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Two Minute Takes podcast

By Doug Tooke
A 120 second podcast helping you see Catholic themes in every day films. Produced by ODB Films and hosted by Doug Tooke.

Kingdom Driven

By Afriyie
A Weekly podcast discussing living the kingdom live on earth

Flint Baptist Church Podcast

By Flint Baptist Church
Sermons from Flint Baptist Church Pastors

Spirit of Joy Podcasts

Listen to our weekly sermons here!

Keys for Faithful Living

By Dr. Chauncey A. Lattimer, Jr.
What is faith? It is obviously not just a mental construct since, as James says, "Even the demons believe--and shudder." (2:19) So what might be the 'keys for faithful living' in the eyes of James?

I Humbly Submit Podcast

By Gary Humble
Interviews and opinions on life, current trends and popular topics with a little theology sprinkled in, all centered around living submitted to Jesus.

Iglesia de Cristo en Sunset

By Sunset Church of Christ
Bienvenido a los mensajes dominicales de Iglesia de Cristo en Sunset, FL. También tenemos todos los mensajes disponibles en inglés. Para más información, visite nuestro sitio web

Grace en Español Sermon Podcast

By Grace Community Church
Recent sermons from Grace en Español, a ministry of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.

Gainesville First Podcast

By Gainesville First UMC
The Gainesville First Podcast shares news and messages from both the Classic and Modern Worship services at Gainesville First United Methodist Church in Gainesville, Georgia. We pray that these podcasts will help you stay informed and grow closer to the Lord! For more information about Gainesville First, visit us at

Das Gespräch

Wir reden über Gott, das Leben und den Glauben im Alltag.

Family Style Theology

By 1517 Podcasts
Host, Cindy Koch explores theological topics through family conversation. Joined by her children, this show aims to explore essential questions in a way that is not only theologically satisfying but accessible to the whole family.


By Grace4Dyslexia
Podcasts of Christian Encouragement

Moments of Messiah

By Dr. Sheldon John
Endangered : A Father's Fate Malachi 41:1-6 Genesis 2:18-23

The Twelve

By Good Scout
Hosted by Shelton Brown, The Twelve is an investigation of a religious community known as The Twelve Tribes. The Twelve Tribes were established in an early 1970's Chattanooga, TN as a youth movement known as The Light Brigade. That movement quickly took off. They've since made their way of life known all over the world. But what isn't so widely known about them are some pretty startling allegations that go beyond what you may have seen in the news. Over 70 ex-members of The Twelve Tribes hav...

Faith Works Summer Devotions

By The Church at Station Hill
The Church at Station Hill Summer Podcast Series

C3 Church Hobart

By C3 Church Hobart
C3 Church Hobart’s vision is to reach people on a journey to faith and build strong followers of Jesus. We are a church that is modern in practice and traditional in belief. C3 Church is an international movement of local churches characterised by bright, enthusiastic, culturally relevant services with a message of faith, hope and love. We have people from many church backgrounds, protestant and catholic, people of no church heritage, and also many nationalities. We have mums and dads, busin...

Mel's Minute

By Mel's Minute
Our lives get busy and hectic; before we know it, our day has been swallowed up. Take a breath. "Mel's Minute" shares devotionals about 2 minutes, with encouragement to study the passage of scripture deeper. Melissa Bjorgen is a Christian missionary in Mexico. She is passionate about sharing God's word with women in all walks of life. This podcast is also available in video format on a Facebook page named "Mel's Minute".

Father Andy's Weekly Homilies

By Father Andy's Weekly Homilies
Priest of the Diocese of Erie, PA

His House Worship Center

By His House Worship Center
Sermons by His House Worship Center

Faith Baptist Church - Pinetops NC

By Matthew Tondee
Faith Baptist Church - Pinetops NC featuring speaker Matthew Tondee

The Set Apart Women Podcast

By Christina Hovestadt
The Set Apart Women is a community of women determined to live our lives on purpose. We activate, inspire and collaborate to accomplish our dreams and to live a passionate and meaningful life.

come away with me

By Jenn McGrew
A worship podcast with Jenn McGrew

런던 꿈이있는교회(God's Vision Church)

By God's Vision Church
런던 시내에 위치한 꿈이 있는 교회 (이영주 담임목사) 주일예배, 수요예배 설교를 매주 내려받으실 수 있습니다.

The Voice of Evangelism

By Charisma Podcast Network
Pastor David Lankford shares the Word of God each week to make appeals for true repentance and to help bring healing to the body of Christ.

