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By The Rev. Andrew Suitter
St. Augustine's is a progressive community located on Chicago's North Shore. The findings on this podcast include stories, musings, and seminars that are open for all. Everybody, everybody, everybody is welcomed at St. A's. To learn more about us, please visit:
By Kendra Renzoni
Lumen is a project that encompasses podcasts, blog writings, dharma talks, trainings, retreats, and workshops that integrate yoga asana, yoga philosophy, buddhist philosophy, Chinese 5-Element philosophy and diagnostic/meridian work from shiatsu, with life. Kendra's classes are a living, philosophical inquiry into freedom through our bodies and our lives. She believes that truth, insight, clarity, and inner guidance can be discovered through the body. Her teaching uses yoga as a tool to inves...
By Alberto Cova
My Mission is to educate, inspire and empower our Success Allstar community to live to their highest potential ultimately creating a badass lifestyle full of fulfillment and happiness. We’ll get into sh*t you need to know to really get ahead in your life & how to break out of the rut and get rid of that gut.
By Jason Heilman
The Sound Releasers Podcast is a combination of messages, interviews and music that will inspire and motivate you. Sound Releasers is all about connecting the resident sounds already within in you with a point of inspiration and cycles of motivation unto the release of a manifestation on the earth. Whether it’s in the realm of business, creative arts, faith or family, we all need that spark of inspiration along with consistent motivation to keep us on the journey towards the manifestation of ...
By Kelly Galea
Welcome to Through the Kaleidoscope, your portal to possibilities & soul-satisfying solutions! Get ready to embark on an inspired & magical journey in your quest for a whole you perspective. We'll combine and blend imagination, inspiration and intuition to help you find focus, clarity and momentum as your life’s priorities shift, pivot and evolve. You’ll enjoy our weekly, monthly and annual forecasts, messages designed and created by blending together color theory, energy healing, and...
By Crosspointe Church of Christ
Crosspointe Church of Christ exists to lead Christ-followers into an active, growing faith and life in Jesus Christ. We seek to bring God glory by partnering with Him to create a community that unchurched people love to be a part of!
By Hope Central Church
Hope Central Church is a dynamic, spirited, progressive, inclusive Christian faith community seeking justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God (Micah 6:8). We invite you to listen to select sermons from our Senior Pastor, Rev. Laura Ruth Jarrett; our Associate Pastor/Sabbatical Senior Pastor, Rev. Courtney Jones; our Sabbatical Associate Pastor, Rev. Benjamin Perkins; and from our community ministers, student ministers, and guest speakers.
By Rich Bradfield and Jack Heimsoth
Take a trip to the bubble – the People’s Republic of Boulder. Every week we bring you a fresh tale of the people who make Boulder Colorado a place like no other. Authentic. Strange. Cool. Whimsical. Sexy. There's no hip like Boulder hip. There’s no weird like Boulder Weird. We share the legends, the joy and the weirdness that is Boulder Colorado. We tell the stories of the people who make and made Boulder a unique and special place.
By Marion Baptist Church
We exist to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples!
By Centrepoint Elim
Centrepoint Elim Sunday Mornings
By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.
Magic Monday is a weekly talk-radio show dedicated to discussing all things magical, mystical and metaphysical. Hosted by self-trained psychic and visionary, Jessica Dewberry of Msjdew | Intuitive, this show was created to help heal and shift our collective consciousness and includes live, anonymous psychic readings every 3rd Monday of the month.
By Marian Bacol-Uba
Welcome to the Thriver Lifestyle Podcast! I am so grateful that you are tuning in. I am your host, Marian Bacol-Uba! In this podcast I will share my own experience of transformation from a Survivor to a THRIVER! I also connect you to inspirational thought leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, yogis, energy healers, lightworkers and experts who share their knowledge and experience in how to live a life they love while making a positive impact in this world and collectively raising global consci...
