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By The Drama Hour
The Drama Hour (previously airing on KZSC in Santa Cruz, CA) is a radio drama and comedy show featuring award winning original material and adaptations. Visit us at thedramahour.com for more material!
By Mike Baryla, Rich Nance
Rich and Mike talk Guns, Training, Industry
By Keith Ledig and Kevin Ledig
Brothers butting heads in an entertaining yet enlightening discussion on subjects where others fear to tread. On the confirmation bias podcast you will hear your hosts, Keith and Kevin Ledig discuss news and current events. We will smack talk, fact check, and smash ignorance. Topics for discussion include but are not limited to social, racial, and LGBT issues, politics, religion, economics, and pretty much everything that affects you. Local, national and global news will be discussed. This is...
By DDB Radio
Organ der VV!
By Piff the Magic Dragon
Each week join The Piff Pod Dragon Squad as they discuss the weekly adventures / catastrophes of Piff the Magic Dragon, aka The Loser of America's Got Talent. Recorded live in Las Vegas as well as on the never ending #PiffTour, Piff holds court with Francis the Squire, Jade Simone, one of the last Showgirls left in Las Vegas, and Mr Piffles, The World's Only Magic Performing Chihuahua, to discuss card tricks, kidnapping princesses and sleeping on treasure.
By Craig Smith and Eric Miller
A network of podcasts devoted to album by album and track by track music episodes, as well as interviews.
By Hansen He
A Chinese student talks about how he deals with life after coming to New York for college.
By The New York Dose
3 creative energies backed by a team of multicultural-millennials bringing you pop-culture chit-chat, impactful guests & a dose of NYC via podcasting... deadass
By Rony and Estabon
Welcome to the New York Geeks Podcast!! Join Rony and Estabon on a weekly recap of Geek/Nerd news and events.
By April O'Connor & Alex Mandelberg
The CannaLinguists (on the CrabDiving radio/podcast network) spark one up as comedian/marijuana expert April O'Connor and comedian Alex Mandelberg share marijuana news, drug policy politics, cannabis herb strain/product recommendations and more.
By CJK Productions
Nerd news, #FanboyFeud, comedy, drama, action, excitement, all the fix-ins and none of the calories, The CJK Workshop has it all! Each episode Chris, Joey and Adam welcome guests from all over the cultural melting pot of Los Angeles to get the inside on their latest and greatest and join in on the mayhem that could only be found in a true, independent, nerd workshop. You don't wanna miss a moment with these guys, listen and subscribe today!
By Bob Dean
Los Angeles comedian and bartender Bob Dean hosts this show with terrific special guests, comics and round table discussions about whatever the hell comes up!
By Los Angeles Podcast Festival, LLC
Your source for highlights, special presentations and podcast industry panel discussions from the annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. For tickets and information on the 2015 festival, taking place September 18-20, visit LAPodFest.com
By Full Mexican Geek
El Podcast Donde La Improvisación Es Parte De La Rutina y El Off-Topic Es el Tema Central
By But Not Much More Podcasts
A weekly sports podcast covering the big four LA teams: Dodgers, Kings, Lakers, and Rams. Join Dodgers Nation's Alyssa Jara and Last Word on Pro Football's Josh Ramirez for an uncensored and unforgiving discussion of LA's teams every week. New episodes every Monday!
By George Chen
George Chen (writer, musician, comedian) selects music and chats with friends from different genres of creative endeavor.
By The Shane and Gain Podcast
Two comedians, three microphones, zero boundaries. Bay Area comedians Shane Rogers and Noah Gain host a bi-weekly podcast with mystery guests. Hijinks ensue.
By Brian Krans
The Rock Town Podcasts covers rollerblading, music, comedy, media, and cool stuff we find on the internet.
