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Fireside Swift
By Steven Berard and Zack Falgout
Two buddies just talking about a single programming concept each episode.
Geeks Interrupted
By 94.1FM 3WBC
Geeks Interrupted is a weekly 2-hour tech show broadcasting live from the studios of 94.1FM 3WBC in Box Hill near Melbourne, Australia. Phil Edwards, Andy Blume and Daniel Olivares discuss the latest news on geek topics, tech, gadgets, pop culture, TV, film and other random stuff. Listen live on Mondays from 8pm-10pm AEST. Contact us or send us feedback via our website (, follow us on Twitter (@GeeksOnAir) or like us on Facebook (
entreprenerds podcast
By entreprenerds: entrepreneurs & business nerds
Entreprenerds, featuring Daniel the Retailer and Karim the Realtor, investigates, discusses, and interviews all things entrepreneur. We keep it fun and try to ask the questions others don't. Its business and its funny, but not funny business. Also, we don't censor ourselves or our guests. You know, because this is real talk. Check us out!
By Steve Strowbridge
Welcome to CoCoTALK! The nation’s leading weekly talk show featuring the Tandy Color Computer! Live streaming on YouTube every Saturday @ 2PM EDT and with replays after, we celebrate the Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer and speak with members of the CoCo community each week to discuss all that continues to be new and exciting with this amazing little 8-bit retro computer! Visit us on the web at for more information and to send us feedback
Point by Point
By Point by Point
Point by Point is a weekly conversation between JP Camara and Steve Carroll where we consider life's questions, something something something, and spoil a movie.
Publisher Nation
By Score Publishing
Publisher Nation is a podcast dedicated to exploring all aspects of media, old and new. Each show will feature guests from either the traditional print publishing industry, or the new media industry, such as podcasting, live-streaming video, interactive content, and more. Co-hosts Bradley Metrock (CEO, Score Publishing) and David Dunham (CEO, Grabbr) partner together to deliver compelling interviews with the people who are out there creating compelling content.
Dose Extra
By Regis Tomkiel
Desenvolvimento web, design, mídias sociais, Software Livre e bastidores de uma produtora multimídia.
Future of Coding
By Steve Krouse
The Future of Coding is a podcast and open-source research project by Steve Krouse towards democratizing computation and building the next generation of software development interfaces. @stevekrouse
Best Damn Tech Show, Period.
By Paul Fleming, Chris Schmidt, Adam Plante, Drew Olanoff
A weekly dose of tech news with a splash of Philly attitude.
By Dirk Martens
Funkgezwitscher - Der Podcast rund um Radio, Audio und Start-Ups. Neuigkeiten, Nachrichten und Interviews Impressum: Datenschutz:
Kineticorp's Forensic Science Round Table
By Nathan Rose, Justin Holderness
Research, technology, litigation and everything in between. Kineticorp's Forensic Science Roundtable speaks to a very specific audience made up of experts and litigators about big ideas.
KUCI: Get Notified
By Ryan Foland
Interviews with Social Media Experts ( KUCI 88.9fm in Irvine )
SYSTRAN has been helping commercial, defense, and national security organizations capture mission-critical data for the last 49 years. We operate globally with locations in Americas, Europe, and Asia. As the first software company to introduce Neural Machine Translation technology, SYSTRAN is continuing to lead the innovation in language technologies. SYSTRAN’s brand new Purely Neural Machine Translation (PNMT) products utilize Neural Networks and Deep Learning algorithms to achieve unprecedented translation quality that is near human translation levels. For more information, visit
Rocket City Cyber Update
By Rocket City Cyber Update
A monthly 5 minute audio podcast of cybersecurity news, events, and opportunities in and around the Huntsville area.
By Comunicarles FM
En #SociaMediaBondi comparte un viaje para charlar sobre redes sociales, estrategias, planificación, creatividad e innovación. Es el momento de hablarlo @EstebanLanzani te lleva al mágico mundo de la comunicación a través de las redes sociales, para mostrarte caminos desconocidos y nuevas estrategias mientras compartis un café, un viaje y por que no una caminata con el.
