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By Bounty Families
At Bounty we understand each stage of parenting and have put together this guide especially for parents who are about to begin weaning their babies. Our month-by-month guide explains which foods you can give to your baby at different stages, so that you can be sure you?re on the right track. We explain how your baby grows and what to look out for each month to keep your baby safe and happy. We have got all the information you need on returning to work, organising childcare, and balancing work...
By The DISDads
The DISDads Podcast features the dads from DISDads.com and The Dis Dads Club on Facebook, sharing our thoughts, opinions, and experiences on Disney vacations and being a Disney dad.
By cienciaes.com
El neutrino es una partícula esquiva, en apariencia insignificante, pero necesaria para explicar el mundo. Ni la radiactividad, ni el big bang, ni el Modelo Estandar de la física de partículas serían posibles sin él. Con El neutrino, un blog nacido en febrero de 2009, el físico y escritor Germán Fernández pretende acercar al lector, y ahora al oyente, al mundo de la ciencia a partir de cualquier pretexto, desde un paseo por el campo o una escena de una película, hasta una noticia o el anivers...
By CliffCentral.com
Damon and Bernice Kalvari, a powerhouse couple, get together every Thursday on Cliffcentral at 10am. Damon and Bernice are also joined on their panel by two other characters, who compliment the harmony of this Kalvari inner-sanctum. This is an irreverent, unfiltered, maybe even uncomfortable gathering, that will draw you in, and keep you well informed. Bernice isn’t scared to criticize Damon in an open forum, in front of friends. And Damon just absorbs it, like an obedient sponge. Boundarie...
By The Harshe Podcast
January & Brandon Harshe host their very own podcast where they discuss all things kids, parenting, marriage, business, physical & mental health, tattoos, and sex! Get ready to laugh because January & Brandon don't hold back!
By Kimberley Roberson
Moms encouraging Moms in the daily grind and trenches of motherhood. Plus a bonus weekly Sunday Confession.
By The 29 Minute Mom
The 29 Minute Mom is a podcast hosted by professional organizer Jennifer Ford Berry and food blogger and mom of twins Jenn Dempsey. Jen and Jenn share their tips and ideas on how they strive the best they can be in their everyday lives in 29 minutes because they know every minute counts! From tackling laundry to taking time each day to pray and give your time to your faith, Jen and Jenn have come up with creative ideas they share with their listeners in their fun and upbeat podcast The 29 Min...
By Michael Jaquith
We address issues that all men face, but do it in bite-size chunks of about the length of your commute. Rather than simply listen to the sport channel, tune in and find ways to grow in your vocation as husband, father, and as a Christian.
By Dennis Humphrey
The Renfro Valley Sunday Morning Gatherin' is another one of the great Yesterday USA Old Time Radio Show Programs. Jim Gaskin is your host for the USA's third oldest radio show which features vintage gospel music.
By The Babywearing Broadcast
An exclusive babywearing podcast dedicated to delivering light, easy-to-filter, and non-overwhelming information for mothers on their search for practical tools to assist them in the early days, weeks, months, and years ahead. Join Brooke Maree & Angela Rodgers weekly as they discuss many essential tips and practical tools over a range of babywearing topics, PLUS interview industry's leaders and all-inspiring guests in the parenting world. Whether you're expecting your first baby and are ...
By Camp Kawaga
Camp Kawaga is an all boys sports overnight camp in Minocqua, WI. Camp Kawaga believes in creating an environment that promotes the development of self-esteem, independence, and specific skills within the framework of Kawaga’s guiding principles of Fellowship, Sportsmanship, Spirit, and Enthusiasm. We do this through an active and fun program consisting of a wide variety of land sports and water activities while encouraging participation and learning. Our campers think of Kawaga as their home...
By Stephani Roberts
The Audacious Life helps women who are in abusive and controlling relationships find solace through testimonies of other women who have broken free, interviews with experts and authors on the psychological effects of abuse and control, and helpful legal, financial, custodial and mental health strategies.
