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The Cosmic Calling

By Soulshine Astrology
A podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs and creative souls on a mission to align their life & career with the cosmos. Through weekly episodes that combine astrology, spirituality, personal growth, and career development, Career Astrologer Natalie Walstein from Soulshine Astrology ( aims to inspire you to bring more of your personal brand of much-needed magic out into the world while also bringing on special guests to talk about how they found their calling, how th...


By Anchor Church: Seattle, WA

The Source Houston

By First Methodist Houston
The Source is a community of people who gather to deepen our relationships with God and with each other. We are believers and doubters, seekers and runners, worshippers and listeners. We hope to become a hospitable community where everyone is able to come as they are. Below you can listen to our contemporary service sermons or click the subscribe button to have the latest podcast downloaded to your device.

Harvest Community Church of Irvine

By Harvest Community Church
Listen to the latest sermons from Harvest Community Church of Irvine.

Sermons @ Shepherd

By Shepherd of the Hills UMC, MV & RSM
Sermons from Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Church in MV and RSM, CA

Celebration Church Amelia Island

By Celebration Church
Led by Pastor Carlos Serrano, Celebration Church of Amelia Island, FL is a God-First church which strives to be real, relevant and enjoyable. Our messages are designed to challenge and inspire you to be all that God wants you to be.

Aldridge Parish Church Sermon Archive

By Aldridge Parish Church / Anchor
This is the archive of the weekly sermons, from Aldridge Parish Church. Listen to our morning and evening sermons, as well as select special events from April 2016 to April 2018. Subscribe to our new weekly podcast for our new weekly sermon podcast for our sermons and events from April 2018


By Mara Glatzel
You have needs. Your needs matter. Meeting your needs is your responsibility. And yet… you’ve likely been taught that pushing your needs to the back burner is the only way to get things done. The Needy Podcast is devoted to sharing frank conversations and true stories about how real humans meet their needs consistently, messily, and sustainably. Host Mara Glatzel is an intuitive coach who supports women in cultivating radiant self-trust by identifying, honoring, and advocating for their needs...

Resurgent ATL Podcast

By Chris Oliver
re·sur·gent: rise again, revive

Calvary Chapel Rosedale Bakersfield

By Calvary Chapel Rosedale Bakersfield
God's divine and holy word is the center of our ministry here at Calvary Chapel Rosedale. We believe the simple teaching of God's Word through the power of God's Holy Spirit will change lives. It takes the power of the Spirit of God to make the changes, but it takes the Word of God to give the substance and the foundation.

Adventist Review Podcasts

Adventist Review is the official magazine of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Every Wise Woman Builds with Rebekah Love Dorris

By Rebekah Love Dorris
A podcast bridging generations of women to turn their hearts toward home.

Mina Attia Podcast

By Mina Attia
Mina Attia is a Healthcare Professional, Business Development Expert, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist with a mission to help people wholistically, transforming their lives from a medical, physical and spiritual perspective.

Bible Food Podcast

Bible Food Podcast is about free and thorough Bible study and training. Some other treats are occasionally provided.

Family Bible Church Sermons Oak Harbor

By Family Bible Church
Family Bible Church sermons

The New John Simmons Show

By John Simmons
Episodes of the New John Simmons Radio Show

仙台めぐみ教会(OPC Japan Mission)

By 仙台めぐみ教会

المصحف المرتل [تسجيلات الإذاعة المصرية] - محمد صديق المنشاوي

By طريق الإسلام
من تسجيلات إذاعة القرآن الكريم بالقاهرة.

The Message @ GNFWC

Listen to anointed messages & teachings given at Good News Family Worship Center Church located in Barrington, NJ.

The Quest : 10-Minute Yoga Meditations

By Eddie Marashian
The Quest: 10-Minute Yoga Meditations is a weekly, guided meditation podcast recorded live in Eddie Marashian’s donation-based yoga class in Los Angeles. Great for beginning and seasoned practitioners alike, each episode explores different themes and employs different techniques. At just 10 minutes long, these guided meditations are short enough to fit into your busy schedule—yet powerful enough to transform you from the inside out. Reduce stress. Find inner peace. Awaken to the highest ...

The Witness Audio

By Faith Life Church | Moore Life Ministries | Keith Moore
Keith & Phyllis Moore

Covenant Baptist SCV

By Covenant Baptist Church Santa Clarita Valley: Valencia, CA
Covenant Baptist Church is a Reformed Baptist church in Santa Clarita, CA. We preach Christ crucified. Find us at

The Dwelling Place

By Pastor Al Pittman
Join Pastor Al Pittman from Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, CO through in-depth verse-by-verse study through the Bible.

