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By Ceres SDA Church
Weekly sermons from the Sabbath morning worship service.
By College Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church
Podcast by College Heights Seventh-day Adventist …
By The One Project
The One project seeks—through gatherings, conversations, web-based content, and Christ-focused publications—to stimulate preaching, worship, and adoration of Jesus within and through the Adventist church.
By しゅん&まよ
この番組は、妖怪大好きなまよが、キュンキュンしながら、いかに妖怪がイケメンな存在なのかを、妖怪の知識ゼロのしゅんに説明するポッドキャストです。お便り:[email protected]
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Die Vorlesung gibt einen Überblick über die Geschichte des religiösen Denkens von den Anfängen der Menschheit bis zur Gegenwart.
By 友林电台
By 出體king & 積淇離岸神
[由靈開始] 主持: 出體king/積淇離岸神 由靈開始, 一個陪著你進入夢鄉的節目 網頁:https://www.facebook.com/groups/142247517617 Facebook專頁:https://www.facebook.com/groups/142247517617
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Held at the British Museum, Thursday, 5 November, 2009 Stevenson/BP Lecture Theatre. A Beacon Programme for public engagement. Sponsored by the office of the UCL Vice-Provost, UCL Grand Challenges, Novartis, Wellcome Trust and UCL Migration Network.
By 汪松涛
通过分享亚伯拉罕教诲和我自己的亲身感悟,帮助你有意识运用吸引力法则,进入吸引力漩涡,活出你出生前就决定要过的生活! 微信公众号 stxiyin(松涛吸引) 微信:15515699349 QQ:904767554 QQ群:384177687 电话:15515699349
寬講心靈 - 蓮花少東上師 與資深傳媒人 顏聯武先生,共同主持的佛法清談粵語廣播電台節目。 內容輕鬆,應對妙趣,分享如何善用佛法,悲智雙運,寬講心靈 (寬廣心靈)。
By 寝こ
東北ずん子がネット上に点在する怖い話をカワイイ声で語ります。 怪\(ず・ω・だ)/談ブログhttp://zundakaidan.seesaa.net/
By Raúl M. Plaza
Podcast dedicado al despertar de la consciencia humana. Reflexiones, replanteamientos de la vida y teorías que empujan a ver la vida desde otro punto de vista.
By なんであのとき放送局
By しのちゃん
By The A Group
Descrizione - Il Libro Più Letto è parte del ministerio mondiale di insegnamento biblico di Thru the Bible. La serie è stata originariamente concepita dal Dr. J. Vernon McGee ed è stato tradotto in più di 100 lingue e dialetti. È un programma radio giornaliero di 30 minuti che accompagna gli ascoltatori in maniera sistematica attraverso tutta la Bibbia. Ora questi programmi sono disponibili anche online. Siamo grati che tu abbia scelto di iniziare ad imparare di più sulla Parola di Dio ascolt...
By 株式会社ALFA
By Carola Fuertes
Acompañame en esta Ruta y compartamos las experiencias y aprendizajes que la vida nos regala, que son la vida misma!!!
By Ivan Mayor
Zen en Movimiento, balance en la vida cotidiana, trabajo, deporte, familia
By Copthorne Macdonald
Wisdom is internal, embodied by persons. Words of wisdom arise from it. Wise behavior arises from it. But wisdom is not its products. Wisdom is a mode of cognition, a higher-order way of knowing --- one rooted in perspectives, interpretations, and values. Wisdom is a kind of meta-knowledge that helps us make better sense of the rest of our knowledge. At every moment we face some real-life situation, some fact-based reality. But what do those facts mean? And what’s the best thing to do about...
By New Passion Church
New Passion exist to be a community of believers dedicated to the glory of God by extending radical grace for the broken, sharing revolutionary compassion for the hurting and leading people to a passionate relationship with Jesus through the gospel.
By Goodluck Okotie-Eboh
Organization: The Ark Fellowship Speaker: Pastor Goodluck Okotie-Eboh City: Cypress State: TX
By First Presbyterian Church, Kosciusko, MS
Kosciusko, MS
By The Pentecostals of Sydney
Welcome to the weekly podcast of The Pentecostals of Sydney led by Pastor Stan Harvey. To learn more about the POS please visit http://posydney.com.
