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By The Domain Gaming
The Pure howl into the night sky above LA for the first time in a decade, sounding a warning, the Forsaken are back...
By James Davey
The Dark Archive is a Podcast showcasing the history of White Wolf's World of Darkness. Portions of these materials are the copyrights and trademarks of White Wolf Publishing AB, and are used with permission. All rights reserved. For more information please visit Dark Archive material is not Official White Wolf materia
By Garrett Totcky
Join the Party Poopers as they reflect upon their recent Gloomhaven misadventures! Discussions include detailed scenario reports, class discussions, party dynamics, and plenty of hijinks! The Party Poopers are a four-player party experiencing Gloomhaven for the first time, so expect fresh takes and off the cuff reactions throughout
By Adam Lyzniak
An Actual Play RPG podcast using Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny.
By James D'Amato
Looming over the edge of New Celia's Adventurer's District, walls of stone, wood, and steel house the birthplace of champions: The Dungeon Dome. On her hallowed earth heroes and villains battle for fortune and glory. Join us for the intersection of competition and adventure, the ultimate in fantasy sports entertainment!
By Optimal Bombardment
Scum, Imperial or Rebel we have you covered on the current meta, tactics, and what's to come for FFG's Star Wars Imperial Assault.
Three brothers talking about everything that has to do with card games!
By Julian Murray
Join fellow critters as we discuss the latest episodes of Critical Role, as well as how to be the best nerds we can be!
By SoundNoise Audio
Comedians play commercially available board/card/party games. Hosted by award-winning comedian and UK board game champion James Cook. Details of live shows at
By Rowdy van Lieshout
De Startspelers is een tweewekelijkse podcast over bord- en kaartspellen. Rowdy en Sélène praten elke aflevering over de spellen die ze hebben gespeeld, geven hun mening over een bordspeltopic en bespreken een nieuwe top tien.
By Podcast Detroit
A podcast Talking about Products, home brewed content and more for Dungeons and Dragons!
By Aaron Straus
The number 1 place for 40k
By Cesar Abeid
Join me in my journey as I learn how to play the electric guitar.
By WarpZone
Volte aos anos 80 e 90 com o WarpCast, o podcast da WarpZone.
By Vai com a tocha
Vai com a tocha
By Encounter Time
Encounter Time is a tabletop roleplaying actual play podcast focused on collaborative worldbuilding, group storytelling and memorable moments! HOME, the show's current campaign, is set in a unique fantasy world facilitated by homebrew-modified Dungeons and Dragons (Fifth Edition).
By Mark Boutet
Welcome to CreaturePasta, an incomplete field guide to creaturepasta critters, gaming beasts, and horror monsters, brought to you by Digital and Dice.  Out of the mind of our very own "The One Called Justin" comes an incomplete field guide to creepypasta critters, gaming beasts, and horror monsters. Each episode goes over one of the many creatures from history, popular culture, games, or horror media, and explains where they came from, what they look like, and how you can integ...
By The Big Blue Tent
The RC Racing Podcast
By The Dallas Unsung Heroes
A nearly incompetent band of misfits (who are definitely not mercenaries) fumble their way to glory in the Frozen Northlands of Faerun. A 4th edition D&D game set in the Forgotten Realms run by Mike Lee, and starring the Dallas Unsung Heroes.
By Mark Boutet
​Welcome to Hazardous Endeavors, a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Real Play series brought to you by Digital and Dice. This is an ongoing series about the journeys of a band of adventurers as they travel a home brewed world named "Agrantha".  ​The Characters are:Lindo Espina "The Beautiful Thorn" - Human Rogue - Played by The Lady Crass Wilf Quirk Tradewind - Gnome Bard - Played by Voiceover Guy Brian @VoiceoverBJaxom Shaw - Half-Orc Paladin - Played by Sound Guy Stephen...
By DumpStat Charisma
A homebrew Pathfinder campaign that has a group of adventurers in search of a world saving trinket.
