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Building Character

This is a podcast about developing characters for film and about the people who build them. While working as a costume designer, I became fascinated with the fluid way a character comes into being, from a thought in a writers mind, to director, casting director, designer, actor, etc. all the way to the final screen. Each project as different as the characters who work on them. I am Catherine Velosa and I invite you to join me as I chat with different professionals in the entertainment industr...

Touch the Wonder

By Tony McMillen
Author and artist Tony McMillen provides droll vivisections of various pop culture (insert third word which begins with the letter "V.")

Fanboi with Harley Morenstein

By Castbox/Studio71
Harley Morenstein, founder of the global hit Epic Meal Time, has always lived the true fanboy life. Always drawn to gaming and comic books, Harley and his Epic friends team up to bring their wealth of nerdy knowledge and excitement to this fresh new weekly series! Tune in weekly to learn the quirkiest facts about movies, videos games, comic books and other fun topics. Did we mention Star Wars, Star Trek, anime and wrestling?!

From Cover to Reel

By Alicia Maruri
A podcast where we talk about books and their movie counterparts in order to answer the question of which is better: the book or the movie.


By Jimmy Blackmon & Marty Scanlon
Two comedy and theatre nerds go where no podcast has dared go before: they're watching SMASH again! Each week, our hosts Jimmy Blackmon (Smash viewing veteran) and Marty Scanlon (Smash viewing virgin) are joined by guest luminaries from the world of Broadway, TV, and comedy to celebrate (and at times, just comprehend) NBC’s short-lived musical drama SMASH, episode-by-episode in all its beautiful, arresting, endlessly frustrating, and inspiring glory.

Cinema For All Podcast

By Cinema For All
The Cinema For All podcast is a celebration of going to the cinema, film discovery and stories about the people across the UK putting on incredible film screenings. Hosted by Jaq Chell and Abi Standish of the national charity Cinema For All.


By Recon-Cinemation
A look back at our favorite films of the 70's, 80's and 90's to see what their legacy is and how they hold up today!

PJ'S Podcast

By Johnny Teixeira
A fun place where we discuss all things sports, movies, and much much more!

Foodie Techie Boy

By Foodie Techie Boy
A Food and Tech gadgets Review Podcast


This feed was created by mixing existing feeds from various sources.

Podcast 426

By Bryce Carlile and Josh Ames
Join us as we review movies, old movies, new movies, and shitty movies. Hold onto your butts, we are going on an elevator ride to Hell, going down.

La Caja de Spoilers

By David Calaveras
Escucha este podcast y muchos más en o en las apps de iVoox para iOS, Android o Windows Phone.

The Casting Dead: A Walking Dead Podcast

By Cold Moon
Fashionably late to the walking dead podcast party, David & Matt are here to discuss the show!

The Indie Film Place Podcast

By Russ Cootey: Filmmaker and Podcast host
Topical discussion, daily motivation, DIY and other tutorials, industry interviews, and product reviews. The complete podcast for the independent filmmaker.

Two Minute Takes podcast

By Doug Tooke
A 120 second podcast helping you see Catholic themes in every day films. Produced by ODB Films and hosted by Doug Tooke.

Geek Philosophy Podcast

By Geek Philosophy
Podcast by Geek Philosophy

Started from Degrassi Now We Here

By Toby & Adam
Podcast by Toby & Adam

Date Night Nerdcast

By Ozias & Elizabeth - Nerdy Couple
Nerdastic discussions about gaming, technology, tv/movies, books, dating, science, and culture

Films, Politics, and Arguments

By Dylan Garrett Barker
The Host: An arrogant, pessimistic, queer and Non-binary filmmaker who has unsatisfiable addictions. The Addictions: Filmmaking, politics, and arguing the latter (and the former).

Slumber Party Movie Night

By Slumber Party Movie Night
Slumber Party Movie Night is a weekly movie podcast with a different theme each month. One month might be science-fiction and the next romance and the one after that, disaster movies! Three filmakers Michael Thygesen, Samantha Laurenti and Randy Nundlall watch, talk, and sometimes fight about movies.

Esta noche va a ser muy larga

By Esta noche va a ser muy larga
Cultura popular y opiniones idiotas. El primer viernes de cada mes a las 21:00 horas en Onda Fuenlabrada (89.40 FM), o cuando quieras en Onda Fuenlabrada


By Justin Ecklof
Photographer/Cinematographer known for portrait photography talks to talented artists, about the industry, and important topics happening today.

