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The Official Project Runway Recap Podcast
By Lifetime
Each week, hosts Danielle Savoy and Laura Reineke recap all the fashion feats (and faux pas) of the 16th season of Lifetime's Emmy-nominated fashion design competition show.
All Dogs Go To Film School
By All Dogs Go To Film School
Goofy film podcast out of Boise, Idaho.
As Bolas do Dragão
By As Bolas do Dragão
Podcast by As Bolas do Dragão
Let's Talk About Stuff!
By Let's Talk About Stuff!
A pop culture podcast about movies, comic books, TV, music, and more nerdy stuff.
Jay & Laura Laffoon: Jay and Laura TV
By Jay and Laura Laffoon
A weekly show to help you celebrate your life, your marriage, and your family.
Just Chattin
By Just Chattin
Just Chattin is a weekly podcast hosted by Kevin and Thea, where we talk about hot topics that are giving us life, making us emotional and things you need to know about. Trust us, we know what you need. Tune in each week to see what we’re Chattin about!!
Just Sayin's All
By Monte Burns
Host Monte Burns talks about movies, music, books, and anything else that comes up.
Liberty Film Podcast
Isaac, Mercer and possibly Caleb, talk about the You Tube channel, life, and the crazy things that come to their minds.
In5D Podcast
By 5D Team
A couple of dudes talk things related to entertainment and the business of entertainment... In 5D!
Raw Viewage
By Raw Viewage
Movie buffs, Rich and Dave, get a good buzz going, watch movies on-demand and let you know if they're worth it. This is the most honest and funny movie review you'll ever get.
Merbear and the Maiden Jer: A Game of Thrones Podcast
Jeremy and Meredith take their obsession with the Game of Thrones franchise and dissect each new episode of Season 7. Got anything you want us to discuss or any hot takes you want to toss out? Feel free to join the conversation by checking them out on Twitter @MeredithGeddes @Jeremy_Baker.
Macintosh & Maud's Chocolate Shoppe: A Riverdale Podcast
By Macintosh & Maud
Mac & Maud watch Archie and the gang navigate the perils of high school and a dark, twisted mystery in the CW's Riverdale.
Modern Mixtapes
By Jackie and Tiffany
Modern Mixtapes is a podcast for music devotees who listen to a wide range of music and want to learn and share favorite tracks with each other. BFFs, Tiffany and Jackie, share their thoughts on current music and music videos, delving deep into pop culture significance, musical composition, and visual aesthetics. We're just two millennials trying to find our place in the world and create the ultimate mixtape to play for all your endeavors and adventures. Tune in to see what inspires us as we give some insight to the music we're obsessed with.
No Script At All - A Terrace House Boys and Girls in the City Fancast
By Andrea Caprotti and Brendon Bigley
A weekly episode-by-episode discussion about the Japanese Netflix reality show, Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City. Hosted by Andrea Caprotti and Brendon Bigley.
Nerds In Pewter Podcast
By Nerds In Pewter Podcast
A podcast by some nerds in pewter. What is that? Well, we talk Tampa Bay Buccaneers football and mix in pop culture like Marvel, DC, Star Wars and any other topic that allows us to geek out!
Nostalgia Be Damned
Nostalgia Be Damned takes your favorite childhood movies and asks one simple question: do they hold up?
#MMACast – Horrorphilia
By Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts
Horror reviews, interviews and the best horror podcasts on the planet.
#ThePahdcast: The Ben Affleck Podcast
By Joey Lewandowski and Mike Manzi
First there was Cage. Then Keanu. Now, Mike and Joey are set to answer the same question one more time, but this time about Ben Affleck: "Is he really as bad an actor as the internet would have you believe?" From his early days with Matt Damon, through his Kevin Smith years, and into the modern era of Batfleck and Ben as a prestige director, Mike and Joey will go film by film and project by project to discover the truth about Boston's favorite son.
