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Koinos Christian Fellowship

By Koinos Christian Fellowship
Weekly teachings from Koinos Christian Fellowship

DSC Thunder Talk Podcast

By Dandelion Seed Company
Join DSC every month for our Thunder Talk series, featuring different guest speakers discussing topics on the intersection of art and Jesus-centered spirituality.

Prescribing Truth Podcast

By Prescribed Truth
We distribute the truth that the Doctor prescribes.

Sobre la Misa

By Sobre la Misa
En este podcast te compartimos las catequesis del Papa Francisco sobre este acto central de nuestra fe: la Santa Misa.  Cada semana publicaremos un nuevo episodio con el audio de la enseñanza del Santo Padre.

Walking the way: A daily prayer walk

By Ray Borrett
Based on 'The Way: a Wesleyan way of prayer', I hope to give those struggling to get time with God, the space, inspiration, and structure to develop their own walk with God.

I Am Adamant

By Lisa Bevere
What is truth? This has become the defining question of our time. But while everyone has an opinion, truth, it seems, is getting harder and harder to find. Join New York Times best-selling author Lisa Bevere as she engages with leaders who will help you become adamant in pursuit of truth. For more information visit

Harvest Gospel Radio

By Harvest Ministries / Anchor
Listen in to refreshing and enriching Truth and start living in Victory today!

Vienna Assembly of God Sermons

By Vienna Assembly of God
Sermons from Vienna Assembly of God. Pastor Brenda Burns speaks most weeks, and we are honored to host amazing guests as well from time to time.

Largo Church

By Angela Bennett / Anchor
Largo Church’s mission is simple: to lead people to love God and love others! We hope that as you join us you experience authentic worship, truth-filled messages, and a community of people that you can grow to call family. It’s through these experiences that we believe we become all that God has created us to be.

Fritch Church of Christ Sermons

By Fritch Church of Christ
Sermon collections from the Fritch Church of Christ in Fritch, TX

Restoration Community Church

By Restoration Community Church
Restoration Sermons from Sunday Gatherings

Mighty Mothering

By Steph Duke
Mighty Mothering is a collection of stories of Motherhood. It is a safe haven and a gathering of voices. It is a place where you are so welcome to join the journey, to share in both the beautiful and the broken moments of being mum. Ultimately, it is where we weave our narratives together so that you never have to feel like you are travelling this road alone.

Ministry Hangout

By Ministry Hangout: Conversations That Matter
Greg Surratt, founder and pastor of Seacoast Church in South Carolina was regularly having conversations with ministry leaders when he realized that these discussions could provide value to more than just him. Thus, Ministry Hangout was born. Our simple mission to share conversations that matter. We'll discuss a little bit of everything from lessons learned from churches doing something really well to the nitty gritty of how to develop leaders on your staff to how to use social media for your...

Dr. Italy

From a colorful and varied background as a professor of theology, a father of five, business owner, and professional performer Marcellino D’Ambrosio (aka “Dr. Italy”) crafts talks, blog posts, books, and videos that are always fascinating, practical, and easy to understand.  He is a popular speaker, TV and radio personality, New York Times best-selling author, and pilgrimage host who has been leading people on a journey of discovery for over thirty years.  For a fuller bio and video, visit ht...


예수는 그리스도, 그리스도는 우리의 생명, 이 복음으로 세계복음화!

Dayton XII Presents

A collection of homilies and talks on the spiritual life, produced by the Catholic parishes of Pastoral Region XII in Dayton, Ohio. Learn more at

College Place UMC

By College Place UMC / Anchor
This is weekly sermons from College Place United Methodist Church

Relate Community Church

By Relate Community Church
We believe that Church should be Powerful, Accepting, Authentic, Enjoyable, & Relevant by showing compassion to everyone.

ACI Horsemen Cathedral

By ACI Horsemen Cathedral
Listen to Sermons and Teachings from services held at Action Chapel International (ACI), Horsemen Chapel, located at Tema Community 12. Powerful messages taught by Rev. Paul Seadey on various Christian topics that will inspire you in your walk with God.

Calvary Community Church Podcast

By Ben Henderson
Sermon archive from CC Church in Washington, IL

Claremont Presbyterian Church2

By Pastors and guests
Weekly sermons at Claremont Presbyterian Church

Newberg Church of the Nazarene

By Newberg Church of the Nazarene
Newberg Church of the Nazarene Sunday morning worship

Abounding Grace Family Worship Center

By Abounding Grace
Abounding Grace Family Worship Center featuring speaker Abounding Grace

River City Church Owensboro Podcast

River City Church Owensboro Kentucky Pastor Brian Gibson

Redeemer Presbyterian Church: Sermon Audio

By Redeemer Presbyterian Church: McKinney, TX
Download sermons from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in McKinney, TX.

