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Fave This
By Patricia Hernandez
A new show about fandom, internet culture, and the unusual things people do in video games - hosted by Gita Jackson and Patricia Hernandez
Crash Bang Boom Paragon Podcast
By Crash Bang Boom
Alakazoooom and Mutedinlife share their thoughts on all things Paragon. Join us weekly to hear us talk about builds, balance, the pro scene, and much more.
Thinking outside the shell
By Liam
two nerds talk about games and anime
In5D Podcast
By 5D Team
A couple of dudes talk things related to entertainment and the business of entertainment... In 5D!
Always Tilted Podcast
By Andrew and Isaac
Always Tilted is a podcast with two uninteresting nerds. Each week we will try to cover all the interesting stories surrounding the technology we love. Whether it be games we are currently playing, new tech, and maybe even television/movies, we will try our best to keep you updated with our opinions about what's going on.
Recap Companion Podcast
By Lion's Honor
Recap Companion Podcast is a companion to the video series - RECAP where we recap and review some of the best and sometimes worst media of all time. Join us weekly for a roundtable discussion on movies, anime, comics, and more!
Drinks With Larry
Grab a drink and join the conversation with us!
Siste 168
By Siste 168
En gang i uken setter de gode kompisene Eirik og Torkel seg ned og snakker om de siste 168 timene. De snakker om filmer og tv-serier de har sett, spill de har spilt og andre superinteressante temaer som spennende poster fra reddit eller andre historier.
Pink Ward Podcast
By Ivan, Graysen, Jace
We talk about League of Legends and it's true carries, supports.
1Life2Play Maincast
By 1Life2Play
News. Reviews. Interviews. Commentary. Gameplay. Contest. Giveaways. And who knows what else Don't forget to WATCH and SUBMIT suggestions for CREW TRIVIA! CREW: Larry Braz Luigi Eats Mushroom (L.E.M.) PDouble216 Dave the Doc N3rdG1rL Nick_Jr Partnered with Please SUBSCRIBE, Rate and COMMENT! It helps us out more than you think! We'd love to hear from you, so drop us a line with your suggestions and questions to podcast at 1life2play dot com.
By MyriadMike (Michael Wright)
Where gamers of all kinds play together, and also discuss a MYRIAD of gaming topics!
By Unoctium and Kris Takahashi
A podcast featuring interviews with mod authors and hosted by unoctium
Hey You Video Game
By Hey You Video Game
The all things video game related podcast with your BEST FRIENDS Lemonsmith, Gimmick, and Virindi Puppet.
Nintendorks Radio
By is back! In Podcast form! Join our conversation about life, love, and Nintendo.
Surviving Your Twenties
By Surviving Your Twenties
We talk about what its like to be in your twenties this day and age, we will talk about anything from the necessity of college to buying your first house.
EYT Biteros
By EYT Biteros
Gaming and Geek News Podcast especializado en el mundo de los videojuegos y entretenimiento. Siguenos en @EYTBiteros
By UndergroundCast
Bem vindos gamers e viciados da cultura geek, esse é o primeiro episódio do UndergroundCast! E nesse ponta pé inicial vamos discutir sobre os anúncios da E3 2017. Então aumentem o volume que você está no UndergroundCast, Um podcast desconhecido para pessoas desconhecidas.
UnScripted Podcast
By MaceValor
UnScripted is all about rants and raves about anything and everything - nothing is left scared. I take great pride in my use of dark humor and brash nature along with my love of science. Theres a little bit of everything here, most importantly is calling out BS where I see it.
Initiative Check
By James Bartholomeou
The Initiative Check Podcast Feed contains every podcast produced by myself, James Bartholomeou. From the Initiative Check Checklist to the Indie Love Podcast, everything I produce that's audio-only can be found here!
Input: A Video Games News Show
By Irrational Passions
Input is a weekly topical news show about the goings on and culture surrounding video games. Hosted by writers Jarrett Green, Logan Wilkinson, and Jurge Cruz, the three put on an insightful show that's strengthen by their knowledge of not only video games, but of the people who make them and tell stories about them. Input is an Irrational Passions podcast.
Invictus Deus Ex Machina
By seeseekey
Der Podcast rund um Technik, Retro, Spiele, Softwareentwicklung, freie Software und weitere Themen aus seeseekeys Welt.
Into the Score
By Into the Score
"Into the Score" is a video show where we take one piece of video game music from the canon of important VGM repertoire and analyze it to see how it's put together. We look at its orchestration, form, melody, tech, and even some history about each game! There are more in-depth episodes that explore the composer's life, feature interviews, and go even deeper into each piece, but those are only available to patrons via Patreon. To become one (and access even more rewards), visit! Thanks and enjoy the show!
