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By Kelly McClure
The Super Fun Spirit Experience Podcast brings a fun, enlightening, and down to earth approach to all things psychic, mediumship and spiritual. Psychic Medium Kelly McClure explores ideas with humor and charisma while bringing insight, clarity and comfort to her audience.
By The Oneness Program
The Oneness Blessing, or Oneness Deeksha as it is called in India, isa phenomenon of Divine Grace. Transmission of this DIvine Grace is offered by Oneness Blessings Givers, who have been initiated worldwide. They give the blessing through intention, words, eye contact, and presence and, most commonly, by laying hands on the crown of the head. Listen to the Oneness Program 24/7 on internet radio. Launch the Player on the homepage of this website.
By The Sacred Podcast with Annika Martins
The Sacred Podcast with Annika Martins features conversations with spiritual seekers from all traditions and philosophies (+ lots of DIY-ers, too) who have built a modern-day spiritual practice on their terms. See the Sacred. Your way.
By Ilyas Kassam
TWO PEOPLE. ONE SOUL. THREE EGOS, AND A PAIR OF WASHING UP GLOVES. ​ Shy Teli and Ilyas Kassam navigate the complex world of truth, romance, hell and housework. With a penchant for nonsense as well as philosophy their realisations are as comic as they are profound. Sometimes insightful, sometimes funny, always absurd, these two oddballs journey towards the abyss of ridiculousness, hoping to stumble upon enlightenment without exerting the slightest effort to do so. If you are looking for an e...
By Gordon Davis
Podcast No.29
By Erin Lawler Patterson
Join me on the journey of parenting as we go through the process of parenting teens, the trends they face, and family dynamics.
By Matt Humphrey
You can listen to Grace Point's Sermons anywhere! The Grace Point Podcast is your quick and easy way to listen to the latest sermons from our Pastors.
By Craig Scott
Listen to weekly sermons from the United Church of God congregation in Raleigh NC. We observe the 4th commandment to conduct a sacred assembly on the 7th day of the week to worship God and receive instruction in the word of God.
By Michael Card
In the Studio with Michael Card is one of the most unique programs in Christian podcasting. Not just a talk show, not just a music show, nor solely a ministry program or concert, In the Studio contains all of these elements. Featuring Bible commentary, a look at the creative process, and demonstrations of discipleship lived out in community, this 55-minute program originates weekly from Michael Card's studio at Mole End in Franklin, Tennessee.
By Sin Ribbon
In an isolated society, teenage Erith has been chosen for Polishing, a ritualistic surgery that erases one's irises so the individual may see the Volucris—strange and enigmatic creatures that live in an alternate realm only visible to the Polished. She discovers a new, haunting reality after her procedure that warps light into darkness and reveals hidden secrets about the world. As she progresses, she and her companion, Calyx, discover frightening truths about the Polished and realize they ar...
By Kingdom Influencer's Broadcast
Help From Above is a show to impart the word of God into His people. This show shares the gospel of Jesus so people can gain the truth in this dying world.
By Roxanne Darling
A podcast about my transition in consciousness, as I exit the Hierarchical Game and play in the Transition Game, with excerpts from The Guyz, a channeled group soul. This is a new approach to finding radical self-acceptance.
By Buddha Bodhivana Monastery
Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and meditation given by Ajahn Kalyano, a senior monk of the Ajahn Chah Thai Forest Tradition and abbot of Buddha Bodhivana Monastery near Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit
By Lael Petersen, LCSW, RYT
Lael combines personal experience, professional expertise, and innate passion to help people lead better lives. She combines traditional mental health therapy with mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda.
By TVSunnah Podcast
Tadabbur Al-Qur'an oleh Ustaz Shofwan Badrie.
By Spiritually Untamed
Welcome to Spiritually Untamed! Here we are spiritual, but not too serious. We are loving and irreverent. We are here to have fun, show the world some love, and share everything we’ve learned in our journeys with you. We will be teaching you… How to go from broken to badass… How to move from scarcity to abundance… How to balance your masculine and feminine… How to love yourself… And how to co-create a beautiful life with Spirit! Plus so, so much more! This is a place to be free, to be...