Live Your Truth

By Ich Loc & Jono Poon
Welcome to the Live Your Truth Podcast series, where Ich Loc and Jono Poon shed lights on some of the misinformation, half-truths, and concepts that aren’t really accurate in the spiritual and personal development world. You’re not interested in hearing regurgitated content that other speakers and coaches have learned from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar etc. You’ve already heard it. You’re not interested in any of the “woo-woo” and “foo-foo” stuff either. We’ve all heard that, too. And...

CrossTalk with Pastor Ken

By Dr. Ken Duggan
Crosstalk with Pastor Ken

The Embassy Church

By The Embassy Church
Making God Famous Throughout the World | Denver, Colorado

Adventist World Podcasts

Adventist World is a subsidiary of Adventist Review Ministries, from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Christian Life Church

By Christian Life Church
"A Place of Worship for All People"

First Presbyterian Church, Meridian

By Rhett Payne
First Presbyterian Church, Meridian

Kiss the Waves

By Morgan Mbadugha
One millennial's journey to loving God well in the modern world.

Broken Women Win with Ashley Williams

By Ashley Williams
Broken Women Win is a movement established in 2015 founded and operated by Ashley Williams. This movement is designed to push and encourage broken and hurting women forward into a realm of restoration and wholeness through Christ! This podcast is a unique and authentic approach to dealing with everyday real-life issues as a modern Christian Woman. Here you will find a VERY transparent Hope Dealer who decided to turn her pain into a platform to snatch the shattered out of the trenches of desp...

Chicopee Baptist Church

By Chicopee Baptist Church
A warm and caring church seeking to make a difference in the lives of people through Christ.


By Fr. Patrick Cardine
A Lorica is a prayer recited for protection in which the petitioner invokes the power of God as a safeguard against evil. lōrīca originally meant “armor” or “breastplate.” The title is taken from St. Patrick’s Breastplate, his much loved prayer written in 433 A.D.

Locally Grown

By Adam Lowell Roberts
Adam Roberts interviews people about evangelism and the Western rite with the Orthodox Christian Church.

Greater Peoria House of Prayer

We're a passionate community of believers. Jesus is our treasure. Prayer is our mission. Unity is our heart. Love is our way. Subscribe for weekly teachings.

The Branch Podcast

By The Branch Church San Diego
A New Church in San Diego

The Upstream Collective Podcast

By The Upstream Collective
The Upstream Podcast was created to share our rich conversations about #sendingchurch with the world. For anyone passionate about the overlap between God’s church and God’s mission, this podcast will be great food for thought.

Joel Arndt

Community Alliance Church Sunday Sermons

Colts Neck Community Church Sermons

Colts Neck Community Church is a gospel-centered church in Colts Neck, NJ. Our mission is to declare and demonstrate the grace of Jesus Christ.


By Grace Community Church: Tucson, AZ
Messages from Grace Community Church in Tucson, AZ

Morning Star Church Sermoncast

By Morning Star Church
Each week one of our teaching pastors preaches a topical message with tons of life application.

Mt. Gilead Weekly Podcast

By Mt. Gilead Church
The Mt. Gilead Weekly Podcast is here to encourage us to pursue Christ throughout the week and inform us about the ministry opportunities at Mt. Gilead.

Steve McJunkins Show: A Southern Gospel Podcast

By Steve McJunkins
I host a Southern Gospel radio show, which I also upload here as a podcast. Listen to the very best in Southern Gospel music, plus my commentary on random things in life!

المصحف المرتل بقصر المنفصل [صوت القاهرة] - محمود خليل الحصري

By طريق الإسلام
شيخ القراء في زمانه ومن المتقنين الحاذقين بفن القراءة وعلوم القرآن ، رحمة الله عليه

باسی ئه‌و شتانه‌ی كه‌ خۆشوشتن واجب ده‌كات وچۆنیه‌تی خۆشوشتن له‌

By پشتیوان سابیر عه‌زیز
ئه‌م بابه‌ته‌ باسی ئه‌و شتانه‌ی كه‌ خۆشوشتن واجب ده‌كات وچۆنیه‌تی خۆشوشتن ده‌كات له‌ كتێبی ڕێبازی په‌یڕه‌وكاران و روونكردنه‌وه‌ی فقهی ئایین كه‌ دانه‌ره‌كه‌ی شێخ عبد الرحمن بن ناصر السعدی یه..

The Daily Verse

By Unknown
short daily devotional from First Baptist Church of Icard and Dr. Micheal Pardue

القاريء الليبي محمد امقيطيف

By amaniben
تلاوة للقاري الليبي محمد سالم امقيطيف من تسجيلات لصلاة التراويح لشهر رمضان لعام 2016 ليبيا- البيضاء

Dreamer's Financial Playbook

By Tiana B. Clewis @ Selah Financial Coaching
At the Dreamer's Financial Playbook, we believe in living a life that you absolutely LOVE (you know, the DREAM) and using money as a tool to make that happen! Why? Because money touches every part of your life, especially your faith and your family! So let's talk about it all! The the faith, the family and especially the finances! This is your financial playbook!

