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The Geek Filosophers - Movie & TV Reviews

By The Geek Filosophers (Reviews, Black Panther, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Altered Carbon, The Cloverfield Paradox, The Ritual, Review, Movie, TV)
We, the Geek Filosophers, are a couple of regular nerdy guys who appreciate TV, Movies, and anything entertaining. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you watch the content we review, critique, and dissect.   We hope you enjoy our banter and we look forward to your comments! Look us up on Facebook (@thegeekfilosophers), Twitter (@geekfilosophers) or Instagram. Black Panther, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Altered Carbon, The Cloverfield Paradox, The Ritual, Thor: Ragnarok, Shape of Water

The Movie Defenders

By Movie Reviews for your favorite movies
The Movie Defenders is a podcast which discusses the positive aspects of popular movies. Most movie review podcasts spend the entire time tearing down the movies you love instead of celebrating them. We take popular movies that have been ridiculed by critics and defend them. Come listen to a fun discussion of the movies you love, or perhaps re-consider a movie again that you didn't like as much as you wish you did. If you like movies, you found the only podcast with movie reviews that lov...

The Kar Matt Show

By Karson Braaten, Matt Peters
Every week Karson and Matt merrily chat about movies, tv shows, books and other mostly geeky things.

Superior Court Comics

By Superior Court Comics / Anchor
I’m David and I talk about Comic Book, Fantasy and Science Fiction TV Shows and Movies. Recording from Orange County, CA.

Phly Guy

By Phly Guy / Anchor
Welcome to the Phly Guy podcast, where amazing things happen. It’s all about Mary Jane

Great Britton

By Great Britton / Anchor
CREATOR of "STAN" Supporters That Are Noticed. A Series that provides a platform 4 the fans to tell why they stan 4 there favorite artist

Tela Preta

By Tela Preta
O Tela Preta é o podcast do Plano Aberto, nele você encontrará discussões e reflexões sobre o cinema.

Black and behind the scenes

By Black and behind the scenes / Anchor
Welcome to Black and behind the scenes, where amazing things happen.


By Mike Conn
Common sense is not common. My Uncommon goal is to create a last stand on Earth for freedom so that we have a place to escape to as we continue to lose freedom here there and everywhere on in the World. Here we stalk hunt down and devour the truth about everything from news & politics to God and guns, We feed you the truth in small enough bites so that you will understand it better than anyone.

African Movie Reviews | The Baobab Voice

By The Baobab Voice
Tracking African movies, TV shows, Web series across all platforms: - Streaming Guide to African movies, TV shows & Web series - What & Where to watch - Netflix, Amazon, iROKOtv, CONGAtv, etc - To-the-Point Reviews - Audience-Appropriate Recommendations - No Time-Draining Searches - Easy Movie Night Planning - Go-To Guide of Nollywood - Top-Quality Watchlist

Flick Connection: Get More Out of Movies

By Flick Connection
Get more out of movies with weekly movie recommendations, news, fun facts and analysis of your favorite movies both new and old!

Bookworm Podcast

By Bookworm Podcast
Podcast by Bookworm Podcast

Disney Marvels

By Matthew J Gracon / Anchor
This podcast is about all things regarding the Disney Company. We will talk about Marvel, Pixar, the parks, movies, TV shows, and anything else that is part of the Disney company. Email the show at [email protected]

Md Sawon

By Md Sawon / Anchor
Welcome to the Md Sawon podcast, where amazing things happen.

Chill's Corner

By The Chill Collective
A new podcast from the Chill Collective that comes out every Tuesday, where Chill discusses new music, old music, not music, whatever is on his mind! Theme song is "The Walk" by Dee Yan-Key

Arun Kumar Achari

By Arun Kumar Achari / Anchor
Welcome to the Arun Kumar Achari podcast, where amazing things happen.

Malik Arsalan

By Malik Arsalan / Anchor
Welcome to the Malik Arsalan podcast, where amazing things happen.

Jitendra Nath

By Jitendra Nath / Anchor
Welcome to the Jitendra Nath podcast, where amazing things happen.

Jonathan Spivey

By Jonathan Spivey / Anchor
How Hollywood is controlled by Jews.

