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By Tyler Frericks
The Armchair Adventurers Club got together to bring our personalities to your ear holes. We play a variety of games as well as talk a little bit about nerdy pop-culture. That's's one of those podcasts! Ewwwww! Sit down with us and let us wash over you as we go through different RPG's, tabletop, improv, and more!
By The Brotherhood Without Manners
The Brotherhood Without Manners is a comedic podcast about games, hobbies, and everything nerdy. If we could only remember to keep that in mind while we're recording.
By The History of Fun
Each week, a new exploration of the hidden backstories behind the things you love to do. Whatever happened to the thimble in Monopoly? Where do all the terrifying Chuck E Cheese robots come from? What’s the story behind the helpful cloud turtle in Super Mario Kart? Join Polygon's Russ Frushtick, Allegra Frank and Chris Plante on a hilarious weekly journey through a variety of time-wasting activities.
By Mitch Desgrosellier
Audio-only versions of original video content cre…
By Jon Chapman
Hey! We like to play this game called Power Hour. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Maybe not. Play along and drink responsibly!
By LeTom James
Weekly recaps, NBA trends, and some good old fashioned trash talking.
By Benjamin Moyer
Pure Sabacc is a podcast dedicated to making you better at Draft and Sealed formats for Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Destiny CCG. We bring you tips and tricks to becoming a better player, set reviews, and keep you up to date on news, current rulings, and new cards.
By TabletopOddity
We are a new Star Wars Legion podcast, hostes by a couple of youtubers, looking at all things Star Wars Legion, we have news, talk and hopefully some fun,
By Hail and Well Met
Three adventurers travel the world of Kalanthus discovering truths about the world and themselves in this live play D&D story driven podcast.
By Pixelypse
Dalton and Lizzi venture into the unknown, pulling names from random generators to construct the world around them. These aspiring adventurers choose one favorite discovery each week to add to a growing world map.
By Ian Houlihan
Welcome to the Dice Pool Podcast: Where adventure is just a roll away! This is a fortnightly podcast produced by gamers for gamers and dedicated to the newly released Genesys Role Playing Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Join hosts GM Hooly, GM Huzz, GM Flanno and GM Kaitlin as they take you on journeys through a variety of different genres made possible by Genesys RPG and offer advice, tips and tricks when running your games through this fantastic new system. Join the conversation with our host...
By This Isn't Normal!
Three unlikely heroes band together to triumph over evil and save their world from demonic intervention. Join Max, Brett, Beth, and Mark in a realplay podcast based on the Call of Cthulhu system.
The Lore Maidens are a bunch of Scottish ladies (and one dude) who are rolling dice and taking names in a homebrewed 5e(ish) D&D game.
By Hudson Jameson
Tabletop Squadron is a Star Wars Edge of the Empire actual play podcast. We present stories in a Campaign setting, meaning that we have a consistent cast of actors and tell a long form story over many episodes. Come join us as A Bounty Hunter, a Slicer, A Colonist, and a Smuggler learn to work together and find out what's really important to them. It's a big galaxy out there, and we intend to explore it all!
By Martin Baker
Hailing from our YouTube channel, the Nerds and Stuff RPG Podcast is hosted by Martin Baker with Daniel Peterson and Sterling Chandler. We are dedicated to creating quality RPG storytelling content. We pride ourselves in teaching most every game and running a strong story or character driven narrative complimented often with ridiculous humor. We use rules as a foundation and then quickly do what's best for the story in our content. If you're looking for amazing adventures with sharp humor t...
By Cheap Victory Points
We're a D&D 5e (loosely) real play podcast. Aiming for funny and lighthearted story telling. Also look for us on YouTube as we often upload videos of D&D and other board games.
By Mitchell Drake
Live Action Replay takes on the events in eSports from the week, giving a reflection on the week past, and the week to come.
Projets Abandonnés est un podcast réalisé par FibreTigre en direct sur Twitch.Il traite de projets abandonnés, en expliquant leur création, leur nature, pourquoi ils ont échoués et enfin l'héritage, c'est à dire tout ce qui a été récupéré par la suite.
By Matt Daimon
A bi-weekly live action actual play podcast about a rag tag group of freinds in way over their head. part of the Dawn of Nonsense podcast
By Blue Elephant Brigade Network
Debauchery and Dragons is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast focusing on the adventures of four friends as they try to not let their characters die in one drunken misadventure after another. Staring - Tabitha Miller as Calica, Todd White as Sillianna [Sally] Silvertoes, Josh Schwartz as Hart Stonebottom, Kip Corriveau as Atrax, and John Hoover as DM.
