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By Doug Frazier
An open discussion podcast on subjects that I want to know more about with the people that know more about them.
By Inside The Grip
A weekly podcast discussing what's happening in the golf world.
By Dave Musson
The world's greatest podcast about Coventry Bears Rugby League: post-match reaction & analysis, club news and more!
By David Hinchliffe
A dive into a cricket coaching subject with real coaches.
By Patrick Koenig
Follow Golf Nut and Photographer Patrick Koenig as he tours the country in his Recreational Golf Vehicle (RGV). The RGV Tour podcast provides an inside look into the people, places, and stories that make up the American Golf Landscape. Join the Golf Party.
A Teenage Talk Show
By Jamie Clubb
This is the official podcast of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts. Episodes provide insight and reflections on training methodology and the subculture of martial arts. Jamie Clubb, the podcast presenter, is a writer and martial arts/self-protection teacher. He promotes critical thinking and progressive training methods.
By Corn Fed Sports
Around the Corn is the official podcast from Corn Fed Sports, and will be an extension of our wall-to-wall coverage of ALL Husker sports, ALL the time. Join us for updates and results for teams and programs you may not normally hear a lot about, and stay for the unique storytelling and recurring features that will give you an inside look at the world of Nebraska athletics.
By Bluegrass Basketball
Bluegrass Basketball covers all 16 Regions of Kentucky High School Basketball
The AIRSOC Podcast focuses on all things airsoft. Drama, events, reviews, guests, and opinions have little filter as we discuss the issues that surround our hobby!
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Flip Turns
Inspiring Stories of the Swimming Life
By Heero
Dearly Beloved, Catch up on ETO Facebook twitter @Project_ETO My comic book pages @the_strangersCB [email protected] My Names Heero I do some cool stuff, at least my mother thinks so... I am just a hero for Fun
Sports. Music. Culture. We Call the Shots
By Breaking Rugby
Breaking rugby is a weekly show that dives into the rich history of rugby, explains key components of the mechanics of the game, and the personal impact it has on those who partake.
By Eric Bucchere
Our Path2Pro Soccer Pro Player Combines are designed to give elite players the opportunity to be seen and scouted in high level games by multiple professional soccer clubs from all different levels. With the podcast, Path2Pro Soccer hopes to make your journey just a littler clearer...
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Michael Gabriel
A show of conversation and news about the love for distance running, Disney, and sometimes where the two meet.
By K and J Sports
A podcast about sports and anything else we deem necessary. Including the Colts. Go Colts.
By UFR Sports Radio
Talk sports with sports fans. A weekly run down of the most interesting topics in sports.
초보 TRPG 유저들의 룰 선택을 돕는 TRPG 방송(믿는 건 자유!)
By JD Commando
A fan-based podcast on the BURNING RIVER ROLLER DERBY league, located in Cleveland, OH
By Stee, Lucky and Greg
Three guys talking the latest sports news. If you want to hear the latest Hot Takes, Weekly Round-Ups and more tune in weekly with Lucky, Greg and Stee.
By Matt Dahl
Matt Dahl Radio airs live every Wednesday night at 7pm EST and will cover just anything that reeks of awesomeness. We talk all the hot issues in sports, with we
By Mark Vaughan, M.D.
A monthly podcast on airsoft safety, medical aspects of airsoft, airsoft protection, and more by Mark Vaughan, M.D., of the Auburn Medical Group. Please rate the podcast and leave comments.
By Roger Gonzalez and Christian Tiger
Well… this is a podcast that covers the intricacies of The World Game. We’re your hosts, Roger Gonzalez and Christian Tiger. Each week we might get special guests in to talk about their thoughts of the beautiful game and we will also cover the hard hitting issues of Pub Fight of the Week, or who’s sporting the best haircut in the game.
By Coach Reed
Transformational coaching, the kind that impacts lives well beyond the game, relies on way more than simple hardware of genetics or X's and O's to succeed. It requires coaches to learn the software of the athletes first in order to elicit peak performance on and off the field. To accomplish this coaches need to connect more deeply, communicate more effectively, build values-driven warrior cultures, develop that unrelenting mindset of a champion, and much more. So what are those piec...
By Ron McKie
Talking Football with Coach McKie Podcast is a podcast that talks about football strategy involving the Spread Offense, Run Pass Options, Passing Schemes, Running Schemes, and anything else that deals with Mastering the Spread, Scoring Points, and Having Fun.