Oscar Jaramillo

By Oscar Jaramillo / Anchor
Welcome to the Oscar Jaramillo podcast, where amazing things happen.

The thought-cast podcast

By Alexandra Brittain / Anchor
Welcome to the The thought-cast podcast podcast, where amazing things happen daily. I have no idea what I’m doing...let me know your thoughts and I’ll share mine.

Bad Movie Brunch

By Bad Movie Brunch
Luke Taylor and Katie Grotzinger are two masochistic movie-lovers! Listen to them break down bad movies over Sunday brunch!

Dj Alamin

By Dj Alamin / Anchor


By Eric, Ryan, and Steve
The #1 podcast related to blood, guts, and the sweat of wrestlers everywhere


By TPTV Productions
A podcast about all things Tom Hanks. Movies. TV Shows. We'll cover every acting credit Mr. Hanks has appeared in and in the order in which they were released...except Bosom Buddies. So come hop on the SS Jenny, or the Apollo 13, or a Fed Ex plane, and take this journey with us as we discuss and discover over 80 projects with many more to come I'm sure. HANKS A LOT.

Long Night w/ The Boys

By Travis K. / Anchor
Join us as we discuss the many wonders of the world! Find us at Keno's, where the boys reside.


By Siren Lynn / Anchor
I’m Siren Lynn, I’m sharing deep stories, emotions, urges, and bad hinge I’ve done!! I’ll also be sharing my opinions those will be very random and don’t tend to be dark they tend to be off topic!!! If you relate don’t be shy to text me on here!!👑👑😻😻

Fantha Tracks Radio

By Fantha Tracks Radio
24/7 news, interviews, reviews, guest contributors, podcast database, our podcast network Fantha Tracks Radio and our YouTube channel, Fantha Tracks TV.

What's the Score

By Madeleine Inskeep
Welcome to What’s the Score, where one passionate nerd mispronounces a lot of words while exploring her favorite tracks, from film scores new and old. If you like movies or music, or especially both together, or if you’re just a fellow nerd... or if you’re lost and don’t know how you got here, that’s fine! Pour yourself a cup of tea or pop some popcorn and stumble along with me through this magical, cinematic, shamelessly sentimental soundtrack journey!

Discology Music Club

By William Sims
Discology is a music podcast where we listen to an album then meet up to discuss. In our journey we will talk to all sorts of people, from all walks of life, about the music.

More Than Just Games!

By Derrick / Anchor
Welcome to More Than Just Games! Two blerds talking about the things we're addicted to!

——华澳之声China Australia Talk

By Australian Studies Centre, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China
Opinions and viewpoints on China Australia relations and related issues presented by Australian Studies Centre, East China Normal University based in Shanghai, China

Podcast Teste

Podcastest para test

Boldly, Tho

By Boldly, Tho
Boldly, Tho is one family's trip through Trek and time and both at once.

Vine en el 80

By The Outsiders Red de Podcast
Un programa que recopilará las mejores cosas de la década del 80. Cine, Tv, Música, Videojuegos y muchas cosas más que quedaron por siempre en nuestros corazones.

Potts vs Petes

By Potts vs Petes
Podcast by Potts vs Petes

Plaza Cinema 4 Podcast

By Chris Creswell
Your source for movie reviews, box office, and other news concerning the Plaza Cinema 4

On a Cloud: A Mother & Son Bachelor Podcast

The Bachelor isn't a show to be watched alone, so Michelle and Mathieu Fondin are right there with you to weather the storm of boys and girls courting the Bachelor/Bachelorette in this PG-13 beginner-friendly podcast.

Help Every Addict Live: Podcast

By Gina & Ange
Our podcast called Together We Heal.

SMF Cyberspace Podcast

By SMF Cyberspace
SMF Cyberspace is Discussion-based Podcasting with an equal blend of UNAPOLOGETIC HUMOR and a STRONG SENSE OF REALITY.

All Balloons Have Helium

By Katrina Dykstra / Anchor
This is All Balloons Have Helium, where partners Katrina and Sean revisit their favorite childhood movies and share them with each other.

