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By Dr. Yanina Gomez
This show is about real moms sharing real advice. We come as we are; no scripts, fancy make up or hair do’s. My hope is that you find this podcast inspirational and encouraging and borrow a few tips and ideas here and there!
By Brian & Christie Moore
A podcast about marriage, kids, families and more.
By Leslie & Britni your MilSpouse CoffeeHouse Podcast Baristas
A Podcast for military spouses: Currently brewing to Launch Spring 2018! Check out our Intro Episode! Podcast where military spouses are free to espresso ourselves! Your podcast Baristas Leslie & Britni have a latte on our minds. Along with our Open Mic Guests, we’ll serve up some of the hottest topics in the military community! This coffeehouse podcast is BYOB - fill your mug with your drink of choice & join us as we serve up the hottest topics in our military spouse world!
By Jacqui Letran
Are you tired of that critical voice inside your head telling you that you're not good enough or that something is wrong with you? That voice is your Inner Bully and it's holding you back and destroying your self-esteem and self-confidence. You don't have to listen to that voice anymore! Tune in each week to get bite-sized info and easy, actionable steps to transform your Inner Bully into your own Best Friend and Personal Champion for success! We'll share tips and techniques to help you crea...
By Shaki Varado
Sideline Radio is an extension of Sideline Society to help Youth Sports Moms and Team Moms learn how to plan and organize their lives on the sideline with step-by-step how-to tutorials, workshops, product reviews, and printables. Our audience includes moms and dads from all sports, and of all ages, including: basketball, football, flag football, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, cheer, track, wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, golf, and more! Sideline Society is a...
By Donna. M
Welcome to Coffee & Banana Bread with Donna. Where you get 50% Mum Life, 50% Everything Else and 100% Honesty Xx
By LizGar
Inspired by Ephesians 4: 1-5, Living Worthy is a podcast built to bring freedom to parents and children alike. It is designed to create a bond of love and understanding through a place of mutual worthiness. Ending the shame cycle that holds us captive to seeing one another as the enemy. Together, let’s open the door of communication through truly listening with a heart to understand. We invite you to an honest and open conversation between parents and children.
We are an unofficial fortnightly Disney podcast that talk about all things relating to the Mouse!
By ❤️ Hoffnungsvoll Kindgerecht
Dein Kinderwunsch und Baby Podcast fürs Herz
By Michael Skiff
Love is hard. We tackle the tough stuff along with you and help you elevate your relationships with truth and authenticity. Warning: no fluffy platitudes here, just real, raw truth about life and love ;-)
Mødregrupper er noget ganske særligt. Her er din digitale af slagsen.
By Philip Stockerer
Beziehungsratgeber gibt es zu Hauf und jeder von uns kennt bestimmt die eine oder andere Person, die leidenschaftlich gerne - manchmal auch ungefragt - Liebes- & Beziehungstipps gibt. Doch was stimmt wirklich? Kann man einer anderen Person, egal wie gut man sie kennt, wirklich einen Rat in Liebesangelegenheiten geben? Wir sind skeptisch, möchten den möglichen Rezepten allerdings auf den Grund gehen, sie kritisch beleuchten und mit unseren eigenen Erfahrungen ergänzen.
By Entertainment Weekly / Anchor
In this podcast we talk about movie magic and do all kinds of fun things! Join us each Sunday for a new episode! You will not want to miss it!
By Colleen Kessler
Want to raise your kids to love learning? To become lifelong learners -- children who know that they can find the answers to anything they're curious about? This podcast about learning, exploring passions, cultivating creativity, and encouraging our kids to be fascinated by the world around them. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and listen to how others help inspire kids to view their world with play and passion and fascination.
