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By Santiago Catholic Church
Words for your way from Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church, Lake Forest, California.
By The Downtown Faith Discussion
There's something happening in Downtown Las Vegas and it's exciting. So many people are breathing life into a previously lifeless area. Jeremy and Martha Martin have moved their family to this city center to begin a conversation about life and faith. This podcast features Jeremy and the people he meets who live/work/play in the downtown district. Listen in as he asks awkward questions about what people really believe and how it affects their lives here. Join the discussion!
By Allie Michelle + Raquelle Mantra
Your Own Magic podcast connects you with the most inspiring artists, wellness experts, humanitarians, spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs and other influential visionaries who are living their magic and making a great impact on our world. Our intention is to empower you by sharing their stories, tricks and tips to help you unleash your own magic. Hosted by Allie Michelle & Raquelle Mantra INSTAGRAMS @alliemichellel @raquellemantra Theme Music: Sounds of Sion
By ChurchOfGodOfChicago
Church of God of Chicago, Pastor Ricky Dukes
By Fourth Presbyterian Church
Sunday worship services and sermons from, The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago 126 E. Chestnut Street Chicago, Illinois 60611.2014 312.787-4570
By Septembre Lewis
Septembre (Bre) Lewis is a nurse entrepreneur turned life and wellness empowerment coach. TGMS was created to uplift, inspire, and encourage people to transform their minds, and in turn transform their lives through special guest interviews of the worldwide community.
By Jonathan Zenz
The expression of our lives are the sum of our thoughts and beliefs. Do you want to change your life? Begin by changing your thoughts and beliefs. This podcast explores why life is the way it is and what can be done to change it... if that is what you want!
By Sandy Andrew
The Universal Learning Series Radio Show -Mind/Body/Spirit & Science Join us as we journey and explore the great mysteries of life from spiritual and scientific perspectives! Disclaimer: All statements, opinions, comments, views, or policies expressed on the ULS Radio Show and/or this website by guests, authors, or others are not to be relied upon or construed as those of The Universal Learning Series or endorsed in any manner by Sandy Andrew or the advertisers of The Universal Learning ...
By Yoga Instructor Reiki Master Teacher Herbalist Lana Simmons & Psychic Medium Shaman Reiki Master Teacher Mindie Adamos
A show about how to fill your spiritual, emotional and physical well! Join co-hosts Lana Simmons and Mindie Adamos as they discuss practical ways to nourish your minde, body & soul!
By Terry Canady and Thom Schumacher
The Open Door, brought to you by The Summit Lighthouse, is for those seeking a spiritual path. Spiritual seekers know that there is truth in all of the world’s religions, and they are looking to unlock universal truths that can lead them to higher consciousness.brbr The Summit Lighthouse is a repository of the teachings of the ascended masters, saints and sages who have transcended time and space. They bring, through their Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, priceless teachings that...
By Mariana Cooper
The Aha! Moments Radio Show is dedicated to the inspiration, education and celebration of Enlightened Entrepreneurs Worldwide!
By Jenn Royster
The Jenn Royster Show is an inspirational hour that explores the spiritual approach to life’s greatest challenges as your host Intuitive Counselor Jenn Royster takes you on a journey through the metaphysical world. Listen to guided healing meditations, intuitive reads with callers, and the benefits of connecting to Spirit, the Angels, and your Higher Self. Jenn is passionate about helping others find the answers they're looking for by turning inward, tapping into their own natural style of co...
By Angel JJ
Guided meditations and advice on connecting to spirit
By Seraphim Angel Twin Flames
Tune in as Seraphim Angel Twin Flames Kimberly Dawn & Jer bring healing Angel & Archangel messages for listeners questions. This is for you if you: 1. Are looking for quick answers regarding a specific subject (other than medical or health) 2. Need answers regarding Twin Flames, Soul Mates or your current relationship 3. Want to know what to do next 4. Need help with why you feel stuck 5. Want guidance around your job situation or finances 6. Would like information about a new direction 7. ...
By Molly Friedenfeld
A radio teaching program with Molly Friedenfeld featuring how to become an Earthly Angel, spread love and light across the earth, leave light trails in your footsteps, heal with the light of the heart, connect and communicate with Angels, and deliver messages of light! Focus on love. Shine the light. Change the world.
