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Buddhist Discussion Centre - Practical guidance on how to apply the Buddha’s Teachings in our everyd...
By Buddhist Discussion Centre - Practical guidance on how to apply the Buddha’s Teachings in our everyday lives.
Practical guidance and instructions on how to apply the Buddha’s Teachings in our everyday lives. Buddha Dhamma Teachings and Meditation from the main schools of Buddhism; Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Chan (Zen).
[BTN]문법스님의 행복이야기(상담)
By BTN불교라디오
실생활에서 부딪히는 다양한 고민을 문법스님에게 풀어보세요.
By 人乘佛教文化出版社
The No-Rank Zendo Podcast
By Rinzan Pechovnik
Rinzan Osho is a priest and teacher at No-Rank Zendo, a Rinzai Zen Buddhist Community in Portland, Oregon. His Dharma talks explore various aspects of Rinzai Zen Buddhist practice, spirituality and religion. He emphases practice as a means to develop and cultivate a tender open-heartedness that allows a deep engagement with a troubled world.
Arete House Podcasts - Inspired Thinkers Series
By Dr Toby Mendelson
Arete House ( is an independent education institution specialising in philosophy and the contemplative traditions. The inspired thinkers podcast series explores the way that great thinkers can transform a life. It traverses terrain as varied as German existentialism, ancient Indian metaphysics, revolutionary political thinking and classical Grecian moral philosophy. The great thinkers covered include: Immanuel Kant, Nagarjuna, Karl Marx, Aristotle, Martin Buber, Friedrich Nietzsche, Chogyam Trungpa, Sigmund Freud & Moses Maimonides.
World Jen Chen Buddhism - Voice of Bliss
By Venerable Master Shen Kai
Born in China in 1918, Venerable Master Shen Kai devoted his life to carrying out his compassionate vows of bringing us wisdom of the Buddha's teachings. He tirelessly travelled internationally answering requests for Dharma talks, wrote many books on Buddhist practice, and founded Jen Chen Buddhism centres, foundations and publishing houses in many countries. But the Venerable never sought fame or gain. He was a simple monk whose ways struck a powerful chord with people. He explained the profound Dharma in such a plain and simple manner that people understood its very essence, and were filled with brightness and inspiration to unfold their own wisdom. Out of deep respect and gratitude, Venerable Master Shen Kai is honoured as the 'Teacher of Buddhahood Sect World Jen Chen Buddhism'. And for his dedication in promoting a bliss culture for humanity, he is also honoured as the 'Bodhisattva of Bliss'. Today, Jen Chen Buddhism publications continue to be produced and overwhelmingly received globally. Venerable Master Shen Kai vowed to be a 'street cleaner' of the Saha world, to return to our human world lifetime after lifetime to cleanse and purify the human mind. He also hoped that many more Bodhisattvas-to-be will be inspired to join in the effort to bring about a bright and blissful world for all humanity; the pure land of our next Buddha, Maitreya.
Palavra Viva – Áudios Novo Tempo
By Áudios Novo Tempo
Sermões proferidos por diferentes oradores. Diariamente à meia-noite na programação da Rádio Novo Tempo.
Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast
By Timber Hawkeye
The intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich, and inspire. Timber Hawkeye, bestselling author of Buddhist Boot Camp and Faithfully Religionless, offers a secular approach to being at peace with the world, both within and around us. As the Dalai Lama says, "Don't try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist, use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are."
Deconstructing Yourself
By Michael W. Taft
Dedicated to liberation in all its forms, Deconstructing Yourself is passionate about fearlessly investigating, attempting, and questioning all things to do with awakening, meditation, mindfulness, brain hacking, neurofeedback, and more. Your host Michael W. Taft interviews some of the most interesting thinkers, authors, and teachers around, as well as other offerings. In this hard-hitting, radical, and fun podcast we look at secular post-, non-, un- Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Hindu Tantrism, philosophy, the neuroscience of the sense of self, neurofeedback and the consciousness hacking movement, aspects of artificial intelligence, entheogens, and much more. If you’re looking for fresh directions, free from dogma and conformism, think of the DY podcast as the radical cafe where you can hear from the most interesting luminaries either from the outside edges of dharma, or a fresh take from more traditional teachers. If you’re interested in more, check out the Deconstructing Yourself website at
Everyday Enlightenment
By Tricia Martin Owen
Everyday Enlightenment is an exploration of consciousness, awakening, enlightenment, equanimity, heart-wisdom and spirituality while living our everyday lives. Learn how to step back from our internal dialogue of harsh criticism, judgment and fear and begin to listen to the quiet, inner wisdom that never steers us wrong. Tricia Martin-Owen teaches how to integrate our Selves and spiritual experiences with our day-to-day lives, creating a foundation to live a life of integrity and courage. If you have a question you’d like answered, please go to and send a message.
