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Fave This
By Patricia Hernandez
A new show about fandom, internet culture, and the unusual things people do in video games - hosted by Gita Jackson and Patricia Hernandez
Preferred Altitude Podcast
By Preferred Altitude Podcast
There are so many fascinating stories to be told about unique and timeless aviation. Take a listen to some of them. Produced by PreferredAltitude.com - Preferred Altitude, LLC.
Turbos and Tuning
By Gatian Justice
Turbos and Tuning is a show for people who love automobiles and want to extract all the power and performance for the best price. Want to know more about the best modifications and tunes available for your current or future ride? Then tune in weekly to hear host, Gatian Justice, deep dive into the best performance modifications and cars of the past, present, and future. For more information please visit www.turbosandtuning.com and remember to “Buckle Up, Drive Hard, but Drive Safe!”
Nerd Club
By Nerd Club
Listen as co-hosts Yasmin Haq, Celeste Karraker, Brendan Collins, Makena Butler, and Sameer Haq attempt to play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons through podcasting.
Love to Sew
By Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos
Love to Sew Podcast
By Fran Gomez / Anchor
Micropodcast de Cubo Magazine. Tu web de información Lúdica
Cursed Seas
By Infinity Break
In this new actual play Pathfinder campaign from Infinity Break, Ship Master Ben Hamlin leads three pirate players across the wide open Cursed Seas to find Blackbeard's journal. Jacob McCarthy as Capt. Seamus Kincade, Bethany Leuthold is Fin McBludgeon and Kat Wendt is Cici Silverheart in this maritime adventure through foggy port towns, tropical atlantic islands and ancient pirate tombs. Join the crew on their adventures every other Friday right here on Infinitybreak.net
Cosmic Crit
By Cosmic Crit
Cosmic Crit is an Actual Play podcast where we play the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Listen in as six friends explore the brand new world of Starfinder, the latest tabletop RPG from Paizo.
Crash Bang Boom Paragon Podcast
By Crash Bang Boom
Alakazoooom and Mutedinlife share their thoughts on all things Paragon. Join us weekly to hear us talk about builds, balance, the pro scene, and much more.
Edge Guard: Taking a closer look at games on the fringe
By Blake Beckett and Jordan Pruett
Edge Guard is a podcast about video games on the fringe: games at the unexplored edges of itch.io, student games, experimental releases, and more. Each week, two friends—one with a degree in game design, one studying games in an English grad program—play and discuss a different game from the edges of gaming, focusing on what their developers get right rather than what doesn’t quite work. From diamonds in the rough to the weirdest of the weird, Edge Guard finds games worth playing.
CanGeek Radio
By CanGeek Games And Collectables / Anchor
Scott & Christiane talk about Sci-fi, Fantasy, Gaming, TV and Movies while listening to some grea...
Dev Nation Live
By Dev Nation Live / Anchor
The official podcast of Devastation Nation
Everyday Champagne
By Abbey Wade / Anchor
I have far too many things to say
Ellen Zhuang
By Ellen Zhuang / Anchor
Midnight Bakery Radio
By Jena/MoonFairy / Anchor
Tune in to make sense of all the crazy stuff that happens in the Tumblr X-Men RP group.
Must Love Yarn
By [email protected] (Angela)
Weekly podcast about knitting, yarn, crocheting, spinning, and yarn store activites
By Jpw / Anchor
Insomnia Story
By Armando Ochoa / Anchor
So basically it's a story of INSOMNIA an the events that could happen
By Sam and Suzi
Welcome to Fading Steps Podcast! http://fadingstepspodcast.com https://www.facebook.com/fadingstepsaz/ Instagram @FadingStepsAZ Twitter @FadingSteps Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=146902&refid=stpr iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fading-steps-podcast/id1268844138 All work herein is Copyright 2017 by FadingStepsPodcast!
Heroes Direct
By Adam Fitch, Eammon Jacobs / Anchor
The most British comic book podcast you'll ever listen to.
Galactic Geeks
By Ej Sanabria
Podcast by Ej Sanabria
The Tritone Gambit
By Team Armchair General
THE TRITONE GAMBIT is an adventurecast for Fantasy Flight Games Dark Heresy RPG. Follow the exploits of a team of Inquisitorial Acolytes battling aliens, heretics, and traitors in the grim dark future of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 setting.