By IntoTheVideoGame
Welcome ya' goons. We're the IntoTheVideoGame team; a rising consortium of video game loving degenerates bringing you unfiltered gaming news, gaming views, and heavy banter each week in a casual format. Uploads every Wednesday evening.
Josh Test Podcast
By Josh Fabean
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By Jonathon sterling
This. Is. The people’s PODCAST. WERE WE REVIEW everything albums. Singles and popular topics. The real way no filtered edited crap We real
Lets talk games!
Everything Dragon Ball
By GuyFace and HottOJ
Talking about about all things Dragon Ball related. Review and comment on latest episodes or past episodes. Talking about everything going on in Dokkan Battle. Anything Dragon Ball and sometimes a little off topic.....but in a fun way. [email protected]
Kingdom Smarts
By Hey! Jake and Josh
Welcome to Kingdom Smarts! Every week Shannon will try to teach Jake about SquareEnix's Kingdom Hearts franchise and Jake will do his best to keep up. The catch? Shannon only has 30 minutes at a time to do so. Join us for the story, characters, and history of Kingdom Hearts!
Vanguard Dispatch
By TheRadishLord
A concise Destiny Podcast for Guardians on the run.
VGM Monday!
By 1337FM Nerd Talk Radio
VGM Monday is 1337FM’s mini podcast about videogame music! Each week we discuss a select piece (or pieces) of some of the best game music out there!
Video Game Life
By Doug Bresler
What would YOUR life be like as a video game? Join host Doug Bresler as he asks this simple question to the most funny and interesting guests from around the web. Doug Bresler is a child of 80s who grew up loving video games. The wonders of Nintendo, Sega, Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBOX have left a lasting impression on him, as well as on every one of us. In his podcast "Video Game Life", Doug's quest is to dive deeper into the minds and souls of his guests, apply video game motifs and conventions, and attempt to find the fundamental driving force behind each person to perhaps uncover the ultimate meaning of their lives. This is some deep s#!t.
Cyber Powered Hour
By Bruce Thompson
The Cyber Powered Hour is a podcast featuring a bunch of friends(idiots) talking about gaming, movies, tv, nerd culture, and various other subjects in todays gaming culture. Hosted by WieldingHammer, Packdevil, and LoganVDG, listen as they talk about gaming, there week in gaming and movies, as well as try to entertain you with there humor. Listen in each week as we converse with one another. Questions and topics of discussion are always welcome from our listeners. You can reach us at [email protected] You can find us on twitter @cyberpowhourpod.
AltFCore Podcast
By Luke Clarke, Sam Sharp, and John Crouton
Join Luke, Sam, and John on our journey through the history of video games and pop culture as we bring you fun, facts, and frolics with each episode. We'd love to hear from you, so fire us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter - you'll find us at @AltFCore on all three. Or, you could always email us at [email protected]
Anthemic Podcast
By Anthemic Podcast Team
Welcome Freelancers! Welcome to your singular source for news, opinions and wild speculation about Bioware’s upcoming game, Anthem. After a hard day freelancing, why not drop by our local hangout in Fort Tarsis and you can join our chat about the future of this exciting and dangerous world. If you’re lucky we may offer a few handy tips, such as treating Javelin Itch and what to do with the four screws you had left over after you last serviced your armour. Our world is a place of wonder and daring deeds, but in our community, you’re never alone. You're one of us. You’re a Freelancer.
Podcast de Pokestereo
By Pokestereo
Pokestereo nace con la intención de brindar información, hablar sobre las novedades del mundo pokémon, discutir y exponer teorías sobre el anime, la manga y más universos que esta Multinacional franquicia nos brinda. Siendo uno de nuestros valores más fuertes el intentar crear una comunidad de fans donde todos puedan encontrarse, conversar y sentirse a gustos; actividad que poco a poco estamos logrando.
Podcast Retro90 - Videojuegos
By Retro90
En cada programa hablaremos con nuestros colaboradores sobre un juego de generaciones antiguas que hayamos estado jugando esa semana. Comentaremos la historia, aspectos técnicos, jugabilidad y nuestras impresiones. Al final del programa elegiremos otro juego para la próxima emisión.
Hardcore Casuals
By Hardcore Casuals
A group of "normal" people chatting video games and miscellaneous geeky things. We're a group of friends who connected through Destiny and we're excited to bring you our thoughts about games, gaming, and general (probably nerdy) topics yet to be determined.
