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By 팝콘자동차
내차를 잘관리하고 잘타는 방법은?? 그동안 궁금했던 차관리에 대한 미스테리를 풀어주는곳, 내차를 부탁해
The Blockchain Show
By Steve Anderson, Ethan Kinderknecht, Sarah Hempfling
The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies and promotes widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.
Beers with Talos Podcast
By Cisco Talos
Listen to Talos security experts as they dive into emerging threats, forcing the bad guys to innovate, hacking refrigerators, and other security issues, all with beer.
Rolling Release
By Nerd on the Street
Linux is always changing and improving. Join our hosts as they cover the latest Linux news, plus weekly features about Linux on the desktop.
Mobile Cup of Joe Daily
By YourTechExplained
A brief, 15 to 20 minute podcast going over the latest news in the tech world. Published daily, Monday-Friday.
The Tech Exec's Podcast
By Brian Schuster and Eric Clark
Common sense, no bull advice on how to adapt and adopt technology to make your business better.
Carbon Neutral Cities
By Jim Plouffe
The South Australian government has partnered with the City of Adelaide to make the capital of South Australia carbon neutral by 2050. We explore how this can happen.
Shunya One
By Indus Vox Media
Every week Shiladitya M. brings together a couple of his techie friends to talk about whats happening in Indian tech. No Gadget reviews. Audible meets podcasting
By peeks into the bookshelves of successful entrepreneurs and remarkable thinkers pulling out those ideas you wish you’d heard before and the ones you need to hear again. We pick timely and timeless pieces of nonfiction and boil them down to 20 minutes with the help of their authors and professional voice actors. Learn how FBI hostage negotiators handle difficult conversations; what a study of 80,000 managers tells us about hiring and motivating people; what most productivity hacks grossly underestimate; how to beat your competitors by underdoing them; and more. To get the full show notes, resources, transcripts and access previews, go to
What's For Lunch
By ELU Project, Sam Acevedo, David Acevedo, Manny H
What's for lunch ... Where we feed you the perspective of 3 gamers who balance work and family life while trying to remain hardcore gamers
Forum Vascular
By Forum Vascular
Forum de discussões de Cirurgia Vascular e Endovascular para especialistas médicos.
The Digital Factory
By Formlabs
In honor of our conference on digital manufacturing, The Digital Factory, Formlabs is publishing a limited-run podcast! In this series, hosted by O’Reilly Media’s Jon Bruner, we’ll explore the future of the factory floor through conversations with experts who are changing the way things are made.
GeMUG Weekly Podcast
By Dimitri Gogelia
Georgian Mac Users Group
Unrated Podcast
By Unrated Podcast
Unrated Podcast provides commentary, reviews, debates, and opinion content on the latest news of the Video Gaming, Sports, TV & Films, and Tech News.
By unratedadmin
UnratedNation delivers commentary, debate, raging, and thought-provoking chat over the latest news in Gaming, Sports, TV, Film, and Technology.
Family Tech Weekly
By Family Tech Weekly
A recap and unpacking of the tech news from this week that is relevant to your family. Michael is a tech nerd and loves to wax eloquent on all of the latest trends while his wife, Melinda is the cynic. Melinda plays the mom and dad's advocate by questioning the usefulness and importance of these tech news topics. All of this provides you, the listener with the most relevant information about the tech and digital topics that are affecting your family.
Warren Whitlock Show
By Warren Whitlock
Smart chats about business and life for an abundant future
[위캔두잇] 우리 모두를 위한 IT 이야기
IT 얘기를 담담하게 풀어나갑니다.
Linux Action News
By Jupiter Broadcasting
Weekly Linux news and analysis by Chris and Joe. Linux is everywhere, and runs just about everything. It's the ubiquitous platform that runs on everything, everywhere. Even Windows. Linux Action News is a new show born into this reality, built to cover this landscape.
BeBizzy Break Podcast
By BeBizzy Consulting
Business technology podcast featuring reviews of mobile technology, business apps and websites, and interviews with industry professionals.
