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Modern Geekdom

By Modern Geekdom
A celebration and discussion of all things nerd & geek! We keep up to date on the latest in the worlds of science, technology, and pop-culture. Check back each and every week for discussions on the latest films & TV, advancements in tech, and scientific breakthroughs. Whatever make our little geek hearts flutter.

The Marvelists - The MCU Podcast

By The Marvelists
Podcast by The Marvelists

So Here's What Happened

By LaNeysha C. & Carolyn H.
A monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women who love to watch and read a lot of things!Every episode Carolyn (@CarrieCnh12) & LaNeysha (@la_ney_sha) come together to review & recommend what they’ve watched and read over the month. From fluffy romance novels and funny romcoms to gritty comics and dark anime. They don't hold back and get into it all.Subscribe for new episodes and follow us on Twitter @SHWH_Pod to be a part of the #SHWHPod community and share your recs and rev...

Untitled w/ Andy & Jeremiah

By Andy & Jeremiah
Untitled w/ Andy & Jeremiah is a very lazily named series starring two guys who are lazily attempting to form coherent thoughts. Each and every episode is made especially for you. Yes, you! Catch videos of all our podcasts on YouTube here:

Toon Crunch

By Micah & Jon Risinger
Join two brothers as they muse on their favorite childhood cartoons and the tasty cereals they ate along the way.

Castle Rock Zone Podcast

By Golden Spiral Media
A fan podcast dedicated to the Hulu series, Castle Rock


By Elloh Fm / Anchor
Welcome to the EllohFm podcast, where amazing things happen.

Movie Seasons

By bottleheadradio
We look at a different category of cinema each season and at the movies that make that genre popular. From the sleeper hits, cult classics, box office smashes and the downright disastrous!

Cloud 9 - A Superstore Podcast

By Jarmo Productions
Welcome to Cloud 9 - A Superstore Podcast! Watch the NBC sitcom along with us as we break down our thoughts on each episode.

Freak Talk

By Freak Talk
Un podcast hecho por varios amigos obesos, malumorados y con problemas emocionales. Nosotros hablamos de todo lo que te interesa en este mundo. Videojuegos, noticias, series, películas, acontecimientos mundiales importantes y consejos invaluables de vida que ni tu padre te daría. Disclaimer: Todo lo dicho en este podcast es verdad absoluta.

Noah Schaefer

By Noah Schaefer / Anchor
I talk about pop culture and fun stuff like,movies and comic cons

N&A Podcast

By N&A Podcast
Nikyle & Aytron. Nerds & Aspirations. Two school friends from London about movies, games, books and the way of life.

EDDY For Bluedawn Estate

By HENRY E. J Williams / Anchor
Welcome to Bluedawn Estate podcast, where amazing things happen.

Viewing Angles

By Dan Leo & Robert Mecchi
The Only Movie Podcast

Fun Fiction

By Scottye Moore, Brenna Clark
Join Scottye Moore and Brenna Clark on an adventure into the world of Fan Fiction!

Same Difference w/ Ica & Joseph Podcast

By Same Difference w/ Ica & Joseph Podcast
Podcast by Same Difference w/ Ica & Joseph Podcast

R And J

By Isai / Anchor
Welcome to the R And J podcast, where amazing things happen.

I Have A MoviePass

By Rico Albarracin / Anchor
Discussing movies we've seen with our Moviepass subscription and ask the question, "Would you have seen this movie if you didn't have Moviepass?"

Ronin d vocalist

By Ronin d vocalist / Anchor
Hey am Writer a Singer as well...Just chilling out here

Mad Mantras | By Resident Undead

By Rebecca Kirschbaum / Anchor
I'm Becca! You might recognize me from the popular YouTube series, Resident Undead. (I'm a ghost hunter. A lot of people call me a psychic.) This podcast is about my unique journey & the wisdom I acquired while talking to the dead. I want to share it with you.

