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By Victory Church
Messages brought to you from Victory Church UK.
By Crossroads Church
Crossroads is a welcoming and diverse church, serving the people of northern Colorado with inspiring weekend services and life-changing ministries for all ages. We seek to help people experience God's guidance, encouragement and presence every day.
By National Youth Ministry Convention
Welcome to the National Youth Ministry Convention…
By One Community Church (Melbourne, Australia)
This publication contains the weekly teaching from One Community Church in Blackburn, Australia.
By Zach Chronley
Three Christian twenty-somethings talk about faith and following Jesus.
By JR. Forasteros
Learn to read the Bible's scariest book. It's not the End of the World. It's a message of hope to Christians struggling to stay faithful in a faithless world. And it's a LOT of fun.
By Journey Church of Franklin
Journey Church is a casual, laid-back, FUN church in Franklin Indiana that is helping people connect with God one step at a time. We gather on Sundays at 11 am at Franklin Community Middle School in Franklin, Indiana.
By Jamie George
The Journey Church Nashville - Life is a journey. Fluid existence. Our journey is filled with adventure, boredom, tragedy - it is a story finding its way. Join us as we discover and explore soul environments below the surface of religion.
By Fr. Vazken Movsesian
Presented by Fr. Vazken Movsesian, each session delves into the understanding of the ancient Armenian Orthodox faith in life today. If you're looking for the missing pieces in life's puzzle, if you want to do more than memorize a few Bible verses and if you are ready to think, download a session. Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan in conjunction with and Ken T. Nalik.
By Pilgrim Church
Pilgrim Church - A church that looks like the Kingdom of God.
By Ministerio Nuevo Pacto Oakland
Ministerio Nuevo Pacto Oakland's Podcast featuring speaker Carlos
Sermons and Bible Studies from the Willow Avenue church of Christ
By Daniel Goggans
Sound Speech is a podcast that addresses Christian living, apologetics and all things theological.
By Mike Lenz
Welcome to Get Set Free Now with award-winning businesswoman and entrepreneur, best-selling author, motivational speaker, wife and mother of five, Patty Cepeda. Prepare to be set free spiritually, physically, financially, relationally, and emotionally, to walk in all God has called you to be and to live your life as God intended. Join Patty as she helps you break through what's holding you back and soar to heights you never imagined.
By Rev. Dale DeMelll
The weekly sermons from Life Assembly in Maple Grove, Minnesota.
By markmeynell
A journey in 6 parts through the most inspiring and life-changing story of the Old Testament (talks originally given at Cornerstone 2011, the All Souls Langham Place Bible Week)
By Luke Strickland
Join writer, thinker and dreamer Luke Strickland as he explores a variety of topics helping you be the person you're created to be. Luke has an engaging style and friendly manner and will guide you with honesty and humour, sharing his struggles and successes along the way.
By Antoinette McDonald
What is The Beautiful Pursuit? Launching 1 December 2017 with an interview with English musician and former Delirious lead singer, Martin Smith - subscribe and be inspired on your own beautiful pursuit.
By Patrice Zhao
My talk with the godly people whom I love/respect. I hope to introduce you to my adulating experience in a “foreign” country The struggles I went through, the cultural shocks I experienced, the interesting things I noticed, and my journey towards God!
By Natan Tafese
Weekly sermons from EFGBC pulpit
West Erwin Church of Christ Sermon Archives
By Sarah Elizabeth Smith
A platform for women's voices in theology.
By Martha Slemmer
Featuring conversations with local leaders about things that matter, join us as we engage our faith and learning. Facebook: Instagram: Website:
By Northview Between Two Worlds Podcast
A Northview High School Podcast
JIL ECR Podcast
By Scott Higa
The Christian Nerd Podcast is an entertaining look at the intersection of the Christian faith and nerd culture. This is a great place to love Jesus and love Star Wars.
By Scottie Reeve
A podcast exploration of the themes of Scottie's book, 21 Elephants, about faith, justice, mission and spiritual formation
By Greg Kline
church of Christ at South Bumby : Sermons
A daily devotional podcast from
By The Garden Church
The Garden is the Young Adults congregation of St Andrews Church in Mount Maunganui. We are a community who are passionate about knowing Jesus and sharing His love.