By Anthony Lindsey
A comedic podcast promoting a comedic look at the struggles and the lows of loving and hustling in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area. The exciting and talented people that contribute to the California progressive lifestyle. AnthonyLindseyPodcast.com -OR- TheLindseySessions.com Thank you for listening! The Lindsey Odyssey Dedicated to those who fight to preserve a comedic life on our planet!
By Pete Munoz & Steve Robinson
Comedian Pete Munoz and Steve Robinson talk to people, So that you don't have to!
By Patafria and Dj.Fresh
Pata Fria & Dj.Fresh podcast show.
By Ian McKee
The Based Space was created to provide a platform for artists, friends, professionals and musicians to share their thoughts, experiences and insights on life. Episodes are open to any and all direction with an emphasis on creativity, life in the Bay Area CA, philosophy, music, self exploration, comedy and much more. The podcast’s host Ian Mckee, is a music producer with deep roots in the Bay Area music and art scene whose connections provide an ongoing spread of inspiring and entertaining g...
By Frank and Jorge
A fans perspective on Bay Area Sports from two guys who are just crazy enough to think you might care...
By Jordan Ash
The Regular Usual Podcast is geared towards people who are considering making a change in their career. Whether you're considering entering a new field that you know nothing about or simply curious about what a day in the life of a certain job is, I've got you covered. From entry level positions and entrepreneurs to world travelers and career students, I'm going to talk to them all. Consider it an education on life choices with some pro tips and advice from the people who lived it.
By Josh Widdicombe, Chris Scull and Michael Marden
A series in which 90’s football aficionado Josh Widdicombe is joined by friends, and fellow 90s experts, co-host Chris Scull and ‘Director of Podcast’ Michael Marden, as the trio embark on a tour of niche football topics of the period 1st January 1990 to 31st December 1999.
By Brian Mannebach and Dave Cheyne
Brian and Dave discuss the world of soccer, and beyond!
By Aaron Hertzog
The Holding Court Podcast is a humorous look at NBA Basketball with hosts Gregg Gethard and Aaron Hertzog. The two are joined by guests to discuss on and off the court antics in the world of professional basketball.
By desicomedy
A weekly podcast with our talented friends!
By Wedge
The Network with No Limits.
By Ola, Theo and Phil
Meet Ola, Theo and Phil. Three friends who work and play in the film industry trying desperately to stay "almost single".Join them as they delve into the deeper (and superficial) side of games, film and pop culture. From their unique and different viewpoints they will talk about the larger questions; whether that be technical, artistic or simply who they want to bang!So please come out to the coast with us, we'll get together and have a few laughs! Do you really want to live forever?Questions...
By Chris Law
The ST814cast covers college football, specifically Penn State Football and is hosted by Penn State alumni and State College native Chris Law. In addition talking pigskin there will also be a nice blend of pop culture and current events mixed in to show. During his time at PSU Law covered the Nittany Lions and upon graduating went on to work in professional sports, spending 5 seasons with the National Football League as a television producer. Following his time with the NFL Law spent 3 yea...
By Sam Bednarchik and Katie Walker
Join Sam and Katie as they deep dive into all kinds of cultural icons. Filmmakers, authors, musicians, artists, maybe even a wholly unproductive celebrity or two (who knows!), doesn't matter so long as we or our listeners are obsessed with them.
By Leo Lion and PJ Lodin
Two teenage comedians sit around a table with a colorful wheel, making jokes that are so dumb that they're brilliant. Leo and PJ are basically the two teenage numbskull brothers you never knew you wished were sometimes real.
By Detroit Cast
The Detroit Cast with Mike & Jay
By Loyal Books
This is the third collection of short stories by Saki, following on from “Reginald” and “Reginald in Russia”. Although some of the stories have characters that do not appear elsewhere in the collection, many of them are loosely centred round the young Clovis Sangrail (effectively a reincarnation of Reginald).