By Jason Tagmire
Each day, we will look at a new featured word from the sense of board game design. Sometimes it'll be mechanics, sometimes theme or tone, and sometimes the inspiration for a full game. It's an exercise in creativity and there are no rights and wrongs, just a wide open world of "what if?".
Matt has some unusual comics, and he’s had them for a long time. In this show he finally breaks them open, takes a look inside and shares what he finds hoping to figure out why he bought these books in the first place.
By Full Concentration
A father and a 14 year old son (2 people); one the DM, one the four characters = 2d4. Two people playing D&D? Not impossible, and a heck of a lot of fun. Join Will(DM) and Duncan(Cherlock, Archstan, Thiala and Helix) as they fight their way through Curse Of Strahd.
By Pearl River Roll
Rolling dice in a van, down by the river.
By mike pereira
Listen as a exasperated Gamemaster runs RPGs while players try to ruin his best laid plans
By 环小音
By Skol Chat
My name is Justin Johnson and I've been a fan of the Minnesota Vikings for over 30 years. In that time, I've seen highs and lows, great teams and horrible teams, wins and loses. But one thing is always certain -- nothing with the Minnesota Vikings is ever certain! SKOL!!!!
By John Baltisberger & Michael Leonard
A bi-weekly podcast where dungeon veterans John Baltisberger and Michael Leonard discuss their favorite monsters from tabletop roleplaying games. Of course, they do get sidelined and veer off to talk about things like orbital kung fu and rust monster porn/
By Sarah and Danne
For ladies who tabletop, it's all about that D... 2o, baby!
By Brandt Taylor
Join me and 3 other friends as we tell you a long-form improvised story, scene by scene, for your entertainment. Stories can range from turn of the century murder mysteries to modern day high school drama to sci-fi heist adventures, but every story ends with a bang, with occasional loss of life and limb along the way. Inspired by the tabletop RPG Fiasco by Jason Morningstar (please go buy it!)
By Stuart Erasmus
A really odd family tries to play DnD. Watch as we fail to grasp the rules, have a bad audio set up and mess up often. But hey, its kinda funny.
By Coventry Podcast
Coventry is an Actual-play DnD 5th ed. podcast. New episodes release every other Sunday. Join us as
By Dragons Of Cthulhu
This is Dragons of Cthulhu, a 5e/Call of Cthulhu homebrew podcast following the adventures of Foxcrest Investigations, the current team consisting of Vivian Williams, Father Patrick Mckinnon, Charles Hale, James Carter, Professor Richard Arkos & Tom Pendleton. Join us as they wander the streets of london solving cases and trying to avoid going completely mad in the process. We can be reached @DoC_Podcast :) enjoy! Music By Cryochamber & ...
By Ben Hedges
Comedy/real play D&D
By Brattynn Thompson
D&D Legends is an actual play podcast based loosely upon the increasingly popular game, Dungeons and Dragons!
By Vertical Slice Media
The Vertical Slice Team Goes In Depth on a Particular Game, Movie, Show, etc.
By Level Down Games
Revisiting the Classics is a podcast trip back to the past to play some retro games! Every Saturday morning, Bryan and Frank from Level Down Games will discuss the latest game they are playing in book club format with thoughts, opinions, and once finished, a final verdict. Join us for an audio diary down memory lane!
By Tales from the Glass-Guarded World
We're an actual-play D&D podcast, based on a homebrew campaign setting. Join us to follow the adventures of Tara, Finn, Paxton, and Aethelfald in a strange world sealed inside glass. You can find more details at world, or at
By The Magic Folk
Magic Folk is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast. Follow our swole Druid, axe wielding Bird Barbarian, hopelessly geeky Bard, and impulsive Dragonborn Wizard as they travel through the kingdom of Ossul and beyond.
By Jonathan Marshall
Come join the Natty19 crew in a Dungeons and Dragons play podcast featuring Tomb of Annihilation and new classes from Xanathars Guide to Everything!