Summit Mindfulness, LLC Guided Meditations
By Alpesh Parikh
Join Alpesh Parikh in Summit Mindfulness, LLC Guided Meditations, as we explore the mind and body, and empower you to transform your life through the practice of mindfulness. The guided meditations we provide are essentially “bare-bones,” in the sense that they have very little instructions in them. For more information, visit
[BTN]본격스님토크쇼 야자수
By BTN불교라디오
BTN불교라디오 울림채널의 본격스님토크쇼! 야자수!!
หนังสือธรรมะ โดยพระอาจารย์ชยสาโร ในรูปแบบ ePub
By พระอาจารย์ชยสาโร Ajahn Jayasaro (ชยสาโร ภิกขุ ชยสาโรภิกขุ Bhikku)
หนังสือธรรมะ โดยพระอาจารย์ชยสาโร ในรูปแบบ ePub
By Ajahn Anan Akiñcano
Renowned Thai Forest meditation master Ajahn Anan Akiñcano has a profound ability of teaching ultimate Truth on many levels, from the mundane to the super-mundane. These teachings are now accessible to the Western World through the gifted translations of Ajahn Anan’s longtime disciple, Ajahn Kalyano. This is the passing on of the Acariya Dhamma, the truth from our teachers. For more information, visit
By Ajahn Anan Akiñcano
A compilation of Tan Ajahn Anan’s Dhamma talks and discussions on his recent trip to Buddha Bodhivana Monastery, Melbourne and Bodhikusuma Meditation Centre, Sydney. For more information, visit
Mojohito dot com
By Mojohito dot com
The deeper teachings of Buddhism, yoga, and vibrant health.
By Ajahn Anan Akiñcano
Venerable Ajahn Anan Akincaño practiced under the meditation master, Venerable Ajahn Chah Bodhiñāna Thera, before establishing Wat Marp Jan in 1984. Today he is considered one of the most prominent teachers in the Thai Forest Tradition. In this most recent compilation, various disciples of Ajahn Anan translate his talks and discussions about meditation and Dhamma practice. For more information, visit
Dharma Insight | Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville
By Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville
Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville (IMCC) is a charitable organization located in central Virginia that offers a full range of Buddhist insight (Vipassana) meditation retreats, courses, and weekly dharma talks. Insight meditation practices have been taught for more than 2500 years as part of a path to liberation of mind and heart from suffering. These practices are dedicated to cultivating awareness, kindness, and compassion to help bring more mindfulness and calm into our daily life. IMCC is delighted to share these recent dharma (teaching) talks from our regular and guest teachers. More details can be found at:
이미령의 책잡히다
By 불교포커스
불교와 관련된 책들을 재밌게 만날 수 있는 곳. 이미령의 책잡히다
True Words: A Shingon Buddhist Podcast
By True Words: A Shingon Buddhist Podcast
Shingon is one of the oldest schools of Buddhism in Japan. Widely practices in Japan, it is little known outside the country. While there are temples in Hawaii, and the West Coast of the USA, Shingon remains largely unknown. "Shingon" the Japanese pronunciation of "mantra" is a school that emphasizes mantra recitation, visualization in mediation, and ritual practice. Shingon and Tibetan Buddhism share many similarities. Join us as we explore Buddhist topics unique to Shingon, and common to all Buddhist traditions.
By AlexHoo
Zen Crossing
By Zen Crossing
Join Koshin Chris Cain and guests as they discuss connections between spirituality and everyday living. We hope you'll be inspired by these engaging conversations on how to live life with meaning. Conversations will include a variety of spiritual perspectives, including the Zen perspective of our host. Koshin is an ordained teacher, or Osho, in the Rinzai Zen tradition. He is the Abbot of the Puget Sound Zen Center on Vashon Island, Washington, and he also teaches at the Oslo Zen Senter in Norway. He trained at Mount Baldy Zen Center in California before founding Puget Sound Zen Center with his wife in 2003. He grew up in London and North Carolina before moving to the west coast to be a monk. He and his wife have two children.
By ดังตฤณ Dungtrin
รวมไฟล์เสียงธรรมะบรรยายตามสถานที่ต่างๆ โดยคุณดังตฤณ
By วัดป่าภูผาสูง
เพลงประกอบสารคดีตามรอยพระอรหันต์ เนื่องในงานฉลองพระธุตังคเจดีย์ ๒๒ - ๓๐ เม.ย ๒๕๕๑ ณ วัดอโศการาม จังหวัดสมุทรปราการ
Dharma Talks at Columbus KTC
By Columbus KTC
One-hour Dharma Talks (many with Question and Answer sessions) by Lama Kathy Wesley and the Dharma Instructors of Karma Thegsum Choling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center in Columbus, Ohio. Talks emphasize daily life applications of traditional Tibetan teachings including the Six Perfect virtues, Karma, Rebirth, Compassion and Wisdom.