Defrag This
By Greg Mooney
Defrag This is a podcast for IT pros that features meaningful trends, commentary on breaking news, and more. We're producing the series because there's a lot of information (and misinformation) out there and we'd like to help you and your fellow IT pros get in front of whatever problem might be around the bend - whether it's a nasty new piece of malware, a hardware failure, or a user screw-up.
Forum IT Radio
By Forum IT Radio
IT가 바꾸는 정치·경제·사회·문화. 이 달라진 세상을 읽기 위한 교양을 현장의 소프트웨어 개발자, 가젯 애호가, 컨텐츠 전문가 들과 함께 대중없이 탐색해 가는 IT 팟캐스트입니다.
Analysys Mason's Podcast
Learn more on the challenges and new developments impacting the telecoms and technology space including the latest digital services trends, virtual network opportunities, smartphone analytics and IOT opportunities to name a few...
Lighting is an ever increasing part of the integration industries offerings. From fixtures and cabinets to control and design a whole new opportunity is opening. James Bedell joins the podcasting family to bring his experience as a lighting designer and consultant in the commercial and theatrical spaces.
Craft Brews and Geek News
By The Brewmasters Club
We are a technology company, leading beer and food pairings via our app and our events. This podcast will help you to learn about beer and technology. The Brewmasters Club uses a proprietary algorithm, science and industry leading research to help you decide how to pair craft beer with your next meal. Select a food group and the way it is prepared, we will provide you with an awesome craft beer pairing, even where to find it! COMING Soon to the Apple app store. Download the BETA today!
Lectios - Give voice to your website with Lectios!
By Lectios - Give voice to your website with Lectios!
New life for your content. Give your contents a new life with Lectios audio conversion technology. Choose between stunning high-quality text to speech or even crowd-sourced human voices. We will take care of managing the community of readers and checking all the crowd-produced content.
Tech em Português - Podcast
By Tech em Português
O melhor da tecnologia dia-a-dia e em Português!
Chaque vendredi, Caféine et Faskil se posent derrière le micro pour partager leurs actus du moment. Un condensé TL;DR de 30 minutes d'apps, jeux, matos et autres, à déguster avec votre kawa du matin.
Thunder Bro Show
By Thunder Bro Show
Podcast about Tech, News, and Gaming
Everydayman Podcast
By Corderra Hicks
We Combine humor and insight in thoughtful analyses of current events and everyday life. Hosted by Corderra Hicks and rotating guest.
Robots Only
By Danny Vega
Technology has changed all of our lives. But this party is just getting started. We sit at the dawn of the AI revolution. What do robots mean for relationships, business, economies, and happiness? Is a robot a person? Would a robot use three rhetorical questions in a row? I hope not. This is a smart yet cheeky podcast about the future of technology, the singularity, fear, and maybe even love of robots. I'm Danny Vega and I'll hope you'll join me on my journey to learn more about Ray Kurzweil, AI, automation, economics, and the impact of smart machines in our daily lives! New Episodes every Monday at 7AM EST
By Stefan Kühl
FPV-Podcast der erste Deutschsprachige Fpv Racing Podcast
Hardly Serious Gaming - The Podcast
By Hardly Serious Gaming
The Australian teams out of Hardly Serious Gaming and Aussie All Round gaming have teamed up to make a podcast with bitesized chunks of awesome gaming knowledge and conversation. Fortnightly we will be talking about current gaming and tech news, talking about Up and Coming games or games just out. We also talk about awesome gaming events from the past! If this sounds like something you might like make sure to tune in once a fortnight for something new, fun and honest! Thanks for checking us out!
By Unlimited Data
Unlimited Data is podcast hosted by Travis Brown and Joe Crutchfield that covers a number of topics including space, technology, news, politics, sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. For fans of Joe Rogan, Kevin Smith, and Jason Ellis.
Gigaom AI Minute
By Gigaom
Gigaom, the industry-leading tech research company, brings you the AI Minute. In 60 seconds, we cover all the top stories in artificial intelligence.
Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott
By PodcastOne
Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott is a show that's like a backstage pass behind the scenes and inside the minds of some of the most incredible innovators, entrepreneurs and the people who are making things happen.
Blockchain360 podcast
By Bryant Nielson: Technologist, Blockchain Speaker, Technology Writer
Blockchain is the fast moving technology that it fundamentally changing: finance, supply chains, medicine, insurance, law, and business. Join Bryant Nielson as he interviews industry leaders about the impact of blockchain and the sometimes confusing jargon of blockchain. The Blockchain360 podcast is here to help you understand the opportunities and obstacles of this technology.
Dutch Startup
By Alex Lie-Hap-Po
Hoor hoe founders en co-founders hun ideeën tot leven brengen. Hoe beginnen ze? Wat was hun MVP? Hoe komen ze aan investeerders? Daarnaast hoor je van experts hoe je het beste je marketing kunt doen, hoe je het beste je pitch kunt voorbereiden en wat er nog meer komt kijken bij je Startup.
O'Reilly Programming Podcast - O'Reilly Media Podcast
By O'Reilly Media
The O’Reilly Programming podcast features conversations that give developers, engineers, and architects tips on getting projects done better and faster.
By Matthew Kletter
From a running joke at the office to now a podcast, #GayLife combines a little bit of everything. Host Matthew Kletter covers a variety of topics, from politics to technology to quirky hashtags trending on Twitter. A liberating podcast with no-frills and no boundaries. No topic is off limits. A little nerdy, a little funny, A LOT GAY. Have a listen and join in on the conversation using - you guessed it - #GayLife.
Vinandi Na Sodi - Telugu Podcast
By Abhi
Would be talking about various topics which I learned during my day to day life.
Virtuality Podcast
By Jason Parks VR
The Virtuality Podcast explores virtual and augmented reality through interviews with people building VR/AR and people whose lives are changing because of it. This podcast is a collaboration between BostonVR and BostonAR, two nonprofit meetup groups. Produced by Jason Parks @jasonparksvr. Hosted by Craig Herndon @craigtherndon and Neil Gupta @MrNeilGupta. Music by Rachel Dziezynski. You can also follow us on Twitter @VirtualityCast and learn more at our website Your donations allow us to keep producing VR & AR podcasts. Please donate, share, and contact us if you want to be a part of the VR & AR community.
WSJ The Future of Everything
By The Wall Street Journal
A look ahead from The Wall Street Journal. How science and technology are revolutionizing business, industry, culture and society.
Industrial IoT Spotlight
By Erik Walenza: CEO, IoT ONE | Chair, IIC Smart Factory Task Group | Director, Startup Grind
The IIoT Spotlight Podcast shines a light on Industrial IoT solutions that are impacting businesses today. Every episode we interview an expert about a specific IoT use case. Our goal is to provide insight into the planning and implementation of IIoT systems, from new business models to technology architecture selection to data ownership and security. The IIoT Spotlight is produced by IoT ONE, an information platform that provides market insight, partner development, and go-to-market support for technology providers, end users, and investors. Don't forget to follow us on twitter @iotonehq or visit our website at You can contact me directly at [email protected]
Adatépítész - a magyar data podcast
By Adatépítész - a magyar data podcast
Adatépítész - a magyar data podcast Minden ami hír, érdekesség, esemény vagy tudásmorzsa az adat, datascience, bigdata, adatvizualizáció, adatbányászat és hasonló kockaságok világából. Egy adatos podcast nem csak szakembereknek.
AI exposed (Audio) - Channel 9
By Microsoft
AI exposed looks at the world of Artificial Intelligence. Your host, Justin Scott, will discuss some of the latest trends, interview some industry experts, and have some fun in the process. To learn more about how the Premier Service for Developer (PSfD) team at Microsoft can help your company with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent bots, reach out to Justin Scott for more information.
Pay it Forward by Aleph
By [email protected]
Aleph Audio
Artificial Intelligence News
By Steve Digital
Stay up-to-date with this daily 5-minute podcast summarising the news in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).