Thinking outside the shell
By Liam
two nerds talk about games and anime
On the Water Radio
By Lynn Jurrens, Neil Jensen, Randy Angermeier
Join the fun each week as Neil, Lynn and Randy have a lighthearted, humorous discussion about hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. Topics range from local lake conditions to interviews with the people at the National Walleye Trail and everything in between. The show is recorded in Watertown, SD where the show can be heard live on 1480 KSDR AM on Thursday mornings at 7:40 A.M.
In5D Podcast
By 5D Team
A couple of dudes talk things related to entertainment and the business of entertainment... In 5D!
All Geek'd Up
By Nate Ward, Brandon Raymond
All Geek'd Up is the successor to Sonics and Sabers over on the IGStudios Network. As we reached the 18th month mark with Sonics, we noticed that it became more of a generalized geek podcast more than just being focused on Doctor Who and Star Wars. So during our small summer break, we decided to rebrand and relaunch the show! Join Brandon and Nate every Friday night at 8pm eastern time on Twitch at twitch.tv/inkedgeekstudios!
Apocalypse Now
By Montgomery Markland / Anchor
Apocalypse Now video game
Are We Doing This Right?
By Are We Doing This Right?
We are a discussion/opinion podcast. Not on one subject though we talk about most subjects. TV, games, movies, history, politics, etc. We will also take listener suggestions and questions and talk about them/answer them in the podcast. Once we get our first few episodes out we will be releasing new episodes Mondays.
Craving Magic
By Zach and Rachel Moore
Craving Magic is a light-hearted, silly, and enthusiastic podcast dedicated to all things Disney and to all those who love it. From the parks and resorts to movies, theatre, and television, this podcast is intended for the ears of those who constantly find themselves craving just a little more Disney magic.
Always Tilted Podcast
By Andrew and Isaac
Always Tilted is a podcast with two uninteresting nerds. Each week we will try to cover all the interesting stories surrounding the technology we love. Whether it be games we are currently playing, new tech, and maybe even television/movies, we will try our best to keep you updated with our opinions about what's going on.
Recap Companion Podcast
By Lion's Honor
Recap Companion Podcast is a companion to the video series - RECAP where we recap and review some of the best and sometimes worst media of all time. Join us weekly for a roundtable discussion on movies, anime, comics, and more!
Drinks With Larry
Grab a drink and join the conversation with us!
Siste 168
By Siste 168
En gang i uken setter de gode kompisene Eirik og Torkel seg ned og snakker om de siste 168 timene. De snakker om filmer og tv-serier de har sett, spill de har spilt og andre superinteressante temaer som spennende poster fra reddit eller andre historier.
Pink Ward Podcast
By Ivan, Graysen, Jace
We talk about League of Legends and it's true carries, supports.
1Life2Play Maincast
By 1Life2Play
News. Reviews. Interviews. Commentary. Gameplay. Contest. Giveaways. And who knows what else Don't forget to WATCH and SUBMIT suggestions for CREW TRIVIA! CREW: Larry Braz Luigi Eats Mushroom (L.E.M.) PDouble216 Dave the Doc N3rdG1rL Nick_Jr Partnered with Fullscreen.net Please SUBSCRIBE, Rate and COMMENT! It helps us out more than you think! We'd love to hear from you, so drop us a line with your suggestions and questions to podcast at 1life2play dot com.
By MyriadMike (Michael Wright)
Where gamers of all kinds play together, and also discuss a MYRIAD of gaming topics!
By Unoctium and Kris Takahashi
A podcast featuring interviews with mod authors and hosted by unoctium
Hey You Video Game
By Hey You Video Game
The all things video game related podcast with your BEST FRIENDS Lemonsmith, Gimmick, and Virindi Puppet.
Nintendorks Radio
By Nintendorks.com
Nintendorks.com is back! In Podcast form! Join our conversation about life, love, and Nintendo.
Think, Aim, Fire
By Lee Williams
"Think, Aim, Fire" is about one thing -- shooting. It is co-hosted by Lee Williams, The Gun Writer at the Herald-Tribune, and Army Special Operations veteran Bob Keller, owner and founder of Gamut Resolutions.
Misfits & Miscrits
By Misfits & Miscrits
A group of dungeons and dragons newbies try their hand at the age old game. Listen in on what is sure to be a disaster.
Plant Talk Podcast
By Plant Talk Radio
Plant Talk is a live interactive hour long radio gardening show. Hosted by “The Ohio Nurseryman,” Fred Hower has over 50 years experience as a horticultural consultant, certified arborist and landscape designer. Fred is a walking encyclopedia of horticulture information and he answers listener questions in a friendly and entertaining way. The show is not only educational; it’s fun!