01netTV (Audio)
By 01netTV
Ce podcast propose les versions audio des vidéos de 01netTV, première chaîne high-tech de France ! Talks, reportages, tests, interviews, invités, etc. François Sorel et Jérôme Colombain vous font vivre tous les grands événements de l'actualité du numérique avec les experts de la rédaction du site
By 56k
Mads Viktor og Morten Saxnæs er stemmerne bag 56k, og de giver dig Internettet på 30 minutter. 56K finder de bedste, sjoveste og mest saftige historier på Internettet og serverer dem til dig, så du kan virke klog og en smule spændende på din næste Tinderdate, eller når du skal til kaffe hos mormor. Hvis du falder over et fedt nyt meme, en vanvittig cringe video, eller en potentiel shitstorm, så send os et tip på [email protected] eller tag #56kpodcast
Hashtag Trending
By IT World Canada
When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web - Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.`
No-Budget Filmer - der Filmemacher & Videografie Podcast
By Tom Bischof: Filmmaker, Videograf, Kamera und Film Nerd
Hier reden ich und meine Gäste über alle aktuellen Trends und Neuigkeiten zum Thema Film- und Videoproduktion, die für den angehenden Indie Filmmaker und Videografen relevant sein könnten. Drehbuch schreiben für einen Kurzfilm, der neue Job als Kameramann, die neueste Hollywood Cinema Kamera von Canon oder Sony etc. Es gibt also eine Menge Gesprächsstoff, nur halt nicht immer ein ausreichendes Budget...
By Lee Woodward
Auctions are an ever-popular method of selling property in Australia. In Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra more than one third of all listings are taken to auction. Mastering auctions is like completing a masters degree in real estate. With an auction you can't get it right over a 10 week period, you have to get it right from the get go in a four week time frame. As one of Australia's most successful auction agents, Danny Grant has indeed conquered auctions. In the is audio program he will cover many aspects of Buyer & Vendor Management through the campaign.
Future Feature
By Future Feature
Future Feature is a podcast with hosts Michael and Peter. We discuss tech news and trends, finance, and random other topics every week. Sometimes we agree, most times we don’t, regardless we usually learn something. A few of our favorite topics are: Apple, Drones, Bitcoin, Amazon, Kickstarter, Wearables, Internet, Personal Finance Tech, and Photography/Videography.
WorldAbout Talk Radio Show
By Grace Farah: Filmmaker, Journalist, Broadcaster
‘WorldAbout’ – A talk show packed with interesting, informative, innovative news from around the world you can use at home. Filmmaker, Journalist and Broadcaster Grace Farah has interviewed many of the World's most prominent and famous business leaders, innovators and entertainers. An Australian who has lived in several countries and travelled to many more, Grace understands the power of shared knowledge and the value of our collective experiences. Whether its tech advances, medical breakthroughs, lifestyle tips , travel insights, sports, entertainment or interviewing the most fascinating and unique people in the world- ‘World About’ with Grace Farah has it covered.
#ensakidag - Jardenberg kommenterar
By Joakim Jardenberg
Vad hände i internet- och teknikvärlden medan du sov? Ca fem minuter om en sak, vad det är, varför det är intressant, och vad det kan betyda för dig.
SEO This Week
By Digitaleer
SEO This Week is a production from Digitaleer that was created in order to help small business owners and other digital marketing practitioners learn about the latest news, tips, and trends in the online marketing space. We sort our choices by trending topics based on social signals, then review each article to make sure there is some real value there for our readers, viewers, and listeners.
Gamers of Diversity
By Gamers of Diversity
All work and no play can be so mundane, but luckily hobbies keep us grounded and balanced when life because overly repetitious. So what are those components in which we speak? Well tune in and listen to Quick Best and Kyle P as we give the run down from all topics of interests, such as gaming, movies, shows, technology etc.
Gamers Too
By Nate
Each week 2 or 3 people getting together to discuss the gaming news that happened that week. Sure none of them are qualified but all have a strong interest in sharing their sometimes outrageous opinions.
PayTechTalk - The Podcast of PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW.
Welcome to PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW, your source for legal and industry-specific insights on Payment and FinTech.
Silicon Slopes
By Clint Betts, Chris Rawle, Meg Walter
The Silicon Slopes Podcast provides an in-depth look inside Utah’s growing startup and tech community from the perspective of the entrepreneurs, executives, and community leaders at the forefront of the industry.
By Shaun Walsh
Every week on the InSecurity Podcast, Shaun Walsh interviews leading authorities in the security industry to gain an expert perspective on topics including risk, control friction, compliance, and building a culture of security. Each episode provides relevant insights for security practitioners and business leaders working to improve their organization’s security posture and bottom line.
