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By Ryan Holsapple
This podcast is about personal growth experiences and philosophies. The focus is oriented towards personal transformation of the Psyche and continued introspection.
By Marion Baptist Church
We exist to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples!
By Ricky Cook
Laurel church of Christ's Sermon and Bible Series for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018.
By Searose Academy LLC
Seana, Sara, and Rosemary are leaders in the Lightworking community. They have come together to teach women how to activate the feminine lightworker within by deepening their spiritual practice through meditation, mindfulness, and true alignment, guiding them through their energetic power centers, and awakening the Divine Goddess to become the creative, powerful women they are. Their teachings allow women to step into their Divine Power and use their gifts for the highest good for all. The r...
By CBF: Christian Bible Fellowship
Christian Bible Fellowship exists to glorify God by making disciples of all nations through Gospel-centered Worship and Community.
By Kiran Rai
Sunday Message Audio
By Álvaro Roa
Empieza el día escuchando buenas noticias, historias de superación, experiencias, leyendas, entrevistas y reflexiones para tener una vida más alegre, con un enfoque más positivo y optimista para levantarte el ánimo cada día. Desarrollo Personal y Motivación. Cada día de lunes a viernes podrás escucharlo, mi objetivo es lograr transformaciones en tu día a día e incluso en tu vida para que te sientas más feliz y motivado. Presentado por Álvaro Roa.
By Heritage Alliance
By Pastor Joshua Stump & Justin Lett
In 2016, The Eden Gate, and The Keeill Fellowhsip, united to become The Local Church. These 2 thriving churches in East Nashville desired to see the power of God evoked by humble unity in the Gospel. We were each convinced that we'd see this more, together, than we ever would separately and so with deep conviction to "become one," as Jesus' prayed for His disciples in John 17,... WE DID! John 17: 18 & 21 18 As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world... 21 I p...
By Hope Lowertown St. Paul
A weekly message from Hope Community Church, located in Lowertown St. Paul, MN. Pastor is Brian Silver.
By Dan Puchalla
This is a podcast about hosing off the Bible from what's gotten caked onto it: predictable platitudes, right-wing politics, pastoral demagoguery, and theologically-correct boredom. This is a podcast about cracking open that book again to find out what's in it — what's not in it — and how embracing its weirdness might help us build a better world for everyone.
Wisdom from and for the heart: building community, sharing wisdom, storytelling, promoting understanding, influencing through love.
By Discovery Institute
News comes and news goes, but there are some questions that never go away. On Great Minds with Michael Medved, Discovery Institute brings conversations about perennial, ultimate issues that go to the core of our shared values. Each show features a particularly deep and original thinker, a great mind to help us explore great ideas.
By dawn goodwin
What do you do when it's night and you're nowhere? A conversation about the futility (and possibility) of making art, raising children, and accepting the moment, just as it is. 
By Tom Bratt
some things are worth an extra look
By Sarah and Danne
For ladies who tabletop, it's all about that D... 2o, baby!
By Alix Moore - Psychic healer
Every week on Manifest Your Amazing Life, psychic healer Alix Moore and the Archangels collaborate to help you understand what you really want, why you don’t already have it, and how to take inspired action to achieve your goals. Explore your soul purpose, work through life challenges, and fully embody the power and the beauty of your higher self. Alix’s podcast is divinely channeled, but always full of practical applications and action steps.
By Life Church West
Welcome to the podcast of Lifewest Church. For more information, go to
By Vedic Podcasts
Аудио записи авторских лекций Его Божественной Милости А.Ч. Бхактиведанты Свами Прабхупады по Бхагавад-Гите, прочитанных в период с 1966 по 1976 гг.
By The Gospel Live
The Relentless Pursuit of Purpose Podcast with Alex McElroy explores the tools needed to reach your God ordained purpose.
