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By SaladsnakeJP / Anchor
Ur pretty alright
By Anthony Hernandez
Deep Fried Dice is a podcast where we nerdy individuals play roleplaying games. We explore our imaginations to embark on strange stories in alternate worlds, funny fantasies and epic(ish) fiction. Twice a week your host, Anthony Hernandez, runs through stories and systems on the less traveled side of roleplaying, showing off the flexibility this wonderful hobby can provide.
By The Popculturists
For The Players is a show made by The PopCulturists that tackles all things PlayStation. Whether it be reviews, previews, hands-on, or latest news, For The Players - The PopCulturists' PlayStation Podcast is the BEST place in Australia for your PS content.
By Max Tinson / Anchor
Basically in here this is my first podcast and it will be the beginning of a new series of Marvel Vs. DC death battles I'm starting up. Episode 1 will be Batman Vs Captain America. I'll be giving each of their origin stories, then I'll divide the 2 fighters into 7 categories so it can never be a tie: Strength, Speed, Agility, Intelligence, Fighting Skills, Equipment, Endurance. Whoever has 4 or more out of the 7 attributes wins the death battle and I'll explain my opinion. Thanks for reading ...
By Paartherapie-Podcast
Ganz okayer Podcast über dies und das
By Miha Rekar
A podcast where software engineers and other IT professionals discuss their other passions and hobbies.
By Jared
If you like Nintendo and listening to podcast then you'll like this podcast! 3 Nintendo experts talk all about Nintendo! For suggestions use this email: [email protected]
By Terça Livre
Acesse nosso website - www.tercalivre.com.br
By Tom Garner, Paul Burns, Phil Appleby, Richard Varey, Liz Addinell & Daniel Heaton
A weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5E) play podcast set in the Forgotten Realms.
Regras do GURPS 4e é inspirado pelos podcasts norte americanos de gravações em áudios com a leitura de livros de RPG com comentários sobre as regras contendo explicações, esclarecimentos, comparações com edições passadas e outras possíveis ideias sobre a utilização do conteúdo.
By Agents of Speedwagon
A tabletop liveplay podcast based off the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. Follow Pepper, Karl, Max, and Al as they adventure through Paradise City! Watch the video series for the full experience: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_dqpwXwI3HdYkPvSmiS7w
By Entertain the Geeky
Here at Entertain the Geeky we are committed to bringing you the best in geeky content, which is why we are revamping the way Nerd news is brought to you. It all starts with the right host... We proudly present to you Jason O'Toole! He is so deeply rooted in Geeky culture that we knew he was the only man for the job. He will be giving you weekly updates on whats going on in the world of nerdom.
En V75 podcast för den lilla spelaren...
By Steve Andreou
Join the Dark Sided team on their adventures through Australian Esports
By Pikalew
A Podcast About Things & Stuff
By Não Sei Falar Sozinho
Podcast onde converso sozinho sobre qualquer assunto. Quase um vlog podcastal, um Plog.
Podcast by LTAL
By Justen Appelquist Justin Cooper
2 friends who talk about geek and nerd subjects
By Hazel and Therin Stapp
Jacq is recording a D&D advice show, and when she plays it back, she realizes she was getting weird interference. Where is it coming from?
By Patrick Tabler
The NBA Podcast for everyone! 3peat is a show for the casual and hardcore alike. Sit back, drive to work or do whatever as Adam, Patrick, and Eric bring you your weeks healthy balance of all things basketball (and maybe a little more sometimes).
By Keebs and Weebs
Keebs and Weebs is a weekly podcast discussing the new, the weird, and most importantly the nerdy. Quality Nonsense.
By Tyler & Brett / Anchor
Gaming cars and everything entertainment!! Latest games and car part sales and streamer related!! Let's keep you in the kNOW!!
By Phillip Pinyan
Vault RPG is like a Nintendo Direct Mini without the unnecessary hype. And it's like Geico without actually saving you money.
By Taylor D. Adams
A pop-culture breakdown of TV, film, video games and junk food.
By Ultimato do Bacon
Podcast do site Ultimato do Bacon sobre filmes, séries, livros, HQs e muito mais!
By Joseph Perleoni
A podcast hosted by the admins of Nintendo Supporters!
By Paul Panfalone
A show dedicated to toy photography and art. Celebrating action figure fandom and fan-driven creativity, one episode at a time. Hosted by Paul Panfalone. Where to find Plastic Battles: plasticbattles.net instagram.com/plasticbattles twitter.com/plasticbattles facebook.com/plasticbattles
By Cameron McCulloch and Collin Jones
A podcast for everything Movies, TV and Video Games.
By Gavin Patterson
Dr Mango (Gavin) and Dustin Echoes (Dave) will audibly assault you with geekery of the highest order. Games, comics, film and TV. Nothing is safe! Enjoy! ;)
By LoadingReadyRun
Dice Friends is the home for our tabletop RPG gameplay. From long-form campaigns to one-shots, join us while we roll for initiative.
By Alex Cater
House party is a miscellaneous feed for the S House Podcast network. Things that go on this feed are one shots, chat shows, and ideas that are being work-shopped and tested.
By Bunny Mazza / Anchor
Aquí y ahora.
By Noah Blanchard
The Blanchard Brothers tackle their favorite shows from HBO to Netflix and every network in between...
By Ryan McTaggart / Anchor
The station where you clean up on all things car care and auto detailing!
By The Squad / Anchor
By SnapThirty
Anime, Manga, Video Games and Japanese Pop Culture
By PudimCast - O podcast mais gostoso da Galáxia
O PudimCast é um podcast criado num surto de criatividade e total falta do que fazer. Nos planos originais, ele seria feito por garotas e para garotas. Mas como quase tudo na vida, saiu completamente diferente do planejado.
By David Manderville
A character-driven tabletop RPG actual-play show with a focus on interpersonal relationships and evocative worldbuilding
By Phosphex Party
We're the Phosphex Party podcast, talking everything Horus Heresy hobby related and some random stuff as weel!
By Guillaume Gète et Antistar
Super Mario Bros ? Guillaume Gète et Antistar tous les deux tombés dedans quand ils étaient petits. Histoires, anecdotes, astuces… Vous saurez tout sur l'univers du plus célèbre des plombiers ! Et en prime, ils classent les jeux du meilleur au pire…
By 3GoblinsPodcast
3 Goblins in a tench coat is a podcast where we discuss all things Blizzard games. Join us bi-weekly as we discuss what we have been playing and whats in the news with our favorite titles.
By Retroact Entertainment
RetroAct Entertainment, is an entertainment channel based on POP Culture Remembering the good from the past and living the present. E
By Perry Morton
AWOI Gaming focuses on video games and all the influences that it may have on a Gamer's life and the impact that a certain game may have on the gaming industry, Gear up for laughs and fun conversations for this podcast!
By Guns Of Anthem
GO.Live is the Official podcast of the Guns of Anthem Community. Focusing on Electronic Arts, Bioware and the game Anthem first and foremost. But a lot more current topics and intrigues from the gaming industry will be discussed.
By BoxPop
O podcast do BOXPOP, cheio de cultura pop e comentário que não presta. MAS PRESTA SIM! :D
By Sukh & Rich
Each week Sukh and Rich do their best to breakdown and complain about movies.
By Cory Manning
Q&A podcast revolving around motorcycles and DIY culture.
By Nebengeräusche
Podcast by Nebengeräusche
By gravitonring
My real life experience during a rain ritual. My grandchildren who had died seemed to be communicating with me. My grandson Dakota had died at birth several years ago. His sister had died a few years before his death in a miscarriage. I was not there when they died. An After Death Communication or just some clouds? On the day, and at the exact time, of the ADC I was performing a Lakota ritual alone in the front yard of my deceased parent's home, at 2111 Leishman Avenue, Arnold, PA 15068. Ther...
By Clayton Friedeman
Listen as we describe what is happening in our current campaigns that we are running.
By Gracefully / Anchor
Searching for some ASMR tingles to fall asleep fast? Listen and try to guess what new objects are inducing triggers in each episode!
By Alex Seedhouse
Welcome to the Nintendo Insider Podcast, where we chat about all things Nintendo - whether that be Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Pokémon or amiibo!
By Thomas Stapleton
Table Tales is an actual play RPG Podcast where we play the tabletop game "Monster of the Week". Listen to our GM (Thomas Stapleton) lead an ancient animated bronze statue with a knack for limb detachment (Eric Lee), a twenty-four year old magically inclined disease giver (Adam Lee) and a twenty-eight year old looking Professor and former cult-leader (John Murphy) through a world of zombies, aliens, and much more!
By Discussing Comics
Discussing Comics is a podcast covering the latest in the worlds of comic book and science fiction. We discuss our favorite characters from Marvel, DC, Titan, IDW, Boom!, and more! No hero is off-limits from the printed page to the big screen. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, Lee Shackleford, and other guests hosts. We are a spin-off of the Discussing Who podcast.
