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By Billie Ellis
The Point of It All is a weekly podcast based out of Illinois hosted by Billie, Freddy Jaye, Darrius, Fred Mac II and Riv. Join the guys in the most in-depth conversations about Sending Nudes, Love/Relationships, Music, Trump's America, Ex-Etiquette and Pop Culture in general. No topic is safe as they sit down every week to discuss life as they know it. Unapologetically.
By The Bit Players
The Bit Players is a weekly film podcast hosted by five close, long-time friends. They will explore a film a week in a long-form conversation that digs into both the film itself and their relationships to film as a whole as well as the world around them. Mixing humor and insight (with a little bit of irreverence), the Bit Players hope to become a part of your life as a film-lover.
By Stephen Kramer Glickman
The Night Time Show Podcast is a talk show where Comedians Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker, Mike Black, Mike Glazer, and Robbie Carlysle interview influential people, comedy gurus and blatant liars. Tune in for entertaining celebrity stories and secret behind-the-scenes dirt straight from Hollywood.
By The Jerry Springer Podcast
The Jerry Springer Podcast: Tales, Tunes and Tomfoolery is a weekly mix of comedy, liberal political talk and roots music performed by up and coming song writers and groups. Jerry is joined by Jene Galvin and Megan Hils as they compare their dissimilar lives, convo about events of the day and occasionally welcome a phone guest, some real and others you wonder. Like State Senator Tip Kemper, who recently proposed a literacy bill requiring citizens to read a book a month and submit a written re...
By The Children's Hour of Knowledge
Join Profoctor Davey, Bongo McTweedlepants and all their Puppet Pals in the Kids-Only Supergenius Treehouse Lab, broadcasting every week from sunny Detroit!
By Dan Forester and Barry Thimble
Comedy radio play that parodies 1950s Film Noir.
By Jody Schaible and Max Sympathy
From the factory of their own means, music producer/audio arranger Jody Schaible and personal radio face Max Sympathy collapse distance ... An unthought experiment, sound affectation, lyrical without sing, dissonant without fission, melodic without monotony ... An uncompleting 21st century synthesizer plus skipread performance, the dialogic novelty of mutual distraction ... Loquacious music, suggesting abbreviation, remixed and remastered in contemplation ... Failures and successes ... (((Po...
By The Painful Threshold
A brand new podcast that runs off of YOUR QUESTIONS AND TOPICS. Submit your questions at painfulthreshold.com!
By Collisions
Get psyched for the premier festival in the PNW with The Official Sasquatch! Festival Podcast. Running up to Sasquatch, our host John Norris brings you artist interviews, behind the scenes news, captivating discussions with Seattle music insiders, and then reports direct from the festival. Listen to exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.
By Official Orville
Hosted by Greggy, Miranda, Tim, and Kevin. The mission is to explore the space.
By Spooning Productions
Mixer (Legal to Brew Since 1967) is a brand new podcast started in 2017, presenting conversations about life experiences, current events, politics, nerdom, pop culture, and more through the lens of various multiracial and multi-ethnic viewpoints. Every conversation we’ve had thus far has provoked personal introspection, deep conversations, unintentional group therapy, and creative works. We invite you to join us in this conversation — bring your questions and your listening ears. Our group i...
By Tabbzy and Charltzy
The Tabbzy and Charltzy Show, the Podcast with so much banter in it, we call it the BanterCast.
By Zoe Nightingale
You're Welcome is a satirical improv comedy show that is a hybrid of Howard Stern and Prairie Home Companion. Our goal is to find and share peoples stories, from all over NYC. ABOUT YOU'RE WELCOME Like most brilliant ideas, this show was started over a molotov concoction of alcohol and various illicit substances. Zoe had given up on her life long dream, of being the female Howard Stern years ago but finally set out armed with a folding table, a couple lawn chairs, and a foam board sign tha...
By Such-N-Such Limited, Inc.
Weekly dose of pop-culture. From sports to tech; movies to music; anything and everything that has to do with the world around you!
By David Kime & Jay Gomes
A Lakers first N.B.A podcast, with 2 stoners that know their stuff. They will make you laugh and we will make you think.
