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Teen Talk

By Jovonte Reed / Anchor
Me talking about what is happening in my life 😋

Guardians of the MCU

By RandomChatter Network
Discussion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Part of the RandomChatter Network.

The Breakdown

By Emerald Highland Productions
When you really stop and think you can find the faults in anything and thats what we do.

Fireball Malibu Vlog Podcast

By Fireball Tim & db
Fireball Tim and db talk about Movies, Cars, Cars in Movies and Chuck Norris!

Chiller Night Radio

By Bryan Hogue's Podcast about the Paranormal, Horror & Sci Fi
Podcast which discusses the unexplained, mysteries beyond, paranormal activities and investigations as well as horror movies, science fiction, comics or any other format fitting the chiller theme.

LOST and Found: A Podcast about LOST

By Jake and Kristyna Crites
A podcast about the television program LOST for new viewers and series veterans! Jake and Kristyna are two married human beings: Kristyna has never seen the show. Jake, on the other hand, has seen it far too many times. React along with K as she discovers the series for the first time, and stick around for series-spoilers with her husband and co-host, Jake. It's a good show. You should check it out, tbh.

Currently Considered

By Currently Considered
We're a couple of bums talking movies. Email us @ [email protected] rss feed:

Sex & Studio City

By Kayley & Jenny
Sex and Studio City is the conversation between two best friends who work in LA, date in in LA, go out in LA, and share an apartment in Studio City. Kayley is an Emmy-award winning entertainment news producer and reporter, and Jenny is a talent booker for the Emmy-nominated lifestyle show, "Home and Family." These ladies work their a$$es off in the entertainment biz, are (unfortunately) seasoned in the eccentric world of dating in Los Angeles, love to discuss their unfiltered opinions on ...

Gabe Ambris: Discussing Sports In My Jorts

By Gabe Ambris / Anchor
My podcast will be about popular sports, music and trending topics.

Diamond Club Podcast

We are people who watch movies and then talk about them. Giving insight into the movies we have seen, not from a historian's or film critic's perspective, but from some people who love going to the movies

Hosting Westworld

By Regal Fox
Podcast by Regal Fox

Don't Push Pause

By Don't Push Pause
Don’t Push Pause is a bi-weekly podcast bringing you discussions on movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s. DPP consists of a main discussion on a featured film, followed up by our Picks of the Week, and closing with our signature (Bill) Murray Moment.


By Kneipenbande
Kneipenband ist der popkulturelle Podcast mit Schnaps im Blut. Tresengespräche zwischen Bierglas und Zapfanlage.

Insert Name Here

By Insert Name Here
Join us weekly as we talk about everything and anything, yet nothing. Instagram: @insertnameherecast Facebook: @insertnameherecast Twitter: @nameherecast

Throwback to School

By Good Talk Studio
A charming podcast about two friends going down memory lane while they rediscovery the things they loved throughout High School...

Beaver Does Movies

By James Beaver
Join James Beaver and a guest as they watch the silly, the weird and the bizarre of movies.

Sugar Frosted Serial

By Joseph Gaffney and Justin McConnell
Joseph Gaffney and Justin McConnell host a Serial or Episodic podcast where we discuss, review and theorize about TV shows new and old! Netflix, Amazon Prime, West World, Game of Thrones, and so much more will be discussed on this TV Series focused podcast from Next Level Nerd Podcast Network!

Lets Talk About The World

By daniel Achneepineskum / Anchor
My podcast channel is about talking about whats happening in the world right now

PDA Movies – Please Don't Ask Podcast

By Please Don't Ask Podcast
Change the world, one podcast at a time. Please Don’t Ask Podcast about movies. Some experiences are to be consumed and not critiqued. Bridging the gap between entertainment and education. #PDAPodcast #PleaseDontAsk #PDAMovies

2 Bright Guys

In-depth discussions, debates and interviews on current news, sports, politics, crime, entertainment and lifestyle issues and the impact they have on the community.

Tacos and Tapouts

Wrestling Talk Show

50 First Takes

A movie fan throwing their hat into the podcasting ring.

