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By Grace Teraberry
Two LOST fans bravely return to the show after years of having not seen it, and document their reactions here in this podcast. Starring the living meme Joe Repp and artist extraordinaire Grace Teraberry.
By Michael Galaszia
This is The 'Nerding Out To:' podcast! Mike, Jade and Matt get together for a retrospective look back at massive movie franchises. We nerd out, rate and rank everything from the MCU, DCEU, Star Wars and much much more! So join us in a nerdy movie marathon and see how our ratings and rankings match up with yours!
By Nashville Podcast Network
Fans matter, and everybody is a fan of SOMETHING. Kristian Bush, one-half of the Grammy-winning duo Sugarland, talks to people from all walks of life about what they’re geeking out over, and shares his own musical obsessions along the way.
By Justin Roe and Stephen Kynor
Two best friends who are strong with the force, sitting down to talk about Star Wars. A podcast made by fans, for fans. News, Interviews, Speculation, and commentary on all things Star Wars!
The most listened-to Glenn Close fan podcast. A close reading of Glenn's film performances. New movie every week. #GlennCloseEncounters
By Bob Baty-Barr and Kevin Giszweski
Bob and Kevin discuss tech headlines, umbraco web content management software, parenting and more!
By Daniel Baruela and Katie Yoo
An Avatar: the Last Airbender fancast... but chatty! Join Daniel Baruela and Katie Yoo as they (re-)discover the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender!
By Bridget Liszewski
A podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist (and feminist-adjacent) things they love, definitely know what they're doing, and surely aren't winging it entirely.
By No You're Wrong
Pointless disputes, fiercely debated.
By Willie Wartaal
Willie Wartaal nodigt in de Newsroom van het Museum voor Communicatie in Den Haag gasten uit voor een één-op-één gesprek over van alles en nog wat. Over de toekomst en vrede, over Nederland en de wereld, en over verloren kansen en gewonnen emoties. Ieder woord telt.
By James Wood
What if you could SHOW your employees the REAL effects of a serious workplace accident? At CNBSAFE Safety Speakers we have an injured worker that can visit your workplace and share their safety presentation and experience with your site!
Podcast de entrevistas. Personalidade da música, literatura e outras áreas
By BeerdFlicks
We are Hunter, Jonah, and Wasly. Listen to us dri…
By One More Episode Podcast
onemoreepLIVE (One More Episode Before Bed Podcas…
By Joseph Johnson
Podcast by Joseph Johnson
By Chris K
In-depth conversations with former criminals.
By Jim Van Cura & Ted Willett
Trailer Junkies is a weekly podcast where we review trailers for current movies coming soon to theater as well as taking a look back at great movies, trailers, and posters from the past.
By Chad Ellis
Vagabond Matthew Leads finds himself alone in a remote Antarctic research station. A Found Footage isolation horror.
A podcast where we challenge and grow our faith as we study the scriptures together when circumstances and situations are difficult.
By Ryan Herrin
A father teaches his daughter about geeky things from the past, and she teaches him things about geeky things from today.
By Christopher Price
Joe Russo and Christopher Price are filmmakers who love disagreeing about what makes the wonderful world of cinema tick. Join them as they take a sober look at what’s happening on and off the big silver screen.
By Electric Podcast 80.000V
James Balmont and Henry Leroy-Salta discuss East Asian genre cinema from roughly the 90's to the present day.
By The Podcast That Drinks and Knows Things - A Game of Thrones Podcast
The Podcast That Drinks and Knows Things. Hosts Luke, Glenn, and Ben are joined by First-Time-Watcher-On-The-Wall Abby for a Game of Thrones podcast focused on drinking and some knowing.
By The Buckethead Podcast
Podcast by The Buckethead Podcast
By Popcorn Brothers Movie Club
*SPOILER ALERT* - Trailers, stories, and reviews.…
By Jacaranda FM
What happens when you put an outspoken, opinionated, radical and slightly crazy individual in studio and give them freedom of speech? The Kriya Gangiah Show...
主にガジェットについての話題やニュースを自分の意見を含めて配信します。 細かくはパソコン全般、車、カメラ、TVゲーム、おもちゃ、テレビ、映画、音楽になります。 薄く広くお話しできればと望んでます。
By Nineteensixtythree Clothing
This is the Cosplay New England podcast. We discuss a variety of topics, everything from movies and comic books to cosplay and comic cons.
