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Red Raygun Ltd /

By Red Raygun Ltd /
Benji Clifford and Nicholas Briggs, famed for their appearances in the Big Finish Podcast, now have a brand new podcast in which they discuss all their favourite tangents, including TV nostalgia, sci-fi, movies, Spitfires, Field Marshal Montgomery, currant buns, you name it. Each week they have a specific subject to chat about which is always close to their hearts. You can email them to suggest topics for discussion, or simply join in with your comments at [email protected]

CineFiles: Extended Cut

By WatchMojo
Welcome to the CineFiles, WatchMojo's weekly movie roundup show that zooms in on the most buzz-worthy news Hollywood and the Indie scene has to offer. We make sure you're prepared for all the movie talk that will dominate your weekend.

Altered Carbon After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The Altered Carbon After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Netflix's Altered Carbon. Show Summary: More than 300 years in the future, society has been transformed by new technology, leading to human bodies being interchangeable and death no longer being permanent. Takeshi Kovacs is the only surviving soldier of a group of elite interstellar warriors who were defeated in an uprising against the new world order. His mind was imprisoned for centuries until impossibly wealthy busine...

B: The Beginning After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The B: The Beginning After Show breaks down episodes of Netflix's B: The Beginning. Show Summary: Genius investigator Keith Flick rejoins the royal police force just as serial killer "B" emerges; mysterious youth Koku may be an ally -- or a target.

Rise After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The Rise After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of NBC's Rise. Show Summary: Inspired by a true story, a working-class community is awakened when its high school theater program takes on an unconventional new leader. As dedicated teacher and family man Lou Mazzuchelli takes over the lagging department, he encourages his students to unleash their creativity and explore new means of self-expression. But even though the students discover talents and ambitions they never knew they had...

Good Girls After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The Good Girls After Show breaks down episodes of NBC's Good Girls. Show Summary: When sisters Beth and Annie and their best friend Ruby become fed up with playing by the rules and not getting the respect they deserve, they band together to take control of their lives -- by holding up a local grocery store. Beth's the perfect wife and mother, but her used-car-dealing, cheating husband has sent her family into financial ruin; Ruby is happily married to a policeman but can't afford the medical...

Deception After Show (ABC)

By AfterBuzz TV
The Deception (ABC) After Show breaks down episodes of ABC's Deception. Show Summary: Superstar Las Vegas magician Cameron Black's career may have been ruined by scandal, but he's found another place to put his skills of deception, influence and illusion to use: the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As a consulting illusionist, Cameron uses every trick at his disposal -- inventing new ones as necessary -- to help the government catch the world's most elusive criminals and solve crimes that se...


By Loretta Lynn Baer / Anchor
Just a girl who wants to be herself in this world. Who likes all things pop culture and to be informed.

WAGS: Miami After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
The WAGS: Miami After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of E!'s WAGS: Miami. Show Summary: E! expands its "WAGS" franchise from the West Coast to the East Coast with this Miami-based installment of the reality show that highlights the extravagant lifestyles and real-life drama experienced by the wives and girlfriends of star athletes. The featured ladies form a group to provide support -- and some drama -- for one another as they navigate the exclusive world of elite athletes. It's...

Not My Cup 'O TV

By Southern Blend Productions - Bella Cosper
Bella Cosper's brain was built for half hour comedy. On this show, she watches new genres to see if it's still Not My Cup o TV, or if she will Try a Second Cup.

Good Suffering: A Horror Podcast

An episodic horror podcast hosted by a genre lover (Doug Holland) and a complete newbie (Lorenzo Cabello). Each episode tackles one film that Doug has seen but Lorenzo hasn't. Episodes coming bi-weekly.

Late to the Party: Joe Watches....

By Joe Casabona / Anchor
The West Wing! Because I'm always late to the party, here in March of 2018, I've just started watching The West Wing. This podcast will be my general thoughts - mostly parallels about "then" and now.

Aztec + Friends Official Radio - Music Sense Podcast

Started as a series of the best selections & likes by Indian prodigy Dance Music DJ/Producer Aztec, involving the hottest dancefloor filler & killer music from around the world in varied genres. Also a special artist - from friends, foes & legends giving us a purely amazing guestmix - this is proudly shared under the name - 'Aztec + Friends Official Radio'. Intimately supported by a boutique talent management & event management firm from India, under the banner 'Music Sense'. ...

