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City Church of Richmond

By City Church of Richmond
Weekly sermons from City Church of Richmond, a PCA church located in Richmond, Virginia.

Emmanuel Anglican Church NYC Podcast

By Emmanuel Anglican Church
Sermons and more from Emmanuel Anglican Church in New York City. Visit us at

Abundant By Design

By Meagan Anderson
Abundant By Design is a podcast for women who want to get their shit together with health, wealthness, relationships, finances, business and EVERYTHING else life throws at them. This movement is for the woman: Who’s ready to level up and stop playing small. Who’s ok with occasionally with being sweary. Who wants to know they are not alone, want to be better, want to do better, and are ready to tell the world who the F they are. Join me every week for powerful tips, as well as interviews wi...

Perfectly at Peace

By Beau Norton / Anchor
Personal growth and spiritual transformation

Be Who You Want to Be with Kristen Hewitt

By Kristen Hewitt
“Be Who You Want To Be” is a new series of conversations with Kristen Hewitt, an Emmy-Award winning South Florida Television Reporter, host, writer, and mom of two. Each episode features a fun and candid discussion with people who are living their best, and most authentic lives. The goal is to learn about their journey, share their message, and inspire others to be who they truly want to be.

Sinnfragen mit Corinna Kehl

By Corinna Kehl
Was ist der Sinn des Lebens? Wer bin ich? Was will ich? Warum bin ich hier? Wie kann ich in so einer Welt glücklich sein? Was ist meine Aufgabe auf dieser Erde? Lausche Corinna und ihren Gästen bei spannenden Gesprächen und hinterfrage deine eigene Sicht auf die Welt. 🌎 Lerne dich selbst besser kennen und finde heraus, was dir wirklich wichtig ist im Leben. ♥️ Lasse dich von unverblümten Worten und erfrischenden Impulsen inspirieren. 🌟

Voice Of Empowerment

By Benjamin Beckley
The voice of empowerment is an insightful and revelational teaching of the word of God designed to empower destinies towards becoming the best that God has ordained them to be, grow in faith, mature in christ and positively affect the world.

Thots N' Prayers

A Podcast where the prayerful and the promiscuous find common ground in the advice giving business though they have no business giving advice to anyone.

Seeds Church Podcast

By Seeds Church
Seeds Church in Murfreesboro, TN exists to help people DISCOVER who God created them to be and EQUIP them to do what He called them to do. Visit for more information.

Life Through Transitions | Helping you navigate life's biggest changes

By Liminal Space
Everybody goes through change. But not everybody transitions. Each episode of Life Through Transitions aims to help those facing the turbulence of difficult change understand that transition is something that can powerfully form us, not something to get through. No matter the change that is faced, we help our listeners create forward momentum by embracing life's most formative transitions and the immense growth and transformation they invite.

AMAI Podcast

By Ash Johns
AMAI Podcast is a radical conversation and show about race, culture, modern community and humanity's evolution...all through the lens of Spirit and Spirituality — from Ash Johns, personal development coach, spiritual guide and founder of Acculturated Space. If you want to hear from change makers and leaders inspiring new ways of connecting and healing the collective consciousness on earth, welcome to the table. Tune in for Ash's unique style of administering and moderating straight talk deliv...

पद्मपुराण Padma Puran

By Raag-Raj / Anchor
Yoga, Smriti, Purana, Upanishad, Veda

New Spiritual York

By Yuraimi & Michelle
A podcast about self-care in the Big Apple, exploring all that brings New Yorker's spiritual joy. When your morning commute drags you down, we lift you up. Join the tribe.

Forte Catholic

Forte Catholic is here to help strengthen your faith.

Love Osho Podcats

By Love Osho
Love Osho Podcast is for busy professionals who want to learn to meditate, relax and find inner peace using OSHO Active Meditations. These are cutting-edge meditation techniques designed for modern people who face the challenges of a digital busy lifestyle. In each episode I will talk to leading experts in the world of OSHO Active Meditations and lifestyle interventions to learn from their experience. I will interview people who have transformed their life to find out how they did it and shar...