By Acquelyn Moore
Podcast by Acquelyn Moore
By Colin Wiebe
The Parenting Toolbox - Parenting tips and tools every parent should know.
By Nick G. | Dependent Independent Productions
Join Nick G. (professional, father, friend, optimist, and podcaster) on his personal journey using a 200 episode podcast to build deep & lasting relationships with some amazing people. Joined by new friends & co-hosts each week, they pull from their own experiences to make real connections and realize all the lessons in life that keep us moving forward. New connections post Monday @ Midnight every week!
By Loyal Books
At one time Race Cargill had been the best Terran Intelligence agent on the complex and mysterious planet of Wolf. He had repeatedly imperiled his life amongst the half-human and non-human creatures of the sullen world. And he had repeatedly accomplished the fantastic missions until his name was emblazoned with glory. But that had all seemingly ended. For six long years he’d sat behind a boring desk inside the fenced-in Terran Headquarters, cut off there ever since he and a rival had scarred ...
By Ryan Matlock & Matthew Bird
Join Ryan Matlock and Matthew Bird every week as they ponder YOUR questions.
By Shelly Olson: Mom, Homemaker, Homeschooler, Blogger
Shelly Olson from the Frugal Family Home blog, shares encouragement for homemakers who work in the home and outside the home. Homemaking is a tough job and often a thankless one and we can all use a little encouragement along this journey. This podcast is meant to inspire and encourage those who are tackling this huge job of homemaking and motherhood. Let’s go on this journey together to become more intentional with our money, our time and our lives.
By Petra Jones talks education|inspiration and growth for mumpreneur
The Mumpreneur Show is focused on highly motivated mumpreneurs who are willing to share their tips and knowledge of their working journey as well as the joys and challenges of being a Mum. Petra Jones, the host of this show recognised there is a constant and continuing search amongst the mums in business for better solutions around business start up, online business or being a mompreneur. On this show, Petra Jones interviews business mums who are entrepreneurs, bloggers, makers of handmade ...
By SoulfulMom
I am deeply passionate about changing the world one family at a time addressing parenting concerns such as backtalk, disrespect and sassyness. With humor and lo
By Deepak
See how the baby's doing!
By Brian Boros
A story where carriers, affected, family and friends come together to educate and inspire those living the LHON life!
By Ronen Rozner
Join Dr. Michelle, a relationship expert psychologist for twelve years, helping couples, families and individuals with their relationship problems by delivering an honest yet supportive approach. Listen to Dr. Michelle live every Friday morning, 11AM PST, exclusively on LA Talk Radio (latalkradio.com)
By Tim Watson
If you’re a stepdad looking for a place to go where you can have a real conversation about all the joys and challenges that come with your role, you’ve come to the right place. “The Six Minute Stepdad” podcast is here to offer you the support and answers you need from others who can identify with you. I’ll interview other stepdads with experience at each phase of the blended family journey. From those who have just stepped into this role to empty nesters, there will be support for all. And l...
By Crenshaw Christian Center
The Word of God as delivered by Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, Dr. Betty Price and Fred Price Jr.
Something strange is going on in the local mine. Sam and Jamie investigate ... A sci-fi adventure for 9-12 year olds.
By The Jenny Hatch Show
By Kaelin Munkelwitz
Welcome to All Things Pups™, hosted by celebrity dog trainer and author, Kaelin Munkelwitz! Emmy award winning actors, Forbes list business moguls, and local families alike all trust Kaelin for the same reason: Kaelin knows dogs. Kaelin is the author of “The Puppy Training Handbook”, and founder of All Things Pups™, Southern California’s premier dog training leader. With over 10 years and thousands of hours of dog training experience, Kaelin has quickly proved herself as a star in the dog t...
By Kmap Studios
The Ceiling Fan is a satirical Adventures in Odyssey fan podcast. The goal of this podcast is to both entertain current and past fans of the Focus on the Family radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey, and to spread the word about the show to those who have never listened. The Ceiling Fan is a podcast featuring fictional characters creating their own podcast... and surprises always await!
