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A Seeking Heart

​A Seeking Heart is for people seeking some type of connection with Jesus, faith, and others who are also seeking. It is a search for grace through prayer, scripture, and the beauty of the Sacraments. All of this wrapped into our every day, ordinary lives.


By たかはしあい


By 逻辑与思维

The King In The Field with Rabbi Manis Friedman

By Rabbi Manis Friedman
The King In The Field with Rabbi Manis Friedman

The Discipleship Focused Ministry Podcast

By ComeFollow.Me
With over 25 years of experience in parish and diocesan ministry, hosts Eric Gallagher and Jason Spoolstra discuss all things discipleship and its place in parish and diocesan ministry. The Discipleship Focused Ministry Podcast is a channel in the ComeFollow.Me network. Find out more by visiting

Living the Freedom Life

By Living the Freedom Life
We give away what we have, let's make sure we receive life.

Restaurando Vidas, con Vianny Mejia

By Vianny Mejia
Programa "Restaurando Vidas" está dirigido para toda la familia con temas de esperanza, alegria, mejorar tu imagen personal, amor y fe. Ayudar a todas las personas a tener un encuentro de intimidad con Dios a través de su palabra.

Walking With Wildflowers

By Keri Bainborough: vegan lifestyle writer
A personal podcast by South African writer, Keri Bainborough, covering thoughts and stories around motherhood, feminism, spirituality, veganism, la luna, freelancing and living a kind and creative lifestyle.

Optimal Living Daily - ARCHIVE 3 - Episodes 601-900 ONLY

This is an archive show (Episode 601-900 only). For the newest episodes, subscribe to the regular podcast Optimal Health Daily in your favorite podcast app!

Rise & Shine - Lebe DEIN Leben JETZT!

By Tanja Francisco
Rise & Shine - Lebe DEIN Leben JETZT! Was und wer hinter Rise & Shine steckt, erfährst du in diesem kurzen Intro. Viel Spaß beim Zuhören! Von Herz zu Herz, deine Tanja


By Diana Zen, ZenMoon and ZenEnergy
The unification of the theoretical knowledge of Zen with real life application through compassion and wisdom.

Ordinary Grace

By Ordinary Grace
Come join the conversation.

Path to Wholeness with Gena Davis

By Gena Davis
Guidance for healing, wholeness, and spiritual awakening

Undone with Lacy Phillips

By Lacy Phillips
Welcome to the Undone Podcast with Lacy Phillips

YogaMass: Whole-Self Spiritual Awakening for Christian Yogis

By Gena Davis
Prayers, meditations, yoga, Yoga Nidra meditations, and teachings for healing, wholeness, and embodying higher consciousness. YogaMass blends east and west, movement and stillness, body and breath for a whole-self spiritual awakening that honors the divine within our bodies, and everywhere. What if Christianity embodied the life teachings of Jesus so that everyone could know and realize their divine potential? Author, spiritual director, yoga educator, and Episcopal priest, Reverend Gena Davi...

The Witches Muse

By Tara Burke
An inclusive and multidisciplinary journey through modern magic, initiation, social change and personal transformation.

Mirror in Your Pocket

By Pastor Frank Drenner
The Bible is a mirror, showing us more about ourselves through its stories. Your phone is a great tool for reading and studying the Bible! This podcast explores the background information used in sermon development that doesn't always end up contained in a 20 minute message.

Baptistengemeinde Bujattigasse Predigtpodcast

By Baptistengemeinde Bujattigasse Österreich
Eine Auswahl von Predigten aus der Baptistengemeinde Bujattigasse in Wien, Österreich. Für mehr Informationen, besuchen Sie

Matcha Hour | Spirituality | Meditation | Self-Development

By Allison Page
A podcast that brings spiritual tools for your happiest, and most peaceful life.

Spiritual Boss Babe with Stephanie Bellinger

By Stephanie Bellinger
The Spiritual Boss Babe podcast is your go to for all things personal, spiritual, and business growth. If you want to share your message and gifts with the world in a big way, and have a burning desire to create a life and business that sets your SOUL on fire-- then this is for you. Together, we can make a massive impact in the world, and it's time. Follow us on Instagram @TheSpiritualBossBabe

Louisa Baptist Church Services

By Louisa Baptist Church / Anchor
This podcast hosts the recorded services from Louisa Baptist Church in Louisa, Virginia. We offer a contemporary and a traditional service most Sundays.

