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Talking Golf

By Hugh Marr
Unique insight to the professional golfing circuit through access to the conversations between a leading golf coach, players, and founders of pioneering golf technology companies changing the face of the game. Listeners will be given a rare opportunity to be inside the ropes with the sport's most significant characters. As well as a behind-the-scenes look at latest innovations entering the sport.

Leadville: The 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Podcast

By Fatty & Hottie
This is the show for people racing — or just interested in — The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. Fatty (a twenty-time LT100 finisher), Hottie, and a host of experts answer your questions, give you training tips, detail the course, and tells the stories about the highest and hardest one-day mountain bike race in America: The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race.


By Spencer Pulliam / Anchor is proud to present, #TPIPodcast, featuring an in-depth look into the happenings of grassroots basketball with host Spencer Pulliam.

Indy City Futbol Live

By Indy City Futbol
Keeping you updated on everything you need to know about Indy City Futbol.

I Have Cool Friends

By I Have Cool Friends
Samantha Peszek is on a mission to connect athletes, coaches, and parents with the best resources the gymnastics world has to offer. Utilizing Samantha’s gymnastics network (she really does have cool friends), guests will be experts in their field and shed a light on hot topics, tips for improvement, and inspiration. Listeners will have the opportunity to learn from some of the sport’s greats, participate in giveaways, and apply relevant tips to everyday life, in and out of the gym.

Between The Reps

By Precision Training
Personal Trainer and Group Personal Training in Schaumburg, IL


By 双行道fm
静心音乐: 作为全球新世纪音乐的主要音乐人之一,似乎 Deuter 就是为新世纪音乐而生。 他的音乐往往体现的不止是音乐本身,通常还有其他的内涵。 他的作品完美地把他所专精的放松、冥想意境诠释在平静和谐的音符中。因此,Deuter 的音乐成了心理... α脑波音乐 α脑波音乐是节拍在60-70之间,频率8-14赫兹的音乐。其作用原理是,通过8-14赫兹的音乐波动使大脑产生共振,将大脑脑波调整成右脑工作的α脑波,进入右脑状态,大脑清醒且放松,注意力集中,情绪稳定且愉快,不易受外界干扰,大脑凭直觉、灵感、想象接收传递信息。 原乡音乐: 班得瑞从不在媒体曝光,一旦开始策划新的音乐便深居在阿尔卑斯山林中,直到母带成品完成。置身在山林之中让班得瑞拥有源源不断的创作灵感,也最具有自然脱俗的音乐风格。 班得瑞的音乐唯美、宁静,在“世界花园”瑞士孕生而出的梦幻抒情演奏中,将属于瑞士的湖光山色,在音乐中予以唯美地具象。简单流畅的旋律,加入大自然意向与流行元素,使人悠然神往。 本专辑将持续更新,收录更多类型的静心音乐。 长按图片,保存下面图片后,用微信扫一扫识别二维码,也可收听本专辑和其他专辑的内容。

The Bridge Sports Podcast

By John Lund
The Bridge is a weekly sports show that will discuss the current and intriguing topics of the sports world. Most shows feature interviews with members of the sports media to help enhance conversation and to also tell their stories in the process.

OTD Podcasts

By Olivia Towers
With the OTD vlogs and videos becoming more and more popular, we decided to up the game and start making podcasts too! These podcasts will be all about the mindset not just within the sport but life in general. I will be going to interview different professional riders where we will talk over any struggles they have faced and how they overcame them. Tips for training and competing etc.

QuabPod - Fitness hinter den Kulissen

By Fabi von QUABSTER
In diesem Podcast erhältst du tiefe Einblicke in die Fitness-Szene. Insbesondere werden Abgründe und Missstände in Bereichen der Ernährung und des Trainings aufgedeckt. Welche Supplements brauchst du wirklich? Wer erzählt dir etwas, nur um sein Coaching oder Nahrungsergänzungsmittel zu verkaufen? Welche Influencer spielen dir was vor? Das alles erfährst du hier..

