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By Partners in Crime Media
The podcast that looks at everything that is weird and wonderful about everyone's favorite DIY network. Host Rebecca Lavoie talks to all kinds of people (including complete strangers!) about HGTV shows and the trends they represent, from those awful Tiny House Hunters to Fixer Upper's miraculous re-brand of Waco to the never-ending controversy about which Property Brother *really* does the heavy lifting. Want to share your thoughts about HGTV? Call Rebecca's podcast hotline at 725-333-2241 or visit HGTVPodcast.com for other ways to get in touch. A production of Partners in Crime Media.
Last 2 The Party
By James Perry,Mike Perry
What do you do when aspiring nerds are devoted fathers with budgets to match? You launch a podcast about it! Games, movies, TV, family, we do it here.
By Gamecheck.TV: Gamingenthusiasten
LAN-Party ist der Podcast für Gamer und andere Menschen da draußen, die Lust darauf haben drei Vollblutgamern beim quatschen zuzuhören. Bei uns geht es hauptsächlich um den Bereich Gaming und wir reden über unsere eigenen Erfahrungen, oder völlig neue Themen. Hin und wieder haben wir auch mal einen Gast dabei, mit dem dann wunderbar diskutiert wird. Natürlich kann der geneigte Zuschauer auch gern Vorschläge und Ideen uns zukommen lassen über Twitter @GamergoTV. Wir wünschen euch noch einen schönen Tag und eine wunderbare Woche. Viele Grüße Das Gamecheck.TV-Team
The Bachelorette After Show
By AfterBuzz TV Network
AFTERBUZZ TV is an online broadcast network, founded by E! host Maria Menounos and producer Keven Undergaro, designated to TV discussion and after-show content in webcast and podcast form. When fans finish watching their favorite shows, they can go online to watch or listen to an aftershow that features hosts breaking down everything they viewed, taking calls from fans and interviewing guests. The Bachelorette AfterBuzz TV AfterShow recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of ABC’s The Bachelorette. The Bachelorette is a spin-off from the American competitive reality dating game show The Bachelor. In its January 2003 debut on ABC. All of the rules are adopted from its parent show, The Bachelor. The series revolves around a single bachelorette and a pool of romantic interests (typically 25; 30 in season 5), which could include a potential husband for the bachelorette. The format is the same as the parent show. Unlike The Bachelor, one of two male suitors proposes to the bachelorette for the final selection. A proposal at the end of the show is not always guaranteed. It is up to the bachelor/bachelorette to decide that.
The Russell Hantz Show
By Russell Hantz: Survivor
Russell Hantz, the most notorious player in "Survivor" history and star of A&E's "Flipped Off," breaks down the world of reality TV, politics & the news.
The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast
By iHeartRadio
Fan Favorite and one of the most popular Bachelor’s Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, the notorious crier from ABC’s Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, will be covering everything relationships and breaking down the new season of the Bachelorette. They will include interviews with celebrities, past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, and interactions from their most loyal fans.
Ace Riders Podcast
Hey folks, we are the Ace Riders Podcast. We talk about video games, comics, movies and most importantly Kamen Rider. Join Christian and Dean in our journey to talk about geeky stuff.
We'll Think of Something
Juli works with autistic kids at The Summit Center. She is a participant in CODA ( Co-Dependents Anonymous ) and writes a blog geared towards millennials on the subject. The purpose of this podcast is to converse in a way that we do not get to often. Jam and Daniella sit down with people in their lives to discuss a range of topics with no particular theme or format Art By: Emily Bottita Music by: Robert Kiekbusch
By Jeffrey Mirizio
Podcast by Jeffrey Mirizio
By Franchise-O-Rama!
Hollywood today is all about remakes, reboots, sequels, cinematic universes, etc. Tune in for insightful discussion about the good, bad, and really ugly of these films.
Film World
Dive into the world of cinema with your host Dakota Morgan as you listen to interviews with actors and more from all across TV and Film, plus much more! Subscribe now to always keep in touch with anything Film World!
Feminist Nerds Podcast
By Feminist Nerds
Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/feministnerds for all the latest news!
