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Bimply Scrimpolton, Cosmic Nomad

By Bimply Scrimpolton
names bimply scrimpolton and this here is my podcast. enjoy and know that I love you and am always watching you through your window

Animal Fun Facts

By Chris Krimitsos
Daily animal fun facts, for kids!

Bottom Level Podcast

By John Klecha
Join Cory, Jesse, and John as they keep you up to date with everything Magic The Gathering.

GM Table

By Robert Evans
The Gm;s Table is a one stop place for GMs and Players of all types. We cover in depth discussions of Savage Worlds and D&D, Streamed Games, Game Reviews, Game Design Discussion, and more.

Role Charisma

By John, Kluge, Patrick and Spencer
Role Charisma is a strange amalgamation of storytelling and role-playing. Our improvisational style, constrained only by the rules of a system, provides the listener with unique comedies, dramas, and action. The above two sentences may give an air of professionalism but that couldn't be further from the truth. We are crude, unpredictable, and by all accounts dumb but, above all, we are entertaining.

Re-Roll: A DnD Andventure

By Kat And Friends
Nine adventurers, nine different personalities. One big adventure. This is Re-roll! -This is a home brewed DnD game run by Kat and she is joined by her friends as together they fight dragons, slay zombies and seduce goddesses!

KOR Gaming

By Brett Boucher
A few friends recording their very infrequent gaming sessions. Currently playing DnD 5e Curse of Strahd.

Knights of Lore

By Unknown
Each week the hosts of the show take a deep dive into the Lore of some of your favorite video games. They discuss the development, history, and some characters that really stand out to them. Join us as we discover some of the most incredible stories ever told.

Side Scopes's Podcast

By Side Scopes

Gaming on Ten Minutes a Week

By Don Walton and Nicholas Baldridge
Two friends discuss video games they've been playing or enjoying recently, a dash of industry news, and one new topic each week.

Sons of Mandalore

By Brian Hourigan
The Sons of Mandalore is a podcast dedicated to Star Wars: Destiny, the collectable card game from Fantasy Flight Games. We cover everything from casual play all the way through top level competition, and everything in between. Come join us as we sling some cards and throw some dice!You can find all of our content on our website at on Facebook at

Shootin' the Chit: A Board Gaming Podcast

By Shootin' the Chit
This is Shootin' the Chit. Every two weeks, hosts Zach Hoekstra and Danny Lott take you on an audio cavalcade of their corners of the board gaming universe. Expect highfalutin concepts, adult language, childish digressions, and ridiculous sketches. Enjoy the ramblings of two adults as they discuss why games are art with the glee of children.

Secrets of Talonguard

By Secrets of Talonguard
The New World Awaits

Demon City Slickers

By Demon City Slickers
Welcome to the Demon City Slickers, a bimonthly Exalted 3rd Edition Actual Play Podcast! If you are looking for a blend of Horror, Comedy, and original music, all fueled by the high octane weirdness that is the world of Creation, give us a listen!

High Rollers DnD

By The Yogscast
Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore the world of Aerois on Europe's biggest RPG stream! Watch live every Sunday at 5pm UK Time on or catch up on missed episodes on!

Cyber Shock: A Discussion Podcast About All Things Cyberpunk

By Fraser Simons, Kira Magrann, Hamish Cameron, Banana Chan, & Phil Vecchione
5 cyberpunk, analog game designers get together to discuss the sub-genre. New contributions, old ones, and things we'd love to see more of.

Голоса из журнала "Страна Игр"

By Страна Игр
Редакция журнала "Страна Игр" и приглашенные гости обсуждают игры. Спокойно, вежливо, с любовью к играм и со знанием дела.

燃爆世界杯 2018

By 燃爆世界杯

Dinner and a Game Present's:

By Dinner and a Game
We are a live action role play podcast trying to bring attention to games systems that do not get as much mainstream light! We love D&D and Pathfinder but there is a lot more out there and folks deserve to get a taste of the whole menu! We are also going to be doing a topic round table style talk show about the table top gaming hobby! Please enjoy the ride as we take this journey togehter!

Suddenly, Tabletop

Suddenly, Tabletop is a pop-up RPG podcast. We bring tabletop out into the world to run adventures with new and experienced gamers alike, then release the adventure on our podcast so we can share it with you!

