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Four friends from New Hampshire get together to talk about life, love, sports, and just about anything we can think about. Come dive in with us! Follow on twitter @PlungePodcast
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
This is an unofficial Disney podcast devoted to all aspects of Disney, but mostly the studios and Disneyland Resort
Listen to film makers discuss their movies that premiered at this year’s Dungog Film Festival.
Never Gets Old is an exciting podcast about the hobbies we keep and love our whole life. Join Mac Jackson, Nathan Schell and Nick Naro as they share their passion for everything they love in the areas of Comics, TV, Movies and Music. Disc...
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Rotten Tomatoes By The Numbers - Where Stats meets Cinema. This is a numbers-based movie and TV nerd conversation where we take a deep dive into a specific topic or event. With each topic, we will over analyze and dig into the Tomatometer to disco...
Some bad movies deserve to be forgotten, but some bad movies deserve a second chance. These two friends take objectively terrible movies out from the movie dog house and prove why they are secretly masterpieces.
The Who ​Addicts are a trio of Whovians, creating opinionated and factual Doctor Who content.
Welcome to the morge were I skyi blu tell the unknown
Marilyn O'Malley shares energy tools, trainings, and interviews to empower Highly Sensitives and Creatives who desire to love, live and matter. * HSP relationships * Clearing and grounding energy work for highly sensitives * Learn your SuperPower...
A 60 Minute Talk Show from 3 cultural icons from St. Louis. Tech Supreme hails from the music world, Ben Sawyer is a published comic artist, and Hate Nate is fashion head with a lot of opinions.
Entrepreneur Scott Kitun wants to know whether innovators are born or built - Technori is filled with sporadic hilarity, pro tips, unforced rants, and a career's worth of inspiring stories (and spectacular failures) from the world's most notorious...
A multimedia podcast where we discuss the latest movies, television shows, sporting events, and anything else that strikes our fancy.
A pop culture review podcast hosted by Drew Koenig that goes through the movies and TV shows of the 2010's.
Some Sad Bois (led by hosts Chris & Shelby) hit the cinema and rant about all things film, pop culture and some random segments in between. The official podcast of SquidFlicks.com
Once a month, Jasmin and her rotating crew of guests, will take an in-depth look at many different over-arching themes in television. They'll dig into questions like: "What makes a good pilot/series finale?" "What attracts us to villains and antih...
A podcast about games, movies and TV (and sometimes something else)
Jon and Jason Have arrived on the internet 15 years fashionably late. We're here to give a little love and a little salt to the world of pork products.. specifically to the Bacon product category. Our podcast is simple. Using a Process called Bac...
It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to make a Monster Kid. This is a fortnightly podcast where an old Monster Kid shares movies with her Monster Kid in the making and they both also share some of their other interests ...
I may be half huamn......
Talvez seja Construtivo, talvez não. Mas o que importa é que eu tento.
Matthew Yonemura discusses his journey as a filmmaker.


By Datrie Allman, W!ZARD Radio Station, W!ZARD Studios
Listen to the latest episode of Datrie's radio show by downloading the weekly full replay. Send your comments/suggestions to [email protected]
Just My Thoughts as I make my way through this journey called life.
All things in and about THE CULTURE
A podcast hosted by two friends who don’t have jobs but have a working mic and wifi. Hosted by Arica Chambers & Yoli Barber.
Two friends discuss and drink about their favorite cozy murder mysteries.
Film and TV Podcast, discussing all the News in the world of Film and TV
The Sunshine Cinema Club is a movie review show which is broadcast on Sunshine Hospital Radio. As well as big screen and rental film reviews, the show also features movie news, box office & rental charts and a film trivia quiz. For more inform...
Join best friends, Tatum and Alicia, as they re-watch and discuss one of their favorite '90s television shows from childhood: Living Single. They'll discuss themes that went over their heads as kids, and recount how times have changed… but some t...

