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Sport Calgary This Week

By Sport Calgary
Rob Kerr speaks to various community members about sport topics of the week.

Member Profiles

By Sport Calgary
A collection of interviews from our members.

We've Solved Nothing

By Sport Calgary
Rob Kerr and David Legg talk about sport issues of the week.

World Cup Data Hub Podcast

By Patrick English
Podcast following the 2018 FIFA Men's World Cup, looking at all the stats and data from the University of Sheffield's World Cup Data Hub:

Connect Inspire Grow Podcast

By Connect Inspire Grow Podcast
Interviews with successful and inspirational people from all backgrounds, so you then become inspired to move out of your inner cocoon and morph into the finest version of yourself.

Row Z Football Podcast

The Premier League, the Champions League and the World Cup plus everything else football discussed by two Football Journalists. See, a Liverpool and Manchester United fan can coexist… most of the time.

Brothers J - EP1

By JoJo Phillips
Jack and JoJo Phillips connect each week over the oddly specific niche interests they share and bring a little bit more wisdom into each of our days.

Back on Track Running podcast

By Back on Track Running
From running injury to high-performance training, the Back on Track Running podcast aims to explore and challenge the status-quo, and bring about a better running experience!

Sidste nyt fra Østfronten

"Sidste nyt fra østfronten" er DR's VM podcast med Sportens udsendte i Rusland, hvor du hver morgen får opsamling på gårsdagens højdepunkter, dagens kampe og en status fra den danske VM-lejr. De tre deltagere er på skift: Andreas Kraul, Morten Hausborg, Henrik Liniger, Tina Müller, Josefine Høgh, Henrik Fallesen, Tobias Hansen og Kenneth Møller Pedersen.

Visit Telemark

By Visit Telemark
Ønsker du å lære noe nytt, bli underholdt av gode historier eller bli oppmerksom på en ny reise destinasjon i Telemark? I Visit Telemark sin podcast vil du kunne la deg underholde av blant annet historikere på verdensbegivenheter om Vemork aksjonen, Sam Eyde, Jomfruland og øya som steg opp fra havet med mer!

燃爆世界杯 2018

By 燃爆世界杯

The Corner Flag

By Amogh Ranadive and Aakarsh Chandan
A Manchester United fan and an Everton fan from India team up to create a football discussion show that is filled with in depth analysis (lol), accurate statistics (SURE!) and opinions that make a difference (to nobody)!

Hockey 360

Les anciens joueurs de la LNH et collaborateurs à RDS Bruno Gervais et Martin Biron partagent analyses et anecdotes sur le merveilleux monde du hockey.

The Loop Sports Podcast

By The Loop Sports
The Loop Sports Podcast • Chicago Sports Talk • 🎙🎧 • Host Anders Johanson and a rotating panel of guest host including writers from The Loop Sports as well as outside guests will cover all things Chicago sports.

Lift Clean and Place Podcast

By Will Friedman
Welcome to Lift Clean and Place Podcast, the golf podcast made by the everyday golfer for the everyday golfer.

Inside The Six

By Inside The Six
Just a father and his son discussing the latest happenings in the world of football


By Brandon Murchison: podcaster fantasy football
Brandon Murchison (@RotoSuperstar) and Nick Hefley (@nickhefley) discuss ALL THINGS Fantasy Football and get you covered with player rankings, projections, matchup analysis and more. Listen, get educated and win with WooFantasy!

Boyd Meets World

By Brandon Boyd
Sonics refugee, Dawgs fan, concussion advocate. Let's do this.

PJ'S Podcast

By Johnny Teixeira
A fun place where we discuss all things sports, movies, and much much more!

Mental State Of Greatness

By Mauro Lorenz
Unser Ziel ist es aus Athleten das Optimum herauszuholen, dafür interviewen wir Menschen die das bereits geschafft haben, Profisportler, aber auch Menschen die sie dahin gebracht haben, Trainer, Ernährungsberater, Agenten, Physiotherapeuten... Dieses ganze Wissen stellen wir dir dann ungefiltert zur Verfügung. Ausserdem befassen wir uns stark mit dem mentalen Aspekt des Sports und wie du da grosse Fortschritte mit einfachen Tools erzielen kannst. --> Mindset --> Positive Selbstgespräch...

Get Paid: Fantasy, Gambling and DFS

By Underdog Sports
Gamblers, Fantasy and Daily Fantasy players, this show is for you. Long time buddies, Sean and Brad discuss the NFL, NBA and MLB in a new weekly podcast which explores betting lines, fantasy matchups and identifies sleepers for your daily fantasy lineups. Sean owns and operates The Functional Sportsaholic and Gold Standard Sports Forecasting. The analytics he has generated have won over 60% of his NBA bets and 67% of his NFL bets the last three seasons. Brad is an old school gamer, bett...