On “The Book of Life” weekly radio show on The Nachum Segal Network, Charlie explores concepts most relevant to our lives. Fusing wisdom from his background in business, academics, and spirituality, Charlie explains the core principles of greatness, success, and happiness. For more information, visit and
By Sam McConnell and Amanda Hays
Have you ever actually read the Bible? Considering its saintly reputation, it packs surprising gore, horror, and depravity. As well as beauty, wisdom, and tedium. For millennia, the Bible has held Western culture captive to its strange stories of ancient people trying to figure out God. Maybe you're not religious, but you're curious about the Bible. Maybe you grew up in church, but you're looking for a new way to relate to the Bible. Welcome! We're Sam and Amanda. We're obsessed with the ...
By Katy Napoleon-Hill
Stories Of Freedom, Responsibility & Personal Potential. The Success Journeys Podcast features interviews with incredible guests who share their own personal journey to success; they share their highs and their, their joy and their pain and the true underlying story of what it took to get to where they are today. The Success Journeys Podcast is here for others to learn from. The stories will be embedded on the internet for generations to come for others to benefit from so that they too can...
By Stephen F. Skinner |
Renew Your Life, Simplify Your Business, Multiply Your Impact! This show is for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners. It will give you the vision to live & work with excellence! Entrepreneurship with a Biblical Worldview. Visit to learn more!
Interviews with artists, thinkers, musicians and anyone who has input on spirituality
By Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence
The Comfort Zone is a half-hour, weekday program where we answer your questions! Jam-packed with biblical insight, real-world answers, and a lot of fun, this program will stir you up to reach out to the lost!
By Steve Austin
Join Self-Care Coach Steve Austin for raw advice on a range of topics, including: recovery, mental health, spiritual abuse, relationships, and more!
By Suzanna Miller: Sexual Energy Mentor
More and more women are finding their way to a sexual paradigm that has been largely forgotten or suppressed. This way of expressing our sexuality shifts the emphasis from sex as something we do with our bodies to sex as an expanded state of being involving not only body, but heart, mind and soul as well. And the best part is that you can experience all this bliss all on your own because it comes from the core of you. The result of this shift in sexual consciousness is that we enjoy far more...
By Giovanna Rossi: Speaker on wellness and leadership, Coach, Entrepreneur, Wellness Strategist
Interviews with women leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who want to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. Whether it’s physical or sexual health, juggling life and work, professional development or financial success, emotional or spiritual wellness, a Well Woman is passionate about achieving her highest level of well being. Calling on the wisdom and lessons of Byron Katie, Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown and Marie Forleo, each episode is packed with tips and best practices for women who are doing s...
By Susan Larison Danz
"I want to thank you for one of the best interviews that I've ever had." ~ " I am deeply appreciative that you're being straight and vulnerable with me and with your listeners" ~ " have a great gift you are giving" ~ "'s been so wonderful" ~ " was just so much fun" ~ "It's incredibly important…" ~ "a terrific makes all the difference in the world to have a host who is informed and interested..." ~ "You had such wonderful insights and questions. It made for a rea...
By The Vortex Network
The VORTEX NETWORK is a portal for the ever-expanding circle of positive Energy that is formed when like minds come together for the shared purpose of promoting self empowerment and creating well being. The VORTEX NETWORK is a safe destination for men and women of all ages to meet and join in the on-air discussion – a place of no judgment where everyone can feel free to ask any question and interact with others who are on the same path seeking higher knowledge and greater insights. It is a p...
By GentleHealingPlace
The Gentle Healing Place featuring the Psychic Trio is a show hosted by Michele Woodward M.A., Psychic and Embassedor of love, joy, and compassion.... dedicated to facilitating personal growth, awareness and spirituality in the gentle way. The Trio is made up of Michele Woodward, Lia Roselli psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant, gem stone healing practitioner and spirit channel and Jim Angle psychic clairvoyant , poet and author . The trio hopes to provide a safe place for people to come to di...
By Ananda Sangha Worldwide
Based on Conversations with Yogananda, a book of stories, wisdom, and sayings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Recorded around 2006.
By 精选FM
By 黄庭禅
By Wingwindy
《不要用爱控制我》 原作名:Controlling People: How to Recognize, Understand, and Deal with People Who Try to Control You 作者:[美] 帕萃丝·埃文斯 (Patricia Evans) 译者:郑春蕾,梅子 出版社:京华出版社 页数:199 字数:260000 定价:24.80元 ISBN: 978-7-80600-709-9 版本:2007年6月第2版 2012年2月第3次印刷 中国版本图书馆CIP数据核字 (2002) 第074067号 / B825 帕萃丝·埃文斯,加拿大埃文斯人际关系研究中心创始人。在全美建立了许多工作室,著述颇丰。其首作《口头侵害关系》,被《新闻周刊》誉为一次“根本性的突破”。 人人都希望别人同意自己的观点,掌控一切;人人都可能不由自主地对别人指手画脚、随意评价。 有的人懂得校正自己的行为,适度控制,所以进退自如,生活得无比轻松。有的人却不明白这种行为给别人带来的痛苦。结果是失败的婚姻、紧张的人际关系和扭曲的心灵,自己也异常苦恼。 为什...