What's Next! with Tiffani Bova
By Tiffani Bova
Welcome to the What’s Next! Podcast. I’ve met so many brilliant people as I traveled the globe and have had some fascinating conversations that I’ve wished had been recorded so I could share them with you - this podcast was a way for me recreate those moments and let you in on some fantastic insights. My current conversations center around one objective: what's next for companies and individuals as they look to innovate and grow. I hope these conversations inspire you as much as they have inspired me. Whether I am preparing for keynote speech or writing for publications such as Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post these are my go-to people. My goal with the What’s Next! podcast is to keep you thinking and to challenge you to think about What’s Next!
Erfolgreiches Online Marketing (Online Marketing)
By SEO-Küche Internet Marketing GmbH & Co. KG
Wer sich im Internet gegen seine Mitstreiter erfolgreich behaupten will, kommt am Thema Online Marketing nicht vorbei. Online Marketing umfasst alle Leistungen und Maßnahmen, die darauf abzielen, mehr Internetuser auf die eigene Webseite zu bringen. Egal ob Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO), AdWords (SEA) oder Social-Media wie Facebook, Twitter oder Instagram, um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, bedarf es einer ausgeklügelten Strategie. In diesem Podcast geben wir Tipps und Tricks wie für erfolgreiches Online Marketing.
Ciena Network Insights
By Ciena Networks
It's well understood that we'll be looking at system overload of our global networks due to increasing IoT traffic, emerging 4K and 8K video, and VR applications. To keep up and avoid hitting critical mass, networks have to work smarter, not harder. Join Network Insights each month as we take an in-depth look at the different ways these bandwidth killers force networks to push the boundaries of programmability and intelligence, and meet the innovators and thinkers who are building the infrastructure for our future.
Cody's Cash, Tech and Security
By Cody Humpwhistle
Cody Humpwhistle has a below average IQ, join him as he tries to understand what's happening in our modern society.
Code Crush
By Julie and Kiana
Join professional developers Kiana and Julie as they dabble in new technologies, confess their development sins, and laugh at the awkward realities of life as a female developer.
Conversations with a Digital Strategist
By Jessica Davis
Come hang with Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Digital Strategist and learn about managing your web presence. She'll discuss topics such as online marketing, social media marketing, website design and development, website analytics, digitization of your products and services and so much more! Jessica cuts through the crap and "technical" speak to give you the real tea on how to best run your business online.
Story of Money Podcast
On the Story of Money podcast, we are all about understanding money: from those early days of bartering, to today’s world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, where we mine money out of math equations.
Synthetic Native
By Synthetic Native
Exploring VR and other advanced user interface technologies.
Sisters in Strength
By Emily Hugan
A podcast celebrating powerful women in the past and the present.
Truth Unscripted
By Truth Unscripted
Truth Unscripted: All the latest and questionable things happening in and around science and technology. Journey with us as we uncover the unintended consequences and the implications that come with these innovations. We delve into the dark and bring to light what you should know! The truth is out there...and it's unscripted.
Podcast Presse-citron – Presse-Citron
By Podcast Presse-citron – Presse-Citron
Tous les lundi, Eric, le rédac'chef de Presse-citron, publie un éditorial d'opinion sur les faits marquants de l'actualité de la high-tech et du digital. Ces éditos du lundi sont d'abord diffusés en vidéo en direct sur Facebook Live tous les lundi à 9 heures, puis publiés sous la forme d'articles plus tard dans la journée, et enfin en podcast pour tous ceux qui n'ont pas la possibilité de regarder les vidéos ou qui préfèrent le format audio.
Talking IO
By Stewart Harmon and Christian Cloud
Where Technology Meets the Real World
This Week In 4n6 » Podcasts
By Phill Moore
My picks of the month for the happenings in the DFIR community
The Tech Academy Podcast
By The Tech Academy
The Tech Academy Podcast is hosted by Erik Gross, experienced Software Developer and co-founder of The Tech Academy. Every week we sit down with fellow tech professionals and enthusiasts and talk all things tech. From how they got their start, to their vision of the future of tech, and everything in between— you'll get your daily dose of tech talk here! Featured at the end of each episode is Erik's co-founder, entrepreneur and business expert Jack Stanley, who shares with us quick tips and insights on how to succeed in the business and professional world. To learn more about the hosts and The Tech Academy visit
Purple Squad Security
By John Svazic
Information Security, InfoSec, CyberSec, Cyber, Security, whatever you call it, we talk about it! From mobiles and desktops to data centers and the cloud, Purple Squad Security is here to help and give back to our community of information security professionals.
