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Anatomy of Living
By Ashton Szabo: Yogi | Teacher | Storyteller
On this show, we will explore ideas, stories, traditions and practices that help us cultivate more health and happiness while living more skillfully in the world. We'll learn from ancient practices like yoga and shamanism as well as talk with modern revolutionaries who are changing the world through their work. To find out more, visit us at
The Baba Ali Show
By Muslim Central
Comedian Baba Ali has put on his podcast headphones and microphone to take on taboo subjects in the Muslim community. From time to time, he brings on his unique guests to tackle the issues that we often think about but rarely talk about. The podcast launched on 23rd Jan 2015, with new episodes released weekly. If you enjoy the series, please subscribe via iTunes or through your podcast app on your phone.
Thoth-Hermes Podcast
By Gnothi Seauton
Thoth Hermes Podcast talks about all things regarding the Western Esoteric Tradition. Centered around an extensive interview with a featured guest in each episode, this podcast also presents news, book reviews and features occult artists through their music performances.
By Stuart Hite
Fun, Relevant, Extreme, And Kinda Yummy Bible covers Bible topics in a fun manner for 30 minutes on Sundays and Wednesdays. Listen in on an unscripted Daddy/Daughter Bible study and learn answers to relevant topics today. This podcast helps busy people who want to know more about the best-selling book of all time. Learn real answers in a fun way so you can grow closer to God to help get through life the best way possible!
Konscious Conversations
By Brother Ra
Wholeness, Balance, and Love! Welcome to Koncious Conversations, the place to be to to wise up, so we can rise up to a whole new level of awareness! Join Brotha Ra, along with other conscious souls throughout the community, as they dive into an array of topics ranging from metaphysics, health and nutrition, esoteric knowledge, yoga, finding balance in corporate life, relationships, and so much more. This podcast is guaranteed to help raise the consciousness and inner standing of all those listening. Join us on this journey of awakening - every Thursday.
The tajweed's Podcast
These podcasts are designed specifically for English speakers who want to learn tajweed. It will also assist those who do not have the chance to meet a sheikh or qari in their local area, by assisting them to seek this sacred knowledge of Quran and tajweed.
Local Church Teachings
By Jesse M. Boyd
This podcast contains various local church teachings and discipleship trainings conducted by Jesse Boyd in different places around the world.
Street Sermons
By Jesse M. Boyd
This podcast contains a sampling of open-air sermons preached by Jesse Boyd with a Bible in his hand and in various places around the world.
Warfare Fire
By Joseph Q.
Warfare Fire is a ministry focused on mind control, satanic ritual abuse/torture, alien/demonic abductions, military abductions, emotional healing, deprogramming, and the everlasting love of God Jesus Christ. Find more @
Rhema Online
By Rhema Online
Rhema - A Life Giving Ministry is the teaching ministry of the Lord's Servant, Prophet Ronnie L. Bennett.
The Art of Fitness
By Steve Cirbus
Steve Cirbus hosts The Art of Fitness, a series of conversations with elite level performers from the world of functional fitness and beyond. With a particular interest in physical habit, mindset, emotions, and belief, join Steve as he attempts to lift the well conditioned vail of these exceptional humans in order to discover what internal motivations set them apart from the average in addition to their physical programs. Discover what these people are doing to push the boundaries of human performance. 
Exegetical Studies in Revelation
By Jesse M. Boyd
These sermons are preached at New Testament Christian Fellowship in Claremont, NC, beginning in January of 2013.
Bishop Ishmael Sam Audio Podcast
By Bishop Ishmael Sam
Welcome to my Podcast, Stay Connected for all my latest Messages
By Radio24syv
En verden mellem himmel og jorden åbenbares i denne programrække, hvor Anette Røpke sammen med kyndige gæster udforsker sindets grænser, lodder sjælens dybder, og afprøver sin teori om at der en kognitiv verdensrevolution på vej, at vi simpelthen står over for en kæmpemæssig mental og bevidsthedsmæssig transformation.
