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By Thomas R. Wiles
Discover new podcasts by subscribing to the PodcastPromos AutoFeed podcast. PodcastPromos AutoFeed Podcast consists entirely of short promos posted to PodcastPromos.Com.
By Nick Slayton
Listen in on our in-depth discussions on classic and current movies. Visit us at: www.apodcastandamovie.com Facebook & Twitter for show updates and listener feedback.
By The HBCU Report w/Rob Calloway
Formerly Heard On CBS Radio, The HBCU Report Covers SWAC, MEAC, CIAA, SIAC, & More...
By Артём Войтенков
Познавательное ТВ - образовательное телевидение для тех, кто хочет понять тайны политики и глобального управления, разобраться с секретами денег и мировых банкиров, выяснить, кто стоит за возникновением государств и падением империй. Чему не учат в школе и университете, о чём молчит официальная наука и не рассказывают по телевизору - смотрите на нашем канале Познавательное ТВ.
By Артём Войтенков
Основы социологии, Концепции Общественной Безопасности (КОБ), Достаточно Общей Теории Управления (ДОТУ). Члены авторского коллектива ВП СССР Михаил Величко и Владимир Зазнобин.
By Helen Harlan
A podcast about something. Hosted by Helen Harlan.
By Andrew Michaan
Zack Pearlman and Andrew Michaan interview comedians and actors to get their take on Seinfeld.
By audioBoom
Todd and Tom are franchise detectives - picking a half-decent movie, then watching and rating every single sequel... to the bitter end!
By The AntiHeroes
Hosts Greg Noire & Obi make up The AntiHeroes — t…
By Richard Taylor
iPhone Movies. All movies recorded with the iPhone 4 HD video camera. Most are a few minutes long. These movies are just quick video snippets, take out the iPhone and shoot. http://RichardTaylor.TV/iPhone/index.html
By latelelibre
LATÉLÉLIBRE : CONTRE-POUVOIR, LABORATOIRE DE TÉLÉVISION, ET MEDIA-ÉCOLE Retrouvez les articles et laissez vos commentaires sur le site de LaTéléLibre.fr : http://www.latelelibre.fr
By Jay Runham
Random and fantastic content from Jay Runham. Local entertainment, interviews, and talk.
By XtreMEDIA FilmVault
Shorts, Trailers, Features, this is the stuff we did, participated in, helped with, or dominated. Thanks for checking it out, and if you like what you see, passing it on.
By CutPrintFilm
Brought to you exclusively by CutPrintFilm.com - The News Reel is a weekly film news podcast discussing and analyzing the week in film news, from trailers to trending headlines and everything in between, including our WTF story of the week, hosts and film critics Zach Dennis and Brian Welk cover the most interesting stories in film.
By Radio Memories Network LLC
Matinee Serials provides Vintage and Classic Serials from 1930s,1940s,1950s all from the golden age of the silver screen.
Have you ever seen a movie so bad that you decide you had to show all your friends and loved ones so they can experience the same negative experience that you have suffered through. Comedians JP Fournier and Shawn Gramiak have taken sharing cinematic nasties to a whole new level. Each week they and their guest choose a movie for the other to watch, exploring the dark, scary, confusing, and sometimes pathetic world of bad movies. They are The Movie Jerks.
By YOIWednesdaysPOD
A fan-run podcast on all Yuri!!! on Ice related c…
By @AdamBroud, @ABurgerADay, @PanMidwest, @MattMcC1
We know you love movies, but don't you wish sometimes they were... better? Join us each week as we take Hollywood's best and improve them just a little bit.
By The Comic Pod
An Arabic-English podcast about anything comic bo…
By Reno Kugler
My name is Reno Kugler and I am the anime reviewer for The Anime Review Podcast: Fugama 86! I have fun talking about anime, and decided to make a podcast so others can have fun too! I’ll be producing the show at least once a month, and you can follow the shows on our website at http://animereviewpodcast.com You can find more great podcasts like this one on the Lifestyle PodNetwork - Australia's global podcast network - Visit http://lifestylepodnetwork.com
By Ruth; Michelle: Fandom Enthusiasts
The Descent Is Easy is a podcast for the Freeform show Shadowhunters. Ruth & Michelle, your hosts, met through fandom in 2006 and have been engaged in fan culture ever since. They have spent many a night, up ’til 2am, drinking tea and debating the finer points of a recent plot twist or character arc – be it in a book, TV show, or recently updated fan fic. The aim is to rewatch and podcast all of season 1 and 2 of Shadowhunter during the hiatus, ready to go week by week when season 3 start...