By B Terrible Productions
Do you want to know what's going on in the world …
By Luke Cruser & Leo Mainville
Two lifelong friends breaking down everything in entertainment. From new and classic: movies, TV shows, video games and more.
By Stranger Brews Podcast
We talk craft brews, Stranger Things and all your streaming things! Get your daily dose of drinks with geeks!
By Erik O'Brien
Training Montage is a podcast where we take a look at films through the years and review them!
By Christian Zündorf
Podcasts aus der kunterbunten - bisweilen auch schwarz-weißen - Welt der Filme
By Blacklit
Tune into Blacklit, a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Sierra and Nicky, two bomb, Black, #litaf, turnt, vivacious, prolific queer babes giving you the scoop on your favorite TV shows and movies. Send us your inquiries and other thoughts at [email protected]
By Collective Nightmares
Marshall Smith and Laura Patterson delve into horror films of all kinds. We are passionate about movies in general and horror films specifically. www.collectivenightmares.com
By Mike Winkler & Jason Kobasic
Movie review podcast with Mike Winkler & Jason Ko…
By Last Things First
Join Jack and Alex every week as they try to find out just what is going on in the season finale of a TV show neither of them has ever seen an episode of.
By Hyper RPG
Power Rangers HyperForce is set in the year 3016 at Time Force Academy. A team of Time Force Ranger cadets must band together to defeat an ancient evil who is set on unraveling the very fabric of the universe. Under the leadership of their mentor, Jen Scott, and with the show’s Game Master, Malika Lim, the newly minted Rangers will cross both time and space to complete their mission while running into many familiar eras (and faces) along the way. The stakes have never been higher as the play...
The LuckyDog Podcast is presented by EliasRauchMedia.
By francaute
By Steve A. Furman
Podcast by Steve A. Furman
By James and Lewis
Why have a conversation when you can have a podca…
Join Joey, Kenny, and Dusty as we talk pop culture headlines, take your comments, and deep dive on a topic of interest every week.
By Vivian Kerr
There are almost 130,000 actors in SAG-AFTRA, and many of them have spent decades working as actors and have vast and unique insights. However, the only actors the public tend to hear from are the extremely famous, and even then only in short press junket sound bites. In "Conversations with Actors," experienced actors talk about what they know best: the craft of acting.
By Carida Cast
Podcast by Carida Cast
By Horror Show Hot Dog
Every week Josh Nite, Charlie Buttermann, and Matt Allex watch, discuss, and review three horror movies and one horror short. Sometimes they love them, sometimes they hate them, sometimes they come up with movies they like better on the spot. Come find the best and the worst the genre has to offer with Horror Show Hot Dog. (Don't worry, there are lots of jokes.)
By La Crosse Media Group
The "Magic 105 Hit List" covers the latest in Music and Entertainment News! Hosted by Gary Michaels and Isaac from Magic 105!
By That's Not Canon Productions
Filmmakers, fans and friends who dive head first into the world of the moving. Providing discussion, criticism, history and their own production war-stories for your entertainment.
Se você está à procura de informação sobre cinema, séries, quadrinhos, mangá e claro, se divertir. Bem vindo ao podcast Cinemáticos: o C4!
By La Crosse Media Group
“This Week In Country” is a weekly look at the latest country news, in the artists' own words. Each week we feature the latest in country news as well as thoughts form the artists themselves on their music.
By Alexandra Sheeler
Join Alex and Victoria as they break down entertainment news and new releases into bite-sized morsels that fit into any schedule. While the hosts may not always agree on their review of the film and are by no means film experts, they will agree that two cold ones make them feel like Siskel and Ebert.
By Salient Cinema
On this podcast we review movies, most of them new in theaters. Each episode is meant to be a laid-back yet substantive discussion on what makes the movie being reviewed good, and what factors might keep it from that designation. Expect comedy and conversational depth as we delve into each film.
By christopher volkart
Your daily dish of Star Wars. Discussing all things Star Wars.
By Film and Colour
Film and Colour is a podcast about movies, life a…
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Geeks of the Old Republic, a brand new Star Wars podcast. We are the Geeks you have been looking for.
