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Open Source Software & Hardware | HAM | Photography
Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin Core Contributor and former VP of Engineering for Armory. He caught the Bitcoin bug back in 2011 and started contributing to Bitcoin open source projects since 2013. He has been a contributor to CoinDesk and has a popular&n...
DataSnax Podcast brought to you by DataStax. Your destination for snackable trends and updates from the industry’s leading always-on, distributed cloud database built on Apache Cassandra.
Everything you need to know to automate your smart home and life. We cover the latest smart home topics, smart home devices and interview smart home company founders so you can learn how to automate your smart home. We want to empower you to auto...
An interview style podcast centered on people and their relationship with technology.
Jake Stanley, co-founder of is ditching his phone for a month and using only Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, to test the limits of Voice and AI - and to catch a glimpse of the future of assistants. Follow along at #VoiceAssistantChall...
We are AmpliVoice. A German-based company focusing on building software and technologies around voice. Enterprises and individuals, independent of company size or people's age, will be impacted by the possibilities of voice. Assistants such as Al...
I (Connor) am joined with some life long friends to tell some funny yet stupid on our part life stories.
A UK based podcast talking Apple, Gadgets, Tech and all things great on the web
New Gear, reviews and deals
Gear in Review is a podcast that explores the many gadgets, gizmos, and widgets used everyday to capture and tell stories inside hospitals. We are constantly asked what camera do you use, what microphone records the best podcast, and even which dr...
Video Games, Tech, Entertainment
On Airdrop Review we bring you the freshest daily list of airdrops. Airdrops are one of the best ways for ICO companies to create awareness about their service or product. In addition, Airdrops are a great way to earn free money (tokens) of promi...
A podcast where we answer the questions you didn't think to ask or were too lazy to Google! Listen to Lazar, Matt, and Keon on Pinecast, Google Play, or Apple Podcasts!
Introducing VRB – a brand new Podcast about the joys of Virtual Reality.
Welcome to the Service Guys Podcast. Everybody has a service guy coming into their home or business. These are people in HVAC, pest control, insulation, carpet cleaning, or any sort of trade business. When you get a group of service experts togeth...
Ross uplifts #yourbrandvoice, sharing insights on livestreaming, podcasting and content creation to enhance conversations through modern audio and video tools.
Welcome to the Life Uncharted Podcast with Christian Schauf. Each week we sit down with extraordinary people who have stuck their nose in the wind, stepped off the beaten path, and forged their own path to success. What made them do it? How did t...
Code Red Radio is the place to review the week that was, hear the news you may not have heard anywhere else, and generally have a good bitch session. Email us: [email protected]
Tune in for the latest trending news in tech, gadgets and gaming. We search the web for only the newest and coolest news to share with you, even if you’re on the go!
Each episode we talk with location sound mixers, boom ops and other industry pros about the various aspects of recording sound on-location for feature and independent films, TV commercials, interviews, anytime where dialog from actors is recorded....
In this series, I uncover untold design stories behind how Microsoft products were built and share career advice from the designer who built the products
From THE Network for the AV Industry comes the podcast about live event staging. From lighting to image mapping and everything in between.
On May the 20th 2018 I jumped on my bike, left London and started pedalling east. Over the next 2 years I'm traveling, working and exploring the world. In each new city I chat with my good friend Dan about the adventure and anything else that com...
Have you ever struggled with setting up your new Mac or wonder how to run windows on your Mac. Or maybe you have and iPhone that you would like to know how to take great photos and edit them all from your handheld device. That where Apple Guide co...
Интернет радио-программа про современные технологии, их влияние на нашу жизнь, и прочие мысли.
Tech talk from a wine lover with the gadgets and apps that makes life simpler and easier.  Youtube videos and podcast that will guide you through new gadgets, Apps and places that feel with tech daily.
The Peoria Podcast Alliance is a group of podcasters from Central Illinois who do shows on a wide variety of topics.

Livestream Deals: Audio and Video Gear for Livestreaming

By Ross Brand, Live Video Host & Strategist at Livestream Universe
Livestream Deals features products and services for livestreaming, podcasting and online content creation, including audio and video gear, books, courses, events and more. See all products featured on the show at
A podcast for Hearthstone Tavern Innkeepers covering Hearthstone’s Fireside Gatherings - with insight and information we hope our fellow Innkeepers find useful. Hosted by fellow Innkeepers, this show shares valuable insights from all around the He...
Tu podcast sobre drones, aprende a ganar dinero con tu drone

The Onion Podcast

By Davindra, Keiran, Russell, Jack
Blog/Feed For The Onion Podcast
A motoring podcast from Dublin, Ireland presented by car enthusiast Mark Noble AKA Nobby - car reviews, car news, buying tips and lots more!
A podcast that gets to the root of what makes great invention great.
Two friends run down bi-weekly news in the world of video games. Hosts Rich Meister and Eric Ortiz talk about the latest releases, what they've been playing, and the most recent events in the world of video games. Original music by Ed Baquet https...
Boletim do Grid, podcast que tratará de automobilismo e nerdices, faça um café, sente-se e desfrute do nosso podcast, não deixe de participar, afinal este podcast foi feito para você!!!