Talkin' 'bout Sports

Weekly Sports Talk podcast - NEW show every Thursday

Film Stories with Simon Brew

By Simon Brew
Film Stories with Simon Brew is a podcast that looks to dig into the stories behind popular movies. From troubled productions, to rights issues, to difficulties with release to films nearly falling apart, the podcast will be looking at the stories that don't always seem apparent when watching a movie! The podcast is hosted by Simon Brew, the founder of Den Of Geek. You can find Simon at

Talking Taboo: Season 2

By Paul Schulz, Tej Joshi, Meredith Sloan
Talking Taboo returns with topics that are certain to make you reconsider your beliefs. This season raises the bar with drag queens, victims from the Parkland tragedy, and an upcoming Congressional candidate. All this, only on Talking Taboo.


By Actioner
Le podcast consacré aux films de bagarre et d'aventure.

Great Directors, Garbage Movies

By Adam Pliskin and Dash Finley
Sometimes great directors make terrible movies.

Love It Or Hate It with Angelique & Elizabeth

By Angelique & Elizabeth
Thanks for checking out Love It of Hate It, where two movie geeks with some serious opinions dish on what and who we Love and Hate in the glorious world of cinema! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram and join in the discussion. Host note: Our podcast was born during a mimosa-fueled and particularly contentious viewing of Mamma Mia, so stick with us when we share our thoughts about Meryl Streep being meh. (Don't @ us!!!) Xo, Angelique and Elizabeth

Sidekick Showdown

By Sidekick Showdown
The podcast that pits your favourite sidekicks head to head to determine who is the most loyal, hardy and helpful of all!

Bass Music Movement Podcast

By Bass Music Movement
Bass Music Movement provide optimum levels of Bass Music On Demand -


By Sneaky Snake Productions
Hosts Tom Nabb and Scott Morel try to make sense of the cult-favorite streaming series COATL, with occasional success.

Beware of Ed Podcast

By Bryan Edwards
Venture inside the mind of Bryan Edwards. Beware...

Winterfell and I Can't Get Up

By Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Book Shop
In this Game of Thrones podcast, host Candice Huber discusses the Song of Ice and Fire series along with her mom, Gail, who is reading it for the first time and has absolutely no knowledge of Game of Thrones. Read along, listen along, and follow Gail's journey through the series chapter by chapter as she discovers for the first time just how brutal it can be. When you read Game of Thrones with your mom, you win or you die (laughing).

Don't Forget Meg Ryan

By Claire & Lucy
The podcast that'll have what she's having. We're two best friends who never stopped talking about we started recording our converstations.


By Sean Callahan
Level Up your gaming novels with kickass interviews. Sean Callahan dives deep with your favorite GameLit & LitRPG authors & talent.

Not Safe for Weebs: Fandom and Politics from a Salty Japanese-American

By Solace Ames
I'm Solace K. Ames—welcome to my podcast. If you're a weeaboo and listen to this podcast you might get a rash or something, hence the title. This is mainly a serious show about touchy subjects in both fandom and politics and the intersection thereof. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! 

Retrogames Brasil Podcast

By Retrogames Brasil Podcast
Criado por usuários do fórum Retrogames Brasil, o podcast fala sobre jogos clássicos e também tudo que está rolando na industria atualmente.

Kings of Things

By Haus of Hoot
Join Dan and Jae as they battle through the various geek based gubbins they've come across this week


By LateNightInternet
Late Night Internet - dein Unterhaltungsangebot! Podcasts, Thementalks, Shows und ganz viel geiler Randomscheiß erwarten dich auf diesem Kanal! → Wir wollen dabei von Themen wie Ausflugpannen und Sexabenteuer über Youtube Trends und Skandale zu tagesaktuellen News alles diskutieren, unsren Senf dazu geben und eine Menge Spaß haben! Wie und wo soll das ganze stattfinden? ~ Der Podcast kommt Jeden Montag um 15:00 Uhr Für uns ist es das Wichtigste euch richtig gut zu unterhalten! - Werde doch...

Gimme Moore

By Gimme Moore
A PowerPress site

Narratively Speaking

By Narratively Speaking
Life happens. We're just the storytellers.

Docs That Rock Episode 1 'The Staircase'

By Documentary Film Podcast
Docs That Rock is a new weekly podcast about documentary films / series. Presented by Cherida d'Arcy and Tracey Ferguson. Recorded in Galway city on the wild west coast of Ireland. On twitter @DocsRockPodcast. First episode out on 8 June.

The Great Movie Draft

By Unknown
The ultimate fantasy draft. Just with films and not athletes.


By CapsLock/Radio
Jump into 2D

Make It Sound Fiction

By Nico D., Tyler Colp
A podcast profoundly interested in picking apart pop culture media and narrative.