Affirmation Addict Podcast

By Payal Aggarwal
Learn how to use the power of affirmations in your daily life to create your reality, starting NOW! My goal is to make affirmations accessible to you, so that you can use affirmations every day to manifest things your way.

New Life Fellowship

By New Life Fellowship
Weekly sermons from New Life Fellowship in Pinson, AL. Our pastor is Bro. Kenneth Wren who brings the message from the Word of God weekly. We are a Southern Baptist Church with a casual atmosphere. We welcome all whereever they may be in their walk with God.

Power Up Starlight - Channeled Messages to Help You Shine

By Jules Apollo, Spirit Guide Channel
Playful ways to meditate and create. The show features live channeling from a range of spiritual guides: Archangels, a Goddess Council, and Star Beings to help you know your power and share your gifts, your wild genius, with ease. It's pragmatic magic as each show highlights ways to use the energy and messages, and it's always filled with love. It's a shot of visceral joy.

Dodzweit Achero - Leaders Manna

By Dodzweit Achero
Stay Connected and be Blessed

Shiva Shankar Baba's Speeches

By Gajaraj Sekar
This show contains curated snippets of Baba's speeches. He talks about spirituality and mahaans in these shows


By エンパス大ちゃん

The Queer Witch Podcast

By Anna Joy
The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes and interviews with queer witches.

H3O Sermon Podcast

By H30 Church
Catch up on the sermons you missed or want to revisit from our Sunday gathering

Freeing The Wild Women

By Freeing The Wild Women
Unleashing the Truth

Fiona Price practical spirituality for everyday living » Podcasts

By Fiona Price
Podcasts are based on what I have discovered from a spiritual perspective which has helped me tackle many of life's challenges. It's all practical stuff that can make your life easier, happier and healthier! Video versions of the podcasts and other content about my experience rewilding in Wales after years of executive life, are available on

Emotional Alchemy 101

By Jordan Leigh
Subtle shifts and potent epiphanies.


By Joanne静由心生
错综复杂的世界,一枚八卦就可诠释。《易经》将世界抽象为“乾、坤、离、坎、震、巽、艮、兑”几个意象,配以五行、时空,生出无穷变化。“天地定位,山泽通气,雷风相薄。”《易经》里的“变”大气磅礴,无处不在。事无常,但有理,把握了规律,就掌握了事态发展的方向。 南先生的解读深入浅出,趣味十足。“要找一个人坐轿子,慢慢抬他,蛮有意思的,抬到最后大家都成功了。” 。“人在跌倒时,就原来跌倒的姿势,在地上稍停一下,一点都不要动,静一下后,慢慢起来,生命的本能恢复了,不会受伤。”。“马喜欢走逆风,牛喜欢走顺水”。

Talking Taboo: Season 1

By Paul Schulz, Tej Joshi, Portia Baudisch
Treat yourself to an unconventional serving of controversy with a side of humor. Paul Schulz, Portia Baudisch and Tej Joshi are trailblazing an uncanny meal known as Talking Taboo that will leave you starving for more. Season 1 is jam-packed with hours of discussion on topics that stray into unorthodox territory and with the help of expert guests every week, our hosts will ask the questions you want the answers to.

Intuitive Intelligence

By Lynn M. Bunch
Every week, we sit down with Intuitive Educator, Lynn M. Bunch and guest speakers to discuss how to develop your intuition, connection to spirit and accelerate your career, life, health and relationships.

Have Faith Let it begin

By "Have Faith" Let it Begin
Just a brief Introduction as we begin our Journey...

Chan Chronicles

By Chan Chronicles
Chan Chronicles

Master Your Mindset

By Jer Fink
Welcome to Master your mindset, where we discuss everything around the mindset. We talk to different people about different situations they have been through in there life and how their mindset played a role. Our focus is to help others going through similar situations gain some perspective, insights and tools they can use to help get their mindset in a positive place.

Amazing Humans Being Show

By Nar Martinez
The premise behind the Amazing Humans Being Show and Site is quite simple: To share people's stories! We all desire to been seen, to be heard, to be known. We also desire to see, to hear, and to know. These are fundamental human characteristics. There is tremendous power in the telling and in the hearing of stories. Stories can challenge us, inspire us, inform and educate ... they can also bridge the gaps between our perceived differences and help us realize the connectedness we all share as...

