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El podcast dedicado a la asistencia tecnológica y todo tipo de información relacionada a las personas ciegas o con baja vision de habla hispana. Tiflo Audio es el podcast del portal
By No, You Go
The show about sticking together. Jenn Lukas, Katel LeDû, and Sara Wachter-Boettcher are professional powerhouses, funny as hell, and here to help you figure out what you’re doing with your life (even if you think you ought to know by now). Every week, they talk about being ambitious, building a career that won’t make you miserable, and finding friends who’ll high-five you along the way. Listen in as No, You Go gets real about navigating life’s endless uncertainties, interviews guests who are...
By Walker Media Group LLC
The NoLife Gaming and Tech Network is a companion podcast to - a website dedicated to bringing you extremely biased, extremely raw, and extremely erratic commentary on the latest in technology, pc building, gaming, movies, tv, music, art, and culture. There's no filter on NoLife, and everything you hear on the podcast's associated shows, is straight from the hip. Something that has been lost in this overly politically correct industry. We only hope you enjoy our shows, a...
By Mobile Minute
Der neue Podcast für Mobile News - alle 2 Wochen diskutieren Manuel und Johannes für euch über die spannendsten Produkte, Software, Menschen, Fakten & Gerüchte | Jetzt reinhören!
By Drew Littlejohns
CryptoHLN is dedicated to being a daily weather report of cryptocurrency news, with investor minded coverage.
By Metier Digital
Two entrepreneurs giving practical and easy to digest advice about starting your own business, the pitfalls and triumphs and encouraging people to start their journey.
By TechTarget
Delivering news and expert perspective on enterprise content management and collaboration
By Audioboom
Welcome to 'The London Minute VOICE MEMO', the talking technology column for Computer America. By Patricia Rykiel 's recent posts to
By CCNN Live
Three high school students from Miami discuss the current state of technology. New episodes every week.
By Eamonn Carey/
Foundercast is the reasonably regular series of Podcasts from - featuring interviews with entrepreneurs, VCs and anyone with an interest in technology and life in general. Feel free to drop us a mail if you think you should be featured or if you have any thoughts, comments or abusive jokes to send our way.
By INdigital
Inside Public Safety is your resource for industry news and company updates. Every other week you will learn about new developments in public safety whether it be in legislation, communications or technology. You will also hear from subject matter experts along with INdigital employee spotlights.
By Levi Spaid
Levi, Ronnie, and friends bring you helpful tips, resources, and inspiration for your video projects. Begin using video in your marketing story! Listen to the crew as we breakdown what it is, how others are using it, and how you are able to leverage it. Each week we chat about the news, changes, and our reactions to everything video in your world.
By Tel Tales
Adventures in Technology Enhanced Learning @ UoP
By Ahmed Khalifa: WordPress | Digital Marketing | Entrepreneur | Online Business
Welcome to This Week Online Today with your host Ahmed Khalifa, where I will be talking to you about the big online news that has been happening this week today to make sure that you are ahead of the game when it comes to running your online brand successfully. And at the end of the show, I will also be giving you a bonus tip of the week to help you further. Make sure subscribe to the podcast here and you can visit the site at In the meantime, let's rock...
By Kinetica
Join the Kinetica-ticians for conversations on the future of data, analytics, and AI.
By Jonathan Pharr
Hustle Hard is a podcast to help you walk your journey and live your life to the fullest. Listen as we share tools to create the entrepreneurial life in you!
"A weekly breakdown of what's happening in industry, how to get ahead and what the future looks like, brought to you by industry experts and thought leaders"
By AVpodcast
El Programa de Tecnología de AVpodcast, para Todos los Usuarios de Apple. Somos Punto de Encuentro de la Comunidad usuaria de productos de Apple en español, que quiere mantenerse al día de la información de toda la tecnología.
By Kurtis Lindemann
Our goal for this podcast is to provide a weekly digest of items that are at the top of mind of IT Professionals. Each week, we will cover 5 to 6 topics that you can easily consume on your ride to work. We'll also post links to all of the supporting articles so you can dig in and read more on the topics that you find most interesting.