No sabemos nada sobre videojuegos, pero puedes escuchar nuestro podcast cada Jueves y entérate como tratamos de hablar sobre ellos!

The Parking Lot Review

By The Enemy Base
The Parking Lot Review brings you the best reviews of the newest movies to hit the theatres. We record anywhere from two -four times a month, sometimes with special editions! Whether you're looking for a second opinion on the latest DC or Marvel movie, some fluffy, popcorn action movie, or some feel good comedy movie, this is the only podcast you need to listen to.


By "Showtime" G. Huston & Gemini Smash
This is a podcast about the history of Professional Wrestling through each and every Pay-Per-View Event. Hosts: "Showtime" G. Huston & Gemini Smash

The Red Shirts: A Star Trek Podcast

By Michael Jones
Three cool guys who aren't afraid to don the Starfleet red shirt uniform and go where no one has gone before! Beam aboard the USS Internet bimonthly and join us in a discussion about this beloved 50 year old institution!

El META Chiringuito Podcastero

By El Chiringuito Podcastero
Franquicia de “El Chiringuito Podcastero”, para tratar hablar sobre el infinito e inmenso universo podcasteril…para llegar a donde ningún otro chiringuiter ha llegado antes. Este programa se publicaran mensualmente cada día 15, exploraremos la vasta e infinita Podcastfera, junto con Julio (@repasoenserie) y Gaff Pasternak (@LaPodcilga), conociendo todo tipo de temáticas y personajes que se ponen ante los micrófonos para llenar nuestros reproductores de cientos de horas de material ameno y ent...

The Monkey's Playground

By Podcast by Varsh
For musings about books, movies and TVs (If that's your thing)


과거의 상처를 딛고 의사가 된 두 남녀가 여러 인간 군상을 만나며 성장하고, 평생 단 한번뿐인 사랑을 시작하는 휴먼 메디컬드라마.

The Unofficial Voice Podcast

By The Unofficial Voice Podcast
Join Mariel and Morgan as they discuss the current season of The Voice and manifesting Carson Daly. Complete with Malbec, contestants and friends!

The IMDB Journey

By Daniel Henderson, Dean Jeffery
Long time friends Daniel & Dean get together to breakdown one movie from the IMDB Top 250, giving their own light hearted thoughts, rankings and any general banter along the way. Along with any listener reviews and questions, the guys battle it out in a movie quiz and movie draft (That you the listener can vote on), as well as briefly discuss any other films they've watched that week. So come along and join the journey!

The Left Media Podcast

By Mike and Mitch
Mike and Mitch sit down to analyze and review media of all forms from a Leftist perspective


By 慢漫聊

Meet the Filmmaker

iTunes and the Apple Store bring you insights from the makers of today's biggest films. Subscribe to the podcast to hear behind-the-scenes stories from the onscreen stars as well as filmmaking wisdom from a diverse selection of writers, directors, and producers.

elCofreSuena (Secciones)

By elCofrePodcasts
Contenido por secciones de elCofreSuena Escuchamos a los sueños, disfrutamos de la cultura y sentimos inquietud por el descubrimiento. Magazine semanal centrado en la difusión cultural en todas sus vertientes, temas sociales... tratados mediante entrevistas, charlas con expertos y secciones dinámicas.

The Saturday Doobie Feature

By Hollywood Redux
Weed Infused Movie Reviews

The Kitchen

By monterey media
Jennifer (Laura Prepon) is turning 30 and her best friend, Stan (Matt Bush), is throwing her a party. But she is in no mood to celebrate. She just left her job, as well as her cheating boyfriend, Paul (Bryan Greenberg). Her cynical little sister Penny (Dreama Walker) is threatening to overshadow the whole affair with the most inappropriate party announcement. And she is pretty sure she's too old to still be living with her creepy roommate. What starts out as a well-intentioned day of celebrat...

JobLab - Carreira e Emprego

Conteúdos relevantes para quem quer encontrar o emprego dos seus sonhos. São dicas, entrevistas a responsáveis de recrutamento e seleção, conversas sobre carreira, divulgação de projetos, estudos e muito mais.


By JnLCast
Podcast by JnLCast

Khuda or mohabbat

By Moiz Ahmad / Anchor

Savoir Vivre by JJ

By Jessie Chase
Qui mieux qu’une New-Yorkaise qui a vécu dans le milieu international de la mode ? Jessie Chase est cette New-Yorkaise qui ce donne cet objectif de transmette et partager ce savoir-vivre qu’elle apprend dans la capitale française, Paris


By Talia Smith / Anchor
Talking all about our favorite 80s film

Loving my Flicks

By Greg Hitzig
Talking about current movies and older movies. We review what's happening at the cinema but we also take a look at franchises like Halloween and aliens and Star Wars and where they've been and where they might be headed. Podcast will be on air once or twice a week as we get things set up. Thank you very much

The 48Hours Podcast

By 48Hours
This is the official podcast channel for the HP48Hours.