By NerdBoost
Podcast by NerdBoost
It's a bi-weekly Arrested Development Podcast from two British guys!
By diccionlibre
El programa decano de la podcasfera en dárselas de mayor. Entretenimiento y reflexión en y sobre la CULTURA POP, que es contemplada, comentada, disfrutada y compartida en todas sus manifestaciones (cine, cómics, literatura, juegos, series de TV...) por putas leyendas vivas. ...Dele al click usted libremente y por su propia voluntad.
By Studio 17 TV
Man cave/Barber Shop talk and more.
By Kevin Burns and William Tuttle
a podcast about critically split cinema
By Techniknoobs
Christian Mois und Dieter Lederer haben den ersten Podcast aufgenommen. Instagram, FB, Serien, Echo DOT, Bilder uns alles andere besprechen wir in "oberpfälzer Mundart" zumindest teilweise.
By Cinema Soulmates
Grace and Connor make each other watch movies.
By NAFTcast
I'm Dave, and my buddy Brandon and I like to sit around and chew the fat. He's a film and TV buff and I'm just hyper critical. Join us as we take a look at reboots, remakes, and ret-cons of all our favorite movies and TV shows.
By Marc Sterne
Washington Post movie critic Ann Hornaday, long time DC movie critic Arch Campbell and Marc Sterne bring you their new podcast about movies, life, TV and more
By Becky Carlos
This is Explain to Me. We are a smorgasbord of culture here to discuss a variety of issues, and forcing ourselves to be heard. Doing our part to combat white supremacy.
By Paul Cornell, L. M. Myles.
Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Elementary) and L.M. Myles (Verity!), plus occasional guests, discuss, in order of UK release, every horror movie made by Hammer Film Productions between 1955 and 1976, from The Quatermass XPeriment to To the Devil... A Daughter.
By Desiree and Margo
We rewatch and recap every episode of Fox's The Exorcist! Come join us as we talk about our deep love of Father Tomás and Marcus, various religious approaches to demons, and why we love supernatural tv shows. And remember – Don't go into the attic!
By Will Farr
RadIsh is a show and tell podcast from Sean Barry, Tyler Menk, Andrew Edge and Will Farr. Each week, the four lovable goofballs talk about something they've been super into recently. They also tackle semi-hard hitting cultural issues, but they are hardly qualified to do that. Give it a listen and come away with some good good recommendations!
A long-form discussion podcast covering various aspects of entertainment and pop culture, ranging from silly to serious. Part of the RandomChatter Network.
By Thomas Midena
On a more or less weekly basis Jack Macmillan, Felix Baker and Sean Guy sit down and discuss random topics about movies, TV shows, games and everything nerd culture. Sometimes there's a kitty cat.
By You Ruin Everything
Angie and Mike watch and discuss every episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Angie's seen every episode multiple times, Mike is watching for the first time.
By Matt Lafferty and Pieter Ketelaar
PhantasticGeek.com's Pete and Matt analyze and theorize about every episode of the Marvel/Hulu series Runaways
By AfterBuzz TV Network
AFTERBUZZ TV is an online broadcast network, founded by E! host Maria Menounos and producer Keven Undergaro, designated to TV discussion and after-show content in webcast and podcast form. When fans finish watching their favorite shows, they can go online to watch or listen to an aftershow that features hosts breaking down everything they viewed, taking calls from fans and interviewing guests. The The Librarians AfterBuzz TV AfterShow recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of TNT’s The Libra...
By Daniel White
The Glee Project Podcast, a podcast about Oxygen's hit show of the same name, is a spin-off of Oral Intensity, A Glee Podcast. During season 1 we integrated Glee Project episodes into our normal Oral Intensity feed but this year it's getting its own podcast. All of the Oral Intensity episodes of the Glee Project season 1 have been reposted here and all new episodes will be here as well. Hope you enjoy listening!
By Bobby Duncan
"The Cowrite" is hosted by Bobby Duncan and Donovan Dodd. It is a music centered podcast, but not restricted to only music topics. The pair will cover many different areas of interest, as well as welcome guests to join them for special episodes.
By The Atomic Geeks
The Atomic Geeks are Mike Downs, Christian Nielsen, Michael DiGiovanni and sometimes Andrew Bloom. Our show is a beer fueled podcast about Movies, TV, Comic Books and everything in between. It captures the conversations and arguements that guys share while sitting around and obsessing about the interests they love. Episodes will be posted on an irregular schedule.