'Casting Off
By Michael May
The podcast of oceanic adventure and island mystery
2 edsvurna män
By 2 edsvurna män
2 edsvurna män är en podcast om film och tv-serier, ledd av Teodor Lindh & Simon Väderklint. Varje avsnitt består av två filmer som vi tacklar på två olika sätt. Släpps varannan torsdag.
Superhero MovieCast
By Superhero MovieCast
A podcast Dedicated to Reviewing and Analyzing Superhero Movies and their Inspiring Themes
Star Trek: From the Holodeck - Discovery Edition
By Rain Man Digital
Star Trek: From the Holodeck - Discovery Edition is a fan broadcast dedicated to discussing, analyzing and breaking down 'Star Trek Discovery'.
Suicide Hour
By Suicide Hour
Suicide Hour - the brand new podcast, now available on audioBoom!
That Gay Sh*t
By That Gay Sh*t
Three friends strive to find the gayness in every piece of media, whether it was intended to be there or not.
And the Losers Are
By And The Losers Are
'And the Losers Are' is a podcast where three failing screenwriters discuss Oscar nominated and prominent films, while drinking enough alcohol to make this seem like a good idea. Each season takes a look at a decade of film. In each episode we discuss each year's Best Picture nominees, as well as five movies that didn't quite make it, before deciding our winners and losers. If films, political incorrectness, foul humor, and excessive drinking is your thing, this is the podcast for you.
Orson Scott Card's We Review Everything podcast
By Orson Scott Card and Rusty Humphries
Legendary author, Orson Scott Card and his friend, radio host and author Rusty Humphries, review everything from movies to toilet paper. It's a fun, insightful look at things that touch our lives.
By Chicago Radio Works
A look at our world through the culture and art that define it
Craving Magic
By Zach and Rachel Moore
Craving Magic is a light-hearted, silly, and enthusiastic podcast dedicated to all things Disney and to all those who love it. From the parks and resorts to movies, theatre, and television, this podcast is intended for the ears of those who constantly find themselves craving just a little more Disney magic.
Always Tilted Podcast
By Andrew and Isaac
Always Tilted is a podcast with two uninteresting nerds. Each week we will try to cover all the interesting stories surrounding the technology we love. Whether it be games we are currently playing, new tech, and maybe even television/movies, we will try our best to keep you updated with our opinions about what's going on.
Siste 168
By Siste 168
En gang i uken setter de gode kompisene Eirik og Torkel seg ned og snakker om de siste 168 timene. De snakker om filmer og tv-serier de har sett, spill de har spilt og andre superinteressante temaer som spennende poster fra reddit eller andre historier.
By Unoctium and Kris Takahashi
A podcast featuring interviews with mod authors and hosted by unoctium
Fun Dip and Cherry Coke
By Kira Gowan
Join host Kira Gowan and a guest as they remember and revisit pop culture from the past.
Area 42
By Mike Keller - Atheist, Brent Phillips - Christian
Area 42 is the podcast where an atheist science fiction geek (Mike Keller) and a christian science fiction geek (Brent Phillips) come together to debate and discuss classic works of science fiction, fantasy and horror. The subject matter covered are usually books and occasionally films, but other sources of media are also fair game. Discussion of current happenings in the SF/fantasy world are also brought up.
Rewatch Podcast
By Golden Spiral Media
The Rewatch Podcast hosts are Cory, Tom and Nathan who revisit past TV shows and movies. Twitter: @RewatchPod Facebook: Facebook.com/RewatchPodcast
Game of Thrones
By To Be Perfectly Honest
Our weekly dose of discussion of Games of Thrones Season 7 with a perfectly honest touch.
Iconoblast Podcast
Do you know famous icons as well as you think you do? Let's find out! Join two young boys, in their mid-30s, as they set out to dispel misconceptions about famous people, places, and events.
Buzzed Conversations
By Bafustago
In Buzzed Conversations, a couple of childhood pals welcome interesting guests and talk about some of the most interesting things life has to offer, ranging from serious to plain silly. What would make it even more fun? Drinking (responsibly, of course)!
