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The VD Clinic – Legion

By The VD Clinic – Legion
Step into the clinic where the most unusual of pop culture cases are treated. From the cult classics to those best left buried, join David and Vanessa as they treat all patients equally - with a healthy irreverence and just a pinch of love.

Unboxed Radio

By Randal Falcone
Welcome to the Unboxed Radio podcast, where amazing things happen. People grow, learn, laugh, experience greatness, check themselves, make friends, and all in between step out of that box, from The school of hard knocks, right off the top, a chip from the old block! This is Unboxed!

What am I doing with my life??

By T.J. Schrette
Throughout my life I have found that listening to people's stories gives me new perspectives about how life can be lived becasue ultimately there is no way we are supposed to live life. This podcast will be a place to present different backgrounds and stories of different people in hopes that some listeners connect with what is being said. Life has no finite meaning or way of being lived so live your life the way you want to as the people in this podcast have chosen to live theirs.

Schade - Der Podcast

By Schade - Der Podcast
“we need to have a podcast together” is the millennial “dude, we should totally start a band” (copyright: @severalcrows) - Unter diesem Motto nimmt sich die Boyband, bestehend aus Florian Barnikel und Patrick Wira ihrem ersten Comedyprojekt an. LISTEN!

Christina’s Corner

By Christina Lester
Heeeyyyyy guys my name is Christina Lester and I host a show on YouTube called “The Parrot Show”. I’m now bringing the show to the airwaves.


I just talk about anime and their latest episode's

World Peace Hour

By G. Canon
This Podcast is about everything and anything.


By Musla pod
Podcast by Musla pod

Aimlessly Purposeful Podcast

Purposeless topics discussed to find a purpose


By Xing Liew
Hustle friends still learning the art of hustle.


Well come to my podcast in which i just take bout how i feel when i feel it an anything that come to my head just be me

Coombesy and...

By Craig PapaCoombesy
A chat with people from all walks of my life, friends, entertainers, music stars, comedians, theatre performers and others.

11th Hour Audio Productions

By Audio Drama Network
Sometime back in September 2015 we decided we wanted to produce a quick horror audio drama, just for fun. In Intensive Care fashion, we asked some of the fellow audio drama producers living in the Northeast if they wanted to be a part of some Audio Drama Day mayhem. The response was a resounding “Hell Yes!”, and 11th Hour Audio Productions was born. Each October, we will feature new stories created by Audio Drama teams from all over the world to tingle your spine and shiver your soul.

Cassidy the singer

By Cassidy Bennett
Hey guys my name is Cassidy, I’m a singer,dancer and actress. Come check out my podcasts to learn more about me. Keep it FABULOUS

Tolkien White Girl

By Tolkien White Girl
When I was 15 I wrote a fantasy epic. 10 years later, I'm forcing my friends to read it with me.

Late Night Chat With Javi And Alan

By A&Jfunction
Welcome to the late night chat with Javi and Alan. These podcast at the moment are recorded mainly only phone until we can get better mics for our phones. We record these mainly at night.

What Queens Say Podcast

By Queen Delight and Delicious
We are the Queen D's here to entertain you Kings and Queens. From the mundane to the insane, we have you covered. Tune in every week and follow us on Soundcloud and Instagram.

Cher and Retweet Podcast

By Lipp Media
Diva. Icon. Legend... and now she’s got Twitter. A comedic journey down the rabbit hole that is Cher’s twitter feed. What does Cher think about? Who are her followers? How is her emoji use interpreted? The deeper you go, the more questions you’ll have. From the politically charged, to the wonderfully self-deprecating; join comedians Andy Balloch and Justin Porter, two best friends from opposite sides of the world, in a quest to better understand the woman behind the curtain in the ever expand...

Thinking Habits Podcast

By Thinking Habits
There are a few excellent Mental Health podcasts out there but there's definitely room for more conversation. Here is Thinking Habits. It's going to be part exploration of conditions, social stigma, policy etc and part frank discussion about living with mental illness. Most importantly though it is going to be humorous, irreverent and relaxed. I want it to be sensitive but at the same time humour (often dark) goes hand in hand. It'll find it's own path and we'll see how it goes. I am a qualif...

Oriol Serra

By Oriol Serra
Este verano quería convertirme en el cantante de moda pero, como no se ni cantar ni actuar, he preferido hacer podcast para entretener a la gente. ¿Nos escuchamos entre tinto de verano y horchata?

Deviant Radio

By Jeff Shinn
Jeffs sad...


