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By Sovereign Hope Church: Clovis, CA

because crack is illegal's podcast

By Raema Mauriello
Join Raema Mauriello each week as she shares the lessons God has taught her through her children. She uses humor to convey her message and invites you to join her to laugh, learn and grow into the woman God has created you to be.

Christ Community Church

By (Christ Community Church)
Audio from weekly sermons during Sunday Worship Services at Christ Community Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tennessee.

The City Life Church

By The City Life Church
Every church has a message, and every church has a moment. At City Life, you will find our message to be encapsulated in one word, life! In 1 John 5:11 we read that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. We want everyone in our city to have the eternal life He promises, the hope of heaven to come but also a life now that can only be described as heaven on earth! We hope to see you this Saturday as we worship together, and when you come, you will also discover our mome...

Calvary Baptist Church Knoxville TN

By Dan Riley
Calvary Baptist Church is located 1 mile from the University of Tennessee. Pastor Dan Riley shares biblical truth and practical wisdom for living everyday as a follower of Jesus Christ. We hope you are drawn closer to Christ as you listen.

Jon George Ministries

By Jon George Ministries
Deliverance Ministry

Moms in Prayer Podcast

The Moms in Prayer Podcast is a place where we put our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world so we can better pray for and equip the next generation. Our focus will always be revival and spiritual awakening in our children, our schools, and our motherhood.

Prophet Macaiah Audio Podcast

By Prophet Louis Macaiah
Welcome to the audio podcast of Prophet Louis Macaiah. Prophet Macaiah is a proud son of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and the General Overseer of Christ Vision Sanctuary International. He is an anointed minister of God who stands and operates in the office of a Prophet. His passion is to get many people to Christ and to place them at the highest level in life where God has predestined them to be. Listen and be blessed!

Faithful Innovation

By Faithful Innovation
Inspiring wholesome expressions of faith

Real Life Podcast

By Rich Merkouris
The Podcast where we answer Real Questions with Real Answers that we all face in Real Life.

Amistad Cristiana Madrid

By Amistad Cristiana / Anchor
Este es el podcast de las predicaciones de los domingos en Amistad Cristiana Madrid

First Presbyterian Church of Lumberton Podcast

By FPC Lumberton
Sermons preached from our pulpit in the sanctuary.


By kgosi oraletse / Anchor
this is Grace Fm radio, station where we will listen to gospel music , acquire wisdom of God, get motivational talks, financial advice and may more.

Christ Church Balham

By Christ Church Balham
A contemporary Anglican church with a passion to reach the Balham area with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Ecce Podcast

By Genevieve Aucoin
Beholding the beauty of God and the human heart.

Exploring More

Exploring More is hosted by Michael Thompson, produced by Zoweh Ministries, and recorded in Durham, NC.

The Christian Movie Podcast

The Christian Movie Podcast is a show devoted to reviewing Christian films and shows. We review everything from classic Christian DVDs to the newest Christian films appearing in theaters. Our quick reviews give you everything you need to know about the movie in just a few short minutes. We'll let you know what the movie is about, the overall quality of the Christian film, and how family-friendly it is. Join us every Wednesday for a new Christian movie review! To learn more about ...

Kruiskerk Stellenbosch

By Kruiskerk Stellenbosch
Luister hier na preke van die Kruiskerk in Stellenbosch.

Running Redeemed

By Running Redeemed
A blog for busy Christian women!

Church Outreach Podcast

By Nathan / Anchor
Church Outreach Podcast discusses strategies that your church can use to reach out to your local community. They take a relational approach with strategies that are easy to replicate no matter how big or small your church is.

In His Presence Church Podcast

By In His Presence Church
In His Presence Church mission is to preach the gospel, witness Jesus, win souls, and make disciples. Visit to learn more information about our ministry

Spanglish Seminary Podcast

By Juan Lopez and Rogelio Robles
Spanglish Seminary is hosted by Juan Carlos Lopez and Rogelio Robles. Es un Podcast centered on la experiencia latina in 'The Church.' Sobre el espacio between Spanish e Ingles, Catholics and Aleluyas, Latino America y El Norte.

Sermons – Lakewood Church of Christ

By Lakewood Church of Christ
Nestled atop Green Mountain in Lakewood, CO. Committed to Christ...Committed to our Community.

Calvary Limerick

By Calvary Limerick / Anchor
The teaching and preaching ministry of Calvary Limerick.

Trinity City Church

By Trinity City Church
The weekly sermon from Trinity City Church in St. Paul, MN. Located at 1849 Marshall Avenue.

