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Cursed Seas
By Infinity Break
In this new actual play Pathfinder campaign from Infinity Break, Ship Master Ben Hamlin leads three pirate players across the wide open Cursed Seas to find Blackbeard's journal. Jacob McCarthy as Capt. Seamus Kincade, Bethany Leuthold is Fin McBludgeon and Kat Wendt is Cici Silverheart in this maritime adventure through foggy port towns, tropical atlantic islands and ancient pirate tombs. Join the crew on their adventures every other Friday right here on
Cosmic Crit
By Cosmic Crit
Cosmic Crit is an Actual Play podcast where we play the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Listen in as six friends explore the brand new world of Starfinder, the latest tabletop RPG from Paizo.
The Tritone Gambit
By Team Armchair General
THE TRITONE GAMBIT is an adventurecast for Fantasy Flight Games Dark Heresy RPG. Follow the exploits of a team of Inquisitorial Acolytes battling aliens, heretics, and traitors in the grim dark future of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 setting.
Misfits & Miscrits
By Misfits & Miscrits
A group of dungeons and dragons newbies try their hand at the age old game. Listen in on what is sure to be a disaster.
Fantasy Football Tradecast
By Will Bolt - Fantasy Football "Expert" LOL
A Fantasy Football podcast where we focus on using trades to leverage your existing roster into a better, championship winning, roster.
By Awful Good Crew
A D&D 5e actual play show and podcast
Bone, Stone and Obsidian
By Wayne Chang
A monthly podcast about Dark Sun featuring Robert Adducchi and Wayne Chang.
By bingoboysgolf
Golf talk with the BINGO boys!
Installation Wizards
By IntoTheVideoGame
Welcome ya' goons. We're the IntoTheVideoGame team; a rising consortium of video game loving degenerates bringing you unfiltered gaming news, gaming views, and heavy banter each week in a casual format. Uploads every Wednesday evening.
Game of Thrones - #ShowTalk by REC Level 3
By Jess Roberts & Stefano Echanique
Stefano and Jess break down the latest episode of Game of Thrones and discuss theories of what's going to happen next.
Dark Vision and the Rogue
By Elias Leopard
Join a rowdy group of friends on their adventures across the continent of Senex.
Enter The Warzone: A Wrestling Show
By Enter The War Zone: A Wrestling Show
We provide weekly coverage of professional wrestling from across the world. We cover WWE, ROH, NJPW, or anywhere else with noteworthy news. We also provide interviews with independent and occasionally big name superstars.
Gnomeland Security
By The Gnomeland Audio Department
4 new adventurers and a DM who follows rules with with the same disregard that he has for their lives. Gnomeland Security is a D&D 5E realplay podcast where 5 friends get together and just try to make sense of a nonsensical adventure. New adventures released every Wednesday!
By Geekundspiel
Reviews and discussions on board gaming, tabletop gaming, film, TV, video gaming, comics, and more.
Geocaching in Sydney
By Edwin Groothuis
Geocaching in Sydney is an irregular podcast about my Geocaching adventures in the greater Sydney area.
Cauldron Juice
By Grant Gravity
Dungeon Master Grant Gravity does his best to trick, swindle, and otherwise dupe his friends and family members into playing Dungeons and Dragons. New cast members may show up and help every week, but main character Aziza, played by Marissa, has no idea what’s in store…
Chip Truth: A Shadowrun Podcast
By Chip Truth
Chip Truth is a Shadowrun podcast with IC and OOC elements. IC we have Darwin's Digital Download, where we explore Shadowrun's amazing bestiary. OOC we have Shadowrun Rewind, where we go back and read and discuss out of print books from Shadowrun's past.
I Speak Giant: A D&D Story
By Horse Skeleton
A tale of rebellion, adventure and comedy. Beginners and veterans of Dungeons and Dragons, join us for a real play 5e podcast.