By 老麦&开心
我们是麦开心, 想做最有趣的事最有趣的人。 每周一、三、五,音频推送——“我们的旅行是个烂笑话” 讲述我们自己旅行中的各种趣事。 关注微信公众号,更多相关良心搞笑图文展示 ^,哈哈哈 笑醉你们! 新浪微博:麦开心旅行 微信公众号:麦开心旅行商店
By 段子来了
By The Pet Psychic
Wanted animals: dead or alive! Call in to ask or tell your animal anything. Call in to hear what your animal has to say! Cat peeing outside the litterbox? Dog growing at the neighbor? Animal in pain & want to know where? Fun reasons too! What does your rabbit think of your dog? Why does the cat bring twigs into the house? The radio show for animals & their people. Laura Stinchfield - Animal Communicator with show producer Ai Kusuhara talk to animals who are living now as well as those wh...
By David Strickel
Learn to tap into your personal power, gain clarity on any topic and manifest your dreams. We are The Stream. We are the origin of all creation and we are here to bring clarity and offer guidance on any topic. We are not a deity, we do not wish to be worshiped or need to be obeyed and we will not judge you or ask you for anything. We are here to blend with you, The Collective, in what you perceive as difficult times. Our intention is to build community and harness the power of the collecti...
By The Catholic Guy
The Catholic Guy Impact Centres exist to reach those who are disconnected from the Church and bring them into an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, through the building of church events and communities that people love to attend.
By Pastor Adam Ybarra
Many Church going folks hesitant to experiment with the practical techniques of Christianity. What I hope to gain from our prayer experiment? Demonstrate evidence & benefits & practice of prayer. There was a poll to learn about why, how, where and when people pray. Over 73% say when their prayers are not answered, the most important reason is because they did not fit God’s plan. 3 out 4 of people who pray have concluded the reason for no answer it did not fit God’s plan. With these odds ...Pr...
By Joshua Case and Nicholas Fiedler
In 2005, The Nick and Josh Podcast came on the scene and started interviews that talked about emerging forms of Christianity and faith in general.
By Nathanael Sprott
The Backyard Preacher is a Christian podcast aimed to expand your mind as you live out your life on this earth.
By Hermetic Temple Radio
Here we present the teachings of Jesus often overlooked in mainstream Christianity. These are non-sectarian teachings presented from our point of view.
El Grupo Editorial SAN PABLO y su Red de Librerías SAN PABLO, centros de difusión al servicio de la comunicación y de la cultura cristiana, actualmente opera en más de treinta países de los cinco continentes. nuestro lema es "Comunicar la palabra de Dios a los hombres de hoy con los medios de hoy". En España comenzó sus actividades en 1934 y hoy cuenta con un consolidado Centro Editorial en Madrid y diez Librerías SAN PABLO en las principales ciudades: dos en Madrid, una en la Pl. Jacinto B...
By Immortals Beyond the Illusion
Blue is the expression of spirit. Blue Clique is comprised of a group of individuals sharing ideas, and discoveries, of Spirit, through, open, honest, authentic talk. Here we are exploring the many facets of consciousness, Chakras, enlightenment, spirituality, soul, family, relationships, parenthood, mediation, growth, kundalini, metaphysics and more, on our journey to discover our authentic self.
By The Hundredth Monkey Radio With Tom & Ramon
Tom & Ramon interview cutting edge researchers, authors, lecturers and experiencers in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, science, religion and the occult teachings
By The Enrichment Hour
Welcome to The Enrichment Hour with host Mike Schwager. Mike, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of invites you to join him as he interviews celebrities, authors and opinion leaders on subjects that include spirituality, human potential, humanitarian news, culture and the arts, and the movies. The hour will be divided between interviews with guests, which you are invited to call-in on, and Comments & Views by Mike on the news stories of the day and week.