The Tech Fugitives Show
By The Tech Fugitives Show
The Tech Fugitives, Kyle Scarmardo and Mark Tierney, leverage their 55+ years of technology experience, vast humor and whit to simplify tech news into funny and informative bits to help you stay up to speed! We cover relevant topics and provide insight into how it can affect Enterprise IT and more. We also enjoy impersonating tech moguls such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezzos, and of course our favorite critic The Spirit of Steve Jobs! We simplify the most complex content into simple entertaining news to keep you up to date and laughing. Laughter is healthy and we live in a world where you can never get enough of it. We're happy to share what's in our heads since it provides great health benefits via abundant amusement!
Tech in Sports
By Tech in Sports
Welcome to the Tech in Sports podcast! Every episode, Paolo, Mandy, and Alex talk about the hottest news in sports tech, followed by answering the question, 'can technology help you win?'. Plus, don't miss Paolo's incredibly difficult trivia! So sit back, don't panic, because the 3rd stringers are coming into the game!
By MetaScam
MetaScam tracks down online scammers and, through conversations, dissects the very essence of their scam, pointing out key "red flags" to listeners.
Tech Zone With Paul Amadeus Lane
By TECHZONE-Paul Amadeus Lane
Paul Amadeus Lane discusses the massive global & every evolving market of technology and how it's changing the game in every aspects of our lives. Paul will be talking to industry professionals, entrepreneurs and experts from all fields of technology and the latest tech news and trends. That's the tech zone with Paul Amadeus Lane Sunday's at 6 AM on ABC news radio KMET 1490
Mendix Update Podcast
By Pim van der Noll
Podcast over ontwikkelingen rondom het Mendix Platform en cloud. We bespreken nieuwe releases, nieuwe widgets en modules, interessante blog- en forumposts. Daarnaast geven we een verslag van de Mendix Meetups die zijn geweest en interviewen we gasten die iets tofs te vertellen hebben.
Beards in Security
By Matt Berry and Anthony Mannarino
Beards in Security is a bi-weekly podcast featuring Matt Berry and Anthony Mannarino who cover IT security news, security program development, vulnerabilities, research, and related topics of interest for the information security community.
By TechtalkRadio Network
The Long Form Radio On Show on Computers, Technology and the Internet with Entertainment and Pop Culture. Hosted by Andy Taylor, Slick and Justin Lemme. The Show features Call In Questions, Interviews, Games and News
Access Tech Watch-360 Pod Cast
Access Tech Watch-360, the number one source for audio related review, access technology and more. Hosted by Jay of Paschall Access Solutions, who is a professional instructor, with experience in training the blind in the government, corporate and individual sectors
By Jochen (Joe) Krebs
Jochen (Joe) Krebs speaks with industry experts and practitioners about agile topics as well as topics that influence the agile community world-wide.
Alisczech by Jan Brezina
By Jan Brezina
Alisczech - videocast pro všechny fandy nových technologií, Apple, gadgetů, cestování a fotografie. Odlehčenou formou nabízím můj osobní, subjektivní názor na novinky a technologie.
Appa Sih Podcast
By bangtipen
Podcast dunia Apple, aplikasi iOS, dan MacOS yang terbit setiap minggu. Selain membahas berita terkini dari Apple, Appa Sih Podcast juga akan memberikan review dan rekomendasi aplikasi untuk membuat hidup kalian lebih produktif dan menyenangkan. Format diskusi di segmen Response juga akan memancing kalian untuk lebih interaktif dan mengundang komentar.
The VoiceFirst Roundtable
By VoiceFirst.FM
The VoiceFirst Roundtable examines the emerging technology of voice-first computing, and its growing intersection with all facets of daily life. Hosted by Bradley Metrock (CEO, Score Publishing) and part of the VoiceFirst.FM podcast network.
The Podcaster's Life
By Alexander Laurin
The Podcasters's Life is about podcasting, and the people behind them, in a growing digitized medium market. Creating a Podcast can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences in life, but like everything else, it comes with it's challenges. Join the Podcaster's Coach, Alexander Laurin, weekly, as he discusses the lives surrounding the podcasts.
