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By Steve Cree
Join us as we think about who Jesus is and how that relates to life in our world. We're a Brisbane church trying to reach our city and reach our world with the good news about Jesus. Find us in the real world in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
By Audioboom
Jan-Aage Torp's recent posts to
By Sally Route
Sunday Morning Sermons at New Life Church.
By Greg Knapper
Bethlehem Baptist Church
By Columbia Metro Baptist Association
Welcome to the Columbia Metro Connection, the place to go to get Kingdom Resources for you and your congregation. The Columbia Metro Connection is sponsored and supported by the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the almost 100 partner churches that support the ministry of the CMBA. Hosts for the Columbia Metro Connection are George Bullard, Director of Missions at Columbia Metro Baptist Association, Strategic Leadership Coach, Lead Missiologist, and Virtuoso of all things church-relate...
By Family Worship Center
Geneva, Nebraska
By Pastor Joshua Stump & Justin Lett
In 2016, The Eden Gate, and The Keeill Fellowhsip, united to become The Local Church. These 2 thriving churches in East Nashville desired to see the power of God evoked by humble unity in the Gospel. We were each convinced that we'd see this more, together, than we ever would separately and so with deep conviction to "become one," as Jesus' prayed for His disciples in John 17,... WE DID! John 17: 18 & 21 18 As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world... 21 I p...
By Jackson Edwards & Gerald Devaille
To experience the wonder of Jesus.
By The Harbor Young Adult Ministry
The Harbor exists to connect young adults to community and encourage them to take their next step in following Jesus. We do this through a weekly gathering with worship of God and teaching of his word. We are a ministry of Calvary Chapel Melbourne, and we meet each Thursday at 7PM in the Youth Center auditorium of our Melbourne campus. This is a podcast of our weekly teachings.
By Calvary Church
This weekly podcast comes from Calvary Church, a contemporary church in the East Suburbs of Pittsburgh. Come visit us on a Sunday and you'll experience a warm, inviting environment where a live band leads us in worshiping God, and a culturally relevant, biblical message from our pastor.
By Crossgates Church
Welcome to the Audio Podcast of Crossgates Church! Worship Encounter Times are Sundays - 9:00 and 10:30 AM and 6:00 PM Wednesdays - 6:00 PM Life Group Times are Sundays - 8:00, 9:00, and 10:30 AM
By Becca Johnson
Jessica Honegger is the founder of fair trade accessories brand Noonday Collection and author of Imperfect Courage. In each episode of The Going Scared Podcast, Jessica walks you through what it looks like to move through your fears toward a life of impact and meaning. Join Jessica and change-makers from around the world and from your backyard for a bi-weekly conversation that will motivate and encourage you. Ready to make your move? Subscribe now!
Two dudes trying to live and encourage others to live like good Catholic men in a world that's starving for what most think is irrelevant.
By The Greenhouse Culture
The Greenhouse Culture is a budding movement in Lawrence, Kansas to actually live by faith, hope, and love. Our community seeks to run on generosity, patience, peace, and truth. We are learning to put the teachings of Jesus into practice. Our mission is to grow disciples who come together often and dig deep, in order to plant a culture that serves our city and reproduces disciples.
By Dan Marsalese and Paul Hulford
Two friends sitting around a microphone talking faith, Jesus and beer. Maybe someday we will have guest, who knows.
St. Joseph Evangelization Network Sermon Archives
By Tucker Ficklin
Welcome to Overcoming Monday, a podcast which provides you with little secrets for your big breakthrough. In each episode, you get to hear from writer, speaker, mom and pastor's wife Sharie King, as she invites you into conversations with some of her favorite people who are talking about the issues that matter most to you. We hope these conversations will enhance your emotional and spiritual health by helping you understand yourself, the people you love, and the world around you. We want you ...
By Pillars of Progress
Don't conform to the ways of the world and stymie your great potential and purpose in life. Learn the Pillars of Progress and lead a successful, happy, and peaceful life.
Redeemer Presbyterian Church, PCA, exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through Reformed worship, ministry, and community. Sermons taught by Dr. Wayne Shelton and guest speakers. For more information, and summaries, visit
By Hope Lowertown St. Paul
A weekly message from Hope Community Church, located in Lowertown St. Paul, MN. Pastor is Brian Silver.