By Jarrod Cochran
Family Worship Center : To raise the dead to life in Christ. We are a church with a passion to reach people where they are at. Building bridges, not walls. For more info visit us at theFWC.tv
By Crossgate Church
Crossgate Church Is . . . Being an epicenter of God's activity to our community and beyond. Members reaching out to our community through Vacation Bible Schools in Hot Springs community parks. Lifegroups rallying around families in need. Our bi-weekly Food Pantry Ministry that has helped feed hundreds of families in our city. Mission trips that have helped spread the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world. Helping thousands of Hot Springs residents through our Sharing with our Neighbors...
By Zack Trammel
The Church of the Cross audio podcasts. 700 Highway 80 Haughton, LA 71037 318-949-0010
By Adam Solorio
The Church of Casey
By Kevin Bruey
Casting light on the leading edge
By とうもろこしの会presents僕は怖くない 新館
By 佐藤よしお
血液型を切り口にに芸能界・社会を語り合います。 日頃いろいろと感じている事などをおもしろおかしくお届け出来ればと思っております。 毎回スペシャルゲストをお迎えしてお届けいたします。 よろしくお願いします。
By Jim Robbins
Grace is far more than forgiveness: it is the gift of a good and noble heart. Visit: www.thegoodandnobleheart.com
By 一诗一信
一诗一信,Post un Poem。这一切强烈的、纯真的、爱的、激情的...一切所见、所听、所得…我们给它一个名字,叫做“一诗一信”,是为你朗读的一首诗,也是从远方寄来的明信片,更是一份不可复制的声音礼物。一诗一信,Post un Poem。微信公众号:postunpoem 官方微博:weibo.com/postunpoem
By 精选FM
By 短发桃子
合作事宜请联系微信1950078854 直播时间:16:30~17:30歌曲专场 21:00~22:00听友连线话题互动 偶尔会有时间上的调整,请留意直播通知!
By Darin Hufford
Finally a show that isn't censored by religiosity and cold traditionalism! The "Into the Wild" show is an unrestrained, cutting edge, over the top look at the Christian life, lived outside the cage.
By Basic Gospel
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, powerful, and life changing. It declares the love of God for mankind. It is the good news people long to hear. Radio delivers it straight to the heart. But it is not enough just to hear the good news. God wants to make His love a reality in our lives. He wants us to believe it and live it. At Basic Gospel, we are dedicated to proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ and the profound simplicity of His love and grace. Our hope is that the clear presentation of ...
By 9号体验师
By 曹益伟
明隆庆六年初刻版《传习录》是后世《传习录》的母本,因未经后人妄改,拥有极高的权威性和珍藏价值,被已故哲学家陈荣捷先生称为“*完备而可靠”的版本,是阳明心学的*读本。 《传习录》是明代哲学宗师王阳明的论学语录和书信集,集中体现了阳明心学的核心观点,是了解阳明心学*经典的入门必读书。 ◆心即理:*的行为准则其实就在我们每个人心中,遇到难题时与其劳神费心,不如去倾听内心*原本的声音。 ◆致良知:每个人都有与生俱来的道德感和判断力,只不过被后天的习气和私欲所蒙蔽了;若能恢复并遵循本然的良知,就不难获得内心的安宁。 ◆知行合一:人的认知和实践是不可分的,只有做到两者统一,才能避免盲目行事或空谈不实之病,一切困难也会迎刃而解。 正是因为阳明心学蕴含着“宁静于内,无敌于外”的至上智慧,晚清中兴*名臣曾国藩、终结中国两千年帝制的孙中山、戊戌变法及新文化运动的领袖梁启超、推动日本明治维新的功臣伊藤博文等人,均对《传习录》推崇备至。已故国学大师钱穆更是将该书列为“中国人所人人必读的书”之一。
By 曹益伟
“幼儿曹,听教诲:勤读书,要孝悌;学谦恭,循礼义;节饮食,戒游戏;毋说谎,毋贪利……” 这篇写给长子正宪的家书,便是王阳明著名的家训“三字经”,言简意赅,语重心长地告诫子女如何做人、学习、持家、立业、养生。本书从知行合一的角度,将王阳明的12条家训、24封家书,逐字逐句解读得透彻明晰,既袒露了王阳明在日常生活中的心学功夫,也是写给家长们的家庭教育范本。 王阳明的家训和家书,大部分写于军旅途中。战场即生死场,险象环生,间不容发,王阳明却抽出时间和精力,以平静恳切的语气,事无巨细地叮嘱家族子侄辈们为人处世、读书交友的要诀,以及如何避免陋习。实际上,这一篇篇平易近人的家书,注入了阳明心学的精神内核。 王阳明家训的内容一字一句,全出于诚,用王阳明的说法,写家训的念头就是教育家人致良知,致良知就能常快乐,常快乐又能心安,便是为人处世、持家立业的真正奥秘。
By The Meeting House Podcast
The Meeting House is a church with campuses in Carlisle and Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. We are committed to helping people become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. For more than 100 years, our church has worked to extend the gospel to our community in...