Louis Alexandrè

By Louis Alexandrè / Anchor
Louis’s internal mind and thoughts and self discussions on self realizations and self love. All that is needed to accomplish your goal of achieving happiness

Crazy But True

By Vin Digins / Anchor
Welcome to Crazy But True podcast where we will be talking about issues, real crazy, thought provoking issues.

Indy Radio

By Kinte Fergerson
Podcast by Kinte Fergerson

Sweet Film Talk

By Tanner LeBaron & Kamiko Adcock / Anchor
Sweet Film Talk is a podcast dedicated to reviewing movies. Some good, some bad.

Completely Seriously

By Completely Seriously
In the pre-Avatar, post 9/11 world of the early 2000s, three friends met in the single hallway of their tiny Texas Christian highschool. Judah Dolph, Jose Treviño and Joseph Richardson immediately hit it off over their shared love for the lowbrow, the highbrow and the mediumbrow. Later, Marisa Treviño– yes relation– made their tripod into a quadropod. Since then, few have consumed and discussed random popular culture with as much rage and gusto. They decided to turn these weekly discussions i...

Was It That Bad?!

A bunch of casual movie fans, unqualified and unprofessional, three friends Mikey, Leo and Lewis take a look at critically shamed movies and decided whether they were actually that bad. We all know critics don't know anything!

Beat On The Street

By EDGE Podcast Network
Have you ever wondered what stars were like before they were stars? Hosts DJ Shawna and Jojo talk to up and coming musicians about their hustles, struggles, and triumphs in the music industry. DJ Shawna is a very successful DJ who has worked with the NBA, NCAA and Pridefest just to name a few. With 25 years of Program and Music Directing under her belt, Jojo has the pulse of the music scene down to a science.

The Bold Pod

By TheBoldPod
Three bold gals discussing The Bold Type, a tv show about three bold gals... Occasionally from a bathtub.


By 安眠药女友
Hey 我是你的安眠药女友 每个睡不着的夜晚 用声音 陪你晚安

MCU Complete Me

By Luke and Crystal
Luke doesn't like the Marvel movies. Crystal likes the Marvel movies. Together, they will review every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Podcast Art illustrated by Matt Ferguson

WeebTrash Podcast

By Dalton Curry / Anchor
Welcome to the WeebTrash Podcast, Where we break down the culture of anime and manga with current events, conspiracy theories, rants, and our points of view on everything poppin' in the Weebverse Shouts to our sponsor, Kanji's Anime Boutique, The best Weeb Streetwear on the planet. Check em out at: Be sure to follow us on Instagram: Illustration by:

American Ninja Warrior Podcast

Hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila spotlight popular Ninjas with exclusive interviews about their lives on and off the course. Each week, they take a deep dive with one of your favorite ninjas about motivation, training and life beyond the course. Every conversation is bookended with highlights and teasers from Season 10's episodes, airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

Movie Night

By Zachary Snyder / Anchor
A podcast for Movies. It's that simple.

Not Rotten Tomatoes

By Not Rotten Tomatoes
Podcast by Not Rotten Tomatoes

Sunil Kumar Verma

By Sunil Kumar Verma / Anchor
Welcome to the Sunil Kumar Verma podcast, where amazing things happen.

Movie Seriosity

By Movie Seriosity / Anchor
This is Movie Seriosity, where we talk casually about movies and make up words! Based in Ireland this Podcast is all about having the craic* when it comes to films and shite-talk*.

Cape Confessions

By Cape Confessions / Anchor
Come listen in on the show as we break down and debate topics about all of our favorite heroes and villains.

That Geek Pod

By ThatGeekPod
Andy & Catherine have a fun weekly chat about anything and everything geeky! Star Wars, Westworld, GoT, Marvel, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly - we’ve probably watched it and probably loved it!

Kenneth Lee Tolbert

By Kenneth De Talbot / Anchor
An actor with tourretts syndrome just here to change the world. Let's build an empire an take on the world


By Julio Medrano / Anchor
Welcome to Prowrestlemania the very best coverage in the Pro Wrestling world.