Books and Tea Podcast
By Books and Tea Podcast
Join us each week as we discuss books over a cup of tea. For each episode, we have selected a different genre and will discuss its definition, history, related books, and fun facts. We will then share our reading experiences with two books--having each selected one--for that particular genre.
Surviving Your Twenties
By Surviving Your Twenties
We talk about what its like to be in your twenties this day and age, we will talk about anything from the necessity of college to buying your first house.
By はがない倫太郎
【怪談】田中貢太郎「日本怪談事典」を読む(金曜更新) 【ボウリング】日本女子ボウラー列伝(日曜更新) をメインコンテンツに一人で孤独にしゃべっているポッドキャストでしたが、現在はボウリング専用となっております。
Fantasy Football Tradecast
By Will Bolt - Fantasy Football "Expert" LOL
A Fantasy Football podcast where we focus on using trades to leverage your existing roster into a better, championship winning, roster.
Fantasy Football Unfiltered podcast
By Trent Seibel and Joe Marshall
Weekly unfiltered (NSFW) podcast talking about everything that you need to know to win your Fantasy Football league. We focus on PPR leagues, but we talk about a little bit of everything Fantasy Football related.
Waiting On the Bonus Points – A Fantasy Premier League Podcast
By Waiting On the Bonus Points – A Fantasy Premier League Podcast
Waiting On the Bonus Points is the Herald’s weekly analysis of popular online game Fantasy Premier League. We review all the latest action and provide tips and advice for budding managers. If you have a question then tweet us at @FPL_Herald
EYT Biteros
By EYT Biteros
Gaming and Geek News Podcast especializado en el mundo de los videojuegos y entretenimiento. Siguenos en @EYTBiteros
UniversalExports 001 (test only)
By peter
Variety is the spice of life. Variety is something of which UniversalExports has in abundance. Universal Exports pods will help you become more informed, entertained, culturally aware, invigorated, astonishingly good looking, and the person that everybody would like to be. You will be forever held in awe simply by being subscribed to this site. Wow!! This episode is on Plane crash, Drone regulations, Walking trails in Victoria, Noojee Wooden Railway bridge, Juno Space project, Canon Cameras and more
Madlogic Mysteries
By Madlogic
NEW EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY! Join Madlogic as he investigates and researches the paranormal, conspiracies, cryptids, serial killers, the occult, true crimes, aliens, angels, demons, atlantis, crop circles, dreams, nightmares, ghosts, spirits, magic, near death experiences, occultism, prophecy, prophecies, psychic, stonehenge, UFO, vampires, werewolves, witches, bigfoot, loch ness monster, jack the ripper, killer clowns, night terrors, sleep paralysis, alien abduction, black dogs, black eyed kids, monsters, parapsychology, heaven, hell, parallel dimensions, time travel, black holes, wormholes, superhuman abilities, urban legends, doppelgängers, poltergeists, curses, cursed objects, armageddon, and much more!
Boots and Bats Podcast Podcast
By Boots and Bats Podcast
A sports podcast covering the latest news from UFC, Boxing, NRL, AFL, World Cricket and more. Tune in every week for a new episode a few laughs and all your sporting news.
By UndergroundCast
Bem vindos gamers e viciados da cultura geek, esse é o primeiro episódio do UndergroundCast! E nesse ponta pé inicial vamos discutir sobre os anúncios da E3 2017. Então aumentem o volume que você está no UndergroundCast, Um podcast desconhecido para pessoas desconhecidas.
UnScripted Podcast
By MaceValor
UnScripted is all about rants and raves about anything and everything - nothing is left scared. I take great pride in my use of dark humor and brash nature along with my love of science. Theres a little bit of everything here, most importantly is calling out BS where I see it.
Pondering Nerdcast
By Pondering Nerds
Feed your nerd with the Pondering Nerdcast. Where talk about everything nerd under the sun. Now In video format.
GermanToyz Podcast
By GermanToyz VW Podcast
I don't know how to explain this stupid show !!!! Brought to you by the president of Germantoyz World Wide Vdub club.
All New All Different Cape and Cowl Comics Podcast
By Comic Book Register Jockey Podcast Ramblings
Cape and Cowl Comics is Oakland, CA's newest and raddest comic book store! Come check us out at 1601 Clay St. in downtown Oakland or just sit back and listen to the silky sounds of us waxing geeky on this here podcast.