By Meredith and Poppy
This is a podcast about the overall Shadowhunters world created by Cassandra Clare. We discuss the books written by Clare, SHTV on Freeform, and miscellaneous extras, too!
By Kate & Holly
A podcast about fandom
By Tom and Louis (thecloisterroom@gmail.com)
A whirlwind adventure through time, space, and whatever else. Featuring Tom Dickinson and Louis Mitas.
By A Special Presentation
Jonathan Bradley Welch, David Crabb and guests ge…
By الفنان محمد السلمان
جميع أعمال الفنان محمد السلمان
By Freddie Svensson
Fabfreddie och helt vanliga Mia delar med sig av alla sina knasiga historier från TV-branschen, men är inte rädda för att prata om andlighet, personlig utveckling och hur man egentligen hittar sig själv.
By Tom Karlsson
Rants on: Fitness, Entertainment, Health, Current Events, Life, Conspiracy's. and all around #TrueStory moments...
By David
Come join my book club where we talk about comics. Everything from major names: Captain America, Batman, X-men, to the not so known and independent Saga, Chew, and so much more. Follow us on twitter @ComicTradesPod
jdog n goober r gonna being retuning back to youtube this summer for n season 4 of 101-DARKMAN
By KierraM / Anchor
On-Air personality ‘Kierra M’ answers letters about #Relationships #Dating #Parenting #Career #Sex + MORE!
By Binge or Cringe
Join Bria and Jordan (formerly Bae & J) for their unwarranted but valid opinions on everything you can stream. We'll watch almost anything except you, Gilmore Girls. Don't ask us about anything on actual tv because we can't afford cable. Binge or Cringe is available on iTunes & Google Play.
By What the hell did i just watch podcast
Podcast by What the hell did i just watch podcast
By Rob Chenoweth
Pop That! is a podcast for pop culture lovers. Each episode, we'll dive into what's trending in movies, TV, music, books, and the industry. So come geek out with us! It's time to Pop That!
By Leslie / Anchor
Join Leslie talking all about video and helping videographers to gain tips and tricks to build a community.
By Niels Ryding Olsson
Da jeg var 20 satte jeg mig for at lave mit liv om. På det tidspunkt var jeg overvægtig, havde stor forbrugsgæld, et gennemsnit på 2,0 fra gymnasiet og var på kontanthjælp. I dag 6 år senere har jeg 2 uddannelser mere i ryggen med gennemsnit på over 11, jeg er i god fysisk form, jeg er direktør i eget firma og jeg har afbetalt al min gæld. Jeg har kort sagt vendt skuden om, meget hurtigt. Jeg har gjort det ved at hacke mig selv. Et hack betyder at modificere eller ændre noget på en ekstraord...
By Studio GEEKognito
Two soon-to-be-wed nerds provide news and commentary on all things pop culture, past and present. By Odin's beard, I hope this doesn't spell the end of our relationship!
By Bridget A. Foster
Bridget A. Foster is an award-winning journalist with more than two decades of experience in the industry. She teaches writing and leadership seminars and has mentored some of the best in the business. To contact her about your company’s needs, visit www.bridgetafoster.com/contact.
By Los Harrow Staff
Arlen and Eric discuss film in all it's nooks and crannies on Los Harrow Podcast
By GoodGoss Podcast
Podcast by GoodGoss Podcast
By Cristina Gómez
Estos Podcast son la clave ideal para comenzar un cambio. Son la ayuda inestimable que necesitas...Recursos de autoyuda.
By Jeremy Shields
Come along to our happy place where we can relive favorite childhood memories! Classic TV shows, movies, music, games! We'll even talk about modern things that can make you feel like a kid again!
By The AV Club: www.theavclub.tv
These are all of the best sketches, shorts, andr web-series episodes from the AV Club. www.theavclub.tv for even more.
By Laughing Hz
We are Laughing Hz, a Manchester-based student group! We write and record our own sketches and have made a panel show. Have a listen!
By IR Anime Podcast
Join me, Nick and my friend Seaweed as we discuss…
By Jack Lucy Buckley
The brothers Paul and Barry Chuckle are national treasures. This is indisputable. What may be up for debate is the quality of their output across three decades, consisting of 292 individual episodes of their hit show ChuckleVision. Join us as we navigate our way through the back catalogue of the Chuckle Brothers, in an episode by episode appreciation and deconstruction of their art.
