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By The Legion of Reason
The Legion of Reason podcast comes to you from Calgary, Canada, and is a podcast dedicated to looking at the world with a critical eye. Science is king, here, and we make no apologies. Want to accuse us of ‘scientism’? Great! We embrace the term! You’re making the claim that homeopathy works? Great! Show us multiple peer-reviewed randomized controlled studies published in quality journals and we’ll be happy to accept it! But don’t try the old tried-and-untrue “I used it and it worked for me!”...
By Critical Point Theatre
The Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour is an improv-based investigation of the fictional town of Beavertail, Nebraska and its kooky in habitants. Hosted by Pastor Creedence Clearwater of the Revival Church.
By Return and Rest
Ancient wisdom and scripture with modern application accompanied by professionally recorded ambient music.
By The Wytch Files
The Wytch Files is a podcast that reviews fiction books, comics, T.V. shows, movies and video games that feature themes involving the occult in all its vast and varied incarnations.  Our goal is to showcase how popular media portrays witches, magicians, pagans and other occultists and to provide critical review and analysis of these portrayals from the prospective of practicing occultists.  We also hope to find quality media that provide positive portrayals of the occult that we can recommend...
By Patrick Kaufenberg
Another PODCAST, because the world needs more PODCASTS! Take THE ALTERNATE ROUTE! A unique and diversionary program of EPIC proportions! PARANORMAL GUESTS (famous folk, not ghosts); MUSIC (not our own); COMEDIC CONTENT (we try); STAR WARS (because it's STAR WARS!); POP CULTURE & SOCIAL COMMENTARY (quite opinionated); WEIRD/TWISTED TOPICS (nothing in parentheses, here); GOOD TIMES & MORE! YES, there is MORE! TUNE IN TODAY!
By Douglas Lain
This is the podcast feed for Douglas Lain. Lain is the author of the novels "Billy Moon" and "After the Saucers Landed," the publisher for Zero Books, and the podcaster behind Zero Squared and Diet Soap. This feed will include every podcast Lain produces including Pop the Left with C Derick Varn, the Double Feature Review with Jim Farris, Zero Squared, and any other bit of audio strangeness Lain decides to upload. “I don’t know anyone else doing quite what Lain is doing; fascinating work, m...
By The Incorrigible Mr Zeppo
A daily (almost), podcast focused on bringing a "zen" or "transcendental" point of view to the national discussion of current events, news, politics, and pop-culture. Theme Music for Almost Daily ZenCast "Skipping in the No Standing Zone" by Peter Gresser
By Our Sunday Visitor
OSV On-The-Go is your quick journey and a different perspective on the Catholic faith, all in just a handful of minutes, brought to you by Our Sunday Visitor.
By True Foundations
True Foundations is a ministry that seeks to explain and apply biblical teaching to real life in today’s ever-changing world. With a view towards building a stronger Church, the teachings are focused on making Scripture work for people by encouraging them to allow the words of Jesus to change them deeply from within.
By Pastor Matt Hantz
Listen to current or archived sermons here at Blessed Hope.
By Kalos Church
Messages from Pradeepan and Amreitha Jeeva, lead pastors of Kalos Church in the Parlor Comedy Club located in Bellevue, Wa! Kalos Church exists to make known the beauty of Jesus. For more information about Kalos Church, please visit www.Kalos.Church.
By Peluzo
A group of friends that got together to talk about random subjects. We are not experts but we do exploring different points of views. Together we try to make sense of what life is in our interpretation of it. From different genders, ages, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. Despite our differences and how we identify ourselves--we're able to come to an agreement...or not...
By Mark A
A podcast featuring thinkers and innovators on universal themes
By Kirsty Salisbury
Join me as I explore Near Death Experiences, and chat directly to people who have had this kind of experience. We will hear first hand accounts of what took place, and what life has been like since returning to this life.
By Avery L. Logan II
Pastor Marlin J. Reid has traveled the world conducting revivals, crusades, & seminars since 1995. He began the fellowship of believers called The River in 2007 in Metro Detroit.
By Nettavisen
Anders Høglund og Siri Spillum.
By Francisco Pierre-Louis, Antwand Howard, Fatina Shahzad and Slade Winston
The show uses a hint of comedy, fused with deep. honest conversations on issues that occur in our world today. We're a group of well informed millennials who provide fresh insight on politics and technology. Note: This show contains some strong language. Listener discretion is advised. Hosts: Francisco Pierre-Louis, Antwand Howard, Fatina Shahzad and Slade Winston. Twitter: Facebook: Visit us at: http://relevantsourcepodc...