By Greydaliz Rivera
¡Hola TodoPoderosa! Mi nombre es Greydaliz. Saber lo que quiero e ir tras ello me convierte en una auténtica Bicha Cool, pues una mujer empoderada, aunque simpática, no siempre cae bien. … y yo, al parecer soy una de esas cabeciduras que cuando una idea se le mete en la cabeza no paran hasta alcanzarla. Así fue como hice mi casa sin la ayuda del banco, he viajado por el mundo y decidí jubilarme ante de los 30´s para vivir a mi manera. Muchas me han preguntado cómo hago para salirme con la mí...
By Organic Reset
Healing Simplified - We discuss the simplest, most natural, effective ways to improve your health, success, wealth and overall happiness.
By Mr. Madu Cat
I have so much to tell you.
By Reno Dads
Join your hosts, Jonathan, Mike, and David as we discuss a wide range of things like fatherhood, Reno, and anything else that comes to mind. This show is likely to have a lot of #dadjokes. You've been warned!
By Anastasia Dedyukhina
Useful tips on how to have a healthier relationship with your tech devices, be more focused and creative in the age of digital distractions. Podcast by Anastasia Dedyukhina, founder of Consciously Digital, TEDx speaker and book author
By Heart To Heart Podcast
Heart to heart advice for righteous Muslim wives looking to create marriages that are pleasing to Allah Most High.
By Rory's Moms / Anchor
Conversations with a 2 year old
By Luke Russo / Anchor
Free will and politics
By Dadpodcast / Anchor
Dotson talks of a dad living the sober life and trying to walk that road with the Lord
By BiggestLittleMoms
Petite women with big personalities struggling to manage motherhood, marriage & everything in between.
By Lonnie Gienger
This podcast is for people who have the courage to learn and to do what it takes to design the life of their dreams. Many people think success is something that just happens to you if you’re lucky or work hard enough. We believe that behind every success is a system in action. Join Lonnie Gienger and his family as they share real life stories and learnings from our journey to create specific processes that produce success in business and in life.
By Dennis Fredrickx
Welkom bij de Barefoot Men Podcast. Barefoot Men is een platform voor alle mannen van Vlaanderen en Nederland die de uitdaging willen aangaan om elke dag een beetje beter te worden als papa, als partner, als man. In de podcast krijg je praktische ideeën en inspiratie aangereikt om zelf te bepalen waar jij beter in kan worden. Succes!
By RadioPlay
Du får nok lidt røde kinder, når du lytter til de frække godnathistorier fra Vi Unge. Der kommer en ny, sød historie hver torsdag!
By RadioPlay
Gør dig klar til at krumme tæer! Det bliver nemlig totalt pinligt, når vi afslører de akavede Top 3-lister over de allerpinligste historier fra lytterne. Og så fortæller Vi Unge-redaktionen selvfølgelig også om deres egne pinlige oplevelser. Nyt afsnit hver onsdag!
By RadioPlay
Er jeg normal? Hvordan kysser man? Og hvad gør jeg, hvis mit crush ikke er vild med mig? Få svar på alle dine spørgsmål i Vi Unges podcast ”Brevkassen”.
By RadioPlay
Sofie skal starte i en ny klasse, og det gør hende en ret nervøs. Heldigvis får hun snart sommerfugle i maven på grund af en virkelig sød fyr, hun møder på den nye skole! Lyt til de 18 afsnit i Vi Unges serie ”Sofies Liv”.
New dads, seasoned dads, dads that have transitioned to grandfathers. This a place where we can come together and share our experiences and lets face it some dad fails! Mike and Adam will be bring dad's on to share their experiences and advice. All of this while we document our experiences with our kids. If you have a suggestion or would like to share your Dad Experience email us at [email protected] or follow us on twitter @dadexppodcast. You can find Adam on Twitter @adambusuttil
By Pastor Joshua Stump & Justin Lett
In 2016, The Eden Gate, and The Keeill Fellowhsip, united to become The Local Church. These 2 thriving churches in East Nashville desired to see the power of God evoked by humble unity in the Gospel. We were each convinced that we'd see this more, together, than we ever would separately and so with deep conviction to "become one," as Jesus' prayed for His disciples in John 17,... WE DID! John 17: 18 & 21 18 As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world... 21 I p...
