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Los ñoños comunes
By Los ñoños comunes
El podcast de dos amigos ñoños que llevan una vida normal. No tienen amigos influencers, no estan casados con twitstars, no trabajan en revistas de videojuegos ni son periodistas, son simplemente: los ñoños comunes. Hablamos de Comics, Videojuegos, Películas, Series, Música, Anime y CulturaGeek.
Console Neutral Podcast
By CJ & John
There are no console wars here. We try and stay neutral. Hence the name. We are a video game focused podcast, host by CJ & John, that sets out to cover all video game consoles equally(except for maybe PC).
Ben Meets
I have my own YouTube channel where I play Football Manager AND I now have my own interview show/podcast where I interview Football Manager content creators.
Dota Is Life
By Dota is Life
Join our hosts Space and Sole as they discuss strategies, happenings, patches, and much more! Aimed at players of all skill levels, this podcast stays entertaining, lighthearted, and fun.
Detrás del Pixel
By Mario Carballo Zama
**Detrás del Pixel** es un podcast en español conducido por Mario Carballo @afk_mcz en el cual se habla de historias y experiencias detrás del desarrollo de videojuegos. Diseño por @eljovenpaul Música por @brianroke Producido en ellugar.co Visita la página principal: ellugar.co/podcasts/detras-del-pixel
Gemr CollectorCast
By Gemr
The Gemr CollectorCast covers the world of collecting culture. From action figures, comic books, movie memorabilia, trading cards, sport collectibles, even stamps and antiques. Hosted by Jeff Tucker.
Game Club Podcast
By Game Club Podcast
Hosts A+Start, Beta64, and Shesez have a week to play a game, and after that, they come together and review the game each with their own perspective on what makes the game great or "not so great." Join the Game Club today! We're also on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfwBbkGu8Chh9kPFO1Fx2Bw
By WaifuCast
Podcast by WaifuCast
Warlock School: Self Rez
By Ninja Pancake
Your new home for Destiny, Warlocks, Tacos & More!
Turbo Button Podcast
By Christopher De León & Zachary Hart
Join Christopher De León and Zachary Hart as they discuss current events within the video game industry! The hosts are: Christopher De León - Game industry blogger Website: https://retrofitoleon.wordpress.com/ Zachary Hart - UCI Computer Game Science Graduate Twitter: @TheZaxxonator
Video Game Prime Podcast
By Josh Hagler
This is a podcast about video games and more. I will talk about everything that is exciting in the gaming world and complain profusely about everything that isn't. You never know who'll drop by for a special message to open the show. Join the VGP podcast now and find out!
I'm Not an Expert But...
A video game retrospective podcast where we emphasize on discussing and learning about games that are either cult hits, underappreciated contemporary games, or older games that deserve a modern recontextualization. Despite having academic and literary pretensions this show aims to remain grounded in the humor and comradery between gamers, and focus delivering good analysis with the level of enthusiasm of a drunk grad student running a discussion section. If this still sounds cool to you then congrats you are in main intersection of our weird Venn diagram and we invite you to listen and play or replay these games along with us.
2Chat » Comedy
By Ben and Lew
The first ever 2Chat podcast was recorded in June 10th 2017. It’s unpolished. The sound quality has definite room for improvement and we may have had too much gin to calm our nerves. Basically things can only get better from here on out, but we are proud of our first podcast. If you like Jeremy Corbyn, hate Theresa May and have a mistrust of the flaccid penis, then give it a listen.
My Boyfriend is an NPC
By Kessel
Just two fangirls attempting to navigate the "real world" (whatever that is). Jess and Lys are artists, storytellers, gamers, and nerds who run on daydreams and caffeine. Join us every second and fourth Thursday while we talk about all of these things and more.
Nintendo 1P Podcast
By ZappDCed
Welcome to the 1p podcast. A podcast on one man's journey to discover there is more handheld gaming to be done away from the ps vita. Joining the ranks of Nintendo and playing the 2DS. Throughout the podcast we will have snap history from the 3/2DS. First impressions of games, news and reviews. We also will do comparison from vita to 2/3DS in the games and more.
AOPA Never Again
AOPA presents the "Never Again" series in AOPA Pilot magazine and online to allow pilots to learn from the experiences of others.
Give Me 5
By Give Me 5
We spend 5 minutes answering questions and discussing games, films, and more
Industry Outsiders Gaming
By Industry Outsiders
Gaming news and reviews from gaming Industry Outsiders! @IndustryOG @MatthewRLowery [email protected] Facebook.com/IndustryOutsidersGaming Twitch.tv/Matty__Matt
D&D&BBQ Podcast
We play Dungeons and Dragons with a rotating cast of players in a bar while having a BBQ!
Codename: Whiskey Podcast
By Codename: Whiskey
Podcast by Codename: Whiskey
Cognitive Gamer
By Stephen Blessing
I examine how cognitive psychology can help explain and inform how we play games. Each episode looks at how a particular cognitive phenomenon affects game playing. All types of games are considered, from board games to video games to games of chance. Check out cognitivegamer.com for more information.
Equally Opposite
By Equally Opposite
This podcast is for gamers, geeks and everyone in between. Your hosts, George and Nick, get together weekly and talk about....well, a little bit of everything.
Danky Kang: A Video Game Podcast
By Danky Kang: A Video Game Podcast
Two drunks (Max and Mike) and a Jesse talk about video games! Each episode the trio deep dive into current releases and interesting topics about the world of gaming! Join in for the laughs and play along with the guys!
Dragon Droppings, the Dragon-Fall Podcast
By Dragon Fall
A bi-weekly discussion of gaming events, games, and general geekery.
Rollin Solo Podcast
By Rollin Solo Podcast
Solo DnD adventures of the brave and the foolish. New episodes twice a month. Theme song is Adventure Meme by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Disposable Worlds
By Radbot Productions
This is a world building show where we take yours ideas and build a new and better world than our own.
Mornings with Mac
By Mornings with Mac
Welcome to my morning podcast where I discuss topics such as video games, television, movies, and music.
No XP Podcast
By No XP Podcast
Podcast by No XP Podcast
Sons of Gotham Podcast
By Sons of Gotham Podcast
Welcome to the first ever episode of the Sons of Gotham Podcast. Your hosts Jon and John discuss a variety of topics all pertaining to DC Comic entertainment, and sometimes Marvel. Also we will be reviewing every single episode of Batman The Animated Series
PODCASTS – CommanderCast
By PODCASTS – CommanderCast
The longest running EDH podcast on the 'net, CommanderCast has been bringing the Community, Strategy, and Technology of Commander to the masses since before the Commander product line was even a twinkle in MaRo's eye (honest: Andy started us way back in 2011, which means we're basically dinosaurs). We're an ad-free, casual Magic: the Gathering podcast. If you're tired of the try-hards but still love the game, come give us a listen.
Piloteando - Não conseguimos sair do piloto.
By Piloteando
Podcast by Piloteando
Planeswalker Radio
By Dan McKeown
Podcast by Dan McKeown
By Hobbyquerschnitt
Ich bin mit knapp 50 Jahren durch eine vermutlich unsaubere Spritze im Rollstuhl gelandet. Hier erzähle ich ein bisschen aus meinem Leben als Hobbyquerschnitt...
By Indie Creative Network
Where Pop Culture meets POC culture. Each week hosts Colton and Wize present the best of the week from their favorite online and offline outlets. Learn more about new products, shows to watch, apps to download and more from two content creators in NYC.
Alternate Universe Podcast
By AltVerseLA
Podcast by AltVerseLA
Legion of Lies Podcast
By Legion of Lies
Podcast by Legion of Lies
Dimensional Nomad Games
By Dimensional Nomad Games
Podcast by Dimensional Nomad Games
Five Hole Fantasy Hockey
By TJ Branson, Zac Vogel
Two Dudes discuss fantasy hockey in its entirety. Pickups, Drops, Tips and Tricks coming at ya from the Almighty internet.
End of Time Cast
By End of Time Cast
Welcome to the End of Time Cast! Michael and Adam discuss the gaming industry, reminisce about their beloved hobby, and debate about chosen topics in the gaming world.
En Hundpodcast med Hannah & Annika
80% hund, 20% annat. En podcast om hundar livet, hälsa och ohälsa. Allvar blandat med trams. Högt och lågt. Stort och smått. Och allt där emellan.
Brief Nerdity Podcast
By Brief Nerdity
Welcome to the Brief Nerdity Podcast! Join us weekly for discussions on all things nerdy: Gaming, TV, Movies, Novels, Comics, and more.
Bedroom Sessions
By Bedroom Sessions
Bedroom Sessions is a podcast featuring three friends Caleb, Lucas, and Tanner discussing things they enjoy in Caleb's room. Take a listen and welcome to Bedroom Sessions.
Join the Party
By Amanda McLoughlin, Brandon Grugle, Eric Silver, Michael Fische
Join the Party is a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast. That means four friends create a story together, chapter by chapter, that everyone from seasoned players to true beginners can enjoy. Where else can you get adventure, intrigue, magic, drama, and lots of high fives all in one place? Right here. After each episode we sit down for the Afterparty, where we break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home. It’s a party, and you’re invited!