Ugly Cry

By Christopher Morse & Clay Kroh
A new podcast where two nerdy film fans watch movies that make them cry, and talk about why.
Best friends talking about everything pop culture: movies, music, and all things celebrity. We're lawyers, but don't hold it against us.
Presented by LIU Post and WCWP Studios, the Summer Honors Institute gives high school students an opportunity to learn the basics of audio production and podcasting. In just five days, they will work hands-on in the studio to learn the tools and p...
From movies to toys to video games it's the greatest podcast there is! Join Dustin Schyler Yoak, Co-Owner/Editor of Aphotic Realm Magazine, and Bo Chappell, author of Year 47, as they discuss all the things you love, without all the hate. First E...


By Morgan McCurry and Taylor Hudson
A conversation on cinema where truth is relative and, and laughter is king.
Hate Love Island? Love Love Island? Maybe you'll like this! We have no idea who this is for...
Keep up to date with new release single issues and trades, revisit classic storylines from Marvel, DC, Image and around the comic book world, and join the debate as the EE panel tries to decide how we're spending our hard-earned dollars on comics....
Remembering Pop Culture when it was Way Cooler
Seasons: A Year Of Movies is a (mostly) weekly podcast where Emma Ramirez and Jacob Benfell talk about a series of films for each season of the year. The movies can be directly connected (a franchise, a director/writer/whatever’s filmography) or l...
A weekly podcast discussing MTV's The Challenge featuring your favorite hosts Steven and Daniel.
Join Australian Comedian Matt Stewart with rotating guests, as they explore primates in popular culture from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z!
A reality tv recap podcast from two Texas gals with different opinions (and skin colors).
Podcast by Planetos Podcast
Welcome to OP Gaming Presents. Tune in to our fun, somewhat offensive yet always enjoyable podcast! We talk about gaming news as well as upcoming games on all platforms or maybe comics are more your speed? Then you don't to miss our comic book cor...
An episode-by-episode discussion of The Sopranos with occasional notable fans, cast and crew. Co-hosted by Vik Singh of Alternate Thursdays and John Loughlin and Justin Pakdaman of popular Instagram handle @sopranosgram
Gabe Pacheco and Sami Hamarneh dive deep into the world of cinema, reviewing movies from various genres and break down what was going down when these movies came down.
The only podcast about pop culture.
A Podcast Discussing All Of Your Favorite TV Shows
Fast amusement for the girl on the go.
Castle Rock is shaping up to be a fascinating show combining some of Stephen King's greatest works in the town of Castle Rock. Join us weekly after every episode as we discuss our detailed thoughts on the show as well as how certain elements and c...
This show is our regular outlet to connect with creatives and delve into what it is that “forged” their path creatively and in life. We’re here to share our successes, trials and tribulations, update our fanbase on projects and LEARN from other cr...
Welcome to the Delco Nerd Network pocast feed! Every month our hosts Chris Trio, Anthony Ragucci, and Tim Appleby do three shows/podcasts with guests from the Delaware County area. One topical podcast that usually is a bit more in depth and length...
This podcast is hosted by Esmee LO. In this podcast I try and change lives with every episode. I want to inspire and share my creativity, but also my fears and worries with you. So tune in for my stories about creativity, but also my life.
From the people who brought you the magazine, heat radio brings you the best celebrities in conversation
weeky entertainment
Hi. Welcome to my channel. I aim to give you the pure information on Tech, Security and Crypto currency. Enjoy your stay. **Not Financial Advise** Bitcoin and digital asset prices are volatile and may be considered a high risk activity. I don't ...
This was GGR Pirate Radio’s first form. It was Mike and Steve with an occasional visit from Vik as they felt their way through their first year and change of podcasting. It also includes Mike and Steve's first solo GGR Podcasts: Mike on the Mic an...
Welcome to Basic Cable! Where we watch TV indiscriminately, and are desperate to talk about it. We'll cover MTV reality, HBO dramas, and pretty much anything in between. Get in tough with us @basiccablepod on Twitter and [email protected]