By BBM Talk Radio
Barbara will uncover techniques of releasing old patterns that are unconsciously made and bring them up to the conscious mind to help you let them go! Barbara will also help you find the way to clarity, peace, and how to live a successful life on your terms, by turning negative experiences into positive ones! All the way from Switzerland, an ultimate Renaissance woman, BARBARA SCHEIDEGGER, C.Ht., wife, mother, entrepreneur, life coach, author, host, philanthropist, visionary but most impor...
By Prestonwood Baptist Church Women's Ministry
Welcome to Wonder -- The podcast brought to you by The Prestonwood Baptist Church Women's Ministry! Chrissie Dunham, Director of Women’s Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church and Lisa Clark, Parent mentor for Sky Ranch and author of “Raising Sinners” discuss and celebrate a wonder filled life!
By Legacy Church GA
Legacy Church GA presents the Gospel in Spanish. (Edit in Settings)
By Searose Academy LLC
Seana, Sara, and Rosemary are leaders in the Lightworking community. They have come together to teach women how to activate the feminine lightworker within by deepening their spiritual practice through meditation, mindfulness, and true alignment, guiding them through their energetic power centers, and awakening the Divine Goddess to become the creative, powerful women they are. Their teachings allow women to step into their Divine Power and use their gifts for the highest good for all. The r...
By Anton Nilsson
En postmodern konceptpodcast. Det räcker så. Eller så kan man kalla det för ett riktigt jävla haveri. Om man vill. Men då är man elak.
By Nadine Thomas
A platform exploring our animalistic and divine nature. Delving into whatever info will help us along our journey in retail.
By CBF: Christian Bible Fellowship
Christian Bible Fellowship exists to glorify God by making disciples of all nations through Gospel-centered Worship and Community.
By Monica
Deep Convos Only is where you can hear about spiritual enhancement and mindset hack tricks. Discussions will vary on topics but have one main thread ... going deep.
By Melissa Morgan
Murder! Mystery! Yoga! Melissa Morgan hosts a raucous, often funny, always compelling adventure into murders and mysteries and other weirdness she finds compelling. Looking into solved and unsolved murder mysteries and looking for tips from anywhere, from anyone, on anything, Melissa's curiosity and love of detective work and forensic science is contagious. Melissa's sense of humor and interest in spirituality also make for a wild ride. She has written for a nartioally-syndicated comedy...
By Molly Mandelberg
The Business Strategy Podcast for the Warrior Goddess Entrepreneur
By Kerri Lake
No matter what age you are, if you are living from your heart to bring more love and kindness to the world, then you are in the Generation Of Harmony. Be spiritual in the most relevant ways. What could be more pragmatic than being honest with yourself and acknowledging the gifts you have to share with the world?  Learn to communicate with your entire being, and you become a beacon of harmony in every situation. 
By Alisha Nahoku
Alisha is an awakened energy healer working to support those who are searching for deep connection to the Universe. As a spiritual coach, teacher and guide, she uses her many tools to help awaken the mind and clear the blocks to an abundant, joy filled life. She has been through the darkest dark, and is here to hold your hand through it as well. Working with clients worldwide via phone and skype, she has the wisdom and lessons that you have been seeking.
By Dan Marsalese and Paul Hulford
Two friends sitting around a microphone talking faith, Jesus and beer. Maybe someday we will have guest, who knows.
By Newton’s Law
I wanted to share my journey and the things I’ve learned along the way. I truly have been awaken and now just want to be the light for others, so they can too find their divine purpose.
By Dan Puchalla
This is a podcast about hosing off the Bible from what's gotten caked onto it: predictable platitudes, right-wing politics, pastoral demagoguery, and theologically-correct boredom. This is a podcast about cracking open that book again to find out what's in it — what's not in it — and how embracing its weirdness might help us build a better world for everyone.
By Padua Podcast Network
Sharing truth given by the Holy Spirit.  Using personal experience and teachings of the Catholic Church to better understand truth that brings an abundant and everlasting life.