By Family Church
Family Church is a non-denominational, Spirit-Filled church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention comprised of people from various backgrounds, culture, and race. We exist to glorify God, win souls with the Gospel of Christ, and make disciples of Him. Family Church is one church in three locations.
By Pastor Steve Svendsen
Sermons from Providence Reformed Baptist Church
By Cris Buck
My hope is the revive your relationship with Jesus and help bring restoration to broken hearts and lives.
By DJ Noname and Bigman
The continuing adventures of the intrepid crew of the Transgalactic,interdimensional craft;Sputnik Follie.Time to locate the AAI,warmup the pizza oven and meet the crew as they discover the transcendental workings of our Cosmos..!
By Phil Calderone - Believe In Reality
Believers and Nonbelievers In Discussion (BNB) is an ongoing friendly discussion and debate series. Our purpose is to seek truth while having all sides learn to understand each other. A lively audience Q&A follows; these are available to Patreon supporters. Phil Calderone of hosts.
By Bible Baptist Church
Weekly updates of sermons preached during our regular services
By Bible Baptist Church
Learn what the Bible has to say about many specific areas though this series based podcast
By Down to Earth
This is a show where we want to make deep theology easily understood and applied to our real lives. Here we discuss the importance of story, kingdom theology of mission, the table of Jesus, becoming fully human, and more. We’re Joyce and Jess. And we’re friends, pastors, and speakers. We thought perhaps we could work on this project together and have a little fun. Our goal is to talk about things we have passion for, connect with others about what matters to them, and together impact our wor...
By Ballycrochan Presbyterian Church
Audio recording of the Ballycrochan Presbyterian Church services.
By Moonrat Media
A comedy podcast investigating the supernatural. Very scary.
By Life Gets Hairy
I am jumping into the shoes of anyone who will let me, learning more about life through the perception of others, plus a lot of BS in between! Topics include, Parenting // BigFoot // Barbering // Bearding // Small Business // Tattooing // Magic // BBQ // Paranormal // Music // Psychedelics // + More
REVIVE is a gospel centered ministry based in Tuolumne City, California. Our aim is to cultivate a community where we can love God with all that we have, and love others as He loves us. We believe God wants to unite all of the Christ believing churches in our area by providing frequent and consistent opportunities for: fellowship, prayer, worship, and His Word. We seek to provide fruitful opportunities to allow the Gospel to be lived. Every believer has a part in Gods work of establishing H...
By Unfathomable
Unfathomable is a podcast featuring stories from those who have experienced the extraordinary, in their own words.
By AM950's Podcasts
Join interviewers every Sunday morning from 9 – 10 am as they give atheists a voice on the radio. Produced by Minnesota Atheists, interviewers will cover topics on atheism, humanism, state/church separation, religion, ethics, science, art, and many other issues.
By The Oneness Program
The Oneness Blessing, or Oneness Deeksha as it is called in India, isa phenomenon of Divine Grace. Transmission of this Divine Grace is offered by Oneness Blessings Givers, who have been initiated worldwide. They give the blessing through intention, words, eye contact, and presence and, most commonly, by laying hands on the crown of the head. In 2012 a new Oneness Meditation offers a supercharged transmission of Grace to liberate the mind from all conflict. This transmission is given worldwi...
By Pam Grossman
The Witch Wave is a podcast for bewitching conversation about magic, creativity, and culture. On each episode, host Pam Grossman speaks with a leading visionary about art and Craft.
By Deacon
Listen to a mid 40 year old refuse to let his glory days of 20's and 30's slip away and his take on today's top stories
By Placerita Bible Church
Weekly sermons by Pastor Adam Tyson
By Learning the Bible with JD Wilhite
Rev. JD Wilhite has been the founder and president of Living Tree Ministries, Inc. since 1997. He is the Lead Pastor at Grace World Church and presents Biblical truths through anointed teaching, regularly examining the original Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek.
By Thoughtful Thursday
A weekly dose of encouragement of Christ in business. Tune in for just a short word from scripture that you can apply right away.
By ImagineNations Church
Weekly Messages from the Team at IN Church Darwin & Palmerston
By New City Fellowship
A diverse community that proclaims the gospel and makes disciples for the glory of God and the renewal of our city.
By South Hills San Diego
South Hills is a local church in the South San Diego area. We are a warm and welcoming place where you can belong and become all that God has created you to be regardless of your story. That is our heart as a local church and we would love for you to come and see for yourself.