Legends Of The Painty Men

By John Roy and Andrew DeWitt
Comedians John Roy (Star Search, Multiple Late Night Appearances) and Andrew DeWitt (Sundance, Showtime, TV Land and Jimmy Kimmel) nerd out about what drew them into Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop modeling and their philosophies on gaming. Listen to two comedians banter about the state of their favorite game, the kinds of games they like to play, the people they like to play with and the models they love. NSFW language so wear headphones if your boss is around. 

Boyfriends Play

By Christopher and Evan
Two boyfriends who podcast about video games, RPGs, and more!

d12 Macerası Podcast

By d12Podcast
Pathfinder, DnD ve Masaüstü rolyapma oyunları konusunda iki arkadaş tartışıyor.

Death Saving Bros - An Actual Play 5e Dungeon & Dragons Podcast

By Death Saving Bros
Ralvaria is a world of intrigue, schemes, and magical beings. It's no place for the unprepared... Too bad our players didn't get the memo! Join us every Tuesday for a roleplaying podcast focused on creative storytelling and brought to life through irreverent humor. Our game uses the 5e Dungeons & Dragons rule system.

Board Game Impact

By Bruce Brown - Board Game Impact Host
A podcast about the impact of gaming experiences.

Miselia Quest

By Devin M Ober
A D&D podcast focused around four adventurers who wake up in a mysterious world with no memory of where they were from.

Just Roll With It

By Slimecicle
Just some friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. Obviously a ton of things are going to go wrong, but let's just roll with it.

Until You Hit The Paywall

By Tristan Tifft
A podcast devoted to storied app games, crappy dialogue, and stunningly beautiful fictional people.


By Sleepy Dwarf Productions
Icosalypes is a weekly live play Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in a Homebrew campaign. Follow Raethan, Marsh, and Jamaero in their adventures as they travel through the enchanted lands of Masswindale where evil looms and hope lies in companions.

FewTrueGamers Podcast

By Jacob "BestinthRealm" Hauter and BlackBeard Bob
Join BestintheRealm, BlackBeard Bob and more as they discuss Whiny fanboys,nostalgia and of course what they're playing that week.

El Podcast Oficial de (Podcast) -

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The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio -

By Millian - The BlueLine: Hockey
The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio." BL:HTR is a radio show based in Las Vegas, that serves the fans before the players, and fans around the world. I love the game with my heart and soul and have been following this game for over 30 years. I love to meet hockey fans from all over the world, and of course, love to have people check out the show. The premise of the show is simple. I tell you the truth, straight up. I believe that myself, the players and this league have you to thank for this spor...

The Time of Reckoning Actual Play Podcast

By The Time of Reckoning Actual Play Podcast
The Time of Reckoning, an Actual Play Podcast that started as D20 Modern but then quickly moved over to Fate Accelerated. Modern Day group of Legacy members, fighting the rising darkness in the world.

Tales from the OASIS

By Jessie Galindo
A tabletop roleplaying game podcast based on the video game O.A.S.I.S. (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation) from the novel, Ready Player One.

Hammering through Eorzea

By Thor Odinson
We are 2 Freecompany members from Kitsu on Midgardsormr we are new to the game and are sharing with the greater community and new players what we are learning as we go. we will have guests as well to teach us some stuff. hopefully it will help you out as well.

GHU presents Push Start Podcast

By Game Heads United
Game Heads United's own Christian and Matt discuss any and everything gamer based! What's that? Can't watch the broadcast LIVE each week? Worry not, all of the happenings in the ever-growing Facebook group can be heard with a simple PUSH of a button.

Queens of Adventure

By Queens of Adventure
Dungeons & Dragons & Drag Queens come together in a comedy adventure podcast!

Coach Parker's Coaching Youth Football Tips and Talk Podcast

By Coach Parker
Coaching Youth Football Tips, Talk, Drills, Plays & Playbooks by Coach Parker; Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook & 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook. Visit for more info.

Fire and Blankets

By Fire and Blankets
A Role-playing Podcast.

Heavy Cardboard Supplemental

By Heavy Cardboard
On this supplemental feed to the main Heavy Cardboard podcast, we include short-form content such as first looks at games, reports from cons we attend, and other short-form content.

Affinity Cast

By Brian Zabowski / Anchor
Affinity Cast is the podcast dedicated to the strategy of playing Affinity in modern on a competitive level.