Eye On Horror

Eye on Horror features writers James Jay Edwards, Jonathan Correia, and Jacob Davison talking about all things horror.

Support Status

By Jerry Camejo / Anchor
Always have a good support group to fuel you with inspiration

Architect asylum

By 19 kilo / Anchor
all things WWE!!


By Ani-Chat / Anchor
Welcome to Ani-Chat , where we talk strictly anime.

Nerdy News

By Nishma Santos
Everything you ned to know about marvel, DC, and Disney movies. All in one fun exciting podcast.

Anthony Ray

By Anthony Ray / Anchor
I am Anthony Ray I'm a actor stuntman pod host and TV host for the TV show the film locators. My goals to set your life reality on your dreams goals and motivate you into making your dreams come true.

In the Can - Movie Podcast

By In the Can - Movie Podcast
Film students from Scandinavia decided to start our own podcast. We mostly base our conversations around films, and we intertwine our lives into that topic. We hope you enjoy our show, thanks so much for listening.

Anthony Aikens

By Anthony Aikens / Anchor
Movie's, Acting, Fitness & alot more

That Nerd Lita

By Lita Kino / Anchor
My own solo space in this corner of the podcast world to discuss my nerdy interests. Anime, manga, dramas and pop culture films is what I'll cover. I'll be rambling along about whatever feel like talking about each episodes, they'll be guests sometimes. You'll quickly learn I do too many things and ramble a lot.

Allana Ferreira

By Allana Ferreira / Anchor
Welcome to the Allana Ferreira podcast, where amazing things happen.

Super Tuesday Thriller Club

By Talkin' $5 horror movies
Super Tuesday Thriller Club is a weekly podcast where hosts Ryan and Zach see newly released movies, usually of the horror/thriller genre, on their local theater's "Super Tuesday" $5 movie night. Recorded in the luxurious "Zach's Car Studio" (a literal car), Ryan and Zach split their episodes by first discussing their expectations immediately before seeing the movie and then providing their scatterbrained reviews immediately after, ultimately letting the internet know whether or not the movie...

Talking Flix

By Steven Vera
Hey guys welcome to Talking Flix Podcast form. My name is Steven, what we do is talk about shows, movies, what we liked or didn’t like. Every time I try to have a different guest with me to vary the opinions. The original show is posted on YouTube on the Geeks Unlimited Channel. If you enjoy the show make sure to subscribe to the podcast and/or the YouTube channel we would really appreciate your support.

For The People After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The For The People After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of ABC's For The People. Show Summary: The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York -- also known as the Mother Court -- is the oldest district court in the nation, and the setting for the newest drama from the minds of Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers. Focusing on the lives and careers of the brand-new lawyers working for both the defense and the prosecution and handling some of the most high-profile...

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of  VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Show Summary: VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" docu-soap franchise heads to Tinseltown to follow a group of rising stars and starlets fighting for their chance to make it in the entertainment capital of the world. From R&B artists and video vixens to actors, personal assistants, and lovers, the series showcases the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood hip-hop music scene. ...

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of  VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Show Summary: "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" revolves around the everyday lives of women and men in hip hop's "dirty south."


By UnrealDean
UNrealDEAN shares his thoughts on movies and whether they are worth a re-watch or just never go back!

Happy Hallmarkies: w/ Marisa Serafini

By AfterBuzz TV Network
A weekly series that not only breaks down episodes of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart and Chesapeake Shores but during the hiatus weeks our hosts will discuss news & announcements pertaining to these shows as well as other Hallmark shows and TV movies. Throughout the series we'll bring in guests to join in on the fun!

Ales From the Crypt

By Dionne Copland & Katelynn Dey
A podcast about two drunk girls and their paranormal activities!

Babe of the Day

A daily micro-dose of enthusiasm for endlessly fascinating people from music, film, literature - pretty much anywhere really - with Johanna Roberts and Kyan Wheatley.

Indoor Kite's Presents: Pitch, Please!

By Indoor Kites
A zany script, except when it's improvised, comedy show about three writers who act out prospective pitches for their tyranical boss.