Hangin With Web Show
By G.W. Pomichter
The Hangin With Web Show is the internet's best web talk show. In this web series we interview celebrities, authors, filmmakers, artists and even cosplayers. While attending a writers conference, we noticed that many of the independent authors had never received any media attention. After many conversations, he discovered this was true of artists, indie filmmakers, and event YouTube creators. As a former newspaper reporter, G.W. Pomichter had conducted hundreds of professional interviews and decided at the event to interview these terrific, talented creators.
Film Fatigue
By Film Fatigue
Podcast by Film Fatigue
Banned From Ringside
By Free Play Media
Banned From Ringside is a podcast out of St. Louis from Free Play Media. Every week, the boys dive into the bizarre world of professional wrestling. While WWE is the primary focus, they certainly don't shy away from ROH, New Japan, TNA, or any other topic that happens to come up.
Ben & Ben & the Criterion
By Ben & Ben
Two Austin knuckleheads watch and discuss movies from the Criterion collection, as well as anything else that distracts them!
By B9
Podcast by B9
ChillaDilla (Kenneth Bemister)
By Chillosophy
The continuing adventures of Chilladilla (of The Podcast Podcast Podcast Podcast) and his friends as they talk about comics, movies, food, tv shows and video games!
Classic Coverage
By Max Davison
Join writer, director, producer, playwright, MFA graduate, and (more relevantly) unpaid Hollywood intern Max Davison as he dives into the vault and discovers early script notes for classic movies back when they were just original screenplays.
I'M WORRIED ABOUT COOP - A Twin Peaks Podcast
By Dan & Autumn
Dan Neff and Autumn Harris go on a journey into the third season of Twin Peaks, with new episodes weekly.
Giancarlo Danubio
By Giancarlo Danubio
Podcast by Giancarlo Danubio
Crypto Baron
By Crypto Baron
The Crypto Times discusses and analyzes all things current in blockchain and crypto currency: from shitcoins to bitcoins. Making money, building a better economy, and having fun doing it.
Curb Your Ruckus
By Curb Your Ruckus
Two long time friends break down the legendary comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Join them every week as they overanalyze the antics of Larry David, and explore the show as a guide to life (which let's be honest, nobody should use it as one).
Cutting It Close with Cliff Bailey
By Phazon Media
Each episode Cliff talks with folks around the island of O'ahu and/or the Internet who have been through or are going through the struggle and hustle. May these stories inspire or otherwise edify you!
Bros Talk Shows
By Bros Talk Shows
In this podcast, longtime friends Jeff, Erik, and Aaron discuss current and not so current films, TV shows, and just about whatever else comes to mind.
Black Lightning Podcast
By Black Lightning Podcast
Black Lightning Podcast, a product of DC TV Podcasts, is the first podcast dedicated to the upcoming CW series Black Lightning, starring Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce. Hosted by Constance Gibbs (Feature Writer at New York Daily News), Britney Monae (Host of DC TV Classics and Writer of The Marvel Report), Dorian Parks (Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Geeks of Color) and Clement Bryant (Social Media Director of The Marvel Report), the podcast will be kicking off this summer with Season Zero, leading up to the premiere of the series. Black Lightning & all the logos and images are trademarks of DC Comics. The podcast is not sponsored or affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. or The CW.
Unfunny Nerd Tangent
By UnfunnyNerdTangent.com
Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Kevin Smith — with all today's geeky entertainment, who can focus? Go off on a tangent with Jared, Tim, Greig and our 'unfunny' friends as we smash open new movies and TV shows as well as the classics that made us nerds in the first place. Spoilers abound, so listen AFTER you watch. Part of The Steel Cage Network.
UNspoiled! Legion
By UNspoiled! Network
Two hilarious women, one who has seen the show and one who has not, cover every episode of Legion one at a time. Maggie, who has a background in comics and knows everything that's coming, guides Natasha as she struggles to put the pieces together.
WittyClothes Productions
By WittyClothes Productions
Two nerds and best friends discuss all of their favorite things nerdy and pop culture related.
