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The Digicast

By DaLadybugProductions
Buggy, Tom, Chris, and Maduin reflect on their experiences watching Digimon as youngsters, discuss their current thoughts on the franchise, and proceed to ruin their own and everyone else's childhoods in the process.

The Kidmanifesto

By Sam Herbst
Are you an Eyes Wide Shut superfan? Have you spent dozens of hours watching The Hours? Do you just REALLY like Happy Feet? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, might we suggest The Kidmanifesto? Each week, host Sam Herbst and a guest dive deep into one of Nicole Kidman's films from Australia to Windrider and try to figure out which of her movies is deserving of the coveted Golden Compass award!

movies imo.

By movies imo.
movies imo. is a pop culture podcast where Daniel Crooke (@danielcroooke on twitter), Ben Empey (@realtoddhaynes), and Brandon Kirby (@bkkirby) talk about the week in film and television.

Lvl Grind

By Daniel Gilbert; Mark Morton
Welcome to Lvl Grind! We are two friends that love to discuss games, movies, TV, etc. and their effects on us and culture.

The Loud Feedback Podcast

By Jeff Feuerhaken: Producer/Writer/Director/Musician/Blogger & Mike Gomes: Producer/Actor/Musician
In this official podcast of, Jeff Feuerhaken and Mike Gomes weigh with news, reviews, and discussion on the latest in movies, music, tv shows, and more.


By soratobujelly

Ticket Studs

By Ticket Studs
A discussion-based podcast focused on movies and television. Hosted by Trey Brandon, Clayton Brandon, and Noah French.


By 文盲脱口秀


By 下水道の巨大シロワニは実在した!

The Pay Chen Show

By Pay Chen
The Pay Chen Show is a weekly one-hour talk show on Newstalk 1010 that focuses on the interesting, the entertaining and sometimes the absurd. With guest experts and the occasional celebrity guest host, The Pay Chen Show explores a variety of lifestyle topics and timely issues.

The Rorschach Test

By Andy, Chris, & Sal
The Rorschach Test is a roundtable podcast taking a deep look at the hidden meanings, inner truths, and amazing details of the comic books, movies, and tv shows we all love. Join podcast veterans Brion Salazar and Chris Marshall as they welcome talented rookie Andy Tom to the table each week to discuss the latest stories, opinions, and controversies in pop culture.

The Arniethology presents The CruiseCast

By Alex Balerdi and Ben Highton
Alex Balerdi and Ben Highton discuss the complete works of the movie stars that shaped modern popular cinema, film by film, in chronological order. S1: Schwarzenegger; S2: Cruise

Rei Floreno

By Rei / Anchor
Welcome to the Rei Floreno podcast, where amazing things happen.

Still Bitter

By Easton Bendsneyder
A weekly comedy podcast hosted by Easton Bendsneyder. During each 30 minute episode, Easton rambles about his past and recent experiences, current events, Television, Movies, and Video Games.

Cousin Osmosis

By Atlas Sellman and Shanna Cooley
A podcast where two cousins talk about media they've heard of through cultural osmosis.

Somebody Save Me From This Podcast

By David Yoder
Somebody Save Me From This Podcast is a show that takes you episode by episode through the show Smallville. The host is David Yoder and he's bringing along former roommates of his to share in the fun.

O Americanizado

By Felipe Viana
I made this channel to comunicate with people all around the globe. god bless you!

WeeklyTrek: The Tricorder Transmissions News

By WeeklyTrek
The Tricorder Transmissions hosts gather to discuss the latest in Star Trek news each week. Join the discussion at or on Twitter @WeeklyTrek.

Kristina Salazar

By Kristina Salazar / Anchor
Welcome to truths told and where real opinions matter. Whether it may be about an epic brawl between chicks or any other interesting topics can be discussed. I'm Kristina Salazar ready to speak with you.

Teevo & The Beard

By Teevo & The Beard
Teevo and The Beard features two guys talking about television, movies, and life.


