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Good Shepherd Church Podcast
By Good Shepherd Church
Welcome to the weekly podcast of Good Shepherd Church. To learn more about Good Shepherd Church visit
Fred Reese's Podcast
By Fred Reese
Lessons presenting biblical principals that present an image of a biblical based marriage. Marriage was God's idea from the beginning. From these studies, viewers will gain insight into the institution of marriage as the bible outlines it.
The Life After Podcast
By Brady Hardin, Chuck Parson
The *Life After is about people starting over after escaping toxic religious environments. Each episode, hosts and formerly-committed Christians, Brady Hardin and Chuck Parson, interview someone that has also left their religion behind. Topics include sexuality, parenthood, morality, patriarchy, complex family dynamics, divorce, homosexuality, spiritual abuse, Religious Trauma Syndrome, and much, much more.
One Man Lost
By One Man Lost
Working my way through life. Finding truths and letting out frustrations
My Quest For Quotes - By Greg Miller - Inspiration Through The Magic Of Quotes
By Greg Miller
This is a podcast devoted to inspirational quotes. Please subscribe today.
Demented1 Radio with Texxx
By Geeks of the Industry
The Demented1 is a place where Texxx interviews some of the most interesting people. He also discusses different topics with a Satanic perspective
Who's Your God?
By Amy Miller
Who's Your God? is the podcast for whatever the hell you believe in. Comedian and host Amy Miller is joined every week by her co-host John Michael Bond and producer Steve Hernandez to chat with a guest about religion, beliefs, god, and whatever gets them through the day. Who's Your God? is the podcast for anyone who might feel alienated by specifically Christian OR Atheist podcasts. We are three comedians who grew up in the church and we're open to whatever you believe. We are also funny and charming.
Restoring Abrahamic Faith
Restoring Abrahamic Faith, with Ross Nichols based upon the book by the same name from its author, Dr. James D. Tabor.
Podcast Obscura
By Alicia & Cherise
Two cousins discuss the bizarre, the paranormal, and everything in between.
Bridgewood Community Church
By Bridgewood Community Church
Our Vision: Building a safe place to be with and become like Jesus.
Relax with Meditation
This Podcast: Relax with Meditation, will help us to see the world from a different perspective so that we gain more clarity, understanding, health, happiness, spirituality, and success in our life. Https:// Many people think success, money, and sex are contradicting spirituality and religion. It is even so that Religion became a business to extract money from the faithful people. Money and sex became evil so that Religion could exploit the people, for instance, the Catholic church is the biggest real estate owner in the world. I believe Religion is based on trueness and faith in God. Sex and money have actually nothing to do with religion. In previous time we could not afford to focus full-hearted on religion when we had a family with kids… And then the concept was celibacy. Today we know that this concept promotes cancer for the prostrate and breast. We have to live a full life and should not forget God. After the Vedanta the world is desire, and we should live our desires to gain understanding, and after some time we will get peace with ourselves. I lived 10 years in celibacy, was 12 years in Meditation retreats and had quite a lot of girlfriends. My spirituality went through the roof through a tantric love to a woman, and then I went on meditation retreats.
He Said, She Said
By Mike Styles
This show will be about different topics. We will cover current events, media, technology, and just life in general. Nothing is off limits. Everything that we talk about on the show is stuff that we talk about at home.
SHEathenry: The Podcast
By The Midgard Network
SHEathenry is the premiere podcast for the modern Heathen woman. Each month we interview interesting Heathen women who are helping shape Heathenry. Join Alvilldr and Lauren each episode for a guaranteed educational and fun show!
Everyday Enlightenment
By Patti Teel and Sedona Mago Retreat
Listen to spiritual luminaries who share their insights on health, healing and enlightened living.
Last Queer Frontier – QueerMinded Radio
By James Purtue, Nicole Poole
The QueerMinded Radio Network is a collective of local and national shows dedicated to telling the stories of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Same Gender Loving people of color across the United States and the world. Based in New York City with shows on air or in production across the country, QueerMinded is where Queer people of color come to gather and talk. You ain't heard nothin like this! Find out more at
Episcopal News Podcast
By Episcopal News Service
Welcome to our podcast series about life in the Episcopal Church.
My Trinity Church Podcasts
By Trinity World Outreach
Love Jesus | Lift People | Live With Purpose
Kootenai Church: Ecclesiastes
By Pastor/Elder Jim Osman
This series of messages was part of an exposition of the book of Ecclesiastes by Jim Osman, a pastor at Kootenai Community Church.