Welcome to my podcast , honestly I can’t tell you front hand what I would be discussing because I wouldn’t even know myself . My inspiration is you , the people around . What I think and believe would be told . I might even get savage Idk lol. But just hope you enjoy and stuff.

Watch and Learn Podcast

By Sky Matsuhashi and Dustin Heiner
In this show, Sky and Dusty discuss the life lessons they learn from the movies they watch. They watch a combination of new movies in theaters and some of their older favorites. Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi and Dustin Heiner. Please visit and learn more at

Let Them Eat Gayke

By Chris Farias
In a world full of terrible tariffs, Trumpian slips, and too many straws, sometimes you need to balance it all out by having a little serious fun. Oh, and eating a whole lot of cake! Meet your two new GBFFs, Chris and Jared - life and business partners, the famous "gayest cake in the world" couple, and podcast hostesses with the mostesses. "Let them eat gayke" podcast has all the hot topics you want to chat about, delivered with a slice of sugary sweetness. Make sure to visit www.letthemea...

What planet are you from?

By Mat Bugden
Tales from a common prankster!


By Kishore twist bbxr


Another dude on hear

Monday Munch day with Big Zaddy

By Bigzaddy
Monday munch day is all about entertainment, relationship, lifestyle, music and everything nice, everything worth talking about. Tune in.

Web Summit: TV & Film

By PodcastOne
Web Summit started as a simple idea in 2010: Let’s connect the technology community with all industries, both old and new. It seemed to resonate. Web Summit has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”. Now you can hear a number of the lectures and panels as podcasts. Listen, learn and grow.

B-EZ Radio

By B-EZ Radio
The greatest side hustle of all time. A podcast hosted by Cody Upchurch and Spencer Day.

Nerd Pulse

By NerdPulse
J and Aussie discuss topics that they consider to be part of their nerdy culture: including but not limited to movies, toys, video games, animation, and more. It's a mixture of opinion, wacky humor, and knowledge of nerdy pop culture.

Stories and Such

By Anna Helen Corbould
Welcome to the Stories and Such podcast, bringing you original audio plays and more.

The Teng Yang Podcast

By Teng Yang
Welcome to The Teng Yang Podcast!

Mrs. Always Wright

By Mrs. Always Right
Welcome to my world, come sit in the couch with me


By Shanique Walker
When can you start using titles? Is there a specific time frame? Boyfriend and girlfriend, wife husband... titles make things complicated.

Stoney Mcgoney

By Anissa Jay
Just some folks discussing thins and random sessions.

TRT with Pam, Sal, Larissa and Andre

By Pam, Sal, Larissa, and Andre
An bunch of friends drinking, rambling, and laughing about the dumbest sh*t you've ever heard.

I Give You... The Basic Inconceivable Travels Thoughts & Trials Of 21 Billion Geese (In A Grown Man)

By Jackson Bryant Shellenberger
Welcome to the I Give You... The Basic Inconceivable Travels Thoughts & Trials Of 21 Billion Geese (In A Grown Man) podcast, where amazing things happen.

Jamar productions

By Jamar productions
Welcome to Jamar Production where we talk about sports news time and what's going on what's your life

LKS PodCast

By Jett Ronan Nicholson
Medieval Weapons

Skyler Martinez

By ZackGaming 22
Stories and what not


By Jhay😘
Welcome to THE TRUTH ROOM 😊 were we tell the truth NO LIES allowed!.

Crazy Antics with J & J

By James Orzech
Where we, a young couple, talk about whatever we want, in the moment.

You Talkin' To Me?

By You Talkin' To Me?
In conversation with people who really have got something to say.


Wooooah man, let’s have a discussion

On Point English

Having fun!!! Teaching, learning... yes! We can learn too. Helping others improve their life and english at the same time. 3 times a week.

Some People's Kids

By Some People's Kids
Radio broadcasting students who had the great idea to start a podcast. Our goals is nothing held back comedy on anything and everything!

The Council Podcast

By The Council
We’re gritty, irreverent, testy, strong and on the verge of losing it most days but find joy and laughter in the midst. Because that’s what it takes!

The Worst Guys

Bringing insight into the kind of conversations that the youth are having today. Using political satire as well as their comedic backgrounds, The Worst Guys bring light to even the darkest situations. Telling the truth with an undeniable sense of charm, look to them to see into the future of our nation. For raw, for real, for truth!

The Super Circuitcast!

By Overmental Podcasts
Games, Maybe

The Meowingtons Podcast

By Unknown
Inspired by one woman’s unconditional love for cats, Meowingtons is more than a company – it's now also a podcast.