By Logan Roush
Five guys who aren't a burger restaurant talk games, movies, and the internet. Most of which is done by screaming at each other or in horrible accents. It's all comedy gold/your worst nightmare on Nerd FM!
By A Couple of Lindas
Join host Desirée and a round-table of fellow Lindas as we discuss life, culture, and whatever the hell else with a southern drawl and from a not-so-stereotypical perspective…
By Kirk McEwen
Kirk McEwen along with buddy Al Cieslak & news man Buzz Burbank, kickin’ it and cuttin’ it up!
By Andrew Deitsch
Andrew Deitsch is a world traveler, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and a podcaster. In a world of bite-sized content, he is having meaningful, uninterrupted, long-form conversations with fascinating people.
By Elizardi Castro
The trials and tribulations of a lawyer turned comedian
After a 22-year talk-radio career, TD Mischke escapes his soundproof booth and hits the road in search of adventure, eccentrics, whimsy and insights. Instead of bringing life into the radio studio, he decides to head out and meet it on its own terms, letting the gypsy call guide him. The Mischke Roadshow features podcasts, videos, writing, and photography. Find it all at www.mischkeroadshow.com @tommymischke on Twitter.
By Rivers Langley
Join hosts Rivers Langley, Pat Reilly, and Mr. Goodnight on their intrepid aural expedition through the world of oft-forgotten pop culture on "The Goods from the Woods". Featuring personal tales and recollections on the theme from the hosts and their special weekly guests, "The Goods from the Woods" will leave you enlightened. It will leave you enraptured. You will find yourself changed, daddy! Also, you will laugh.
By Susanna Brisk
The MILF Code 2.0 - Felicia Michaels and Susanna Brisk are your favorite irreverent, potty-mouthed divorcées, who say what others are afraid to out loud. Their guests are comedians, celebrities and sex/relationship/health experts, shedding light on what it means to be a MILF (it's not what you think.) Funny, filthy but never flip, Susanna and Felicia will entertain, empower and inform, on subjects from dating after divorce to co-parenting, from aging as women, to aging as men, from sex to p...
Join a movie loving married couple as they set out on an adventure to watch every movie in their eclectic Plex library, and try to make sense of what they just saw. All genres apply, and sometimes there are guests!
By The Games Cluster
Aimed at video gamers both new and old, Retro Spelunkers will take you on a wild carousel of emotions!
    O AQS - Podcast é um programa quinzenal, vindo do site Achoquesei.com com um descontraído papo entre amigos, nostalgicamente falando sobre o mundo "Nerd" que habitamos, desde os primórdios até os dias atuais de forma bem-humorada, com uma edição caprichada e contando com convidados para uma boa troca de figurinha.
By RareSonance Media
Half of my life is sports...what? You thought I wasn’t about to TALK THAT ISH about sports to y’all? It’s open run...pick your squad, suit up or shut up! Opinions, facts, and slander. Stay tuned for Open Run with BTG.
By Bobby Falkenberg
Everyone's thinking it, Bobby's just saying it. From family stuff to the legal world to current events to toilet humor, you'll get a little bit of it all here. Like the fact that meatloaf is a casserole.
By Dangerous Walker
'Dangerous' Walker and BT take a wry delve into the parts of the Bible and church that we don't talk about on a Sunday
A hopefully-funny podcast about historical figures and their legacies, by two teenaged sisters.
This wasn't funny until somebody laughed.
By Michael Brooks
Public feed for The Michael Brooks Show, a weekly politics and culture analysis show.
By Adam Rodriguez & Brett Rodriguez
The Rodcast is a weekly podcast featuring Actor/Director Adam Rodriguez and Veteran/Producer Brett Rodriguez. The guys talk about what matters and make fun of what what doesn't in Life, Love, Sex, Sports, Current Events, War and occasionally the random video of wild animals attacking people in Hollywood and the real world.
By Josh Griffey
A podcast adventure featuring Dandino and Griffey delving into everything comic book. From print to screen, if it sprang from paneled pages we're on it.