Spirit Dog Training Podcast

Spirit Dog Training brings you science-based, modern and effective dog training advice, explaining why your dog acts the way he acts, and how to approach training efficiently.

Gilligan's Isle Of A.D.D.

By Shane Ward
Hey everyone, this podcast is about OSR RPG's, Music, Craft Beer, and having some fun! Shane discovered the OSR back in 2013, since then he has written furiously on the subject. Included are ramblings, random tables, monster ideas, reviews and interviews with other OSR authors!

Tales From The West

By Cody Becker
Tales From The West is an actual play rpg that is set in Blackhawk, Colorado during the Rocky Mountain goldrush of the 1860s. Our players are put in a position to go after a man named ‘One-eyed Willy’ who has a good size bounty on his head. Some of their motives are personal, some are for duty. But their lives will be on a dangerous road as they go after him. With a three-step Attack system that could kill or be killed in one shot, every choice, action, and luck can lead to life or death.

Radio Grognard

By Glen Hallstrom
An OSR Role-Playing Game Podcast

Game Design w/ Richard Pullman

By Richard Pullman / Anchor
I'm Richard Pullman, your best friend. Look I know you're designing a tabletop game -- you can't hide it from me -- and that means I want to talk to you for hours about and let you promote your work. These are not just discussions, they're treasures of history that will be listened to for centuries to come by our peers and potential customers. Whether you're a total amateur hobbyist who's never released a product or a professional making the big bucks (approx. $30 a year?) I want know what ga...

Gaming Couch

By Smartboy / Anchor
This is Gaming Couch, a time to talk about gaming. Video games, card games, board games, table top war games, you name it. Focusing mostly on games of old and up to the indie market of today I like to think about what makes a game a game and how it holds up to others of its kind. Rule #1: Never fix it in post. Rule #2: There are no rules. Follow us on Facebook for news and updates. Comments, questions, episode ideas? Send an email to [email protected]!


By Ed Turner, Matt Youngmark
Writers / game designers Ed Turner and Matt Youngmark discus how they would defeat, like, Shaquille O'neal or Pikachu or whoever in physical combat.

KaibaCorp Presents: Pod of Greed

By KaibaCorp Presents
What the fuck is UP Duellists? We watch the extremely good show of Yu-Gi-Oh! and talk about it.

The Firm - Another Guild Ball Podcast

By The Firm
Welcome to The Firm, yet another Guild Ball podcast - go on, give it a go. We're two Guild Ballers who chat after every game and every tournament. Unfortunately for you we've decided to start recording these chats. Join us for a Guild Ball audio adventure. Opening and closing music: Twisted Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Wookiee's Outta Wales

By Andi Avery, Greg Jones
A Star Wars Legion podcast, with our take on the game and events we attend


By Jeffrey Webber, and David Minken
The P.I.P. is a multi-perspective monthly board game podcast that uses what is on the table as a catalyst to discuss all things off the table. Hosted by Jeffrey (Meeple Leaf Reviews) and David (Connect More), they engage in deep, insightful, and meaningful discussions regarding board games, players, and the interactions that ensue. Although they prefer playing and discussing heavier board games, the P.I.P. also focuses on their board game experiences with their spouses, children, and with the...

The Guild

By The Guild
Real-play podcasting for the serious adventurer.

The Funky Bunch: Starfinder

By Nathan Stump
The Funky Bunch is a biweekly RPG podcast using the Starfinder ruleset recently released by Paizo Publishing. Come join the crew of the Quad Ki as they explore the universe while also exploring new ways to frustrate their DM (me!).

Bare Metal Gaming

By Bare Metal Gaming
Gaming just got a lot more metal! Join Andrew and Tim as they discuss the past, present, and future of gaming from the perspective of two people who have seen it all from the beginning.

Aribos Podcast

By Aribos Podcast
Gunpla | Airsoft | Gaming

A Dungeon Crawler Companion

By The News and Brews Network
Dragons. Spells. Shapeshifting. Seedy merchants. All of these and more make appearances in this new dungeons and dragons podcast from the news and brews network because every podcast network needs a dungeons and dragons show. Published every other Tuesday.

The Boy Wonders

Join 3 (currently very cold) Minnesotans discussing the Batman Miniatures Game.

The GM's Guide

By Dan Felder
In-depth podcast on how to improve your campaign, focusing on the adventure, world and character design. We apply proven and practical game design techniques to the world of running pen and paper campaigns. There's a lot to get into, so let's get started.