By Dr. Brad Reedy
Evoke Therapy Programs is an outdoor based therap…
By Storynory
A Christmas Carol adapted for kids Humbug ! From Storynory.com
By Jenn Jewell
The Messy Table podcast is hosted by Jenn Jewell—a pastor’s wife, mama to two spicy kids, and blogger of God’s ridiculous grace. She eagerly invites you into this unforced and imperfect space; the virtual equivalent of her messy kitchen table. Where it’s okay to spill milk, linger after dinner, and bring tough questions to the worn and sticky surface. Where rich conversations are in process—just as we all are. In each episode, Jenn and a guest chat about real life, real stories, real struggle...
By Alexis G Zall
This is the podcast where Alexis G. Zall introduces you to cool young people & talk about the cool things they are accomplishing.
By GPS Advocacy
Brought to you by Gloria Perez-Stewart, parent of a teenager with autism, disability advocate, and a community organizer. Perez-Stewart interviews parents, advo
By Andy Savage
The Andy Savage Show: Andy Savage makes marriage, parenting and family life make sense. The Andy Savage Show airs every Wednesday at 3pm on AM640 LIVE from Memphis, TN reaching eight states and available for the world right here on the podcast. Every episode is full of Biblical truth, practical wisdom and a little humor to give you the tools to make you home a little better place. To learn more about Andy and to stay connected to the Andy Savage Show please visit andysavage.com and follow on ...
By AutismShow.org Catherine Pascuas
The Autism Show is an educational podcast online radio created for autism parents and educators. This is a weekly interview show allowing leading autism advocates, authors, educators, and organizations to share their inspirational stories and best resources with the global autism community. Listen to a new episode every Tuesday for support, resources, facts, entertainment and inspiration for autism parents, educators and practitioners working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Topics inc...
By Ana Reisdorf
We hope to inspire parents to recover themselves by hearing the stories, advice and information from subject matter experts, many of whom are parents just like them. Topics will range from fitness and food to time management and finances. Perfect isn’t the plan. PURPOSE is. We hope this podcast helps you stop seeking perfection, end pain and depression, and get you to START DOING!
By Adam Nunley: Stay at Home Dad of Two, Blogger, and Husband
Adam Nunley, father of 2, interviews other dads about parenting, marriage, work, fun, faith, and all kinds of issues fathers face. Dads will find encouragement, connection, ideas, and understanding, as well as motivation to be the best Dad they can be!
By 糖宝mama
By Monica Matthews
Candid conversations about Faith, Life, & Politics with Monica Matthews and interviews of her guests.
By Patrick Kaufenberg
Another PODCAST, because the world needs more PODCASTS! Take THE ALTERNATE ROUTE! A unique and diversionary program of EPIC proportions! PARANORMAL GUESTS (famous folk, not ghosts); MUSIC (not our own); COMEDIC CONTENT (we try); STAR WARS (because it's STAR WARS!); POP CULTURE & SOCIAL COMMENTARY (quite opinionated); WEIRD/TWISTED TOPICS (nothing in parentheses, here); GOOD TIMES & MORE! YES, there is MORE! TUNE IN TODAY!
By David Grinets
Is it sports? Is it comedy? Is it funny at all? That's up for you to find out! Covering TB softball like a blanket!
By Heather Ash
The Happiness Mama Podcast is about mindful mamas consciously creating our happiest lives. My goal is to inspire, encourage, and help other mothers take practical steps to create the lives they want to live. All mamas deserve happiness! You can go from striving to thriving!
By Dads On Tap
Whether you're a new dad, an old dad, or not even a dad at all, this group of guys is going to have something right up your alley. From the profoundly geek chic to the downright serious, Dads On Tap will tickle your aural taste buds. So, if that last statement didn't totally gross you out, venture onward into the Dad-cave. We promise, you won't regret it!* *(Disclaimer: Dads On Tap is not responsible for any regrets the listener may or may not have as a direct result of listening to Dads O...