By <user-5103428>
BOARD GAME BROS We are Jeffrey Craig and Matthew Craig - brothers in real life and board game designers in real life. This is our board game hobbyist/design podcast where we talk about our favorite games. We start every episode talking about how the game is played, and then we examine how game design was used to assist the player and enhance the gameplay. Follow us on twitter @BGBroscast ( Follow us on facebook @BGBroscast (
By Audioboom
From strategy and tips to interviews and stories, Jamie Kerstetter and Chad Holloway take an in depth look at life on the poker grind.
By Tannhauser Gate Productions
Join Huck the Shark, Fang the Platypus, and Henry the Husky as they try to make their way in the galaxy. Danger and deception lurk around every corner, and possibly some fun too. This is an actual play role playing game podcast using the d20 Future system.
By Printin' and Playin' Podcast
Chatting about board and card games you can make yourself!
By Sindre Helgestad
Narrative Drive is an Actual Play podcast focused on collaborative stories between friends. Follow us at @Narrative_Drive on Twitter!
By Here For The Gear
A weekly gaming podcast!
By Jean Clare Sarmiento
Greg Dickson and Meeple Lady talk about all things geek related, with a focus on tabletop gaming.
By Joel Kratzer
Jason and Joel talk about their love of boardgames and why you shouldn't be "board" with games. Weekly features include news, what we have been playing, and a feature.
By Jon Ritter
Board games. Video games. Friends. Other stuff. Podcast created and hosted by Jon Ritter (@jonritter), cofounder of Lay Waste Games and Eleven Metal.
By Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn
Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn is a weekly, episodic Podcast featuring drama, comedy and table top roleplaying. Hosted and Game Mastered by Ray Stevens, accompanied by his players, Tom (Erbak), Liz (Tobe), Vinny (Mhurren) and Nina (Myx), with occasional guest appearances, he invites you into a world both familiar and strange, these adventures take place in a home-brew alternate version of the Forgotten Realms. The Podcast consists of deeply edited actual play recordings from our online ses...
By The Scales of justice, Ray Stevens, The Doomsinger
Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn is a weekly, episodic Podcast featuring drama, comedy and table top roleplaying. This feed handles only the main episodes of our campaign. You can find out more about the characters, the world and what's going on through our website If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for the show; please feel free to contact us on twitter @DarkDragonsInn
By OPQ Productions
The Heels And Heroes crew previews, reviews and fantasy books professional wrestling around the world, from the WWE to New Japan to Ring of Honor. We talk who we think will win and should win the big matches, storyline twists and turns we want to see, and mark for our respective ring heroes. Join us as we talk up the main event matches in pro wrestling, hope for a The Elite face turn, and talk smack about EVIL's entrance.
By Steve and Parnell
Pinball, Arcade, Video games, Movies and tech
By Roll for Trainwreck Players
We are a group of players that get together once a week for tabletop gaming, recorded as actual plays for your listening pleasure. Staying on the rails is viewed more as a suggestion than an actual rule for us. Mature and Immature content ahead: you have been warned.
By Flip Florey | Talking about the fun in Board Games
FFSSBGS is a podcast dedicated to bringing everything fun about board games to Saturday mornings! We chat with guest from the game industry, other podcasts and normal everyday gamers. Rarely planned, far from perfect, but guaranteed to entertain!
By John Schurk
Band Practice: The Podcast is presented by Spotting Waldo, who serve as hosts and house band for the program. Recorded during their regular band rehearsal, the show focuses on Jack Schurk, Kyle Anderson, and Shaun Spiker as they encounter the various trials and triumphs known to local musicians everywhere. Band Practice: The Podcast features improvised and original music performed by Spotting Waldo, lively (often ludicrous) discussions, segments, games and the occasional guest. ©2018 Spottin...
By KaijuFM
A weekly podcast for Dungeon Masters, bringing you content for your game. Each episode is something you can bring to your players, from a single magical item all the way up to a whole city.