Wrapped in Podcast
By Wrapped in Podcast
This is a podcast about Season 3 of Twin Peaks Subscribe on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wrapped-in-podcast/id1237297340
Who Run the Show?
By Alex Marco
Who Run the Show? is a film/tv podcast about all the types of "shows" that exist and the people who run them.
What Are You Watching?
By What Are You Watching?
Each episode i sit down and ask my favorite question to someone.
Reach The Masses
Two friends talking about the pop culture they love
Podcast as old as time
By Podcast as old as time
I'm Nadia, and I'm Lucy. And welcome to PODCAST AS OLD AS TIME! We're 2 London-based Disney aficionados who've taken on the challenge of watching every Disney film ever made. We'll then be posting a weekly podcast of our thoughts, feelings and fun facts.
Peaks TV - a Twin Peaks Podcast
By David Chen and Joanna Robinson
Podcast by David Chen and Joanna Robinson
Twin Peaks La habitación roja
By jordichak
La habitación roja es un podcast donde comentamos capitulo a capitulo la tercera temporada de Twin Peaks. Somos dos neófitos de la fantástica serie que nos hemos venido arriba y queremos comentar todas las tramas y teorías junto una buena taza de cafe, una porción de tarta de cerezas y con todos los fans que se quieran unir alrededor de la mesa.
Three Busy Ladies: American Gods Podcast
By Three Busy Ladies
Three Busy Ladies talk about books, tv, and the world. American Gods Podcast.
Load Bearing Beams
By Roth Stokes
A movie podcast about relationships... or a relationship podcast about movies. Married couple Laci Roth and Matt Stokes examine movies they love deeply but which the other hasn't seen or doesn't like. Together they will get to the bottom of whether or not the movies they love so much are actually good.
Locadora do Trash
By [email protected] (Terror Mania)
By The2OC
Podcast that talks about what is happening in Orange County, CA and Orange County, FL. Covering events, movies, shows, and life.
Looking Back On My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast
By Angela Bowen
This podcast is dedicated to the 80's television show sitcom The Wonder Years. A Grown Kevin Arnold recalls his days growing up in the tumultuous times of the late 60s and early 70s. In this podcast I pick out my favorite episodes of each season and review them. So join me your host Angela Bowen as I take a trip back in time to the hippie movement, the Vietnam War, the Beatles and so much more. So don your bellbottom pants, power up that lava lamp and crank up some Beach Boys and join me as I take us back to The Wonder Years.
Let's Talk Story
By Let's Talk Story
Podcast by Let's Talk Story
Lost in Hyperspace Podcast
By Surrealist Pictures
Surrealist Pictures is a production company and video content producer. We have production experience on everything from films and concerts to social media promotional video. Join us on our podcast Lost in Hyperspace where we talk about all things media and film related. Also be sure and check us out on our website as well as Facebook and Twitter for more information about the company.
My Mum Has Seen a Movie
By Rob Marland
Rob Marland doesn't go to the movies, because he is cheap. His mum does, because she has an all-you-can-watch membership card. Listen to them yap about all the latest blockbusters.
Mild Mannered Movie Men
A bi-weekly movie podcast where we rate, review, and recommend films on a monthly basis.
My Pod Niles!
By My Pod Niles!
Den bästa Frasier-podcasten på svenska! Alexis, Erik och Camilla diskuterar avsnitten, karaktärerna, trivia och tar frågor från lyssnar
Men of the Cave Podcast
By Anthony Falcon
Men in the Cave talking movies, comics, games and anime!! We are adults so 18+, this podcast is mildly explicit!!
MAJR Nerds
By MAJR Nerds
Mike, Abe, Jim, and Ryan are the MAJR Nerds. (Get it? It's our initials!) We're gonna talk about the shit we love while talking shit to each other.
Masters of Profundication Podcast
By Tom Witham
Unscripted and unrehearsed. Tom and Steve take on pop culture and nostalgia in a water cooler style chat.