Have Movies, Will Game Podcast
By HMWG Crew
Have Movies, Will Game! is an irreverent and whimsical podcast that takes movies new and old off the big screen to a round-table discussion, bringing them to your gaming table. Join Matthew, Dusty, and Nathanael every week as they break down different movies, share their own takes of what made those movies great (or awful!), and then give you advice on how you can find gaming inspiration from them for use at your tabletop role-playing group. Every few episodes, they then open the voting on which of the recently-reviewed movie+game combos you want to see them play out in longer HD video recordings! Each week features a different movie and a new multitude of gaming options! It's a good half-and-half mix of movie trivia, trope breakdowns, and the tabletop gaming advice born from that critique - with a healthy helping of friendly comedy!
Head2Head Pinball
By Head2Head Pinball
Australian Pinball Podcast covering News, tournaments, reviews and all things pinball!
Kerker & Drachen
By Jannis Decker
Der deutschsprachige D&D-Podcast
Radio Meeple
By Radio Meeple
Radio Meeple es un podcast quincenal en español sobre juegos de mesa. Pueden enviarnos sus preguntas, comentarios o sugerencias a [email protected]
Todos as semanas, na Ru( em 107.9 FM ou em
Rainbow Games & comics
By Rainbow Games & comics
podcast que contiene información sobre juegos de tcg, comics, tecnología, juegos y entevistas. Ubicados en la ciudad de Tapachula, chiapas
Sesje na podsłuchu
Zapisy rozgrywanych przez nas sesji RPG z gościnnym udziałem naszych przyjaciół. Prawie jakbyście tu byli. Posłuchajcie niesamowitych (i zabawnych) historii z fantastycznych światów. Jesteśmy częścią sieci podcastów
Rolling 12's
By Three Fifs Podcast
Rolling12s covers tabletop gaming inviting content creators of color to try something new or reconnect to an old hobby. Highlighting games by creators color and featuring women in their playthoughs they work to create fun and entertaining shows that showcase the unique world building and humor of people of color.
Rollenspiel Taverne
By Piratenzender
In der Rollenspiel Taverne finden sich mutige Abenteurer zusammen, schwingen den Bleistift und werfen die Würfel. Die Systeme sind variabel, auch die Besetzung mag vielleicht wechseln, doch nicht die Begeisterung.
Podcasts – MidDiceCrisis
By Chris R
It's part podcast, it's part cautionary tale, it's 35 minutes - 45 minutes of rambling chat about life, games, painting, and the therapeutic benefits of wine. It's a bit like having your drunk mate nattering in your ear on the way to work but it doesn't smell of kebab
Oppressed By Sun: 5e Real Play D&D, Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Real Play 5e D&D podcast set in a world ruled by the worshipers of the Holy Sun. Tune in to see if our Criminal Adventurers can throw the realm into chaos. Dungeons and Dragons, Role Playing Game, Tabletop RPG, 5th Edition.
Starving Crickets
By Starving Crickets
Welcome to the Starving Crickets gaming project. Our focus is on playing and reviewing tabletop rpgs.
Sun City Duet
By Ben Roswell
Sun City Duet is a Real Play Podcast by trans players about LGBT characters. It follows two players as they uncover the political conflict at the heart of Sun City. Updates on tuesdays.
State of the James
By James' Salt, Sykes and White
Welcome to State of the James, a Warmachine and Hordes podcast focusing on the British meta and the overall game.
VoxPop Adventure
By J. Patrick Dorgan
A D&D 5e real-play podcast where the audience decides what the characters will say and do. You know... a bad idea...
What You Fight For
By Kelso Corbies Productions
The Mouse Guard RPG live play podcast. Join the adventures of a group of tenderpaws in the Mouse Guard as they learn about themselves and the powers at play across the Mouse Territories. Listen in as they learn exactly what it is they’re fighting for.
Wayward Quest!