Portal to Ascension Radio
By Neil and Sol Gaur
Welcome to the most revolutionary, cutting edge and deeply esoteric broadcast on the internet. Portal to Ascension Radio will take you to the edge of what we perceive as reality. We exist to bring awareness to hidden ancient wisdom, our true world and galactic history, advanced technology, sound and frequency, sacred economics, conscious living, cosmic consciousness and the ascension of humanity! Neil and Sol Gaur are your facilitators for this experience. The time is NOW for the expansion of your consciousness. Listen for Portal to Ascension Radio, broadcasting live every Friday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.
LNJ Podcasts
By Isaac Vasquez
Listen as Pastor Isai takes us through the journey of Knowing Him, and Making Him Known!
Your Divine Life
By Katt Tozier
Conversations with spiritual women about creating power, purpose and prosperity.
By David Mascorro & Kelly Richardson
BUGABOO (a comedy podcast about fear) with Portland comics David Mascorro & Kelly Richardson. Episodes every 1st and 3rd Wednesday. What are you scared of?
Jamaal Bernard Podcasts
By Jamaal Bernard
Listen to my messages from Sunday services, men's meetings and special events that will inspire, uplift and motivate change.
Milk and Pencils
Life is like a good recipe. Simple, improvisatory, full of variety, and delicious... if mixed up with love.
First Thursday Talks
By DirectionForOurTimes
On the first Thursday of every month, you are invited to join us for our monthly lay apostles prayer group held in our DFOT Headquaters, Tearmann Anama located in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Each month Anne gives a talk on concepts of holiness and spirituality. We then publish her talk on this podcast to be enjoyed and shared. In case you have missed out on any of these talks in the past, we welcome you and invite you to subscribe.
When S**T Hits the Fan
By Deborah Sutter
If you find your face pushed into dirt, unable to breathe - what now? How do you ever get back up? Sometimes you can't just keep going. It seems, you won't ever get up again. You just can’t. And decide, from no on, you won’t take no more bulls**t. And then? How do you get back up? How can you start breathing again? How do you live a conscious life without avoiding uncomfortable stuff? Without bypassing it with some lame general statement as „everything happens for a reason“? How do you ever gain trust in life again? And what happens with your worldview, your beliefsystem? Your understanding of God, the Universe? Where does f***ing Karma enter the stage?
Everyone Is Psychic
By Ann O'Brien
Discover your natural psychic abilities and understand visualization techniques, clairvoyant reading, mediumship, energy healing, meditation benefits and more for self improvement + spiritual growth. With Ann O'Brien, Elysia Skye and special guests.
Cosmo City Church
By admin
Weekly messages from our Sunday services
A Course in What?! A Course in Miracles with Cynthia Morgan
By Cynthia Morgan
With a new episode every Tuesday, join Cynthia Morgan, author of You’re Already Hypnotized: A Guide to Waking Up, as she reads and explains the Text of A Course in Miracles, making it more comprehensible and accessible. Visit
The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita
By Ananda Sangha Worldwide
This video series is an explanation of India’s best-loved scripture approached from an entirely fresh perspective — one that combines its deep allegorical meaning with its down-to-earth practicality.
The PDX Witch Guild Podcast
By PDX Witch Guild
We are a guild of witches, not a coven. We all witch differently, none of us are Wiccan, and we all live in the Portland, Oregon area. Join us for discussions about our craft. Topics discussed include: Practice building, spell construction, thrift witchcraft, history, folklore, and making magic with what ya got!
Ganesha Mantra and Kirtan
By Sukadev Bretz
Elevating Mantras, Kirtans and Shlokas in praise of Ganesha, the elephant-headed God. Recordings from Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany.
Ganesha Mythen, Geschichten und Symbole
By Sukadev Bretz
Ganesha ist der elefantenköpfige Gott. Er ist der Gott des Anfangs und der Gemütlichkeit. Lausche Mythen und Geschichten über Ganesha, seine Festtage und Symbolik.
