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By RareSonance Media
Weekly fix for those with FAME as their drug of choice. Let us provide the ultimate pop culture high for your obsession with all things celebrity.
By The Brothers Binge
Two Brothers on a mission to binge all things related to Comics, TV, Movies, and More. >>> @BrothersBinge on Twitter Podcasts released weekly!
By Darcell And Yay Yay / Anchor
Wacky news reporting on today’s hottest music and trends.
By Troy Joseph / Anchor
By Sideshow Inc.
Pop culture and movie news from around the globe. No celebrity gossip here, just the most important film, comic, tv, streaming, video game and book news suited for any level of geek. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, or just can’t get enough of Batman, we’re happy to help you...Let your Geek SideShow!
By 🌶oey / Anchor
A New York City view on life. Sports. Music. Wrestling. Pop culture. Movies/Shows, not everyone gives an honest opinion. This is as honest as it gets.
By Bray / Anchor
Everything about my life. The day to day emotions and events that take place. Let's cross are fingers we get to capture EVERYTHING! If you want to be entertained check me out! If you want to be motivated check me out! If you want to get to know me better check me out! Let's see how good I can get at this podcast business.
By Matthew Sandiford / Anchor
Pop culture all up in your face
By CineMusts
CineMusts is a bi-monthly cinema podcast primarily dedicated to discussing the films found in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.
By Chris Jacobs
Superfan Chris Jacobs recaps and reviews the latest episode of CBS Sunday Morning for Harrison Weinfeld, who has never seen the show. 
By Talkin Toku
Join Chris, Jordan, and Tom as they talk all things toku - Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, and more! From shows to toys it's time to talk toku!
By Random Movie Roulette
Every week Louis, Mike and Jack subject themselves to 3 movies chosen for them completely by random, with the pick ranging from insufferable slogs to hidden gems.
By Ryan McCoy / Anchor
This is a place where I talk about the REAL struggles of being an independent filmmaker living in Los Angeles. I talk about Hollywood and the Studio system, and where I see the future of filmmaking going. I hope to inspire the next generation of filmmakers so they don’t fall into the same traps that I did.
By Dan and Jayrod
Dan and Jayrod are Supraliminal Films' resident Marvel Cinematic Universe fanboys, so they decided, with the impending release of Avengers: Infinity War, to watch every MCU film in order and talk about them.
By Twenty-Something Media
We got you covered when it comes to what happened this week in WWE programs such as Raw, Smackdown Live, 205 Live and NXT. So you can get caught up in roughly 10% of the time it would take to watch it all, so you're ready whether it be the next week of shows or the next PPV. We also discuss the most recent PPVs (occasionally NJPW and ROH) and what we thought. More is coming up on the horizon such as metal and video game discussions!
By Reggae Talk
Somewhere out there in the universe, there is a fan of Reggae/Dancehall culture who enjoys, meaningful, well thought out discourse covering all aspects of Reggae/Dancehall culture. Reggae Talk's aim is to serve as the "Voice of Reason for the Culture" in an era where unbiased, objective reasoning isn't valued by many. Our vision is to promote unity and awareness across the culture via healthy discourse ranging from thought provoking non-trending topics to popular ones, meanwhile creating a co...
By Tanvi & Flo
We are Flo and Tanvi! Join us as we talk about Hindi movies aka Bollywood. We are not critics (thank god for that!), we pick a movie and talk about our favorite songs, favorite scenes, gossip etc - Served with a side of nostalgia!
By Movie Zealots
A podcast dedicated to the movies. Listen as zealots discuss, review & preview motion pictures.
By E.C.P presents "down the Hatch"
Kicking off their production company, a pair of fun loving losers are kicking things off with a podcast! Empty Can Productions presents “Down the Hatch!” During each episode, Jesse, a stand-up comic, and Joseph, a musical-theatre man, will update you about their lives in the Big Apple, their journey in creating a production company from the ground up, and end each episode with their Rotten Reviews. What’s that? The guys will watch and review horror movies that have a 75% or lower rating from ...
By Please Rewind
A podcast looking at movie's anniversaries or whenever we want to talk about older flicks.
By Comic Shop Irregulars
Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Comic Shop Irregulars! We are a group of average guys who love everything comic related. What we enjoy even more than that is talking about comics and everything that has to do with them. In this episode we will discuss Stan Lee, The Walking Dead, Disney and More! I hope you all enjoy this podcast as much as we love making it! Don't forget to Subscribe and tell all your friends!!!