By Sam Antonioli & Joseph Birdsong
A totes casual podcast in which Sam Antonioli and Joseph Birdsong talk about entertainment, tech, weird news, music, and life.
By Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough
Join Bruce Weinstein, the chef, and Mark Scarbrough, the writer, as they work their way through recipes and culinary myths. Once a week, they'll cook through a recipe in real time--complete with all the travails that could bring to this long-married couple. What's more, once a week they'll gleefully disabuse you of the greatest cooking mistakes they've seen in their years teaching classes, distilled into short, funny episodes. Twice a week at the same price! (Zero dollars.) You can't beat tha...
By R.A. The Rugged Man
Legendary rapper R.A. The Rugged Man and guests discuss politics, movies, music, combat sports, comedy, and more.
By Horatio Sanz, Chad Krueger
Welcome to The Hooray Show, with Horatio Sanz, recorded weekly from Echo Park, California. Each week, Horatio and his producer Chad Krueger invite you in to Bro Bro Studios to listen in on some friendly conversations with friends, comedians and special guests. Break out the tissues, because we bring out the issues. Improv, Sketch and Music interweave their way through the episodes each week after the record button is pressed, and you never know where the conversation will lead.
By SHS Audio Dept.
The Vulgar Parenting Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Scotty Boombox that focuses on finding humor and sanity as a working parent and adult. Featuring his crew President Miller and Life Coach Choops, as well as guest appearances by entertaining colleagues and their kids, the Vulgar Parenting Podcasts looks to make listeners laugh, find balance, and learn to be OK with not being perfect. We curse, we drink, we laugh, we parent. This is The Vulgar Parenting Podcast.
By Boardwalk Audio
Improv comedy based on meaty stories and topics with Josh Simpson, Jake Jabbour and special guests.
By The Hall of Very Good
The Hall of Very Good Podcast is focused on you, the fan. Each week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen sit down and talk to people in and around the game of baseball that help make America's Pastime great.
By Cespedes Family Barbecue
A hopefully weekly look at the world of baseball through the eyes of two college students with way too many followers on Twitter. It's the Cespedes Family Barbecast.
By The Snuggly Dragon Podcast
New Orleans comedy producer Max Fisk investigates brilliant, hilarious, fascinating minds about life in the hopes that he and his audience might become cleverer, funnier, and more enlightened. Here at the Snuggly Dragon we want to make you laugh--and think.
By Jesse Thorn
The greatest college radio show of all time. The Sound of Young America is today an award-winning syndicated public radio show. Five years ago, it was three guys' college radio show. The College Years takes you into that history.
By Jordan Rockwell
Check us out at: www.sensitiveniceguy.com
By Riv and Landin
Riv and Landin bring you their show, the show with two guys from New York City with no filter saying whatever they want about current events and the crazy going ons in the world, accepting calls from crazies, and interviewing random out there guests from all walks of life - consider it locker room talk on a whole new level!
By The Fake News Podcast
Another podcast from Brad Swail and Will Jones of Get On With It fame! The Fake News Podcast adds context and truth to the mainstream narratives that matter.
By The Soul Gazers
Join Atticus Stockdale, Diego Rewbeii and Okoya Diaz as they discuss topics that they know little to nothing about. Ranging from existentialism to pee flaps, The Soul Gazers Podcast is a roller-coaster ride of witty banter that tickles your eardrums in a way no podcast should.
By Australian Radio Network
Kyle and Jackie O are one of the world's biggest radio shows, and are joined every day by the world's biggest stars on KIIS 106.5
By Ryan "Rizza" Sporer
Join me as i take a humorous approach to the daily issues of a working class Australian in modern society!
By Osher Günsberg
A weekly conversation with someone remarkable that will leave you truly inspired. Excuse the accent, I'm bi-coastal. Authenticity is the new black. Come join us.
By Justin Trawick, Sean Russell
Life's a circus and this is "The Circus Life". Host Justin Trawick, a DC area songwriter, along with sound engineer Sean Russell record this weekly podcast live from the world renowned Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA, only minutes from Washington DC. Interviews, stories, and live performances by local, regional, and national acts. Find more information at www.thecircuslife.com.
