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Dragon Droppings, the Dragon-Fall Podcast
By Dragon Fall
A bi-weekly discussion of gaming events, games, and general geekery.
PODCASTS – CommanderCast
By PODCASTS – CommanderCast
The longest running EDH podcast on the 'net, CommanderCast has been bringing the Community, Strategy, and Technology of Commander to the masses since before the Commander product line was even a twinkle in MaRo's eye (honest: Andy started us way back in 2011, which means we're basically dinosaurs). We're an ad-free, casual Magic: the Gathering podcast. If you're tired of the try-hards but still love the game, come give us a listen.
Moisture Farmers
By The Moisture Farmers Podcast
Preface: Our first season was the infancy of both our hardware and editing skills. Bear with us for the story, but if it becomes an issue, eight episodes in everything improves dramatically. Moisture Farmers is an actual-play podcast where a group of college friends play through the greatest sci-fi saga of all time via a D&D style tabletop RPG. Inspired by Crit Juice, Never Tell Me The Odds, and The Indoorsmen.
By RPGals
RPGals is an actual play podcast hosted by a table full of gals role-playing and singing to their hearts content. The Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign is a custom setting built by DM Maggie but we play other rpgs too! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!
TCbH Reviews
By The Cardboard Herald
We give you audio versions of our Tabletop Game Reviews, then talk about our creative processes and additional thoughts on the game.
By Rob Eldridge
@UnshvnCaucasian and the NLDT team get together weekly to discuss the current state of the video game industry, discuss hot topics, new releases, and everything else. Tune in weekly.
Grave of Man
By Wanderbot
Three bumbling adventurers awaken in a flooded, ruined kingdom, surrounded by the shambling dead and several small armies filled with unsavory individuals. Will they manage to make it out, or will they be forever trapped in The Grave of Man?
Adventurer's Log Podcast
By Dorin Adam
RPG podcast focused on storytelling and exploring different RPG storytelling tropes.
Over the Tabletop
By Erin Ayers, James DeBruicker
Two people. Many, many games. One very good cat. Over the Tabletop is a podcast dedicated to discussing board games, card games, and dice games that play well (or not!) with two people. Because scheduling game days with more than two is hard, frankly. Join James and Erin as they travel through their games collection, go on theoretically-related tangents, and pat their very good cat, Solstice.
Not Without Merit Podcast
By Not Without Merit
Each Thursday, we gather to talk the games we’ve been playing, the latest gaming news, and our Top 5 of the week! Follow us on Twitter at @NWMPod!
By Anthem Universe (DZR)
This is a podcast built around Bioware's Anthem due for release in Fall 2018
By Neokaido
The podcast that lets you call shotgun.
Legends from A Cramped Apartment - LACA
By Legends from A Cramped Apartment - LACA
Welcome Adventurer! Get ready to take arms, prepare spells, and roll initiative in this weekly story. Four characters enter a world of fantasy and must work together to overcome the greatest powers in the world. After a year of playing Dungeons and Dragons together we decided it was unfair to keep our high jinks and stories to ourselves. Please rate us and join us on Facebook and Twitter. ~The LACA Team
Legends of the Warp - Warhammer 40K Podcast
By Legends of the Warp
A UK Warhammer 40,000 Podcast - Product Reviews, Hobby Progress, Tourne Reports
Commander Time!
By Nate Burgess, Dean Gootee, Patrick Sippola
Wherein three EDHREC writers ramble on about their process of building Commander decks and playing them. Games! Cats and dogs! A goofy song! [email protected] @commandtime @grubfellow @misterplorg @detectiveyarmas
Aubrey's SlimeCast
By Tucker Punch Productions
Aubrey and friends explore the wonderful, wide world of slime.
Wanderer Podcast
By Wanderer
We play Wanderer weekly and record ourselves playing it. Wanderer is a customizable role-playing game (RPG) system that's browser and Android compatible.
