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DJ Anandymous
By DJ Anandymous
Dance Mixes from Los Angeles' own DJ Anandymous
For The Top Podcast
New podcast weblog
Andre Van Zark Podcast
By Andre Van Zark Podcast
Here is a podcast where I ( Andre Van Zark, Drummer/Music Producer) will report the highlights of my day or show cast a Music Program where i review or give fun facts about bands while you, my zarkerians, can be able to also sit back and relax and enjoy the music. For more info follow me at Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram
By Fel
Музыка для меня - жизнь! HOUSE - стиль моей жизни!
Hidden Layer
By Hidden Layer
Hidden Layer features interviews with musicians, discussing their creative and entrepreneurial processes. Featuring guests like FRENSHIP, Goldroom, Hayden James, and many more. Produced by Isaac Madan, Joe Laresca, and Ascanio Guarini. Read our interview transcripts and subscribe to our weekly newsletter here: http://www.hiddenlayer.co
Freaks Army Sessions
By Freaks'n'Beatz
Freaks'n'Beatz is something that goes beyond musical projects. Raised on the streets of LA(CA). A true adept of Dubstep presents to you his sincere And mystical broken rhythms. Visit www.freaksnbeatz.com for more freaky vibez!
Free Mind Audio
By Timo Beck
FMA Records presents the official Podcast Radio Show. http://bit.ly/2qhGLGz
Farius Radio
By Farius
After numerous spins for his own records on the legendary radio shows of Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and more - London based Farius dives into his inbox twice a month to showcase some of the freshest cuts in the Progressive & Trance world, as well first spins of his new material. Follow Farius: facebook.com/fariusmusic twitter.com/fariusmusic soundcloud.com/fariusmusic
Howard Kremer's Rap Radio Recordings
By Howard Kremer, Feral Audio
In 1987, a young hip hop enthusiast Howard Kremer hit record on his stereo and captured week after week New York City's first ever block of hip hop programing to hit the airwaves. Now 30 years later he takes you on a tour of music you will never hear anywhere else!
HOT 97
By HOT 97
Podcast by HOT 97
JCX We Are Music
Welcome to JCX We Are Music, the monthly EDM podcast mixed by JCX. #JCXWeAreMusic https://www.facebook.com/JCXOficial https://www.twitter.com/JCXOficial www.zero13.es
Jeff's 80's Mix Tapes
By Jeff Camera
Jeff’s 80’s Mix Tapes are continuous mixes of random 80’s tunes. Some were big hits, some are old forgotten favorites & there might even be a few obscure tracks from bands you missed back in the 80’s
By Radio Campus Angers
I.R.M. = Idylle Radiophonique Momentanée. Magazine de décorticage musical qui passe à la moulinette un vaste éventail de sons pour en tirer des réflexions. Jamais vraiment sérieuse, portée par la personnalité de son quatuor d’animateurs et par leurs trouvailles hebdomadaires. Des chansons de la semaine à la chanson pourrie géniale, chaque morceau sera passé au scanner.
DFW, TX | Home of the AFTRLIFE Podcast | [email protected]
Capital Public Radio: ConPod
By Capital Public Radio
Exploring the often surprising links between concepts, themes and people in classical music, from medieval to modern
EdmRadio podcast
By Edm Radio podcster
Еженедельный подкаст, в котором вы услышите как новинки так и уже всем известные отобранные треки и в стиле транс аплифтинг и прогрессив, которые слушает весь мир.
Club 17's Radio Show
By José Benaque
2 hours mix-set of electronic music every month. #C17RSP
ExVirginsRadio's podcast
By Sydney Leigh
Spliff twins Sydney Leigh and Dieter spend an hour or so every two weeks catching up with each other and the world around them. Nothing is off limits and no one is safe. When the drinks go down the truth comes out.
