande famiglia della fu IPN - Italian Podcast Network: il Dungeon Master Giuseppe “L’Opinionista Videoludico” Saso ai microfoni guiderà la compagnia...
By Shola Akinnuso
An alternative perspective on the weekly conversations, news, and events of the video game industry! Part radio show, part solo podcast, and always topical, the BlackBanditRadioShow consolidates the chatter of the blogs of the industry in an entertaining weekly source.
By Under The Card Board Box Podcast
Metal Gear Solid! One of the best series of all time comes to an end. With Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain out, we talk all Metal Gear Solid news!
By Viktor Pradley
The Half Hour With Viktor show is the product of an angry Russian man All Random All Podcast is the official podcast of Gucko Pics productions where 4 dumb white males discuss their opinions on important pop culture topics and video games
The Fifty Bomb is an eSports podcast dedicated to the CSGO and CoD Competitive Community. The stats, the drama and the plays are all discussed here. eSportsGO: Apply to become a writer: eSportsGO Twitter: Live Thursday at 5 PM EST Podcast Twitter: Esen's Twitter: Tommy's Twitter: Tommy...
By dkgWELP
Weekly show put on by KingKaz and Curley of the Twitch Livestream Drunkkidsgaming. Bringing to your earholes a roundtable discussion of the weeks weirdest news and games usually ending in tangential conversation about life and butts.
The Gaming Foreplay Podcast is two idiots givng their unwanted opinion on game stuff. Airs weekly on YouTube and iTunes. Follow us at &
By The Average Geek Show
The podcast designed by average geeks for average geeks. Bringing you the latest on Movies, TV, Comics, Tech, and more!
By J.D. Maverick
The Nerve Degree serves as a weekly podcast for video games and technology. Also the latest from TV, Movies, sports and more
By Tom & Leo
Im Random Encounter reden Tom und Leo monatlich über aktuelle Themen in der Videospiel-Industrie und geben sich im Late to the Party-Segment Hausaufgaben in Form von einem Spiel, das der jeweils andere zur nächsten Folge nachholen muss.
By Rapha & Eddy
eSportz - Der Podcast über eSports. Wir versuchen so viele verschiedene Spiele wie möglich anzusprechen und bemühen uns, es gleichermaßen für die eSport - Anfänger und Einsteiger unter euch leicht zu formulieren und ausschweifender zu erklären. Es wird nicht nur reine Analysen geben, sondern auch viele hitzige Diskussionen von unseren zwei Moderatoren Rapha und Eddy, die schon viele Erfahrungen im Bereich eSports sammeln konnten (und immernoch sammeln). Wir hoffen ihr findet Gefallen daran un...
By Hopped-Up Gaming: East
Come join the chaotic experiment that no one has ever thought of before: Five people playing a game of XCOM: Enemy Within, by committee! It’s gonna be a mess! Good luck, Commander(s).
By Deanna Minasian
Completely unfiltered, relatively coherent. A weekly podcast featuring some friends who like video games.
By Realms Radio
Join Paul and Richard as they expand past the VS system and into all games! Listen as they discuss everything from RPG's and TCG's to video games, comics and movies. True gaming dorks we will give insights into gaming you may never have expected.
By Kienan Lewis & Joe Machado
Co-Creators Joe Machado & Kienan Lewis are joined by weekly guests and contributors to discuss some of the biggest news and controversial topics in Gaming!
By Jordan Haygood
Game Podunk's official community podcast, starring various members of the community from staff to members.
By Mark Boutet
The Digital and Dice Podcast is a podcast about Video Games, Role Playing Games, Anime, Comics, Movies, The Internet and everything in between!
By Xbox Uncut
A roundtable of mature members of the gaming community discussing Microsoft gaming.
By The Free Cheese
A weekly video game podcast about video games brought to you by The Free Cheese team members discuss the latest in video games, tell stories that shouldn't be told, and whatever else can fit into a 90 minute show.
By Josh and Jay's Excellent Video Game Show
Joshua Doan, Jay Pullman and Rowan Kaiser get together each week and talk about video games.
By Carrie Lambertsen and Todd Sullivan
A podcast about video games, crafts, sewing, crocheting, Star Wars, and all sorts of geeky stuff from a girl gamer and her brother.
By Jason Evangelho & Friends
A podcast about video games, with a live audience and community participation. From the home of #PositivityThroughGaming
By VGN, Inc.
Video Game News Radio is not your ordinary gaming podcast. It's hosted by a group of blue collar men over the age of 35. The discussions are chaotic at times, and it's not unusual to hear someone go off, or hear long stretches of laughter. If you like your shows real and not edited or trying. Give VGNR a listen. We're one of the oldest gaming podcasts there are, broadcasting since July of 2004.