The Sport Science Podcast

By Sport Science Podcast
The Sport Science Podcast aims to entertain while giving quality sport, exercise and health sciences information for students, athletes or people trying to get started in sport. We encourage critical thinking and evidence based practice when assessing interventions to increase health or performance. Follow us on Twitter: @SportSciPodcast Follow us on Instagram: thesportsciencepodcast Email us: [email protected]

The 6yd Box: Goalkeeping and the Beautiful Game

By Ron DeMarse: Educator, Broadcaster, Football Coach
The Six-Yard Box is a show dedicated to the study of goalkeeping in the beautiful game. This podcast is designed for keepers of all ages and skill levels, as well as the coaches who are dedicated to training them; anyone who wants to be a better goalkeeper or better understand the position. Each week, we bring together the top goalkeepers in the game with the most experienced coaches and training experts. Whether you call it football or soccer, we'll help you keep it out of the net.

Strong By Design Podcast

By Chris Wilson
We believe that you are STRONG BY DESIGN. We believe you were created in God’s image to have a strong body, mind and spirit. The Strong by Design podcast is the #1 resource for strength, health, and fitness solutions in the world. Tune in for expert interviews, fitness tips, nutrition advice, free workout sheets, supplement giveaways all while being encouraged, inspired and entertained. Brought to you by Critical Bench who reaches over 30 million fans per month between our email newslett...

Barbell Samurai

By Barbell Samurai
Discussions with the current coaches at Melbourne based strength and conditioning gym Barbell Samurai.


By 星座堡
“学习星座的你更值钱”! 最全面的十二星座大解析,在这里你可以学习到每一个星座的个性类型,你是什么星座?给我们留言吧!

Free Kicks on Radio Misfits

By Rick Kaempfer and Adam Howarth
Rick Kaempfer and Adam Howarth (the director of coaching for the Illinois Youth Soccer Association) discuss all the latest international, national, and local soccer news

Road to Russia 2018 Podcast

By TSN 1050
TSN 1050 gets you set for the biggest tournament in Soccer with the 'Road to Russia 2018 Podcast.' All the insight & analysis from the best soccer analysts as we take you up to the first kick-off at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Next Goal Wins

By Next Goal Wins
With many teams within the area between Rockingham and Mandurah, this is the podcast that covers all the teams, of all abilities and ages.

Jue's Taekwon-Do

By Gordon Jue
Taekwon-Do conversations


By 爱上恋爱学
加微信号 puaboy01(非公众平台号,请长按复制) 免费赠送网络聊天秘籍、赠送免费情感答疑一次、赠送泡妞视频、赠送聊天记录哦!


By Andrew, Clay, and Cody / Anchor
A couple of guys from Ohio talking about whatever is on their minds..

Smark Mentality Podcast

The self proclaimed Top Wrestling Podcast on iTunes! Top Guys in the podcast industry break down the biggest stories in wrestling for the week. Join us as we come to realize that we do not know wrestling as much as we think, but continue to grow more in love with the sport.

The Naked Football Show

Ipswich Town fans own radio show.

Walking Off

By Beasley Media Group
Walking Off is a podcast on all things Philadelphia Phillies. Andrew Salciunas (Producer of Mayes and Myrtetus Middays) is the Phillies contributor for After each series comes to an end, Andrew will do a quick recap of all the games and much more! He will answer your Twitter questions, and each episode will finish with topics that are on his mind. You can follow Andrew on Twitter @asalciunas975. Tweet him your questions and he will answer them during the next podcast which ...


By 星座堡
播音: JellyChen_ 对我们所有人来说,关键都是成长——也就是让我们能够更加快乐地回答自己的疑问,去改变,去进化。在我们的内在也许有像珠穆朗玛峰那么高的惯性,但是占星学必须对那一个可以改变的原子说话。它必须对我们内在的生命的部分,而不是停滞不动的部分说话。——斯蒂芬.福里斯特

Old Rope

By Neil Morrison, Jed Williamson, Matt Deighton
Ever wondered what happens in an English amateur village cricket team? Join the Gregson Cricket Club as they suffer the highs and lows (mainly lows...) of a season of friendly cricket and excessive socialising. Ra ra!

Coach Education

By Sam Callan
These podcasts are from a monthly series of talks for coach educators/developers at national governing bodies and large sports organizations.

Dig Deep: Sport, Faith, Life

By Dr. Brian Bolt & Dr. Chad Carlson
Dig Deep: Sport, Faith, Life is the official podcast of the 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity, which is set to take place in October 2019. The conference, an ecumenical gathering of sport administrators, coaches, athletes, pastors and theologians, seeks not only to explore the mutual impact of belief and sport, but to affect a cultural shift in modern sport and the role it plays in a life of faith. In Dig Deep, conference co-directors Dr. Brian Bolt (Calvin College) and Dr. Chad C...