CyberPunk FM

By Adam Bascle, Sharim Khan, Harry Andrews
A podcast about technology in the world around us; a weekly conversation between 3 technology professionals, hobbyists and devotees.
We believe in an exciting and inevitable future where everything that we do will be fundamentally touched and transformed by blockchain technology and the world will be an infinitely better place to live, work, and play.Consequently, our...
The audio companion to everything from
Welcome to the Beer and Tech podcast, where we will be discussing, you guessed it, beer and tech. Well, we'll be talking mainly about tech, but obviously while drinking beer. Either way you look at it, it's a father and son combo talking about al...
Яблочная Корзина. Подкаст проекта
Resources for career-minded software engineers. Eliminating information asymmetry, piece by piece
Two dudes discussing everyday life, come and listen


By Marco Engelien & René Deutschmann
Im CURVED Cast spricht die CURVED-Redaktion wöchentlich über die aktuellen Technik- und Gadget-News, neue Trends und Technologien sowie ihre persönlichen Erfahrungen mit einzelnen Geräten.
I racconti di una serie di avventure vissute durante un lungo percorso lavorativo e di vita, dove la parola d'ordine era 'mai arrendersi' ricorrendo spesso a sistemi a volte ingegnosi ed altre volte folli al fine di ottenere un risultato soddisfac...
The Pixilated Universe is a podcast series produced by Pixilated.
The Cliffff Show
How to make an impressive presentation which causes and impact on the audience and leads to action. In this podcast all the basic requirements of a good presentation are shared.
Ryan O'Connor and Chris Willemse Jnr shares their passion for cycling in this weekly podcast - interviewing interesting people he meets on the road or on trails, reviews cool new products and shares his excitement for upcoming cycling events!
Friends. Mics. And video games. Come join 4 friends, as we dive into current video game news, let the train derail, and have a few laughs along the way in this weekly podcast.
你有问题?我有答案。- 科技不怕问! 最前沿的大数据资讯,最有趣的IT知识科普,西门子为你一网打尽。
Conversations with creatives behind technology
澳門科技玩咖,多點街坊式交流,本地科技玩意資訊,分享自己友經驗。 每個星期二晚一班澳門極客同你吹科技資訊,試下救唔救到澳門。
Domains, hosting and cloud news from Ireland. - Canada's Mac Community! The Mayor of Canada's Mac Community talks it up with Heart and other members of this growing online community forum! Lots of talk of Macs with a Canadian spin and perspective.
Tips and tricks on how to look and feel amazing in front of the camera
Der Podcast für Alle, die Smart Home verstehen und erleben wollen
每天都有新鲜事 各位听众好,我是三分钟教授电台的主持人,猫熊教授。 我们这个电台,就是要教会外行做内行事。 每天听猫熊教授三分钟,保证知晓人工智能新鲜事。
Android news, reviews, opinion, and editorials. Updated regularly, the audio experience aims to educate and inform listeners with only the most relevant discussions around Android. In addition to mobile-related coverage, we also highlight connecte...
Electrician U is a learning and teaching platform that explains all components, theory, and ideology behind being an electrician. If you're looking to figure out "what is a capacitor, how does induction work, how do I bend 3/4" rigid conduit" - a...
Archie McPhee has been creating and selling toys and novelties for 35 years. You might know us from Handerpants, the Devil Duckie or the Horse Mask. Hear the stories behind the products and what it's like to work for a novelty company. We make we...
Der Podcast rund um das Tablet. Hardware und Apps, sowie der Nutzer stehen im Mittelpunkt.
The Naked Scientists have uncovered an extraordinary collection of old film reels featuring experimental scientist Dr Ernest Otherford. He had a penchant for exploring the laws of science using whatever was in his sporran... on iTunesU
Der Podcast steht Euch mit spannenden Audiobeiträgen und Erfahrungswerten eines einst freiberuflichen kreativen PR- und Kommunikationsberaters im Bereich Medienproduktion und Informationsdesign bereit. Kombiniert durch interessante Ne...
Der Podcast für alle Mama's und Papa's