By 3 Dudes Podcast
Just dudes rambling about movies, sports, and whatever else crosses our minds.
By Ministeriet for CrossFit
Din oase af CrossFit-nørderi i podcastform og samlingspunkt for det danske CrossFit community, med store og små gæster fra miljøet. Vi nørder CrossFit og taler om alt det der er fedt indenfor træning. Med Jonas Bjørneskjold og 4x Regionals Team-atlet Thomas Frøsig Larsen som værter.
By Michael Hebert
Fan devoted Edmonton Oilers Podcast. Dedicated to providing relevant Oilers info including analysis from professional armchair GMs, interviews with other expert Oiler fans, and a thorough regurgitation of the weekly facts surrounding the Edmonton Oilers. There might be a sprinkling of random musings and semi interesting segments.
By Keith Wahl
The Complete Game Ministries Podcast exists to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Language of Baseball.
By Brandon Guptill (Gup) & Michael Ruvolo (Ruvy)
"Everything Golf. Daily Fantasy advice (Draft Kings), One and Done advice, Gambling advice. Golf fanatics chatting it up weekly about golf in general as well as upcoming tournaments. Gambling strategy and fantasy strategy for all golf enthusiasts"
By Blister Review
My name is Dave Alie, I'm the climbing editor at Blister, and I'm here to let you know that we are launching a new weekly podcast called "All Things Climbing."Many of us were drawn to climbing because of the sport itself, only to find the community surrounding the sport to be at least as interesting, weird, and fun as the actual climbing. So we'll be keeping you up to date on the most interesting news, issues, and events coming out of the climbing world, from rock to ice to indoor climbing, o...
By Homebrewed Sports
Outlandish and drunk takes on sports and craft beer
By Uk saints
Uk fans talk everything saints and other things going on around the nfl
By Coach Reed
100% Athlete Podcast is dedicated to helping athletes from youth through college learn to be more well-rounded athletes and people, on and off the field. Hosts Ann Dunaway Teh, Marianna Whitehurst, and Coach Reed Maltbie bring a unique blend of knowledge and experience to the series to give their views on what it means to be a 100% Athlete. The show will include special guests to help them tackle the issues facing youth, high school, collegiate, and even Pro athletes today.
By Justin Albers
Justin Albers has 6 years of experience covering Indiana University basketball. His podcast takes you inside the IU basketball program like no one else can.
By Joshua LaBure
A fixed gear cycling podcast.
By Old and on Your Left
Old and On Your Left is the only podcast (at least that we know of) for and about masters triathletes. Curious about gear, training tips, or how other masters triathletes keep their personal, professional, and athletic lives in balance? That’s the kind of stuff we talk about here.
By Broads With Quads
We're regular women trying to get as strong as possible through powerlifting. We chat about lifting, health, snacks, fitness, and lady stuff. Yes, we have pretty nice quads - don't ask about our hamstrings, though.
By PA Power Wrestling | Mat Talk Podcast Network
Greg Warnock and Jeff Upson talk all things wrestling in PA Power Wrestling's Western Pennsylvania-centered wrestling podcast, WarUP On The WPIAL.
By Maramoo Productions
We are a new Media/Podcasting Network with a mission of bringing lots of quality and original content to our listeners/viewers. We currently have two Podcasts " Pe Filmul Meu " and " The Soccer Bowl " up and running and working on other great content for your entertainment and enjoyment.
By Cece Denno
The Disney Princess ½ marathon is just around the corner and Train Like a Princess is here to help! Join the podcast where we take the Disney Princess run experience with music, DJ’s, Mickey and turn it into training fun! New episodes will be released for a short and long run each week until February 25, 2018. Find the motivation, community, entertainment all in one place to help you succeed!
By Roy Olende
Inspirational stories of men who’ve lost 50+ pounds and transformed their lives
By Clay & J Inc.
Clay & J break down MUST take betting action on sporting events, as well as humor and personal stories
Fair or Foul Podcast features uncensored coverage of college baseball where we toe the line between fair and foul.
By drj04
Welcome to the official NCBCA Podcast homepage!
By Adrian Barraza
The Talk Shop is a platform for individuals to talk about their jobs, hobbies, and passion projects. In this weeks episode of the Talk Shop we sit down with Diana and discuss her personal journey of going from a party girl to a Fitness Competition Contestant.
