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Soluciones Digitales para Empresas
Outsource to Kosovo
By Kosbit LLC
Outsource to Kosovo aims to provide industry news, leads, insights and resources to people involved in the IT outsourcing industry. Brought to you by
Under utveckling
By TimeEdit AB
Under utveckling är en podd av och för utvecklare, skapad i soliga (nåja) Göteborg av oss som jobbar på TimeEdit.
Ether.Direct Podcast
By Ether.Direct
Welcome to the Ether.Direct Podcast! A bi-Weekly (weekly?) podcast about Ethereum, Ether, Crypto Currencies and just generally chatting our heads off. The Podcast is created by Sean Ottey and Zach Ottey, both amateur investors and EtherHeads. We aren't formal, we're just a couple of knuckleheads who know a bit about business and Crypto Currencies.
Coin Mastery - Building Your Crypto Empire
By Carter Thomas
Coin Mastery is a place for anyone interested in profiting from the digital currency world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more. We share tips and strategies that help you leverage market movements so you can turn your hard earned cash into generational wealth. Join us!
Shahin Khan, Dan Olds, and guests discuss big ideas across technology topics and share insights and revelations that can impact your investment decisions and change the technology options you might consider. Here at, we are fortunate to work with many tech leaders in nearly every part of the “stack”, from chips to apps. Doing this for many years has given us a unique perspective. The OrionX Download podcast/slidecast brings you the essence of that perspective.
Ember Weekend
By Chase McCarthy & Jonathan Jackson
Ember.js is a frontend JavaScript framework that has exciting applications. In this podcasts we share news, events, and some of our experiences.
ProHuddle, a Podcast about Enterprise IT
By Yalim K. Gerger
ProHuddle is a podcast about Enterprise IT. We cover topics related to Enterprise IT such as databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL etc..), Big Data (Hadoop, NoSQL etc..), streaming (Kafka), DevOps, Cloud, Virtualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and any other topic that is relevant to Enterprise IT. We also host live webinars. Please visit and register to be notified of our webinars. - Ein Podcast über Foto, Film und Audio
By Siegfried Fock
Der Foto- und Filmemacher-Podcast. Alles was es über Foto Film und Audio zu berichten gibt.
L’éclectique SHOW –
Podcast sur le lifehacking en français. Trucs, astuces, mes humeurs et mon humour ! Par @profduweb
Préndete Ahora
By Estudio Prende
Potenciate a tí y a tu negocio, para crear impacto positivo en el mundo
Learn Digital with Kim Maslin
By Kim Maslin
The go-to podcast for Australian teachers looking to better integrate ICT into their classrooms.
Reinventing Professionals
By Ari Kaplan
This podcast is designed to offer ideas, guidance, and perspectives on how to effectively navigate a perpetually shifting professional landscape, with a unique focus on the legal industry and the technology that is driving its evolution.
VitaminC | Your weekly boost of tech insights for execs
Your weekly boost of tech insights for execs from your host, Nestor Arellano, Associate Editor of IT in Canada Online.
In diesem Podcast dreht sich alles nach dem Motto: It´s all about cars! Hier findet ihr die neusten Trends und Entwicklungen aus der Automobilbranche sowie Auto Bewertungen/Reviews. Dazu bekommt ihr regelmäßig Tipps&Tricks um euch das Thema Autos und die Faszination dahinter, noch näher zu bringen.
Social Live Show
By Geofelix
Ogni settimana un'intervista su un tema legato all'innovazione ed al nostro rapporto con essa: web, elettronica, social, droni, intelligenza artificiale, rapporto uomo-macchina, blogging, bitcoin e blockchain, umorismo online e tanto altro con ospiti sempre diversi
EEs Talk Tech
By Daniel Bogdanoff, Mike Hoffman
Inspired by over-the-cubical-wall conversations about the changing world of electrical and electronics engineering, Daniel Bogdanoff and Mike Hoffman set out to create an electrical engineering podcast. Covering a broad range of topics from the basics of electrical engineering to the tough engineering problems of tomorrow’s technologies, Daniel & Mike bring in members of Keysight’s engineering team to provide their unique perspectives.
