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By @GnomesPod
A tale of shenanigans, join Toof, Belwar, and Piccle and their fearless DM Xerferin as they investigate strange occurrences in this comedic acutal play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast.


By Twig Harrison, Rachel Viniar, Michael Liberatore
We love video games and so do you! Every other week, we get together to talk about what we’ve been playing, gaming news, and dive deep into a weekly gaming-focused topic.

Elemantra Arkalum

By Wastebin Productions
We plan on doing a whole slew of entertainment but for now we start with an actual play of Elemantra a pen and paper RPG created by one of our own, Caleb! Hope you enjoy!

All Out Brawl

By Sam Carr
Sam and Chris are all about this newfangled Magic the Gathering format, "Brawl," which is like a strange chimeric hybrid between Standard and EDH. We definitely like this format and want to keep it alive, so we're going to make a show that talks about the format, deckbuilding, playing, and all the stuff in between.

Australian Entertainment System

By Eric Zauch
Craving action-packed excitement for the whole family? Wrap your ears around the bodacious new gaming podcast, AES. Because now you're playing with podcasts!

Tabletops & Powerbottoms

By Brandon Waldmann
The worst D&D actual play podcast. Nothing I can write here will actually make the show stand out, it's just another D&D actual play podcast where I bank on the comedic value of my friends to sell a show to you. It's funny, I promise.

Зеленый чат

By Megafisher
Первый качественный подкаст о Варкрафте на русском языке! Гильдия "Форпост Сержанта Пеппера" представляет вашему вниманию первый качественный подкаст о Варкрафте на русском языке! Кто не подписался, тот нуб! Всем подписчикам добавляется +5 фану и +10 к позитиву!

SplitPushPodcast's podcast

By Richmond Webb
A podcast about Everything Smite.

Offset Radio

By The Offset Collective
A comedy podcast about friends, family, and all kinds of gaming.


Retro video games, Horror movies, toy collecting.

Triangle Talk Show

By Gary Pearce
A general interest talk show (news, politics, culture) focused on the Triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) area of North Carolina

Cardboard Curse

By Cardboard Curse
Listen as four friends play old board games to find out if they are a cardboard curse or boxed blessing.

Fig End Games

By Fig End Studios
Fig End Studio is a creative place for two podcasters to share their elaborate adventures in a world custom-built by J.Fig. Join "Betsy" the rogue mouse, along with her companions like "Dirt Bag" the squirrel, creepy mummy rat Gandalf, and the weasely Kratcher (plus the other ones) in her travels through Celenae, a post-apocalyptic moon base that feels suspiciously like Middle Earth.... Find out more at!


By Crooked Russian Cam
Annie Craton, Kit Walker, Maq Weaver, and Kit's mom Vicki venture into the unknown in this Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Updates every two weeks.

Jeux de rôle: le Zen des campagnes à long terme

By Stéphane Thériault
Tout ce dont vous devez savoir pour mener avec succès une campagne de jeu de rôle à long terme, que ce soit comme maître de jeu ou joueur.

J. Grak's Actual Play Recap

By Johnathon Grach - Mongrel Tabletop Games
I do a Recap of @Rollplay's Actual play shows starting with Court of Swords at episode 51.

High Roll Cast

By Roman Braga
The High Roll Cast is a podcast based on the love of RPG Games - from DnD to Powered by the Apocalypse to Pathfinder and so on and forth! We might try it all! Stay for the dumb antics and the crit fails! Because there aren't enough DND podcasts yet!

from the hangar bay's podcast

By From the hangar bay: star wars destiny
A star wars destiny podcast

The Download

By The Download
The Download is a weekly podcast hosted by game designers, life-long friends, and gigantic nerds, Andy Looney (creator of Fluxx) and Keith Baker (creator of Gloom).


By 上山之声
【上山之声荣誉出品】 全新推理侦破节目,想知道答案吗?听完故事,可通过关注微信公众号:上山之声,输入节目尾声公布的“关键字”,揭开谜底!来吧,烧脑运动,现在开始。谁是大侦探?等你来破案!

The Rookie

By Big Grumpy Gamer
One man's quest to get better at Guild Ball, and wargaming in general. Welcome to the Rookie, a podcast which is mostly about Guild Ball, that will almost certainly stray from the point more often than not. In an attempt to "Get Better" at the game I'm hoping to report on the games I get to play, events I attend, and find out more about the local community. Combine that with a vague hope I might someday have some guests, or even a co-host, with whom I can talk to rather than just the cold...