By The Research Guild
The Research Guild podcast is a (mostly) reasonable conversation about video games, science and health. Topics include the two elephants in the room (video game addiction and violence & video games) as well as my personal obsession: separating the high-quality science from the absolute nonsense.
By Zero Stars
A weekly show about video games and being alive from two of the writers at The official audio companion to the greatest video game site ever created.
Zero's Game Room or ZGR offers info on the latest gaming news, interviews with YouTube Gaming Celebrities, Discussions of modern gaming and sheds light on gaming culture.
By Rough Edge Studios
Devin Crow, Sammy & Jason and guests discuss Anime, videogames, beer, food and whatever else comes to mind.
By brady green
in this episode we just introduce ourself and tell you about upcoming surprises we have two other guest stars on the show noiragvanguard and pokegoms both from youtube
By The Clockwork Game Design Podcast
The Clockwork Game Design Podcast is a functional strategy game design podcast hosted by game designer and author Keith Burgun. With lessons universal to videogames and boardgames alike, each episode explores a particular topic and goes in-depth in a search for new constructive game design theory. Keith addresses some counter-arguments made by those in the community, and ultimately attempts to contribute to a more productive conversation on the discipline of strategy game design.
By - Videogames Brasil
O seu podcast de games! Comentários sobre últimas novidades do mundo dos jogos com a equipe Videogames Brasil e convidados do fórum!
By Zach Gerlock
A different kind of gaming podcast. Each episode takes a look into an aspect of game design, history, or culture and explores it in detail. The format and contents may vary, but it will always be thoughtful.
By Geek Ghost Gaming
Join ScrapGear and Draco Augustus a duo of long time Nintendo fans as we talk about all things video games.
By The Mstdfr Network
Based out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Gaming Recess is a casual Arablish videogame talk show. Game development enthusiasts talk about the latest in the realm of videogames with news, reviews, and discussions. Made and hosted by the @GameDevJeddah Team.
By Stephen Jondrew, GonnaGeek Productions
This is the Official Podcast (and Video Show) of Each week we run down the latest news in the world of geekery. We also feature recurring segments such as product reviews, games and other geekdom. Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell and Stargate Pioneer.
By Casey Weederman
A weekly podcast about learning how to make video games from scratch
By The Gaming Death Staff
A video game podcast brought to you by the staff of
By A Video Game Odyssey
A Video Game Odyssey is a podcast that is light on spoilers, bias and nostalgia but heavy on being concise, clear and professional. Follow me on Twitter: Every other Wednesday, A Video Game Odyssey broadcasts short 7 to 10 minute retro reviews that scrutinise famed, forgotten or forgettable works of video games' past. Game length, genre, difficulty and critical reception are all handled in the first 30 seconds so that the rest of the time can be spent dissect...
By Stephen Ruduski
This is THE podcast to find your fit in the GAMING INDUSTRY. Experts in the video game, board game, card game, and RPG space tell us how they made their start in their careers. Find out how to turn your passion for gaming into a rewarding career!
By Scott Clark, Josh Faulkner, & Zach Anderson
The Gaming Outsider Podcast is a show dedicated to video gaming of all kinds with a focus on the community. Here at The GO, we don't subscribe to just one platform, and we realize that we don't have the ability to play every game that's out there. Our goal is to discuss ours and our listener's perspectives on current and former games that we have played while keeping a positive environment.
By TMBC Productions: comic books, marvel, dc comics, image comics, vertigo comics, dark horse comics, comics, avengers, Justice League, MCU, DCEU, comic book club, Wonder Woman, iFanboy, fat man on batman, the last jedi, spider-man homecoming, sci-fi
Each week, the Savages get together to voice their opinions on comic books, movies, TV shows, and anything in the geek world! If you're a nerd, especially one who loves Marvel, DC, Star Wars or animal penises, listen in! -- Leave us a message at 413-728-2434 or email [email protected]
By VGMO -Video Game Music Online-
Join us for a roundtable discussion of everything relating to game music, from its evolution to close looks at some of our favorite games and series. VGMO -Video Game Music Online- is the definitive journalistic resource for game music. Each month, our rotating cast of speakers from all corners of the globe discuss a new aspect of game music that interests or excites us, whether it's a thirty-year-old chiptune or an elaborate rockestra - or anything in between. Don't hesitate to email (pod...
By 8-Bit Mullet – Retro DJ | Remix & Mashup Artist | Turntablist
Every week, 8-Bit Mullet shares a DJ mix of hip-hop, turntablism, retro remixes, and mashups of 80s & 90s video games, commercials, TV shows, movie themes, & soundtracks. He is also a remix & mashup artist in Richmond, VA. Free downloads at: