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The Drinking Meeples

By The Drinking Meeples
A podcast dedicated to brewing a love for board games and reminding us all that board gaming is an equal opportunity hobby.

Gameboys of Color

By Geeks of Color
Welcome to the latest addition to the Geeks of Color Podcast Network! Each week Amber, Jordan, Okon, and a fourth rotating seat will gather around to talk about what they've been playing, shine a spotlight on indie titles in their Collective Gaming Club and discuss the latest in gaming news.

Lvl Grind

By Daniel Gilbert; Mark Morton
Welcome to Lvl Grind! We are two friends that love to discuss games, movies, TV, etc. and their effects on us and culture.

Xbox Two Podcast

By Jez & Rand
Welcome to the Xbox Two Podcast! Xbox Two is an Xbox-focused gaming podcast featuring Jez Corden of and YouTuber Rand Al Thor 19! Join us every week for shenanigans and joy, and occasionally booze and angry rants, but always gaming!


By soratobujelly

Triggering The Time Skip

By FFF Endorsed
Podcast by FFF Endorsed

Talk It Out (Podcast Edition)

By Random Man / Anchor
Welcome to the Talk It Out (Podcast Edition) podcast, where amazing things happen. I will talk about anything from dirt to gardening.


By ThiemPlay
Geek. Idiot. Alter Sack. Spielkind. Blogger. Podcaster. YouTuber. Catlover. Kann Spuren von Videospielen & Wahnsinn enthalten. Xbox: ExzentRyk Hier gibt es meinen persönlichen Podcast mit Ausflügen in Geek- oder Nerd-Themen. Das schließt vor allem Serien, Filme, Videospiele, Hard- und Software, digitale Fotografie und Technik ein. Außerdem ist im Netz natürlich ein hoher Anteil an Cat-Content nötig und wird von meinen Katzen Cookie und Muffin bespielt.

La Fortaleza de LeChuck

By La Fortaleza de LeChuck
Podcast de videojuegos quincenal donde comentamos las últimas noticias y analizamos los juegos del momento y retro, además de tratar diferentes temas sobre el mundillo.

A que Juegas?

By A que Juegas?
Programa de videojuegos. Porque los juegos también se escuchan!

The Clock: A Hearthstone Podcast

By The Clock HS
A Lifestyle Podcast about the Game of Hearthstone. For Casual & Hardcore Fans Alike! Our four hosts range in experience from fairly new to card games to long-time Magic veterans. Some of us are Innkeepers, some of us are Legend players, but what we all share is a love for the game and a passion for discussing in it a positive, constructive way!


By 韩语老师_李先生LEO
想学习比较正确的发音? 想听新鲜的课程? 过来!

El Semanal De El Rincon Legacy

By El Rincón Legacy
Podcast semanal sobre juegos de mesa en el que tres amigos del club mecatol rex de madrid comentan la actualidad lúdica. De forma distendida y coloquial, cada semana traeremos a un invitado especial. Con Jorge, Alberto Almera y Javi Legacy.

The Frank Mythic Hour: An Improvised Roleplay Podcast

By Frank Mythic
The Frank Mythic Hour is an improvised podcast starring Montreal based comedy duo Frank Mythic. Andy Assaf and Dimitri Kyres invite improvisers and comedians to play role playing games in order to create various riveting, hilarious and wild cinematic miniseries.

The 7500 Club

By Ultiworld
The 7500 Club is a Division III college focused podcast from Ultiworld D-III editors Mike Ball and Sam Echevarria. Email: [email protected]

WolfNet Radio: A Battletech Podcast

By atkrull
A Battletech Podcast discussing the books, tabletop, video game, and history of Battletech

D-Buddis Überlegungen Audio

By D-Buddis Überlegungen Audio
Schwerpunkt Geocaching, aber auch mal Wandern, IT und Motorrad

Still Bitter

By Easton Bendsneyder
A weekly comedy podcast hosted by Easton Bendsneyder. During each 30 minute episode, Easton rambles about his past and recent experiences, current events, Television, Movies, and Video Games.


By Edcellent ED / Anchor
°Spread the gospel °Talk About movies °Trending Topics °Venting °And whatever is on my mind


By Gayme Over
Queremos ajudar na desconstrução de tabus e disseminar informação. Estimular os leitores para que possam perceber que o videogame pode oferecer experiências que vão além do puro entretenimento.

Bullet Hell-o Shmupcast | A Gaming Podcast

A Shoot 'em Up (Shmup/STG) Gaming Podcast. We cover everything from Danmaku, Bullet Hell, Arcade, New, Retro, Top Down, Twin-Stick, Some Run n Gun, Fixed, Gallery, Rail, Arena... Rogue-lite Hybrids (cause that's a thing)... maybe a light gun game or two... basically anything that's shmup, considered a shmup, or shmup related. We do the news, reviews, retrospectives, deep dives, and any other hot item clickbait words that raises the SEO! Hosted by Sensei Pong. Lick and Scrubside!

