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By Knút H. Eysturstein & Solveig H. Olsen
Plátuprát er eitt podcast, har vit práta um plátur. Vit eru Knút og Solveig, og útgangsstøðið er plátusavnið hjá okkum.

No Debt, No Credit, No Problems with Steve Stewart

By Steve Stewart
Are you looking for a simpler way to handle your money and build wealth? I have discovered that it doesn’t take a degree in Finance to be debt free and you don’t need to play the credit-score game to be credit-worthy. Since 2007, I have helped people understand how money really works. I teach people how to save, buy things without credit cards, and create rich habits instead of a credit score. Each episode will feature an in-depth discussion about a financial topic or service, we will learn a...


By Amatøroyar
Ein autonomur podcast, sum er innan fyri revsilógina, men annars fullkomiliga uttan fyri námsfrøðiligt tamarhald. Vertir: Bjarni Arge og Jóan Pauli Dahl Jakobsen.