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QUT Institute for Future Environments

By Institute for Future Environments
The Institute for Future Environments (IFE) is a transdisciplinary research and innovation institute at QUT that brings together researchers and students to collaborate on large-scale projects relating to our natural, built and digital environments. The IFE generates knowledge, technology and practices that make our world more sustainable, secure and resilient. Transcripts of IFE podcasts are available upon request.

The Business Outlaws

By Chris Collins, Inc
The Business Outlaws teach millennials the mindset and tools to become millionaires. With Business Fixer Chris Collins, Marijuana Nutrient King Michael "BigMike" Straumietis and Host Jayme Foxx.

AP. Lang Storycorp

By Calvin Warner / Anchor
Dick and Perry murdered The Clutter family of 4, when their only intention was to rob them. They ran and have been caught and have been sentenced to death. This podcast comes to you from death row, just 2 weeks before their execution. It is suspected that Dick and Perry both had mental disorders leading to to their crimes, but this information was disregarded in their case, due to the fact that they both displayed knowledge of their illicit actions.

Gina Bauer

By Gina Bauer
Gina is a Catholic speaker, teacher, and trainer on the truths of the Catholic faith. Her humorous, down-to-earth, practical wisdom style gives listeners everyday applications of the faith.

St. James Presbyterian Church - Bellingham, WA

By St. James Presbyterian Church / Anchor
Sermon and worship audio recordings from our weekly Sunday gatherings at St. James Presbyterian Church in Bellingham, WA.

Reimage Church

By Reimage Church
Sermons from a diverse community of Christ followers changing our world

Good to Be Home

By Russ & Mika Perry
Hi, we're Russ and Mika Perry. We live together in Scottsdale, Arizona with our three beautiful daughters. We have devoted our lives to building a solid foundation for our family through entrepreneurship and healthy practices, with the goal of living a successful, balanced, family-focused lifestyle. Good To Be Home is a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety, and how we balance our business and life.

Attorneys and Credit Repair Experts Discussion

By Attorneys and Credit Repair Experts Discussion
This podcast features attorney Gary Nitzkin from Gary spends time discussing the ins and outs of repairing ones credit with experts on the subject, and gives valuable insight any person struggling with these issues should have. To learn more about credit repair and hear directly from industry leaders on how to go about repairing your credit score, subscribe and listen to our show.

Attract Health Build Wealth | Breakaway from Codependency | Breakthru self love, compassion, & care

By Attract Health Build Wealth / Anchor
Attract Health Build Wealth: these are things that everyone wants, yes, but for some, they feel out of sync with themselves and their relationships. Here, we talk about breaking bonds of codependency and emotional baggage by learning to love thyself, unconditionally.

Deck the Halls ala Mozart Eric Lopez

By Cynthia Marie VanLandingham
This is a fun Christmas piano arrangement in the style of Mozart's Sonatina in C. It is played by Cynthia Marie VanLandingham, arranged by Dan Coates. Visit for more great music resources.

Sussurri Spirituali

By Riccardo Vivek Sardonè
MI chiamo Vivek Riccardo Sardonè, ho studiato Filosofia e Informatica all’università, sono Kriyaban e sono innamorato di Yogananda,Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Babaji, Krishna e Gesù e anche di tanti altri Gurù come Sai Baba, Buddha, Krishnamurti, Mata Amritanandamayi, Osho, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Sri Anandamayi Ma, Mooji, Dalai Lama, Sri Ramana Maharshi e tanti altri. Sono un relatore e uno scrittore. Sono nel discepolato di Yogananda (Ananda Assisi), mi è stato da...

Esthme's Classic Poetry Readings (or attempts thereof)

By Laura Terrill-Hughes / Anchor
Hello world. This is Esthme. I love classic poetry. I love to read poetry aloud. I need a hobby and this is my way to indulge myself. Hope you like it, but if you don't, it's ok, you don't have to listen. I'm just having fun.😊


By Miguel / Anchor
Drugs addictions

Moving with Confidence

By larry kruger / Anchor
This is all about relocating, moving from one location to another. Moving is one of the top three most stressful things in our lives, why because we are changing everything. We are transitioning our entire life. This series helps to understand the process and move with confidence.