Dr. ALi

By William d. owens jr. / Anchor
We will be discussing the Meta-Physics of Life! How to become... 'Self Empowered'!

Time to Fly! Podcast

By Diane C. Parker
The Arcanum Life Academy and artLogic presents "It's Time to Fly!" Don't stay stuck where you stand when you were meant to soar...spend some time with Diane Parker as she reminds you of your Super Shero Powers while poking fun at everyday life on the planet.

After Hours with Mark Husson

By Mark Husson
A venue to provide a richer and uncensored look at whatever's up!

Food For The Flock

By Pastor Anthony Parker: First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church
Welcome to the Food For The Flock Podcast. This is a ministry of First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA. We pray that you are encouraged and convicted by the Word of God. Pastor Anthony and the entire FLMBC church welcome you

Selfless Prayer

By Brenton Sutliffe
Selfless Prayers are prayers which burn in the hearts of committed Christians! Prayers that God hungers to hear. Prayers which may stand between Christians and the gates of hell. Things like Revival, Salvation of the nations, and that God would receive great glory. We sing these things join us as we pray for them. Check out our website at

Monique's Law of Attraction Self Esteem Advices/Interviews/Q and A

By Monique McIntyre
Giving People advice and words of wisdom about Life, Law of Attraction, and Self Esteem in yourself, Marriages, and Relationships. I also do interviews on people that practices law of attraction like Law of Attraction Coaches people with their success stories also interview people about Self Esteem Q and A Episodes

The Heart Gardener Podcast

By Genevieve Heart
Learning to live from the heart, one day at the time

The Wu Wu Wei Podcast

By Wu Wu Wei
The Podcast Episodes, Guided Meditations and other mindfulness techniques brought to you by Serena are dedicated to sharing a practical method for achieving a life of uninterrupted joy, peace, loving-kindness, and health. For more, see the Serena Podcast or


By 宇宙メッセンジャーほしのしほ

Tapping This Week

By Deborah Donndelinger
Let's get tapping every day. Tapping is an awesome self-care routine. Each week we tap on various themes and time-tested archetypes to set our intentions for the week. Hosted by Deborah Donndelinger, certified EFT practitioner and author.

Ascension Experience

By Raymond Gregory
On the cross Christ said "It Is Finished," and at His Ascension he effectively said "It Is Beginning!"  The first step in fulfilling God's ultimate call on our life, to make disciples in all nations, we first must become devoted disciples ourselves!  These daily podcasts are designed to help you do just that

All Ways Evolving podcast

By Erica Boucher
All Ways Evolving is a podcast about living an awake, aware, conscious life. It's about recognizing that our lives are a product of the choices that we make, so let's choose wisely. Listen as your host, Erica Boucher, yogi, author, and educator, talks about everything from yoga and spirituality to emotional intelligence, communication and relationships, sustainability living, conscious eating, and so much more.

On Carrying A Concern

By The Keefe-Perrys
On Carrying a Concern is a show about sharing the stories of Friends that have been called into service. It is a way to celebrate and learn from Quakers that have been led into the world in service. It is hosted by Kristina and Callid Keefe-Perry of Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting in Cambridge, MA.

FQV Podcast

By First Quarter Vibrations
A collective of Toronto-based artists share conversations about their creative and personal experiences. Through group discussions and interviews, they exchange stories and ideas about society, culture, music, spirituality, and self-improvement with vulnerability and humour. First Quarter Vibrations is the Creative Wellness lifestyle that values expression, empowerment and high vibrations.

The Spiritual Care Podcast

By David Freudberg
On the Spiritual Care Podcast, you’ll hear stories of caregivers (chaplains, nurses, social workers and many others) who provide spiritual support for people in need – and often in distress. They’re trained to be inclusive, not exclusive. They serve in diverse venues, including hospitals and hospices, colleges, the military, prisons, retirement communities, first-responder services, the emerging field of community chaplains and other settings. These providers offer a sympathetic, non-judgme...