Kali - Mythen, Geschichten und Symbolik
By Sukadev Bretz
Lerne mehr über Kali, die Dunkle, die Geheimnisvolle Göttin. Lausche Geschichten aus der Hinduistischen Mythologie. Erfahre mehr über die Symbolik von Kali. Und verstehe mehr über die Verehrung der Göttlichen Mutter
Audio - That Which Is
By John-Roger DSS & John Morton DSS
That Which Is is presented by MSIA, the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness - a movement dedicated to awakening the spiritual heart within each of us. John-Roger DSS and John Morton DSS
Spit Shine Your Spirit with Kelsey
By Green Ink Radio
Spit Shine Your Spirit, hosted by Kelsey Dalziel, focuses on all things spiritual from mediumship, rituals, crystals, yoga and everything in between. Kelsey is an Intuitive Medium with a twist! Her readings have a coaching vibe as she believes everyone should leave a reading with clarity on what they came in questioning, confidence to move forward in the right direction and a few good book recommendations in between! Kelsey is a mom of 3 and is an advocate for all Tired Ass Moms everywhere, looking for purpose beyond the daily mom grind, which is the focus of her upcoming book. She is also a Certified Meditation teacher, specializing in kids and teens.
Grace Fallbrook (PCA) Sermons
By Grace Fallbrook (PCA)
Lord's Day Sermons
Gutted [Weekly Stories of Reclaiming Your Instinct]
By Allie Stark | Life Coach | Health Coach | Wellness
Stories of people losing touch with their instinct and how they found their way back home.
Podcast – Spiritual Path Church
By Reverend Karen Heasley
The Spiritual PodCast Series is brought to you by the Spiritual Path Church, New Castle, PA. The podcasts are intended to enlighten and inform the world that Spiritualism has many different facets, and can appeal to people in many ways. Through the series, we will cover different aspects of spirituality, not just those associated with Spiritualism. We will include the history, organization, beliefs of the church, as well as the way those beliefs interface with other religious and secular concepts about the existence of an afterlife. The Spiritual Path Church is a member of the Spiritualists National Union in the United Kingdom. Reverend Karen Heasley was born in Pennsylvania. After experiencing a near death experience as a child and working as a social worker for thirty years, she pursued mediumship training under Rev. Janet Nohavec from the Journey Within School for Mediumship in New Jersey. She also trained under Rev. Leonard Young who taught at Arthur Findley College at Stansted in England. Karen is a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, the International Association of Near-death Studies, and founded the Western Pennsylvania I.A.N.D.S. in 2009.
Moment of Truth - Rev Abraham Lamptey
Rev. Abraham Lamptey is the founder and General Overseer of Believers` House of Worship International, and the Abraham Lamptey Ministries – Worldwide. He is a seasoned anointed Televangelist,Radio-evangelist,Prophet, Teacher and Preacher of the Word.
Limitless Podcast
By Limitless Podcast
Welcome to our Limitless Podcast where you'll always find our weekend messages. We hope these messages are an encouragement to you.
Mountain Creek Church of Christ
By Gary Massey Jr
Sunday Sermons presented by Gary Massy Jr. at the Church in Chattanooga TN
Light of Life Ministries
By Jude Oommen
Daily Manna is a short message from Pastor Pradeep Praveen David of Light of Life minstries with translation into English.
ElmCreek Community Church Podcast
By ElmCreek Community Church
From Maple Grove, MN Church
Out of the Boat podcast
By Susan Windley-Daoust
What are you waiting for? Get out of the boat! Spiritual reflections for those of us on the edge, called by Jesus to walk on water (or something like that).
Honest Christianity
By Brian Smith
An honest perspective on Christianity as a religion, its theology and social context. I don't expect everyone to love it, but I am always appreciative of dialogue and open conversation therein.
Integrity Moments
By Rick Boxx
A daily radio vignette dedicated to providing biblical wisdom for your business. We encourage integrity and faith in the marketplace through practical workplace stories.
Vihangam Yoga
By naivy
Vihangam Yoga is an ancient meditation technique practiced by Indian seers and sages. In the current time, it is established by Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj. Vihangam Yoga is also known as Brahmavidya, Madhu-vidya, Para vidhya in the Indian ancient most scriptures and Vedas. "Vihangam" literally means "bird".