By Wendy Collier
Discover the power of your SoulFUEL in helping you become an unstoppable force for good. Wendy Collier knows how to intuitively hone in on what is really holding you back so you can live a Soul-Fueled life. SoulFUEL is what you were placed on this earth to do - really do. It is much deeper than your passions and transcends specific roles in your life. It is the fullest expression of who you are. When you plug into its power, you are energized in a way that feels completely natural to you. ...

Assurance in Action

By Seth Martin-Wick
Welcome to the Intertek Business Assurance Podcast, Assurance in Action, your hub for quality insights and information from our Intertek experts. Learn what our people are saying about important industry trends ranging from food safety standards to supplier management and everything in between! With new and recurring guests, we are poised to provide you the knowledge needed to enhance your business processes, operations, and safety.

Travel Hacks

By Jodi Kraushar and Jenni Cullen
A travel and errors podcast by Jenni Cullen and Jodi Kraushar, two American English teachers living abroad in Germany. We're ex-pats, not experts.

Radical Recovery

By Yasin M. Choudry, M.D., University Professor, Clinical Researcher, Medical Director in various drug and alcohol rehab centers, Psychiatry Director, Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Healer
You may have wondered if a cure from addiction is possible. Actually 20-40% of addicts who come out of treatment walk away and never relapse. You may have wondered if you need to take an antidepressant and other psychiatric medications for the rest of your life. In reality, when people hit peak brain healing states, they feel better off medications than they ever did while on them. This show is an exploration of how hundreds of individuals just like you have achieved peak mental, physical a...

Mikey, Mic & Andrew - The Creative Podcast

By Mikey Wilson & Andrew Johnston
Add a description here.

We're All Lonely People

By B. James Marler
We’re All Lonely People is a bi-weekly serialized Audio Drama Podcast anthology. It’s about us. Humanity. We’re all broken. We’re all hurting. We’re all lonely sometimes, or all the time. This is a story about real life. Real problems. Real emotions. It’s fiction, yes, but it’s grounded in the reality that so many of us live in: life is complicated.

Sync Up

By Cammi Carter
A reproductive health podcast for anyone who values having knowledge of their body and can appreciate the of the human body,.

Memberships That Scale

By Memberships That Scale
The Memberships That Scale Podcast with Kimberly Gosney for female entrepreneurs creating their FIRST membership that want to go from 0-1000 members without breaking a sweat.


By Refister man / Anchor
where we chilli

No Title

By One Church Bristol
The weekly podcast from One Church Bristol


By Alden Poetker
Fifty devotionals by the global Mennonite Brethren Church for the fifty days between Easter and Pentecost.

A Bit A Whit

By Whitney Thomas: LDS Relationship Coach and Podcaster
A podcast for LDS men and women looking to strengthen their faith, better their relationships, and utilize personal agency more fully in their lives.

The Dave Chang Show

By Majordomo Media & The Ringer
Dave Chang has a few questions. Besides being the chef of the Momofuku restaurants and the creator and host of Netflix’s 'Ugly Delicious,' Dave is an avid student and fan of sports, music, art, film, and, of course, food. In ranging conversations that cover everything from the creative process to his guest’s guiltiest pleasures, Dave and a rotating cast of smart, thought-provoking guests talk about their inspirations, failures, successes, fame, and identities.

Dillon Kennedy

By The Dillon Kennedy / Anchor
Welcome to the The Dillon Kennedy podcast, where amazing things happen.

Minute in the Word

By Minute in the Word
Join Bible teacher and historian David Evans as he guides you through the stories of the Bible. In each lesson, David will bring the historical, geographic, and cultural context of the scriptures alive through stories and illustrations to help you understand the text. He has dedicated himself to study the Jewish and cultural backgrounds of the Bible. David, his wife Roseanne, and his five children, recently returned from Israel where he experienced first hand the land and historical landsca...

After The Bell RINGS

By Micah BARNES / Anchor
Welcome to the "After the Bell RINGS" podcast, where I chronicle my journey of building an after school program from 3 to 300. Plus daily experiences building up and empowering youth.

Lando speaks

By Lando RustBoi / Anchor
Welcome to the Lando speaks podcast, where amazing things happen.its about a discussion of music from every angel and aspect of it we get real deep in honest about current and past situations so feel free to voice your opinion and tune in

Chach in the Morning

By Chach / Anchor
Entrepreneurship & Fitness

Pucho’s world

By C.CRESPO / Anchor
Welcome to my mid life crisis, home of drama and stress...I’ll be talking about issues i face daily an what I do to over come them...a lot of interesting things An topics I want to cover

Eney_2210_ Yt

By Eney_2210_ Yt / Anchor
Eney_2210_ Yt


By hilda ojo / Anchor
Welcome to Samantha's podcast where we talk about relationship issues and help you resolve the crisis in your relationship.

StartupTalk Powered By HubbonNG

By Hubbon NG / Anchor
Welcome to StartupTalk powered by HubbonNG. We are promoting Youth Development in Africa through Entrepreneurship

ThinkFit365 TF365: Relationship Talk

By ThinkFi365
The truth that most don't want to say but need to hear


By Pieter / Anchor
Welcome to the Pieter podcast, where amazing things happen.

Alexes Biology World

By Alexander McMahon vlogs / Anchor
Welcome to a podcast cats all about science


By Vernon Toots / Anchor

Mihai Neamtu

By Mihai Neamtu / Anchor
Bine ați venit la „Vocea Libertății”! Împreună construim #RomâniaDeșteaptă.

Emotional Savvy: The Relationship Help Show

By Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
Emotional Savvy: The Relationship Help Show. Expert guests & tips for getting along with the humans you care about.Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor offers a wide range of advice on improving the way you navigate life with others. Whether at home, work or play, dealing with humans can be tricky. Learn how to do it well and increase your love, trust and emotional intimacy for more fulfilling relationships.

Politics Smolitics

By Chooch mcGooch / Anchor
Welcome to the Politics Smolitics podcast, where amazing things happen. Chooch and Dave explore the world of politics so you don’t have to.

Prince RaQbA

By Prince RaQbA / Anchor
Prince RaQbA

Love & Life Lessons

By Love & Life Lessons / Anchor
Welcome to Love & Life Lessons, where amazing things happen.

FoodNavigator-Latam Podcast

By William Reed Business Media
News and Analysis on Food and Beverage Development and Technology in Latin America

Medcast Podcast

By Medcast
Podcast do Colégio Medianeira, instituição de Educação Básica da Rede Jesuíta de Educação (RJE). Para enviar sugestões de pauta, críticas, observações, elogios ou conversar com a equipe que produz o podcast, mande um e-mail para [email protected]

Satire - Kanal K

By Satire - Kanal K

FoodNavigator-USA Podcast

By William Reed Business Media
Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development - North America

Renegade Culture

By Renegade Culture
Our podcast is speaking truth to power and the powerless. We are having a conversation on moving forward for Black people. In the streets, in the boardrooms and everywhere in between. We be doin it for the Culture!!!

Eyes on Gilead

By SBS Guide
Join Fiona, Sana, and Natalie every week with the new Handmaid's Tale podcast 'Eyes on Gilead' where each week they unload all of the feelings they are left with at the end of every episode.

Table Talk: The Behind the Box Podcast

By Behind the Box
Podcast by Behind the Box


By roarlight
#AskThePastor seeks the answers from different pastors around the UK to difficult and common questions, for the encouragement of Christians around the world.

Between the Culture

By Aly Brady
Between the Culture looks into the different student communities hidden throughout the University of Washington's Seattle campus. From niche hobbies to cultural groups, Aly Brady covers them all to look into the ways students create their own sub-cultures within the West Coast's largest public university.

Vadana Podcast

By Vadana Records
The students behind the independent label bring you their favourite local bands and discuss some of the issues they have faced in the music industry

Awakening with Melissa and Grant Virtue

By Melissa Virtue
Fully awakening is truly living! You are invited to cross the magical threshold and enter the Divine’s domain where dreams and intuition unfold. Journey along the path to the inner soul of enlightenment and cosmic awareness, where Divine essence resides. Enter a world of magic where anything is possible! Join your hosts, Melissa Virtue and Grant Virtue, as they guide you between the inner intuitive worlds and outer worlds of manifestation to live the life of your dreams. Melissa and Grant wil...

MOSAIK Düsseldorf Talks

By MOSAIK Düsseldorf
Inspiration und Weiterdenken. Hier stellen wir die Talks von unserer Sonntagsveranstaltung “MOSAIK VERBINDET” online. In den Talks versuchen wir die Relevanz biblischer Texte zu entdecken, Glaubenserfahrungen zu teilen und uns auch mutig den neuen wie alten Herausforderungen des Lebens zu stellen.

Brother Smalls

By Erick Smalls / Anchor
Give advice and talk about every and anything. Reach topics from politics to hiphop to Erotica to sports and all in between. The Most Honest Answer And Opinions From Me And My Guest

Terry & Rebecca

By TLC / Anchor
Welcome to the Terry & Rebecca podcast, where amazing things happen.

S.O.L.E Fever

By S.O.L.E Fever
S.O.L.E Fever is podcast about much more than sneakers. Join your host, K Mak, and co-host Kurante Best as they dive into the world of sneakers and entrepreneurship with their guests


By Isreal Isaiah / Anchor
Law history government Sports religion economics entertainment racism slavery relationships love

Audacious Woman

By Timilehin Akinbinu / Anchor
Audacious Woman

First Baptist Church

Podcasts for FBC of Phillipsburg,NJ

Frau Fuchs

By Chiona Hufnagel
Kunst, Kultur, Politik, Philospohie und Literatur - das gibt's bei "Frau Fuchs". Für alle Nerds oder solche, die es werden wollen: Wissen to go. Alle zwei Wochen neu.

Kid Friendly Joke Of The Day

By Chris Krimitsos
Kid Friendly Joke of the Day is a podcast that parents can enjoy listening with their kids. Make sure to submit your jokes to us online.

London Accordion Orchestra

The London Accordion Orchestra and it's members share the ongoing creative process of making music with amateur musicians. The orchestra performs across Europe playing new pieces specific for an 40-piece orchestra of Accordions.

Friadoon Hemmat

By Friadoon Hemmat / Anchor
It is about Afghanistan.

Marilyn Monroe Radio

By Samantha McLaughlin
Join me as we revisit, re-examine, and reminisce about the life, times, films and death of Hollywood's most beloved star--Marilyn Monroe.

Nights With Geno

By Geno Knight
Hear Geno's chats with country music's biggest stars, find a great place to eat in Florida, and get his takes on the Bucs, Rays and Lightning. Catch Geno's show weeknights on Tampa Bay's New Country Hits, 99-5 QYK.

Ken Johnson

By Ken Johnson / Anchor
Welcome to Ken Johnson, where amazing things happen.

Mensajes Dominicales

By IBCP / Anchor
Nuestra misión es que el mensaje expuesto en nuestra iglesia este disponible para todos los que quieran escuchar de la palabra de Dios.

Bible Success Secrets

By Myron Golden
This podcast is for those who are looking for better answers. For those who have been looking for the common denominator of success. You are not satisfied to just know the tactics, your not even satisfied with only the strategies. But you have a desire to know the principles and essence that create success!

Mental Liberation

By Eddie Slinga / Anchor
Eddie Slinga and Poppa Dazzle demonstrate the meaning of free speech covering all aspects of life and having a good laugh while doing it.

Love In Action

Join Love In Action International Ministries President Ken Tuck for uplifting, encouraging and challenging podcasts. Ken shares uplifting stories of how lives of the homeless have been transformed by Jesus Christ, and of reaching unreached people groups around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and discusses the Great Commission.

Papo de Futuro - Rádio Câmara - Câmara dos Deputados

By Rádio Câmara - Câmara dos Deputados
Coluna semanal sobre as novas tendências e desafios na comunicação no Brasil e no mundo, da telefonia até a internet, e como isso pode mudar a sua vida. - Últimas notícias - Rádio Câmara

Grace Community ChurchGE Podcast – Grace Community Church

By Grace Español Tyler Texas
Sermones de nuestra ubicación Grace Español Tyler, Texas

Adventures With Alan

By Alan Hickerson / Anchor
Things that we all do.