The world's finest crowd sourced movie production podcast.
By AVpodcast
Dos amigos se retan el uno al otro a descubrir un trozo recóndito de subcultura friki
By The Square Groot Team
Sam and James discuss and review the latest Movies/Books/Games/Music and everything else that's big in the world of Geeks! Write to us at: [email protected]
By Train Wreck Network
We at the Train wreck network are here to offer a range of podcasts for your listening pleasure please check out our content and if you enjoy follow/rate/review
By The ChristCore Podcast
the ChristCore Podcast is a weekly podcast where friends come together to discuss their mutual love of pop-culture, faith and life. Each week we post our pop culture discussin podcast “React-o-Vision” along with our unscripted topical discussion podcast “Conversations”. This allows us the opportunity to cover a wide array of content for your listening pleasure.
JTV Network & the Team is guided by the Vision of what we believe the people can be. The goal originally was to uplift, enlighten, encourage and entertain through social media, radio and television. Now our mission is to transform peoples lives to help them see themselves differently and to bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment to there homes. Social media, Television and this Podcast allows JTV to reach out to people, sponsors, producers, family, team and future listeners on a dai...
By Davis, Luzader, and Stewart
Brett Stewart, Nicole Davis, and David Luzader delve deep into a bevy of unique films by utilizing a rotating thematic calendar. From Oscar-winning films to Adam Sandler bombs, the trio digs their heels into films across every genre and era. Stewart, Davis, and Luzader also frequently welcome guests on the program and every 5 weeks are subjected to the listener's choice films. (They're usually bad.)
By Impressions In Motion
Good day to you and welcome to Impressions in Mot…
By Gregg, Dave and Daniel. Pop culture specialists.
Star Wars The Last Jedi and discussion on other popular movies and TV shows. By fans, for fans. Subscribe now.
Reply Today is a podcast designed to fill you in on all of the coolest highlights that went down on each days past. We will be diving into the history of events that happened a couple hundred years ago or even just a few years prior. Each day we will cover sports, music, tv, film, news and special segments covering birthdays and marriages, as well as each national day. Tune in and get informed out of worlds past!
By Dave Hagan, Monster-Mania Con
Horror themed podcast, in association with the Premier Horror Convention on the East Coast - Monster-Mania Con. Hosts Dave Hagan & Rob Dimension interview guests, talk Horror news & share inside information dealing with Monster-Mania
By Contextual Deviants
Contextual Deviants: A podcast that will change the way you watch movies. Christian Hagen and co-host David Gutsche (and guests) examine popular films through specific critical contexts, with one catch: The contexts are drawn at random. What is the true meaning of Christmas in The Matrix? What does Doctor Strange say about Marxist economics? Is Kubo and the Two Strings Die Hard? Watch carefully. Our theme song is “Gun Tonic” from The Bad Man. You can find more of their music here: www.theba...
By Amit Mavar
The Gentlemen of Sport is a weekly podcast featuring two guys that love talking football, UFC and all things inbetween... Its getting us to stop which is the tricky part. So come join us every week to chat some footie, fighting and general banter. See you there...
By Marcos Rios
LoneStar and Ane react, discuss, and rant about the latest in television and film. This podcast is rated E for explicit and may contain adult conversations with swearing.
By brokenkites
Narratives from the Theoreticals War. Science fiction audio drama in first person, non-linear narrative format with music by Brokenkites. Cast: Melissa McBride as Hemingway "Emi" Vance Joe Zeija as "Coppertop" Summers Chip Wood as London Matthew Kendrick as Thomas Vance
By Dustin Skipworth
Podcast by Dustin Skipworth
By Pretty Neat
Podcast by Pretty Neat
By Patrick Cyr
Podcast de discutions sur Star Trek (jeux, série etc), nous discutons aussi des nouvelle technologie qui sorte et de d'autre sujet de tout les jours.
By WGN Plus
Christmas enthusiasts Mollie Green and Pete Zimmerman take a deep dive into Hallmark Christmas movies.
By Becca + Megan
If it has to do with Korean pop culture, we want to talk about it. Kpop, Kdramas, movies, celebrities... Come grab your AfterNOONA delight!