The World of Arkonis

By The Evil DM
Join DM Vince from the Pocket Mimic Podcast as he weaves the warped story of The World of Arkonis, an original D&D 5e world. Things will be wacky, things will be weird, things will not make sense, but hey people will have fun. Maybe you will too? Give it a shot!

On Minis Games

By Giles & Quinton
Giles & Quinton talk about a wide variety of miniatures and miniatures games.

Not Quite Heroes Podcast

By Not Quite Heroes Podcast
We are two pair of brothers who have decided to record some of our 5th edition real play Dungeons and Dragons sessions. "The tale of three fortune seekers, three wanders of sorts, maybe even adventurers.. but definitely Not Quite Heroes."

Chain of Command

An Infinity podcast focused on tournament play, rules, and big personalities.

Dice, Camera, Action! – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

By Dungeons & Dragons
Dice, Camera, Action! with Chris Perkins (@ChrisPerkinsDND) is the longest-running D&D liveplay show on Chris Perkins is the Dungeon Master for the amazing group of adventurers now known as the Waffle Crew. Join the #WaffleCrew community on Reddit at /r/DiceCameraAction/. Watch Dice, Camera, Action! live on Tuesdays at 4pm PT!

Dungeons & Devils

By Jordan Thrall / Anchor
We're just a few good friends in college having fun and playing some D&D!

Death Saves and Rolling Badly

By Ashley Davis
Some idiots play RPG games and try not to die

The Drinking Meeples

By The Drinking Meeples
A podcast dedicated to brewing a love for board games and reminding us all that board gaming is an equal opportunity hobby.


By 韩语老师_李先生LEO
想学习比较正确的发音? 想听新鲜的课程? 过来!

Behind The Crusade

By Modern Knights
Behind The Crusade is an episodic diary of what is going on behind the development of the upcoming wargame Crusade of Two Suns.

Pauper View

By Pauper View
Podcast Brasileiro de Magic the Gathering MTG - Podcast dedicado ao formato Pauper

The Classic FASERIP Podcast

Welcome to the only podcast out there that talks about the Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG by TSR! Listen in as the hosts talk about the game, the rules, Marvel comics, new material for this old game and much more! Contact us via email [email protected]

Not as grumpy as they look

By Ben 'Icarus' Cotton, Dave 'MegaSlippers'
A brief and slightly tipsy overview of what games we've been playing, with sprinkling of news and questions for flavour.


A weekly Magic the Gathering commander podcast brought to you by some of the minds behind EDHREC.

Bit Myths

By Skillcheck Network
A Podcast where we tell the stories, legends, and lore of your favorite video games.

Dances With Dice

By Dances With Dice
This is what happens when a bunch of cosplayers try to play Dungeons and Dragons. Journey with our intrepid heroes as they unravel the mystery of a land whose past was lost...

Dave And Gary's Podcast

By Cc, Matt, Miranda and Randy
Have you ever sat around with your friends and brainstormed about some crazy idea? Ever got to talking and thought, “Hey, that would make a great short story or movie or RPG game or painting or ....”? Ever overheard others do that and thought, “They really missed the boat! If it were me I'd do it like ...”? If so, this is your podcast. Every episode the group pulls a topic at random and, unscripted, collaborates on how they would use that topic in a wide variety of genres - All from the “comf...

Top of the Table

By Jackobuddy
Top of the Table is a podcast where we break down different topics in the TTRPG world and discuss them in short, easy to listen to, episodes. Games that we discuss include Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and City of Mist.

Dungens And Dragnos

The Dungeons and Dragons podcast where instead of playing DnD, we design elements of DnD with ridiculous results!

Rebel Impactcast & Audioblogs

By Rebel Impact
The Rebel Impactcast is for those seeking technical and tactical discussion on the Star Wars: Destiny CCG. Rebel Grey is your host and founder of Rebel Impact. A few of these episodes are audio transcriptions of the channel's Youtube videos while thers will be just straight-up podcasts for your listening pleasure. Leave me some feedback if you think I'm worth the words. Thanks for listening!

Adjacent Hexes

By Adjacent Hexes
Welcome to adjacent hexes. A podcast about board games and the meeples who love them. We spend time discussing medium to heavy weight euro boardgames, kickstarters, the hot newness, old favorites and the designers, produces and artists in the board gaming industry. We share our passion for tabletop gaming with you.

The End of Time and Other Bothers

By Sean Howard and Eli McIlveen
An improvised fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of Alba Salix, Royal Physician. We use the Dungeon World roleplaying system and improv to weave a tale of flightless fairies, half-demons and cafeteria line workers, dystopian empires, magical waterfalls and mysterious books. Oh, and the end of time—that's in there somewhere too.

The SoLo Traveler

By Elvira / Anchor
The All-Know*ing: Consciousness - Where the intellectual mind travels through the Metaphysical world Freely.

Nerd Entertainment Hub Podcasts

By Josh Yutkins-Kennedy
The NEH discussion is a weekly Roundup of gaming news mixed with stories of particular interest to us, and the Alderaand table is a source for Star Wars news brought to listeners by huge fans.


By 12KellyGiri
美食大战老鼠原版背景音乐,你不容易下载的到的,不定时更 一些好听的BGM,抱走请点个赞,作者:T.A.K.E¥枕边书,已完结,只有录了火山和浮空的BGM,美味的BGM音质不够,欢迎你随时取走,一首HQ音质的BGM作者需要用心的去录制和剪辑好长时间,如果你喜欢的话不要忘记订阅,你可以把BGM分享给你身边的主播和在玩美食的朋友哦,主播有浮空岛、火山岛BGM的五线谱和简谱,需要请私信主播。另外有钢琴版BGM,去我的EOP专辑里找吧


By Joe C.
The world's best worst gaming podcast. Covering the tabletop spectrum, the classy hosts have a ton of cool interesting information that they usually never get to.

The Free Play Podcast

By Love Thy Nerd
The Freeplay Podcast, a conversation between a Southern Baptist, a hippie emo father of millions, and a retired Disney princess about the Love Thy Nerd community, the games they play, and the odd interview with those who make the games they play

라브니카 탐험부 [라.탐] (MTG)

By Crom4u
Korea Magic the Gathering 플레이어들을 위한 방송

Crit Faced

By Josiah Bancroft, Timandra Whitecastle, Phil Tucker, David Benem and Benedict Patrick
Crit Faced is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons playthrough podcast, starring fantasy authors Josiah Bancroft, Timandra Whitecastle, Phil Tucker, David Benem and Benedict Patrick. To be notified whenever a new episode airs, and to receive an exclusive prequel episode you can listen to RIGHT NOW, head to to join our Crit Faced Fan Group!

The Man Battlestations Podcast

By Man Battelstations
Discussion on naval miniatures wargaming and associated popular culture.

FREAKSTAGE: Tales of the Shade

Join Moonshine, Renard, and Jill as they proceed to keep the forces of darkness at bay in this Modernized DnD Live Play Podcast, with a quirky cast of men in black aiding them in stopping the Shade. If you like - Eldritch monsters - Demonic Gurgilings - Mindwiping Romantic Comedies - Interpersonal Horror - Frequent requests to describe bathrooms- Then you'll fit right into C.A.L.Tec-H's premier Retention Program. Don't forget to leave a review! Follow us on Twitter!


By Dragonstache
As Far as we know it's the best part of your week. Find us @


Australian podcast covering Bolt Action and associated WW2 tabletop miniature games

RPG Actioncast

By RPG Actioncast
Tabletop RPG Talk

Libram of the DM's Podcast

By Michael Kelava
A 2nd Edition AD&D podcast. Helpful tips for DMs and players from all versions of the game, with a focus on rules for second edition.


By 叶吇

Dunk N Dragons

By Dunk N Dragons
Just a DnD podcast about a bunch of misfits trying to have a cup of coffee and save the world.

D.M. Notes: Table Top RPGs Podcast

By D.M. Notes
D.M. Notes is a table top role playing game (RPG) podcast centered around notes, thoughts, and discussions from hosts Danita and Meagan. One, an enthusiastic newbie and the other, a role-play and rules-focused old-timer. D&D, Pathfinder, & table top RPGs.


By Clara Fei-Fei
Podcast for covering Alien Universe, AI, Robotics, Scifi and Technology.

Basements and Bozos

By The Basement Bozos
Join your hosts, Jorge, Joel, and Ish, on a thrilling adventure through the complex world of D&D! Whether you’re a recently initiated traveler or a seasoned DM looking for cheap entertainment, in this channel you’ll be sure to find helpful tips, wacky stories, and compelling arguments on why making psychotic NPCs like those in Zelda might actually be a good thing. Happy travels!