Sacinandana Swamis Podcast

By Sacinandana Swami
Lectures and Seminars by Srila Sacinandana Swami

Sedrick Is Your Friend.!?

By Sedrick Rice
Listen to Life Coach and Hospitality professional Sedrick Rice share some of his highlights and lowlights of the seekers' journey. By day a prayed up light giver and in the evening a nightlife maverick--how can this be possible? What he knows for sure is that everything that happens in Love brings joy and anything that happens in fear is here to call forth healing. Take a listen and see if Sedrick Is Your Friend.!?

Pathways To Self-Mastery

By Kristy Lee Rackham
Kristy Lee Rackham is an energy mastery mentor and holistic registered nurse lighting the way for you to access your innate healing 'action potential" through right mindset, right medicine and right movement. She teaches tools, treatments and techniques that enhance your experience of being human!


By Purusha Speaks
A series of Podcasts on awakening through the methods only known to the eastern mind so far.

The Evolutionary Activist

By Patricia Pearce
We are living at an important moment in our history, a time that is calling us into a new way of being, a new consciousness, from which a sustainable, just, and peaceful future can arise. In the Evolutionary Activist podcast we explore ways to help that future take hold within ourselves, so that together we can help it come forth in our world.


Institut SANE, Coaching thérapeutique, études des lois universelles, philosophie comparée, gnose, de la physique à la métaphysique...

Messages from Joey Bonifacio

By Joey Bonifacio
Welcome to the weekly podcast of Pastor Joey Bonifacio. Pastor Joey is the senior leader of Every Nation Singapore. For more information, you may visit

Gina Hatzis

By Gina Hatzis
Helping find the answers within you.

Love Your Life

By Stephanie Lopez Gilmore
Find joy in everything you do. Stephanie is a health coach that helps her clients fall in love with their body and their life. She is a strong believer in doing what you love, living an authentic life, and being healthy inside and out.

Vedanta Cast

By Jonas Masetti
Podcast onde o professor tradicional de Vedanta, Jonas Masetti traz suas reflexões e inspirações.

Showing Up Human

By Kimberley Smith and Lori "Sas" Sase Bechok
A podcast exploring how we can live fuller more true hearted lives. Self awareness conversations to quieten the negative inner critic, give yourself permission to be more curious in life, deepen relationships and feel freer to show up for ourselves and the people around us.

The Abbey Podcast

By Britton & Steve
The Abbey Podcast is where you can find out more information about the topics and subjects featured in The Abbey

The Evolver

By The Evolver
You can see the emerging consciousness movement everywhere: the mainstreaming of mindfulness and yoga, the popularity of all things witchy, the growing interest in whole plant botanical medicines, the respectful study of indigenous wisdom traditions, the rise of the divine feminine, and the long overdue awakening to the potential of psychedelics. Each week host Ken Jordan talks with guests who share insightful stories about their own awakening experiences, and how they bring that awareness in...

The Think Blissful Law of Attraction and Manifesting Podcast

By Scott Gilbert
Scott Gilbert from the Think Blissful Law of Attraction Blog reveals tips, techniques, and methods for applying the law of attraction in an easy and simple way. Discover how you can mold your own life so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love, whether it's traveling the world, or just living the life of your dreams at home with family. Scott shares ways you can change your life starting today. The law of attraction is always on, working for you 24/7. Once you learn to attr...

Uncensored Walk

By Ferai Ivie
I speak with no shame & uncensored My failures and shortcomings, battles, wrestles, addictions and hopelessness – but most importantly my victories and triumphs in Jesus Christ. 2 Cor 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

Otra vez Juntos

By Sonia E. Alkiewicz
Hablemos de todo un poco, de la Prosperidad, la Intuicion, las Cartas y mucho, mucho mas.

First Baptist Bayfield

By First Baptist Bayfield
Weekly sermon audio and other content from First Baptist Church Bayfield, Colorado.

Modern Psyche

By Modern Psyche
A soft space to create a modern day survival guide for an ancient psyche of a human being. We’re here to talk about healing modalities that work and don’t work, to consider our surroundings, our commitment, our freedom, and our relationship to everything that is outside and inside of us. A story of a counter-culture protagonist.