Sarindom Das

By Sarindom Das / Anchor
Yaha par Main hu RJ

Mesa do Cantina

By Cantina do Mos
Podcast by Cantina do Mos

Clinton Community Church

By Clinton Community Church
We want you to stay connected at home, at work, on your drive, or where ever you go!

Coffee Tea and Kibble

By CTK / Anchor
Film, culture and more from a California king-size bed somewhere in Oakland, California

Fancy a Jam Podcast

By Jack Pollington / Anchor
Fancy a Jam podcast is a fortnightly interview podcast where we talk to some of the best and most ambitious short film creators in the world.

Siddharth Pradhan

By Siddharth Pradhan / Anchor
Welcome to Siddharth Pradhan's podcast where amazing things happens.

Chit Chat Marvel

By Chit Chat Marvel / Anchor
Here we talk about the upcoming marvel films, concepts, theories and much more. Tune in to keep updated with the most recent Marvel news.👨🏻‍💻


By Lucia Chazo Bello / Anchor
Welcome to my podcast, I hope you have a great time here. xx

I Am A Killer: A Crime + Investigation Original Podcast

By A+E Networks UK
In association with Netflix, Crime + Investigation's brand new ten-part series I Am a Killer gives a fascinating and in-depth insight into the stories of prisoners on death row in America, awaiting their fate. In this podcast we hear from producers Tom Adams and Danny Tipping on what it was like to make this powerful true crime documentary series.Watch I Am a Killer from Tuesday 29th May at 9pm.

Day 11 Westworld Podcast Podcast

By Day 11 Westworld Podcast Podcast
Mashup of theories from all the best Westworld chats + podcasts. Links, notes at

Carbonite Chat

By Carbonite Chat / Anchor
What’s up, my fellow scruffy looking nerf herders and welcome to the Carbonite Chat!

Music To Follow Dreams

Amazing playlist for music lovers, please visit for more!

The TV Campfire

By ATX Television Festival
ATX Television Festival has a reputation we’re pretty proud of: “TV Camp for grown ups." Each June, showrunners actors, producers, all of the TV industry and the most incredible fans come together for one of a kind screenings, in-depth panel conversations, and...breakfast tacos...BBQ...margaritas. You get the picture. Now we're bottling that TV magic as a podcast! In our inaugural podcast series, we've recorded conversations with some of our favorite people in TV, each o...


By Popnomicon Creators
A pop culture podcast regarding movies, TV, video games, board games, technology, and what not.

Theory Time W/ Pleeka

By Pleeka
Podcast About Theories

Technically Human

By Technically Human / Anchor
Welcome to the Technically Human Podcast, Join our hosts DJ and Ally Lucas as we talk about everything from film making to the star wars prequels.

The Trash Fire Podcast

By Jargon Bin Studios
Hello and welcome to the Podcast, each week we on the fringes of the internet come together to discuss and warm our hands over the raging Trash Fire that is pop culture and entertainment news. Wont you join us? There's plenty of room and I promise that my rash isn't contagious.

Denys Fedorenko

By Denys Fedorenko / Anchor
Welcome to the Denys Fedorenko podcast, where amazing things happen.

13 Reasons Why // Recap Rewind Podcast

By Recap Rewind
Hosts of the #Riverdale podcast are returning to the airwaves to give you the short and quick low down on season two of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. We will be releasing our recaps by episode, so be sure to check back to our Twitter @Recap_Rewind for all the updates and links. Thanks for listening, and as always let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below! Download and listen to our Riverdale podcast on YouTube here:


By Fatoumata / Anchor
Welcome to the Fatoumata podcast, where amazing things happen.

Donut Not the Hole

By The Aristocasts
And what do you call this podcast collective...

Deliberations Of Doom

By Chris Cox
Deliberations of Doom is a deep-cut podcast about horror, examining the filmography of the great directors, asking questions about the genre, and reviewing new releases.

Enter Sandman

By Enter Sandman
Two men discuss the life and career of America's much maligned funny man and fight against the glut of similar content.