By Naomi Brockwell
Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Technologies of our Future is a podcast series hosted by Naomi Brockwell. Naomi is also the host of the YouTube show "Naomi Brockwell TV" which explores all things tech and crypto, and she is the emcee of the Consensus Blockchain conferences and the D10e Blockchain conferences all over the world.
By Brent Philbin
The CryptoBasic podcast is your primary source for unbiased information for the new crypto investor. Join our hosts on their weekly episodes, or jump into any 101 series episode at any time. Got a hot tip about DASH? Check out the DASH 101 episode and learn what we've learned about the coin. These episodes are made to be timeless, so you can watch them in any order. Check out our Concepts 101 series as well, to get the true basics down.
By Vic Martinez
Dopephisticated: having a dope sense of perpective, worldly experience, and appreciation of music, film, and culture
By Paul F. Roberts
News analysis and interviews from The Security Ledger
By Shoflo - Event Production Software
The Production Channel is a podcast and resource for those who work in the live events industry and those who are new or thinking about getting into the business.   Hosted by Stephen Bowles, founder of and Clem Harrod, founder of CLEMCO.AV -- together, they create clever and insightful banter about living the life, sharing the love, and getting through the occasional challenges of the entertainment production world. Join them each episode as they invite international industry exper...
By Loup Ventures
The combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics will fundamentally transform how we live — for the better. It will enable a world of infinite and limitless exploration. A world where humans are free to live their passions without worry for basic needs. A world where humans find purpose in creativity, community, and experience. A world where humans can be more human. Loup Ventures is pursuing this absolutely fantastic future: The Future Perfect.
By Loup Ventures
Loup Ventures is a research-driven venture capital firm headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with offices in the New York area. Founded in 2017, Loup Ventures is pioneering frontier technology including artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and augmented reality. We publish research on the emergence of frontier technology, the themes driving it, and the companies making it a reality. In this podcast, we dive into Braintech, and the individuals that are working on advancing t...
By Podcast Network
Keep up in the Bitcoin world with a weekly commitment of 15 min or less! An easy-to-digest news summary published every Friday. Part of the podcast network. Hosted by Matt Aaron
Join us every Thursday for news and comedy from the world of nerds and geeks!
By 9to5Mac
9to5Mac Daily is a recap podcast bringing you the latest in Apple news and the top 9to5Mac stories every Monday through Friday.
By Frank Eastman and Derrick Lewis
Welcome to the Work/Life Imbalance Podcast! We are a comedy podcast focused on work-life issues and office shenanigans. We discuss things we find interesting and give terrible advice to questions from listeners and forums on the internet. Come have a listen!
By ai4qr
morse code amateur radioDaily quotes in Morse Code at 20 Words per Minute. Use this to improve your code copying skill.
By Ross Brand, Livestreaming Host & Live Video Strategist
The Livestream Universe Update covers the top live video streaming news and the latest developments in digital media. Hosted by Ross Brand and presented by
By Matthias Kleine und Stefan Kleen
Wir besprechen aktuelle Smart Home Themen, teilen unsere Gedanken zum Thema Hausautomatisierung und diskutieren Konzepte, Probleme und Denkansätze.
By Microsoft for Startups
Series A goes in-depth with the founders, investors and others changing the world with their startups. The show travels the US and Canada, going behind the scenes of some of the most successful startups
By CTO Think
A pragmatic podcast about leadership, product dev, and tech decisions between two recovering Chief Technology Officers.
By iOSki
Podcast en español sobre diseño por excelencia. Todo sobre la filosofía Apple Macintosh. Producción por muchos considerada „la voz sobre la estética creativa“
By Terrance Blount
Being a millennial typically means there's an association and focus on my generation that omits the ideas and thoughts of others. My goal is to bring a voice not only from my generation's point of view, but from other generations and cultures that drive us forward as a people. We accomplish more together, even in disagreement, than divided in ignorance. My vision is for the podcast is to provide critical thinking towards the way we as a society are affected by technology while a few of us in...