Starting A Ghost Hunting Group?
By snapsghosthunter
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By 阿弥陀佛身金色
The Catherine Newton Show with Catherine Newton
By Catherine Newton
Do you often wonder how other's have reached such successful heights in their lives? Do you believe that through the wisdom of others comes learnings for you? Are you ready to be inspired and motivated to create change in your life?
By 语桐听艺术
【art】次元门市部 【语桐听艺术】制作声音类的艺术播报,艺术家、展览、机构、项目、市场、收藏......另有知名艺术家推荐的书籍,并录制成有声书,做完整的学术脉络贴。
By 静思书轩
地藏菩萨妙难伦,化现金容处处分; 三途六道闻妙法,四生十类蒙慈恩。 明珠照彻天堂路,金锡振开地狱门, 累劫亲姻蒙接引,九莲台畔礼慈尊。 ———《地藏赞》 这是一首赞扬地藏菩萨功德的偈文,地藏菩萨“地狱不空,誓不成佛”的大愿,包太虚而周沙界,非常人所能及,而菩萨之不舍众生,则是发心学佛者不可或缺之精神。 回忆一九七0至一九八O十年间,证严上人生起建立医院的构想,而后于一九七九年五月中旬,立下“佛教慈济综合医院”兴建方案。 一九八一年,法缘与建院因缘双重促成下,一方面为信众讲解《地藏经》,当时慈济会员约两万人,较之今昔固然不可同日而语,却在明因识果的理念启发下汇聚爱心,作为会务推动的坚实后盾。另一方面则积极寻觅建院土地,期盼功德会济世的脚步,朝向医疗建设更跨出一步,给与贫病者全身心的照护。 孰料土地问题“一波十折”,其中艰辛不足为外人道。所幸佛菩萨慈悯,龙天护佑,每于挫折中蒙获善知识鼎力提携,于困境挣扎间无异沛雨甘霖,使建院计划重燃生机;加诸慈济会众的成长与支持,花莲慈济综合医院终在万难中,于一九八六年落成启业。 医院的功能,在解救人身病痛;佛法之教育,则在启发众生迷愚。当年讲说《地藏经》,重在透过释文与实例,阐发经中两大意旨,务使听闻大众“知孝道、明因果”,于生活修养与学佛修行上更入进境,自利利人,传播正法。 為使读者亦能了解证严上人因应现今时代发展,对“孝道”有更积极地阐示,特於简体版出版之际, 随书附赠证严上人近期开示光盘——此為静思人文首次在大陆正式以书搭配上人开示影音流通之出版品。片中举慈济人本身事例,对应上人致勉——「大孝,即是為天下眾生而付出」之开示,裨益读者对於“孝道”有更进一步认识。 内容: 孝道,这两个字的意义和承担,每个人都懂,然而能真正做到的人有多少?二0一二年五月底,慈济志工魏杏娟和魏良旭的母亲离开人世,面对至亲往生,姊弟两人并未怀忧丧志,一如往常参与慈济活动行善助人,治丧期间一切礼俗从简,未设灵堂,没有举办告别式,他们以行动实践正信,以大爱尽大孝,回报亲恩,啟发眾人对「孝」的省思。 慈济志工魏良旭: 有师姊问我,处理这个事情我满淡定的,我回答,其实我们已经有充分的準备,一般人对死亡比较忌讳去面对,但是我们学佛,我们做慈济,当然我们应该要学习这一块,要学会怎麼样去运用有限的生命,也要学会怎麼样来面对死亡。 慈济志工魏杏娟: 从小,妈妈生了很多女儿,许多亲戚都瞧不起妈妈,当时我就告诉自己,长大一定要赚大钱,回报妈妈,带妈妈去环游世界,可是当我有能力的时候,妈妈却生病了,这是我人生很大的遗憾,可是上人跟我说,妳的身体是妈妈给妳的,妳如果能够做人间的菩萨,去帮助苦难眾生,才是行大孝,听到这句话我觉得醍醐灌顶,我觉得我还有机会為妈妈行大孝,所以我将这个身体去付出,走入人群。 证严上人: 这一次我看到了,我的弟子那一分的正信,很正信,还很正定,可要知道真正的孝,就是要父母给我的身,在我这个身体是父母的「遗体」,父母遗留给我的身体;我的父母虽然不在,可是他遗留给我的身体还在,我要孝,大孝,那就是為天下眾生而付出。
By 阿弥陀佛身金色
来源及版权:百度云账号“常念amtf”分享。 阿弥陀佛,阿弥陀佛,阿弥陀佛^_^
หลวงพ่อมหาวีระ ถาวโร (พระราชพรหมยานมหาเถระ วั
เสียงธรรมชุดนี้ จัดทำขึ้นเพื่อเผยแพร่พระธรรมคำสั่งสอนขององค์สมเด็จพระสัมมาสัมพุทธเจ้า ตามแนวปฏิปทาและข้อวัตรปฏิบัติของหลวงปู่ปาน โสนันโท (พระครูวิหารกิจจานุการ วัดบางนมโค) และหลวงพ่อมหาวีระ ถาวโร (พระราชพรหมยาน วัดท่าซุง) ให้กว้างขวางในหมู่ชนผู้แสวงหาโมกขธรรม
Ganesha Mantra and Kirtan
By Sukadev Bretz
Elevating Mantras, Kirtans and Shlokas in praise of Ganesha, the elephant-headed God. Recordings from Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany.
