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By Podcast Turkiye
Düşüngeç Podcast Fikir & Sanat
By Popchops
Dan & Andy bring a weekly take on pop music that is unashamedly passionate, cheeky, sorrynotsorry and informative. Like pop music itself, Popchops is an escape from reality - where friendship never ends, love don't cost a thing and the party don't start 'till you walk in.
By Shurakano
Shurakano started in the music business in the early 90's working for several record labels and clubs in Belgium and performing mainly in Europe: France, UK, Italy, Spain... Author of multiple European and global dance music hits like "Right on Time" for Syndicate of L.A.W "Doing my own thing" and "Down and under" with Kid Crème, "Trust it" and "Alone" on Junior Jack's Debut Album, Monako "Shake that Body and "Saxo Anthem" with Sandy Vee and Fred Pellichero, Dj LBR's "This Party" and "U Got i...
By Podster.ru
«АРТ РОКС» — авторская программа Алексея Рыбина, посвященная специфическим музыкальным направлениям в рок-музыке, преимущественно арт-року. Архив программ, записанных в разных студиях различных проектов радиостанции.
By AutoReverse
Música, principalmente rock, e assuntos relacionados. Bem vindo a sua imaginação! fb.com;/autoreversepod twitter.com/_autoreverse Twitters: @faneinbox @marcel_ezc @bragantti
By Kay-One
Plus d'une heure de hip hop français - us , afro , moombahton , ...
By DJ.ru/antonliss
Anton Liss – successful and popular musician, а producer and а DJ from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. "Feel The Rhythm Radioshow" www.antonliss.ru Ӏ vk.com/djantonliss Ӏ soundcloud.com/antonliss Ӏ facebook.com/djantonliss
By Michael McDonnell
A music podcast by Michael McDonnell that features primarily songwriters, musicians, and people who work in music discussing the power of the song, and what they means to them. Where have you gone, what are you doing, and why do you do it?
By Aca-Pod
A podcast all about Acapella! Listen to special guest interviews, my very own experiences in Acapella and all things Aca-Awesome!
By helene
Un dimanche par mois de 21h à 22h.  Accords Electriques, c’est l’émission de metal de Radio Campus Paris. Mais attention, chez nous, tu n’entendras que des groupes qui allient puissance du metal et beauté des mélodies, du plus accessible au plus extrême : atmosphérique, gothique, mélodique, progressif, symphonique. Une fois par mois, tout ce qui séduit les oreilles en headbanguant se retrouve sur Radio Campus Paris, des formations classiques aux groupes qui montent. Bref, avec Accords Electri...
By Chris Lindsey
Based in Nashville, TN, songwriter Chris Lindsey ("Every Time I Hear That Song" / Blake Shelton, "Poison and Wine" / The Civil Wars) has set out to discover what makes creative people tick. Starting with what he knows - writing - and branching out to various aspects of the music industry, Pitch List explores what it means to be a songwriter, and ultimately, a person. Join us as we talk with some of music's hit writers at the top of our Pitch List.
By Uniradioen
Pladegreb har interviews med de mest interessante kunstnere, programmer om de mest spændende musikgenre og en blog om det musik vi slet ikke kan lade være med at skrive om. Lyt/læs/hør med!
By Solid Rock 94.1 WJJO
Join Johnny & Greg in the morning on 94.1 JJO.
By Alex Curtis
PlayMix Retrouvez tous les mois une session musicale mixée à écouter et télécharger pour écouter partout où vous le souhaitez, quand vous le voulez.
By Jay / Anchor
By The Kerradin
A little little description of your podcast.
By Colin Bradford
BIO Colin grew up in Grand Rapids Mi. When he was about eight years old, he started playing guitar. He played classical guitar but was also attending punk rock shows that his two older brothers would take him to. He listened to albums from everyone from the Sex Pistols to Yes, John Denver to Bad Brains. He played in a series of indie bands in both west Michigan, New York City, Seattle and Chicago. Colin recently relocated to New York and plans to release a new record in 2016 on his own l...
By Dre Torelli / Anchor
My favorite music from my ear to yours.