By Abdi Ayanle / Anchor
Thanks for listening

Artie Cabrera

By Artie Cabrera
Artie Cabrera and guests smacktalk movies, music, literature, and the arts.

The Chad Taylor Show

By The Chad Taylor Show
Chad Taylor invites you into his world and makes no apologies. He gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you love music, entertainment, Hollywood gossip, relationship chatter, and comedy, subscribe to this podcast. Chad Taylor is the Operations Manager for Cumulus-Des Moines which includes KJJY, KHKI, KGGO, KWQW, and KBGG. He's married to Tracy Lynn and enjoys reading, attending concerts / live events, and driving his kids crazy. Chad is very active in central Iowa, and serves on vario...

cinemaniacs's podcast

By Eric Bailey & Aaron Hymes
Every week, we dive into Blu-Ray and DVD reviews for the movies coming out that Tuesday. We also go through the weeks news, box office, and new trailers to make sure you can keep up with all things cinema.

The Frank Truth

By Brian K. Noe
Since February of 2005 The Frank Truth has celebrated the life, the career and the legacy of the Entertainer of the 20th Century, Francis Albert Sinatra.

The Late Show with Carla Mackenzie

By Jacaranda FM
True, fun and musical! It's podcasts from The Late Show with Carla Mackenzie from 22:00 - 01:00, Monday to Thursday.

aluCine PODCAST - producido por

By aluCine

Suck My Fic

By Suck My Fic
Austin and Cameron ruin your favorite fictional characters by reading their awful reimaginations courtesy of the Internet. Join us as we dive into the dark world of bad fanfiction and discover things we never wanted to read.


By Big Chris and Star
Big Chris and Star say what you want to say, but may be too afraid to. This hilarious, edgy, straight to the point podcast touches on everything from social hot topics to real life situations. #ItsGottaBeSaid...why not say it? Find us on social media: @kushinthroughlife-IG @kushinthrulife-SC @starduuhhhhh-IG @starvsmarz-SC

Script or Scratch Podcast

light hearted takes and opinions on movies, tv shows etc..


By EuroCultAV
Horror! Sex! Europeans! Anthropopodcast is a monthly podcast surveying the decadent and deranged horror and cult cinema of continental Europe. We cover everything from the slow-motion vampires of Spain to the Italian cannibal cycle. It's a podcast for connoisseurs of the finest in Eurotrash cinema. Anthropopodcast is the official podcast of

According to A

Podcast by Aysha

Iron News

By Ane / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Homemade Hollywood

By Homemade Hollywood
A podcast where a couple of guys sit around and try to sell each other on movie ideas.

Calling Justice

By Sahra V. Nguyen
A podcast exploring news, culture, racial justice, immigration, & intersectionality through the voice of Asian Americans + allies.

Harvest Church Media

Harvest Church is located at 2631 Route 52 Liberty, NY. For a full list of all of our media visit

Hyperbole: The Best Podcast Ever

The best and worst of everything this week: pop culture, news, #hashtags and interviews with people you need to know. Hosted by Amy Zaroff and Danielle Arlowe

Light Up the Eyes, Boys

By Benjamin Kent 1
Podcast by Benjamin Kent 1


TV Junky is a podcast dedicated to television and film. Reality, Sitcoms and Films will all be discussed as well fun facts about actors and trivia games.

Avatar Türkiye

By Avatar Türkiye
AvatarTürkiye podcast yayın servisidir. Hayran yapımı olup herhangi bir telif hakkı bulunmamaktadır. Düzenli olarak her hafta çeşitli Avatar konuları hakkında takipçilerimizle sohbet ediyoruz.

The Best of NET (video) | NET Television

By NET Nebraska
For this weekly video podcast, NET Television digs out the best of the old and new, dusting off favorites from the archive as well as previewing upcoming shows produced for the state of Nebraska.

Gaming World United Podcast Network

By Gaming World United
Gaming World United Podcast Network

The Story of Cory Analyzing Boy Meets World

By Cory Matthews
The comedic (and sometimes heartfelt) adult friendly show, reviewing and analyzing the complete Boy Meets World saga with nostalgic nitpicker, Jillian Lassiter, analyzing aficionado, Jerry Skids, and first-time viewer, Stephanie Aubin