술주나 안주나

안주 뭐 먹지? 고민하지 마세요! 최고의 안주를 추천합니다. 술 부르는 방송! 술주나 안주나~~

The Lighter Side - Real Stories of Transformation

By Jay Casale
Raw conversations with people who have taken charge of their lives and transformed their bodies and their circumstances. But funny.


By iDunnoRadio - WIDK
Join Fishstick, Lulu, The Brofessor, and Mulch for the biggest trainwreck in radio history! (With your help of course!) Listener submitted content is turned into garbage and burned in the mouths of these inept hosts every Monday morning on 109.1 WIDK!

The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour

By OG Podcast Network
The OG Podcast Network

The Happy Place

By Dave Probert
Dave Probert invites guests to make a list of five things that make them happy. They then go through the list and discuss what makes each one so great.

Bimply Scrimpolton, Cosmic Nomad

By Bimply Scrimpolton
names bimply scrimpolton and this here is my podcast. enjoy and know that I love you and am always watching you through your window


By LQSD Podcast
Somos Edi, Leonardo y Juan Manuel. Hablamos de Películas, Series, Música, Internet y Cosas que nos parecen Divertidas. Siempre con nuestra opinión y humor. | [email protected] | encuentranos en instagram y twitter como LQSDPodcast

El que pierda lava los platos

By Juan David Montoya, Pablo Perez
Podcast de cultura general y generalmente irrelevante

The JackPod

By Jack Vale, Inc.
Jack Vale, the king of prank comedy with millions of followers on YouTube and a previous reality show on HSN, comes to the podcasting arena loaded with impressions, prank calls, family stories and famous guests. Always equipped to entertain in a family-friendly fashion, you'll get an insider funny look into the mind of a prankster.

jerseybeerguys's podcast

By Rob Towey
Show about the exploding craft beer scene in NJ and what it's all about. Four friends talk to brewers and others about what is going on, where the industry is headed and why you should give craft beer a try

All The Things

By Marilyn Diaz Norris and Mikaela Edwards
Two twenty-somethings talking about all the things, we are so happy you're here!

Lovejoy Actually

Lovejoy out loud with us every other Wednesday as we watch every episode of the beloved British comedy drama Lovejoy, and discuss it afterwards. Over wine.

Sad and the City Podcast

By Sad Smith
Childhood friends from Ottawa, Marisa and Jay have come back together in the big smoke to talk depression, anxiety and how to fake a smile while paying Toronto rent prices. With half the shoes and twice the drama welcome to Sad and the City

Hire Us as Your Writers

By Hire Us as Your Writers
Hire Us as Your Writers takes you inside the writer's room of Evan and Riley, your hosts/writers and pitchmen. Every week, they reboot and spin-off your favorite books, movies, TV shows, and games. With a dream in their hearts and a tumbler of whiskey in their hands, let these bumbling buds feel your ears with jokes, jives and ideas you can steal to enrich yourselves, all to fulfill their goal to save Pop Culture, one hour a week.

Betty Botter

By Karl-Leisner-Schule
Englischer Zungenbrecher


By Dewey Wichman
This is the first part

A Woman's Smile with Patti Harrison and Lorelei Ramirez

By Forever Dog Podcast Network
A Woman's Smile is a podcast where Patti Harrison and Lorelei Ramirez talk about, well, everything! But especially the gentle and kind nature of a woman's smile.

Spoiler Alert

By Phoenix Radio
I'm Charles, and I'm Brandon, welcome to Spoiler Alert. If you don't like knowing what's going to happen in movie you haven't seen, then you're gonna hate us, but you'll always want to hear what we have to say. We enjoy movies for their passion and reflection of life. Join us as we poke fun, get serious, and get interesting with your favorite films! From time to time we'll have guests and giveaways! Thank you to Phoenix Radio for believing in our brains to bring you our voice every week...

Reality on the Record

By Marcus Wadsworth and Matt Storms
Matt Storms and Marcus Wadsworth talk about music, gripe about daily struggles, insult each other and talk about Matt's record store patrons and other various topics. Reality on the Record is recorded from Matt's record shop, Red Rooster Records, in Des Moines, IA. Special thanks to Handlebar for allowing usage of their track "Pink Pocket." For more information about Handlebar please visit Handlebar on Facebook or ReverbNation. The artwork for Reality on the Record was created by Katie ...

Two Beers and a Book

By Two Beers Production
Listen as the worlds great literature is discussed over two beers


By Pedro Jiménez Ubierna
Joven comico

Stor I Orden Men Liten På Jorden

By Stor I Orden Men Liten På Jorden
Stor i orden men liten på jorden är en podcast skapad av två 15-åriga grabbar från Lidingö.