Krypton Podcast
By Krypton Podcast
Krypton Podcast, a product of DC TV Podcasts, is the first podcast dedicated to the upcoming Syfy series Krypton, starring Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El. Hosted by Aaron Moss (President of The Headcast Network) and Pat Sampson (Host of The Longbox Crusade). the podcast will be kicking off this summer with Season Zero, leading up to the premiere of the series. "Krypton" & all logos and images are trademarks of DC Comics. The podcast is not sponsored or affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. TV, Warner Horizon Television and Syfy.
Mike and Oli's Movie Date
By Mike and Oli's Movie Date
Two guys talking about classic films. One of us hasn't seen anything, one of us has.
Neotardis Radio
By Neotardis Radio
Escucha este podcast y muchos más en www.ivoox.com o en las apps de iVoox para iOS, Android o Windows Phone.
Stopping Scotland’s Scammers: The Podcast
By Broadstance Media
Inspired by the TV show Stopping Scotland’s Scammers, its’ presenter Jackie Brambles hosts the podcast that allow her to delve deeper into the issues raised on-screen….and occasionally goes off at interesting tangents!
"Surface To Air" takes you behind the scenes of America’s Cup racing. Boats are engineered to propel themselves from the surface of the water into the air, transforming sailing into one of the fastest most dangerous competitions that pushes the limits of design. Cutting edge design teams employ recon masters determined to spy and steal coveted engineering secrets from their competitors.
Stream Whistle
By Stream Whistle
Ever have really opinionated friends with no place to put all their thoughts? Join us as we discuss the things that have us excited each week, and try to keep from going off topic.
Sistah Speak American Gods
By Sistah Speak American Gods
The Sistahs discuss latest episodes of American Gods, the Starz original series, theories raised by fans, & give opinions from a Sistah's point of view.
Squared Circle Junkies Podcast
By Robert Cook
We have Everything Pro Wrestling Right Here! Throw in some good discussion, great conversation, and a little bit of Humor and you have our Podcast in a nutshell. We're fans and that is how we approach our podcast as fans first. We also want to give other fans a voice on a show so tune in and have your comments and questions ready!
Sonido Libre
Un lugar donde juntos desarrollamos métodos y technicas para regenerar tu equipo de alabanza
5 Nerds Go
By 5 Nerds Go
Podcast by 5 Nerds Go
Medien und Menschen
By Markus Kaekenmeister
Regelmäßiger Podcast über Internetthemen, Social Media, Radio und TV.
#AmyLieuPresents Talk Show by @amylieumedia (AUDIO)
By Amy Lieu Media
The #AmyLieuPresents Talk Show (available in VIDEO and AUDIO) aims to empower women with an Asian American perspective. The show includes interviews with artists, comedians, actors/actresses, politicians, community advocates, and people who are making a difference in the world. The show will also have reaction segments on trending topics and events.
ExVirginsRadio's podcast
By Sydney Leigh
Spliff twins Sydney Leigh and Dieter spend an hour or so every two weeks catching up with each other and the world around them. Nothing is off limits and no one is safe. When the drinks go down the truth comes out.
And... Cut!
By Cut2000trees
The podcast about what movies could be... if we knew anything about them. Join us as we discuss some of the best movies we've never seen and try to make them better!
American Pods
By Trash Base Delta
Ruben and Nate break down every episode of American Gods, compare it to the book, and explore the mythological backgrounds of the characters and concepts.
Chicago Made Podcast
By Elvis Garcia
A couple guys from Chicago decided to make a podcast...descriptive enough??
By JustTalk随便侃
Flock of Seagals
By Riley Byrne and Michael Cumming
Flock of Seagals, the number one Steven Seagal podcast in the world, takes a biweekly dive into the oeuvre of the most enigmatic actor/writer/musician/producer working today. Hosts Riley and Michael attempt to determine fact from fiction in the life and works of the first "post truth" movie star with the help of guests. Each episode takes a closer look at one of Seagal's works, combing it for clues to unlock the secrets of the Judo black belt/former CIA and DEA operative/blues musician/Russian citizen/enemy of Ukraine.
By The Stonecast Grotesques
A hit 2017 podcast about the hit 1990s Disney animated show Gargoyles. Join Jem and Kay as they dive deep into nostalgic melodrama every other week.