Hello Heroes
By FroBro
Hello Heroes is a podcast made by the moderator team of r/FireEmblemHeroes, the Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit, made for the community. In it members of the Mod team will discuss multiple faucets of the game such as new updates, the game's balance and their experiences with game, among each other and special guests
Heavenstrike Rivals Show
By Soneji
Weekly show discussing Heavenstrike Rivals news and strategy.
Just another videogame podcast. Mit Ani und Sascha.
Podcast – Welcome To Your Doom
By Podcast – Welcome To Your Doom
Atul and Justin talk about anything from the geek verse regarding Comics, Movies, Video Games, and other random musings that pop into their heads. Topics range from past, present, or even the future!
Real Men Play Games
By Ali & Mike
Ali & Mike explore what it means to be a chap in the modern world... and play some games too.
Das Team von philosophiert/quatscht/schwafelt in unregelmäßigen Abständen über Games, Plattformen und Neuigkeiten.
Rebel Force Alliance
By Rebelforcealliance
A weekly podcast about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile Game
By Reidcast
Reidcast is a podcast! More specifically Reidcast is a podcast about nerd culture. We mostly focus on movies, television, video games, really anything "nerd" related. There are four of us podcasting; Our host Alan along with Chris, Kyle, and Jon.
Family Nuggetz
By Just B You Productions
Allow our family to fill your hearts and minds with love, laughter, and useless information. Rambunctious rants featuring everything from food to pop-culture. Grab some snacks and sit back to enjoy our nuggetz of nerdy nonsense.
Formation Alpha
Formation Alpha is a bi-weekly nerd show podcast where we talk about your favorite nerd culture news. This includes, but is not limited to video games, movies, comics, and anime. If you are a fan of these outlets, we are positive you will feel right at home. If you are unfamiliar with these topics, we encourage you to listen, in the hopes that you to will join us as fans, too!
Fortress Underground
By Nolan Williams & Shawn Patti
Nolan and Shawn dive deep into the wonderful world of /r/dwarffortress Gladiatorial Combat to discuss the upcoming first round, combat strategies, and wonderful, wonderful names.
Fresh Poodoo
By [email protected] (Fresh Poodoo)
Fresh Poodoo is a weekly podcast about all things Star Wars. The Fresh Poodoo crew convenes to talk about the new books, games, movies, and comics. Anything with Star Wars in the title, we've got it covered.
Pillow & Friends Gaming
By Frankly Done Network
Pillow Gaming is a venture into the art of the Gaming Culture led by Mr. Pillow Kissenstein, himself, and a crew of the baddest mofos collected on this side of the Earth.
Gamers of Diversity
By Gamers of Diversity
All work and no play can be so mundane, but luckily hobbies keep us grounded and balanced when life because overly repetitious. So what are those components in which we speak? Well tune in and listen to Quick Best and Kyle P as we give the run down from all topics of interests, such as gaming, movies, shows, technology etc.
Gamer Public Radio
By Garrett Totcky & Casey Bradley
Games industry commentary and news from professional developers and guests. New episodes every Sunday and Wednesday!
Gamers Too
By Nate
Each week 2 or 3 people getting together to discuss the gaming news that happened that week. Sure none of them are qualified but all have a strong interest in sharing their sometimes outrageous opinions.
Game Design Shorts » Podcasts
By Charlie Ringer
A short form audio blog about game design.
Geek Tavern Radio
By Geek Tavern Productions
Whether it's 8-Bit, 16-Bit, 2D, pseudo-3D, or JRPG, this group of friends love their video games and they cannot help but get winded talking about it. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and prepare to be drenched in game analysis, theories, reviews, and more! If you would like to be a part of the show and send us an email, please hit the keys and go to [email protected], leave your questions there, and we'll read it as a part of our weekly mailbag. Welcome To The Tavern!
By GeekCeteraNetwork
Three grown men, and the occasional guest, dish on their favorite geeky entertainment.
CCN Gamecast's show
By CCN Gamecast
This is a Podcast where we talk about our YouTube Channels CCN Gaming and CCN Outdoors but mostly Gaming thanks for watching
Challengers and Champions
A (hopefully) weekly podcast about ORSA - the Online Rocket Sports Association!
Check Check Go
By Fat Dragon Gaming
Check Check Go is a weekly podcast that covers all things from video games to television. If you can watch it or play it, we talk about it.
