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Sermons – Grace Baptist Church

Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples

Bishop Mawusi Adagbe

By Bishop Mawusi Adagbe
Get hope for tomorrow

The History of the Catholic Church Podcast

By Patrick D. Dinovo
HoCC is the story of the Catholic Church in chronological order from its foundations to the present. Not just a bland retelling of names and dates, we'll discuss the people, the drama, and the movements of the organization that has arguably had more impact on the Western world than any other.

Aperta o REC - Geralzão

By Aperta o Rec - Rádio e Podcast
Novo feed pai

Homebrew Leadership Podcast

By Richard Garton / Anchor
This is the Homebrew Leadership Podcast. A place where amazing content is delivered by leaders and guest at Sunnyhill; helping you to discover a more fulfilling life as you lead in your sphere

Waynesboro Free Methodist

By Waynesboro Free Methodist
Multiplying Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ

Shekinah Ministries's Podcast

By Matthew Scheppmann
Shekinah Ministries's Podcast featuring speaker Matthew Scheppmann

The Wayward Followers Podcast

By ZAO Church Network
Church Questions For The De-Chuched Crowd

Wits & Worship

By New Heights Collective
Thanks for checking out our weekly podcast! For more information, visit our website at

River Springs Weekly Message

By Pastor Jimmy Parris
Weekly messages from River Springs Church

C3 Fulham

By C3 Fulham
Sunday messages from C3 Fulham, based in South West London, UK, led by Simon and Valerie McIntyre. We hope you'll be inspired and challenged to live a life of faith. Visit for more info and to plan a visit!

GNM - Pastor Pablo Shin - Seminario Bíblico "Ni yo te condeno"

By Misión Buenas Nuevas
GNM - Pastor Pablo Shin - Seminario Bíblico "Ni yo te condeno"

Solid Rock Youth Group Messages

By Matt Crider
Solid Rock Youth Group is a great place to learn God’s Word and the plans He has for your life. Enjoy a safe and positive atmosphere where you can grow spiritually and develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Youth Group is held every Wednesday Night and doors open at 6:30pm. Service starts at 7:00pm and guests are always welcome. We minister to students from 7th grade through 12th grade. We also have monthly activities where we gather for bowling, skating, games n...

Aberdeen Baptist Church

By Aberdeen Baptist Church
Sermons by Aberdeen Baptist Church

Catholic Health USA Podcast

By Catholic Health Association
A podcast for the Catholic Health Association

INTIMACY WITH GOD - An Available Reality

By Alan Latta
Rather than merely telling people they need a closer relationship with Almighty God, these messages convey the how-to's and benefits for pursuing such an available blessing. For more information about Generations Church go to

First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake

By First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake
Sermons and testimonies of The First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake, IL. Whoever you are, wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here! For over 175 years we have worked to follow Christ's Way to love God, love others, and love ourselves.

Exploit No More Stories of Hope Podcast

By Exploit No More
Human trafficking can be a dark topic but this podcast shines a light on the reality that healing is possible. Not only for trafficking victims but for all of us. Overcoming difficult situations is possible. Winning in every area of life is possible. Be ready to learn, shed a tear, laugh, be challenged, and motivated to "go and do" (take action), all while you increase your belief in the power of hope. Amazing things are happening to help people thrive in life and this podcast delivers those ...

The Life of David

By Bob Mendelsohn
The Life of David

New Life in Christ City Church Cape Town

By New Life in Christ City Church
Weekly Bible Teaching brought to you by New Life in Christ City Church in Cape Town, South Africa.

Evangelical Baptist Church

By Evangelical Baptist Church
This is the Bible teaching ministry of Evangelical Baptist Church in Laconia, New Hampshire. At EBC, we believe and teach through the Bible and find every opportunity to apply its principles to our lives.

Truth Encounter: Deuteronomy

By Dave Wyrtzen
Where can we find ethical absolutes in the post modern, relativistic world? Listen and discover the sustain principles Moses laid out for his people and the promise of a greater prophet who would save the world.

St Andrew's Anglican Church Roseville

By St Andrew's Anglican Church Roseville
St Andrew’s Roseville is a Christian community, striving to know God better and to love one another more fully. We hold in common the belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God, that he lived, died and rose again, and that through him we can understand God and truly know and serve one another. Our vision is to be a centre of community for Roseville and beyond.

University United Methodist Church | Sermon Audio

By University United Methodist Church
Weekly teachings from our pastors at University United Methodist Church. We exist to build bridges to Christ, Community & Compassion in San Antonio, Tx.