Bad Science

By Seeker
Each week we pair a comedian with a scientist, to break down the scientifically inaccurate elements of popular movies and TV shows. Warning: There will be spoilers.

Gilead Gazette - All Things Handmaid's Tale

By Shows What You Know
Welcome to Gilead, a land finally saved from sin and corruption. Jim and Jakob will be your guides as we go through every episode of Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale! Join the live chat on Sundays at or send your thoughts and theories to [email protected] and we'll read it on the show!

Good Pilots

By PolarCap
Drew Powers and Jacob Crawley turn your TV show ideas into podcast reality!


By McCrae
Cameron Heard (bb19) and McCrae Olson(bb15) talk all things Big Brother USA and Canada. Special guests galore as well as pure unadulterated insanity

PDA TV – Please Don't Ask Podcast

By Please Don't Ask Podcast
Change the world, one podcast at a time. Please Don’t Ask Podcast about TV. Some experiences are to be consumed and not critiqued. Bridging the gap between entertainment and education. #PDAPodcast #PleaseDontAsk #PDATV

Erin and Nicholas Watch a Movie

By Erin & Nicholas
Erin and Nicholas watch a movie and talk about it.

Historical Outbursts

By Kelly Robinson
Freelance writer Kelly Robinson reports on the fascinating side stories she encounters while doing historical research for magazines and websites, illuminating the weird and the wonderful parts of our forgotten past.

Blind Wave Tabletop Roleplaying

By Blind Wave
The Blind Wave Crew plays Tabletop Role Playing games. They are currently a fantasy adventure using the DCC rule system. After saving their village from a keep of chaos they are cursed by an ancient tome. They have six months to travel around the world, trying to find clues to the location of the Tomb of Haggemoth; the only resting place of a great dwarven wizard whom can break the curse.

The Cinema Catch-Up Club

By Thought Jar Productions
Make Stuff. Have Fun.

Schauspiel-Helden, der Podcast des Bundesverbands Schauspiel e.V.

By Antoine Monot, Jr.
Der Bundesverband Schauspiel ist der größte Berufsverband der deutschsprachigen Fernseh- und Filmbranche. Wir wollen mit diesem Podcast Schauspielerinnen und Schauspielern Hilfestellungen geben sowie Tipps und Tricks aufzeigen. Ob es die Altersvorsorge ist, der Gang zum Arbeitsamt oder die richtige Bewerbung bei Casting Directors und Agenten, dieser Podcast wird Ihnen helfen. Viel Spaß beim zuhören!

Dealing with the Germans

By Philip Saa & Anders Jensen
Philip Saa and Anders Jensen are both living in southern Germany, married to Germans, and dealing with all the funny and sometimes frustrating situations a foreigner in a new country will encounter. They provide insights and tips that can make your own experience easier and more fun!

The Millennial Falcon Podcast

By The Millennial Falcon
A pop culture podcast hosted by three geeky millennials: Anya Crittenton, Hoai-Tran Bui, and Willoughby Dobbs. We talk movies, TV, superheroes, and sci-fi! Episodes every week.

We Create

By Charlie Millikin
Join Charlie Millikin as he sits down with Singers, Songwriters, Directors, Producers or anyone else in entertainment to chat about what it takes to create in today's world.

Eney_2210_ Yt

By Eney_2210_ Yt / Anchor
Eney_2210_ Yt

ThinkFit365 TF365: Relationship Talk

By ThinkFi365
The truth that most don't want to say but need to hear

Eyes on Gilead

By SBS Guide
Join Fiona, Sana, and Natalie every week with the new Handmaid's Tale podcast 'Eyes on Gilead' where each week they unload all of the feelings they are left with at the end of every episode.

Marilyn Monroe Radio

By Samantha McLaughlin
Join me as we revisit, re-examine, and reminisce about the life, times, films and death of Hollywood's most beloved star--Marilyn Monroe.

Pahari Pahari

By Pahari Pahari / Anchor
Pahari Pahari

Jake's Thoughts

By Jake Mealer / Anchor
Welcome to Jake's Thoughts where basically I, Jake, tell you whatever I'm thinking about! No script, very little prior knowledge. Just my thoughts and whatever comes into my mind while I'm talking!


By Sergio / Anchor
Welcome to the Sergio podcast, where amazing things happen.

Westworld // Recap Rewind //

By Recap Rewind
Welcome to Recap Rewind's podcast for Westworld. Join your hosts JLAG and NBEA as they recap season two of HBO'ss hit show Westworld! We talk robot drama, falling in love, and go deep by questioning our reality. Find us on iTunes and YouTube! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @Recap_Rewind Or download and listen to our Riverdale Podcast and all of our other content on YouTube:

Nada Mejor Que Hacer

By Nada Mejor Que Hacer
Jess Gutiérrez, guionista y Mariano Patrucco, periodista, dan su punto de vista muy millennial sobre las películas y series que ven, la música que escuchan, lo que leen en las redes sociales, lo que les gusta hacer durante la semana y los temas del momento. Además dan recomendaciones para ver, leer, escuchar, comer, beber y mucho más.

That Dial Pod

By That Dial
A couple good good boys watch tv shows and talk about them together. In season 1 the boys are watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Brutally Honest Reviews

By The Brutally Honest Network
The Brutally Honest Network is a network devoted to delivering "Brutally Honest" content on movies & filmmaking and many other creative endeavors. As creatives it's important for us to be able to both entertain & deliver valuable information. Whether you want the low down on the hottest movies coming out before you go to the theater or you want to just tune in to have some laughs we got you covered!

Stone Cold and The Jackal: The Podcast

By Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson
General Hospital's Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson talk to each other, and guests...and end up laughing most of the time. Experience for yourself how much fun these two have together when they're in the same room! Come for the General Hospital talk, stay for the stories about life, love, the entertainment industry and lots of Stone Cold and Jackal hijinks!

Media Medusa Podcast

By Nancy Basile
What to watch and what to read. Nancy Basile from is here with commentary and reviews on TV shows, movies and books to help you get the most out of your leisure time. Media Medusa writers are die-hard fans, so we get down into the nitty gritty and behind the scenes. Here's hoping you find your next favorite TV show or movie franchise or book series!

Drawn: The Story of Animation

By HowStuffWorks and Cartoon Network
"Drawn" is an exploration of cartoons with an insider's perspective, including show creators, voice actors, historians, animators and business leaders.

Binge List podcast

By WHO magazine
You've found WHO magazine's TV podcast, Binge List - your weekly guide to what's bingeworthy on Australian TV. From streaming, to pay TV, to broadcast, we've got it all covered. Join TV aficionados Matthew Denby, Gavin Scott and Clare Rigden as they talk about this week's must-watch shows. So get comfortable, find the remote and tune in for everything you need to know - and a lot more!

Episode Won: Should I binge that?

By Episode Won
There are so many shows to stream and who has time to waste on a bad series? Well we are here to help, welcome to Episode Won the podcast where 2 brothers answer the question,"Should I binge that?" We watch the first episode of a show and tell you if it is a winner or a loser. We judge the show based on a winner or loser rating on the premise, acting/casting, and execution. So please join us to find your next tv show to watch.

Renier Weideman

By Renier Weideman / Anchor
Welcome to the Renier Weideman podcast, Business, Gospel, Media

Placeres Violentos

Placeres Violentos es un podcast sobre Westworld. Una conversación sobre la serie de HBO, pero también sobre la tecnología, el futuro y los dilemas filosóficos que plantea. Conducen Axel Marazzi y Valentín Muro. ¿Será real o será un sueño? Escuchalo en Posta.

Centro Rojo

Centro Rojo es un podcast sobre The Handmaid's Tale. Una conversación para entender la serie y el libro más allá de su trama: distopía, género, política, familia y clase. Conducen Fiorella Sargenti y Ayelén Oliva. Escuchalo en Posta y nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

Continuum Drag

By Continuum Drag
The podcast exploring the forgotten and unloved sci-fi television franchises of yesterday. New episodes every Tuesday. Recorded at Astrolab Studios.