All Talk No Show
By ATNS Podcast
Podcast by ATNS Podcast
All things Former Sunbelt
By Dr. Rugmuncher
Podcast by Dr. Rugmuncher
Alpha Beta Limited
By Alpha Beta Limited
A Magic: The Gathering podcast focused on past and present Limited formats: Draft, Sealed, Cube, and more!
By Podcast AMG / Anchor
Hello everyone Android Micro Gamer here...and this is my daily podcast four you guys and girls
Angela's World
By angiemarie / Anchor
Music, TV shows, and maybe even chat about movies or audiobooks. Call in anytimeRandom topics
By Awful Good Crew
A D&D 5e actual play show and podcast
By Auto Careers
We care about two things: the automotive industry, and connecting the right people with each other. On this podcast we will share those passions with you; informing you of the best HR practices for your business' optimum success, and showing you the automotive world through the fresh perspectives of industry veterans. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
Awesome Sauce
By Orli J. / Anchor
Reviews on Tech, Books, Video Games, Movies, and other Topics!
Boomercast - Movies, Games and Our Lives, Podcast.
By Boomercast - Movies, Games and Our Lives, Podcast.
This is the Home of the Boomercast. I'm your host Dominic, and am joined by Sam & Marco each week. We work in media and youtube. Each week we talk about the hottest movie news, game news, and our lives as working in the media industry. Keep listening for more!
Boostboard02 Debut Podcast
By Boostboard02 / Anchor
Complete fun and amazing songs
Brit Roller Six
By Chris Williams
A British-based podcast discussing all things related to the Wizkids Games Dice Masters, brought to you by the BritRollerSix blog. Plenty of news, debate, and irreverent British humour from hosts Chris & Andy as they ramble their way through. Published every two weeks.
Beer Bros Podcast
By Beer Bros Podcast
4 grabbar i från stockholm utforskar den underbara världen av öl. I denna podcasten testar vi en mängd öl som vi försöker analysera och betygsätta.
B Talks
By B Talks
Brian the "B Man" from Chillinwithb talks about things and gives his opinions on video games, movies, tv shows, and more.
Blue Elephant Brigade Podcast
By John Hoover and Phil Hernandez
Phil and John are a couple of navy veterans who spent a few years playing around with nuclear reactors. Now they, and their occasional guests, spend time laughing about everything a proper geek loves. Frequent topics include monkeys, the ongoing adventures of Florida Man, Movies, Superheroes, Dungeons and Dragons, Game of Thrones, Nuclear Physics, and whatever else catches their interest on a given day!
BroTeam Gamercast Podcast
By The Talefeather
The BroTeam Gamercast is a podcast dedicated to video games! Hosted by the bro-est bros around, come and listen as we talk about the games we're playing, the ones we love and hate, and the pure excellence of bromances.
Behind the Blue Door
By Behind the Blue Door
If you like podcasts where a couple of people chat about things they enjoy personally then this is the show for you. On Behind the Blue Door we talk about comics, games, movies, and most importantly us! Sometimes we get into the hot topics but expect this to be light on subject matter. While we may get heated at the end of the day this is our opportunity to cast ourselves out there and see what picks us up. Hope you enjoy.
Backwater Bastards
By A DnD Podcast with concept artists
Join us every Thursday as Dungeon Master Dick and the three adventurers, the charismatic, drunken nobleman Baron De'Bauche, the wide-eyed and rambuncuous son of a swineheard Blaznak and the clerical, accountant gnome Cedrik make their way haphazardly though the world of Dungeons and Dragons.
Ben and Keegan V.S. The Great Beyond
By Ben & Keegan
Two teenagers talk about the real world, and they don't like it.
Badger's Game Room
By David Acevedo / Anchor
Gaming Reviews Retro and Modern. Basically whatever I'm playing at the moment and I bounce between both. Hopefully I can introduce you to some new games old and new!
Bon Anniversaire
By France Bleu
Souhaitez un bon anniversaire en direct sur France Bleu Alsace à vos proches
Bone, Stone and Obsidian
By Wayne Chang
A monthly podcast about Dark Sun featuring Robert Adducchi and Wayne Chang.
Big Moon Dawg Journal
By BigMoonDawg / Anchor
Random thoughts and things
Big Fat Geek Podcast
By Chris, Nathan, and Dallas
Geek culture for the casual nerd
Battle Of The Atom
By Zachary Jenkins & Adam Reck
Join Zack from Xavier Files and Adam from Bish & Jubez as they battle to decide the best and worst X-Men stories of all time!
By bingoboysgolf
Golf talk with the BINGO boys!