Bridgepoint Church

Bridgepoint Church is located in Boise, Idaho. Our mission is to Love God, love people where they are, and to help them follow Jesus.


By Webmaster Crossline Gottesdienst


By Евгений Кайдалов
Аудиоблог пастора протестантской церкви (ЕХБ) Евгения Кайдалова. Разговор о христианстве, о жизни, об увлечениях.

И.Белова-Сморж ВЫЗДОРОВЕТЬ И ОСТАТЬСЯ В ЖИВЫХ (2010-2011, Школа Божого зц

By Ирина Белова-Сморж
Ирина Белова-Сморж (христианская миссия ПУТЬ, ссылка была исцелена от рака в 2006 году. В радиопередачах она делиться своим свидетельством и откровением по Слову Божьему (Библии), которое помогло ей противостать болезни, получить и удержать свое исцеление. Ирина Белова-Сморж является автором книг ВЫЗДОРОВЕТЬ И ОСТАТЬСЯ В ЖИВЫХ и ЛИСТЬЯ ИСЦЕЛЕНИЯ, пастором церкви "Христианская миссия ПУТЬ" в Киеве (Украина). В этом подкасте собраны записи радиопередачи за 2010-2011гг.

The Gospel Podcast

By Tony McLaughlin
A unique podcast with two shows in one: daily preaching and weekly interviews. Join your host preacher Tony McLaughlin as he preaches each day. And then weekly as he interviews fundamental, Bible believing preachers discussing the men, their past, present, and future effects of preaching in American culture and society.


By Lifehouse Church
Lifecast is a podcast by Lifehouse church. Thanks for joining us!

Reclaiming Back My Life

By Jameson Tan
Reclaiming Back My Life is podcast for individuals to share the tragedies that took place in their lives and what did they do to overcome it. Stories shared by individuals is to inspired others who have gone through the same experience to believe in themselves and to start reclaiming back their lives so that they too can live with passion and purpose.


By KwakuElloh / Anchor
This is ELLOH FM,A podcast where amazing things happen to ellohfm.

Sermons of Grace

By z2 Grace Evangelical Church Sharjah: UAE

Palmer Pentecostal Church

Palmer Pentecostal Church located in Palmer, AK. Pastor Ron Herring. Logo by:


By Famílias Reviver / Anchor
Somos MAIS, um podcast que aponta ao desenvolvimento saudável das famílias, através do reconhecimento do compromisso. aceitação e legado entre cada geração.

First UMC Dunedin Messages

By First UMC Dunedin
Weekly Sermons from First United Methodist Church of Dunedin, FL.

John 17 Ministries

By John 17 Ministies
When you really love someone, you want their prayers to be fulfilled. That's the way we feel about Jesus. Knowing our deep need for relationship with Him and one another, He prayed in John 17 "Oh Father,may they be one". All we are and do is to learn how to live out oneness in endless ways of expression, and to encourage others to join us on the journey.

One Love Church's Podcast

By One Love Church
All of the sermons from One Love Church in Thousand Oaks.

Springwell Sundays

By Springwell Church / Anchor
Springwell Church exists to draw spiritually thirsty people to Jesus by loving God, loving each other, and loving the world.

Illuminate Church

By Illuminate Church
Illuminate exists to help people realize their full potential in Christ!

Newlonsburg Church Sermons

By Newlonsburg Presbyterian Church
Sermons from Newlonsburg Church

Resolved In The TRUTH - Podcast

By Resolved In The TRUTH - Podcast
Podcast of Resolved Bible Church

Faith In Real Life

By Faith United Methodist Church
What is it like to invite people into a relationship with Christ "in real life"? Listen in and you'll see some of us are better at it than others but there's a way we can all do what Jesus has called us to do.

ISBC Sermon Podcast

This podcast features the weekly Sunday sermons of Indian Springs Baptist Church, Bryant, AR.

Redemption Church Sermon Audio

By Redemption Church
This is the sermon audio posted each week from Redemption Church in Wilson, NC. For more information go to

RZIM: Pensemos Transmisiones

By Ravi Zacharias
Pensemos con el Dr. Ravi Zacharias es una producción de RZIM y es un excelente recurso para las personas que anhelan entender la fe cristiana y exponerla de forma inteligente.