Social Media Marketing Talk Show helps you keep up to date on social media
By Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner
Discover the latest breaking news in social media marketing, brought to you by Social Media Examiner. Each week we bring you expert commentary on breaking social media marketing news from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest. You'll gain quick insight that could provide a competitive advantage. Watch the live show at
MoZeus Tech Talks
By MoZeus Worldwide
MoZeus is your solutions-based technology partner. We support agencies and brands with live events, retail activations and online shopper marketing campaigns. We have worked with more than 500 brands worldwide to deliver top notch digital engagements to boost consumer-brand interaction and increase quality lead generation. We make every interaction count!
By Cloud Technology Partners
The Doppler podcasts cover all things cloud while focusing on how to prepare the traditional enterprise to look beyond conventional computing. Thought leaders David Linthicum, Mike Kavis and others from Cloud Technology Partners discuss best practices, industry trends, and cloud news with expert guests to provide you with the advice you need to be successful in the cloud.
Make IT Happen
By Intetics Inc
Intetics is an expert in creation and operation of effective distributed technology teams aimed at software product development, IT support, quality assurance and data processing. Based on a proprietary business model of Remote In-Sourcing®, advanced Quality Management Platform and measurable SLAs, Intetics enables IT rich, innovative organizations to capitalize on available global talent and Intetics’ in-depth engineering expertise. Our core know-how is rooted in design of software products within conditions of incomplete specifications. Intetics has successfully served as the software development and technology partner for over 300 firms worldwide from variety of industries like insurance, finance, hi-tech, education, automotive, logistics, telecom and others. Intetics is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and Microsoft and Oracle Gold Partner. We've done software development and IT consulting for over 20 years, and we guarantee to give you a product that will impress your clients.
Disrupt Midwest
By Aleckson Nyamwaya
Aleckson Nyamwaya conversates with various technology leaders of the Midwest to give you, a raw view of the world of entrepreneurship as it stands in the midwest. Learn what it takes to build a team, launch, fund a company and successfully become a power house in the Midwest. Your journey begins here.
Heads In The Cloud
By Star2Star Communications
Meet 2 telcom industry leaders who enjoy talking about tips & tricks in the Unified Communications space. Meet contemporary guests who share even more actionable takeaways.
Android Snacks
By Michael Scamell
The TL;DR of last weeks Android developer news
Allesnetz Podcast
By Leonid Lezner
Alles über IoT, Connected Cars und Devices. Die Welt der vernetzten Dinge und Industrie 4.0
Podcast Business e Tecnologia IT Web
By ItaliaBlog Podcast di Tecnologia italiani
Rassegna dei migliori Podcast italiani attivi tecnologici e di business
The TechBox
By David Rich , Richard Yates , James Honeyball
A podcast discussing all things tech. From phones and computers to general tech news this podcast has it all. With a core panel and guest correspondents let the TechBox be your tech podcast of choice. Published every two weeks please subscribe for your tech fix.
By 大王
Women Tech Talk
By Bougie Black Brother
Technical issues discussed with Alicia Carr and her world travels to conferences around the world
By Jakob Stegelmann
Lyt med når Jakob Stegelmann og venner diskuterer aktuelle spil, film, tegneserier og bog-nyheder.
This Week In Voice
By VoiceFirst.FM
Each week's seven most relevant, interesting news stories in voice technology, discussed by a panel of experts. Hosted by Bradley Metrock (CEO, Score Publishing) and part of the VoiceFirst.FM podcast network.
By McAfee
We see lots of movies and TV shows where hackers can infiltrate our lives with just a few keystrokes. But is it real? We’re here to find out. Malicious cat photos, sketchy Wi-Fi networks, rogue rental cars, and all-knowing webcams - those are just a few topics we tackle in our new podcast, Hackable?, where we let our hackers shed light on just how secure we really are.
By Jorge Maia
Falamos sobre tecnologia, novos produtos, Internet das coisas e muito mais. IoT será um tema recorrente no programa que tem como foco não somente anunciar ou apresentar produtos e lançamentos, mas também, informar sobre processos de produção, prototipação e também sempre atendendo aos interesses de entusiastas, admiradores de tecnologia, makers e desenvolvedores.