Betamax Video Club
By Rich Nelson
Rewinding back to the films of the 1980s
Book of the Stranger
By Alec, Chris, and John
All men must die. Some sooner than others. We are predicting deaths in Games of Thrones. Our current season is tracking deaths through the end of Season 7.
By SBS Australia
Join us each week to discuss the 1966 Batman TV show. Watch the episodes every Friday evening at 6:30 on SBS VICELAND or SBS On Demand and then listen along to the podcast. Holy cross platform media experience, Batman.
Bachie Boys
By Jimmy & Nath
Love The Bachelor? Hate The Bachelor? Welcome to the Bachie Boys! This Podcast hosted by Jimmy & Nath is a new way to keep up to date with all things The Bachelor Australia. We aim to please both lovers & haters of the popular reality TV show, by giving you a little bit more.
Black Geeks Radio
By Black Geeks Radio
random people talking about random things
Beyond The Void - Horror Podcast
By Beyond The Void - Horror Podcast
Join Alex & Britni. One musician & one make up artist/performer. They love to drink and joke their way through their episodes.  This sure isn't your daddy's podcast.. so you might want to get your earmuffs out cupcake.  The cast includes a weekly horror themed  alcohol shots for their #horrorshot segment. They also do a fun new creative exercise segment called #GravePlots where they make up movies on the spot and make up some pretty cool faux vhs covers for them too. They cover current horror news, upcoming/new releases, contests and a lot more.  They even do interviews with Directors, writers and programmers for games.  Typically those are pretty in depth interviews.  If you like approachable horror addicts that you could call a friend with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle up and sit back as we pass through laughter town Beyond The Void Horror Podcast.
Boy Problems
By Boy Problems
Women talk about their favorite male characters and everything that entails, from shipping to sexuality and back again.
Brooklyn Free Speech Radio
By Brooklyn Free Speech Radio
Brooklyn Free Speech Radio is the borough's first community podcast network with content produced and edited by New York City's most diverse audio makers.
Beast Friends Forever
By Scobell & Whitington
Beast Friends Forever is an episode-by-episode discussion of the 90s cartoon Beast Wars hosted by Alex Scobell and Alex Whitington.
Brandon Parnes' Nerd-A-Thon TV Bingefest!
By Brandon Parnes Podcast Network
Join Brandon Parnes as he watches some nerdy TV.
Brandon Watches...
By Brandon Parnes Podcast Network
Join Brandon as he watches a TV show.
Beating a Dead Horse
By Beating a Dead Horse
A weekly podcast talking about your favorite (and least favorite) characters who bit it in movies, video games, TV shows and more.
Breaking Bill Podcast
By Breaking Bill Podcast
A long-after-the-fact Breaking Bad episode-by-episode discussion podcast, hosted by Bill Dettloff (Breaking Bad newbie) and Eric Raskin (watching his all-time favorite TV series for the third time). Contains mature language, potentially offensive takes, and excessive tangents. Email us at [email protected]
Beginning the Trek
By Beginning the Trek
Travel along with long time fan Andy Goldberg and first-timer Jessica Ray on this introduction to the Star Trek universe. If you've never seen Star Trek or don't know where to start, join this curated exploration. Our mission is to delve into a select episode of Star Trek as though watching for the first time. Whether you're a lifelong Trekkie or still a noob, this is the perfect exploration of Star Trek.
Baer Media Audiocast
By Kyle Baer
Podcast by Kyle Baer
Bad Romance Podcast
By Jourdain Searles and Bronwyn Isaac
Comedians Jourdain Searles and Bronwyn Isaac skewer Hollywood's worst romantic films.
Ballin' Out - The HBO Ballers Recap Show
By Dave Collins
Ballin' Out is your source for the best commentary on the hit HBO show, Ballers. Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and featuring a cast of actors, athletes, celebrities and terrific suits, this show has everything you'd want in a 30 minute premium cable show. After each episode, Dave and Joel will break down what happened, why it happened and answer the big questions about the series as a whole. If you are a Ballers fan, this is the show for you!
