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Last 2 The Party
By James Perry,Mike Perry
What do you do when aspiring nerds are devoted fathers with budgets to match? You launch a podcast about it! Games, movies, TV, family, we do it here.
By Gamecheck.TV: Gamingenthusiasten
LAN-Party ist der Podcast für Gamer und andere Menschen da draußen, die Lust darauf haben drei Vollblutgamern beim quatschen zuzuhören. Bei uns geht es hauptsächlich um den Bereich Gaming und wir reden über unsere eigenen Erfahrungen, oder völlig neue Themen. Hin und wieder haben wir auch mal einen Gast dabei, mit dem dann wunderbar diskutiert wird. Natürlich kann der geneigte Zuschauer auch gern Vorschläge und Ideen uns zukommen lassen über Twitter @GamergoTV. Wir wünschen euch noch einen schönen Tag und eine wunderbare Woche. Viele Grüße Das Gamecheck.TV-Team
JediandJuice's podcast
By Jedi and Juice
Jedi and Juice is pioneered by Bear and Moose, two expert Star Wars consumers on the front lines of fandom. This show ranges from legends to official cannon stretching from the prequel trilogy, the original trilogy, the sequel trilogy, stand alone films, books, shows, comics, rumors around THE LAST JEDI and more. Take a seat at the Juice Bar every Friday for in depth conversations and jokes on STAR WARS.
GameDevBR é uma conversa informal entre desenvolvedores de jogos sobre temas relacionados a tecnologia, cultura pop e claro, programação de jogos e a cena brasileira de games. Cada episódio procura trazer discussões técnicas, experiências e pontos de vista relevantes tanto a veteranos desta indústria quanto a novatos e entusiastas.
DOS Game Club
By DOS Game Club
Monthly DOS game online discussion and podcast
By Destroqueladores
Hablamos de todo lo referido al mundo lúdico de los juegos de mesa modernos. Tertulia sin azar. Sin entreturno... no lo podemos garantizar. Nuestras redes: Facebook: twitter: Youtube: música de la intro: Kind of light (2017) Dofhei Project
Drop Zone
By David Johnson, Tim Catania
Drop Zone is a podcast about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, a battle royale game. Each week, your hosts Tim and David get together to discuss upcoming patches, planned updates, community activity, wish-list features, and their thoughts on the game, as well as answering your emails. Drop Zone is your one-stop spot for all things PUBG. Should I run full speed at an entire squad with a frying pan? Is the SCAR-L better than the AKM? Can you actually kill anyone with the crossbow? (David can't) These are just a few of the questions the guys set out to answer (and likely incorrectly). Join us every Tuesday for your weekly Supply Crate of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds information!
Dicejunkies: Gaming, Comics, Movies, Tabletop, and more
By Dicejunkies
We discuss gaming, comics, movies, news and other geek culture topics. From video games to tabletop, anime to the MCU, and much more. All while drinking from the skulls of our enemies. Join us for some great times and a bumpy ride.
By Chris Taylor and Rory Brown
Our first goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through media. Our second goal, is to expose the works of darkness starting with entertainment, one of the devices used by the devil to control your mind and soul. We also cover Bible prophecy, world events, the occult, and more.
Cultura RPGamer
By LordKelsen
Únete a este canal para conversar de videojuegos retro, de RPG y de noticias actuales.
All Rhodes West
By All Rhodes West
Real life talk from three guys trying to navigate through it
Laboratory Maniacs
By Laboratory Maniacs
Exploring Competitive EDH
Papo Caverna
By Pedrão
Venha para o lado claro da Caverna e aproveite um podcast Geek sobre vários assuntos.
By NameCast
Canadian Games Discussion Podcast. Discussing game news, design, and opinions.
M8-Bit Podcast
By Sam Riley, Fareed Athman, Dave Hall & Phil Cairns
What happens when four lifelong gamers get together to talk pop culture? Painful puns, miserable quizzes, and some truly terrible impressions. Say hello to M8-Bit.