Vineyard Morris Plains
By Vineyard Morris Plains
Vineyard Morris Plains
By Blogozine Digital Artist Content & Publishing AB @ 2017
Det finns en sanning. Vi föds, vi lever och vi dör. Eller? Välkommen till #OAndrasidan - En podd om livet, allts början, Alpha, allts slut, Omega och allt som finns och sker mellan himmel och jord. Ett stort universalt grepp om ett ämne som berör oss alla jordliga med teologistuderande artisten, HipHop ikonen, författaren och ordkonstnären Dogge Doggelito här i en duo med det världskända mediumet Jörgen Gustafsson. Såklart med gäster från livet och kanske eventuellt från OAndrasidan.
Rama, Sita, Hanuman: Geschichten aus der indischen Mythologie
By Sukadev Bretz
Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Bharata, Lakshmana, Ravana - das sind wichtige Gestalten aus der indischen Mythologie. Lass dich inspirieren durch Erzählungen aus der Ramayana. Lerne über die spirituelle Bedeutung dieser Erzählungen - und die Bedeutung der Symbolik von Rama, Sita und Hanuman. Erzählt von Sukadev Bretz,
Rev. Gustavus Patton's (Enon Baptist Church) Podcast
By Rev. Gustavus Patton
Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ...
Twisted Sisterds
By Twisted Sisterds / An Inglorious Pasterds Production
Women deconstructing culture, theology and a random stray thought here and there.
Spirit Talks For The 5th Dimension
By CTR Network
Channeling through information from spirit / source energy to enlighten 5th dimension consciousness, Especially upon subjects such as soul embodiment, purpose, manifesting, raising vibration and ascension. With Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfillment Coach - Jessica Reid.
Brixham Community Church Podcast
By Brixham Community Church
These messages are recorded at Brixham Community Church in our main meetings. We hope these sermons inspire you to live life to the full in the power of the Holy Spirit! For more information about BCC visit
You Are U Symposium
By Tambra Harck
Your host, Tambra Harck is a beloved spiritual teacher, author and visionary. You're invited into intimate, expansive and practical conversations with her and her guests... master healers, teachers, change agents, magic-makers. Share their passion and depth for living life in ways that evolve beyond the old-world stories of cause and effect as we delve into quantum healing, modalities for self-knowing, practices in spirituality and beyond!
Just Rita Real Talk
By Todd Bates
Join Host Rita Doman LIVE Thursday Nights 8e/7c/5p for some amazing topics and guests who enjoy helping you look and feel confident by helping you discover your true power hidden deep within!
BST Podcast
By Juan Silva
Tips, life lessons, and advice on becoming your best self in every area of life. Learn and grow in order to express your best self in fitness, wealth, and all relationships.
Catching Z's: The Millenials Guide to Mindfulness
By Nick Zolfo + Zach Darmon
This podcast is a platform for people of all backgrounds and mindsets to come and freely share their journeys and stories. Stories about how they have impacted the world and also their communities. We're not claiming to be experts, we're all on different paths, but during the duration of this podcast, we will combine all of our energy and love and we will all become the same journey.
Calvary Chapel Red Wing Audio Podcast
By Calvary Chapel Red Wing
Welcome to the Audio Podcast of Calvary Chapel Red Wing (Red Wing, MN). This podcast contains Bible studies taught at Calvary Chapel Red Wing by Pastor Mike Montgomery and others. We hope you are blessed as you listen.
Articulos para ti
By Tarot Angelaley
"Artículos para ti" es un espacio del "Tarot Angelaley", está creado con la idea que tiene Angelaley de aportarte muchas herramientas para que logres avanzar en el camino espiritual y para lograr el cambio que tanto deseas, de está manera poder brindarte toda la información necesaria en materia de autoayuda. Además bajo la comodidad de poder escuchar los artículos para analizarlos de una manera más cómoda y como tu mereces, lo podrás descargar y tenerlo siempre a mano. El objetivo principal de Angelaley es tu bienestar, por eso nos complace enormemente ayudarte a manejar las diferentes herramientas que ya tu posees. Si deseas leer nuestros artículos, también podrás encontrarlo en nuestra pagina Web: Te esperamos y recuerda: con Angelaley "Despierta la magia del Destino"
The Greg Amundson Show
By Gregory Amundson
Greg Amundson brings an electric combination of passion, credibility and real-world experience to his ministries on God's Love, Yoga, CrossFit, and the Spirit of a modern day Warrior. In "The Greg Amundson Show", Greg educates and inspires you to live with passion, purpose, and a greater understanding of God's Word. In addition to live seminar excerpts on Goal Setting, Leadership and Holistic Nutrition, Greg shares key insights he has learned from the incredible mentors and highly respected educators who have become his dear friends. Greg's use of storytelling to illuminate life changing principles and concepts is world renowned, and will become a cherished addition to those walking the path of God consciousness. Greg teaches that through a disciplined use of our thoughts, words, awareness and attention, we can achieve a mindset of positive expectancy, personal belief, and an unshakeable faith in God. Tune in for a life changing experience!