By RadioPlay
Underhållning för barn, Undervisning för vuxna.
By Nobody / Anchor
By Juan Jesús Pleguezuelos
En este programa ofrecemos consejos sobre como aplicar la tecnología en el aula. En cada episodio trataremos sobre una herramienta tecnológica y su aplicación didáctica. Entendemos que las nuevas tecnologías pueden ser elementos potenciadores del proceso educativo, pero para ello han de aplicarse con responsabilidad.
By Juan Jesús Pleguezuelos
Programa de radio dedicado a la educación, se tratarán todos los aspectos que rodean el ámbito de la enseñanza, y siempre desde una perspectiva constructiva. Así comentaremos y leeremos los artículos previamente publicados en el blog www.elprofesorinquieto.com
By The Sing-Along Podcast
Have you ever wanted to run a fundraiser but didn't know where to start? ​ We wanted to help you do just that by podcasting our entire experience putting this together.  That way you can avoid making our mistakes and put on an event of your own!
By Canal Once
Alan y Staff siempre tienen aventuras, anécdotas e historias que compartir. Conoce más sobre ellos y lo que les gusta hacer.
By The Voice KennyKennard / Anchor
A Lil' Something To Think About In Regards To The Lil' People or Teens...
By Rebecca Dekker
The mission of Evidence Based Birth® is to raise the quality of childbirth care globally, by putting accurate, evidence based research into the hands of families and communities, so they can make informed, empowered choices. In this podcast, we cover the research evidence on common questions about pregnancy and birth!
In Breaking Mum and Dad: The Podcast, TV presenter and national best selling author Anna Williamson brings the no-nonsense conversation about parenthood and paternal mental health from her new book to life. In frank and open conversations with celebrity parenting pals and well-known bloggers, Anna covers anxiety, post-natal depression, loneliness, guilt, fertility and so much more. A perfect companion to any parent dealing with the ups and downs that life with little one’s brings....grab ...
By Manasha West / Anchor
This podcast is about what myself, and my eight-year-old daughter,Naomi-Elle,learned in 2017.
By Cool Facts About Animals Podcast
This is a podcast by and for kids giving you the coolest facts about the coolest animals.
By Kayla W / Anchor
Student at PSI High who works with children to change the future of tomorrow.
By Kenesha Williams
The Write Like A Mutha Podcast interviews moms who are also writers or in the literary and publishing industry. Our podcast asks the questions about juggling writing,publishing, marketing with the tasks of motherhood. And tries to come up with the answer to the question of "How Do You Do it All?"
By Dr Ron Ehrlich - Holistic Health, Personal Empowerment, Dentist and Author
Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich, is a continuation of a conversation started in my book called ‘A Life Less Stressed: The Five Pillars of Health and Wellness’. It digs deeper into the stresses in life (emotional, environmental, nutritional, postural and dental) that can challenge our health, and the pillars of health (sleep, breathe, nutrition, movement and thought) that can build us back up. We will look at what “holistic” actually means and how we can become holistic citizens and thinkers abou...
By Nicky
'Dreaming and doing with Nicky Raby' discusses success, but not in the traditional sense. The online world can still be a little mysterious, so I am going to be chatting to business owners and personal brands all about their version of success. How he/she did it, what the dream vs the reality looks like, how to make significant money whilst remaining creative and flexible (also HOW they do this) and the power of the portfolio career. I also want to give you business and mindset tools to acc...
By Tenesha O / Anchor
Hi my name is Tenesha, on my podcast I will be talking about my life ,current events and taken,questions
By Rachelle Fritz / Anchor
A little bit of honesty mixed with motivation & Inspiration from a mom who loves the hell out of her family, but is devoted to working on herself as well.
By Kinderling Kids Radio
Our new relaxing meditation series is specially designed to soothe kids to sleep at bedtime. Hosted by mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, join us on a wonderful journey into sleepy-time, visiting lots of magical places in our imaginations as we wind down, slow down and snuggle down.