Nerd im Ohr
By Nerd im Ohr
Im Podcast Nerd im Ohr erzählt Gastgeber Pascal in unregelmäßigen Abständen von nerdigen Themen die ihn interessieren. Dies können Filme, Serien, Videospiele oder Comics sein. Alles was das Nerdherz so erfreut.
Magic City Gamescast
By Magic City Take
Magic City Gamescast is a Podcast with me James from @miamiletsplay and Danny Z from @streamingbundles. Together we have created a video games podcast to share our views here in Miami, Florida. I hope that you will grow with us as we continue improve. Catch you on the podcast and Game On!
Mass Riot Gamescast
By Ryan Gervais, BC
Mass Riot Gamescast is a show about video games and video game news. We talk about our experiences with games, new and old, and our thoughts on them.
By KSPCast
Neljän kaveruksen podcast peleistä elokuviin ja sarjoihin. Puhetta myös sisällöntuottamisesta. Mukana Mikko, Joni, Kari ja Tero. Julkaisu joka kuun 15. päivä.
PS Best Friends
By PS Best Friends (PS Best Friends)
PS Best Friends is a weekly podcast focusing on the PlayStation community
By ThunderBunch
We talk about video games, comics, and movies
Top Eleven - como ganar todo y mucho más
By Elmagodejujuy
Todos los trucos para ganar en Top Eleven. Tokens gratis, anécdotas, hacks y mas
What's For Lunch
By ELU Project, Sam Acevedo, David Acevedo, Manny H
What's for lunch ... Where we feed you the perspective of 3 gamers who balance work and family life while trying to remain hardcore gamers
Wishful Thinking
By Abyssal Trip
Welcome to the Wishful Thinking podcast.
¿Y Ahora Qué?
By freakrho
El podcast en el que discutimos temas de cultura popular. Facebook: Twitter:
VORZOCKER - Gaming NewsCast
By Vorzocker
Jede Woche bequatscht das Vorzocker-Team aktuelle News aus der Gaming-Branche, kümmert sich im Community Corner um Fragen und Wünsche der Zuhörer und als Rausschmeißer wird besprochen, was aktuell in der Konsole rotiert. Das alles jeden Freitag mit Kevin, Cookie, Chris und Gästen!
By LordKelsen
Bienvenidos a RPG Eternal Story, un podcast donde hablaremos de los videojuegos de RPG y actualidad gamer.
Ultimate Showdown
By Matthew Cannon, Tristan Morris, and Dustin Fowler
Three dorks sits around and debate the age-old question: Who would win in a fight?" There are rules. Kind of.
From The Ashes: An Ashes of Creation Podcast
By The Dungeon Crawler Network
From The Ashes - An Ashes of Creation podcast developed to discuss all the aspects of the MMORPG, Ashes of Creation by Intrepid Studios! The show is broken up into talk show segments including The Ashen New, one on one conversation news discussion and mailbag reading between the two main hosts called Pillars of Creation, and The Phoenix Roundtable, our community round table where we bring in personalities from around the Ashes of Creation community to debate hot button topics and news! Other segments to be added upon games full release.
Crunchy Duck Gaming
By The Crunchy Duck Gamers
Crunchy Duck Lives Again! Join us and as we discuss gaming, gaming news, and hilarious college stories.
Two Honest Guys
By Two Honest Guys
Two Honest Guys is an entertainment podcast brought to you by James and Ryan. Join the guys for their completely original podcast idea, where they chat about all the latest TV, movie and gaming news.
Podcast de RevistaCN
By RevistaCN
Podcast de la revista Club Nintendo. Entérate de las noticias más importantes de Nintendo, además de recomendaciones, análisis, reportes y más.