By Ahsa / Anchor
Tentang lagu lagu indonesia, solo, band, dll
By Reinhard Brisebois
Podcast traitant de l'actualité du hip-hop au Québec. Critiques d'albums, exclusivités, entrevues et plus encore !Retrouvez Le Reinhard Show | Propulsé par BaladoQuebec.ca sur podCloud : https://podcloud.fr/podcast/le-reinhard-show?59da7e41a9b49725a3002764
By Loochoo
One of a kind! A Dutch Diskjockey with already six years of experience at an age of sixteen!
By Lemonade.
Podcast by Lemonade.
By Robot Dog Studio and WBKM.org
The Music of Burlington, Vermont, USA. Hosted by Tim Lewis. Recorded at Robot Dog Studio by Ryan Cohen. Tim's local music radio show airs Thursdays on WBKM.org
By Expatriarch Radio
Expatriarch Radio is a deconstruction of gender and genre, a paperless music magazine entrenched in pop and politics, made with limp wrists and clenched fists. The monthly show—broadcast since 2010 with host Joey Hansom, and since 2015 with host Bella Cuts—is a counterpart to Expatriarch’s concerts and parties, likewise balancing local love and international perspectives.
By Vicking & Shook
Hors-Pistes est une émission mensuelle animée par Vicking & Shook, consacrée au Hip Hop, au Rap, à l’électro-Hip Hop… et autres extensions… Et ça se passe le jeudi soir de 22h à 00h sur Timbre FM !
By Hellee Hooper
Podcast by Hellee Hooper
For Bookings, Features, Interviews, Request & Production Email: [email protected] [Twitter & Instagram] @NY_FADE
By antonio
new podcast for our listeners. Were calling it Desmadre Show
Enjoy a mixture of different musical genre in one mix by Ivan Litus. From deep/minimal house to hard/psychedelic trance, every episode is carefully crafted for the best listening experience.
By Power Surge
Some Trap Tunes! Enjoy!
By Doug Gomez
Afro Latin Soulful House Music mixed by DJ/ Producer, Doug Gomez
By Loudima.Dreamer
A monthly mix by Loudima.Dreamer, bringing together a fusion of hip hop, electronic, trap, soul, R&B and anything inbetween. Good sounds and chilled vibes. It began in Africa
By Metal Madness / Anchor
Music mainly. Everything from Metal to Vaporwave
By Masyga
The best sessions of Dj Masyga Ibiza
By promodj.com/free-bpm
Free BPM Organization , основан в 2006 году - Российский лейбл, представляющий, в основном, старую школу Drum and Bass музыки. Основные поджанры лейбла: Techstep, Neurofunk, Technoid, Hardstep, Darkstep. Лидером и основателем Free BPM Organization является MJ Free , пропагандирующий тёмное и "правильное" звучание Techstep'a, на сегодняшний день - один из самых ярких представителей Techstep'a. На данный момент на счету лейбла 27 релизов, среди которых работы от...
By Emperor's New Grooves
Emperor's New Grooves is your new music radio, Wednesday 6-8 on Oxide Radio. Ted, Aaron, John and Ed discussing the latest releases and hidden gems you need to know, from indie to hip/hop to ambient to dance to soul.
By GoHAM Radio
Giving Opportunity, Hope And Mentorship.
By Ghost Digital Records
Ghost Digital Records presents Isolated with Katrin Souza & Tyler Schauman (http://www.ghostdigitalmusic.com), featuring the latest in dark, melodic & deep progressive house monthly on Proton Radio.
By Goldteeth
Podcast by Goldteeth
By Carlos Vega Lopez
Música Univision
By Cyro Torres
Video/Music/Voyage/Motivation www.musicyourlife.net LE MUSICIEN LIBRE ! Je suis Cyro Torres, je suis musicien (guitariste/compositeur/professeur de guitare). Je suis passionné par la musique, la vidéo, les voyages et autres sottises champêtres, je publie une vidéo (presque) par jour ! Ateliers & formations (sur des thématiques musicales que l'on a souvent pas le temps d'aborder en cours et sur la motivation par exemple). On trouve également sur mon site www.musicyourlife.net mes composi...
By Xelerate Recordings
Xelerate Recordings is a brand new recordlabel, founded in 2016. We are looking for young artists who are inspired by new experimental sounds based on the music of tomorrow. We believe in young artists and their abillity to create new forms of musical art and free creation. We offer you a reliable platform to promote and share your music to a large worldwide audience. Also share in financial benefits of every download of your track. Do you dare to take up the challenge to build the music o...
By Radio Ca' Foscari
I podcast dedicati al festival jazz organizzato dall'Università Ca' Foscari in collaborazione con San Servolo Servizi e Musei civici di Venezia.
By Byungseo Yoo
music for everyday
By Porter D'Poet
Porter D'Poet rose to success taking the Bahamas airwaves by storm with hit single releases "Get That Paper" and "Leave Dat Girl Alone". "I'm rarely impressed with hearing new music no matter wherever in the world I am, but here (in the Bahamas) I've found some quite impressive acts. as far as rappers, I like POET... He writes hit songs." - Keri Hilson, eLife 242 Magazine interview
By Chris Country
A weekly round-up of country tours and concerts taking place in the UK. Around 90 seconds long, covering all the major US tours and some UK ones too. Find listings of all the gigs at www.chriscountry.co.uk/gig-guide
By Chris Punsalan
Podcast by Chris Punsalan
By Country Music Enthusiast
Country Music Enthusiast is a weekly podcast that showcases the art form known as Country Music. JP and Tyler grew up on the good stuff and have been in the thick of Country Radio for a combined 25+ years. They will discuss the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly....but mostly the GOOD
De très gros projet en attente.
By BhamRocks
Introducing you to Birmingham's music scene. Covering the best of local, regional, and national artists.
By [email protected] (TMV Cafe Radio)
Join your hosts as they journey back into the time where music not only entertained us but influenced the world around us. Big Band & Swing!
By Chris Becker
bemusic.today ist eine von Chris Becker gegründete Community, die es sich mit den täglichen Problemen und Aufgaben eines Musikers/Künstlers auseinandersetzt und nach schnellen und effektiven Lösung dafür sucht, die das Musikbusiness nachhaltig verbessern.
By France Bleu
Les groupes de musique auvergnats jouent en live sur FBPA !
By CreamCast
CreamCast is the frothiest Hip-hop and rap podcast around.
By Mark Vickery
Join Cosmic Bull's Mark Vickery for an insightful, spirited discussion on what it takes to earn a living off one's creative output in today's age. Mark is joined by a different prominent and successful musician, artist or creative business owner each week for an hour-long interview.
By CMG Media
Digging into the archives of Western New York based music writer Thom Jennings.
By Newfoundland Hip-Hop
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiphopcollect95
By DJ Большой
BOL'SHOЙ ТАЙМ - Radio SHOW by DJ Bolshoi
By Dissident Music Noel Sanger
The freshest house, techno and progressive from Dissident Music honcho Noel Sanger.
By promodj.com/DjIsaev
#Deep #DeepSpace #Tech #Melodic #Progressive
By Graeme Burk, Shannon Dohar and Rob Jones
Everyone has albums that were special to them at different times in their life. Deeper Cuts brings three people together to listen to those albums. Join Graeme Burk, Shannon Dohar and Rob Jones every week as they listen to an album that meant something one to them and discuss what it means to them now.
By DeHart
A podcast about recording a song once a week for a year.
By Jacob Heck
This podcast features regular kids who have decided to become musicians. The show highlights their stories, successes, and challenges as they learn what it means to be a musician.
By Gustav Da House
Deep House, House, Club House, DJ Set, DJ Mix, Live, Podcast, WebRadio 24/7 ON AiR.
By Dj kal
Dj Kal Mixtape RnB, Reggaeton, Funk, Electro House, Rap Us, Dj Kal Mendes un dj et producteur de musique depuis plus de 15 ans. Réalisateur de clip Vidéo Photographe
New music from the Liverpool Scene.
By DJ Direktor
By Evan / Anchor
A radio talk/music show
Le Talk-show hebdomadaire et déjanté sur l'actu du Rap US et FR !
By Leo von Leibnitz
Offical Podcast of the German-American Industrial-Band Y-Luk-O
By promodj.com/yanoxygen
Человек который за недолгое время успел получить признание публики в диджеинге, а упорным трудом и своей индивидуальностью достичь немыслимых высот в продюссировании. Треки и ремиксы Yan Oxygen не раз входили в топ в самом популярном
By Yadian Ferum
Аудио продукт от Владислава Наумова
By John Cabarlo
Electronic music from EDM.
By Brooklyn Radio
Brooklyn based selector DJ Autograph takes you on a journey through the tropics and beyond with his unique style and selection of records. Yardie Sessions is a testament to the eclectic taste in music of Autographs home town, Kingston Jamaica.
By Joseph Barrios / Yadee Yadah Records
Conversations with alternative musicians in Nashville, TN.
By Yan Garen
Yan Garen Live Mix/RadioShow/TV Podcast
Award winning YTP RADIO, is a syndicated online global radio station covering a variety of topics from the "get-up-and-go" inspirational morning show (Mon / Wed / Fri) to B2B connections, travel insights and inspiring music for the soul. We look forward to you listening to our weekly programs: 'Wake Up New York,' the morning show; ‘People Who Need People,' for B2B topics and trends; and 'The Luxury Wellness Travel Show' presented by Vuitton Travel for great scoop on the latest travel trends, ...
By www.podErato.com
Y tu que expresas Es un programa de radio por el cual expresamos todos nuestros puntos de vista sobre diversas situaciones que todos hemos vivido, estamos viviendo o viviremos. Este programa es transmitido en vivo todos los jueves a las 5:30 pm por: www.expresaradio.com.mx Contacto: facebook: www.facebook.com/ytuqueexpresas Twiter: @ytuqueexpresas MSN: [email protected]
By Luisa Villalobos
En pocos minutos entérate de lo más relevante ocurrido en torno a la carrera del cantante Españl David Bisbal. In Spanish, in a few minutes update about the most relevant news about the carrer of the spanish singer David Bisbal.
By DJ张扬
你的情绪,听我来说 公众微信:zhangyangradio
By Y-Dread
From his home in South Florida, Y-Dread selects the best in Modern Roots and Culture, Lover's Rock and Dancehall Reggae for his bredren in Supernova Sound based in Atlanta, GA.
By Rick Elliott
Telling stories (yarns) and playing the guitar (noodling). I have lived a rich life, have an extremely high I.Q. (but I'm lazy)added to make my life interesting!
By Apple
Jona Bechtolt, Rob "Bobby Birdman" Kieswetter, and Claire L. Evans — aka YACHT — discuss their new album, I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler, and take a few questions.
By DJ Jake Guadez
The Flight gives you a different clubbing experience from house to hip-hop to the retro scene all in one four-hour show. Featuring international DJs from Europe and the U.S. through live stream, The Flight brings you to a state of euphoria as DJ Bryan G and DJ Jake Guadez defines club music as it is! Get a head start before the weekend, beat the nocturnal party-animals to the punch as Y101 brings you the bang straight out of your boom box every Thursday from 8 PM to 12 midnight. Prepare for...
By Cutthroat Biezah
Imagination is the ability to escape reality. An open music journal for the world to interpret,inspiring people in less than 90 minutes with Soulful & Deep House. Grab your Cannibas and lets blaze with the deep sounds of Yacht Life Podcast show 139
By Yalos el podcast
musica, cine y de vez en vez un debraye de una servidora
By Victor Inox
Victor Inox est un DJ/remixeur français, originaire de Caen dans le Calvados. Ayant toujours été attiré par la musique, il décide d'investir dans du matériel de DJ pour la première fois en 2007. Tout de suite passioné, il ne manque pas de volonté pour apprendre et se perfectionner. C'est en 2009 qu'il découvrira ses premières "vraies" platines. Depuis il mixe dans quelques soirée privées et cherche à s'implenter dans le milieu du son.
By promodj.com/yarikslav.dance
Hear it from the experts. This is your opportunity to check out enhanced audio and video podcasts featuring exclusive tutorials with Yamaha experts, artist interviews, advance product release information, details on upcoming events, and other information in the world of Yamaha Music Production. Episodes focus on professional keyboards, synthesizers, workstations, tone modules, digital mixers, computer-based music production, software, portable digital recorders, audio workstations, studio mon...
By Yan Aleman
Podcast by Yan Aleman
By Yari Carrisi
Videos by Yari Carrisi. Comprisese music videos, live shows and videotrips shot around the world.
YASTREB начал карьеру диджея в 2002 году и стремительно накапливал опыт в этой сфере. За его плечами большой список ночных клубов и площадок как по всей стране, так и за её пределами. Артист работает в стиле House и отдаёт свое музыкальное предпочтение таким жанрам, как Vocal, Future, Club. YASTREB также успел зарекомендовать себя как успешный музыкальный продюсер, его творчество востребовано среди многих...