By Jared Shoemaker
Dragon*Con's Official Tabletop Podcast - We created this 'cast primarily to answer various questions that have been posed at panels and in hallways where the time to really explore and answer them wasn't available.  The majority of the focus is on tabletop roleplaying games, but we plan to hit board games and tabletop minis games here and there along the way as well. Have a question or topic for us to kick around? Let us know!
By Richard Beech
A podcast about warmachine and hordes, the UKI competitive scene, and the UKI super series
By チーム★シグナル
By チーム★シグナル
By チーム★シグナル
By Sara Talladira
Four friends—Erin, Raz, Colin, and Sara—sit down together to play D&D 5e. A pirate, a warrior poet, and a con man will drink, battle, and seduce their way to level 20. Tune in for more fun, shenanigans, and hijinks with 4 Friends & Some Dice.
By Alicia Hedgestone
A soon to be top 5 podcast about fake horse racing! This podcast is the continuation and rebirth of Hold All Tickets. While we occasionally talk about real horses and real people, the focus is on the happenings in the world of This podcast is created by SIM players for the entertainment and occasional education of other SIM players. The opinions and ideas expressed within are not reflective of the game or The Steward, unless The Steward is a guest. Then all bets are off! N...
By Jeff King
We cover interviews with crowd funding project owners; primarily in the tabletop game space. We also do a "fantasy football" style draft pick of game projects and score them for total money raised, percentage over funded, and number of backers.
By Media Meeples
Media Meeples is a podcast designed to offer advice for content creators within the board game community.
By Not Your Father's Board Games
An audio lets-play of modern board and card games.
By Neal Silveira
Each week a different guest will create a top 7 list on a topic of their choice and goes heads up against Neal's list. That's when the comparing, debating and fun begins. Think of it as barbershop talk in podcast form. The people are real. The takes are real. What you got?
The official page for Sat-Lock An Infinity Podcast. Here we will post our episodes and anything we might being doing. Email: [email protected]
By Mark Fechner
Mit diesem Blog hoffen wir eine Lücke zu füllen die unserer Meinung nach natürlich unbedingt auch gefüllt gehört: Ein Blog über Gaming auf Systemen die wir quasi immer dabei haben und das auch noch deutschsprachig. Heutzutage spielt ja geradezu jeder auf seinem Smartphone oder Tablet. Viele gönnen sich einen kleinen Happen (oder Bissen) einfach zwischendurch in einer Pause und/oder auf dem „Örtchen“. Unter anderem genau deswegen ist die Flut an Spielen und Neuerscheinungen wirklich unübersch...
By Heroes Rise
The Dungeons and Dragons podcast featuring information on all the latest Dungeons and Dragons news, including new book and adventure module releases; reviews of helpful tools, apps, and physical merchandise for your table; and tips and suggestions for improving your game, no matter which side of the screen you’re on.
By Capheind
CapheindPlays is a podcast about Tabletop Role-Playing games, especially Science Fiction, Weird Fantasy, and Old School games.
By Monsters and Mimosas
Taking the D in DnD since 2017, five fabulous adventurers played by a group of real-live homosexuals in the Dark Sun universe strive to work off their naughty boy prison sentences under the judgmental eye of a drag queen sorcereress, questing through the land of Athas with weapons and mimosas in hand, defeating dangerous beasts and narrowly dodging copyright infringement in the ultimate quest for adventure, abs, and a hangover cure!
By Jeff McKenney
A podcast about Dungeons & Dragons, and the stories (good and bad) it creates.
By Daniele Di Rubbo
Giochi di ruolo, giochi di narrazione, giochi di storie… Ne hai sempre sentito parlare, ma non hai mai davvero capito che cosa fossero; oppure vuoi semplicemente approfondire l’argomento. Questo è il podcast che fa per te! Geecko on the Air parla di giochi di ruolo indie (o indipendenti): quali sono? come sono fatti? come giocarli al meglio?
The Source is a podcast dedicated to the discussion and celebration of Fantasy Flight's LCG Android: Netrunner.
By Michael Robertson
A group of friends get together to have fun and play a tabletop rpg game. Action adventure and hilarity ensue.
By Zugai
This is a D&D play podcast featuring the hosts of several different podcasts. The DM is Josh from '2 Brothers Talk Game', with his brother Ethan, then there's Tyler from 'Talking Fail', Crystal from 'Board Game Blitz', and Kevin from the 'Nerdy Things Podcast'
By Jonathan Sugiyama
It's the final countdown! Five minutes are on the clock as we break down all of the high-level events, decks, plays and more while the clock ticks down to the Star Wars Destiny World Championship
By Hold Up a Sec
We talk about all the nerdy, pop culture stuff that make enemies out of friends and cause you to lose sleep occasionally.
By Bytes N' Brews
A 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons podcast, brought to you by Bytes N' Brews!