By The Circle Podcast
Welcome to an online community gathering for intuitive and spiritual development. Join Sarah Petruno Shamana and Amanda Linette Meder Medium in a weekly, live program about intuitive development, psychic improvement and spiritual communication. This interactive show is hosted online with listener questions answered on-air. Together we'll walk through a journey of intuitive growth, spiritual development and psychic awakening. New topics weekly. Your hosts are Sarah Petruno, a Shamana with a...
By the LMC Radio Network
LMC Radio Network is a community alliance of metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational, and political-justice broadcasters spanning a wide range of topics.
By Angel Whisperer
The Angel Whisperer - Angel Radio Show - Bridging the higher dimensions to Earth. Communicating with angelic realms, spiritual hierarchy and the All that is - the "I am that I am" can bring comfort, wisdom, and answers to life's most significant questions. Dr. Kelli, - The Angel Whisperer® - Visionary Seer, Author, Psychic Medium, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Inter-dimensional Channel. Dr. Kelli has been communicating with the spirit realm her whole life, but it wasn't until a near death e...
By The Mind Body Spirit Connection
Follow us on Blogtalk to stay informed of our upcoming episodes. Join Stephanie Gale every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. CST (7:00 p.m. EST; 4:00 p.m. PT) as she explores traditional and modern metaphysical topics related to spirituality, intuition, and psychic growth. The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection provides information for the continued development of those wishing to grow their mind, body, and spirit through topics such as: energy healing, intuitive and psychic development, manifesting your desi...
By Kat Kim: Spiritual Guide, Law of Attraction Teacher, Image & Beauty Transformation Expert
Chronically overweight, addicted to drugs, alcohol and toxic relationships, Kat Kim suffered her entire life from depression, lack of self esteem and horrible body image. She is now leader of conscious transformation through The Beauty Uprising movement, empowering women (and men!) to take responsibility for their lives and define beauty and success on their own terms. Listen to her candid, uncensored podcast as she talks spirituality, law of attraction and the power of mindset, and how to ...
By Clint Sabom
Podcast about mysticism and religious experience. Special emphasis is given to Christianity but we honor all major religious traditions, as well as covering general self-help topics.
By Rabbi Gabriel Cousens MD
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens MD, founder of the Tree of Life Center, is a holistic physician, spiritual teacher, and bestselling author. His books include Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition, Torah As A Guide To Enlightenment, and more. In this special podcast, you are invited to listen in to spiritual questions and answers held regularly at the Tree of Life Center for up-to-date insight and support for your own spiritual unfoldment.
By Betsy Chasse
Betsy Chasse, Co-Creator of the hit film "What The Bleep Do We Know?!", author and mom explores the ever expanding world of spirituality . She asks "What is spirituality?" "How does this fit into my everyday life?" So often we find ourselves waking up one day with no idea where we are and how we got here. We look back on all our experiences, what we've learned along the way and wonder what it all means. What still works and what doesn't. How do we fit all this information about the world, re...
By Judy Critchley
Join Judy Critchley as she explores alternative spiritual and wellbeing practices that have transformed the lives of thousands of people yet you may not have heard of them. Beginners welcome, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu
By Dr. Kurt Johnson, with Ben Bowler, Doug King and our Correspondents
In a world inevitably going global and multicultural, what becomes of religions and spirituality? What becomes of activism towards real global change? In THE CONVERGENCE, global Interspiritual pioneer and scientist Dr. Kurt Johnson joins interfaith leaders Ben Bowler of Australia and Doug King of America in engaging women and men who are inspiring leaders and change agents around our world. Spiritual and cultural leaders, sacred and secular activists, scientists, artists, writers, economists...
By Angelo John Lewis
Are you spiritual, but not religious? Or grounded in a traditional religious but are seeking something more? Are you interested in exploring new approaches for integrating spirituality in business and other aspects of life ? If you answered "yes," to any of these questions, check out the podcast of the Diversity and Spirituality Network. We interview experts, share our take on diversity and spirituality, and let you know what's going on with the Network. You can learn more about us by going ...
By Rebekah Berndt and Chelsea MacMillan
What is The Rising? It's the longing we feel deep in our bones for the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. It's the thrill that runs through our veins as we each step into our power and purpose to make that world a reality. It's the love and solidarity that binds us together as we fight for freedom and work toward justice. Rebekah and Chelsea are spiritual directors and activists who want to connect you to resources and practices that can inspire you to find your own sacred...