The homilies of Fr. George William Rutler, pastor of the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in New York City.
By Formby Elim Pentecostal Church
A Place of Refreshing
By David Guzik
Pastor David Guzik preaches through the Old Testament Book of Ruth.
By John Whyte
Each week, sermons are recorded for Atherton Tablelands Baptist Church.
By Austin Brown and Dennis Louis
The podcast where theology intersects with movies, books, and big ideas
Hermana Maria Ruth Reyes, apostol de Jesucristo en el mundo de la comunicación.
Sermons from Lebanon Baptist Church in Roswell, GA. LBC is an Independent Baptist Church.
By Steve Curtis & Luke Emmett
Real people tell real stories about a real God.
By Dan Puchalla
This is a podcast about hosing off the Bible from what's gotten caked onto it: predictable platitudes, right-wing politics, pastoral demagoguery, and theologically-correct boredom. This is a podcast about cracking open that book again to find out what's in it — what's not in it — and how embracing its weirdness might help us build a better world for everyone.
By Dionna McGee - Saved And Single A Closer Walk With Christ
Saved and Single explores the current state of mind concerning your relationship with Christ and your hearts desires. Are your hearts desires God given, or are they flesh driven. When we obtain a tight knit relationship with Christ he establishes our thoughts and His desires for us become our desires, and through fulfilling God's desires for our lives we enter into the will of God and begin to know His purpose and plan for our lives. Join us on the journey to know God personally and become w...
By Padua Podcast Network
Sharing truth given by the Holy Spirit.  Using personal experience and teachings of the Catholic Church to better understand truth that brings an abundant and everlasting life.
WORD OF GOD featuring speaker Lalu Muthuplackal
By MH Church
Meramec Heights Church is located in Arnold Missouri.
By Concordia Lutheran Church
Pastors Bill Tucker and Zach McIntosh answer your faith-based questions. Some questions were received and answered live at Concordia and some were received later and recorded in the studio.
Touching Lives is the international broadcast ministry of Dr. James Merritt, Senior Pastor of Cross Pointe Church, in Duluth, Georgia. Nearly 20 years after its founding, Touching Lives uses a wide array of technologies to share Dr. Merritt's messages with souls in all 50 states and 122 countries around the world, touching millions of lives with the hope and encouragement of Jesus Christ. Thousands have come to Christ as a result and the number continues to grow daily.
By Northview Community Church
Northview Young Adults Podcast showcasing messages and the occasional interview
Sermons by EVM
By Daily Worship Devotionals with Rob Still
This podcast follows the Christian year calendar as a framework for studying the Word of God and hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Rob Still is a worship leader, songwriter, author, and teaches about practical theology of worship, songwriting, and leadership internationally on the missions field.
By Andy Armento
An employee who wanted to be a husband and father I worked hard. Really hard. I killed it at the 9 to 5. I climbed the corporate ladder. And I did it all without a college degree. In the world's eye, I was successful. But I sucked at being a husband and a father. I was introduced to this idea of work life balance by a mentor of mine and my perspective on life completely changed. I want to help you find the elusive balance between hard work and the good life. Follow me on my journey to seek ...
Lon Solomon Ministries is a gospel centered 501c3 ministry reaching people for Christ through broadcast, print, bible studies and social media outlets.
The latest MP3 feed from
By @jchowardSPEAKS
YGG is a podcast for Millennials and Young Adults who are grateful for their gifts, know that they are valuable and are yearning for new ways to cultivate and apply them! YGG is a podcast for people who are unapologetic in how the application of their gifts make modern society feel! You don't adapt to culture, but you dictate culture! SHOW TOPICS: ALL THINGS CULTURE, GIFTS/TALENTS, FAITH, MOTIVATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, SUCCESS & TREND SETTING.
By Engaging The Mind
Systematic theology can be daunting. Often times the layperson, who desires to serve the Lord, feels he or she is not well enough educated to confidently discuss topics such as the atonement, ecclesiology, or eschatology. The Engaging The Mind Podcast seeks to simplify some of the academic rigor of Systematic Theology.