By Harish Kumar / Anchor
TV series

Wombat Goes Deep (Game Reviews)

By Randall "digiwombat" Fitzgerald
Long form game reviews that delve deep into the games, leaving not a single hole unexplored.

Wombat Talks Podcast

By Randall "digiwombat" Fitzgerald
Wombat talks about a nice slice of tech and gaming news from the week, giving strong opinions about things that it's unlikely anyone else is particularly moved by.

Reci's View

By Mo Reci / Anchor
My personal view on episodes of TV series and maybe from time to time tell a story. 😊

Down To Watch Podcast

TV. Film. Music...basically whatever strikes the mood & general pop culture. Hosted by Kahmeela and random guests. New episodes on Thursday!

Music Camp With Lumpy: Jazz Standard Playalongs

Backing tracks for popular tunes from the Real Books and other jazz and Great American Songbook compilations.

TV Talks Back

The ULTIMATE retrospective for TV shows that met their end

The Pop Jewish Podcast with Rabbi Jason

By Rabbi Jason Miller
Tech-savvy Rabbi Jason Miller, who has his finger on the pulse of everything Jewish in Pop Culture, covers what's going on in the world through a Jewish lens.


By A Frota Dos Animes
Podcast by A Frota Dos Animes

Decorating Pages

By Kim Wannop
Decorating Pages is a podcast dedicated to taking you behind the scenes of the designs of your favorite TV shows and Films.

Nikunj Ganujis Nikks Rupa

By Nikunjj / Anchor
Welcome to the Nikunj Ganujis Nikks Rupa podcast, where amazing things happen.

Tote Mädchen lügen nicht - Der Podcast

By Netflix DACH
Lina Mallon und Tarik Tesfu besprechen die 2. Staffel der Netflix-Serie: In 13 Folgen dreht es sich um 13 Charaktere und damit 13 unterschiedliche Perspektiven auf Hannahs Geschichte. Dabei interessieren sie sich natürlich auch für eure Meinungen und Theorien: Wenn ihr mitdiskutieren wollt, könnt ihr das bei Facebook in der offiziellen “13 Reasons Why - Netflix-Gruppe” tun. Alle drei Tage kommt eine neue Folge, also vergesst nicht, zu abonnieren!

Do You Like Scary Movies Podcast

By Do You Like Scary Movies Podcast
Fortnightly podcast with Niamh Handley-Vaughan and Suzy Gill, where we discuss horror movies and the stories behind them, one film at a time!

Star Power: Celebrities & Astrology

By Kristin West
Celebrity astrology expert Kristin West gives you all the info on the stars you could ever want--both the stars in the sky & the stars in Hollywood!

AM in the PM

By a garrulous podcast....
Matt and Adam are here to talk your ear off as we make our journey through the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Destination Unknown

By DU Crew
This is the podcast for the Destination Unknown crew. Destination Unknown is a docuseries about amateur obstacle race athletes premiering this summer on YouTube.

Is It Future or Is It Podcast?

By Erica Kay / Anchor
Just another Twin Peaks: the Return rewatch podcast. We talk about theories we had when we first watched it and how deeply wrong they were, and a ton of other unrelated stuff. We like to think we're hilarious.

Man About a Dog Movie Podcast

By The Ultimate Movie Geek
Podcast by The Ultimate Movie Geek

De Parranda

By UBN Latino
Host Pancho Martinez


By Sander / Anchor
Welcome to the Reeltalk podcast, where we discuss everything from latest releases to film theory.

Podcast do WF

By WFCast
Uma mistura divertida e amadora sobre esportes, filmes e séries, música, cultura pop e cotidiano.

Morning Brew

By Morning Brew / Anchor
Get your morning dose of the latest in entertainment news covering games, movies, tv, comics and pop culture!

Aughty 5 0 0 0

By Aughty 5000
All your favorite mass produced 00's media, talked about fondly on this video podcast.