School Of Thought

By s b / Anchor
Everyday life Music Relationships Motivation Inspiration Love Creative

Geraldene Dalby-Ball

By Geraldene Dalby-Ball / Anchor
Co-host for Quantum Leap Book Call. Let's talk about things that makes life wonderful and how everyone is connected as one.

Life with Rolene Mosime

By Rolene Mosime / Anchor
Very married ...mother of 3 owner . Motivational speaker . MC . Actress . Presenter .

Patti’s World

By Patti’s World / Anchor
Welcome to Patti’s World podcast,where amazing things happen. Life is a journey of discovery and I am a tour guide 😁

Fire From Heaven Ministry

By Georges Nijs
Teaching the Ancient Biblical Hebrew Language of the Bible through the study of the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet, Language and Philosophy. Teaching the Word of the Father as it was originally intended, with Aramaic-Hebrew understanding, and without any doctrines of men or religions.

Exilic Church Sermons

By Exilic Church
Helping the Thinker Believe; Helping the Believer Think

gemini sunshine show

By Samara Mccoy / Anchor
Welcome to the Gemini sunshine show podcast, where amazing things happen. Positive teaching

Kingdom Word Biblestudy

By Pastor Rudy Lewis Jr. / Anchor
Welcome to the Kingdom Word Biblestudy podcast, where amazing things happen.

Quest for Truth By Sakina Ibrahim

By Sakina Ibrahim / Anchor
Quest for Truth a place for amazing conversations about love, life, humanity and the experiences that push us to spiritually grow.

Sermons – Grace Baptist Church

Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples

Bishop Mawusi Adagbe

By Bishop Mawusi Adagbe
Get hope for tomorrow

The History of the Catholic Church Podcast

By Patrick D. Dinovo
HoCC is the story of the Catholic Church in chronological order from its foundations to the present. Not just a bland retelling of names and dates, we'll discuss the people, the drama, and the movements of the organization that has arguably had more impact on the Western world than any other.

CBCMP Sermons

By Calvary Baptist Church MP
Podcast by Calvary Baptist Church MP

Sermons from Ocean State Baptist Church

By Ocean State Baptist Church
Messages from Ocean State Baptist Church

Living Out Loud #LOL

By James & Ettora Burrell / Anchor
This is Living Out Loud #LOL, a podcast where purpose and destiny are discussed.

Aperta o REC - Geralzão

By Aperta o Rec - Rádio e Podcast
Novo feed pai

Pressing Towards His Standard

By SurrenderMe Productions / Anchor
Welcome to the Pressing Towards His Standard podcast, a Christian Podcast aimed at proving the purpose in your process.

Homebrew Leadership Podcast

By Richard Garton / Anchor
This is the Homebrew Leadership Podcast. A place where amazing content is delivered by leaders and guest at Sunnyhill; helping you to discover a more fulfilling life as you lead in your sphere

Power Up Your Abundance

By Gabrielle Spencer
Release what is blocking and limiting your abundance with host, Gabrielle Spencer, as she provides NOW moment intuitive guidance for your quickest path to clearing out what is keeping you from reclaiming your abundance of love, money, health, and happiness. No-Charge Abundance mp3 UANOW.NET/UNLOCK

Waynesboro Free Methodist

By Waynesboro Free Methodist
Multiplying Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ

Northport Baptist Church: Sermons

By Northport Baptist Church: Sermons
We exist to lift people up to see Jesus.

Trinity Vero Beach

By Trinity Vero Beach
Podcast by Trinity Vero Beach

Ministerio Refrigerio al Alma Inc

By Pedro Colon / Anchor
¿Está buscando asesoramiento sobre temas estrictamente espirituales, como asesoramiento en disciplinas espirituales para la conexión con Dios, solución de problemas cotidianos con la sabiduría bíblica o cuestiones relacionadas con la guerra espiritual? Independientemente de tus circunstancias pasadas o presentes, de lo duro del proceso o lo imposible que pueda parecer, tu situación es el escenario donde hay espacio para la ESPERANZA. Creo que todo PROCESO produce cambios importantes y signif...

Budismo Online

By Nelson Almeida / Anchor
Budismo Online é uma produção independente sobre budismo, feita por uma pessoa comum.


By AbbaJilla Roba / Anchor
Making prayers a lifestyle

Shekinah Ministries's Podcast

By Matthew Scheppmann
Shekinah Ministries's Podcast featuring speaker Matthew Scheppmann


By St. Moses and St. Katherine Toronto
This ministry is for the glory of God the Father, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit the Comforter.This is a Coptic Orthodox Church in its faith, doctrine, traditions, and teachings. It is under the direct leadership of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church.A faithful community to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, eager and enthusiastic to grow spiritually and to be a positive influence in its surroundings.A worshipping communit...