PointCast (Поинткаст)
By PointCast
Подкаст о кино, музыке и IT технологиях.
Press X
By The Geek Show Podcast Network
Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No, of course not. Why would you even confuse those things? Welcome to the Geek Show Podcast Network’s very own sporadic video games podcast where we look at everything from sleeper indie titles and Japanese oddities to the latest AAA titles, but only as long as they're interesting or cool. When we're not doing that we’ll be spinning yarns about our travels or sticking our noses into happenings from the world of video games. Join us on Press X for the video games and stay for the dumb jokes.
PRONEWS Radio @NAB2017
By SomeFuture
SomeFuture is a podcast that explores all avenues of Futurism. From present futures where modern day futurism and technology articles are discussed, to PaleoFutures where we discuss past futurists or futurist ideas or ideologies, to FizBiz where we discuss technology investing and the new types of tools available to investors. Finally we follow up each show with an interview of a prominent futurist who discusses a topic that they specialize in. These include the future of cities, the future of food, and more.
More Than Hashtags
By Adam Leidhecker & Vincent Orleck
Welcome to More Than Hashtags: A practical social media podcast that provides real application, what’s working, what’s trending and what’s next. Hosted by: @AdamLeidhecker and @VincentOrleck
Danny In The Valley
By The Sunday Times
After many years in London, Danny Fortson returns to Silicon Valley to meet the new wave of tech entrepreneurs hoping to disrupt our lives.
Dave & Gunnar Show
By David Egts & Gunnar Hellekson
David Egts and Gunnar Hellekson of Red Hat discuss privacy, security, robots, and internet ephemera.
Developing Developers's show
By Developing Developers
Developing Developers is a show dedicated to introducing listeners to new topics in Computing and sharing the opinions of the hosts.
Die Technikblase (Video)
By GmbH
Das Team von unterhält sich mit gesundem Halbwissen und viel eigener Meinung über Technik, Fotografie und Gadgets.
Digital Guardian Podcast
By Digital Guardian
A podcast focused on current events in the information security space from Digital Guardian.
SaaS Playbook Podcast
The SaaS Playbook podcasts features interviews with founders and executives from the world's leading SaaS Companies as well as enterprise news, thoughts and updates from Emergence Capital.
By Emerson Almeida
O Megafono na nossa missão de estar presente na entrega desse conteúdo, acreditamos que nosso objetivo é tirar das mãos do produtor o trabalho da distribuição do conteúdo, permitindo assim que os produtores foquem naquilo que mais sabem fazer, que é produzir conteúdo. Para isso criamos inicialmente o básico de uma plataforma de distribuição de podcast, focando em simplicidade e usabilidade, possibilitando que qualquer pessoa possa criar um canal de podcast de forma tão simples como criar uma conta em uma rede social.O Megafono cuida de tudo que é necessário para um podcast estar no ar, coisas como hospedagem e disponibilidade dos episódios, geração do Feed RSS que permite que as pessoas assinem o canal, Feed RSS compatível com as especificação do iTunes, possibilitando que o canal esteja com informações ricas em diversos agregadores que usam a especificação. O Megafono cuida também, talvez do que seja a parte mais importante de um canal, que são as métricas. Além das métricas gerais que falam sobre a saúde de um canal, o Megafono disponibiliza ainda métricas individuais para cada episódio e caso os produtores queiram analisar os dados brutos, eles também estão disponíveis na área administrativa da plataforma.Alem do básico que toda plataforma deveria oferecer, estamos em constante contato com nossos clientes, esse contato além nos render alguns elogios pela dedicação e rapidez, surgem ideias de algumas funcionalidades interessantes para o projeto, focadas sempre em ajudar o produtor a levar seu canal mais longe, como é o caso da integração com o Facebook, que permite que os ouvintes dos canais tenha acesso aos programas também via a página de Facebook do canal.O Megafono está disponível para qualquer produtor de podcast brasileiro, em período de teste de 30 dias. Nesse tempo todas as funcionalidades que citamos acima e muitas outras estarão disponíveis para o produtor, após o período o produtor poderá escolher um plano que se encaixa nas suas necessidades, temos planos de a partir de R$ 5. Lembramos aqui que nenhum acesso para o conteúdo no período de testes sofre cobrança e ele não será removido depois caso o produtor quiser deixa-lo disponível. Nesse primeiro momento temos conversado com muitos produtores e estamos validando esse modelo de precificação, mas algo que é muito importante para nós é a transparência, por isso desde o primeiro dia, caso o produtor resolver mudar de plataforma, não queremos ‘sequestrar’ seus ouvintes: com apenas 2 cliques o produtor pode indicar sua intenção de mudança e redirecionamos seus ouvintes para seu novo endereço.