Stories of Faith and Hope

By Joel Sutherland
The podcast that inspires your faith and gives you reasons to hope.

River Fellowship

By Amarillo River Fellowship
Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for River Fellowship in Amarillo, TX where our desire is to reach people and help them live as fully engaged followers of Jesus Christ. Visit us at

Chico Trinity UMC

By Chico Trinity UMC
This podcast is a service of Trinity United Methodist Church located in Chico, California. Our purpose here is to make Sunday sermons easily available to members unable to attend service. All are welcome to listen. We are a progressive church that loves music, social justice, and a traditional worship service. Our Purpose is to ENGAGE people in joyful relationships with God and with each other, so we will GROW in Christ-like compassion, and SHARE the blessings of the Holy Spirit. If these ser...

Podcasts – The Vine Church LV

By The Vine Church LV
Sunday sermons from the Pastors of the Vine Church LV

His and Hers Devotions

Grow in Faith, Hope and Love. We are a husband and wife who love the Lord and desire to know Him and His will for our lives more and more everyday. We cannot wait to share with you all God has taught us, and we pray it encourages and inspires you to never give up pursuing your creator! Want to learn more? Visit

Pastor Marvin McKenzie

By Pastor Marvin McKenzie
Pastor Marvin McKenzie, of Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup, WA, presents his thoughts and insights on: the Bible, Christian life, cultural and current event issues, history, and maybe even a little bit of politics.

Town Church Bicester Sermons

By Town Church Bicester
Sermons from Town Church Bicester

Raleigh Mennonite Church

By Raleigh Mennonite Church
Audio from Raleigh Mennonite Church: primarily the sermons from Sunday morning worship, but some other surprises show up occasionally as well.

Family Life Church Messages

Creating a safe, authentic environment for people to connect with Jesus. Our desire is to see you and your family grow in your spiritual life.

Mission Community Church

By Mission Community Church
Weekly sermons from Mission Community Church in Chester, Virginia.

Killam Daysland Rosalind Church

By Killam Daysland Rosalind Church

Calvary Chapel Desert Hills

By Calvary Chapel
Weekly sermons from Calvary Chapel Desert Hills Church in North Phoenix, Arizona.

Community Connections Podcast

By Community Connections with Keith Antone
Keith Antone Willis, Sr has been active in the faith community for over 30 years, serving as master of ceremonies, men’s day speaker, and youth day speaker, key note speaker at church anniversary’s, trainer and consultant for over 100 churches in the region. Most recently at the Shalom City of Peace (2) night Spring Bible Institute; “Becoming a Man of Vision” which explored how men can achieve financial success through faith, discipline, and hard work! He has served as Sunday school teacher,...

RCCG: Mercy Seat Chapel Podcast

RCCG: Mercy Seat Chapel Sermon Archives

From Broken to Blended & so very Blessed » Podcasts

By Tiffany Stewart
My goal is to help women heal their brokenness so that each of us can Anchor our Worth in Truth. Through this podcast, you'll gain wellness, marriage and parenting/stepparenting tips all rooted in who God says we are. You'll find the encouragement, support and entertainment to stay sane in the chaos we call life.

Maximized Living with Dr. Preston Adams

By Vision Stream Network
Maximized Living with Dr. Preston T. Adams, III. Practical principles for Living Your Life to the Max. Reverend Dr. Preston T. Adams, pastor, teacher, mentor, advocate, executive coach, and human development expert, was born and raised in Chicago, Illino

ChapelofLight's podcast

By Peter Adegbie
Founded on 2nd October 2005 we are an all inclusive church welcoming individuals, families, students, young and elderly from all races, countries and ethnicities. Chapel of Light International is a unique leadership oriented church made up of young and matured christians offering in-depth, uncompromising teaching of the word of God with uplifting worship. At Chapel of Light International our vision is to raise agents of change - a people who will develop and maximize their own potential and ...

Dumplin Baptist Church

Sermons from the DBC services

Laurel church of Christ - SPRING/SUMMER 2017

By Laurel church of Christ
Sermons and Bible Studies for the Spring and Summer Quarters of 2017

Luke's Podcast

My Sermon Samples

Stories in Scripture

By Ryan Wekenman and Keith Garton
The Bible tells one story. It is the story of God's revelation to man through many personal, radical interactions. These stories aren't as simple as we sometimes think. They involve broken, hurting, and imperfect people experiencing the perfect love of God. God chose to reveal himself through stories and narratives, so we decided that we should explore the small moments in the big story that leads us to the God who created the universe.