By promodj.com/AleksandR.Bugakov
Всегда любил слушать хорошую танцевальную музыку.В следствии этого стал сам подбирать треки и записывать сэты.Стараюсь делать это качественно и со вкусом.направления к которым я склоняюсь: Club House , Deep House , G-House , House , Indie Dance , Nu Disco , Progressive House , Tech House , Techno , Trance
Bless Set Radio
By MoneyOverZombie
@zerooutminds @blackerthanwater @bzmcms @oladioss @purpleryu @enters-void @svperbia @mr-sharif @thakidsource @zendash For instrumentals/verses contact: [email protected]
BackGround Music
By Mia
What made you do it? Who inspired you? What made you learn? What made you fall in love with...MUSIC?-What album convinced you that music is what you wanted to do FOREVER?! I've set out on a quest to get answers to these questions and more from some of the most amazing musicians around. BackGround Music airs every other week on Thursdays. Follow me on my musical journey!
Esto es Rock!
By Esto es Rock !
Presentado y dirigido por Pako Yagüe y Felipe Hernando y la colaboración especial de Olivia Peña con sus baladas, Esto es Rock! es un espacio musical dedicado al mundo del Rock, en el que tienen lugar de privilegio tendencias que van del Rock Sinfónico al Metal Progresivo e instrumental, el Thrash Metal , pasando por el Rock Clásico o el Hard Melódico. Una propuesta distinta, algunos piensan que minoritaria, pero atendiendo la demanda de un sector de público ávido de Rock con clase. “Música con actitud y sin falsas apariencias. Así es Esto es Rock !”. Te esperamos…
Audio Scrambler
By Audio Scrambler
Audio Scrambler is a podcast about music, hosted by Bob Waller.
Deep House with DJ JAWS Podcast
By DJ JAWS deep progressive house music
A podcast dedicated to Deep House music mixes with a sprinkling of electronic dance/pop 80's music from the UK. 25 years in the making, it all started back in 1991 when I first started going to the Los Angeles Underground Scene. Originally inspired by DJ's such as Barry Weaver, Doc Martin, Big C, and Steve Loria. I have since held a huge passion for all types of house and techno music, but now my focus is centered on Deep House. Sometimes a bit dark, maybe a bit progressive, and always including rare B side mixes from some of Britain's top 80's bands like New Order, Depeche Mode, and Pet Shop Boys to name a few. I hope you enjoy this style!
Damon Walsh Mixcast
By Damon Walsh
Like a potato that has received too much rain, Damon Walsh quickly outgrew his hometown of Ireland. With nothing but his records, 1210’s & an unbridled enthusiasm he joined the first fleet - setting sail for the fair shores of Australia. Not knowing what to expect when he arrived, he spent his first weekend in Melbourne at Revolver and knew he was home. As a DJ, Damon’s versatility could be likened to that of a potato, he can mash/bake/fry/steam/boil tunes like few others. With almost 20 years’ experience in the industry there aren’t many genre’s that have alluded him. Nowadays you’ll find him playing mainly deep house and techno – but don’t be surprised when he throws an old spanner in the mix. He is predictably unpredictable! Often taking unwitting dance floors and paddocks on glorious journeys. Also keeping himself busy heading up Events and Promotions for Thick As Thieves, it’s amazing he finds the time to play! His sound is as unique as his laugh! His friendly approach to music easily transfers from the dance floor to the bar. Not one to break a stereotype, this leprechaun is no stranger to a barstool. Many young DJs owe their careers to the great man – with him regularly taking chances on young’uns who share his passion and love for all things house music, the industry and potatoes. Damon has achieved what many aspiring DJs dream of – holding down residencies and regularly appearing at some of Australia’s finest clubs and festivals. Career highlights include: • Monthly residencies at Revolver Upstairs with Mi Casa & Thick As Thieves • Market Stage on Saturday night at Rainbow Serpent Festival • The girls ‘Dunny Disco’ at the now infamous Honky Tonks closing party. • Jay Ivany’s 21st bday party at his parent’s house Spend 5 minutes listening to and watching Damon play and it becomes evident he loves what he does; his unbridled enthusiasm transforming dance floors for across the galaxy for decades.