Tayshaun's Muscles

By Daniel Croshaw
Just all kinds of NBA goodness

Red Smoke Radio

By Stumptown Footy
A Portland Thorns and NWSL podcast by Stumptown Footy. Music: "Zigurat" by Bflecha, courtesy of Arkestra Records

Stories I Tell on Dates

By Paul Shirley
Paul Shirley traveled the world chasing a basketball career that landed him on 17 different teams scattered across the globe. He played in Spain. He played in Greece. He played in Russia. And he played in the NBA. But Paul isn't just a basketball player; he's also a kid from a small town in Kansas--a kid searching for love just like the rest of us. In Stories I Tell On Dates, Paul tells the stories he tells his dates: vulnerable stories about middle school dances, stories about Sex Ed, and st...

The Do It For Yourself Podcast

By Ian Harding
This podcast is about people who have overcome challenges, fears and setbacks to do something they have wanted to for themselves.


By leblogdutriathlete
Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches est un triathlète professionnel sur le circuit Ironman. Le Blog Du Triathlete est un podcast sur le triathlon qui inclut des entrevues avec des triathlètes de haut niveau et des résumés des nouvelles dans le monde du triathlon. Le podcast LeBlogDuTriathlete est présenté par Kronobar: Utilisez le code antoinejd pour un rabais!


By エンパス大ちゃん

The Big Jump

By David Gardner
On a mission to inspire people’s next big jump, this is a podcast about human reinvention – featuring professional athletes who have levered their athletic minds for success beyond sports. Hosted by David Gardner, a former pro basketball player turned branding firm founder.

Treading Water

By Beach Water Polo Fours
Too often in sport, we worry about scorelines and outcomes. Treading Water takes a step back to shine a light on the people behind the sport with great stories to tell.

The Shot

By Radio Statale
Un sito , una rivista mensile e ora anche un programma radiofonico, punto di riferimento per gli appassionati di basket in Italia.

The Goal Post Podcast

By The Goal Post Podcast
Here we will be discussing news around the football world. You'll have a chance to chime in and give your opinion on the topics of discussion. So sit back and relax with some marvelous world football talk!


Podcast by pointsinthepaint


By Say What Radio
新プ女子TALKは、新日本プロレスが好きなプ女子姉妹のSayakaとYokoの2人が好き放題言いながらお届けしています。またファンサイトTheLionMarks(ライオンマークス)では、英語のニュースや外国人選手のインタビュー等を翻訳しています。URL: [email protected]

פודקאסט המונדיאל

By הארץ
פודקאסט המונדיאל של "הארץ". איתמר קציר מארח את מיטב כתבי ופרשני הספורט של "הארץ" על כל הנושאים החמים מסביב לגביע העולמי רוסיה 2018

behind the numbers

By behind the numbers
to give you the best in fantasy news and analysis, we go behind the numbers.

The Reds Report

By Joshua Kloke & Oliver Platt
A weekly Toronto FC podcast with The Athletic's Joshua Kloke and The TFC Report's Oliver Platt.

Two Guys Talk Tennis

Gareth and Andy recap the previous week's tennis news and anything interesting in the worldwide sporting lexicon. They offer expert picks and insight into the game's most controversial issues.

Hockey highlights of Tonight

By Justin P Minnich / Anchor
Hey my names JP im the host for HHOT and im a huge hockey fan.My hometown team are the st.louis blues LGB ! but my love for the games doesnt end there i love all hockey even the blackhawks ew gross ;)


By Edyr Moraes / Anchor
A copa como você nunca ouviu antes.

The Boston Celtics Reddit Podcast

By Benjamin Vallis
Talking all things Boston Celtics through the scope of the Celtics Reddit community. Covering recent and upcoming games, news around the team, and talking the top and most controversial posts on /r/bostonceltics.

Fiona Price practical spirituality for everyday living » Podcasts

By Fiona Price
Podcasts are based on what I have discovered from a spiritual perspective which has helped me tackle many of life's challenges. It's all practical stuff that can make your life easier, happier and healthier! Video versions of the podcasts and other content about my experience rewilding in Wales after years of executive life, are available on

This is the Place

By Charity and Brynn
Its True Crime Story Time with Charity and Brynn! Hear stories of murder, mystery and mayhem from the Beehive State.

Odd Man Rush

By Odd Man Rush
Some Rangers stuff. Some laughs. Always a good time.

Benjamin's Dream and the Dreamers

By Benjamin's Dream/ Benjamin Montgomery
New sports podcast weblog for about professional sports leagues, college teams, and life experiences!