By Up & Coming Hungry Young Tigers Fantasy Baseball
The Outside Corner is a weekly podcast that takes a satirical look at the world of Fantasy Baseball. It is one part The Onion, one part The League and one part Sportscenter. The show provides relevant fantasy baseball information for all scoring formats, with a focus on head to head fantasy points and it's all covered in a candy coating of nonsense. The narrative follows the exploits of a homegrown league started in 2002. The Outside Corner puts the Fantasy back in Fantasy Baseball. Listener ...
By Joe Harrison
Welcome to the new podcast from No Line Radio and Lion's Mouth Entertainment. Join Andrew Gilbertson, Silas Carder, and Joe Harrison, as we explore the realms of "Star Wars", "Star Trek", "Doctor Who", and more. Visit us on the web: http://www.nolinecinemas.com/oc.htm
By DJ Tiger
If you enjoy Urban Contemporary music with comedy, news and entertainment in a morning or afternoon show format.. check out The Sean Jackson Show. It is a 3hr weekly podcast with all of the above and more! We'd love for your to connect with us
We talk about games, food, games, some more food and anything else that may tickle our fancy...
By Anthony Marco
Three ne'er-do-wells and occasional bon vivants turn media past and present on its head with anecdotes, memories and pop culture callbacks.
By Livi Watkinson and Chris Foster
Get Recc'd! Join Livi and Chris as they discuss the media they love, from films to comics, tv shows, books and more. Ever wanted strong zombie opinions or a five minute rant on the Punisher? Get Recc'd has you covered!
By broken bobber
The Broken Bobber Fishing Show is your place for angling entertainment. Taking place in the Midwest, see the great scenery and some fishing hot spots that the region has to offer. Your Wisconsin native hosts, Rookie and Tyler, will keep you on the edge of your seat with the few things they know and the many things they learn on the water.
By theODDCASTshow.com
Dusty Angel, Desy, and Robert come together to form the show that puts a "real life" spin on everything this world has to offer. From Sex and Relationships to Drugs and Alcohol. "It's Funny, Gross, and makes you wanna Drink. They are like a Kind-hearted, Mean Spirited Drinking Buddy you tell Everything to." "These Guys Really know how to Take Something you Thought you had Figured out and Turn it on Its Side!" Hear Us LIVE on Sundays @ 9pm & M-F @7am on ErrorFm.com
By Talkie Talk with Richard
Refuse No Day is a So Cal Band which was formed in January 2010. Richard sought out to fulfill his vision of assembling a band which utilized his vocal influences from the early 90’s which include: Layne Staley, Axel Rose, Scott Weiland and James Hetfield. Nick answered a classified add for a drummer wanted by (Ride Of Fire) at that time. Nick had started out as a punk drummer in the late 90’s, but always loved metal and grunge. Right after the tryout Richard accepted Nick into the band ...
By The Goddamn Dave Hill Show and WFMU
Unstoppable radio: Dave talks with extremely important guests, answers the telephone, and tries to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.
By Feral Audio
A show about theme parks hosted by three childless men in their thirties.
By Crook and Angel
A podcast about being true to self. We discuss love, sex, relationships, music, art, and fashion. Everyday things. Stick to the Code
By Millie Lavelle - Podcaster, blogger, vlogger, NERD
Role to Hit is an actual play podcast (tangents and all) of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. We're working our way to The Tomb of Annihilation!
By Jenni and Pete
A one-hour podcast discussing the funny, dramatic and downright embarrassing antics of your favorite reality show heroes. If your guilty pleasures include the Bachelor, MTV Real World/ Challenge and gossiping about people you have never met, this podcast is for you.
By Josh and Melissa
Josh & Melissa watched Friends one episode at a time. Now they are working on becoming Media Mavens. Episodes can be about just anything, but with a focus on Television shows.
By Perry Michael Simon
Got a few minutes? That's all you need to catch up with the truly odd, real things going on in the world today... no, not THAT weirdness. The OTHER weirdness. Stories you haven't heard elsewhere, direct from radio's storehouse of weird news and conversation starters, Talk Topics at AllAccess.com. Daily, and short. Real short. Follow Talk Topics on Twitter @talktopics and Perry Michael Simon at @pmsimon wherever fine social media is available.