By Scott Forrest
Welcome to Freedom Through Yoga! I am inviting you to join me on the yoga journey, Freedom through Yoga. The last few years I have been completely absorbed in the ancient practice and philosophy of yoga. I predominantly lived in India where yoga was founded over 2500 years ago and where the yogic wisdom is embedded in the culture, and now it is time for me to further share what I have learnt with you.
By Aaron Roth
Aaron, a wandering priest provides spiritual commentary and information. Topics include: theology, spirituality, divination, meditation, prayer, blessings, ordination, spiritual direction, and more!
By Latoija Jones
I am an entrepreneur and creator of The Curl Smiler. I share wisdom that God downloads into me, what I know about life, how God works in our lives, and my experiences as an entrepreneur. My hope is to encourage you to not give up along your life journey!
By Buddha Bodhivana Monastery
Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and meditation given by Ajahn Kalyano, a senior monk of the Ajahn Chah Thai Forest Tradition and abbot of Buddha Bodhivana Monastery near Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit
By Meditation Society of Australia
A children's meditation course with a discussion topic and a variety of guided meditations for youths and the entire family. The Meditation Society of Australia ( has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.
By Meditation Society of Australia
This beginners meditation course features a variety of meditation techniques including mantra, meditating with the breath and music, concentration and meditation on a object. Each class includes a discussion topic and a guided meditation exercise. The Meditation Society of Australia ( has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.
By VoiceAmerica
Are you making the most of your experience as a spiritual being in physical form? Do you want to increase your vibration on the planet? Do you want to live with greater levels of peace and integrity? Sacred Exploration with Lisa Tremont Ota extends an invitation to chart your course to self discovery. A shamanic soul coach, Lisa embraces symbolism and storytelling to reveal timeless spiritual wisdom. Learn about tools to help discover, uncover, and recover lost or hidden parts of yourself. Re...
By Bud & Steve Stevenson
REMEMBER *insert trivial thing from childhood here*? Us too. That’s why we made ourselves a fire and started a podcast, providing deeply funny, hugely overanalyzed, and terrifically offensive insight into life’s forgotten idiosyncrasies, matters of a passing but not unimportant nature. Join everyman humorists Bud and Steve Stevenson as they observe, crack jokes, and further illuminate life’s chillest topics, from songs of the 90’s, to cures for hangovers, all with cooled beverages on hand....
By Gareth Davies
Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take. What’s it all about? Is there sense to be made in this world, Why are we here, and where do we ultimately go? Join us for The Journey Inward.
By Blaise Forêt
Author - Speaker - Blogger - Entrepreneur - inspi…
By Jennifer Maggio
The Life of a Single Mom Ministries is a nonprofit organization committed to connecting every single mother to a support group in a local church. We focus on training churches and communities on how to meet the needs of single parents through effective support groups that offer education on a variety of relevant topics, networking opportunities, and encouragement.
By Mama Yoga
Seeking to inspire healthy living, spiritual connectedness and the use of skills and practices that balance personal power, radiance and magnetism.
By The Lightworkers Lab
The Lightworkers Lab Podcast hosted by Crystal Anne Compton, spiritual teacher and intuitive. Covers all things metaphysical, paranormal, and spiritual.
By Jennifer Lester
The Purpose Project is a weekly podcast hosted by Jennifer Lester-Life Coach, Psychotherapist and Dream Catcher. This show will help you UNCOVER the hurts, habits and hang-ups that hold you hostage; RECOVER the you that you were Purposely Created to be; and DISCOVER a path to "Find Your Amazing"! Through inspirational stories, tips, tools and strategies you'll go from Good to GREAT to Amazing. For show notes, information about guests and the Purpose Project visit
We explore the mystic history of the world and the wonderful and vaired mystic happenings of today. All with the ultimate goal of discovering what it means to be human. Its a fun time!
By Kelly Covert and Maggie Quinn
The mission of The Strong Body Whole Heart Podcast to help women transform from the inside out. We want you to know that you matter. You matter enough to love yourself today, to nurture your body, mind and soul, and start living the life of your dreams.
By Selah Project is about the teachings of Jesus. Thoughts shared are from the Bible, Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, Jesus Culture and Hillsong United Worship. Our God is good!