Girl Meets Mars
By Girl Meets Mars
Two pop culture and beyond loving best friends talk about the stuff they love, sort of like, can't stand, and more with fun and friendly guests along the way
Hello Lover
By ShowbizMonkeys.com
For comedian and writer Melanie Dahling, Sex and the City is her ultimate Mr. Big. Their relationship has changed over the years, but the show is present in every season. After discovering feminism, which is never a fun TV watching companion, she began to ask herself about the pop culture of her youth and the underlying messages therein. Join us as we talk to a different guest each week about an episode relevant to their lifestyle. How does our favourite girl gang fare on a re-watch?
Stopight Spoilers's Podcast
By Isaiah Winters & Jacob Duncan
The weekly podcast in which we breakdown recent film releases, on the way home from the theater. We don't claim to be film scholars but we we do have an opinion.
Straightlaced Drag Race
By Boomoy Podcasts
One painfully straight couple fancasts the best reality show on television - RuPaul's Drag Race. Experience the drama, the glitter, the lipsyncing along with us.
Savage Podcast
By Savage Podcast
We are a weekly podcast focused on savage news, r&b music, sex and relationships. JS-1 Tha Supplier & Justkey get together to make you laugh and think!!
Sessão Rewinding
By Reloading
A galera do Reloading deixa os games um pouco de lado para bater aquele papo maluco sobre cinema!
We're Your Bullies Now
By Joe Pierce & Kevin M. Arnold
A twice monthly pop culture podcast in which hosts Kevin M. Arnold and Joe Pierce invite a guest on to talk about who got it right, who got it wrong and we bully those who got it wrong.
Vic In A Box
By Victor DiMattia
Vic In A Box is a weekly podcast hosted by Victor DiMattia; star of many TV shows and films including Dennis the Menace, The Sandlot, Cool as Ice, and more. So many more. It’s super impressive. Every week Vic, along with his co-host and lifelong friend, Steve, talk pop-culture, movies, television, acting, music, superheroes, comics, sports, life in Los Angeles, life in Philadelphia, life in general, ice cream, cheesesteaks, peanut butter, Pitbulls, Shih Tzus, Pit-Tzus, or you know, whatevs. They’re sometimes funny, sometimes entertaining and sometimes neither of those things. So spend a half-hour a week listening to your old buddy Vic. And Steve. Seriously, why not? They would listen to your podcast if you had one... Check out VIAB at: vicinabox.com, facebook.com/vicinabox, twitter.com/vicinaboxshow... Music by Lowjob!... DISCLAIMER: There is naughty language. A lot; like so much. Also, the views expressed on this show do not necessarily reflect those of anyone. Least of all Vic. In fact, most of the time he regrets almost everything he says the next day. So listen at your own risk… Now you can’t sue us. Boom.
MajikRat Radio
By MajikRat
A band of mischief makers dedicated to crawling through the sewers of cinema to bring you back some laughs
Major Waste Case
By Alison Abrams
Beverly Hills 90210 recapped episodically by first-time viewer Alison Abrams, eating lunch alone in the cafeteria.
Poop City
By Poop City
Poop City was created by three guys who know nothing about women, like to drink beer, skateboard, watch wrestling and football. Our views on topics are solely our own, we do not speak for anyone but ourselves.
Young...not so reckless
By Jordan
I'm not your typical 20-something year old. Let's talk about my not so reckless life and strange shit.
Projekt Onlinekurs
By Florian Prince : onlinekursexperte.de
Der Projekt Onlinekurs Podcast ist für jeden, der sich mit der Kurserstellung beschäftigt, oder noch beschäftigen möchte. Hier wird auf alle relevanten Themen und Schritte eingegangen, sodass auch DU künftig deinen eigenen Onlinekurs auf den Markt bringen und so deine Expertise vermarkten kannst.
JediandJuice's podcast
By Jedi and Juice
Jedi and Juice is pioneered by Bear and Moose, two expert Star Wars consumers on the front lines of fandom. This show ranges from legends to official cannon stretching from the prequel trilogy, the original trilogy, the sequel trilogy, stand alone films, books, shows, comics, rumors around THE LAST JEDI and more. Take a seat at the Juice Bar every Friday for in depth conversations and jokes on STAR WARS.
Days Gone Bye
By Luke Sowers
A podcast dedicated to The Walking Dead universe. Three times a week I will discuses both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.
Big Deal Podcast – All The Mania
By Jonathon Davis and Keith Dickerson
Join Jonathan Davis and Keith Dickerson as they discuss life, comedy, and pop culture. Special guests, friends, and super models join in sometimes (well, except the super models)
Disco Voador
By Disco Voador
Victor Garcia, Paula Maris e Diogo Cross se reúnem para uma divertida conversa de bar sobre os mais loucos temas. Entre puxe uma cadeira e ouça o Disco.
Dicejunkies: Gaming, Comics, Movies, Tabletop, and more
By Dicejunkies
We discuss gaming, comics, movies, news and other geek culture topics. From video games to tabletop, anime to the MCU, and much more. All while drinking from the skulls of our enemies. Join us for some great times and a bumpy ride.
By Chris Taylor and Rory Brown
Our first goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through media. Our second goal, is to expose the works of darkness starting with entertainment, one of the devices used by the devil to control your mind and soul. We also cover Bible prophecy, world events, the occult, and more.
Papo Caverna
By Pedrão
Venha para o lado claro da Caverna e aproveite um podcast Geek sobre vários assuntos.
Mays the Force Be With You
By Brian Mays
The Mays family's Star Wars adventures. Watching movies, collecting toys, reading books, playing games, and more! Come along as 8 year old Calvin and 4 year old Tegan share what they love about Star Wars with their parents and you! It's family friendly Star Wars fun in bite sized chunks.
M8-Bit Podcast
By Sam Riley, Fareed Athman, Dave Hall & Phil Cairns
What happens when four lifelong gamers get together to talk pop culture? Painful puns, miserable quizzes, and some truly terrible impressions. Say hello to M8-Bit.
Nerd im Ohr
By Nerd im Ohr
Im Podcast Nerd im Ohr erzählt Gastgeber Pascal in unregelmäßigen Abständen von nerdigen Themen die ihn interessieren. Dies können Filme, Serien, Videospiele oder Comics sein. Alles was das Nerdherz so erfreut.
By KSPCast
Neljän kaveruksen podcast peleistä elokuviin ja sarjoihin. Puhetta myös sisällöntuottamisesta. Mukana Mikko, Joni, Kari ja Tero. Julkaisu joka kuun 15. päivä.
Movie Church
By Isaac Irvine
Did you grow up on the classic movies of the 80's and 90's? Shawn Pfunder and Isaac Irvine talk about these classic movies and how they impacted who we are today as adults. These movies shaped how we looked at the world and who we are as adults.
By ThunderBunch
We talk about video games, comics, and movies
Southern Savage: The Josh Clark Podcast
By Josh Clark
Conversational Podcast on life and the universe around us. Show includes comedy, entertainment, sports, politics, religion, current events, pop culture, relationships, history, science, . No rules, no fear. Drinking, smoking and joking!
What's New Nerds?
By Shawn & Caleb
Welcome to What's New Nerds? the podcast where best friends Shawn and Caleb talk about anything and everything in nerd culture. One brings the history, the other brings the science, and both bring a little comedy (or crazy). Each week we pick a topic and discuss our past experiences, stories, and current news about it.
We Should Be Recording This
By We Should Be Recording This
We talk about Movies, Comic Books, TV Shows, Books, Music and anything else we like.
Project Comics
By Trevor Osz
Project Comics is a podcast about comics from a rotating group of friends who each have different tastes in comics. They'll discuss comics weekly including what they've been reading, any interesting comic book news, and each person will bring a topic to the table.
Popcorn Optional
By Cameron Slanina, Jake Brown, Trevor Allison
Popcorn Optional is here for all your movie needs. Every week we will be reviewing a new movie while also breaking down trailers we saw before our movie and wrapping it up with content you should check out.