Frida Indari

By Frida Indari / Anchor
My everyday life

Pillar of Strongth

By FreakZone Games & Mentski
FreakZone Games & Mentski present: PILLAR OF STRONGTH; Ramblings of a game dev and a know-it-all. One’s made games, the other has played a hell of a lot of them. Together, we talk garbage and occasionally slip in a bit of game design knowledge, or at least act like we know what we’re talking about. Cover art by the amazing @horsenburger

DFC Podcast

By DFC Podcast
Come hang out with us as we talk about all kinds of random stuff!

D20 Strength Podcast

By Jarrett Sleeper
D20 Strength is a company started by three brothers (and their friends) to support video gamers who want to feel better in their IRL bodies. We make supplements and apparel at and this is a spot where we can discuss living and thriving in the strange Venn diagram of folks who workout and also play video games! Also: we're brothers and the vibe gets... brotherly. It's fun. That's a good thing. Like, I used to play lacrosse and he used to play football and sometimes we'd put our...


By Dipper / Anchor
Creepypastas are horror-related legends or images that have been copy-and-pasted around the Internet. These Internet entries are often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intended to scare readers.

FixtheFix33 Sports

By WillieTheKid / Anchor
FixtheFix33 Sports

thebatya talk

By thebatya
Еженедельный подкаст от сообщества…

La Cruceta Podcast

By Champunes
Tertulia entre camaradas sobre el mundo del videojuego

The Game Boys

By Go Left Gaming
The Game Boys is the official podcast of Go Left Gaming. Hosts Max Roberts, Mitchell Morgan, Alex Wray, and Rocky. Every other week on Monday we bring you a gnarly little show about the fantastic news and happenings in the world dubbed “Video Games.” The podcast is in both audio and video format, so you can enjoy our show however you would like. You can find us here on iTunes or on YouTube.

Mick Grimes Gaming Podcast

By Mick Grimes Gaming Podcast
Weekly gaming podcast covering a variety of topics, and games from old to new


By KaseyTheMiner / Anchor
Welcome to the KaseyTheCaster podcast, where all things are unthinkable.

Braingasm and anything random

By hairy eyes / Anchor
Stepping into the mind of a young nobody

Behind The Crusade

By Modern Knights
Behind The Crusade is an episodic diary of what is going on behind the development of the upcoming wargame Crusade of Two Suns.


By levi Atkins / Anchor
This is gonna be me just saving content from all different types of media. Music,games, and other things

Cross-Play Podcast

By GameRevolution / PlayStation Lifestyle
GameRevolution and PlayStation LifeStyle present the Cross-Play podcast, a show from two of the internet's longest-running gaming outlets dedicated to bringing you the latest in gaming news, reviews, and burning hot takes.

H&A's Geek Out

By Hamish and Andre
H&A's Geek Out is a podcast where we talk about games, movies or other generally geeky things in pop culture.

Pauper View

By Pauper View
Podcast Brasileiro de Magic the Gathering MTG - Podcast dedicado ao formato Pauper

Ecke Hansaring

By Das seitenwaelzer-Team
Gefährliches Halbwissen, populistisches Gepöbel und eine ordentliche Priese schwarzer Humor - dafür steht das Podcastformat "Ecke Hansaring" aus dem Hause seitenwaelzer. Die beiden teilzeitinformierten Historiker Michael und Moritz schwingen sich vors Mikro und diskutieren und spekulieren über tagesaktuelle Themen, die die Welt bewegen.

Voicing Valiant

By Voicing Valiant / Anchor
This is Voicing Valiant, where super fans get their LA Valiant fill!

Immortal Index: A Xianxia & Wuxia Fan Podcast

By Immortal Index
A Podcast show discussing Chinese webnovel translations of "Xianxia" and/or "Wuxia" - hosted by @StephenLemieux Rate and comment for a shout out on on the show; and tell me what you'd like to talk about! Huge special thanks to AfterBuzz TV for allowing my use of the studio. If you're looking for TV discussion, reviews, and after shows, check them out at!


By 創作処「彩奏」
10年ぶりに自分の生まれた町に帰って来た「深水深月」。 見覚えのある景色と懐かしい海の香り、そして彼女を出迎えたのは幼馴染の浅倉仁だった。 「変わったようで変わっていない」そんな彼女たちだったが、変わってしまった事も確かにあって、……そして、変わりゆく事も。 ​これは海面に浮かぶ、恋の物語。海の中に沈んだ、乞い物語。 創作処「彩奏」制作オーディオドラマ最新作!