Eat At McGuffin's

By Josh Justice
Podcast by Josh Justice

Rev Matthew ADF: A Druid Thing

By Rev Matthew rutledge
A weekly discussion of Ár nDraíocht Féin ADF druidry recorded live on Facebook

Background NOISE

By background NOISE / Anchor
Welcome to Background NOISE

Planet TV - New Frontiers

By PlanetTV Studios
New Frontiers is a cutting edge, real life, television series that features insightful, meaningful updates on the most important advances currently taking place in the areas most important to our lives. This compelling magazine style program travels around the US and across the globe to interview and gain perspective from the top professionals in the world. All to inform and educate in a manner that is objective, engaging and committed to exploring each issue with an eye towards relevance and...

RWBY After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
RWBY After Show The RWBY After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Rooster Teeth's RWBY. Show Summary: RWBY is an American anime-style web series and media franchise created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth.

Runaways After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
The Runaways After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Hulu’s Runaways. Show Summary: There are times when pretty much every teenager thinks his or her parents are evil — but what if it was actually true? That’s the situation six Los Angeles teenagers find themselves in when they stumble upon a terrible secret and realize that their parents have been lying to them for their entire lives. The offspring begin an investigation to try to figure out what their guardians are after, whil...

Netflix Picks

By AfterBuzz TV Network
Netflix Picks gives you up to date recommendations of Netflix titles! Show Summary: A weekly series that covers storylines, news and announcements from Netflix for shows such as Fuller House, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Bojack Horseman, F is For Family, Stranger Things, Sense8, Arrested Development, The Get Down, The Ranch, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and many others. Throughout the series we’ll bring in guests to join in on the fun!

Inhumans After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
The Inhumans After Show is a discussion series that recaps and reviews episodes of of ABC's Inhumans. Show Summary: Black Bolt, the enigmatic, commanding head of the Inhuman royal family and King of Attilan, possesses a voice so powerful that the slightest whisper can destroy a city. After a military coup splinters the family, the group -- which includes Black Bolt's wife, Medusa; his brother and rival, Maximus; his cousins Karnak, Gorgon and Triton; and Medusa's sister, Crystal -- barely ma...

Horror TV Weekly

By AfterBuzz TV Network
Horror TV Weekly is an AfterBuzz original series focusing on the horror genre on TV. Each week our hosts deliver news, interviews and commentary on top headlines and horror shows.

Godless After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
Godless After Show The Godless After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of  Netflix's Godless. Show Summary: Notorious criminal Frank Griffin and his gang of outlaws are on a mission -- get revenge on Roy Goode, a former protege who betrayed the brotherhood. On the run, Roy seeks refuge in isolated mining town La Belle, N.M., where he lives with Alice Fletcher, a hardened widower and outcast. When word reaches La Belle, which is governed mainly by women, that Griffin is headed there...

Floribama Shore After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
Floribama Shore After Show The Floribama Shore After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of MTV's Floribama Shore. Show Summary: The team behind pop-culture powerhouse "Jersey Shore" reignites MTV's franchise that celebrates youth culture, turning its cameras to the Florida Panhandle to profile a summer of fun for eight young adults. The carefree crew spends long days and bright nights in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, hoping to keep the real world at ba...

Alias Grace After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
The Alias Grace After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Netflix’s Alias Grace. Show Summary: Based on the 1996 Margaret Atwood novel of the same name, “Alias Grace” tells the story of young Grace Marks, a poor Irish immigrant and domestic servant in Upper Canada who is accused and convicted of the 1843 murder of her employer and his housekeeper. Stablehand James McDermott is also convicted of the crime. McDermott is hanged, but Grace is sentenced to life in prison, leading her t...

Woman's Day Uncensored

By Woman's Day
We remove the filter to bring you the real stories behind the juiciest topics of the week.

Wet Hot American Summer After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
The Wet Hot American Summer After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer. Show Summary: Counselors and campers check in for what's billed as "the summer of your life" at Maine's Camp Firewood in 1981. The Netflix original is a prequel to the 2001 cult film "Wet Hot American Summer," and features many of the same actors, portraying even younger versions of themselves than they did in the film. Reuniting the original cast was no small feat, given the b...

