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The Wheeler Walker Jr. Podcast
By Wheeler Walker Jr.
King of Country Music, Wheeler Walker Jr., talks music and life with some of the biggest stars in Country music, comedy and society. No rules, just real talk.
Building Noble Hearts: Inside a Music Teaching Community
By Suzuki Association of the Americas
From the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Building Noble Hearts is a podcast exploring the learning environments in which children, parents, and teachers gain new knowledge and are encouraged to become fine individuals as well. Based on commentary and interviews with members of the teaching community inspired by humanitarian violinist Shinichi Suzuki, we examine themes of good teaching everywhere such as listening, community, creativity, and more.
Worship Together
By Worship Together: Resource for Worship Leaders
The Worship Together podcast is where we have honest conversations about the songs we sing and the way we lead. Join us weekly as we speak with some of the most instrumental artists, worship leaders, songwriters and pastors influencing the creative culture of the church today.
Recording Acappella with Danny Ozment
By Danny Ozment
Recording Acappella: Inspiring interviews with the world's most incredible acappella producers, arrangers, engineers, and luminaries! Our guests share how they started in acappella, how they've grown and evolved, lessons they've learned, failures and successes they've had, recording practices they implement, how they stay motivated and ultimately what makes that fire inside of them burn!
김프로쇼 REboot
새로운 형식으로 다시 돌아옵니다!
By Causation
Podcast by Causation
Bang The Culture Radio Show
By Stilo Mancia
Welcome to Bang The Culture Radio, where each month Stilo Mancia will be bringing you the the best in Tribal House, Jungle Terror, and Moombahton. Along with some surprises and brand new artist Features. and guest mixes you are Guaranteed to be lifted into a state of Euphoria, from the banging of the drums. So sit back relax and get ready to Bang The Culture with Stilo
This Is My House is a weekly, highly selected brand new deep house, house and nu disco music www.djbartes.pl www.facebook.com/djbartes
D-Rex Sessions
By D-Rex
14 year old producer from England. New single "Reflections" out now!!
ARC Podcast
By Cruption
Each episode host Cruption brings you a mix of his favorite tracks new and old followed by a guestmix from a different DJ.
By ArtiKeys
Retrouver tout l'univers musicale de AK révélé par la Kizomba !
Inversion Radio
By Danko Skystöne
Let’s be honest. The bio of almost every dance music DJ/music producer/ label owner reads the same. . . it starts by telling you how, “at an early age” they were influenced by the likes of their mother/father who were likely musicians. . . maybe they first learned of their musical talents singing in the shower, or their love for vinyl by raiding their folks record collection . . . As a teen, maybe they started mixing hip-hop and landed a weekly residency at their mates’ house party. . . maybe after college they started promoting parties, learned producing tracks in Garage Band and launched a record label. . . next said producer puts out his first release on a mega trendy label and “hits the big leagues.” You get the point. . . But then there are others who navigate their way into success via alternate routes. Maybe it’s not even about the “success” anyway. . . Such is the tale of Danko Skystöne, hailing from the placid environment in Melbourne, Australia, Danko’s dedication, humility, tireless work ethic and apt for quality, are all undoubtedly leading to his everlasting mainstay in the dance music sphere. Instead of rehashing all his childhood accolades, let’s fast forward to the important stuff. . . Danko possesses a distinct and skillful mixing style that is broadly described as House & Techno often giving a wink and nod to his Progressive background. As such, his reputation has lead him to play at some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world such as Australia, Russia, U.S., Spain, New Zealand, and Japan. . . His productions are best described as warm, deep, techy, forward pulsing and emotive. To which they have received applause and support by some of the world's elite level such as Hernan Cattaneo, Oliver Moldan, Stephane K, Max Graham, D-Nox & Beckers, Dubfire and Sandra Collins to name a few. In 2017, will see his first EP called “Oceania” on his new label Inversion Audio. Presently he has just launched his own mixing and mastering company purely for the (rare) joy and satisfaction of helping others music and mixes to sound the very best possible. He is a master with DAW’s - Pro-Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live & Apple Logic X. Undoubtedly, Danko Skystöne has always stood for balance and quality and long may it continue. . .
W S H Radio
By W H A T S U I T S H I M
Weekly podcasts hosted by W S H project curator Larry J. Sanders featuring guests from varying backgrounds. Podcasts will likely follow the theme of the week's original essay, found on whatsuitshim.com
Pretty Fresh
By Might Muds
Pretty Fresh with Mighty Muds is a conversation with an artist whether it be from Graffiti, B-boy's/girl's, Dj's, Beat Makers/Producers, Musician's, Photographer's, Director's, Graphic Designer's, Podcaster or a Rapper. I talk to everyone because everyone has a story.
Summer Camp Music Festival Podcast
By Summer Camp Music Festival Podcast
Camp Counselor Derek leads you into the forest of the Summer Camp Music Festival with camp news and artist interviews. Show Location: Chicago, IL Episode Frequency: Weekly Parental Rating: TV-MA
SoundCheck Podcast
By Cameron Clark, Sheldon Tarpey
Weekly podcast commenting on all things music.
Martin Larose
By Martin Larose
Podcast by Martin Larose
By promodj.com/maskittaz
Please welcome my new project Maskittaz!
Trey Mabe - Our Love (Single)
By jojo
The sixteen year-old singer releases his second single not only with the classic style of the ventures, but also the classic style of songwriting Mabe introduces each and every time. Copyright © 2017 Apple Inc. All rights reserved
TorsTEN in the Mix
By TorsTEN in the Mix
Some of the best Trance & Progressive tunes selected and mixed by TorsTEN.
Music is life by Dj KA.
By Dj Ka
Music is Life but Electronic Music is Heaven !!!!!
By MixxTape
Joel Chiodi and Elan Cohen take you on an informative and (hopefully) funny journey to re-experience 80s and 90s music. This podcast zig zags from The Smiths and Prince to Belinda Carlisle and the best Diane Warren ballads. Frenetic in tastes and style like the era it pays homage to. Join us as we assemble the ultimate MixxTape.
By Diego Durruty
El podcast de www.automundo.com.ar. Conducido por Diego Durruty.
Stackenschneider Podcast
By Stackenschneider
Stackenschneider is a night club located in the very centre of Saint Petersburg close to all the main touristic attractions. It is a club that promotes various underground electronic music and hosts weekend parties with emerging Russian and foreign independent music talent from around the world. The club was named after Andrey Stackenschneider, a Russian architect who lived and worked in Saint Petersburg in the 19th century, and who designed and built the house at Millionnaya street which was the first home for Stackenschneider club. In 2014 the club moved to a more brutally designed industrial space in the nightlife destination cluster at Konyushennaya square. Either for dancing at the sunrise on a crowded roof terrace in summer or for truly rave experience on the inside dance floor full of club goers you will remember Stackenschneider as one of the best places to visit, dance and have fun while you are in town. August 3, 2013 – August 31, 2014 (10, Millionnaya st): Andrey Pushkarev (RU), Anrilov (RU), Anton Zap (RU), Barac (RO), Baz Reznik (NL), Bebadim (RU), Black Loops (UK), Cancelled (RU), DJ 1985 (RU), DJ Minx (US), East Soul Person (BY), Elbee Bad (US), Emile Strunz (UK), Etapp Kyle (UA), FStep (RU), Helga (RU), Inga Mauer (RU), Izhevski (RU), James What (UK), Klepalov (RU), Kurmyshev (RU), Kraut (BY), Lluck (US), Lola Palmer (UA), Low808 (RU), Magic B (RU), Move D (DE), Mr KS (FR), Mr. Raoul K (DE), Mus (RU), Nas1 (IT), Nick Anthony Simoncino (IT), Nikita Zabelin (RU), Rainer (DE), Roi Okev (IL), Roustam (RU), Rudiment (RU), Sebastien Vorhaus (MX), Sergey Sanchez (RU), Sergey Zarin (RU), Sigha (UK), Simon Caldwell (AU), Smaq (RU), Stef Mendesidis (RU), Timur Omar (RU), Titonton Duvanté (US), Unbalance (RU). September 13, 2014 – ... (2, Konyushennaya sq): Alexandra (RO), Albert van Abbe (NL), Andrey Pushkarev (RU), Andrey Zots (RU), Anrilov (RU), Anthea (UK), Anton Kubikov (RU), Anushka (RU), Bunte Bummler (DE), Bvoice (RU), Chak Besh (DE), Christian S (DE), Danilo Schneider (DE), Dasha Redkina (RU), David Vunk (NL), Denis Kaznacheev (RU), Diego Krause (DE), Dubsons (RO), Easy Changes (RU), Enzo Leep (ES), Eric (UA), Fabio Della Torre (IT), Florian Kupfer (DE), Franz Underwear (IT), FStep (RU), Gaamer (BY), Giovanni Verrina (IT), Gulfkeepers (RU), Havantepe (TR), Inga Mauer (RU), Interchain (RU), Kevin Cook (ES), Korablove (RU), Kurmyshev (RU), Kraut (BY), Laurine (DE), Leo Pol (FR), Lokiboi (UK), Lola Palmer (UA), Lena Willikens (DE), Low808 (RU), Maksim (US), Marco Faraone (IT), Marc Milner (FR), Marcelus (FR), Matheiu (DE), Max Grabke (RU), Mesak (FI), Mick Wills (DE), Nas1 (IT), Nathan Coles (UK), Nima Gorji (DK), Niño Árbol (MX), Ol (RU), Obgon (RU), Omar M (VE), Pahatam (UA), Randall M (US), Rayo (UA), Ron Schatte (DE), Roustam (RU), Sepp (RO), Sergey Sanchez (RU), Sil (RU), Sofia Rodina (RU), Varhat (FR), Vladimir Ivkovic (DE).
Mind Over Metal
By Mind Over Metal
The best in Heavy Metal n' Hard Rock. Music reviews and news!
Simply Us
By Rob & Victoria Tiedemann
A married couple that finally decided to share a bit of their silliness with the world. We'll be covering a wide range of topics from minimalism, tech, family life, religion, show and movies, music, and pretty much anything else we find fun, exciting, and/or otherwise interesting!
Heart of the Psalmist
By Enter The Worship Circle
Ben Pasley and Karla Adolphe, from Enter The Worship Circle, share their music and their investigation of the Heart of the Psalmist.
Open Your Hymnal
By Zack and Matt
Through interviews with composers, text writers, and more, "Open Your Hymnal" explores the most consequential liturgical music heard in churches around the world.
Slate Me TV's Podcast
By Slate Me TV
Slate Me! is an Entertainment Television talk show of a different sort. Join Samantha Heer as she advises those looking to get into the industry as well as interviews from Texas actors to those working in Hollywood today.
Joe Haffner's Digital Jukebox
By Joe Haffner MEDIA
Every Monday night at 6:00CDT, host Joe Haffner plays songs with a particular theme, subject, idea or time period.
IBIZA Opening 2017
By TorsTEN in the Mix
Tracklist 1.[0:00] Ana Criado - Vulnerable (Denis Kenzo Remix)[RNM (RazNitzanMusic)] 2.[06:44] Andrew Bayer - From The Past (Original Mix)[Anjunabeats] 3.[12:03] Tuskana - Legacy (Original Mix)[Anjunabeats] 4.[17:18] DRYM & Jennifer Rene - Smile (Extended Mix)[A State Of Trance] 5.[21:19] Saad Ayub & Cristina Soto - Daylight (Frainbreeze Remix)[Essentializm (RazNitzanMusic)] 6.[27:14] Denis Kenzo & Angel Falls - Run Away (Original Mix)[Denis Kenzo Recordings] 7.[32:20] FEEL - Not Alone (Three Friends) (Extended Mix)[A State Of Trance] 8.[36:35] Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella - Neba[Premier] 9.[43:58] Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella - Anahera (Extended Mix)[Premier] 10.[50:23] Japeboy - Plain (Original Mix)[Alter Ego Progressive] 11.[55:14] Kyau & Albert - Memory Lane (Original Mix) Anjunabeats] 12.[01:00:17] Menfis - Starfall (Original Mix)[Trancemission] 13.[01:04:30] Armin Van Buuren feat. Lyrica Anderson - Gotta Be Love (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)[Armind (Armada)] 14.[01:09:21] Stoneface & Terminal with Ana Criado - My Heart Won’t Tell You No (Original Mix)[RazNitzanMusic] 15.[01:16:31] Yuri Kane & Ana Criado - Running Wild (Liam Wilson Remix)[RazNitzanMusic
It's Time Podcast by Diefentaler
By Diefentaler
English: Diefentaler is among the top 20 DJs in Brazil today. Released by Sony Music Brazil, Diefentaler has had international recognition for his work as a music producer. His song "Light The Fire" recently peaked at 26 th place in the Swiss Dance Charts. Also his last work song "Summer Love" was listed in the "Must Hear EDM Tracks" the Beatport and has been played by Pete Tong in his "Evolution Beatport Show" to more than 80 radio stations around the world. Portuguese: Diefentaler encontra-se entre os 20 melhores DJs do Brasil na atualidade. Lançado pela Sony Music Brasil, Diefentaler tem tido reconhecimento internacional pelo seu trabalho como produtor musical. Sua música "Light The Fire" alcançou recentemente a posição de 26° lugar no Swiss Dance Charts. Já sua última música de trabalho "Summer Love" foi listada no "Must Hear EDM Tracks" do Beatport, além de ter sido tocada por Pete Tong em seu programa "Evolution Beatport Show" para mais de 80 rádios mundo a fora.
Not So Dirty Radioshow
By Viani/Valente
Not So Dirty is the monthly radio show hosted by Viani/Valente. Follow Viani/Valente on www.facebook.com/VianiValente Tweet at @VianiValente For info write to [email protected]
Illegal Bass Radio Podcast
By herve
My monthly mix, focusing on all things bass house.
Mista Jiggz Podcast
By Mista Jiggz
The Mista Jiggz podcast.
Louis Riel Podcast
By Sarah&Taryn
A scholarly podcast on the Canadian Opera Company's upcoming revival of Harry Somers' opera, Louis Riel.
Leudson Radio Show
By Leudson
A música eletrônica corre forte nas veias do porto-velhense Leudson que atualmente conta em suas redes sociais com mais de 67 mil seguidores na Fanpage e mais de 40 mil no Instagram o que o confirma como o DJ mais popular da região Norte. Em 2010 foi indicado pela DJ Sound ao prêmio Awards nas categorias “Destaque DJ Revelação” e “Destaque DJ Dance”, cravando o seu nome no ranking Top 100 DJs da renomada revista, chegando a ocupar a posição 34 no ano de 2014. Já apresentou-se em dez estados do país: Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Ceará, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima e São Paulo. www.facebook.com/djleudson Bookings: [email protected]
FTO Radio
DJ & Producer Duo from Mainz, Germany Bookings: [email protected]
First Podcast
Series of CODE podcasts about nothing
Hvis Jeg Var DJ
By Heartbeats
Online Radio og Kultur Magasin
By Victor Siriani
VICTOR SIRIANI Ft. Saulo Talarico - Let The Beat Go [FREE DOWNLOAD] OUT NOW > http://bit.ly/2n6smx4 MUSIC VIDEO > http://bit.ly/2oAHRxa Follow me on Spotify > http://spoti.fi/2oABJ8h Booking / Management: [email protected]
My Generation (40UP Radio)
By Thomas Verbogt
In zijn programma My Generation plukt Thomas Verbogt uit de soundtrack van zijn generatie en kiest hij nummers die een verborgen leven hebben geleid. Ook zoekt hij vaak naar het verhaal in en achter een song. Van de Ramones tot Townes Van Zandt, áls het maar dichtbij komt.
De Grote Harry Bannink Podcast
By Gijs Groenteman
Podcast by Gijs Groenteman
BROARINGCAST, 简单地拆分单词,就是 ROARINGWILD + BROADCAST . 我们会把我们所接触到的有趣新鲜的东西,通过电台推送到你的耳朵里。 信息爆炸的时代,也许我们不能占据你的眼球, 但我们想通过你的耳朵,来拯救你的碎片时间。
Caleon Fox - Healthy Collective
By Caleon Fox
effohhexx is the future
Birdw0rks Radio
By Birdw0rks
Birdw0rks Radio: Badly-mixed loops, cut-ups, mongednesses, text and tunes from the Birdw0rks virtual vaults. Set lists can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/birdw0rks/albums/72157594530775566
Celtic Punkcast
A monthly podcast from Australia featuring the best in Celtic punk, Celtic rock and Folk punk. Hosted by Gareth Olver from the City Geek Country Geek DC Comics Podcast
Art of the Essential Podcast
By Art of the Essential
Art of the Essential is Chris Caparro. Los Angeles based, Philadelphia native Chris Caparro has spent the last 15 years cultivating his musical tastes in a wide variety of musical genres. Having grown up on hip-hop his roots run deep, with his first record every purchased being Africa Bambaata’s “Renegades of Funk”. It was monumental for him, breaking boundaries and setting a clear path for open creativity in the world of music. ​Fast forward 20 years to 2002 and it was officially time to get started. Chris bought equipment, started collecting vinyl and the rest as they say ... is history. For the past 15 years Chris has hosted a variety of successful Los Angeles based parties which include “Funky in the Middle”, “16Bit&Beyond”, “Family Affair” and the monthly “Rise Up” party in Hollywood. When it comes to playing out Art of the Essential is no stranger to the big stage, having shared it along side a long list of talented DJ’s & Producers which have included Nickodemus, Marques Wyatt, Fort Knox Five, J Boogie, Makossa + Megablast, King Britt, Roy Davis Jr., Mark Rae, Justin Paul, Federico Aubele, Sabo, The Pimps of Joytime, Helios Jive, Rosey, Dj Vadim, Mark de Clive Lowe, David Starfire, Patricio, Adam Auburn, Marty Party, Mimosa, Raul Campos, Lee Mayjahs?, Sake One, Afrokinetic, Dj Drm, Scott K., Jesse Brooks, Braden and Jeremy Sole and more.
Dj Anil
By Dj Anil
Podcast by Dj Anil
Mixmag On Rotation
By Mixmag
By Heartbeats
Online Radio og Kultur Magasin
Cosmic Love
By Heartbeats
Online Radio og Kultur Magasin
By Heartbeats
Online Radio og Kultur Magasin
By Heartbeats
Online Radio og Kultur Magasin
ReSKAnissance is designed and hosted by WTSR radio personality DJK. ReSKAnissance is live on Tuesdays from 11pm to 1am on 91.3FM, or on the web at http://www.wtsr.org. For updates about the show and to make live requests by tweet, follow @DJK_913 on Twitter!
Ramajamn Studios
By Ramajamn Studios
Supporting local up-and-coming artists in Cornwall. Exclusive live sessions & interviews.
UnQuantized Podcast
By UnQuantized Podcast
Podcast by UnQuantized Podcast
By GVA and the morning show
You're home for GVA in the morning All the hits!
SEXSHOOTERS – LOADED & READY David Hart & Claudio Girardi aka SEXSHOOTERS are a London based Dj / Producer duo. In a whirlwind two years SEXSHOOTERS have become a notorious international brand working dance floors in some of the worlds best clubs and parties with their signature high-energy, sexually charged, uplifting Tech, Tribal, Circuit and Progressive house sound. SEXSHOOTERS have been sought after to spin at clubs, festivals, Circuit and Pride parties all over the globe. Bookings have taken them to New York, San Francisco, San Diego, L.A, Washington D.C, Denver, Miami, Toronto, Madrid. Paris, Milan, Rome, Hamburg, Cologne, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai and Tel Aviv to mention a few. SEXSHOOTERS top highlights have included Matinee Pride NYC ’16, Matinee San Diego Labor Day Weekend, The Official Toronto Pride and Tel Aviv Pride Main and closing parties.
Saxe's Glaspalads
By Heartbeats
Online Radio og Kultur Magasin
By Mick Sweda and Craig Pepe
Podcast by Mick Sweda and Craig Pepe
Session Central
By Kieran Philbin
A podcast dedicated to bringing you cutting-edge information on how to become a session player or freelance musician.
Playoff Radio Show By Juan Ddd & Celic
By Playoff
Playoff Radio Show hosted by Juan Ddd & Celic brings the best Techno/Tech House Music.
Styline Presents Power House Radio
By This Is Distorted
Styline brings us an exciting bi-weekly show, Power House Radio. Sitting right between the mainstream and the underground, Power House is a sound that knows no boundaries. Each episode will demonstrate a different aspect to this unique style, previewing some of Styline's brand new productions, and also include the regular features - Brand New Fuel, The Secret Weapon, and the Power House Anthem.
Pulsion Club
By Pulsion Club
Pulsion Club est une émission Clubbing mixer sur Hélène Fm tous les Vendredis et samedis soir de 22H à Minuit. Cette émission à pour vocation de proposer une programmation des années 90's, 2000's, 2010's. l'émission diffuse aussi bien de la Dance, Electro, House, Trance, Eurodance 90's, progressive, Deep, Funk etc.. Héléne Fm : Surgères 89.0 Fm Saint-Jean-d’Angély 102.9 Fm Disponible sur le web, applications et box tv.
Big Boy On Demand
By iHeartRadio
Never miss a show again with Big Boy on Demand. Listen to our show Big Boy's Neighborhood on your schedule.
Big Boy's Fully Loaded Interviews
By iHeartRadio
Get more of Big Boy with your favorite artists and celebrities. All of the interview with zero interruptions.
Big Boy After the Show
By iHeartRadio
Bonus original content from Big Boy and the neighborhood. Hear what else happens after our daily show.
Psyber Street Musik
By Shane Klein
Psyber Street Musik is a weekly audio podcast by musician and songwriter Shane Klein. Each episode is a unique, multi-section piece of music built from a weekly improvisational set which is streamed live from The Deep Now Music Temple in Santa Cruz, CA.
Break the Glass Podcast
By mak gutz and the dean
3 people want to interact with the world.. this is a non PC podcast and remember all the music you hear is someone playing music on spotify in the background we have no control or no know how on how to stop it
By Markus Mörth
Wir wollen Bücher, Kurzgeschichten, Musik, Filme und Spiele besprechen. Also im Prinzip alles, was mit dem Thema der Unterhaltung zutun hat. Denn egal wie alt man ist, kommt man immer wieder mit diesem Bereich in Kontakt – auch Kinder. ||| Bücher / Kurzgeschichten: Egal ob man sich die Besprechung anhören möchte, weil man das Buch selbst gelesen hat und sich eine zweite Meinung holen möchte, ob man das Buch für die Schule lesen soll – eine Besprechung von schriftlichen Texten hat immer seine Vorteile. ||| Musik / Filme: Neues entdecke kann viel Freude bereiten. Vor allem dann, wenn man neue Bands und Musikrichtungen für sich entdecken kann. Egal ob fette Beats oder himmlische Klänge. Alles ist hier erlaubt. Genauso wie bei Filmen. Von Romantik und Drama, Kinderfilmen bis zu Action und Thriller wollen wir hier so einiges abdecken. Unter anderem auch Kurzfilme. ||| Spiele: Spiele mit Online-Funktione, Spiele für die Familie oder nur für sich, egal ob digital oder analog. Es ist wichtig, dass man sich ab und an in eine fantastische Welt fallen lassen kann. Hier wollen wir auch über verschiedenste Games und Spiele bericht erstatten.
By MidiGeek
Todo lo relacionado con el mundo del audio.
Mamouriat ماموریت
By Hovan Hovsepian Podcast
هدف ما این است تا از طریق برنامه های مرتب هفتگی که هر جمعه برای شما مهیا خواهد بود، که شامل خبر، مهمانان ویژه، مصاحبه، معرفی منابع مسیحی، سرود پرستشی و موضوع های خاصی که راجع به اونها صحبت خواهیم کرد، مثل کلیسا و جلسات خانگی، مسیحیان تحت جفا، مسائل روزانه و عملی جوان مسیحی در ایران، بتونیم خیلی از سوالات شما را جواب بدیم و باعث شما برکت بشیم.
North of Bloor
By Adrian Sinclair Hogg
North of Bloor is a conversational podcast run by ex-stand up, painter, and professional barista and Adrian Sinclair Hogg chatting with happening people around the city. Show guests include musicians, visual artists, community organizers, store owners and more.
Lost 'N Portland
By Chris Franklin
Getting lost in passion leads to purpose, where you unexpectedly find your authentic self. Each week Chris Franklin has conversations with local creatives and thought leaders about getting lost in the landscapes that inspire their work.
Oh You Thought...
By Fallon
The place where you get a heavy dose of positivity, sarcasm, knowledge, and ratchetness.
Doggie Diamonds No Filter
By Doggie Diamonds
What's Up? This is Doggie Diamonds. Are you ready to hear a podcast that discusses relationships, politics, sports, entertainment, hip-hop all from a uncensored point of view? Well then you came to the right place. Tune in! No Filter means honesty! (If you're easily offended please listen!)
By promodj.com/Evg.Eny
I collect and mix music for myself and friends since 2005. Never stopped since then and hope will never do. Started to mix vinyl but moved to digital because of better accesibility of music but still treasure my vinyl collection and never loose chance to credit it. Playing different vibes from Disco to Hard Techno jumping on the key to surprise.
Album Swap
By Brian McDonald and Fred Dees
Album Swap is a music review podcast where 2 friends exchange music albums and then review them together. Each episode contains segments of the swapped albums as well as interesting stories, historical notes and other trivia they discover while exploring the music.
Big Crown Records
By Big Crown Records
Music and mixes curated by Big Crown Records. All episodes available at www.bigcrownrecords.com
DJ Official DJ For @Santandave For Bookings & Enquiries Contact : [email protected]
Coffee & Dutches
By Do Work Media
Podcast by Do Work Media
Views from the Plains
By Views from the Plains
A podcast for Nebraska news, politics, and counterculture
On The Call ep.1
By Black Auerbach
Podcast by Black Auerbach
Rap Nerd Problems
By Podcast by Concealed Art
Podcast for underground rap aficionados and pop culture nerds.
Visionary Radio
By DubVision
Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher are fast conquering the world of dance music as scintillating duo DubVision. With everyone from Hardwell to David Guetta to Avicii and Tiësto supporting their show-stopping productions, their prolific output has enjoyed immense exposure across the world. Although born some eight years apart, the Leicher brothers soon bonded over music after being made to learn instruments by their parents. Victor (the younger of the two) began his experimentations in electronic music at a young age, using rudimentary computer programs, which soon piqued the interest of Stephan. After time spent growing up in different countries, they eventually pooled their resources to form the act known as DubVision. After an early effort got snapped up by Armada offshoot Zouk Recordings, DubVision broke through with the massive Swedish House Mafia supported ‘All By Myself’ before teaming up with Project 46 and Donna Lewis on the huge ‘You & I’. Forging relationships and releasing music with Sander van Doorn’s label Doorn Records and Axwell’s Axtone imprint, they continued to grow their reputation and fanbase. 2013 saw them produce Dutch mega festival Dance Valley’s official anthem, ‘Triton’, alongside Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. SHM threw their support behind DubVision once again in 2014 via their remix of Discopolis’ ‘Committed To Sparkle Motion’. Major singles ‘Turn It Around’ and ‘Heart’ followed, and many millions of plays and sales later they are now well established as one of the biggest draws in dance music. Remixes for the likes of Avicii, Icona Pop, Afrojack, Dirty South and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have likewise proved hugely popular. Along the way they collaborated with some of the biggest names around, including Dash Berlin, Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and Firebeatz. With seventeen Beatport Overall Chart Top 10s, five Beatport Progressive House Chart #1s and a Beatport Electro Chart #1 to their name and over 50 million YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify plays, they have marked themselves out as a serious force in EDM. They have won plaudits for their fresh sound, which brings some genuine emotion and passion to the table alongside those all-important hard-hitting beats and turbo-charged riffs. Key shows the duo have rocked include Mysteryland, Tomorrowland and Dance Valley. Plus, many sold out gigs around the world. Their 2016 kicked off to a strong start with the huge ‘Sweet Harmony’ on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom, a big remix of Nervo’s ‘Bulletproof’ and new vocal anthem ‘Million Miles’, signaling what could be their biggest year yet. With their Visionary radio show growing rapidly in stature across the world, virtually every major EDM artist supporting their tracks and more certified bombs on the way, they look set to dominate for years to come.
Sean & Dave Make Music
By Sean Arawjo and Dave Trum
Sean & Dave Make Music is a brand new podcast, focused on creating quality music in a short timeframe. With over 40 years of musical experience between them, Sean Arawjo and Dave Trum explore new combinations of sounds through musical improvisation and composition. Each episode, they present recordings of newly composed/improvised music, discuss the compositional process and successes/shortfalls of each piece, and introduce a new guest artist who joins in on the collaborations.
Sound Movement©
By Sound Movement©
Sound Movement©
Pepperrob's Dance Off!
By Pepperrob
The brand new home of my Dance Off Collection!
Last Planet Podcast
By Last Planet Podcast
We Shake Dancefloors in Toronto
Lima En Vivo
By SuenaMusic
Agenda semanal de los conciertos y tocadas en vivo en Lima - Perú. Un podcast que se encarga de promover la industria musical en el Perú. - Pueden seguirme en mis redes sociales: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suena.cps/ Instagram: @SuenaMusic Twitter: @SuenaMusic Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SuenaPe
French Touch
By Jöhrn
New Podcast " French Touch " By Jöhrn
Freestyle Chulo Mix Sessions
By Freestyle Chulo
A special EDM podcast dedicated to different dance music genres. Mixed by Freestyle Chulo and special guests.
By detektor.fm
Thibaud Roth und Yannic Hannebohn bespielen mit Ironie und Schalk das unlängst verlassene Plateau der abgedrehten Urbanität. Die Mannschaft, begleitet von Gästen, erkundet mit Freude und aus Rehaugen die ungeschminkten Themen des Zeitgeistes und das kulturelle Leben – auf maroden Planken, jenseits der klassischen Bühne. Immer samstags, immer 19 Uhr auf detektor.fm und hier als Podcast.
Grandes voces
By "Juventude Latina" <[email protected]>
Grandes voces do Noso Mundo, programa de dialogo musical entre as grandes voces de todos os países de raíz galega: Galicia, Portugal, Brasil, angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique, etc. Presente Marco Pereira dende Radio Burela. Venres 7-8 hora galega.
Think LOUD Podcast
By Think LOUD
Music exploration without boundaries. Dive into our musical world...
Terrorize you to the core podcast
By Jasmine Lugo
Short story horror podcast.
By G.S.P [TheOfficialGSP]
Check Out My Bhangra Podcasts, Mixtapes & G-Mixes! Helping You To Keep The Party Going Wherever You Go! #InTheMixWithGSP