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By Donald Landwirth
The M&A Moment is an insider's guide to the world of business mergers and acquisitions. Each episode is an examination of the strategy, structure and valuations behind multi-billion dollar corporate deals. We look at the buyer or acquirer’s motivation for acquiring a company whether it be for strategic or financial reasons. We also look at the target or seller’s strategy for choosing a buyout as their exit strategy. From friendly mergers to hostile takeovers, from leveraged buy-outs to ca...
iFive for the iPhone is your top five list of the best the iPhone has to offer. Find the hottest new apps and learn helpful tricks to get the most out of your iPhone. Hosted by Megan Morrone, this fast-paced show will make you an iPhone master in no time. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Learn and be inspired from the science and engineering leaders of today and the future.
By Thought Bubble Audio
The Marketers Next Door is a podcast hosted by two married social media managers. Live from their living room couch, they talk about all the craziness happening in the social media marketing industry.
By Ira Victor with Samantha Stone
Security News Podcast features information security specialist Ira Victor and award-winning journalist Samantha Stone in a fast-paced news program about data security, the law, and the digital underworld. Your security depends on these weekly updates, with topics spanning data confidentiality, disaster recovery, encryption, open source and more.
By Jason Oakley and William Tomkinson
A podcast about retro computers and technology
By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
50 stories, 5 continents, 1 theme: showcasing passionate people and innovative projects from around the world aimed at combating climate change.
By The UC Architects
A biweekly podcast with popular hosts discussing Unified Communications solutions centered around Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business Server, and Office 365. Look for our podcast in the iTunes and Zune stores.
By The Mobility Podcast
2 guys in India take on Enterprise Mobility, SaaS, News from the previous week, Silicon Valley & everything in between
By Cliff J. Ravenscraft
The Social Media Serenity podcast is a show devoted to social networking in general, though we spend a majority of our time talking about the big networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Cliff Ravenscraft and Erik Fisher pursue the most efficient way to use these services to build authentic relationships and build brand awareness in the online community without wasting away countless hours of our lives.
By Mike McGrail
The Velocity Podcast is a weekly show by Mike McGrail. It looks at the world of digital marketing, social media and beyond. Each episode covers key stories and news from social media and digital marketing, recommends cool digital tools , excellent content to learn from, advice for improving your marketing from Mike and much more.
By Jamie Turner
The Jamie Turner Show is a business podcast hosted by internationally-recognized author and business thought leader Jamie Turner, who is a regular guest on CNN and HLN on the topics of business, technology, and marketing. Each episode includes interviews with well-known and well-respected business leaders including New York Times Bestselling authors, media celebrities and successful entrepreneurs. Listeners come away with actionable insights that they can use to improve their businesses, care...
The Dan Benjamin Hour is a live daily talk show exploring the latest in geek culture, technology, gear, and entertainment, catching emerging stories before they become headlines and skirting the mainstream with wide-ranging topics, unorthodox opinions, an offbeat in-studio crew, an expansive guest list, and calls from live listeners. Dan's irreverent sense of humor and interview style bring a fresh perspective each weekday. Hosted by Dan Benjamin.
By Wiggles
The GRN show is a weekly round up of Eve-Online news, gaming and tech in a bitter vet way
By Jason Peffley and Douglas Souza
Futurology discussion
By 旭岽叨科学
By 没错我就是陆小熙
By summer老移民
听我说移民,让移民无后顾之忧 ---------------- 加微信2422754438,可与老移民进行一对一的沟通解决移民疑问;想要掌握最新移民资讯,请关注微信公众号:老移民oym-summer(老移民summer)QQ交流群:319512879加入国内外最专业的移民交流平台。一起交流移民路上遇到的各种疑难问题。让移民无后顾之忧!