By Wesley Biblical Seminary
The Hour of Holiness is a national 30-minute radio program heard Sunday mornings at 9:30 on American Family Radio. The Hour of Holiness is sponsered by Wesley Biblical Seminary and features Dr. William Ury, Professor of Systematic Theology. The message of purity of heart is proclaimed through a close look at Scripture and with a view to applying all the truth to all of the human heart.
By Rebekah Hargraves: Blogger, Podcaster, Author
The Home and Hearth podcast is the biweekly show that is all about edifying, equipping, and encouraging women in their journey of Biblical womanhood. If there is an issue that pertains to a woman's life, you will find it discussed here! We'll be covering everything from topics pertaining to marriage, motherhood, homemaking, and the Christian walk, to issues of health and fitness, infertility, adoption, chronic illness, and current event issues in the church and culture. It is my prayer that ...
Chris Grace, Ph.D., and Tim Muehlhoff, Ph.D., discuss how to build healthy relationships and marriages. In this podcast, Tim (professor of communication at Biola University and author of I Beg to Differ) and Chris (director of Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships and professor of psychology at Biola University) weigh in on how to navigate the complexities of relationships in our culture with biblical wisdom and scholarly research. Listen to get practical insights on relation...
By Gecko Nation Radio
Welcome to Gecko Nation Radio. GNR is a David's Fine Geckos creation and production. Join us every Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time live on Blog Talk
By Todd Mansfield
Our 12 and 9 year olds are leading our family on a trip around the world for 13 months. They have decided on which countries to visit and are overseeing our budgets, our packing, where we eat and what we do. Yes, both my wife and I might need therapy when we return, but in the meantime, it's the trip of a lifetime and we want to share our journey with you.
By Loyal Books
Elnora Comstock is a sixteen year old girl who lives on the edge of the famous Limberlost swamp in Indiana. Her widowed mother is a cold and bitter woman who deprives Elnora of all that a young girl's heart desires. The mother lives in a fog of depression caused by Elnora's father's tragic death on the night Elnora was born. She ekes out a living from a small poultry business, but refuses to exploit the resources of the forest land around her like the rest of their neighbors. Elnora is a bri...
By Loyal Books
The delightfully eccentric Doctor Dolittle, rendered immortal on screen by the gifted Rex Harrison, has remained a firm favorite with generations of children ever since he made his debut in an earlier novel, The Story of Doctor Dolittle. In his second outing titledThe Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, the maverick physician takes on a new assistant, Tommy Stubbins. The story is structured as a first person account given by Tommy, who is now a very old man. The boy who was the son of the village c...
By JAM Session with Marlene
It’s not easy being a girl, just ask Marlene! Everyday, she uses her decade of experience to empower girls to build a strong, healthy sense of self. From helpi
By Mamamia Podcast Network
The Beanies is a podcast just for kids! It answers all the big questions: What is rain? How do fish breathe? And what is space? It's perfect for road trips, rainy days, or when you want to get the kids off the iPad and using their imagination instead. With fun and educational stories, games and songs, you'll love to listen to The Beanies over, and over, and over, and over again.
By Our Sunday Visitor
OSV On-The-Go is your quick journey and a different perspective on the Catholic faith, all in just a handful of minutes, brought to you by Our Sunday Visitor.
By Marcus J Butler
Welcome to the Change the Narrative Podcast. The podcast where it's all about changing the narrative and designing your life the way it was always meant to be.
By Izzy Hoedemaker
Real life stories of a single mum and her slightly crazy child. Join me every week to hear my journey through the crazy world that is parenthood. Useful tips and advice given out to hopefully make parenting that little bit easier for all of you parents out there - as well as some of my own stories and experiences.