By Fr. Timothy Gallagher / Kris McGregor
The Discernment of God’s Will in Everyday Decisions with Fr. Timothy Gallagher and host, Kris McGregor of Discerning Hearts. Father Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a religious community dedicated to retreats and spiritual formation according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Fr. Gallagher is featured on the EWTN series “Living the Discerning Life: The Spiritual Teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola”
By Kevin Emery
Becoming emotionally and mentally free can be the hardest thing sometimes. The first thing you have to do is face yourself. Before you try to fix your situation, before you try to break addiction, before you try to fix any other thing in your life you must face yourself and that’s step one, then when you face yourself you’ll realize the root of the problem and get it solved then everything else will fall into place. Maybe not right away but over time you will see change in yourself and the th...
By Warren and Annie Salley
The Wake Up Call Radio & Television Network will feature various shows that will deal with business, encouragement, youth development, Finance,and health.
By Fr. Timothy Gallagher / Kris McGregor
Join Fr. Timothy Gallagher with host Kris McGregor as they discuss the many aspects of the Liturgy of the Hours. Exploring the method, psalms, theology, and liturgical significance of the Divine Office, Fr. Gallagher leads the listener into a practical understanding of this universal prayer of the Catholic Church. Father Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a religious community dedicated to retreats and spiritual formation accord...
A daily podcast exploring the Zen Druid Symbols. A series of word pictures for each day of the year. This daily podcast discusses the personal development implications of each symbol. Once completed it will cover an entire year of personal development. The Zen Druid Symbols are based upon the Celtic Tree Zodiac and the thirteen Tree months of the Celtic Year.
By Audioboom
The UK’s favourite astrologer; Russell Grant has been writing Horoscopes for over 40 years for the UK and Global audiences. Russell is a columnist for the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Candis Magazine, Soul & Spirit Magazine and over 460+ regional magazine/newspaper titles too. Your Horoscopes are personal and special to you, so you can now hear your Weekly Horoscope which are updated every Friday for your week ahead (Saturday – Friday). If you want to know more about your Horoscope, wat...
By Conroe United Pentecostal Church
We are a church offering the hope of Jesus Christ to all people. We strongly believe in gathering, connecting, and serving. This place is for you! Visit us on the web at
By Bayside Chapel
Weekly sermons and teachings from Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, New Jersey. To learn more about Bayside Chapel, visit us on the web at
ISKCON - Лекции и киртаны
"Hero-ish" is a brand new podcast hosted by writer and performer, Geno Vicario. In a nutshell it's just about an Anti-Hero trying to get better at life. We're all the "hero" of our own story, so join in on the journey and let's try to accomplish stuff together! There will also be comedy and poop jokes, too. I'm sure of it.
By Car an Dagda
Three family members embroiled in wildly divergent traditions gather in one room to discuss, debate, and flat-out argue about their magical, mythical, and mundane lives. Also, there's a microphone.
By Caleb Massey
The Ezra Ministries Podcast is for those who are looking for a challenge in deepening their understanding of the Bible. It is a show about hermeneutics of the Bible, about correct interpretation and about getting to know God better through His Word. Join us as we explore the wonder of Who God is through the Scriptures.
By Jordan Laurel
Sermons Provided by Bethel Baptist Church, Ravenna, OH
By Gateway Fellowship
Living the Jesus-centered life
By Talking Torah,
To all who would hear.
By Jeremy Meeks
Our goal as a church is to study through five books that cover the five major genres (styles) of literature found in the bible every three years. Those genre are: Old Testament Narrative, Old Testament Prophecy, Old Testament Wisdom, New Testament Gospel, New Testament Epistle.
By Miguel Ortiz
Pastor Duane Brooks teaches the Book of Revelation.
By Joseph Knasinski
Meditation instruction and discussion for our modern world
By Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady
Bite-sized lessons for Astrology beginners created by Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady. Curious about astrology? Want to learn the basics—but don’t have tons of time? Want things to be short and snappy? This podcast is for you! With Astrology Bytes, you can learn about astrology in super-short bursts. Each episode is 15 minutes or less. Your host, Theresa Reed, breaks things down into plain, easy-to-understand explanations. No complicated jargon or tedious philosophical lectures here. Just simp...