Bekou Movies
By Bekou-Movies
Movie reviews
Below the Belt Show
By Below the Belt Show
Podcast by Below the Belt Show
Boardwalk Talk
By Boardwalk Times
Welcome to the Boardwalk Talk Podcast, presented by The Boardwalk Times! Here, Disney Fans discuss Disney news, trivia and all things that pertain to Disney! This is the Disney Community's perfect stop for anything Disney, especially entertainment! We update bi-weekly, and publish written content to our website hosted by Medium. Whether you're a Disney fan young or old, this is the perfect spot for you! Please check us out at @BoardwalkTimes on Twitter for more Boardwalk Times content! Also, check out https://medium.com/boardwalk-times for up to date Disney news and editorials, delivering some of the best content from some of the best contributors in the Disney Community. Enjoy your day! Links: Boardwalk Times Twitter: https://twitter.com/boardwalktimes Boardwalk Times Website: https://medium.com/boardwalk-times Ryan Dorman's Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpentheDorman Ryan O'Reilly's Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenMothersMale
Arya Listening: Game of Thrones Podcast
By Arya Listening: A GoT Podcast
Two (semi) normal dudes having a Game of Thrones conversation and it just happens to be recorded.
Another Lousy Millennium: A Futurama Fan Podcast
By Luciano and Gabriele Cheng
Luciano and Gabriele Cheng, two lifelong fans of Futurama, give a heartfelt and comedic fan's review of every episode.
Apocaflix! Movies
By Apocaflix! Movies
Podcast by Apocaflix! Movies
By Pierre de Chaville
Après-dernière présente l'actualité parisienne des films qui ne sont normalement plus à l'affiche mais reviennent sur grand écran à la faveur d'un festival ou d'une rétrospective
All That Power
By The Rec
Weekly review of each episode of "Power" on STARZ.
All Things....Geek
By Richard Schall
Richard Schall is a self proclaimed aficionado in all things geek or pop culture. Join him on his weekly talks about something he loves, hates or loves to hate. With his irreverent humor and little known trivia, he will keep you completely entertained.
Academy Rewind: Every OSCARS® Best Picture Nominee
By Thought Bubble Audio
The bi-weekly podcast where Tim and Palmer take a look at every OSCARS® Best Picture Nominee from years past. Did the Academy pick the right film? Our hosts will decide.
After the Torch
By Cassie Anne & Jake Holmes
A Survivor recap podcast where Cassie Anne and Jake Holmes discuss everything that went down on Survivor
MTV's Siesta Key - Recap Rewind
By Recap Rewind
Listen in as JLAG and NBEA recap MTV's newest reality TV show Siesta Key. Based in a small beach town on the coast of Southern Florida, the show follows a group of 20-somethings as they party and cause a whole lot of drama. Thankfully, for us, the cameras caught it all, and we can't wait to bring you a weekly hilarious recap of their crazy shenanigans. Follow us on Twitter @Recap_Rewind
Movie Club
By Alien Happy Hour
Each week we watch a movie and then talk about it. It's a book club for movies, don't overthink it.
Movie Maniac Radio
By Brian Osborne
Brian Osborne a Movie Maniac who sits down every week and talks passionately about the latest Movies to hit the theaters, plus hits up all the latest box office numbers, and the news stories as well.
Movie Podders
By Movie Podders
Welcome to our Movie Podders Podcast. Join us here for our views on the latest Movie news. Remember to follow us on twitter and Instagram @MoviePodders
Mimosa Sunrise
We are your Sunday morning pop culture refresher, brought to you by Charlie Turner and Tristan Donahue! In this podcast we will be diving into all aspects of popular culture! So go grab your drinks, sit back, and prepare to listen!