By Dr. Lance B. Eliot; AI Insider and podcaster
Narrated by the "AI Insider" guru of self-driving cars, Dr. Lance B. Eliot, this podcast series covers the key aspects of self-driving cars, including high-tech, business trends, and the societal and regulatory impacts (he's the author of over 5 books on self-driving cars and over 100 articles, see the web site for further info).
By Klaatu
GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion.
By Iupana
Iupana Conversa es el podcast de tecnología financiera en América Latina. Cada semana hablamos en profundidad con un líder financiero de América Latina sobre la sus experiencias en transformación tecnológica e innovación digital y las tendencias del sector fintech en el mercado latinoamericano. Entre los invitados, contamos con ejecutivos del sector tecnológico de los principales bancos, fundadores de las startups de fintech más innovadoras y prometedoras, e inversionistas en tecnología fin...
By Timo Briddigkeit, Tobias Hassenklöver
Usual Suspects ist ein Podcast über IT-Security. Wir sprechen über Themen rund um die IT-Szene mit besonderen Fokus und Blickwinkel auf Sicherheit.
By Christopher Turney
At Today in Two, we cram the biggest news stories of the day into the two shortest minutes you can possibly imagine.
By Pat McGrew
Hosted by Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine, this podcast explores the question "Is Print Dead?". We look at the subject from all angles through discussions with industry influencers, print practitioners, vendors who support print, and consumers who use print.
By ACT | The App Association
"If you can't drain it join it!" Big things happening in 2018, and we’re so excited to share them with you on Tech Swamp! We’ll be talking top headlines, tech history, and the latest policy news, and explore what it means for app developers and innovators.
By Hans-Martin Winkler
programmatic beef bearbeitet den deutschsprachigen "programmatic advertising" Markt und spricht über die Begriffe und mit den Marktteilnehmern.
By Audioboom
By Martin and Robb
A discussion of all things Digital Signage, from equipment and software to content design and installation.
By Appleosophy
We talk about the latest news and rumors in Apple.
By By the people at FICO™
FICO™ Tech Talks are a series of short interviews designed to empower consumers, business managers and analytic scientists with breakthrough ideas and technology from FICO™, inventor of the FICO® score and a leader in analytics and Decision Management technology. Get helpful information for managing your personal credit profile, learn about the latest tools and techniques for managing risk, fraud and customer satisfaction, and discover the latest advances in credit scoring, business rules man...
By Ona Mediterrània
Un programa setmanal per saber com les persones usen les noves tecnologies abans que no siguin velles. Presentat pen Benj... Joan CiberSheep a Ona Mediterrània 98.0 FM, Mallorca. Canal de notícies: Grup per xerrar en directe:
By The Geek Podcast
The Geek Podcast is your weekly dose of science, technology, entertainment and geek culture! From the latest tech news to video games to sci-fi movies & TV, your hosts Nathan Henderson, Rich Sarkis and Rufo Sanchez explore these topics and more.
By MOAR; Cookies
Tech Talk is based around providing a discussion or sometimes review of different events, news, trends or products that are relevant. Sometimes we also have interviews with guests.
By Y Combinator
Startup School Radio is a weekly broadcast where you'll hear Aaron Harris, a partner at Y Combinator, get stories and practical advice from founders and investors. Learn how they got started, what went wrong, what surprised them, and what happened as their companies grew. Originally broadcast on Sirius XM's Business Radio powered by the Wharton school on Sirius 111.
By British Tech Network
This is the British Tech News Network - Consumer Tech News and Fun. Home of the The News show, The Mac show, The Big show, The Photo show, The F1 show and the Dad and the Dude show
By Mike Telban
A weekly show discussing all aspects of church technology, relevant to all sizes of churches. Join Grant and Mike as they discuss strategies and techniques to aid in portraying the Gospel of Christ.
By Hugo Pereira Chamorro
En este Podcast te contaremos semanalmente las noticias en relación a la tecnología, que bajo nuestro criterio, son las más importantes. Un "Podcast" divertido y ameno con el que informarás de la actualidad del mundo de la tecnología de la mano de Hugo Pereira Chamorro.