The Stockbury Dark

By The Stockbury Dark
We speak to people from our world about the Dark. Their stories, their experiences and their words. We don’t seek answers, on the contrary – we seek more questions. There is adventure, history, whispers from ancient times where you least know it. We have had our fair share of it, and so have our guests. If you’re down for it and open to it, maybe you will too friend. We are Klas of Shipwrecked & Peter of 100 Demons/Forced Reality – Welcome to The Stockbury Dark

Pat's Ponderances Podcast

By Patrick Eichhold
Six-feet, nine-inches tall and still "growing" is how Pat's Ponderances Podcast host, Patrick Eichhold, describes himself. He spent 11 years listening to, reading, and watching content by Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, and Tim Ferriss (among many others) only to find out that a freak accident from his childhood (don't worry no one was seriously injured) was the singular moment that was preventing him from acheiving his life's goals. Listen in as Patrick shares his thoughts on personal...

Soul Nudge: Daily inspiration for Passionate World Changers

By Clare Josa, Author | Speaker | Mentor to Passionate World Changers
Start your day with bite-sized inspiration from Clare Josa: author, speaker and mentor to Passionate World Changers. In each episode, Clare shares with you life-changing messages from the worlds of NLP, practical psychology, meditation and mindfulness, yoga, demystified Ancient Wisdom and her Inner Engineer's common sense. You'll get a daily quote or affirmation and - together with thousands of other Passionate World Changers - you'll set an intention for your day, so you can start changing y...

The Examen Prayer with Fr. Timothy Gallagher - Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts

By Fr. Timothy Gallagher / Kris McGregor
Can we live with our spiritual eyes open to catch the action of God? The Examen Prayer is the one prayer St. Ignatius could not imagine doing without. You can’t stand still in the spiritual life if you are praying the Examen Prayer. Join Fr. Timothy Gallagher and host Kris McGregor, of Discerning Hearts, as they explore the many aspects of this Daily Prayer of Discernment - The Examen Prayer! Father Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Vir...

Hekyll n Shyde

By Hekyll n Shyde
Paranormal & Spiritual Podcast Woven together with mystery, magic and a lot of coffee & wine


By Jeff Riddle
At Transcend we tell transformational stories from everyday people and unpack the lessons they learned that changed their lives.

Water Buoys

By Water Buoys
Are you parched? Our ramblings on topics we have no real understanding on will be sure to quench your thirst.

God Broke

By Jordan Pittman and Jason Bilyeu
Join the conversation with two millennials as they journey through the themes of spirituality, mysticism, and all things that make us human. Whether you know you're lost. Or you think you're found. This is living in the 21st Century.

The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

By Kimberley Loo
A podcast exploring wellness, spirituality, manifestation and co-creation. A blend of science and spiritual.

It's Just the Pipes

By Sophie Weil
It’s 3:04 AM. No one is home. You just got into bed. You turn over in your sheets and are about to drift to sleep—WHEN SUDDENLY—you hear a rapid knock at the window—right next to your ear. Your eyes pop open, the hairs on your arms stand up, your heart races, it feels like someone just slid an ice cube down the back of your shirt. Was it a burglar? No that’s ridiculous. Was it your roommate trying to scare the living hell out of you? Most likely. Or was it the dead, lingering spirit of an ill...

Lion of Judah

By Congregation Lion of Judah
Lion of Judah strongly believes in a global calling. Watch Sunday Services live online on Sundays, or watch the recording whenever works best for you each week.

Arjun's Arrow

By Arjun Collins
Our aim is to provide the perspective of peoples whose humanity has been disestablished through indoctrination and establish a humanity that is aligned with all. To do so we must find the mind, a process that requires realizing our own humanity, the root of it and the obstacles in front of realization. Arjun's Arrow means to provide a platform for the conscious revival of ancestral knowledge and the retrieval of knowledge lost. Finding, requires recognition that the institutionalized way of...

Cone Glow

By Jessica Thomas, Jared Brady, Cody Sanders
We are just 3 regular people talking about life. We will be talking about philosophy, entertainment, art, and religion. We want to explore things deeper while being a little silly.

