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By Jim cogan
A podcast dedicated to developers using Yoyo Games' GameMaker Studio. Regular news, interviews and features.
By Tony Srimongkolkul
We are a podcast that plays Dungeons & Dragons 5e! Grab a glass of tequila because it's probably going to be a wild ride.
By Robots Radio
A hilarious story-focused Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Warning: May include zombie baby pigs, the end of the world, and a bridge troll named Elton John.
By Full Effect Cast
fun easy comedy podcast with all kinds of twist and turns
By Barbara Brookes, Tree Cocks
Delve into the intriguing world of the things we take for granted – things like water, blood, and sewerage!
By Say No To Rage
The official weekly podcast of Say No To Rage where we interview a Twitch streamer, discuss Destiny, and talk about relevant game reviews and news.
By GameCola
A podcast about videogames that most other sites don't talk about—all the indie games, foreign games, weird games, and forgotten classics you've been missing.
By Karen Wild & Jon Buscall
Topical doggy chat, fun, training tips and easy-to-listen-to information while out walking your dog, travelling about or just having a cuppa with your feet up!
By The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast, hosted by Brian Tudor & Johnny Pottorf, is a podcast to help make all things geeky accessible to any fandom. They also like to talk about how comic books help make the best stories on TV and in Movies better.
By Bryan Drake
A podcast for magicians by magicians. Bryan and Karla Drake dissect every aspect of being a magician. From stage to close-up and all the crazy facets in between. If you are a professional or a hobbyist, then this show is for you. If any of the following is up your alley, then subscribe now. Magic, Magicians, Illusionist, Mentalism, Bryan Drake, Tricks, Card Tricks, Stage magic, hypnotism
By The Podcast Planner
Audio equipment is the EASY part of podcasting. Creating content that matters takes more effort. Addy Saucedo shares how to take what you already know and deliver it episode by episode. Podcasting your message doesn’t have to be a crazy puzzle. Visit http://ThePodcastPlanner.com for more information & grab your planner today!
By Handiham System
A weekly audio update of ham radio and technology news from Courage Center's Handiham System, a program for people with disabilities at www.handiham.org.
By Matthew Campen
A branch of the Drunk and Ugly AP podcast, Drunk Talk explores different forms of media then translate them. We will discuss key concepts from film, television, video games, and talk about how to incorporate these ideas into traditional games. Join us as we discuss things, because we know things.
By The Retro Junkies Network
The Retro Junkies Network is a network of family friendly retro podcasts.
By burnedfx.com
I’m an old-school Dungeon Master running his two girls and their mom through dungeon crawls using Labyrinth Lord. It can be funny at times, but the frustration of herding cats is there. In this case, female cats who had never played D&D until I broke out my RPG books. The Delvers is an actual play edited recording of our Labyrinth Lord sessions.
By Días de Juego
Podcast sobre el mundo de los juegos de mesa. Nos gusta jugar y hablar de juegos. Tendremos entrevistas, charlas, reseñas y cualquier cosa relacionada con los juegos de mesa y su mundo.
By Paul Conrad
A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai
By Quest for Adventure
The only podcast where four cool guys have DnD fu…
By ボードゲーム
By Sensei Buddha, Mr. Suave, Beat Physicist
Purpose: To inspire & answer questions about the martial arts for folks who may want to train. Topics covered will be daily or weekly events concerning robberies, assaults, car jackings, stabbings, & domestic violence. The purpose of the show is to deal with these real life attacks with techniques that everyone can use.
By Twenty Wontons
Join the TW Crew as they gather around a mic and share their thoughts and stories, discuss current events, and and try to find the Fun Angle in this podcast. Expect lots of video games and pop culture references.Find more attwentywontons.com
By Seftimor / Anchor
Reviews, Discussions, Culture
By The Optional Podcast
The Optional is a fresh new take on the world of video game criticism. We represent everyone who loves and respects the artform alongside all other aspects of culture who don’t fit the typical cliche of a “gamer”. This is video game commentary for the rest of us.