Something to Think about

By Austin Brown / Anchor
Something to Think About is me talking about whatever is on my mind and u, the viewers will get the chance to voice ur opinion about the subject

Podcast über Fußballfans, Borussia Dortmund, Groundhopping, Ultras, Fanszenen

By Football was my first love
Der Name ist Programm. Football was my first love ist ein Podcast über Fußballkultur, Fanszenen, Groundhopping, Fan-Anekdoten. Und Borussia Dortmund.

Bad Optics

By Indro O'Neal
Find a New Slant


By Dylan Hunter / Anchor
Welcome to the Ravenwood podcast, we discuss NFL teams and news. We will talk A lot about the Green Bay Packers.

Catch Hook & Shoot

By Thomas O'Donnell
Weekly talk, news, rumors, reviews, and opinions of all things pro wrestling! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Taktik Viewing

By Alsterfilm
Nach jedem Deutschland-Spiel wird Volker Robrahn gemeinsam mit Blogger Kai Pahl und Sidekick Timo Maxsein direkt nach Abpfiff das jeweilige Match eingehend analysieren.

Spicy Take

By The Spicy Take Podcast / Anchor
Discussing sports and having Spicy Takes!


By Dan Williams
Bite-sized chunks of health, happiness, fitness and performance. Presented by Exercise Physiologist and Scientist, Coach and Director of Range of Motion, Dan Williams.

Three Lions World Cup Chat

By Three Lions
Podcast by Three Lions

Rob Your Bookie

By Gregory Bonica
Delivering to you everything you need to know to Rob your Bookie


O Pajuçara Futebol clube com seus melhores comentários e resenhas. Siga-nos e acompanhe nossos episódios para escutar o melhor do futebol Alagoano.

Behind the story

By Mark E Sanderson / Anchor
a podcast about football. See for more.

We Know Nothing Podcast

By Kris Davies and Drew Barrow
Two Friends Talk Sports, Music, News & More

Davor Suker's Left Foot

By Jack Collins
Welcome to Davor Suker's Left Foot - the World Cup Podcast you didn't even know you needed. Get the lowdown on all things Copa Mundial in Russia this summer as we explore the greatest tournament in World Football.

LNAT los north american three

By Beak and Claws Podcasting
Podcast by Beak and Claws Podcasting

Why I Bike

By Jim Fullerton
Bicycle tourist, traveler, adventurer - there are many titles for people who get on a bike and pedal for hundreds and thousands of miles. Be it weeks, months , or years, those people who take up riding a bicycle for adventure are fascinating individuals. Why I Bike Podcast tracks down these people, during their adventure or in between, and asks them, "Why do you bike?"

LiveDuel Podcast

By LiveDuel
The show where we hear both sides of the debate, followed by a real talk discussion on actual thoughts and opinions

Melanie Walker's Grounded

By Melanie Walker
Melanie Walker's podcast that explores all things gardening.

Heels Pops n Chairshots

By Vick The Villain
Podcast by Vick The Villain

Sports Lampoon

By Chadwick Anglesnatch
Podcast by Chadwick Anglesnatch

3 and Deep

By Nick Ricciardi / Anchor
3 and Deep, an entertaining sports podcast. Hosts Nick Ricciardi and Ryan Millan discuss and argue about topics involving the NBA and MLB

CFL Fantasy Podcast

By Canadian Football League
Starting in 2018, we are bringing you the official fantasy football podcast of the CFL! Subscribe now to have Pat Steinberg, Jeff Krever and Hannah Nordman help you set your CFL fantasy rosters every single week of the season.

NOT TAKES Fantasy Football

By Bob Kunz / Anchor
Join two childhood friends having fun talking Fantasy Football. We aren't going to overwhelm you with random, complex stats. What we are going to do is share our knowledge and experience based on many years of battling it out in home leagues, co-owning teams and constantly talking all things football. We can't wait to share our NOT TAKES with you #nottakesff

OSWtv Podcast

OSWtv stands for Only Scottish Wrestling and is a place that shares all the latest news, views and reviews from around the country in order to spread awareness of the thriving Scottish professional wrestling business.