By The Meeting House
Where we gather around and talk about all things Jesus without looking at the clock.
By Luke Romberg
The Meeting House is a church for people who aren't into church. We believe that when you see Jesus without the religious baggage we've historically put around him, you'll find someone undeniably life-changing and worth following. He teaches us to value p
By Scott Jones
A synaxis is a liturgical gathering. It can also refer to an unveiling. The synaxis podcast is a weekly gathering hosted by Scott Jones for the purpose of finding the life giving, healing word of the Gospel in the words of the weekly lectionary passages. Join Scott Jones and his guests each week as they explore the lectionary texts together. This is the place for a Gospel rich, grace saturated and properly worldly lens on the week's lectionary passages, all in 25 minutes or less!
By Tony Morgan
With THE UNSTUCK CHURCH PODCAST, we invite you into the real-time conversations our team is having about church leadership every week. Hosted by Tony Morgan, this podcast explores common challenges in ministry and practical steps for tackling them. It’s like getting to be a fly on the wall of our staff meetings. Tune in weekly for: * Insights, observations and trends for church leaders from Tony Morgan. * Benchmarks in church growth and health from The Unstuck Group’s work serving hundred...
By Crackers and Grape Juice
A Lectionary Podcast by Crackers & Grape Juice
By Seth Bailey
Jonathan Martin has honest, authentic conversations with friends and guests.
By Rich Birch
Are you looking for practical ministry help to drive your ministry further ... faster? Have a sinking feeling that your ministry training didn't prepare you for the real world? Hey ... you're not alone! Join thousands of others in pursuit of stuff they wish they taught in seminary. Published every Thursday the goal of the unSeminary podcast is to be an encouragement to Pastors and Church Leaders with practical help you can apply to your ministry right away.
By Erin Rivera Merriman
Join esoteric women's health practitioner and founder of Active Culture Family Erin Rivera Merriman in her quest to share all the best of what she has discovered on her own healing journey.
By Mike Adams
A former pastor and seasoned sinner asking honest questions about the modern institutional church. Ekklesia (pronounced ek-lay-SEE-a) is a transliteration of the Greek word used in the New Testament that is most commonly translated "church" in our English Bibles. The word "church" comes from an old English wording meaning "a lord's house" and is a poor translation of ekklesia. Far from referring to a location or an institutional setting, ekklesia refers to a community of people living life t...
By Mike Adams
Jesus-centered and gospel-focused. You've reached the podcast home of Mike and Susan Adams. Welcome to the Grace Café!
By Mike and Susan Adams
Christian, God isn't disappointed in you. He knows you fully and loves you perfectly. He's given us a Substitute, not a goal. We're Mike & Susan, a former pastor and pastor’s wife who've left behind the empty obligations of performance-based Christianity so prevalent in the institutional church to discover a more authentic reality outside its walls and the freedom and joy of living life in the reality of "it is finished." We're glad you're here and we invite you to pull up a chair and you...
By Relevant Church - Chattanooga
3 friends who've been liberated by the gospel of grace, talk about Jesus, life and retro pop culture
By Rabindra Rijal
This podcast will bring together all the nepali books that are available in free for listening in the market. The broadcaster is not responsible for copyrighted materials and dead links.
By A Witch and Wizard of Whanganui
A resource for children of all ages about the power of words, self determination and magic.
By Reed Lackey & Nathan Rouse
Christianity and the Horror genre may seem to be opposites, but every week Reed and Nathan put them in dialogue together. Join us for conversations about the things that haunt us and the things that heal us, explorations at the intersection between faith and fear, where fans of scary stories and faithful followers can both find a place to belong.
