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Let's Argue About Plants
By Steve Aitken and Danielle Sherry
The podcast for people who love plants—but not always the same ones Brought to you by the editors of Fine Gardening, this fun, informative podcast tackles all things topical in gardening. You’ll listen to the insights (and arguments) of Editor-in-Chief Steve Aitken and Senior Editor Danielle Sherry as they discuss various horticultural subjects on a deeper level. You will also hear from today’s leading horticultural minds who will offer their wisdom and opinions about what you might want to grow in your garden. We guarantee you’ll be entertained and feel like a better gardener.
The Slash/2 Podcast
By [email protected]
A 'talk radio' style podcast, created by 3 friends who have been gaming together for years. Often dubbed a impromptu podcast, the show is centered around anything GEEK, with wild tangents and crazy moments. The show also places a heavy focus on fan interaction with live recordings and fan interviews.
The Co-op Podcast
By The Koalition
The co-op podcast features discussion of everything games as well as a few choice words on various other subjects.
By Dustin, Kevin, & Brady
UnderDiscussion is a fortnightly roundtable tabletop podcast. For six years we've been covering RPGs, boardgames, card games, and the tabletop hobby.
Heroes of the Hydian Way
By Benjamin Yendall
An actual play podcast using Fantasy Flight Games modules
The CypherCast Chronicles
Welcome to the CypherCast Chronicles a Roleplaying podcast that features the Actual Play sessions of Homemade Cypher System Games. Using Monte Cook Games, Cypher System Rule Set. Enjoy
Flippin' Orbs - An Old School MtG Podcast
By Wak-Wak.se
Interviews, Deck Techs, Trivia, Card Discussions, Collecting and more about Old School Magic the Gathering. Hosted by Gordon Andersson and Grant Casleton. More info on www.Wak-Wak.se
The Rub
By The Commercial Appeal
From the backyard to competition cooking, The Rub is a show about barbecue - grilling, recipes and more. Hosted by Jimmy Shotwell and Forrest Goodman, produced by The Commercial Appeal.
The DnD5e Podcast
By Wayne Brekke Freelife Media NE
A podcast all about 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Commentary, interviews, product spotlights, new products, D&D tech, and more. Host Wayne Brekke brings in a panel of guests each week that offer an entertaining and informative show about all things 5ed.
Combined Arms Podcast
By Combined Arms Podcast
Our show aims to take a positive look at miniatures wargaming and the larger hobby of tabletop gaming in general. We hope to highlight games, products, and experiences that you may never have otherwise heard of before.
Board Games with Panda
By Amanda and Brad Scaggs
A board game podcast where we talk about the games that we love and the community around them.
Mindless Babble-On
By Mindless Babble-On
Two best friends set off on an offensive journey, turning over every controversial stone in their way.
Drinking w/ Failed Musicians
By Drinking w/ Failed Musicians
The show that's not exclusively about drinking or music, but we are musicians who are drinking. Discussing everything from movies, comics, tv shows, music, tour stories, music industry grievances, and more, all while enjoying the bountiful plenty that is booze.
City Smashers
By Blurry Eel
RUUUUUUN!!! IT'S.....the City Smashers podcast! Jerson David Ambion and Matt Howell talk about all your favorite giant monster movies & tv shows. Civil engineers beware!
Last Life
By LastLife.de
Die Talks von LastLife, als Feed auf die Ohren! Meinungen und Kommentare zu Gaming, TV-Serien und einiges mehr, mit Jan (gearhadez), Tobi (Obi-Twice) und Sven (PhanZero).
Podcast – Two Honest Guys
By Podcast – Two Honest Guys
Two Honest Guys is an entertainment podcast brought to you by James and Ryan. Join the guys for their completely original podcast idea, where they chat about all the latest TV, movie and gaming news.