Dj MILIN мультиформатный ди-джей с более, чем 15-летним стажем. Двигается в ногу со временем и выдает в массы Deep House & Nu Disco. Резидент клуба Galaxy (Задонск). Частый гость знаменитого ночного заведений Воронежа как: Плеханов Бар. Много выездов за пределы города: 7 Небо (Нововоронеж), Пляж «Радон», клуб «Глобус» (Лиски). Регулярный участник легендарного радио шоу Free sound Live на радио DFM – Воронеж. Выпускает собственные...
Dj Litvinov
By promodj.com/dj-litvinov
Dj Litvinov настоящее имя Дмитрий Литвинов. Интерес к электронной музыке появился с 2009 года. С этого времени началось резкое стремление к клубной сфере, подтолкнувшее впоследствии к ди-джеингу. Dj Litvinov своеобразовал свой стиль ,включающий в себя все самое лучшее как от Отечественной так и Зарубежной электронной музыки, смешивая это со своими, всегда свежими и поистине дерзкими идеями, в котором и проложается карьерный рост на...
CtrlAltPlaylist: Your Weekly Source for New Music
By CtrlAltPlaylist
​CtrlAltPlaylist is a lively, intriguing, and unfiltered podcast featuring two new voices of our generation, ChristieAnn Slaughter and Kellye Kell. These west coast natives will share their thoughts and opinions on today’s most rousing music and artists. Although, they live about a thousand miles apart, literally, their love of music has been an integral part of their friendship. Their interest in music harmonize like a flawless urban symphony. Kellye Kell thrives off rhythms and instrumentation. While, ChristieAnn, is more passionate about the lyrics and feelings music evokes. After years of exchanging music with each other, they’ve decided to contribute their opinions to the music community on a global scale. www.ctrltheory.com
Exit 32 Radio Presented By Alex Fogo
By Exit 32 Recordings
Monthly 2h radio show presented by Alex Fogo + Guests
Código Indie Código CDMX
By Código Indie Código CDMX
Espacio de Código DF: Radio Cultural en Líne para difundir a los creadores musicales independientes originarios de la CDMX, la Rep. Mex. Y países vecinos.
Artisan pres. In Sessions
By Daniel Cullen
Podcast by Daniel Cullen
By AnthonyHiolle
Dj / Musicien
Ondergewaardeerde Liedjes
By Podcast over onbekende muzikale pareltjes
We hebben aandacht voor dat ene liedje uit het oeuvre van een artiest dat onterecht onbekend is. http://ondergewaardeerdeliedjes.nl/
Orchestergraben Hurzmusik
By Orchestergraben Hurzmusik Podcast
Orchestergraben Hurzmusik ist ein Podcast über Neue (klassische) Musik. In jeder Episode wird ein Werk der Neuen Musik oder Zeitgenössischen Musik anhand von Hörbeispielen kurz vorgestellt.
Oga Rossco
A collection of Oga Rossco mixes. Leave a rating and review.
Out Of Town Podcast
By Out Of Town Podcast
Out of Town is a joint podcast/studio session created by Nick Tate and Storm Paul. We are based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. In regional music scenes and the music industry, networks are key. As the saying goes, “It all depends on who you know.” While networking is an absolute must for bands who want to make it big, sometimes certain obstacles make it hard to find the right crowd. One of the most important obstacles for a band to overcome is location. Often, the further a band is located from a major city, the tougher it is to gain interest. Talented bands use up time and money driving into the city just for a gig.
Oliver Heldens presents Heldeep Radio
By Oliver Heldens
Oliver Heldens presents Heldeep Radio
Perth City Music
By Your local, undiscovered music. With a featured artist every episode.
Your local, undiscovered music, with a featured artist every episode. Listen to their music while letting the artists themselves do the talking.