By Mike Laverick
In this podcast your host, Mike Laverick interviews folks and vendors focused on the virtualisation community, datacenter and cloud technologies
By Phil Zito Building Automation and Systems Integration Expert
Are you looking to take your career in Building Automation to the next level? Are you finding it hard to learn BAS because all of the information out there either puts you to sleep or was written back in the 1950's? Do you wish you had access to one of the foremost experts in building automation and systems integration? If so you are luck! My name is Phil Zito and I run the Building Automation Monthly podcast. Each week I will bring to you a fun, educational, value-bomb packed episode. To...
By 球菌, 仓鼠君
「居然有周末」是由「居然居」旗下两名居然居士创立的软件开发技术分享播客。目前主要覆盖 JavaScript 等技术栈、互联网产品开发相关话题以及程序员的业余生活。一般频率为每周一期。欢迎各路程序员与程序员家属收听!
By UpGuard
UpGuard is the first digital resilience platform that evaluates the ongoing configuration state of every server, application, or network device in your complex corporate infrastructure to provide deep visibility and insight into your configuration state. UpGuard can help you accelerate DevOps initiatives by validating your complete tool-chain and pipeline, discover critical security gaps and vulnerabilities, and foster the necessary insights for deploying, managing, retiring and optimizing I...
By Legal Talk Network
The ESI Report with Michele Lange from Kroll Ontrack has the latest information about e-discovery technologies to help lawyers manage electronic evidence accurately and cost effectively in a fast changing legal world.
By Vidyard
Find out what happens when cloud computing meets Mardi Gras. See what’s in store for Dreamforce ’15 as the pieces come together. Watch new episodes of Road to Dreamforce, every Tuesday for all the latest news and tips on how to maximize your Dreamforce experience.
By Coté
Beyond the world of Apple, startups, and unicorns there's a whole world of technology used by all the donkeys out there. That's where I've always had my head stuck and this podcast is my "crank file" of content that didn't fit in the other podcasts I do.
By Larry Walsh
The 2112 Group's CEO and Chief Analyst Larry Walsh, one of the most recognizable figures in the IT channel and infosec communities, leads thought-provoking discussions with expert guests on a wide range of technology and business topics including: cloud computing, information security, business analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and much more.
By vChat Virtualization Video Webcast
vCast - Virtualization Video Cast covering VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, and others with contributors David Davis, Simon Seagrave, and Eric Siebert
By Simon Seagrave
The Data Center Insiders podcast is hosted by Simon Seagrave, and brings you the latest technology and people that are transforming IT from the datacenter to the Cloud!
Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson talk about PeopleSoft Administration.
By ゆーすけべー
wada.fmはWebエンジニアのゆーすけべーが サクッと聴ける短いエピソードを細かく配信するPodcastです。 話題はWebテクノロジーのことからPodcast、日常生活のことまで幅広く扱ってます。 ご意見ご感想ご要望は「#wadafm」をつけてツイートしていただけると幸いです。 また、 からShow Noteを参照出来ます。
By Chris Dearden, Ed Czerwin & Christian Mohn
All about virtualisation from vSoup to vNuts!
By Sujit D'Mello
Cale Teeter, Evan Basalik, Russell Young & Sujit D'Mello work at Microsoft in the cloud and services area. They specialize in building and supporting enterprise apps and services that leverage the cloud.
By golodnyj
Podcast about program development and management
By 津津乐道
By Brian Wagner, Joe Leuzzi, Bill Novak, Jason Didanato
The site and the podcast are trying to cover all kinds of Linux stuff...We are covering current news and a topic to help newbies learn linux stuff....With resident Newbie Jason on hand to ask us questions we hope to keep everyone on the same page...Join the fun and listen in....You just might learn something....
By Nitch
A weekly podcast about building apps that run everywhere using open web standards like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REST, and JSON. Hosted by Jonathan Stark and Kelli Shaver.
By Code School
iOS Bytes is a weekly podcast covering all of your iOS development news in just 5 minutes. It's great for iOS developers of all experience levels.
By hellyeah! networks
better living through best practices
By 최경모 & 김한울
Podcast by 최경모 & 김한울
By Gary O.