By Dave Braier
Brothers Dave & Don discuss everything film- from the classics to what's coming soon.
By Justin, Terry, and Travis
Who Cares What We Think? is a review and discussion podcast. Each week, the guys will present one item to discuss and review. This item could be a movie, video game, piece of tech, movie theater candy, etc. There are no limits.
By Pod The Replay
Welcome to Pod The Replay! Tastefully Weird's second podcast! We're a group of friends re-watching old school shows you know and love! We are on a journey to watch every cult classic show and movie we can find! Join us! What else do you have to lose Subscribe to this channel for new podcasts EVERY THURSDAY Stalk us on all the things: Twitter: twitter.com/podthereplay YouTube: youtube.com/tastefullyweird Instagram: @tastefullyweird Facebook: Facebook.com/tastefullyweird
By Mutiny Transmissions
Hosts Zach Reinert and CJ Willard dissect the man who many say is the greatest actor of the Millenial generation, Adam Sandler.
By Tyler Michael
Join Tyler and Patricia (mother and daughter) as they talk about real life with a very real God.
By Popnutshell.com
#AfterthePopcorn with Malcolm Drake and AP#WordsinGeneral with Dylan Hughes and AP
By Benny Greenheart
3 Guys Who Have No Clue What They're Doing
By More Banana
Comedians disappear into the gentle-voiced vortex of hit TV show Fraiser. No, this isn't Kevin Smith's Frasier podcast. Comedian and number one Frasier fan Anita Flores explores different themes and pivotal moments from the show with a new guest each episode.
By Media Plug Podcast Network
Do you love film? We do too, and on each episode of Some Like It Scott, the team reviews recent movies, talks about what we've been watching, and occasionally has a surprise for all of you too.
By Cosey
After centuries of civil war and desolation, Earth has regained its balance through the advancement of space exploration, only to discover destruction waiting for them at the edge of a nightmare. War is on the horizon, and humanity may be facing its last days of existence.
By Kristina Lenz
The Most Excellent 80s Movies Podcast! It’s the podcast where a film maker and a comedian take a hilarious look at the 80s movies we love, hate, hate to love and love to hate. The mission of the Most Excellent 80s Movie Podcast is to take a comedic look back at the movies from a decade we love with 2018 eyes and probably a significant haze of nostalgia. We are going to do 10 episodes this season, each representing a film we have chosen from the corresponding year from 1980- 1989.
By Bracket Buddies
Weekly podcast where Jake and Ashton debate random topics Bracket Style until they arrive at an ultimate winner. Rules are simple- there are no rules! Follow along on Twitter @Bracketbuddies and suggest new topics via email at [email protected]
By Mark Harrison
Where people who work for a living find their news
By We, The Academy
Podcast by We, The Academy
By Kevin Brooks & Art Waller
Podcast by Kevin Brooks & Art Waller
By Bradlee Baxter
G-Splash is the only pop culture podcast on the internet where 2 guys yell from across the country about who's better at doing their job. Mostly we just talk comic books, movies, tech, theme parks, wizardry, gadgets, art, tv shows, all things pop culture.
By Alex Kimble
Jim and Jake, joined by occasional guests, make up a book from start to finish. Submit suggestions to our twitter @improvaudio
记得订阅,右下角的youtube 频道 微信公众号:雅思Lynn 注册免费课程
By Caleb Hardin & Zach Goscha
Join us as we cover the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its impact on comics, movies and pop culture. Learn how these films came to be and hear interesting facts about their production and release. What impact have they had and is it significant? Find out today!
By Kate and April
By Adonis Dareau and Gypsie Koreana
A safe place for adults who collect fashion dolls and other doll or toys, to mingle online and discuss their hobby and interests. Adonis and Gypsie are the hosts of this channel. Enjoy episodes of Broken Barbie Show, an urban sketch comedy series starring a cast of witty fashion dolls.
By Effy Giraffe
'Effy Talks' explores a variety of different topics. From music, television, to what's trending in the news today, it's always a journey listening to Effy Giraffe's brand new podcast!
By Nick Guaglione
Hello and welcome to Please Laugh! A comedy* podcast hosted by Nick "That Sexy Nerd" and his two co-hosts Zach & Matt. Each week, we discuss a variety of different topics including (but not limited to) Movies, Music, Video Games, Interesting News and our own depressingly funny lives. So sit back, relax and space out while we take you on a journey. *Your comedic experience may vary
By a reverent Total Divas recap podcast by Rachel W. and Rose A.E.