By Technically Speaking
Technically Speaking Radio with JC Lamkin on WPEB 88.1 FM in Philadelphia PA, NJ and DE. When Yahoo!, Symantec, Microsoft, NASA and Bluetooth wanted to have a talk, they came to Technically's the radio program that's on EVERYONE'S lips. Broadcasted every Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. ET. Podcast released every Monday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern. Do you have questions about what is hot when it comes to computers? Do you need some hand holding and further computer instruction? Listen toTech...
estas noticias son las más buenas de todas las semanas
By Samuel Kindler
Steamchat is a podcast that hosts discussions about Valve, Steam, digital distribution, PC games and other related subjects such as the art and design of video games and other topical video game-related subjects.
By Matt Greene
Weekly, Bite Size, Blockchain News.
By Brett Martrin
A weekly podcast covering the latest news about the Zoho Suite of applications.
By Overripe for Disruption
Welcome to Overripe for Disruption, a lighthearted and lightweight tech podcast you've never heard of, hosted by two guys (Gautam Narula and Andrew Schuster) you don't care about. We talk about current news in the startup and tech word. We humbly bring you Banter as a Service.
By 東京社畜クロニクル
By Seth Adler
Seth Adler presents personal conversations with industry leaders.
By Jason Kneen
Jason and Ben talk about freelancing, apps, and tech news with a healthy skew towards Apple.
By Token Talk
Bitcoin< Ethereum < Litcoin < Ripple < Dash < Monero
By Jeremy Goldman & Kiran Chetry
Welcome to FUTUREPROOF. We're the podcast that delves into the future. From Augmented Reality to Artificial Intelligence to Smart Cities to Internet of Things to Virtual Reality, we speak with some of the sharpest minds to better help you understand what the next few years may look like. Brought to you by author Jeremy Goldman (Going Social, Getting to Like) & Former CNN & Fox News anchor Kiran Chetry. The future: it's a scary thing, but it doesn't have to be.
By Kyle Bennett
My name is Kyle Bennett with Keller Williams Realty. I am a Realtor who lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our team is truly a group of individuals who enjoy what they do! My recent move to Keller Williams in Montgomery, Ohio allows me to continue the goal of building the largest most productive home sales team in the country.
By 沙迦笔记_Amway安利
By 五分钟听世界
By David Brickley
The Business of Social Podcast examines the digital advertising industry and analyzes how brands successfully increase their ad revenue through cutting edge content on social. Hosts David Brickley & Brett Regan own STN Digital, a digital marketing firm that focuses on digital monetization and original content.
From All Turtles, a weekly podcast that examines entrepreneurship and product development through the lens of an AI startup studio. Join hosts Phil Libin, Jessica Collier, Blaise Zerega, and other members of the All Turtles team for smart insights-- peppered with irreverence -- about how to go from idea to pilot to product. Each week, they'll respond to listener questions and discuss the people, ideas, and products changing the world through practical applications of AI.
By Giro54
Giroscope, a podcast by Giro54, brings a Latin American perspective of the advance of the UX field with thought-provoking interviews.
By Marcus Lundqvist
Somecastin ajankohtaiset. Jokaisessa jaksossa käsitellään noin neljä teknologiaan tai nuorisotyöhön liittyvää uutista.
By Anthony Franck
Does your business need more recommendations and referrals on a mass scale... Or would your local business go BOOM if everyone in town knew about you and what you do? It's time for you to be the Authority! Leave Us a 5 Star Review on iTunes We'll discuss topics including: Influence, Marketing, Expertise, Sharing, Community Building, Creating Content, Podcasts, Being Seen and Featured on Media Outlets and Making More Sales for Entrepreneurs. This is the Authority Maker Podcast where we share...
By Kyle Bennett
Weekly updates from the most innovative home sales team in Ohio
By Jackie and Kerry Putman
Workable Tech, hosted by married geeks Jackie and Kerry Putman, brings you news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos that help you make the most of technology in your business and in your life. Recorded weekly.