Industry Conversation Around Cloud Computing
The ARCHITECHT Show is a weekly look at the biggest news in enterprise IT and related technologies, along with interviews with innovative executives, engineers and entrepreneurs. The ARCHITECHT show is hosted by Derrick Harris of ARCHITECHT and Barb Darrow of Fortune.
By Kenta Suzuki
С 1861 года в подкасчечной записывают лучшие подкасты на самые крутые темы (об айти, понятно-красно). Нас четверо: Бекендер Вадя - на людёв кладя. Дизайнер Саша — в голове каша. Пээмка Даша — тупняша. Фронтендер Тёма — шутит про хуи и не может в рифму. У нас есть всё для подкастинации. Мы — мухи-стервятники мира подкастов! Мы — опоссумы-верхолазы здравого смысла! Мы — манифест! Семя безумного, дробного, млечного! А ты подкастинировал сивоня? Слушай наши подкасты, не будь мудаком! Сео опти...
By 'matchy' MACHIDA Hideki
By Thorsten Jekel
Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie iPads produktiv im Unternehmen einsetzen. Sie bekommen komprimierte Erfahrungen aus vielen iPad-Einführungsprojekten aus den Bereichen Technologie, organisatorische Rahmenbedingungen und Schulungskonzepte. Thorsten Jekel ist Deutschlands erster iPadCoach für Entscheider.
By Dmitry Kabanov
«Новости» – это будничное шоу о самом важном в сфере ИТ, Веб- и мобильных технологий, мире стартапов, венчурного бизнеса. и науки.
By John Best
Things are changing fast in the world of financial technology. The BIG Podcast explores the impact of financial technology innovations on the every day person. Top financial industry guests will give us exciting insights into technologies that will shape the way we manage and spend our money.
By Stefan Constantinescu
James Whatley and Stefan Constantinescu talk mobile, 30 minutes, every week. Buckle up, it's a bumpy ride.
By Shared Security
A podcast that brings you timely stories, news and tips for living securely in a connected world. Topics include Information Security, Privacy, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Devices, Applications and Social Media. Hosted by Scott Wright Cyber Security Auditor, Researcher and Coach, President of Security Perspectives Inc. and Tom Eston Ethical Hacker and Information Security Professional.
뜨거운 이슈, 테크 잡담, 저렴한 정보
By Video Show. Hosted by Dan Doherty, TV Star and Internet Visionary. Dan will discuss how to build a website, how to get a free domain. He will also discuss tech news tech items like the Iphone, Ipod, digital camera's, digital camcorders, movie picks and too much more to list. Create a website with Dan's company: in 60 Seconds!
By Social Nerdia Show
The Social Nerdia Show! is the audio companion to, a blog about the convergence of technology + marketing + social media, and the people / sub-cultures making it possible. You can read about each of our shows and interviews at
By Nathan Markley
Hosted by RI's Tech Geek & YouTube personality Nathan Markley. Nathan talks about what's going on in the world of technology, reviews products, and answers your questions. Follow Nathan at
By Eric Jackson
The Eric Jackson Podcast focuses on the key issues going on today in the worlds of media and technology.
By AmberMac Media, Inc.
Each week on The Feed @AmberMac and Michael B showcase the latest in the world of technology and social media with their SiriusXM CanadaTalks Channel 167 audience across North America
By The ATX Web Show!
The ATX Web Show is a podcast all about the web design and development community in Austin, TX. Our city is consistently rated as one of the top cities in America and our mission is to highlight what is coming out of the web community here. From apps, to design, to startups, to indie developers; we dive into the never-ending stream of talented web creators.
By Beth Cochran: Entrepreneur, PR and Content Marketing Strategist, Collaborator
The SuccessLab Podcast: Where Entrepreneurs Collaborate for Success. In the SuccessLab you’ll discover how to master SMART growth through PR and marketing, time management, productivity, and business strategies. Hear from other entrepreneurs who are going through the same struggles and discover solutions for overcoming the obstacles we all battle. Take massive action to make an impact. Grab your pen and pad, and join us in the lab - an honest, safe, supportive environment where entrepreneurs ...