Hyperspace Radio Podcast

By James Beach
A regular broadcast of news from across the multiverse, as received via Hyperspace, ansible, subspace wave and even Earth's own quaint "Internet". Includes an audiobook reading every episode.


By LoGGado
Bate-papos descontraídos sobre o mundo das séries, filmes, cinema, TV, música e entretenimento!! Acesse:

The The One Show Show

By Great Big Owl
Welcome to The The One Show Show! Each week, broadcaster and writer Jon Holmes is joined by a special guest to review the past seven days of the BBC's flagship fluff-fest The One Show in forensic detail. Cue the awful theme-tune trumpets!

Let's Talk TV

By Hanna Crook
I love all thing television. I watch as many shows as I possibly can and analyze and pick them apart. I, myself, am a screenwriter, so story is basically my first true love. They tell us something about the human condition, the messiness, complexity, and ultimately the beauty of life. And the world said, "do what you love." And I said, "talk about tv shows?" And they said no, but I went ahead and did it anyway. So sit tight, give it a listen, and let's talk about TV.

Shenanigans with John and Chris

By John and Chris
Just two dudes looking to disrupt the seriousness of it all, with facts and a fun interactive environment!!!

I Had A Date Podcast

By JD Scroggin & Samantha Taylor
When you've got two young kids and not a lot of babysitting options, it's hard to get away for a date night. At the end of the day, we just want to talk to each other. He wants to talk about superhero movies. She doesn't. So we compromise and review the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the prism of our lovelife at each film's release date. It's a good ol' fashioned rewatch with a superhero expert and a funny mom whose never once cracked open a comic book.

Radio Geonosis

By Radio Geonosis
Radio Geonosis is a Star Wars focused podcast hosted by Angie, Aaron, and David. We discuss all things Star Wars and are now also informing our audience of everything else in the nerd arena! Facebook: YouTube:

Café Nervosa

By Café Nervosa
We’re two ladies who have a deep and abiding appreciation for the 1990s NBC sitcom Frasier. So, we made a podcast about it. In each episode, we cover specific topics like how the show treats women, siblings, representation of people of colour, the Roz of it all, and more. We share our favourite jokes and characters, and generally geek out about Frasier. Visit our website at or follow us on Instagram

Michael Franchise

By Michael Franchise / Anchor
Michael Franchise


Comedy and or singing covers

Amelia kieffer

By Amelia kieffer / Anchor
Amelia kieffer

Terry & Gary - Making Sense of Things

By Stephen Hunter, Ben Oxenbould
Terry Bonehr and Gary Mate are old school, broadcasters and they tell it like it is. It all started with a conversation, which turned into a dinner, which then turned into a few drinks and eventually a bar fight that thankfully didn't result in charges being laid. But that one night planted the seed of an idea that had been waiting to happen for decades. Two men. Their paths now meeting, like some sort of crazy fusion of brain power, testosterone and charm that is now destined to take the wor...

Bone and Sickle

By Al Ridenour
“Bone and Sickle” celebrates horror and folklore — their fertile intertwining and the strange fruit of their embrace – the genus sometimes known as “folk horror.” Every episode offers a bounty of frightful tales, fantastic legends, and macabre histories harvested by eccentric artist, collector, and rogue folklorist Al Ridenour (author of The Krampus and The Old, Dark Christmas). “Bone and Sickle” is a labor of love, albeit, a hyper-focused, manic love with no time for the usual podcast chit...

Stardust Drive Podcast – The Outbreak

By William Kee
Featuring the uncensored, truthful opinions of Canadian nerds and geeks as they discuss topics relating the latest issues in the gaming world, as well as tell a few jokes, cry, laugh, enjoy life, and just have some plain old fun.

DisneyEnthusiast Matt

By DisneyEnthusiast Matt / Anchor
Here we talk all things Disney, from upcoming Disney movies, Disney movie reviews, to Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. ✨✨✨


By Juan Miguel Nilles Baang / Anchor
Excited happening in CDO

Raosaheb Alkute

By Raosaheb Alkute / Anchor
Raosaheb Alkute

Digital Noise

By Digital Noise
One Of Us’ Blu-ray/DVD review podcast breaks through the pixel barrier and takes you inside all the latest home entertainment selections. What should you buy? What should you avoid? What glorious title will win our prestigious Pick of the Week honors? Tune in and find out, on the only Blu-ray review show that encourages you to crank up the Digital Noise.