ToonZone News
By ToonZone News
Source of Animation News, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Video Games News, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 3DS News and Forums
Cripple Talks Comics' Podcast
By Cripple Talks Comics
The Cripple and Aladrius dive into the multiverse to take an analytical point of view of Volumes, Issues and more
BloodShot Eyes & Sore Thumbs - A Gaming Podcast
By Edgy Stances
BloodShot Eyes & Sore Thumbs (B.E.S.T.) Podcast! Every week, Jacob (BestJacobAlive2), Scott (BestEagleAlive), and Brent (MisterDooDooMan) talk about gaming, digital culture, and all other reasons to stay up! Regular squares with jobs and responsibles share opinions and thoughts on modern gaming as a hobby. Low-Tech convos, everybody welcome!
Choose My Own Adventure Podcast - How I Met Your Goddess
By Marc Osborne, Amanda Osborne, Jeff Leon Sibulkin, Jennifer Ros, Sakda Srikoetkhruen
Join our three adventurers Cricket Moonleaf the Elf with Burning Desire to do Good, Aiden Deepbrooke the Aristocratic yet Approachable Human, and Ricken Graves the Crippling Self Esteem Goblin. Before every episode we poll at www.choosemyownadventurepodcast.com to let you our audience decide on the outcome of our adventures in the Feyris.
You Gotta Love It
By Kohji Nagata & Andrew Patterson
The show where you tell us, and the rest of the world the things you love that we might have missed. The show where you can come to discover the best things you never new existed. And most importantly the show where you can force us to sit through the worst "entertainment" you can find and say "Well... you gotta love it." For content submissions please go to loveitpod.com or email us at [email protected] also hit us up on twitter and instagram @loveitpod
Another Click Another Credit
By Alexis Spicer
Another Click, Another Credit is a podcast about the game Android: Netrunner that focuses on the community and competitive aspects of the game. We hope to reach out to playeres of all levels of skill and interest in order to bring the community together and foster the growth of the game.
Fantasy Garage Podcast
By Jordan & Chris
Just two car guys talking about cars they can't afford and ranting about the bad things in the world of cars. Come listen and hangout to these sometimes funny non-expert car guys.
Game Talk Live
By Game Talk Live
An interactive and live video game news show, with hosts Leo Camacho and Mandie Roman! Streams live weekdays on Facebook at Noon PST!
Easy Operations
By Easy Operations
Weekly Gaming and TV/Film Podcast with Ron, James, and Mondo. We live life on easy mode.
Dungeons and Dads
By Jason and Chuck
Dungeons and Dads is a podcast about two nerdy dads (Jason and Chuck) raising nerdy kids. They share their successes, triumphs and critical failures as they try to pass on their hobbies, passions, and obsession to their children all while trying to be good parents.
Die Welt Zockt
By Die Welt Zockt
Die Welt Zockt ist ein freies Netzwerk aus Twitch-Streamern.
Dimensional Inquisition
By Give Me A Podcast Check Network
A 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Live Play Podcast
Dimes in the Dozen
By D. Lazer, S. Ray
A podcast from 2 guys who might have something to say about that thing you heard about that one time, and maybe a little more #DITD
D6 Summit
By 40k and AoS Podcast out of Salt Lake City, Utah
Podcast by 40k and AoS Podcast out of Salt Lake City, Utah
Dollar Dorks
By Derek E
A podcast about using your game collecting hobby to pay for your game collection.
Dear Dungeon
By Dear Dungeon
Two friends, Audrey and Brandon, sit down and answer user-submitted questions about Role-Playing Games. Dungeons and Dragons, as well as Pathfinder, take up large portions of the conversation, but we will try to keep it universally applicable. Part tabletop advice, part goofs, and all fun. We’ll also feature fun character, dungeon, monster, and treasure concepts, roleplay improvisation, and much much more!
Cody's Car Conundrum
By Cody Wagner
13 yr old car enthusiast shares latest car news, car talks and even car games. Listeners will understand my passion about cars when they listen to me.
CCG_Brothers's podcast
By ccgbrothers
Two Brothers (Allan and Trace) chat about Magic, CCGs, and the state of all within.