The Dedede S Cast

By The Nintendo 3DS fan podcast
A friendly crew of deluded Nintendo devotees deliver the latest on the 3DS. Their coverage of the shiny new hand-held is passionately baised without the stereotypical fanboy arrogance... most of the time.

The Pretenders Guild

By Chris Mosher, Dylan Michael
A conversational and storytelling podcast that aims to explore the world of the Elder Scrolls and creatively retell experiences and events from the games.

The Lorehammer Podcast

By Mark, Jordan, and Erik
Lorehammer is dedicated to answering all your story based questions about Warhammer 40K. Join Mark, Erik, and Jordan as they attempt to simplify this massively complex world.

The Home Pros Radio Show |The Home Improvement and Repair Podcast

By Tommy Donovan - Home Inspector and Radio Host
The Home Pros Radio Show brought to you by Prime Lending. Join Tommy Donovan with RIC Home Inspections and Shane Hipps with Closing Contractor as they take your questions, share the latest news in the industry, and introduce you to the home improvement professionals that make it all happen. Both informative and entertaining, it's home repair and home maintenance for listeners of every experience level. Visit us online at

The Gauntlet

By The Gauntlet
Podcast by The Gauntlet

The Classic FASERIP Podcast

Welcome to the only podcast out there that talks about the Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG by TSR! Listen in as the hosts talk about the game, the rules, Marvel comics, new material for this old game and much more! Contact us via email [email protected]

The Life Stocks Podcast

By Tyler Stanton and Bryan Allain
Tyler Stanton (of Tripp and Tyler) and Bryan Allain rant, rave, and recommend. No take is too strong, no dive is too deep, no topic is too trivial.


By nerdoholics
two nerds talk about nerd stuff in tv, movies and games.

The Lost Library

By Matt Hoadley
Welcome to the Lost Library, your source for long running Actual Play RPG campaigns.

The Cabinet Podcast

By Tim Gibson
A podcast experience about the creepy and weird experiences found in video games from the days of the arcade to modern game consoles. New episodes updated twice a month on Wednesdays starting from March 14, 2018.


By Alvin
刑侦故事,随着近代科学发展的突飞猛进,刑侦学在高科技的加持下也取得了长足的进步,越来越多的刑侦手段被科学家及执法人员应用到了实际案件当中去,通过科学的手段还原出了一个个的真相,使罪犯无所遁形。 更多黑水怪谈最新内容,关注我们的微信订阅号:黑水公园

Year Of Shame Challenge 6

By Lapsed Gamer Radio, Codec Moments & Film Guff
Welcome to the Year Of Shame Challenge 6 where 4 hapless individuals, after taking a blood oath, swear never to hit the buy button or open their wallet for a game for a whole 365 days. Will any of them break? What methods will they use? Tune in to find out...


By 套瓷FM

The Van Life Podcast

By The Vantasy Life
Two Ordinary People Living Anything But An Ordinary Life. How vanlife improved our lives and opened our minds. Van life allowed us more time to work on our small business and gave us a new perspective. You don’t have be in the mundane rat race to live the life you want. Create your own joy.

Z.E.D.D. Radio - Zombie Enthusiast Deficiency Disorder

By suedepup
If zombie pop culture is your obsession, you've come to the right place. Z.E.D.D. Radio is a safe-haven for those suffering from Zombie Enthusiast Deficiency Disorder. News, video games, books, movies, comics, television, and more - all covered...all zombie. Hurry! Get inside! (email: [email protected] / Twitter: @ZEDDRadio / Facebook: @ZEDDRadio)

The Bettor Life

By Timothy Lawson talks with the brightest and most entertaining gamblers in the industry
Come enjoy The Bettor Life. Life as a gambler is unique and fun. This podcast will talk to professional bettors and recreational gamblers alike about poker, table games, sports betting, slots, and other games of chance.


By KYbattabi


By 半ドン!だ話!


By チームガンダムスキー


By きたきたかふぇ

The Occasional Podcast

By The Occasional Podcast
Join us in an audio-centric exploration of high fidelity listening. Gear talk, interviews and plenty of interesting insights into audiophiles, manufacturing and the people that make up the pastime.

The Longbox of Darkness

By HJ Louw
Ayeeee! It's The Longbox of Darkness! A weekly show discussing horror comics, films, and other related media. Every fortnight horror host HJ Louw rifles through his comic collection to bring you the most terrifying tales ever to see print.

Nick gaming

By Nick gamingdude / Anchor
Having fun, playing games, and much more

Nerd Out Podcasting

By Nerd Out Podcasting
Join Mike and Josh as they discuss the latest in gaming, technology, and other fun content. They discuss a variety of topics related to many Nerdoms. Listen in!

Limited Edition

By Jesus Echeverria / Anchor
Welcome to the Limited Edition podcast, normally you'll find here my exclusive content that's not featured on my YouTube channel or on other podcasts. And maybe sometimes you'll get an early idea what some of that content for those platforms will be.