By New in Nerd Entertainment
New In Nerd Entertainment (NINE-Cast) brings two gaming cohorts together to discuss news, vent frustrations, and celebrate gaming accomplishments in a venue that all can pretend to enjoy.
SeaSurf Podcasts
By Chas
Weekly news about SeaSurf. Whether it is the new version or an old version ending support, or the codename of next year's version, this official SeaSurf podcast will keep you on track! I have the rights to discontinue the SeaSurf Podcasts any time and I may not also manage to produce one every week. Thank you for understanding.
Snappy-Tech Podcast
By George Chachanidze
The weekly podcast hosted by George Chachanidze, talking about all of the news in the world of technology.
Audio Me - Diario di un Web Marketer
By Giorgio Pluchino
Audio Me è un diario. Racconto e condivido le mie esperienza professionali e non, gli strumenti che uso e la vita da imprenditore in Italia. Troverai consigli per ottenere risultati dalla pubblicità online, evitare errori e trovare nuove idee per il tuo business.
Fleeting Pixels
By David Caddy
News and views from an independent iOS, Android & Mac developer.
By TalkScript
The JavaScript devs at SitePen talk about web app development with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, WebVR and more!
Herr Mies will's wissen
By Daniel Mies
In lockerer Atmosphäre interviewt Daniel Mies seine Gäste zu aktuellen IT Themen.
Así lo leo
By Julio Aguilar
La lectura en voz alta forma parte del ejercicio diario de cualquier podcaster y locutor que se precie. En este caso Julio Aguilar hace lectura de cualquier noticia o artículo que considere de posible interés y en el área que sea (noticias, política, farándula, tecnología, etc). Logrando así un doble objetivo: cumplir con sus prácticas y llevar la información hasta tus oídos.
Blockchain Insider by 11:FS
By 11:Media
Blockchain Insider, hosted by Simon Taylor and Colin Platt is a dedicated podcast specialising in all things blockchain, ledger technology and crypto currencies. Simon and Colin are joined weekly by a range of guests with expertise and enthusiasm for the blockchain and digital currency sector to discuss the latest news, developments, and trends within the industry. Whether you're a crypto currencies expert or you've been avidly following their rise from afar and are keen to know more, then this is the podcast for you!
Best Startup Podcasts - 7 Per Week
By 552
Best Tech & Startup Podcasts. 1 Episode per day. Episodes from How I Built This, A16z, Exponent and more. Interviews with Marc Andreessen, Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and more.
Best Startup Podcasts - 3 Per Week
By 552
Best Tech & Startup Podcasts. 1 Episode every 2 days. Episodes from How I Built This, A16z, Exponent and more. Interviews with Marc Andreessen, Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and more.
Best Startup Podcasts - 2 Per Week
By 552
Best Tech & Startup Podcasts. 1 Episode every 3 days. Episodes from How I Built This, A16z, Exponent and more. Interviews with Marc Andreessen, Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and more.
By Vehikl
Torqd examines the tools and concepts that developers use on the job. We talk web frameworks, career choices, community events, industry news, and anything else that keeps the engine running.
Max Level | Level Down Games
By Bryan Clutter
Max Level is a gaming podcast found on Level Down Games. Every Monday morning, the duo talk about the games they've been playing for the past week, the latest happenings within the gaming industry, a main discussion topic, and this week's new releases. Join us!
Ovelhas Digitais - Portal CNEG
By Ovelha Digital
Ovelhas Digitais o podcast que dexa informado sobre o mundo da Tecnologia e outras coisinhas mais.
The IT in the D show: This is what happens when geeks, alcohol, pop culture and current events get t...
By IT in the D
So what do a couple of IT guys from Detroit talk about when they go to the bar? Welcome to the IT in the D show, brought to you by long-time Detroit IT veterans Bob Waltenspiel (The Sales Guy), and Dave Phillips (The Geek). The duo has been putting on free networking events for the metro Detroit information technology community for over 10 years, helped more than 1,200 people find new jobs, and been featured in local and national news stories and publications for their efforts. After taking on speaking engagements starting in 2011 that helped refine their message, in 2013 they took their ramblings to a broadcast format that has proven to be far more popular than anyone expected. The IT in the D show is more conversational and less instructional – it is far more geared toward entertainment and local goings-on in the metro Detroit area than a deep-dive about specific technical issues. It’s a bar chat, not technical seminar. You’ll hear more movie quotes than MySQL queries and more Depeche Mode than development methodologies. Not that the guys don’t roll up their sleeves and deep dive from time to time, but with guests ranging from local CIOs and CEOs to roller derby girls and pop culture icons from the 80s, don’t let the “IT” in “IT in the D” scare you. Each weekly two-hour show typically includes current events and stories, guests ranging from local entrepreneurs to local IT rock stars to people with great local stories to tell, rants, raves and everything you’d expect from a couple of guys who have known each other and been drinking together for nearly two decades.