By Devin Benge
In this podcast we discuss nerd and geek culture, fandoms, video games, RPGs, and all the great obsessions that bring us fans together. Whether you like Star Wars or Star Trek, D and D or Zelda, please join us and we geek out over new and old nerdiness to our hearts content.
By Mike Laughlin
This Podcast is an irreverent review of film, tv, music, pop culture. and anything my brain wants to obsess over.
By Pop Culture Palace
The official podcast for The Pop Culture Palace (thepopculturepalace.com). Comics, TV, movies, music and more! Home to Al's Bronze Age Mystery Box, Irregularly Scheduled Programming, Grown Ass Geeks and more!
Le Podcast Fly Casual est un projet axé autour de trois passions : le jeu de rôle de table; Star Wars; éructer des niaiseries à profusion.
By Castnautas
Castnautas é um podcast voltado para o entretenimento de ouvintes apreciadores de cultura pop/nerd, por meio de programas de bate-papo, entrevistas com convidados, notícias e áudio dramas, com foco em RPG.
By Amerime Junkies
We discuss everything that's nerd culture. From video games, anime, comics, manga, and movies and everything in between. Come fly with us we don't know where we're going but we know it wont be boring.
By Regan Neale
Welcome to the NZGG podcast where we talk about Movies, Games and TV Shows and anything else that tickles our nerd parts.
By Brian Sanchez
Me and Dan talk about the things in teh automotive world that move, inspire, and drive us crazy!
By Chris Anderson
Discussions about board game design.
By 4K29/29GPS
DAYTONA RACER 4K29 is an editorial video podcast about the amazing races, racers and the machines that take part in some of the most seminal racing events that happen on the historic Daytona track.
By TruckerNOOB91 / Anchor
A rundown of life, world events, and whatever listeners want to talk about.
By Lady Tee18 / Anchor
General conversations, media gossip, and more. You can also look forward to jam session and tv reviews.
By Every Other Podcast
Welcome to the Every Other Podcast! Where your hosts, Nesto and Dustin, take you on a journey through their opinions on what's going on in the gaming world every other week.
By Matt Drwenski & Rob Guthrie
A general interest podcast for fans of Dungeons and Dragons and RPGs
By Daniel Prince
3 guys that get together and talk about entertaining subjects sometimes. Once in awhile we even have a guest!
By Tyler Foss
Are you like us and tired of the same redundant debates and discussions? “Goku or Superman, who would win?” “Is Cobb awake at the end of Inception?” “Would sex with Superman kill Lois Lane?” Yeah, you know what’s up. Fanboys and Fangirls alike, we’ve got you covered – we know what you like. We’re here, we have beer and we’re as sharp as a Wakanda spear. Join us as we delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of topics you love, ranging from comics to Sci-Fi, anime and much much more. You want an a...
By 104.1 KQTH
Tucson's longest running, most respected car care program. For 19 years, Jerry Simmons and Mike Gabrielson have hosted the Car Care Shop Talk Show, answering your questions each and every Saturday.
By youtube.com/Coiote
Podcast, Entretenimento e Cultura.
By ArchaeoGames
ArchaeoGames, die Gaming-Website über Videospiele und Archäologie, spricht regelmäßig über die Darstellung von historischen Figuren und Schauplätzen in Videospielen, interviewt Entwickler, stellt neue Geheimtipps vor und unternimmt virtuelle Spaziergänge in den unterschiedlichsten Spielwelten.
By The Domain Gaming
The Pure howl into the night sky above LA for the first time in a decade, sounding a warning, the Forsaken are back...
By Dungeon Dummy
Are you thinking about playing Dungeons and Dragons? Have you just started playing Dungeons and Dragons? Is it incredibly intimidating? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have chargrilled oysters prepared by a horse lord? Well then, this podcast is for you! Ben and Joe dive into the mysteries of the rules of Dungeons and Dragons from a new player's perspective.
By The Toy Archives Podcast
The Toy Archives was built to serve as both a community and a resource for toy collectors of all types. We'll talk about vintage toys, modern toys, and everything in between! Touching on the classics such as Kenner's Star Wars, Mattel's Masters of the Universe, and much more! We'll cover the obscure lines, and the newest released figures- all in one place! If you're a toy collector, or at least have an interest in learning about these great collectibles, this is the podcast for you!