By justplaygames
Justplay's Ian and Ritchie discuss competitive Age of Sigmar!

By David Wilt
We do live-plays of many different Role Playing games. From Dungeon Crawl Classics to Scum and Villainy, you'll find something here you enjoy. We also do GM round table discussions and training, as well as tips and tricks for GMs and Players alike.

Nerd Pod Collective

By Nick, Josh, Travis
Join Nick, Josh, and Travis as we discuss all things nerdy on the table top.

NITROCAST – Newton Nitro Podcast

By Newton Nitro
Dicas para Escritores, Dicas de RPG, Sessões ao Vivo de RPG e muita coisa NERD!

Ork's Game Ramblings

By Richard J Rogers / Anchor
Rich talks about tabletop RPGs he's playing and reading, from mechanics to techniques to storylines. He'll talk about games he wants to play, too!


By Thankee
Rakt in i hjärnan från Warpfuel Gasstation UÅ - Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Warhammer 40k - Övrigt Warhammer snack!

Rolling Misadventures

By Rolling Misadventures
A podcaster collaboration creating short form audio drama with a real play style show playing Fiasco.

Les aventuriers de la lanterne

By Stéphane & Rémy
Stéphane et Rémy, deux amis se retrouvent ponctuellement pour jouer et découvrir le jeu Kingdom death : Monster. Ils en profitent pour raconter chaque "année de la lanterne", chaque tour de jeu ( env.3h) lors d'une discussion animée et légère. En espérant que cela vous divertisse aussi !

Co-operative Play

By Rich Meister, Eric Ortiz
Two friends run down bi-weekly news in the world of video games. Hosts Rich Meister and Eric Ortiz talk about the latest releases, what they've been playing, and the most recent events in the world of video games. Original music by Ed Baquet

Los chicos del podcast

By Los chicos del podcast
Primera temporada de los Chicos del Podcast en la que hablaremos sobre diversos juegos analizándolos y dando nuestra opinión sobre ellos además de dar las noticias, próximos lanzamientos y etc...todo con un toque de humor. Redes Sociales: Twitter:@chicosdelpodcast Instagram:@loschicosdelpodcast Facebook: Los chicos del podcasr

Mud & Blood

By Matt Kay & Liam Stevens
A podcast about dark & grim tabletop RPGs

This Week in Pinball Podcast

By Jeff Patterson and Zach Meny: Pinball Enthusiasts
Weekly Pinball News Every Monday

귀로 듣는 입퍼드 시즌2

By 비비취,Hixar,구슬큐
출퇴근 시간! 야근! 야자시간! 퍼드 파밍하면서! 차에서! 지하철에서! 화장실에서! 전문적인게 뭐죠? 보여주는게 뭐죠? 입으로 떠들건데요? 귀로 들으세요!

World Cup Report - Blood Bowl

By Drew(3DB) and Steve(BD)
Podcast devoted to the World Cup for Blood Bowl in Dornbirn Austria, October 2019!

Slightly Off Topic Gaming

By Slightly
A gaming podcast like no other. Sure, we have game reviews and will keep you up to date on all your relevant gaming news. The highlight of this podcast is our Streamer Spotlight, an interview style podcast that centers around video game streamers and their stories.

Bonus Time!

By Alvaro Isorna / Anchor
Noticias y comentarios de Guild Ball en español. Estructura de los programas semanales: - Próximas novedades - Conoce el meta - Dudas de reglas - Torneos y clasificación - Casket-e Time! - Historia de las ciudades libres Disponible también en PocketCasts: Pronto en el resto de plataformas.

Riot Control League Podcast

By Riot Control League Podcast
Leaders of the Red Jacket Revolution


By Philip N. Mack / Anchor
I Talk about whatever is on my mind and whatever people want to talk about. Mostly Gaming, jokes, card games, Politics, And Psychology. I like to give my opinion, while trying to learn and be aware of my own bias. I may talk about music if given the chance, which is my favorite topic! We shall see

Players Wanted Podcast

By Players Wanted Podcast
The Players Wanted Podcast was created with the primary goal of helping the board game community grow. We believe that modern board gaming is one of the finest hobbies someone can have! We also believe that it can be a difficult hobby to adopt. It is vast, complex and sometimes difficult to share. To achieve our primary goal, we discuss ideas for sharing the hobby with others. Our secondary goal is to educate new gamers on the intricacies of the modern board gaming hobby – from understandin...