Cosas de modernOS
By Yoyo Fernández
Un podcast donde tratamos de las modernidades tecnológicas que os gustan a los jóvenes. El Art Attack tecnológico. Somos antiguos pero modernos. Twitter: @CosasModernas
Censorship Not Included
By Censorship Not Included
Censorship Not Included is a show about gaming, piracy, security, technology, and everything inbetween. Each week we dive into the latest gaming news talk about it's effects on piracy, the gaming industry, and you, the consumer. Look for our podcast in the iTunes Store, SoundCloud, or Google Play
21st Century Alchemy with Entrepreneur First
By Radio Wolfgang
What elements are needed to make gold in 21st century business? In this series, Entrepreneur First's Jack Owen, unpacks the life stories of some of the world's most promising innovators. An exploration into their upbringing, motivations and behaviour, 21st Century Alchemy aims to discover what raw materials an individual needs to build globally important companies from scratch. To find out more about Entrepreneur First visit:
DC Tech Stories
By Jessica Bell
DC Tech stories is a podcast chronicling the lives, passions, and narratives of technical workers in the DC Metro Area. A project started by Jessica Bell and Mitchell Shelton in January 2017, the podcast aims to humanize the people who work in technical positions. Guests range from civic techies, to startup developers, bootcamp grads, to executives.
By Michael Döhler
Das PHPDevRadio erscheint alle 2 Wochen und ist ein Podcast der sich rund um PHP dreht. Wir verstehen PHP dabei weit mehr als nur die reine Sprache, sondern beleuchten auch immer wieder viele Tools, Methoden und aktuelle Entwicklungen im Gesamtökosystem. Die ständige Crew besteht aus Claudio, Ralf und Michael. Wir haben hin und wieder aber auch Gäste zu Besuch.
The TechCrunch Podcast
By TechCrunch
Welcome to the TechCrunch Podcast. Each week one of our editors or writers will take a deep dive into things you either want to know or have yet to discover or maybe you a little something about what is to come.
By Sven Brier und Eva Minster
Alle zwei Wochen sprechen Sven Brier und Eva Minster über Themen aus Digitalien, die sie beschäftigen. Sie haben selten den gleichen Blickwinkel und diskutieren daher häufig kontrovers. Meist irgendwas mit Internet.
Virtual Insanity
By FGMNT Technology
Virtual Insanity is a place where Nick, Jamie and Max distill the intangible magic of virtual and augmented reality. Together they discuss their experiences creating and marketing mixed reality, news, reviews, hardware, speak with other leaders in the industry and pitch some app ideas. Nick, Jamie and Max are colleagues at FGMNT Technology a leading developer of virtual and augmented reality technology based in Melbourne Australia.
The Artificial Entrepreneur
By Mark Coombs
A young lawyer leaves law practice to join an AI legal tech startup. The Artificial Entrepreneur is a podcast about my journey from practicing law to joining an AI tech startup that is influencing the future of the profession. I interview lawyers, AI experts, and other entrepreneurs to get their thoughts on the new future AI presents. I delve into the lives of my guests including their daily habits and tips on success. Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? This is a great podcast to learn about how people get into the area and how to be successful. Interested in law? This is a good resource to keep up to date on new developments in the profession. Generally interested in AI, legal practice or entrepreneurship? This podcast is for you!
Wireless LAN Professionals Podcast
By Keith R. Parsons
Wireless LAN Professionals is place to Educate, Inform, Encourage and Entertain those involved in Wireless LANs. This Wireless LAN Professionals Podcast is an audio manifestation of those goals. Our host is Wireless LAN veteran, consultant, designer, and teacher… Keith Parsons.
10K Launch
By 10K Advisors, Nick Hamm, and Jared Miller
10K Advisors show where your hosts, Salesforce MVPs Jared Miller and Nick Hamm, discuss Salesforce consulting, administration, development, and how how to start and continue your journey from "Admin to Entrepreneur."