A reverent Total Divas recap podcast. Weekly.
By Aaron Parent / Anchor
New home and a new life for my Buffy and Angel podcast. Discussing the show one episode or episode arc at a time
Four old friends from Texas sit down to have a drink and discuss general topics ranging from what kind of movies, music & tv shows they like to going to the bathroom at work. So crack open a beer or get your favorite drink and come join us for a few laughs and a lot of misinformation.
By Destroy Your Head Comics
The official Destroy Your Head Podcast. Hosted by Pauldo and Manda Jayne
By Eat Read Stream Repeat
We met because of Steve Rogers, we go for pizza and swap books on a monthly basis and we've never had a conversation that didn't contain a nerdy reference. So lets chat about the things we like to eat, read, stream and repeat. xoxo Sarah and Chloe
By BloodT**sAndGore
An Austin-based horror podcast with a mad love for Dario Argento, wine, and messy horror flicks. We say the stuff you wish you could say.
By Kristen Zaza
On a Dark, Cold Night is the ideal podcast for horror-lovers with insomnia; a creepy friend to tell you bedtime/ghost stories. The podcast involves Your Narrator telling you a spine-chilling yet soothing ghost story every week. Launched in January, 2018, the show is written, performed and produced by Kristen Zaza.  Follow Your Narrator on Twitter at: @ADarkColdNight
By Luke & Ryan
Unfiltered and unnecessary. Join us in our discussion of the latest movies, the newest games, and everything else that is pointless.
By Dad's Garage
You're favorite improv pals have created a monthly podcast that gives you insight into the insane world of Dad's Garage. The show will be choked full of hilarious stories, wacky bits and fun interviews with the Dad's Garage gang. You're going to want to check back here every second Monday for a brand new episode of Dad's Garagecast!
By Helios Cooperative
Helios is a cooperative of visionaries and pioneers that empowers people to generate solutions for a decentralized world. This podcast explores all topics related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
By Fireteddy Productions
Join married duo Marc and Jan as they countdown various pop culture top 5 lists. Come for the hilarity, stay for the recorded documentation of their inevitable divorce!
By Dylan Kasson
Tandem is a podcast covering everything related to the act of scootering. Hosted and mixed by Dylan Kasson with music and design by Ben Bursell. For any questions or suggestions email [email protected] New episodes every last Friday of the month.
By LiteralSoup
Join Renu and Soup as they talk about anime, games, and all of those adjacent topics (but mostly anime).
By 2SER 107.3FM
2ser's Gaggle of Geeks is a weekly wrap up on geek and pop culture. Focusing on film, television and comics, join hosts Blake Howard and Sophie Ly as they chat news of the week, speak to special guests and review the latest releases.
By Josiah Ward & Daniel Bright
Every week, Josiah and Daniel discuss the latest Sports & Star Wars news, alternating between topics every episode.
By BloodT*tsAndGore
An Austin-based horror podcast with a mad love for Dario Argento, wine, and messy horror flicks. We say the stuff you wish you could say.
By Bob Phelan
Phelan to Communicate is a weekly podcast focused on MMA, movies, TV, and video games. Formerly 'The Redbox Report' and home to 'The Redbelt Report', these properties were merged starting in 2018 to open up discussion on multiple topics on a weekly basis.
By Salle Pierre Lamy
The Salle Pierre Lamy Podcast contains, Lightsaber and Hoverboard news, Moving images, Gaining Gaming, Jokes and A Really Lamy Quiz. Also contains Music.
By Act One Radio
Act One Radio is a South African Arts and Current Affairs podcast focusing on the daily lives of South Africans. Accompanied with great music, the shows include interviews with theatre practitioners, artists, writers, journalists, political analysts - and any other individual in the South African Arts industry worth noting. The podcasts on this channel aim to keep you entertained and up to date with current affairs.
By Surrey, comedian
The Surrey Experience is the number one source for all things happening in Surrey BC and the greater Vancouver area. The positive aspects of Surrey are discussed with a comedic twist. Advice on growing up in Surrey and growing up punjabi.
New podcast weblog
By Jason Banks
Well Lived Negroes is a show about living a life well. Each week we dive into any subject known to man and talk about it as much as we can. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store.
By Tim O'Brien
A weekly Sports and Entertainment podcast with host Tim O'Brien
By Alexander Sorondo
Following the journey to watch, in chronological order, every movie listed in Steven Jay Schneider's 1001 MOVIES YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE.