By ดังตฤณ Dungtrin
รวมไฟล์เสียงอ่านหนังสือธรรมะ ประพันธ์โดยคุณดังตฤณ
By ดังตฤณ Dungtrin
นวนิยายสอดแทรกธรรมะ บทประพันธ์โดยคุณดังตฤณ
Hanuman Mantras and Kirtans
By Sukadev Bretz
Listen to Hanuman Kirtans and Mantras. Hanuman is Parama Bhakta, the Highest of Rama Devotees. Hanuman is Mahavira, Greatest of all Heroes. By listening to Hanuman Kirtans and Mantras you can feel Hanuman's blessings. Listen to Hanuman Chalisa in different tunes, by different Kirtanists. Recordings from Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany
Ajahn Anan Podcast
By Wat Marp Jan Monastery
Translations of Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and meditation given by Ajahn Anan, a disciple of Ajahn Chah and abbot of Wat Marp Jan Monastery in Thailand. For more information, visit
Feiertage - Indien, Hinduismus, Christentum und mehr
By Sukadev Bretz
Spirituelle Bedeutung der indischen Feiertage: Wofür stehen Hindu Feiertage, christliche, buddhistische Feste - und die Festtage anderer Religionen? Erfahre auch über die Bedeutung der Wochentage, der Mondphasen und mehr. Shivaratri, Ostern, Ram Navami, Chaitra Navratri, Pfingsten, Guru Purnima, Krishna Janmashtami, Sivananda Geburtstag, Ganesha Chaturthi, Navaratri, Vijaya Dashami, Diwali, Skanda Shashti, Advent, Weihnachten und Silvester sind besondere Schwerpunkte dieses Feiertage Podcasts. Erfahre auch, wie diese Feste bei Yoga Vidya zelebriert werden. Vorträge von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
No Title
By John Bass: Mindful Money Guy
Applying Mindfulness to your Money and your Life. Exploring Meditation, Mindfulness Practices, Ancient Buddhist Teachings, Modern Neuroscience, Psychology, Economics, Personal Finance, Money Management, Charitable Giving and Investing to Enhance your Life and the Lives of others.
Trending with Don and Timmerie
By Don Johnson and Timmerie Millington
Don Johnson and Timmerie MIllington talk the latest in culture. Are you looking for relevant ways to bring together trending conversations and timeless principles? Here’s your opportunity to engage the culture head on with truth and faith.
Reinkarnation, Karma, Leben und Tod
By Sukadev Bretz
Was geschieht nach dem Tod? Gibt es Leben nach dem Tod? Was sind Astralwelten, Geister, Engel? Wie wirst du wiedergeboren? Was ist der Sinn des Lebens? Das sind Fragen, um die es in diesem Podcast geht. Und du erfährst, was Karma ist und wie du geschickt mit den Herausforderungen des Lebens umgehst. Ein Podcast von und mit Sukadev Bretz, Gründer von
By Charles Shereda
Short readings from spiritual texts followed by a brief guided meditation and a sometimes irreverent, sometimes insightful discussion. Shows focus on spiritual truths and on dealing with the difficult emotions of anger, fear, and shame. Guaranteed enlightenment or your money back! All sampled content is Creative Commons public domain unless otherwise noted.
Millennial Buddhist Podcast
By Marvin Cotton
I offer a voice for millennial Buddhists, spiritual seekers, or those who are just curious. The interviews include various people of different ages, nationalities, and religions. For anyone who considers themselves Buddhist or are curious about the spiritual path I welcome you. This is your home.