By 圣经赞美诗
By Pol Cousineau
The Spiritual Voice podcast is a show about spirituality from all walks of life, designed with the inquisitive soul in mind. While we might feature a guest or two with backgrounds in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, or Taoism, from priests to psychics, these interviews don’t tread familiar ground. Our goal is to empower self-discovery and personal development by presenting useful practices, techniques, recommendations, and resources from a panoply of traditions, cultures, and sociolo...
By Joshua Ogaldez
Yes, you have a big vision and dream. And that is good! But how is your soul doing? EVERYTHING is interconnected, and the health of your soul will affect EVERYTHING else. Hosted by Joshua Ogaldez, this weekly show explores the intricate challenges and experiences that high-performers and achievers undergo. In these illuminating conversations with spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and others excelling in their line of work, listeners are given practical, life-changing insights that will h...
By 友林
友林电台灵性视频 频道分享友林与飞心的灵性原创视频,包括灵性之旅,也分享一些我们喜爱的纯净的灵性视频。
By 友林电台
By 北京国际基督教教会
在神祕的角度,二世界中,誕生的神祕知識,神話﹑天使﹑神靈﹑魔法﹑煉金,我們在此分享那些小小的偉大知識,在此 言靈奧祕
By 拥抱幸福生活
By 荣上加荣
By 笛卡臣
By ぽよよ犬
By Rena Reese
Like a Salon for the Soul! Commentary and Tools to REALLY hear your spirit and intentionally feed it what it needs to thrive!
By Milwaukee Mystic
Join me as we travel the spiritual nature of our being and drop all things that divide us.In regards to this podcast, eat the meat and discard the bone!
By Ellie Aaron
Deep, vulnerable and FUN conversations ONLY. Topics include: Spirituality, philosophy, Buddhism, meditation, psychology, sexuality, art, yoga, and relationships. New interviews every Wednesday! Join us.
By Kazuhiro Tomi
トミーのワールドブルーラジオ Enjoy Now!では、ワールドブルーのトミーが「今この瞬間をエンジョイする」をテーマに毎回日常に役立つ今を生きるための情報やツール、テクニック等をご紹介します。
By かもめんたる
お笑いコンビ「かもめんたる」のポッドキャストです。かもめんたるの有料メルマガ「週刊かもめんたるワールド」より抜粋したトークを配信中。番組へのメールは[email protected]まで。
By 원불교 (Won Buddhism)
원불교 교무님들의 법문 말씀을 담은 공간입니다. (편집: 오스틴 소태산센터 /
By くきたひろえ
ー大いなる ダイジョウブー
By スナフキン
電波の飛ばないラジオ。 今日も二人のパイロットは回線に想いを載せて旅に出る。
By The Psychic Partners
Welcome to Interactive Talk Radio for the Soul! The Psychic Partners Show was created to enlighten, inspire and empower you. Intuitive Counselor Loretta Vasso hosted engaging conversations with guests on an array of metaphysical and spiritual topics from 2009 to 2013. Listeners were invited to call in with questions or comments for guests on-the-air. All shows are archived on Blog Talk Radio and can be listened to and enjoyed again and again. For a private consultation and for a description ...
By 北京频道刘佳
By 小凤
小凤media网络电台是一个以广播为主、文字为辅,服务于全球华人的网络电台。盼望通过语音,透过现象寻根求源,活得真实明白,找到建立幸福生活的秘诀。敬业的主持人,来自世界各地的嘉宾们,愿意在这里用智慧、知识、经验、时间、精力、爱华人同胞的诚挚之心,为您真诚奉献。 《智慧心语》 探索生命奥秘,把握人生机遇,解答生活困惑,以全新的触角带您寻找智慧源头。《智慧心语》为您提供探求真理、找到人生出路的平台。帮您开阔思想视野,站在客观角度,了解人性,活出智慧人生! 《幸福家庭》 结婚容易,保持难;生孩子容易,养育孩子难;婚姻要经营,吵架须艺术;小事不忽略,大事不发生;幸福生活有秘诀。《幸福家庭》为您找到问题根源,案例分析解决婚姻、亲子、各种家庭关系最实际的问题。 《突破教育》 突破实用,进入人文、审美;突破考分,进入兴趣,以人为本;突破填鸭,进入群飞教学;突破题海,进入高超解题快艇。《突破教育》翻转您的教育理念,让您的孩子在轻松愉快中全方位发展,带给他们健康快乐的人生。
By MiraclesOne Foundation
ACIM Quote of the Day AUDIO - This may show up as video in iTunes, but it is an AUDIO PODCAST. SEE AMAZON.COM for the book on KINDLE and in PRINT. MiraclesOne -
By Beverly Hamilton
Sedona Talk Radio ( presents Beverly Hamilton. A delightful personality who will be talking about A Course In Miracles & other fun things. She has been around the Course since its creation. In her own words: "In 1974, I met Jerry Jampolsky and later Judy Skutch who brought me this strange set of books about miracles called, interesting enough, A Course in Miracles." This Podcast was created using
By Lisa Natoli
This Podcast was created using
By Mari Perron
Love cannot be taught. But "A Course of Love" can teach you to recognize love and open the floodgates of your heart. It can take you beyond where all your learning has taken you--to a direct experience of Truth. It may be astonishing to hear that there is a continuation of "A Course in Miracles," but it is true. Forty years ago Jesus dictated ACIM to the scribe Helen Schucman. More recently, over three years, he similarly dictated "A Course of Love" to Mari Perron. Jesus refers to Mari as th...