By Newport Church
Welcome to the audio podcast of Newport Church. Led by Senior Pastors Jonathan and Dianne Wilson, Newport Church's vision is to be a hub of hope and faith for our community and beyond. To learn more about us, visit
By New Covenant Kingdom
Discussing the New Covenant, the Kingdom of God, Fulfilled Prophecy, and current events.
By Iya Omileti Olubunmi
The Orisha Wisdom Podcast brings topics regarding the Orisha and Ifa faith, and how these traditions blend into our modern life. We hope to bring inspiration, positivity and empowerment to the followers of this faith and those who are interested in learning more.
By Gillian Claus
Check out this monthly celebration from our secular community featuring great speakers, a live band, and lots of laughter! If you enjoy listening, and want to learn more about Sunday Assembly Silicon Valley, please check us out online at On Twitter, we are @SunAssembly_SV and you can find us on Facebook at SundayAssemblySV. As a nonprofit organization run by volunteers, we count on the support of our members to enable us to continue helping our community live this...
By Dharam Seva Records
Preserve the Past – Inspire the Future
By Henry Brening
This is a weekly Bible study by Pastor Robert Breaker who utilizes the infallible 1611 King James Version (KJV). The audio is generated from the YouTube videos provided by Hear the true Gospel today so that you can rightfully divide the word of God.
By Bag-ong Dan-ag
A Filipino (Bisaya) podcast dedicated to promoting critical thinking and skepticism particularly to our kids of today.
By Saint John's Cathedral
Mile High Theology is a live event and podcast that engages the big questions of meaning, belonging, and existence. Sponsored by Saint John's Cathedral - Denver, Colorado.
By Rev. Norm Bouchard - Senior Minister
Weekly Sunday Talks from Center for Spiritual Living Colorado Springs. Inspirational and uplifting spiritually based topics provided on a weekly basis, typically released on Tuesdays.
By Unearthly Paranormal Stories
Unearthly Paranormal Stories takes real experiences from real people and re-tells them
By 金光之地
书的简介: 本书朗读本是西北大学出版社的二〇〇六年一月简体字的版本,寻遍神州未求得繁体字本,繁体字相用来读古文更带感。本书是雍正御制刊,其重要性可谓一般! 朗读缘起: 朗读者因南怀瑾先生带入佛学,最初看《瑜伽师地论》,阅了一丢丢实在是看不懂!惭愧!之后听南师说《宗镜录》是佛学入门、是基础,就买了上面介绍的版本。还是愚钝,读第一卷时虽不明所以,但涕泪交流、控制不住。之后听南师说(大概意思)是内心对自己堕落至此的悔恨眼泪。呜呼!遂愿用业余时间朗读百卷经典。 朗读说明: 朗读者既不是中文专业,也不是播音专业。《宗镜录》里有些专有名词的读法、多音字的读法、有些字典也无法指导的读法,在朗读者读错的时候希望大家见谅、并积极指正,本人会更正后重新发布。在听文章的时候,希望大家也能对照文字,这样接受更清晰容易。
By audioBoom
The UK’s favourite astrologer; Russell Grant has been writing Horoscopes for over 40 years for the UK and Global audiences. Russell is a columnist for the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Candis Magazine, Soul & Spirit Magazine and over 460+ regional magazine/newspaper titles too. Your Horoscopes are personal and special to you, so you can now hear your Weekly Horoscope which are updated every Friday for your week ahead (Saturday – Friday). If you want to know more about your Horoscope, wat...
By Michelle Keinan
The Radically Selfish Podcast is a multi-media interview series celebrating the journeys of powerful women living according to their desires, no matter the circumstances or what society tells us is possible. Through intimate conversation and beautiful ritual offerings, connect with the energy, fire and spirit of these powerhouses who are redefining the model of happiness, success and spirituality for women everywhere.