By AnimystiCast
O AnimystiCast é um programa de podcast focado em ter boas conversas e trazer informações sobre tudo relacionado a anime. Aqui nós temos quadros dentro de nosso podcast. AnimystiCast - Onde destrincharemos tudo sobre um anime só. PlaymystiCast - Aqui listamos músicas relacionado a alguma banda, cantor compositor de anime. AnimystiCast de Temporada - Damos nossas primeiras impressões sobre os novos animes das temporadas de primavera, verão, outono e inverno. AnimysticNews - Um quadro extra do ...

A Bite of D&D

By A Bite of D&D
A podcast that adds flavor to your D&D games and campaigns.


By 电玩有偏见
电玩游戏有偏见,毒舌听听也无妨。 我是偏见的电玩游戏评论员萝卜喜之郎。每次几分钟,带您一边了解最新电玩游戏资讯一边听我的偏见吐槽。 喜欢稳重不苟言笑的风格、喜欢听点游戏行业热点分析、不介意别人的偏见言论,都可以来听听看~也许能够和你产生点共鸣也说不定! 节目涉及各类ACG、电玩游戏的热点话题讨论与一些个人分析,可以作为爱玩游戏您的一些参考。 毕竟玩游戏也别总想着玩,能够给你带来一点收获、一点思考、一点进步,岂不更好更妙?

The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast

By John Couchoud
We are Craft Beer enthusiasts who believe that South Jersey does not get the recognition that it’s vibrant beer scene deserves so we decided to create a website that promotes South Jersey’s Beer Scene. We bring you news, events, profiles of beer businesses and breweries, interviews, and discussion of the South Jersey Beer Scene all on one site. Visit us at

Pinball News & Pinball Magazine

By [email protected] (Jonathan Joosten, Martin Ayub)
Martin Ayub (Pinball News) and Jonathan Joosten (Pinball Magazine) discuss the pinball industry news of the past month at the beginning of a new month.

Know a Nerd

By Nerd901
The Know a Nerd Podcast highlights interesting individuals in the 901 and beyond. Paul Schifani and Eric Bartolotta interview fantastic people in this show brought to you by Nerd901.

Denizens & Deities

By Jack Ables
A D&D 5e RPG broadcast of our current campaign and various non-melodic banter.

Behind the Tabletop

By Brokwerk
Brokwerk's eerste nederlandse podcast met Lex vd Berg en Roy de Groot over tabletop game design en meer!

Crumbling Keep Presents: The Isles of Samsarras

By Crumbling Keep
The Crumbling Keep crew plays Dungeons and Dragons set in the Isles of Samsarras. The demons who created the world haven't relinquished their control over it, and its up to our heroes to stand against the rising tide of darkness. The Isles of Samsarras is edited in the style of an audio drama, putting the story first. We leave you with more action and character and less rules and butt jokes.

On A Roll

By Ryan Faricelli
The only way to win a role-playing game is to have fun, so Ryan, Carie and Jason are sharing their experiences to help you spend more time winning! Join the Curmudgeon, the Legend and the Favorite as they talk about tabletop gaming, LARPing, MUSHing and keeping your investment in check.

Mrs. Pin’s Pinball Podcast

Join Mrs. Pin, the wife of a pinball fanatic, as she explores the crazy world of pinball.

Roll Me a Story

By Audrey Stolze
A DnD5e actual play podcast with randomly rolled characters and settings. Each arc follows new characters, until the final arc of the season. In that arc, we'll play our favorite of the characters so far and tie all the stories together!

7 point highlander Cast

By 7PH Team / Anchor
This is the 7 point Highlander cast, where we tell you all about 7 Point Highlander, the greatest of magic formats

Crossing Darkness

By Joshua Guldan
Crossing Darkness crosses the streams of the old World of Darkness and brings other games into the mix

Average Skills

By Marco Lühn
Deutscher Gaming Podcast für die durchschnittlichen Spieler, die Gelegenheitszocker, die Noobs und die Nostalgiker. Sabrina, Sascha und Marco testen für euch alle 4 Wochen die neuesten Games und die besten Retrospiele.

Interdimensional Ad Lib

By Mat F.
Do you ever wonder what its like to live in a world where dinosaurs can be brought back to life? Or maybe what its like to own a sentient 'toy'? Interdimensional Ad Lib is a podcast to point out all the flaws, highlights and overall craziness of living in the worlds of fiction that we love. Limited series.

Dreamboat Cast

By Dreamboat Creative
Join Taylor and Christina on Mondays as they talk about the latest gaming news, their favorite games, and much much more. Warning: They really love Nintendo.