By Live For Results! Life Blog
Access information and gain revelation on how best to move forward in life. All five areas of life (Faith, Health, Relationships, Career and Finances) are meant to work together and define the person called "You". Expert Strategist, Author and Minister E. R. Reid shares strategies, tools and resources to help you discover the meaning of "your" life, how best to use and expand the abilities you have and achieve lifelong fulfillment.
By inspiration
Depuis son enfance, on a toujours dit à Ashley Shepard qu’elle n’arriverait pas à réaliser ses rêves, qu’elle ne parviendrait jamais à devenir écrivain. Un jour, alors qu’elle s’est enfin sortie des griffes de son père, elle décide de franchir le cap et d’envoyer le manuscrit de son premier roman à une maison d’édition. Et contre toute attente, son succès est fulgurant et le livre devient un best-seller. Cependant et avant même qu’elle puisse retourner voir son père et régler ses comptes, le ...
By layton-boite
Le professeur Layton et son apprenti, Luc, reçoivent une lettre d'Andrew Schrader, savant respecté, mentor et ami du professeur, qui contient des informations sur le coffret céleste qui est communément appelé la "Boîte qui endort". Inquiets, Layton et Luc décident d'aller voir Andrew mais une fois sur place ils le trouvent mort et le coffret a disparu. Dans le bureau du défunt, Layton et Luc trouvent un ticket pour le "Momenpoury Express" et une photo déchirée. Sur ce, ils décident de le pre...
By layton-village
L’aventure suit l’histoire du professeur Layton et de son assistant, Luc, à la recherche de la solution au mystère de la Côte d’Or. La Côte d’Or a été cachée dans le village de Saint-Misère par le baron Reinhold qui a promis dans son testament à celui qui la retrouverait son trésor le plus cher. Téléchargement gratuit sur http://www.layton.fr
By layton-destin
Le Professeur Layton et Luc, reçoivent une lettre leur demandant de l'aide envoyée par... Luc, 10 ans plus tard. Le professeur, croyant à une farce de son jeune assistant, n'y accordera pas d'importance mais part enquêter une semaine plus tard après la disparition du premier ministre britannique, dans l'explosion d'une hypothétique machine à remonter le temps. La lettre lui disant de se rendre à une horlogerie, Layton et Luke découvriront une machine qui les propulsera 10 ans dans le futur. ...
By tout-reecrire
Hélène est une éditrice, et une bonne éditrice. Ainsi, quand son auteur phare, William Ber, se présente avec un navet absolu en guise de roman, elle n’hésite pas à lui refuser la publication. Et, lorsque ce dernier se montre plus que discourtois, le fait sortir de force. Sauf que William n’est pas qu’un auteur sur le déclin. Il est “Le magicien des mots”. Et il compte bien se venger, à sa manière... Une saga mp3 originale réalisée Ranne Madsen de la Team Javras
By audioBoom
Wake up with Marnie and Campo. River 949 plays the best music mix. Check out the website www.river949.com
By Matt and Evan Wieczorek
The Athlete’s Guide helps elite athletes tell their story so that youth players can use their advice to get to the next level. Every week, we will interview the athletes you look up to, so you can find out how to achieve your dream.
By Les Mystérieux étonnants
Cœur et Croupe est une émission au cours de laquelle on répond à vos questions concernant l’amour, le sexe ou tout autre sujet intime ou embarrassant. À chaque épisode, l’animatrice Marie-Lune Brisebois reçoit un ou une invitée différent(e) afin de mieux répondre à vos interrogations, de créer une discussion ainsi que de partager des anecdotes. Un podcast qui met l’humain à nu, tout en vous divertissant.
By Kaitlyn / Anchor
Hannie is two social media stars that people think they are dating
By Mums Say Radio
Mums Say is the UK's 1st digital radio station pl…
By DeziThinks / Anchor
By Hudson Kids / Anchor
The Hudson kids are 2 y/o Jonathan, 3 y/o Kenzie, & 5 y/o Maddy. They share some of their advice, play sessions, & random conversations!!!