By Bella Parsons
A podcast by Bella Parsons. Focuses on the paranormal, supernatural, urban legends, and murder.
By John Starling
My name is John Starling and I am a preacher and religious leader. This podcast is dedicated to sharing my passion for faith, leadership, and public speaking. Whoever you are and whatever you do, I'm confident you'll find something here that will help you improve your life in some way.
By Jessica Harmon
Kayla and Jessie discuss pop culture portrayals of religion.
By Maria DeSimone
Imagine what life would be like if you had access to an enlightening tool that offered meaningful personal insight and guidance? The knowledge you would gain about your journey - and the clarity you’d find to make empowering life choices – well it would be nothing less than remarkable! Guess what? There IS a powerful tool that offers exactly this - and more: Astrology. You’re invited to listen in as your host Maria DeSimone educates and inspires you each week about the mystical language of as...
By Crystal Anne Compton
A straight-to-the-point podcast that answers your most pressing metaphysical and supernatural questions.
By Jake Radona
On the show, we promote indie bloggers and creators. Everyone has a story to tell along with valuable Life Nuggets to share. On the XPN Podcast is it my mission to help people get their voices heard. Follow along as we search for the "XP NUGGETS" learned from their experiences. Want more XP Nuggets?? Check out the blog at XPNUGGETS.COM! Want more XP Nuggets in the future?? Support the show at Want to be a guest on XPN ? Have a suggestion? You can connect with me v...
By The Journey Church
The Journey Church in Summerville South Carolina exists to create disciple-makers of Jesus Christ. Will Browning is the preaching pastor for the Journey Church and messages delivered at the church weekly are available in audio mp3 format via this channel. You can find more audio and resources by visiting
By N. A. Jones
In a practical way, Reverend CoJo walks you through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, in the most relatable way possible. The bible is supposed to be daily bread, how can it be daily bread if we don't even know how to digest it.
By DMPAdmin
The RA Material explained
By Bibi Tinsley
The Kitchen Table In-cension Podcast is an ongoing exploration of the energies coming onto the planet during these shifting times.
Ang iyong paboritong B1 Gang series, nasa podcast format na!
By Dharam Seva Records
Preserve the Past – Inspire the Future
By The Lantos Foundation
Hosted by Lantos Foundation President, Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett, The Keeper features in depth conversations about the most pressing matters of justice in our world and welcomes some of the most important human rights leaders of our time as guests.
The pulpit sermons of Seaford Baptist Church in podcast form.
By Justin Hudechek, Ross Holcomb
Why do people believe the stuff they're taught? What if they're wrong? What if Jesusisn'twho you were taught he was? Whats Eschatology,Ecclesiology, Christology, Phenomenology, Pneumatology? Well, we (kinda) know and we like talking about this stuff, so we started recording our conversations about it. Will we always be right? Nope. Will we admit when we are wrong? Yup. Will we lead you astray? No, we think Jesus will help keepus in check. do we curse? Sometimes, I mean we are two normal guys....
By Wesley Chapel
This podcast is dedicated to reaching a global audience with sermons preached at Wesley Chapel. Wesley Chapel is an Evangelical Church within the historic Wesleyan-Arminian tradition. We are devoted to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to advance the Kingdom of God upon the earth. Our desire is to see men and women justified by faith and transformed by the power of grace. Sermons from Wesley Chapel are exegetical, doctrinal, and practical. Our prayer is that you will be challeng...
By Primera Baptist
Primera Baptist es una Iglesia Bautista del Sur ubicada en el corazón de South San Jose.
By Primera Baptist
A church that learns from God's word, loves all people, and lives the abundant life...
Set Your Course: Daily Lessons into Spirituality is a podcast about recovering from religious hurt. Each brief episode includes a specific instruction and assignment to give listeners a path to spiritual freedom and help them connect to their soul and inner spirit. Not only does it provide healing from past religious abuse, but also abuse of any form, and beyond that, it provides a path towards taking solid control of one’s spiritual and religious journey.
By Guru Singh
Sat nam, and welcome to Guru Singh's podcast. To access our entire podcast library, click the website link below and scroll down.
By Renee Richards
Psychic Medium Renee Richards, brings readings, and discussion, and empowerment to the air waves.
By Will McMahon
Why is it that all of our emotions and thoughts are so often at the mercy of an activity, an artist or an idea? This podcast's soul aim is to engage with and bury into the minds of those people who are slaves to their passion.