By Kat & Kyle Morck
Every Tuesday, husband-and-wife duo Kat & Kyle Morck give the fancast treatment to a different television show. A television show that they've never seen before, and know nothing about. Shondaland? Campy sci-fi? K-drama? Wings? As long as we haven't seen it before, we'll fancast the hell out of it. It's like when you turn on a mid-season episode of a show you know nothing about and just revel in your own bafflement.
By Kyle Daley
A comedy podcast where we talk about all things nerdy and awesome!
By Project Humanoid
Jack and Brian discuss anything and everything on their minds: Sports, Wrestling, Television, Mixed Martial Arts, Kielbasa, and More!
By The Cartoncast
Ben and Zane reminisce about old cartoons to see if they stand up to the nostalgia test. Listen in as they frequently go off topic as they heroically try to fill a full hour.
Do you love movies, music, games and TV? Do you love listening to grown men talk about them EVEN MORE? Then the BASHBOOMPOW podcast) is for you. Join hosts Adam and Jon for fortnightly dissections of pop culture, movie talk, Simpsons quotes and silliness. It might just save your life. (=DISCLAIMER= It won't save your life)
By Josiah Jenkins
It's The Eight Dollar Game Show! The only podcast that gives one lucky contestant the chance to: WIN! EIGHT! DOLLARS! Every week brings completely new rounds and games! Contestants complete 7 rounds, each worth $1. They can walk away with that money. Or they can put it all on the line for the chance to win $8! You won't want to miss this hilarious gameshow podcast.
By #CJ60 Productions
Each week Tony, Ace, Seth and Matt, a gang of heathen scum, aim to make you laugh with their unique world views and ridiculous readings of awesomely bad internet fan fiction.
We're so gay that even straight people like us. We're two roommates from Vancouver who laugh it up with a new guest every week. Our show aims to bring queer content to the world of podcasting and LOL's to your day. Snicker silently to yourself on the bus or walking down the street as we talk our way through re-occuring segments such as "Cartoon Sex", "Punch in the Face", "Oprah's Favorite Wish", "Gay Wand", and many more. *Disclaimer: Includes explicit content and offensive humour. D...
By Animation Station Podcast
We are a podcast about all things ANIMATION! Discussions, debates and reviews of films and shows, old and new.
By Meryl Williams
A weekly show where guests talk about what's underrated, over drinks. Hosted by Meryl Williams, writer and roller derby girl.
By Kim Belair and Ariadne MacGillivray
The Sexiest Podcast is a weekly ranking of the Sexiest Everything. Join hosts Kim Belair and Ari MacGillivray and their guests as they delve into topics ranging from movie monsters and sea creatures to emoji and ice cream, to finally determine what really is The Sexiest. New episodes every Wednesday.
By eclectik
eclectik discussion, random topics and thoughts covering 80s and 90s Pop culture, Hip Hop, TV, Movies, and anything else that comes to mind!
By Grant Baciocco/Saturday Morning Media
From the creator of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd and puppeteer for The Jim Henson Company comes The Uncle Interloper Show! A biweekly video podcast that features fun for all ages! One week you'll watch a cartoon, another you'll race through the stars on a wooden rocket ship and yet another you'll sing along with Uncle Interloper's goofy songs! The show is always family friendly and always fun!
Jade and Ryan are back to bring you their unique brand of twisted comedy, with reviews, pop-culture discussion, skits and more.
By Lost Wallet MP, LLC
The Rad Years Podcast talks about all the things we loved growing up in the 80's and 90's
By Jourdain Searles
Pop culture, politics, fashion, mental health and everything else discussed by a queer, black, feminist and GUESTS!
By Grant Baciocco & Doug Price - DoctorFloyd.com/Saturday Morning Media
The Official Video Podcast of The Adventures Of Dr. Floyd - www.DoctorFloyd.com - Family Friendly and, at times, Educational! The creators of the web's first Family Friendly Audio Podcast...GO VIDEO!
By The Deej
Where New Yorker cartoons get described and your time gets lovingly wasted. Then our official podcast stenographer recreates each cartoon for you at ifficialnewyorkercartoonpodcast.tumblr.com.
By Richard Gil, Jose Contreras
It's Going to Get Stupid is a pop culture show hosted by two best friends of 20 years.
By 3.2 Company
From the Saltiest Podcast about Star Wars, comes our adventures in Dungeons and Dragons.
By DefenMedia Network
The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast™ Hold 322! 'Nuff Said.
By Emily/Elle
Put on your DJ's (your Dom Jeans), and join Emily and Elle for a biweekly chat about all the romance novels we love and love to hate. Each episode, we'll unload all our arbitrary, unprofessional opinions about a different romantic trope. All of the smut with none of the schmaltz. www.mybookshame.com
By Forever Dog Podcast Network
Comedians Rob Haze and Chris Daniels enter the Kanye-verse to explore the cultural significance and artistic legacy of Mr. Kanye West. Every episode, joined by a special guest, the duo dives into a different chapter of the ever-expanding legend of the mad genius Yeezy.
For the Culture the podcast is hosted by Mr. Brad and co-host Bryso. We focus on the relevant mixed with the irrelevant - real talk mixed with comedy for your entertainment. See the world through our eyes. We will be joined by friends of the show and occasional special guests. *SUBSCRIBE/SHARE/RATE/REVIEW* Email: [email protected] IG & Snapchat: @lovescrewmusic Snapchat: Raul_Scott IG: Itsraul__
By Uber4ortyse7en
The (Secular) Barbershop Podcast: Run by a Secularist of Color; For Secularists of all Colors.
By Jeff, Jill, and Chris
Join Jeff, Jill, and Chris as they discuss the differences between them. Every other week they’ll tackle a different topic, a twelve pack of beer, and a whole lot of disappointment.
By Michael Pierce
Welcome to The Art of Gaming podcast where we talk about the games we love and why we love them. A place where a gamer can feel at home, and probably laugh while we're at it.
By Ian Herrin
The Ian Herrin Improv Half-Hour (IHIHH) is a biweekly podcast hosted by Ian Herrin! Every episode Ian and cohost John Shepard invite on some of the top improvisers from around New York City to talk about their team, wax poetically about life, do an improv set, and plug their upcoming appearance in The Ian Herrin Improv Hour, a live show that takes place on alternate Sundays at 9PM at the PIT Loft in Chelsea. The result is a lovely little espresso shot of friendship and laughter that will leav...
By Troy Rivera
Troy has a passion to learn. However, he gathers many random thoughts from all the information he exposes himself to. He can be on topic, but tends to be random in his thinking. But, one thing is for sure. Troy can tie his randomness together. Join Troy for a great time of talk and laughs weekly.
By Eugene Torres
The Stuff of Legends podcast is hosted by comedian Eugene Torres. Each week, Eugene sits down with a guest to discuss what makes them legendary.
By Crocanapple
Be part of the phenomena! 'The Paranormalists' is the first comedy drama podcast from the UK. Follow the team of supernatural investigators in the English West Country as they encounter UFO abductions, Elvis, and a beast on Bodmin Moor. "DOWNLOAD THIS." The Independent. "REALLY BLOODY GOOD..." Guardian Unlimited. ElectricNews.net wrote "..TALENT HAS A NEW MEANS OF EXPRESSION SO GO CHECK THEM OUT." BBC Radio 5 Live said "...A FANTASTIC LISTEN..." This professional production ...
By Hayley Munn and Eric Taylor
Hi! We're Hayley and Eric. We absolutely love Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. It's been a while since we've watched the shows and we miss them. So we though it'd be fun to go back and experience it all again and review each episode with each other.