By Wayward Quest Adventures
Hello All! Wayward Quest is weekly Dungeons and Dragons (specifically Pathfinder) podcast starring Clayton Modu (Rory), Philip Falup (Sean), Percival Dreamweaver (Sabrina), Asharok (Cullen), and Turnip Therutabega (Stephen). Our group has been playing together for 2 years now, with our DM (Mike) having over 15 years of experience with various roleplaying games. Our new adventure is taking us across the length and breadth of Varisia! With hidden goals, death awaiting around every corner, and secret kittens, we hope you enjoy our quest! Find us at: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Podbean: Patreon: Specific Rule info! We plan to make our adventures as accessible as possible to everyone. However if you know a bit about Pathfinder and would like to use the same rules as us in your home game, we are using the following rule sets: Epic 6- Gestalting Advanced Players Guide: Traits, Hero Points Pathfinder Unchained: Background Skills, Wild Magic, Dynamic Item Creation Occult Adventures: Occult Rituals Pathfinder Society Rules: Faction Affinities
Constructed Criticism » Common Knowledge
Constructed Criticism is a weekly podcast dedicated to improving your Magic skills – especially in constructed play. We want you to get better through looking at your own game, week in and week out.
Table Flippers Inc.
By Table Flippers Inc.
Podcast for competitive Dragonball Super Card Game Players!
Tabletop Flix
By Aaron White, Blaine & Shannon Grimes
Welcome to the podcast where movies and games collide. Where the screen meets the table. Where the reel meets the board. Where cinephiles and gamers unite. We explore connections in story, theme, and more. This is Tabletop Flix.
Tales of the Sanguine Sea
Tales of the Sanguine Sea is a Pirate themed live play Black Hack RPG Podcast. It features an epic story of adventure on the high seas by our four player adventurers.
New Realms of Antonine
By Geek Fight Club
We are a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons group, playing through roll20 and Discord. We're just playing some Dungeons and Dragons, and we're sharing our adventures because we think you might enjoy them as much as we do.
Ninja Consultant Podcast
By Erin and Noah
Noah and Erin are a couple living in New York City. Although they are not ninjas themselves, they claim to be ninja consultants. The Ninja Consultant Podcast is an almost-weekly discussion about anime, manga, and the North American fanbase thereof. We discuss conventions, AMVs, cosplay, fan parodies, fan art, Japan, and everything else related to anime fandom.
Roll One Podcast
By Roll One Podcast
Roll One is a podcast where a group of NYC improvisers play a roleplaying game set in the Star Wars universe.
Tales of Nowhere
By Copernicus Stratt
Join us every Wednesday as we make our way through multiple Tabletop RPGs to tell the story of four charismatic heroes seeking to repair the multiverse. It's a journey of epic proportions that will keep you laughing as you piece together the mystery of the world, the characters, and most importantly, that extra-dimensional Coffee Shop known as Cafe Nowhere.
MTG Conflux Podcast aims to reach the competitive player in Magic: The Gathering. We'd like to share our experiences and insights to help you to take down your next FNM or get an edge in your PPTQ & RPTQ circuit.
By Reidcast
Reidcast is a podcast! More specifically Reidcast is a podcast about nerd culture. We mostly focus on movies, television, video games, really anything "nerd" related. There are four of us podcasting; Our host Alan along with Chris, Kyle, and Jon.
Gamer Public Radio
By Garrett Totcky & Casey Bradley
Games industry commentary and news from professional developers and guests. New episodes every Sunday and Wednesday!
Gamers Too
By Nate
Each week 2 or 3 people getting together to discuss the gaming news that happened that week. Sure none of them are qualified but all have a strong interest in sharing their sometimes outrageous opinions.
Game Design Shorts » Podcasts
By Charlie Ringer
A short form audio blog about game design.
Nerd Foolery
By Jonah L & Jackson S
We talk about our weird lives as well as video games, anime, news and other nerdy stuff.
The Things I Do For Love
By The White Book
A short form spinoff of The White Book where we discuss topics relevant to the A Game of Thrones LCG.
Rules Are For Loserz
By Just B You Productions
Our family doesn't like to play by the rules. So why should we? Listen along as we play everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Wii Bowling and make an absolute mess of every game. I mean really, what is life without a few laughs, loud arguments, and lumps on the head from thrown Wiimotes? After all, rules are for losers.