Write the Vision Ministry

By Michael Hollner
Sixty-two percent of believers hold to a pre-tribulational rapture, while thirty-one percent believe in a post-tribulational and/or a pre-wrath rapture. Only seven percent of believers hold to a mid-tribulational rapture. Find out why we are in the minority and in a soon to be majority, in the undisputed and rare case for a mid-tribulational rapture.

Uniquely Created

By Krissy Donahoe
Unfiltered, unapologetically real look at life, faith, family, friendships, and this crazy world we live in. We are all uniquely created by God, and it's time we embrace it.


By Rebecca Cochran and Rebecca Peet
A chef and a theologian step up to the microphone and out flows the Woven podcast. As a former professional chef currently striving to mother as a verb, Rebecca Cochran sees life and faith through the lens of food and community. Rebecca Peet is a theologian, writer and speaker who believes intimacy with Jesus is the cure for what ails you and sees biblical knowledge as not only approachable but essential for the everywoman. With humor and vulnerability, Woven seeks to encourage women to live ...

Dan's Piano

By Dan Veasey
I'm a grateful follower of Jesus Christ. I write songs about that.

Salem Wesleyan Methodist Church (Salem, Ohio)

By Stanley Grabill
This podcast includes holiness preaching and teaching from our worship services and our Sunday school classes.


By Todd Wright
Todd and JB discuss the greatest Christian music of the 90s and early 2000s.

Practically Christian Podcast

At Practically Christian Podcast we believe the life changing power found in the Good News of Jesus Christ, is not simply an academic pursuit. Having a relationship with Jesus is the single most important relationship a person can have. However, just like any relationship, we can have times when we are just going through the motions. We can be “practically” in a relationship, but that isn’t what the Bible teaches about our relationship with Jesus. So, we seek to show everyday “practical” ...

One Miami Church

By One Miami Church
Weekly sermons from Sunday morning service. We meet weekly @ 10:30 am at the following address: 1425 E 1st Ave, Hialeah, FL. Our goal is simple. Give God glory through living out His word the way He intended. What is that like? Listen and find out.

Daily Devotional By AWFTL

Daily Devotional By A Word From The Lord with Archbishop Foley Beach

New Life Church Sundays

By New Life Church
New Life Church is a growing community of believers reaching the greater Springfield/Eugene Oregon area with the love of Jesus

Harbor Community Church

By Harbor Community Church
This podcast is contains sermons from preachers at Harbor Community Church.

PEARLS of Faith & Wisdom

By Kennedy Hill-Garcia
In this podcast we will share our PEARLS; Purposeful, Engaging, Authentic, Real Life Stories of faith and wisdom that will inspire you to redefine how you lead and actively transform how you live.

Chats From Cabin 15

By Good News Community Church
Conversations on the Bible, Christian, faith, theology, mission, and practice among the pastoral staff of Good News Community Church, along with special guests.

Meadowlark Church of Christ - Classes

By Meadowlark Church of Christ
Classes taught at the Meadowlark Church of Christ

Messy Space Podcast

By Paige Harris
A messy space of exploration where we enter the dance of what it means to be human and spirit.

First Time Guests

By Danielle West
You love your spouse and yet you know there is potential to feel even closer. Learn how to overcome every day challenges by listening to other wives vulnerably share their marriage journey.

Youthplanet Podcast

By Youthplanet ICF Zürich
Das ist unser Podcast von der Saturday Night Message. Youthplanet ist die Kirche für 16-19 Jährige des ICF Zürich. Wir wünschen uns eine energiegeladene, relevante und zeitgemässe Kirche, die gemeinsam die Stadt Zürich mit der Liebe Gottes auf den Kopf stellt. Mehr Infos findest du hier:

World Overcomers Ministries Church

By Le Yonn Armstrong
A Truth Teaching channel

Throop Church of God's Podcast

By Throop Church of God
Dr. Frederick J. Colombo serves as the Pastor at the Throop Church of God, in Auburn, NY. Pastor Colombo has over 40 years experience sharing the gospel and providing Biblical counseling. His passion and dedication to the Lord is evident through his teachings.

The Sauntering Mind

By Delio Pera
In this talk I discuss boycotting and old habits.

Sermons Audio Podcasts – Springvale Seventh-day Adventist Church

By Sermons Audio Podcasts – Springvale Seventh-day Adventist Church
All audio records of sermons recorded at Springvale Seventh-day Adventist Church. Visit: for more info.

Sermons 2018 Audio – Springvale Seventh-day Adventist Church

By Sermons 2018 Audio – Springvale Seventh-day Adventist Church
...a community church where people from all walks of life can worship together...