All Saints Church

By All Saints Church, Green Bay, WI
A collection of sermons from All Saints Church (PCA) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more information about All Saints Church, please visit

New Creation Church

By New Creation Church Longmont, Colorado
We are a non-denominational church located in the heart of Longmont, Colorado. We are right across the street from Roosevelt Park. At New Creation Church we are a non-denominational, Word of Faith, Charismatic, Full Gospel community of people who believe that God is interested in the lives of people from every walk of life. Our approach to church is simple, provided environments that help people to Grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ, Connect with others in study and support group sett...

Event Horizon

By mark anthony peterson
A walk into the paranormal with a splash of conspiracy. It's what would happen if X-Files and David Icke had a baby. Join me for a wild ride, but remember to pull down the curtains and put on your tinfoil hat.

León de Judá

By Congregacion León de Judá
Ven tal y como eres a León de Judá

Hope Chapel Podcast

By Hope Chapel
Hope Chapel is a Christian community located in the Baltimore, Maryland area, celebrating, living, and preaching the good news that in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. God has restored peace with his creation by restoring us to relationship with himself. With this great news, we are a people striving together to live by faith, loving and being loved, sharing in struggles and hope, and pushing one another toward God’s perfectly planned redemption of our world in Jesus Christ. For more info...

IL GRANDE FREDDO - ovvero le patologie tumorali - Gabriella Giannì

Conferenza tenuta presso l'Emeroteca della Biblioteca Civica "Ricottiana" (Voghera) il 15 marzo 2015 "Paura, confusione, domande non poste, risposte non date, senso di inadeguatezza, delusione... quale malato di cancro, o suo familiare, può non identificarsi in una o più di queste situazioni? Quella che avrebbe dovuto essere sconfitta entro il secolo scorso secondo gli "addetti ai lavori", sarà la malattia caratterizzante anche il secolo attuale, a meno che, forse, non venga compresa nel suo...

Work of Heart

Conversation style interviews that delve into subversive culture, the arts, philosophy and spirituality.



Consideralo Con Eduardo Rodriguez

By Eduardo Rodriguez R.
Mensajes prácticos que te ayudarán a avanzar en tu caminar con Dios. Reflexiones bíblicas para la madurez de tu vida espiritual. "Considera lo que digo, y el Señor te dé entendimiento en todo." 2 Timoteo 2:7 #Dios #Jesus #vidacristiana #biblia #familia#fortaleza_espiritual#restauracion_emocional

The Magdalene Voices

By Mariaestela - Catalyst & Facilitator
The Magdalene Voices is giving voice to those silenced for centuries through Sacred Conversations with Beautiful, Illuminating Souls.   The energy of the divine feminine is sweeping across the globe and uniting in Sacred Union with her divine masculine counterpart she is paving another way than the dark path of shadow human beings have been following for decades and centuries. I call it the Magdalene Rising. Millions of souls are waking up in darkness remembering who they truly are....

The Starbound Podcast

By Sasha Bogoslowsky, founder of Starbound Earthseed
Weekly tools, tips & tricks for navigating energy, moods & manifestations for seasoned priestesses and curious spiritual beings alike.


By 鑫子FM心悦台
秘密:改变千万人命运的潜能读本、世界上最神奇的潜能开发训练。100多年来,所有掌握这个“秘密”的人都取得了极大的成功! 《秘密全集》讲述的是一套卓有成效的潜能开发系统,其主旨是通过激发人的精神潜能,由愉及外,重塑一个人的习惯、态度和行为,从而帮助人们实现自己的人生目标 ——幸福、健康和财富!历史上,有许多伟人不仅知晓这一秘密,而且极力推崇并加以应用:苏格拉底、牛顿、柏拉图、爱默生、歌德、雨果等大师,则在阐述道理和著述时与人分享这一伟大的秘密。“我能获得现今的成就。。。。极大部分要归功于本书的教导。”——拿破仑.希尔 本书经典三合一: 秘密 失落的世纪致富经典 世界上最神奇的24堂课

Jason Zuk, The Social Psychic Radio Show and Blogcast

By Jason Zuk The Social Psychic
Jason Zuk, an intuitive psychic medium since 2004, will cover a variety of topics associated with Spirituality, Mediumship, & Connecting to the Other Side.