Chakra Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Aktiviere die Kraft der Chakras - für mehr Power, größere Harmonie, tiefere Erfahrungen. Lass dich in Chakra Meditationen führen. Nutze Chakra Arbeit, Chakra Yoga und Chakra Healing zur vollen Entfaltung deines Potentials - und spirituelle Entwicklung. Von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
By DayDay
This is the Official podcast for Strange Black Media, One of very few websites designed specifically for Women and the LGBT community of the African diaspora. This is a pro black/minority empowerment page. I believe in the betterment and improved conditions of ALL BLACK LIVES (Not just heterosexual). Homophobia and sexism will not be tolerated. Strange Black Media is designed to be safe space for black women and the black LGBTQI community. If you are not a black women or LGBTQ but you care about such groups, then you are a ally and welcome to our community.
Chasing Bodhi
By Chasing Bodhi Podcast
On a quest for the voice
용화선원 - 전강선사 법문
By 전강선사
한국선의 중심도량 용화선원은 경허선사로 시작되어 만공선사 전강선사로 이어지는 한국 정통 선불교의 중심이며 정통 활구참선도량입니다.
No Doubt
By Lisa Dale Miller, MFT
Fierce compassion and discerning wisdom are necessary for cutting through all forms of doubt which impede capacity to be a source of upliftment and awakening for ourselves and others. This talk is a follow-up to the talk I gave on fearlessness. Enjoy!
Bacon Smiles Ministry ​Steve Potyra - Podcast
Steve Potyra Hosts this fun Christian podcast with his good Friend Evan. Steve has been involved with Catholic Youth Ministry for over 15 years. Listen as they discuss everything from Scripture to pizza toppings. Bacon Smiles Strives to bring the joy of faith in Jesus Christ to our listeners
By 一句弥陀
净空法师2014《無量壽經科註第四回學習班》 这是老法师正在讲的资料,末学采集来源于華藏淨宗弘化网,网址如下 ,如若末学更新不及时,师兄们可以去这个网站直接收听,感恩,阿弥陀佛!
By 阿弥陀佛身金色
来源及版权:华藏净宗弘化网,狮子吼净土专修网。 净土宗,刘素云老师,老实念佛。 南无阿弥陀佛,祝您法喜充满^_^ ---------------------------------------------------------------- 以下摘自“百度百科”: 刘素云居士生于1945年3月22日,黑龙江双城县人,中共党员,佛教徒。 中文名 刘素云 国籍 中华人民共和国 出生地 黑龙江双城县 出生日期 1945年3月22日 职业 教师、公务员 信仰 佛教 代表作品 《觉海之舟》、《慧海拾贝》 [个人经历] 刘素云,1964年参加工作,曾从事教师行业,后在东安教育工作处工作,1984年在在黑龙江省政府经贸部任职。 [学佛心路] 刘素云居士 1999年不幸患红斑狼疮但其凭借坚定的信仰与精进的念佛克服了重病。在净空老法师的指导下,讲经说法长期在精进念佛。其交流心得的视频作品有《觉海之舟》、《慧海拾贝》、《我为净土鼓与呼》等系列。她平易近人、与世无争的形象鼓舞了无数人。
ธรรมะบ้านสบายใจ โดย ท่านจิตโต
เสียงธรรม โดย ท่านจิตโต จัดทำขึ้นเพื่อเผยแพร่พระธรรมคำสั่งสอนขององค์สมเด็จพระสัมมาสัมพุทธเจ้า ตามแนวปฏิปทาและข้อวัตรปฏิบัติของหลวงปู่ปาน โสนันโท วัดบางนมโค และพระเดชพระคุณหลวงพ่อพระราชพรหมยาน วัดท่าซุง ให้กว้างขวางในหมู่ชนผู้แสวงหาโมกขธรรม
Tisarana Buddhist Monastery
By Tisarana Buddhist Monastery
Dhamma talks by Ajahn Viradhammo at Tisarana Buddhist Monastery. In the Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho, and Amaravati Monastery.
Living Zen
By Living Zen
A monthly podcast from Zen teacher, Jokai Blackwell Sensei.