ASMR Station
By Mirkojax
This show is about ASMR and relaxing sounds that will help you to relieve stress, anxiety and sleeping. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.
Brian Jay's Force Philosophy
By Brian Jay
Force Philosophy is a weekly podcast that dives into the philosophy behind the Star Wars saga and how we can use it in our real world. You've just taken your first step into a larger world. Whether you love Star Wars or would rather spend 15 minutes a week with us instead of an hour at church, all are welcome to take part.
Purefield Radio
By Josephine and Garrett
Purefield Radio is hosted by a husband and wife team of spiritual explorers. Our aim is to investigate modern-day spirituality and assist others in their journey of awakening. We analyze foundational spiritual texts, interview inspirational thinkers, and share our own personal stories.
Spiritual and Intuit
By Louisa Meyer
Spiritual and Intuit explores topics relating to spiritual and intuitive development, psychic work, energy, metaphysics, and practical tips for empowering your daily life! As your host, Louisa Meyer invites you to a space where we have conversations meant to inspire and empower you on your spiritual journey. Louisa loves exploring deep topics in a light and fun way, and in the process of developing her own spiritual and creative gifts in order to live more intuitively, she wants to cultivate a community of learning and sharing tools, tips, insights, and experiences! Dive with her and her guests into all things spiritual and intuitive!
Talks at Advent
By Church of the Advent in Atlanta
Homilies and Reflections given at Church of the Advent, a Western Rite Orthodox mission in Atlanta, GA
Recados de Graça
By Sandra Atkins
Mensagens sobre o evangelho da graça de Deus. "Porque não me envergonho do evangelho de Cristo, pois é o poder de Deus para salvação de todo aquele que crê; primeiro do judeu, e também do grego. Porque nele se descobre a justiça de Deus de fé em fé, como está escrito: Mas o justo viverá pela fé." Romanos 1:16,17
Dumb Stuff Taken Seriously
By Dumb Stuff Taken Seriously
Dumb Stuff Taken Seriously is a podcast where two losers with unkempt beards take themselves way more seriously than they have any right to. Mostly over a bunch of really stupid stuff. Tzvi and Nick have never met in person, but have been close friends since before either of them could even grow a beard. On most serious matters, they are vehemently opposed to one another. Which is why their entire friendship is built on the rock-solid foundation of a shared interest in video games and fantasy books. It’s two dudes talking about nerd junk for an hour and a half. By which I mean it’s the single most original creative work ever uploaded to the Internet.
Mysterious Boom
By Fire Pit Productions
A group of parnormal curious friends who enjoy exploring the strange and unexplained. We run a light hearted podcast. We also venture out time to time investigating the mysteries of the world around us.
By 裸奔爷
裸奔爷是一个觉知行者,非暴力沟通实践者,极简主义受益者。Naked in mind.
Ministry with Purpose
By Allen Ray
Interviewing people who are involved in ministry domestically or abroad
Taproot Church Twin Falls
By Taproot Church Twin Falls
Knowing Jesus and making Him known through the preaching of God's word.
Maite Valverde de Loyola
By Maite Valverde de Loyola
·Desarrollo Personal ·Meditación ·Entrevistas ·Salud mental, emocional, física, espiritual y hasta financiera. Se trata de que te inspire tu vida, expreses tu potencial y ¡te diviertas!
Fortune's Wheelhouse
By Susie Chang and Mel Meleen
Fortune's Wheelhouse is a podcast about esoterics and the tarot. The show is hosted by Susie Chang and Mel Meleen. Its first 22 episodes look closely at esoteric imagery in the major arcana of the Rider Waite Smith and Thoth tarot decks,
North Ridge Church - Video
By North Ridge Church | Marshfield
Weekly video podcasts from North Ridge Church in Marshfield, Wisconsin.
Circle of Salt
By Felix Warren and S. Rune Emerson
A salty podcast about witchcraft starring your hosts S. Rune Emerson and Felix Warren. Tune in each month for commentary and humor on topics from witchcraft and the occult. Stick around for the session in the end where we answer your questions with an on-air divination and cartomancy demonstration.
First Baptist Church West Memphis,Arkansas U.S.A.
By First Baptist Church West Memphis,Ar U.S.A.
A Series Of Podcast From First Baptist Church West Memphis,Ar U.S.A.