Post Type Podcast
By DarioBF
Un podcast donde charlar sobre diseño y desarrollo web. Aprender de los mejores nunca fue tan fácil.
TN Tech Talk
By George Rosenthal
ThrottleNet discusses technology tips, advice, and current events.
Talking Tech Podcast
By techdev Solutions GmbH
Talking Tech ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast, der sich mit Technologie im weitesten Sinne befasst. Wir interviewen Gäste zu ihren Produkten oder Projekten und diskutieren die zugrunde liegenden Technologien.
By AlexTDi
Podcast dedicado al mundo de la tecnología, Internet y videojuegos.
The Jisc Podcast
By Jisc
Listen to the latest news, thought and guidance from Jisc - the UK's expert on digital technologies for education and research.
By Relay FM
What are the most important technology stories right now? From products and companies to services and trends, Download’s weekly panel of experts analyzes the biggest topics in tech … and a few you may have missed. Hosted by Jason Snell.
The Slash/2 Podcast
By [email protected]
A 'talk radio' style podcast, created by 3 friends who have been gaming together for years. Often dubbed a impromptu podcast, the show is centered around anything GEEK, with wild tangents and crazy moments. The show also places a heavy focus on fan interaction with live recordings and fan interviews.
The Riff
By David Tisch, Andy Weissman
The Riff is a 24 minute conversation about one topic, with one expert, hosted by David Tisch and Andy Weissman
By Federico Viticci, John Voorhees
AppStories is a weekly exploration of the world of apps by MacStories' Federico Viticci and John Voorhees. Each week, they discuss the best new apps, the impact of apps on our culture, and cover the stories behind popular apps. Hosted by Federico Viticci and John Voorhees.
BlackBerryBase - Podcast
By BlackBerryBase
BlackBerryBase Podcast - wöchentliche News und Infos rund um das Thema BlackBerry, von der größten deutschsprachigen BlackBerry-Community!
Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast
By Ben Stegink, Scott Hoag
Your Microsoft Cloud News from a couple of IT Pros
Ten Minute Tech Talk
By Emily Bamforth & Taylor Olmstead
A podcast where two friends talk about all of the week's tech news in ten minutes or less.
Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast
By Joseph Rampolla
Exploring Augmented Reality, cutting edge and emerging technologies that influence society, cybercrime and our legal system.
Absolute Computers Free Range Geeks Podcast
By Absolute Computers
Don't be owned by your tech, be the master young Padawan.
ARP This
By Will Nett, Patrick Hamilton
ARP This, is presented by Will Nett and Patrick Hamilton talking about cyber security.
By Ewan McIntyre and Connor Embling
Two tech nerds talking about tech, news and other related subjects.
Perspectives on Health
By Microsoft
Welcome to Perspectives on Health, the podcast series that brings together insights, knowledge, and best practices from leaders across the healthcare innovation community. In our thought-provoking conversations we’ll navigate the challenges we experience in healthcare today from a variety of different perspectives – providers, patients, executives and family members, to take learnings and insights back to our organizations so we can continue to innovate on the mission to drive better care experiences and health outcomes at a lower cost.