By Cole Hendry
Join Golf Logic weekly to learn & expand your knowledge within the sport of golf. Our passionate host Cole Hendry brings clarity & a new perspective to the game.
By thef1club
The F1 Club podcast. A view of F1 from the bar stool at the back of the pub. Analysis of every quali, race and a look at the soap opera goings on behind the scenes.
By Public House Media
Scott Wisnieski, Kevin Wells and RJ Gardner give you all the knowledge you need to crush your fantasy league each and every week.
By Adam Hayley & Akash Vaghela
Listen in as Adam Hayley and Akash Vaghela discuss all topics relating to muscle growth and fat loss. Whether discussing the nuances between themselves, or opening the floor up to other well respected coaches in the body composition industry, they cover it all. If your ultimate goal is to simply improve how you look - this podcast isn't to be missed. For more information, please check
By Chris Horwedel
Part of the Underdog Sports Network, The Leftovers is a nightly recap show that's brought to you by Anshu Khanna, Josh Dunn, and Dan Bower, in which the guys go over the biggest sporting news of the previous day.
By Chris Horwedel
Part of the Underdog Sports Podcast Network, The St. Bonaventure men's basketball was frequently known as the underdog in the Atlantic 10. Not this season. Schmidt Talking is home to all things St. Bonaventure and Atlantic 10 basketball. Your hosts, Kyle Allan and Alec Walt, are two members of the Class of 2017 who are obsessed with Bonnies basketball. They break down every game with in-depth statistics and analysis.
By Chris Horwedel
Part of the Underdog Sports Podcast Network, DJ Allen and Felix John-Baptiste are two guys just trying to avoid wedding planning by talking basketball. Join them as they give their thoughts and analysis on the NBA. Come for the hot takes, stay for the wedding advice.
By Mitchell Drake
Live Action Replay takes on the events in eSports from the week, giving a reflection on the week past, and the week to come.
By Alex Clements
MAAP presents Stanley Street Social Podcast. The podcast displays cycling media in an authentic relaxed manner. Join us as we share a knowledgeable inside view into the world of cycling through unique interviews and analysis.
By Public House Media
The first time Keith and Katie ever got together they were in a coffee shop. From that moment on, coffee has been a staple in their relationship. They love having coffee and hope you’ll join them for one of their favorite pastimes on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:30 pm to have some fun!
By Jessica Dale
2018 for me? One stressful rollercoaster of a year from late night study, no free time, essay papers, SAC'S and EXAMS! I will be documenting how I'm dealing with my year 12 experience in my podcast throughout the year, so hopefully the listeners (you) will come to understand how year 12 operates and how It can impact a typical year 12 student. Love Jessica Dale
Imagine a podcast about tennis, and you’re halfway there From deep beneath the English Channel, Adam Bayfield, Patrick Ogier and Tony Curr present an irreverent podcast accompanying all the major events on the tennis calendar. Together, they deliver comprehensive analysis on all the big issues. From leading players to plucky underdogs, rumbling controversies to more light-hearted moments, the World Tennis Show covers it all.
By T Brandyn Benter
Each week the hosts Tony and DP sit down and discuss an old wrestling PPV or event. Pointing out the good, making fun of the bad, and enjoying every minute of it!
By Tyler Bennett
Sports. TV. Movies. Gaming. Technology. Anything.
By Speencenter
Pilot - 32 Team Preview - Part 1
By Sport Your Argument
Join your hosts Matt & Casey as they bring you the world of sports, news and opinions, unfiltered and unrelenting.
By Bobby McRaven
Sport Karate Radio is dedicated to the sport of sport karate. Providing you with all the essentials to spark interest and give you knowledge on the sport.
By Chris Boersma and James Houghton
Spend some time with Chris Boersma and James Houghton as we delve into what makes Time Attackers tick. We'll be interviewing some of Time Attacks fastest drivers and best builders as we try to figure out why we all love this fantastic sport.
By Whitto
Whitto, your average cricket fan takes your through the cricketing week. Spurned by his friends, silenced by his girlfriend and shunned by his family, he takes it all out on the cricketing gods. Full of metaphors, silly sounds and a few swears this podcast performs a function none out there do. If you want a lighthearted, possibly funny and opinionated look at cricket then this is for you. 
By 온더스포츠
국내외 아이스하키 소식과 이슈들에 대해 이야기하는 팟캐스트
Join Gee & Peele as we discuss the hottest topics in sports as well as some lukewarm topics in pop culture.