By Johnnie Mac, Garrett Laney, & Joshua Gerard
Fan Favorites is an excerpt show from The Super Co-op Squad podcast.  Every week we choose one theme and create 5 quick pick matchups to choose from.
By Odamcast
Join your gamemaster Cameron, your first player Raiden, your third player Ryan, and your second player Quinn on a sci-fi romp through the wonderfully silly world of Dungeons: The Dragoning 40000 7th edition. Follow the adventures of the renown muscle wizard Cornelius Thrustlift, the snake con artist Atheris Squamigera, and the condemned Sasquatch Ham Henderson as they fight for fame, fortune, and fun with a thoroughly unconventional group of players.
By Sadie Blake
Five comedy friends play 5th edition D&amp;D, make jokes, and try not to let anyone die. Heavily inspired by pop culture, bad singing, and the McElroy family of products.
We are a new podcast that has a focus on General Gaming, Malifaux and our Community.
By Christopher Ruthenbeck
A podcast that is dedicated to the Genesys RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. In this podcast, I go into options for players and GMs, setting ideas, customizing your game, and more!
By Nathan Blades
A cyberpunk tabletop RPG actual play podcast, follow criminals-for-hire as they survive the entertainment industry of 2077.
By Alex Carlson
Each week, two friends share their opinions about some of the least pressing topics of the day. Providing a respite from current events, we talk about gaming, books, animals, colors, numbers, pineapple and more.
By Klaatu
Tales of open and Creative Commons lore you can reuse in RPG game design and fiction.
Kramer's Gamers is a show about video games, hosted by Kramer, Fir3truck, and Shaggy. IT's recorded live every Saturday between 2pm-3pm CST on 970 WMAY (
By The Saturn Junkyard
The Saturn Junkyard's TitanCast This is your one stop shop for all audio productions from the creative team at the Junkyard! From personal stories, to in depth game reviews, the Junkyard aims to deliver you a heap of Sega Saturn nostalgia. To find more Saturn love, swing by the blog or check us out on our YouTube Channel.
초보 TRPG 유저들의 룰 선택을 돕는 TRPG 방송(믿는 건 자유!)
By Scott Eiland
Scott Eiland, Hannah Phillips, and guests discuss race results, topics, and tips dealing with the online horseracing game Not to be confused with the official site.
By Platforms and Pitfalls Team
Game design and discussion podcast.
By TheHappyGamer
Me and my friend talk about stuff and it's gonna be weird! We talk about all the geek thing of the net and look at video games.
By Fresh Air is Over-Rated
This weekly podcast discusses gaming and airs weekly on our site Mondays @ 12pm ET. The hosts are Wildmatt and Stiner and they're not afraid to make themselves look stupid, I guess that could be a good thing? Anyways we talk about the current happenings in video gaming news about the Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, PSP and DS, probably more. On top of that We review games such as, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Mega Man 10, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Assassin's Creed 2,...
By The Giantslayers
TPK - Total Party Kill. Our little Pathfinder gro…
By Friday Knights
Friday Knights is a weekly fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons real play adventure. The current story is based on the Curse of Strahd module. New episodes release every Monday. Follow us on Twitter @FridayKnights
By Mark Vaughan, M.D.
A monthly podcast on airsoft safety, medical aspects of airsoft, airsoft protection, and more by Mark Vaughan, M.D., of the Auburn Medical Group. Please rate the podcast and leave comments.
By The Aethervox Crew
A podcast dedicated to Malifaux, Wyrd Miniatures' character-driven skirmish game.
3 guys musing on Malifaux a tabletop skirmish wargame.
By fhoenyx
A weekly podcast about Vainglory, the MOBA perfected for touch, by SuperEvilMegaCorp. This podcast focuses primarily on improving the gameplay of the casually competitive player. Guests are generally high-level amateur or professional players. The majority of episodes will focus either on patch notes and updates to the game or on a specific area of gameplay such as heroes, items, or game modes. Whether you are a casual player looking to gain a better understanding of the game or a seasone...