By 생명의말씀선교회
거듭난 그리스도인에게 꼭 필요한 영의 양식
By 김철기 목사
새노래교회 화요회개중보 모임은 2010년 후반기 부터 시작해 매주 화요일 끊이지 않고 한국교회, 성도의 죄를 회개하고 나아가 이스라엘과 열방을 중보하여 주님의 다시 오실 길을 예비합니다. ● 주 강사: 김성욱 대표, 김영태 목사, 김영표 목사, 김우현 감독, 김종철 감독, 다니엘김 선교사, 데이비드차 선교사, 박마이클 목사, 박성업 선교사, 박효진 장로, 양향복 목사, 윤성철 목사, 이경욱 선교사, 이동호 목사, 이삭 목사, 이호 목사, 장다니엘 선교사, 전효성 목사, 줄리조 집사, 지용훈 목사, 차해경 목사 ● 기도인도: 새노래교회 김철기 목사 ● 약도: ● 시간: 매주 화요일 7시반 ☎ 연락처: 02-6013-9090 ■ 홈페이지:
By 생명의말씀선교회
거듭난 그리스도인에게 꼭 필요한 영의 양식
By Gene Cook, Jr.
These shows were recorded between 2003 and 2011.
By 박민기
졸, 칼빈대학교 / 합신대학원 전, 컨티넨탈. 디사이플스, 프론티어즈, CBS워십콘서트치유 사역 전, 광성목요찬양 사역(거룩한빛광성교회) 현, 중계충성교회 부목사(부목사,교육부,어머니기도회찬양) 앨범: 1집 - 하나님의 손 발매 / 1.5집 싱글 제작 중 트위터 페이스북
By 하늘영광교회 금요예배 설교
하늘영광교회 - 박순용 목사 설교 " 처음도 과정도 마지막도 하나님의 영광을 위한 존재여야 하며 그것을 선포하는교회여야 하고, 그것을 생명처럼 여기는 교회 입니다. " 하늘영광교회는 옛 신앙의 선배들이 일궈 낸 종교개혁 정신과 개혁주의 신앙 틀안에서의 진리를 토대로 조국교회내에 하나님의 영광이 회복되고, 그의 백성들과 교회들을 통해 주의 영광으로 가득한 복된 부흥이 일어나길 사모하고 있습니다. 따라서 무엇보다 먼저 하나님의 영광을 위한 치고의 사명인 영혼 구원을 위해, 가깝게는 교회 주변, 좀 더 나아가서는 서울 전 지역, 그리고 더 나아가서는 온 열방 가운데서 죽어가는 영혼들에게 생명의 그리스도를 전파하는 일에 최우선을 기하고 있습니다. 더불어 예배 때 선포되는 말씀의 교훈 및 교리, 성경공부 성도 간 교제를 통해 하나님의 살아계심을 명백히 깨닫고 성장해 가며 이 땅에 참된 그리스도인으로 세워지기를 소망하고 있...
By joyfulchurch
기쁨이있는교회 팟캐스트
By IVF학사회 팟캐스트 아학팟
IVF 학사회가 만드는 본격 B급 기독 팟캐스트 아.학.팟
By 거룩한집
대덕한빛교회 청년부에서 드려지는 거룩한집의 찬양 인도를 다시 들으실 수 있습니다.
By The Bridge Fellowship Media
The Bridge Fellowship Old Testament
By 생명의말씀선교회
By Daeil Kim
찬양과 말씀으로 하루를 시작하는 '굿모닝 와우씨씨엠'
By The Bridge Fellowship Media
The Bridge Fellowship New Testament Teaching
By 김형길의 힘
김형길의 힘 찬양방송 입니다.
By 경산중앙교회
경산중앙교회 김종원 담임목사 설교 채널
By 그리스도인의 책나눔 - 복팟
그리스도인의 책나눔 - 복팟
By 생명의말씀선교회
신약,구약 성경연구
By 생명의말씀선교회
수양회말씀 모음
By 경산중앙교회
경산중앙교회 찬양 채널입니다.
IVF 출신 목사님들의 설교 Podcast
By 라디오대학가
라디오대학가 Podcast
By Daeil Kim
CCM전문방송 와우씨씨엠 초대손님과 함께..
By Faith Comes By Hearing
The Telugu Audio Drama New Testament (WTC) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible with approximately 180 different characters and a digitally recorded sound track with full sound effects. For a list of other available languages go to our website at The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to bring His Church together and make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people: to give every person the opportunity to listen completely through the New ...
By Cornerstone Gospel Church
Audio of the weekly sermon preached at Cornerstone Gospel Church in Frankston, Victoria.