By Brendan Mahan
In ADHD Essentials, Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S. interviews parents, teachers and experts to get their views on ADHD in childhood, and how it affects families.
By Natalie Hansen - Women Motivator
A motivational podcast for women to help us become our best selves in a world where it's easy to get stuck.
By Geysel Serrano & Bryan Serrano
When it comes to money and marriage, many couples don’t know what to do or where to go for guidance to help their situation. The Love Ultimately Podcast, hosted by Geysel and Bryan Serrano, was created to help couples take control of both their money and marriage. In this podcast you will find helpful interviews with experts, and conversations with real couples, who have gone through their own challenges in their marriages and have succeeded. Bryan and Geysel know how stressful and scary it c...
By Choice Financial People First Podcast
Thanks for joining us for our Choice Financial’s PeopleFirst Podcast series! Every year, we sift through hundreds of stories from our locations across North Dakota, all featuring the wonderful things that happen when our team members put PeopleFirst. We’ve selected a few of our favorites and turned them into podcasts -- and you might just hear them if you give our office a call, too! You just clicked on a great story. So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy! This just one of SO MANY amazing ...
By Militant Motherhood
We are dedicated to eliminating the fear associated with motherhood. "She who rocks the cradle, rules the world" is our motto and we aim to empower mothers (new and veteran) to embrace leadership + entrepreneurship. Through humor, personal anecdotes of successful "mompreneurs" and resources to jumpstart any brand, Militant Motherhood advocates that life doesn't end with children - legacies begin.
By Nilly / Anchor
Effective ways to integrate technology to your children!
By cora-familycare / Anchor
Wenn wir ein Baby sehen, besonders ein Neugeborenes werden wir andächtig, halten inne, sind bezaubert und beglückt. Diese Momente sind von extremer Wichtigkeit für die Bindung zwischen dem Kind und den Bindungsmenschen, insbesondere der Mutter. Aber manchmal passieren unvorhergesehene Dinge wie Schwierigkeiten oder Trauma in der Schwangerschaft unter der Geburt oder im Wochenbett. Eine Geburt, die nicht so war wie geplant. Schwierigkeiten für das Baby unter der Geburt. Das Baby schreit nun v...
By Homeschooling His Children
We are a homeschooling family that loves the outdoors, working the land, building our dream life and helping others along the way.
By Brett Neilsen and Ross Hartmann
Theme Park After Dark discusses the relationship between theatre and theme parks.
By Neogentrics / Anchor
If it were you or what would you do?
By Byron Owens / Anchor
It's about trying to get people to do good & to tell people what's going on in this world
By Marc Perel
Dad Life wants to champion dads from all over the world, sharing their story about parenthood, and make it cool to be a dad.
By radek spidla
Měli jste někdy štěně? Že ne? Pak je pravý čas zjistit, jak velké starosti má malý pejsek. Musí se naučit růst, vrtět ocáskem, olizovat, loudit a spoustu dalších dovedností. Pojďte s námi za Dášenkou – nejslavnější štěně vás zaručeně pobaví! Znáte večerníčka o Dášence? Už nemusíte čekat, až přijde na řadu! Poslechněte si Dášenčin příběh kdykoliv a kdekoliv. Dášenka potrápí nejen svoji maminku Iris, ale také každého, kdo se dostane do její blízkosti – a nemusí to být jenom člověk. Poradí si ...
By radek spidla
Oblíbená česká pohádka. Knihu pro děti napsal známý český spisovatel Vladimír Vančura, známý také svým "Rozmarným létem". Čeká vás trochu dobrodružné a trochu roztomilé putování medvědáře a jeho rozpustilého medvídka. Nechte se unést milou atmosférou a užijte si chvíle pohody. K dispozici máte zcela zdarma celou knihu.