Theology at the Eucharistic Table

By Mount Angel Seminary
In this first episode, Abbot Jeremy explains why it is important for Catholics - and especially priests - to study theology. He fields questions from the seminarians including, "What is the theological academy?", "How do I convey to parishioners the importance of theology?", "Is the pursuit of God rational or emotive?", "What is the relationship between faith and reason when doing theology?", "How does thinking and studying hard tie back into the celebration of the Eucharist?", "How does the ...

Christ the Shepherd Presbyterian Church

By David Hutchinson
The latest feed from Christ the Shepherd Presbyterian Church on

Lakewood Baptist Church's Podcast

By Pastor Dan Manley
Lakewood Baptist Church's Podcast featuring speaker Pastor Dan Manley

First Church Small Groups

By Lavelle Jeane
First Church Small Groups featuring speaker Lavelle Jeane

Cowley Church Community

A missional Church plant in Cowley, Oxford


By Lenape Valley Church: New Britain, PA

Life Church

By Pastor Bill Carpenter
Life Church Sioux Falls weekly sermons

The Quarry

By The Quarry
Messages from the Quarry at Church on the Rock, New Albany, Indiana.


By Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church: Georgetown, SC

No Title

By Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
Catch the latest sermons from Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in San Antonio, TX.

Fellowship Baptist Church

By Chad Prigge
The latest feed from Fellowship Baptist Church on

First Christian Church

By Jeffery Anselmi
The sermons of Jeff Anselmi, preaching minister at First Christian Church, Sierra Vista, AZ!

Hillside Church

By Hillside Church / Anchor
This is the Hillside Church where we come together to enjoy God and each other. Get our weekly messages and extra community related content here.

Bible Study

By Brianna Siegrist
This podcast is a journey through the book of John to get to know Jesus personally! If you've wondered why your Christian life doesn't have the LIFE it's meant to- if you want more from your faith, if you want revival and a transformed walk... it's time to know Jesus, the Christ, like you've never known him before! Come with me as we search the gospel of John so that revival comes to our lives as the Holy Spirit gives us life.

God's Praise And Worship Center's Podcast

By Charles Adrian Ott
God's Praise And Worship Center's Podcast featuring speaker Charles Adrian Ott

Go Church 's Podcast

By Jacob Gibbs
The mission of Go Church, Spring Hill is to join in the mission that Jesus left His church with as He returned to His Father in heaven - to make Him famous by going and making disciples in all the world. We believe that the fulfillment of that mission comes by joining God in making all things new!

Let's DTR with Kristina & Sammie

By The DTR Blog
The girls behind The DTR Blog get real about what it's like to live in today's Christian culture, sharing stories about faith, dating, mental health, and comedy. Not quite your Proverbs 31 women....join in for some uncomfortable laughs and awkward moments.

Good Shepherd NWA

By gslcmediateam
Weekly Live Sunday Morning Worship at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Kinetic Leadership

By Kenneth Ortiz
Kinetic Leadership is designed to be a resource for young leaders. Each episode is packed with practical tools, techniques, insights, and wisdom to help church leaders, pastors, Christian business leaders, directors of faith-based organizations, and educators. We tackle a variety of topics and issues related to leadership, management, and administration as well as subjects related to the Bible and theology, spiritual development, discipleship, mentorship, spiritual disciplines, cultural issue...

Legacy MMD Bible Classes

By Pastor Jamen Wikler
Bible class lessons from Pastor Wikler

Certifiably Catholic

By Michael Chamberland
Welcome to Certifiably Catholic! Each episode a Catholic priest, stay at home mom and a husband/parish minister discuss how we strive for heaven in the midst of this crazy life.

First Baptist Church of South Greenfield

By Joshua Hall
This podcast features the full length preaching messages from First Baptist Church of South Greenfield. It includes the messages from Pastor Joshua Hall as well as occasional guest speakers. The preaching and teaching is prayer-filled, challenging, and solidly Bible-based.

All Saints Anglican Church - Prescott, AZ

Sermons, homilies, and lessons from All Saints Anglican Church, Prescott, AZ.

Full of Grace & Truth

By Mosaic Baptist Church
God expresses His grace by coming in flesh so that the world might know the truth of who He is.

Word Quota with Bec McNew

By Bec McNew
Word Quota is all about life and word. Bec's personal "word quota" has become a means by which to connect with others through honest talk about life in her words and share life spoken through THE Word- as well as the wisdom and experience of others she interviews. From the daily mundane to the extraordinary, and lots of places in between and beyond, her words encourage you that no matter what you face, you are not alone in life's journey. Word Quota serves as an inspiration to fulfill your ow...

Peniel Bible Church

By Peniel Bible Church / Anchor
Each week we will be bringing you a Jesus-centered, faith-altering, life-changing message straight from the Bible.