Nova Echevarria

By Nova Echevarria / Anchor
Nova Echevarria


By Diezel Ramos / Anchor
Credits on imdb an how unfair is it to discredit uncredited credits when so many sacrificed alot to aquire the credit in the first place

No No Go's Story Roundtable

By No No Go's Story Roundtable
We need to go deeper. This is your favorite movies, tv shows, and pop culture - cut to pieces. Listen to “No, No, Go” the Story Roundtable Podcast as we dissect and obsess about Star Wars, Marvel, and hundreds of other Reboots, Sitcoms, and Box Office Classics.


By BeautyCee101 / Anchor
Welcome to the BeautyCee101 podcast, where amazing things happen!

Out of Obscurity Podcast

By Jennifer Verzuh
A weekly podcast hosted by Jennifer Verzuh that reviews hidden gem (or just hidden) films on streaming services.

Going Deep On

By Going Deep On
Going Deep On is dedicated to discussing and sharing insights about movies, TV shows, and entertainment. In each episode, hosts Henry and Steve start with a movie or show and discuss varied perspectives— such as from literature, psychology, or history— to explore the deeper side of entertainment.

Digital Hotness

By Digital Hotness
Movie reviews mainly. Thats pretty much it.

Talking Like Normal People

By Ryan Glorioso
TLNP is a podcast dedicated to discussions with actors, casting directors and other people who love them and the craft of acting. TLNP is focused on the often unrecognized (at least by name), regional actor.

Atlanta Cast

By Channel 310
Los Angeles stand-up comedians, Niles Abston, Chris Chaisson, and Aston Wallace break down, argue, and recap each new episode of FX's award winning comedy, "Atlanta: Robbin' Season." Atlanta airs on FX every Thursday night at 10 pm. Pilot Episode recorded on Thursday, March 8th. Hosted by: Niles Abston - @Niles310 (instagram) @Niles100 (twitter) Chris Chaisson - @jazze_chris (instagram) @chaissonwtrflls (twitter) Aston Wallace - @fastramone Audio Engineer: Eric Abbenante - @EricAbbenante...


A weekly podcast, discussing pop culture and current events through the lens of various geek subcultures. The underlying theme is to explore everyone’s “nerd,” because everyone has that one subsection of counterculture they are deeply in to. The listeners are invited to “lean in” to the conversation, acting as a fly on the wall, listening and observing while the quartet wax at length on any topic brought before them. Comics, video games, film and more are always on the table for discussion an...

Fit 2 Be Fabulous

By Tyesha Roman
Fit 2 Be Fabulous brings you the empowerment and confidence you need to seek your truth, confront and conquer your fears. Fitness Coach Tyesha Roman inspires you to live a lifestyle of health, happiness and freedom.

Sound On!

David Bryant and Jimmy Torrejon like to talk, a lot, about everything. Join the duo, and sometimes their much cooler friends, to talk about their creative projects. Stories of failures, victories, and their pursuit of Artistic fulfillment.

Wedding Film School Podcast

By Kraig Adams
The official podcast of Wedding Film School, the world's largest online community of wedding filmmakers. Learn and be inspired by the best wedding filmmaking pros.

Brooklyn Beige

By Brooklyn Beige / Anchor
Welcome to the Brooklyn Beige podcast, where amazing things happen.

Our Opinions Are Correct

By Our Opinions Are Correct
Explore the meaning of science fiction, and how it's relevant to real-life science and society. Your hosts are Annalee Newitz, a science journalist who writes science fiction, and Charlie Jane Anders, a science fiction writer who is obsessed with science. Every two weeks, we take deep dives into science fiction books, movies, television, and comics that will expand your mind -- and maybe change your life

Life Sentence After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
The Life Sentence After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of CW's Life Sentence. Show Summary: When Stella Abbott receives a diagnosis of terminal cancer, she decides she will not go gentle into that good night and throws caution to the wind by living like there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately, that decision comes back to bite her when her doctors inform her that her illness has miraculously been cured, leaving that good news tainted by the fact she now needs to deal with the fallout...

Blake 7 In Character

The show that takes an in-depth look at the classic BBC Series “Blakes7” on character at a time! Following the "In Character" format from, "Blake7 In Character" features a single character each episode and explores their history, back story, and details in more depth you would ever need.