M.C. Reel S#!T

By Carlos Rodriguez and Mike E Winfield
Comedians Mike E Winfield and Carlos Rodriguez give their take on the box office
This is the podcast where two friends, Conor and Hank, share their opinions, tips and stories on anything and everything at Walt Disney World. Everyone has a Disney opinion and this is where we share ours! Each week we'll talk news, vacation tips,...
Você ama games assim como a gente? E você ama ainda mais quando o game é cooperativo? Então você está no podcast certo! O Joincast é o podcast simples e direto sobre o universo dos games!
A podcast that celebrates horror movies, celebrating anniversaries
In this weekly podcast two fangirls go through MCU movies and shows and talk about what they love and don't love about the universe.
A podcast that interviews anybody about everything. I talk movies, politics, science, technology, life and everything in-between. It's 'Private Time'. There's no judgement.
You've found the place for real estate information for Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo and surrounding areas. CalBRE 01730187
Screen Chat is all about film, TV, and related pop culture.
GlobalData Retail is a retail research and consulting agency providing intelligence and insight on retail markets worldwide. Part of the GlobalData Group.
Podcast by Lucy Bean Films

What Have You Watched?

By Marie Ingrisano Isner, Vincent Ingrisano
Two siblings, both actors, convincing each other about what to watch this week.
Issue Number One Studios presents a new bi-monthly podcast in which we talk about the latest news, rumours and theories from the world of comic-books’ movie and television franchises, as well as discussing a new geeky, hot-topic each episode! So s...
Three Bogus dudes talk movies
Audiovisualeros es un programa, en principio semanal, en el cual cuatro amigos comentarán las películas, series, o cualquier obra o concepto relacionado con lo audiovisual que les haya resultado interesante. El tono del podcast será muy coloquial,...
Cine sin cancha es un podcast de cine peruano super cool, síguenos ;)
Just another WordPress site
Top 5 countdowns of several miscellaneous topics, discussing music, technology, historical figures, and any other set of 5 that floats through host Nate Metz' little brain.
Welcome to Atlanta's own Movies On Our Minds! On this show, we get to bring the most outspoken/nerdiest people in Atlanta together to discuss the latest cinematic treasures and/or failures!
Marko & Webbzy serve the people with relatable, reliable, and reasonable reviews on today's most popular films. Together, they say what you're thinking.
Unofficial review podcast for Netflix's first Indian series "Sacred Games"
Geek Gals celebrates geek culture geared towards geeky/nerdy/dorky women. We'll talk TV, film, anime, manga, gaming, and all that stuff. Email: [email protected]
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
In the Self-Publish Strong podcast, USA Today bestselling author Andrea Pearson and her husband Nolan discuss popular (and some not-so-popular) movies, dissecting what they did right and wrong and how it can be applied to writing. They also share ...
The Break Room Arcade’s variety show: The Break Down Podcast! Join Brandon, Paul, and Logan as they break down what we’ve been up to for the week! We’ll be discussing Movies and TV, Anime, and even Video Games!
Brash, crude and unapologetic the guys at No Please Don't pull no punches and leave no stone unturned when it comes to off limits topics. We’ll also get deep and intimate and go there, like degrassi used to when they shot Drake.
Our Story from Michael Douville www.michaeldouville.com 85% Of My Friends Are Broke! I have been Blessed! Many of my colleagues and long time friends have not! I am continually exposed to those that for one reason or another did not plan or expect...
With a combined 165 years of watching TV the Chriesman family has finely tuned the ability to comment on TV together. On This is a Family Program Mom & Dad (Baby Boomers) and Jessica & Samantha (Millennials) are giving takes on TV, movies...
A weekly Podcast that will not only review a feature film but discuss other aspects of the filmmaking world. Hosts & best friends; Matt Vietri & Arvil Prewitt have been working in the Feature Film & Television world for over 40 years c...
Dive into the weird and wonderful world that only Andy Pee Wee Pruitt and Pacey Maker know.
The Crystal Beauty Show is a show that seeks to inspire, educate and entertain
The pop-culture podcast that's simply too cool for school.
Kings of the Ring is a sensationalized and romanticized fictional re-telling of the history of pro-wrestling beginning in the 1980’s. It’s an epic tale with an ensemble cast of characters, following the rise and fall of the Kings of professional w...
Every show from the UK's only independent podcast festival.


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