The Seminar Room

By The Seminar Room
“The Seminar Room” (TSR) is a religious studies podcast by and for students and scholars of religion that engages specific texts and concepts in religious studies theory and method, philosophy and critical theory. Our regular contributors are Joel Harrison, Lucas Scott Wright and Sean Capener. The format and title of the podcast are meant to reflect “the seminar room” in which grad students encounter and reflect upon texts in their respective graduate programs. Our goal is to provide an onli...

The Wayward Followers Podcast

By ZAO Church Network
Church Questions For The De-Chuched Crowd


By Iglesia Momentum

Abiding Place Weekly Message

By Abiding Place Christian Fellowship
Podcast by Abiding Place Christian Fellowship

Unity Of Praise

By Taylor Miles ✨ / Anchor
Unity Of Praise | FB: Taylor Miles | Matthew 6:33 | ✝️

Rap Life Buddhism Pagan Christian Philosophy

By Hakuin Z / Anchor
Welcome to a variety hour of comedy philosphy rap spoken word religion politics peace and love! Sit down and relax.

Tech Resortz

By Skaterz360 / Anchor
Technology and God

Appa's Realm

By Austin / Anchor
Hey there! Love to all!🕉️ I created this podcast to start sharing about topics like spirituality and other informational topics you Just don't learn about everyday. I really enjoy alot of subjects so I will have alot to talk about! Love you all and have a great day☮️

Wits & Worship

By New Heights Collective
Thanks for checking out our weekly podcast! For more information, visit our website at

Logical Believer

By Logical Believer / Anchor
English Translation of The Quran

River Springs Weekly Message

By Pastor Jimmy Parris
Weekly messages from River Springs Church

C3 Fulham

By C3 Fulham
Sunday messages from C3 Fulham, based in South West London, UK, led by Simon and Valerie McIntyre. We hope you'll be inspired and challenged to live a life of faith. Visit for more info and to plan a visit!


By spirit of change / Anchor
Welcome to the Thulane podcast, food for thought network

GNM - Pastor Pablo Shin - Seminario Bíblico "Ni yo te condeno"

By Misión Buenas Nuevas
GNM - Pastor Pablo Shin - Seminario Bíblico "Ni yo te condeno"

Solid Rock Youth Group Messages

By Matt Crider
Solid Rock Youth Group is a great place to learn God’s Word and the plans He has for your life. Enjoy a safe and positive atmosphere where you can grow spiritually and develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Youth Group is held every Wednesday Night and doors open at 6:30pm. Service starts at 7:00pm and guests are always welcome. We minister to students from 7th grade through 12th grade. We also have monthly activities where we gather for bowling, skating, games n...

Best Advice Podcast

By Dirk Parker
Host Dirk Parker answers questions and gives the best advice of all the times.

He Hung From The Ash

By Ryan / Anchor
Welcome to the He Hung From The Ash podcast, where we will be discussing Shamanism and my own journey so maybe I, And those who join me can be inspired and walk with intelligence and pride.

Live your best life today ❤🌈♀‍🧘🏽🎈🎉💫

By Olivia Rose / Anchor
Welcome to Live your best life today ,where you learn how to transform your life ,one thought at a time ,the law of attraction is all the rave these days,and let's face it everyone wants to be happier and healthier with more money to spend .On Live your best life today ,Journalist Olivia Rose and her partner Prince Ralph will discuss tips and tricks on how to trick your subconscious mind to attract the life you want remember happiness is only a thought away , we'll also discuss relationships,...

Aberdeen Baptist Church

By Aberdeen Baptist Church
Sermons by Aberdeen Baptist Church

Catholic Health USA Podcast

By Catholic Health Association
A podcast for the Catholic Health Association

Pastor-Richie III

By Pastor-Richie III
Podcast by Pastor-Richie III

Nobody said it will be easy

By Jennifer Smith / Anchor
This podcast will be about staying saved and prayed up in the world we live in. The daily struggle to stay in the Lord's presences. We will list gospel song and sermons for our listeners to listen to. We talk about sermons, songs and let you know what it meant to us. I also try to put up quote and verses. I hope enjoy!

Emprendimiento Consciente

By Arturo
Revelando a través de Mis Propias Vivencias, Cómo Puedes Conectar Exactamente con Quien Realmente Eres y así Fluir al 100% en Todos los Aspectos de Tu Vida, Entregando Tu Don al Mundo, Ese que Sólo Tu Tienes y a Través de la Creación de Tu Propio Negocio.