Oasis Church

By Kevin Clark
Oasis Church


By Ashton Fish / Anchor
LuncHour is for nextgen leaders to connect, be resourced and encouraged. Each week we will chat with a nextgen leader to discuss how to better love, teach and impact the NextGen.

WOW! Women's Podcast

By Earma Brown
Earma is a widow, mother of two sons, twelve book Christian author, communicator and friend to women. She is founder of WOW! Women Global. She has been teaching online Bible studies for ten years. Already reaching thousands through her books WOW! Women of Worth, WOW! Women of Destiny and WOW! Women of Legacy, she aspires to continue equipping women for victorious Christian living with the destiny and purpose of God. For more information visit her at

Ya están dormidos

By Teresa, una madre de 4 hijos y life/executive coach
Un podcast para madre reales que quieren crecer y construir grandes familias. English: A podcast for real parents who want to grow and build great families.

Eagle's Wing Church

By Nelson Hannah
Welcome to Eagle’s Wing Church. We are a new church located along the I-65 Coridor in North Jefferson County, Alabama. Our passion is Jesus Christ and our purpose is to take His love to the unchurched, dechurched, and those who have been hurt and fallen out of church. Our sole purpose in existing as Eagle’s Wing Church is to provide a place of refuge where broken souls can be restored through life-changing relationships with God and people.

Plant & Water - Deerfoot Church of Christ

By Plant & Water - Deerfoot Church of Christ
Trussville, Alabama

Impact Nations Podcast

By Impact Nations
Biblical teaching from Steve Stewart and stories of God's grace transforming lives around the world.


Church Planting

HBC Talk

HBC Talk is a podcast ministry and discussion on current, relevant events to the Christian life.

Liberty Grace Sermons

By Liberty Grace
Liberty Grace is a group of believers in Christ from around the Johnstown, PA area. We fellowship and worship together at 10:30am every Sunday morning. Come join us as we celebrate the R.E.A.L. freedom that comes with a life that’s following after God.

Riverside Church of Fort Myers

By Riverside Church of Fort Myers
Riverside Church exists to make and send disciples who love and live like Jesus.Our hope is that these messages from our Sunday morning services are part of your time with God each week. Visit or find us on Facebook at Riverside Church Fort Myers.

Twelve Talks

By Twelve Talks

Life Church Indiana

By Life Church Indiana
The messages of all 3 campuses can be found in this podcast. Hear from each of the Pastors from every campus teach from the Scriptures verse by verse in this life giving podcast.

Equipping the Saints Podcast

By Fr. Eric W. Vowles
Discussing the Orthodox Catholic Faith!

Average Queer Christian

By Heather Knight
This podcast was created to provide an opportunity for everyday queer Christians to share their personal stories at the intersection of faith and sexuality. You'll hear how people have reconciled their faith, and how they live out their faith daily. You'll laugh, you'll cry and hopefully, you'll come away inspired in your own faith journey.

The Pulse WV

By The Pulse WV
Welcome to the weekly podcast of The Pulse, WV led by John Fowler. To learn more, visit our website at

The Anna Szabo Show

By Anna Szabo, JD, MBA
Conversations about God, Gospel, and the matters of life with Anna Szabo. Be encouraged by this Bible-inspired, practical content as Anna shares her experiences of walking with Jesus through depression, divorce, and other life adversity. You will discover how to talk to God, how to hear from God, how to forgive, and how to stand on God's promises. Grow in faith and feel empowered!

The Worship Center Lubbock

By Todd Turnbow
The Worship Center, located in Lubbock, TX, is a non denominational church that is a spiritual hospital for broken people. We are the perfect church for people who aren't.

Living Grace

By Pastor Richard Box
Living Grace Foursquare

Sermons from Berean Baptist Church

By Berean Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC

Kootenai Church: James

By Pastors/Elders Jim Osman, Jess Whetsel, Dave Rich, and Cornel Rasor
This series of messages is an exposition of the book of James taught by Justin Peters, of Justin Peters Ministries, a member of Kootenai Community Church.

Kootenai Church: Adult Sunday School - Philippians

By Pastors/Elders Jim Osman, Jess Whetsel, Dave Rich, and Cornel Rasor
This series of messages is an exposition of the book of Philippians taught by Jess Whetsel, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church.

All Saints Center Podcast

By All Saints: Brock Bingaman and Connie Willems
All Saints is a Christian training center, housed in the local church, offering substantive courses and thoughtful conversation.

Kootenai Church: 1 Peter

By Pastors/Elders Jim Osman, Jess Whetsel, Dave Rich, and Cornel Rasor
This series of messages is an exposition of the book of 1 Corinthians taught by Dave Rich, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church.