The Fantasy Whisperers Podcast

By John Hicks and Travis Caples
We provide a unique, balanced, and personal content in the world of Fantasy Football. We staying true to our facts, opinions, and most importantly our followers.

Dear 💋月月苏

By Dear 💋月月苏

Between The Post Podcast: Keepers | Coaches | Parents | Soccer

By Tyler Vaughan
Between the post was created for soccer coaches, parents, goalkeepers, and fans. On all our soccer focused podcasts we seek to offer listeners solutions for many of the struggles that we see coaches, keepers, and parents going through each season at the youth developmental, club, collegiate, and professional levels. This podcast offers an expert perspective on the many technical, tactical, and psychological aspects facing youth sports and the leaders (coaches) that train our next generation...

Region 5 Gymnastics Insider Podcast

By Jason MacDonald
Discussing the important issues in gymnastics with respect to USA Gymnastics Region 5. The Region 5 Gymnastics Insider Podcast gives our media team a platform to give opinions on gymnastics coaching and training techniques, preview or recap gymnastics events, in depth interviews with coaches and athletes, and overall having an avenue to talk about the best sport in the world gymnastics and the best region in the country Region 5.


By 罗宾大叔

Just Role With It

By Fox and Raven Media
5 friends who bonded over the Wheel of Time sit down to play Adventures in Middle Earth


By Keith Payne
Everything you want to know about IRON BOY POWERLIFTING including event coverage / natural strength training / competition / lifter interviews.

After the 80

By University of Southern Queensland
Each week Terry Pascoe and Anthony "Bomber" Breeze bring the latest in the world of Queensland Rugby League and Rugby League Ipswich. A Product of the University of Southern Queensland


By 苏引华全集

The Direct Hit – A Team Fortress 2 Podcast

A Weekly Podcast Discussing the Competitive side of TF2

The Where's Buffy Podcast

By Dizz illfam79 and Matth
The Where's Buffy Podcast, giving you sports, hip-hop and everything in between, where we're built for comfort...not for speed.

Sporting Edge

By Todd & Xander
Discussion of college, professional & fantasy baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and other sports.

Soccer Dad Radio

By Soccer Dad Radio
What is Soccer Dad Radio and who are the dads behind the mics? SDR was born from two dads, Matt Hoag and Ryan Smith, forming a bromance on the sidelines. Their daughters have been teammates for the past two seasons with a top team in Southern California. Matt and Ryan quickly realized they had similar interests and started talking about ways they could get their "Soccer Dad" perspective out to others. They felt the need to share their years of knowledge not only with parents, but players ...

QA2 Max

Get to know some of the biggest names in college track & field with interviews by Kyle Terwillegar and Dennis Young of the USTFCCCA.


By 吴勉
大家好,我是吴勉,这是我第一次录制音频,和大家分享我在冰岛的一些旅行故事,不足之处还请大家一一指出,我也希望我分享的经验可以给大家提供更多的帮助! 冰岛这个国家给我留下的印象就是人口非常的稀少,但是冰岛人民却是非常的热情,当然,除了极个别的快餐店服务员有点冷淡。 这次的旅行,全程自驾,从冰岛南部地区一直到北部,但是也因为我假期的原因,没有更深入的进入冰岛,到了北部逗留3天后,便回到了南部,之后就回国了。 冰岛主要的旅游季节是冬季的1-3月,夏季的6-9月,我是在冬季去的冰岛,但是因为全球变暖的关系,整个行程中,并没有遇到持续的下雪天气,而据说冰岛的夏季,是非常的美丽,到处都是绿色的苔藓植物,所以如果有机会,我会选择夏季再来一次冰岛。 如果小伙伴有意向去冰岛,有任何疑问的话,可以在讨论区给我留言,我看到后会在第一时间解答

Academia de corredores

By Academia de corredores
Academia de corredores es un podcast dedicado a todos los amantes del running, No importa si apenas comienzas o tienes varias maratones de experiencia. En nuestro podcast encontraras todo lo que necesitas para lograr una salud física y mental completa.

Footballjd"s Unpredicable Podcast

By James D Allen
Retired firefighter and football fanatic. You will hear things as they are I am an upfront honest person, I call them like I see them


By RoShamBo
RoShamBo introduces you to competitive subcultures and the passionate people that participate in them. Comparable to the styles of This American Life, Strangers and Radio Lab, hosts Kim Drobes and Ted Ladue take pride and joy in sharing these wonderful stories with their listeners. Born Yankees, but Southern by the Grace of Parents, Kim and Ted met in Atlanta over 20 years ago through a love of music and ping-pong. They have been friends ever since. Kim has a history in radio broadcasting (...