By 一句弥陀
净空法师《楞严经观音菩萨耳根圆通章》 十方三世佛,阿弥陀第一;九品度众生,威德无穷极。我今大皈依,忏悔三业罪;凡有诸福善,至心用回向。愿同念佛人,感应随时现;临终西方境,分明在目前。见闻皆精进,同生极乐国;见佛了生死,如佛度一切。无边烦恼断,无量法门修;誓愿度众生,总愿成佛道。虚空有尽,我愿无穷。虚空有尽,我愿无穷。
By マハーカルナー禅師
「マハーカルナー禅師の原始仏教トーク」は、お釈迦様が2600年前に説かれた教えを当時の瑞々しさのまま、マハーカルナー禅師がわかりやく皆さんにご紹介していくバーチャル説法会です。 仏教徒が知っておくべき重要なダンマを毎回ひとテーマずつ平易な言葉で短かく解説し、仏教修行に必要なすべての知識を皆さんにお伝えすることを目的にしています。 また毎月第一日曜日、都内各所で「マハーカルナー禅師の原始仏教トーク・ライブ!」も開催しています。 ぜひふるってご参加ください。 マハーカルナー禅師は、毎週日曜日に開催されるウポーサタ日曜瞑想会において、瞑想の個人指導のほか、「修行者のためのアビダンマ講座」の伝法を行っています。 くわしくは下記ホームページをご覧下さい。 
By Lisa Dale Miller, MFT
Listen to a dharma talk I gave at Marin Sangha on March 12, 2017. This talk focused on the Buddhist teachings on intrepidity and fearlessness. How to cultivate strength of mind in the face of danger and difficult conditions.
By 卢军宏卢台长观世音菩萨心灵法门
《白话佛法》用生活的语言来讲解高深的佛法, 既从人生的哲理上来解释, 又用日常生活中浅显的例子, 在白话佛法中, 领会深奥的、高层次的佛学理论。东方华语电台文化中心。
Gudkarma Martialcast
By Gudkarma Arts
Japanese Koryu, martial arts, history, language talks and discussions.
The Tao of Spiritual Awakening
By Master Paul Fletcher - Teacher of the Tao
Enjoy this recorded LIVE uplifting and Enlightening wisdom and practices and soul healing blessing to awaken to your soul's highest potential.
By 格魯之音
ZenWays Dharma Talks
By Julian Daizan Skinner
Zenways (Zendo Kyodan) promotes and encourages activities and practices that enhance human wellbeing, balance and awakening (satori or kensho - the enlightenment of Zen) in the many different situations we find ourselves in. Over many years of strict training, in Japan and the west, Julian Daizan Skinner Roshi received dharma transmission and permission to teach in both the Rinzai and Soto lineages of Zen. He now teaches at the Yugagyo Dojo in London, UK. In this podcast series, we offer a selection of recorded talks by Daizan Roshi on the teachings of the Buddha (Dharma talks, or in Japanese Teisho). These were recorded at Yugagyo Dojo at our regular Sunday afternoon meetings. May these recordings help you and those around you to find and realise the truth.
Central Ohio Center for Pragmatic Buddhism
We offer training and practice in various Buddhist meditation techniques as well as community celebrations such as weddings, funerals, celebrations of new children, etc. to all people in Central Ohio. We have a special mission to the LGBTQ community.
Mindful Oklahoma Podcast
By Mindful Oklahoma
Jeff Krisman discusses how to utilize mindfulness to deal with many different types of life challenges and shares in a very real and open way what he has struggled with and how mindfulness practice has helped and can help to cultivate a greater quality of life.
원빈스님-매일15분 행복명상
By 원빈스님
원빈스님과 함께하는 행복이야기. 행복도 배워야 합니다. 우리 함께 행복의 길로 가요. 감사합니다. 사랑합니다. 행복합니다.
พระพรหมมังคลาจารย์ (ปัญญานันทภิกขุ)
ธรรมะบรรยาย โดยพระพรหมมังคลาจารย์ (ปัญญานันทภิกขุ) วัดชลประทานรังสฤษฎ์ อ.ปากเกร็ด จ.นนทบุรี : เช่น วิปัสสนา คือการศึกษาให้รู้แจ้งเห็นจริง, พระที่แท้จริง, ความเชื่อที่ไม่ถูกต้อง, พึ่งธรรม, พึ่งตัวเอง, ของขวัญอันประเสริฐ, หลุดพ้นด้วยค้นคิด, ศาสนาที่แท้อยู่ในตัวของเรา ฯลฯ
용화선원 - 유진법사스님
By 유진스님
한국선의 중심도량 용화선원은 경허선사로 시작되어 만공선사 전강선사로 이어지는 한국 정통 선불교의 중심이며 정통 활구참선도량입니다.
The Dharma Lantern Podcast
By Rev. Henry Toryo Adams
Dharma Talks by Rev. Henry Toryo Adams
불교포커스 팟캐스트
By 불교포커스
Лама Олег
By Лама Олег
Лама Олег (Сонам Дордже) - русский лама, ученик Чоки Нима Ринпоче , прошедший традиционное обучение в Непале, в частности два трехлетних затвора под руководством как самого Ринпоче, так и некоторых других выдающихся лам. Ринпоче лично подтверждал на своих московских ретритах полномочия Ламы Олега в деле разьяснений практик Чоклинг Терсар, говоря о нем как о полностью квалифицированном ламе.