Twisted Bard Gaming Podcast
By Twisted Bard
Tyler, Ali & Rob put the gaming world to rights with a round up the more interesting gaming news stories bouncing around the interwebs
بودكاست MG
By MultiGamersSA
بودكاست MG يتكلم عن انطباعات الألعاب و أهم الأخبا…
swgohindepth - A SWGOH (Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes) Podcast
By TeamSkunk Republic and Guests
Podcast covering Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or SWGOH. Listen as players and guests discuss the latest news, events, raids, and meta.
Unrated Podcast
By Unrated Podcast
Unrated Podcast provides commentary, reviews, debates, and opinion content on the latest news of the Video Gaming, Sports, TV & Films, and Tech News.
By unratedadmin
UnratedNation delivers commentary, debate, raging, and thought-provoking chat over the latest news in Gaming, Sports, TV, Film, and Technology.
Ether Gamer Radio's Podcast
By Ether Gamer Radio
Cutting-Edge Gaming Podcast Hosted By Bobby Washington a.k.a Xpriest & Christopher Washington a.k.a Soulacoustic. Gaming News & Info
Not Quite High Score
By MrLostLink
Cousins collide in Not Quite High Score, a bi-weekly gaming discussion podcast where family values take a back seat to debates and discussions as heated as our mothers will allow. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] for topics you would like us to discuss in future episodes.
Podcast Hearthstone
By JudgeHype
Actualités, débats, analyses : Pour tout savoir sur Hearthstone !
Indie Game Ravers
By Allan Rafferty
Join Allan and Dan as they rave about all of the latest Indie Games and interview a collection of developers while having tons of fun! Sometimes we even do prize give aways so make sure you smash the subscribe button and stay tuned!
Rather Be Playing
By Rather Be Playing
Join Josh, Elliot, and Stevo every two weeks as they work through their endless backlogs three classic games at a time.
Respectfully Yours, A Podcast
By Jonah Gregory
Thoughts and opinions on popular culture from a couple of nerds in a long term relationship.
Late To The Game
By Joey and Kieran
Joey and Kieran wax lyrical about the games of yore, and maybe even some new ones.
The Frame Savers
By The Frame Savers
Join us, Chad (holder of many world records and general video game kick ass) and John (collector of games and speed runner of adequate merit), as we review some of your favorite old games, along with ones you perhaps have never heard of! This podcast is intentionally directed to both casuals that just like to play video games and to serious speed runners.
By ArquiTiernos
El umbral al mundo de los ArquiTiernos, un podcast dedicado al análisis de videojuegos y cosas random con el criterio de unos imbéciles. (Alv >:V)
Pressed for Time: A Gaming-Age Podcast
By Gaming Age
Gaming-Age [] is doing a podcast! You read that right, your favorite spot for gaming news, reviews, previews and events is going to start putting all of that great content straight into your ears every week.
Uneducated Opinions Podcast
By Jacob/Richard/Shan
Join the uneducated gentlemen Jacob, Shan, and Richard ranting and raving about games.
By Joygasm
Tune into the collective cerebellum of Russ (Xbox Live Gamertag: T0ASTER360) and Steve (Xbox Live Gamertag: Stevavitch) as they banter on titillating topics such as video games, movies, technology, and pop culture in general. So, if you crave pixel goodness, memorable moments, and experiences that make your inner child do the happy dance, you've come to the right place. JOYGASM.
Downloadable Concept (podcast)
By Invincible Ink
Sunshine and swearing from your friendly neighbourhood gaming and pop culture dorks
Danissl's Dwarven Dwelling
By Brandon (Danissl)
Welcome to Danissl's Dwarven Dwelling! A MMORPG/RPG podcast about new (and sometimes old) MMO's or RPG's! I hope you enjoy!
Guardado Rápido
By Guardado Rápido
Podcast de videojuegos, con humor y buen rollo hecho por jugadores sin restricciones editoriales y completamente libre. Programas con 0 spoilers. Siguenos en @GuardadoRapido.
GreyRangers Podcast
By GreyRangers
We are a group of guys that like games and, like to talk about them. Sometimes we can be funny but, don't count on it.