Surprise Entrant Radio

By Steven Ardary
The married team of Steven and Lindsey discuss the WWE, NJPW, IMPACT, and various independent wrestling promotions around the world.


By 爆走哥哥

rowingillustrated's podcast

By Sean Wolf
Quick Chats With Rowings Best.

Major League Eventing Podcast

By Major League Eventing
Major League Eventing is dedicated to bringing the exciting equestrian sport of "Eventing" to the world. Major League Eventing (MLE) is an independent marketing and promotion organization with the sole purpose of providing Eventing and Eventers more exposure to potential fans and sponsors. The Major League Eventing Podcast invites Eventing professionals on for great conversation which will entertain existing fans as well as cultivate new fans of the greatest sport on four legs... EVENTING

My Favourite Commentator

By My Favourite Commentator
A podcast about the wonderful world of sports commentary. In each episode Jack and Griff invite a sports commentator into their kitchen to put forward their favourite commentator of all time.

Crease Keepers

By Nick Fleehart
A hockey a goalie podcast...A GOALIECAST!! Talking everything goalie. From gear, saves, beer, and that one time in college you went streaking after a shutout!

Life in HD, the Premier Health & Fitness Podcast

By Dario Tejo
Welcome to the Life in HD Podcast, THE premier health & fitness podcast. Subscribe, share and like. Visit for more

The J-Talk Podcast

By Ben Maxwell
A weekly Japanese football podcast focusing on the J.League.

The Howler

By PackTV
Every week, our hosts get exclusive interviews with NC State student athletes and coaches, and also bring you insight into the latest in Wolfpack sports. Opinions. Predictions. Hot takes. This is The Howler.


By 吐槽大会
由腾讯视频和笑果文化联合打造的喜剧脱口秀,每集都有一位阅历丰富、三观正确的名人主嘉宾接受吐槽,并邀请一群自己的圈中好友进行跨界表演,在嬉笑怒骂和大笑声中传递无比正确的三观。 “吐槽是门手艺,笑对需要勇气”,张绍刚、池子、李诞以及一众明星嘉宾的吐槽等您来听~~


By Axel Schemberg
Dieser Laufpodcast beschäftigt sich mit gesundem Laufen. Themen wie Natural Running, Barfußlaufen, laufen in Huaraches, Sandalen, Lunas, Chalas. Wie kann man mit Sandalen laufen, joggen, rennen und warum sollte man das machen, welche Laufsandalen gibt es, welche Erfahrungen haben andere gemacht. Im Zentrum steht mein Versuch in Zukunft verletzungsfrei bis zum Lebensende zu laufen.


By 谈崩了播客

The U.S. Division

By Scott Sepich
Portland-based writer Scott Sepich covers the five U.S.-based teams in the Western Hockey League, the forgotten corner of the major junior hockey landscape.

No Title

By The Tri Experience
Welcome to the Tri Experience, where we discuss all things swim, bike and run. Our goal here at the Tri Experience is to provide you with the tips, training advice, news and information that you need to take your performance to the next level. Whether your brand new to the sport, or a seasoned runner or triathlete, our goal is to provide you with the tools and information that you need to get you to the finish line. Thank you for tuning in to the Tri Experience.

Ultimate Wrestling Podcast

By John Reilly , Geoff Helderman, And Leon Rodgers
Just 3 guys that are into wrestling, who wanted to talk about wrestling from the indie scene to WWE

Goaltaku - Fußball in Japan

By Goaltaku
Der neue Podcast zum japanischen Fußball in deutscher Sprache. "Goaltaku - Fußball in Japan" Die drei Moderatoren Ben, Schmiddi und Tobias besprechen die aktuellen Themen rund um die J. League, die nationalen und internationalen Pokalwettbewerbe und alles zur japanischen Nationalmannschaft "Samurai Blue". Wir gehen in den kommenden Wochen live, also abonniert unseren RSS Feed schon jetzt und verpasst keine Folge, die wir - zunächst in unregelmäßigen Abständen - produzieren. Folgt uns auf uns...

Swim dot Rocks

By Ben Ramsden
The show that shares information, ideas and inspiration between swimming people who stay dry!