Beaniedraws 1st anchor podcast
By Beanie / Anchor
This is my first anchor podcast where I talk about what's been holding up beaniedraws videos. Essentially it boils down to technical challenges, family health problems, and briefly about mental health such as anxiety. There's more to art than just art. It's everything BEHIND the art.
Be Undercover Geek
By Be Undercover Geek
Be Undercover Geek, appelé aussi BUG, c’est un podcast où 4 Geeks belges, appuyés par une équipe technique et artistique de haut niveau, se retrouvent pour discuter de leurs passions sans se prendre au sérieux. Séries, Cinéma, Jeux vidéo, Mangas, Jeux de société, Jeux de rôle, MMORPG, Technologie, Esport, Kickstarter, Escape Room, Pop culture... ne sont que quelques uns des sujets que l'équipe aborde et vous partage. BUG ça parle de "Geekeries" tout en essayant de rendre ça accessible aux non-initiés.
Initiative Check
By James Bartholomeou
The Initiative Check Podcast Feed contains every podcast produced by myself, James Bartholomeou. From the Initiative Check Checklist to the Indie Love Podcast, everything I produce that's audio-only can be found here!
Inimigos Do Mundo
By Inimigos do Mundo
Podcast Criado em 2014, Inimigos do Mundo é um Podcast cheio de informações e conteudo nerd e cultura PoP
Input: A Video Games News Show
By Irrational Passions
Input is a weekly topical news show about the goings on and culture surrounding video games. Hosted by writers Jarrett Green, Logan Wilkinson, and Jurge Cruz, the three put on an insightful show that's strengthen by their knowledge of not only video games, but of the people who make them and tell stories about them. Input is an Irrational Passions podcast.
Inside the Helmet
By Strayfuh and Garbzy
Podcast by Strayfuh and Garbzy
Installation Wizards
Intelligame Radio
By Intelligame / Anchor
The daily, shorter-form podcast of Intelligame.Us. Accessible gaming culture and criticism for all.
Intended Audience
By Alien Happy Hour
Intended Audience covers topics from video games to interpretive dance to apple orchards. The podcast grew from Riley's love of talking to people who love things. Whether it's something you know nothing about or something you're obsessed with the discussions on Intended Audience are always compelling.
Invictus Deus Ex Machina
By seeseekey
Der Podcast rund um Technik, Retro, Spiele, Softwareentwicklung, freie Software und weitere Themen aus seeseekeys Welt.
Into the Score
By Into the Score
"Into the Score" is a video show where we take one piece of video game music from the canon of important VGM repertoire and analyze it to see how it's put together. We look at its orchestration, form, melody, tech, and even some history about each game! There are more in-depth episodes that explore the composer's life, feature interviews, and go even deeper into each piece, but those are only available to patrons via Patreon. To become one (and access even more rewards), visit http://www.patreon.com/intothescore! Thanks and enjoy the show!
Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast
By intotheknightpodcast
Are you afraid of the dark?…Or are you into the Knight?… For Moon Knight fans, old and new! Connor and Rey cover everything they can on the Moon’s Knight of Vengeance- latest news, rumours and wishes; current runs and classic arcs; spotlights on key characters; TV and film as well as video games and action figures! Nothing left is sacred…except perhaps their reverence for Khonshu…come listen to the podcast or join them on social media…let us be the voices in YOUR head!
Intro With Real Name
By Lychele Wilson / Anchor
Me introducing my self.
By IntoTheVideoGame
Welcome ya' goons. We're the IntoTheVideoGame team; a rising consortium of video game loving degenerates bringing you unfiltered gaming news, gaming views, and heavy banter each week in a casual format. Uploads every Wednesday evening.
Inútiles Datos Curiosos
By Maw Cerón
Nos gusta leer noticias sobre personas que nunca conoceremos, aprender sobre temas que nunca utilizaremos, o explorar lugares que jamás conoceremos. Simplemente amamos saber la respuesta a muchas cosas, incluso cuando nos resultan completamente inútiles.
It's not that SIMple
By A Morgan and N Marie
Podcast by A Morgan and N Marie
Gamaniac Podcast
By Gamaniac
The Gamaniac podcast is an esports focused podcast. Join host Brennan Wright in covering tournaments, roster changes, and other news in esports.
Game of Thrones - #ShowTalk by REC Level 3
By Jess Roberts & Stefano Echanique
Stefano and Jess break down the latest episode of Game of Thrones and discuss theories of what's going to happen next.