Hardly Working with Rodney and Jack

By Jack and Rodney
Hardly Working is a topical show where we aim to be funny, light-hearted and a touch sarcastic. We'll discuss just about anything you want, or (more likely) anything we want. Except for politics (minus the occasional rant) no one wants to hear that bs. Guns, grilling, hunting, fishing, sports, music, movies, adult beverages, 'Merica! and more. Pull up a chair, and join us for a weekly distraction form whatever is bugging you.

Hello This Is Me And I Am Happy To Do This For You

By GamerBoy 666 / Anchor
This is my intro where I talk about myself

Nil Hawk

By Anil Lamichhane / Anchor
It's time to update your listining

Respawning Podcast

By Respawning
Podcast by Respawning

KestCast's Quest Cast

By Keirron, Caitlyn
A weekly podcast on everything gaming. Whether it be industry, coming soon, coming now or even complete failures.

Film Fights

By Rocket Beans TV
Willkommen zu einer neuen fantastischen Unterhaltungsshow auf Rocket Beans TV. Film Fights ist das cineastische Extreme-Quartett. Zwei Typen und ein Judge sitzen an einem Tisch und diskutieren in verschiedenen Runden über vom Judge vorgegebene Themen. Sie müssen innerhalb eines Zeitlimits ihr Plädoyer abgeben und den Judge (und Chat) von ihrer Meinung überzeugen. Dabei geht es vor allem um Improvisation und leidenschaftliche Monologe zum Thema. Hier wird debattiert, gezankt und gestritten bis...

Game Fights

By Rocket Beans TV
Game Fights ist nichts für schwache Nerven, vielmehr ist es das wahrgewordene Mortal Kombat-Reality-TV-Format - inkl. möglicher Fatalities. Vier Runden lang versuchen drei Teilnehmer, die Videospiele l(i)eben, den Judge innerhalb eines Zeitlimits von ihrer Meinung zu überzeugen. Wurde genug gelootet und gelevelt, geht es für die beiden Spieler mit den meisten Punkten zum Endboss. Dieser besteht aus 5 Speedrunden. Leidenschaft, Einsatz und Kreativität sind gefragt. Hier wird diskutiert und ger...


By Rocket Beans TV
Die Bohnen wünschen einen guten Morgen aus dem #moinmoin-Studio in Hamburg. Was steht in der Zeitung? Wie schmeckt der Kaffee? Habt ihr gut geschlafen? Diese und andere lebenswichtige Fragen beantworten euch die immer gut gelaunten Moderatoren von Rocket Beans TV.


Podcast by Nerds

Not as grumpy as they look

By Ben 'Icarus' Cotton, Dave 'MegaSlippers'
A brief and slightly tipsy overview of what games we've been playing, with sprinkling of news and questions for flavour.


By Greg Kulp
Ever try saying, what your thinking? Like, right after you speak in your head though? Yea, I have... And you'll hear that here on this podcast. Where I do my best to speak aloud, my internal speech... Alone? Well, sometimes with my friends who will be joining me on occasion. I'm excited to see where this takes us and how we decide to grow. And YES 'we' and 'us' is applicable, I can't do this without you. HERE, I want YOU to be the voice in my head, and help to decide what to talk about next a...

Gaming With A Twist

By Skellz / Anchor
Welcome to Gaming With A Twist, I'm your host Skellz! If you love all things gaming and comedy you'll love this show! I will be uploading my 2nd episode soon but until then enjoy my intro episode! :-)


By AlyaNator / Anchor
Welcome to GAMING this is a podcast you will surely enjoy if you are a fortnite geek.

Kuvo The Lion

By The Nerf-Lete / Anchor
Conspiracies about the top grossing film "The Lion King" and a whole bunch of "what would happen if..." podacsts. Also love doing commentary with other cohosts.

Ace Podcasts

By Elite Ace / Anchor
I Have A Youtube Channel And Im Doing Podcasts On Here

Avenida Disney

By Mexe R. Garachena / Anchor
¡Noticias semanales del mundo mágico de Disney y muchísimo más!


By Jesse / Anchor
I talk about random topics that come to my head!

Flail Forward

By Flail Forward
Flail Forward is an RPG Design podcast by a group of amateurs. Some would describe it as a dumpster fire, but its an entertaining dumpster fire.


By ThinkBetweenWorlds / Anchor
Welcome to ThinkBetweenWorlds, Where we take you to different worlds and think about things way more than any sane person should. Starring: David Kennedy-Farner and Derek Dillon. Guest Starring: Madison Sneddon and Nick Mata

My ride home

By Gabe Ruiz / Anchor
What can we talk about on my way home from work Let's talk about anything.