By In The Lion's Den
Join us IN THE LION'S DEN to discover the wonderful world of Game of Thrones with an enthused millenial James and his baby-boomer father Dennis, as they embark across Westeros, accompanied at all turns by the ever-elusive Rick Catamaran. Winter is Coming, and so is fatherly advice on life, relationships, fantasy warfare and everything in between.
Destiny buffs get together to discuss Destiny current events, news, and what "raid content" means. Join us for an entertaining and somewhat informative podcast about Destiny 2. We play on the Playstation 4 and more content can be found on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2zAaoUa8KiyTl8s6H3mVGA?
By Kerry Sutton
Scarewaves is a horror based podcast hosted by two close friends with a consistent guest rotation. We'll be covering all things unnerving and spooky, including movies, games, stories, etc.
By Kase Raso
A walking dead Fan/comedy podcast and all things nerd
By Sparkles / Anchor
Movie reviews two recent releases and one movie released an earlier time a classic a you will
By TheMachine
Podcast by TheMachine
By Adam Parliman
I love movies Podcast
By Yohan / Anchor
I do this for the #culture Issa truth! Entertainment news and what ever else I think it’s #Lit to talk about 💯
By A.J & Leeyah Harrison / Anchor
This podcast is about the opinions of my wife and I. From Superhero movies, to sports, and couple conversations, nothing is off topic.
By Paul Wright
Presented by World’s Best Media. Step inside of Cuff’s Basement. A podcast about unusual topics ranging from film, to television, to real life, to anything I want to cover. Once you enter Cuff’s Basement, good luck trying to get out.
By Josie Vorenkamp and Daniel Ott
Talkin' Tom: A Pod Hanks Tom Cast is a bi-monthly…
Criei podcast foi criado com o intuito de fazer humor com coisas do dia-a-dia que me incomodam, ou melhor, que nos incomodam a todos.
By Jake the thriller
This podcast talks about the pop culture, media, entertainment, etc... of the early millennial generation, the kids born between early 80s to about 95. its one big nostalgic hangout, with some facts thrown in. I your host Jake The Thriller, will chat about a movie or a video game or a thing from that window of time with a guest cohost. we will travel through to the early 2000s as that early group of millennials enters high school or collage. it is my hope to create an interest in some of thes...
By Kashmere
Welcome to ICED TEA! A new podcast where we're chatting all thing celebrity gossip and drama that made headlines... years ago. On this podcast, we'll be looking back at the craziest stories that we were obsessed with, forgot we were obsessed with, or never knew happened. Fun segments include: "On This Day...," "Birthday Shoutout," and "RAISING MY GLASS". Stay tuned for every THURSDAY (#TBT, GET IT?) and I promise... like high school, it gets better.
By Scott David Chase
When was the last time you saw a film in the theater? For each episode, host Scott David Chase (and various special guests) travels to see three films, then lets you know what he thinks.
By Hyper RPG
A weekly talkie dedicated to the heroes of cinema…
By Lex Meyer
We are an online ministry that encourages you to study the Scriptures and seek out Biblical Truth.
By Rome Kenneth Bailey Jr. / Anchor
We talk about everything
By Blood
Stargate Review - Fancast by a couple of nerds.
By TheMovieBroPodcast
Podcast by TheMovieBroPodcast
By Jessica Valentine Howard / Anchor
A mixture of topic talks, movie reviews, advice for students, living on your own and living in a city and general what the heck is going on in the world!? This is a podcast where anything is possible! Thanks for listening!
By Phillip iscove
In a lot of ways 1999 was the year that changed movies. From “The Matrix” and “The Blair Witch Project” to “American Beauty” and “The Sixth Sense”, the last year of the millennium was transformative for Hollywood. Through "Podcast Like It's 1999" writers Phillip Iscove (co-creator of FOX's Sleepy Hollow) and Kenny Neibart (Entourage, Hindsight) examine this apex of Cinema, before television took over, before Reality TV, before TMZ and Twitter but also after the internet, after Clinton, after ...
By Movie Confessional
Do you love movies? Good! So do we. Hosted by …
By Daniel Sarkela and Carter Somero
Hello! My name is Daniel and welcome to "What is …
By Televízia Pohoda
Regionálne spravodajstvo z Nového Mesta nad Váhom a jeho blízkeho okolia prináša svojim divákom vždy aktuálne informácie týkajúce sa kultúry, športu, politiky a verejného života.
By Josh Lucia
Podcast by Josh Lucia
By Crypto News
Crypto News TV provides you priceless information found from various sources. Crypto means "Secret & Hidden". Crypto News TV uncovers and reveals the hidden information around the world. Living in the digital age you need to adapt to the ever changing social and political games being played. I urge everyone to read Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to always get the latest Crypto News delivered straight to your email.