Grodkonungens Borg

By Dolk & Mantel förlag
Vi pratar om, och spelar, världens största rollspel: Dungeons and Dragons.

Adventure Complete

By Content Complete
Join Adam, Matt, Spencer and Zac as they adventure into various tabletop RPGs while trying to maintain something close to a plot. It's like watching 4 drunk people hop from one running train to another until the end of time!

Fantasy and Stuff

By Jack Riales
An army of possessed knights; a great curse that threatens to destroy all of humanity; a cleric, who worships the mustache god? Join Jack Riales and friends on a new and exciting tabletop RPG podcast, featuring a rotating cast of characters going on some silly little adventures together. It's like a cozy bedtime story, except with gratuitous amounts of death and destruction. Sit the kids down by the fire and enjoy some high fantasy and high jinks.

Mystery d8

By Mystery d8 Podcast
Brewsday Tuesday plays D&D. Really, it's four friends playing D&D together. Two of them know how to play, one swears she has played before (but we're not convinced), and the other is totally new at this. It gets gross, but is also a little fun. Join us, won't you?

looking at eurofly

Come join me on a playthrough of eurofly


By Ryan Sliwoski
A podcast dedicated to Fantasy Flights Games Star Wars Legion. based out of Knoxville TN the Sunsphere Tactical Attack Brigade will bring you stories, tips, builds, news and entertainment. all centered around Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion.

The RPG Academy: The Trials

By The RPG Academy
The Trials are also one-shot RPG Sessions of various systems. The difference (in regards to Field Trips) is that we are more focused on explaining the rules and highlighting the system. We want these episodes to be a way for listeners to get a sense of what a session in these systems would be like in order for them to decide if they want to try the game for themselves and/or help them learn the rules of a new system. Some of my favorites include

The RPG Academy: Field Trips

By The RPG Academy
Field Trips are one-shot RPG sessions of various systems with a focus on fun/silly gameplay. The Legend of the Five Rings being the notable exception. These are often 3-5 episodes from a single session. For outrageous silliness I suggest you try G.I. Joshu, Tearable 80’s Action Flick or Savage Ghostbusters and if you are a fan of Scooby Doo, try our Scooby Halloween Special

Brawling Pit

By Brawling Pit
Johnathan, a veteran EDH player, and Jacob a seasoned comp player welcomes you to the Brawling Pit, where they talk about Magic: the Gathering news, the meaning of life, and Brawl, a multiplayer Magic: the Gathering format. Hold on to your Tukhus.

The Lords of the Dungeon: A Role Playing Game Podcast by The Secret Cabal

By The Lords of the Dungeon
Five old friends of more than 20 years come together to produce a high quality, bi-weekly podcast about role-playing games and much more. In each episode you can expect discussion about playing and game mastering role playing games. The Lords, Jamie, Jesko, Jess, Bender and Aaron each have varying tastes in gaming styles and provide a variety of viewpoints. The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast was created in 2011, and The Lords of the Dungeon RPG show was debuted in 2017. The Lords continue striv...

The On-Purpose Home's Podcast

By Unknown
Are you bummed out that your home is such a mess that you can't even open the door for the UPS driver? Well, I have the answer for you! Come and join me and let me lead you through the fastest pick-up game out there. We'll aim to get your living room, dining room, and kitchen all spiffed up in 15 minutes. Don't expect this to be a serious matter; I get a little silly as I talk you though this tidy-up. All I care is that you can open your door to get your Amazon package. OK, LETS DO THIS!

Unplug and Play Podcast

By Jason Rodriguez & Ally Alexander

Old World Podcast

By Old World Podcast
The Old World Podcast is the unofficial Podcast for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the original podcast to bring you both discussion and actual play in WFRP 4th edition.


By Rolf Böttcher
Die Webseite beinhaltet Podcasts, Rezensionen und News rund um die besten Brettspiele der Welt, die auch solo spielbar sind.

Which What or Who

By Podcasts for Kids
Looking for something fun to listen to as a family? Play Which What or Who, the fun and fantastic podcast gameshow for kids and their parents. Compete to play in the mostly amazing prize round where children or adults could win a theoretically cool prize. Which What or Who is entertaining and educational podcast for kids and families on the road. Each episode is fully produced and contains 5 closed ended questions allowing listeners of all ages to play. You don't have to be an expert to play...

Twins Talk With Emme and Ruby Podcast

By Emme and Ruby - The Twins of Twins Talk
A podcast of kids and kids at heart! We talk about all things kids!


By ウワサの源さん。