By David & Davis
Hey. We're David and Davis. Two buddies in Chicago and Chattanooga with a few states (and a giant pile of games) between us. This podcast is us declaring war on our ridiculously long backlog of things we've always wanted to check out. We trade off picking games, spend two weeks playing them, then convene to talk about what we thought. Usually we stay on topic.Follow us on the Twitters @CybercastOnline. Sometimes we tweet about games.
By Deck Talk Podcast Network
Discussions and Analysis of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, decks, and strategies from a duelist who has been away from the game for over a decade. Join Doug Dimmaduel while he shakes off the rust, and learns all about the new card game dynamics.
By ThePlayStationShow.com
The PlayStation Show, it's supposed to be about video games.
By GrogHeads
The GrogCast is the official podcast of GrogHeads.com, the grogest strategy gaming community on the web.
By Yuri Braule
Venha meditar com Yuri Braule, o Monge, em um podcast de entrevistas com podcasters, youtubers, bookers, rockers e outros ers existentes nessa vida mundana.
By Paul Verhoeven
Paul Verhoeven (ABC ME's Steam Punks, 28 Plays Later) will guide you through the world of Doctor Who every week in this new podcast, talking with cast and crew of the show, delivering the latest Who news, and helping you get up to speed on classic Doctor Who!
By Eric Vita
Now presenting semi-coherent discussion of topics such as film, gaming, literature, and more, all with the possibility of entertainment should we ever untangle our knot of production woes. This panel of unqualified oafish open books lays it all out for you to enjoy.
By Kel Kyle
The Mindful Eye is a community that believes we are much stronger when we work together. We are here to help and inspire each person in the pursuit of our passions, happiness and the unlimited potential of our dreams as photographers and as human beings. Our podcasts cover various topics related to photography, creativity, your approach to art and -- sometimes -- to life. So, curl up with a good podcast, or load it onto your iPod and hit the road.
By Daniel Koetsier
Information about enhancing the performance of tube audio equipment.
By Giant Bomb
Ben Pack and Jeff Gerstmann unite after the Giant Bombcast to further expound on the day's events and take your calls and questions, live!
By Ash Farbrother
Reporting, Discussing and Dissecting the Pop and Geek culture of today and yesterday, 'Nights at the Round Table' aims to bring you the kind of discussions that always seem to happen whenever like minded geeks gather together with alcohol.
By Motor City Gaming LLC
Join Grim, Jazze and Chops as they journey through a world of imagination with the help of Craig W.K. What weekly adventures wait for them in the magical world of Geisel? Find out as they play Dungeons & Dragons together.
By David Cole
The Year 200X's weekly podcast. Subject matter changes from season to season. Season 1 is all about video game developers living in the unlikely Lexington, Kentucky.
By Two Guys and A Game
We're two guys (Hodder & Caz) talking games! From what we're playing, news, top tens, reviews, and more! We've got something for every gamer!
By Juan Acuna
Movie-related podcast that include reviews, social commentary and analysis from several points of view. Subject matter will range from early cinema history to current releases and related news material(s). Intended audiences are 18+ and older and may or may not include adult language and subject material. Views expressed are personal and belong to podcast-personality's and may or may not reflect that of Light's Chosen Media.
By Grog and Games Cast
Two guys have a couple of drinks and talk about video games.
By Drink a Beer and Play a Game
Drinking Beers and Playing Games. Brian and Jim discuss the latest in video gaming and the world of beer.
By Straight from the Stands
An Unapologetic LA Galaxy Podcast, hosted by four foul mouth, strong opinionated, rowdy LA Galaxy Supporters.
By Syster Pysslofant
Vi är två systrar som älskar att pyssla och vara kreativa. Det här är vår podd om pyssel och hemmafix.
