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TV & Film Podcasts

Khabardaar is a weekly Hindi language podcast discussing Bollywood movies. Hosted by lifelong Bollywood fans Aparita Bhandari and Baisakhi Roy, it offers an in-depth look at the Hindi film industry.
मिंग राजवंश के लेखक वू छङअन की रचना《पश्चिम की तीर्थयात्रा》चीन का एक प्रसिद्ध पौराणिक उपन्यास है, जिसमें थांग राजवंश के धर्माचार्य सानचांङ (ह्वेनसांग) और उसके तीन शिष्यों यानी वानर, शूकर तथा भिक्षु रेतात्मा के उस समय के साहसिक कार्यों का चित्रण है, जब बौद्धिक सूत्...
Sunday Star Sattack Malishka
Pranks Calls by Rj Khurafati Nitin
Bollywood Café is hosted by RJ rangeeli Ruchi. Daily she will give us top 3 crisp Bollywood gossips of the day with a Rangeeli Ruchi Twist
Fever FM RJ Anuraag Pandey is popularly known as "Bollywood encyclopedia"
Filmy Dayro is a comedy treat for all. It’s a humorous parody of films recited in the famous ‘daayro’ format on RED FM. Centuries old Folk narrative (Dayro) meets, Century young Visual delight (Films) to bring a smile on radio listeners, complete ...
Bhailu: Bhailu is a character who is a PJ Master, he can connect to anything and everything and he always has a PJish take on any situation or person. Bhailu takes out 2 meanings out of one word or a sentence, though the most decent double meanings.
WhatsApp Bhabhi: This show features fake celebrity interviews.
‘Dusron ki girl friend & beizzati’ is loved by all. The humour and ‘beizzati’ that Nilam adds to this segment is viral and leaves the listener with a strong hangover. She trolls the wrongdoers by using her vast ‘galiyon’ ki vocabulary!
The One Stop Destination for all Bollywood News and Gossips
Bhalta Raja - Musical presentation on the lines of Altaf Raja. RJ Ravi imitates Altaf like nobody else and uses the sarcasm to highlight important matters of the society.
Kisna and Ashish call people and take their case.
Red FM Ahmedabad’s most popular sparkler ‘Baka’ is named after most colloquial Amdavadi term for ‘dear’. Red FM’s Baka is a true blood Amdavadi, who dreams to make it big in stocks some day. He easily connects current affairs and happenings of cit...
Ek Kahaani Aisi Bhi is an internationally acclaimed series of spine chilling original ghost stories. The stories are so impactful and real that one can visualise the incidents happening in front of their eyes thanks to the extremely powerful narra...
Ek number bade: Typical Indori character, and in that unique style he has a take on anything that happens in the city.
He is your friendly neighbourhood bhai! Known as Sabka Bhai, Mawali Bhai, The flamboyant bhai has an interesting perspective on everything under the Sun! With the voice that never fails to tickle the funny bone, Mawali Bhai’s power packed punch li...
World famous in Delhi, the kid who pranks all.
Raghav, Pataka Peshkash: It’s a musical presentation of Bollywood songs in unique and funny ways.
Purab makes a prank call and takes the case of the caller.
Shendi is the greatest equalizer! From Bollywood superstars to their Jabra fans, from business tycoons to their drivers, from doctors to their patients no matter who you are and where you come from; If you have a phone, you are a prospective targe...
All the news of the week is compiled and presented in a musical rap form.


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