By Shaun B
Audio sermon recorded live from King's Way Christian Fellowship, Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Australia. A family bible based non-denominational church preaching Jesus Christ
By The A Group
రేమధార అనే ఈ కార్యక్రమము,విశ్వవ్యాప్తంగా ఉన్న త్రూ ద బైబిల్ అనే బైబిలు ఉపదేశ పరిచర్యలో ఒక భాగము. డా.జె. వెర్నన్ మాగీ గారిచే రూపొందించబడిన ఈ పాఠాలు 100 కంటె ఎక్కువ భాషలలో మరియు ప్రాంతీయ భాషలలో అనువదించబడి సిద్దపరచబడ్డాయి. ఒక క్రమమైన పద్దతిలో శ్రోతను బైబిలంతటి గుండా తీసుకొని వెళ్ళే రేడియో కార్యక్రమము ప్రతిరోజు 30 నిమిషాల కొరకు ఉద్దేశించబడినది. ఇప్పుడు ఆ కార్యక్రమాలే ఆన్ లైన్లో మీకు అందుబాటులో ఉన్నాయి. మీరు ఈ కార్యక్రమాలను వినడం ద్వార దేవుని వాక్యాన్ని గూర్చి ఎక్కువగా నేర్చుకోనారంభించినందుకు కృతఙ్ఞులం. సోమవారం నుండి శుక్రవారం వరకు రో...
By The Crossing Church
Audio of weekly sermons from The Crossing, a church in Batavia, Ohio that seeks to be a place where life and faith intersect.
By Rocco DeLeo
Freedom is not guarenteed. Too many people don't understand the dangers of progressivism toward our liberties. Join Rocco as he unpacks the great writings and teachings that led to our founding and continues to teach today. Not only will he share is opinion on issues, he will back it up with facts and have it make sense. This is show about teaching, not winning arguements. Stick around and join the conversation.
By la Chapelle
Avec audace, nous proclamons Jésus en joignant l'action à nos paroles. La Chapelle, un chez-soi pour ceux et celles qui ont soif de vrai. Pasteur David Pothier est le pasteur principal de la Chapelle
By Église Nouvelle Vie
L'Église Nouvelle Vie comptait en 1993 une cinquantaine de personnes, elle accueille maintenant au-delà de 3000 personnes chaque semaine. Pasteur Claude Houde est le pasteur principal de l'Église Nouvelle Vie. Vous trouverez sur ce podcast des enseignements, des prédications qui sauront vous inspirer. Pour en savoir plus sur l'Église Nouvelle vie, allez à
By 숑숑숑
그리스도교 제대로 알기. 그리스도인으로 제대로 살기.
By 숑숑숑
기독교의 모든 것을 '솔직히 까놓고 말'합니다.
By David Edgell
By Rick Forschner
The STS Radio Broadcasts podcast features the daily radio broadcast as well as each Tuesday's Bible Line, the call-in question and answer show with Dr. Broggi
By A Call to Prayer
The latest podcast feed searching 'A Call to Prayer' on
By Calvin College ([email protected])
The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship exists to coordinate and provide leadership for the project of advancing and improving intentional Christian scholarship at Calvin College. "Intentional Christian scholarship" means research and reflection that deliberately bring the resources of the Christian faith to bear upon a subject, whether by scrutinizing the fundamental premises of a theory or a field; by elaborating the ethical consequences of social structures, research methods, or ways o...
By Bill Hutchison
Serving in YWAM in Communication, New Media, and IT - The Missionary Coach
By Covenant Fellowship Church Sermons
Sermons from Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Covenant Fellowship Church is a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries: Visit for more sermons and related resources.
By Sovereign Grace Church of Bakersfield
Weekly sermons preached at Sovereign Grace.
By Sovereign Grace Church
By crossroadscolorado
Crossroads is a welcoming church filled with diverse people from many backgrounds.
By Faith Comes By Hearing
The Kazakh Audio Drama New Testament (KAZ) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible with approximately 180 different characters and a digitally recorded sound track with full sound effects. For a list of other available languages go to our website at The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to bring His Church together and make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people: to give every person the opportunity to listen completely through the New ...
By Mark Tucker
New Life Community Church
By Heather Rackley
By Joe Barlow
Welcome to the Family Life Christian Center Podcast! Tune in as the Holy Spirit ministers through Pastor Joseph Barlow & his team. God is releasing truths that bring about real Christian maturity and breakthroughs in the Supernatural. Spirit-led living is the key to the successful Christian walk. We're here to empower you to fulfill your highest calling in Christ. Enjoy our podcast and please feel free to visit us at or
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