By Pleek
Join Leland and his cast of always rotating friends as they sit down a few times a month to discuss the best holiday ever: Halloween! If you’re a fan of all things Halloween, horror, dark humor or just the macabre then this could be the podcast for you!
By Scott
Gun nerds discussing anything and everything from a gun-centric point of view.
By Ric & Rob
Each episode, Ric & Rob discuss in-depth a different tabletop rpg, the elements of its design, its lineage and its legacy.
By The Optimism Club
The Optimism Club is a comedy podcast and a pop culture news show. Steve and Andy discuss all the latest news in comics, movies, TV & more while going wherever the conversation takes them.
By Jeff Roberts and Casey Muratori
The Jeff and Casey Show is a weekly podcast by software developers Jeff Roberts and Casey Muratori that is, for lack of a better description, almost completely random.
By George Ruiz & Alec Ruiz
A geeky, jargon filled conversation about Warhamm…
By John Roesch: foley artist and film expert Sarah Roesch: writer, podcaster and film lover
The Right Scuff podcast features legendary foley artist John Roesch, who has created sound effects for over 500 films! He is a 37 time nominated and 9 time MPSE winner for big titles such as Inception, The Matrix, and The Dark Knight. We interview people in production and post production who have achieved their dreams, and we want to help YOU find your dream job in the film industry! We also discuss foley, the art of creating live sound effects in sync with the film.
By Chris Rogers
The Die Is Podcast is a bi-weekly discussion about games of all kinds: video games, board games, and roleplaying games... pretty much anything you can play while sitting down.
By David R Tisdale, II
A podcast covering all manner of topics related to programmers, software developers, data developers, and other IT folks. Topics range from high-level career observations to more concrete technical discussions. The aim is for us to cover those things we wish someone would have pointed out to us years ago!
By Gamerati
Every Friday Marcelo, Joey, and Mitch discuss the most appealing game-related crowd-funded projects from the Gamerati curated Kickstarter page, topping it off with an interview with an experienced game creator about crowd-funding.
By The Grindhouse Radio
Listen to The Grindhouse Radio weekly for a no holds barred, madhouse of mythological pop culture proportions with hosts Brimstone, Kim Adragna, Zambo and the rest of the GHR Crew. Brought to you by Hound Entertainment
By Jason Kotarski
Tabletop gaming in small proportion. This podcast from game designer and publisher, Jason Kotarski (Green Couch Games) explores those great little games known as "fillers". Each episode clocks in around 20 minutes and will be filled with reviews, interviews, and ramblings related to the "filler" game space.
By BiggNate
What is on your Playlist. Join Bigg Nate as he interviews the best of the best in the newest and veteran bands around. If you like what you hear then put it on
By LongBall Studios
Well, hello there, citizen. Do you have trouble telling your friendly, neighborhood, bat-type, spider guy from your average, everyday, alien, hipster, web-comic? Fret no more! From super dudes and fantastic folks, to gumshoe kitties and immigrant elephants, Kalen Knowles, Jon Jolley, and Adam Zopfi-Hulse have got you covered when it comes to comic bookeries.
By J.A. Laraque
Where the gaming world comes to talk about subjects important to them and to you. We love to hear from our community and will continue to bring you interviews and discussions that are entertaining, intelligent and informative.
By Podcast – The Aquascaping Podcast
The inspiration, design, and science of aquascaping and the planted aquarium.
By Seth Brown
The Drinking Darlings is a podcast brought to you each week by 3 Darlings that love to imbibe, talk about all things bourbon, cocktails and anything else in between.
By Michael Nisbet
The official ZBrush podcast hosted by the Pixologic team.
By The GeekAloud.com Team
The latest news, as seen by the team at GeekAloud.com
By Siskoid
Siskoid wrangles a cadre of women with very little to no knowledge of the Marvel Universe in OHOTMU OR NOT?, the craziest indexing show that will ultimately cover every entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition. Find out who's HOT and who's NOT!