By Ushahidi
Ushcast is a weekly podcast covering everything in the world of Ushahidi and open source with an emphasis on data curation and mapping.
SQPN: Geek Week
By Fr. Roderick Vonhogen
Fr. Roderick covers the latest news from the world of comics, gadgets, Sci-Fi, video games, science, technology, animation, apps, collectibles and life hacks.
Ten Giant Robots
By Ten Giant Robots
An in-depth look behind the curtain at Hollywood visual effects, the craft of storytelling, and the people who make magic for screens both big and small. Hosted by showbiz veterans and new media entrepreneurs Sean Apple, PJ Foley, and Efram Potelle.
On That Though
By MicroMillenials
News from the tech industry, by people who spend too much time within it
Tradecraft Security Weekly (Audio)
By Security Weekly
Want to learn about all of the latest security tools and techniques? This is the show for you! We show you how to install, configure and use a wide variety of security tools for both offense and defense. Whether you are a penetration tester or defending enterprise networks, this show will help you!
The Ether Review
By Arthur Falls
Podcast by Arthur Falls
AVNation Daily Download
By AVNation
A daily download of AVNation's most popular podcasts. Give us five minutes and we'll give you the latest news, information, and advice for the audio video industry.
Linea di stitching
In questa serie di podcast realizzati da fluido si parla di video a 360° e realtà virtuale.
Linux Action News Video
By Jupiter Broadcasting
Weekly Linux news and analysis by Chris and Joe. The show every week we hope you'll go to when you want to hear an informed discussion about what’s happening.
KFireTV Podcast
By KFireTV Podcast
In the KFireTV Podcast / Screencast, I show you an in-depth look inside the streaming media services available to you. * Ultimate Home Theater Setup * CURRENT News on Streaming TV & Movies * Step-by-Step Tutorials
By Chris and Will Curran
Our father-son duo periodically examines tech news and picks apart stories to see what's in store for us now and in the future.
By Ali Darwish
If you like technology, startups and geeky stuff – then this show is absolutely for you! In the show your host Ali Darwish shares his views on some of the hottest topics in the tech world. Ever since he heard the first dial up sound of *khe khe kish* he has been hooked.
Ultimate Guide To Partnering
By Vince Menzione - Technology Industry Sales and Partner Executive
…with Microsoft and other Technology Giants Welcome to a podcast to inspire partners to connect and thrive in the age of digital transformation. The Ultimate Guide to Partnering is your “go to destination” to learn from technology leaders in Redmond and elsewhere how to best engage, align and execute to grow your business. Featuring  industry leaders from the technology giants and partners that have gotten it right our goal is to deconstruct the success formulas and best practices of great partnerships. Rather than a lengthy blog post or video format that you need to consume from your desk during your already busy day, these podcasts will be quick, consumable and hopefully useful segments you can listen to when and where you want. Our goal is to inform, connect and inspire you!
By Rowan Zajkowski, Jankees van Woezik
Een wekelijkse podcast over werken als freelancer, persoonlijke productiviteit, bootstrapped productontwikkeling en alles wat erbij hoort.
My JavaScript Story
A weekly exploration into the people who make JavaScript what it is.
Mastermind Joomla!
By Carlos Cámara y Javier Olivares
El podcast donde hablamos sobre cómo empezar, promocionar, y hacer crecer tu plataforma web en torno a la herramienta Joomla!®
Gaceta Politécnica
By Canal Once
Programa de revista que difunde el quehacer cotidiano de las diferentes áreas del Instituto Politécnico Nacional.