The Selah Project is a weekly show encouraging us to pause and think about our beliefs and the teachings of Jesus.
By Adrienne Dumas Show
This is a show about Real Life Spiritual and "Paranormal" Encounters with Host Adrienne Dumas and she has some amazing guests and stories to share!
By Sean Kelley
Welcome to your Capricorn Monthly Horoscope by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer. Kelli's unique insight into astrology shines in this monthly video series.
By Sean Kelley
Welcome to your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer. Kelli's unique insight into astrology shines in this monthly video series.
By Sean Kelley
Welcome to your Leo Monthly Horoscope by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer. Kelli's unique insight into astrology shines in this monthly video series.
A New Conversation With Men is an empowering dialogue designed to create a new paradigm of masculinity for men around the globe. Its intention is to inspire men to become better husbands, better fathers, better men and most important, it was created to assist men in becoming genuinely happy with their lives. It is an all-inclusive dialogue for men and women to help bring unity and understanding to the awakening world.
By Ian Peric (The Shaman) and Josh Kane (The Rockstar)
Welcome to The Shaman And The Rockstar podcast!!! This show is designed to bridge the gaps between ancient traditions and modern existence…with an edge! Ian Peric (our friendly neighborhood Shaman) and Josh Kane (our friendly neighborhood Rockstar) share their stories, ideas and methods of practice that pull these archetypes out from behind the curtain into mainstream reality. Topics range from yoga and meditation to sex and hip hop. It’s a no-nonsense look at where we are as a species a...
By Amber
Amber is a healer and teacher specialising in core wound healing, sacred union sessions and sacred creativity sessions. Her work is focused on coming into alignment with our highest potential in a quick and direct way. She draws on native traditions and ancient practices as well as creative forms to assist in the healing process. These podcasts are a great introduction to her way of working and offer grounded practical advice.
By Daniel W. Sonntag
Hello and Welcome! I am a spiritual coach in West…
By Brad Hill
Engaging the magic of life
By Speak Life with Glen Scrivener, Evangelist, Apologist and Teacher of Trinitarian Biblical Evangelism
Glen Scrivener, full time Evangelist for 'Speak Life' and media producer Andy Brinkley discuss issues regarding sharing the good news about Jesus. Each episode takes a different aspect of Evangelism, and looks at it in depth. Also, we have interviews with inspiring evangelists such as Roger Carswell, Bill McKeever and Jay Smith, as well as Jesus centred teachers and authors. See what others have to say about TEP: ***** "Your Christ-centered approach and how He shapes everything and how the...
By Dave Maher (
Conversations about creativity and spirituality with comedians, writers, and other mystically minded folks, hosted by the vulgar male Oprah.
By Engaging Women Minsitries
Kim Wier and Pam McCune ask the questions you want answered of experts and authors around the country.
By Tanya Lynn
From spirituality, sexuality and sisterhood, to business, relationships, contribution and creativity. The Sistership Circle podcast introduces a new model of feminine leadership where women get real and vulnerable about it all. Tune in for authentic advice that will empower you to be bold beautiful and brilliant as your true self.
Conversations with a series of people who have nothing in common except that program host Robert Wright is curious about what they’re thinking.
By Red School
The Wild Power Series ~ Welcome to your Feminine Guide to the Galaxy with your hosts Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer (co-founders of Red School) who will, over 8 weeks, be sharing 8 nuggets of feminine wisdom from their new book Wild Power (April, 2017. Hay House)
Each week Speech Debelle brings a new podcast, cooking up a brunch for guests inspired by their early food memories, and discovering what else fuels them to keep doing ‘The Work’ they do.
By The Way of Perfection Audio Book - by St. Teresa of Avila
THE WAY OF PERFECTION by ST. TERESA OF AVILA Translated & Edited by E. ALLISON PEERS from the Critical Editon of P. SILVERIO DE SANTA TERESA, C.D. Read by Kris McGregor
By The Psychic Coffee Shop
Each week we take on hot topics, plus talk about a matter of psychic interest, when these energies combine you never know just how much knowledge is going to co
By Бней Барух
Каждый день, на сайте Каббала ТВ ( ведется прямая трансляция уроков для занимающихся углубленным изучением науки каббала и исследованием каббалистических первоисточников. Синхронный перевод на 7 языков, демонстрация чертежей, возможность задавать вопросы в реальном времени. Занятия проводит каббалист Международной академии каббалы Михаэль Лайтман.