By Sullivan Harris
Follow host Kasey Clark, and Dungeon Master Sullivan Harris, as they try to rope in a cast of crazy adventurers on their quest through the mythical land of Opier. From racist half-orcs, to slippery elven rogues, these heroes just might save the world....if they don't destroy it first.
By Todd Frazier
Welcome to the Do Things podcast where we talk about a simple concept that can be extremely difficult to accomplish...and that's doing things. For most of us, we have ideas or dreams but never take the first step and start. We'll talk about my journey along with others journey's to help as many people as possible do the things they've always wanted to do but never actually done.
By Escapist Comics Podcast
Weekly comics news and reviews! Hosted by Jessica and Jesse, produced in association with The Escapist Comic Bookstore 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA.
Farmer and nature lover Chris Skinner shares wildlife recordings and answers questions.
By The Dungeon Crawler Network
Master feed for all of The Dungeon Crawler Network's podcasts! No need to subscribe to every feed if you do not wish! You can subscribe to this one feed and get every show that we do! Podcast List: Chocobo Raiders: A Realm Recast - A Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Podcast From The Ashes: An Ashes of Creation Podcast The Dungeon Crawlers: MMORPG News & Discussion Podcast Tales of Tamriel: An Elder Scrolls Online Podcast Tavern Talk: A Saga of Lucimia Podcast
By William Donahoe
Billy and Erik are nerds, like big time. And they've got encyclopedias in their heads just waiting to spill out. They're tackling movies, TV shows, and comics. It's the Nerd Dash Podcast with Billy and Erik!
By Christopher Coleman
The podcast where composers share thoughts and stories about their original scores.
By Alexander Art
Learn the fun, fast way to create beautiful oil paintings even if you have never picked up a paintbrush in your life!
By Simon Burdett
The (unofficial) podcast covering all aspects of the Harry Potter Miniatures Games from Knight Models. This is a fancast and we are not connected by/ endorsed by Knight Models, Warner Brothers J.K Rowling or anyone else associated with either Harry Potter or the Harry Potter Miniatures Game. Follow us on twitter @HPgamepodcast Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HarryPotterMiniaturesGamePodcast/ And please checkout our sponsor http://leodisgames.com/
By Grady Pruitt
Blender is a great program for learning how to do 3D art, but it can be intimidating to learn. The Blender Canvas podcast is for those wanting to learn more about Blender. These are not tutorials, but discussions and interviews that touch on various topics on creating 3D art for stills, games, videos, and 3D printing.
By Niagara Podcasters' Network
The Elephant & the Irishman is a mobile games podcast hosted by two industry veterans who just happen to share an office space. Shane McCafferty is the developer behind Starseed: Origin, Crobble, and a bunch of client work you’d probably love. Jim Squires is the Editor-in-Chief at Gamezebo, a co-founder at Ookpixels, and a freelance PR wiz for the mobile games industry. Find out what they’re playing -- and what they’re talking about -- weekly.
By Scarlet Rhapsody
Zero Hour is a bi-weekly hour long podcast in which the intrepid conventioneers talk about the latest news in upcoming anime and comic book conventions as well as wrapping up past conventions. Each show will feature a guest from the conventions community.
By Mello
A Podcast dedicated to all MOBAs on the mobile platform! Vain Glory, Mobile Legends, Strike of Kings, anything else?
By xtctechnews
An up to date summary of the latest Console and PC gaming and hardware news and recent film and movie release information told by the younger generation.
By QueueTimes
Gaming news and discussion mixed with a heated debate-style game show!
By Gwen Frey and Chris Slight
Video game podcast starring game developer Gwen F…
By Grant Brunner
Discussion of every angle of the Mass Effect universe.