The Kingdom Road

By Catholic Community Radio
From New Orleans, Lisa Flood & Susie MacKenzie share stories of faith for those coming into the Catholic Church

The Church in the Home

By Catholic Community Radio
David Dawson Jr., Timmy McCaffery and Chris O'Neill are back with another great season where they discuss marriage, family and how to make your home little churches where faith can grow!

UR Imperial Beach

By Upper Room Church
The Official Podcast of Upper Room Church!

Word of Truth Church Wed PM Service

By Chip Beaulieu
Wednesday evening service at Word of Truth Church

Word of Truth Church Sunday PM - Healing School Service

By Chip Beaulieu
Each week, we study the topic of diving healing and health.

Word of Truth Church Sunday AM Service

By Chip Beaulieu
Sunday morning service at Word of Truth Church

Let's Visit-Center Church of Christ

The weekly podcast of the Center church of Christ in Center, TX. We invite you to listen along as we study together from God's word.

Wedding & Beyond with Sophia Jones

By Royal Occasions Inc.
Wedding & Beyond is a podcast providing you with tips and tools for planning your wedding and preparing for a successful marriage. Hosted by Sophia Jones, owner and creative director of Royal Occasions Inc.


By AC Gleason
This is not about guns. Aaron and Kyle doing podcast commentary on culture, philosophy, politics, and theology AT LEAST 47 times a year.

Olathe Community of Christ Podcast

By Olathe Community of Christ
We proclaim the peace of Jesus Christ and invite all to fellowship, worship, learn and serve as we journey together, celebrating our diversity and our unity.

Merland Rise Church Sermons 2018

By Merland Rise Church
Sermons from Merland Rise Church, Tadworth, Surrey

Lappis podcast

By Lapplandsveckan
Inspelningar från Lappis / Lapplandsveckan den kristna festivalen

EWOFF Video Messages - Believing Is Seeing

By Edmonton Word of Faith
Welcome to the video podcast from Edmonton Word of Faith. Here at Word of Faith we believe in a culture that is vibrant, caring, confident and creative. A church designed to help you and your family grow in faith to meet the challenges of living in the 21st century. Helping you rise up to your God-given destiny. Sunday Service: 10:10am Mountain Time. All are welcome. Come as a guest, leave as family.

Shawnee Heights

By Shawnee Heights
Sermons by Shawnee Heights

Unclutter Your Spirit Podcast

By Sue Rasmussen
This podcast seeks to inspire you to unclutter your spirit at all levels: in your home and office, in your work, and in your mind, body, and spirit.

Ebenhaeser Parow Gemeente

Ebenhaeser Parow Gemeente featuring speaker Reon

Shut Up & Rap Podcast

By K-Zoe & Schaffer
Two rappers sit down weekly to discuss Christianity, culture, hip-hop, politics and sports. Should they keep talking or shut up and rap?

Sold Out Leadership Labs

By Sold Out Leadership Labs
Sold Out Leadership Labs

Faith Baptist Church - Pinetops NC

By Matthew Tondee
Faith Baptist Church - Pinetops NC featuring speaker Matthew Tondee

St Marks Freshwater

By St Marks Freshwater
Our weekly sermons


By Cornerstone Church: Warwick, RI

Politics - According to the Bible

By Dr. Wayne Grudem
Dr. Wayne Grudems book, Politics - According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture.

Joel Ramsey How to Heal the Sick

By Joel Ramsey
Welcome to the Joel Ramsey How to Heal the Sick Podcast. This podcast is simple and practical and designed to help followers of Christ outwork His healing power in there everyday life. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is not just limited to a few, it is available for those who believe. Joel Ramsey is a speaker and minister of the Gospel and he is the Director of Awaken Africa and Ramsey Ministries.

Compassion Dickson Podcast

By Jamie Grisham
Compassion Dickson Podcast featuring speaker Jamie Grisham


By Cultivated Ministries
Cultivated is a place that seeks to do ministry through Gospel-centered teaching and discussion.A portion of our podcast is walking through Scripture, while another portion is addressing current issues, life, and ministry through a discussion format.

The Midtown Bridge Podcast

By The Midtown Bridge
Teaching from Pastor Milton Campbell of The Midtown Bridge Church.


By Champaign Church Media
Media site for the Champaign Church of Christ in Champaign, IL; Urbana, IL; and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Featuring Champaign Church of Christ live streaming worship, sermon video, sermon audio, bible class audio, and podcasts.