Two Below
By John McBride, Matt Elliott: Tech Nerds, Funny News, Science, Technology, Humor
Tired of getting stressed out listening to news today? Join John and Matt as they dig below the surface to bring more fun, strange and interesting news stories to our listeners. Find out whats going on in the world today with Two Below.
Resistência Retrogamer
By Sidney Duarte
Projeto pessoal com objetivo de reunir experiências, notícias e informações sobre o universo dos videogames antigos.
Best Ride Podcast Podcast
By Craig Fitzgerald
Join editor in chief Craig Fitzgerald for the BestRide Podcast, the best in automotive news, technology and car culture. Contact: [email protected]
OraLegale Podcast
By Leonardo Cascio
Podcast dedicato al mondo della Giurisprudenza con speciale focus sulle nuove tecnologie. Realizzato dal marketer e ctp Leonardo Cascio e dall'avvocato civilista e penalista Francesco Raccagna.
Freifunk Radio (Freifunkradio bei Colaboradio)
Jeden 2. Dienstag im Monat um 20:00 live im Radio, in Berlin auf 88,4 MHz und Potsdam auf 90,7 MHz
LunchBreak Marketing
By Market House
Weekly marketing & design podcast recorded live at local Atlanta restaurants.
Make Learning Great Again ๆๆ
By Mock (ผนวกเดช สุวรรณทัต)
podcast เพื่อการเรียนรู้ (รุ่นทดลอง) สำหรับผู้เรียน ผู้สอน ผู้ผลิตสื่อ และผู้บริหารการศึกษา จัดทำโดยสถาบันการเรียนรู้ มหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีพระจอมเกล้าธนบุรี ความคิดเห็นของผู้ดำเนินรายการและแขกรับเชิญ เป็นความคิดเห็นส่วนบุคคลในนามของผู้พูด อาจไม่ตรงกับความคิดเห็นของมหาวิทยาลัยฯ​
Luis's Christian Tidbits
By Luis Camillo Almeida
Daily Christian chats for anybody interested in the practical applications of the bible and what God is telling the brethren.
Data Driven
By Data Driven
Data Driven: the podcast where we explore the emerging field of Data Science. We bring the best minds in Data, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence right to you every Tuesday. The field of data science mashes up the worlds of statistics, database architecture and software engineering. Data Scientist has been labelled by the Harvard Business Review, as "the sexiest job of the 21st century." A quick search of job search sites reveal that this field is in high demand. In a world where Data is the new Oil, Data Science the new Refineries, consider this Car Talk for the Data Age. Every week we bring the best minds in this emerging field straight to you. Our goal is to educate and inspire our listeners so that they can be prepared to thrive in a Data Driven world.
Dave The IT Guy
By Dave The IT Guy
Dave The IT Guy is Security Administrator for a hospital system. He takes the tech, the security, and the hacking news, and breaks it down into simple to understand terms. He'll bring the big news right to your speakers and help you understand how it affects you, your family or even your business.
SAJID » Podcasts
By Sajid Javed
This is podcast of my blog where I share tips tricks and code snippets for my users.
By JOY 94.9
News and opinion covering electronics, gadgets and technology
By Podtech
As últimas notícias de tecnologia e a opinião - nem sempre acertada - de nossos host e convidados.
Thomas - Nyheder indenfor Online Marketing
By Thomas Gajhede
De nyeste nyheder, rygter, funktioner m.m. indenfor online marketing. Thomas Gajhede vil fortælle dig de nyeste og vigtigste nyheder indenfor online marketing. Så arbejder du med Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Google AdWords, Konverteringsoptimering, eller generelt online strategi, så få de nyeste nyheder mens du er på farten
Podcast Blog
By Xavi
Podcast sobre tecnologia maquera, desde hace bastante que uso mac exactamente desde mac os 9 con mi imac DV 400 que ha ido evolucionando hasta el mac Blanco de 20" y el macbook pro 2011 que me acompaña a todo
Mobile Tech Podcast - with tnkgrl, Myriam Joire
tnkgrl’s Mobile Tech Podcast is the place to hear the lowdown on the nitty gritty details of what’s happening the world of mobile technology – especially smartphones, personal gadgets and even car tech. tnkgrl (Myriam Joire) has been covering tech for over a decade and was previously Engadget’s Senior Mobile Editor, host of the Engadget Mobile Podcast, and co-host of TWiT’s All About Android.