Made You Look
By Made You Look
Made You Look is a podcast about tv, storytelling and friendship (aaaawww...) Best mates Jane and Kurt make each other watch an episode of their favourite tv shows, and chat about them incessantly. Enjoy!
Macintosh & Maud: A My Little Pony Podcast
By Macintosh & Maud
A podcast about My Little Pony from two married grownups who love it IN SPITE of our children.
Maester In Training
By Maester In Training
"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention" - Ramsay Bolton
Madlogic Mysteries
By Madlogic
NEW EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY! Join Madlogic as he investigates and researches the paranormal, conspiracies, cryptids, serial killers, the occult, true crimes, aliens, angels, demons, atlantis, crop circles, dreams, nightmares, ghosts, spirits, magic, near death experiences, occultism, prophecy, prophecies, psychic, stonehenge, UFO, vampires, werewolves, witches, bigfoot, loch ness monster, jack the ripper, killer clowns, night terrors, sleep paralysis, alien abduction, black dogs, black eyed kids, monsters, parapsychology, heaven, hell, parallel dimensions, time travel, black holes, wormholes, superhuman abilities, urban legends, doppelgängers, poltergeists, curses, cursed objects, armageddon, and much more!
Middle of the Row
By Zac Oldenburg, Lauren Heimbaugh, Ben Grigsby, Rahul Jay
The Official Podcast of Middle of the Row - @middleofrow
Yra racijos
By Yra Racijos
Kiekvieną šeštadienį, 16:00 per Neringa FM kassavaitiniai pašnekesiai apie nūdienos jaunimo aktualijas.
Married to the Idea
By Married to the Idea
We're Liz and Aaron, the hosts of Married to the Idea, where we discuss movies, television shows, books, and various other parts of pop culture from two different points of view. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't, but that's what makes our podcast, and our lives, exciting!
Lust2Learn with Rick Lust
By Richard lust
How your early education shaped who you are today. Great Guests discuss their WHY they are who they are and the conversation will full of laughter and comedy. Rick Lust has been in public education for 20 years and brings his sharp wit and humor to everyone.
LVL UP Productions Podcast
By LVL UP Productions
Original creative audio fiction. Home to tales of horror, sci-fi and fantasy by LVL UP Productions.
LW98: Sitting 'n' Chatting Podcasts
By Liam Whyte
Welcome to Sitting n Chatting. Presented by Liam Whyte and Jamie Allan. School friends with who don’t do much apart from sitting and chatting (no pun intended), who watch football and drink. Just your typical 19 year olds. we speak about loads of different subjects, so if you want to leave suggestions about what to speak about in a future episode I am sure we will do. Or even if you want to give recommendations. Just put them in the comments below. We hope this will one day become a big thing. So. Sit back, relax and enjoy.
LJJR Podcast
By LJJR Studios
Finally, a podcast for the regular moviegoer who has a bit too much free time. Sit back and join Lou, Jon, Joe, and RJ as they discuss all things cinematic in unprecedented detail. No film is too trivial, and no scene shall be left unanalyzed.
By Cheyenne Molly
LMn'Chill is a Podcast all about Molly and Cheyenne's love of Lifetime Movies. Two "lovely" ladies enjoy some Pinot Noir and discuss various themes from the Lifetime Movie Network in minisodes and watch movies with a lot of commentary in full length episodes.
Let's get Creepy : Episodes
By Let's Get Creepy : A Horror Podcast
A group of graduate students discuss the theoretical and critical aspects of the horror genre, one case of Genesee at a time
Best in Galaxy
By Mark Restuccia, Patch Hyde, Paul F Taylor
Two Idiots. One stolen spaceship. One intergalactic Crime Family. Lots of nutty characters. No way home. One hell of a great Audio-Comic Book. The quadruply award nominated podcast has taken it's nutty characters from Star Wars Best in Galaxy and put them in their own worlds. Prepare for something special!