Podcast com propósito principal de expor livros bíblicos inteiros, através de vários programas curtos, descobrindo o sentido original da passagem e conectando-a aos dilemas do tempo atual.

The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak!

By Darnella Moore
Your Hosts, Prophetess Darnella Moore, Min. Darren A. Davis, Elder Pearl Sharpe, Min. Earlene Harris Ford, & other Sons & Daughters of Christ powerfully release our Heavenly Father's unconditional Love and life-changing Messages straight from His heart through their's and directly into your's! Fellowship with us on "A 30-Minute Dose of His Love" or our 1-hour show "Candid Kingdom Conversation between His Sons & Daughters" which covers Kingdom News on the West & East Coasts, sp...

지구촌교회 진재혁 담임목사 설교

By Global Mission Church
민족을 치유하고 세상을 변화시키는 지구촌교회 진재혁 담임목사의 설교를 청취하실 수 있습니다.

Bentley Baptist Church Sermon Podcast

By Bentley Baptist Church
Listen to the weekly sermons from Bentley Baptist Church

Παραμεθόρια Φλόγα

By Unknown
Ὁμιλίες τοῦ Ἀρχιμανδρίτου π. Ἐπιφανίου, προϊσταμένου τοῦ ΙΝ Ἁγίου Παντελεήμονος, Φλωρίνης.

Surgaal / Sermon

By Nyamsuren Myagmar / Anchor
Энд Нямсүрэнгийн Библи судлалаас үүдсэн Сургаал бий. Итгэлийн алхаа, үнэний эрэлд тань тус болоосой гэж хүсэв. /This is Surgaal from Nyamsuren' Bible studies. I hope that you will find from here something helpful for your walk of faith and search for truth./

The category of men

By The Salvation Army - Makati Corp's
‎Speaker: Major Armenia Salegumba Sunday, ‎June ‎24, ‎2012, ‏‎10:30 - 11:26:50 AM


By Chelmsford Citadel of The Salvation Army
The services held at The Salvation Army, Chelmsford, Essex, England

The Salvation Army Forster Tuncurry

By The Salvation Army Forster Tuncurry
The weekly sermons/messages from The Salvation Army Forster Tuncurry

Messages from Joey Bonifacio

By Joey Bonifacio
Welcome to the weekly podcast of Pastor Joey Bonifacio. Pastor Joey is the senior leader of Every Nation Singapore. For more information, you may visit


By St. John's Lutheran Church: Alexandria, VA

Jesus Finished Work

By John Fazio
All about Christ and Him crucified

Thinking Like A Boss

By Kate Crocco: Confidence and Mindset Coach
Welcome to Thinking Like a Boss-- the podcast for lady bosses who are ready to turn their limiting beliefs into limitless opportunity. I am your host Kate Crocco confidence + mindset coach for female leaders. We will be hearing from women who have turned their fear to faith, wounds to wisdom, their pain to platform. Each week you will walk away feeling lighter and ready to take on the challenges before you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Sonday House Fellowship

By David Zintgraff
Sonday House Fellowship is a family oriented, family based church in the Texas Hill Country. We seek to be a place where you can come as you are and leave feeling refreshed and revived, having had a genuine experience with Jesus. You will not find a “watered-down Word” or a “warm fuzzy” message. What you will find will be a real and straight forward approach to the Gospel of Jesus. We desire to see lives changed and Fredericksburg Texas become a city of refuge where people come and are refres...

LWM Church

By Pastor Matt Kelley
We are so excited that you have taken interest in Living Witness Church. We believe that it is designed by God that we should come to know you and be part of your life as you also become part of ours. We, at Living Witness Church, desire to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, and SERVE OTHERS. Hopefully you find the messages to be challenging, encouraging, and uplifting.

Harvest Church Media

Harvest Church is located at 2631 Route 52 Liberty, NY. For a full list of all of our media visit

This Same Purpose

By This Same Purpose
by mattanah


By Caleb A Eckerd
Learning to defend an extraordinary faith in ordinary ways

Giving An Answer

By Giving An Answer
Ministering to a fallen world


By Dr Timothy Lewis
Critical Study of Matthew and Masculinity. In this series, I'll be navigating the world of Matthean research, by: identifying assumptions, connecting old and new interpretations, including questions and perspectives previously overlooked or undervalued. There's a whole world of research that awaits. Are you ready? [email protected]


By Pastor Taylor Murray
Weekly messages from UNDIVIDED. We are the youth ministry of Real Life Church in Covington, WA. Find out more about us at

Shepherds' Conference Sermon Podcast

By Grace Community Church
Recent sermons from Shepherds' Conference, a ministry of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.