Claudio Music's

By Claudio elder
Pregações, musicas

Kootenai Church: 1 Thessalonians

By Pastors/Elders Jim Osman, Jess Whetsel, Dave Rich, and Cornel Rasor
This series of messages is an exposition of the book of 1 Thessalonians taught by Cornel Rasor, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church.

Parent’s Guide to 13 Reasons Why

By Focus on the Family
The Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, became an instant hit with teens. It’s sparking controversy but it’s also sparking conversation. Focus on the Family has created a variety of materials designed to educate and equip parents to engage with kids on the sensitive topics addressed in the program.

True North Church podcast

By True North Church
Welcome to the podcast of True North Church led by Pastor Eric Terwilliger. To learn more visit us at or on Instagram @truenorthsav.

Sermons – Franklin church of Christ

By Mitch Davis
Franklin church of Christ - Christians in Franklin, TN


Real world questions that need an answer through the Bible but through our own experiences.

Kootenai Church: The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

By Pastors/Elders Jim Osman, Jess Whetsel, Dave Rich, and Cornel Rasor
A miniseries on the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation by Justin Peters, and the Pastors/Elders of Kootenai Community Church: Jim Osman, Jess Whetsel, Dave Rich, and Cornel Rasor.

Iglesia Peniel San Jose California 's Podcast

By Alvaro Valencia
Iglesia Peniel San Jose California 's Podcast featuring speaker Alvaro Valencia

Pastor Ron Nelson » Issues of the End Times Podcast

By Pastor Ron Nelson
The Online Portal for the Ministries of Pastor Ron Nelson

Winter Haven Worship Center

By Winter Haven Worship Center
Weekly Worship, Sermons and other events from Winter Haven Worship Center

Stranger Jesus

By Daniel Schultz
After years of being a square peg trying to fit in round holes it became obvious that the effort just wasn’t worth it. God said “Stop doing that!” But here’s the thing: I know lots and lots of other people who’ve tried to fit in with the church without much success but to varying degrees pain, shame and apathy. This show is for them. It’s an effort to let people who might not otherwise have the opportunity hear (or overhear) good news. Each week listeners will get a bit of prayer, a bit of s...

Kootenai Church: Adult Sunday School - 2 Corinthians

By Pastors/Elders Jim Osman, Jess Whetsel, Dave Rich, and Cornel Rasor
This series of messages is an exposition of the book of 1 Corinthians taught by Cornel Rasor, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church.

Libro di Cielo, Volume 25

By Don Leonardo Maria Pompei
Il venticinquesimo volume degli scritti della Serva di Dio Luisa Piccarreta

Libro di Cielo, Volume 24

By Don Leonardo Maria Pompei
Il ventiquattresimo volume degli scritti della Serva di Dio Luisa Piccarreta

Secrets Revealed with Zen Garcia

By Zen Garcia
My hope is to lead the listener to new possibilities. All are being forced to reassess what they thought they knew and understood about life. Do you believe that there is something greater to the design of life and our reasons for being here? Having pre-existed, we were designed for higher purpose by the Father and the Son since before the foundations of this world were laid. This realization helps one grasp that there is a significant purpose for our lives within the unfolding of all things...

Union Point FBC Podcast

By Marc Lhowe
Welcome to First Baptist Church of Union Point. O

BCWC Sermons

By Pastor
Our weekly sermons.

Sermons – TheWayBK

Biblical discussions about Jesus, The Way and what it means to follow the Way He has prescribed for Humanity, particularly within 21st century cultural context.

Illuminate Young Adults

By Illuminate Young Adults / Anchor
This is a podcast designed for Young Adults (18-30's). We hope to bring value and guidance to your life through tough discussions and fresh perspectives.

Faith Church (Dallas, OR) Sermon Podcast

By Faith Evangelical Free Church: Dallas, OR
Weekly Bible Teaching

Kootenai Church: Adult Sunday School - 1 Corinthians

By Pastors/Elders Jim Osman, Jess Whetsel, Dave Rich, and Cornel Rasor
This series of messages is an exposition of the book of 1 Corinthians taught by Cornel Rasor, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church.

David Henneke's Video Podcast

By David Henneke
I am greatly blessed and privileged to serve here in Kingsland, TX. My relationship with the LORD is the most important relationship in my life. The growth and development of this relationship has strengthened my love, commitment and marriage to my wife (KC) and has equipped us to embrace our God-given mandate in rearing our amazing children. God has placed within my heart an undying passion and commitment to (1) present Christ as Savior and (2) pursue Him as Lord.