By This Way
A regular conversation with the Bishops of West Texas.
By Fusion City
This is the weekly podcast for Fusion City Church located in Kannapolis, NC.
By John Marks
Pastor of Agape Church of God in South Florida
By Life and Other Dilemmas
A semi-regular podcast of thoughts, beliefs and contemplations by a man who believes that questions are more important than the answers we think we have.
By Geysel Serrano & Bryan Serrano
When it comes to money and marriage, many couples don’t know what to do or where to go for guidance to help their situation. The Love Ultimately Podcast, hosted by Geysel and Bryan Serrano, was created to help couples take control of both their money and marriage. In this podcast you will find helpful interviews with experts, and conversations with real couples, who have gone through their own challenges in their marriages and have succeeded. Bryan and Geysel know how stressful and scary it c...
By FBC Birmingham
Welcome to the podcast for FBC Birmingham. Where we are committed to being a church that is Glorifying God, Reaching People, Actively Committed to Ministry and Missions, Caring Fellowship, and Exercising Biblical Discipleship. Our desire is that this podcast will encourage you. Visit
By Various
By Oasis Church
At Oasis, we focus on building relationships with God and each other through practical sermons, culturally relevant worship, a simplified lifestyle, and a heart for serving our community.
By Nikki Phillippi
I talk with inspirational people from all walks of life and hear their story. In my opinion, there is so much wisdom to be gained from people all around us...this podcast gives me an excuse to talk with those people share with you=) I really hope their stories impact and change you like they do for me!
Founders Ministries is committed to encouraging the recovery of the gospel and the biblical reformation of local churches.
By Rev Stephen Agyemang
Reverend Stephen Agyemang is the Founder and General Overseer of the Love Worship Christian Centre ( LWCC), a thriving Bible believing Church with its Headquarters located in Madina, in the City of Accra - Ghana
By Catholic Jax YA
We are three Catholic Young Adults from Jacksonville, FL that want to help spread the Gospel, the joys of being Catholic, and also tackle some of the struggles too. We will hit on a variety of topics in the faith and present them from the lay, working person's perspective. Tune in for new insights, interviews, and the occasional dad joke.
By Kevin Dolbee
The ministry of Christian Center Church in Boulder City Nevada.
By St. Mark's Lutheran Church
Sermon Podcast for St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Auburn, IN.
By Connersville Calvary
Connersville Calvary Baptist Church's mission is to lead and love others into a growing and committed relationship with Jesus Christ. Please enjoy and subscribe to our weekly sermons from Pastor John Reynolds and an occasional special guest.
By John MacLennan
The latest feed from Bible Baptist Church on
By Patrick Otten
Jesus brought a new type of hope never seen before. People of His day were amazed and stunned at His teaching and His actions. They had never seen anyone like Him before, nor would mankind see anyone like Him again – until He returns.
By The Field
The Field is a student-led, Apostolic campus ministry at the University of Georgia focused on helping students find their treasure in Christ. Matthew 13:44
By Steve Anderson & Mathew McCabe
Maryland-based youth pastors Steve Anderson and Mathew McCabe are good friends with over 50 years of experience in local churches. Having survived long enough to see the benefits of longevity, they want to help others do the same. With wisdom, conversation, community and laughter, the Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast helps youth workers everywhere to keep going!
By Edward Anton
Expository sermons with expectations of authenticity of all followers of Jesus
By FBC Cranbrook
Weekly sermons fresh from First Baptist Church, Cranbrook.
By Andre Kruger
Welcome to Shofar East London, South Africa, a vibrant community of everyday people. A place where authentic relationships are formed and nurtured. A place where hearts are anchored in the fullness of Christ. For more information about us please visit
By Clint Reed
Dancefloor Podcast is an audio pilgrimage for wonderers and wanderers. Often, our doubts, fears, and questions are met with appeals to hide, stuff it down, and box it up. Dancefloor podcast is an invitation to deeper conversation, leaving safety, control, and boxes behind, believing that God desires us to risk, provoke, question and ultimately, dance with Him. Hosted every other week by Larry Mitchell and Clint Reed.