MIAG Sermons

By Mamelodi IAG / Anchor
Sermons of Mamelodi IAG


By 癒しのピアニシモ♪

The Spiritual Gayz

By Brandon Alter and Angel Lopez
Husbands Brandon and Angel explore the wide reaches of spirituality without pretending it all makes sense.

Witchy Wisdom with Siobhan Johnson

By Siobhan Johnson / Anchor
Witchy Wisdom with Siobhan Johnson is a podcast about witchcraft, crystals, Tarot, and all things magic. We're all about modernising traditional practices whilst keeping what makes them special.

Kapow Cast

By Liz Benny
Kapow Cast with Liz Benny brings you inspiration on how to live a KAPOW life. What's KAPOW? Listen up and you'll find out. Basically though, it's all about finding ways to break through the BS of limiting beliefs and patterns by being more self-aware, responsible and REAL. Liz covers health, business success, spirituality, positive thinking and so much more.


By CENTRAL Belfast
We are Central Belfast - Joining with God and others in the transformation of Belfast as Disciples who make Disciples. Catchup on our teaching from all our Sunday gatherings We Gather every Sunday at 4.30pm at Assembly Buildings, Belfast and scatter to practice the way of Jesus in the rhythm of the city.

Osprey First Podcast

By Osprey First Podcast
Welcome to Osprey First Podcast, the sermon audio home for Osprey First Baptist Church

Nadeem Dawood

By Nadeem Dawood
Qari Nadeem Dawood completed the memorization of the Holy Quraan at the age of 13 in 2002. He thereafter matriculated at the Zakariyya Muslim School in Stanger, Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2006. He studied the sciences of Tajweed, Qira’ah , Arabic and Tafseer on a Tertiary level and then went on to further the study of the different modes of recitation ( السبعة القراءت.( He then further pursued voice training and studied the “Arts of the arabian melodies” (المقامات (under leading Local and Internatio...


By Sonia e Alkiewicz / Anchor
Donde la Prosperidad, la Ley de la Atraccion y la Intuicion se dan la mano.

Nativity Church Weekly Message

Nativity Church Weekly Message

Neika Speakes

By Shoneika Moore-Bonnet
It's time to DO MORE!


By 昊道慧音

Self-Care For The Soul

By Debra Graugnard
If you’re looking for practices that honor your body, heart, soul, and spirit, this is the podcast for you. Join Debra Graugnard, M.Div, Spiritual and Energy Healing Practitioner and 20-year student of Sufism, as she shares teachings and tools to help you deeply and intimately know yourself and honor what you truly need to live a life of vibrant health, joy and fulfillment. Awaken the truth that you are never separate from your essence. Experience total self-acceptance and self-love. Live c...

Life Of Tea

By Wu De / Anchor
Inspiring and insightful conversations about the Way Of Tea (Cha Dao)

Freedom Church Gastonia - Sermon of the Week

By Freedom Church Gastonia
Welcome to the weekly sermon podcast from Freedom Church Gastonia where our vision is to see our homes, our city and our world, filled with the hope of Jesus.

Palm Vista Community Church

By Palm Vista Community Church
Sermon and event audio from Palm Vista Community Church in Miami Lakes, Florida. Connect. Grow. Go.

The Reformed Kidcast

By Les Lanphere
Join Les, Matthew and Sarah as they got through catechisms and discuss the Lord.

The Mindset Mashup Podcast | REAL Talks on Self-Love, Motivation, Spirituality, Confidence, Entrepreneurship, Impact + more

By Michelle Sorro | TV Host on EXTRA, Author, Brand & Lifestyle Strategist, and Gratitude Junkie
The Mindset Mashup is a compilation of REAL TALKS designed to help you optimize what matters most: Self-Love. Impact. Success. Tune in for inspirational guests who reveal the mindset required to bust through the BS that holds you back, and how to apply those tools to elevate your life, business and relationships. Think Super Soul Sunday meets Soul Cycle. Join Michelle Sorro; TV Host on EXTRA, Author and Lifestyle Strategist, as she digs deep to bring you closer to your best life in this livel...


By マリア

Real Talk Podcast

By Real Life
Real Talk is a Christian talk show where real faith meets real life. Relevant, humorous and always engaging, host and pastor, Justin Miller takes the helm of this groundbreaking take on social commentary with a quick wit and don’t-beat-around-the-bush conversational style.

Ignite Student Ministry: Acts Two church

By Acts Two Church Student Ministry
This is our message of the week from Acts Two Student Ministry: Ignite Students.