ThinkFit365 TF365: Relationship Talk - Hope

By ThinkFit365
The truth that most don't want to say but need to hear

Totally Awesome Retro

By Totally Awesome Retro / Anchor
Totally Awesome Retro is here to bring you daily retro awesomeness! Stay tuned for songs, movie quotes and more. Come back in time with us!

ThinkFit365 TF365: Relationship Talk - Sex & Expectations

By Thinkfit365
The truth that most don't want to say but need to hear

ThinkFit365 TF365: Relationship Talk - Worth

By Thinkfit365
The truth that most don't want to say but need to hear

Arc Attack Podcast

Hosted by best friends Derrick and Irving, their lifelong passion for superhero and comic book movies has led them to this. Join them as they review and talk about movies from the Marvel and DC universe and anything else listeners want to talk about. To send us your suggestions for episodes email us at [email protected]

Into the Westworld

By Men vs. Movies
Are you ready to experience the new narrative? Jump on the train and join Griffin Schiller (@griffschiller), Zach Pope (@popetheking) and Tyler Tompkins (@t0mpk1nz) as they recap, speculate and discuss the latest episodes of HBO's philosophical Sci-Fi phenomenon"Westworld". Episode recaps from the latest season every Monday followed by an episode preview every Wednesday.

Kawaii Trash

By kawaiitrash
A podcast about anime, horror, gaming, and all things cute/trashy.

Radio is Lame

By Dacespace Studios
Radio is Lame is your Podcast about Podcasting. Using ABC's new Show Alex Inc. as a jumping off Point Dave and Jon will discuss everything from what the podcast space is truly about to the latest in Podcast News. Sit back and enjoy some honest heartfelt conversation about the whoas of being an artist. 

Feed do Walking Cast

By Walking Cast
SoundCloud oficial do Walking Cast - o podcast oficial dos sites Walking Dead Brasil e Fear the Walking Dead Brasil. Confira aqui todas as edições do nosso podcast, com comentários sobre os episódios das séries The Walking Dead e Fear the Walking Dead, universo zumbi e mais.

Dragones y Replicantes

By Murnau
El programa de radio sobre la fantasía, la ciencia-ficción y el terror en el cine, la literatura, el cómic y la televisión. Todos los martes en el 95,6 Fm o en la pagina oficial de UniRadio Jaen.

Love Talkin'

By Love Talkin
Hear from our amazing artists

Music Dialogue

By Nicholas Johnson
Conversations with leading composers and music professionals in the film and television industry.

Binge Worthy Guru Podcast

By ian Kalib
Podcast by ian Kalib

Hablando de series

By davidregledo
En este programa hablamos de series, destripándolas y comentándolas. Si quieres seguirme para saber más... @davidregledo

Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser

By João Pico
Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser

Get Smarter

By Laura Pohlman
Laura Pohlman and Ben Ackerman sit down weekly and watch Get Smart, then talk about the episodes

Azeem Maher

By Azeem Maher / Anchor


By Aeryk / Anchor
A podcast on movie news hopefully to do interviews

Annapurna Narayanan

By Annapurna Narayan / Anchor
Love and positivity !

Ruth and Jeff’s DVD Binder Podcast

By Ruth and Jeff’s DVD Binder Podcast / Anchor
Ruth and Jeff have amassed a lot of DVDs over the years. In this podcast, they will be deciding what’s good and what needs to go.

Overly Animated Craig of the Creek Podcasts

By Overly Animated
We cover everything animated here at the Overly Animated Podcast, with fan-oriented and analytic discussions on a variety of animated shows, movies, and anime. This is the feed for our podcasts just about Craig of the Creek.

Alex and Angie Watch Westworld

By Alex and Angie Watch Westworld
We talk about Westworld after we watch it and before we sleep.