For The City Podcast
By Orion Berridge & Will Turner: Blogger, Podcaster, Pastor
For The City Podcast is dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Glory of God, and the good of the city from a reformed, biblical perspective. Orion Berridge and Will Turner are Pastors in Kansas City and talk about topics that deal with Christian thought, theology, life, and loving your city. This is no stuffy podcast, these guys love God and have a lot of fun!
By raman saini
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Barrett Stehr's Cheeky Dare
By Barrett Stehr's Cheeky Dare
Barrett Stehr's Cheeky Dare! Where, in an effort to understand wtf a podcast is, I have decided to learn by doing one. Beginning with an awesome group of friends, wise teachers, and shit-posters across the lands, I want to expand and explore. Following what I call the Good Dude Theory, I am attempting (or floundering) to spiral out a bubble of ideas, values, and questions to others (and myself). I dare you to join me, advise me, criticize me, become a guest, write angry twitter comments, or find a way to lessen the suffering of all sentient beings. Just kidding! I actually just want something to go viral with my name on it, and make as much money as possible. Cheers!
Give Me Murder Or Give Me Death
By Alex Stypula
A true crime comedy podcast with Lena Berry and Alex Stypula. Each week they dive into a horrific crime and try to wring out a bit of humor from some of the darkest aspects of humanity. Sometimes Lena hosts, sometimes Alex does, either way you'll experience a twisted journey through some of the darkest humor this side of Ed Gein's house. Alex and Lena are longtime friends who only recently discovered their shared love of true crime and had to do a podcast about it. We make murder funny.
The Inquisitive Atheists
By Jason Camerano & Garrett Gyssler
We're an atheism/freethought focused podcast. Listen to Jason and Garrett discuss atheism, christianity, islam, buddhism and many other topics centered around religion or secular humanism.
Pagan Gumbo Podcast
By Pagan Gumbo Podcast
The show really is just a continuation of the type of conversations we were having around the store. We would drift from topic to topic and have conversation, laughter and sometimes even debate about several things hence the name "gumbo." It is said that gumbo combines ingredients and culinary practices of several cultures, including French, Spanish, German, West African, and Choctaw. So our goal is to combine several ingredients from different pagan/spiritual cultures and traditions. ​
Christ Our Life – Lead Me To The Rock CD
By Christ Our Life
This free worship music CD. You are welcome to make additional copies of these songs for free distribution to others. You may also use these songs at your places of fellowship. All other forms of distribution and reproduction are prohibited. May God bless you and His word as you listen with an honest and humble heart. © 20170 – Christ Our Life Christian Ministries
78 Notes To Self Podcast
By Ginny Hunt
Ginny Hunt's popular tarot blog, 78 Notes To Self, in audio format
North Ridge Church - Audio
By North Ridge Church | Marshfield
Weekly audio podcasts from North Ridge Church in Marshfield, Wisconsin.
By John & Desiree Baltisberger
A podcast about all of the creatures that populate our pop culture and folklore, from vampires to godzilla, from Finnish trolls to friendly ghosts, we talk about the culture, the history and even the science behind our favorite creatures.
Culture Pop
By Aly
Hosting her 2nd podcast, Aly talks about current shows and movies that she loves - and some that she hates. Listen in as Aly also discusses news, politics, and all things pop culture in Culture pop!
Of Orthodox and Awen
By Shayne Palmer
A lifelong Catholic and an eclectic Pagan discuss their differences, similarities, and their love of spirituality.
Harvest Chapel Podcast
By Harvest Chapel
The weekly messages of Harvest Chapel, Sandwich IL.
Horoscopo Arcanos Podcast
El Mejor Video Horóscopo Semanal. Lectura del Tarot en Español a nivel mundial. En un mundo dominado por la incertidumbre...NOSOTROS TENEMOS LA RESPUESTA.
A podcast that explores all things dreams, creating a forum for dreams with guests and discussions on episode themes. Created and hosted by Rose Gerber.
Emmanuel Baptist Church
By Pastor Mike Rue
Weekly sermon audio from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Mora, Minnesota
Excerpts from Aesthetical Sermons
By Joris Planck
Each week, we will share a brief excerpt from the work of Joris Planck, former Chief Zealot for the Congregation of Aesthetical Philosophy. Considered one of history's more forgettable authors, his works have recently become accessible to the public.
Aldape's podcast
By mario aldape
Prueba 1 de podcast
Conversations with Kim and Kim
By Kim Klein and Kim Isherwood
Conversations about anything and everything Spiritual, as well as other fun and cool non spiritual discussions between Kim Isherwood, an Intuitive Medium and Kimberly Klein, author and Intuitive Counselor.