By Niall Chambers
'The People I Know' is a conversational podcast. Each guest will be someone who I know, admire and have a lot to learn from. The podcast is committed to showing the power of candid conversations and that ordinary people can have extraordinary things to say. Some music that my guests and I are into will be thrown in there as well ;-)
By Radio Hauraki
Matt & Jeremy bring you a breakfast radio show like no other. Guaranteed to teach you bad new habits, raise your eyebrows, and make you smirk on a regular basis, we think you’ll always finish a morning with these three enlightened - in some strange way. Tune in for daily Fact Factor, News Agendas, CyberBullyMonday, Clear The Lines Wednesday and Pointless Polls, amongst many other cutting edge benchmarks of modern New Zealand radio.
salut ! #Abientôtdeterevoir !
By Clark and Maw
Simon and Dan go on a random wikipedia article and chat about it - it's the Wikicast!
By Jeff Ferry
The Burbs Minute is a podcast dedicated to breaking down the greatest movie of all time, The 'Burbs, minute by minute. Jeff Ferry and Chris Derkotch and maybe some other neighbors will be your guides on the adventure through Hinkley Hills. We'll follow Ray Peterson, Mark Rumsfield and Art Weingartner as they square off against the elusive Klopeks, quite possibly the neighbors from hell. We'll find out minute by minute if the Klopeks are crazy or if perhaps everyone else in the neighbor...
By TalkinS hit Podcast Network
The Mongcast is a behind the scenes look at what's really happening on the hit podcast "TalkinS hit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft". Hosted by all the mongs that keep the show running.
By Natalie Gray
Comedian has Near Death Experience that changes everything. Artist / comedian Natalie Gray talks about comedy, entertainment, and the Holographic Universe. http://TheGrayEscape.com.
By Wildfire Radio
Andy Julia and the rest of The Idiots are taking you for a full throttle ride through the world we live in. No topic is off limits, and no one is safe. Nothing but a good time filled with laughter and the asinine ramblings of a bunch of idiots. Only on Wildfire Radio.
By Bail Bonds Media
The Great Big Lie Podcast pulls back the curtain on pop culture, social media, and real life revealing the lies people tell to the world. Each week, host J. Chris Newberg welcomes friends from the world of comedy and entertainment to unleash the embarrassing truth in a world full of bullsh*t!
By Andrew Anderson and Steven Paredes
A Guy Podcast That talks about everyday issues that happen in the world and our lives, but in a Bar talk kind of way.So if you feel your life is filled with to much estrogen or if you just need some guy time, look us up! We speak our minds, talked out the ass and Half the time we don't apologize for it unless our other Halves say we have to !
By Big O And Dukes
With a 10 year passionate terrestrial radio following, The Big O and Dukes Show has a mind-blowing 4 million downloads to date. This current incarnation is its purest form to date. From pop-culture to politics, each approaches subject matter from very different perspectives. So pull up a seat, plug in your headphones and step into the studio with Chad Dukes, Oscar Santana and Drab T-Shirt. By the end of each show, you\'ll have laughed yourself right out of your chair, but have gained a window...
By The Backpocket
Find all of your wildly average material featuring Declan Brown and Andrew Inserra. CONTENT. CONTENT. CONTENT.
By Maddox, Dick Masterson
All the problems in the universe, in descending order.
By Elias Giannakopoulos
The Man Cave Chronicles Podcast. I will have guests on frequently. Stand up Comedy, Sports, Fantasy Sports, Entertainment,WebSeries, Entrepreneurs Want to be a guest email [email protected] twitter @themccpodcast
By Ankara Savone & Shauna Lane
The Gone Girls is a weekly podcast featuring stand-up comedians Shauna Lane and Ankara Savone. These two performers are trying to get to the bottom of life while interviewing fellow comedians and anyone else they find interesting. Each episode includes a sketch written by one of The Gone Girls that’s then cold read by everyone on the show. It’s a traveling podcast, they meet their guests at different locations. The Gone Girls are super fun and will having laughing with your moms! #TheGoneGir...