By Gage Verronneau
Each week we alternate between an interview with an industry figure and a deep dive into a gaming topic.
By D8 Night Podcast
If you like, bad puns, weird worlds, and/or roleplaying games, this is the podcast for you! Will Mayer, Aimee Mayer, Mike Glass and part time adventurers Sam Housman and Ivelisse Housman get together and play DnD in a custom campaign created just for the podcast. You can expect encounters with goblins, fairies, and weirdos with terrible accents voiced by Will. Our heroes, a Half Elf Ranger, Dwarf Paladin, Gnome Grease Wizard, and Half-Orc Barbarian are in for a journey that spans the globe ...
By Paul Shirley
Welcome to Make-Believe Heroes: an actual-play, 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons Adventure! Join our players every Monday as they set out for adventure in the homebrew world of Manumi.
By 東京社畜クロニクル
By Thomas Stanley
No player is an island unto themselves. Each is a piece of the world, a part of the story. Each player's death diminishes us, for we are involved in the game. Therefore, ask not for whom the dice roll, they roll for thee! Welcome to For Whom The Dice Roll, a Fifth Edition Real Play podcast!
By Nerd Noise Radio
Your Channel for the "Catch All" of Nerd Noise Radio. This is where bonus content will appear. This is where any and all betas or demos or pilots of potential future "channels" will go to await your feedback. This is also where any miscellany that doesn't fit any other channel will go. If you were subscribed to this feed back when it was a top-secret underground insider preview going by the most ridiculous name I could think of - "Disco Santa's House of Impossible Conundrums", please do not ...
By Alyx Way
A Dungeons and Dragons podcast where actors and improvisers play one-shot adventures inspired by your favorite books, movies, and tv shows.
By Manfromleng
When the stars are right, Manfromleng delves too deep into the Arkham Horror LCG, a living card game by Fantasy Flight Games.
By Admin
Exemplo de Podcast
By Nockamixon Media
A podcast devoted to awesome tabletop games, and the amazing drinks that go with them. Follow along each week as Siobhan and Chris discover new games, and new drinks to go with them.
By Jesse Vetters
Join Jesse and Collin, two long-time geeks, as they explore every facet they can think of within Role-Playing Games. Ever wonder what makes a memorable NPC? Need ideas for how to set up that perfect dungeon? Thinking about building your own LARP? There two nerds have you covered!
By J-Man & Kurt
Kurt Walker and his son J-Man review games, discuss life and their experiences and pretty much have fun.
By Empire Wreckers
A Star Wars actual play podcast using the Fantasy Flight Games system
By Nuketown Radio Active
An occasional podcast about life, liberty, and the pursuit of geekdom.
By Andrew Joyce
A website &amp; podcast about board games worth playing.
By Rudy Basso
The NewbieDM Minicast is filled with bite-sized chunks of great GM advice from Enrique and all his amazing friends! Each episode the panel will answer one question from a caller in 10 minutes or less. Get your question answered by calling 305-349-3026 and leaving a message for the NewbieDM himself.
By Japan Zone
Zonecast é o programa em áudio, ou podcast, do site Japan Zone( Nosso foco é falar de anime, mangá e cultura pop de forma descontraída e quase cômica, ou seja, ao apertar o Play você terá informação, curisidades, opiniões e muita diversão sobre sua série favorita. Junte-se a nós e curta o Zonecast!
By Claim the City Podcast
Geoff Moore, Brandon Cating and Kallen Paddock take you on through a quickly weekly rundown of what's new and existing in Shadespire. Faction reviews, tournament reports, deck breakdowns, etc.
By The LARP Project
Paul is here to talk about all things he loves, From LARP to Lego Minifigures. enjoy these half hour romps through a fantasy land!
By Asociación Ajedrez Social de Andalucía
Un podcast dedicado al mundo del ajedrez y sus beneficios en la enseñanza y la salud. Se emite en Radio Victoria.