Recorded Future - Inside Threat Intelligence for Cyber Security
By Recorded Future
Recorded Future takes you inside the world of cyber threat intelligence. We’re sharing stories from the trenches and the operations floor as well as giving you the skinny on established and emerging adversaries. We also talk current events, technical tradecraft, and offer up insights on the big picture issues in our industry. Join the Recorded Future team, special guests, and our partners from the CyberWire to learn everything you want to know (and maybe some things you’d rather not know) about the world of cyber threat intelligence.
Save it for the Pod
By Save it for the Pod
Three friends using microphones to discuss topics that they find interesting. Usually sports, tech and current events. We apologize in advance for good discussions that we forgot to save for the pod. Podcast
By Podcast discusses the latest video game news and new releases, hardware and programs, and try not to burn the internet down. Morning Minute
By Morning Minute
Notsoleet Morning Minute for all the gaming news you need to know today, in one minute.
The AudioSkills Podcast
By Scott Hawksworth shows you how to get radio ready sound from your home studio
Get radio ready sound from your home studio! Learn recording, mixing, mastering, and music production on The AudioSkills Podcast. We give you simple techniques that you can apply to your music for immediate results. It doesn’t matter what type of music you’re creating, or what gear you use, these techniques are universal. After you listen, go to for workshops and video tutorials to help you make progress even faster!
Visiontek Podcast
By tim taylor
podcast for visually impaired people wishing to learn about the latest training and technology
By Functionally Psychotic Studios
My solo podcast about geeks, things geeks say and do, things geeks create, and things geeks play. I also develop games so I may talk about that too. Basically I like to talk about games and technology, but I may talk about whatever comes to mind.
Bucle Infinito
By Matto Godoy
Un podcast grabado por frikis para frikis. Somos un grupo de informáticos y amantes de la tecnología que desde siempre mantenemos conversaciones interesantes. Un día se nos ocurrió grabarlas y aquí estamos.
Podcast Xavi74
By Xavi74
Buenas a todos creo de nuevo este podcast ya que el llego a su fin este es un nuevo rumbo y espero que podamos disfrutar del podcasting y temas de voip asterisk y una nueva seccion how to tendremos tambien screecast algunos os sonaran del anterior podcast.
Aprender a programar
By Luis Peris
Podcast en el que aprenderemos a programar desde cero en tornos web (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript), para ello, en cada episodio tendremos como invitado a un alumno al que estoy formando
By LionTree, LLC
KindredCast brings you news, views and insights from the world of media and technology. Produced and curated by leading independent TMT investment bank LionTree, the podcast combines investment commentary and analysis with topical quiz questions and interviews from industry thought leaders.
F-Secure Safety Cast
By F-Secure
F-Secure-Sicherheitsexperte Rüdiger Trost und Christian Gürnth vom Anekdoten- und Retro-Podcast Radio Nukular sprechen im F-Secure Safety-Cast über allerlei Themen aus der Welt der IT-Sicherheit. Wie schützt ihr euren PC vor Angriffen? Was ist wenn die Netzwerke von Konsolenherstellern von Hackern angegriffen werden? Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es um eure Daten vernünftig online zu sichern? Können Fremde jederzeit Zugriff auf euer Mobiltelefon erhalten? Der F-Secure Safety-Cast geht diesen - und vielen weiteren Fragen - nach und gibt Antworten.
Escaparate de Ideas
By Canal Once
Serie en la que estudiantes y/o egresados de las escuelas del Instituto Politécnico Nacional presentan proyectos de investigación técnico-científico innovadores, concluidos o en desarrollo, que ofrecen beneficios a la sociedad en cualquier aspecto.
CBN Tecnologia da Informação - Thássius Veloso
As novidades e tendências da tecnologia com uma abordagem simples e clara.
By admin-mtg
desc here
Serious About Tech!
By Zachary Webb
Serious About Tech! is the podcast where we get down-and-dirty with technology in news, reviews, and discussions.
Midwestern Geek In Cali
By Dan Stafford - Midwestern Geek In Cali
This podcast in general will talk about tech, sci-fi, space news, UFO's, unique geek issues, and more. We'll also discuss differences between the West Coast (So-Cal) and the Great Lakes region of the Midwest. The Universe is vast. So will be our discussions.