By Nic Bowden and Joe Lister-Streep
For centuries man has been fascinated by stories and once in a while, when the stars align, out of the rich tapestry of yarns comes a legend. This is The Legend of 'Nic and Joe' Nic Bowden and Joe Lister-Streep play Nic Bowden and Joe Lister-Streep; two struggling sitcom writers with a deadline to meet, but a severe case of writer’s block. This is hardly surprising though as most of their time is spent becoming embroiled in a series of hair-brained schemes, meeting a plethora of colourful ch...
By The Dubious Gentlemen
We are two lifelong nerds who love games, comics, zombies, and most other forms of fun.
By Nate Sutphen
Every week the host Nate Sutphen and his guests look at some of the most interesting Kickstarters available and decide which are worth investing in!
By Porsha and Jerry
do you like pop culture? do you like venting about pop culture? do you like rants? ..... you get the point this podcast is for you! just sit back and let the sounds of Jerry Joseph and Porsha flow like a river of mystical love through your ear holes:) Catch all of are podcast here! check us out on twitter @convocollage Check out our first podcast now! :)
By LSG Media
There are no X-Files podcasts like this one. Dean and Josh deliver unfiltered and hilarious commentary about The X-Files. The LSG Media team is not afraid to speak freely, and they routinely push the boundaries of the politically correct. If you’re looking for pompous, high-brow, better-than-you discussion – look elsewhere. The hosts are authentic and unapologetic in how much fun they have with the content. Tune in every Wednesday and listen to a new episode.
By Two True Freaks!
The official podcast of The Hammer Strikes, this is the general and disconnected musings of your average middle aged geek. Topics can range from Star Trek to Comic Books, from Doctor Who to Myhtology.  No topic is spared.
By The ALT Morning Show
ALT mornings w/ Fook, Lindsey, and Dusty! A non practicing Jewish wiseass, a tattooed angel with a heart of gold, and the ex-Mormon ex-waiter. Music, too! 6-10am in Utah on ALT 101.9 FM or anywhere, anytime on the app!
By Frank Edward Nora
Your Late Night Broadcast
By Joseph Creitz, Law Professor and Attorney
The Law Is My Ass (apologies to Charles Dickens), AKA "Law My Ass," provides smart, humorous, commentary on current legal news and issues - from new Supreme Court decisions, to pending legislation, to the reach of the First Amendment -- presented by a unique and uniquely qualified combination of attorneys and humorists.
By Just Say Mehbe
Have you ever wanted to become an expert but realized that you failed to know anything? This podcast will teach you how to become an expert on everything, one lesson at a time.
By Loyal Books
When Hank Morgan, a practical, no-nonsense Yankee who works in an ammunition factory as a head superintendent gets into a fight with an aggressive employee, little does he know what's in store for him. The bully lays Morgan low with a skull-crushing blow delivered with a crowbar and knocks him out. When Morgan regains consciousness, he finds himself transported back in time, to the sixth century. From here on, the story describes the travails of a hard-boiled, true blue American with strong d...
By Loyal Books
Written nearly seven decades before Neil Armstrong's historic “Giant leap for Mankind” this book by one of the most influential sci-fi writers in English is an interesting read. The First Men in the Moon by Herbert George Wells, the English author who is today called the Father of Science Fiction, describes a strange and fantastic voyage. Businessman and budding playwright, John Bedford takes a sabbatical from his work and decides to write a play. He moves to a lonely cottage in Kent where h...
By Mattroid, Station, and Solo
Welcome to The Sci-Fi Podcast, a bi-weekly podcast focused on in-depth discussion of all things Science Fiction. The Sci-Fi Podcast features three hosts — Mattroid, Solo, and Station! — and frequent guests. Each episode we look at a science fiction theme or franchise and take the discussion where no show has gone before.