On Your Left w/ IconicComic
By IconicComic
We talk comics, movies, games, pop culture, and we occasionally go off the rails.
Writer Improv
By Writinginthelab
Writer Improv, where you take a randomly generated plot and see what you can do with it until time runs out.
TheFluffenhammer's podcast
By The Old Oilhouse
Adam and George take a guest each episode and map out areas of the wonder worlds of warhammer, amongst others
Ride Home Review Podcast
By Paul Schmidt
My name is Paul and I love movies. I still love the thought of going to the theater to see them. When it's over, I love to go over my initial reaction and talk about it. I decided to turn my phone camera on and record it while driving home. These reviews are the result to how I feel about a movie as soon as I've seen it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy doing them! Also, follow along with me here: YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qCIPt1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnoDeuceMult... Twitter: https://twitter.com/unodeucemedia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unodeucemedia
Oddity Gaming
By Oddity Gaming
Gaming news and content!
Moisture Farmers
By The Moisture Farmers Podcast
Preface: Our first season was the infancy of both our hardware and editing skills. Bear with us for the story, but if it becomes an issue, eight episodes in everything improves dramatically. Moisture Farmers is an actual-play podcast where a group of college friends play through the greatest sci-fi saga of all time via a D&D style tabletop RPG. Inspired by Crit Juice, Never Tell Me The Odds, and The Indoorsmen.
1. FC PP
By 1. FC PP
Mehr als nur ein Podcast – hahahahaaa! Wir sind der 1. FC PP – der Puerto Patida Fanclub für Bürger*innen, Cyanist*innen und solche, die es werden wollen. Bei uns hört ihr alle zwei Wochen thematische Episoden, Hintergrundanalysen und Fangirltum zu unserem Lieblingspodcast über die Insel im Bermudadreieck, auf der Kandidat*innen angeschwemmt werden und in eine Welt aus blauen Wollknäulen, gefräßigen Spinnen und drolligen Früchten eintauchen. Von der Fantheorie bis zum geheimen Interview mit Menschen, die am Projekt beteiligt sind – wir besprechen alles, was ihr euch beim Puerto Patida-Hören auch schon immer gefragt habt. Damit sind wir der erste deutschsprachige Podcastfancast!
The G Club
By Game Grumps
The G Club is Game Grumps' news, media, and pop c…
Dude Squad Podcast #1: E3 Sony Failed and Microsoft Shined!
By The Dude Squad
Podcast by The Dude Squad
ComixCentral Podcast
By ComixCentral Podcast
The Hub for Indie Comics
By RPGals
RPGals is an actual play podcast hosted by a table full of gals role-playing and singing to their hearts content. The Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign is a custom setting built by DM Maggie but we play other rpgs too! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!
Wraith Squadron Podcast
By Wraith Squadron Podcast – Radio Free Tatooine
X-Wing Miniatures Game podcast, geared toward new players and representing the Southern meta game.
TCbH Reviews
By The Cardboard Herald
We give you audio versions of our Tabletop Game Reviews, then talk about our creative processes and additional thoughts on the game.
By Rob Eldridge
@UnshvnCaucasian and the NLDT team get together weekly to discuss the current state of the video game industry, discuss hot topics, new releases, and everything else. Tune in weekly.
E Tipo Internet?
By É Tipo Internet?
E Tipo Internet?
Grave of Man
By Wanderbot
Three bumbling adventurers awaken in a flooded, ruined kingdom, surrounded by the shambling dead and several small armies filled with unsavory individuals. Will they manage to make it out, or will they be forever trapped in The Grave of Man?
Darkliy Lit Podcast
By Kaela Berry & Jesse Reyes
Each month we delve into a different example of horror literature. Encouraging listeners to read and send in their own comments and questions to discuss on the podcast.
Die Photologen
By Falk G. Frassa & Thomas B. Jones
Herzlich Willkommen in der Sprechstunde der Photologie! Wir, die Photologen, sind zwei Fotografen aus Leidenschaft, die auf gleicher Welle fotografieren und neuerdings auch podcasten und bloggen. Charmant und sympathisch unangepasst rocken wir die Welt der Fotografie, tanzen (mit der Kamera in der Hand) auf mehreren Hochzeiten und genießen jede Inspiration, die wir nur finden können. Wir geben Dir hier einen unterhaltsamen Einblick in unsere Leidenschaft. Damit wollen wir Dich weder belehren noch verwässern, sondern mit Dir gemeinsam immer wieder Schritte nach vorne machen. Herzliche Grüße! Eure Photologen, Thomas B. Jones & Falk Gustav Frassa
Superhero Theory
By Superhero Theory
Superhero Theory is a comedy show about comic book characters. Graeme, Mitchell and a guest host examine the most popular superheroes to the most obscure and everything in-between. Their research is all encompassing, reaching any universe. Sooner or later they will find your favorite.