Every week we breakdown the teams of our leaderboard winners, highlight top fantasy performers, and forecast what's to come.
Hang out with Jake, Matt, Evan & Lance as we cover all things cycling, triathlon, training, fitness, nutrition, racing, entertainment, tech, nutrition, and life.
All about the Gadget on Wheels formerly known as your car.
Hosted by Nancy and Elliott Rothman, Look What You Made Me Buy explores the purchases Nancy makes on the internet based on the quality of the ad content and the frequency of the ad. Each week Nancy explains to her husband what she got, how she fou...
Carlos and Simon talk about daily stuff. From fencing to how to learn a language faster... all in Spanish.
《小玩意儿》是《科技聚变》的特别节目,我们聊新奇的一切。您可以访问 来找到我们,同时您也可以关注我们的 Twitter, Instagram 或微博 @TechFusionFM 。
Avid sim racers Davy, Mike (SimRacing604) and Alex (The Extra Mile) get together to discuss everything and anything to do with sim racing. From sim racing games to hardware to real world motorsport, anything and everything related to sim racing. C...
Follow @GR36 on
Welcome to the Swarthy Daisy Podcast where we talk about things related to consumer technology including Gadgets, Apps, and Genealogy.
咸荒大陆是一块富饶的大陆,满地都是金矿银矿水晶矿。又是一块十分贫瘠的大陆,除了皇室和魔法师家族等少数人,饥荒随时会饿死人。 直到,SC大学生物学系学痞甘谷雨意外穿越而来,改变了这一切。 什么?粮食产量低下,你们知道正确的种植方法么?算了,哥来! 什么?这么酸涩的水果还只能供给地位尊崇的魔法师,其他人都吃不到?算了,哥种! 什么?这些杂草野花就能叫做名贵花卉?算了,哥培育! 超高的魔法天赋与万能的生物操作台集于一身,改造大陆,从哥做起!
Kickstarting Your Musical Lifestyle With You iPhone & iPad
Opinionated video game talk show.
Markup is a tech podcast, hosted by First time Tech podcaster, Sam Toohey. The aim of this podcast is to highlight details and happenings within the tech space and to enlighten listeners to perspectives you wouldn’t normally hear from. My awesome ...
BucciCast is the podcast of Brownlad (An Indian dude on Youtube). Mainly about trending things maybe some movie reviews and a lot of joke for the people of mature minds.
This is a weekly podcast where I talk about the biggest tech news from the past week, giving my thoughts on them. I typically talk about 3-5 different topics. Anything stated is my own opinion, and does not reflect the opinion of any company or pe...
Featuring interviews with artists and working engineers, pulling back the curtain to reveal how some of our favorite new recordings are being made. The podcast will appeal to tech-nerds, but will also be sufficiently down-to-earth to entertain mu...
Paul and Nick discuss weekly topics about Technology, IoT, software design and applications.
IT에 대한 모든 궁금증과 가려움증을 쏙쏙 골라 해결해주는, SKT와 T프로듀서가 함께하는 ‘잇쑤시개’입니다. ★T프로듀서 공식 채널: ★질문과 문의는 → [email protected] 여기로 부탁드려요!
For Bashers, By Bashers!
China has become one of the most innovative countries in the world. I'm fascinated by these innovations. Every Wednesday I'll introduce you to another innovation I came across. If you like the podcast, show it with a heart and share it with your f...
Gustavo Lema - Radio Del Plata - Radio Nacional - Nacional Rock
Some of Keysight's brightest minds offer interesting, innovative and timely perspectives on 5G, how it will develop and its ultimate impact on connectivity.
Plans are now being seriously discussed to develop a nuclear waste repository in Australia to take 1/3rd of the world's nuclear waste. This follows an Australian Royal Commission Report on the future for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle in Australia. Dr Bus...
Dominio Digital es un programa que habla de tecnología siempre con una mirada diferente,analítica y crítica. Es conducido por Claudio Regis y acompañado por Daniel "El Chacal" Sentinelli, Alejandro Ponicke y Daniela Gastaminza. Se emite en vivo po...

Cross-Play Podcast

By GameRevolution / PlayStation Lifestyle
GameRevolution and PlayStation LifeStyle present the Cross-Play podcast, a show from two of the internet's longest-running gaming outlets dedicated to bringing you the latest in gaming news, reviews, and burning hot takes.
The Android Headlines Show is a weekly podcast giving you the biggest news in the pat 7 days in the Android world. Typically about 30-45 minutes in length.
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