A Community of Grace

By Philpott Memorial Church
Weekly sermons from Philpott Memorial Church in Hamilton Ontario

Le Sacerdoce - par le Père Marie Dominique Molinié op

By Eugenio Pramotton
Retraite de Saint-Prix (28-31/8/1980)

Abbotsford Presbyterian Church Podcasts

By Abbotsford Presbyterian Church
Sunday Sermons

Orangefield church of Christ

By Larry Tomlin
Intended to teach the truth of God's word on various subjects. The only goal here is to save souls by spreading the gospel.

Shiggaion Voice of Comfort

By Dr Michael Edwards
Shiggaion Voice of Comfort featuring speaker Dr Michael Edwards

Dawson McAllister Live

By Dawson McAllister: Radio Personality, Blogger, Author
Dawson McAllister Live is a show for you no matter what you’re going through. During his call-in radio show, Dawson talks with people about their struggles, covering issues; such as, relationships, depression, anxiety, and self-worth. He tells it like it is. These stories will amaze you, shock you and sometimes have you crying and laughing along with them. You can also listen live on Sunday nights at:!

Discover Life Podcast

By Pastor Roy Barrett
Sermons from Pastor Roy Barrett of Discover Life Church located in Norcross, Ga.

Colossae Beaverton

By Colossae Beaverton
Colossae Beaverton is a church plant located in Beaverton, Oregon.

Good Morning, Fellow Pilgrim

By Good Morning, Fellow Pilgrim
Good Morning, Fellow Pilgrim

Simple Disciple

By Calvin Williams
Simple resources and a clear path to help you grow as a disciple who makes disciples.

T.A.G. Anonymous

By T.A.G. Anonymous
Tackling taboo church topics one tit and giggle at a time.

Tending the Garden of our Hearts

By Elissa Bjeletich, Kristina Wenger, and Ancient Faith Radio
Meditations for Orthodox Families - Weekly meditations for families, with stories about the saints, Scripture readings and lessons designed to open up conversation and to enrich the family Little Church.

Libro di Cielo, Volume 27

By Don Leonardo Maria Pompei
Il ventisettesimo volume degli scritti della Serva di Dio Luisa Piccarreta

Libro di Cielo, Volume 26

By Don Leonardo Maria Pompei
Il Ventiseiesimo volume degli scritti della Serva di Dio Luisa Piccarreta

Grace UMC Olathe Sermons

By Grace United Methodist Church
An archive of sermons by the Pastors at Grace United Methodist Church. Located at 11485 S Ridgeview Rd, Olathe, KS 66061

Living Waters Church

By John Baw
"Passionately promoting and perpetuating the life and finished work of Jesus Christ"

What's That About? with Joel & Tina

By Joel and Tina Puntigam
Joel and Tina talk about scripture, life, and the ever-present question of what's that about?

Lectio Musica

By Matthew David Morris
Lectio Musica is a weekly podcast hosted by Matthew David Morris (@mattmorris) that explores the spiritual practice of writing songs from scripture. A new song is featured in every episode, along with tips, suggestions, and reflections on how to make this practice your own.


Local Baptist Church that loves Jesus Christ and seeks to reach all people with salvation in Jesus Christ.

Bikers Church Cape Town

By Bikers Church Cape Town
Join us for the ride of your life! Hear inspiring messages for bikers who are ready to serve the Lord.

podcasts – Bible Promises Spoken

The Promises of God bring us life, direction and hope. - presents an audible, spoken word, of bible promises by topic. Feel free to create playlists in your areas of need and play them over and over--sinking the word of God into your spirit, while you surf the web or multi-task. Bless you as your mind is conforming to Christ, your faith is fed, and the Word of God is being made manifest within you. It shall not return void!

Cody Chaffin

Sermons by Cody Chaffin

Insights with Seitz

By Chris Seitz
The Symphony of Scripture

Noroton Presbyterian Church Podcast

By Noroton Presbyterian Church
At Noroton Presbyterian Church, we are a body of believers, welcoming all, to worship Jesus Christ, grow in faith through study, serve in the surrounding communities and throughout the world, and care for our neighbors as ourselves.

Sitting Down With Tessa

By Tessa Kirby
In this podcast you will hear very real and vulnerable content over a large spread of topics. Tessa believes in creating authentic and genuine content based around motherhood, faith, family, beauty, and home life. Sitting Down With Tessa will leave you feeling inspired, connected, and refreshed.

The Open Door Podcast

By The Open Door Church
Join Mark Pfeifer each week for a sermon that’ll challenge your intellect, strengthen your spirit and build the bridge to why it matters in your life today. Knowledge without action is useless, and Jesus lived his daily life taking action from his strong convictions. Mark Pfeifer founded Open Door Church over 25 years ago and our community believes that its the collective work of each individual that will make the next 25 years the best our city has ever seen.