By Maurica Rodriguez
Maurica is still looking for love, her t*ts and a way to get to WestChester. This is her podcast and it's classy, Pantha activated and RIGOROUS. Das it!
By David Steinberg
The legendary comedian and director, David Steinberg, sits down with comedians, entertainers, and creators to discuss life, art, and comedy.
By The Eric Zane Show
The Eric Zane Show airing on 107.3 WBBL is a lifestyle/ sports & entertainment show originating in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. Eric Zane and Julius along with Ben, delve into the hilarity of life, families, sports and pop culture. If it happens and you're talking about it, the guys will be too!
By Radio X
He's back, to save radio. You can hear The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X every morning from 6:30am to 10am on DAB Digital Radio across the UK, on 104.9FM in London, 97.7FM in Manchester, worldwide via the Radio X app or at www.radiox.co.uk
By Ethan Uslan
The Carolina Shout is a podcast about ragtime, New Orleans jazz, Harlem stride piano, and swing. Ethan Uslan is the pianist and host who performs live from his living room and offers up fun commentary and stories about the music. Each episode is a short informal private concert just for you, with occasional special guests and experts. So if you are interested in a podcast about rip-roarin American piano music that’s funny, quirky, a little educational but not too much, here it is!
By Kasmo Huxtable
The #KasFACTS Podcast Is A Hilarious Show Hosted By Author/Comedian Kasmo Huxtable. The Wild Show Features Artist, Models, Porn Stars, Bartenders, Exotic Dancers, And Professional Trash Talkers Speaking Candidly About Relationships, Sex, And Current Events
By Mike Sexton
Join Mike and his pals Keith, Dutch and Elise as they meander through the week that was in movies, television, music and sports, offering their unique (and often misguided) opinions and jokes.
By John and Jared
Podcast by John and Jared
By RiotCast.com
Slide into ‘The Hole’, a hysterical podcast featuring uncensored dissections of life's lunacies. From celebrity interviews to ridiculous stunts, impromptu parodies to answering Cosmo letters, the cast of The Hole has no problem finding the line and crossing it with gusto. The Hole brings a fresh, hilarious, no boundaries style of entertainment as a rare alternative to a politically correct world. So start listening and start laughing. The Glory Hole...Can you handle what comes out?
By Four Listeners
There are things in this world that drive us crazy and something must be done about them. Week to week, we will bring these things to light and provide our little ways to make the world a bit saner. Therefore, something must be done about...
By Syer, Jayomega and Cherry Poppins
The Officially Street Podcast is brought to you by Syer and Jayomega of The Street Officials, and Cherry Poppins. During this podcast, Syer, Jay, Cherry, and the occasional guest or two will discuss music, movies, TV series', sex, sports, fashion, politics, religion, global current events, and MORE. Please, be sure to comment, leave candid feedback, share, subscribe, and most of all, enjoy!
By The Businessology Show
A podcast about the business of design, and the design of business.
By Maximilian Rivera & Scott Tennant
We started at the very bottom of Rotten Tomatoes with a 0% film, and we're working our way to 100% Fresh, week-by-week.
By 93.3 WMMR
Daily news of the weird and wild from The Preston & Steve Show on 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia.
By The Unsupervised Podcast
comedy & talk podcast sharing our crazy real life experiences & giving our thoughts on everything from news, trends anything else in the world. sometimes inappropriate, often funny but always 100% real. get involved in the conversation, follow us on twitter, Facebook & Instagram @unsupervised03 #UCAST3
By Josiah Schmidt
You want to find out what town your German ancestors came from. You want to know more about what life was like for your forebears in Germany. You are not alone. The German-American Genealogist Podcast is a fun, humorous, and insightful weekly show dedicated to helping family history researchers bridge the German-American gap. Join us every Monday, and bring your dirndl!