GilpsterCareta y sus jueguito de consola
By GilpsterCareta
Podcast en Beta 0.2.6 de un pibe de Bera y GlassyCappi (a veces) hablando barrabasadas de juegos, series y lo que tenga ganas. Todos los domingos por Ivoox, Youtube y en Itunes cuando se le cante el orto a Apple actualizarme el pod. LINKS: Youtubeanos en Youtube; Ituneanos en iTunes: Ivooxeanos en Ivoox: La pagina de Facebook; Mi Twitter personal;
Gluten Free Gamers
By Tutty, FAB, and Frank
What happens when you take a bunch of health and nutrition nuts whose favorite hobby is gaming and give them their own podcast? The Gluten Free Gamers! So, listen as they give you a HEALTHY dose of all things video games, with a few surprises.
Gorące Krzesła
Podcast o grach. Prowadzą: Kamil Borek i Krzysiek Ceran z podcastu Myszmasz ze wsparciem Pawła Opydo z podcastu Zombie vs Zwierz. Sprawdź więcej naszych podcastów na!
Come Get Your Podcast
By Come Get Your Podcast
Three friends getting together to talk about video games, movies, and their favorite mahjong of those is a lie.
B Before A
By Podcast Detroit
B Before A
Borderless & Borderlined
By Test
BoB, Drasto und Murphy von den Amazingnerds reden sich um Kopf und Kragen. Sie haben der Welt den Krieg erklärt und trollen mit ihren Gamepads gegen die Windmühlen der Videospielbranche. Hoch kultiviert - ihrer Zeit voraus - 100 % on fire
By Gaming News And Discussions
On the B-JAM podcast we talk about recent gaming news, games that are hot right now and games that we are playing and enjoying. Please Subscribe, leave a review and share. Thanks :)
Dive's Podcasts
By Dive
Dive makes detailed podcasts about Games and Movies. Dive also creates content for youtube that goes into detail about game design and other media related topics. You can find them at
DLC Guys Podcast
By DLC Guys
To some, it may seem a coincidence these three gamers should meet while working for the same financial institution. Those people are imbeciles. It was written in ancient texts, found scattered across the lands, that a band of brothers shall rise from the dark recesses of corporate misery to assume their rightful thrones atop gaming news podcasts... or whatever.
By Bencast
the one r3al cast
Between Adventures
The official channel for podcasts and other recordings!
Hosts CJ Fox and Brendan West breakdown the biggest news stories in the world of video games, nerd culture, current events, and more while drinking and reviewing craft beers.
Die Monster!
By Die Monster
A bi-coastal video games podcast. Each episode Nathan and Brad take a deep dive into a different game, sometimes also discussing various related topics.
By Erik Lee
Ever wonder what the world looks like through another person's eye? What if someone else played that game, read that book, saw that movie or show? Well. That's what Neapolitan is! A review of everything that interests us! Video games, anime, manga, movies, books, etc. We discuss everything! From three very different view points. So if you're in need of a good laugh, someone to agree or disagree with or you want some honest reviews and discussion. Neapolitan has all the flavors for you!
By Warner Swopes
Nerd Management is Indiana’s finest award losing podcast. Join hosts Alec Ward, Warner Swopes, and Rob Ropke for an hour of entertaining ranting about comics, wrestling, video games, and pop culture.
Nerd Foolery
By Jonah L & Jackson S
We talk about our weird lives as well as video games, anime, news and other nerdy stuff.
By Suki No Ryuu: Podcasters, Nerds and Needlessly passionate
This is the show were a bunch nerds try to get to the heart of nerd cultutre by speaking to other nerds.We speak about where their geeky love came from, and what keeps that fire burning. Although mostly we just tell dumb jokes. Join us in our continued quest to interview every nerd, ever.
NERF'D Podcast
The nerf'd podcast was born From a world of pixels and polygons. Listen as they debate, awkwardly name call and let out their inner geek they nerf'd for so long. Talking about everything from video games to awkward life moments. Listen along, have a laugh, get nerf'd.
Network Timeout
By Miles Francis
Discover a unique perspective of the Youtube world
Mobile Paladins Podcast
By Mobile Paladins
Mobile Paladins es el primer Podcast de habla hispana sobre videojuegos para dispositivos móviles (smartphone & tablet). Noticias, novedades y reviews del sector mobile presentado por @Haokarlos y @AleixRisco.
Mouse Bytes
Mouse Bytes is a show all about Disney video games old and new. Join us for each episode as we take an in depth look at an individual game and discuss our thoughts and opinions on these beloved characters and stories.