By muzza7991
The Priests are Father Eugene O’Hagan, Father Martin O’Hagan and Father David Delargy; three practicing Roman Catholic Priests from Northern Ireland who grew up singing together while studying for the priesthood, and all joined by their shared faith and passion for music. In an amazing twist of fate, after a recording the priests had previously made landed on the desk of Epic Records MD Nick Raphael, they were signed on the spot; giving The Priests a worldwide audience to spread their music,...
By Annette and Sarah
Break Form is a podcast that challenges conventional narratives about career, creativity, and success. We, your hosts, are Annette and Sarah, two former(ish) lawyers turned writers. We're on a quest for deeper meaning and fulfillment. Follow along as we navigate our changing identities and careers.
By The Radical Agnostic
The Radical Agnostic, a weekly podcast on news, entertainment, and weirdness that looks at the world without being blinded by ideology.
By D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon, The Monster Guys
The Monster Guys Podcast is a weekly podcast by authors D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon exploring stories, history, and insights into the world's scariest legends and monsters. From around the globe, join The Monster Guys as they uncover the origins and provide observation about the strange, the scary, and often, the humorous world of folklore and mythology.
By The Well Community Fellowship - Modesto CA
By Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence
The Comfort Zone is a half-hour, weekday program where we answer your questions! Jam-packed with biblical insight, real-world answers, and a lot of fun, this program will stir you up to reach out to the lost!
By Michelange Quay
"THE BLACK BOX is a video podcast that providesa ceremonial space - each episode anartist will perform a ceremony that will allowus to be both witnesses and participants in theircreative process, their mystical process.The idea is that the arts have their roots in ceremony,and that their purpose is healing and connectionin face of the challenges of life."
By The Stream
Learn to tap into your personal power, gain clarity on any topic and manifest your dreams. We are The Stream. We are the origin of all creation and we are here to bring clarity and offer guidance on any topic. We are not a deity, we do not wish to be worshiped or need to be obeyed and we will not judge you or ask you for anything. We are here to blend with you, The Collective, in what you perceive as difficult times. Our intention is to build community and harness the power of the collecti...
By Cephus/Outwest
The Bitchspot Report Podcast, where conservatism and atheism collide, is your weekly look at news, religion and politics from a distinctly conservative perspective.
By Nathanael Sprott
The Backyard Preacher is a Christian podcast aimed to expand your mind as you live out your life on this earth.
By Kyle Deming
The Skeptical Christian Podcast is a show that provides a rational defense of the Christian faith. While trying to represent opposing views fairly and charitably, the Skeptical Christian attempts to demonstrate that you don't have to be gullible to be a Christian. Each show includes book reviews, answers to audience questions, and a discussion of current news events. This version of the podcast will play on most mp3 players. For a full-featured podcast that will play in iTunes, Quicktime, an...
By Kyle Deming
The Hopevale “deeper.” class is a growth class intended to take your faith deeper through the exploration of apologetics. Over the course we will take a look at 6 topics; 1. what is christianity? 2. truth and knowledge. 3. existence of God. 4. Jesus 5. other religions. 6. unanswered questions. Please go to for more info and resources about this course.
By Angelo John Lewis
Are you spiritual, but not religious? Or grounded in a traditional religious but are seeking something more? Are you interested in exploring new approaches for integrating spirituality in business and other aspects of life ? If you answered "yes," to any of these questions, check out the podcast of the Diversity and Spirituality Network. We interview experts, share our take on diversity and spirituality, and let you know what's going on with the Network. You can learn more about us by going ...
By Crosspoint Church
Weekly sermons from Crosspoint worship services
By Crosspoint Church
Weekly sermons from Crosspoint worship services
By Steena Marie Brown
Dive in to a course in miracles with Steena Marie's daily podcast that will keep you on track with your 365 ACIM Lessons. Hosted LIVE in 2017! Find more about my work here: Join my sacred sisterhood (totally free) here:
By Greg Silva: Humorist, Educator, Cultural Analyst, and New Media Developer
Comedy. Short takes on everyday power struggles. Sex. Religion. Politics. From the point of view of the little guy. In the SRP universe, we’re all politicians in our own campaigns for acceptance, appreciation, and outright dominance. The SRP Radio Podcast (and its parent blog, features stupid jokes about intelligent people, Existential anecdotes about Evangelicals, creative non-fiction about destructive people, and emotional climate-changing essays about evolutionar...
By Randy & Cherie Hand, Senior Pastors
This podcast is brought to you by Pastor's Randy & Cherie Hand with Celebration Church in Fresno, California.