Shadow Mining with Catalyst Yogi
By Catalyst Yogi
Catalyst Yogi helps you to trust again, attract abundance and claim your unique, divine gifts through the Shadow Mining online healing programs. These programs are to assist you in your evolution into the new Aquarian Age consciousness. He also hosts a free monthly online New Moon Meditation for Peace gathering. Check the website for more details.
The CUUPS Podcast
By Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans
The CUUPS Podcast explores the world of Earth-Centered Spirituality and UU-Paganism as it is lived in over 1,040 UU Congregations across North America. Includes interviews, music and happenings from CUUPS members and chapters across the US with occasional info from our sister organizations the Unitarian Earth Spirit Network in the UK, and Six Source in Canada.
LeHavre Buck's show
By LeHavre Buck
LeHavre Buck Powerful-Penetrating-Pertinent Motivational speaker Conference & Workshop Presenter, Author Certified Healthy Relationship & Marriage Educator Apostol & Presiding Shepherd Community Activist, Business Consultant
International Angels Network
By Internationals Angels Network
We explore Angels, Fairies, Fairy Realms, Angelic Realms, Angel Numbers, Angelic Mediumship, Tarot, Spirituality, The Law of Attraction. We also touch on everything metaphysical, spiritual and mystical! Plus we offer FREE Angel Messages & Readings! ... International Angels Network offers professional services for Angel Workers, Spiritual Entrepreneurship offering tips and tricks and much MORE!
Feiertage - Indien, Hinduismus, Christentum und mehr
By Sukadev Bretz
Spirituelle Bedeutung der indischen Feiertage: Wofür stehen Hindu Feiertage, christliche, buddhistische Feste - und die Festtage anderer Religionen? Erfahre auch über die Bedeutung der Wochentage, der Mondphasen und mehr. Shivaratri, Ostern, Ram Navami, Chaitra Navratri, Pfingsten, Guru Purnima, Krishna Janmashtami, Sivananda Geburtstag, Ganesha Chaturthi, Navaratri, Vijaya Dashami, Diwali, Skanda Shashti, Advent, Weihnachten und Silvester sind besondere Schwerpunkte dieses Feiertage Podcasts. Erfahre auch, wie diese Feste bei Yoga Vidya zelebriert werden. Vorträge von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
Freude, Glück und Liebe Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Erfahre mehr Freude, Glück und Liebe. Ratschläge, Tipps und Übungen für Zugang zur inneren Freude, für Liebe zu dir selbst und deinen Mitgeschöpfen. Sinnvoll leben, Freude erfahren, Liebe schenken - so erfährst du ein glückliches Leben. Eine glückliches Leben hat auch seine Schattenseiten. Du kannst aber lernen, mehr die Freude in den Vordergrund zu stellen. Dieser Podcast ist eine Zusammenstellung verschiedener Podcasts von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
Royal View Church
By Pastor Garry Fess
Our Mission OUR MISSION IS TO BRING THE HOPE OF JESUS TO OUR COMMUNITY This happens through living out the GREAT COMMISSION (Matthew 28) + the GREAT COMMANDMENT (Mark 12).
Spirit Sisters
By Spirit Sisters
Features Shauna Glidden & Debbie Surette two Reiki Master Teachers, Mediums, Psychics, Energy Healers who are slightly zany, with a passion for helping women to learn, heal, reclaim their wisdom and authentic power. They approach all things spiritual with a sense of curiosity and adventure and a deep respect for all life. This is sacred work so- buckle up!