By Married In New York (The Podcast)
The New #Podcast "Married In New York" - The New …
By LTS Cable Network / Anchor
Our official podcasts finally here!
By Lindop students and staff / Anchor
Our students speak up and speak out about what they know.
By Chris Malek
The Dub Dee Dub Revue podcast features the discussion of all things Disney, but our primary focus is on Walt Disney World, Disneyland & Disney Cruise Line. Our passion for the Mouse shines through on every episode. We love talking about the theme parks, resorts, movies, toys, and just about anything else Disney related. Come be part of the discussion on Twitter (@dubdeedubrevue), Periscope, and our Facebook page!!
By Heather Johnson, Jana Parkin, Jodi Robinson, Michelle McCullough
Do you ever wonder if you're the only woman who runs errands in sweats so it will look like she went to the gym? Or how about the only mom who feeds her kids raw cookie dough and drives the kids to school in her PJs? Or if you're the only wife who “cooks” her husband cereal for dinner, and too often has a “headache”? Do you need more laughter and less loudness, more self-love and less self-loathing, more joy and less judgment? You're not alone. Come to The Living Room, a place we get comf...
Building a foundation to have a better quality of life through wellness, art, the outdoors, living with intention, having kids & really digging into this one amazing life.
By nross89
Fostering Hope walks listeners through the barriers and triumphs of the foster care system. Each week, listeners will hear compelling stories from those who live and work in the foster care system.
By Lisa Nitti - Mario Conte
Il nostro progetto vuole rompere gli schemi installare il nuovo, il bello, sulle vecchie abitudini, dare senso e significato. Non siamo wedding planner, né quelli della musica, né ci occupiamo di allestire e mettere fiori e sedie. Di sicuro quello che mettiamo è la nostra passione, il nostro impegno. In tutto questo c'è grande studio, valanghe di ricerche ed indagini. Viaggi, trasferte, corsi, tanta applicazione e duro lavoro. E sicuramente un elemento che non manca è la follia, unita alle no...
By Chris @ Keep Thrifty
Tools and inspiration to help you create your financial freedom
By Colleen Flaherty, NSCA-CSCS
A show of witty, gritty experts, wonder women, and awesome couples sharing their knowledge and experiences. Why? Because we're upleveling the woman, conception, pregnancy, birth, parenthood adventure! Have a question or topic you'd like us to chat about? Go to prokreate.co/radio.
By Lübbe Audio
Hier dreht sich alles um Bücher für junge Leserinnen und Leser! In unserem Podcast blicken wir zusammen hinter die Kulissen unseres Verlags. Autoren lesen aus ihren Büchern, Lektoren erzählen, wie sie spannende neue Bücher finden, Illustratoren verraten, wie sie die Figuren der Autoren zum Leben erwecken und Regisseure und Sprecher reden über ihre Lieblings(hör)bücher. Dazu gibt es exklusive Inhalte wie Live-Lesungen, Hörproben und manchmal sogar Hörbücher in voller Länge.
By NutriSource Pet Foods
Raising your paws is the go-to resource for both cat and dog pet parents. Each episode will offer you quick tips, practical solutions and insights from leading authors and experts that will help you increase your skills, feel more in control, save time, and give you the confidence to know what to do, in caring for the furry, four-legged members of your family.
By Chelsea & Troy
Charm Type is a lifestyle podcast that features our adventures in parenthood, marriage, careers, and diving headfirst into our 30's. Thanks for listening!
By Cashting
La femme la plus riche et la plus acariâtre du monde refuse de léguer ses milliards à sa décevante famille. Elle décide de se trouver un héritier qui prendra soin de sa fortune, mais la convoitise rôde et compromet ses projets. CA$HTING à remportée le concours de la saga de l'été 2015. Remerciements à toutes les personnes qui ont permis cela. ;) CA$HTING est une comédie théatrale et patrimoniale de Thomas C. Durand. Réalisée sous format radiophonique par Richoult ~ Richard Doineau.