By Nicola Bird
The Simplicity Sessions takes a fresh look at simplicity from the inside-out. In these weekly podcasts John El-Mokadem and NIcola Bird share their insights about how we create our experience, and the resulting transformation that happens for many as they gain a deeper understanding of the Three Principles. This podcast is primarily for entrepreneurs, however alongside some in-depth conversations, Nicola and John also share some hot-seat coaching so you can see how this perspective impacts on ...
Free streaming sermon podcasts. Listen to the spiritual messages delivered by Christ Church Unity of Orlando Senior Minister, Rev. Alice Anderson every week.
How can we live in the Now, the present moment, in the midst of a world demanding our time and attention? How can we be free of living unconscious patterns that serve us and seem to sabotage the life of our dreams? Are addiction, chronic emotional pain and depression diseases or Divine catalysts for spiritual transformation? Rev. Dale Blackford addresses these and other vital, questions we all face in this archived program. Each episode journeys into the Now, shining light on pertinent, prac...
By Peace Team
To be EnLightened means to live as One with the Light, experiencing our Golden Light Essence in every experience. Having reached the state of constant EnLightenment, Great Masters such as Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song encourage us to strive for EnLightenment, knowing an Illumined state is the way to a Peace-full existence of Soul Balance and Soul EmPowerment. Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is recognized globally as an EnLightened Peace Shaman, Shaktipat Master Healer and embodiment of The D...
By Marilyn Schwader
Marilyn and her guests share what’s in the news and what’s in our lives, and how shamanism can help us during this time of spiritual awakening. Marilyn combines a unique blend of experience in business, technology, creativity, communication, and spirituality, along with a life-time of study in human potential and consciousness to inspire others to create and share their transformational stories and ideas.
The Bible Alive! Exploring Your Spiritual Road Map with Rev. Ed Townley may offer the most surprising Bible insights you've ever heard. Using traditional Christian sources as well as Unity metaphysics, Rev. Ed approaches the Bible in a way that makes it fresh, exciting and helpful. He not only traces history you may not know, he brings the Bible to life for your life, connecting its ancient spiritual wisdom with today's most urgent challenges. Wherever we find ourselves on our spiritual journ...
By The Discernment of Spirits w/Fr. Timothy Gallagher - Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts
Join Fr. Timothy Gallagher and show host Kris McGregor as they discuss the Discernments of Spirits based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola. They also discuss Fr. Gallagher's books which focus on the Examen Prayer, Mediation and Contemplation, and Discerning the Will of God.
By Overflow Denton
Overflow is a weekly worship experience for college students who attend the University of North Texas, Texas Women's University, and other Denton area colleges. For more information, visit
By Peter K. Louis
Let's revisit the power of the Gospel! The Braveheart Podcast hopes to jolt numb hearts back to life and connect them with the love of Jesus!
By UBN Radio
Kabbalah as a universal wisdom that predates the Bible or religion, and can be studied by anyone regardless of their faith or path. Presenting the wisdom from a lineage of great kabbalalists, The Kabbalah Centre and its teachers provides a course of study that describes the origin of Creation, the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, including human existence, and the journey of the soul. WEEKLY ENERGY BOOST is a 7-day forecast of each week’s spiritual essence, energy, opportunities,...
By A Boss Babe's Journey
Celebrating women and all of our journeys, struggles, transformations and accomplishments.
By David Banach
I play Pagan and other spiritual music in a themed show. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is sad, but it is always a good listen.
By Scott Milnes- Relationship Expert, Life Coach, and Divorce Recovery Coach
Hello, and welcome to the Healing From Heartache Podcast. This is the podcast where we help people truly recover from painful breakups and divorce. It's where we keep it positive, and help you move forward into a bigger, better, and brighter life. So get ready for inspiration and real guidance to help you turn this heartache into a catalyst for tremendous personal growth. Always remember, take a deep breath- we're going to walk through this together. Healing From Heartache is on a mi...