By Dr. Patrick Porter
By: Patrick K Porter, PhD Join Dr. Porter as he brings together a team of experts to share with you the science behind the brain and how it works. He’ll explore how mindfulness and meditation can be used to transform your life in ways you never thought possible. Get help with sleep, weight loss, stress reduction, pain relief, and more through brain science. Learn to harness the power of neuroplasticity and gain the power to create the life you desire. To get free access to The BrainTap Pro a...
By Susan-Jane Rome
#RAW Magic Where the Treasure you Pursue Lives in You. Raw Magic is a sacred space for you to rediscover your worth, and become better acquainted with the essence that makes you special. Join Susan-Jane Rome as she takes us on a journey through talks of gratitude, guided meditations, and deep introspection in order to uncover a wellspring of resplendent joy and internal well being. Embrace Your Brilliance
By Various
By FBC Cranbrook
Weekly sermons fresh from First Baptist Church, Cranbrook.
By Marcus Hart
Learn the value of being a business or career driven parent (or single individual) while also staying connected spiritually. Spirituality never means religious or good person, but it offers peace, healing, identity, and better habits to become a strong emotional being. My show will relate these three top values and how it relates to our place in society (especially the mainstream culture). Listeners will gain advice, tips, and lots of life hacks to embark on a more successful journey.
By Loveland Heights Church of Christ
A daily (M-F) reading and a short study of about 1 chapter per day in the New Testament. These videos are broadcast live on our Facebook page, This is to supplement and prepare our minds for our weekly sermon on Sundays covering the chapters we study during the week. Join us! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Derek at [email protected]!
By RJ Martins
Join in as rj "tokes" about all things Cannabis, Crohns, health, spirituality, gut healing, & other aspects of our reality we may not have thought about questioning.
By Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Leading Ideas Talks brings to the table cutting-edge leaders on subjects you care about — navigating change, reaching younger people, financing your ministry, communicating effectively — to help you be the leader God is calling you to be.
By Joe Mendoza
Midnight whispers is a paranormal commentary podcast. Joe, the host, invites listeners to call and email their own personal experiences, with the macomb, scary, paranormal, or unexplained. We review horror and sci-fi related movies. Occasionally, we explore the state of Texas and the dark side of what the paranormal brings to the lone star state.
An exploration of people, organizations, issues and events in Northern Colorado from a progressive and multi-faith perspective.
By Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
​Nobody knows everything. And Nobody wants to share that knowledge with you. In each episode of Nobody Knows our spiritualist-in-residence named Nobody tackles a question from a listener​ as no one else can. Anybody can send in a question, but nobody knows how Nobody will answer. To send Nobody a question, visit
By Red Bank Baptist Church
Sermons of Dr. Sam Greer from Red Bank Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN.
By Cody Andras
Bible study teaching podcast
By Tudor Alexander
Creating the life you want to live is an ongoing journey and it is good that we don't have to walk that path alone. This is a weekly podcast covering the Seven Transformations - main areas of our lives that are constant "works in progress" and how, through addressing them regularly, we can build a life we love with the people we love in it.
By Embodied Philosophy
Conversations with practitioners about yoga, meditation, and other embodied practices.
By Destiny Tarot
***Please look for me at Psychicbiatch on BlogTalk Radio every Tuesday night at 9:00pm Central Time!*** Join me every Tuesday night for FREE Tarot readings - real, honest, accurate. Every week, we'll have a NEW tasty topic and FREE mini-readings! Are you ready for some serious, spiritual FUN? You've come to the right place - there's a table reserved for you at the Aeon Cafe!
By Ben Hill
The Senior Pastor, Kyle Peters, and the Student Pastor, Ben Hill, of Myrtle Springs Baptist Church dive into what is going on in the world and challenge believers to look at the world through the lens of Scripture.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is an ANOINTED MAN OF GOD, ordained by Our Lord to when he had an encounter with Him at age 10. Since then, Miracles, Signs and Wonders are the order of his days. Enjoy his teachings.
Between meditation and MoonShine you can find us hustling for the pretty things! Join us on this episode to find out why we call bs on New Years resolutions and the basics of self care!