Arcana Quest
By Brendan, Andrew, and Justin Sinks
Two young men. One Dad. Playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Party time. Excellent
Troll & Fairy
By Cole and DLo
A tale as old as time: a salty fairy and an enthusiastic troll talk about their love of Magic: The Gathering online for all to hear! Set reviews, tournament recaps, nerd etiquette, and States of the Meta with two lifelong MTG players from SF Bay Area.
Threats from Galifrey
By Misdirected Mark Productions
A Table Top Gaming podcast network which primarily covers Tabletop Role Playing Games in an effort to entertain and inform our listeners.
Trash Talk
By Trash Talk Shows
Two dude talking video games, and some other stuff too.
Hammer DFS Show
By Hammer DFS Show
The Hammer DFS Show is the official podcast of the Daily Fantasy Sports subscription service, Hammer DFS.
Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast
By Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast
A trivia podcast for ladies [and gents] who love cool trivia and sticking it to annoying teams at pub quiz.
Carpe DM: Make Your Game
By Chris Hockabout, Meredith SK, Alexei Othenin-Girard
Learn To Run RPGs!
Catholic Board Gamer Podcast
By Joshua & Adriana
A Podcast about Tabletop Gaming. The hobby of Board Gaming is so much more than classic games like: Monopoly, Clue, and Trouble. Join Adriana and Joshua as they explore the wonderful world of Family Board Gaming! #bgg
By Dirk the Dice
The GROGNARD RPG files is a podcast that looks at RPGs from 'back in the day'. Each episode concentrates on the original rules of a featured game, our experiences of playing the game, a review of five of the most significant supplements, PLUS excellent contributions from @dailydwarf selecting highlights from the halcyon days of White Dwarf magazine.
Hawkeye Syndicate a weekly podcast looking at branding and social media through the lens of 3 Gun, A...
By Hawkeye Syndicate :: Mark Stevens
The Hawkeye Brand is synonymous with 3 gun and action shooting. Hawkeye Ordnance provides the custom firearms, Hawkeye Ignite puts on the matches and Hawkeye Syndicate provides the marketing horsepower to the brand and its clients.
By Adam Day
The show about starting a business from scratch. Join me as I chronicle my rise from start to opening.
Infinite Hex
By Jack Dean
A podcast where Jack plays the improvisational hexagon-based storytelling game Never Ending Stories with friends.
Scene Play
By Tucker Lemos
Scene Play is a podcast about narrative and storytelling, about improvisation and character-building, about genius and inspiration. That is to say, Scene Play is a podcast about a bunch of college kids recording roleplaying games. Some of us do improv, or don't, and some of us have done this sort of thing before, while many of us haven't. Every several episodes will be a new game with a rotating cast of friends as we try to figure out how to best create stories in this strange and wonderful medium.
Pirates CSG Podcast
By a7xfanben and godmason
a7xfanben and godmason from Miniature Trading talk about anything and everything related to Pirates CSG. We'd love to have guests for future episodes, and even adding another co-host isn't out of the question! Contact us if you're interested in appearing on the podcast, or just have recommendations on what we should talk about: [email protected]
Stuff We Love Podcast
By Stuff We Love Podcast
Welcome to the Stuff We Love Podcast! We discuss movies, music, sports, video games, travel, Disney and more!
The Play Better Podcast
By The Play Better Podcast
Listen to our host Cameron McNary try to wrangle the addled minds of Newsomancer Ryan Seguin, and the Disease Aficionado Molly McClannahan.
Fear the Boot, Actual Play
Fear the Boot is a long-running podcast on tabletop role playing game culture and advice. In this spin-off show, we record ourselves playing various games, both for your entertainment and to demonstrate the concepts we describe in the primary show.