Cosby Tennis League: The Podcast

By Dylan
A schedule-lacking podcast hosted by tennis icon Dylan Moore (Lightning Larry Luciano), legend of the court Brady Stewart (Mark Twain Enthusiast), Summer Lake king Mason Maurer (Gorgon, Son of Scrygorn) and racquet superstar Grant Doan (Malekith, the Dark Elf) in which we delve deep into analysis of ten-seshes, beloved players and notable highlights before inevitably drifting into random topics and nonsense. It's a good time.

PatsCast Unofficial Regina Pats Podcast

Uncensored and Unofficial. A Weekly podcast covering the Regina Pats. Fans perspective of the historic WHL franchise


By Fight Night Picks
Fight Night Picks deals with breaking down the biggest upcoming combat sports the world over, on several different platforms. Few venture outside of the UFC, WBA, IBF, and Bellator brands. Our focus is to bring together fight fans from various walks of life and backgrounds, and shine a light on organizations that don’t see the same mainstream coverage such as: ONE FC, Cage Warriors, Rizin, BAMMA, Invicta, and ACB among others.

After Work Athlete

By Afterworkathlete
A podcast exploring the drive and experiences of non-professional female athletes in sports: bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, strong woman competition, kettlebells and pole

ايستگاه فردا

7Radio is a new Podcast for You. istgah5


By adidasfootball
adidas Football Soundcloud page.

Shep's Pod

By Scott Shepherd
Talking sports from a fans point of view

Big Man Complex

By Big Man Complex
3 Big Dudes with a mic and a dream.

Baseball Recruiting Confidential

By Justin Musil: College Baseball Recruiting Expert
Host Justin Musil, founder of Elite Sports Advising and nationally renowned baseball recruiting and scouting guru, unlocks the secrets of college baseball recruiting. Justin has worked with hundreds of players through the recruiting process and is one of the most connected individuals in all of college baseball. This one of a kind podcast provides unique insight and never before heard analysis with all things college baseball recruiting. This is Baseball Recruiting Confidential.

Courtside Podcast

By CourtsideDad
Courtside is a series of conversations exploring the journey sport-parents go on as we support our children in the sport they love. Through Courtside you’ll hear from Players, Parents, Coaches and experts in the fields of sports science and adolescent development in order that we can better create a positive courtside movement, meaning that our children flourish through the culture we create around the sport that they love. So, how's your courtside culture? Please remember to subscribe, lik...

Love Suffolk Cricket Podcast

By David Mann
Keep up to date with every thing that is going on in the world of cricket in the great county of Suffolk. From Minor Counties to EAPL to Two Counties and beyond it is the cricket podcast for all cricket lovers in Suffolk. We have exclusive interviews, previews, predictions, updates, match of the week, club legends, why I love cricket and much more. The Love Suffolk Cricket podcast is the perfect companion for your summer ahead.

Hoops College Coach's Podcast

By Hoops College
This podcast is designed to provide tips and insights to help coaches make their teams better.

Xtreme Rock adrenalina para tus oidos!!! (Podcast) -

Continuamos con los podcast de Xtreme Rock adrenalina para tus oidos!!! continiamos desde la 15a. trasmision.

Off the Deck

By Steve Carrera
Sitting down with members of the water polo community to hear their stories on how they became successful in the world of water polo.

Baseball Yardhouse

Talking anything and everything baseball with your hosts Brock Kocaya and Trey Endris

Newbie Gains

By Newbie Gains
Episode 1 - What is Newbie Gains

Too Cool Kids

By Jozef and Joziah
Too Cool Kids is a podcast from Jozef and Joziah that discusses their love for professional wrestling, sports, video games, and much more.

By Robert Carroll
The world of sport has become more professional, as such the need to find that extra 1% is ever more urgent. Whatever your sport; GAA, Soccer, Rugby, Hurling or any other, the need to analyse performance is essential. Throughout this series of interviews and presentations will bring you insightful pieces of information from performance analysts the world over.

The Hoop Strong Podcast

By Rod Root
Coach Rod Root and guests dive deep into the wonderful world of basketball and extract what it takes to make a great player, coach, trainer or hoops parent.

Scouting Soccer Podcast

By Scouting Soccer
Our mission is simple, to help players and parents navigate their way through youth soccer by way of our own experiences. The more we can share as a community will only help strengthen and develop our players.

Rangers Rundown

By Rangers Rundown
Welcome to Rangers Rundown, a program made by and for Texas Rangers fans. Listen to the guys hash out analysis and theories on the current state of the team, while also covering the other 29 major league teams and their minor league affilates.