Break the Glass Podcast
By mak gutz and the dean
3 people want to interact with the world.. this is a non PC podcast and remember all the music you hear is someone playing music on spotify in the background we have no control or no know how on how to stop it
Blurry Eel Podcast – Blurry Eel
By Blurry Eel
Welcome to the Blurry Eel podcast where we talk about, er, everything Blurry Eel such as films, documentaries, shorts, lets plays, and more!
No Bad Pars
By Lam Nguyen
Golf sucks. More accurately, golf is maddening. It has a way of making very reasonable people absolutely insane. Are you the guy smacking a hundreds balls in an hour at the driving range? Have you ever in your life played a round of golf while being shot at? That's about the equivalent of hitting that many balls that quickly at the range and pretty much just as useful. That's a great example of how smart people leave their smarts at the door when it comes to golf. Doing something wrong 1000 times just makes you much better at doing that wrong thing. This podcast is the culmination of hundreds of conversations with golfers of every possible skill level from 25 handicappers to tour pros, weekend warriors to seasoned coaches. What I'm trying to do is hack through the thousands of hours of youtube videos, tens of thousands of articles and literally millions of tips that you've read or been told in order to give you an actual path to improving your game. This podcast will focus on brain training, the least worked on and most important tool you have at your disposal. I'll try to keep the subjects concise, focused and, most of all, useful.
New Ashkelon Radio
By New Ashkelon Radio
A Dark Age Podcast
By Lili Musi
Entrevistas, buena platica y toda la buena vibra con invitados muy especiales.
Nerf This!
By Abby Erickson
We talk all things Overwatch on this podcast! Join us twice a month as we sit down with our host Abby Erickson and four special guests to talk about the latest updates to the game as well as some of our own favorite aspects of Overwatch.
Michael Test - BTR Show Title
By Michael Test
Michael Test Description - BTR Show Description
Midseason Drop-Ins
By Midseason Drop-Ins
Join Matthew and Sanja each week as they embark on a dangerous quest that may upset many fandoms. Their goal? To guess where a T.V. show arc is going by watching one episode halfway through the first season of the show. This is Midseason Drop-Ins, enjoy.
JTR Podcast
By JestaThaRogue
My view on Board and Card Games
By 2-Bit Podcasters
Join Tom and Brian as they talk about Videogames, Comics, Anime, Toys, LOST and all thing Geek; and how it worked throughout their journey in life. Bringing back the old podcast from the website 2-Bit Gamers.
By Markus Mörth
Wir wollen Bücher, Kurzgeschichten, Musik, Filme und Spiele besprechen. Also im Prinzip alles, was mit dem Thema der Unterhaltung zutun hat. Denn egal wie alt man ist, kommt man immer wieder mit diesem Bereich in Kontakt – auch Kinder. ||| Bücher / Kurzgeschichten: Egal ob man sich die Besprechung anhören möchte, weil man das Buch selbst gelesen hat und sich eine zweite Meinung holen möchte, ob man das Buch für die Schule lesen soll – eine Besprechung von schriftlichen Texten hat immer seine Vorteile. ||| Musik / Filme: Neues entdecke kann viel Freude bereiten. Vor allem dann, wenn man neue Bands und Musikrichtungen für sich entdecken kann. Egal ob fette Beats oder himmlische Klänge. Alles ist hier erlaubt. Genauso wie bei Filmen. Von Romantik und Drama, Kinderfilmen bis zu Action und Thriller wollen wir hier so einiges abdecken. Unter anderem auch Kurzfilme. ||| Spiele: Spiele mit Online-Funktione, Spiele für die Familie oder nur für sich, egal ob digital oder analog. Es ist wichtig, dass man sich ab und an in eine fantastische Welt fallen lassen kann. Hier wollen wir auch über verschiedenste Games und Spiele bericht erstatten.
VR Cast: Virtual Recollection
By Janessa Olson
Stories about video games and the people who play them.
Stuck IN the heartland
By Stuck IN the Heartland
We talk with some amazingly talented people in the entertain industry. We also cover #80's #90's and early #00's #Tv #movies #cartoons and #comics! And what ever else we want!