Phoenix Bastaldi's The Frontier
By Phoenix Bastaldi
This is PB. Musician, DJ, and whatever...
Noize Komplaynt
By Tim Lugovoy
If what excites you is a LIVE streaming, energetic, interactive, inspiring & uplifting radio show to be the soundtrack of your Friday night, we got you!
"Nada más que música" es una nueva sección del programa de radio "Siéntelo con Oído" que se emite los jueves en RADIO LA GRANJA (102.1 FM) y por TEA FM. Tiene un solo objetivo, entretener. Para ello vamos a contar con el mejor aliado posible, la música, nada más y nada menos. Por aquí pasarán grupos, cantantes, estilos, instrumentos, en fin, todo aquello que hace posible disfrutar del ruido más hermoso: la música.
Nope Country
By Patrick Michels and Andrea Grimes
A criticism and appreciation of modern country music culture, hosted by longtime country appreciator Patrick Michels and forever Texan Andrea Grimes.
By 梁某人你的盖世英雄么
By Latvijas Radio
Speram drosmīgu soli ārpus akadēmiskās mūzikas rāmjiem: ieraugām nepamanīto, pieradinām pēkšņi atrasto un novērtējam verdoši populāro. Jaunatklājumi garantēti!
LTJ Black IceBerg
By LTJ Black IceBerg
всё, что я делаю направлено на 2 цели: подарить людям отличное настроение и повысить своё мастерство. любой, даже самый замечательный трек можно сделать ещё лучше и интереснее! поэтому и таская целый вгон различных примочек =) Главная мечта отыграть на одной сцене с Армином Ван Бюреном (хотя и понимаю, что это не реально. но мечтать то сам себе не запретишь =))) и по возможности...
LDZ Radio
By Luis Diaz
¡SALUDOS AMIGOS! No se pierdan semanalmente un episodio de LDZ Radio, un programa de lo mejor del Dance Music
London Grooves by Solidcut
By Solidcut
Three different minded people with rock solid personality. But one thing is for sure: We definitely love to give music for people. We are DJs in our heart playing more than 15 years in many styles. House music is a different thing, a different love. Producing is the way where you will be capable to fill other people’s heart with love. This is our creed. We hope you will feel the love. Thanks for joining us.
London Jazz Podcast
By Sebastian Scotney
Interviews, reviews and features on London's jazz scene. Hosted by Sebastian Scotney
Mabee Michael's Podcast
By Mabee Michael
Kevin Keen
By Kevin Keen
C'est en 2008 que tout commença pour Kevin Keen. Agé de 14 ans il commença à animer des soirées (mariages, anniversaires, baptêmes...) avec son père déjà animateur depuis quelques années. Cinq ans plus tard, après ses études il décida de passer à la vitesse supérieure et d'intégrer l' "UCPA L'école des Dj's". À partir de là tout est allé très vite, il partit d'Alsace pour emménager en Savoie, prit divers résidences et il eu l'occasion de mixer dans divers clubs de la région*. À l'heur actuelle il a eu l'occasion de rencontrer, ainsi que de faire le Warmup de nombreux artistes locaux, nationaux et internationaux**. Aujourd'hui diplômé depuis quelques années, il officie à l'opéra discothèque, l'un des plus grands clubs de la région Savoyarde et est sponsorisé par la marque Melrow Audio avec qui il travaille déjà depuis quelques années. *(Le Blackbull - Chanaz, La Suite - Aix-Les-Bains, Le Duplex - Cran Gevrier, le Cocktail - Chambéry, le Slalom - Valloir, le Cube - Chambéry, le Silver Kriss - Albertville, le RDC - Chambéry, l'Annex Bar - Méribel, Le Vip - Chambéry, le COSMOpolitan - les Chavannes en Maurienne, le Pure - Grésy-sur-Aix, l'Opera - Chambéry ... ) **(DutySound, Bongobeat, Lura & Ruggiero, Dj Deal, Charle V, Alexis Dante, Namto, Dj BENS, Kaaris ou encore Quentin Mosimann)
Kevin's show
Mondo Beatles - Seconda serie - Un programma di Marco Tamborini
By Radio Francigena
A parlarci dei Beatles e delle loro canzoni é Marco Tamborini, uno storico serissimo, ex docente di Storia Medievale alla Università Statale di Milano
Moniker Guitars Podcast
By Moniker Guitars
The guys from Moniker Guitars in Austin, TX talk music, recording and of course, playing and manufacturing guitars.
Thanks for listening
Mehmet Gulec
By Mehmet Güleç
CONTACT > [email protected] Mehmet started his career as a Producer in 2011. His first track "Dimensions" supported by only Darude. His most supported work is “The Same”, which was released on Vendace Records in 2012. "The Same" was an another milestone in his music life. After 2 years he remixed for DelAir's track called "Affection" and Mehmet hit the point again in 2014 ! Paul Van Dyk supported that remix at his radio show called "Vonyc Sessions" and "Exclusive Godskitchen Mix". Now he changed his style. Mehmet keeps working to get better results in his career.
Metal & High Heels Podcast - Metal, Lifestyle and Entertainment.
By Metal & High Heels Magazine - Metal Music, Lifestyle & Entertainment in one online-magazine!
Metal & High Heels is an online magazine about women* and metal music, covering the latest news from the metal scene and other interesting topics that are part of the daily life of metal heads: lifestyle and entertainment. And this is the official podcast.
Metal Academy
By Daniel and Ben - Metal Enthusiasts
Two long time fans chronologically explore the most important albums in the 50 year history of metal music. We focus on each album's influences, legacy, and quality, while inserting our personal memories from decades past and arguing the way only brothers can.
♫♬♪ MFK VIBES – Deine Acts, deine Musik! ♪♫ ♬ Werde Teil der Community für gute Musik ❤ Folgen, teilen, nichts verpassen!
Viaggiatori Straordinari - Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path - Galles
By hearthis.at
Paolo Gaffurini, Davide Lombardi, Lorenzo Gei, Alessandro Ferrari e Luca Minelli sono 5 colleghi di lavoro di Brescia, appassionati di trekking. L'anno scorso il primo piccolo trekking in cammino in Corsica. Quest'anno è la volta del Galles. 4 giorni su Anglesey Coastal path, un'isola poco conosciuta, senza grandi centri abitati. Le tappe sono: Beamuris, Moelfre (circa 29 km). Moelfre,Cemaes (32 km). Cemaes, Holyhead (39 km). Holyhead, Four miles bridge (31 km). Partenza da Orio al serio con destinazione Manchester. Il Galles è uno dei paesi europee con uno dei più lunghi trekking che si sviluppa su tutta la costa.
UK Country Music Podcast
Are you a fan of country music? Then you're in the right place! Playing all your favourite country tracks, alongside interviews and discussion, listen now!
By RawFeedRadio
Podcast by RawFeedRadio
Thick As Thieves
By Thick As Thieves
We are Thick as Thieves, a Melbourne based touring and promotions company. We bring some of the biggest and most talented artists from around the globe to Australian shores.
Selected Eclectic
By DJ Spider, Mr. Best & Steve1der
DJ Spider, Mr. Best & Steve1der handpicking music based on our personal taste, no genre is off limits. Connect to our Spotify playlist by searching Selected Eclectic or clicking our website link. Twitter - @basedontaste @deejayspider @djmrbest @steve1der Instagram @djspider @djmrbest @djsteve1der Contact: [email protected]
Rupjmaizes kārtojums
By Latvijas Radio
Gatavjoties Latvijas simtgadei, "Klasika" ar Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonda atbalstu piedāvā jaunumu – latviešu oriģinālmūzikas jaunieskaņojumu ciklu "Rupjmaizes kārtojums". "Lai turpinātu Latvijas audiālo kultūratmiņu, esam nolēmuši izveidot latviešu mūzikas ierakstu programmu, atgādinot, ka mūsu mūzika ir ne tikai sudraboti pelēcīga – tajā atrodamas arī spirgtas krāsas! Šie ieraksti varētu kalpot kā raidmateriāls ne tikai Latvijā, bet arī ārvalstīs, sasniedzot lielu klausītāju auditoriju, turklāt mūziķiem, īpaši jaunajiem, tā būtu lieliska motivācija atsvaidzināt savu koncertrepertuāru," atklāj Latvijas Radio 3 direktore Gunda Vaivode. Otrs svarīgs arguments – daudzi no šobrīd Latvijas Radio fonotēkā esošajiem ierakstiem ir tehniski nolietojušies, tālab latviešu mūzikas jaunieskaņojumi būtiski papildinātu Latvijas Radio aktīvo audioarhīvu. Iecerēts, ka triju gadu laikā Latvijas Radio fonotēka tiks papildināta ar aptuveni 100 jauniem ierakstiem.
Two Twelvn With Tee
By Tee
Just a girl with some dope convos.
Transmission Zero
By TransmissionZero
Podcast by TransmissionZero
By Rene Leal Jr.
Podcast by Rene Leal Jr.
By Tweezer
Podcast by Alexey Cherenkov.
Stardust Broadcast
By Alex Friedman
Producer / DJ / Radio Host - a member of the Armada Music / Black Sunset Music family.
Sono solo per la strada e penso - 2016 edition
By Radio Francigena
Stefano Bonagura ritorna alla radio dopo tanti anni.
Sono solo sulla strada e penso - 2017 Edition
By Radio Francigena
Un'ora di musica a cura di Stefano Bonagura
Soulection Gems
By Soulection
@Soulection - The Sound of Tomorrow
Skara Podcast
By Skara Podcast
Skara Podcast. Poddradio om aktuella händelser och personer i och omkring Skara.
Sharpen That Axe
By A Podcast Dedicated to Sharpening Your Skills as a Guitar Player
Podcast by A Podcast Dedicated to Sharpening Your Skills as a Guitar Player
Shed Talks
By Shed Talks
Members of GoGo Eskimo, Sean and Chris, invite artists to talk about the songs they're passionate about
Predikan från efs-kyrkan.tv
By EFS-kyrkan.tv
En samling predikningar från EFS-kyrkan.tv i Ängelholm. För mer information, titta på http://www.efs-kyrkan.tv.
By Welchi
Dance Music, Hip Hop, Techno, House, Funk, Party, Club, DJ.
JOKE FM - Der Comedy Talk
Interviews mit Künstlern aus der Comedy- und Kabarettszene. JOKE FM das Comedy Radio für Deutschland. Mobil, immer und überall - wann und wo du willst 24 stunden nonstop.
By WestRadio
Vince en Jordi komen af en bij elkaar om de muziek te draaien die ze zelf leuk vinden. Je kunt dan bellen met de studio: 085-0091227 of Skypen via: WestRadioNL
Savage Podcast
By Savage Podcast
We are a weekly podcast focused on savage news, r&b music, sex and relationships. JS-1 Tha Supplier & Justkey get together to make you laugh and think!!
Succotash Road
IT ALL STARTED WHEN... Stony Calabash unexpectedly inherits her family’s farm. Pulled back home from the beginnings of her entertainment career in New York, Stony is met with responsibilities she has never had to face, including taking care of her younger half sister Lu. Seen through the eyes of Stony, Lu, their friends, neighbors and townsfolk, Succotash Road is an homage to ‘60s television comedies: shows such as The Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres and Gilligan’s Island; part light humor, part farce, Succotash Road is an everyday drama that shines a light on the human fabric of who we are to each other.
Poop City
By Poop City
Poop City was created by three guys who know nothing about women, like to drink beer, skateboard, watch wrestling and football. Our views on topics are solely our own, we do not speak for anyone but ourselves.
Tino Cochino Radio
By Tino Cochino Radio
Here you will find specialty podcasts featuring interviews and DJ mixes from the nationally syndicated Tino Cochino Radio.
Rock Drive with Thane & Dunc
By The Rock
Real, honest, and no-nonsense. Subscribe to Thane & Dunc's daily podcast for the best bits from their 3-7pm drive show on The Rock.
Mixtape Rewind
By Mark Jeacoma
Musician Mark Jeacoma loves listening to music, not just songs but entire albums from beginning to the very end. With the help of friends, fellow musicians and celebrity guests he offers a voice-over commentary discussion while the album plays in the background.
From Nipper To Napster - U.S. Record Industry 1948-2008
By From Nipper To Napster - U.S. Record Industry 1948-2008
Join long-time music industry attorney Ray Gonzalez as he explores the history of the US record business from the dawn of the rock era, through the ensuing consolidation and globalization of the business, ending with a look at the challenges posed as the digital era takes place at the end of the 20th century. Follow the podcast on Twitter @N2NPodcast or on the web at n2npodcast.bluburry.com.
By Chris Taylor and Rory Brown
Our first goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through media. Our second goal, is to expose the works of darkness starting with entertainment, one of the devices used by the devil to control your mind and soul. We also cover Bible prophecy, world events, the occult, and more.
CiTR -- ShoesOnAWire
By Madeline Taylor
Take a moment to look up. Stories, interviews, hot takes and sweet tunes that consider a side of art and culture in Vancouver you may not have.
By YI个人的YI个DianTai
We Should Be Recording This
By We Should Be Recording This
We talk about Movies, Comic Books, TV Shows, Books, Music and anything else we like.
MADHAT and More
By Jimmy Anderson aka jimmylogan
MADHAT Gaming Podcast - and MORE - comics, movies, other games - whatever we choose to discuss.
Midsommer Flight » SommerCast
By Midsommer Flight5 / Julian Stroop & Margaret Kellas
Midsommer Flight, a Chicago theatre company dedicated to producing high quality, accessible productions in Chicago communities, invites you to join Chicago actors Julian Stroop and Margaret Kellas on an audio tour of Shakespeare in Chicago. They cover everything from text work and history to modern day practice and current trends for Shakespeare nerds and newbies alike. Enjoy performances and interviews from guest artists and some new perspectives on some very old plays. Also stay up to date with information about Midsommer Flight’s performances and events to catch some free public Shakespeare in Chicago.
Os Bitencour
By Os Bitencour
Música e cultura pop com uma pitada de humor e acidez. “Os Bitt…”, ops, “Os Bitencour” comentam tudo o que há de bom na cena musical pop do Brasil e do mundo.
By Rumbalmón
Podcast de tres amigos que cuentan en tiempo real la aventura de Andreu y Joan (dar la vuelta al mundo durante un año) y el contraste con Álex (al que no le gusta viajar) que se queda en Barcelona. Andreu y Joan compartirán sus aventuras y Álex intentará que vuelvan antes para seguir con los proyectos que tienen entre manos.
Making Money in the Music Business
By Dr. William E. Smith & Kenya McGuire Johnson: Music Business Entrepreneurs
Welcome to the making money in the music business podcast where we share insightful views on a variety of topics in the music industry that can help you make more money from your music business.
A Duck in a Tree
By :zoviet*france:
:zoviet*france: present A Duck in a Tree, a 60 minute continuous mix of some of the best genre-refusing, zero BPM, hypnotropic and maximinimalist recordings that have grabbed their attention.
Movement Called House Podcast
By Movement Called House Podcast
Movement Called House podcast is the place where you can hear your favourite DJ in the mix. Each month you can sample the guest mix of Movement's interviewee as well Resident Host Josh Grooves. Spread the word and reach other like minded souls, it's more than just a feeling.