Spiritual Teen Talk
By Tracy Boxell
Join author and host Tracy Boxell as she discusses ways that you can talk spirituality with your teenager to help them better cope with their life.
Chamäleons beim Tee
By Chiona & Jassi
Wir lieben Bibi Blocksberg, Offenheit, Sneaker zum Rock, Nuss-Dattel-Riegel für 3,78€, direkte Kommunikation und Yogi-Tee. Und Podcasts! Deshalb machen wir jetzt auch einen. Alle zwei Wochen neu. Unsere Mission: Spread the Chamäls-Love!
Reinkarnation, Karma, Leben und Tod
By Sukadev Bretz
Was geschieht nach dem Tod? Gibt es Leben nach dem Tod? Was sind Astralwelten, Geister, Engel? Wie wirst du wiedergeboren? Was ist der Sinn des Lebens? Das sind Fragen, um die es in diesem Podcast geht. Und du erfährst, was Karma ist und wie du geschickt mit den Herausforderungen des Lebens umgehst. Ein Podcast von und mit Sukadev Bretz, Gründer von
By Charles Shereda
Short readings from spiritual texts followed by a brief guided meditation and a sometimes irreverent, sometimes insightful discussion. Shows focus on spiritual truths and on dealing with the difficult emotions of anger, fear, and shame. Guaranteed enlightenment or your money back! All sampled content is Creative Commons public domain unless otherwise noted.
Meditations With Monika
By Monika Zands
When we take a moment to breathe and silence the thoughts in our head, it provides access to our authentic self. This is how we can connect to our love, our wisdom, our knowing. Meditations with Monika are guided meditations, each a visual journey through breathe and into your heart.
Ask your Angels
By Psychic Victoria Alvarado
Psychic Medium Victoria Alvarado will connect live with audience members and their loved ones and bring through messages validating specific details from spirits of those who have crossed over. She will also connect with your guardian angels give you messages about what your future holds. Weekly healing sessions will also be done The Content Broadcasted from our hosts at Ask Your Angels radio show is not an alternative nor a substitute for professional or medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. Any medical advice is for educational purposes only it should not be used for self- treatment or self -diagnosis. We recommend that you consult your own physician regarding any diagnosis or course of treatment. Psychic Readings broadcasted from our hosts at Ask Your Angels radio show are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional. You must be 18 years of age or older to use this service. All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life. All readings are done with a potential outcome, since we live with "free will." You are given the potential outcome, warnings, and advice. What you do with it will determine where or how you ultimately end up.
Die Bergpredigt aus Yoga Sicht
By Sukadev Bretz
Die Bergpredigt verkörpert die Lehren von Jesus in sehr kondensierter und reiner Form. Die Bergpredigt gibt Menschen bis heute Ideal und praktische Lebenstipps. Die Bergpredigt steht im Matthäus Evangelium, Kapitel 5-7. Sukadev spricht über die Bergpredigt von einem Yogastandpunkt aus. Anmerkung: Sukadev ist kein Theologe. Er nimmt die Verse der Bergpredigt und kommentiert sie aus Yoga Sicht und versucht so, Brücken zu schlagen zwischen östlicher und westlicher Spiritualität.
Christ The King Church & Ministry
By Pastor Derrick A Raybon
Locked & Loaded
Krishna Geschichten Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Krishna ist eine faszinierende Gestalt aus der indischen Mythologie. Die Geschichten um Krishna sind voller Liebe, voller Freude, immer humorvoll. Manchmal führen sie in eine neue Dimension. Sukadev, Gründer von, erzählt und interpretiert viele Krishna Geschichten. Einige philosophische Vorträge und Krishna Meditationen und Tiefenentspannungen runden diesen Krishna Geschichten Podcast ab.