Stirrup Trouble
By Mucking Mares
3 Boss Mares and Some Horse Hockey // Because let's be honest, we're all a bunch of crazy horse girls.
Stormwatch Homebrew
By Alexandretta BlueShade
Stormwatch Homebrew is a podcast that follows the tabletop RPG exploits of a group of folks from Bluegrass Country. We'd always wanted to do a podcast. We'd always wanted to play D&D. Why not combine the two? Ours is a homebrew game, in our own made-up world, with our own made-up adventures, loosely using Dungeons and Dragons stats and rules. Join us as we dungeon crawl, as we climb snowy mountains and ford ancient rivers, in search of fortune, glory, and the Greatest Sword!
By Nerderlingen
Een podcast door en voor Noorderlijke nerds.
Good Shows Gone Bad
By Josh & Cam
We watch good shows that went bad. They go real bad. Reeeeeal Baaaaad.
By The Jaded Gamer
The Jaded Gamer has opinions and believes ignorance should be exposed to sunlight. In an effort to rid himself of his own ignorance, he airs it out every week in the effort to help positive discourse.
By MRVN & Dreven
Ein Podcast über die wichtigen Dinge im Leben: Whiskey. Dazu schnacken wir noch über dies und jenes und alles dazwischen. Schnallt euch an, los geht's! Mit MRVN & Dreven
Legenderbe - nur für Männer
By Legenderbe.de
Es geht um Leiden und Leidenschaften, Grillen und Kochen, Autos und Technik, Garten und Handwerken, Erlebnisse aus der Jugend und viele Dinge, über die man Stillschweigen vereinbart hat.
The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy
By The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy
Welcome to the Beginner's Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure -- big or small. When I began gardening in 2013, I scoured books and Internet resources to find all the information I could. Although good information was abundant, I had trouble understanding all the gardening lingo and sifting through the information to figure out what would work for me. In this podcast, my aim is to provide helpful information while explaining the gardening lingo as we go. I want to equip YOU to have the best start ever this gardening season!
Geeks & Family Therapy
By Geek Therapy Network
Geeks & Family Therapy is about geek culture's influence and impact on families; its presence and use in family therapy as well how psychology is used in geek culture and technoloy. Kat can be contacted on twitter @KatMFT Lea can be reached on twitter @LFBeee
By FauxPop Culture
SELECT START! Reuben Elliott-Fisher quests to bring balance to the people of FauxPop with FauxPlay. Join him and the many guest heroes as they fight to just chill and enjoy some social battles to the death. Here you can find Video Games, Board Games, Role Playing Games, Miniature Tabletop War Gaming, and even daily ‘Let’s Play’ episodes. Fauxplay hopes to help you delve into the tactful minds of Fauxpop as they roll dice, laugh, and ragequit some of their favourite games.
By Beta2Podcast
Programa profesional acreditado por la Real Academia del Master of Podcaster
All Bout Gaming (ABG)
By Ricky
A video games podcast with news about new games , esports and much more
BitByBit's Podcast
By BitByBit
Bit By Bit is a youtube channel run by gamers Jess Reed and Janet Garcia. Their largest and longest running series, Coffee Break, also exists as a podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, hosted on Podomatic. They tackle a different topic in gaming each week, offering their unique perspectives for viewers and listeners.
Coffee & Beer Radio
By Coffee & Beer
Short cuts from the Coffee & Beer Podcast Network's roster of shows including Don't Panic, Game Nights and Up For Debate.
Let's Talk
By DoubleDownAce
Podcast by DoubleDownAce
Le BonStock Podcast
By BonStock.com
Trois gars dans un sous-sol ont des discussions à propos de la musique qu'ils écoutent des jeux qu'ils jouent et de la tv qu'ils regardent. Ce n'est pas le concept le plus inédit de l'histoire des podcasts mais les p'tits gars ont du coeur. Deux fois bravo.
Planeta Fotográfico
By Carlos Mesa
Podcast dedicado a los trucos y consejos fotográficos. Conducido y dirigido por Carlos Mesa, presidente de la Asociación Fotográfica Planeta Insólito (www.fotografiar.org).