By John Rodrigue
Generations Church
By Brandon Garland
It's easy for things to keep us down from walking in God's fullness for our lives. In this podcast, I'll share some thoughts with you that God has been speaking to me in my life. I really believe that God will use this podcast to help you rise from where you are now into a greater realization of His love for you and His purpose in you.
By Matthew Pollock
Recorded live at our weekend services, these messages feature Pastor Matthew Pollock and guest speakers at The Way Family Church in Murrieta, CA. For more info visit us at thewayfamilychurch.com
By Ramona & Howard Chadwick
The Living Cornerstone
By Covenant Metal Show
The Covenant Metal Show is a Christian heavy metal podcast spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ throught heavy metal music.
By Gospel Music Association
Exclusive interviews with Christian artists, producers, songwriters and influencers about their unique contribution and collaboration with the GMA to spread the Gospel throughout the world hosted by Sam Collier.
By Cornerstone Community Church
Weekly sermons from Cornerstone Community Church in Westerville, OH. Taelor Gray is the teaching pastor. For more information, please visit our website.
By Matt Langston
Matt and Davey, along with a rotating cast of guests, explore what success and failure looks like in the music industry through the lens of their band Eleventyseven.
By Tim Harville
By Pbro. Ernesto María Caro Osorio
Domingo a domingo la mayoría de los católicos, otros, varias veces a la semana, nos preparamos y disponemos para participar en la celebración dominical de la cena del Señor a la que llamamos Eucaristía. Sin embargo, nuestra participación no es plena, perfecta, activa y consciente porque no entendemos lo que celebramos; no captamos el sentido de las acciones, palabras, signos y ritos. Este curso, te quiere disponer para entender el sentido de todo aquello que envuelve, prepara, acoge y enrique...
By Serena Travis
The Seven Streams Method is a unique way to experience the Bible using Seven Streams that correspond with the days of the week. Read by Serena Travis.
By LDS Podcasting
Audio recordings from the Liahona magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
By LDS Podcasting
Audio recordings from the New Era, a youth magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
By The Remodeled Church
Thank you for listening. Check us out at theremodeledchurch.com or our Facebook page The Remodeled Church
By Maceo Montez
see www.cgcpueblo.org
By Phil Vischer
Hosted by Skye Jethani and friend (and former Big Idea employee a long, long time ago) Josh Lindsay, "The Movie Proposal" is a deep dive into movies from two thoughtful Christian guys. Check it out and tell us what you think!
By Gabriel Gonsalves
Join Heart Intelligence Coach Gabriel Gonsalves, as he shares with special guests the latest news, techniques, spiritual technologies, and tips to help you follow The Path of the Heart.
By Michael Hidalgo
Many of us have left our spiritual home filled with questions, doubts, skepticism and curiosity. This is a healthy spirituality and has the power to fill us with peace, joy and wonder. Yet, in our journey we often find ourselves between places that have long been familiar and new spaces to which we are being called. In those moments, between familiar places and new spaces, it is helpful to discover next steps for our continued journey. Through interviews, reflection and observations, The Chan...
By Cynthia Occelli: Author, Mother, Women's Empowerment Expert
The Life by Cynthia Occelli Show is a weekly podcast designed to provide supportive guidance, thought provoking ideas, and real solutions to the challenges women commonly encounter. Whether you're falling in love, starting a business, raising children on your own, or starting over after divorce, there's something here for you. Your host Cynthia Occelli, once a 9th-grade dropout and welfare mom, has a passion for helping women triumph over obstacles, think independently, and realize their grea...
By Sean Andreas
This is a blog/podcast about New Testament scholar and former Bishop of Durham N.T. Wright. Most of the videos and audio recordings can be found on the internet free of charge. I am just collecting the various bits here and there and creating a podcast to showcase them. Most of the videos I found come from YouTube and the audio recordings I found using ntwrightpage.com, which is an excellent resource for the writings of N.T. Wright.