By Steven Schneitman / Anchor
Thoughts and ideas of wisdom that come from reading Proverbs every day. I’m not a minister/preacher... I’m just a dad of four, husband of one, and follower of Jesus.
By Dai Time / Anchor
Hi everyone it’s me your girl Dai Timeeee and I have gotten a podcast!! Can’t wait to start another adventure with you all!!
By ThatcherTalks / Anchor
Hi i’m Thatcher and this is ThatcherTalks. I’m 7 years old and here you can find my thoughts and views on things such as presidency, sandwiches without the crust, and why i think we should make everything free, and much more.
Co-hosts Garrett J White and Danielle K White share in this weekly podcast as a powerhouse husband and wife duo why date nights have become non-negotiable in their life. Garrett is the founder of Wake Up Warrior, a program for married businessmen to live the Warrior’s Way towards having a life of having it all, and Danielle is the founder of NBR hair extension techniques through DKW Styling Salon. They will share how they have created success in every aspect of their lives after being willing...
By Danica有约
爱阅读爱分享 微信公众号:Danica有约 更多有声小说,敬请关注。
By Megan Rivers / Anchor
Me just figuring out this thing called motherhood one podcast at a time... This is life as mom According to Megan... 🎈
TV-profilen Ida Björnstad och bloggaren Jennifer Persson reder ut stora och små livsfrågor utifrån egna erfarenheter, både på och utanför isen. Till sin hjälp har de insatta och intressanta gäster. Norrlänningen och dalkullan bor båda i Nashville där deras pojkvänner är professionella hockeyspelare.
By Amber Hoge
Welcome to Remi and Mama Tales, where I discuss random topics with a very opinionated and sassy 3 yr old.
By Large and in Charge
A place where laughs and tears are shed at the same place for somebody, anybody or a nobody.
By Eric Christensen / Anchor
Podcasting about improving healthcare professionals life, business, and self care.
By ViNoibara / Anchor
Tips to have happy relationship!
By lab.davan.ac
Podcast familial d'expériences touristico-numériques
By Stefani Reinold
There's the boss moms, fit moms, healthy moms, crunchy moms, moms of multiples, moms trying to conceive, single moms, working moms, stay at home moms, and more. But what if you don't fit the stereotypes? What about us real moms looking for real connections? We all want to find our tribe, but motherhood throws us for a loop and makes us feel as though we've lost ourselves. So we join these cliques, but then never quite fit the stereotypes, because really, none of us is typical. Not the Typical...
By Amy Tobin
Join Creative and Culinary Director Amy Tobin every week for Amy's Table: A Guide to Living on Cincinnati's Q102. Amy will share tips for a happier, healthier you along with inspired ideas for recipes and more!
By Taylor Bishop/Preston Harris / Anchor
In this podcast we will talk about our love, giving birth to our son Legend Preston Harris, and most importantly becoming first time parents!
By Katie Buchanan/Misty Lokovich / Anchor
Test podcast
By Pet Life Radio
Pet fashions have become big business. A year or two ago pets were fashion accessories (a la Paris Hilton), but now they have fashions of their own. Major retailers now produce lines of clothing and accessories for dogs and other pets and sell them at upscale boutiques in New York City. These pet podcasts are about pet fashions and cool pet products... on Pet Life Radio
Oma Erna erzählt aus ihrem Leben. Sie hat 2 Kinder geboren, hat als Kind eine Krieg erlebt, ist mit Flüchtlingen auf dem elterlichen Bauernhof groß geworden......... da gibt es einiges zu erzählen.
By zwillingswelten
Podcast by zwillingswelten
By Jenn & Becky
Jenn and Becky, a married lesbian couple, invite you along on their journey of starting a family. Throughout this real life account, you'll learn about selecting a donor, the process of IUI (intrauterine insemination), and the many, many emotions and tribulations that accompany them during the process. You'll laugh, cry, and maybe even learn something along the way.
By Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Im Kinderhörspiel von Deutschlandfunk Kultur werden Geschichten lebendig. In unseren Hörspielstudios zaubern wir die unterschiedlichsten Welten herbei: einen Elfenwald, die Tiefsee oder eine Mäusehöhle. Und all das nur durch Musik, Geräusche und die Spielfreude der Schauspieler und der vielen begabten Kinder. Unsere Geschichten eignen sich meist für Hörer ab 7 Jahren.
Journey with Judy through time in her chronological Radio appearances.
By Crystal Mendez / Anchor
A podcast for mothers who need a little more positivity in their day. Listen in for a daily tip on parenting, lifestyle hacks and how to include positivity into your life. You’ll find the kind encouragement you need!
By Ryan Wahl and Andrew Snedeker
2 guys navigating fatherhood in a high tech society. We discuss our kids and families, being foster dads and of course the latest and greatest in tech, gaming and pop culture. Join us every 2 weeks for a new discussion and be sure to send in your questions and comments as well!
By Nicol Nestmann
Kinder bringen von Anfang an alle Grundlagen mit, welche sie für ein erfülltes und Erfolgreiches Leben benötigen. Allerdings hilft es uns als Eltern, viel über die Prozesse und Abläufe im Alltag zu wissen, um förderlich zu handeln. Dieser Podcast hilft dir dabei, dein Kind dabei zu unterstützen seinen eigenen Weg zu finden und seine Potentiale optimal zu entfalten. Kinder sind ein Geschenk des Lebens. Ihr Lachen, ihre Offenheit, ihre Spontanität, ihre Betroffenheit. Sie sind unvoreingenomm...
En pratpodd med Daniel Redgert och Margaux Dietz.
By Quinn Gallagher
Do you ever find that you want to listen to a podcast while driving, reading, or just sitting on the couch? So you turn on the podcast and it’s not appropriate for your youngster audience (Mommy, he said a bad word!!). Are you looking for a podcast the whole family can watch (and enjoy) together? Well look no further! Lemons was designed to be listened and enjoyed by familly audiences. This podcast contains two short (and very interesting) stories about the weekly topic. It’s is completely k...
By Two Dudes With Good News
Are you ready to start your week off with GOOD NEWS and a LAUGH? Then join me and our host the great Keith Hinrichs every single week and we will provide you with AMAZING content that is sure to start YOUR week off the right way! Subscribe and if you have any good news stories you'd like us to hear and talk about on the show be sure to shoot the team an email! Peace, Love, Apple Juice, and always stay on that #GoodNews
By Brandon Teronne B / Anchor
My podcast spreads a message of hope and encouragement. We see so much negative and hear so much negativity around us, so I’m using this podcast a lifter to the heart and smiles on the faces of people all over.
By Andy Padilla / Anchor
How do we develop friendships so that we can become better individuals in today's society!
By PodcastOne
Created for expectant parents, new mums, new grandparents and for anyone wanting to know more about becoming a parent. Cath Curtin shares over four decades of experience, guiding you through the highs and lows of being pregnant, giving birth and the complexities of parenting. We tend to focus so much on labour and birth and think breastfeeding and parenting will be easy and come naturally. Birth, Baby & Beyond is a realistic yet gentle conversation aimed to inform and prepare you about ...
News views and information for new mums in Southland
By Nick Jr. Radio
Nick Jr. Radio by the people of RadioNickelodeon (all stations)
By PetLifeRadio.com
Ever get tired of people that say "it's just a dog"? It is a growing trend that people love and treat their pets like they are their children. This pod cast series will be on topics inclusive of how people pamper their pooches. Have you ever wanted to throw a party in your pooch's honor and didn't know what to do? Christine and Vicki will have many helpful suggestions on party themes, treats, games and prizes. Best of all, we'll give advice on how to ensure a good turnout so that no on...
By Ventura Baptist Church
We are a community of Christians located in Holland, MI. As disciple-making disciples, we believe that we are called to pursue Jesus together. We do that by exalting God, edifying his church, and evangelizing to the world.
By Brittany Ann Graham