By Rob Chartrand
By Rev. Dr. Hans-Erik Nelson
Sermons and readings from the pulpit of Foothill Covenant Church in Los Altos, California.
By First Methodist Conroe Sermons
First Methodist Conroe sermons
By Sermons – Concord United Methodist Church
A United Methodist Church in Knoxville, TN.
By Hannah Place
As a woman, we have two parts to our soul: Grace and Gladiator Most of us have learned to cling to one nature and disassociate with the other: we are either meek and gentle, or independent and strong. However, God's design for us is different, He created both natures with a purpose. When the two are combined they create the most powerful singular nature that we call being a woman. It is time for us to embrace both; to lean into the soft, feminine gracefulness while also empowering the capable...
By Peter Naudus
Hello Traveler! Join and travel with us through our spiritual journey. Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop your own mentoring/discipling relationships.
By Passion Church: Cameron
Welcome to the weekly podcast of Passion Church led by Pastor Lonnie Hardy. Our goal is to help people win in every area of life. To learn more visit our website at
By Bonita Meyer
Sermons from Trinity Lutheran Church in Algona, Iowa
By Destiny Community Church
Message from Destiny Community Church, Lexington KY.
By Meridith Foster
We are wired for stories. Researchers say our brains actually light up when someone tells us a good story. And when we hear real-life accounts of God at work, it captures our attention and reminds us that His story, the Gospel, is true. Stories are powerful.
By Loveland Heights Church of Christ
A daily (M-F) reading and a short study of about 1 chapter per day in the New Testament. These videos are broadcast live on our Facebook page, This is to supplement and prepare our minds for our weekly sermon on Sundays covering the chapters we study during the week. Join us! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Derek at [email protected]!
By Noah Banks
This is a podcast that contains recorded lectures and notes from my classroom for your use, whether educating yourself or for use in educating others. Feel free to use in any educational setting; please attribute work to me.
By CVM Ireland
Weekly podcast from the CVM team
By Austin Ridge Bible Church
The Table exists to be a Christ-centered, outward-focused, community of friends for 20 and 30 somethings in Austin. This is our podcast! We’ll recap the message from Tuesday night, include some content that didn’t quite make it in, and talk through other topics related to the series we’re in!
By Jacob Valk
Two philosophically minded, comedically inclined, theologically apt Gen Zers, each take a mic with them for 2018 recording their interesting conversations.
By Watermark Church, Grand Haven
Join Watermark Church in West Michigan as we grow together in Christ through Ephesians. This 5-Day a week audio podcast that you can find more information about at
By Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Leading Ideas Talks brings to the table cutting-edge leaders on subjects you care about — navigating change, reaching younger people, financing your ministry, communicating effectively — to help you be the leader God is calling you to be.
By Messages from Maitland Pres
Every Sunday at Maitland Presbyterian Church ( Co-Pastors Megan and Dave Collins preach compelling, practical sermons that apply the good news about Jesus to every day life. Come hear them live at 341 N. Orlando Ave. Maitland, FL 32751 on Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11.
By Light Church
Welcome to the podcast of Light Church, a multi-cultural, multi generational community that exists to receive and express the light, love and redemption of Jesus. For more information about Light Church please visit our website at
By Everything Jesus Taught Podcast
This podcast is a weekly chat between married co-pastors Megan and Dave Collins (and guests) about everything Jesus taught.
By Lebanon FUMC Sermons
Sermons on hope, faith, and love. Our focus is on the gospel of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.
The latest MP3 feed from
By First Baptist Church
By Eugene Chitwood
The latest feed from Providence Baptist Church on
By Sermons
Weekly Sermon Podcasts from the Ministry of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Jonesboro, GA
By Stephen Hecht
Sunday Morning Services
By Mike Hess
Calvary Baptist Church
By Kevin Stamper
Restoration Church - Trinity
By New Life Church
All Are Welcome
Our sermon podcasts make it easier for you to download our weekly sermon audio and video files. Instead of coming to the site and manually downloading MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) files, you can set your podcast software to copy new files to your computer automatically as they’re posted each week. You can then listen to the sermon on your computer, burn a CD, or copy the file to an MP3 player.
By Lakeside Church
Podcast by Lakeside Church
By Pastor John Miller
Church on the Rock