불교 콘텐츠 종합매거진 '정병조의 무명을 밝히고'
By BBS불교방송
BBS가 엄선한 불교 콘텐츠들의 향연!! 몸과 맘이 건강해지는 제철 사찰요리법 '우관스님의 보리일미' 해외 불교는 어떤 모습일까? 같은 듯 다른 해외불교 이야기 '세계불교를 말하다' 해외 불교 성지는 어떤 모습일까? 음성과 나의 상상력을 더해 만나는 '라디오 성지 순례' 불교는 어려워? No! No! 불교의 어떤 어려운 내용도 쉽게 풀어주는 '정병조 교수의 현문우답'
By วัดพระธาตุผาซ่อนแก้ว
เสียงอ่านหนังสือ "อยู่กับยิ้ม" "ดุจวิถีนายช่างร้อยดอกไม้" และ "ระลอกคลื่นบังน้ำใส" แต่งโดย หลวงพ่ออำนาจ โอภาโส วัดพระธาตุผาซ่อนแก้ว อยู่กับยิ้ม คือ ความไม่ลืมใจที่เป็นอมตสุขอยู่ก่อน ใช่ว่าร่างกายจิตใจของทุกชีวิตจะเข้มแข็งตลอดเวลา แต่ก็ไม่สมควรลืมใจเดิมที่ปกติสุข หนังสือเล่มนี้อาจพอเป็นแรงบันดาลใจในการใช้ชีวิตให้มีความสุข ด้วยการไม่ลืมใจเดิมที่สะอาดบริสุทธิ์เหมือนกันอยู่ก่อนในทุกชีวิต เพื่อเปิดประตูรอยยิ้มแห่งสันติสุขขึ้นในใจผู้คนที่มีใจเดิมแท้อันสะอาดบริสุทธิ์เสมอภาคกันอยู่แล้วแต่ดั้งเดิม
Dharma in Difficult Relationships
By Lisa Dale Miller MFT
Listen to a dharma talk I gave at Insight Meditation South Bay on February 21, 2017. The talk focused on how to apply the Buddhist teachings on wisdom, compassion and ethical conduct to engage with difficult people or those with whom we disagree.
《楞伽经》- 吕新国讲解
By 弥勒道场
《楞伽经》是大乘唯识学的根本经典之一,也是禅宗初祖达摩祖师传灯印心的无上宝典,对中国佛教影响深远。吕新国老师于2016.12月开始讲解,每周更新一次。 大千老师简介:吕新国,居士,惟贤长老赐名正义,网名大千。原就职于中国现代国际关系研究院。1990皈依三宝开始学佛,1995年开始跟随当代唯识大家韩镜清老居士学习唯识学,并辅导韩老开展北京慈氏学会的工作,现任北京慈氏学会会长。老师曾在中国佛学院、成都文殊院、重庆西少林寺、延安龙绕寺等各地,讲解过《心经》《金刚经》《解深密经》《摄大乘论》《唯识三十论》《唯识二十论》《三自性论》《瑜伽菩萨戒》《瑜伽师地论》真实义品、《十二门论》《佛说弥勒上升兜率天经》等十几部唯识和般若经典。
The Zen Studies Podcast
By Domyo Burk
Learn about traditional Zen and Buddhist teachings, practices, and history through episodes recorded specifically for podcast listeners. Host Domyo Burk is a Soto Zen priest and teacher.
Everyday Buddhism: A Jodo Shinshu Buddhism Podcast
By Buddhist Church of Parlier
Dharma talks from the Buddhist Church of Parlier.
BAIFA - Treatise on the Hundred Dharma
By Ven. Chuan Guan
Ramblings of a Monk - Podcasts on Dharma, Life and Stuffs by Ven Chuan Guan that may make you laugh, cry or get enlightened and be crazy happy! ^.^
Phendeling - Center for Tibetansk Buddhisme
By Phendeling - Center for Tibetansk Buddhisme
De følgende meditationer stammer fra kurset INTRODUKTION TIL ABHIDHARMA på Phendelings Buddhistiske Universitet efteråret 2016. Underviser: bhikshuni Tenzin Drolkar
By มูลนิธิหอจดหมายเหตุพุทธทาส อินทปัญโญ
สาระธรรม โดย มูลนิธิหอจดหมายเหตุพุทธทาส อินทปัญโญ ออกอากาศทุกวันอาทิตย์
By 山下 良道 Sudhammacara Bhikkhu
Podcast – What's Eating Dani?
By Dani O'Will
This is the What's Eating Dani? podcast where I help navigate this journey through so called life
ဥဳးသုမဂၤလ - dhamma 2009
By MgMin
ေက်းဇူးေတာ္ရွင္အဂၢမဟာပ႑ိတမိုးကုတ္ဆရာေတာ္ဘုရားၾကီး၏ ဥပနိႆယခံ တပည့္၊ ေမွာ္ဘီ မဂၤလာတိုက္ ဗုဒၵဘာသာ တရားစဥ္ ႏွင့္ လုပ္ငန္းစဥ္ ျပန္႕ပြားေရး တရား႒ာန၏ ဦးစီးပဓာန နာယက၊ ဓမၼကထိက ဒယ္အိုးဆရာေတာ္ ဥဳးသုမဂၤလ ေဟာႀကားေတာ္မူေသာတရားေတာ္မ်ား Credit:,
Meditation Questions
By One Mind Dharma
One Mind Dharma's Meditation Questions is a podcast in which we answer questions you have about meditation, mindfulness, and more. We do our best to answer every question sent to us, so send yours over!
Black Buddha Podcast
By Black Buddha
Black Buddha Podcast is all about Black Empowerment and Black Excellence. It's a weekly podcast talking about ways to better develop and understand the African American struggles and finding solutions.
โอวาทโอกาสอื่นๆ (เสียง)
By พระอาจารย์ชยสาโร Ajahn Jayasaro (ชยสาโร ภิกขุ ชยสาโรภิกขุ Bhikku)
โอวาทโอกาสอื่นๆ (เสียง)
By 慧灯之光
The Compassionate Heart
By Ce Hằng Trường
Những bài pháp ngắn của Đại Đức Hằng Trường
By Ministry Of Podcasts
Get lost in another world, another time, another place. Each episode is a 3D audio experience.
[마음공부방] 원불교 안암교당
By 원불교 안암교당
원불교 안암교당 법회, 공부방 설법 <원불교 안암교당 안내> 인터넷 카페 : 담당교무 : 보산 김제원 교무, 전성욱 교무 전화 : 02-928-8225 주소 : 서울 성북구 안암로 27-7 <법회, 공부방 등 안내> 일반법회 : 매주 일요일 오전 10시 30분 청년법회 : 매주 토요일 오후 4시 교리공부 : 매주 수요일 오후 7시 45분 아침좌선 : 매일 오전 5시 30분
The Pilgrim Kamanita - Read by Ajahn Amaro
By Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
The Pilgrim Kamanita is about the journey of Kamanita, an Indian merchant's son, from earthly prosperity and youthful romance, to his meeting with a unfamiliar monk, who actually is Gotama Buddha. The Pilgrim Kamanita was published in German in 1906 by Karl Gjellerup. The print version was edited and published by Ajahn Amaro, and offered in dedication when the Amaravati Temple was formally opened in 1999. This is the audiobook version read by Ajahn Amaro; it was originally created principally for his blind mother so that she could enjoy the story too.
용화선원 - 송담스님 법문
By 송담스님
한국선의 중심도량 용화선원은 경허선사로 시작되어 만공선사 전강선사로 이어지는 한국 정통 선불교의 중심이며 정통 활구참선도량입니다.
净空法师 《净土大经解演义》
By 一句弥陀
《净土大经解演义》净空法师讲,主要是用夏莲居居士会集本《佛说大乘无量寿庄严清净平等觉经》和夏莲居弟子黄念祖居士这部经的注解来讲解的。 愿以此功德,庄严佛净土。上报四重恩,下济三途苦。若有见闻者,悉发菩提心。尽此一报身,同生极乐国。阿弥陀佛!
Eka Dharma Talk (道一法师圣法谈)
By ekadharmatalk
Small talks by Ven. Eka in mandarin about Buddha's teaching and its application in daily living as well as practice.
Dr. Harold C. Connolly Jr. » Podcast
By Harold C Connolly Jr
As a geologist and buddhist, I understand that the natural/physical sciences cannot live in a vacuum. The human experience, in every fashion, is critical to the success of science. The major theme of my podcast is to plant seeds to help people understand more about the natural/physical sciences, dispelling constructs of what it is and how it works, and showing the interdependent nature of the natural and social sciences with the human experience.
全開朝ゼミ 日日是好日
By rfcラジオ福島
용화선원 - 초심자를 위한 법어
By 송담스님
한국선의 중심도량 용화선원은 경허선사로 시작되어 만공선사 전강선사로 이어지는 한국 정통 선불교의 중심이며 정통 활구참선도량입니다.
By Thrangu Asia
The beauty and mystery of Tibetan Esoteric chants are unveiled to the listeners.
By Livingpresent