The Dirty Duner Show
By Jake Coleman: The Dirty Duner Show
Being Raised in the Arizona desert, I grew up to love getting dirty, dusty, and muddy. This podcast is your source to hear from some of the biggest names in the Dune and Dirt industry. Established in 2017, you will find interviews with builders, vendors, and normal people with killer vehicles!
potelbat – The Mad Adventurers Society Archive
By Brian Casey and Sam Bigum
potelbat looks at tabletop gaming from the perspective of two guys who've been gaming for over 50 years combined across all sorts of systems, and mediums. You'll learn something, promise. More episodes can be found at
A Quest for Magic and Steele - DnD
By SteeleEmpire Home of dnd DnD5e dungeons and dragons rpg
D&D played on the tabletop in the basement of our home. A Quest for Magic and Steele, Our Home grown, Dungeons and Dragons podcast show brought to you by the SteeleEmpire. Join us on our epic DnD.....well, maybe not so epic.....but, pretty cool adventure, as our family takes on the roles of our adventurers. Amara, Shayna, Lisha, Josiah, Brian and David play the role playing RPG game of Dungeons and Dragons. We voice act all the characters, making it an enjoyable audio to join in on. Take us to work, gym, bus, train. or anywhere you need something to fill the void. We upload a new show bi-weekly to give you a little joy to start off your week!
YALP – The Mad Adventurers Society Archive
By Brian Casey and Sam Bigum
potelbat YALP is the Good Bits version of an actual Live Play podcast brought to you by The Mad Adventurers Society. We'll play anything, eventually. Find more information at
Heroes in Question
By Cody Mikhail
5th edition D&D fun
Don, Jon, & Dragons
By Jonny Titanium, the Dreadmage Donzarion
A semi-retired adventurer and an ancient undead wizard discuss the ins and outs of adventuring, from forming a party to dividing the loot back at the tavern, and all the murder and mayhem in between.
By Geekspective
Shapeshift is an actual play podcast chronicling the transformation of a player into a GM. Amber is a veteran ttrpg player who decided it was time to try her hand at GMing. Join her on a journey into gaining GM perspectives, insights, and experience. It’s time to level up!
Beyond The Dice Podcast
By Beyond The Dice
Beyond The Dice is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Actual Play Podcast. It takes place in a Cyberpunk world which has an 80s influence. If you like Dungeons & Dragons, Akira, Judge Dredd, Blade Runner, The Deus Ex video game series, hover cars and other rad stuff then you will love this.
Grim Dorks Podcast
By Grim Dorks
A podcast about two friends explaining the lore and story of the Warhammer 40k Universe to their friend who knows nothing.
D20 Academy
By QueueTimes
Join Nefron, Kavak, Felis and Lliira as they venture out into the world, rolling dice, saving lives, goofing, gaffing, chuckling, kneeslapping, and more in this actual play DND podcast!
By Ryan xRyZ Robinson
The OWCraft Podcast is an Overwatch Interview series, where we interview names in esports and talk about the game and meta.
By Pagan Angel Network
PAN, the Pagan Angel Network, is home to Call of Cthulhu: Millennium, the Internet's only original horror-adventure serial. Our players take the roles of characters in an ongoing collaborative story, while our Keeper of Arcane Lore, using the rules of the tabletop role-playing game Call of Cthulhu, narrates and asks for dice rolls to determine whether those characters' actions succeed ("pass") or fail. The PAN logo is by Hannah Filipski (Twitter: @leftie), and the theme from Call of Cthulhu: Millennium is by Spencer Wolf (
BGMania | Level Down Games
By Bryan Clutter
BGMania is a video game music podcast found on Level Down Games. Every Wednesday morning, we take a particular game or group of games, pull music from the soundtracks, and put them together for your listening pleasure!
Ascendum Gaming - Community Podcast
By Ascendum Gaming - Community Podcast
Ascendum Gaming brings an energetic vibe to the gaming world through its many ventures in the virtual instance of the MMORPG genre, however now Ascendum takes a step forward and brings the spotlight to other subjects. From interviews with community leaders, content creators and developers - the gaming community keeps bringing more and more to the entertainment level.
By Aly Grauer & Drew Mierzejewski
In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped from their dying world into our own, benevolently conquering the lands and its people. Now, some 4000 years later, the great City of Ammingrad is a thriving metropolis, melding magic, machines, and magnificence in every aspect. Fey society flourishes in luxury, while humans toil and strive to survive. The vast city spans nearly an entire continent, surrounded by an impenetrable Barrier wall. The city holds thousands of stories. What will yours be? Welcome to Warda.