By Rev. Devan Divine - Taking the Lessons of 'A Course in Miracles' and putting them into a trippy techno/ Trance meditation. This has two purposes right now: One, to deeply penetrate the mind with the Lessons; Two, to test even 'ACIM' students' ability to accept life. If these bother you, keep studying 'ACIM' tell you realize it does not. - More about 'A Course in Miracles' at www.IamACIM.Com This Podcast was created using
By Jena Griffiths
Interviews with thought leaders in emerging consciousness. Breakthrough ideas to transform your life at work and at home.
By Suzanne Clores, Executive Producer, David Winer, Producer, The Extraordinary Project
Extraordinary experiences, or psychic moments, happen to us all. Why don't we talk about them more? A journey into the inspiring stories and science behind mystical and psychic phenomena.
By 星云大师
ClBN禅文化频道(佛光山人间卫视提供) “我希望所有的听者能了解,人间佛教和佛光山做了什么 。 ” 捍卫信仰,不得不说,星云大师首度全面回应外界对佛教质疑 。 星云大师回顾了他一生的弘法经历,从大陆到台湾,依靠着“佛教靠我”的理念,筚路蓝缕,以佛教的人间化、生活化、现代化、社会化、大众化、艺文化、事业化、制度化、国际化为目标,使人间佛教在艰难的环境中发展起来。
By 心灵翻译芳谊Rosie
亲爱的,你好,我是芳谊,ㄧ个来自台湾的平凡女孩,我的工作是中英文专业同步口译,擅长于身心疗愈及心理教练培训的翻译。 翻译的足迹经过台北、北京、上海、成都、广州、杭州、大理、义乌、厦门、新加坡、马来西亚、澳大利亚、夏威夷、巴里岛、以色列、美国、印度等。 同步翻译过国际顶级各流派大师:如NLP之母茱蒂芙、艾瑞克森催眠师萨德、家庭排列导师伯图、潜能开发导师安东尼罗宾、富爸爸罗伯特清崎、身心疗愈绽放导师奥南朵、亲密关系权威莎兰汉考克、本质静心导师普拉萨丹等。 每位导师都像一朵独特的芬芳花朵,用他们独一无二的香气传递生命的智慧,我有幸近距离与这些导师们相处、学习,愿我能将过程中的点滴收获与你分享。
By Sam Altis
There are things in life that draw us in and awaken us to view life differently, to live more vibrantly, to see others more humanely, to act more justly. These things invite us into better stories. A Better Story podcast is about finding those things, and in the process, connecting with and discovering God.
By Rima Danielle Jomaa
Rima Danielle Jomaa is a successful entrepreneur, marriage and family therapist, yoga teacher & vegan advocate living in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica. This podcast is a culmination of her stories & the stories of those that influence her & help her to understand the world in different ways. The ups & downs of a woman on her spiritual path, she tells her stories in a humorous, relatable way & provides motivational insights & applicable tools to help you on your path to living your dream ...
By Youth Ministry Booster
This is The Devo, with Pastor Mike Keahbone, a Christian devotional podcast featuring pastoral stories to inspire you to deeper biblical study and faithfulness. Scripture isn't just stories it is our story. Enjoy these short and inspiring devotional stories and scripture readings to jump start your morning commute or personal quiet time. Pastor Mike Keahbone's humor, honesty, and insight into God's word will greatly bless your day. Visit for additional ways to liste...
By The Church RC
Inspiring messages from The Church RC, a family friendly, non-denominational church in Royse City, Texas! For more information about service times and location, visit
By The District Church
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