By Put it in H
Podcast by Put it in H
By I Seen't It Movie Reviews
Join us as we review movies both new and old, with our very own spin on the movie review game. Stay up to date with other interesting Hollywood and celebrity news as well. Reviews, news, and the occational fun and games. Episodes produced weekly.
By Fábrica de Podcasts
Novelando é um podcast que vai contar de um jeito diferente o capítulo da sua novela. Creso Soares Júnior é jornalista há 20 anos, que acompanha novelas há tanto tempo que elas eram em preto e branco.
Two Guys Drink Beer and Watch Terrible movies.
By Dragon Academy Dropouts
A How to Train Your Dragon podcast.
By Narcelito Guinto
The only podcast you’ve ever needed! Join us on a rant about film, social things of the world, and overall random things. Hosted by Narce & Zeus intro/outro music made by LIO
By John Kier, Austin Davidson
A fan made show talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers and other NFL news.
By Will Hamilton, film critic and master prop builder
3 Dozen Moldy Onions is an irregularly-occurring review of TV and movies from your man, willrhami, and his dad.
By Austin Brown and Dennis Louis
The podcast where theology intersects with movies, books, and big ideas
By Alexis Cardoza
Alexis Cardoza loves to talk about all happenings in the world of media, tech, entertainment, and life. In this podcast you will be invited to chime in or take a listen as we ride out together, embarking on a conversations that we can all relate to.
By Good As Hell
The greatest podcast dedicated to the work of Dr Fraiser Crane and all the guys at KACL!
By Urszekerek
Rajongói impulzusok kitárgyalása az Űrszekerek szerzőivel: az Impulzus Podcast mindenkinek ajánlott, akik egy esetleges újranézést követően, hozzánk hasonlóan szívesen elmerülnének az egyes Star Trek epizódok és mozifilmek mondanivalójában, készítéssel kapcsolatos háttér-információiban, valamint aktuális életünkre vonatkozó üzenetében.
By point and yell dot com
Adam Connie Jr. and Jelani Bivins give you what you need so you can better understand.
By Chillin’ with Lavel / Anchor
Come into the life of Lavel.
By Whats in the Box
Chris and Tristan talk pop culture, films and literally nothing else.
By Binge Buds
On May 19th, the Year of Our Lord 2017, 5 friends embarked on a mission: to watch all eight Fast and the Furious movies in 48 hours. This podcast is their story. Unlike the movies, this show is rated R. There will be swearing, there will be suggestive language, there will be sexually explicit shipping of your favorite characters. And most importantly, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Before listening, be sure to watch the Fast and Furious movies. Thanks for listening.
By Kenny Powell / Anchor
Talk about everything hip hop to the most underrated rapper to the best album of the year and also the top anime
By Megan McIver - Boardwalk Audio
Go on a journey with Sex and the City Super fan Megan McIver as she watches the series from start to finish. Each week Megan and a special guest will drink and dish about all the fashion, friction, faux pas, and fornication that the Fabulous Foursome have to offer. So take a seat, grab a drink, and enjoy the Hilarious podcast: Cosmos and the City.
By Ramon Bannister
Ramon's Movie Reviews Podcast, a companion podcast to notrumpnewsmoviereviews.com, which gives movie reviews of films available in the theaters or on Netflix.
By Michael Ellingham / Anchor
I talk about all things comic, film, tv, and game related.
By Chris McDuffie
Movie/Pop Culture Reviews from the Dope, Woke and Nerdy.
A weekly look at The CW's Dynasty reboot with occasional jaunts to the original
By Welcome to the Podcast, Bitch
Podcast by Welcome to the Podcast, Bitch
By PrequelSequelRemake / Anchor
PrequelSequelRemake is a movie podcast where prequels, sequels and remakes are created for classic and not so classic films. Can you imagine what Peter, Scott and Desmond will cook up? http://PrequelSequelRemake.com
The Stanley Kubrick Appreciation Society presents a brand new podcast for 2018. “Kubrick’s Universe : The Stanley Kubrick Podcast”
By Giovanna Anderson
Every week, Brian and Gio tackle a topic drawn from a hat. Its sometimes funny, sometimes introspective, and usually rife with puns.
By Dork Side of the Force Podcast
Talking about all things Star Wars from DorkSideofTheForce.com.
By Pikalew
A Podcast About What Drives People & What People Drive.