By The Unfiltered Gentlemen
The Unfiltered Gentlemen ‘Craft Beer-cast’ is a weekly podcast centered around craft beer: the liquid, the lifestyle and everything in between. Along with beer, we cover sports, booze news and everything else that is best served ice cold and unfiltered. Every week Greg, Scott and Dan, with some help from It's The Beer Girl, are keeping you entertained and well hydrated with their craft beer reviews, beer experiments and the most important Booze News. The gentlemen also break down some sports...
By Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network
Two childhood friends get together to dissect, mutilate, dismember & butcher all of your favorite and NOT so favorite horror movies and other horror related events. Every week Joe and Sean will visit horror from the past, present, and future with their own unique comedic style.
By AudioPrimate
The Nine Billion Names Of Pod is here! Listen intently as Dan and Michael dissect pop culture and solve all the world's problems. Well, maybe not ALL the world's problems. A few. They solve one of the world's problems... if that problem is a lack of podcasts. Welcome.
A Poker Podcast, sponsored by Unibet Poker, presented by David Lappin and Dara O'Kearney
By Mary Beth Smith of The Nerdologues
MBS (Mary Beth Smith) and a friend cut the BS out of conversation by discussing a topic her guest loves. RSS Feed Subscribe on iTunes
By The Keystone Statement
The DeAngelo brothers and their friend Zack are three Italian fellas living in Pittsburgh that talk all types of sports, entertainment and lifestyle. They all run an entertainment blog called The Keystone Statement. Pittsburgh teams (and any sports team in general) are both praised and ripped on depending on the commentator, while each are unafraid to tear each other apart for said opinions. In addition the trio comes up with ridiculous drafts to do week in and out, talk about what music they...
By The Ben Kissel Show
Each week on The Ben Kissel Show, Ben discusses his life, talks about current events, yells at producer Mike Coscarelli and interviews guests. For more Ben Kissel podcasts, check out "The Last Podcast on the Left", "Abe Lincoln's Top Hat" and "The Roundtable of Gentlemen".
By Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts
Horror reviews, interviews and the best horror podcasts on the planet.
By Alex Stein
Comedian Alex Stein's exploration of the world around him in the form of a podcast called The Alex Stein Podcast. Interviews, jokes, and news too. Thanks for listening all you TASP Dancers! Check out the website at TheAlexSteinPodcast.com and follow me on twitter @ThisAlexStein. And if you love this podcast you'll for sure love Stuffed Animal Party, hosted by Andy Erikson @AndyErikson.
By The Monti
"Hey, c'mere. I need to tell you something." Don't you just love it when someone tells you a private story or secret? Of course you do. We all do. And that is what this podcast is all about—telling stories that represent important and personal moments from the lives of the storyteller. Drawn from our live sold out shows produced in North Carolina, these stories are funny, poignant, deeply personal, vulnerable, thoughtful, and expertly crafted. Listen and you will understand why people are sca...
By Red State Update
Podcasting from a bunker underneath Jackie's Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Jackie Broyles and Dunlap yell about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, liberals and conservatives, Never-Trumps and Bernie bros, fake local sponsors, real national politics, pop culture and the 2016 presidential election. If you like sophisticated satire, nuanced political humor, and redneck shitkicking hillbilly country comedy Hee-Haw moonshine outhouse Blue Collar donkey cartoon face, this is the podcast for yo...
The Michael Berry Show on KTRH, Houston
By 92 KQRS
The best clips and highlights from KQ’s afternoon duo, Brian Zepp and Terri Traen. Zepp and Terri can be heard weekdays from 5pm – 7pm (CST) on 92.5 FM in Minneapolis/St. Paul and online worldwide at 92KQRS.com.
By Susanna Lans
Om och från Uppsala. Tre trallande jäntor från Uppsala.com lyfter, hyllar och funderar med utgångspunkt från staden vi älskar. Högt och ibland vanskligt lågt. Aldrig grinigt och ofta gapskrattandes ...
By Tomas Ahlbeck
Swedish standup comedian Tomas Ahlbeck and friends talk about standup comedy and their lives as comedians. Problems that they encountered, and how they managed them. First gig, how to run a club. What to do and what NOT to do in the world of standup comedy.
Two Swedish siblings discuss the last week of their lives and things that caught their attention while procrastinating on the internet.