By "Thom the Astrology Guru"
Welcome to the Podcast of "" ! This is Thom "the Astrology Guru" inviting you to Know Astrology! I am an Astrologer & Author! Host of "Psychic Sundays" ( radio show that aired on 88.5 FM KAKU, Maui, Hawaii), Teacher ( offered Astrology classes @ the University of Hawaii). I was born to this world with an incredible curiosity & a wealth of Psychic gifts that I have honed for decades to bring you an amazing, validating,never to forget experience! In addition, my so...
By David Byrd
Working to fill the vacuum in Bay City, Michigan left by Madonna's departure, the host dishes up a heaping helping of personal stories, politics, spirituality, and fun. All this, and the greatest in podsafe and independent music. That Blue Jeans Guy is a gay man single-handedly bringing sexy back to Bay City!
By The Third Thing Network
What happens when a Yogini/Recording Artist and a Healer/Philosopher take some space to explore how all of life is music? DJ Gina Turner and NKH Healer Tim Rothschild bring you The Divine Movement Podcast.
By Mariana C. Ruiz
Welcome to the Impact Driven Entrepreneur the podcast that helps you expand your reach and convert that reach into clients so you can lead your tribe with confidence and create change in the world while living the life you desire. And now your host Certified Business Coach and Consultant Mariana Ruiz.
By The Interior Castle Audio Book - by St. Teresa of Avila
Translated from the Autograph of St. Teresa of Jesus by The Benedictines of Stanbrook Thomas Baker, London [1921] Dom Michael Barrett, O.S.B.Censor Deputatuus Nihil Obstat:✠ Edward Apostolic Administrator Birmingham, Oscott. February 24, 1921 Read by Kris McGregor
By The Minnesota Compline Choir
The prayer at the close of the day, known as Compline, is the last in a continuous cycle of daily prayers and worship known as the Divine Office of the church. The chanted service of prayers as sung by The Minnesota Compline Choir continues the traditions that have been kept by monastic communities around the world for over a thousand years. The choir is comprised of 18 male voices, selected by audition from a wide variety of congregations and denominations. They meet weekly to prepare for e...
By The Compline Choir
A weekly podcast of the Compline service as sung every Sunday night by The Compline Choir in St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1954 by the group's former director, Peter R. Hallock, the service has become something of a phenomenon, with upwards of 500 people (most of them in their teens and early twenties) attending the service, and thousands in the local radio audience and on the Internet each week.
By The Acts 8 Movement
The Collect Call is a podcast that unpacks and reflects upon the meaning of the collect of the week – that prayer at the start of the Episcopal church service that changes every week. Hosts Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale and Holli Powell challenge themselves to learn a little about the history of the prayers, reflect on their spiritual meaning and application to daily life, and, inevitably, reduce them to tweets.
By Podcast Ministries
As I read the Daily Office scripture readings each day, I record it for you with my prayer that while in your busy day; there will be times when God will speak to you as he does to me through His Word. I'm just a ordinary guy reading an amazing book each day. I hope you can join me.
By Allison Crow
The Better Life Better Work Show is hosted by your favorite Life Coach Allison Crow. She's an irreverent priestess with soul medicine for the everyday extraordinary woman, or man- and this show is to help you create BETTER LIFE and BETTER WORK. Topics on Thinking and Mindset, Business & Life Strategy, and Spirituality & Energetics - all so that you can BE BETTER.
Hard work, perseverance, and "pushing through" have helped many of us succeed in life. Most often these achievements come at a price of compromise, sacrifice, and, at times, turning a deaf ear to the Call of Spirit. Perhaps this is an antiquated definition of success. It seems in most cases, those who succeed most profoundly and with the greatest meaning are those who embrace their passions and whose work is also their love. On the road to success, many lose sight of dreams and abandon ...
By Caroline Frenette
The Caroline Frenette Show is a podcast dedicated to helping leaders, entrepreneurs and world changers develop their business intuition, WAKE UP their inner CEO™ and unleash their FULL creative potential. While most business podcasts focus on strategies, “proven” formulas and step-by-step systems, after 15+ years running several successful businesses, I’ve come to see that there are no such thing as magical formulas. Following in the footsteps of others does not guarantee your success. The...