By Tarun Pradhaan
Talks on spiritual topics, mostly related to the path of knowledge.
By Fr. Timothy Gallagher / Kris McGregor
The Discernment of God’s Will in Everyday Decisions with Fr. Timothy Gallagher and host, Kris McGregor of Discerning Hearts. Father Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a religious community dedicated to retreats and spiritual formation according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Fr. Gallagher is featured on the EWTN series “Living the Discerning Life: The Spiritual Teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola”
By Praying with Scripture: Christian Contemplation and Meditation in the Ignation Tradition with Fr. Timothy Gallagher - Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcast
Fr. Timothy Gallagher, along with show host Kris McGregor of Discerning Hearts, introduces us to meditation and contemplation – the cornerstones of Ignatius of Loyola’s spiritual practice. Father Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a religious community dedicated to retreats and spiritual formation according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Fr. Gallagher is featured on the EWTN series “Living the Discerning Life: The...
By Audioboom
Bright and Clear Meditation features short, relaxing guided meditations that are easy for you to enjoy, even if you've had absolutely no experience with meditation before! Join meditation teacher and hypnotherapist Dan Griese for easy meditations to clear your thoughts, brighten your emotions and change the way you feel. The guided meditation and guided mindfulness meditation episodes are secular in nature, so the series can be enjoyed by people of all beliefs and contemplative traditions. So...
By Jill Power & Karl Wiebe
Power Yourself is a podcast of two people having real conversations about life and happiness. We talk about happiness as a self-driven road and discuss all of the road blocks that tend to come up along the way. The idea is to talk about our lives, tips and tricks we use, difficulties we encounter, ah ha moments we have had, and to share advice and strategies that have worked (and sometimes have not worked) for us. Having these conversations will hopefully help people on their own paths, an...
By Fr. Timothy Gallagher / Kris McGregor
Join Fr. Timothy Gallagher with host Kris McGregor as they discuss the many aspects of the Liturgy of the Hours. Exploring the method, psalms, theology, and liturgical significance of the Divine Office, Fr. Gallagher leads the listener into a practical understanding of this universal prayer of the Catholic Church. Father Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a religious community dedicated to retreats and spiritual formation accord...
By Fr. Timothy Gallagher / Kris McGregor
The Discernment of Spirits: Setting the Captives Free with Fr. Timothy Gallagher – Serves as an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Hosted by Kris McGregor, the series is based on the 14 rules for discerning spirits. Father Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a religious community dedicated to retreats and spiritual formation according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Fr. Gallagher is ...
By Simone Wright
Modern Mystics. Internationally respected Spiritual coach Simone Wright provides you with powerful Mystical tools and understandings to help you accelerate your Spiritual practice, deepen your ability to create lasting transformation and overcome limits that are holding you back. With her powerful ability to clearly articulate multi-faceted topics, Simone will guide you through the A, B, C’s of Modern Mysticism as each weekly episode covers a subject meant to provide clarity, inspiration and ...
By Dulal Chandra dasa
It is difficult to find someone from the West that both understands and can elegantly express the theory behind an Eastern mystical tradition. It is even more difficult to find a modern mystic. In Swami Tripurari we have both: a traditional mystic who can articulate the teachings of an ancient spiritual tradition. A compelling speaker, to hear him and be in his presence is itself a spiritual experience. Swami Tripurari met his initiating guru, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in th...
By Messages From Beyond
Dennis & Alice Jackson are Twin Soul Psychic/Mediums, authors & relationship experts. On this show they deliver loving healing Messages From Beyond.
In the Sunday Times Style's Champagne Mystic podcast, Shelley Von Strunckel shares her own brand of luxurious, clear-minded spirituality, with one mystic topic every week. Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Is there such a thing as bad vibes? What is karma? Subscribe to these 10-minute episodes to bring a little mystical magic into your life.
By Sean Kelley
Welcome to your Pisces Monthly Horoscope by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer. Kelli's unique insight into astrology shines in this monthly video series.