Edilsonpreeter_Marketingdigital Silva

By Edilsonpreeter_Marketingdigital Silva / Anchor
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Film shop with Neal Damiano

By Neal Damiano / Anchor
Welcome to the Film shop with Neal Damiano podcast, where amazing things happen. I talk about films I love and films I dislike.


By Redon / Anchor
Welcome to the Redon podcast, where amazing things happen.

Thanks, Academy!

By Carina Magyar
Carina Magyar grabs a friend and makes them watch a random Best Picture winner until she's finally seen all 90 (and counting). The podcast began when Carina realized she had only seen 12 Best Picture winners ever, and most of those were the obvious blockbuster recent ones, despite being a lifelong cinephile. Each episode has a different guest trying to guess what the movie will be like ahead of time, watching the flick with Carina, then breaking down what they just saw from a first-timers' pe...

Keep’n Up With Bree

By Keep’n Up With Bree / Anchor
Tune In to my podcast💋 & Subscribe to my blog KUWIB.COM 🔗

The Walking Dead

By Stuff and Thangs
A podcast about all things Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.

The Scoop

By Women In Film and Video with Human Factor LLC
The Scoop gets you the news about what women are doing in the film, television, and video industry around the globe. Each month we'll interview WIFTI members from DC and other chapters to keep you inspired and informed. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store. The Scoop is co-produced and co-sponsored by WIFV-DC and Human Factor LLC.

The Criterion Chat

By The Criterion Chat
Two friends talk about cinema and the Criterion Collection. Yeah, it's another podcast. You're welcome.

Marital Issues

By The French-Patels
A married couple discuss comics and films and television shows and games and anything else that comes to mind...


By mainMC:Ohgi Akihiko


By 洗足学園音楽大学
竹の縦笛の一種で、一尺八寸(約55cm)の長さのものが基本であるところからこの名がある。 中国には洞簫(とうしょう/どうしょう)という縦笛があり、古代にも尺八の名で雅楽に用いられた六孔のものが伝来したが、その後廃絶した。 現在の尺八は近世(江戸時代)に虚無僧の修行用として用いられた五孔の普化(ふけ)尺八が起源である。リコーダーとは違って、吹き口(歌口)に息の流れをコントロールための機構がないため、音を出すためには的確な角度や唇の形が必要となる。 指孔の数からみれば五音音階しか出せないはずであるが、半開や吹奏角度の変化を利用して、あらゆる音階だけでなく、雑音的効果も含めた多様な音色を出すことができる。 江戸時代には、本曲と呼ばれる修行用の独奏だけが公式に認められたものであったが、明治以降は箏や三味線との合奏も盛んに行われるようになり、三曲合奏と呼ばれる。 基本的な一尺八寸管以外にも、様々な長さのものが使われ、一寸違うとおよそ半音ピッチが変わる。


By 洗足学園音楽大学

Horror Talk with Kristin West

By Kristin West
Kristin West interviews the hottest names in horror film and TV.

Did I Stutter

By Did I Stutter
Did I Stutter Podcast

Love It Or Hate It Podcast

By Hayden and Lucas
A podcast about movies and television. We want to make you laugh and inform you about the pop culture we love and hate.

Nerd Critic

By Reel Contender Storytelling
A deep dive into good movies from the dual perspective of critical nerdiness.

AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast

By Mat Brunet
Hosted by Mat Brunet (aka AniMat from the YouTube channel ElectricDragon505), AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast tells the latest news happening throughout the week in the field of animation and what he has to say regarding those insane events. The podcast is live on Twitch every Saturday at 2pm EST, which includes interacting with the audience and occasional special guests.


By BugCast
Criado em 2018, o BugCast é um podcast que aborda temas relacionados a musica, séries de TV, cinema, sociedade e cultura. Publicado semanalmente, o BugCast visa divertir, informar e provocar reflexões. O BugCast Podcast faz parte do portal Telhacast, um site que reúne o que há de melhor sobre podcast.