Don't Play That Song Again

By Geralmigra
After meeting at a swinger’s party, Geri and Michael took Mariella Frostrup’s keys and drove off into the night. En route to Budleigh Salterton they discussed the space-time continuum which neatly led onto Eurovision. Here a joint passion sparked as they belted out “Ooh aah just a little bit” and they’ve never looked back. Now they live in an ABBA themed commune on Wogan Island making podcasts and working out how to one day return Mariella’s Ford Fiesta.

Show Me Your Friends

By Justine Brown
Show Me Your Friends evolved from the common phrase, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” In this show, Justine sits down with many of her incredible and highly regarded friends for conversations tied to the power of friendship and how the support of their inner circles has helped lead them to where they are today in their lives, careers, success and overall happiness.Guests will range from entrepreneurs, tastemakers and executives to entertainers and world-class athle...

Bring Back My Girls!

By Tim and Tyler
"Bring Back My Girls!" is a weekly podcast where we watch, review, and kiki about all things RuPaul's Drag Race! Join us as we follow along the show and give our opinions on the queens, challenges, judges and everything in between! Hosted by Timothy Dooley and Tyler Richards Catch RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Thursday nights at 8 PM and Untucked 9:30 PM on VH1!


By Allison Moon
Artgasm is a podcast all about the intersections of art, media, and sex. Episodes feature interviews with working artists, sexuality professionals, and cultural critics. We talk about representations of sexuality in media and artworks that move the needle around the way we discuss and perceive sex. Host Allison Moon is a sex educator and writer. She's the author of four books including Girl Sex 101 and Bad Dyke.

Filmed in Foney Glasses

By Southern Blend Productions: Bella Cosper
Bella Cosper watches film & TV with blind characters or subjects, and gives a first hand POV if it's Cool or if it's Cruel.

Thriving in Love

By Christian & Lyneesha Johnson
Thriving in love is a podcast that provides Christ-centered solutions to equip leaders to THRIVE in their relationships. This podcast is hosted by Christian & Lyneesha who are life coaches, authors, business owners, minsters and motivational speakers. If you desire to thrive in life and relationships this podcast is for you!


By The Real DEE
Entertainment news in sports music holly-wood and the world.


By Daffini / Anchor
Welcome to the Daffini podcast, where amazing things happen.

She's Gotta Have It After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
She's Gotta Have It After Show The She's Gotta Have It After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Netflix's She's Gotta Have It. Show Summary: Iconic filmmaker Spike Lee revisits his first feature film with this Netflix original series of the same name. Brooklyn-based artist Nola Darling struggles to stay true to herself and her dreams while dividing her time between her friends, her job and her lovers -- all three of them. That trio includes married businessman and father Jamie Ov...

Mindhunter After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
Mindhunter After Show The Mindhunter After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Netflix's Mindhunter. Show Summary: Catching a criminal often requires the authorities to get inside the villain's mind to figure out how he thinks. That's the job of FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench. They attempt to understand and catch serial killers by studying their damaged psyches. Along the way, the agents pioneer the development of modern serial-killer profiling. The crime drama has a strong...

Black Box After Show

By AfterBuzz TV Network
Black Box After Show The Black Box After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of ABC's Black Box. Show Summary: World-famous neurologist Dr. Catherine Black works in a state-of-the-art center known as The Cube that draws patients with rare and often hallucinogenic conditions from all over the world. Despite her enormous success, Dr. Black carries secrets that she hides from both her colleagues and loved ones, principle among which is that she herself has bipolar disorder. The only per...

Bill and Ted Watch Movies

By Bill and Ted Watch Movies
Bill is a casual movie goer. Ted is a movie fanatic. In this 30 minutes podcast, they pick a movie (usually Ted does this), watch it, and then talk about it. The result is a free-wheeling conversation about film, culture, philosophy, theology, zombies, dystopia, politics, myth, legend, and whatever else the film suggests. Listeners are encouraged to watch the movies themselves as part of the conversation.


HWOOD dives into the entertainment industry by interviewing those involved with the creation of films, media, commercials, etc. Guests give anecdotes of their careers, while adding in tips and tricks on how they've become so accomplished.