By Oaelluin
Hey, this is a feed from my youtube channel, where I post podcasts talking about music, teaching, reading, and philosophy, as well as original music


By IT gets STRANGER / Anchor
Welcome to the IT gets STRANGER podcast, where we talk about all things IT and Stranger Things.

TV Tangents

By Rebecca Markus & Natalie Kotrc
Rebecca Markus and Natalie Kotrc grew up in the 80s watching too much TV and obsessing over old shows like The Monkees. Now they want to share that obsession with an audience. TV Tangents examines television from every decade of the 20th century. Join them as they reminisce about popular shows and some you may have never heard of.Follow TV Tangents onFacebookandInstagram.Become a patron onPatreonand get access to exclusive content.

SunsetCast - Dallas

By SunsetCast Media System
SunsetCast Media System International is a leading distributor of independent, foreign, and classic films. This podcast will post a new film, clip, or trailer on a recurring basis. Clips may be viewed freely, but may not be sold, redistributed, or used for public exhibition.

People of Technicolor

By Apoorva Malarvannan and Andrew Zhou
In a time when people are looking more and more for representation and diversity on the silver screen, here comes a swanky new movie podcast to find the best of the best. Join us, two certified queer people of color, as we make it our mission to watch and discuss a foreign or LGBTQ+ film every week in addition to whatever's current in the world of movies! New episodes every Monday! Subscribe for free, review us on Apple Podcasts, and find us on Twitter: @PoTCPodcast

Internet Picnic

By Brad Hennigan & Cliff Bumgardner
Hosts Brad Hennigan and Cliff Bumgardner are your digital guides to all things Internet, geek, and pop-culuture on this podcast which their moms call, “Pretty funny, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

Alpha Beard Entertainment Podcast

Hardcore Movie, Game, TV, Streaming reviews and more

Cinesters Podcast

By Cinesters Podcast
Weekly podcast covering all things cinema. Hosted by Grant Galvin, Luis Juarez and Ben Possehl.

Random Ramblings Podcast

By Random Ramblings Productions
Join the Random Ramblers as they talk Pop culture, gaming, movies, and all things Random!


By Relatively Subjective
David and George are cousins that have a lot to say about current movies. Listen to us talk a movie to death! Let us know if you dis/agree!


By Angelica Guzman / Anchor
En Supernovarock tenemos podcast! Música, cine, series de tv. Escúchanos!

Tahir Aziz

By Tahir Aziz / Anchor
It's the introduction of myself

Kinder Traumentary

By Joel Edmiston
On Kinder Traumentary, host Joel Edmiston interviews guests (comedians, writers, film-makers, etc.) about the scenes and images from TV and movies that most scared them as children. They then provide commentary while watching the scene they believe still haunts them.

Fin Flicks

By GenreVision
If there's a movie where an aquatic creature terrorizes the cast, Drew Dietsch and Travis Newton (GenreVision) have probably seen it. Join them as they plunge into the depths of aquatic horror on Fin Flicks!


By WillWhoCast
Em breve...

Force Cult

By Travis
From the movies to the merchandise, this ragtag band of Rebels dares you to embrace a larger view of the Force. Hosted by Travis English (@akastarwarskid), Jenmarie (@acrossthestars) and Jip Hubbard (@darthlegalis).Be you Sith, senator or Snoke, we welcome your devotion. Listen here!

Here's An Idea!

By Cyanide & Happiness
The creators and writers of Cyanide & Happiness have one hour to pitch, write and record a new, original script for an animated short, or face dire consequences.

Marc Griffiths

By Marc Griffiths
Get out your box and get happy in 57 seconds! Inspirational ventriloquist, Marc Griffiths, hosts this hilarious & motivational podcast for world changers!

Flix Talk

By Flix Talk / Anchor
Here on Flix Talk , we review the good , the bad & the ugly side of modern and classic movies

Repulsion Radio

By Eric, Hunter, and Michael
Bi-weekly horror movie podcast based in Dallas, covering various aspects of the genre including news, new releases, discussion topics, and reviews.