By 心靈吧台
By Starting Over With Christianity
A different perspective on Christianity for those who haven't found what they need from what is currently offered in Christianity today. It's for those who want something deeper and those who aren't satisfied with shallow, pat answers. This series travels though Christian beliefs, takes them apart, examines them, sees where they come from, and most importantly, sees where things could be different. A unique opportunity to go beyond trite platitudes and single-minded viewpoints, really del...
By St. Monica Parish
A weekly message from Fr. Paul Hartmann and Fr. Andrew Linn at Saint Monica Parish in Whitefish Bay, WI.
By Mark and Dan
Your user's guide to life on the outside. Leaving religion is the first step into a larger, better world. But it can also be a scary world. Things work differently now. Never fear: that's why we’re here! We're your audio uncles, and with help from good friends and experts in all sorts of fields, we're going to share the stories and seek the knowledge we all need for building a great life! After all, you only get one (that we know of), so you'd better make the most of it!
By GraveYard Tales
We are a new podcast telling the stories of hauntings, ghost encounters, cryptid encounters, the paranormal, preternatural, and down right creepy happenings in this world. And have a few laughs while we're at it! Join your hosts Adam & Matt in their discussions of these topics and email them your thoughts at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) We thank you for joining us in the GraveYard!
By Godless Heathens
The Godless Heathens Podcast. The Official Podcast for M*A*S*H, The Marietta Atheist Skeptics and Humanist. A bi-weekly look into the crazy world of religion from the perspective of three older, straight, cisgendered, monogamous, married,white guys from the bible belt.
By Enlightened Empaths
Join two well known intuitives for in depth discussions on how to navigate your life successfully as an empath. Samantha and Denise are teachers who have worked professionally doing readings for two decades. The goal of this podcast is to foster a community of like minded individuals who are striving to embrace their empathic intuition and empower one another to accept, hone and share their gifts.
By Mark and Kristin
The Catholic Church is over 2,000 years old. In that time She has gained great wisdom and beauty to share with the world. A lot of Her teachings can be hard to understand. Mark and Kristin know of great podcasts but they are often long and hard to understand, so they decided to offer an alternative. They desire to share their faith on a wide range of topics in an easy to understand and relatable way. Great for faithful practicing Catholics, new comers to the Church or just curious minds.
By Patrick Fore
This podcast is all about being honest about what we believe. I'm Losing the fear to ask the questions that I've always have had about the Christian faith, theology, the church and more. I talk to a new stranger every week about their experiences, their issues, frustrations, and doubts they have. These are ordinary people like you and me who are trying to figure life out.
By Varla Ventura
Welcome to Varla Ventura's Tales of the Strange, a weekly podcast dedicated to strange, unusual and fascinating tales, real and imagined, co-hosted by Varla Ventura and Bo Luellen. From snarling beasties and things that go bump in the night to fascinating people and their close encounters, we will take you on midnight ride across shadowy fields and through abandoned corridors. This season, we present Strange America: a state by state journey across the USA. We'll hear stories of paranormal en...
By Pittsburgh Kids Foundation
Audio messages from Pittsburgh Kids Foundation camps
By Pastor Jeffrey Brandt
Listen to encouraging messages as Pastor Jeff discusses the Word of God and all that God is doing in United Faith Church.
By Soft Jaw Productions
Soft Jaw: Yoga Unhinged is an ongoing, candid conversation about the benefits as well as some of downsides and dilemmas of modern yoga between Reagan Louise, a certified yoga instructor returning to the practice with PTSD and Post-Concussive Syndrome from a serious car accident, and Jyoti Devi, the daughter of Australia’s first yoga-guru who feels like the misfit in most yoga classes she attends. What began as a mutual commitment to get back on the mat, became a dialogue about what the what Y...
By Open and Clear, Broadcasting
More Inspirational Programs @ ------------------------------------------ Read these Articles @ ------------------------------------------ This is a program in detailed discussion of the Articles of Fundamental Principles and Statues of an Actual Divinely Realized Being, expressed within these 2, 3 & 4 dimensions of seeming separated experience. For Legal reasons, it has taken on a name, and organization of what it is as experiences of all ete...
By Ian Doherty and Martin Jeffrey
Every month Mediums in Action, Ian Doherty and Martin Jeffrey explore mediumship and psychic ability as well as a range of topics including the paranormal, ghosts, spirituality and the consciousness.
By All Souls Missoula
Weekly Sermons from All Souls Missoula
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