By Simple and Scriptural
The Bible is a big book with an important message from God. However, understanding that message can seem daunting to many newcomers. So this site gets down to the ground for you. It gives straight answers to your most common questions about the Bible and provides you with short & clear answers.
By Mike Robert - The Geek With Muscles
Mike Robert is an Information Technology professional and a self described "multipotentialite" that has many varied interests and pursuits, including acting, blogging, beekeeping, volunteering, public speaking, video production, biology, science, and the list goes on. In the little spare time Mike has left over, you can find him at the gym where he's spent over 20 years pumping iron and building muscle. A total "geek" Mike gets the biggest kick out of new technology, people, learning and ta...
By <user-5091779>
Our Strange Skies is a biweekly podcast that explores the UFO events, incidents, and myths that make up the American identity. Your host, Rob Kristoffersen, delves into the famous UFO events of the past, and some of the not so famous incidents, in an attempt to get some answers about what those objects in the sky are trying to tell us!
By Lisette Alvarez
Glamour spell gone wrong? Astral projection got you untethered? Want to know why your angry dead rich father is haunting you? Consider Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services. After a controversial fallout with her coven, Kalila Stormfire must juggle complex clients and an anonymous critic hellbent on besmirching her new business. The decaying urban block where Kal operates appreciates her affordable experience in a broad range of supernatural ailments and remedies. Still, Kal is not ...
By Martial Ferigo
Our congregation strives to be in the Presence of the Lord through the expression of our unbridled worship and extravagant love for Him. Our pursuit is for the kingdom of God to be demonstrated in every area of our lives, and to be a contact point in our daily lives to release love and freedom to people around us. We desire to create a culture where the atmosphere is free, filled with opportunities and fellowship to enable people to have a life changing encounter with God.
By Marissa Alexa McCool
Join hosts Ami from Texas and Amy from Minnesota for real talk about atheism, feminism, politics, parenting, and whatever else we want to talk about because this is our show.
By Johannes Lee
Preke van die Gereformeerde Kerk Pietersburg-Noord Die preke wat gelewer word in ons gemeente sal weekliks hier op gelaai word. Ons is gereformeerd- ons hou ons aan die onfeilbare Woord van God en wil hiermee 'n poging aanwend om toe te rus, te groei en te deel wat in ons harte leef. Soli Deo Gloria!
By CCC Pastors
Redemptive-Historical preaching that points to and centers on the person and work of Jesus Christ from the Old and New Testaments.
By George Juillerat
Seattle Atheists is an educational nonprofit organization that provides a wide variety of educational programs and events. This is the audio feed for our talks, debates and news updates.
By Evan Petkau
Weekly message from our community of faith in Calgary AB Canada. We understand we're all on a life-long journey of discovering who God is and a more accurate perception of ourselves. We realize that God has in his imagination an idea of who we can become that is not possible without His grace that accepts us as we are and, at the very same time, calls us forward to live like Jesus did. It means we've taken our hands off the religious panic button, and abandoned quick answers and worn out rhet...
By audioBoom
The UK’s favourite astrologer; Russell Grant has been writing Horoscopes for over 40 years for the UK and Global audiences. Russell is a columnist for the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Candis Magazine, Soul &amp; Spirit Magazine and over 460+ regional magazine/newspaper titles too. Your Horoscopes are personal and special to you, so you can now hear your Weekly Horoscope which are updated every Friday for your week ahead (Saturday – Friday). If you want to know more about your Horoscope, wat...
Weekly Sermons from PBC
By Judy McMillan
Sunday sermons from Emmanuel Bible Fellowship, Olympia, WA in the beautiful Northwest USA.
By South Hills Church | Burbank
Entertaining &amp; inspiring conversational talks on God, life, scripture &amp; what it means to be human. Recorded weekly in front of a live audience at South Hills Church in Burbank, California where No Perfect People are Allowed.