I Dunno Mate
By I Dunno Mate
I Dunno Mate is essentially two idiots blundering their way through a show for 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes with guests, sometimes not and even sometimes without one of the hosts! Gaming, YouTube, Streaming are just some of the topics that we stray away from while going on a tangent. Basically we don't know what we're doing, but it's fun doing it.
TA Playlist Podcast
By TrueAchievements
TA Playlist is a monthly gaming club where the TrueAchievements community picks a game to play together. During the month we'll discuss the game's many elements like story and gameplay, chase achievements, compare stats, and wrap it all up with a podcast hosted by some of the TA staff.
KMUW-FM: Your Move
By Your Move
Board games. Video games. Anything but mind games. KMUW commentator Sam McConnell explores the latest (and the time-tested) world of games.
Avec Maxime Dumartin, l'événement du week-end à ne pas rater dans nos régions.
Fanny Paul sélectionne et teste pour vous les meilleures applis du moment à installer sur vos smartphones et tablettes.
TheIDEKS On The Go
By Mathieu Sherburne
Podcast that goes with my youtube channel. Like and Subscribe. www.youtube.com/c/ideks
Online Book Club
By Mrs. H
Hi, I'm Mrs. H - and I love to read. Reading is a great way to escape from the stresses of reality. It let's you go on adventures and discover new worlds. It can introduce you to characters from different walks of life. It can teach you new and interesting things. A really good story can even bring people together. Which brings me to my second interest - meeting new people that share my love for literature. The problem is, I deal with a pretty strong dose of social anxiety. So, I thought creating my own book-club-style podcast under a "pen name" would be a great way to enjoy both. My one hope is that my listeners have as much fun as I'm going to. You can listen in on: iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Spreaker. My podcast is also on YouTube - their Closed Captioning lets those with hearing impairments join in. One last thing, you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or just shoot me an email. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I'm reading, or suggestions for what to read next.
Attic Aficionados
By Tom Barbalet and Brandon DiCamillo
Exploring the artifacts and culture of the magnificant morsels found in their attics, Brandon DiCamillo and Tom Barbalet are mundane missionaries. Sometimes they talk about movies and food too.
Video Game Grooves
By Video Game Grooves
Jeremy LaMont, Paul Watson, and Anthony Agnello keep you entertained and informed about the latest on video game soundtrack releases on vinyl record. Featured soundtracks every episode, with discussions of the music and the games we love. Join us, and visit us at www.videogamegrooves.com
High Scores Podcast
By Matt Anderson
A pinball comedy podcast w/ casual conversations among comedians and guests. Join Matt Anderson (@mandersoncomedy) and Joseph Roberts (@bongripsthebook) for new episodes every Wednesday 7AM EST.
Woodworking Hand Tools & Techniques
By Bob Rozaieski Fine Woodworking
Join your host, Bob Rozaieski, as he answers your questions and talks shop with some of today's best traditional woodworkers.
Video Game World News Tonight
By audioblivious productions
a parody newscast in a world where all video game characters exist in the same reality
Notenbremse - SPIELGEFUEHL
By Notenbremse - SPIELGEFUEHL
Menschen verbinden Medien oft mit besonderen Momenten. Der erste Kuss im Kino. Ein bewegendes Buch in schweren Stunden. Oder der Soundtrack zu einer unvergesslichen Nacht. Auch Videospiele begleiten uns durch das Leben und hinterlassen prägende Eindrücke in der Geschichte jedes einzelnen. Doch ihre Kraft, uns in ferne Welten zu entführen, kann auch zu einem kleinen Problem werden. Beispielsweise in der Schule, bei der Abfrage der Hausaufgaben oder im Beruf, während eines wichtigen Meetings. Wie unsere Gäste von Spielen im Alltag ausgebremst wurden, erzählen sie in der dritten Staffel des Podcasts mit dem Thema „Notenbremse“!