White Wine Issues Podcast

By White Wine Issues Podcast
A PowerPress site

Mete A Loka

By Mete A Loka
Podcast by Mete A Loka

Rise and Rant Podcast

By Rise and Rant
Join Baller and Lee on the Rise and Rant podcast where they complain about the true problems in life, like peanut butter and dog pictures on social media. There is a new topic to rant about every week, but things usually get off topic real quick. It's guaranteed fun, laughter, and some controversy. We would love it if you gave us a listen.

Researcher Drieson's Narrations

By Jonathan Provencal
I will be narrating various articles off of the SCP Foundation wiki.

Empty Bottle Chronicles Podcast

By Empty Bottle Chronicles
USA Today featured. MTV praised. Juxtaposition of riveting commentary and inebriation. Hosted by a drunken Rob Sherrell. Follow us @EBCPodcast. *Drink Responsibly*

Og Kick Sta

By Og Kick Sta
Opening up who u really is over the phone being you...

Brothers and Beer

By Steve Rowland / Ken Rowland
Each week two brothers, Steve and Ken, drink and discuss 4 different craft beers, or weird beers as Steve calls them, and bullshits about the insanity of life. The beers will start out local to our their home state of Ohio, and often times include a beer that Ken brewed himself, but will eventually expand into beers from all over the country, and even the world. We will also be discussing different topics throughout the episodes. These may be current events, controversial topics, sports topic...

On the Road with Beau and Joe

By Joe Karso
Just a couple guys on the road. We’re going coast to coast enjoying America’s National Parks and some other cool stuff. We talk about where we are, what we’re doing, and various topics sent in by listeners like you. Feel free to reach out on instagram @BeauRessa or @JoeKarso!

Vale Wurth

By Val.W.
i have a lot of stupid conversations wimy friends nothing more nothing less. I hope it's entertaining

Fox & Foes Podcast

By Michael Priest & Kat Ramzinski
A podcast hosted by comedians Michael Priest and Kat Ramzinski, about the Russia investigation, for people who are terribly bored by it all. Join us as we dive into the ocean of lies fed to us by Shuckabee, try to decipher the tweets of an literate president, and Let's make this disaster FUN again! Maddow Rundowns and Morning Joe updates/musings abound! Feel free to email any inquiries to us at: [email protected]

Paradigm Shift

By Abdelrahman Shaffie
A comparison between eastern and western societies in terms of how society works and misconceptions that westerns have about eastern societies.

Terra's Terrible Talk Show

By Terra Rodgers
Welcome hi I'm Terra What else can I say ....


By northcast
Podcast de actualidad tratando de dar un punto de vista mas fresco posible.

Thirst Take: Blow The Whistle

By Michael Keys
Black commentary meets hoops conversations plus more

Luke Who's Talking

By Luke Who's Talking
The Luke Who's Talking Podcast is a fortnightly venture into the life of Luke, a twenty something year old living in a regional Australian City.

Atypically Topical

By Josh Paredes
Join hosts Mindy and Josh as they discuss strange and interesting topics such as badass kids, unusual crimes, and more!

Criminal Casebook: A False Crime Podcast

By Criminal Casebook
Criminal Casebook, hosted by Ralph Jones and Joel Gatehouse, is a comedy murder mystery podcast hosted at Kings Place in London. Comedians including Miles Jupp, Josie Lawrence, and Marcus Brigstocke have performed at the gig, because it's a decent gig and they're decent people.

Men Are From Mars

By Demi Hughes
Your #1 podcast for whats real on relationships, from a real couple.

Release Rotation

By John W Snyder
Release Rotation is a podcast that tells the story behind the story. I'm John W Snyder, and I created this podcast to hear the untold stories of brands and people that are't that well known... the little guy...

Café con César

By Cesar Paradisi
Este podcast esta completamente dedicado a la opinión publica de diferentes personas e invitados especiales. Cesar Paradisi el host del show invita a diferentes personas para tomar una taza de café late y disfrutar del ambiente del podcast mientras en el mismo se discuten temas de cualquier tipo ya sean del pasado, el presente o el futuro. Café con César es una producción realizada en la Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires en la Republica de Argentina y al igual que los invitados en este podc...

Truths Be Told

By Sonar Podcast Team
A storytelling comedy podcast that puts you on the receiving end of some truly riveting true stories. Host Lindsay Mullan dives into a new theme each episode with her dynamic and entertaining guests.