Maniz Ansaei

By Maniz Ansaei / Anchor
Maniz Ansaei

Mission Redefined Podcast

By Gary Byrne
This inspiring and funny podcast is ab0ut letting th epublic know how and why "Veterans lead the way" in life after their military service. Throughout the country, veterans are drawing from their experiences gained in the military to pioneer a new life's mission and service to the country. Hosts, Gary Byrne and Christ "Action" Nowak interview a new veteran each episode as to how they have pioneered success in the for-profit, non-profit, or public sectors by drawing on their experiences. Veter...

Anveshi Jain

By Anveshi Jain / Anchor
Human behaviour Analyst , Dating coach motivational speaker


By Nino / Anchor
Welcome to the NinosNuggetz podcast, where we’re teaching this generation of youth Christian principles to live by.

Prince Cass

By Prince Cass / Anchor
Prince Cass

Livet genom linsen

By Emmy Pantzar och Emilia Digerås
Emmy och Emilia är två glada, men helt olika tjejer som går i samma klass på gymnasiet. Intresset för fotografering och redigering är något tjejerna brinner för och vill dela med sig av. De har stora drömmar och vet vad de vill och nu får ni vara med på deras resa och mycket mer.

Choose the Nickel

By Choose the Nickel
Giving Kids Financial Freedom

Another DAM Podcast

By Henrik de Gyor
Audio interviews about Digital Asset Management from the user and administrator perspective by Henrik de Gyor

Abid Mazari

By Abid Mazari / Anchor
Love is pain


By Lyndon / Anchor
Welcome to Lyndon, where amazing things happen.

Eastview High School Ministry Audio Podcast

Eastview High School Ministry audio podcasts.

New Cloud, Who Dis?

By New Cloud, Who Dis?
New Cloud, Who Dis? is a podcast hosted by a few nerds from a managed datacenter services provider in Chicago. Something tells me we're not going to be as popular as some of the top podcasts in iTunes, but that's OK. Our content is highly focused. We're less of a firehose and more of a waterjet, cutting with sub-millimeter precision into the issues that affect technology professionals today. Join us, listen from episode 1 or dive right in with the latest; we don’t build on past episodes but w...

Secure Freedom Minute

By Center for Security Policy
One minute of national security with Frank Gaffney

Two Journeys

By Two Journeys
This Podcast from Two Journeys Ministry includes sermons, lectures, and classes from Dr. Andrew M. Davis, the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Durham. Two Journeys exists to help Christians make progress in the two journeys of the Christian life, the internal journey of sanctification and the external journey of gospel advancement. We do this by exporting biblical teaching for the good of Christ’s Church and for the glory of God.

Middle Of Nowhere Podcast

By Mitch & Eddie
Just some regular guys talking about current events, sports, movies, and whatever else pops into their heads.

We Went Fast

By We Went Fast
We Went Fast is wheel stories; it's personalities, past and present, untold stories and anecdotes of moments in time. It's evergreen, thoroughly researched nonfiction that will leave a lasting impression. Subscribe to enjoy audio versions of articles that appear on and documentary-style stories in podcast form.

Kisstory Science Theatre

By Kisstory Science Theatre
Kisstory Science Theatre is three lifelong friends and KISS Army brothers who discuss everything you need to know about the hottest band in the world. Do they love it? Hate it? Don't sweat it, these three don't hold back on the ups and downs of the Gods of Thunder and Rock and Roll. Beer is often involved.


By Wildpath
The musings of a woodsman. Ecotherapy, wilderness living and tracking applied to everyday living wherever you may be.

Kibbud Av V'Eim: timely questions, timeless applications, 5777

By Rabbi Yosef Viener
Kibbud Av V'Eim: timely questions, timeless applications, 5777

East vs West

By Jonathan Rich / Anchor
Welcome to the East vs West podcast, where amazing things happen. This is an NFL, College Football, and other major sport headlines podcast. We will give you rankings, recaps, predictions and more. With over 5 years of experience in the football sport industry our ideas will be original and based on true studying of the game.

House Money

By Jesse Miller / Anchor
This podcast is about Sports, Ninjas, Sports Wagering, 90's, Cool Shit, 80's, Rocky, Sega Genesis, 00's, Pizza, Bad Teammates, Ultimate Warrior, and Everything.