3 Girls, 1 Dungeon
By 3 Girls, 1 Dungeon
An all girls Dungeons & Dragons podcast for your listening pleasure. Join Zoey, Susann, and Jenni as they persuade, perceive, and punch their way through whatever Dungeon Master Samantha throws at them!
PR expeditions's podcast
By KB Podcast
a group of friends gather around a table to play D&D for the first time. What in the world is going to happen as our newly found adventurers go forth to forge their own destiny.
Dark Spell: An Original RPG Adventure
By Trinity Force Network
Join host and DM Motgnarom as he leads his party through the world of Eard: a land brimming with ancient magics. Dark Spell is a rules-light custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign that focuses on fun storytelling, interesting characters, and solid audio production. Tune in every Friday for new episodes!
Ragtag Podcast
By Ragtag Podcast
Ragtag is a Star Wars Actual Play Podcast the follows the adventures of 4 mistfits. We use the Edge of the Empire system created by Fantasy Flight Games.
By Jakub "Zalej Wrzątkiem" Antoniuk
Podcast Kalendarium Rozgrywki - wspominki o grach, filmach i kulturze.
Random Mission Cast
By Random Mission Cast
Random Mission Cast is a gaming podcast that isn't really so much about the games we play as it is the gamers themselves. Each episode we try to have a new guest to sit in the third seat and shoot the breeze with us and hopefully have some laughs along the way. We keep it light and our topics vary greatly. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
Motor City Shadows
By Radio Roleplay
Motor City Shadows is a Radio Drama set in the city of Detroit within the dystopian universe of the Sixth World of Shadowrun. The main characters are Shadowrunners, outlaws of a corrupt and exploitative society from which they have either fled or been exiled. From these shadows the characters strike back at the mega corporations that have stolen control of every nation on the planet from the helpless citizens within. One day our heroes may be free from the Shadows. Until then, they will be forced to run within them.
Breaking Board: A Podcast for Board Gaming Wonks
By Breaking Board
In each episode of Breaking Board, we take a close look at the strategies of a particular board game, moving from first impressions and beginner tips to detailed analysis of key game concepts.
OCX Radio
By OCX Radio
Orange City X Wing Radio
Fanatic podcast - A GW fans podcast
A Games Workshop fans podcast covering all aspects of their IP.
Nine Seasons Entertainment
By Nine Seasons Entertainment
Three teams trapped in a zombie infested city trying to survive against each other, the dead, and a sadistic DM.
By Pascal Simon
In diesem Podcast hört ihr die zusammengefassten Geschichten aus einer Rollenspielgruppe, welche die fünfte Edition von Dungeons & Dragons spielt. Dazu erklärt der Dungeon Master, warum er bestimmte Entscheidungen getroffen hat, um anderen die Angst davor zu nehmen, selbst eine Gruppe zu leiten.
Dobry Zły i Ostatni
By Dobry Zły i Ostatni
Trzech gringos spotkało się żeby pogadać o planszówkach! Marcin (Regały Marcińskie), Bartek (Melanżownia TV) oraz Piotrek (Granie w chmurach) będą robić to co zawsze: opowiadać z entuzjazmem o każdej ciekawej grze jaka wpadnie im w ręce. Rewolwery w dłoń!
Think Again My Friend
By Think Again My Friend
TAMF is a panel game, a genre of radio and television show popular in Britain. Our regular panelists Brendan Adkins (Children’s Hour of Knowledge), Mark Bergo and Christen McCurdy, plus occasional guests and our host Mike Sugarbaker, answer questions on ever-changing topics. The results are by turns hilarious, enlightening, thought-provoking, and roughly half an hour in length. Imagine Wait Wait Don't Tell Me but unhindered by the twin shibboleths of topicality and professionalism. @thinkagainpdcst
Spuds and Spells
By Spuds and Spells
Dungeons and Dragons. It's been played for decades, but has always had this negative stigma attached to it. What would happen if you threw a whole heap of people together that didn't really know what D&D is, didn't really know how to play it and then recorded it? This is Spuds and Spells. Starring: @PhilAP - Dungeon Master @JoshOlek - Ronador Hungfist @Emreeree - Enna Holaleth @Jedikaa - Nuggeta Stahnkfut @NatTencic - Cuppi Cattlesnatch Turkins @BlackerSam - Huj Ack'min
The GM Showcase
By Block Party Podcast Network
GMs, Podcasters, Authors, Actors, Comedians...all in one place...the Tabletop. Follow us on twitter @GM_Showcase. Brought to you by @DM_Mitch. A Proud member of the Block Party Podcast Network.
By StabbyQuest
StabbyQuest is an episodic, Pathfinder-play podcast. A ram's head necklace. A spool of thread. A long-dead legend. How are they connected, and what does their arrival mean for Sandpoint, nay, for Golarion? Find out, in StabbyQuest!
No Time For Time Travel Pod
By No Time For Time Travel Pod
NTFTT Pod is a podcast for nerds by nerds! We're some friends who just wanted to talk about some updated nerd news (video games, comic book movies) and take on a main topic submission every podcast from you guys! Follow us on Twitter @NTFTTpod Email us at [email protected] Visit our Facebook at
Comp Hammer Radio
By Comp Hammer Radio
A podcast for Competitive 40k! An all inclusive podcast where anyone can join in! If you want to be a guest or do a little content yourself just shoot us an email! Our goal is to discuss and release content that any level of competitive 40k play can use. From the new tournament player to the champions among us. The goal is that We will be releasing a by weekly show and smaller snips between that. Everyone is invited, shoot us an email! [email protected]
By TV-spelspodden
En podcast om spelkulturen, mediets upplevelser och branschen i helhet.
By UnArcade
Hello Internet. We are a group of friends that have decided the world needs to hear what we have to say! Tune into Episode 1 where we introduce ourselves and what we’re all about!
Kingdoms of the Wild West
By Nerds & Beer
In a world of fantasy and gun-slinging, there is danger everywhere. In the town of Defiant that danger is our posse. a gnome named Wrenn who's a master marksman, a preacher named Wolf spreading the word of the Goddess, a shady doctor named Riley, and a Half-orc blacksmith named Feng Zimmerman. Follow the colorful adventures of the wests zaniest group of gunslingers in a custom homebrew 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons setting. Have you ever wanted to hunt a Griffon with a rifle? Battle a dragon from a top a train? Well this is the show for you, so grab your dice bag and lets get rolling! It's Kingdoms of the Wild West!
Escape This Podcast
By Escape This Podcast
A mix of table top roleplaying, and escape room puzzles. Each episode, our contestants find themselves locked in a room that exists solely in the mind of our Puzzlemaster. Using their wits, their imagination and with a lot of fun on the way, they will have to find a way out of their dire circumstances if they hope to stay alive.
By Spaceverse
Hello Hello, and welcome to the description. This is a heavily homebrewed Sci-Fi D&D adventure filled with aliens, robots, and bad decisions. Do you like legally distinct Pod: Racing? Do you like exploring planets full of alcoholic luchadors? Do you like watching four idiots shoot their way out of every conversation? Then look no further.
D20 Chronicles
By D20 Chronicles
A homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign using the rules of 5th Edition as a basis. This podcast will include violence, profanity and other adult themes. Listener discretion is strongly advised!
Cats Talk Tabletop
By Rick Kittenhugs
A bunch of nerds talk about tabletop games!
Tales of Creation - An Ashes of Creation Podcast
By Bridger, Sound Strategy Network
A podcast examining the deep questions about Ashes of Creation
Basement Archives
By The Basement Archives Network
Welcome to Basement Archives where we discuss all the latest news on everything Comics, Film/TV, Gaming, and Pop Culture! Listen to your hosts Lewis & Preston attempt to review the latest Movies & Games, and discuss weekly Pop Culture topics! Follow Us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter also subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Contact Us: [email protected] Visit Us: Twitter Us: Facebook Us: @basmentarchives Also check us out on SoundCloud!
DMs of Vancouver
By DMs of Vancouver ( Jessy Boros & Sean Hagen )
DMs of Vancouver is a podcast for new and veteran DMs. We go over a variety of topics, trying to give good advice on what a DM will encounter as they run games for their players.
History of the Dark Millenium
By Ivan Sorensen
We delve into the history and lore of the Warhammer 40.000 tabletop game, focusing on how it has developed over the years from the very beginning to the very latest.
Hour of the Wolf
By Hour of the Wolf
A Podcast for Roleplayers without shame.
SGWA Radio Gaming Podcast
The Triumvirate: A Warhammer 40k Podcast
By Andy Talbot, Chris Tomlin & Gary Hennessey
A UK based Warhammer 40k podcast brought to you by Andy Talbot, Chris Tomlin & Gary Hennessey
Tea and Tabletop
Actual play recordings of table top RPGs
How To Win Loot And Influence Dragons
By Curio Network
"This is a tale of a strange and dangerous world”. How to Win Loot and Influence Dragons is a fantasy roleplaying podcast featuring Thomas Owen, Grace Chapple, Jackson Used and Ben McAllister. Join these brave adventurers as they explore the mystical realm of Carthas, vanquish evil and sink a few ales
Drink and Dungeon
By Drink and Dungeon
An ongoing RPG webcast. The adventurers; Bergamot Kommondor (Anton), Adalaide Arany (Hannah), and Xyla Xibbadobbler Swiftdigit III (Laura) make their way through the troubled lands of Atheles, hoping to make a brighter future for themselves.
Geek, Please!
By Geek, Please!
A couple of friends who like to get together to totally geek out! Stuff we geek out about includes comics, books, video games, tv, movies, comic con's and whatever the heck else we feel like talking about!
Flying Monkey's Wargaming Podcast
By Brian Hunter
Welcome to the Flying Monkey's Wargaming Podcast! We cuss a lot. Tell horrible jokes. And share our passion for the games workshop hobby and warhammer in general.
On Fire
By On Fire
On Fire é o podcasts mais errado do universo. Aqui você encontra piadolas com mendigos, detentos, imbecis e com os próprios participantes. Sem medo de se queimar, Gabriel, Ramon, Ana e Egenara brigam verbalmente com o convidado pelo título de rei da ofensa. Ouça-nos e tente manter tudo sobre controle pra não se queimar. Nós não conseguimos...
Your Local Imaginarium
By Daniel Williams & Calvin Seymour
Exploring the world behind your eyes, and other things.
Metagaming Moments
Podcast covering Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition Topics
Tasty Minstrel Games Official Podcast
By Lance "UndeadViking" Myxter
This is the official podcast for Tasty Minstrel Games, hosted by Lance "UndeadViking" Myxter.
What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast
By What's Good Games
Welcome to What’s Good Games, a new show for the nerd-inclined. This particular Voltron is comprised of Andrea Rene (host/producer extraordinaire, seen on Yahoo Esports, IGN, GameStop TV, and more), Alexa Ray Corriea (you’ve seen her writing on Polygon/Gamespot), Brittney Brombacher (the kick-ass creator of and Kristine Steimer (she’s worked at a lot of places like IGN and PlayStation). We’ve been friends for years and have often discussed how there weren’t many satisfactory ways to get our voices out there, together. That is, until recently, when the stars aligned. We realized that now is the perfect time to join forces and spin up our very own project. Visit for more info.
The Destiny Council
By is proud to present The Destiny Council. This Star Wars: Destiny podcast is made up of some of the best players in the Twin Cities area discussing the competitive side of the game.
By Diceonauts
//Start der Aufzeichnung//Raumstandardzeit 2017.03.30, an Bord der Raumstation "Endless Sight".Ich hätte mir nicht träumen lassen, dass unsere Vision Wirklichkeit wird. Nun, wir sind hier oben. Vor uns tausende Welten. Jede mit ihrer eigenen Geschichte, mit ihren eigenen Bewohnern, Konflikten und Problemen. Und wir: mitten drin. Diese Welten zu entdecken, gemeinsam zu bereisen, Konflikte zu ändern, dafür sind wir hier.//Ende der Aufzeichnung//Herzlich Willkommen beim Podcast der Diceonauts- hier sprechen wir über Tabletops, Miniaturenspiele, Brettspiele, Rollenspiele, Spielen im Allgemeinen und das eine oder andere nerdige Thema! Viel Spaß!