San Antonio Chinese Church

San Antonio Chinese Church

Covenant Presbyterian Church

By Covenant Presbyterian Church
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Sharon, Pennsylvania, covenantsharon, #covenantsharon, Covenant Sharon

Mt Juliet Church of God

By Brian Varnell
Mt Juliet Church of God is located in Mount Juliet, TN just outside of Nashville, TN. We desire to see people restored by the power of God, disciple them to find their purpose, and empower them to expand the Kingdom of God.

ToraNado Teaches

By ToraNado / Anchor
Faith based inspirational teachings to inspire a desire towards healing from abuse related traumas to help you see the promise and provision that is surrounding your life.

Mt. Zion Kalamazoo Youth Ministry Podcast

By Mt. Zion Baptist Church
The Mt. Zion Youth Ministry Podcast is here to empower youth, parents, and youth ministry workers to further the mission of Christ. Mt. Zion is located in Kalamazoo, MI. Dr. Addis Moore is the senior pastor.

Truth Church of Denison

By Darren Gilbert
Message Archives


Ladies, it's time to strengthen those spiritual muscles as warrior women ("ezer") after God's own heart, made in His image and sharing in His rescue mission! Hear another sister's story each week.

Conasauga Baptist Church

By Conasauga Baptist Church / Anchor
Conasauga Baptist Church Etowah, Tennessee

Rise Youth Podcast

By Rise Youth
Welcome to the Rise Youth podcast! We hope that these messages leave you built up and inspired.

Grace Community Church

By Grace Community Church
Sermons by Grace Community Church


By Metro Community Church
Metro's vision: to build a biblically functioning community as we turn non-churched people into fully devoted, growing, followers of Christ. This podcast includes messages from Pastor Paul Westbrook and others from the pastoral team. For more information check

Sentido Latino de los hispanos

By Lutheran Hour Ministries
Sentido Latino es un podcast que trata sobre los desafios culturales, morales y relacionales que los hispanos que vivimos en los Estados Unidos enfrentamos en el diario vivir.

Vineyard Milwaukee Church Podcast

By Vineyard Milwaukee
Sermons from Vineyard Milwaukee.

The Town Church Greeley Podcast

The Town Church Greeley is a church in Greeley, Colorado. We worship Jesus every Sunday morning at 10:30am at 716 16th Street. Join us as we learn to live in light of the gospel of Jesus. For more information visit our web site -

DCC Groupscast

By dcctally
Our goal is to give you the tools and information to lead & disciple the people of your group at Downtown Community Church.

Alistair Begg - Truth For Life

By Alistair Begg
Listen to the lastest full sermon videos from Bible teacher Alistair Begg through the ministry of Truth For Life

Christ Community Church of the Nazarene

By Christ Community Church of the Nazarene
A weekly sermon podcast from Christ Community Church of the Nazarene in Syracuse, New York.

Sanctify The Saints

By Sanctify The Saints / Anchor
Welcome to Sanctify The Saints, a place where God is loved and His Word is shared! God Bless!

Pathfinders Strong

By Chris G. Clapp
Thoughts and musings from my head

Hillsdale United Methodist Church

By Brian Neville
These sermons are liberal in love and conservative in virtue

ERF Pop (Podcast)

ERF Pop spielt die schönste Popmusik, das Beste aus der christlichen Musikszene & die aktuellen Charts – Jetzt reinhören!

ERF Plus (Podcast)

Alle ERF Plus RSS Feeds zusammengefasst in einem Feed.

Becoming Eve

By Bridget Osho / Anchor
For 21st Century Catholic women who want to be become all that God created them to be – from the beginning. I explore feminine issues from a Catholic perspective. - Why did God create us? - How did He create us? - How does that influence how we become mums, wives, career women and our impact on the Church and our societies? - How can you build your family naturally? - Maximise your talents to build a successful career?

Ricky Nelms' Podcast

By Ricky Nelms
May 20, 2017 - Former Presiding Bishop and President of Holmes Bible College lectures on the historic and global impact of Holmes Bible College. Also shares personal stories and memories from his lifetime association of the "oldest classical pentecostal college" in the world.

DCC Sermon of the Week

By Dayton Christian Center
Sermon podcasts from Dayton Christian Center in Dayton, TX

Unseen Podcast

By Alex Cheng
Welcome to the weekly Unseen podcast brought to you by Alex Cheng. Faith, finance, fulfillment. To learn more visit our web site at Help support this ministry so that we can be more of an influence out into the world:

HIStory – Franklin church of Christ

By Mitch Davis
Franklin church of Christ - Christians in Franklin, TN