Kundalini Yoga Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Kundalini Yoga ist der Yoga der Energie. Erfahre viel über dein Energiesystem mit Prana, Nadis und Chakras. Lerne einfache und komplexere Praktiken, um deine Chakren zu harmonisieren, deine Energien zu aktivieren, höhere Bewusstseinsebenen zu erlangen. Sukadev Bretz, Autor und Sprecher dieses Podcasts, praktiziert Kundalini Yoga in der Sivananda Tradition seit 1980 und hat zahlreiche Yogalehrer/innen zur Weitergabe dieser Techniken ausgebildet. Dieser Podcast ist eine Zusammenstellung von Folgen aus anderen Podcastreihen.
Daily Success Media Network
By Tamara Patzer
Tamara “Ask Tami” Patzer presents the “Daily Success” Media Network featuring daily programming seven days a week: Sunday through Saturday. Listeners can tune into to a variety of hosts who interview leaders, makers, givers and innovators and trendsetters who help you live a healthier, happier balanced life. Tune in daily to listen to inspiration conversations on the Daily Success Show, Optimum Health Show, Angel Talk Show, My Reinvention Journey and Spiritual Destination.
Shiva Geschichten Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Shiva ist einer der wichtigsten Götter in der indischen Mythologie. Um Shiva ranken sich viele Mythen. Lausche mythischen Anekdoten um Shiva - und welche Bedeutung diese haben können für Yoga Aspiranten der heutigen Zeit. Shiva gilt auch als der Ur-Yogi - also derjenige der den Yoga, insbesondere den Hatha Yoga, in die Welt gebracht hat. So kann die Beschäftigung mit Shiva auch zu einer tieferen Yoga Inspiration führen. Einige Fantasiereisen zu Shiva runden diesen Shiva Geschichten Podcast ab.
Central Church Contemporary Service
By Central Presbyterian Church - Cambridge
Central is a Faith Community in the heart of Cambridge. These podcasts are recordings of Aubrey\'s Sunday morning sermons.
Yoga Geschichten Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Lass dich inspirieren - durch Yoga Geschichten. Du findest hier Geschichten aus der indischen Mythologie, Geschichten aus den Upanishaden, moderne Anekdoten, Episoden aus dem Leben großer Meisterinnen und Meister. Yoga Geschichten sind oft amüsant, meist inspirierend, oft erhebend - und manchmal öffnen sie die Tiefe des Bewusstseins, lassen die Seele aufleuchten. Diese Geschichten sind meist erzählt von Sukadev Bretz, Gründer von Yoga Vidya
The Table Church Podcast
By The Table Church Oroville, CA
Pastor Jaymes Lackey brings the message from the scriptures weekly. Generally following the RCL, we emphasize the connecting of Jesus' story with our own in such a way that the intersection brings health, healing, wholeness - transformation.
BIRDCAST.NYC » Uncategorized
By Diane Lowy
Recordings of bird songs in New York City only 10 -20 seconds long. It's the perfect amount of time for any busy New Yorker to reconnect with the jungle part of the concrete jungle.
Awaken to Brilliance
By Isabella Allard
This show is dedicated to celebrating the majesty of life! Here we bring you universal wisdom that you can apply in your every day living, so you too can embody your brilliance.
By Selina Belz
Hier geht es um Persönlichkeitsentwicklung. Achtung! Viel Positivität und Spaß! Mein Podcast soll dir Denkanstöße geben, dir helfen ein selbstbestimmtes Leben zu leben und dich motivieren deine Ziele zu verfolgen.
The Back Pew
By Dan Prevette & Colton Simmons
The Back Pew is the place for those either wandering in or heading out of the Church. We welcome raw and unfiltered conversations about the reality of our spiritual lives. It's also a safe space to vent, laugh at inappropriate comments, learn from those on the other side of the aisle, and grow into spiritually mature individuals without ever taking ourselves too seriously. Hosted by Dan Prevette, a bartending missionary kid, and Colton Simmons, an intentionally irreverent seminary grad.
My Christian Life as a MOM
By Jennifer and Wade Clark
Hey my name is Jenn, I am a Christian, I am Married, and I also have two children. This is my story and this is my Podcast. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe :)
Swami Sivananda - Leben und Werk - Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Swami Sivananda lebte 1887-1963. Er war einer der ganz großen Yogameister des 20. Jahrhunderts. Erfahre mehr über Leben und Werk von Swami Sivananda. Lass dich inspirieren!