The ConeCoach Podcast
By Cone Coach, Neal Tovsen, Shane Donahue
ConeCoach is focused on helping autocrossers go faster. Each episode, we'll focus on specific topics you can use to improve your car, and the nut behind the wheel. Hosted by Shane Donahue and Neal Tovsen.
The Felix Comic Art Podcast
By Felix Comic Art
The Felix Comic Art Podcast is the show dedicated to the world of original art and original art collecting. Hosted by Felix Lu, each episode will feature a special guest as we chat about the hobby. We'll talk to artists, writers, collectors, and more! For anyone who has an interest in comic art, this is the podcast for you.
Aldrig AFK
By RadioPlay
Vi er gamere der snakker gaming. Værten er Niels Forsberg.
Dungeons & Debacles Podcast
By Dungeons & Debacles
Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition real-play podcast.
Beyond The Racing Line Podcast
By Roger Byron
Beyond The Racing Line is a Formula 1 podcast by fans for fans about all things F1. We cover all sorts of aspects of Formula 1 Racing from weekend reviews to news and rumours getting around the F1 racing world.
Content Complete
By Content Complete
Podcast by Content Complete
Board Game Buffet
By Dean Liggett and Daniel Joyce
Dean and Dan discuss boardgaming
Cardboard Reality
By Cardboard Reality
Welcome to Cardboard Reality! A podcast about 4 friends who seek to escape the monotony of everyday life by discussing the board games they play. We discuss and review designer board games on a biweekly basis. Enjoy!
Cinema Siblings
By Cinema Siblings
A brother and sister who see all the movies talk about movies
Antes Tarde do que Nunca
By Modesto
Podcast by Modesto
Golden Age Gamers
By Golden Age Gamers
Making gaming great again! We create content that is focused on a wide platform of gaming systems, with a little humor along the way! Oh and Star Wars, lots and lots of Star Wars!
General Chatter
By RT Austin
The RT Austin Community Productions podcast where we talk about our productions, internet and nerd culture, butts, and dicks.
Gosh Podcast
GOSH (Go On, Speak Hypothetically) is a weekly podcast where we come up with strange questions, and even stranger answers. With a little help from the internet, Gary, Nick, and Jordan will discuss and speak about things...hypothetically of course.
Graveyard Duck
By Graveyard Duck
A podcast dedicated to the best in retro gaming. NES, SNES, Genesis, Turbografx, Neo-geo - Wes and Scott take a nostalgic look back at the 8-16 bit days.
Fanboy TV Radio Presents
By FBTV Radio
From the company that brought you FanboyTV we now present our series of podcasts about geek culture.
Fan Theory World
By Fan Theory World
FTW explores the fan theories of a wide a variety of fandoms. Co-hosts Erik and James dive into their favorite theories, the prominent theories circulating the internet and even the weird ones.
Friend Code
By Friend Code
Podcast by Friend Code
#RealTalkAndCoffee Podcast
By The Rustic Belle
I own The Rustic Belle blog. By day I'm a creative-entrepreneur chasing my dreams, and at night I'm a military wife & fur mom to 2. I drink way too much coffee, get too excited over simple things, & I'm probably too much of a grandma to be 25. I started #RealTalkAndCoffee to create a community to be there & empower those of us struggling with certain lessons of grace, adulthood, and much more.
Ladies of Leet
By LadiesofLeet.com
Join Nicole, Stephanie & Kim as they discuss video games from all areas; Hardcore to Casual, PC to Console and Expensive to Affordable. This podcast is fun conversation with some great tips & news for any gamer regardless of gender. And yes we are back!
Knife Nuts Podcast
By Knife Nuts Podcast
Podcast by Knife Nuts Podcast
By Just Us Nerds Podcast
In a world where 2 nerds come together to talk about all things nerdy... Just Us Nerds Podcast was born. We talk comics, movies, and all things in between
Josh Consalvo
By JoshConsalvo
I'm a youth pastor and preschool teacher in Greenville, SC. My podcasts are about gaming, life, and several of my bible lessons from my youth group.
Hard At Work
By Matt/Nick
It's a show where we talk about what we talk about at work, to distract us from work. Recorded at work