Mindful Insights Podcast by

By Jennifer-Crystal Johnson
Mindfulness, inner work, emotional understanding, spirituality, law of attraction, quantum physics... it's all connected. Topics will vary, but are based on the Mindful Insights Blog at Mindfulness blogger, inner work coach, and author Jennifer-Crystal Johnson takes listeners on a journey deep into the individual and collective psyche and emotional body to explore the shadows of narcissistic abuse and the dark night of the soul during a spiritual awakening, as well as...

Lessons from the Journey called life

By Journey Church of Hopkinsville
We are a non-denominational church made up of a group of real people with a simple focus: love God and love others. Our desire is to be a place where those who are looking for God, those wanting a connection with Jesus, and those interested in discovering life transformation can: belong, believe, and become.

The Frank Friar

​The Frank Friar Podcast is just that ‘frank.’ Why? Because each podcast episode is like a mini-retreat for your day. It is a way for you to receive quickly little spiritual insights from the Carmelite Tradition with in the Catholic Church.

The Farkas Files on Empower Radio

By David Franklin Farkas
The Farkas Files on covers a lot of ground using the framework of three topics... Metaphysics, Shamanism and the Paranormal, starting from four basic understandings... Everything is Energy. Everything is Connected. Everything is Conscious. Everything is Interactive. Enjoy "The Farkas Files", The Truth is in Here... Somewhere.

The House Fort Worth | Micah Berteau

By The House Fort Worth
Welcome to the audio podcast of The House Fort Worth lead by Pastor Micah and Lindsey Berteau. We hope that this podcast will give you hope, faith and encouragement throughout your week. To learn more about The House Fort Worth visit

Rejected; mémoire's of a Recovering Missionary. Adventures in Faith, Failing and Finding Our Way

By Rance Loftsgard / Anchor
I was Born at a very young age to a porn star and a war hero turned prolific hippie artist. At the age of 12 I met Jesus in a deeply profound way and have followed him though 30+ countries, hundreds of train wrecks (literal and metaphorical), 2 Christian universities and countless hours speaking to groups of people about the scandalous love of Christ and yet, still haven't figured out how to do Christianity perfectly. Join me as I walk with Jesus unpacking the baggage of a life filled with d...

The Overcoming Life with Jimmy Evans Video Podcast from MarriageToday

By MarriageToday
The Overcoming Life is a ministry outreach dedicated to helping people succeed in life and thrive in their personal relationships with God and others. Hosted by Jimmy Evans, this inspiring show will help you grow spiritually and emotionally.

XO Marriage Video Podcast from MarriageToday

By MarriageToday
The XO Marriage Podcast is a weekly podcast highlighting current events, marriage happenings and relationship help from the ministry of MarriageToday.


By 秋逸君
佛教经典浩如烟海,集结为大藏经,分为三藏,即:经、律、论。 经为佛所说,是佛陀在各种场合所讲述的教义。(但有例外,如著名的《六祖坛经》乃六祖慧能大师所说)佛陀为了弘扬佛法,将这些教义善巧的加以解说,以适应各种不同的环境和不同性格或理解力的人。 律是佛所制定之律仪,能治众生之恶,调伏众生之心性;有关佛所制定教团之生活规则,皆属于律部类。戒律有出家律也有在家律。 论是对佛典经义加以论议,化精简为详明,以决择诸法性相;为佛陀教说之进一步发展,而后人以殊胜之智慧加以组织化、体系化的论议解释。如《瑜伽师地论》《大智度论》等。 本专辑为课堂录音,对经论文本进行导读与讲解,不涉及律藏。


By 世界的家浩

The Women's Mosque of America

By Women of America
This is the official Women's Mosque of America podcast channel.

The SoulSmart Podcast with Joanna Hennon

By Joanna Hennon
SoulSmart is the podcast that explores the hidden side of success - because success isn't always about DOING more, it's also about the energy BEHIND the action.