BeamSaber: A Game Of Pilots And Their Mechs

By Austin Ramsay
Beam Saber is a game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life. They are trying to do their time and part, and get out physically and mentally intact. The organizations that perpetuate the War through all of known space are too incomprehensibly huge to take down. There is no “winning” the War, there is only surviving it. These are their stories.


By Christopher Grünewald
Die Geeklings wollen die podcasthörende Menschheit regelmäßig mit ihren Meinungen zu Videospielen, Merchandise und anderem Nerdstuff bereichern und dabei gerne mal schlecht gelaunt, zweideutig und motzend vom Thema abweichen. Chris & Denise - zwei Geeks, die unterschiedlicher kaum sein könnten und trotzdem - oder gerade deshalb - perfekt harmonieren. Powered by Endboss TV

Viewport Relay

By viewport
Biweekly video game news. Brought to you by viewport.

The Bottom of the Pile

By Sean Bedford and Roddy Jones: ACC and College Football Experts
Just another WordPress site

Best of Three

Best of Three is board game review/competition show where three hosts duke it out to determine which game best matches the theme for the episode. Only one game can be crowned the "Best of Three!" Available on @NonPro!

Totally Monsters

By Morgan
In this Monster of the Week RPG adventure, an eclectic cast of small-town misfits set out to hunt supernatural beasts wandering the rural South in the mid 90's. Oh yeah, and there are totally monsters!

Even More Content

By Justin Schibanoff
A podcast about Pop Culture and Nerd Culture; talking each week about Movies, TV shows, Video Games, Board Games, and Books.

The Gamer Life

By JubJub Ryders
Welcome to The Gamer Life another podcast from the JubJub Ryders. All about video games hosted by Yettey and Sodan.

MYTHICast. Mythicos Studios Podcast

By Nelson Martinez
MYTHICast is a bi-monthly presentation by the Mythicos Studio gaming club elder...the Silverbacks. Every other week, the guys (Red, Ant, Father Time, Mortis, Commissar Biasco and Evil Joe) will discuss the hobby in general, battle reports, hobby news, tactics and tips, and a variety of gaming systems, including Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40K, Bolt Action, Dust 1947 and much more.

Normies Like Us

By Mike Romans
Each week our hosts do a deep dive on everything pop culture from niche to normie! We examine everything from movies, comics and video games as we try to figure out how it entered into the cultural zeitgeist!

Plus 5 To Hit

By TBKzord
The story of a Dungeon Master and the Heroes of four podcasters in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Plus 5 To Hit is a bi-weekly DnD podcast with new episodes every other Monday! This show may contain some language and situations that could be inappropriate for children.

Shadows of Pindus

By Shadows of Pindus
Adventures into the social and emotional aspects of tabletop roleplaying games, and the future home of an intimate fifth edition actual play podcast.

The Critshow

By The Critshow Podcast
An actual play podcast with the first season focusing on Monster of the Week. Join Jake, Tass, and Teej as they try their best to solve Rev’s mysteries, protect the innocent, and hunt monsters - often times accidentally making the situation much worse for themselves, and coincidentally, far more entertaining for us.

Party Advantage!

By Party Advantage
Welcome to Party Advantage, a D&D play podcast! Join DMs Cassie and Rob as they take their adventurers through their creative and adventurous campaigns, Arias Adventures and The Far Wind Saga!

Roll For Deception

By Joseph Young, Jack Schettler, Antonio Morici, John Whom
A band of misfits meet under suspicious sercumstances

Rip Tide Pinball Podcast

A podcast of two women talkin' pinball.

Mesa Ocasional

By Mesa Ocasional
RPG tradicional para jogadores modernos

Next To Nothing

By Chase Danielson
Next To Nothing is a show that is live streamed to an audience on focusing on gaming on a budget. Hosts Prock and Daniecae have a weekly guest and discuss games that cost them next to nothing to play. Live on twitch Thursday nights and released Saturday's on YouTube and your favorite podcast player. To watch live on:

Dude's Family Adventures Podcast

The Dude's Family Adventures crew plays a role-playing game called Genesys by FFG. These are their Adventures!

Mr.Game and Talk

By Zayne and Kaden
Every week we assign each other a game to play, or play a game together and come back in the next episode to talk about what we thought about the game.