By Torque's Corner
By TheIgnitionBlog Podcast
Revisit the automotive past and look ahead to its future with TheIgnitionBlog Podcast. Join Matt and Nolan as they dive deep into specific automotive topics and share a fair bit of pointless anecdotes on everything from "The Best Supercars of the 90s" to "Cars We Love to Hate." Check the blog to catch up on an entire series or even suggest topics for future discussion!
By James Davey
The Dark Archive is a Podcast showcasing the history of White Wolf's World of Darkness. Portions of these materials are the copyrights and trademarks of White Wolf Publishing AB, and are used with permission. All rights reserved. For more information please visit white-wolf.com. Dark Archive material is not Official White Wolf materia
By Andrew Padula
8 Bits and Joysticks is a podcast dedicated to the music of video games! This show ran from 2014-2015. While new episodes are no longer being produced, you can enjoy this archive. And who knows, perhaps this show will get an extra life someday!
By Miscast Podcast
Welcome to Miscast Podcast, hosted by Doodles & Daniel Leonov discussing all things music, YouTube, current events & more Listen for free on Soundcloud Download on iTunes/Apple Podcasts Watch on YouTube & Twitch and get all episodes 100% advertiser free on Patreon!
By Matty Green
A podcast about anything and everything in nerd culture. From comics to movies, we chat about it all.
Welcome to the AOS (Adventures Of Splackataw). Join hosts Buck and Tony as they discuss the game releases that you want to hear about and the news we want you to hear....and remember its another podcast from Blacken Studios.
By Vapex Karma / Anchor
Talking all things FIFA and PES
By TriggerZilla
The podcast to end all podcasts sponsored by the one and only LNCK Gaming.
By Commanders of the Coast
Magic the Gathering EDH Commander Podcast
By Jonathan Boulton
Come listen to us talk all things motorcycle related, bikes, gear, trips, racing, culture and more.
By Kayla Haas and Matthew Grant
There Was A Sale is an independent podcast and a unique opportunity to turn the shame of impulsive buying decisions into a rewarding, generative experience. Join hosts Kayla and Matt as they explore the items that make up Matt's various media collections and consider their artistic and cultural merits, as well as their right to remain on the shelf. Each episode features a particular media object of interest, a thematically paired alcoholic beverage, and an engaging conversation.
By Tiempo Desperdiciado
Este es un podcast donde hablamos de todas esas cosas que tu mama te decía que era tiempo desperdiciado: videojuegos, películas, series y mas! Somos tres amigos de toda la vida hablando de lo que nos parece entretenido, mas que mantenerte al dia, vamos a compartir nuestras experiencias.
By WeeklyWeebsPodcast
Podcast by WeeklyWeebsPodcast
By 4K29/29GPS
SEBRING RACER 4K29 is an editorial video podcast about some of the greatest short scenes fron the Sebring Race Track in Florida, along with cinematic short stories on the racers, cars and teams that make it to this haloed ground.
By Pushing the Payload
A podcast to stay updated about the Overwatch League. Join us to discuss the biggest matches of the day.
By Sean Anthony
Sean and Courtney Anthony watch a lot of movies and play a lot of games. Let's delve into the lesser known just as much as the well known in cinema and gaming. Should you rent something? Buy it? Avoid it? Find out as this sarcastic and easily amused married couple tells you each show!
By Garrett Totcky
Join the Party Poopers as they reflect upon their recent Gloomhaven misadventures! Discussions include detailed scenario reports, class discussions, party dynamics, and plenty of hijinks! The Party Poopers are a four-player party experiencing Gloomhaven for the first time, so expect fresh takes and off the cuff reactions throughout
By Neely And Katy
Two girl friends talking about absolutely nothing! Making the most of their time in college and barely getting by.
By Greannán Podcast
Greannán - Irish for Comic book. Weekly comic book review podcast with added graphic novel book club. Hosted by two N./Irish fellas who enjoy the craic
By Jono C / Anchor
General chatting.
By Adam Lyzniak
An Actual Play RPG podcast using Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny.
By Afeez Kay
Hate electric cars? Think they’re glorified golf carts that only a tree-huggin’ vegan would be seen dead in? Well, here’s the news: everyone started there, but you’ve gotta be blind not to see that electric cars right now are taking over the world. They’re super-car fast, micro-car frugal, and best of all, they’re dolphin-friendly. If you love saving the planet, you’ll love It’s Electric, the web’s most highly-charged electric car podcast.
By John Duffy / Anchor
I'm a husband, a father, the star of "Origin Story", and one-half of the YouTube channel "NXT LVL Stuff."