By Nicky Sutton
Are you having a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING? You're not alone. Enjoy regular spiritual inspiration on your journey through life with Nicky. Nicky Sutton BA(Hons), DPLT, Adv.DPLT, MPLTA, is a writer, video maker, qualified past life regression therapist, spiritual guide and vegan, on a mission to spread love, and help people during and after their spiritual awakening. Book a Subconscious Healing or Spiritual Consultation session with Nicky Sutton, one to one, via Skype or telephone: head to http://...
By The Well Community Church
We generally teach directly from Scripture in an expositional style. This feed is an archive of past sermons in audio format.
By Taisha Lalanai Rucker
Peak Fearless helps people shed outworn ideas and ideals about who they are, how the world should work and what’s possible for humanity. Our conversations help reveal a more complete picture of who we are as human beings. We talk with people about making the hard choices needed to create balance between the lives we show outwardly and the lives we live inwardly. Host: Taisha Lalanai Rucker, Esq. Music created by David M. Hamilton.
By Damon Garcia & Keihla Rivera
Perhaps the apparent rejection of God in today’s world is actually the rejection of an understanding of God strictly for a world that no longer exists. That kind of rejection is to be celebrated as we welcome in what is to come. That is why this podcast exists. We are part of the larger movement that is welcoming a new era of spirituality, a new way of talking about God, and new communities that can embrace and celebrate this new era together. When we stop worrying about our religious tribes’...
By Higher Frequencies
Helping Raise Consciousness
By Pastor Bryan Ratliff
Jumpstart Your Faith is a weekly podcast channel providing the essential tools to take your faith to the next level. Each of the episodes on this channel are the sermons preached by Pastor Bryan Ratliff. He is the lead pastor of Clearbrook Baptist Church.
By Oakland Heights Baptist Church
The Oakland Heights Baptist Church podcast connects you with our weekend sermons from Pastor Michael M. Cook. At OHBC you are a part of our family. No matter what your background or current circumstances, we are here to love and support you. Our church is a place for you to connect and grow with others, as we all strive to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We hope you enjoy listening to our sermons, and we hope you will visit us in person. Visit to learn more.
By Dr Deborah Adamy
Dr. Deborah Adamy has conversations with everyday people who inspire, uplift and who are living their lives with vitality and joy. She admires people who can weather adversity and hardship without becoming cynical and bitter; who actually choose to learn, grow and find meaning and purpose in what they have experienced. There are countless ordinary people living pretty extraordinary lives and Deborah wants to shine light on them! Enlighten: Uplift and Inspire includes conversations with a wide...
By Conroe United Pentecostal Church
We are a church offering the hope of Jesus Christ to all people. We strongly believe in gathering, connecting, and serving. This place is for you! Visit us on the web at
By Bad Pastor
Hi! My name is Dave and I’m a pastor. Some might think not a very good one I’ve found my desire to connect with people who’re on the fringes takes me to places pastors don’t normally go, and gets me involved in things they don’t normally do. Things that make good church people wonder what I’m really up to sometimes. Am I good, am I bad? Probably a mixture of both. But just to be safe, let’s call me… the bad pastor.
By The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network
The Catholic Current: Bringing the power of faith and reason to the confusion of the day. (Live Monday-Friday 5:00-6:00 PM Eastern)
By Anne Ribley
Remarkable Souls is a weekly podcast by Anne Ribley.
By <user-5045697>
Tune in for intuition radio! Readings, healing information, cool guests and so much more!
By Bryan Hudson
(Audio) (Video) Conversations with people making a difference and having a positive impact on our community and world.
By WB Christian
Sermons from WB Christian Church
By Amy Young
Tune in twice a week for conversational awakenings and guaranteed laughs with life coach and truth-sayer, Amy Young.
By Brandon Waite
Daily readings from the Revised Common Lectionary, read from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.
By Kirt Lewis
Your regular dose of my own personal takes on matters of faith, social justice and popular culture along with other miscellaneous life-inspired musings. Basically it is my personal 'social commentary' intermingled with some life journaling.