Nana Ekow Annan

By Nana Ekow Annan / Anchor
Nana Ekow Annan

Thinker Sensitive

By University Assembly
News. Culture. Theology. We are a group of Christian podcasters concerned about the increasing division and shrinking of the public square in the United States. Our goal is to provide a safe environment to exchange and debate ideas—even those we disagree with—surrounding life’s most important issues. Located in Colorado Springs, we address a wide range of topics, some of which are local, many of which are part of nationwide conversation.


By ABBSound
По граням культуры с Здесь, как следует из названия, до изнеможения обсуждаются артистические факты мировой культуры. Обсуждаются абсолютно безжалостно, не взирая, как говорится, на чины и звания. То, что вы периодически оказываетесь возмущены услышанным, не подлежит ни малейшему сомнению. Потому что хватит уже, сколько можно, пришло, наконец, время назвать всё своими именами. Короче говоря, тут такое творится...

Saturday Mornings Past | Classic Saturday Morning Cartoon Podcast

By Radio Oceania Studios
This podcast takes listeners down memory lane to an era where Twitter and YouTube did not exist. Unlike in today's quick process world, kids in the past didn't have portable devices to watch their favorite cartoons on. In fact, most children had to wait until Saturday Mornings to enjoy these programs. This - the age of the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) airing cartoons to sleepy-eyed kids on Saturday mornings - was part of a time of wonder for those who grew up in these days. Now years l...

University Assembly

By University Assembly
We are a faith community located in the Fillmore neighborhood of Colorado Springs. Our mission is to transform lives, strengthen families, and help the neighborhood flourish, all while proclaiming the good news of Jesus. Here you can find recordings of our sermons and events.

Halliday Say

By Luke Halliday
Podcast by Halliday Say

Fila9 Podcast

By Shadow
Fila9 nace con el propósito de divertirnos y divertiros, de hablar de las cosas que nos gustan, de esas películas que nos enamoran o de aquellas que nos parecen truños insufribles, de esas series que nos enganchan y también de esas otras cuyo aparente éxito podamos o no comprender. Queremos traeros algo diferente y a la vez divertido, lleno de contenido pero expuesto de forma muy alejada de la pedantería y la prepotencia de entornos excesivamente academicistas. Es bueno dejarse llevar de vez ...

El equipo de se reúne cada mes para hablar sobre cine y analizar la carrera por los premios.

The Breakup

By Sam Young and Jacob Waskow
A podcast about destroying the things you giving them away. Ever recommended a movie to a friend? And then your friend hated it? And then you argued about it? And then you recorded that argument and made jokes and published it on the Internet? That's The Breakup. Each episode your hosts Sam and Jacob enlighten/torture each other with their favourite pop culture and media, from anime and Canadian tragicomic miniseries, to webcomics and Soviet art films.

The Noize

By BEAT! Network
Hosted by Big Los & Hollywood Kev, The Noize is a weekly wrap up show with topics ranging from pop culture to politics. Join the duo every Sunday as they explore a variety of hot topics through interesting, and often hysterical, conversations. Check in with The Noize!

The Watchers of Westeros: A Game of Thrones Podcast

A podcast dedicated to covering the HBO series Game of Thrones. Hosted by the team that brought you The Clone Wars Strikes Back, Dominic Jones (The SWU Podcast) and Ciaran Duggan (Xpression FM). And don't worry, this podcast is safe for non-book readers.


By plano-sequência
Podcast com debates sobre o cinema de diretoras e diretores das mais variadas nacionalidades, épocas e estilos. Criado por Fernando Machado, Leandro Luz, Marina Oliveira e Pedro Tobias. Apoio: cinematório.

cinematório podcasts

By cinematório
Os melhores podcasts de cinema em um só lugar! Aqui você encontra: cinematório café, Em Foco, plano-sequência e Cinefonia. Todos os podcasts do feed são produzidos e/ou distribuídos pelo cinematório.