Hrt of the Story
By Blackhrt86
Games and the people who love them.
Infinity Games Podcast
By Infinity Games Podcast
A weekly podcast focusing on a breadth of video games with unique perspectives from long time collectors and gamers. Also discussion on anime, manga, and nerd culture. Listen in! Hosted by KelryxsKing and Jukeboxhero2323.
Hangs With Rog
By Roger Brasse
A podcast all about the latest video game news.
Hardly Serious Gaming - The Podcast
By Hardly Serious Gaming
The Australian teams out of Hardly Serious Gaming and Aussie All Round gaming have teamed up to make a podcast with bitesized chunks of awesome gaming knowledge and conversation. Fortnightly we will be talking about current gaming and tech news, talking about Up and Coming games or games just out. We also talk about awesome gaming events from the past! If this sounds like something you might like make sure to tune in once a fortnight for something new, fun and honest! Thanks for checking us out!
Every Day's Great
By Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr
Every Day's Great is a podcast where Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr discuss the Persona games, matching the real and game world calendars as closely as possible. No Persona experience necessary!
Secret Gamer Podcast
By Secret Gamer Podcast
Secret Gamer is a podcast where two bros drink six brews and talk table top and video gaming. Warhammer, board games, Role playing games, fighting games, and everything else.
Shiggles Podcast
The official podcast of Shiggles Entertainment LLC. We focus on gaming but are not afraid to dive into anything nerdy.
Shiny Bits
By Kiran Shields
Protokey and Coleg talk about video games.
Schabernack mit Stil
By Schabernack mit Stil
Zwei nordddeutsche Jungs, die zu viel Plapperwasser getrunken haben.
Más Que Un Gamer
By MasQueUnGamer
MÁS QUE UN GAMER es un podcast de gamers, por gamers, para gamers dirigido por tres aficionados donde discutimos los temas que más nos apasionan de la industria de los videojuegos. Estamos aquí para comentar, reír, reflexionar y criticar sobre la cultura gamer.
By Mark Ramsey
Interviewing live streamers live on their streams.
Super BlastCast
By Super Blast Productions
YouTube's only self-proclaimed, #1 not for profit, Peabody award winning, video game related talk show.
By Martin Lehnert & Peter Schneidermann
Im gemütlichen Abend-Plausch diskutieren und philosophieren die beiden ehemaligen Chefredakteure Peter Schneidermann und Martin Lehnert über Videospiele, die Branche und natürlich die fantastischen Momente, die das Spielen beschert.
Spittin Game
By The Press Play Network
Spittin Game is a bonus Patreon show for the NerdFlow podcast Patreon family. Get the latest episodes by becoming a Patreon at and get all the previous episodes here on spreaker.
By Juan Escorbuto
El podcast de videojuegos, películas, series y todo lo que importa al geek. #PressPlay
Space Wizards
By Space Wizards
Join Zainabb and Dziugas on their adventures through space, time, pop culture, and beyond. Throw glitter around! F**k s**t up! We ARE the queerdos, mister!
Slow Day Radio
By The Home Page Network
The Home Page Network is excited to introduce to you our first-ever gaming podcast where we play for fun, to learn, to be inspired and connect with others. Welcome to Slow Day Radio! Featuring the talents and personalities of Justin, Theo, Brad, Sara and Andrew – Slow Day Radio will explore the world of gaming, and they invite you along for the ride. Each episode will be formatted to include the following featurettes: – The Patch Notes: an easy to digest segment of important weekly news in the gaming industry. – 5-Minute Reviews: in no more than 5-minutes, the team will rate and review a different game every week (both new and old titles) to help you find more fun! – The Main Quest: the weekly topic of discussion or central theme of the podcast, ranging from silly to serious. One week could feature the psychological effects of gaming, while the next could find the group discussing the pros and cons of having a video game character as a college roommate. The listeners may be invited to join the crew in gaming trivia, or maybe meet a video game developer or voice actor via interviews. – Community Shout-Out: each episode will include a plug of a gaming-related website, YouTube channel, Twitch streamer, developer, Twitter personality or whomever we find interesting or would like to draw attention. This is a huge part of what gaming is all about – the community. Also – each episode may contain a specific trivia question with a special reward. Correct answers can be submitted in person at Grubby’s Games in Wellsboro to receive a limited store discount or prize! Half of the fun of podcasts comes from audience interaction – be sure to share your thoughts on podcast Facebook page or Twitter.