By Crossroads Church
A community of Jesus-like people doing Jesus-like stuff
By Suntree United Methodist Church
This is the Audio Cast for The Gathering Worship Service. At Suntree United Methodist Church we have a vision to be followers of Jesus who love God, love each other and love our neighbors in extraordinary ways. We hope that by listening to these podcasts, you will be challenged to live out that vision in your everyday lives. If you already attend Suntree, these podcasts will hopefully enhance your Christian walk. If you are not a part of a church and live locally, we invite you to our church....
By The Woodlands UMC
Messages from Loft Worship at The Woodlands United Methodist Church in The Woodlands, Texas, outside of Houston
By myfavoritekindofcrazy.com
The kids from myfavoritekindofcrazy.com host a Bible devotional for other kids. For printables to accompany the devotionals, visit myfavoritekindofcrazy.com.
By Aldersgate Church, Lubbock
Our purpose is to provide a space for intentional conversation around topics related to where Aldersgate Church in Lubbock, TX is currently growing on Sunday mornings. This is not meant to be a replacement for church. It is, however, meant to stimulate your mind and spirit to be open to a new perspective on potentially familiar topics. We hope to encourage you to step into your faith and pursue a deeper relationship with God and your community through intentional conversation.
By WorshipDrummer.com
The Worship Drummer Podcast is dedicated to introducing you to influential Christian drummers and drum companies who are striving to perfect their craft while still putting the heart before beat!
By Mary Goulet
1-hour live radio show, Tuesday's at 12noon Pacific. Mary shares her perspective on how to make the best choices in the moment and respond to life rather than react to it. Mary covers her Go With Your Gut book and decision-making process as well as the gentler side of life she shares how to cultivate a richer interior so you know where to go when life hits you sideways.
By Cassandra N. Vincent
The Liberated Heart podcast is designed to empowe…
By Pastor Caleb Tyler
The Rock Corona builds solid lives as a satellite campus of The Rock in Anaheim, CA. Pastor Caleb Tyler brings the uncompromised Word of God and builds faith, teaching and praying like Jesus.
By Crossroads Church
Here you will find sermons, Sunday school lessons and other content from Crossroads Church in Copperopolis, California
By Xtreme Faith Ministries
Now is the time for all of God's people to rise-up and walk in Xtreme Faith in the midst of adversity. Lay hold of God's promises now. Faith is your key.
By Trenton Bethel
Trenton Bethel Pentecostal Church Sermons
By Troy Mangum
Your life is a message God wants to communicate t…
By Richard Clinton
The Springs Vineyard
By The Church Times
News, interviews, book reviews, and discussion ea…
By Archdiocese of Omaha
This semi-monthly podcast brings you conversations with Most Rev. George J. Lucas, Archbishop of Omaha, as he shares his pastoral vision with the local Church: "One Church: encountering Jesus, equipping disciples, and living mercy."
International Youth Conference is the most powerful conference in the nation today. Young people gather from around the globe for one purpose, the Message of the Cross! Every year hundreds are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Young people are changed forever by the Presence of the Lord. These messages are taken from past conferences and are just a taste of what happens at International Youth Conference. http://www.crossfireiyc.com/
A daily panel discussion of Gods Word with Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and other guests as seen on the SonLife Broadcasting Network daily. The Message of the Cross and what Christ's sacrifice has afforded to the individual is brought to the listener through the exegetical study of Scripture. For more information go to www.jsm.org and www.sonlifetv.com
By Charles Bretan and Chris Henson
Two bloggers, one Jewish & one Christian, discussing faith, cigars, depression, cigars, social justice, cigars, and other interfaith issues. Oh, and cigars.
By Eerdmans Publishing
A podcast about books and the people who make the…
By Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path radio program is an open discussion Christian radio program that airs live every Weekday at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. The host is Steve Gregg, a Bible teacher and lecture that enjoys a good discussion. Steve leaves the program open to those who wish to disagree with him and enjoys a good discussion about any topic that relates to Christianity, the Bible, or Christian living. This podcast is a delayed version of the live talk show for those who can not listen live.
By The Pentecostals of Richmond
We are committed to Making a Difference by Loving God, Creating Community, Growing in Truth & Serving Our World.
By CrossPointe Church
CrossPointe Church Fayetteville featuring speaker Pastor Tracy Pounders
By First Baptist Church of Coon Rapids
This is the sermon podcast of First Baptist Church of Coon Rapids, MN. Discover more content at www.firstbaptistcr.com
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