He Said, She Said Movie Reviews Podcast

By April K & Tim H - Movie Reviewers
April and Tim share their love of movies and each other with their listeners. A pair of movie fanatics, having seen over 3,500 movies together, April and Tim bring their unique perspective and that of their genders to their movie reviews. What started as movie reviews for family and friends has grown in the He Said, She Said Movie Reviews Podcast. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Sage Hyden Tries Podcasting

By Sage Hyden Tries Podcasting / Anchor
I’m Just Write on YouTube. Thought I’d like to have a place where I’m a little less scripted.

Chillin With Elton

By Elton Ramirez
What does it take to make your dreams come true ? Join Elton Ramirez as he speaks with actors, directors , producers and people from all walks of life to capture a glimpse of the spark that drives them.

Sean JonPaul Foster

By Sean JonPaul Foster / Anchor
Sean JonPaul Foster, African American writer and former marine introduces you to a new way of thinking


By king wale Godzilla / Anchor
Music and helping peeps out

COSMO Glotz & Gloria: Der Serienpodcast

By Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Warum ist “Stranger Things” so weiß? Wann geht Jack Bauer aufs Klo? Ist “13 Reasons Why” wirklich gefährlich? Warum ist “Master Of None” so wichtig? Serien sind das neue Schwarz. Jörn Behr und Emily Thomey müssen schon Brillen tragen, weil sie so viele Serien glotzen. Warum dann nicht auch einfach drüber reden? Im COSMO-Serienpodcast “Glotz & Gloria” geht es um Aktuelles und Kommendes, Hypes und Fails. Anders gesagt: Solange es nichts mit Drachen und nahenden Wintern zu tun hat, sind wir ...

The Guerilla Filmmaker Podcast

By The Guerilla Filmmaker Podcast / Anchor
I’m a run & gun, guerilla style filmmaker from Jackson, Tn who loves to talk film & filmmaking. Let’s grow together!

The Christian Movie Podcast

The Christian Movie Podcast is a show devoted to reviewing Christian films and shows. We review everything from classic Christian DVDs to the newest Christian films appearing in theaters. Our quick reviews give you everything you need to know about the movie in just a few short minutes. We'll let you know what the movie is about, the overall quality of the Christian film, and how family-friendly it is. Join us every Wednesday for a new Christian movie review! To learn more about ...

Younger Uncovered

By TV Land
Younger Uncovered, the official after-show podcast about TV Land's hit series, YOUNGER, goes deep behind the scenes, and explores the space where the fiction of ‘Younger' intersects with the themes, ideas and experiences that touch our daily lives.

1UPX ESports: The Kick-Ass Gamer Show

By 1UPX ESports
Join Matt and Chris Quarters from the 1UPX ESports Tournament League with Kris and Ken from the RetroSquat podcast as they explore games of their pasts and see if they are as good as they once were. Includes special guests from the gaming world, trivia and facts (and fake news), hilarity, and more! The show airs on every Wednesday at 6pm EST.

Dark Ages

By Dark Ages
Just another WordPress site

The Cruise Cruise

By Griffin Van Malssen and Eric Welch
The Cruise Cruise is a somewhat comprehensive exploration of Tom Cruise's illustrious movie career. Each episode hosts Eric Welch and Griffin Van Malssen dive into a specific movie in the Cruise canon and try to unpack why they find the man so reliably entertaining and endlessly fascinating.

Filmmakers Digest

By moe / Anchor
Welcome to the Filmmakers Digest podcast, where we talk films, the art of creating films, and what holds us back and what makes us dive further into the mystique.

Riverdale theories 101

By Salma / Anchor
Welcome to the Riverdale theories 101 podcast, where amazing things happen. Tune in every single Friday for a new theory ☺️

It's definitely a film...

By It's definitely a film...
Welcome to 'It's definitely a film...' a podcast about movies all great and bad. In it we watch and discuss whatever movie we feel like watching at any given time, there will be laughs, tears and rage as we browse through and endless encyclopedia of wonderful movies along with some truly terrible ones. Listen.... share our joys and our pains.