By Carly Fanning & Kate Irvine
An entertaining podcast discussing all things wellness related. Join hosts Kate Irvine and Carly Fanning each week as they discuss everything from holistic healing to crystal grids to cruelty free products!
By FIGU Studiengrupp Sverige
Andelära från FIGU Studiengruppe Sverige
By The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network
Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam (Live Monday-Friday 10:00 AM Eastern) Produced by The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Netork To call the program: 1-877-511-5483 (1-877-511-LIVE) To e-mail the program: [email protected]
Shake up your stardust! Stir up your creative juices!
By Sam Fisher
A brand new podcast about the metaphysical world, zodiac signs and healing gem properties.
By Dr. Michael Likey
Rev. Dr. Michael H. Likey is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Doctor of Theocentric Psychology Specializing in Scientific Prayer, Doctor of Divinity Specializing in Spiritual Healing, Doctor of Philosophy Specializing in Mystical Research, Author of numerous self-help books including "Spiritual Mind-Science" and CEO/Spiritual Director of Michael's International Spiritual-Light Centre. Visit Dr. Michael here: Dr. Michael is a spiritual teacher who welcomes guests who, in their...
By Redeemer Montclair
A PCA-affiliated church located in Montclair, NJ
By Cosmic Mosaic
Cosmic Mosaic features a mix of personal stories about working with angels, spirit guides and loved ones; messages from Spirit; and interviews with like-minded people about metaphysics.
By Bayside Chapel
Weekly sermons and teachings from Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, New Jersey. To learn more about Bayside Chapel, visit us on the web at
By Tiffany Harelik
Take control of your day-to-day destiny with the magic of good timing. Join author Tiffany Harelik as she cuts through confusing astrobabble to help you analyze the cosmic calendar with practical advice. She puts the PLAN in planet to help you strategize your month, make tough decisions, and navigate life better. You're more than your Sun Sign, and there's more to it than meets the Skies.
By Rande Moss
Free Spirit Academy is about you being fully YOU. My name is Rande Moss and I'm an Eating Psychology Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher bringing you conversations about freedom from rigid diets, painful body image, and neverending cycles of self-help and self-improvement. This is about honoring our own bodies and our purest self-expression. Welcome to the podcast.
By Danielle McCourt
Join me for inspiration to create the life you want to live. I'll be sharing meditations, wellness tips and much more to help you feel good and live happy.
By Ibraheem Menk – Muslim Central
Islamic Audio Lectures
By madhukar
Madhukar is a modern master of Advaita (Sanskrit, literally: "not-two"). The essential knowledge of Advaita he spreads through public meetings called Satsang. During a Satsang, Madhukar answers questions of the visitors. Phases of silence, short explanations and cool music that inspire some people to dance are also characteristic. Satsang with Madhukar focuses on direct awakening. They are a radical and loving transmission of truth, often characterized by humor. Main subjects are questions of...
By David Jesse
What if your commute to work resulted in more than just worries about your day and the problems ahead? What if you started every morning with refocussing your thoughts and feelings on the timeless truths of the Bible? Join David Jesse as he shares insight into the Verse of the Day from the YouVersion Bible App! 365 days a year, for less than 10 minutes a day, could result in a changed life!
By Muhammad Abdul Jabbar – Muslim Central
Islamic Audio Lectures
By Tahir Wyatt – Muslim Central
Islamic Audio Lectures
By Bishop Dwight Dove
Biblical teaching and training
By Charlie Love
Charlie Love is a conscious revolutionary who believes the future can become brighter, if we collectively shift our conscious awareness away from individualism, toward unity perception. The success of our shared socio-economic reality will depend on our ability to discover our truest identity, and recognize our deepest connection with the environment. We can build a dream world today, if we move our minds toward unity, our hearts toward love, and our hands toward compassion.
By Mason Mennenga
Engaging faith outside of institutionalized religion
By Pastor Ryan Raymer
A collection of sermons from Corridor Community Church in Lantz Nova Scotia Canada
One Church - Two Locations - Three Congregations