Alexander Bell - How To Live in Love

By Alexander Bell
It is said that the most important journey to be made in life is the journey from our mind back to our heart. And it is true. Most people are in touch with their heart to some degree and they come and go from there, depending on their surroundings, their mood, who they are with and even what they have eaten. But is it really possible - and practical - to be aware of our heart all of the time? And if so, how can we re-establish ourselves - our conscious awareness - back in the beautiful realm...

Abu Bakr Zoud

By Muslim Central
Abu Bakr Zoud is a graduate of the Faculty of Quran from the Islamic University of Madinah, after which he continued his Qur’anic Studies in Egypt. He received numerous ijazaat in Hafs including one from Sh Ali Al-Hudhafy, the Imam of Masjid An-Nabwi. Abu Bakr Zoud specialises in Qir’aat and currently teaches Tafseer at the Islamic College Australia.

naked soul reflections

By clothes free life radio
Exploring the intersections of mindfulness, meditation and clothes free living. A brief step away from busyness and business to reflect and center.


By 读者

The Lumieres Podcast

By Jody White
The Lumieres is a bi-weekly podcast about people who shine. Those who are calibrated towards helping forge, as Charles Eisenstein termed it, “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”. How will you turn the light on in your life?

The Late Service

By The Late Service
The Late Service is a weekly conversation between Tricia Brown-Nystrom, spiritual director and (literal) shepherdess extraordinaire, and Steven Choi, author/speaker/former pastor, about all the stuff in our faith that is talked about around a Sunday dinner table instead of a pulpit. Tune in each week and learn what it is to navigate the Christian faith as a living breathing practice, instead of how things have always been done.

Shouts of Grace Radio

By Shouts of Grace Radio
Podcast feed for Shouts of Grace Radio, a weekly discussion with Pastors Steve Pierson of Redemption Hill Church and Keith Radke of River Community Church in Utah. Shouts of Grace is a topical show providing practical application of Biblical truths to every day life. Includes occasional interviews with guests. Shouts of Grace airs first on Key Radio in Provo Utah.

April Kirkwood: Life With Love, Let It Happen

By April Kirkwood, M.Ed., LPC
Podcast Series One: After Pain, Now What: finding ways of healing trauma and heartbreak is possible. Podcast Series Two: After detox, Now What: helping others become informed and make the right decisions for both themselves and others. A licensed counselor shares insights in a warm, friendly, and often funny way about how to Live with Love; let it happen. She also has worked in the field of addiction and has a series of podcasts on the subject helping others become informed and ma...

Gospel for the Culture with D. Danyelle Thomas

By D. Danyelle Thomas
From Cardi B to Shondaland TV, the Gospel #ForTheCulture Podcast provides inspiration through the lens of Black Pop Culture. Every weekday, D. Danyelle Thomas of bends the norms of faith & millennial spirituality by finding the gospel in unexpected places. Pull up a chair and get a Shot of Henny in your communion cup!

Consciously Awake Podcast

By Dulce Moonchild
the moment in which we finally come to understand who we are, the reason why we volunteer and the road we need to take, is when we are fully awake, taking conscious of our true nature.

Inspirational stories

By Jyoti Sharma
This podcast is updated every week with a story from the lives of Swami Vivekananda or Sri Guru ji


Needing a weekly inspiration? The Godly Vibes Only Podcast talks about living your best life Gods way. We are not perfect but God’s love for us is. Join Monishia as she shares the word of God, real life experiences and of course laughs. Lets Vibe!

What Jesus Wants From Me

By Jim Mackinga
To follow Jesus and become His friend, like anyone, it might be good for us to know what He would like from us.

This One Good Life Podcast

By Stephen Ingram
A podcast to help you discover the goodness surrounding you everyday.

Big Time Happiness

By Lynette Hanover
Big Time Happiness is a show about increasing daily joy for individuals, our communities, and our world. Expert insights and inspirational stories will help you increase happiness in every area of your life as we create a culture of joy for all of us. Lynette Hanover brings her enthusiasm for people, belief in our world, more than 15 years of study, and life experiences to her role as the show’s creator and host. With a love for people and value for diversity she is a leader and motivational...

Citizens of Tulsa

By Will Retherford
Citizens of Tulsa is a local podcast capturing the culture of politics, religion, art, & entrepreneurship in Tulsa, OK.