By C.O.R.E. Ceza & VDog
C.O.R.E. and VDog bring you a podcast focused on hardcore gaming with a mix of ratchet and conservative conversation...Not for da average and not for da faint hearted. #GetYaGameUp
By RPG Planet
RPG de mesa é o assunto deste podcast. Tchelo e L…
初心者でもわかるAKBの魅力をファン歴7年チーム8好きの「テル」と元アンチからSKE劇場の公演を機に感動したファン歴1年の「ヨースケ」が対談形式で語ります。誰にでもわかりやすい魅力をお伝えしていきますのでよろしくお願いします!! テル・・・東京都在住のサラリーマン。AKBのファン歴は7年。熱狂的なチーム8推し。推しメンは川本彩矢。 ヨースケ・・・静岡県在住の会社員。SKEのファン歴は1年箱押し(グループ全体で応援)でチームK2推し、推しメンは高柳明音、松村香織。 趣味は音楽鑑賞、旅行、ピ
By 萌囧小露酱
VX公众号:Echowa92/ LoL诺克萨斯:南风渡弦音 / QQ群:3392992 (热闹)安静群:81079802 新浪微博:萌囧小露酱 EcHo 谢谢大家支持yo~ 求打赏求点赞( ⊙ o ⊙ )!
By マグ
ゲーム大好き、喋るの大好きなポッドキャストです!みなさんに楽しんでもらうためにがんばります! お便りは→[email protected] twitterハッシュタグ【#おもゲロ】で!おまちしております!
By Total Misanthropy
Video games, traditional and tabletop games, anime, movies, tv shows, and all that other stuff that falls in the realms of general geek-dom and nerd culture. Some people love this stuff so much they try to call it a "lifestyle" all of its own. We don't. We're a handful of misanthropic nerds/geeks/what have you, who love these things as much as we are sick of them all. We're here to bitch, moan, rant, rave, and generally tell you why we love to hate everything you love, and have a good time do...
By Paul Noel
Join the Order of Chaos Gamers an international group of RPG players in a live play romp through their favourite games. First up The Enemy Within Revisited. The classic RPG campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition gets a revisit as The Order of Chaos Gamers use 3rd edition rules to tackle arguably the best RPG campaign ever written. Keep up to date with all the action as well as news and reviews of this and other great RPG adventure and Video Games the team are playing by tuning in...
By William (Oldscool) & Patrick (Schubudha)
Welcome to a world of grim and perilous adventure! Each week Oldscool and Schubudha bring you news, advice and suggestions to make your WFRP games all the better. So brace yourselves but take heart as you always have your Small but Vicious Podcast .
By Bryan Bertsch, Josh Caldwell, John Kersey
Entering the battlefield of gaming!
By The Fantasy Wargaming Podcast
The Fantasy Wargaming Podcast focusing on The Ninth Age with the occasional tangent into Warmaster, Infinity, Dropzone and many, many more... Our website can be found at
By The WP Podcast
A miniature wargaming podcast dedicated to bringing you hobby talk, tournament news, and updates for your favorite miniature gaming system! We primarily cover The 9th Age rules system, but try to give some loving to all the awesome games out there!
By 서드사인
올린다! 근본없는 ORPG 리플레이 방송!
By 박서진
보드게임을 좋아하는 성인들이 만들어가는 이야기
By 도서출판 초여명
도서출판 초여명에서 보내드리는 RPG 팟캐스트, 알피지라이프!
By 구르는 사람들
이제, 지친 당신의 책상 위에도 예능이 필요합니다! (음질이 신경쓰이면, 역주행을 추천합…
By 익퓨, 지니
보드게임 이야기, [Bo談]입니다. 여러분과 함께 보드게임에 대한 이야기를 나누고 싶습니다.
By The SpellCast
The SpellCast brings you a saga of high adventure! Join Adam Brooks (Dungeon Master/Storyteller), Pierre Viola (Ront), Mike Vides (Halexan Wynalder), and Gerald Acevado (Conall) as they navigate a perilous homebrew Faerun setting! (Art by Khorghil)
By West of the Wood
An actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast. Our heroes explore dungeons, fight dragons, and much much more! Lots of action, lots of comedy, and a lot of fun. Listen to our many adventures in the World of Myrr and the Forgotten Realms.
By Robert Clark
Two Friends sitting down to discuss the movies that they Love and the ones they Love to Hate
By Cris Alvarez
I interview artists, scientists, writers, entertainers, cosplayers and other people producing science fiction and fantasy entertainment. Hopefully you'll have as much fun listening to them as I do.
By Brodie Williams
An actual play 5e podcast set in the homebrew world of Aticus. Join a bunch of rowdy friends on their adventures!