Official BiB Podcast
By Jackson Fazendin
Welcome to The BiB Podcast!
Overwatch: PlatChat
An Overwatch podcast focusing on a changing topic of the day, as well as current and upcoming game news.
4X Gaming
By 4X Gaming
The official podcast of the 4Xgaming subreddit, r/4xgaming! Join the gang as they discuss various mechanics, games, and topics of 4X strategy gaming!
Vision de Confluencia
By vision de confluencia
El podcast de videojuegos, cine, series, comics, literatura y todas las frikadas que puedas imaginar que hizo llorar al Spielberg.
Video Game Hour
By Harrow Staff
Three dudes talk about the games they enjoyed throughout their life. Starring Allan Muir, Hunter Davenport and Connor McGraw
Why Press Play
With the huge amount of content out there in the world at the moment, it can sometimes be daunting to choose a movie or TV show to enjoy from your giant Netflix queues and DVR boxes full to the brim with stuff you don't know if you can trust not to be a heap of muck. Maybe you only have one chance at a 2 hour chunk of time to watch a film this week. Or you want to get into spending a good few hours with a new TV show or computer game, but you aren't sure if you are making the right choice and you dont want to waste your time! Why Press Play dig up the gems from the world of moving pictures and discuss them and their merits, or lack thereof! We will watch that 5th Season of that show you thought about watching that one time. We will watch that rare movie that your friend insisted you have to watch ironically. We will play that game and give you the heads up on what to expect should you decide to invest all that time in it! So join us and the people who brought you Those Conspiracy Guys, for a journey into obscure pop culture, retro TV shows, the good and bad of the big screen and the small, and all the button bashing you can take.
Press Pause Roundtable
By Press Pause Gaming
Welcome to Press Pause: Round Table, a bi-weekly show about Videogames. Every week we have three segments. In segment one we cover the top 5 biggest gaming sorties of the past week. Segment two we talk about what we've each been recently playing. Finally in segment three, we pick one hot topic to discuss. On the show our hosts Matt Galvin and David Goldberg and guest discuss the top 5 biggest stories in gaming in the past week.
By Audax
Audax is a new podcast covering the independent creators pushing gaming forward. Game developers, streamers, and more are interviewed on a regular basis by Amaxter. Find out what's coming next in gaming now!
Optional Extra
By Bryan Hayes & Mitchell Booth
When an argument is too meaningless to be had, when a gripe is too small to be voiced, two men will answer the call. But a fair debate never solved anything, so they’ll call in the optional extra. Join Mitch and Bryan as they debate the nerdy and pointless every week with special guests
By Worthless Game Review
Worthless Game Review is three friends bonded in their love of all things video games.
"Fun" and Games Podcast
By Matt Storm and Geoff Moonen
Geoff Moonen and Matt Storm chat about their love of games and the evolution of gaming as an artistic medium.
VR Roundtable - Deep Dives
By VR Roundtable
This podcast is the audio extract from the Deep Dive series of videos on the VR Roundtable YouTube channel. In these short episodes, one of the hosts of VR Roundtable picks a Virtual Reality related topic to discuss and share opinions on. You can view the full videos at
Work Smoothly
By Jarrett Courtney
All the important people in my life, sharing opinions about current topics, movies, games, music, etc. I want to find the way we connect with media or experiences and how they shape or opinions and define the people we are.