Retro Inc Podcast

TV, Movies, Games, Tech, Pop Culture and Toys

Jersey Shore Fanily Reunion's Podcast

By Jersey Shore Fanily Reunion
Just like the gang from Jersey Shore, former roommates Zach, Brian, Colin, and Becky are reuniting to discuss the best reality show on television. With an extensive knowledge of all things Seaside Heights, an ear for guido malapropisms, and love for meatballs, we can't go wrong. Listen along as we discuss season 1 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation!! Yeaaaaaah buddy!

Try This Thing Podcast

I'm Trish and I think you should TRY THIS THING: specifically, my podcast.

Rich Conversations with Randi Richardson

Host Randi Richardson unpacks the overlap between race and how it functions in sports, business, medicine, education and virtually every other aspect of life.

Codename: Duchess

By Ferris Dean
An unofficial Archer Podcast Discussing each episode of Archer

Africa here we come !

By Alexis / Anchor
Welcome to the Africa here we come ! podcast, where amazing things happen.

Isaac Rificio

By David Boragay / Anchor
Tuning in to Isaac's podcast. Where you will surely learn a thing or two.

Life's wonders

By unCrazed
Delivering the biggest celebrity and entertainment news stories by interviewing the famous and feeding your curiosity, all in one place.

AlexDani: el Podcast

By AlexDani Jauregui
Podcast by AlexDani Jauregui

Throat Culture

By Kevin McFadden
Are you lonely or in need of salvation? These old pals cut through the void straight for your heart. Come for the laughs, stay for the enlightenment.

2 Classy Gentlemen Podcast

By 2 Classy Gentlemen
2 Classy Gentlemen making a podcast. We talk politics, food, sports, and movie reviews.

Movie Masher

By Movie Masher
A Podcast for your enjoyment.

World Stealers

By More Banana Productions
Your fave fandoms, ruined by us. Or made better. Depends on the week, really. Hosted by Cait Moldenhauer and Liz Clarkin-Breslin, fan fictions are written and read from random choices and resourced by Fan-Wiki’s expansive database.

What It Ain't? What It Is! by:Hip&Critical

By What It Ain't? What It Is! by:Hip&Critical
What It Ain't? What It Is! is a weekly podcast that follows the shenanigans of Jamm and Ri as they discuss current, as well as their favorite, movies and TV shows. Also tackling the big news in media entertainment, and celebrating pettiness with the #PettyPostAwards

Dork Dad Podcast

By Lucky Gastelum
A podcast dedicated to Dorks and Dads. Where we will drive into Dork Pop Culture stuff and Real Life Dad grown up stuff as well

Pizza My Mind

By Pizza My Mind
Recorded on the couch over pizza and beer. Chatting about what to binge watch every weekend.

Everything Is Rent

By Beth Appel & Sarah Claspell | Campfire Media
Jonathan Larson's groundbreaking musical Rent premiered on Broadway in 1996. Over the years, musical theater fans all over the world have become Rent-heads, Rent-haters, and Rent-indifferent-istas. Comedians (and die-hard Rent fans) Beth Appel and Sarah Claspell shoot without a script as they dedicate each episode to a song from Rent, bringing on fellow comedians and musical theater nerds to talk about what they love, hate, and are baffled by in this divisive musical. Viva La Vie Boheme!

Critiques Exquises

By Productions Podcasse - H2O
Tommy écoute beaucoup de films. Genre…vraiment beaucoup. Il a un esprit critique allumé et une verve spéciale quand vient le temps de parler de cinéma. Jeremy écoute beaucoup de films. Moins que Tommy, mais quand même beaucoup. Il a aussi une verve particulière quand vient le temps de parler du 7e.

 Les deux ensemble ont décidé de se prêter à une activité à laquelle vous êtes conviés. Ils écoutent un film qu’ils n’ont jamais vu, la moitié chacun, puis tentent de patcher les trous en discussi...