By Kurtis Ballinger
Weekly podcast of all things nerdy!
By Benjamin Luikenga
Der Drachenfeste Podcast dreht sich um die Themen der Phantastik und ist Teil der Plattform
By yugiohclubvideos
One year after the Galileo Yu-Gi-Oh! Club has been posting its duels, the club has decided to make an awesome podcast. We
By Jonny P and Xtreme
Jonny P and Xtreme discuss wargames, board games, and card games that they are currently playing. Listen at your own risk and prepare to have your ears violated.
By Sigmund Lamarr
A comedy and music podcast that happens to dwell quite a bit on Blood Bowl, the game of monsters playing football.
By Xander
A Blood Bowl podcast which covers the online version of the game : strategies, tips, interviews, and other awesomeness!
By 転がる運命亭
転がる運命(サイコロ)亭による アナログゲームPodcast 転がる運命(サイコロ)放送
By フクイカズヤ
By 卓戯屋
By いまさらゲームクラフト
By 게소리
게임으로 소통하는 이야기 게소리 입니다. 게임소식통, 게임 특집 주제의 잡담 등 재밌는 이야기들을 들으실 수 있습니다.
A group of gentlemen and long time friends gather around for a D&D podcast.
By David Schimpff and David Larkins
A podcast for discussion of tabletop role-playing games. Listener questions and feedback encouraged!
By Chris Martinez
The podcast about being drunk and playing Dungeons and Dragons... sometimes one more then the other. Come listen to us sound like fools, it'll probably be entertaining.
By Jon Robertson
A group of gamers gather around a table to tell stories and roll some dice. They play through adventure books and home brew stories. Come enjoy the show, and it's time to roll for initiative.
By Tom Traplin: Online Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, and Blogger
The Manaverse Podcast is a podcast created for you, the gamer with aspirations of building your own local game store (LGS), the entrepreneur running an LGS who wants to grow their business, and the player who wants a behind the scenes look into their favourite hobby. If you’re looking for inspiration, new ideas, and interesting perspectives then Tom Traplin has you covered. Learn the business of selling some of the best games in the world including Mtg, Warhammer, Warmachine, Dungeons and Dra...
By Who Cares Who Wins a Guild Ball Podcast
A UK based Guild Ball Podcast, nay the first UK based Guild Ball Podcast
By FictionSuit and the RPG Gods
A fan podcast about Fria Ligan's mystical Science Fiction RPG. Featuring discussion of the rules and ideas to expand the setting of the Third Horizon.
By Mr.Luka
Ultra Combo é o seu novo Podcast de Games, vem com a gente nessa jornada, coloca uma ficha, aperta start e vamos jogar!
By Terry Dana Jachimiak II
The LoreCraft Podcast takes you on a journey of Lore, Roleplay, and other aspects of the World of Warcraft world.
By Oscar Forslund
Häng med när vi varannan vecka spelar ett rollspel. Just nu så byter vi rollspelet vi spelar efter bara en session för att kunna testa så många rollspel som möjligt.
By The Dice Section
If you like tabletop games and you're looking for an in-depth review of the latest and greatest offerings, you'll love the Dice Section. We spend a whole month playing a single game over and over again, more than is probably healthy, and then record our thoughts on how it held up. It's not a shallow overview... it's a deep and gory Dice Section.
By Francis Jose
Mana & Steel is an actual play podcast. We play Shadowrun 5th Edition. The two shows in the Mana & Steel family are: 1) Copper Chronicles - a group of Shadowrunners based in Windsor UK 2) Raddick's Rats - a squad of elite mercenaries fighting in North Africa
Libertainment is a political comedy podcast hosted by Sam Schiller and co-hosted by Ryan Tracy. We're Libertarians, so we're usually pretty unhappy with current events. On Libertainment we don't take the news, or anything else seriously. If you think...
2 College students providing you with everything you need to know about the Gaming Industry and all things that surround it. We look to give laid-back but in depth perspectives and experiences of the gaming industry, and sharing our personal interests and opinions along the way. Stick around why don't ya?
By Zack Kruse & Ben Tiede
Zack and Ben discuss the wide and wonderful world of comics and comics culture! Featuring the occasional guest, each episode offers discussion on a variety of topics.
By Daniel Niemann
The Spielträumers, ein Podcast über Brettspiele, Kartenspiele und Partyspiele. Ingo und Daniel sprechen monatlich über Neuheiten und alte Klassiker.
By ファミコンキッド
By Quest Gaming Network
Join this rag tag group as they adventure through Primeval Thule in v.5 of Dungeons and Dragons! Adventure, comedy and insanity await as the hosts of Quest Gaming Network unite to bring you laughs and epic....things!