What's On

By What's On Podcast
New episodes every Saturday! Billy-Ray, Tom and Ellie. Regularly getting together to discuss, review and analyse films. Questions, comments, opinions? Email us at [email protected]

And Now Our Watch Begins

By Dakota Lovins and Ryan Kiourkas
"And Now Our Watch Begins" is a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Kiourkas and Dakota Lovins, where the two watch and discuss their pick of popular movies and television shows. Featuring fun recaps, games, quizzes, questions, and guests, "And Now Our Watch Begins" is a silly way to analyze and discuss what people are watching.

Subash Shrestha

By Subash Shrestha / Anchor
Welcome to the Subash Shrestha podcast, where amazing things happen.

TBD - Pro Wrestling Podcast

By Michael Gay II & Derrik Shaneyfelt
TBD takes two pro wrestling fans from two different eras and turns them loose on pro wrestling news, stories, and recaps. Show recaps? We won't go match by match, but look at what mattered about the previous nights show and what does it mean for pro wrestling moving forward. Monday Morning Quarterbacks? You got it. We will take a look at what should have happened, what could have been, and get your input on what you would have done as booker. More than just WWE, NXT and Impact - we will co...

Cries in Norwegian Podcast

A TV podcast in which we discuss the Norwegian teen show and internet sensation, SKAM. Each episode takes a look at one or two installments of each season. Hosted by Gabriela Acevedo and Liska Ostojic.

Pop Periscope - The Podcast

By Christina Lautazi
Pop Periscope is the podcast where we discuss random fun topics from the pop culture universe.

Pankauski Hauser P.L.L.C.

By John Pankauski
Pankauski Hauser P.L.L.C is a South Florida firm that deals with cases involving estate and probate litigation. We handle disputes in regards to wills, trusts, administration, inheritances, investment losses, beneficiaries' rights and other estate and probate topics. Practice Areas: Probate Litigation Beneficiary Rights Estate Disputes Will Contests and Reformations Inheritance Conflicts Trust Disputes/Trust Administration Investment Losses Guardianship Litigation Suing a Trustee or Executor...

Highly Suspect Reviews

By Chris Cox’s weekly movie and tv show reviews in a group conversational format.

Totally Spoiled Podcast

By 93.3 FLZ (WFLZ-FM)
WARNING: Spoilers Ahead! Every week, Brian Fink, CT, & April Diamond chop it up about life, and totally spoil your favorite shows.

Cocktail Party Massacre

Add horror, liquor, and party games over ice and shake furiously. It's Cocktail Party Massacre with Brock and Pickens -- two gays in dresses who discuss horror, drink cocktails and challenge listeners in deadly games that kill off the losers one by one. Who will earn the coveted title of 'Final Girl' against our trivia 'Slasher'?

Prince Simz

By Prince Simz / Anchor
Welcome to Prince Simz podcast, where my life is your life.


By Fini Aprilia / Anchor
What am I thinking? Here you go.

Fangirl Inc.

One fangirl takes on the world of podcasting! Follow me on many adventures as I talk about all the geeky things: Star Wars, anime, manga, cosplay, movies, video games and more!

Grant Henson

By Grant Henson / Anchor
My podcast is about random crap. If you're a baby don't watch this because sometimes I say bad words, Like 'heck'.

Pick Six Movies

By Pick Six Movies
Pick Six Movies is a movie podcast where each season we select six movies, all related to a single theme. We examine the history of the people in front of and behind the camera, try to make sense of how and why the movie was made, then discuss each one in way too much detail to see if they are any good. Pick Six Movies is hosted by Bo Ransdell and Chad Cooper, two life-long friends with a shared passion for discussing things they barely understand in an attempt to make each other laugh.


By Sheepy / Anchor
I love making videos but I want to have a place where I can share thoughts, ideas, and more! Welcome to my podcast 🙂

Azoe Nzoya

By Azoe Nzoya / Anchor
Welcome to the Azoe Nzoya podcast

Veg Out With Amber

By Amber Bowens
Reality show recaps, film reviews with spoilers, and unfiltered opinions on all things pop culture.


By TonysTake
Tony's Take is a sports and entertainment blog. The writers come together to give their takes on sports, movies, television, and life! Sit back and listen to the soothing voices of these four amigos. Three amigos was just not enough. Find us everyday on

Lost In Space Reviews & After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion