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By String and T
Fantasy Football Podcast. We only claim our voices and opinions.
By The Escort Mission
Three thirty-something guys deliver a funny and thoughtful podcast on gaming, culture, politics, and news (and the Oxford comma). You totally would have hung out with us in high school.
By Ryan McKone
This is a podcast that aims to cover the raiding scene in World of Warcraft. We will talk about everything from boss tuning, raid strats, raid difficulty, running a raid team, ptr information that pertains to raiding, and much more.
By The Goblin Beat
D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds and other campaigns along with interviews and reviews from the gaming world.
By Noel Spenis
Another boardgame podcast...
By SquishieDragon, Radmobile and Vastidious, Overwatch podcasters
The Legendary Loot Box is an Overwatch podcast for just about any player. We look at the latest changes in the game, the new builds on the Public Test Realm, talk about strategies and competitive sports. We are a family friendly podcast and hope that you will join us.
By Quizzing North America / Tony Hightower
The QNA Trivcast is a weekly trivia podcast with live trivia, recorded every week at One Star Bar in Chelsea in New York City. Hosts Tony Hightower and John Chaneski bring you 30 or so questions in 30 or so minutes, with lots of banter and heckling from the patrons throughout. Follow along on FB or Twitter at @QNATrivia to win prizes and to talk about the interesting facts we uncover every week.
By The Games Cluster
Aimed at video gamers both new and old, Retro Spelunkers will take you on a wild carousel of emotions!
By [email protected] (Ron Hallett & Bruce Nightingale)
Pinball Podcast
Colm, Roger and guests discuss all things Warhammer Conquest!
By 游戏联萌
By 天生快活人
《天生快活人》节目逢周一到周五,中午12点30分到14点,在FM99.3广东广播电视台音乐之声直播。节目官方微博: 微信公众平台号码:1810029933 官方邮箱:[email protected] 官网
By 苏引华全集
《领袖少年特训营》 有人说;任何成功都弥补不了……教育孩子的失败, 有人说:家财万贯不如……给小孩一个好习惯! 天底下没有教不会的孩子,只有不会教的父母和老师…… 特别提醒:请锁上门……关上手机……暂时与世隔绝……不要让任何人打扰你!这将是关系你孩子未来的10分钟!你孩子的人生将会出现魔术般转变…… “还有谁……想让自己的子女成龙成凤, 从小树立正确的人生观及目标 培养全方位的能力及养成良好习惯, 开启大脑潜能,提升记忆力、创造力与学习能力…… 成为父母疼爱、老师喜欢、同学欢迎的青少年领袖…… 甚至……未来的社会精英,商界领袖,国家栋梁! 亲爱的朋友, 你是否希望你的孩子赢在起跑点?你是否希望你的孩子有一个美好的未来?你是否希望孩子能拥有一生受益的好习惯?你是否渴望提升孩子的记忆力、学习能力?你是否渴望孩子能感恩惜福?你是否渴望孩子快乐又健康?你是否渴望提升孩子的交际能力与公众演说能力?你是否渴望孩子能正确处理金钱? 如果你的回答有一项是肯定的,那么,接下来的这封信,将帮助你实现不可思议的梦想…… 请稍等片刻,我一定会给你一个满意的答案…… 我是大脑银行的创始人——苏引华,老鹰训...
By 晓零兒的魔兽心灵小站
By The Strategy Gamer
A podcast about PC strategy games, tabletop games, and war games. Ranging from Gary Grigsby's monsters to titles like Crusader Kings and Dwarf Fortress.
By Sam Franklin
This podcast is all about the Battletech board game. It is a weekly podcast, with all types of things including: Mechs and Vehicles of the week Your Designs Contests And whatever else happens!
By Jason Gillikin and Tony Snyder
Two Michigan guys who enjoy the finer side of life discuss casino gaming, premium cigars and fine adult beverages -- the manly vices.
By Flight Sim Community Podcast - Four friends talk all things aviation and flight sim
The Flightsim Community Podcast is a collaboration between four friends with years of real world and flight simulation experience. The show primarily consist of real world aviation and flight simulation discussion, but other extremely important topics such as BBQ will also be occasionally be discussed. Episodes range from discussions on a particular airplane to interviews with various developers within the industry.
By Sam Proof
Everyweek Sam Proof, Sax Carr and Robert Chan invite a celebrity guest to join their game night. They play a table top game, eat pizza and talk zombies!
By Ashes of Community
Ashes of Community, is a community effort brought on by the Moderation Team at Ashes of Creation, an upcoming MMORPG developed by Intrepid Studios. This is an unofficial channel with no ties to Intrepid Studios, other than its community and pride in the love we give to this wonderful game.
By Trevor Jones
Welcome to Games to Beet. Each week, I meet with a different gamer to get their perspective on the latest games and gaming news. We cover what's in their console, what's in their backlog, and what's on their radar for games to come. This is a spin-off podcast of the Fresh Beets Podcast. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Google Play to keep up with the latest content. Thanks for listening.
By Tilted Pod
Weekly recap for the busy grinder/ turning hobby (Mtg) into something more
By Planeplausch
In unserem Podcast reden wir zwei Mal im Monat über das, was wir gespielt haben, über das, was wir noch spielen wollen und natürlich über das, was auf unserer Seite passiert ist. Ihr habt Fragen, Ideen oder Anregungen? Wir freuen uns unter [email protected] auf eure Nachrichten. Oder folgt uns auf Twitter unter @planeplausch!
By Parker and Friends
An actual play 5e podcast from four people who are very new to tabletop adventuring. RTR is one part game mechanics, two parts story, and a lot of "roll" based puns, starring two wives, one brother (in-law), and one best friend who think they might be...ready to roll!
By Millie Lavelle - Podcaster, blogger, vlogger, NERD
Role to Hit is an actual play podcast (tangents and all) of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. We're working our way to The Tomb of Annihilation!
By Josiah Jenkins
It's The Eight Dollar Game Show! The only podcast that gives one lucky contestant the chance to: WIN! EIGHT! DOLLARS! Every week brings completely new rounds and games! Contestants complete 7 rounds, each worth $1. They can walk away with that money. Or they can put it all on the line for the chance to win $8! You won't want to miss this hilarious gameshow podcast.
By Gameable Podcast
Welcome to the Gameable Saturday Morning Podcast, a tabletop RPG podcast in the Gameable Podcast series. We analyze Saturday morning (and other) cartoons for settings, plots, characters, and themes that we can use for tabletop gaming. At the end up each episode, we come to a verdict on the week's series: Is it gameable?
By 3.2 Company
From the Saltiest Podcast about Star Wars, comes our adventures in Dungeons and Dragons.
By The Fwoosh: FwooshCast
We discuss action figure, toys, movie, comic books, tv shows, and just random topics.
By Daniel Tickle, George Maney, Robert Denton
The Last Province is your source for discussion about Legend of the Five Rings lore and competitive play. Brought to you by long time players Daniel Tickle, George Maney, and Robert Denton.
By Jayke Hall
A new series of podcasts hailing from the Hall Of Legends Blog. all about tournamnet reports, list building and skirmish games.
By The Evil DM
These are actual play podcasts done by the Evil DM over the years, from AD&D 1e to Marvel Super Heroes by TSR. Might even see some D&D 5e in here as well!
By Greg Person and Jake Hutton
Join hosts Jake and Greg as they talk about the miniature wargame Kings of War, focusing on hobby, tactics, and other related topics.
By Chuck, Queen Mom and Ranc1dM3at
Each week we will talk Clash of Clans. From farming to pushing and yes, sometimes even war. We look at Clash of Clans from top to bottom, looking at game play, clan politics and management, and the social aspects of the game.
By Deringer: Planetside 2 and General Gaming Podcaster
The Instant Action Podcast is a weekly show that aims to highlight the latest News and Community events in the Planetside 2 universe. From Patch Notes to Server Smashes to the Official Forums to the /r/Planetside Reddit, we strive to keep our listeners informed on the good, the bad and the overpowered aspects of Planetside 2. In addition, expect guests with unique perspectives on the game and the community in general. We also understand that Planetside 2 is not the only game that people play,...
By Viktor Pradley
The Half Hour With Viktor show is the product of an angry Russian man All Random All Podcast is the official podcast of Gucko Pics productions where 4 dumb white males discuss their opinions on important pop culture topics and video games
By Tom & Leo
Im Random Encounter reden Tom und Leo monatlich über aktuelle Themen in der Videospiel-Industrie und geben sich im Late to the Party-Segment Hausaufgaben in Form von einem Spiel, das der jeweils andere zur nächsten Folge nachholen muss.
By Realms Radio
Join Paul and Richard as they expand past the VS system and into all games! Listen as they discuss everything from RPG's and TCG's to video games, comics and movies. True gaming dorks we will give insights into gaming you may never have expected.
By Carrie Lambertsen and Todd Sullivan
A podcast about video games, crafts, sewing, crocheting, Star Wars, and all sorts of geeky stuff from a girl gamer and her brother.
By Zero Stars
A weekly show about video games and being alive from two of the writers at The official audio companion to the greatest video game site ever created.
By The Fourth Player
We are a videogame podcast from the mouths and minds of people from the land of the videogame. We are a collection of current and former developers, publishers, journalists and players who talk about the games we love and loathe.
By Torrence Davis
The Video Game Warzone is a show about the console wars. We discuss Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii and what is happening with them in the video game industry.
By Jabroni University
We choose a category and we draft the best 10 person, place or thing team we can create. The best team wins and the winner is up to you. Let us know who won @TheDraftPod on Twitter!!
Join the five founders of N3RDFUSION (Sevadus, Bacon_Donut, GiantWaffle, Dansgaming, and PauseUnpause) with their weekly podcast! Randomness and good times are in store with this podcast centered around 5 guys talking about whatever topics come up.
By 青春!! シャチラジオ
By いかが屋
ボードゲームやその他の趣味について ゆる~く語っていくPodcastです( ´∀`) 同人ボードゲームの制作サークル 「いかが屋」としてゲーム制作もやってます☆
By めがみそふと(
同人サークル「めがみそふと」がお送りするゆる~い感じのラジオです。おにゃのこ声優二人がキャッキャウフフな、かわいいラジオを目指して奮闘中…?でも第一回からいきなりTENGAで遊んでる…orz あ、下ネタOKです。
By オサブラ
おっさん3人(ナヴェ、ヨースケ、ターコイズ)が 大好きなビデオゲームやボードゲームについて 取り留めのない話をするネットラジオです。 ゲームマーケット2014秋よりオサブラゲームズ始動!
By ミスター
By 結月ゆかり&弦巻マキ
By GPコアエッジ
公式番組! ここでしか聞くことができない モンスターハンターシリーズ開発陣によるアツいトーク、 様々な業界からゲストをお迎えしてのモンハントークは必聴!! 『モンスターハンター3(トライ)』最新情報をはじめ、公式ファンクラブ「モンハン部」情報、 イベント情報、お得なシリーズ関連情報まで、様々なモンハン情報も網羅してお届け! ベテランハンターから、初心者まで誰もが楽しめる番組『モンハンラジオ』。要チェック!
By 株式会社ALFA
By アトリエピーチ
By Fizz & アトリエピーチ
☆FizzさんのPCゲーム最新作『さくらテイル』の魅力をお届け するラジオ番組『さくらテイルらじお』いよいよスタート。パ ーソナリティはゲーム本編でヒロイン・奄美みかげを演じる風 音さんと若葉凛子を演じる小倉結衣のふたりです。 冒頭はふたりのキャラが登場する寸劇。そしてゲーム本編のみ どころ、キャラの萌えどころがズバズバと(!?)語られます。 いったいどんな番組になっていくのか、予測困難、推測不能。 みなさん、温かく見守ってあげてください。
By たまんちゅ。
沖縄でボードゲーム会「てーげー!!」を開催している夫婦による番組です。 遊びに来てくれる人が増えるよう頑張ります(^・^)
By アトリエピーチ
Yamajetがアトリエピーチジュニア声優さんを従え好き勝手やっちゃう、 新感覚ポッドキャスト……それが!YAMAJET STREAM!毎回アトリエピーチの声優さんをアシスタントにお迎えして、かなり実験的な内容でお送りしています。
By ZTGD Staff
Listen as the staff breaks down all their game playing activities and possibly hamburgers each week.
By Joe Sallen
"I used to encourage everyone I met to make [board game podcasts], I used to think everyone should do it. I don't do that so much anymore." -Banksy
By Clay Ross, Joe Wiggins, and Ryan Metzler
The deeper end of the boardgaming hobby. A heavy games podcast for heavy gamers.
By Running Joke Media
The Free Rotation Podcast is a geek-centric hang-out where the hosts rotate each episode, covering various topics in gaming, nerd culture, and fandoms. Released every two weeks, The Free Rotation brings different perspectives on games and hobbies from each member as a way to introduce listeners to varying topics, along with creating an open forum where anyone can sit down, listen, and feel like they're with hanging out with their own friends. Got a topic you want to address? Really like che...
By ערן אבירם ואורי ליפשיץ
על כתפי גמדים הוא פודקאסט שבועי, בו אורי ליפשיץ וערן אבירם מדברים על משחקי ושחקני תפקידים.
By איתמר ויסברג
הפודקאסט העברי הראשון על משחקים, שחקנים ומה שביניהם. התוכניות עוסקות במשחקי מחשב, לוח, תפקידים, קלפים ועוד. תוכלו לשמוע חדשות, דיעות, ביקורות ו או בדיחות קרש. כמו כן, צחוקים, שיגועים ומילים ארוכות. לא לבעלי לב חלש. In Hebrew: A cast about every sort of game: computer, role playing, table games...
By Cast Wars
Primeiro podcast brasileiro voltado exclusivamente a Star Wars: Destiny, o card game de Star Wars
By 游戏的影子
电光石火末犹迟,子夜已到人不知,游遍异界难忘返,戏问人间何物值?(自己写的字谜诗哦!?猜中的话……) 所有喜欢游戏、动漫和幽默的朋友,请驻足倾听,这些在时光之中的故事~~~这是一档游戏、动漫、追忆的杂谈类节目! 欢迎知音留言 : 微信:zhiyoudeyinzhi 交流群:游戏聊天室 群 号:580836678 本节目每周五晚6点更新(如果不出现彗星撞地球的情况的话……) 喜欢的朋友请点击那个红色的"+关注"按键哦~~~(点一下呗,又不会点怀孕\^o^/)
By 马扎儿电台
By 一万光年动漫频道
By SCN神兵之声
By 紫素
墨宝非宝的电竞小说三部曲,第二部《密室困游鱼》。 有solo appledog dt 97 滑梯 all grunt ~~~~~~~~~~还有gun神~~~ 依旧热血、依旧年轻
By 紫素
By 猫哥在线_公众号
By 曲音静子
一个塔罗师的日常琐记,为你扫去迷茫的尘土,找回各自的初心,一同解读你心里的秘密…… 微信公众号:愚人塔罗占星馆 塔罗牌可以针对爱情、人际关系、工作(学业)等不同需求来做分析,预测和提供建议。尤其在不知应采取何种行动的时候,它是一种非常好的提示路标,具有一定的心里暗示功能,由于过于神秘,归于神秘学范畴。
By 方桌骑士电台
By "小"之
1.定期为你推荐动漫音乐 2.定期为你畅谈新番话题 3.定期发布中国二次元指数一周榜单以及动漫游戏最新近况。 我们的官方QQ群:554080048,对节目有何建议或者歪主意可以在群内告知哦
英雄联盟官方正史/英雄故事/正义周刊/英雄趣闻 暂定每周一和五更新 欢迎大家订阅/点赞/打赏
By silks
3 gamers talk about returning to the game
By The Board Boys
A bi-weekly podcast for board game fans of all experience levels. We breakdown the games you love to help determine if they're really worth your money.
Welcome to the Kingmaker podcast! Here you will find Julien, Kameron, Kyle and Tait playing Dungeons and Dragons.
By Der Verlieswelt Podcast
Willkommen bei unserem Live Dungeons & Dragons Podcast! Eine Gruppe von vier erfahrenen Rollenspieler kämpft sich durch die Welten von Dungeons & Dragons. Den Start macht das EInsteiger-Abenteuer ‚Die Mine von Phandelver‘. Wir spielen die englische Version des Abenteuers (‚The Lost Mine of Phandelver‘) – aber wir spielen natürlich auf Deutsch.
By Derelict Radio
In Derelict we combine Play-by-Post Role-Playing, Alternate Reality, Podcasting, and collaborative story-telling. Each week we come to you with a podcast episode that will lead you on a story of mystery and discovery. You'll be presented with challenges and plot hooks that you will then build upon using a simple rule-system on our message board - Listen to the podcast, read the Core Rules Section, create an account, and start contributing to the story...
By Let's Pal
Join the adventurers of Let's Pal as we defeat Dragons, befriend some Gnolls, all the while making very sloppy Rolls. Episodes are every Monday at 10AM EST
By Terrible Warriors
The Cambridge Chronicles is an actual-play podcast of an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons table-top RPG organized by Mike "The Birdman" Dodd where players and Game Masters record their adventures. Tales of an ever changing band of fools who seek not just adventure and excitement but also to carve their names unto eternity.
By Squadcast
A D&D podcast where we have no idea how to play D&D and our characters sound like terrible 7th grade OCs with cool hair. Also our DM is hilarious and beautiful and she totally didn't write this paragraph.
By Sappho Creations
Welcome to Dumbasses and Dragons, an actualplay 5th edition DnD podcast featuring five dumbasses, but not a lot of dragons! Be ready to enter a world of magic, mystery and adventure, but most of all, be ready to have a good time.
By Ricardo Marques
Este é o podcast do site Um Blog Qualquer. E aqui a conversa será um bom bate-papo… sobre tecnologia, mundo geek, diversão em geral. Um podcast que não só informa, mas analisa a informação e não tem medo de dar sua opinião.
By JimmythePint
The year is 1923 and five strangers are about to find themselves thrust into the macabre and dangerous world of the Cthulhu Mythos... Well, they would If they stopped giggling. Welcome to 'THE CAST OF CTHULHU' a real-time Call of Cthulhu adventure that pits 5 new(ish) players against the worst the mythos has to offer. Listen as GM and host Jimmy the Pint guides our fearless (and often witless) team through Chaosium's masterpiece 'HORROR ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS'. Often silly, occasionally dis...
By Carl, Rob, Andy
This is podcast about all things historical from the history of a Campaign, operation, unit or raid with a discussion on how to build/model or sculpt those forces on the Tabletop. Special guests appear throughout episodes to give insight on the industry, modeling and history.
By Jeff Randle
Jeff Randle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast hosts a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign for his girlfriend and the kiddos. Our players are new to the game and will be stepping into the shoes of Sariel Stormwind the druid, Butterflin the rogue, and Adrin the monk. Jeff's maiden voyage through the sea of storytelling of being a DM follows the path of The Lost Mines of Phandelver. New players, first-time DM, goblins, what could go wrong?
By Acquisition Disorder
A bi-weekly podcast with discussions about playing board games and the reasons that we acquire them.. Josh has a different guest on from the board game industry each episode to talk about their newly acquired and played board games.
By ColorfulMinis Podcast
ColorfulMinis podcast est une émission mensuelle consacrée aux jeux de plateau, de cartes et de figurines. Chaque épisode présente des actualités sur ce monde ludique ainsi qu'un dossier approfondi sur un jeu, décortiqué par les chroniqueurs. Peinture de figurine, fluff, projets Kickstarter, tous les sujets qui nous passionnent sont abordés. Un contenu francophone et de qualité par les membres les plus actifs de la communauté de
By Eric Regier
Listen along as Eric and Scott discuss their history, experiences and feelings of the WWE Raw Deal card game. We continue to play at OMG Games in Barrie, Ontario thanks to the support of the Virtual sets created by the community over at Contact us on Twitter @Backlashpod, and [email protected]
An actual-play podcast of short roleplaying game campaigns, in various RPG systems!
By Thomas Carter, Podcaster, Lover, Underhive Scum
Welcome to Chronicles from the Underhive, a Necromunda and Post Apocalyptic podcast. On this show we discuss the lore of Necromunda and all the possible conversion opportunities to build your scenery and create your gang. With the release of the newest version we will discuss the newest version of the and our experiences playing the progressions of our personal gangs throughout the episodes. Come, listen, enjoy
Building a Better Gamer
By Elspeth Lee
Come join Thia the Bard as she tells you the stories of the Shieldmaidens.
By Podcast Jogo Rápido
O Podcast Jogo Rápido é um podcast sobre os jogos de tabuleiro modernos, mais especificamente sobre os jogos conhecidos como fillers, que se encaixam em qualquer espaço de tempo e, mesmo assim, proporcionam momentos de grande diversão.