Dicejunkies: Gaming, Comics, Movies, Tabletop, and more
By Dicejunkies
We discuss gaming, comics, movies, news and other geek culture topics. From video games to tabletop, anime to the MCU, and much more. All while drinking from the skulls of our enemies. Join us for some great times and a bumpy ride.
By Pranks Paul
​ADVENTURE is a bimonthly actual play podcast hosted and created by Pranks Paul. ADVENTURE brings your favorite stories and characters to life, combining fanfiction and tabletop into a delicious, chaotic sandwich.
Laboratory Maniacs
By Laboratory Maniacs
Exploring Competitive EDH
Per Anhalter Durchs Multiversum
Ein Actual-Play-Podcast zum Pen & Paper-RPG The Strange.
Miami Let's Cast : A Video Game Podcast
By Magic City Take
Magic City Gamescast is a Podcast with me James from @miamiletsplay and Danny Z from @streamingbundles. Together we have created a video games podcast to share our views here in Miami, Florida. I hope that you will grow with us as we continue improve. Catch you on the podcast and Game On!
Man Dolly Variety Show
By The Man Dolly Cast
A lighthearted show on miniature war-gaming and hobby topics. We cover a variety of game systems and topics.
The Trinisphere
By The Trinisphere
A podcast where a Timmy, a Johnny, and a Spike come to battle over all things EDH topics.
Talking Tristate Golf - A podcast devoted to passionate NY NJ and CT golfers
By Walter Fowler
This is a podcast devoted to passionate NY NJ and CT golfers who don't just play golf - they live it.
Telekinetic Labs Podcast
By Eric John Anderson
Telekinetic Labs is an independent board game design and publishing company based in Springville, Utah, where there's not much to do except play board games and watch movies/tv. Eric received his degree in film writing/producing and Joe received his degree in education. The obvious next step was to create board games. As lifelong board-gamers, Eric and Joe enjoy discussing every aspect of the game industry and decided to record those discussions and release them weekly. Hopefully this turns out to be a good idea.
Save Vs Rant
By Save Vs Rant
Save Vs Rant is an everyman tabletop gaming podcast with your hosts John and Jeremy (and featuring the music of Timmy Skittles). In it, we tackle broad topics such as powergaming and character death, as well as specific topics such game mechanics, design features and even the occasional rant regarding a specific game.
RPG Lessons Learned
By Brian Kilby
The RPG Lessons Learned podcast: when your game is over, and when your players are gone, that’s when lessons are learned!
By Rodge
SAGA THORSDAY is your weekly source for Saga miniatures game content. Each week Rodge (aka the Wisco Horndog) and a friend will discuss various aspects of the Saga game including Battle Boards, tactics, events, painting tips, and more! We cover all the Saga Dark Age Skirmish supplements, Crescent and Cross, and Aetius and Arthur so tune in every week for Saga goodness!
swgohindepth - A SWGOH (Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes) Podcast
By TeamSkunk Republic and Guests
Podcast covering Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or SWGOH. Listen as players and guests discuss the latest news, events, raids, and meta.
Another Path
By Another Path Productions
Chase, Griff, Ryan and Zack sit down and roll some dice to tell some stories.
House of Bob
By House of Bob
A tabletop RPG podcast.
Cardboard and Coffee
By Blubbernugget
A podcast about board gaming by a newcomer. With guests and hamsters. Just kidding. The hamsters will be in the live show.