Let's Talk Nashville
By Let's Talk Nashville
Let’s Talk Nashville is a podcast where Charis & Katie talk about the best show ever, NASHVILLE! We will start from the beginning, so watch along with us. We welcome new fans of the show, as well as die hard fans from 2012! Join us each week to talk about all things Rayna, Deacon, Juliette and the rest of this amazing cast. We love them so much, we can’t stop talking about them!
Lewis Walmsley
By Lewis Walmsley
Monthly techno mix
Lost in the Omniverse
By www.StrangeAndDeadly.com
Join your hosts Chris Clayton and Tom Elliot as they get Lost in the Omniverse. Exploring the phenomenon of shared movie universes beginning with the Marvel and DC cinematic movie universes.
Life & Beyond with Valery Molone
By Valery Molone
Personal Development Coach Valery Molone helps people explore their motivation, and overcome the blockers that hold them back. It’s about both support and challenge that many people can tell you what to do, but few have done it themselves. Valery has a giving and generous attitude with a passion to teach others how to improve their lives and make their greatest difference in the world. Valery will show you the FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS in any aspect of your life.
Life Of Kylie After Show
By AfterBuzz TV
The Life Of Kylie AfterBuzz TV AfterShow recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of E!'s Life Of Kylie. Show summary: "Life of Kylie" takes a behind-the-scenes look at Kylie Jenner as she finally comes into her own, making her own decisions and discovering what brings her passion, joy and inspiration. The show details how the world is watching, "liking" and buying everything she touches. Through it all, viewers see Kylie's willingness and desire to connect with her fans so she can help to make a difference and inspire. Jenner welcomes viewers into her unfiltered world of fame, fortune, relationships and business. AFTERBUZZ TV is an online broadcast network, founded by E! host Maria Menounos and producer Keven Undergaro, designated to TV discussion and after-show content in webcast and podcast form. When fans finish watching their favorite shows, they can go online to watch or listen to an aftershow that features hosts breaking down everything they viewed, taking calls from fans and interviewing guests.
Listen To Me Talk
By Ryan Rico
Listen To Me Talk is a podcast about pop culture, entertainment, and the host, Ryan Rico!
Live From Station 17
By Live From Station 17
Live From Station 17
Large Popcorn and 2 Slushies Please
By lpand2sp
We review movies and talk about the entertainment industry. We post all of our episodes on our podcast and we will occasionally post video versions and exclusives to our YouTube channel. Please subscribe! About Us: Each episode is hosted by Swin and DannyK. We grew up in the same town but became best friends in college. Every year, we would meet up again and we would always catch up on movies that we missed. Swin is a physician and DannyK has an MBA. Watching and catching up on movies has become our tradition and we're thrilled to share our conversations with you. This project is something we threw together one day simply because we thought it would be fun so please enjoy! Next time you're in the theater, be sure to order what we order at the concession stand...Large Popcorn and 2 Slushies Please. It's simply the best.
Les Essentiels Ciné
Découvrez les entretiens intimistes où Stéphane Boudsocq révèle la personnalité d'invités prestigieux qui se livrent à travers les films qui ont marqué leur vie.
Fear Diary
By Fear Diary
Fear Diary is a podcast that discusses horror movies, TV shows, the horrors of real life and much, much more.
Hollow9ine’s What Am I Watching Podcast
By Hollow9ine Network
Join Dave “The Klone” and his guest hosts as they discuss whatever movies they happen to be watching at the moment. From timeless classics to cult classics and movie marathons... Hollow9ine watches it all! Listeners are encouraged to watch along. Join the Discussion by Sending Listener Feedback >
Hollow9ine’s Westworld Podcast
By Hollow9ine Network
Welcome to Hollow9ine’s one-way train ticket into old west adventure with a technology twist. Listen as Hollow9ine’s Dave “The Klone” and LIz Joplin, along with guests, talk about the hit HBO series, Westworld. So saddle up and get ready for one-of-kind discussions. Join the Discussion by Sending Listener Feedback >
Flicks That Kick
By Matt Kane
The galaxy's most supreme martial arts/action movie review podcast!