By ライフパワーエネルギー河合純也の言魂
人生全方位を豊かに、人生の醍醐味を味わって生きる為の意識の持ち方を教える河合純也の言葉は、魂に響く言霊の宝石箱だ。多くの人が、知識や理屈で考えた目標「ああなりたい、こうすべきだ」という自分の目標に囚われている。 理屈や常識、知識で描くビジョンにはそもそも限界があるのだ。そもそも人は、自らの根源に計算を超えるものを生み出すパワーを持っている。そこに繋がることが出来るようになる。 更に、単なる常識や通俗的な観念ではない、感謝や愛、喜びという高い波動に自らの状態を高め、心をがらりと変容させ、エネルギーの流れを変えてしまう世界を体得させる。 今ある自分をそのまま素直に受け止め受け容れ、自分のダメさも丸ごと受容出来るようになり、自分を愛し、自己価値感の高まることで、不足感がなくなり、満ち足りた自分と「出会う」ことになる。 「もらう人」から「与える人」に変容させ、人生を一変させる。「欲しい」「責任転換・被害者意識」の「弱い人」としての生き方から、「受け容れる」「責任を自ら取る」「言い訳をしない」生き方へと転換し、ビジネス、人間関係、全ての人生全方位を良くすることが出来るようになる。 ...

The Sober Curious: Change Your Relationship with Alcohol

By Debi Talbert: Innovative Educator. Podcaster, Flight Attendant, GlamMa
Sober-minded is characterized as reason, self-control, showing mental and emotional balance. Curious is defined as eager to know or learn something. The Sober Curious Podcast is my personal journey as well as a resource to help you discover how to become Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes-like about our relationships with alcohol. To let go of what society and our current culture dictate as the norm around drinking and experiment for yourself what life is like with and without alcohol in it. You ...

The Magnificats Talk

By The Magnificats
'The Magnificats Live from London' co-presenter and cat-owner, Steven Croston chats with The Animal Psychic, Jackie Weaver. What's animal communication? How does it work? What are the wider implications? Each show features a psychic session with one of the seven Magnificats.

The River at Tampa Bay Church

By Dr Rodney Howard Browne
Enjoy our weekly Audio Podcast from Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne, Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne are the founders of Revival Ministries International, The River at Tampa Bay Church, River Bible Institute, River School of Worship, and River School of Government in Tampa, Florida.

ハッピー探訪MAYA GAJA - 海外で自分らしく生きるためのハッピーライフ

By スキナー朋子:ライフコーチ、バイリンガルナレーター

Innergiza Tu Vida Podcast | Meditación | Inspiración | Mindfulness | Coach de Vida y Salud Holística con Francesca Davila

By Francesca Davila: Coach de Vida, Conferencista
Innergiza tu vida show, es un podcast diseñado para inspirar, elevar y amplificar todos los esfuerzos encaminados a tener una mente tranquila, mejor energía, salud y un estilo de vida Innergizante. En los episodios, serán tratados temas de espiritualidad, crecimiento personal, salud, nutrición para el cuerpo y alma! Este es un espacio para poder incentivar y acceder al poder personal que cada persona posee. Compartiendo experiencias personales y de sus invitados, Francesca ofrece pautas y...

Breaking Success

By Chris Dufey
Breaking Success - The Worlds Best Give You The Answers To Build The Body, Business and Life You Love By: Chris Dufey: Fitness, Business and Lifestyle Entrepreneur How Do I Start and Grow An Online Business? How Do I Get Into The Best Shape Of My Life? How Do I Achieve and Succeed and Be Happy In Life? …These are just some of the big questions Chris Dufey digs into to uncover the truths for you. Breaking Success gives you the answers to build the body, business and life you love. We s...

I've Got A Feeling

By Tim McCaffrey and Tracey Wright
A Feel Good About Yourself Podcast

Dr Ice Cream

By Crystal Gallagher
Crystal aka Dr Ice Cream, takes your questions on ice cream and life.

Liberate Your Self

By Trista Dedmon
We live in a time of great transformation and chaos where the old forms of society are crumbling to make way for a new era. This gives us a unique opportunity to co-create a new benevolent paradigm. Join myself and guests as we share our own journeys of self-mastery and unfolding through esoteric philosophy, consciousness expansion, metaphysics, astrology, psychology, occult principles and mystical practice. Empower yourself and reclaim your sovereignty on your own terms.