Humboldt Crossfit

By Sam Safier
The official podcast for Humboldt Crossfit bringing news and info to help develop the Complete Athlete

mental träning – Svensk Travsport Podcasts

By Svensk Travsport
Sara Strömberg, ungdomsansvarig på Svensk Travsport, bjuder in Stig Wiklund till en Podcast om mental träning. Stig Wiklund som är mental tränare och coach, delar med sig av verktyg och tips för mental träning.

i like to move it

By Alexander Köhn
Wir sind keine Muskelpakete und wollen auch keine werden. Aber wir sind motiviert - Ihr auch?

KN Sportscast

The official Sportscast of Talking about Kentucky Sports, UFC, NBA, and some local sports. Enjoy!

OWC Ohio Wrestlecast

By Mad Archer Media
OWC Ohio Wrestlecast. Jerrod Griffiths (aka Wilbur Whitlock) and Mark Thomas (@TheWesternJesus) talk Pro Wrestling, The Indie Scene, WWE, and more.

The Football Pink

By The Football Pink
Podcast by The Football Pink

The Hockey Pro Training Podcast

By Matt Korthuis
The hockey pro training podcast will be dedicated to helping hockey players by providing the best and latest information from the best coaches from around the world. Our goal is to share ideas and tips in order to make sure hockey players have the best opportunities to make their own hockey dreams come true.


By 动听FM
国内首个铁人三项、马拉松和越野跑等耐力运动主题音频播客。 主持人介绍: Bruce 中国最早一批大铁完赛者,近百场铁人三项、马拉松、越野跑、自行车等耐力活动比赛经验;中国最大的铁三俱乐部上海铁人创始人,STC大铁联赛赛事公司董事长 米高 业余铁三选手典范,日常工作为软件工程师,中铁协业余铁三健将,中国第四位获得Ironman大铁Kona世锦赛的选手+中国第二位70.3世锦赛及Kona世锦赛选手,马拉松精英选手 Peter 德国人,定居上海8年,普通话流利,大陆境内目前最顶尖业余铁三选手之一,大铁最好成绩8小时46分,拥有数十场铁三比赛胜利。 马拉松、铁人三项、越野跑如何训练及备赛 业余爱好者如何平衡工作、生活和运动? 运动圈有意思的话题: 职业Pro能赚多少钱? 中日马拉松有何区别? 中国人离Kona世锦赛冠军还有多远? …… 欢迎关注“动听FM”微信公众号 马拉松 铁人三项 越野跑 铁三 Ironman 主题音乐 by @好好佛话


By Leah小卉卉
有态度,有尺度,有深度,让无趣的生活变得有聊。每周四晚10点,和卉卉一起【FUN 四朗读】谁听谁有范儿,听了都是高逼格。

The NBA Triple Threat Podcast

By Real Sports Net NBA
The official NBA podcast of with hosts Lucas Shapiro, Quentin Haynes, and Colin Stanley.

The Judo Edit

By The Judo Edit
Welcome to the Judo Edit Podcast, where I chat with key athletes, coaches and influential people to take you behind the scenes of the international judo circuit. I hope you can laugh at their stories, learn from their experiences and hopefully find some gems to improve your own judo.

The Junior Golf Podcast

By Brian Campbell, The Junior Golf Podcast
-A podcast that is passionate about the Future of the Game of Golf. -You will learn about Kids Golf, Junior Golf, The Players, Golf Tours, Coaches, Training facilities, Academies, Courses, Products, Services and so much more. -We will also reach out with Boots-on-the-Ground and conduct interviews with the players, the parents, coaches and tournament directors at tournaments all across the US. -The Podcast will not only serve as a platform to educate people around the Globe on Kids and Ju...

Race to the Throne

By Bright Lemon Media
Race to the Throne - A podcast detailing the latest results and news from the Kings of the 7s series along with in-depth interviews with players, coaches and legends of the sevens game.

Taped Up

By Taped Up
Taped Up - The Peoples Podcast is a show brought to you by Gregor Allan and Jamie Payne discussing current affairs in the fight game. Reviewing, previewing and every so often, welcoming on special guests. The Peoples Podcast gives everyone a voice and will be welcomed on to the show from time to time, to discuss all things Boxing, MMA & any other punch up going on. Ding, Ding…. Follow us on Twitter @TapedUpPodcast