Smokin Ace sports talk

By Garry Harrington / Anchor
Tired listening to the same all sports talk. Well I know why am so I started my own podcast I will be traveling talking to different people in different cities get in their opinions as well as sharing mine with you on the podcast. So buckle up grab a beer or blunt which ever you prefer a list talks with sports


By RFLRedZone
A Giant Podcast is an inside look at your #SanFrancisco #Giants #Baseball #team

Snakes in the Grass Podcast

By Ahmed Warfa, Brett Maloney, Ryan Sullivan, Carmen Sorrentino
Podcast by Ahmed Warfa, Brett Maloney, Ryan Sullivan, Carmen Sorrentino

Scottish Wrestling Network

By Billy Strachan
Podcast by Billy Strachan

Odds-On Investments

By Odd-On Investments / Anchor
Odds-On Investments

ScoutDay Spotlight

By ScoutDay Spotlight
ScoutDay Spotlight is the podcast platform for ScoutDay. ScoutDay is a mobile app that helps baseball prospects be discovered. The purpose of ScoutDay Spotlight is to highlight stories in the baseball community. There are powerful stories all around us, and we hope you enjoy hearing some of them here on ScoutDay Spotlight. To apply to be on the show, please email [email protected] with a pitch on your story.


By Balls Up
The Balls Up boys present #NSFW - a topical news podcast that covers a wide range of areas, from sport to politics and everything in between.

CFP Radio

By Tom Seeling
Fitness Lifestyle Podcast

Houston Sports Social

By Houston Sports Social
Our podcast all about Houston sports and sports in general. Enjoy!

Everything Under The Sun w/ Josh Folmsbee

By Josh Folmsbee / Anchor
Welcome to the Josh Folmsbee podcast, where amazing things happen.

FSH Fantasy Sports Help Podcast

By FSH Fantasy Sports Help Podcast
A weekly podcast for our Fantasy Sports Help Newsletters. - Our Newsletters are offer player news and notes, start/sit advice, position rankings, add/drop information, and other valuable services! - | Subscribe to Our Newsletter for more info! Follow us on Twitter @FSHsports

NHL Talk and Other Stuff

By Adam Zuccala / Anchor
In this podcast, I talk about the news and rumours going in and around the NHL and also sneaking in some other non-NHL news

Have A Seat

By Charles Hogue III / Anchor
Welcome to Have a Seat. It's a place where anybody can come and freely talk about sports, music, life and anything else that comes into mind. Feel free to join in and have a seat at the table

Counted Out!

By Daniel Greene
All things WWE! Each Thursday we will count out what’s happening in the WWE and some things happening on the horizons of wrestling!

Fitz on Fantasy

By The Football Girl
Fitz on Fantasy is THE podcast for obsessive fantasy football enthusiasts. Brought to you each week by Pat Fitzmaurice with a special guest from the fantasy football industry to discuss fantasy's hottest topics and dish out plenty of advice, with occasional forays into food, music, TV, and other real-world topics. Fitzmaurice has been sharing top notch fantasy tips since the '90s, when he was an editor at Pro Football Weekly. He was 2017's second-most accurate ranker in the FantasyPros accura...

Better Call Creative Wrestling Podcast

By Better Call Creative
A unique new wrestling podcast, where we review Pro Wrestling;s worst gimmicks, storylines and ppv's and take on the challenge to rebook it better. Nothing is off limits, if it failed, flopped or was critically panned, we will be ready to take on the challenge to make wrestling gold from wrestlecrap.

Tudo o que você não quer e não precisa saber sobre a Copa

O podcast da piauí sobre o que há de mais irrelevante na Copa do Mundo. Em uma mesa redonda improvável, João Moreira Salles, Flora Thomson-DeVeaux, Alexandre Gontijo e João Brizzi se reúnem para não falar sobre o metatarso do Neymar, os gols de Cristiano Ronaldo ou o desempenho das grandes seleções.

SliceofSports Podcast

By Harrison Larner
Slice of Sports Podcast

Ball Boyz Tennis Podcast

By Ball Boyz
Podcast by Ball Boyz

Studs Up Podcast

By Studs Up Podcast
A weekly podcast where AJ and Arnold rant about footie in MLS, Premiership, and other competitions. Show questions at: [email protected] Studs Up podcast is a 10fingers11toes production.

Brent's Broadcast

By Brent's Broadcast
Headlines and in depth analysis of sports.

Corncob Hockey

By Corncob Hockey
me and a bunch of stupid assholes are going to start a hockey podcast in the middle of the desert to either die or prove a very important point

Swift Kicks podcast

By Swift Kicks Podcast / Anchor
Two friends in their mid 20’s talk about a sport where you kick balls. What’s not to love?

CrossFit YOW

Podcast by i

Chasin Championshipss Podcast

2 Marks Chasin Championships and living dreams while enjoying wrestling.


By Hannes und Jan
Der Tischfußball Podcast.

Let's talk football!

By Rutuj Kusurkar / Anchor
We talk France vs Australia. France's lacklustre performance. Australia's resilient midfield. And pressure on Deschamps.

From the Pavilion

By Cambridge 105 Radio
Ollie Slack and Julian Clover discuss the Cambridgeshire cricket scene with special guests and reports from around the grounds