By watchpod.net
2 College students providing you with everything you need to know about the Gaming Industry and all things that surround it. We look to give laid-back but in depth perspectives and experiences of the gaming industry, and sharing our personal interests and opinions along the way. Stick around why don't ya?
By Andrew and David
Every week(ish), David or Andrew (Dandrew) makes up a movie title while the other brings a tagline, which they reveal to each other at the start of the show. Then Andrew and David (Andravid) will pick a random genre and pitch that movie as their making it up, to the most important studio execs in fake podcast Hollywood, their listeners. So pour yourself a glass, they certainly will, and join them into a world of movies that will never be made, and for good reason.
By Ife Nancy Edike / Anchor
All about Voice Overs. Latest news, helpful tips, interviews with experts and all you need to know about the voice overs business. Information about opportunities, auditions, events and awards in the VO industry in Nigeria. And other related news across the globe. 100% naija.
By Film Clash Live
Podcast by Film Clash Live
By Watch It Back
A movie podcast
By Pablo Mcfee
Respond 3.0 is commited to keeping you informed in all things rom entertainment to world events through its vessels Bernie Paget and Pablo Pablo .
By Billy Dunham
Join Billy and Topher, two large burly mediocre nobodies as they discuss films they love, films they don't, and those that fall in between.
By Show Me The Podcast
Join Lorraine and Harrie, UWE Film Student Alumni…
By Reel and Wine
Just two friends drinking wine and talking all th…
By Donald Levandowski
Giraffes have Black Tongues is the podcast where Ralf and Dave talk about videos games, comics, TV, movies, wrestling, drinking beer, and whatever else comes up.
By kelly fastuca
Comedians Brett Blake and Kelly Fastuca take turns each week to take each other on the worst dates possible. Tell us where you want us to go next!
By Pelle Lundberg
En podcast for alle os hundehoveder, hængerøve, bovlamme bidesild, bløddyr, grødbønder, elendige socialdemokrater og sindssyge kvindemennesker, der elsker Olsen Banden. I 14 episoder bliver hver film om Egon, Kjeld og Benny gennemgået og anmeldt af veloplagte og sjove gæster en film ad gangen. Vært: Pelle Lundberg
By FNI Wrap Chat
Wrap Chat is a podcast about and for Irish filmma…
This podcast is about my journey in life especially losing weight, my anxiety and faith. I will also be talking about my other hobbies and interests.
By Aaron Ayers & Jordan Chetelat
Join Aaron and Jordan as we review movies we love! This show contains spoilers, so you should watch all of these films before listening.
By Zelenny
Zelenny and Cameron discuss and make messy connections about their favorite movies and TV
By Four Guys
Podcast by Four Guys
By Will & Marc
Will is a ginger. Marc is gay. Together, they emb…
By The Stack
The Stack goes through your ever-growing pile of books, movies, TV, comics and games, then picks the best things out of it and beats them to death with words.
By The Tau'ri
This is a podcast about Stargate hosted by Matt, Andrew and Laura. Not recommended for the uninitiated. So if you're already a fan, or don't mind spoilers, listen! :-)
By Simply Syndicated
Every show from the Simply Syndicated network.
By 洗足学園音楽大学
当学園ではオーケストラを始め吹奏楽や同属楽器のアンサンブルなど、様々な形態で合奏授業が行われています。学部3年次に「指揮法教程」(斎藤秀雄著)を主教材に、音楽を伝える術の一つである、指揮の基本と運動の原則を学びます。 今回はR.シューマン作曲ピアノ曲「子供の情景」を指揮・実演してみました。学んだことを実際の楽曲にどう反映するか、また合奏の場で指揮をどのように見るのか、参考にしてみてください。
By 洗足学園音楽大学
By 洗足学園音楽大学
By Ben Waterworth
The most entertaining TV & Film podcast on the internet! Subscribe now to get the latest episodes to your speakers each week. Currently covering Survivor, Australian Survivor, Nip/Tuck, Third Watch & Lost. Also providing weekly movie recaps from classic movies as well as weekly movie reviews on recently released films. Everything you need as a TV & Film fan is all under one roof!
By Tim Wick and Melissa Kaercher
Tim and Melissa have seen more movies than is probably healthy, yet they know many people who have major gaps in their movie knowledge. In A Reel Education, Tim and Melissa strive to educate their friends and you on the basics of film history.
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