By Jackalope Radio
The Shaman's Brew is show about our paranormal world as viewed through the eyes of a Toltec Shaman. Topics range from ghosts, astral projection, and real magick to shamanism, time travel, and communication with trans-dimensional beings all from the perspective of an ancient shamanic world merged with the more modern view point of hyper-dimensional physics. Your host Marcus Leader has over 30 years of experience investigating the paranormal and has trained one on one for 8 years with a REAL T...
By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.
Listen to the show LIVE every Saturday at 7:00pm Pacific Time and 10:00pm Eastern on BBSRADIO.COM - Station 1! A Fireside Chat with Lance White (Zany Mystic) Famed & gifted psychic healer, author, and exceptionally adept practitioner of question triggered channeling, L.B. White is Zany Mystic. An eclectic array of fascinating guests, fellow travelers and family, is guaranteed to enlighten, inform and delight!
By Ananda Sangha Worldwide
Weekly podcast dedicated to spirituality in daily life. Inspired by the revolutionary teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.
By The Gospel Asylum
Spirituality of the Cross for a Brave New World.
By The Federation of the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan
The Federation of the Sufi Message is a non-hierarchical umbrella organization of Sufi streams united in their devotion to Hazrat Inayat Khan and the Sufi Message. As such, it offers a unique approach, emphasizing that the Spirit of the Message is perpetuated in the transmission channelled through initiation in the different member-organizations, which manifests as a network of attunement of all mureeds to the Divine guidance thereby received.
By Lisa Dale Miller, MFT
A dharma talk given by Lisa Dale Miller, MFT, at the Marin Sangha on January 31, 2010 on the Four Brahmaviharas (Loving-kindness, Compassion, Altruistic Joy, Equanimity) and their near and far enemies. This talk touches upon the Theravadan and Tibetan Buddhist theories and practices for each of the Brahmaviharas, as well as their application in daily life.
By Dr. Jennifer Howard
In a world that’s moving at lightning speed, we race from commitment to commitment just trying to keep up. Our hectic lives often leave us physically and emotionally exhausted, with little time or energy for introspection and conscious living. To live a conscious life means staying awake and aware, in every moment, to what you’re thinking and feeling; to the meeting point of body, mind, and spirit; to the impact your life has on others and the environment; and to the unlimited choices, and p...
By The Paranormal Guide
Four paranormal investigators and researchers tackle questions and topics about the weird, strange, bizarre and unknown
By The Ashtanga Yoga Podcast
Join Stu Girling interview various Ashtanga Yoga teachers in a series of fascinating interviews. These talks already immensely popular on youtube, now have been podcasted by popular demand. Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat is a peaceful haven situated in Goa, a state on India's west coast which is lined by white sandy beaches and the azure Arabian Sea. India is the home of yoga, and Purple Valley hosts some of the world's leading Ashtanga yoga courses & teachers in Goa's most comfort...
By Hari Prasad das
A podcast network featuring Audio content about Devotional Music, Lord Krishna, Spirituality and Hinduism from the Vedic viewpoint.
By Gaura Keshava das
A podcast network featuring Audio content about Spirituality, Vegetarianism and Ecology from the Vedic viewpoint.
By Ananda Sangha Worldwide
Swami Kriyananda answers questions about truth and many spiritual subjects, as he learned about them directly from Paramhansa Yogananda. (These talks were recorded in 2012, before Swami Kriyananda’s passing.)
by Roy Eugene Davis The Bhagavad Gita has inspired and nurtured millions of truth seekers for more than two thousand years. An examination of the inner meaning of the allegory reveals: • how souls awaken from egocentric involvement with physical and psychological conditions to realizations of their pure-conscious nature: • the obstacles to spiritual growth and how they may be overcome: • the emergence of innate knowledge that purifies the mind and illumines consciousness. Read by Ron Li...
By Wendy Reese,
Integrating yoga into life! You know how great you feel by the end of a yoga class, right? You make an intention to feel that way all the time... then life happens. You want to integrate the strength, balance, flexibility, and peacefulness into your daily life, even in the chaotic and conflicting moments (probably especially then!). Engaging, educational, and entertaining conversations to help you be whole and integrate your yoga into your life. Short and sweet episodes based on yoga philoso...
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