Canyon Ridge Church
By Canyon Ridge Church, Tacoma-Puyallup, WA
This Podcast includes the weekend messages preached at Canyon Ridge Church located between Tacoma and Puyallup, Washington.
Last Days Ministry
By Ernest Johnson
Wisdom to Live By, Knowledge to Die For… Last Days Ministry is a reflection of human nature and the forces of nature that surround us.
By John Valenzuela
Pastor John Valenzuela, ‘Coach Val’, grew up within a family of pastors, missionaries and teachers with more than 90 years in church ministry. His childhood faith was nurtured within his father’s strongly evangelistic, pentecostal worshipping church. John and his family have initiated and walked with many different, family-supported ministries.
By JRNY Church
Journey Church exists "for those not yet here." Located in Pennsylvania they have campuses in Phoenixville, Limerick, Plymouth Meeting, and Royersford
Fusion Student Ministry
By Cody Woodlee
Weekly Messages from Fusion Student Ministry
Tracy and Amanda 的能量研习所
By 塔罗师Tracy
The Elijah Rising Podcast
By Elijiah Rising
Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking sexual exploitation by equipping a new generation of Justice warriors to confront culture through prayer awareness and intervention in the spirit of Isaiah 1:17
Heartbreak Kids Podcast
By Taylor Hunt
"Heartbreak Kids" is a podcast where we explore the meaning of “why” we show up to yoga how it helps us into our lives. I believe the practice of yoga brings about huge shifts in people's lives.
The Unity Center
By Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell
The Unity Center is a Spiritually Progressive Community that emphasizes personal growth and provides a vibrant and joyful place to grow spiritually and create a life of meaning and purpose.
Voices of Deconversion
By Steve Hilliker
Atheists and agnostics share their stories of deconversion from Christianity.
1 Thessalonians // Pastor Gene Pensiero
By Calvary Hanford
Verse by verse studies through books of the Bible with Pastor Gene Pensiero of Calvary Hanford. In this series titled Let's Get Ready To Rapture we learn about the coming rapture of the Church and of God's extravagant love for His people.
Esther // Pastor Gene Pensiero
By Calvary Hanford
Verse by verse studies through books of the Bible with Pastor Gene Pensiero of Calvary Hanford. In this series titled Queen For A Day Such As This we learn about the providence of God and His extravagant love for His people.
The Tao of the YINpreneur with Karen McMillan
By Karen McMillan
Inspiration, tips and guided meditations to inspire creativity, peace and yin-feminine leadership - with Karen McMillan, YINpreneur and Retreat Muse, Master Coach.
J6 Students
By J6 Students
Series, stand alones, and bible studies from J6's Wednesday night services
The PDX Witch Guild Podcast
By PDX Witch Guild
We are a guild of witches, not a coven. We all witch differently, none of us are Wiccan, and we all live in the Portland, Oregon area. Join us for discussions about our craft. Topics discussed include: Practice building, spell construction, thrift witchcraft, history, folklore, and making magic with what ya got!
Knock Once For Yes - Paranormal Podcast
By Knock Once For Yes
Knock Once For Yes is a podcast containing stories of the weird, spooky, Supernatural and Paranormal.
I Saw The Light
By Joel Knox
Matthew 4 15 “Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, the Way of the Sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles— 16 the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” 17 From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”
LDS Gospel Podcast
By LDS Gospel Podcast
Full audio recordings directly from the LDS Gospel Doctrine Class Member Study Guide. This includes not only the study questions and scripture chains, but also the full text of the assigned scriptures themselves. In other words; a one-stop, one-click, subscription-based source for all weekly assignment content. Listen while commuting, working around the house, relaxing, anytime or anywhere you have access to your smartphone or other internet-based playback device. Except for basic oral interpretation, no potentially spurious opinion or other content is included. Just the content provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Fast. Direct. Convenient. An invaluable study aid to prepare you, the listener, to feel and share the spirit as you prepare for and participate in Gospel Doctrine courses.
By Blogozine Digital Artist Content & Publishing AB @ 2017
Det finns en sanning. Vi föds, vi lever och vi dör. Eller? Välkommen till #OAndrasidan - En podd om livet, allts början, Alpha, allts slut, Omega och allt som finns och sker mellan himmel och jord. Ett stort universalt grepp om ett ämne som berör oss alla jordliga med teologistuderande artisten, HipHop ikonen, författaren och ordkonstnären Dogge Doggelito här i en duo med det världskända mediumet Jörgen Gustafsson. Såklart med gäster från livet och kanske eventuellt från OAndrasidan.