Mind of An Aspiring Game Dev
Video games are still on the rise. There's a lot to be talked about and a lot to be loved. It gives the kids and adults in the world who don't really want to party an activity to do. It gives the people who don't have many friends an opportunity to make some online and have fun. As gamers we tend to have huge opinions on what should and shouldn't go in our favorite games. The reason I'm starting this podcast is because I want to have a platform where I am able to make the voice of the gaming community louder. Not only will I be behind the curtain, seeing how everything is being operated, but I will also have all of you telling me what you want out of the gaming industry. Eventually, I'll have my own gaming studio, and you will all be involved in the decision making process in some fashion. Until then, lets talk video games! Thank You!
Two Dads Review
By Two Dads Review
Clay and Corey. Just two dads reviewing the TV shows, movies, and video games that we enjoy in the few hours our kids are asleep. Find us on all social media we can think of @twodadsreview. YouTube ( Twitter ( Facebook ( Tumblr ( Instagram (
True Route Radio
By Truongasm
Your gaming podcast that covers games from the very beginning to their eventual end. Hosted by Truongasm with a cavalcade of regular guests on a somewhat monthly basis. You can watch the Youtube version with visuals here:
Try Me
By Joel and Alyssa Bradley
Join husband and wife Joel and Alyssa Bradley as they go out on a limb and try new things. Can Alyssa be persuaded by Joel to adopt his love of the cinematic classic Birdemic? Or will Joel discover a new passion for reading, granted to him by Wishbone? Who knows? They sure don’t, but they’ll press play and see what happens.
Talk 'N' Watch - An Overwatch Podcast
By Adam Munro
A (hopefully) fun, enjoyable Overwatch podcast!
The Tauren & The Goblin – Warcraft Story & Lore
By Mash Those Buttons
The Tauren & the Goblin is Mash Those Button's podcast that focuses on the story and lore of the World of Warcraft. Each episode, hosts Nick and Katie discuss topics ranging from recent in-game events to Azeroth's titanic history, usually with the added perspective of playing Tauren and Goblin characters, respectively. New episodes are released every other Tuesday.
The Things I Do For Love
By The White Book
A short form spinoff of The White Book where we discuss topics relevant to the A Game of Thrones LCG.
That Podcast
By That Podcast
ThatPodcast stars Mossiah from ShockedHuh, and Roby from 'iamthatroby' and team them up for the ultimate conversation extravaganza. With a guest on every week the two will be getting down to the bottom of multiple things in gaming, film, and comic-books.
No Anime No Life Podcast
By James A. Barnes II
On this Podcast we cover everything in the world of Anime and Manga
Noclip Pirate Radio
By Noclip
Noclip is a crowdfunded documentary channel which tells stories about video games, the people who make them, and the people who play this. This feed contains extended cuts of our interviews alongside production discussions, postmortems, Q&A's and more.
Now Loading Podcast
By Darren Hupke & Rich Chaibun
Gaming podcast discussing all things videogames, past and present, hosted by Darren Hupke and Rich Chaibun. Each episode will focus on a featured theme and we'll have a discussion with each other about our own thoughts and opinions around it. We want to get you thinking about your own gaming experiences and to share them with us, as well. Chat back with us on Twitter at @NowLoadingCast and we'll read selected comments on future episodes. Find us on our personal Twitter accounts at @darrenhupke and @monosylabicrich.
Notatki Projektanta
By Jakub Misztal
Audycja o tematyce produkcji oraz projektowania gier z perspektywy game designera.
We Are The Watchers
By Lia Crowley
We talk about stuff.
Watch. Review. Repeat.
By Colton Brown and Andrew Meadows
Welcome to Watch. Review. Repeat. This is the podcast where two best friends discuss the latest in film and television and then do it all over again the following week!
Last Guardians Standing
By Last Guardians Standing
Destiny 2 Podcast bringing you the latest PVE/PVP news.
Laughing Buddha Games Radio
By Laughing Buddha Games
We feature indie game studios and talk about their experience developing their games.
Legends of Hemato el podcast: Segunda partida
Este el podcast nacido para comentar todo lo que ocurra en la segunda partida de “Legends of Hemato” el videojuego interactivo social español.
Soprando a Fita - Q36
By Q36
Modulando o Espaço é o podcast do Q36: aqui a gente fala de games como se estivesse numa mesa de bar. Bate papo sobre o mercado, a indústria, listas de diversos tipos, games novos e antigos, e algumas polêmicas de vez em quando. Ouve aí!
Salty Talk
By Salty Talk
We are now the butterflies.