By Sovereign Hope Church: Clovis, CA

because crack is illegal's podcast

By Raema Mauriello
Join Raema Mauriello each week as she shares the lessons God has taught her through her children. She uses humor to convey her message and invites you to join her to laugh, learn and grow into the woman God has created you to be.

Christ Community Church

By (Christ Community Church)
Audio from weekly sermons during Sunday Worship Services at Christ Community Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tennessee.

The City Life Church

By The City Life Church
Every church has a message, and every church has a moment. At City Life, you will find our message to be encapsulated in one word, life! In 1 John 5:11 we read that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. We want everyone in our city to have the eternal life He promises, the hope of heaven to come but also a life now that can only be described as heaven on earth! We hope to see you this Saturday as we worship together, and when you come, you will also discover our mome...

Calvary Baptist Church Knoxville TN

By Dan Riley
Calvary Baptist Church is located 1 mile from the University of Tennessee. Pastor Dan Riley shares biblical truth and practical wisdom for living everyday as a follower of Jesus Christ. We hope you are drawn closer to Christ as you listen.

Jon George Ministries

By Jon George Ministries
Deliverance Ministry

Moms in Prayer Podcast

The Moms in Prayer Podcast is a place where we put our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world so we can better pray for and equip the next generation. Our focus will always be revival and spiritual awakening in our children, our schools, and our motherhood.

Prophet Macaiah Audio Podcast

By Prophet Louis Macaiah
Welcome to the audio podcast of Prophet Louis Macaiah. Prophet Macaiah is a proud son of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and the General Overseer of Christ Vision Sanctuary International. He is an anointed minister of God who stands and operates in the office of a Prophet. His passion is to get many people to Christ and to place them at the highest level in life where God has predestined them to be. Listen and be blessed!

Faithful Innovation

By Faithful Innovation
Inspiring wholesome expressions of faith

Real Life Podcast

By Rich Merkouris
The Podcast where we answer Real Questions with Real Answers that we all face in Real Life.

Amistad Cristiana Madrid

By Amistad Cristiana / Anchor
Este es el podcast de las predicaciones de los domingos en Amistad Cristiana Madrid

First Presbyterian Church of Lumberton Podcast

By FPC Lumberton
Sermons preached from our pulpit in the sanctuary.


By kgosi oraletse / Anchor
this is Grace Fm radio, station where we will listen to gospel music , acquire wisdom of God, get motivational talks, financial advice and may more.

Christ Church Balham

By Christ Church Balham
A contemporary Anglican church with a passion to reach the Balham area with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Ecce Podcast

By Genevieve Aucoin
Beholding the beauty of God and the human heart.

Exploring More

Exploring More is hosted by Michael Thompson, produced by Zoweh Ministries, and recorded in Durham, NC.

The Christian Movie Podcast

The Christian Movie Podcast is a show devoted to reviewing Christian films and shows. We review everything from classic Christian DVDs to the newest Christian films appearing in theaters. Our quick reviews give you everything you need to know about the movie in just a few short minutes. We'll let you know what the movie is about, the overall quality of the Christian film, and how family-friendly it is. Join us every Wednesday for a new Christian movie review! To learn more about ...

Kruiskerk Stellenbosch

By Kruiskerk Stellenbosch
Luister hier na preke van die Kruiskerk in Stellenbosch.

Running Redeemed

By Running Redeemed
A blog for busy Christian women!

Church Outreach Podcast

By Nathan / Anchor
Church Outreach Podcast discusses strategies that your church can use to reach out to your local community. They take a relational approach with strategies that are easy to replicate no matter how big or small your church is.

In His Presence Church Podcast

By In His Presence Church
In His Presence Church mission is to preach the gospel, witness Jesus, win souls, and make disciples. Visit to learn more information about our ministry

Spanglish Seminary Podcast

By Juan Lopez and Rogelio Robles
Spanglish Seminary is hosted by Juan Carlos Lopez and Rogelio Robles. Es un Podcast centered on la experiencia latina in 'The Church.' Sobre el espacio between Spanish e Ingles, Catholics and Aleluyas, Latino America y El Norte.

Sermons – Lakewood Church of Christ

By Lakewood Church of Christ
Nestled atop Green Mountain in Lakewood, CO. Committed to Christ...Committed to our Community.

Calvary Limerick

By Calvary Limerick / Anchor
The teaching and preaching ministry of Calvary Limerick.