By Jackie and Kerry Putman
Workable Tech, hosted by married geeks Jackie and Kerry Putman, brings you news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos that help you make the most of technology in your business and in your life. Recorded weekly.
By LazyTechTV Crew
A monthly podcast where Tony Hannides, Radford Castro and guests discuss the impact of the tech landscape.
By ArabdevTalk
برنامج حواري لمناقشة أخر الأخبار التقنية من وجهة نظرنا كمبرمجين عربيين
By Kurt Towler
This is the GIS show. I talk with people who really understand GIS and how it is used in the world. These are the people who make the magic happen. With Geographic Information Systems we are: Modeling the world. Creating maps. Analyzing patterns. Enabling new kinds of decision-making. Maps are cool but there is so much more to talk about! Music by Lee Rosevere. Bridgeport from Canada Line (A Musical Suite in Real Time)
By VRtual X
Immersiv ist ein Podcast für Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality und 360°-Videos. Die Hamburger VR- und AR-Produzenten Tim B. Frank und Matze Wolk plaudern hier regelmäßig über spannende Themen aus der Welt der immersiven Medien. Dabei geht es sowohl um technische Details rund um VR-Produktion und VR-Nutzung, als auch um die Potentiale und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen dieses Mediums in der digitalen Zukunft.
By Michael Brunner
Der Wochenrückblick bekannt durch nun auch im handlichen Podcast-Format für unterwegs. Im Wochenrückblick quatsche ich über aktuelle Geschehnisse der letzten Woche aus den Bereichen Gaming und Technik.
By Lukas Cramer
Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum und vieles vieles mehr. Nur ein wenig Spekulation dafür mehr gerede über die eigentlichen Anwendungen. Viel Spaß beim reinhören!
By Matt Greene
A short daily podcast covering tech events from this day in history.
By Microsoft
TechEd is coming! This year it's Joey and Rick guiding you through the ins and outs of Microsoft's biggest technical learning event.
By Stephan Merk
Der Podcast von Stephan Merk über Technik, Blindenhilfsmittel und vieles mehr. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von der Technik-Mailinglisten-Community.
By Laguillier Logan
La première émission de France sur les jeux vidéo et la high-tech est enfin arrivé sur iTunes
By Toufuyuan
One minute every morning is all you need to be prepared for today's markets. Myles Udland, Yahoo Finance's Market Correspondent, hosts.
By DREAMer刘昭辰
Drew Green (pentester and IT manager) and Sam Blevins (IT manager and security enthusiast) meet weekly to discuss the latest in security news, penetration testing, defensive security, best practices, hacking, and more. A podcast devoted to all aspects of information security, in a way that non-security pros can understand. Security TL;DR is sponsored by TJTSec, a security services firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC.
By Musky Thinkers
Thought provoking chat about the big ideas and actions from the world of technology and entrepreneurship.
By Пятиминутка PHP
Еженедельный подкаст о новостях из мира PHP, инте…
By Canadialog
Hosted by Alexandre Bellemare and Olivier D'Anjou, this podcast offers tips and tricks in the daily use of assistive technologies for the blind and low vision users. Many different topics are covered in this podcast. You'll learn about Braille displays, screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, TalkBack), OCR technologies, recent technology innovations, and much more.
By Canadialog
Animé par Alexandre Bellemare et Olivier D'Anjou, ce podcast vous offre trucs et astuces dans l'utilisation quotidienne des technologies adaptées pour les personnes aveugles. Les sujet sont très variés. Vous en apprendrez sur les afficheurs braille, les lecteurs d'écran (JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, TalkBack), sur les technologies d'OCR, sur les inovations technologiques du moment et bien plus encore.
By Thomas Jestin
Chaque semaine, la revue de presse des 10 meilleurs articles de la semaine passée sur l'actu du futur de la technologie !
By Michael J Davis / Randy Vazquez
Two guys talking all things tech.
By Bob Baty-Barr and Kevin Giszweski
Bob and Kevin discuss tech headlines, umbraco web content management software, parenting and more!