By The Dialogue Wheel
Welcome to The Dialogue Wheel, a podcast network produced by Loudly Spoken Entertainment. Our 'casters talk Dragon Age, Mass Effect, studies in geek culture, and more! For episodes of our show prior to #18, please visit our YouTube channel!
By Short-Stacked Shamus
Old time radio shows & other storytellers bringing you tales about poker and/or gambling.
By Aden and Lorton
The Glimpse covers the Dota 2 professional scene.…
A series of in-depth conversations between video game makers on the business and craft of interactive entertainment, exploring the core tenants of D.I.C.E. (Design. Innovate. Communicate. Entertain.) Hosted by Ted Price from Insomniac Games.
By Maria Failla
Bloom and Grow Radio is a weekly Podcast designed for the Urban Jungle Dweller, Houseplant Enthusiast and Succulent Killer alike. Maria Failla interviews different "Plant People" in the Urban Gardening community to source houseplant care tips, stories and lessons they’ve learned from caring for their plants along the way. Each episode has practical and spiritual tips and stories that empower and inspire the listener to have their own houseplant collection and #keepblooming and #keepgrowing.
By Wim Bals
Alles over schilderijen, kunst en de kunstwereld. Wim Bals brengt info en achtergrondinformatie via podcasts rond schilderijen die hij maakt. Daarnaast geeft hij ook praktische tips rond de aankoop van een schilderij en waar je op moet letten als je kunst in je interieur wil.
Un podcast en el que se dicen las cosas como son, sin filtro. Mimoso, Lol, Cintia y Alex nos hablan de literatura, música, cine, videojuegos y política y nos comparten lo que les parece, y lo que no, en su peculiar visión del mundo.
By Kelie Oreb
A knitting podcast from Common Threads yarn shop in Encinitas, California.
By Xbox World 360
The UK's favourite Xbox 360 magazine's official podcast.
By The Lost Signals
Discussions on narrative in movies, television, literature and video games
By Michael Völker
Podcast rund um Motorsport.
Podcast dedicated to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games
By Bad Catholic Dads
Hey BCD friends! Welcome to BCD: Digital, a new p…
Give Me A Jobcast is a videogame job interview in 100 small parts with friends. AKA a London based, half cut, videogame opinion and news show featuring three mates who love all things videogames.
By Alex Carrillo / Anchor
By mark fatton / Anchor
hello i am mark or gamekingofthebeast i will be talking about anime gaming and more and sometimes with friends i hope you all enjoy
By Linda Fabregas
By Cxxcg / Anchor
Hello there igxgcgxgxchchchcjvkvk h h ch c gfhxohoxlhxlhxhchchcjvjvjvvjvhvhvjvkvjvjvhzufzfuzgjigzufzvjzkgzogzigxogxigxvkzkzigzigzigdgoxkgsoysitaktwktaktekgegkejysjgwkgwjtwitwitwktwktajfsmbdbxhffudtsgxgmdsjtstkwtiwiyeyieiyeyoxkhdkgdkhdkgskgskysiyeyoeoyeitekgdyoeyodyiwtisyisiysyisitsiteyisiysykslyskgskyegkskhdgolhdkhdhkdgkdhkdgodiyeyidgskysysydbbxgkskggsgkshlrlhzxchlsjfsjgskgsgksgleykehlstiatddmgxvmzmvdmgdkgeiteitwtiwkgsmvnsmcakgsktwyoeoyeoysmvzmvsmgsjtskgskyskhjdlhslysohskgsitwoywoyeoyryoeoyek...
By Simon Jenner
The Green Oval Podcast is the world’s second Land Rover podcast. Started as a passion project and a way to meet and learn from experienced interesting Land Rover people. Each episode we catch up with someone like you out in Land Rover land and hear your stories, we will have some regular contributors and we will try and keep up with the latest musing from Jaguar Land Rover themselves.
All crazy and funny things with Movies, Games, Superheroes, Anime and more! Visit our Youtube channel for more content! - https://www.youtube.com/c/geekawa
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