By Javras-mp3
Travailler chez "Javras", ce n'est pas une sinécure, surtout quand on doit travailler autours de plusieurs collègues assez spéciaux et qu'on doit faire obligatoirement partis d'une secte tout en faisant croire qu'en fait Javras est une association. Chaque épisode étant écrit et réalisé par une personne différente, ils sont indépendants les uns des autres. De plus, la saga contient de nombreuses private-jokes/clin d’œil internes a la sagasphère. javras est une série de monos mp3 réalisés de m...
By Portail
Shell, une jeune femme piégée dans les complexes de Fermeture Science. Shell est forcée par une intelligence artificielle devenue incontrôlable, CRaDOS, à résoudre des tests à difficulté croissante dans des salles conçues à cet escient. Pour passer ces tests, Shell reçoit le Générateur de Portail, un appareil développé par Fermeture Science, qui lui permet de créer des trous, les portails, suffisamment larges pour la laisser y passer. Les portails sont liés entre eux, et entrer par un signifi...
By Loyal Books
Originally serialized from 1898 to 1903, Wells later made some crucial changes to the piece to create a flawless dystopian science fiction novel published in 1910 and renamed The Sleeper Awakes. The novel focuses on an Englishman, who falls in a deep sleep lasting two centuries, and sees him wake up in an unrecognizable setting and extremely wealthy. An enthralling tale of dystopian society depicted through a colorful imagination, The Sleeper Awakes concentrates on topics including dystopia, ...
By Loyal Books
This fictional work is written in 1st person by the dog himself. It's a cute story of the adventures in the life of a noble dog who is appropriately named, Job. The canine society in which he lives is an interesting parallel to human society.
By Loyal Books
Regarded as the pride and joy of American literature, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a picturesque novel depicting Huck’s epic journey from boyhood to manhood and the struggles he must face living in a corrupt society. The novel serves as a sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, another famous work by Mark Twain. The plot unfolds in several locations sometime before the Civil War. The book opens with a description of Huck’s new life as he undergoes a process of “civilization” while ...
By Carrie Rubin
Learn. Connect. Commiserate. Celebrate. Motherhood. Getting you the support you need to survive this crazy journey called motherhood! Features expert interviews on a wide variety of topics affecting all areas of being a mom in today’s society as well as interviews with real moms about life behind closed doors - the struggles, joys, and fears about motherhood. Visit at www.themodernmomsociety.com to get free resources for your parenting journey and other great additional content!
By Ema Ostarcevic
The Ema O. Show is an inspiring podcast for women, hosted by Ema Ostarcevic. Ema is a Croatian immigrant, the Founder and CEO at SEARCH Group Partners, a new mom and serial entrepreneur. With entrepreneurship as a backdrop, Ema delivers a show that's more motivational and inspiring than it is business focused--and that's the point. Ema keeps it authentic with her candor, sense of humor and bits about her own life experiences. Episodes touch on various aspects of entrepreneurship, women in b...
By Oscar Guazzarotto
An 11 year old motoring enthusiast talking about cars, motor racing and all things automotive from the perspective of a kid. Join Oscar G as he shares his passion for cars in a way that is relatable to kids and adults alike. Vrrrroooooooom!!
By 松老师故事宝库
By Brooke Taylor
A lively and humorous show focusing on the good that life has to offer while going thrugh the joys and challenges of parenthood, married life, cooking, pop culture, friendship and her love of the Catholic faith.
By Judd, Andy and Adam
The Dads is three fathers sharing their fatherhood experiences as they happen. Judd, Adam and Andy are all in different stages of fatherhood and are finding that every kid is different but the experience is more universal than expected. They share their experiences and try to learn from each other through these weekly discussions.
By NickSacco
Noted animal expert and author Nick Sacco shares stories, advice and humor about cats, dogs and his book "In Heaven Kittens Play".
By Rick Stawarz
Weekly sermons from Restoration Anglican in Minneapolis.
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