By Sean McCormick
The Mystic Mac Podcast deep dives into the intersection of the mystic, health and wellness, self-help, spirituality, religion, consciousness, psychedelics and more.
By AK Varilla: Analyst, Creative Mind Coach from
How do we bring the best out of ourselves and others? In this podcast we'll explore ways on how we can do that. We'll analyze the steps one by one and we'll apply these to our daily lives. We'll look into stories which are inspiring and sometimes true. Let's face it, we could learn a lot from both real stories and fantastic ones.
By Summit Park Church
Summit Park Church
By Marty Arredondo
Radical Ministry is a new type of podcast where one is free to speak their minds concerning ministry/church, and the need for change and new ideas. Some may agree and many others may disagree because church nowadays is viewed in so many different ways. A Christian podcast where we discuss a range of topics, or at times just discuss things about life in general. This is the place where you may find a sermon, hear one's testimony, or even hear about some unbelievable things happing in the churc...
By Jennifer Lopez
Celebrating the modern, creative, and authentic woman who fearlessly leads with love. Meditation Affirmations
By Red Sea Church
Audio teachings from Red Sea Community Church in Portland, OR.
By Pastor/Elder Jim Osman
This series of messages was part of an exposition of the book of Hebrews by Jim Osman, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church.
By 1615 Church Missions Coaching
Welcome to the, When Everything is Missions Podcast with Matthew Ellison from 1615 Church Missions Coaching and Denny Spitters from Pioneers USA. This monthly podcast is inspired by the book, When Everything is Missions.
By St. Louis King of France Catholic Church & School
A new podcast for St. Louis King of France Catholic Church &amp; School
By Authentische und alltagsnahe Interviews, mit namhaften Experten! Ermutigen und stärken Dich, um Deinem Herzen zu folgen! Amata Bayerl, Katharina Walter, Stefan Hiene, u.v.m. Erfolgreich und frei seinem Herzen zu folgen mit Inhalten von Tony Robins, Gerald Hüther, Katie Byron u.v.m.
Den Herzensweg finden und gehen kann jeder! Im Befreiungspodcast - Folge deinem Herzen von Doro, erfährst Du wertvolles Wissen zu den Themen: Selbstfindung, Selbstliebe, Selbstvertrauen, zurück zum Ursprung finden und seine Leidenschaft entdecken, ausgraben und leben. Authentische und lebensnahe Interviews und Herzensgespräche, stärken Dich, Emotionen zu fühlen, anzuschauen und zuzulassen. Du lernst wertvolle, sofort umsetzbare Schritte kennen, wie Du Glaubenssätze, Prägungen und Muster erken...
By Brandon Turpin
Take a minute from your day and join me on a journey to renew and grow our lives around Jesus Christ. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon) church, Words Of Wisdom Podcast is my personal journey, that I would love to have you come along!
By Cole Imperi
There is no magic in a tarot card, but the insights and conversations sparked by a tarot reading are often nothing short of magical. Join designer and thanatologist Cole Imperi each week along with her guest as tarot helps them to explore life, our fears and struggles, our dreams and ambitions.
By Kenneth Copeland Ministiries
What’s the next best thing than attending a live Kenneth Copeland Ministries event in 2016? This podcast! If you missed an event this year or just want to experience it again, this podcast is for you. Get ready to grow your faith with full sermons and life-changing messages from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and their guest ministers, including Kellie Copeland, Pastors George and Terri Pearsons, and many more. Listen or watch today, and discover what God has waiting for you!