UFO & Time Travel Radio
By Renato
Discussing developments in UFO & Time Travel research and experiences! This Podcast was created using
Short Cuts (M4A Feed)
By Michael Schmid
Technik, Medien, Gadgets, Fotografie und Netzpolitik.
UbuntuFun Podcast
By UbuntuFun Podcast
Der deutsche Ubuntu Blog
By jangdalong
一周的数码快讯,一周的活动资讯,尽在UD数码播报 - The Spec Sheet
By Curtis Thornton, Michael Vandeven
A podcast about technology.
By UberTechTV
Technology and Science News from all over the web gets condensed into one episode starring Terron Vawter and Jen Paige. Each entertaining program features images, video, and commentary from your favorite online tech geeks. Airs live every Wednesday at 8:00PM E.S.T.
By Unmanned Aerial Systems Today
We are committed to the sharing information about Unmanned Aerial Systems in the National Airspace Systems (UASNAS). Our goal is to see the full integration of UASs in the areas of science, research and development, delivery, manufacturing, farming, search and rescue, and law enforcement. However, there are also potential drawbacks that could be caused by integration of the UAS into the NAS. To that end, this web page is dedicated to the fair and equal sharing of information both positive and negative about the use of the UAS in the NAS.
UC Podcast by IR
By UC Podcast by IR
Podcast by UC Podcast by IR
UGS - Client Podcast Feed
UGS clients share their stories of innovation and how UGS' solutions help them achieve success.
By Triple A
Retrouvez ici les émissions Underscore diffusées sur Radio Mega, avec Anya, Cicile et Mmu_man !
Uncle Jonny's Virtual Reality Podcast
By Jonathan Linowes
Hello! And welcome to Uncle Jonny’s Virtual Reality Podcast, where we talk about what’s happening in the emerging VR tech world, and how to develop VR experiences.
By UnicornTV
Podcast is everything design and dev related from the creators of Unicorn.TV
Unit 42 Podcast
By Palo Alto Networks Unit 42
Hosted by Ryan Olson, Intelligence Director of Unit 42, this monthly podcast will dive into recent findings from Unit 42, discuss current breaches and security trends and provide the latest of the latest Unit 42 research.
Uno Cero
By Ibero 90.9 FM
Los usos lógicos y alternativos de la tecnología al servicio del hombre, la manera humana de someter la técnica al espíritu. Lo que usualmente se denomina gadget no es más que un fenotipo que permanecerá mucho más tiempo que su creador, dando fe de su existencia y de su deseo de mejorar la trascendencia humana; físicamente este objeto, por sí mismo, ya cumple ese deseo.
Update Podcast
By Eden Agency
Each week 4 hosts have a casual chat about all things digital such as mobile apps, web design, marketing & AI.
Unsupervised Learning with Daniel Miessler
By Daniel Miessler
I collect, summarize, and give analysis on the week's most interesting stories in infosec, technology, and humans. Shows usually range from 15 to 30 minutes, and the goal is to give you the most context in the shortest amount of time. The sister newsletter can be found at:
Unsupported Operation
By Mark Derricutt, Richard Vowles
Weekly Java, Clojure, Groovy, Scala, JavaFX, and general JVM news from Mark and Richard
Update Electronic
By Update Electronic
Up To Speed in Digital Media News
By Wise Bear Media
About Wise Bear Media... Digital Book Development, Publishing, and Marketing Services: Editing, Formatting, Targeted Audience Building, Web Development, Wise Bear Digital Book Awards, and more!