Spirit Talks For The 5th Dimension
By CTR Network
Channeling through information from spirit / source energy to enlighten 5th dimension consciousness, Especially upon subjects such as soul embodiment, purpose, manifesting, raising vibration and ascension. With Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfillment Coach - Jessica Reid.
Sovereign Grace Bible Church
By Jerred Yancey
Reformed Truth to Conform us to Christ
Green Heart Effect: A Modern Guide To Sustainable Living
By Mary and Pamela Rockhill
Pamela and Mary help you make sustainable choices in our modern world by providing you with information, tips and personal experiences.
Kross Talk's Podcast
By Kross Talk
Description: A show that promises to engage listeners in objective conversations and share scriptural truths that transcend one’s emotions, personal opinions, and preferences- as a means to provide practical solutions and answers to real issues that affect real people; by discussing a variety of diverse topics and provide thought provoking answers to questions that we thought we knew the answers to
Articulos para ti
By Tarot Angelaley
"Artículos para ti" es un espacio del "Tarot Angelaley", está creado con la idea que tiene Angelaley de aportarte muchas herramientas para que logres avanzar en el camino espiritual y para lograr el cambio que tanto deseas, de está manera poder brindarte toda la información necesaria en materia de autoayuda. Además bajo la comodidad de poder escuchar los artículos para analizarlos de una manera más cómoda y como tu mereces, lo podrás descargar y tenerlo siempre a mano. El objetivo principal de Angelaley es tu bienestar, por eso nos complace enormemente ayudarte a manejar las diferentes herramientas que ya tu posees. Si deseas leer nuestros artículos, también podrás encontrarlo en nuestra pagina Web: Te esperamos y recuerda: con Angelaley "Despierta la magia del Destino"
The Stay Inspired Podcast | Create the Life that You Deserve
By Kongit Farrell | Therapist & Life Coach
The Stay Inspired Podcast is the only show that’s designed to keep kind-hearted women inspired while creating the lives that they deserve. Each episode focuses on a topic that’s been carefully selected to strengthen key life skills through insightful interviews with empowering guests. Filled with light, love, laughs, and many Ah-ha moments, The Stay Inspired Podcast gives women the encouragement they need to bring their dreams to life. Welcome!
The Free Her Spirit Podcast
By Christine Petty
A space where feminism meets the divine and the mystical meets the mundane. We are here to celebrate the spiritual journeys of women and how they create sacred experiences and rituals in their daily lives.
Christ The King Church & Ministry
By Pastor Derrick A Raybon
Locked & Loaded
Mount Vernon UMC in Pert
By Pastor John Thomas
Building relationships, growing in grace, loving Jesus
River Styx in a Motorboat
By Rev. Stubbs
Exploring the modernization of Hellenic Reconstruction.
Agile Kiwis
By Clarke Ching
Can't make it to your local (kiwi) Agile / Lean / DevOps meetup? Don't worry.
The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard
By Aaron du Nightgaunt
On the Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard podcast, we investigate topics of interest to magick practitioners of all traditions, as well as anyone intrigued by the esoteric, fringe science, and what squirms beneath the skin of consensus reality. Each week, we'll scrounge up some artifact from the Salvage Yard, look at it from a new angle, and see if we can't incorporate it into our own esoteric worldview.
Crossroads Bible Weekend Sermons
By Crossroads Bible Elkton, MD
Cringe with Marc van Bulck
By Marc van Bulck
This is something I wanted to do - sit down with people I think are interesting - nerds, artists, and theologians - and ask them the questions that I've always wanted to ask but that I rarely hear in other interviews. I am a full-time minister, so I will try to make more of these whenever time and scheduling will allow.
What the Bible Says
By Jonathan Peinado
a podcast asking questions about God, faith, life, the church, family, society, justice, and the future.
Practical Ecclesiology
By Michael S. Foster
The Practical Ecclesiology Podcast is for church leaders and laypersons who are interested in issues related to biblical faithfulness in the local church. The podcast is hosted by Michael S. Foster who currently is on staff at a presbyterian church in Spartanburg, SC. If you love the local church, this is the podcast for you.