The Pavement Enslavement

By Walt Lilly and Cecile Duncan
A podcast where Walt (who has barely listened to Pavement) tries to convince Cecile (who loves Pavement) that Pavement (the rock band) is bad.

Граф Монтенегро. Х/ф

Головокружительные приключения и погони, захватывающие дух трюки, необыкновенные пейзажи Монтенегро и, конечно, любовный треугольник - в новом фильме с участием звезд нашего кино.

Веское основание для убийства. Х/ф

Девушка-киллер Саша Марчук давно мечтает разыскать брата, с которым рассталась еще в детском доме. Но прежде надо выполнить заказ – убить бизнесмена Самулевича.

А снег кружит... Х/ф

Лена сделала все, чтобы в свои неполные 30 лет стать известной телеведущей. У нее красивый обеспеченный муж, ее ценят и уважают. Но за этим благополучным фасадом скрывается глубоко несчастный человек.

Ключ от спальни. Х/ф

Комедия положений снята Эльдаром Рязановым по мотивам известного фарса французского драматурга Жоржа Фейдо, рассказов Аркадия Аверченко и классических французских водевилей. Действие фильма происходит в 1914 году в Санкт-Петербурге.

Смерть по завещанию. Х/ф

Милиция расследует убийство состоятельного бизнесмена. Подозрение падает на его беременную любовницу, пропавшую вместе с пистолетом. Вдова решает разыскать разлучницу.

Леди на день. Х/ф

Водевиль с переодеваниями, исполненный мягкого юмора, добрых чувств и блистательной игры любимых народных артистов, каждый из которых выступает в ожидаемом, узнаваемом амплуа.

Женить миллионера. Х/ф

Нина Петровна 16 лет отгоняла от единственного сына "хищных прохиндеек", пока не выяснила, что тот - однолюб, который никак не может забыть свою Люсю. 16 лет спустя Нина Петровна решает отыскать возлюбленную сына.

Тарас Бульба. Х/ф

Фильм Владимира Бортко, снятый по одноименной повести Николая Васильевича Гоголя. В главных ролях - Богдан Ступка (Тарас Бульба), Владимир Вдовиченков (Остап), Игорь Петренко (Андрий).

Безъ вины виноватые. Х/ф

Инна Чурикова и Олег Янковский в экранизации одной из самых знаменитых пьес Островского. Режиссер Глеб Панфилов: "У нас фильм о семье. О том, как семья сначала разрушается. А потом воссоединяется".

Zone d'ombre - RTS Un

By RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse
Zone d'Ombre revient sur les affaires qui ont laissé un souvenir en demi-teinte et tente d'apporter un éclairage sur les zones restées obscures. L'occasion aussi de mieux comprendre le fonctionnement de l'appareil judiciaire de notre pays.

El club de las cinco

By Latita Inc.
Un podcast de cine con Luciana Calcagno, Micaela Berguer, Sol Santoro, Maia Debowicz y Griselda Soriano. Editado y producido con los codos por Latita Inc. producciones.

The Walt Vault - A Disney Podcast

By The Walt Vault - A Disney Podcast
Listen in for all our thoughts and opinions on Disney movies and content! If it's live-action, animated, made for tv, big budget, new or old, Marvel, Star Wars, or Pixar, we'll talk about it!

The Sense8 Podcast

By Sense8 Podcast
This is a fan podcast dedicated to the Netflix series Sense8 from J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis.


By 语翼配音组

The Weather Channel Podcast

By The Weather Company, An IBM Business
Come explore deep weather news and commentary from the scientists and experts at The Weather Channel and

blerds r us

By blerds r us
A podcast based on two friends from london talking about the wonderful nerding world. We will be mainly reviewing the latest movies, animes and tv series as well as talking about whatever else comes to mind :)

The Jedi Council Speaks

By Robert Crissman
It's time to talk Star Wars folks! This Podcast is about Star Wars from the point of view of a gentleman by the name of Bob Crissman. He has started his podcasting career based on the premis of Chrono Radio and other Star Wars Dramatizations online.

The Life Stocks Podcast

By Tyler Stanton and Bryan Allain
Tyler Stanton (of Tripp and Tyler) and Bryan Allain rant, rave, and recommend. No take is too strong, no dive is too deep, no topic is too trivial.


By こじらせふたりのポッドキャスト
つかさとコージのこじらせ男子二人がパーソナリティとしてお送りするPodcastです。 二人は平成4年生まれ、25歳の同級生同士。15分番組の中で語ります! 日常で起こった面白かったこと、ムカついたこと、気になったこと、いろんなことを話していきます。 お便り・コメントは『[email protected]』まで! 【プロフィール】 つかさ 1993年生まれ 兵庫県出身のサラリーマン 最近の趣味はロードバイクと映画。 コージ 1992年生まれ 兵庫県出身の学生 趣味は読書・ロードバイク・映画 いろんなことに浅く広く興味あり! ぜひみなさんのお便りお待ちしています!!!!

The Alienist Recap

By Midwest Podcast Network
Alex (@jondy1703) and Nick (@nickblauvelt) from podcasts such as Westworld FM and Gone to Texas recap each week's episode of TNT's THE ALIENIST, based on the book by author Caleb Carr. Each episode features in-depth character analysis, plot speculation, and much more! Feedback can be sent to [email protected] and more information on the podcast network can be found at


By nerdoholics
two nerds talk about nerd stuff in tv, movies and games.

The 98%

By Alexa Morden and Katie Elin-Salt
A podcast for actors, by actors; The 98% explores what life is *really* like for the majority of actors who, rather than trying to find an outfit for the Oscar’s, are trying to find an outfit that makes them look as close to an 1850’s aristocrat as possible for an audition in 24 hours. We share anecdotes, interviews, advice and laugh, lament and talk openly and honestly about the real #actorslife *Disclaimer* - Our podcast does not include disturbing content (unless you count toe curlingl...


Prepare yourself for something strangely familiar yet new and different. It’s a podcast, it’s about Kamen Rider, but it’s more than that. This is the unKamenCast- RX! the cure for the Common Rider Cast. Join us for timely episode coverage as Mewzard of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers and Grimmhelm of Toku Strike discuss the ongoing arcs of Kamen Rider as well as delve into other topics including older series in quarterly Check-ups and fandom issues.

The Marvel Initiative

By LeFrenchAccent
Chaque semaine, LeFrenchAccent, Octanexit et Doug Harmoniak se réunissent pour faire un marathon de tous les films du Marvel Cinematic Universe dans la bonne humeur.


By 贝壳电台BakerRadio


By Alvin
刑侦故事,随着近代科学发展的突飞猛进,刑侦学在高科技的加持下也取得了长足的进步,越来越多的刑侦手段被科学家及执法人员应用到了实际案件当中去,通过科学的手段还原出了一个个的真相,使罪犯无所遁形。 更多黑水怪谈最新内容,关注我们的微信订阅号:黑水公园


By 奇妙店台
把无意义的人生消耗在有价值的光影里。 正经瞎扯,专业杂谈,让我们聊一聊那些奇妙的事情吧

大话说电影 Movies N Chats

By 老章&包子
A Podcast program in Chinese discussing movies, movie news, and reviews. 中文国语Podcast节目,聊电影周边,评论电影,电影新闻。


By Luciana da Anunciação
Das páginas do Por trás da Máscara, o X-Poilers preenche o nicho dos nichos e comenta, semanalmente, todos os episódios das séries de TV correntes baseadas em histórias em quadrinhos. E, quando tem filme baseado em quadrinhos no cinema, lá estamos nós para contar tudo!