ActualPlay – Alien Familiar Media
By Alien Familiar Media
The Alien Familiar cast and their friends play tabletop games
Adventure Buddies!
By Tim H
Adventure Buddies is a Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition actual play podcast focused on character interaction, and creating an amazing story.
Pause Ludique
By Ludivers
Podcasts sur le jeu de rôle par les membres de la communauté Ludivers
Nintendo By Numbers
By Nintendo By Numbers
Nintendo By Numbers is a weekly Nintendo podcast. Whether you can't put down your Switch, refuse to let go of your 3DS or are obsessed with your Amiibo, we'll keep you entertained! You can 'count' on us! Email us at "[email protected]" or visit the site "" for more of Nat and Erics work. Stay Super!
Legendary Creature - Podcast
By Legendary Creature - Podcast
We are the Legendary Creature Podcast. We're a few dudes that just want to play Magic: the Gathering. So we talk about EDH when we're not slinging spells.
On Top Of The Table
By Justin Peter Robertson
We are a group of friends who get together every week to discuss and play tabletop games. Join us for our weekly D&D campaign and be on the look out for us doing one shots, playing board games, and much more! New D&D Polaris campaign episodes every Monday at 6 p.m PDT.
Tragic Missile
By Gumbie Cat Networks
Join Carol Whitehelm, the wizard accountant; Ebonheart Nightbringer, the Tiefling/Drow fighter; Xavier Plipp, the Gnome barbarian; Duke Kingsley, the human bard; Elias Lihrmet, the half-elf warlock and the brains behind Duke; and Thogan Thunderblade, the Dwarf warrior. Together, they’ll do their best to not get themselves killed, and maybe save the world in the process. Welcome to Tragic Missile.
Grinding it UP! Poker Podcast
By Felix "xflixx" Schneiders
Der deutsche Poker-Podcast über Strategie, Mindset, Motivation und Inspiration für das beste Kartenspiel der Welt. (Sponsored by PokerStars)
Constructed Criticism » Limited Time Only
Constructed Criticism is a weekly podcast dedicated to improving your Magic skills – especially in constructed play. We want you to get better through looking at your own game, week in and week out.
Constructed Criticism » Constructed Criticism
Constructed Criticism is a weekly podcast dedicated to improving your Magic skills – especially in constructed play. We want you to get better through looking at your own game, week in and week out.
Max Level | Level Down Games
By Bryan Clutter
Max Level is a gaming podcast found on Level Down Games. Every Monday morning, the duo talk about the games they've been playing for the past week, the latest happenings within the gaming industry, a main discussion topic, and this week's new releases. Join us!
Life. Action. RolePlay! A LARP Podcast
By Ryan Omega and Cynthia Marie
A podcast about all things LARP (Live Action Role Playing) and other details about life with hosts Cyn and Omega
Limited Insertion
By Limited Insertion Podcast - Mike Stevens
Limited Insertion is an Infinity The Game podcast that focuses on strategy, tactics and taking your game to the next level. Musical Credits: Intro - Electric City by Vodovoz Music Productions Transition - Hot Nights in Los Angeles by Three Chain Links Outro - A Drop A Day by We Just Started
Too Many Questions (2MQ)
By 2MQ Productions
A weekly trivia podcast hosted by Barry and Jason, exploring pop-culture, history, music and more.
Dicey Situations
By Dicey Situations
Welcome to Dicey Situations, an actual play RPG podcast where 5 friends take turns running roleplaying games. The first campaign, Pinnacle, is hosted by Jess, and played by Ronnie, Drew, Ellie, and Avery. After the end of the world, surrounded by fields of poison poppies, lies the green glass city of Pinnacle, a techno-magical dystopia filled with sapient robots, rat-folk, and immortal elves. The city is vast and limiting, controlled and powered by corporations and factions housed in glittering spires that tower over crumbling slums. There is an escape - The Dreaming, a city-wide virtual reality network in which you can be anything you want to be.  Of course, there are always accidents, infringements, insurance claims. But no wrongful death claims - when you die in the Dreaming, you wake up in real life.  Until now.