Naturalna Strona Życia Ewa Kozioł
By Ewa Kozioł
Naturalna Strona Życia to audycja mająca pokazać ci, że prostota i życie blisko natury daje Ci wolność. Rozmawiamy o ziołach, życiu w harmonii z sobą i naturą, naturalnych terapiach, minimalizmie i wolności.
By Fabian Maysenhölder
Scientology, Die Zwölf Stämme, Ufo-Kulte und Weltuntergangs-Sekten: Es gibt abertausende Glaubensgemeinschaften auf der Welt. Kleine, große, kuriose und auch gefährliche. Genau darum geht es in diesem Podcast über Sekten und religiöse Sondergemeinschaften: "Secta" beschäftigt sich in jeder Folge mit einer solchen Gruppierung, mit ihren Hintergründen, ihrer Entstehung und ihren Glaubenssätzen.
By DraftHouse Media
Ritual is a podcast about how humans make patterns of meaning in a maddening world.The rituals we discuss will span centuries and civilizations. They will run the gamut from the ornately performative, to the relatively mundane. Season One focuses on the quest for immortality and how we cope with our own expiration dates. Coming March 22.
podcasts – Young Mormon Feminists
Love the blog, now listen to the podcast.
The AxPx
By Sean C. Duregger
Honest conversations about the journey of faith, doubt and disbelief.
Conference Conversations
By KSL Newsradio
Special programming and content brought to you by KSL Newsradio for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints during General Conference weekends. Listen for great conversations of faith that will appeal to Mormons but also Christians in general.
Dialogue with Divinity
By Johanna Carroll
JOHANNA CARROLL since age 10 has had a deep intuitive connection to the Universe. Her life turned itself inside out following a divorce in 1983 after which she moved from Connecticut to California after experiencing an epiphany moment on a beach in Mexico. She began to study and develop her natural gifts when this connection to the Divine began to speak to her in a unique and unusual way. She created the first spiritual networking group in San Diego, Women of the New Age in the early 1990s and hosted a TV cable show by the same name. After leaving her hospital healthcare career, for the last 30+ years she devotes her life to her international private practice as a spiritual counselor, author, radio host and metaphysical teacher. She has been featured in 3 TV specials on spirituality in Canada, Japan and the US. Johanna is included in multiple books as an expert in her field. Johanna is a former guest professor of metaphysics at Yavapai College in Sedona, AZ. Her Get Psyched! Intuitive development training program has opened many doors to the unknown for people in all walks of life. She offers retreats to sacred sites internationally and has written four books her latest The Lost Art of Loving. Johanna additionally is well known for her radio talk show Dialogue with Divinity. She also offers webinars and on line courses. She has been an avid tennis player for over 60 years and is a devoted wife to her second husband Floyd and her children Scot and David. She is committed in sharing her wisdom with others to improve their lives and embrace joy as a constant condition! -
Karen And Kira Can Read
By Karen Rontowski , Kira Soltanovich
Listen to the first psychic comedy podcast where stand up veterans, Karen Rontowski and Kira Soltanovich, give real and hilarious readings to fellow comedians. See what grins, giggles and guffaws the future holds. ​ With a new guest every week, Tarot Reader Karen and Russian Gypsy Kira explore the world of stand up from a cosmic point of view.
The Prodigal Boys
By The Prodigal Boys
Join Nick, Josh and Ryan on a journey through the troubled waters of leaving the Jehovah's Witness cult
Raw Spirituality Podcast
By Alyssa Malehorn & Zack Fuentes
Alyssa Malehorn and Zack Fuentes are spiritual catalysts, sharing insight and conversation about awakening, ascension, multi-dimensional living, and spiritual partnership. With new episodes every week, go beyond the ordinary into the dynamics of the unseen world, as Alyssa and Zack demystify the path to enlightenment with humor and heart. If you enjoy our podcast, please subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes. For more support, guidance and community for your spiritual journey, check out over 60 FREE guided meditations, over 50 FREE video lessons PLUS a weekly State Of The Universe video message from Alyssa on To upgrade even more, the Spirit Within Premium Membership ($7.77/month) includes all of the above PLUS weekly LIVE guided meditations, monthly Q&A, and 20% off of all live events with Alyssa. In her groundbreaking new book "HOW OLD IS YOUR SOUL? The Essential Guide to the Lessons, Gifts and Archetypes of Every Soul Age", Alyssa illuminates all aspects of your soul's development, leading you to a more loving and compassionate life. Available now at