Swami Vishnudevananda - Leben und Werk eines großen Yogameisters
By Sukadev Bretz
Swami Vishnudevananda, von seinen Schülern liebevoll einfach Swami Vishnu genannt, war einer der großen Yogameister des 20. Jahrhunderts. Er gründete die Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Zentren, schrieb den ersten Yoga Bestseller, entwickelte die erste systematische Yogalehrer Ausbildung - und ermutigte seine Schüler/innen, zügig selbst zu unterrichten. Swami Vishnudevananda war ein intensiver, ein liebevoller, ein sanfter und zugleich auch strenger Meister. In seiner Gegenwart war spirituelles Wachstum zügig möglich. Sukadev und andere erzählen über Swami Vishnudevananda, seine Lehren, sein Werk - und ihre Erfahrungen mit dem großen Meister.
Einsichten eines Clowns
By Rouven Huwald
Schau mal anders auf Dein Leben! Genieße den Perspektivwechsel, den Dir ein Clown hier bietet. Höre über Freude, Glück und Dankbarkeit, über Achtsamkeit und Bewusstsein. Höre über die Bestandteile des einfach guten Lebens. Komm mit auf die Bühne, die Dein Leben ist. Dein Leben ist Deine Bühne – Schau, wie schön es hier ist und genieße es!
All Possibilities with Julie Chan
By All Possibilities with Julie Chan
Julie Chan, intuitive life purpose coach and founder of Being My Purpose, talks with entrepreneurs, business executives, scientists, educators, and leaders to hear their stories of transformation, and examine the science behind them. She also explores what it means for anyone to unlock their potential in life and career, and to embark on a discovery of — All Possibilities.
Dreams to Reality
By Jackie Frith
Come along and listen to Jackie Frith interview some Amazing Entrepreneurs on how they turned their Dreams into Reality. They will be sharing their tips around Law of Attraction, Manifesting, what it takes to become a successful business person. I will also be talking a lot around Mindset and how this has a massive impact on your life. We will also chat about Health & Wellbeing and how this too plays a major part of your life. Would love for you to join me Jackie xx
Doc Renée
By Renee Stephens, PhD
The top Weigh Loss Podcast on iTunes for almost a decade, Inside Out Weight Loss will guide you to release your desire to overeat and stop the yo-yo diet-regain-diet cycle once and for all. Tune in to let Renee's soothing voice, practical steps and surprising humor ease your journey to slim.
The Oz Effect
By The Oz Effect
The Oz Effect is an Australian based podcast that looks at the world of the paranormal. From books to articles to movies and listeners stories we aim to bring you all sorts of amazing stories from around the world.
Point Mallard Parkway Baptist Church
By JD Thorne
Decatur, Alabama
Meadow Brook Church Worship Songs
By Meadow Brook Church
Welcome to Meadow Brook! Corporate worship is a big part of who we are as a church. Every Sunday when we gather, we spend a big part of our time together worshipping through song and music. If like us, you love worship and you love music, we've set this up so you can listen to the songs from our previous Sunday morning gatherings.
By Jenny Siering
Im Herzzeit Podcast geht es um dich. Ich möchte, dass du dein Potential wieder erkennst und lebst. Ich erzähle meine Geschichte und gebe dir meine Werkzeug an die Hand, wie du dein Leben damit positiver gestallten kannst. Denkanstöße für deinen Alltag. Ich bin selber Yoga-Lehrerin und gebe von Herzen Reiki-Therapien. Die Arbeit mit meinen Klienten und Yoga-Schülern hat mir gezeigt, dass wir zu wenig unser Licht sehen. Ich möchte das dein Licht wieder scheint. Ich bin authentisch und nicht perfekt.
Gospel Life 2017
By Arkhouse Church
What it means and how to live with Gospel Intentionality.
Grow in Faith with First Pres
By first presbyterian church cf
This podcast is a weekly recording of Sunday sermons at First Presbyterian Church located on 902 Main St. Cedar Falls, IA 50313. Every Sunday a new sermon will be uploaded.
Tomoka Christian Church Palm Bay Messages
By Tomoka Christian Church
Messages from Tomoka Christian Church's Palm Bay Campus