Podcast Launchpad: The podcast to help plan, build, and improve your show
By Pat Krane
Join Pat Krane as he helps you plan, build and improve your own podcast with his tips and tricks, answering listener questions, and giving the tools you need to start and grow your show. Plus, Pat talks to established podcast producers about their personal journeys to give you some insight how others have found success.
LuZo Productions: The LuZoCast
The LuZoCast, where we discuss everything Nerdy this past week.
Adventurer's Log Podcast
By Dorin Adam
RPG podcast focused on storytelling and exploring different RPG storytelling tropes.
Der Automobil Podcast: Experten | Praxistipps | Brancheninfos | Business
By Gründer Car Consulting
Der Automobil Podcast von Gründer Car Consulting ist ein Podcast für Führungskräfte, Unternehmer, Fuhrparkleiter, Manager und alle, die ihren Gewerbefuhrpark optimal aufstellen wollen. Du möchtest unnötige Ausgaben vermeiden oder dich allgemein intensiver mit der Automobilbranche beschäftigen? Dann bist du bei uns richtig. Wenn du dich für Themen wie Mobilität, Automobil, Alternative Antriebe, Wirtschaft, Kostensenkung im Fuhrpark oder Aufwandsreduzierung interessierst und deinen Fuhrpark bestmöglich optimieren möchtest, findest du im Automobil Podcast viele Tipps, unterhaltsame Geschichten und unabhängige Experteneinschätzungen zu aktuellen Themen. In spannenden Interviews mit Branchenprofis erhältst du besondere Mehrwerte aus vielen Jahren Erfahrung und nebenbei interessante Insider-Infos aus erster Hand. Wir liefern regelmäßig Anregungen, Gedankenanstöße, neue Wege und Optionen für deinen Erfolg im Business.
By GrantCardoneTV
This video series will pull back the curtain on how auto transport really works. John Costelac, founder of Direct Connect Auto Transport, takes us on a journey through the growth of his company and how different customers needs have to be met with expertise and professionalism. Working with private owners, auto dealers and military families, you will learn about how this business comes to touch the lives of everyday Americans, every day!
Online Warriors
By The Online Warriors Hosting Group
The Online Warriors is a new multi-subject podcast that strives to keep you entertained. Our main interests lie in the realm of technology, video games, movies and books. Every episode, we'll have in depth discussions on some of our favorite titles or some of the latest news in the industry. Stay tuned!
By AwkTalks
Anime, Video Games, and Cringe - Your slice of awkwardness on your way to school
Opinionerded Podcast
By Talking Hidef
Un posdcast en español sobre gaming. Miranos en vivo todos los Domingos a las 8pm (hora Este) por twitch.tv/talkinghidef y se parte de cada episodio junto a Hidef, Kenneth, Razor, y Optimus para discutir las ultimas noticias sobre juegos. Haremos cobertura sobre juegos en especifico, desarrolladores, estudios, y publicadores. Tendremos rifas, eventos, y entrevistas con personas que son parte de la industria de gaming. Te esperamos!
Over The Garden Fence
By Over The Garden Fence
Over the Garden Fence every Saturday morning on WKZO.
Over the Tabletop
By Erin Ayers, James DeBruicker
Two people. Many, many games. One very good cat. Over the Tabletop is a podcast dedicated to discussing board games, card games, and dice games that play well (or not!) with two people. Because scheduling game days with more than two is hard, frankly. Join James and Erin as they travel through their games collection, go on theoretically-related tangents, and pat their very good cat, Solstice.
Owen's Bad Guy Hotel
By Ryan Herrin
Seven year old Owen shares his favorite bad guys with his dorky dad every week!
Crit It To Win It!
By Crit It To Win It!
A group of six friends join together and record a game of Dungeons and Dragons! Join in on the adventure by subscribing to follow along! Episodes release biweekly on Wednesdays! *The Crit It To Win It Logo uses assets designed by Patrickss / Freepik*
Not Without Merit Podcast
By Not Without Merit
Each Thursday, we gather to talk the games we’ve been playing, the latest gaming news, and our Top 5 of the week! Follow us on Twitter at @NWMPod!