By Theology Pubcast
Welcome to Theology Pubcast, a podcast where we s…
the point of this show is to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to oppose discrimination against atheists and to work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.!/TheAtheistCorner This Podcast was created using
By The Wednesday Week
The Wednesday Week bring you all the goings on over at Sheffield Wednesday, and have a giggle along the way. Find our whole back catalogue on YouTube. And contact us on Twitter @TWWcast
By audioBoom
The UK’s favourite astrologer; Russell Grant has been writing Horoscopes for over 40 years for the UK and Global audiences. Russell is a columnist for the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Candis Magazine, Soul &amp; Spirit Magazine and over 460+ regional magazine/newspaper titles too. Your Horoscopes are personal and special to you, so you can now hear your Weekly Horoscope which are updated every Friday for your week ahead (Saturday – Friday). If you want to know more about your Horoscope, wat...
By Parkway Church
Here you will find messages from our Sunday Morning series, and special events.
By Fernando Cano
A far ranging discussion with guests and some laughs thrown in for good measure.
By 今週のジャンプ読み隊
(※こちらは~2014年52号までの過去感想まとめとなります。最新版はこちらで更新中→あ、今週のジャンプ読んだ? という小学校の教室で繰り広げられていた雑談を世界に配信。全作品を掲載順に取り上げ、一作につき5分程度を目安に語らいます。毎週金曜深夜更新予定。週刊『週刊少年漫画』レビュー。
By Gene Cook, Jr.
These shows were recorded between 2003 and 2011.
By Пробуждение Наций • G12 SPB
Проповеди, молитвы, живой звук, пророческий звук, конференции, свидетельства и другие материалы церкви "Пробуждение Наций" в г. Санкт-Петербруг, Россия
By ORF Radio Ö1
Das Aktuellste vom Tag aus der Sicht der Religionen - vom Stand der Kopftuchdebatte in Europa bis zur Analyse de Asylrechts aus kirchlicher Sicht; immer montags bis freitags.
By The Oneness Program
The Oneness Blessing, or Oneness Deeksha as it is called in India, isa phenomenon of Divine Grace. Transmission of this DIvine Grace is offered by Oneness Blessings Givers, who have been initiated worldwide. They give the blessing through intention, words, eye contact, and presence and, most commonly, by laying hands on the crown of the head. Listen to the Oneness Program 24/7 on internet radio. Launch the Player on the homepage of this website.
By 中澤信幸(大野キリスト教会牧師)
By hr-iNFO
Lebensfragen - Glaubensfragen: Hintergründe zu Religion und Kirche
By Studio B612
Il y a autant de façons de comprendre le monde qu’il y a de personnes au monde pour le comprendre à leur façon. Hors des sentiers arpentés du communément admis, il existe une floppée d’explorateurs du curieux qui se dévouent à entreprendre des recherches avec plus ou moins de moyens, plus ou moins de réussite et plus ou moins de bon sens, sur les mystères qui nous enveloppent. Parfois dans l’anonymat le plus complet et à l’écart de toute reconnaissance. Mais quand ils ont fini leur journée, i...
By WTF?! Yoga Podcast
Missing some deets from yoga teacher training? We got you covered.
By Matt Humphrey
You can listen to Grace Point's Sermons anywhere! The Grace Point Podcast is your quick and easy way to listen to the latest sermons from our Pastors.
By Craig Scott
Listen to weekly sermons from the United Church of God congregation in Raleigh NC. We observe the 4th commandment to conduct a sacred assembly on the 7th day of the week to worship God and receive instruction in the word of God.
By Studio B612
Tous les lundis soir à partir de 21h12 sur le 106.6MHz La libre antenne de Timbre FM te retrouve Au Pied du Pylône ! Ses animateurs t’emmènent sur les chemins de traverse de la production radiophonique pour une expérience hors du commun de nos ondes ! Retrouve les séquences devenues cultissîmes dans nos salles de bain et nos transistors a piles au fond du poulailler qui éloignent les renards ! Pour ne jamais tomber dans les Oubliettes de l’Oubli© et être sûr de toujours savoir faire la ...
By Fairlawn Church Of the Nazarene Podcast
Weekend Sermons from Fairlawn Church. Enjoy the weekly sermon sent directly to your listening device. Lead Pastor: Bryan Davis. For more information, go to