By Team Suunto Mountainbike
Team Suunto Mountainbike presenterar: Skogscyklisterna - en podcast om cykling i skogen, av vanliga cyklister för alla som är intresserade av mountainbike (MTB).
By Shawn Curtis and Robbie Naugle
The FlipCast is the podcast end of The Bat Flip blog ( The trinity is sports, video games and whatever pop culture strikes the fancy of Robbie and Shawn.
By 610 Sports
Sunday mornings The Practice Squad brings you a variety of voices.  From local television personalities to 610 Sports personalities you hear throughout the week, The Practice Squad is live and local sports talk when you’re doing your Sunday morning routine.  Make The Practice Squad part of that routine.
By Tristan Bowen: Pro Soccer Player
1 out of 5,768 people. Those are the odds of becoming a professional soccer player according to ESPN. As a kid, that didn’t stop me from dreaming big and shooting for the stars. After years of hard-work, that dream became a reality. Along the way, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and I couldn't help but wonder how much easier my journey would be if I had a professional player as a mentor. Now that I’ve made it, I’m committed to being just that for you. Each Monday, I chat with a fellow...
By Neil Mansfield
Neil Mansfield, Bruce Dalton, Matt Payne and special guests talk about World, European and UK cyclocross. Follow us on @CrosscastNeil @BruceDaltonCX and @MattFixerPayne
By Milieu Media Group
A podcast helping sports-likers sound more like sports-lovers, hosted by Luke Brawner.
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
From WDBM in East Lansing, Michigan, The Pact brings you sports talk and stories right from the Michigan State University campus. Featuring the voices and opinions of student reporters, each week the show covers MSU athletics, Detroit sports and more within the sports world.
By Elektra Q Tion
Elektra Q Tion from the Carolina Rollergirls is here to answer your questions about the sport of Roller Derby. Whether it's questions about teams, fitness, equipment, practice, or anything else related to the sport, Q does her best to answer any and all questions with help from her friends of course! This show should be on any Derby Girls list! Submit questions to [email protected]
By The World of Muscle
You'll delve deep into the world of muscle and everything that has to do with it. You'll hear current and historical topics on bodybuilding, nutrition and training. What gets you bigger, stronger or leaner fastest. From Eugen Sandow, through Steve Reeves, Vince Gironda, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman to Phil Heath. All episodes available at
By Baylor Scout
Tim Watkins and Kevin Barrera break down the Baylor Bears on and off the field. Kevin has you covered in the recruiting world, while Tim has the pregame and postgame stuff all taken care of on the field.
By Jason Bryant, Mat Talk Podcast Network
Tidbits of news and nuggets from all levels of wrestling with a focus on college wrestling results hosted quickly by Hall of Fame wrestling announcer, broadcaster and journalist Jason Bryant of Mat Talk Online.
By trackcastic
Athletics fans chat athletics and everything in between
Two newly formed friends, one a total newbie, the other a ex-MMA fighter talk all things mixed martial arts related.
By Audioboom
Just one small step for us and one giant leap backwards for Detroit Sports broadcasting!!
By Raptors Mil Grau
Bem amigos da NBA,o podcast mais podre da NBA no Brasil, com seus vagabundos queridos: Raptors Mil Grau, Pérolas da NBA e Dois Por Cento TV. Falamos ou não, sobre basquete!
By The Far Post Perth
Everything football from Perth Glory and the A-league to the W-league, Socceroos and Matildas all the way down to grassroots…. We cover it all from a WA perspective. Proudly associated with The Daily Football Show For further info or enquiries please contact us on the details below Email: [email protected] Facebook + Twitter: @farpostperth
This is an independent podcast created by the fans for the fans of the Newcastle United Jets FC who play in the Hyundai A-League, along with other A-League clubs as well as Northern NSW Football Newcastle United Jets: 2007/08 A-League Champions Please visit us at Any questions, comments or feedback please tweet @JetstreamNewy #jetstreampodcast, message us via or email [email protected]
By Nick Hart
Millwall supporter's podcast
By Josh Rubenstein
J Builders NY has Launched a podcast designed to give you a Harvard Graduate level education on Residential Construction in terms the layman can understand to become empowered buyers for their dream homes.
By Timothy Clarke
'Why do you run?' Runners are asked this question a thousand times. They are asked by friends, family, strangers, but mostly they ask themselves. Personal Record is a podcast for everyday runners like you looking for the most elusive answer to the most obvious question...Why?