Women in the Word at Uni

By Rachel Kotterer
Women in the Word at Uni is a podcast, particularly aimed at women at university. Each episode, we will look at a part of the Bible to see what it tells us about God, Jesus and ourselves. We will see how a book written thousands of years ago is still relevant to us today by seeking to apply it to our lives now, making particular reference to the unique situations in which many women at uni find themselves.

Start in LA

By Cyclical LA & Fuller Seminary Church Planting Program
The Start in LA Podcast is a local conversation about starting churches. Our hosts, Nick Warnes, Bethany McKinney Fox, and Michaela O'Donnell Long interview guests on topics related to the unique work of starting churches in Los Angeles.

Pastor Chris Thomas' Sermons

By Pastor Chris Thomas
Sermons from Pastor Chris Thomas and First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, MI

Faith Community Church, Vacaville, CA

By Faith Community Church, Vacaville, CA
Faith Community Church exists to bring glory to God in all things. We are Bible-based, God-centered and teach using expository preaching.

Lead At Home (Win At Life)

By Randall Sean Garcia & Selina Garcia
True winners don’t play the game of life for the money, the fame, the recognition, the promotions. No… They are after something far more valuable than that, and it can be boiled down to one simple concept. It’s all about Legacy. They understand that they might lead Fortune 500 companies, make more money than they will ever need, receive more recognition than they could ever dream of… But if they aren’t winning at home, then they are not really winning. Winners don’t make excuses, so they ...

FBC Americus

By First Baptist Church Americus / Anchor
This is the FBC AME podcast where we will be posting our sermons on a weekly basis.

The Abbey Podcast

By Britton & Steve
The Abbey Podcast is where you can find out more information about the topics and subjects featured in The Abbey

The 3-Minute Message

By Kaala Souza
Short Shots of Inspiration to Ignite Your Passion, Reveal Your Purpose and Grow with God Daily

Corpus Christi Catholic Church

By C4 Homilies
Homilies from the Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Celebration, Florida.

Calvary Chapel Greensboro

By Calvary Chapel Greensboro
"A Lesson for Life" is the broadcast ministry of Calvary Chapel Greensboro's verse-by-verse teaching through the Bible with Pastor Chas. Tune in and experience a fresh start in life!

We'll Get There Podcast

By Shiloh Hills Fellowship
We're just three pastors at Shiloh Hills Fellowship Church in Spokane, WA who are making it up as we go. You're invited on the journey of navigating an ever-changing culture with a biblical perspective. Visit us at to see what else is happening at Shiloh!


By Strong Nation Church
At Strong Nation Church we believe in Jesus Christ & His power. We love people of all generations & believe in raising them as disciples of Christ, who will carry Jesus to their world.

Grace Community, Whidbey Island

By Office Administrator
Grace Community, Whidbey Island featuring speaker Office Administrator

South Palm Podcast » podcast

At South Palm we do things a little differently. We believe you matter to God, therefore you matter to us. We hope you enjoy these authentic conversations.

The Veritas Podcast

By Veritas
The Veritas Podcast

Sermons – New Ground Church

By New Ground Church
A new church for honest faith.

FreeWay Podcast

By Catharyn Ley
Sunday Stylist


By Judah Synnestvedt
Explore the hidden heavenly things contained in the Sacred Scripture or Word of the Lord, beginning at the beginning... Genesis. This show is about you and me waking up to spiritual life in the context of everyday life.

Atlanta Vineyard Church

By Atlanta Vineyard Church
Preachings and teachings from the Atlanta Vineyard Church.

Catholic Nerd Podcast

By Michael Denton / Anchor
Catholic Nerd Podcast takes a weekly look at the movies, books or other media that are big in pop culture from a Catholic perspective.

Uncensored Walk

By Ferai Ivie
I speak with no shame & uncensored My failures and shortcomings, battles, wrestles, addictions and hopelessness – but most importantly my victories and triumphs in Jesus Christ. 2 Cor 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

New Ground France Podcast

By New Ground France Podcast
Une famille d'églises, ensemble en mission

St. Martin's Podcast

By Saint Martin's Episcopal Church
This podcast is made available from Saint Martin's Episcopal Church. Charlotte, NC


By Gabriel / Anchor
This is my podcast!