By Anthem Universe (DZR)
This is a podcast built around Bioware's Anthem due for release in Fall 2018
Beauté, bien-être France Bleu RCFM
By France Bleu
Conseils pour être belle, zen et naturelle.
Bird Watch with Roger Taylor
By Roger Taylor
Every Saturday morning 590 KZO's Roger Taylor talks about the latest in the bird watching world. Call in at (269) 382-4280.
By Neokaido
The podcast that lets you call shotgun.
Ludowave Radio
By Craig, Chris, and Seth
A podcast about video games and the people who play them. Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and SoundCloud. Hosted by Craig, Chris and Seth.
Four Point Hit
By Four Point Hit
The Four Point Hit is a podcast team of longtime friends that loved talking fantasy soccer so much we started recording our conversations. We meet at the beginning of every month (or close to it) and give our predictions for next month's EPL fantasy outcomes and results. We help break down who you should pickup, who you should drop, general fantasy soccer strategy and some important trends you might not know about. In summary -we love soccer, inappropriate jokes and drinking beer. If you do too, then we should be friends. Cheers!
By Andrew Hathaway, Julian Kay and Jordan Appleson
Every fortnight, hosts Andrew Hathaway, Julian Kay and Jordan Appleson discuss topics from pencils and paper, and each-others “weird quirks“ to the current and future of technology and whatever else they like.
Grimoires & Tentacules
By Grimoires et Tentacules
Grimoires & Tentacules, c'est un collectif de passionnés, présent sur Twitch, YouTube et maintenant Soundcloud, et qui vous propose jeux vidéo, jeux de rôle, podcast et autres clubs de lectures ! Retrouvez ici nos créations sonores, podcasts et autres délices auditifs
Galaxy Rangers Reviewed: Series 6 Podcast
By RD Blade
Podcast by RD Blade
The Truth CSGO Podcast
By The_Truth CS:GO Podcast
A podcast about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from the perspective of a casual player.
Tonfilmer.de - Ein Podcast über Foto, Film und Audio
By Siegfried Fock
Der Foto- und Filmemacher-Podcast. Alles was es über Foto Film und Audio zu berichten gibt.
Legends from A Cramped Apartment - LACA
By Legends from A Cramped Apartment - LACA
Welcome Adventurer! Get ready to take arms, prepare spells, and roll initiative in this weekly story. Four characters enter a world of fantasy and must work together to overcome the greatest powers in the world. After a year of playing Dungeons and Dragons together we decided it was unfair to keep our high jinks and stories to ourselves. Please rate us and join us on Facebook and Twitter. ~The LACA Team
Legends of the Warp - Warhammer 40K Podcast
By Legends of the Warp
A UK Warhammer 40,000 Podcast - Product Reviews, Hobby Progress, Tourne Reports
Gears & Beers Podcast
By Mitchell Denham, Joseph Riga, Matthew Morwood
Every week, Matt, Mitch, and Joseph sit down an talk about cars, and motoring, while drinking beer.We're also oniTunes!Likeus onFacebook!Followus onInstagram!Followus onTwitter!For business enquiries, please [email protected]
Game Gambit
By Tim Torres, Gabriel Zamora, Eric Guzman
Into video games old and new? This is the podcast for you. Our aim: To deliver the most insightful gaming discussion on the 'Net. Join the conversation!
Fringe Game History Podcast
By Jeremy Penner
A podcast dedicated to finding out where outsider games come from.
Ishtar Radio
By Ishtar Radio
Podcast by Ishtar Radio
It Resolves Podcast
By It Resolves
Podcast by It Resolves
Hot Couch Potato
By booowhop & anewperfectday
bros talking about video games and the irrepressible passage of time.
It’s Dangerous! Podcast
By Anthony Pena
In this podcast I will speak to game designers and game academics to see what makes them tick. I'd like to explore new thoughts and ideas when it comes to how we approach games. As creators and consumers. I hope to achieve this through a series of interviews with these professionals. I hope you learn something and enjoy yourself along the way. Thanks. - Anthony
Tiny Disc Podcast
By Tiny Disc
Welcome to TDP, the Tiny Disc Podcast, a show about games and life. We take a weekly look at the gaming industry and adjacent nerdy media.
Vacilo na Área (Decrépitos)
By Decrépitos Podcast
Os véio azedo do Decrépitos se juntam para falar sobre o DESPORTO CHUTEBOLA! Os lances, a rodada, os campeonatos e os pitacos daqueles que (acham que) entendem de futebol.