By Shola Akinnuso
An alternative perspective on the weekly conversations, news, and events of the video game industry! Part radio show, part solo podcast, and always topical, the BlackBanditRadioShow consolidates the chatter of the blogs of the industry in an entertaining weekly source.
By The One-Off Technology Podcast
Each episode is about a different technology topic in the news. We try to explain things in plain english and explain why they are important and how they may affect you. Each episode features a special guest and cool discussion such as Encryption, How to browse the Web Safely, Cool plugins for Chrome, Raspberry Pi for Breakfast! Try us!
By c't Magazin
Mitglieder der c't-Redaktion diskutieren über Themen aus dem Heft und was sonst noch so in der IT-Welt passiert.
By c't Magazin
Mitglieder der c't-Redaktion diskutieren über Themen aus dem Heft und was sonst noch so in der IT-Welt passiert.
By Umputun
UWP, Радио-T, Пираты, ТиПЗ, парные ЯПП, гостевые
By James Haight: Emerging Business Technology Thought Leader
Blue Hill Research brings you conversations with the leaders shaping the future of business through emerging technology. Each week industry experts, CEO’s, and thought leaders sit with host James Haight to discuss the emerging technologies and innovations that are driving organizations' success. The Emerging Tech Roundup shows you where technology is heading tomorrow and how it impacts business today. Topics run the gambit of emerging technologies including: 3D printing, artificial intellige...
By 富赜
By 王爷wy
By 新闻酸菜馆
闲聊热门新闻话题,与精英人物对话,探讨新闻背后故事,获iTunes年度精选播客奖。合作联系:[email protected]
By RadioKawa
Corentin et Camille vous font découvrir les enjeux du numérique par l'interview d'experts particulièrement pointus, un samedi par mois.
By Kyle Cole, Jimmy Donahue, Jesse Human
Can Bigfoot ride a unicorn and travel at light speed through the vacuum of space?!?!?!?! Well we don't know either :) tune in to hear us figure it out!!
By Adam Draper
Join Boost VC’s Founder & Managing Director, Adam Draper, to learn about emerging technology from the tech leaders of today. They discuss startups, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and awesome technology, like bitcoin, virtual reality, AI, robotics, drones and space (not to mention, superheroes, pokeman go & harry potter)
By Ira Victor
The CyberJungle is the nation's first news talk show on security, privacy and the law.
By Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts
TechZing is an informal chat show hosted by Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts. We release two shows per week. Midweek Interview Show – We interview people that we find interesting such as John C Dvorak, Peldi from Balsamiq, Pete Michaud etc. Weekend Discussion Show – We have a ‘no agenda’ style discussion ruminating on tech, startups and other HN-like topics, we’ll even on occasion take a risk and venture into the unknown. We also talk about the progression of our businesses Pluggio & AppIgnite.
By Scott Ayres
Podcast from Scott Ayres all about social media. Discussing the latest topics in Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc.
By The BitBull
The Bitbull is the #1 source for Cryptocurrency news, bringing you the most up-to-date information, events, news, and all things cryptocurrency with no politics or spin.
By bigreddmachine
Explore the ins and outs of the Monero cryptocurrency, meet people in the Monero space, and learn about projects and other cryptocurrencies that impact Monero.
By crypto gossip
Dale Dickins and Peter Robertson have a weekly chat from Melbourne's Bitcoin Technology Center in Southbank. They introduce different people to include listeners in what's happening in cryptocurrencies, who's doing what and what's going on. This technology is sometimes difficult to keep up with as it spreads around the planet, and they think it's important to stay tuned to global and local developments.
By Nanok Bie
A laid-back podcast on everything Bitcoin, including the Blockchain, sidechains, macroeconomy, applications, news u can use, tools and tips & tricks on how to navigate the new bitconomy online.
By Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
Michael Goldstein and Daniel Krawisz of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute discuss Bitcoin, economics, and cryptography.
By Tom McMurrain
Bankless banking is the next big disruption and The Coin Profit will show you how to profit from the new currency! During your lifetime 6 major technology disruptions have changed the landscape of human behavior. TV, Internet, email, mobile, ecommerce and social media have created trillion dollar industries.
By Rob Mitchell
The Bitcoin Game, hosted by Rob Mitchell, is a podcast dedicated to exploring Bitcoin and cryptocurrency topics. On the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network (but Soundcloud always gets the audio first).
Bekannte Softwareentwickler diskutieren über wichtige Softwarearchitekturthemen. Gehen Sie mit auf Tour und profitieren Sie von ihren Erfahrungen und Tipps.
By Marc Thiele
Ein deutschsprachiger Podcast zum Thema Kreativität. Immer treu dem Motto „beyond tellerrand“ mit dem Blick nicht nur auf Web und Design. --- A German podcast about creativity. Always following the idea of “beyond tellerrand” not only focusing on Web and design.
By Markus Käkenmeister, goneo
Der goneo Webhosting Podcast erscheint jede Woche zum Ende der Arbeitswoche.
By Guy W Clinch
A gathering place for thought leaders who are bringing new and innovative solutions to the challenges government faces in delivering services to the citizen.
Join intrepid hosts, Justin Freid, Harry Marks, and Chaim Cohen as they traverse the week's biggest tech news in a rapid-fire roundtable discussion before your very ears.
By Zona Tech
Encuentra las mejores y nuevas tecnologías, apps, tips y trucos para todos tus aparatos electrónicos.
By The BitBitByte Podcast
The Bit Bit Byte Podcast - Tech podcast dedicated to all things wired and wireless. Voted the #1 podcast by the town of Buford, Wyoming, population ~1. May just be the greatest thing since $0.99 iTunes downloads, or if you're a streamer, Spotify's $9.99/month plan.
By Erik Glimpse
Every Wednesday night, Glimp, Zach, and Andy get online and talk about the latest technology news and a chosen topic that has significance for the week.
By British Tech Network
Your latest tech news with no apologies. We take the no-nonsense approach and tell it like it is, no holds barred. Every show, we unload more tech rage than you’ll know what to do with. If it’s tech, and you’re angry, you’re in the right place. Get ready to pound your fist!
By British Tech Network
This is the British Tech News Network - Consumer Tech News and Fun. Home of the The News show, The Mac show, The Big show, The Photo show, The F1 show and the Dad and the Dude show
By Rich Boyd, Hayden Sanders
For anyone working in marketing, communications, or digital roles. Two digital strategiest talk smack and share their thoughts on how to make the digital world work for you. We both love hearing from you so email us at [email protected]
By British Tech Network
This is the British Tech News Network - Consumer Tech News and Fun. Home of the The News show, The Mac show, The Big show, The Photo show, The F1 show and the Dad and the Dude show
By AndiRoth
Everything tech.
By Mat Lee
Weekly tech show with Technology Evangelists who talk interesting tech. It's YATS!
By Joseph Stevenson
The Joseph Stevenson podcast focuses on digital marketing concepts that will help your business grow. Joseph is an SEO Consultant, Author and Public Speaker and has over 17 years of experience in digital Marketing and SEO.
By British Tech Network
This is the British Tech News Network - Consumer Tech News and Fun. Home of the The News show, The Mac show, The Big show, The Photo show, The F1 show and the Dad and the Dude show
By Chris Lacy
The non-award winning podcast from Chris Lacy, the guy who spends most of his days writing such apps as Action Launcher and Link Bubble and seemingly needs yet another avenue to express his opinions & thoughts.
By YokoCo
Digital Marketing News with Yoko Co is a podcast loaded with tech and marketing tips for busy digital marketing professionals and like-minded folks. More at