Bat Man Cave Podcast
By Bat Man Cave Podcast
This show is dedicated to all things dudes. We cover: video games, guns, dude movies, guns, product reviews for dude stuff, and such.
Best Podcast for Star Wars Fans and Pop Culture Geeks
By Entertainment Buddha: Entertainment News for Geeks
The Best Podcast for Star Wars Fans and Pop Culture Geeks network features our flagship Star Wars Time show dedicated to all things the Force and far away galaxies. Tune in every other week to hear the latest insights on current Star Wars movie news and rumors, as well as speculations on future Star Wars movie, TV, collectibles, and video game projects. You can also catch our No Punt Intended show during the NFL season, which features discussions on Fantasy Football, betting, and projected game scores and outcomes. Occasionally you'll also find podcasts dedicated to Game of Thrones and other Film/TV properties. Video Games also get discussed on an as needed basis, or when we really feel like complaining about life. As always we are here to make you a better geek, one podcast episode at a time.
Bearded Weird Episode 01 :5 o'clock Shadow
By Bearded Weird
The first episode of The Bearded Weird Podcast produced by Monster Rocket Media. Featuring the Bearded Weird Crew, D.C., Sheed, Taltos and Trailer. Topics discussed on this Episode: Star Wars, WrestleMania, Fast & Furious and GTA Online.
Couch Buds
By Couch Buds
Welcome to Couch Buds where we talk about video games, movies, t.v. shows, and really just anything we feel like.
Das CACHEBASIX-Team informier z.B. über die Themen "Cachetypen", "Guidelines", "Use of ...." und vieles mehr rund um die Grundlagen. Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim Hören, den die notwendige Portion Witz ist natürlich auch mit dabei ;-). Euer CACHEBASIX-Team
Carta de Trampa
Podcast dedicado a la discusión y análisis de los juegos de mesa de la mano de tres adictos a las cartas, dados, losetas, tableros y por supuesto, trampas.
Centres d'intérêt : Jeux Vidéo
By Centres d'intérêt : Jeux Vidéo
Vous trouverez dans ces podcasts des outils clés pour progresser énormément dans les jeux vidéo. Vous trouverez plus de ressources directement sur le blogue : et notamment un guide en 4 étapes pour les joueurs bloqués dans le classement et qui souhaite s'améliorer efficacement.
Gameport - Der Podcast
By BLINDzelnMedia (Sebastian Stuber)
Im GAMEPORT Podcast stellt Sebastian Stuber Spiele für blinde und sehbehinderte vor, wobei unterschiedliche Plattformen zum Einsatz kommen. Diese können eigene sprechende Menüs und Umgebungen mitbringen oder mit Bildschirmleseprogrammen wie JAWS oder NVDA gespielt werden. Darauf wird aber in den einzelnen Episoden näher eingegangen. Viel Spaß!
Dark Hour Gaming Podcast
By Dark Hour Gaming Editor
Weekly gaming podcast from the Dark Hour Gaming Crew.
DDOS Muchachos
By Cesare Giraldi e Simone Gusella
I DDOS Muchachos, Cesare e Simone, dopo essere stati cacciati con ignominia da Videoludica con l’accusa di far parte della Cricca, inaugurano la loro personale trasmissione di approfondimento Videoludico
Deaf Cat Game Studios
By Deaf Cat Game Studios
A podcast about Games and Art
Game Breaking Feature
By Game Breaking Feature
Each episode we discuss and explore popular video game mechanics and take your comments and questions
Game Dog Podcast
By Game Dog Podcast
Two lifelong gamers with equally different "gaming histories" discuss modern gaming news and how games are evolving and changing with the future.
We are just a couple of geeks talking about the things we love. Mostly videogames but we will talk about cool tech, movies, tv shows, books, and other nerdy things that we're into form time to time as well.
Game Music Gaiden's podcast
By Paul McCaskie
New Podcast playing retro game music, with a bit of chat and old gaming stories, hosted by @paulmccaskie.