By Manuel Uzelmaier & Jonas Trodler sprechen über verschiedene Themen der Spieleentwicklung. / Game Design / Brettspiele / Spieleautoren
Brettspielelabor ist ein Podcast bei dem es um die Entwicklung von Brett- und Kartenspiele geht. Wir, Manuel Uzelmaier & Jonas Trodler, sind Spieleautoren und bloggen schon längere Zeit auf über genau dieses Thema. Nun starten wir mit diesem Podcast ein neues Projekt. Mit Gästen reden wir über die verschiedensten Themen der Spieleentwicklung.
Alien Familiar RPG Podcast
By Clayton Ray
A podcast about the tabletop roleplaying games hobby in which we talk about and play rpgs
Allons Geek Podcast
By Joseph Shumate
We discuss various geeky topics: board games, minis games, video games, cosplay, RPGs, etc.
Aces Up
By Steve Fox
Aces Up with Steve Fox a podcast brought to you by and Produced by OnTilt Radio. Steve brings you poker news, information and opinion in a interview format. Steve is a mid-stakes cash and mid-major tournament grinder who has final tabled the HPT. Show Airs Live From OnTilt Radio 8pm est Every Monday Night
By CritQuest
CritQuest is a podcast where a bunch of dorks with little to no experience with D&D (Ainsley, Emma, Javier, and Tommy) play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition run by someone with no experience running a campaign (Chris) and everyone hopes for the best. Trust us, it's going to be interesting. And maybe infuriating.
Kayfabe with Frankie G.
By Abnormal Entertainment
Join Frankie G. and his guests as they discuss the world of professional wrestling.
Downloadable Concept (podcast)
By Invincible Ink
Sunshine and swearing from your friendly neighbourhood gaming and pop culture dorks
Danissl's Dwarven Dwelling
By Brandon (Danissl)
Welcome to Danissl's Dwarven Dwelling! A MMORPG/RPG podcast about new (and sometimes old) MMO's or RPG's! I hope you enjoy!
Deniable Assets
By Deniable Asset
An In-Character Shadowrun Podcast
De lunchande Pokéjägarna
By Vinny Vega
Älskar du att jaga pokémon? Äter du lunch? Bra, då har du hittat rätt, för vi har precis startat århundradets mest efterlängtade radiopod! Vi är en trio hungriga jägare som kommer vandra runt bland Uppsalas gator, slott och kullar för att recensera de mest populära stoppen, vilka ställen som har de skönaste bänkarna och om det finns restauranger/butiker som har veganvänligt käk i närheten. Det kommer bli superskoj, så se till att följa oss för att inte missa nästa avsnitt! Pokémonjägarna – Over and out!
Fummelpodden – En samtalspodcast om rollspel
By Fummelpodden
Två-tre nördar snackar spontant och subjektivt kring någon form av rollspelsrelaterat ämne. Nya avsnitt släpps den 20:e varje månad. Presenteras i samarbete med Studiefrämjandet.
Game Master's College
By Keith McBlane
An interview and advice show for anyone interested in running an RPG. Because the world needs more GMs.
Fat Goblin Games Presents
By Fat Goblin Hoarde
Actual play of RPGs from the Fat Goblin Hoarde, including Castle Falkenstein, Pathfinder, and the vs. M system.
Lost Dice-Cast
By Lost Dice-Cast
All corners of tabletop gaming from the perspective of three gamer dads
Homebrewed Heroes
By Chubby Cat
This is a play through of a Dungeons and Dragons home-brewed campaign played by some of the O.G. ChubbyCat Crew and some new.
Enter The Infinite
By Matthew Luellen
Enter the Infinite (ETI) is a Magic: The Gathering podcast focused on discussing game theory, constructed deck design, and skill development all through the lens of competitive play.
Not-So-Heroic Heroes
By Not-So-Heroic Heroes
An Actual Play podcast utilizing the 5e environment to play the Tales From the Bloody Bucket modules from
Yare Yare Boys
By Eddy Collazo & Brooks Oglesby
Two idiots talk (mostly) about the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, based off of the manga, based off of the Hirohiko Araki. Eddy has watched the show before, Brooks doesn't even know what anime is. Good grief.