Up! The Modern Life
By Vidhur Divakar
This podcast covers everything from science, to technology, to history and music. Presented by Vidhur Divakar, this show takes the listener on a journey about happenings throughout the world. So tune in, you won't be disappointed!
USI - Les sessions - iPad / Apple TV
USI est le rendez-vous des Geeks et des Boss pour une informatique qui transforme nos sociétés. Ces podcasts permettent de revoir l'intégralité des sessions.
UPPY!, le magazine des start-ups et nouvelle économie sur OUATCH TV ! Ce podcast (HD) - l’un des 5 disponibles - est optimisé pour les iPad 3 et plus récents, l’iPad Mini, l’iPhone 4 et plus récent, et l’Apple TV. (résolution 1280 x 720 pixels)
Bienvenue sur UPPY!, le rendez-vous des start-ups et de la nouvelle économie sur, tous les mardis, 18h-19h (Paris) en direct, avec Bertrand Lenotre ! Pour participer à l’émission, faire parvenir vos messages, questions, réactions à Bertrand, merci d’utiliser le hashtag #uppyTV sur Twitter. Ce podcast (LARGE) - l’un des 5 disponibles - est optimisé pour l’iPad original et l’iPad 2 (1024x576). UPPY! est aussi disponible sous forme de podcast HD optimisé pour les iPad 3 et plus récents, l’iPad Mini, l’iPhone 4 et plus récent, et l’Apple TV ; sous forme de podcast MEDIUM pour l’iPhone 3G et plus récents ; de podcast SMALL pour l’iPhone 2G et plus récent ; enfin, sous forme d’un podcast AUDIO.
UPPY!, le magazine des start-ups et nouvelle économie sur OUATCH TV ! Ce podcast (MEDIUM) - l’un des 5 disponibles - est optimisé pour l’iPhone 3G et plus récents. (résolution 640 x 360 pixels)
UPPY!, le magazine des start-ups et nouvelle économie sur OUATCH TV ! Ce podcast (AUDIO) est l’un des 5 disponibles.
By Red Hat Open Source and Standards
The Red Hat Upstream podcast features interviews and commentary from people working on interesting and important open source projects. You'll hear from people working on everything from Apache to, up and coming projects like Foreman, to reliable stalwarts like the Linux kernel. Don't miss a single episode!
By E.Lazzaretto - L.Nobili
Notiziario di astronomia e astronautica
UPPY!, le magazine des start-ups et nouvelle économie sur OUATCH TV ! Ce podcast (SMALL) - l’un des 5 disponibles - est optimisé pour l’iPhone 2G et plus récent. (résolution 416 x 234 pixels)
USI - Les sessions - iPhone/iPod
USI est le rendez-vous des Geeks et des Boss pour une informatique qui transforme nos sociétés. Ces podcasts permettent de revoir l'intégralité des sessions.
Usbe Live
By Usbe
UsbeLive es el livepodcast semanal del equipo de #iPeople en el que se compartirá con la comunidad de información de actualidad, lo que a ti te interesa en temas como: Videojuegos, Life Style, Software, Hardware, Gadgets, Tecnología Alternativa y muchos temas más. Todo esto acompañado de recomendaciones, consejos, reseñas, noticias de una manera informativa, objetiva y amigable. Este Live Podcast será transmitido todos los Miércoles en punto de las 10pm (Hora de México) por
By Manuel Wenk, Oliver Vogel, Thomas Krause
Drei freiberufliche Softwareentwickler, Autoren und Trainer Thomas Krause, Oliver Vogel und Manuel Wenk sprechen über die aktuelle Welt der Softwareentwicklung mit .NET, .NET Core, Azure, SQL Server und allen anderen Technologien die sie interessieren.
UTB Blogcast
By UTB Blogs / UTB Networks
The official podcast of Looking at the mobile landscape through the eyes of a BlackBerry fan.