Mind Body Soul

By Alyssa Snow
Thousands of years ago, monks and yogis would seek out enlightenment in caves and in the forests. In our times, we don’t have the opportunity to seek enlightenment in caves. We are tasked to awaken in our daily lives. We are monks without monasteries. We are modern yogis and most of our yoga is done off the mat. That is, if we are paying attention. Alyssa dives into the awakening that comes about in our daily life experiences after our yoga and meditation practice. And it’s not all pr...


By Rhonda Hohmann
Have you ever wondered what your soul knows about you?  Have you ever wanted more insight, healing and clarity that enabled you to live the life you dream about?  Then THE SOUL KNOWS, is just for you.  A show devoted to you, right now, right here where you are.  Every Thursday at 7:00PM/Central Standard Time Rhonda will be engaging and celebrating the powerful truth of your soul.  So Join Rhonda with your questions and conversation and share in the delight and beauty of that old greek axiom, ...

La Empoderada Positiva

By Maite Issa, Coach de Mujeres, Especialista en Autoestima Corporal, Body Positive & Empoderamiento Femenino, Yogi
La Empoderada Positiva es el primer Podcast Body Positive en Castellano, en el que hablamos de Autoestima Corporal, Empoderamiento Femenino y Yoga. La misión de este Podcast es de empoderarnos para vivir según nuestras propias reglas, desafiar los estererótipos y romper con los estándares impuestos, para desatar nuestro poder y despertar a la mujer salvaje e indomable que todas llevamos dentro. Por nuestra herencia cultural que considera lo masculino superior a lo femenino, hemos interioriz...

The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show

The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show looks at health as more than simply the absence of disease and delves into the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of life. This program is brought to you in part by Pillars Health Systems. The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity.

I'm more than okay | Lebe deine wahre Kraft

By Sonja Neuroth
Hast du es satt, dich ausbremsen zu lassen - Sei es durch Selbstzweifel, Ängste, Kritik von außen oder durch das Gefühl, einfach nicht "gut genug" zu sein? Weißt du, dass du nicht wie jeder andere bist, aber es fällt dir schwer, selbstbewusst, selbstbestimmt und klar deinen eigenen Weg zu finden und zu verfolgen? Dieser Podcast ist für dich, wenn du dich zwar weiterentwickeln möchtest, aber keine Lust mehr hast, dich dafür erst "verbessern" zu müssen. Lass uns gemeinsam damit aufhören, uns se...

Mystic Body Meditation

By Nancy Walters: Meditational Podcaster, Photographer and Artist
Mystic Body Meditation is a chakra and yoga inspired meditation used to free up your energy, promote healing, combat the effects of aging, calm your mind and balance your emotions. We discovered over the years that many ancient spiritual teachings held back knowledge of essential chakras. Through deep meditation and research we have discovered 12 chakra/energy centers that you can use on a daily basis while meditating, working and exercising in order to open up and align your mystic body. Onc...

Min Soo Choi Audioblog

By Min Soo Choi
A daily blog where I share my weird journey of becoming a digital creative. This is where you'll hear about what is rattling in this weird brain, what I am planning on doing next, and whatever insecurities I am wrestling through that day. Hope you love the ride!

Biz In Flow Bedside Chat With Natasha Koo & Jachym Jerie

Building a business is hard, filled with struggle and pain. That’s the standard paradigm… but is it really true? Join Natasha Koo and Jachym Jerie, an entrepreneurial couple, as they share their journey of creating a new business with ease and in flow. Get an inside look on the valuable insights and tranformative mindset that brings their business forward every single day. Tune in to learn how you can also overcome the challenges that business brings in the simplest and most effective way pos...

contemplative at home

By Lissy Clarke
Inspired by Lectio Divina and the Collatio, this podcast offers the listener sessions of guided, meditative, listening prayer around different passages of scripture. Each episode will take you in to a deep place of listening in the Lord's presence where you will hear a gospel story read very slowly so that you can savour each word, imagine the scene vividly and perhaps even discern what the Holy Spirit is speaking into your own life through the text. This prayer experience is ideal if you ...


La dimensione morale e religiosa nel bambino Relatore Pietro Archiati Dal convegno di Trento, 16 marzo 1990