How do you like it so far?

By Henry Jenkins Colin Maclay
Academics Henry Jenkins and Colin Maclay use their combined knowledge to dig deeper and ask more ambitious questions than most pop culture podcasts out there – not doing recaps or just remaining on the level of entertainment coverage. For them, popular culture offers resources for asking questions about who we are and where we are going, questions that can be political, legal, technological, economic, or social, but often cut across all of the above.

Take Me Now, I Have Seen It All

By Fox Sports Australia
Fox League commentators and characters Warren Smith, Andrew Voss and Matt Russell assemble to tackle to biggest talking points of the week, as only they know how - with passion and precision.

Proceed with Kaution

By V/Lord V
Welcome to Proceed with Kaution. Listen to V and the Wizard Lord V talk about the happenings of Muggles in their daily lives. The title says it all; one should use caution when listening. We just want to make folks laugh, learning something new, spread some love and empathy, hear a different perspective and have fun. The podcast will have topics we deem interesting, drunken group discussions and rants, unlike anything you've ever heard. Swirv and enjoy the show.

Movie Friends

By Luke Giordano and Aaron Hertzog
A podcast where two writer-comedians, Luke Giordano and Aaron Hertzog, talk serious about movies and joke around and do goofy bits. It's a spinoff of their main podcast, Friendship Buddies!

WeView'd TV, Stream and Movie Talk

Bringing you a weekly dose of things to watch and things you missed; in Movies and TV Shows from around the world!! Hosted by MissPink and PreacherMan

Sci-fi King

By Sci-fi King / Anchor
Welcome to Sci-fi king where I discuss and review the latest sci-fi movies and tv shows.


By Jorgearturo / Anchor
Welcome to the Jorgearturo podcast, where amazing things happen.

Rev Matthew ADF: A Dedicant Thing

By Rev Matthew Rutledge
A weekly guide to make the Dedicant path accessible to all.

It Was a Very Good Year

By The Essential
Talking about music and movies, 50 years later.

Tell Me More, Tell Me More The Podcast

By TmmTmmPodcast
A weekly musical film podcast (hosted by Lia and Odiesia) + UWSU Musical Theatre Society Grease things also. Links and stuff to come.

Games On Film

By Games On Film
A podcast about videogame movies. Hosted by Harry and Rory Steele.

POPCAST: Life After Reality TV

By POPSUGAR Australia
Hosted by Big Brother 2013 winner Tim Dormer, the pilot season of POPSUGAR Australia's podcast, POPCAST, explores life after reality TV. Some of Australia's most talked about contestants from shows including Big Brother, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, open up about what really went on when the cameras weren't rolling, and the impact sudden fame has had on their lives. When the limelight dims, what, and who, is left behind? Tim finds out.


By Benjamin Perry
Enter The Asylum is a podcast about two brothers who try to watch every single Asylum film ever made! The Asylum is a film studio who is most well known for making the Sharknado franchice as well as the MegaShark Franchice. Also like two hundred other films no one really knows about.

Bad Luck to Talk

By Zach Shappley
Host Zach Shappley discusses music, film and whatever is on his mind.

Higher Education

Just a podcast where Me and my friends loosen up and we try and educate our listeners (friends and family) about history and we do it in a fun way.


By Bob Siegel
The Bob Siegel Show is a weekly call in radio talk show. Bob and his guests discuss religion and its relationship to politics and popular culture. The Bob Siegel Show airs every Sunday from 6:00pm-7:00pm PT. Listen to shows live online at See for more info.

Live! From the Vidéothèque

Every day at the Vidéothèque, we have great off-the-cuff chats about film. So we decided, to record and share these musings as an oh-so fashionable podcast? Well, here we are. From here on out, you can expect frequent short episodes that range from deep to irreverent, from beautiful to grotesque, and from topical to timeless.

Meredith Explains It All

By Meredith Explains It All / Anchor
Join me as I weigh in on all things television, pop culture, sports, and all else that occupies the mind of a spirited twenty-something.

Arnie Appreciation Society

By Blair Stevenson + David Thomson
A humorous podcast for Arnie fans! We discuss every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ... in chronological order.