UX Guy, Mark Swaine - User Experience Design News
By Mark Swaine
'UX Guy' Mark Swaine is a user experience design industry thought leader. Listen in as Mark hosts engaging and educational talks on product design and user experience trends with industry thought leaders in tech, startups, saas, ai and customer experience.
Les News du Sat
By Les News du Sat
Le podcast qui vous résume et commente l'actualités de l'industrie spatiale.
My Angular Story
A weekly exploration into the people who make Angular what it is.
WordPress & Webwork Podcast
By Vladimir Simović
Podcast zum Thema WordPress und verwandten Webwork-Themen, wie z.B. SEO, CSS usw.
Logbuch Digitalien
By Markus Hörster und Christian Cordes
Der Podcast über unsere digitale Lebens- und Arbeitswelt mit Markus Hörster und Christian Cordes. Alle vier Wochen dienstags um 19.00 Uhr im Radio auf Radio Okerwelle (UKW 104,6 in der Region Braunschweig, Stream: und nach der Ausstrahlung als Podcast. Wir beschäftigen uns mit allen Themen, die etwas mit Digitalien zu tun haben und sind immer offen für Themenvorschläge oder interessante Gäste. Folgt uns bei Facebook, Twitter und Instagram und besucht unseren Blog unter
Kilos of Craic
By Jefferson Davis
Kilos of Craic consist of up to four co-host and guest from week to week. We discuss politics, tech, the internet, and news.
Real Estate Sales Mastery
By Lee Woodward
Real Estate Sales Mastery editions - Structural Change - Prospecting, Marketing & Planning Getting the Price Right - Vendor & Buyer Communications Program Your Complete Selling Plan - Listing Presentations, Visuals & Winning Words From Me to We - Building & Working in an Effective Business Unit Working the Floor - Running Brilliant Auctions Staying Motivated - Getting Organised Through Goals, Visions & Auctions
What's Trending, Tom?
By Tom Curtin
What's Trending, Tom? is your premiere source for the latest Instagram tips, tricks & hacks! Host Tom Curtin (@TrendingTom) has garnered over 115,000+ Instagram followers over the past year using methods and strategies developed from his own experiments with the platform. Each week, he'll bring on other Instagram masters to talk about how they built up their accounts, strategies and secrets they recommend for gaining followers fast, and more. Follow Tom on Instagram (@TrendingTom) to get notified of new episodes, and check out for more Instagram tips!
First Man Photography Podcast
By Adam Karnacz
Welcome to the First Man Photography Podcast. Hosted by photographer, vlogger, landscaper and water drop photography expert Adam Karnacz. The podcast includes questions and answers, stories from my travels and shoots, interviews, audio segments from the video series, landscape photography tips and tricks, gear talk and I also share a few of my thoughts and opinions from the photography world and beyond.
Insider Threat Podcast
By Insider Threat Podcast
The recent flare up around EternalBlue and other SMB attacks has put the spotlight back on Microsoft security vulnerabilities. In this podcast, cybersecurity veteran Jeff Warren speaks with host Jonathan Sander about four Active Directory attacks almost every organization can fall prey to—and how with tools like BloodHound, PowerShell, and Mimikatz, even newbie attackers can quickly escalate privileges to compromise your entire Active Directory domain, even exfiltrating your Ntds.dit file.
Tradecraft Security Weekly (Video)
By Security Weekly
Want to learn about all of the latest security tools and techniques? This is the show for you! We show you how to install, configure and use a wide variety of security tools for both offense and defense. Whether you are a penetration tester or defending enterprise networks, this show will help you
Adventures in Angular Only
Adventures in Angular is a weekly podcast about developments in the Angular community, tools, techniques, and ecosystem.
Bleeding Edge Podcast
Bleeding Edge Podcasts cover topics currently driving today's technology landscape. Join co-hosts Christina Rudloff and Troy Mott as they grant you front row access to these topics through interviews with the experts behind them.